Norberto's Deadline (2010) - full transcript

NORBERTO'S DEADLINE - After being fired from his job, Norberto tries his luck as a real estate agent, but he doesn't tell his wife right away. His new boss advises him to take an assertiveness course to overcome his shyness, and Norberto starts taking classes in an acting workshop for beginners. While he works toward the quarterly festival, Norberto fails to get his wife and clients to believe anything he says, but he finds out he is very good at lying to himself.

I continue.

This is the second bedroom.

Interesting view.

Go ahead.

Yes, no, I can't talk right now...

Let's hear it for Norberto.

He just passed the test
and today joins our ranks.

Just, but he passed.

He'll be on trial in the
renting department...

Next round of applause will be
for his performance with us.

Anibal says you're kind of shy.

Yes, I told him that.

It shows, anyway.

Look at me.

Into my eyes...

At me, at me.


Later I'll tell you
about a self-assertion course.

I took it myself.

It helps build character
and all that.


It's really good.

You're sharing desks with Nelba.

- How are you?
- She'll show you the ropes.

Hi. Catch!

Lost your keys again?

No, left them here.

I'll hang them round your neck,
like a kid.

I was fixing that.

Just leave it there.

I haven't kissed you.

Found the container?

Sure, I'm done.

The container is here.

I must have said that
without thinking.

I'll do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow, honestly.

Dinner's ready soon,
stop with the cereals.

I'm quitting the company for good.


We've talked about it.
I'm tired.

No, we haven't.

Yes, we have.

I told you I'm tired.
It's boring, it's not what I want.

Anyway, the company is in trouble
and the atmosphere is tense.

I put this here, right?

We're going to the movies tomorrow,

Shouldn't you wait,
find another job first?

Why wait?
I'll apply for a job in real estate.

Which agency?

Anibal Castiglia's.

Do you want to talk about it?

Sure, we're talking about it.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- No, thanks, I quit.
- Well done.

- You rang?
- I did, I did.

Take notes on anything
that catches your attention.

Lying is all right,
as long as you're convincing, ok?

Should I ring again?

No, here they are.

- Pencil and paper?
- Yes.

Rent it away, ASAP.

Quick, quick "Norbert".

Hi, how are you? Remember me?
Javier, from the agency.

This is Norberto.
He'll find you a tenant.

How do you do?

Your children said we need to move you
as soon as possible...

that you had trouble
climbing the stairs.

So here is Norberto,
our renting specialist.

- Climbing stairs is good exercise.
- Sure, sure.

Norberto, come in.

Need some help?

It's only a minute.

Come on, Aldo.


Hi... You have messages.

Hi, it's Tevenet to check what time
the movie is, but I'll ask Ernesto.

Listen, girls are invited, right?
Let me know...

Hi, this is a message for
Norberto Andrade from Uru-flights...

It's about the dismissal papers.
Thanks, good bye.

To erase -

You'd better get changed
or we'll be late.


Sure girls are invited?

Sure, unless you don't want to.

Just don't leave me alone with them
all evening.

- The movies or the trailers?
- The movies.

- ¿"February" too?
- Yes.

And "Meltdown Day"?

All showings have started.


They've all started.

There's a theater opposite.
We could go.

What's the "down payment" thing
to rent an apartment?

If you want an apartment, you
make a down payment, a "deposit note".

Great. We can resell "deposit notes".

We rent any apartment you are showing.

- We sign and pretend we'll keep it.
- But we make the down payment.

Of course we have to pay.
But then we resell the deposit note...

you quit a job
full of stewardesses.

- But there's six of us.
- Not on the same row.

Guys, it's five and one.

- I don't mind.
- Sure?

OK, we'll take them.

- Everything fine?
- Yep.

They got the tickets.

If you're wondering around,
at this time...

you're looking for something
you miss.

It's a wonderful wonder...

Out of the womb,
breathes out his mother's air...

breathes in its own air,
and lets it out in his last breath.

If I've been here long before you...

and I'm not leaving
until after you're gone...

- even today when man and beast
indulge in intercourse-

it's because I can satisfy
those who I come across...

It takes 10 years to learn
to talk and walk.

10 years more to brush up on language,
movement and start reasoning.

And 10 more to coordinate all three.

I had it and I will have it again...

I see your desire from here...

I see it in you and in you

and I am pretty far...

Pretty oneiric play...

Maybe... I'd say abstract...

I mean oneiric, good for a nap...

Maybe you can't appreciate it
from your seat.

Wanna swap?

Nah, it's fine.

- Deadly boring, uh? You alright?
- Yes.

Another hour left?

We were saying we could leave.

I want to take Claudia back home.

Are you feeling sick?

No, just tired. She gets hungry
if she stays still too long.

- You wanna leave too?
- Sure, don't you?

- Shall we?
- Sure.

I think I'd rather stay.

Really? I'm testing my students
first thing tomorrow.

You can go. I'd rather stay...

I want to see the second part.
You can take the car...

Or I can take a taxi...

- Shall I find you one?
- No, it's ok.

See you at home.

- Sure?
- Yep, it's fine.

See you.

Find your truth on stage

The second part will begin.

Please return to your seats.

How are you?

I'm fine.

They were waiting for you...

- Did he say anything?
- No.

Has anyone seen Norberto?

Let me know if you see him.

I didn't say hello
because I didn't want to interrupt.

There you are!

What happened, dude?

I had a problem with my car...

I'm listening.

I keep my car in a parking lot,
and sometimes cars block the exit.

Today the guy who
moves them was late,

but tomorrow I'll
be on time for sure.

Anyone buys it?

I didn't. Did I mention
the self-assurance course?

I'm only getting one apartment?


Just the old couple's?

Yes, sure,
I discussed it with Anibal...

You know?

Everyone here works on commission,
so they close deals like mad...

What if I give you more
and you keep them idle?

No one is closing deals easily.

That's the volatile dollar:
goes up, goes down...

Can I help you, Nelba?

Am I bothering you?

No, it's an honor...

What about the salary?

You mean commissions.

Commissions are first month's rent.
Not bad, uh?

We'll start with that, then we'll see.

Go kick asses, Norberto!

I don't fall.
I let myself fall.

Up, go on, walk... In silence.

Concentrate on your axis.

Where is your axis?

Your axis,
your connection with space...

Careful with your back...

and... two!

Can I ask you something?

You hold each other
because Rafa said so...

or you feel it
on the tip of your dick?

Or pussy, of course...
What's so funny?

Either I feel or I don't.


Once again, three...

And again, three...

Just Norberto...

- What?
- Only you now.

Do it again, Norberto...

Good, now stand still.

What about Norberto as Shamráev?

Tell me the truth...

It's great...

- He'll be my father.
- Mine too.


How are you? Are you OK?

I'm OK. Any news?

Tevenet was here, call him.
He left an envelope.

Found it?

Yep, here.

How was work today?

I'm thinking about taking up acting.


What do you think?

It's fine, I don't know.

What's going on with you?

Nothing's going on with me.
I just want to.

You have your stuff too.

Sure, I think it's fine.
Nobody's stopping you.

If you want to, it's fine with me.

Imagine picking me up
from the theatre after a show.

Or I may blow you a kiss
during the final bow.

Wait... Wait.
We need to talk.

So talk.

I can't talk like this.
We need to talk.

What are you doing?

Going to the bathroom, why?

Have you borrowed money?

Do you have any idea
what the money is for?

If you don't tell me...

I don't even know how much
you make now.

Tevenet offered the money.

Precisely because I don't know
what I'm gonna make.

If we are in financial trouble,
I should know.

No one said trouble, Silvia.
Who said trouble?

It's not trouble. It's change.
Change, Silvia.

Besides, I have commissions to cash
and the severance pay.

I thought you quit.


Why severance pay then?

For... other things, Silvia.
Other things.

We'll talk when you make time.

I have plenty of time.

At least give me an estimate
of what you'll make.

What are you doing?

I'm going out.

and the flat will be painted
before you get the keys,

so you can choose how to decorate.

- Hard to imagine it empty.
- Right, with all the pictures and stuff.

How much are the expenses?

They're not expensive.
Around 500 pesos or so.

Ok, I'll look around.

What's up with the expenses?


- How much?
- How much what?

- The expenses.
- What?

How big is this?

Around 60 square meters.


Yes, 60 is the whole apartment.

This particular room,
would be about 40 or 35...

surely not less than 35,
just let me...

What's the whole area?


How many square meters...

Keep really quiet, ok?

Yes, definitely 45...

Well... that's all.

If you wish, I could clear up a bit so
you get a better idea of the space.

That won't be necessary.

These little pictures are looming...

Don't bother.

I'll get the keys.
Just a minute.

My wife tells me that you mean
to go to town with her today.

Is that so?

Yes, that is what I planned.

Splendid, but how do you
intend to get there, madam?

We are hauling rye today,
and all the men are busy.

What horses would you take?

What horses?
How do I know what horses?

Why, we have the carriage horses.

The carriage horses!

Where am I to find
the harness for them?

This is astonishing!
My dear madam...

I bow at your talents and would gladly
sacrifice ten years of life for you,

but I cannot let you have any horses.

But if I must go to town?
What is so extraordinary?

You do not know, madam,
what it is to run a farm.

That is an old story!

If this is so, I shall go back
to Moscow this very day.

Order a carriage from the village,
or I shall go to the station on foot.

In that case, I resign.
Find another manager.


If that is so, I resign my position.
You must find yourself another manager.

How do you feel that?

So so. And you?

I'm not important at all.

And you?
How do you feel it?


I'll try to explain it to you...

Could you help me?

What do we know about Shamraev?

He is the only one
with his feet on the ground.

He threatens to quit his job.

But he's lived all his life
in this place...

Something must be going on.

I don't care which inner buttons
you have to press

I don't give a shit.

But you have to show something, right?

And the voice...
I can't hear you.

- Can you hear him?
- So so.

Climb up.

Do you feel it?

Even if it's just a rehearsal
you think I should...

What is a rehearsal?

Training, preparation

Training, preparation...

And who completes
the experience of theatre?

The audience.

Is that clear?
The audience.

There's 7 of us now
and we can't hear you.

There's gonna be 500
or 200 people, right?

With velvet seats that absorb sound.

Nobody is gonna hear you.
Go up.

You have to project your voice, OK?

My dear madam...

I want you to consider
a rural Uruguayan setting for this.

The audience doesn't get a thing.
We have to find a way to reach them.

Go on.

My dear madam...

Want to join us for a drink?

No... Where are you going?

- The bar at the corner.
- One block away.


I'll get the car and join you there.


It's not lying.

A simple variation of the parts...

Start from something cold.
I know the text by heart but...

You keep the script by the bidet and
every time you go, you memorize...

Be careful with the bidet...

It's just like the opera singer joke.

Have you heard it?

- No?
- No.

- Wanna hear it?
- Sure.

There is this guy, he is a singer.

He does all kinds of stuff,
but he goes for a career in singing.

So he starts auditioning,
once, twice, a thousand times...

until he finally gets a small part
in a huge production.

He just plays a servant;
he has only one line, right?

A character asks "How is the Queen?"
and he answers "so so".

He rehearses his line over and over,
trying to make it emotional, visceral.


For instance, when he is in the toilet
he sits on the bidet and goes "so so".

Well, the day of the premiere arrives,
the theatre is packed...

and there he is,
really focused, "so so".

So the moment comes, he hears his cue:
"How is the queen?"

and he just walks across the stage
and goes...

What an idiot!

Is that your cellphone?

How can you not hear that?

Yeah, really piercing...

And it vibrates too...

Sorry, sorry...

- I'm sorry, I got you all wet.
- No, it's fine.

Can we have another one?

Well, I have to go.

It's late and I don't have my key.
Sorry, I have to leave.

Do you live with your parents?

No, it's my wife, she works
early in the morning. Sorry.

Are you changing my ringtone?

No, just adding my number.


Give me yours for rehearsals.

OK, so if I call you later,
you get my number on your phone too.


Bye kids, I'm leaving.

Don't be so square.

Finish your drink, at least!

Vicky, you live in Cordon, right?
And you are from Parque Batlle...

So it's Vicky, Flo, Vale,
Analía, Franco and I.

- You are the last one?
- Yep.

Couldn't it be one of the girls?

Let's play some music.
Do you keep any CDs here?

No, let me do that.

How are you doing?

Fine. Just what I needed.

Pass that mug,
I'll pour some for you.


Just a bit.

Nelba, how do deposit notes work?

You haven't grabbed any?
There's a pile over there.

Good morning.

What's with the look, dude?

It's for a character.

Remember the course?

The self-assurance one?

Yes. Well, I found one.
It's kind of a drama class.

We are doing a play, "The Seagull".

I play the part of the father.

Like a priest, in church?

No, father, like with children.

And they make me change my look.

I have to change my hairstyle,
grow a beard, look older.

You need a beard for that?

Good morning.

Wouldn't it be easier
to make your son look younger?

Could be. I'll ask.

Take this.
You have an appointment at 10.

A neat beard would suit him fine.

You must have a crush, Nelba.
He looks like a beggar.

I want it back.


Selling what?

This one.

I was checking the van. Diesel?

Yes. The back is so spacious.
Company or family use?

A wife...

Even better, the problem with vans
is that no one wants the back.

And with kids, they have to
freeze their asses in the back...


Wanna swap?

No, mine is much more expensive.

A finance expert, uh?

It would be easier if I had
an extra set of keys made.

Then you wouldn't have to climb up
3 floors every time.

Totally insane.

We would like to be here
for our 60th anniversary...

When would that be?

Next month.

Next month, that won't be possible.

- There's nothing I can do.
- You could try.

I guess you could make an effort.

Sure, yes... an effort.

Better now, Aldo?

Feel like going on one last floor?

Leave it, Berta.

We're moving to the kitchen,
I'll turn that off.

Quick. Let's go to the kitchen,
as agreed.

Come on. Keep going.

How long will we
have to stay in here?

Yes? Sure, I'm coming.

Five minutes, as agreed.
In the kitchen.

Changed your hairstyle? It suits you.


- Sheer chance or...
- What?

The connection between
Shamraev and the beggar.

Think about it.

Sheer chance or design, right?

are you rehearsing this week?

Sure, of course.

Ok, then there's the fee...

I must pay before the 10th,
and I have bills to pay.

Sure, this week.

OK, kids, listen.

We are rehearsing in small groups,
as planned, ok?

- See you guys.
- Bye.

See you, bye.

Shall we go to the bar, girls?

- Sure, let's go.
- No, not today, I pass.


I have to get up early
and I'm exhausted.

Remember we have to go over
all the scenes.

I know, let's meet for that.

Sure, yes.

My place is a pain.
I live with mum and dad.

Same here. No way.

I can check at home.
I'll ask and let you know.

OK, we'll fix it tomorrow.
Bye, see you.

I'll call you so you get
my number thing on your phone.

Right, have fun.

I'll call you too,
so you have my number.

- Bye!
- You're not coming?

No, I'm going home.

Norberto is a quitter.



Hi, Norber, Tevenet here... You are
never there lately. Call me, ok?


it's me.
I guess you're in your acting class...

I'll be staying with Laura...
I need to think...

I think we should talk.

Could you meet me tomorrow
after my classes?

Well, kiss, bye then...

Good morning.

How are you, Norberto?

- How's everything?
- How are you?

I do remember about your money.

It's two days from last week.

I can pay you for last week, Mirtha.

Today's, I'll owe you...

Can I talk to you for a moment?

Let's go out for a cigarette.

No, I quit.

I had told you.

I guess you had.

I wanted to ask you something.
Please, don't get me wrong...

It all depends...

Before I forget...

Your tie.


I wanted to know
if I could get an advance...

An advance on what?

An advance.

But you work on commission.

So you're not paying me anything.

That was the deal, right?

You find a tenant...

then you start getting

The flat you gave him is terrible.

Why? What's so terrible about it?

I have someone who's interested.

That changes everything.

Did he sign the deposit note?

No, I'm on it.
I'm waiting for his call and...

I didn't really know
where the deposit notes were...

Do you know where they are?

All around.

Who's interested?

He is...

I guess that's my car.

Who's the ass who set that alarm?

Somebody turn that off.

Never wait for a client's call.
It's you who should insist.

Come in, guys,
make yourselves at home.

Good evening.

Come in.

Take a seat.

Make yourselves comfortable.

Can we smoke in here?


You didn't come by the school.

And you are not returning my calls...

I'll drop by tomorrow
to get some clothes.

Well, I'll leave you...

I mean... I'm hanging up...

the phone...

I mean... let's talk tomorrow.
Call me if you can.

Laura's number again: 4097953... bye.

Everything all right?

Sure, take it easy.

I'll bring in some glasses

My jewel! My despair!
You want to act foolishly and I don't.

You are mine. This forehead is mine,
these eyes are mine...

this silky hair is mine.

All your being is mine.
You are so clever, so wise...

the first of all living writers...

you are the only hope
for your Russia...

What are you writing?

A happy expression
I heard this morning:

"A grove of maiden pines."

It may be useful.
So we are off again,

once more railway carriages,

stations, restaurants,
steaks, endless arguments...


Norberto, your cue.

Sorry, I got stuck...

I am sorry to inform you...

that your carriage is at the door.

It is time, honoured madam...

It's been long since I smoked.

You used to?

Yes, tobacco.

I guess I can allow myself
this one.

I should open the window.

Don't worry, we'll air the room later.


What's amazing?

That we are here...

The performance is in no time...

Imagine one of us suddenly goes blank,
speechless, or something like that...

Can you imagine? Only a week ahead...

Totally insane...

What? What was that?

Totally insane.

No, the way you just said it.

Imagine if I am speechless
the day of the...

Don't you worry,

Come on, sit here...

and take a rest.

Bye, people... Want a lift?
Let me just pick the car keys and...

No, we'll take the bus.

Really, it's ok...

- It's early, anyway.
- We live nearby.

Listen, I say I can give you a lift
because I can give you a lift...

You are really high...

I'm not high at all,
I don't feel a thing...

I'll drop by tomorrow
to get some clothes.

I'll leave you...

I mean... I'm hanging up...

the phone...

I mean... let's talk tomorrow.
Call me if you can.

Laura's number again:
4097953... bye.

No, nothing serious.
A sore throat, that's all...

Nelba, if it wasn't true,
I'd tell you...

Of course.

Thanks for everything,
take care, bye.

Hi Norberto, we are calling
from Castiglia real estate...

Just to ask if you were better...

Javier speaking. Are you there?

Just checking if you closed the deal,
the deposit note.

We got no calls, and we should be
moving the elderly out.

Who was interested?
Call me.

How are you?

I'm fine. How are you?

Fine. I'm picking up some things.


I want you to come back.

- I don't understand.
- I want you to stay here.

I don't understand that.

Just that, Silvia.
I'm leaving. You can stay.

I don't care who leaves and who stays.
That's not the issue.

I do care. If you're not coming back,
the house will be empty.

I'll call you back.
I want you to come to my performance.

You're a son of a bitch.


Good morning.

I brought a container with a test...
I mean, for a test...

- A spermogram?
- Precisely.


What time was the sample taken?

It's hard to remember the exact time.

How long did it take you to get here?

The thing is...
I didn't take the sample today...

The sample has to be rendered
one hour after extraction, maximum.

Right. So it's useless.

Get him a new container.

I have to come back some other day.


Should I take it with me then?

You may throw it away.

I'm sorting things out...
I won't be staying more than a week.

Fine. Until the 38th week it's fine.


The 38th week of pregnancy.

After that, baby can come any time.
This is week 36, so it's ok.

It's not finished yet.
Like it?

Love it. Beautiful.

You're not smoking in here, are you?

No, man, told you I quit.

Tomorrow morning, then?

We should be there at 10.

- Want me to wake you up?
- Please.

- Let me know if you need anything.
- Sure.

It's an investment, you'll see.

You moron, this is not business.

I've checked. Everything's fine.


So? Everything fine?

Yes, he agrees with the terms.

- I have more apartments for you.
- Great.

Rent them right away.

- Javier... The elderly...
- From Brandzen?

- Yes, when do we get them out?
- Now.

Please collect this client's deposit.

- Very well.
- Thanks.

I'll resell the deposit note
and pay you.

No, let's consider it a loan, OK?

In a few days.

"Thank you very much, sir"

Thank you.


Eight too.





- Vale?
- Make it six, sorry.

Six. Vale?




Plenty of friends, Amparo.

- Is that wrong?
- Of course not.

Remember: your guests pay 30 pesos.

And the flamenco group performs first.

Let's be here at 7.
We'll have to set the stage fast.

Who completes the theatre experience?

- The spectator.
- The audience.

Who's coming on Thursday?

The audience.

What shouldn't we do?

Shit our pants.

We are there. End of the quarter.

I want to ask you...
Mauricio, don't be an idiot.

Don't be silly, all of you,
don't be jackasses.

Do not party, save your energy.
Norberto, don't forget to practice...

End of the first quarter.

what do you mean by "practice"?

Don't you worry right now.
Just train your voice and relax.

And fuck a lot.
There's nothing better, right?

Rafa, what if someone is absent?

They have to bring
their own death certificate.

And where am I to find the harness?

This is astonishing!
My dear madam...

I bow at your talents and would gladly
sacrifice ten years of life for you,

but I cannot let you have any horses.

You do not know, madam,
what it is to run a farm.

If that's so, I resign my position.

You must find yourself
another manager.

Good water pressure.

The view is a bit...

The view is good, isn't it?

The view is spectacular.

- I'm not sure about the kitchen.
- What about it?

All open, like this...
I find it odd... the smell...

Why? I like it.

Sorry to interrupt...

Let me point out that the concept
of integrated kitchens...

may not be for everyone, I agree.

Personally, I don't like them,
but it's a choice.

However, I have another apartment,
we can go see it any time you want.

Third floor, no elevator,
that the only weak point.

It's on Brandzen St.
A 60m2 apartment...

But we like this one...

It's not far away...
with a separate kitchen...

That's up to us,
details that we can fix ourselves...

- Perfect. I'll let you have a look.
- Thanks.

- I find it perfect.
- We can change it ourselves.

Or we can ask them
to put a partition here.

We'll fix that by ourselves.
It's just a detail.

Hi, Silvia. It's me.
I wanted to check if you were home.

I see you're not...
I might have to drop by in a while.

I need some stuff
for the performance.

Remember it's tomorrow at 9.
You can come if you want to.

I'll leave tickets for you and Laura
or anyone you want to invite.

You'll see it's fun.
I hope you can come.

I really hope you can come. Bye.

Norberto Andrade.
Upstairs, first office.

The amount is right.

Concentration, pH 7.7...
viscosity... mobility... good...

Sperm morphology, a bit low...

Is it serious?

No, within parameters...

Sperm vitality should be 60
and it's 57, but...

What's the vitality?

The percentage of spermatozoon
that are alive.

Yours is over 20 million,
some should get there.

It all looks pretty normal to me.
You come in a year...

So it's not necessary
to freeze my sperm...

No, that's an overly...

In my opinion, it's excessive.

Are you trying right now?

You and your wife,
are you trying for a baby?

Often it's just a matter of stress...
A psychological thing...

No, we are not trying.

I always recommend a holiday,
a few days off...

Anyway, we are not trying now...

So you are taking precautions...


Ok, this looks pretty normal.
Come see me in a year or so...

- What's up, dude?
- Hi there.

- Are you Norberto?
- Yes.

This way, they are waiting.
They got here a few minutes ago.


Let me help you.

No, that's ok.

Why not, who's the star?

I got it, don't worry.

Who's the star tonight?

Ok, thanks

Who's the star tonight?

I guess that's me.


Come this way.
Which play are you in tonight?

The Seagull.

Careful, girls.

It smells in here.

We're going in in 20 minutes.

- You'll wear those bangs?
- One.



Break a leg!

Why are you always in mourning?

I dress in black to match my life.

I am unhappy.

Mate? Norberto?


I should be going up,
it's my turn soon.

I'm going too.

See you there.

And show us in our dreams that
which will be in 20 thousand years!

There won't be anything
in twice ten thousand years.

Then let them show us nothingness.

While we sleep.

All men and beasts, lions,
eagles, and quails...

Is that Roberto Jones in the 5th row?

Not a clue.

All life, completing the dreary
round imposed upon it.

- You OK?
- Yes.

Remember our cue?
"Tell her, oh flowers"

- Yes.
- Sure?

Sure, "Tell her, oh flowers".

I can prompt you if you want.

Here they are. How do you do?

My wife tells me you mean
to go to town with her today.

Yes, that is
what I had planned to do.

Splendid, but how do you intend
to get there, madam?

We are hauling rye today,
and all the men are busy.

What horses would you take?

What horses?
How do I know what horses?

- Why, we have the carriage horses.
- The carriage horses!

And where am I to find the harness?

My dear madam...

I have the greatest respect
for your talents...

and would gladly sacrifice
ten years of my life for you...

but I cannot let you have horses.

But I must go.
What is so extraordinary?

You do not know, madam,
what it is to run a farm.

That is an old story!

If that is so, I shall go back
to Moscow this very day.

Order a carriage from the village,
or I shall go to the station on foot.

If that is so, I resign.

Find yourself another manager.

It is like this every summer:
every summer I am insulted here.

I shall never set foot here again.

Insolent! Only the devil knows
what this means!

I've had it.
Bring all the horses, right now!


Guys, guys...

Our Seagull would make
the very Chekhov shit his pants...

I really mean it...
I couldn't tell you were beginners.

You were divine,
with that look in your eyes.

And you, your little mouth,
your eyes, everything.

A few months ago I didn't buy you,
you killed me today!

Norberto, you stunned us all.
Where did you find that energy?


I came and pissed at the same time...

I'm going upstairs,
there's people waiting.

there's a woman waiting for you...

Mi Robert De Niro!

You were fantastic!

I stained you with make-up.

I'll never wash my face again,
or take a shower again.

- You did really well...
- Really?

Really. Weird, isn't it?

- I didn't like it that much.
- How come? It was great!

It's weird seeing you so different
from the man I see every day.

I didn't like it that much.

Come on, and that character,
so strong...

he wouldn't give up his horses,
just perfect!

Well, I just came to say hello.
I'll rush.

- Very well, really.
- Join us for a drink?

Like in a date?

Yes, with the whole group.

No, some other time, in a real date.

See you Monday.

- Hey.
- What a fan-fucking-tastic actor!

- What did you think?
- It was fine!

For a group of beginners
it's great, right?

- Sure?
- Yep. The play was a bit...

And what about me?

You were fine, everybody was fine.

What energy!

Some pretty girls here,
theater's a good idea!

Let me buy you a beer.

Instead of buying me a beer
you could pay what you owe me...

I didn't mean to pay you back
with a beer...

I know, but I told you
I needed it before the 10th.

And you're never around,
we cannot find you.

You owe Ernesto too.

You'd better sort your things out...

If he wants to tell me something,
he can do it himself.

I know, but the formalities...

What's that supposed to mean?

If you have something to say, do it.

But not here,
It's not the right time, ok?


Hey, Roberto Jones is here.

I'm coming.

Listen, those formalities...
I don't care...

Right. Bye

What can I say?
I think it was great.

I just came to see Rafa's work,

and I find you guys doing
Chekhov's Seagull.

Beastly. Well, his usual stuff.

But I wanted you to know
that you made me feel joy,

that youthful energy you guys have,

that Rafa had when he was my student,

when he was 18, 20 years old.

That's what Chekhov precisely needs:

That energy, that eagerness to fly...

to make a profession of acting,
that longing...

for something we ignore, right?
Gotta fly high to reach it.

A wish to get away from the routine,
from our trappings...

And fly, fly, fly.

And that's something
only young people can do.

That's the way we all started...

I don't have the gun.

I'm in despair.
The prop-man looks at me...

I look at the other actor,
who notices my empty hands...

He looks at me, in panic...
I come closer, I look into his eyes.

He looks at me...

Watch out.

Come down you moron.


He is really drunk.

Wait, wait...

Come down!

Want me to call someone?

Who should I call?

Ready. 300 pesos for a night.

Breakfast included?

I don't know. But it's 300 pesos.

Need a hand?

Well... that's ok.

Easy there...

Let's sit down...
There you go...

I am sorry.

It's OK.

Do you forgive me?

Of course I do.

To bed... easy...

That's it.

- Need anything else?
- Yes.

- What?
- Do you have any cigarettes?

No, but I can go buy.

Want me to go?

Well, this is our humble diploma
for Norberto...

who resigns to make a career
in acting.

- No way.
- Surely yes!

- Way to go, Norbert.
- Thanks.

You got the expression...

Is that your opposite?

Maybe it is, maybe it is not.

Fine. Fine. Let's see him walk.

Anything else?

Ok, take a break.



Got your message about the moving,
bring the van and we'll see.

If it's too small,
we can come and go twice... ok?

Cheer up, see you...

Hi, Ernesto here... we're back home.

Drop by any time to meet Richie.
Hugs, man.



Hi, how are you?


Do you want to come up?

No, thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

First of all, the chair.


Let them keep it.

Yes, really, maybe someone
needs it more than we do.

- These are last month's bills...
- Ah, I had forgotten about that.

Oh, and these are our keys.
Our set.

I'll take care of that
from this month on...

- Perfect.
- Let's go.

Sure you don't want to come up?

No, thanks.

I really don't mind.

- Shall we?
- Thanks.