North Hollywood (2021) - full transcript

A kid must decide between choosing the future his father wants and following his dream of becoming a pro skater.

Hey, Mike, come here.

Pops, I'm getting
ready for church. What?

What do you mean "what?"

What, what is it?

It's like a lake in here.

Pop, what? This is so stupid.

Son, the water is supposed
to stay in the shower.

Pops, my entire life
there has been water

on this floor when I
get outta the shower.

Okay, show me how you shower.

I wanna watch this ritual.

I get in the shower...

and I turn the water on.

You don't tuck in
the shower curtain?

- No.
- You're supposed to.

Pops, the floor is
still gonna get wet.

No, it's not gonna get wet.
That's what the curtain is for.

- Yes, it is. The floor's gonna get wet.
- It's not gonna get wet.

I've showered my whole life,
and it's longer than yours.

When you put the shower
curtain in, it doesn't get wet.

- I don't know, okay.
- Not okay.

This can ruin the floor.
This is a problem, okay?

You just run around and just jump outta
the shower, you don't care that it's wet?

What does this look like,
a locker room to you?

- Pops, I'm gonna go to church.
- Look at this, it's terrible! This is terrible.

It's a lack of respect, look at the shower
curtain. What do you think the curtain's for?

You just sit there with the
shower open? You're nuts.

I close the shower curtain,
I just don't tuck it in.

You gotta tuck it in,
otherwise you end up like this.

You're a genius.

Oh my gosh, are they
giving out IQ tests?

Maybe we should
forget about college.

I'm right here.
Lets go y'all.

Lets go crew.

Hey Mike, you got
that shit. Come on!

You better not fuck this up.

You already know
what you should do.

Get your bitch ass out the way!

You watch how you talk to me!

Get the fuck out the way!

Just stay out of the fucking way
that's all I need you to do.

- I'm not asking!
- Hey, well it's not my problem either.

Seriously, you
have to get it now?

What is it, magic hour?

Oh I'm gonna get numbers
on you motherfuckers.

Hey, we got that
shit right here bro!

What you doing?
Goddamn it! No! Stop!

No, this is over!
You guys gotta go!

It's over. Get out right now.

- You got to go.
- That's what I told 'em.

That's what I told 'em.

Let us pray.

There are many times in life

where we think we are alone,

but Jesus is there.

You're never alone.

As we achieve our goals,

Jesus is there.

As we build relationships,

also, He is there.

As we break relationships,

He is there.

Please respond:

"Lord, hear our prayer,"

for anyone seeking love.

We pray to the Lord.

Lord hear our prayers.

For our clergy who wished
to travel the world.

We pray to the Lord.

Lord hear our prayer.

Please turn to your
neighbor and bestow peace.

May the body of
Christ be with you?


The body of Christ be...
Hey, Rachel.


Did you see Rachel out there?

Yeah, she's fire.

You won't do anything
about it though.

I won't.

I gotta be a pro skater.
I gotta focus.

Michael, a word.


First of all, congrats

on graduating high school.

What an accomplishment,
young man.

Thank you.

As you may already know, Michael

I can't be using you
or your friends

as altar boys here
at the church anymore.

- Archdiocese rules.
- I... I know, but, you always have an adult altar server.

- So I was thinking if Frank was to step down...
- That's all well and good

I mean, but Frank's been part of
the seminary for two years now.

Were you looking to be a priest?

We're here at the 50th annual North
Hollywood Skate Park Barbecue.

We got Isaiah Jordan,
Nolan Knox.

We having a good time.

Ooh! Don't blow my
spot up, nigga. Chill!

- Shut the fuck up.
- Come get some food!

Bro. You still use shoe goo?

Can't believe your
broke ass don't use it.

Bro, that shit
doesn't dry right.

It gets all white and flaky.
That shit's disgusting.

What the fuck are you
laughing at, Richie Rich.

I got a fucking dollar in
my pocket, dawg. Fuck you.

You see now, Isaiah
Jordan and Nolan Knox

now those nigga's rich.

Thought you didn't
fuck with them.

I don't fuck with them,
but they still rich.

- What the fuck?
- You see, we need to be on that.

Get some money,
travel, all that.

But we will be...
we will be on that.

I'm gonna put this
skate footage out.

Blow the fuck up.

Put us all on.

- It's a wrap.
- Bro? You're taking your ass to college.

Stop it right there.

Okay. I can skate
and do college.

And you guys are looking
at each other like I'm...

- I'm serious!
- You think you see Jay joining a frat?

Gettin' the beer bong out.

Yeah. All right.
All right. All right.

Poor college man.

It's very funny. Very funny.

But look, I'm gonna be
in college and skating,

you and Adolf are gonna
be working on construction.

Fuck no. I'm not
working construction.

Whoa. What's wrong
with construction.

That's not even that bad.

Bro. My dad's worked
construction his whole life.

Look where he's at.

We gon' skate this summer.

We gon' have fun, party,
whatever you wanna do.

But when August come around.

I'm gonna take
my ass to work.

I'm going over there.

Playa', wait. Oh wait,
you going over there?

Oh no, no, no, no.
Just don't do that.

- Why?
- Nah, just...

They're not gonna pay
attention to you anyways.

Watch. They gon' pay
attention to me.

You... you watch.

Shit! Yo, Mikey?
What's up, bro?

Where is this
motherfucker going?

Oh Mike. So, so what
did, what did they say?

Oh, they uh, they said
that we'll skate soon.

Well, we know
that's a fucking lie

because we seen
you walk over there

and walk your stupid
ass right back.

No I didn't. Okay?

I walked over there and
they said let's skate.

You know, you don't have to
lie to us. We're your friends.

We're your friend...

I'm not fucking lying.
I walked. You didn't even look.

- I walked over there went to the booth...
- Hello!

I got to see my daughter.
I gotta dip. I'm out.

Wait, what time is it?

Take your blocks. Let's go.

Fellas, let's go.
Gotta go down higher. Come on.

Hey I'm sorry. I'm late.

I know. I know. I know.

I'm gonna get
changed real quick.

Why are you late today, Michael?

Sorry. I was out skating
and I lost track of time.

- All right? It won't...
- Totally get it. Shit happens.

We'll get your
hundred pushups done.

Drop down, knock them out. Then
we'll get back to practice.

I'm not doing a hundred pushups.
I'm five minutes late.

What do you mean you're
not... you know the rules.

You show up to Coach
Cole's practice late,

you drop and you give
a hundred minimum.

I'm not doing that.

I'm five minutes late,
all right?

Have you lost
your mind? Stop.

It's a hundred today,
a hundred tomorrow.

Every day for the
rest of the week.

Damn! They got ya out
here doing pushups.

- You're pissed.
- I'm fucking hot.

It actually felt kind of nice.

It did. Didn't it? Yeah.

Fucking asshole.

Hey, don't fucking
splash me again.

Bro, I wasn't even
gonna splash you.

I was just getting the ball.

I'm just saying don't
fucking splash me again.

So what if I do?

I'm gonna hop in there,
I'm gonna fuck you up.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

Like to see you try.

Come on guys. Hey!
Break it up! Break it up!

Hey break it... hey,
hey break it up.

Do you need some help?

Wow! What happened to your eye?

Nothing. Just fell skating.

Don't you have water
polo practice right now?

I actually just quit.


Yeah. Just gotta focus
on one thing, you know?

And what's that?

I'm gonna be a pro skater.

Wow. That's cool.
Are you any good?

I guess.
What are you gonna do?

You gonna go to college?

Yeah. I'm gonna
go to Stanford.

So, I'll be your boss
if it doesn't work out.

Wow. Thanks.

Well, I got to go.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Where... where you gotta go?

Tryin' to, you know, talk,
get to know you a little bit.

I might be at Bob's
Big Boy later.

You need another ice pack?

No, I'm all right.

I can't find my cigarettes.

- Pops? Can we turn this TV down?
- No!

I don't like
straining to hear it.

- You need more ice.
- Ice is fine, pops.

That one's dry.
You need another ice pack.

- Pops, this ice pack is fine.
- Just gimme the ice pack.

All right well I'm gonna turn
down the TV, how about that?

Why is this skateboard
against the wall?

What are you... what are
you talking about?

Skate wheels leave marks.

Pops, there's no
mark on that wall.

- There's no mark?!
- It's dust. Dust.

- Oh, there's no mark on the wall?
- There is no mark on the wall,

I don't see one.

Damn son!
That shiner's serious.

Next time I'm gonna
beat that kid's ass.

I'm gonna get...
I'm gonna...

Right hand. Right hand.
Straight punch. Straight punch.

Good. All right. Good.
Now move your head.

Move your head like this.
Look, watch.

Just go like this
first, just move.

Move your head. Move your head.

Come on, son, move your head.
Don't bore me.

You don't want to get hit
again. Move your head.

You don't get hit.
Move like this.

Keep your eyes open. Don't close
your eyes. Go.

Pick a side. Pick a side.
That's it, pick a side.

Right hand over the
top. Boom. That's it.

What if that big guy
gets a hold of ya?

Huh? You're not excused yet. Let me see it.

- Just get off me.
- Well do it!

Let's see what you got, boy.
What you got?

- Get off!
- You see it?

All right good
job, good job, good job.

You know, I love you son.

I know.

I'm just trying
to toughen you up.

I know.

When I was a kid,
everybody hit you.

The nuns, neighbors,
Little League coach would hit you.

You played Little League?

Of course!

When I was a kid,

Bing Crosby moved
into North Hollywood

and he donated a ton of
money to Weddington Park.

You know him and Bob Hope,

they had the best houses to trick
or treat at when I was a kid.

I swear to God.

Wait who's Bob Hope?

What did you say?

Bob Hope with the soldiers,
Bob Hope.

The guy the airport
is named after.

Bob... yeah, I know
Bob Hope. Come on.

My mother would roll
over in her grave

if you didn't know who Bob
hope was. She loved Bob Hope.

When I was a little kid,

she'd watch that Bob Hope show
every night...

and the Joey Bishop.

She loved that Joey Bishop show.

I'm gonna be on
TV one day too, pops.

How the fuck are you
gonna be on TV?

Pops, I'm telling you
I'm nice on the board.

You're nice on the board?

When'd you start
talking like that?

Pops, I'm serious.

I'm serious too.
Speak the King's English.

You hang out at that
damn park too much.

Pops I'm at the park filming.

You know, sponsors
see these videos.

It's like, I'm goin' to work.

Son, that's not work!

You need to be on
education and school.

Look, when I was a kid my
mom told me to be a postman

because it had steady pay
and had good benefits.

For me as a little kid it
was way too far fetched.

Pops, Pops.
I hear this all the time.

Okay, look it.
I'm gonna go to college,

but I'm also gonna skate.

Your focus is gonna
be on college.

I just said I'm gonna
go to college.

No, you didn't. You
said college and skating

and you can skate, I guess,

but your focus needs
to be going to college.

All right.
All right. I hear you.

Hey, where are you going?

This thing's almost
done cooking.

OK, look at you!

Oh my god.

Holy shit!

Oh my boy all
dressed up for once.

What'd you expect? My boy tryi"
to smash something tonight?

Oh, fo' sho'.

Hell nah, man.
I respect the ladies. All right?

I get dressed up.
Get the haircuts.

That's why women love me, all
right? Once I fix the acne...

- Definitely need to fix that.
- I'm gonna be perfect.

That's one of my favorite
words, right, Adolf?

- Why is that?
- "Perfect."

Because if you look
up in the dictionary,

the word "perfect,"
Jay pops up.

Bro, I'm a sculpture, baby.

10 out of 10.
I'm sexy as fuck dude.

You're solid three bro.

I'm a three? I'm a...

I'm a... if I'm a three,
you're negative 20,000.

W-Where the fuck did
that number come from?

Where the fuck did you...

Where the fuck did you
come from, Michael?

All the ladies think I'm sexy.

Lindsay, Lacy, Brittany,
Jessica, Adolf.

- Okay.
- All of 'em.

- Okay. Not me.
- No, no. All of 'em!

- Okay, not me though...
- Hey, schmoney...

I think I'm... schmoney!

That's right.

Have you never heard
that that makes it worse?

Bro, it doesn't matter.
I've tried everything.

You need to try harder.

Bro, I've tried pills,

Proactiv, toothpaste,
all that shit.

Oh, it's a cold world!

I mean this in all honesty, you should
get face tatts. Cover 'em all up.

Bro, a face tat might work.

See, my dad always said he'd never
put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

So, you're a Ferrari.

Yeah, I'm a Ferrari.

Oh, okay.

Yes. Psych...

Hey, Michael.

What's up? Y'all good?

Here you go, love.

What's up Jay?

Hey, gorgeous how you doing?

Dude. Haven't you been
trying to get with Rachael

since like the second grade?

Shut the fuck up, all right?

Fun fact about me and Rachel

we made passionate
sex in fifth grade.

- Well, that's true story.
- Bro, what?

It was fifth grade "Spin the Bottle."
A kiss in fifth grade is sex.

Yeah, we had intercourse.

We had the intercourse.

Bro, seriously.

I have three months to
seal the deal, all right,

before she goes to college.

Don't fuck this up for me.

So why do you guys all
wear the same shoes?

Oh, it's our skate crew thing.

Did you ever skate
with any girls?

I mean we would, but girls suck.


Oh no, no. I'm serious.
Like dead serious.

Hold on. You're for
real, trying to say

that not one girl skater is
better than a guy skater.

Not one. That's exactly
what I'm saying.

What about that one girl
Norabeth in sales?

I mean, she's good.

But compared to Ishod Wair,
there's no competition there.

Yeah, well that little
Brazilian girl, Haisa,

she better than you.

I don't even know
who the fuck that is.

She's for sure not better to me.

I just think it's so fucked up
you make the blanket statement

- not one girl's better.
- Mmm.

Okay. Don't get me
wrong, like I'm pro girl.


I love me some girls.

I just cannot lie to you.

A girl can do
anything a guy can do.

That's just where we
differ. I'm sorry.

That's probably not the
only place we differ.

Bitch! Rachel, what the fuck?
Come on.

- Oh, shut the fuck up.
- ...up.

Shut the fuck...

You're not funny, bro.

Shut yo' dumb ass up.

- Fuck you bitch.
- Fuck you bitch.

Hey guys, your friends over
there sent this for you.


You guys are crazy.

That's what I love about
North Hollywood. You know?

You see your friends,

It's a nice neighborhood.

- You're gonna stay here forever?
- Hell no.

What, you think you're too
good for it or something?

No, it's not that. I wanna
see the world, you know?

No, I think you think you're
too good for NoHo.

Yeah. Well maybe if you guys took your
thumbs out your butts, you can do it too.

Yeah. Maybe if you take
your thumbs out of your buttholes...

- then you can do it too.
- Yeah, you're gonna be mad

when I'm balling, going on
vacations and shit.

- I already go on vacations.
- Hot!

Yeah, but your fucking...
your parents pay for that shit, all right.

You don't... you don't even
know what I'm talking about.

You didn't have to
walk me to my car.

I'm a gentlemen.
Don't be surprised.

Yeah. Yeah.

That's a nice car.

This was fun.

For sure.

Oh my God! Okay, bye!

So what you
been on man?

Still doing that
altar service shit?

Nah, you remember father Jesse?

Yeah, bro. Off tops.

He said we're too
old to altar serve now.


Hey, so I know you
know Nolan and Isaiah,

was wondering if you could
maybe introduce me to 'em.

Bro, I was with 'em yesterday.

I was trying to say
your name and shit.

I don't know why you
didn't come over.

Where's this motherfucker going?

Just looked super busy,
you know?

I didn't wanna...
interrupt you guys.

But if there's any a time I
can go skate with you guys...

I'm super down.

Good, bro.

- I'll let you know.
- A'ight. Word.

Seriously, like any time,
I'll take a bus wherever.

- I'm super down.
- It's all good, bro.

Just don't be
thirsty about it.

I'm not being... I'm not
being thirsty, all right.

Mike, are you wearing
a sweater and shorts?

- What?
- Why aren't you wearing pants?

Pops. You can wear
shorts and a sweater.

That doesn't make any sense.
Wear pants and a shirt.

What if my arms get cold?

Where were
you this morning?

I was at the park.
Why, why what's up?

Well, because Coach Healey called while
you were out, and he said that you quit.

Pops, I... I love water polo,
but you know, I gotta focus on skating.

You need structure, and you need to
put your focus right now on college.

- I can do both.
- You better do both.

You better not
just do the skate.

Where are you going today?

I'm gonna go skate.

You gotta get on top of
these college applications.

They're not gonna
do themselves.

- That's trash.
- What was that?

- I said that's trash.
- What was that?

Get your ass over here.

Try me.

Get those applications done.

Adolf! Open the window.

Michael, what the hell
are you doing?

Hi! Uh, I'm sorry!
Is Adolf home?

Damn. Why are you looking at it
like that? It ain't gonna bite you.

- Bro, just fucking try it.
- People eat this?

I'm from Lafayette, Louisiana,
see. That's the way we eat.

Crawfish etouffee, gumbo,

Well I would, I just...
I ate... not too long ago,

so... I'm full.

Pops man, this nigga
just picky as fuck.

This what?

Oh, I'm sorry...
brother picky as fuck.

Too late.

This his new thing.

Every time I say the word

"nigga," he make me
do ten fucking pushups.

That'll be twenty, cha-ching.

- I'm taking the babies to camp.
- All right, baby.

Y'all still goin' skating?

Since you always say I steal
your your fuckin' lighter.

I'm good.

- Everyone talks about how you're good at skating.
- He also has a tiny penis.

I know you have the smallest penis.
I can see it in your shorts.

- I can see the outline.
- Don't fucking look at my dick, bro.

- I'm not looking, I can just see it. The tip.
- Don't look at my dick.

Could you bring a
Backwood next time? Damn.

- What do you mean "damn?" Backwoods?
- Nobody smoke those.

We don't have Backwoods.

What are we? Right? This guy
thinks we're rappers.

We think we're rappers.
We're not rappers.

You don't want to
hang out over here.

It's super nice over here,
I'm just sayin'.

Nothing's gonna happen.
Why would things roll uphill?

- Thatt's impossible.
- No, it's gonna happen.

Everybody knows a bunch of
kids died here in the 50s

and then they
push things uphill.

Well, it's clearly not
working right now.

- It's gonna work.
- Yeah, this is isn't happening.

You guys, look!

Okay. So I got a joke.

Knock knock...

Who's there?

- Europe?
- Europe who?

No, I'm not.

What the fuck is that?

Bro, when you tell a bad joke,

you gotta put it in
the tray. All right?

So pay up.

I didn't think it was that
bad of a joke, but fuck y'all.

Fuck you...

It's okay, love bird.

- Hot Crunchies!
- Hot Crunches are so bad for you.

These are my favorite chips.

- Okay.
- I like those too.

See, look.

So what do you get here?

I would get kombucha, but
they just don't have it here.

Well, have you tried Just Water?

- No.
- Well I just put you on.

No you didn't.
I don't care about Just Water.

See, you say that,
but next time you come here

you're gonna get it.
So I put you on.

It's okay. I put you on.
It's all good.

You know, you can
grab one if you want.


You said you would take me out.

Let's go. Take me out.

As soon as you...

I don't need to go through this.

Take it back.

Man, my board is so trash.


That was good.

Bro, if you're
not gonna skate

keep your fucking
board over there.

Fuck, this swelbow bussin'.

Bro, you gotta stop
making excuses.

Bro, shut the fuck up.

So Mike, you want to go eat?

I can't afford that shit.

- Okay. I got money.
- Okay...

- I'm... like I'll pay for you.
- He's sayin' like...

It's all good. I'll pay for you,
you're my brother. I got you bro.

- Bro, just come!
- Like, I'll spot you.

Bro, you're good.
Don't worry about me, all right?

I'm gonna stay here. See you
when you get back, all right.

Can I have some of your water?


You got a waterfall.

- What's that?
- Look... like this?

Okay. I don't... I don't like when
people put their lips on my drink.

Okay. Fine, here.

I don't even want it anymore.
Okay? You can have it.


How was the
rest of your day?

Did you go skating
with the guys?

I just wish they
took shit more seriously.

Well maybe they don't care
about skating like you do.

Maybe they care
about other things.

Yeah, but the things they care about
aren't gonna make 'em any money.

I promise, money won't
fix all your problems.

I'm not saying I want
to be Puff Daddy,

but at least like a
bigger house or something.

I grew up in a big house.

It's cold.

I'm not saying live
in a tiny house

but at least you can feel
like other people live there.

That shit smells.

This is sage.

Your aura needs this.

You're burning sage.

You wouldn't even understand
what I'm talking about.

You grew up with the money.

How do you know how I grew up?

I'm gonna get
this whole house.

Why don't you tell
me how you grew up?

Well, we didn't always
live in Toluca Lake.

We used to live in Chatsworth
in this shitty farm style house.

Then my dad hit it
big at work

and we moved to the
house we live in now.

See, I didn't know.
Now I know.

I'ma hit it big too.

Do you ever doubt yourself?

- Nope.
- Come on.

- Never?
- Sometimes I do.

My dad doesn't believe.

My friends
don't give a fuck.

Yeah, I do.

It's hard not to.

Your competition, Michael.

Okay. You've got this.
Fucking get it.

- Get hyped, right?
- All right, man.

- Motherfucker!
- Yo, what's up, Mikey?

Do you want a beer fool?

Brett, I don't drink.
You know that.

Shit, mo' for me then.

Catch you, bro.

Who is that dude?

Some bum from the neighborhood
I've known since middle school.

He knows Nolan Knox and Isiah?


- What's up?
- You good, man?

Yeah man.

Why don't you ask him
to introduce you guys?

I did.
Well, I tried at least.

Damn, that's crazy. So you're...
you're calling him a bum behind his back

but you wanted him to
introduce you to the pros?

No, no, no, no.
Look he's the homie.

All right.
He's a homie, but he's a bum.

He knows he's a bum. I will
call him a bum to his face.

Contest on the double set! Go!

Oh my god...

Yo, Mike is fucking workin'
it right now, fool.

He is too.

Holy shit.

You really killed it today, man.

It was, it was sick to see.

We should, we should
go skate some time.

Yeah, I'm down.

Just grab my number
from Walker, man.

What? You said my name, bro.

Yeah, I'm just saying you should
bring him out skating with us, man.

Yeah, all right...

Let's go, man.
We been here all fucking day.

The fuck is his deal, man?

Don't pay
that shit no mind.

Those your friends
over there?

- Yeah.
- Y'all wear the same shoes?

Yeah. It's you just... been doing
it since we were like kids.

It's cute.

You see my family moved to North
Hollywood from Mississippi in the 1960s.

A lot of people who moved to California
from the South were craftsmen.

My father did stucco work.

Your mother's father
he poured cement.

And you know it was
passed on like that.

Here, put these on.


Well pour a little more
lime in there please.

I think a leaf got in there.
You might want to pull that out.

Pops, there's no
leaf in this cement.

No, at the bottom there is,
and it affects the cement.

It won't settle correctly.

It's better with no leaf.

You want me to get the leaf?

- Well, you got to.
- Fucking...

It's a, uh... concern.

Oh, fuck!

Rule number one:

When pouring cement is lime
burns, always wear gloves.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.


So you down
to come skating

with Nolan and
Isiah tomorrow?

Yeah, yeah.

Meet us at the stair, bro.

Yeah, Westfield Mall...

Nah, not Westfield, bro.
The one at the school.

Yeah, yeah, I can do that.

- Give me...
- Who's that?

Good, good.
Sounds good.

My counselor.

All right, yeah.
See you then. Peace.

Bro, I think I just
cracked my board.

Be safe!

You got it.

Oh, fuck!

Bro... fuck!

Yeah, just get a new board.

Bro, I'm supposed to go skate
with Nolan and Isiah today, man.

Damn, you're hot.

Okay. Okay, okay.
Well look at this.

Jay Boy...
has got a plan.

I'm 'bout to take care of us.

- All right.
- Bro, I just need to get a board.

Let's get in and let's get out.
All right? I got somewhere to be.

Could I look at all 10
of those right there?

Just all right
down the middle.

- All these.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yes, please.

That's a lot of boards.

Yeah, nah, I know. I'm like...

I'm super indecisive.
I'm as indecisive as it gets.

- Right?
- All right.

I have Baker boards.

They don't have
that much concave.

Oh, no worries.
No worries.

Yeah. You can just
stack them up.

Can I bother you to get
the two up top though?

- That one right there?
- Yeah. Oh yeah.

That, those two up there.

Just right up.
Yeah. Thank you.

Yeah. Those'll...
those'll do right there.

Yeah. Thank you.

- I need to check your bag.
- Nah, nah, nah.

Wait, I need to count
these before you leave.

- Let me check your bag!
- It's all right.

Hey, hey!

Adolf! Adolf, let's go!

Adolf, run!

Run! Run run run! Go go go!

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Hey... Mike, where's the board?

I left it.

Mike... you did...

You did what?

- You left it?!
- Why the fuck would you leave it?!

Because I thought
we'd get caught!

Because... well we didn't
get caught, did we?

What the fuck
do you think y'all doing?

It's a motherfucking mall,
y'all thought y'all was gonna get away?

I should have never
listened to you guys.

We're here because of you.

We're here for you.

Oh, you're here for me?
Thanks so much, man. Thanks.

Yo y'all
shut up back there.

My fuckin' dad
is gonna kick my ass.

Who gives a shit, man?

I was supposed to skate
with some people today.

Who's you gonna
skate with?

Why does it matter?

You can't tell me
who you was gonna skate with?

- Bro, it doesn't fucking matter.
- Bro, it's not that hard.

Just tell me who the fuck
you were gonna skate with.

You a weirdo.

I was gonna skate with Nolan and
Isiah, all right, man? Happy?

Is that what you wanna know?

You dickride them heavy as fuck.

- Oh my God.
- You're just fucking jealous.

Shut the fuck up talking to me,
you sound dumb.

From now on, you're
gonna help me out.

I want your focus to be
100% on your damn future.

Now that's either college
or it's gonna be a spot next

to my ass on the
construction site.

Pops, it was a mix-up.
I didn't even do anything.

You were there.
What does it matter?

Now you're on lockdown.

There's no going out.
There's no skateboarding.

There's no nothing.
That's it.

You're doing it wrong.

You need to create a depression
in the middle of the tub.

You never showed me
how to do it, so...

You never asked me.
Here, let me show you.


Otherwise it's like
you're jerking off.

Hey, can't work today.

I've got to go meet
with my counselor.

We only worked one day.

Pops, Pops. I'm gonna go
meet my counselor, you know?

We're gonna talk about a bunch of
schools I'm on the wait list for.

That's what you want
me to do, right?

Why... Why are
you lying to me?

I know you were about
to go skate.

Pops, I swear to God...

Don't swear to God.

Son, I'm not an idiot.

Pops, I'm gonna go to school,

see my counselor and then
I'm gonna come home.


I missed you
the other day, man.

Dude, my bad, me and
my pops got in some shit.

All good, bro.

Pack it up.
Let's go!

Ah, let's get out of here.

Wait, why?

Security's right there, bro.

Yeah, we'll just tell
him to call the cops

and get a couple more tries.

Bro, just put yourself in
our shoes for just a second.

We got big sponsors
that pay us. If we get...

Scared to fight a
security guard?


I was just making a joke
that you're too scared

to fight the security guard.

What... what do you mean, though?

Why would we fight
a security guard?

All right...

Bro, this nigga, bro. Fuck.

- Yo, Michael man...
- What, bro?

Check it out right quick.
Come over here.

No, we gotta go.

Just come over here.
Sit down for a second.

Let me tell you something.

What man?

Look, bro...

For your own good, just like
chill out a little bit.

You know what I'm saying?

Like... you're getting
too comfortable.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about these...
these cats is professional, man.

They don't, they don't,
they don't fuck around like that.

Making me look bad.
You know what I'm saying?

All right, bro.
All right.

Guys, I'm serious. Pack it up.

We gotta go.

All right, bro.
We out of time.

Let's go.

You think Isiah's mad at me?

Yeah, but he'll get
over it, man.

Paul for six.

Can't believe I've
never been here.

You're gonna love this place,
come here all the time.

We usually go to
Burritos el Chavo.

Dude, that place sucks.

What's up, Louie?

I'll sit over here.

Yo, you've been to that
abandoned apartment

down by Cahuenga, foo?

Isn't a place
like a crack house.

Nah, foo.
That's the chill spot, bro.

You got to come
down and kick it.

I'll show you, bro.


- Wow, man, I can't believe yo' ass not in jail.
- Shut up.

- Hey man, we gonna link at the skate park if you free.
- I can't do that.

All right, man, well just come
hang out with us or something for a bit.

Look, Nolan
and Isiah hit me up.

I had to tell them no,
all right? Like...

my dad's not
letting that happen.

Okay, so, what
about tonight?

Bro, what did
I just... I can't.

All right?
Just give it like a week.

All right, man.
Just hit us up when you're free, Mr. Busy.

Hey, son,
come help me real quick.

Look, you got a glass in here.

You can't put the
glass and mix it up.

Pops, why? Why do you
still do this?

Isn't each can
worth like 10 cents.

Oh Mr. Casual. What are you
too goddamn good to recycle?

I'm not saying I'm too good
to recycle. It's just...

Well, I don't want to stoop
down and bother you here.

Am I embarrassing you in
front of the neighborhood?

No, I'm just, you know...
you could do better stuff with your time.

Make a little more money.

How was the counselor?

The counselor went
pretty good, you know?

He said a couple
more sessions...

be on the right track to...
right track to college.

Well, good...

Hope you're hungry.

Are you're gonna say grace?

Lord, hear our prayers...

Speak up.

Lord, hear our prayers.

May you watch over this food

we are about to receive
for the nourishment

of our bodies.

In the name of father, son,
Holy spirit.


Taste it.

Just try it.

How is it?

- It's good.
- What?

It's good.

Savor it.

You don't clean up your act...

it'll be your last.

- You clearly fucking moved!
- Bro. Bro, bro.

- You clearly fucking moved!
- Bro, found you out!

Here, give me your hand.

My mom went to Africa once.

You never
really talk about her.

It's like I got all my
best traits from her.

She always told me to be
unique and follow my dreams.

I wish I had a lot
more time with her.

Is that Adolf?

It's a family thing.

You got
a big meeting today.

- What... what meeting?
- Well, I know a doctor

and being that you're
going to college soon,

I thought she could give
you some tips in life.

What doctor do you know?

Just get dressed.

Do you know how to tie a tie?

Come on, get up man.
Let's go.

I don't know what the...
here let me show you.

Okay. So keep the
small part here.

Right around that
little bird chest there.

Okay? All right, watch.

Wrap it around,
keep your finger here

so you make a hole.
Bring it right around.

Come through then go right
through the little hole here.

- Boom. Got it.
- Mm-hmm.

- Sure?
- Yeah. I think I got it.

Yeah? Okay.
You ready? You excited?

- Yeah.
- Okay. Get excited.

- Get excited.
- I'm excited!

I believe in you.
Do me a favor, do me a favor.

Get dressed and meet
me outside, okay?

What a great day.

Great day.

Can you come meet
us at the park, Mike?

We're gonna skate spots,
we got a filmer today.

I would love to film today,
but my dad's making me go to this meeting.

All right.
You wanna link up after?

No, I, I can't hang, period.

Well, I mean maybe I could come

to the park later and then...
No, I can't.

I can't, I can't get out today.
My bad, bro.

Okay. All right.
Love you, man. Later.

Look at that tie.

I mean, you know you didn't have to
get all dressed up for me, right?

My dad insisted.
You seem pretty young.

How do you, how do
you know my dad?

Oh, you know, he did a little
work for me on the house,

but we're really good friends.
He's awesome.

Your dad is so great.

Yeah. He's awesome.

So how's it going with
all the SAT scores

and applying for board
and room and everything?

- Uh, my SAT scores were... they were pretty good.
- Mm-hmm.

I... I haven't applied yet.

You didn't apply yet?

You didn't apply for boarding?
Are you planning to go to school in LA?

Just haven't decided, still
trying to figure it out.

We can talk like adults, right?

- What?
- Like adult to adult.



So... you're not
going to college.

No, but I am going to
college... for sure.

What's your SAT score?

I don't give a fuck if you
go to college or not.

I'm not your dad.

All right. Look. I want
to be a pro skater.

- There we go!
- That's what I want to do.

- Okay.
- I know I can do it.

Sweet. That's great.

How are you gonna do it?

Well, you... you kinda
just skate and then like

you know the right people...

and then sponsors
just pay you.

Yeah. So I did go to college

and I did everything
you're supposed to do.

But none of that
actually meant anything

because unless you work really
fucking hard

you're not gonna
get anywhere.

So no matter what you
do, just apply yourself.

That's facts.

- What?
- I said "that's facts."

Hmm? "It's facts."

Yeah. Like it's...
it's a true statement.

It's factual.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, it is.

Can I get a peanut?

- Uh-huh...
- Thank you.

First time you call me
it's for a ride.

You're so fake.

Yeah... my bad.

You're right.

You want a bite?

Oh, I can put my hands
on your nachos?

I know you're
weird about germs.

Come meet us
at the park, Mike?

I'd love to come today,

but my dad's making me
go to this meeting.

Wanna hook up after?

No, I can't hang,

I mean, maybe I can come
to the park later...

No, I can't...
I can't get out today.

Bye, bro.

- You're awfully quiet today.
- Am I?

Yo, Michael!

- Oh, fuck! Fuck, fuck.
- What?

I think
I just saw Michael.

I don't want to... I don't want
them to see me dressed like this.

You know... I look to...

Well, just tell them about
the meeting.

Mikey! Where you
going, brotha!

I told 'em I can't
leave the house today, okay?

Don't be scarey.

What the fuck?
I thought you had a meeting.

I-I did, I had the meeting.

Nah, but you said
you couldn't hang.

You're clearly
hanging with Rachel.

Wassup, Rachel,
how are you doing?

I was just giving him a ride.

She was just gonna
give me a ride home.

But you said you had a meeting,
that you couldn't hang,

and now here you are in this
little alleyway hanging

out with Rachel. That's...
that's where I'm confused.

We're, we're confused.

I mean, I don't want to speak
for you, but...

- I just gave him a ride.
- She was just giving me a ride.

All right, look it,
we're going home right now.

I'll be in the car.

Bro, I swear.
It is not like that.

All right, man,
we got to go.

- Wait, where y'all going?
- Why does it matter?

You're grounded.

Maybe I can sneak out.

I can speak for myself.

- What?
- In the alley with your friends.

You just kept talking over me,

and I don't need
you to talk for me.

Sorry. I've never really
thought about it like that.

So what's going on
with Jay and Adolf?

Are you guys okay?

I've been skating with these
pros lately.

Why don't you just take
them skating with you?

I mean, what's the harm?

I love Jay and Adolf...

but I don't want
them to embarrass me.

You know, I'm really trying to
make it with these guys.

Yo, I'm sorry bro.

I really did have a meeting.

We're not tripping.

Yeah, no I'm not
tripping at all.

Do you want to come to the
show with me and Jay later?

I wish I could, but I
have to be home by sunset.

You know, my dad would kill me
if he comes home and I'm out.

Only the gray's available.

So... only the front row.

Yeah, basically. Yeah.

Sorry, I thought there'd
be more movie tickets.

I'll pay your cover.

I'm not a charity case,
all right?

You don't have to pay for me.

Well, that's one way to leave.

The Garden's amazing.

It's so funny
you like The Garden.

I like a lot of things
you probably don't know I like.

I've never seen you
at any shows.

I used to go to The Smell,

but I always just
felt like a poser.

I don't feel like
that right now, though.

Come on, bro.
You gotta let me in, man.

Just wait
on the side for me. Come on.

Oh, fuck.

- All right, but I'm on the list.
- There is no list.

What's up, man?

Look, let me get in
with you guys, man.

This motherfucker acting like
I'm not on the list and shit.

We're actually just
paying to get in.

These motherfuckers
ain't paying for shit, bro.

You don't know
who this is, man?

- This the hottest...
- I told you not to fucking touch me.

I'm sorry...
I'm sorry about this.

Bro, relax, it's
not that fucking serious.

I'm just telling you, this is
the hottest young skater.

I told you not to
fucking touch me.

Oh my goodness, bro.

Get your fucking
filthy hands off of me.

Get inside, guys.
Come on.

- Damn, bro. Relax.
- Go!

Not that serious.
Go ahead, Michael.

You good, bro.


- Are you serious, bro?
- Mike! What's up, bro?

You gonna lie to me
twice in a day?

Literally twice in a day.

Bro, Rachel called, all right?
It was random.

- Hello, Rachel.
- I need to talk to you.


This constant lying shit bro,
it's actually starting to piss me off.

Bro, I'm not lying
for no reason.

Rachel's really starting
to get to your head, huh?

Bro, Rachel always wants me
to hang out with you guys,

but I can't do that.

And what is that reason?

You act like a fucking kid,
and it's embarrassing.

You're changing, bro.

Watch yourself around me.

So, this is our warehouse.

It's also a skatepark
in the back or whatever.

See, this is what
my dad doesn't get, man.

He never will,

My parents still
don't get what I do.

Yeah, get it in, son!

That's what
I'm talking about!

Yeah, boy, let's go.

What's up with bro?

How the fuck I'ma just
see you here, very random.

Bro, that's my bad.
Nolan and Isaiah hit me up.

Yeah? You actin'
brand-new already, foo.

You going to college or what?

No, I'm about
to focus on skating.

It's hard to make a job
skating out here, playa.

What do you mean?

You know, a lot of motherfuckers,
they try to go pro,

end up working in like
a skate shop or some shit.

Yeah. That's not gonna
happen to me.

I mean...
you say that now, but...

you gotta know
it's not just the skating,

it's... it's politics
in this shit, too.

What do you mean "politics?"

I don't know, man.

Just gotta fuckin' know
the right people,

be in the right circles
and weird shit like that.

You smoke, bro?

You good, bro?

Thanks for bringing me here.

Yeah, man.

Just trying to
show you what's up.

Do you know
anything about stones?


This one,
it's called carnelian,

and it's supposed
to help with luck.

This is a sunstone. It's
supposed to bring you success.

I personally always
carry that one with me.

And this is citrine.

It's for focus.
And this one's rose quartz.

It's for truth.

I wanted you
to have these two.

Look... see it?


Wow. That was cool.

Thanks for telling
me about this.

You know, I don't... I don't
know anything about rocks.

- They're called stones.
- Whatever.

What else do you
like to do beside skating?

I like to draw.

What do you like to do?


Can you smoke?

It's good.

Hey, don't pass my shit.

- Why? I can't hit it.
- Nah.

Put a little more.

Since when do you drink?

You want some?

Wassup, you got new clothes?

- This new?
- Yeah, my dad got them for me.

Your dad got you
these unreleased clothes?

You're doing it again.
You're lying.

It's bullshit.

I just, I didn't want to look
like a show-off, all right?


For real, Nolan and Isiah
took me to the warehouse.

Dude. You have
got to stop lying.

Bro, I got some
for you and Adolf too.

I don't give a fuck.

I have clothes.

I give a fuck
that you're lying.

That's why Adolf is so
fucking mad at you.

Look, I have an opportunity
with these guys,

and I can't
fuck that up, all right?

I'm trying to focus
and make this shit happen.

I don't know. I don't need
to be there all the time.

Is Adolf
not wearing his Converse?

Nah, Mike... you gotta stop.

I hope this is all right.

I didn't want to wake
'em up in the main house.

Can I make a confession?

Yeah. What?

I really like you.

Why are you laughing?

I'll be right back.

See you guys in two seconds.

Thank you so much for
letting me spend the night.

I told Rachel it was
really inappropriate.

It's totally okay.
It's all right.

I know you're old
middle school friends.

It's a really nice house.

Yeah. It's pretty great,

Yeah. Love to have something
like this one day.

Oh, yeah?

You can.
Just gotta work hard.

Look at Rachel.
Right? Stanford.

Come on.
She's on the path.

It's happening.
It's gonna happen.

How's the skateboard going?

Going good.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Just... keeping at it.

Doesn't sound like much
of a plan, but...

I guess you know
what you're doing.

What's up, man, you good?

- Yo, Michael, wassup, fool?
- Wassup, man?

Yo, what's wrong with you, man?
Why you standing over here, bro?

Come to the spot.

It's a fuckin' party, bro.

Come on now, y'all.

Y'all know y'all not supposed
to be up in here.

I can be in here.

He's tweaking asthma.

Fuck this, bro.
Watch this shit, bro.

Oh my God, bro.

Get your bum ass
up outta here, bro.

Come, Walker.

Come on, stop
fucking with me, man.

I'm not fucking playing
with you, bruh.

Heat's over here, man.

Get yo bitch ass
up outta here, bro.

I don't need your bum ass
chillin' my spot.

Go on, playboy, go ahead.


She's down, bro. Look.

I'm good, bro.

Bro, I'm tellin' you,
she give that sloppy top.

Hey, it's cool.

You got me
all the way fucked up.

- I'm fuckin' out.
- She's down. I'm telling you.

Where you going, bro?
She's down!

Quit being an asshole.

Bro, I don't even fucking
know you, man.

What's up with you, man?

You start acting all different
around fuckin' Nolan and Isaiah.

What's up with that?

You come around me, you acting
like a fuckin' weirdo, man.

Come on, bro.

I don't even know why
I hang out with you, man.

You're a fucking loser.

Say that shit again.

Back the fuck up.

- Or what?
- Back the fuck up, man.

Motherfucker, what?

Bro, back off!

Bitch ass motherfucker!

What's up?

Bitch! You think you
fucking better than me?

Bitch-ass motherfucker!

You're not better than me,

I'll let the boss know
you're coming to work with me.

I'm gonna skate.

You're not skating.

And you're
not going to college.

You're gonna
come work with me.

And I don't really care what
you got to say about it.

All right, Pops.

I want you to cut off all the
ends of all these two-by-fours.


And I want you to take the wood

and line it up
against the fence.

What fence?

Well, you see this shiny
little piece of metal

right here with
all the numbers on it?

Okay, now take the wood and line it up

so it's with the number four.

- Okay.
- And we call this the stop.

Okay. Then you want to butt the
stop up against the other side,

so every piece that you saw,
you want to make sure it's wedged

between the butt
and the fence, you got it?

- All right.
- You won't be laughing...

when you cut off a finger.

I'm not gonna cut off a finger.

You're gonna
cut off a finger

if you don't know where the
fence is, is the fence out here?

Where's the fence?

The fence is right here,
I got it.

How long ago did you learn that?

Hey, look at me.

Why are we fighting?

I want to make sure
you don't lose a finger.

- What is this?
- Stop.

- Okay.
- This.

Hey, Madonna.

Learn how to saw?

Okay. Get your work done.

Come here, talk to me guys.

I just want to ask
you a question here.


You think I brought
my son to work

so you could run
your mouth on him?

I was just making a joke.

Yeah. Well, let's
stop with the jokes.

A fucking joke, man.
Come on.

Want me
to spell it out for you?

I'll snap your fucking neck,
you run your mouth again.

You understand me?

- Ow...
- You understand me?

- Yeah. Got it.
- Then get your fucking head right.

Yo, Pop...
Is it four or five?

- I can't remember.
- All right, got it.


- Is it four or five?
- Sit your fucking ass down.

I thought you knew it all.

Your hair wasn't
doing you any favors before,

you know that son, right?

What are you
talking about?

Well you go out
for a job interview

or try and do
anything respectable,

people would look at you
like you're crazy.

Yeah, now people are
gonna think I look like a skinhead.

Well, that hair's gonna
grow back and be the perfect length.

You'll be all right.

Yo... hey, yo, yo.

Yo, what's up?

- Do we know each other?
- It's Michael.

- I just cut my hair.
- Oh, whoa.

I didn't even recognize you,
man. What's up?

Everything good?

Yeah. It's fine.

We heard about
you and Walker, man.

I don't know why the fuck
you hang out with that dude.

I mean, he's our bro.
We've known him forever.

Yeah, but he's
on some weird shit.

So you just came here
to talk shit on Walker.

I came here to tell you guys that I'm...
I'm serious about skating, all right?

I want to go on
trips with you guys.

I want to get
photos, film, all that...


you're a great skater
and all, we fuck with you.

We love what you do.
You're a cool kid,

but we can't have you
out here doing cornball shit.

You gotta realize, you getting
into altercations and shit,

that's fucking us up.

That's making us look bad.

We vouching for you.

We trying to help you.
You get me?

So like... come on.

Get it together, bro.

- It's...
- Real shit.

That's my bad.
Something I'm working on.


We good?

You guys wanna skate?

- Yeah...
- Let's go.

All right.

Got your Sperry's on?
You ready for college?

Yeah. Well, my mom
got me these for college.


It's open.

- What's up, bro?
- What's up, brother?

- 'Sup?
- Thanks for coming.

I'm tired, man.
I've been working all day.

What do you want?

Just wanted to check in.

You know, I feel like we haven't
been on the same page lately.

I just want to see
how you were doing.

Man, you really don't think
you owe me and Jay an apology?

Wait, for what?

You just really don't get it.

What do I owe you
an apology for?

For how the fuck
you been acting.

Sorry, bro.

I guess.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Hey, don't fucking say that.

Don't say that.

You're making it worse.
Fucking idiot.

- Adolf! Adolf!
- No, fuck that.

No, Adolf!

You know what?

Michael, since third grade,
me and you had a dream...

of us becoming pro together.

That's all I want,
is us to be together.

What's wrong with that?

Bro, that can't happen.

Like what do you want me to do?

Bring you out
so you can just sit around

and fucking make
excuses all day?

Why are you chuckling at that?
It's not funny.

Bro, you fucking see it.

He's always at the park.

Oh, my board's fucked up.

Always something.
There's always a fucking excuse.

Huh? You're always injured.

Huh? And I get a girlfriend.

I don't see you with any girls.

Just admit, man.
You're fucking jealous of me.

I'm not fucking jealous of you.

What the fuck do you mean,

Why would I be jealous of you?
You're my fucking friend.

The second you start
hanging out with fucking Rachel,

you ditch me!

The second you start
hanging out with Isaiah,

and the fucking pros,
you dicked me!

Name one fucking time in my
life have I ever ditched you?

Tell me, I'll wait.

You can't, huh?

Fuck you.

Sorry, Mike.

That's fine.

I'll hit you up when
I get settled into college.

Hey, it's Michael,
can I come in?

You know, Stanford's
only a few hours away.

I'll see you on holidays.

Damn early to fuck this up,


Thought we were
gonna get married.

Get a big house.
White picket fence.

Maybe a dog.

Are you down
to come to Stanford?

I can put my application in.

You know, even though we
had our moments...

I like you, and that's
not gonna change.

I know.

I like you too.

As a friend,
though, right?


Well... yeah...

Brought your...

brought your
stones over here.

Didn't know if you
wanted them back.

Just keep 'em.

Adolf! Adolf!

We gotta talk, man.

I'll be at the tent stair.

Please come.


I'm right here.

Got that right here.

- Oh, that's sick man.
- That's good.

- Don't trip, man.
- I gotta do that again.

Nah, nah, nah.
That's the one.

Hey, you really
killed it today, man.

Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.

You too.

Hey, so we're going
up to San Francisco.

We're gonna go
shoot with Atiba...

and we got an extra
seat in the van,

if you want to join us.

Fuck, yeah, I'm super down.

- Uh, can Adolf come?
- Yeah, man.

If y'all don't mind
sharing a bed.

See you.
Don't get in shit.

You did good today, man.

- That stuff's gonna be sick.
- Thank you. Thank you.

I just want to tell
you I'm sorry, bro.

You know...
I was so fucking fake.

I never had
a girlfriend before.

I started skating
with the pros.

I didn't fucking
know what to do.

I didn't know how to
handle that situation.

Should've fucking brought you.
Should have.

I'm really fucking sorry.

I'm sorry too.

For what?

Ever since the third grade,

me and you always just
been neck and neck.

You grow, I grow.
I grow, you grow.

But we always
met in the middle.

These past couple of months,

you finally outgrew me.

I just didn't know
how to deal with it...

but I just never
wanted you to think

that I ever was jealous of you.

I'm not.

You're my best fucking friend.

I love you.

You too, bro.

Oh, fuck.

I'm so happy
we got to talk about that.

You have no fucking idea.
It's been in my head.

This head's about
to be fucking crazy, man.

Pack your bag.

Then get out real quick.

Go home.
I need to pack a bag too.

I'm not coming to SF.


I work.

Skating is your dream.

Follow it.

Kill it. I love you, bro.

Love you too, bro.

My man.

You coming to help today?

I came here to talk...
as adults.

Give me some space here.

I just don't think that I can be
the kid that you want me to be.

And I understand
your perspective,

why you'd be scared that I'll
just end up at the skate park.

Well, you're not some kid
from Toluca Lake.

I can't offer you
a safety net.

I appreciate
what you're saying.

I really want to go for it.

You go that route, and you can't
live in my house any longer.

You know that, right?

I know. Pops, I really,
I really do appreciate you.

I don't want you to think
I don't.

My mom told me
to be a postman.

She said it had good benefits
and a steady income.

You keep talking
about this postman thing.

Your grandparents
didn't have anything,

and they worked
really hard just

so I could grow up and
not have to be a criminal.

You became
a construction worker.

You've lived in the same
neighborhood your whole life.

You haven't even
been out of this country.

There's an honor in being
a normal person, son.

Look, I didn't come
here to argue with you.

Okay? I appreciate you,
but I'm gonna do me.

Do you?

I remember when you
couldn't even wipe your ass.

Hell, I taught you
everything you know.

I know and I love you.

Okay? I'm not trying
to attack you.

Well, you are attacking me.

Every day I told myself

my son wasn't gonna be
some random nobody,

just another guy
that didn't make it.

But that is not the life
that I want for you.

You constantly have
pain on your hands.

You're a grown man
recycling bottles.

These hands made you.

These hands
gave life to you, son.

No, Pops.

My hands gave me a life.

Your job
was to take care of me.

Okay? I didn't ask you to
be put into this world.

I had dreams too, but I
dedicated my life to you.

And I'm glad that I did.

I just want you to support me.


I love you
no matter what you do.

Come on...

You're my boy
and I love you.

And I am proud of you.

You're a great man,
and I love you.

But good luck.

As my wheels
grip the concrete,

as the sun touches my skin...

I am alone... in the pursuit
of the things I want,

I lost the things I need.

I am alone.

Uh... yeah, boy!