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In 45th of Tong He era,

Feng Ren's army from the Yu clan
invaded the human world.

They laid waste to everything.

In their wake,

all hopes were lost.

All of this started

when I lost the token.

On the first day,

Liangzhou was lost.

[Novoland The Castle in the Sky]
[Time Reversal]

Our forces retreated to the Chamber of Phantasm,

hiding from the enemies.

On the sixth day,

my life came to an end.


Follow me and kill those winged vermin!

Hold on!

That is the only way.

Time passes and it cannot be reversed.

But this thing

will send human's consciousness back to the past.

Hence, it is named Altar of Time.

Only by going back in time

and killing Feng Ren

can we turn the tide of this war.

You are the last of the Fang family.

Please consider the risks.

Please consider the risks.

There are no other options.

I will leave this place to you.

Ten candles for the time of ten days.

When all the candles burn out,
you must return at once.

In less than ten days,

I will make Feng Ren perish into oblivion.

Feng Ren excels in martial arts.

You must be cautious.

I can possess the body of
Feng Ren's wife Nan Yin Meng.

I will kill him without being noticed.

Set aside the distractions
and your earthly desires.

Set aside the distractions
and your earthly desires.

Set aside the distractions
and your earthly desires.

Set aside the distractions
and your earthly desires.

Set aside the distractions
and your earthly desires.

Who are you?

Stay away from me!

If you touch me,

Feng Ren will kill you!

Feng Ren?

The man that kills without any remorse!

How can a dead man have any remorse?

What did you say?

Tonight, you shall be mine.

How dare you bite me!

Do you want to die so badly?

Curse it.

Who is it?

It's me.

Let me down.


Don't you like teasing?


Come on, get teased.

Do you like that?



How about now? Do you like it?

-Do you like it now?
-Yes, I like it.

-Say you like it.
-Yes, I like it.

-Do you like it now?
-It's my fault.

Show some mercy.

Show you some mercy?

I don't want your petty life.

What is this?

Enjoy yourself.

Who are you?

At your service, Princess.


Don't you mean "Consort"?

You are not married yet, have some patience.

Tell me.

Who am I?

What is this place?


why did you address me as "Princess"?

It seems like your mind took a toll from the fall.

You are Princess Hong Luan.

You were supposed to be engaged in Nan Yu City.

But you ran into bandits and fell from the cliff.

I went through a great deal to find you.

Hong Luan?

How am I Hong Luan?

What about Feng Ren? Where is Feng Ren?

He is dead.


How is that possible?

You are supposed to marry Feng Qi.

Why do you care about Feng Ren?

Tell me how Feng Ren died!

It's the scandal involving Empress of Xiling.

When he and his mother were escaping,

they were burnt to death.


Feng Ren must have survived.

The whole Lanzhou know it.

There is no doubt about that.

What date is it now?

The first day of October. What's wrong?

The first day of October?

According to Records of Lanzhou,

on the first day of October
in the 18th year of Tong He era,

the Crown Prince Feng Qi

married Princess Hong Luan from the human race.

His younger brother Feng Ren
congratulated him with melodious music,

and the melodies echoed for days.

Feng Ren must be alive.

He will appear in Nan Yu City for the wedding.

We still have nine days.

You do remember that well.

You mentioned earlier

that you are my bodyguard Nan Feng?

What is Your Highness's order?

I order you

to escort me to Nan Yu City for my engagement.

We must arrive before the tenth day of October.

We must not delay.

Hold on.

Stay still.

In the future,

don't let anyone see it.

♪ The fragrance of nutmeg fades away. ♪

♪ the gentle touch lost and the love replaced. ♪

♪ A girl without sanctuary,♪

♪ her youth spent and... ♪


Come here.

Show me your hands.

Such a delicate hand.

Please, Your Highness!

"Fragrance fades away?"

Are you cursing me?


Execute her.


Your Highness, have mercy! Please, have mercy!



My baby, my Little Mu.

I've told you so many times.

Don't come here secretly.

Hong Luan has been rescued.

Who rescued her?

See to it yourself.

The wedding is only nine days from now.

The Crown Prince's consort

must come from the Ying family.

My servants.

Consort Ying.

Check on the Crown Prince.


People like you

are nothing unusual in my place.

Just one room.

I want two rooms.

"I want two rooms."

Close friends like you

are going to end up

sleeping on the same bed anyway.

My wife.

Let's go.

This isn't the Stone Age.

That pick-up trick is getting old-fashioned.


You are an honorable princess.

If we get careless,

we might not make it to our destination.

Get out.

You heard the boss,
this is the last room available.

Wait outside.

I can sleep on the floor.

I am an honorable princess.

If we get careless, we might not
make it to the destination.


Right, I got you...

Why did you come in?

You look uncomfortable wearing that outfit,

so I prepared this for you.

I'll leave it on the table.

[The third day of the month]
[A day for burial, refrain from travel]


if I could go back in time
to the 18th year of Tong He era,

if I could prevent getting this scar,

wouldn't it be great?

This is only a scar, you need not
be obsessed with it.

There was a saying.

The urge to love came from nowhere,

and the yearning for beauty is deadly.

I don't want this scar.

Back then I thought

it was the thought I had on the Altar of Time

that sent me into the body of Princess Hong Luan.

My lady?

Brother Feng Qi!

Brother Feng Qi!

Are you all right?

Nan Feng.

Let's go.

Nan Feng!

Don't move.

Don't move for now.

Trust me.

Your Highness's beauty

is still of perfection.

Don't be upset again.

It was nothing to begin with.

Beauty doesn't last forever.

It's normal to be vulnerable at times.

But you are always my princess.

Even if time goes on,

a single blink of an eye at me

will be enough for me

to find you among the crowd.

As for the others,

they don't matter at all.

This medicine is extraordinary.

Even the box is exquisite.

Where did you get this?

I found it from a marketplace.

In the 45th year of Tong He era,

Liangzhou fell during the invasion.

All were lost.

Where would Nan Feng be then?

Did he get married in the end?

Perhaps he was in love with Princess Hong Luan.

But this has nothing to do with me.

I am Fang Qi Qu,

a dame of Liangzhou.

[The fifth day of the month]

[Day of acquiring: Refrain from cleaning]


Why did you leave me behind?

It's less than a hundred miles from Nan Yu City.

You should stay and recover.

I can go there on my own.

Have I somehow upset Your Highness?

Of course not.

You are no warrior,
you won't survive the journey.

If you run into danger again,

I hope I am the first person

you call out for help.

If fate ever brings us together again,

I will find you.

What if I have my reason to be there?


My true identity is...

Who is there?


Pardon my delay, Your Highness.

We apologize for the tardiness.

Your Highness.

I fell from the cliff, and I lost my memory.

But Nan Feng came to my rescue in time.

But Nan Feng is not one of us.

We know nothing about his background,

and Your Highness was attacked multiple times.

Please, try to recall anything
suspicious about him.

He carries a medical box with him.

The balm within is extraordinary.

He was afraid of showing it to people.

The box is carved with

the figure of the Divine Avatar.

That item came from the royal palace of Yu clan.

Qiu He has caught up.

Our plan will be carried out harder.

I met someone who should be dead.

I didn't see his face,

but the voice was remarkably similar.


Greetings, Mother Ying.

Formality is unnecessary.

This new brew of medicine

is specially made for you.

I appreciate this.

You are not my birth mother,

but your kindness

is always remembered.

This is what a family is for.


Your wedding is around the corner.

Your Highness,

you must get well soon.

Hong Luan suffered because of me.

Leave us for now.


Thanks for giving me a chance to explain.


A marriage between the Yu clan and the human race

isn't your father's intention.

The duty he charged me with

was to follow you to the palace of Yu clan

and assassinate Feng Qi.

Why didn't you tell me sooner?

I was about to tell you.

What if I have my reason to be there?

My true identity...

You lost your memory and saw me as a stranger.

That doesn't bother me.

But when you were in danger,

you called out for his name.

Brother Feng Qi!

Brother Feng Qi!

That had me filled with envy.

If you don't trust me, I shall leave.

I will give you my blessing
for your marriage with Feng Qi.

Take care, Princess.

Hold on.

I was orphaned at a young age.

Music is my only sollace.

If you insist on leaving,

I shall play you a song as your farewell gift.

Stop playing!

Nan Feng?

Nan Feng?

Nan Feng!

Nan Feng, what's wrong with you?

Nan Feng!

It was my mistake.

I mistook you for him.

This is a soothing potion,
it helps to cool your body.

It also calms the nerve.

Thank you.

I will take you to Nan Yu City

to kill Feng Qi.

My mother was like you,

playing the lute well.

She and my father

were great as a couple with music.

But then,

my father married a beautiful young wife.

That was when the disputes began.

I didn't get along well with that woman,

but her son

who is my half-brother,

we share a deep bond.

I thought that no matter what happened,

my brother would never abandon me.

But my brother was the person

who got my mother killed.

Ever since that,

music from the lute has become your bane.

It's just a tale,

don't take it seriously.

I hate music to begin with.

I gave it to you since you like it.

But later I realized

it came from the royal palace of the Yu clan.

[The seventh day of the month]
[All undertakings allowed]


Let's make tea together.

That sound...

I've always been a shy person.

I don't often talk to people.

I found out as a young girl that

when some cups are placed
under the eaves when it is raining,

you can use cups as an instrument
and the water as its strings,

creating wonderful music.

Music has no definite form.

It shouldn't be conformed to plucking strings.

If you despise music of a lute,

let me show you another way.

As long as you like it,

everything in this world
can create melodies for you.

Listen to it.

The breeze is playing a song.

The leaves are singing.

And the flowers covering this land
are listening to it.

♪With half life♪

♪ seeing flowers dancing and snow full of sky♪

♪And use my half-life emotion,♪

♪ to count the time of falling flowers♪

♪Playing with string,♪

♪embracing me day and night♪

♪Meeting is always ardent,♪

♪ be together is plain♪

♪Up the stairs with a lute ♪

♪ sound isn't in tune♪

♪Pieces remain in the world♪

♪Willing to be the moon♪

♪ going to your brace♪

♪Prosperity and skyline to two ends♪

You didn't refuse me.
♪Wind blows flowers♪

I am glad for it.
♪ but flowers goes with wind♪

♪Seem to delay our farewell♪

♪Everything have all passed.♪

[The eighth day of the month]
[Refrain from any great undertaking]

♪You're still in my heart♪

♪A long dream but also can be short ♪

[Music scores "Yin Meng"]

I am going to give this song a title.

It does have a title.

Mine will sound better.

Everything starts because of dreams.

I'll name it "Song of Yin Meng".

What did you say?

Yin Meng.

Perhaps "Yin" as in tunes would be better?

[Yin Meng]

Perhaps "Yin" as in tunes would be better?

[Yin Meng]

[Yin Meng]


[Yin Meng]

What's wrong?


Your mother

wasn't killed by the blade.

She was burnt to death.


Am I right?

When he and his mother were escaping,

they were burnt to death.

You found it out?

Hong Luan.

Hong Luan?

Stay away from me!

Your Highness.

The danger is close, we must go.

Let's go.

Hurry up.

Your Highness, it's been a long time.

Let go of me!

Both of you will die here!

Your Highness, be patient.

You are the next.

In all my years living as Fang Qi Wu,

I wish only for the company of one.

But the time flows so slowly
and hope is seemingly lost.

The one I await never came.

Now I realize

he is right here next to me,

the time is separated by this bloodshed.

I was wrong.

Everything was wrong.

Princess, leave now!

Are you going to kill me?

I know.

You're furious that I lied to you.

At first, I was trying to fool you into loving me,

so I could sneak into Nan Yu City,

so we could kill Feng Qi together.

But this lie

got me fooled as well.


It's the sound of a spring outside.

If you regain your memory,

will you regret this?

After all, you and Feng Qi

have known each other for ten years.

This engagement

was agreed by you willingly.

Knowing him for ten days

is nothing compared with these ten days with you.


What is this?

It's pretty.

Hong Luan.

The ten days I spent with you

are all that I could get.


We were saved by the Crown Prince.

He is here.

Hong Luan.

What's wrong?

Don't worry.

As long as I am here,

I won't let anyone hurt you again.

Where is Nan Feng?

Who is Nan Feng?

He is the Princess's bodyguard.

He is reckless but loyal.

He should be rewarded.

I must take you

to a person.

Who is it?

An enemy who wants you to die.

[The tenth day of the month]
[Prosperous, a day for weddings]

Are you sure about this?

In the future,

don't let anyone see it.

Stay still.

Trust me.




Stand right there.



I've failed you, Brother.

After the scandal,

His Majesty merely

had my mother imprisoned.

Because of this letter about a rebellion plan,

His Majesty

became so furious and ordered to hunt you down.


I have a witness.

I can prove this letter is nothing but a forgery.

It's Consort Ying.

That cursed woman has been

lacing my medicine with drugs.

It got me ill and bedridden.

She had control over me.

I was really trying to set you free.

If you don't believe me,

then grant me a swift death.

Many things that happened

were destined to happen.

My brother risked his life to keep you safe.

He would even give up his life.

Yet you want to use me to assassinate him?

She is doing this for you.


They have both turned their backs on you.

You should just kill them.

Right? Crown Prince?

Before that, you must pay for my mother's death.

Consort Ying conspired against
the princes and disrupted order.

Soldiers, take her down!

Do you think anyone is still loyal to you?


Have you regained your strength?

It's been ages since we last fought side by side.

Kill them now!


Ge Mu!

-I am fine.

Ge Mu?

Kill them!


At your service, Your Highnesses.

His Majesty has ordered us
to arrest Consort Ying.

Let's go.

Watch out.

Go to die!

Hong Luan!

Hong Luan!

-Bring us doctors!

It was her.

Where is the doctor?

I am running out of time. You must promise me.

In this lifetime,

you must never invade the humans' land.

I never will.

I am glad to hear that.

Everything starts because of a dream,

and ends with a dream.

The past ten days

shall become a dream for you.


Hong Luan!

Do you hear it?

Do you hear it?

Do you hear it?

My lady?

My lady?

My lady? How are you feeling?

Hong Luan?

You are finally awake after so many days.

We shouldn't be so intimate.

What's wrong?

I told you.

Stop it.

Hong Luan.

What's wrong?

Show some respect.

You are Feng Qi's brother.

Please behave yourself.

But we've...


I remember nothing.

Hong Luan.

In December of the 18th year of Tong He era,

the wedding took place in Nan Yu City.

But the rumors about them filled the city.

This relationship

was never my intention.

Let go of me.

Please let go of me.


The past ten days was like a dream to me.

But I am no longer in a dream.

You need to wake up.

I am here to get married to Brother Feng Qi.

This has always been my wish.

I thought your wish

was to protect the human race.

From now on,

All I've said to you

should be forgotten.

The next time we meet,

you must address me

as sister-in-law.

I don't know about music.

I don't like playing music either.

I am not her.

You got it all wrong.

For the reputation of the royal family,
the Records also says

on October 10th of
the 18th year of Tong He era,

it was a prosperous day for a wedding.

Feng Qi, the Crown Prince

married Princess Hong Luan of the human race.

The bizarre love of the past ten days
is forgotten by the world.

In the same year, Feng Ren married
Consort Nan Yin Meng.

As people say,

the Consort had unmatched beauty
and was a skilled musician.

She and Feng Ren made the perfect
match with their melodies.

My lady?

Is Feng Ren dead?

Feng Ren?


Don't you remember?

You took Nan Yin Meng's body to kill Feng Ren.

In the 28th year of Tong He era,

Consort Hong Luan passed away.

In the same year,

Consort Nan Yin Meng died of falling from a cliff.

Feng Ren built the Nan Meng Lodge to honor her.

All of Consort Yin Meng's scores were buried.

Some remaining scores were
passed down to the commoners.

So Nan Yin Meng never existed?

The Fang family of Liangzhou.

Slay them all!


Your Majesty.

The intruder left this behind.


Bad news.

Soldiers of Yu clan are charging in.

I need to go somewhere.

A verse from the score

of Nan Meng Lodge is missing.

I see it now

why Yin Meng's song sounded so familiar.

Only pieces of the song were known to the people.

I couldn't sleep at nights,

I used up all my knowledge,

yet I still couldn't complete the missing verse.

I sneaked into Nan Meng Lodge that day,

I just wanted to see the full score.

Silence, come with me!


Everything had been destined
right from the beginning.

The missing part of the score

was the memory I lost.

I travelled back in time just to meet him again.

Nan Feng!

Nan Feng, it's me!

Your Majesty,

I think that is Dame Fang Qi Wu from Liangzhou.

She destroyed Nan Meng Lodge and Song of Yin Meng!

How do you know what's missing?

Nan Feng?

Even if time goes on,

a single blink of an eye at me

will be enough for me

to find you among the crowd.


Yin Meng?

Are you Yin Meng?

You forgot our promise.

Are you Yin Meng?

Yin Meng!

Yin Meng!

The sixth day in the 45th year of Tong He era,

was the last day of my life.

Yin Meng!

It's also the day I reunited with him.

We lost each other at the sharp corner of destiny,

From now on,

we shall never meet again.

In 45th year of Tong He era, Liangzhou fell.

Emperor Feng Ren of Yu clan was moved

by the loyal heart of Dame Fang.

The Emperor chose to spare
the people of Liangzhou.

Hence, a truce has been made
between the human race and the Yu clan.

Close your eyes.

The breeze is playing a song.

The leaves are singing.

And the flowers covering this land
are listening to it.

In the scenery I see now,

you are the breeze and you are the leaves;

I see you and I hear you.

I feel you in silence and your smile.

In sunset at the riverside,
in the light of stars and the moon.

In the dark and the bright sunshine.

I see you in everything.


I somehow lost you in the process.

Feng Tian Yi, come out.

Come here.


Good boy.

Uncle, why are you always playing this song?

I am getting old, my memory is failing me.

A whole verse is missing,

there is no way to complete it.

It's like a fractured dream.

You can wait for Auntie Yin Meng to return.

I am sure she remembers it.

But I've never seen her around.

People in the palace said she was like...

Like a fictional character from a novel.

What do you think?

Of course not.

You love her so deeply.

She can't be just a fiction.
Of course, she is real.

But where is she now?

Perhaps in your previous or next lifetime,

but she is not present at the moment.

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