Næsbygårds arving (1965) - full transcript

Martin is a grandson and sole heir of Næsbygaard, where he lives with his grandfather.

Good morning, Anchor. Nice weather.
Yes, it's real Sunday weather.

(church bells)

Ouch, is it ten o'clock already?
Then I have to hurry home, Granddad don't like to wait.

We have to be in the church at 11.
Just take the horse, Petersen.

Don't you need to change your clothes?
Yes, I was on my way home.

- See you.
- See you.

(organ music from the church)

Hurry up, Grandpa.

Yes, my boy. We'll make it.

Good day, Niels Joergen.
Good day, sharpener.

It's been a long time
since you've been seen.

It was exactly a year ago.

I have also visited
half the globe.

All from Skagen to Gedser.

What are you looking for?

There is a baby baptism in the church.
The priest's twins are baptized.

Has he now got more girls?
Didn't he have enough in the five?

It's two boys, and it should be celebrated.
There will be a big lunch in the parsonage.

The cook's maid and the maid
up from Naesbygaard must help.

Is it true what you hear that the
landowner has had a grandson?

Yes, it's true.

The landowner's daughter,
whom he had not seen for 15 years,

died in a plane crash
together with her husband.

Him the artist?
The Italian she ran off with?

Against the landowner's will.
- Yes, exactly.

Now it turns out that she
left behind a boy aged 15-16.

- Nah?
- Yes.

He was brought up at the circus
in Italy where his father worked.

Pastor Pripp picked him up.

- Well, what did the landlord say to that?
- At first he didn't like the boy.

After all, he looks like his father,
whom the landowner could not stand.

But now it's fine.
The boy is good enough.

His name is Martin,
like his grandfather.

- Then surely he will inherit the estate?
- Yes. Yes.

But it was a bad line in the
account for the landlord's nephew.

Him Torben, who reads to prosecutors?
He seems to have stopped doing that.

He was, after all, the closest heir to
the whole shebang... he thought then.

It was good, it went the way it did.
Because he was a bad guy.

The landlord chased him out,

and his mother Mrs. Helene left
Naesbygaard together with the son.

- What an mess.
- Yes.

But tell me, her, the old lady,

who lived in the side wing.
Does she still exist?

The landlord's aunt? Aunt Thyra?

Her, who is a bit
over the top like that.

She has the peculiar
habit of thinking out loud.

It's not nice for the
person it happens to.

I once had to sharpen
scissors for her.

She smiled and said:

"Now go to the trouble, sharpener.
You are a nice man.

Our Lord is preserved, what does he look
like. That earth bearer has not been cheap."

After all, she is right about that.

What about the brothers Ole
and Nik, the two gardeners?

After all, they keep the park in the
best order, the two nutty balls.

They attend the baby baptism.

So, now something happens.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

We have to get home.

Can you pick up the pram for mum?

Let me take one, Anna.
- Here you go.

Daddy's little boy.

- Where are you going?
- I have to go and say congratulations.

You stay here.
I'll fix that.

On behalf of me and my brother

I would like to wish
you a happy day.

Thank you, Ole. Thank you, Nik.

Thanks, children.

Down with little Gorm.

And little Harald.

What a lovely sermon
your father gave, little Rosa.

But oh, you pitiful
one, how boring it was.

Does the landowner mind if
we stroll home to the parsonage?

No, dear Pripp.
It's not very far.

And then we work up
an appetite for lunch.

A day like today
is a day of joy.

Like I always said, children are a blessing.
A gift that must be taken care of.

Thank you, dear Anna, for the two
men you have given me this time.

And thank you, dear friends, for
coming to celebrate the day with us.

And you, Marie, and
Erna for the lovely food

and the festively decorated
table with stork and all.

Yes, a stork is needed. Because it is
he who comes with the little children.

What is it?

Right, Nik.
It is as true as it is said.

Dear Pastor Pripp, the
stork has done well this time.

Although the little priest
probably had a hand in the game.

Shall we raise our glasses
and wish the twins well?

A cheers for little
Gorm and little Harald.


Thank you, Martin.

I would also like to
be allowed to say...


... that my little big brother
Ole will also say something.

It's you.


However, I just want to
make a few unseemly remarks

about the two little
crazy heads in the cradle.

It is well known that when
they grow, they get bigger.

They get a lot of nice food,

which we have certainly not
been spared for today either.

To make a short story long:

We wish the little
baboons good luck.

They live! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!


Thank you, Ole.

Wasn't there something important
you wanted to tell us, Anker?

Yes, but I'm not very
good at speaking.

Just tell me straight
out what it's about.

Yes, I have spoken to
Rosa's father and mother.

And I've been in to
buy you a ring, Rosa.

- To me?
- Yes.

I also bought one for myself.

Knowing that we are engaged.

Well, congratulations then.

Congratulations, children.

No, I've seen it now.
Are you sitting there hooting?

Why, if you have to ask?

Why do you think?
Anker and Rosa have just got engaged.

You've known for a long time,
itchy-bitsy Erna, that you couldn't get him.

But as long as they didn't have a ring
on, there was little hope for someone else.

Thank God you are past the age
when you had all that heartache.

Now wipe your tears and see to it
that he is knocked out of his head.

You can easily say that.

Although he is the head of the stud,

then I can't avoid seeing him.

Or talk to him.
- So, so, so.

Get yourself together.
You will probably find another young man.

- No.
_ Yes.

Now we have to hurry, because
they want their coffee in there.

Here. The coffee is ready.
It is on the stove.

Now behave yourself, girls.

You can eat as much cake as you want.
There are two pieces for each.

Now you must finally eat.
It's all homemade.

It should go well with a
cup of coffee, Aunt Thy.

Uh yes, you must
be right about that.

I hope the game doesn't, it's
just as thin-legged as the last time.

I'm surprised you haven't
written a song, Pripp.

They can be quite calm: He has that.

I can't resist, as you know.

Do you have your guitar with you, Martin?
Yes, it is here from the last time.

Come on, girls.
Let's show what we're capable of.

Thank you, Erna.
It was still so little.

Baby baptisms and baby
baptisms, it's a day of joy

the child is the new
hope, the heart must have

a baby, a baby, a
baby who will grow up

What is the greatest desire
of a loving motherhen?

a chicken a chicken
a little spirrevip

a feathers one on slender
legs that grows and squeals

all horses want a foal

the butterfly wants a mole

a baby, a baby the
greatest adventure

from this green earth was
created for man and animals

The starling gives a cheerful
whistle, he is so happy today

starling father's humor is high
because they must have

a baby, a baby a
spring is coming

a goat will have its kid
and the sheep will wait

a maeh lamb, a maeh lamb
yesterday got mother duck

put eight sweet lambs
in the lake like last year

the pussy cat has kittens

mother storks have triplets

a baby, a baby
a mole in its mole

and the nightingale high
on a branch has its nest full

the flowers that peek
out also want to be small

the bees visit them
so they can get

a baby, a baby a rose pops out

in the field there are flower
buds in young green shoots

a bellis, a blue hat among
the reeds of the bog woman

on fields and meadows in the
crowns of trees it is buzzing with life

birds chirping from sunrise

everywhere in a
song of jubilation

a baby, a baby
nature's infant baptism

confirms that as long as
there is life, there is hope

Good day, blacksmith.
Hello, Hermansen.

What a heat.
Yes, you are right about that.

But there is probably a reason for that.




- Why are not you coming when I call?
- I was out by the laundry.

Oh. Rub yourself then.
A basement cold for the manager and me.

- Yes.
- Will it come to anything?

She's growing into beauty, the little one.

In a year or two, then...

Here are a few
handouts and some bills,

if you just want to approve
them and put your name below.

Let's see.

- Thanks.
- It is fine.

- Cheers, Hermansen.
- Cheers.

You can count on repairs on a
green harvester and a seed drill.

Shouldn't we be careful with
the amounts we put on the bills?

Why? The property manager up there
doesn't have a clue about those matters.

He is so senile that he does
not notice one thing or the other.

We get a pretty penny
out of those few bills.

How are things going for
the rest up at Naesbygaard?

The landowner is completely
silly with that grandson.

The boy then helps
him Anker in the stud.

You're kidding.
Is he going to order something?

Yes, he really wants to be a farmer.

Imagine inheriting such an estate.

You can be completely
envious of such a silly boy.

May I then ask for the landlord's nephew.
It was a man's people.

Smart, you understand.

Well, I have to see how to move on.

- You hear closer.
- It's good, Hermansen.

Hello? Is the blacksmith at home?

Yes, he is. He's in there.


My horse has lost a shoe on left foot.
Can you fix it now?

Yes, quite easily even. Let me
get him and we'll get it sorted soon.

- Let me help you out?
- No thanks. I can handle myself.

Isn't it easier if there are two of us?

Yes, but what about the
times I have to drag it alone?

Then you have to send for me
every time you have a big wash.

Are you the blacksmith's daughter?
He is my stepfather.

My mother is dead.

- What's your name?
- Elise.

- My name is martin.
- I knew that.

- Oops.
- Now I have to.


Elise, will anything
come of that clothes hanging?

I will have my food soon.


Then the horse is ready to ride again.
I gave him a brand new shoe.

How much is it?
We put it on the bill.

Keep your eyes to yourself.
We're not going to have any trouble here.

You should not become like your mother.

Who should have the
bouquet you're fumbling with?

I don't fumble at all.

It is for the cook girl Marie,
whose birthday is today.

- Does she have it? Congratulations, Ole.
- Thank you.

- How old is she?
- You don't ask about a lady's age.

I think it's probably 53.

Then she will soon
be old enough to marry.

- Have you proposed, little Ole?
- No, then. Said she said yes.

Look there.

- Do you see the same as me?
- Yes, it's probably her.

It's impossible, isn't it?

(the doorbell rings)

- Madam Helene, is that you?
- Good day, Erna. Is my brother home?

- The landlord is in the master bedroom.
- Fine. Take my luggage that's outside.


May we be allowed to wish
you a very happy birthday?

- Now you turn 53.
- 53?

- Who says I'm turning 53?
- It says... Ouch!

- Nobody says that.
- You also look much younger.

- You don't look older than 52.
- 51.

Thanks. Then it's good with you.

- Now the world stands no more.
- Has something happened, Erna?

- Do you know who has come?
- No.

- Mrs. Helene.
- No!

Then it was her.

- What did I say?
- Nothing.

Is she now going to mess with us again?

- It is not certain that she will stay.
- Yes, because she had suitcases with her.

Ouchy for the lead.
It wasn't that good.

Erna, come on.

Go over to Aunt Thy with the
cocoa and tell her who has come.

She won't be happy about that.
Mrs. Helene is not her right to life.

You must call me Mads, if
her son doesn't come too.

The landowner is the nicest man on
earth, but I think he sets the limit there.

I think so as well.

The fact that your son stole 7,000
crowns from me is not the worst.

But that he blamed my grandson,

I neither can nor
will forgive that.

I will never allow Torben to
set foot on Naesbygaard again.

This is the condition
for you to return.

I understand your anger, Martin.
But Torben doesn't come here anymore.

I have broken up with him.
As much as it hurt.

You were right that I was blind
when it came to him. But he is my son.

I just think he inherited all
of his father's worst traits.

I'm glad you
look at it that way.

You are my sister and I will
not hide that I have missed you,

and that I would like to see
you run the house for me again.

But you must be aware
of one thing, Helene.

Martin, my grandson,
goes above and beyond everything.

Are my eyes deceiving me, is it
really you, Helene? It was cozy.

- Do we have to deal with her again?
- Martin has asked me to come back.

Then maybe we'll also get
the joy of seeing your son?

- An accident rarely happens alone.
- Only Helene comes.

I think we can have a really
nice time together again, Aunt Thy.

Yes, of course we can.

She looks kind of sneaky to me.
God knows what she's up to?

Good morning.

Good morning.

The young gentleman
must have come to work.

What do you think you're
doing with that horse?

I not only believe, but
I know that I groom it.

Even you could see that, Hermansen.

Big mouth, huh?
But you never learn that.

Now I'm going to show you.
No, you shouldn't.

Martin does it just right.
I must ask you to take care of yourself.

What's the point? I just want to
give the boy some good advice.

Don't need to. He gets them from me.

Do you think you know horses?

At least he thinks so himself.

Just because he figured out that the front
end of a horse is where the head sits.

And the back end is
where it has the butt.

And you have to sit on
top when you go out riding.

You're not going to teach me anything about horses.

We don't have time for that either.
It would take far too many years.

Watch out. Otherwise,
you might regret it.

Hold your trap shut and disperse.

- It's a mean man.
- Yes, we'll probably have trouble with him.

- Hello.
- Hello, Martin.

- Am I late?
- No, father is not finished.

Yes, see for yourself.

You look a little worried.

- Is something wrong at home?
- Nah, not like that.

You know you can
always come to me.


- Hi, Elise.
- Good day.

- Good day, Martin. Have you practiced?
- I think my fingers are set now.

Come, girls. May I ask the orchestra
members to take their seats?

Wow, some nice machines.

The beauty is quickly overlooked
when you think about who drives them.

They are only out for trouble, usually.

Well, let's hope they drive on.


- Where is Rosa?
- Over at Anker.

- With a cake she baked.
- With sugar on it, namely.

Well then, mother has to help us.

- What is it?
- Anna, you must help us with the bass.

- Are you ready?
- Yes!

One, two, three.

(a cackle from the barn)

Are you here, Anker?

Who are you?

What do you do here?


Can't you hear, friends?
The lady asks what you're doing here.

You do not say. Delicious girl.

Yes, and we have plenty of time.
Take the eggs and skip.

The rest of us will come later.

Then let me get out.

It's really dark and warm here.
Now we're going to have some fun.

I'm calling for my boyfriend.

- The lady wants to call her boyfriend.
- Good idea. There is no one home.

She really belongs to the difficult ones.

We need to get that
out of her quickly.

You dare not touch me.

Nothing's going to happen to you, honey.
Just do what we want.

Help! Anker!




Then it's enough! Let her go.

Anker! Beware!

Come on.

The two of us are not
done with each other yet, mark my words.

- Anker.
- Now they are away, thank God.

Let's go into the living room.
I guess we need a cup of coffee.

Wait a minute.

I came cause I
have baked you a cake.

Well, that sounds good.

Hello, Elise. What are you doing here?

I had to hand this
over to Ole and Nik.

Do you have to?
You can find them inside the park.

You have to go left up by the castle.


Over the bridge.


- Hi, Elise.
- Hey.

I have something for Ole
and Nik's lawnmower-machine.

I'll take it and make sure they get it.

How about orangeade and cakes
like only Marie can make?

- Yes, thank you.
- Come.

- Go ahead and sit down.
- Thanks.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Have a cake.
- Thanks.

What happened to your arm?
There is a blue spot.

- Nothing.
- You can tell me. I wont tell anyone.

- Is that your stepfather?
- Yes.

- Did he hit you?
- He does that when he has been drinking.

- Does he drink a lot?
- Yes, and often together with the manager.

With whom?

He often plays cards with
your manager Hermansen.

- With Hermansen?
- Yes, and they get drunk and disgusting.

- It's a shame for you, Elise.
- I think he hates me.

He never forgave mother for
having me with another man.

He was so mean to her, I
think she died from it.

Can't you get away from him?

He is my guardian,
so he rules over me until I'm 18.

Can't you complain about him?

He sits on the parish council, and
everyone thinks he is an honorable man.

But they just had to know
how fake and disgusting he is.

- Haven't you been to this park before?
- Nah.

- So you haven't seen the greenhouses?
- No.

Shouldn't we go down there? Then
we can take the package to Ole and Nik.

That's the worst
thing I've ever heard.

What, little Ole?

The leather jackets have set up camp
in the meadow down by the Owl's Hook.

- But what do the cows say about that?
- They chase around with the poor animals.

You had to put the big,
black bull down there.

- Cant you see it?
- They would benefit from that.

Land officer Mikkelsen
can't handle them in any case.

He tried to chase them
away, but they just laughed.

Something must be done.
Yes, something must be done. But what?

I don't know, but they are looting and
bothering people, so away they should.

Yes, they should.

Can we come inside?

Yes, you must come in.

But just leave the door open.
We're getting fried in here.

- Good day.
- Hello.

- You know Elise, right?
- Yes, we do.

How nice this smells.
There are also over 2,000 plants here.

- I look after them as if they were mine.
- I have also been involved.

There has to be someone for the rough stuff.

There you got it.

- Look, there's a kitten.
- Ole and Nik are crazy about cats.

Nah, how sweet it is.

If you want it, go ahead.

- Is it true? Can I have it?
- Yes, it's true.

(an alarm clock rings)

What was it?

It's off work!
Turn off the beast, Nik.

Then it went and became five.

Is it that late?
Then I have to hurry.

- I can follow you on your way.
- I'd rather run home alone.

Goodbye. And thanks for the kitty.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- She's a sweet girl, huh?
- Yes.

Now we have to go home
and have some dinner.

- Who makes it for you?
- We take turns.

Tonight it's Nik's
turn, so what will it be?

Just wait and see.

(noise and loud music)

It is not an encouraging sight.

- I go and talk to them.
- I don't think you should.

You don't know how
guys like that behave.

- You just get a dirty answer.
- As if?

- Better let me.
- Well, I'll take care of that myself.

It looked really wrong if I didn't
dare ask them to leave my own land.

I'll take care of him.

This is private land.

- What do you say?
- I say it's private ground.

Conny, close the box so I can
hear what the old man is saying.

They can't camp here.
The land is for the young cattle.

But there is an excellent
campsite nearby.

You don't say that, grandpa?

- I must ask you immediately to...
- What?

- We stay here.
- Was there anything else you wanted?

No? Then just get lost.

- May I be free?
- You mustn't.

- Did you hear what I said?
- Shut up.

Let me help you.

Go back to the wagon, Martin.

I have to say, I'm impressed.
It was a brilliant match.

Big, strong young men who
dare to walk on a weak, older man,

because he respectfully recommends
that you move from this earth.

You are indeed heroes.

Give me that hat.

I said: Give me that hat.

(the others laugh)

I have to say that, Pripp.
You are still revealing new qualities.

- Here you go, Martin.
- Thank you my friend.

- Shouldn't I drive the cart for you?
- Yes, you do.

After all, you should not
have trouble with your heart.

What should we do with them?

If they do not run away, officer
Mikkelsen must call for help.

I don't want any trouble.
Let's see if they're away tomorrow.

There we have the oinky oinkies.
Look, here is yum yum for you.

Where is Sophie?
Yes, here you go, Sofie.

Then you can share all this yum yum.

(Ole coughs)

Ole! Ole! Ole!

What is it?

Wake up, Ole!

- How the hell are you behaving?
- I got it, I got it.

Our Lord preserved.

So sit down and tell
me what it is you have.

- An idea.
- A what?

An idea. And now you have to listen.

You must not breathe. It feels
like having a head full of flies.

Well, you have to listen anyway.

What are you whispering for? There
isn't a human here for miles around.

Well, no. Spit it out.

- The tree, Ole.
- The tree?

Don't you remember the
tree we saw the other day?

- What's up with that?
- Do you remember what we found in it?

- Are you thinking about the wasp's nest?
- Yes.

It's nothing to laugh at. Those
devils stabbed me both here and there.

- What do we do with a wasp's nest?
- Yes, what do you think?

Oh yeah! You are saying something.

Should we let them loose
on the leather jackets?

While they are sleeping.

It's my bliss the best
I've heard in a long time.

- Why didn't you say that before?
- Because I just figured it out.

The whole region is wondering
how to get rid of them.

It would really amuse me if the two
of us could manage the little affair.

Yes, the two of us all alone.

What is it?

What could it be?
It's something smoking.

Nick! The meatballs!
Cross in the... in the back!


Be careful not to wake them.

They must be warm.
The tents are not closed.

- Then the wasps slip in more easily.
- Yes, and the wind is blowing the right way.

- Listen, Nik. There is life in them.
- Yes, oh well.

They must be crazy in the head.

What do you mean by "here?"

You slip in and place it
in the middle of the camp.

Yes. Yes.

Well why does it have to be me?

- Because you're the dumber of the two of us.
- Well, yes, yes.

- What do you mean by the way of that?
- Nothing.

Well, then I understand better.

Susse, wake up.

- Are there wasps?
- Yes.

I want to go out.

(screams are heard)

Egon, wake up.

- What's wrong?
- The tent is full of wasps.

Serves them right.

They flee over the neck and head.

But what was that?

- The wasp's nest.
- The wasp's nest?

- There they come.
- Who?

The wasps, you otter.

Where are you, Nik?


Here I am.

They are gone.

No, that's too wrong though.
Think she can pull it off.

I have never performed that.
But what was she doing?

Well, it's really good.

- What kind of book were you reading?
- The phone book.

- The phone book?
- Yes.

Then she can really bite the bullet on that.


The one on the king and the knight on the queen.

And the eight on the nine
and the nine on the ten.

I'm the one who plays solitaire.

You do that...

... badly.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

- Is there anything else the landowner wants?
- No thanks, Erna.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Then it's probably bedtime too.

It's unhealthy for the boy
to be up so long, Martin.

Nonsense, Helene. We must play finished.

But the two of us are going to bed.
I'll follow you over.

Thank you very much.
Only she wanted to take care of herself.

- Good night.
- Good night and sleep well.

Cheers, little Martin.
Cheers, Grandpa.



I must say you
impress me my boy.

You have no idea how
happy and joyful I am.

Everything has improved.
Everything has taken on meaning for me.

I got something to live for.

All only because
you have come here.

I will do my best
not to disappoint you.

It's good, my boy.

If anything should ever
happen to you, then...

Why would something happen to me?

That is also true.
Why would something happen to you?

Torben, is that you?

How you scared me.
Good evening, mother.

You know your uncle doesn't
want to see you at Naesbyfarm.

He won't get to that either.

- Aren't you glad to see me?
- Yes, but you promised not seek me out here.

How did you get in?
Manager Hermansen let me in.

I must talk with you.

- Money? Have you played again?
- Stop making a hassle like that.

Why do you make me so unhappy?
Your father gambled away all our money.

When he died, we
had nothing to live on.

It's just this one time.
I'm in a bind.

- Tell me everything.
- I am in the clutches of a moneylender.

- How?
- I once borrowed a larger amount.

The debt certificate was in the uncle's
name. I know it was faint of heart,

but it was then that I thought
I was heir to the estate here.

Before the little idiot, the
beloved grandson appeared.

- What should we do, though?
- How much cash do you have?

800 crowns.
After all, I only have my widow's pension.

800 crowns is a drop in the ocean.

Promise me not to come more often.
I can't take any more.

I'm also driving again.

Give me the 800 anyway.

- Couldn't you go to Uncle Martin's?
- No.

I'm just wondering.
There are also other ways out.

What do you mean by that?

Everyone has a weak point.
I think I know my dear uncles.

Goodnight Mom.


Are you still here, Hermansen?

I had to make sure that
no one saw your car.

- I want to talk to you about something.
- Oh?


- What is he doing here so late?
- There is a sick horse in the stable.

It was a good thing he didn't see me.

I will come down here again soon.
I need your help.

- Can it give money?
- You can swear on that.

It sounds good.
Do you want a plop?

I must speak to you
one of the next few days.

Where can we meet?

Down at the blacksmith's.
He is with the worst.

I see.

Should we say Tuesday
night at ten o'clock?

It's alright.

Not a word to anyone.
Nor that I have been here.

No, it's clear.


- What do you want?
- It is just me.

- Get out with you.
- Oh my god, be sweet.

You're drunk. Come out with you.


Let go of me!

Let me go, you hear!

Let go of me!

No, you must not.

No! Anker, Anker!

What will you?
Take and disappear.


Oh like that.
You probably come in the same vein as me.

It will surely amuse the vicar's
daughter when she finds out.

Look to get out.

How good it was that you came.
Thank you.

It was a complete
coincidence that I came by.

- Don't you want a cup of coffee?
- Well thank you. It doesn't sound so crazy.

There are cups on the kitchen table.

- This is really nice, isn't it?
- It sure is, Erna.

What would people
think if they saw us?

- They would be thinking something completely wrong.
- Yes.

- Does one suspect us?
- I think so.

The property manager has started to go
through the accounts with the property owner.

They interrogated me for hours.

- How did they get suspicions?
- Maybe someone has been gossiping.

Who would it be? After all, there
is no one else but the two of us...

Wait a minute.

Are you listening, damn it?

- No, I was on my way with beer.
- Yes, it's good for you.

It is she who has been gossiping
about us to the snotty boy on the estate.

No it is not. I don't even
know what you're talking about.

It's too wrong.
Stands and lies to my face.

Disappear with you.

Out with you.

(it meows)

Well, little kitty.

(there is a knock on the door)

Is there anyone at home?
Good morning, Elise.

- May I come inside?
- Yes, go ahead.

- Are you sad?
- No, there is nothing.

I have come to ask
if you will help me.

We have a dangerous number of children,
so my wife has a lot to look after.

What do you think about moving in
with us and taking care of the two twins as a nanny?

I would very much like to, but
my stepfather would never agree.

What do I not agree to?
Good morning, Reverend. What an honor.

- Good morning, Mortensen.
- What a blessed weather.

Won't the pastor sit down?
I prefer to stand.

I have offered Elise to move in with
us and help my wife with the children.

- What do you say to that?
- It is a gracious offer.

- But I can't do without Elise.
- What do you mean?

We have been alone
since Elise's mother died,

and Elise took over her duties.

Yes, it's not because
she has too much to do.

There is also the
human side of the matter.

- I can't do without my little girl.
- Isn't that a little selfish of you?

Unfortunately, I have to say
no, and I am her guardian.

She would like to come
down and help once in a while.

- Can you start this afternoon?
- Yes, she can easily do that.

- How much can something like that give?
- We will probably agree on that.

Say thank you very much to the pastor, Elise.

- Thanks.
- See you then.

Ouch, damn it! What does that
basket with the cursed cat stand there for?

Well, pussy.

- Here's another one.
- It is well.

- The miss has got engaged.
- Yes, you know Anker.

Yes, a fine young fellow.
It will be difficult to hold on to him.

- What do you mean by that?
- You hear something or the other.


I'd better keep my mouth shut...

... although the manager
thought you should be notified.

Message about what?

You see, the other night
Hermansen surprised him Anker,

who emposed on the maid Erna.

She was in a nightgown and they
seemed to be enjoying themselves.

- It doesn't have to mean anything.
- No, of course it doesn't.

You can return the knives to
the kitchen when you are finished.

- Out with you.
- I just wanted to feed your birds.

I don't want to talk to anyone.

And if Anker comes,
say I have a headache.

- You look so happy today.
- I am, like being here so much.

- You look happy too.
- So I am. A lot even.

Look, the two are playing father,
mother and children.

I'm coming for
you, you prankster.

Race! Race!

Howdy! What happens here?
Amaryllis must have an spanking.

- Where is Rosa?
- She doesn't want to talk to you.

- Why not?
- She has a headache.

Rosa! Rosa!

- I'm going up there anyway.
- She has locked the door.

- Locked the door?
- She must be mad at you.

You never get wise to women.
What should I do now?

Sing a serenade
like we do in Italy.

- It works every time.
- I can't do that.

Apparently you can see.
I'll get the guitar.

I'll get the ladder.

- It has to go up there.
- It's Rosa's window.


Quiet, girls.
Rosa must not hear us.

Fresh courage.

Dream of the old
times aah, my sweetheart

you're in your virgin cage
and me, I'm coming here

on the way, on the way to my
girl, a knight mounted on a ladder

I sing tenderly to the sound of the
guitar as the knight once sang

my honey flower and such on
the way, on the way to my girl

my young lady is waiting for me beautiful
and fine Rosalil behind the white curtain

dream of the old days
use your imagination

think of me as a hero in
the scenery of romance

on the way, on the way to
my girl the old sweet intrigue

a knight fights bravely in fairytales against
mighty mythical beasts

a mosquito I now have to fight
on the way, on the way to my girl

my heart's blood I will give
to that Rosalil to see you again

times have changed a
lot and a lot is changing

however, love still
lives and here I am

on the way, on the way to my
girl towards this goal I will love

two cheerful eyes, a sweet profile, the
roundness of the cheek, the bright smile

and the adorable way of the mouth
on the way, on the way to my girl

tell me that you are my Rosalil
again behind the white curtain

Hi, honey.

Disappear with you, you panty chaser.

Anker, come back.

There is 10,000 crowns for
you to share if you succeed.

Isn't it at the bottom?
What do you mean, Hermansen?

We carry out the
rough part of the work,

so 10,000 to each is
probably more in its place.

To each?

You're not really smart.

It is a dangerous undertaking.

If we're found
out, we'll go to jail.

You will not be detected
if you do it properly.

Wait a minute.
I thought I heard something.

There was nothing anyway.

All right. 10,000 to each.

Why don't you fix it yourself?

My uncle will immediately suspect me.
But no one will believe it's you.

- What time will it take place?
- Two o'clock tonight, when everyone is asleep.

By then I'll be back in
town, so my alibi is in order.

- There is not much you have to do.
- I would not say that.

It's my idea and I take care of the
last and most dangerous part of it.

They have the key to the backdoor, Hermansen.
Here is the letter you must leave.

Well, I'm going.

You won't see me
until I bring the money.

- Well, cheers on that.
- Cheers.

(the phone is ringing)



Yes, it is me.


The porter at Holms Hotel?

Yes, hello? Hello? Hello?

Yes Miss. I spoke to Holms Hotel in
Copenhagen, but we were disconnected.

Yes, is that the porter?

Who wants to talk to me?

My nephew?

Let me have him.

- They can take it in the box.
- Thanks.

Good evening, uncle.

What is the point of
calling at this time?

Your mother? No, you cannot.
It's past one o'clock.

I don't want to talk to
you at all. Good night.

(the clock strikes two)

- Good morning, Ole and Nik.
- Good morning.

- Is that you, children?
- What do you owe the honor so early?

We are out to collect
branches for a bonfire.

To a bonfire?
Do you want to burn down the cabin?

- After all, it's St. Hans tomorrow.
- And dad wants to have a party in the garden.

The two of you must also come along.
We need punch and apple slices.

Will you help us gather
branches for the fire?

Something that can really kick ass.

We'll find some for you.

It will be the fire of all times.

What is it?

I think I can smell
Marie's good coffee.

Sometimes I don't think you're
as weak-minded as you seem.

Yes. Yes.

No, no.

- Good morning, little Marie.
- What do you want?

We were wondering if you would give a cup of coffee.

Did you think so?
Sit down, I'll get the jug.

Marie! Marie! Marie!

Marie, I think something
terrible has happened.

What is it? Sit down,
you're completely out of it.

I had to tidy up the boy's room.

I knocked, but no one answered.
Then I went in, but he was not there.

- I think something happened to him.
- He probably got up early.

No, because all his clothes were there, and the
lamp on the bedside table had been knocked over.

And this letter lay on his pillow.
It's absolutely terrible.

He hasn't been down here either.

- Notify the landowner immediately.
- Yes.

I'm going with you, Erna.

- What do you think happened to him?
- I really don't know.

But something is wrong.

What you are saying sounds
completely improbable, Erna.

Let me see that letter.

They are right.
The boy is gone.

Erna, call Pastor Pripp and
ask him to come up here.

And tell my sister I
want to talk to her.


Give me a glass of water.

The landowner will not be ill?

It's just the heart.
It will be over soon.

You must contact the
police as soon as possible.

That's what I can't do.

Read it yourself and
you will understand why.

"Do you want your
grandson back unharmed,

you must deposit 50,000 in the church's
armory by ten o'clock at the latest tonight.

If you go to the police,
the boy will suffer."

Do you have any
idea who it might be?

The only one I can
think of is Torben.

Torben could never
do something so mean.

Helene, you are blind when
it comes to your own son.

But in this case you are probably right.

I know that Torben was not
at Naesbyfarm last night.

- What do you want to do?
- Pay and I'll get the boy back.

We could keep watch at the church
and catch him who collects the money.

I dare not run such a risk.

Look here.

There is a story in the newspaper about a
murderer who escaped from a detention center.

See the boy is in the
clutches of such ones.

I have called the bank and asked
them to get the money during the day.

Yes. Yes. Now I would
like to know who it is.

Why was it lying on the bed?
Because you don't need it.

What do you mean by that?
And where is my cat, I can't find it?

I drowned it.

It's not true.
You haven't done that.

Of course I have. I can't stand such nonsense.
We just trip all over it.

You are disgusting.

You are evil.
The worst thing I know.

But you just wait.
I'll have to get revenge.

- Good day, blacksmith.
- Is something wrong, Hermansen?

- Come over here. I want to talk with you.
- Should it be so solemn?

- What's wrong?
- Have you thought about how little we know?

- About what?
- About everything, that is.

We have no idea
what is in that letter.

We also do not know how
much money he demanded.

- And where he will have them paid out.
- No, now that you say it.

- Could he try to cheat us?
- He probably won't dare.

But I'm not calm until we
have him here with the money.

Did you see who it was?

Nah, but he was smart
enough to use the back entrance.

It's probably not someone from here.
We should have nailed him.

I have promised the
landlord not to run any risk.

If only you could get hold of those guys.

It was a cold game.
Come home and have a cup of tea.

Only we had never
agreed to that number.

If they get hold of Torben, they soon
discover that it was us who hid the boy.

My name and good
reputation will be ruined for life.

- It was you who made me do it.
- You could have said no.

But you forgot that when you
heard there was 10,000 to earn.

Stop yelling. If someone heard us!

If that stupid girl stand and listen.

No, there isn't anyone.

If he's run away,
we're in for a treat.

No one knows we had
anything to do with that case.

The boy was unconscious,
so he hasn't seen us.

No, but we won't
get a penny out of it.

- No, not a penny.
- I wish hell had him.

(the sound of an engine)

What was it? Didn't a car come?

It's him.
Hurry up and open up.

It was about time.
We feared you had been snatched.

Did it go well?
Do you drive in your own car?

- Do you have the money with you?
- Shut up. Of course I have the money with me.

Besides, it's a car I've rented.

Now I have to clean up.

5,000... 5,000.

- Here you go. 10,000 to each.
- Thank you.

- I'm busy, so hurry up.
- Yes. Yes.

One, two, three, four...

Is that you, Elise? Is there
something wrong? Come inside though.

... as true as anything is true.

Elise has something to tell us.

I hurried here. It is my stepfather and
manager Hermansen,

who has assaulted
and hidden Martin.

- Are you sure?
- I heard it all.

They quarreled
until Torben came.

- Torben? The landlord's nephew?
- Yes, and all three of them are at home.

We must go down to visit the blacksmith.

Hurry up, because Torben was busy.

- Elise is staying with us tonight.
- Now be careful, my friend.

- There is just what should be.
- Of course there is.

- What do we do with the boy?
- I had completely forgotten about him.

- You have to take care of that.
- Yes, but how?

Write on a piece of paper where he is.
And put it so that it will be found.

- I guess we shouldn't run the entire risk.
- Yes, and tomorrow I'm leaving the country.

I don't think you do.

Good evening. The gentlemen
are probably about to share the spoils.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Do you want to pool the money, Anker?

We better take care of them.

- We know the full message, Torben.
- With everything, that is.

- Now the two of us are going to talk to your uncle.
- With the greatest pleasure.

Here, Anker.

Look after them until the landowner
has decided what to do with them.

It was not my intention
to harm anyone.

- Think of Elise, Reverend.
- She is in the best hands.

They have lost the
right to her anyway.

Come on, Torben.

What should we do?

Northing. You get at least 20 years in
the penitentiary for that story.

- Each, that is.
- Yes.

Shut up.

It was a short pleasure
you got from that money.

My nephew, my sister's son.

If I didn't have such strong
evidence, I would refuse to believe it.

I should turn you over to the
authorities and demand the harshest punishment.

But right now there is only
one thing that interests me.

Where is Martin?

Now that you have taken the
money back, I see no reason to say so.

You can try to find him.

I can fire my manager,

and the village's oh-so-holy
blacksmith I can chase away.

But I don't know
what to do with him.

He has admitted that it was
his plan to emigrate to Canada.

Precisely, so that we can
perhaps act, dear Mr. Soul-griever.

Keep your rudeness to yourself.

Give him the money for a ticket
and tell him to stay away for years.

It's ridiculous that I
have to give him money.

- Will he even stay gone?
- I almost want to believe that.

But let him sign a confession.

Martin, say yes. I beg you.

When I'm not going to the police,

is it because I do not want this case
debated in the country's newspapers.

where is the boy?

Give me 5,000 in addition to the
ticket and I'll tell you where he is.

- No.
- It was just a polite request.

Torben, where is he?

Okay, okay.
Here at Naesbyfarm in fact.

- Here?
- Yes. Deep down in the basement.

- In the old dungeon under the moat?
- I thought you wouldn't look there.

You know how cold and damp it is.

If anything has been happened to the
boy, I will not want to be you.

Come on, Pripp.

You stay here until we've
seen that the boy is really there.

How could you, Torben?

There is a light.
Do you have anything to light with?

Martin! Martin!

- It is just me.
- I knew you would come.

Thank God you came, Grandpa.

Why have I been locked in here?

You will probably find out later.
You're shivering with cold.

- A warm bath will do well.
- And something to eat.

You must get a
proper feed, my boy.

- How did you find me?
- I think we can thank Elise for that.

It was a stroke of luck.
I had almost canceled the party tomorrow.

What we need now is
to party and be together.

The bonfires blaze on
land and by the coast

we gather around them in clusters

halfway between a spring and a harvest

we now stand together and sing

come here, come here
it's midsummer time

come here, come here
it's midsummer time

the lights are lit on midsummer night

and the sparks fly into the distance

playing in the sky a merry roofer

each is a new little star

come here, come here
it's midsummer time

come here, come here
it's midsummer time

the lights light up
again a Saint Hans

and whispers to those who understand

dance little heart a
dance of the joy of life

the days we know will be short

come here, come here
it's midsummer time

come here, come here
it's midsummer time

--- Subtitles by Essery. ---