Nocebo (2022) - full transcript

A fashion designer is suffering from a mysterious illness that puzzles her doctors and frustrates her husband, until help arrives in the form of a Filipino carer, who uses traditional folk healing to reveal a horrifying truth.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Footsteps crunching ]


You're picking her up, right?

I thought you said
you'd pick her up.

I said I'd drop her off.
I drop her off, you pick her up.

I dropped her off yesterday.

And I picked her up.
See how it works?

- But I can't. I told you.
- [ Cellphone buzzes ]

Yeah. Hi.

Bobs, Mommy's
picking you up, okay?

You'll be brilliant.

Love you.
Love you, too.

[ Christine chuckles ]

Please stop worrying.
We've got this.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Have a lovely day.


[ School bell rings ]

Tell him he has to do
exactly as I explain.

- Okay.
- So, we're gonna start

with the girls first,
like you said, yeah?

- Yeah, then the boys.
- Then the boys and then both.

- That's right, isn't it?
- That's right.

- WOMAN: Great.
- Hello, cheeky monkeys.

- Snip those threads, will you?
- Yeah.

Eyes up here.




Replacement top
for Augustus Gloop here.

[ Up-tempo music playing ]

[ Cellphone buzzing ]

[ Buzzing stops ]

[ Cellphone buzzing ]

I have to take this.

Couldn't this have waited?

I'm in the middle of the sh...

[ Exhales sharply ]
Oh, my God.

Pulling out bodies?

Yeah, I-I'm still here.

Uh, I can't process this
right now.

I-I can't listen
to this right now.

I can't. I...

I'll have to call you back.

I'll call.

[ Squealing ]

[ Whimpers ]

[ Up-tempo music playing
in distance ]

[ Whimpering ]

[ Machine hissing ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Lid opens ]

[ Pills rattle ]

[ Groans ]

Big Bird is coming
to school with me today.

No, don't let him out again.

- He goes back in.
- Yeah, after we catch him.

One day he'll fly
out the window.

[ Beeping ]

Oh. Oh!

Relax, Mom. Jesus.

Don't use bad language.

"Jesus" isn't bad language.

It's just a guy's name.

"Shit" is bad language.
You say "shit" all the time.


[ Engine idling ]

- Hi, Ian.
- IAN: Morning, Christine.

I'll pick you up later.

Love you.

Have a good day.


Lucky shoes, lucky shoes,
make me win and never lose.

[ Door closes,
car alarm chirps ]

♪ Got sad and cried
on my birthday ♪

♪ Ignored all the pain
and I downplayed ♪

♪ Any part of me
that felt distant ♪

♪ From who I was to begin with ♪

♪ I'm fine, I'm good,
I'm perfect ♪

♪ Sometimes I think
that maybe I earned it ♪

You can go through now.

Level three.

♪ ...forget you ♪

♪ I'm fine, I'm good,
I'm perfect ♪

♪ I'm fine, I'm good,
I'm perfect ♪

Thanks for agreeing
to have a look, Liz.

No probs at all.

How have you been,
anyway, Christine?

After everything.

After everything?


Well, I'm... I'm fine, you know.

Now just, um, keen
to get back in the saddle.

LIZ: Mm.

Didn't you source manufacturers
yourself last time?

Traveled the world.

It provided inspiration,

A one-woman band.
A lot to take on.

A lot of pressure.

Yeah, well, there was that.

We want to drop a new line
very soon.

You know how it is.
Turnover, turnover, turnover.


Could these...

Could these?

It's lovely work, Christine.


[ Groans ]

- FELIX: Hello?
- Hi. It's me.

FELIX: I'm back.
I've just landed.

Landed. Good. Listen.

C-Could you get Bobs?
I have the shakes again.

- FELIX: You at the house?
- No, no, I'll make it home.

FELIX: You're in the car?
Be careful, Christine.

Sorry. Yeah, I know.
Just pick her up, will you?

FELIX: Okay. Okay.
I'll connect with her now.

Okay. See you later.

[ Bird chirping ]

"It's lovely work, Christine."

Condescending bitch.

[ Cellphone buzzing ]

Liz, hi.

Are you home?

Yeah, I'm just back.

LIZ: Listen,
we really like your line.

We'd need some changes, though,

to some of the pieces.

You wouldn't have to worry
about manufacturing

if we ran with your range.

We have a super-reasonable
operation in India.

I just need you to throw
your hat in the ring.

- This is great, Liz.
- LIZ: It's not a done deal.

It's an offer to pitch.
You'd have to work fast.

Yeah, yeah, I understand.

LIZ: But if the alterations
I suggested can be done quickly,

well, I think you're
really gonna be a shout.

Thank you.

It's the chance
I was hoping for.

LIZ: I'll be in touch
with the deets.

I have to go.
Just wanted to let you know.

I really appreciate it.

Ta-ta, then.

Bye for now.

[ Clatter ]

[ Doorbell rings ]


Can I help you?

Hello, Christine.

Do we know each other?

I'm Diana.


I'm here to help you.

Goodness, Diana.

Yes. You sent for me.

You said come here
and start today.

I did, didn't I?


I forgot.

I completely forgot.
I've been so...

You're very busy, Christine.

- Yeah.
- DIANA: You have so much to do.

- I do.
- DIANA: You need my help.

Yeah. You're here.


It's nice to meet you,

Lovely to meet you.

Please come in, Diana.

The house is so big.

Yeah, there's a lot of it,
I suppose.

It's very beautiful.

Where will I stay, Christine?

[ Sighs ] God, this is...
This is terrible.

I've been having trouble with my
memory, but nothing like this.

I haven't even prepared a room.

Oh, I know.
Follow me.

Is your daughter here?

No, she's at school.

Her dad will pick her up later
on his way home.

She looks sweet.

She looks sweet, yes.
[ Chuckles ]

That's the studio where I work.

And this could be your room.

I'll need to tidy up.

I've got linen for the bed.

It's very pretty.

It is?

We will make it pretty.

Exemplary work.

Well, I'll let you unpack
and put your things away.

Come down when you're finished.

[ Screams ]

[ Screams ]

[ Baby crying ]

[ Whispering
in native language ]

[ Vehicle approaches ]

[ Vehicle doors open ]

[ Muffled talking ]


That's quite something
to forget.

I know. I know.

Is there anything else
I should know about?

Have you got any
long-lost relatives turning up

or taken in any refugees?


Meet Felix and Bobs.

- Hello.
- Nice to meet, Diana.

Certainly interesting, anyway.

Hello, Bobs.

Only my friends call me Bobs.

You should call me Roberta.

- Don't be rude, Bobs.
- It's okay.

I will call you Roberta
because we are not friends yet.

She'll get used to the idea.

Me too, I hope.

He's joking.

So, whereabouts in the
Philippines are you from, Diana?

I am from Cebu City.

Did you grow up there?

No, more south.

You know the Philippines?

Where south?

[ Speaks native language ]
You know?

Uh, no.

Is it one of the islands?

It's a very special place,


Well, Diana, I have to confess,

this is a bit
of a surprise for me.

I forgot to let Felix know
you were coming.

We'll talk later.

I'm gonna take a shower.

He... He's tired.

He, um... He's been traveling,
his work.

I can cook dinner.

You've only just arrived.

It's okay.

Please, Christine.
Something very nice.

Straight to work, eh?

Straight to work, Christine.

[ Muffled talking ]

[ Muffled talking continues ]

FELIX: Look, Chrissy,
I'm just trying

to keep our shit together, okay,

so that weird stuff
doesn't happen,

like some stranger turning up
to live in our house.

So you're right. I'm not coping.

Work is gonna get busy again,
so I've changed my mind.

Is that allowed?

I'm allowed to change my mind,

I see the light
and agree with you, Felix.


- How much is she getting paid?
- I don't know right now.

- Oh, come on.
- Felix, you're stressing me.

I have to work.

Alright, we'll give it...
We'll give it a week, okay?

One week.

[ Door opens ]

[ Xylophone plays ]

[ Liquid bubbling ]

[ Bird chirping ]

[ Chirping stops ]

[ Mid-tempo music playing ]

Oh, my God, Diana.
It's delicious.

It is called humba.

I don't want Chinese food.

Diana is from
the Philippines, Bobs. Eat up.

She doesn't have to
if she doesn't want to.

I can make something else
for Roberta.

No, no, she's fine
with what she has.


Do you like it, Felix?

You don't really hear
about Philippine food, do you?

Well, Filipino restaurants,

The culture of those islands

is definitely
a neglected market.

Felix is a marketing consultant.

Marketing strategist.

Oh, excuse me.

Thank you.

- [ Plate scraping ]
- FELIX: Mmm.

No, this is good.

Very good.
Surprisingly good.

There is more.


"Surprisingly good."

Oh, Jesus.

Bad word, Mom.

It's just a guy's name,

Oh. Ohh.

[ Groaning ]

You okay?
You alright?

[ Groaning ]

You okay?
Come on. Let's get you up.

- Huh?
- [ Christine moans ]

- Can I help?
- FELIX: No, no.

She just needs rest is all.
We know what to do.


Can I try?

It's okay.
I can help.

[ Christine groaning ]

It's okay. It's okay.
I make it go away.

[ Rubbing hands together
rapidly ]

[ Christine moaning ]

[ Laughing ]

Diana, what the hell?

Did it go away?


It's gone.
[ Laughs ]

It's gone.
[ Laughs ]

My eyes feel so heavy, Daddy.

Come on, sleepy head.

Good night, Roberta.

Bobs was straight off to sleep.

Didn't even want a story.

Come in.

Do you need anything?

Oh, God, no, Diana.

The fire, the spellbinding meal.

You've done more than enough.

I haven't felt so limber
since I don't know when.

[ Speaks native language ]


It's a simple cure from my home.

Could you do it for me?

You can do it for each other.

You used to tickle me
all the time.

Yeah, well, that was then.

What was when?

Well, sometimes I'm not sure
you want to be tickled anymore.

[ Paper rustling ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Light rustling ]

[ Breathing shakily ]

[ Dance music playing ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Creak ]

[ Breathing deeply ]

[ Knock on door ]


DIANA: Good morning.
It's Diana.



It's Diana.

What is it, Diana?

I have breakfast in bed for you.


Thank you.

Turning this place
into a five-star hotel, Diana.

Thank you.

I haven't seen that
tribal eggs thing in ages.

You have so many things here.

The old sewing machine
is very beautiful.

Yeah, I miss using that.

I just design now.

You don't make the clothes?

No, I need my little helpers
for that.

Who are your little helpers?

It's a bit early
for questions, Diana.

Thank you for the breakfast.
You're very thoughtful.

But coming in here
is kind of intrusive.

We usually have breakfast
downstairs, okay?

Okay, you can go now, Diana.


[ Door closes ]

[ Vehicle door opens ]

Don't be like that, Bobs.

I need Diana to see the route
to your school.

Anyway, it's against the bloody
law, so stay in the back.

Daddy lets me sit up front.

Does he?

Well, not whilst he's driving.

I'm going to be driving,
so stay in the back

and put on your belt.



I saw footprints.


Like mine but someone else's.


- Let's go.
- [ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Turn signal clicking ]

[ Horn blares ]

You're going the wrong way, Mom.

Was I?

I must have taken...

Oh, I can't remember.

We should walk.

I will learn the way to
the school better if we walk.


Roberta, show us the way, yes?

[ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Vehicle doors close ]

Will Daddy get me later?

Diana will.

[ School bell rings ]

Jesus, I can't even call a cab.

Let me.

I was feeling great
this morning.

I just want this to stop.

I can help.

I don't think tickling
will do any good.

No, not tickles anymore.

This is just different medicine,

Not sure if that smells nice.

[ Water bubbling ]

What are you doing now?

DIANA: The dirt in the water is
bad stuff from you, Christine.

When the water becomes clean,
the bad stuff is gone from you.

- Seriously?
- DIANA: Yes.

Now you just trust me, okay?


[ Clinking, water pouring ]

[ Water bubbling ]

DIANA: You see?

This is a folk remedy, right?

Does everyone know this stuff
or just you?

I'll tell you
if you want to know.

- You want to know?
- Mm-hmm.

One day when I was small,
there was a terrible storm.

[ Thunder rumbling ]

An old woman came to our house
for help.

This woman was an um...

If you believe like we did,
an umu has great power.

It can heal you
or it can destroy you.

But this umu was very weak.

I went to the um...

I saw her dying.

When an umu dies,

its soul jumps out
and goes into another person,

taking them.

You should never be with an umu
when it dies.

But I was with her.

[ Squawks ]

I felt different after that.

I understood the world.

The plants, the stones,
the water.

I understood their power.

I felt guided.

[ Water bubbling ]

We were poor, so my parents
used my gift for money.

People needed me.

But they were afraid of me.

They were afraid of the power
that can heal or destroy.

That power was inside me.

I was the um...

I'm not sure I should
believe that story.

[ Diana laughs ]

What is important
is you believe in the medicine.

Believing is important.

Trust also.

Stand up.

[ Groans softly ]

Move your body.

The shakes are gone.

It feels like a fog has lifted.



I'm just grateful.

You rest now.
It's not forever.

No, I-I can't.
I-I need to work.

Thanks, but I-I really
have stuff to do.

You need to rest, Christine.

[ Muffled talking ]

FELIX: But it's just you're
easily taken in at times.

You think I'm a fool.

Everyone's a fool except Felix.

Me, your clients, everyone.

No, that's... that's not true.

You're extremely capable.

It's just sometimes
you lose focus.

You can get led astray.

All I know is that I feel
really good right now.


Okay, well, that's all
that matters, I suppose.

I give in.

[ Whispering
in native language ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Blows ]

Could we have a little talk?

Come in.

Sit down.

"I get rashes, hair loss,
bad headaches, nerve pain,

and I shake and get dizzy
and absent-minded.

And sometimes
I don't know where I am.

I smell things
that are not there.

My symptoms come and go,

and they vanish
when I visit the doctor.

Sometimes I think
I have lost my mind."

It's easier to have you read it
than for me to say it.


I-I had an encounter with a dog.

A hideous thing.

I don't know where it came from.

There were ticks, clusters of
them, hanging off the animal.

I have nightmares
about that dog.

It bite you?

No. A tick did.

Then my problems started.

You helped the tremors
and memory.

Would you have cures
to the other problems?

I can help you.

But it's not forever.

Yeah, I-I understand.

And I would of course compensate
you for this extra work.

No, I don't want that.

But it's only right.


But I need you to help me.

- How?
- You trust me.

I do.

At least I think I do.

Don't think you do.


[ Exhales deeply ]

DIANA: Something is hidden
inside of you, Christine.

Something you hide
from yourself.

It is invisible to you,
and you must see it.

It makes you sick.

I will draw it out of you
and show it to you.

You must allow me in, Christine.

I will prepare you to face it.

You will know it
when you see it.

You will understand
what must happen.

And you will be free.

[ Clippers clicking ]

[ Bird chirping ]

Diana was flying last night.


I saw her.

She flew off the roof,
up into the clouds.

You must have been dreaming.

Can you dream when you're awake?

Well, obviously some people can.

[ Whispering
in native language ]

[ Indistinct shouting ]

- [ Screams ]
- [ Gunshots ]

[ Gunfire, indistinct shouting ]

[ People screaming ]

[ Baby crying ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

I like something traditional
in the mornings.

Well, traditional for me,
that is.

I can make traditional.

Uh, no.
Thank you.

- My meds are gone.
- What?

You said you were going to
throw them away, Christine.

Did I?


Another memory loss.

No, you didn't
have a memory loss.

How do you know I didn't
have a memory loss?

I don't even know
when I have memory loss.

It's okay.

You don't need them, hmm?

I hope so.

You trust me, Christine?


Yes, I trust you, Diana.

Why didn't Mom bring me?

Your mom is very busy, Roberta.

She's always busy.

[ School bell rings ]

[ Laughter,
indistinct conversations ]

[ Laughter ]

[ Girl crying ]


[ Fire crackling,
people screaming ]

[ Coughing ]

[ Shouts ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Screams ]


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

[ Christine gasping ]

What is it?

[ Gasping ]

What happened?

Hey, hey.

Shh, shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh.

[ Christine whimpering ]

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Switch clicks ]

Diana, we need to talk.



Look, I-I know it's
a weird time, but there's...

There's something we should
discuss while we have a chance.

Look, Christine has a lot of...
problems, you know?

Of course.
I'm helping her.

Yeah, but this thing about her
illness and all that, it's...

it's all in her head.

It's buried guilt.

- Guilt?
- FELIX: Yeah.

She's punishing herself.

Or maybe it's stress
and exhaustion.

I don't know, but...

she's confused and she's in a
very vulnerable place right now.

And I just need you
to stay out of my wife's head.

Diana, you understand
what I'm saying?

I understand.



I understand, but I cannot
stay out of Christine's head.


If her problems are in her head,

I will find them
and chase them out.

Well, then we have a problem,
me and you.

I don't have a problem
with you, Felix.

If you do not
make problems for me.

What is that?
Is that a threat?

No, I think you
have been drinking a lot

and you should not
come into my room.

No, no, no, this is my room.

This... This is my room.
This is my house.

And I don't like sharing it with
a backwoods snake-oil merchant.

Better to talk in the morning.


Go to sleep.

Be careful on the stairs.

[ Door closes ]

[ Bird chirping ]

[ Sighs ]

Everyone hates me at school.

Mom's sick.
Daddy's a murderer.

And Big Bird has gone to heaven.
I'm all alone.

[ Sighs ]
Poor Roberta.

Why are you nice to me?

I'm horrible to you.

You are only horrible
because you are angry.

You are scared.

You don't mean it.

I'm sorry I'm rude to you.
[ Sniffles ]

You're very nice.

And I do like your food, really.

[ Chuckles ]

I want to be your friend,

You will allow me?


Then I am your friend, hm?

You will not be alone anymore.

I will be with you always.


[ Speaking native language ]

[ Christine gasping ]

[ People shouting ]

- What is it?
- [ Whimpering ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Whimpering ]

[ Hums ]

You are back now, hmm?

- You are here.
- Yes.

- You are strong, hmm?
- Yes.

- You are happy, hmm?
- Yes.

[ Laughter,
indistinct conversations ]

Where's Diana?
Why are you sad, Mom?

I'm not sad, baby.
I'm happy.

I'm so fucking happy.

That's a really bad word.

I don't fucking care.

[ Laughs ]

Lucky shoes, lucky shoes,
make me win and never lose.

You know, back at home,
the kids also didn't like me.

Did not like you?

Yes, the girls, the boys,
everyone did not like me.

You know why?

Because I was not like them.

But in a good way.

- You know what, Bobs?
- What?

I think you are also
not like them.

But in a good way.


[ Chuckles ]

What do you learn
in your school?

Some spelling, about the world,
and where everything is.

Do you want to learn
something else today?

No school.



[ Laughs ]

[ Both laugh ]

MAN: Smile.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

[ Conversing
in native language ]

[ Knock on door ]

You wowed us.

When you make a comeback,

you really make a comeback,
don't you?

We're very keen, Christine,
if you are.

You know I am.

We're thinking of launching
with a significant campaign,

quite amplified, a lot
of coverage... online, TV.

With this, I'm thinking
children dancing,

a little urban, a little ethnic,
Southeast Asian. Pow!

Get it out there.
Is that okay with you?


[ Birds squawking ]

[ Caws ]

What are you doing?

[ Caws ]

[ Bird cawing ]

You want to learn?

[ Christine whistling ]

I am amazing.
I am amazing.

I am amazing!

Why did you find them?

Under her bed.

What will we tell Mom?

I will talk to your mom.

She'll be mad.

She will not be mad.

So explain how they got there.

You should see the creepy voodoo
altar thing up there, as well.

It's not healthy.

You do not trust me, Christine.

You're manipulating me, Diana.

You do not trust me.

Why should I fucking trust you?

What was the idea, Diana?

She was obviously sneaking
meds into your food,

making you think it was her
that was helping,

making you depend on her.

Need her.
She's controlling you.

I want to hear it from her.

I'm not the one
who needs to control her.

Have you any explanation?

Explaining is useless,

You do not trust me.

Try me.

I cannot help you anymore.

You pitiful wretch.

Give me your keys.
You have to leave.

I will pack my things.

Do that and go.

[ Whispering
in native language ]

[ Door opens ]

We've only just made friends.
Please don't go.

I have to.


But if you want me to come
and be with you forever,

you can do something for me.

- Forever?
- Mm-hmm.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Machine hissing ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Whimpering ]

[ Muffled shouting ]

[ Screams ]


Jesus. You okay?

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Gasps, breathing heavily ]

[ Whimpering ]

- You have them all?
- [ Pills rattling ]


And you won't forget.

I won't forget.

[ Bobs sighs ]

Birds eat worms.

Now worms eat Big Bird.

Jesus, Bobs.

What? It's true.



Why did Daddy say Diana
took your tablets?

Because she did, honey.

But she didn't, though.

Why do you say that?

Well, they were in his car.


They were in Daddy's car.
I saw them.

When did you see them?

On the way back from school.

I sat up front and saw them.

I thought they were new tablets,
but he never gave them to you.

You didn't say anything?

I didn't want to find out
that he lets me sit up front.

controlling bastard.

She's not telling the truth.

Why would she lie?

Throwing your own kid
under the bus, that's low.

Not what's happening here,

Then what is happening, Felix?

I don't know.

We need to talk to Bobs,
find out why she's lying.


Well, why she's mistaken,

Who are you?

Who am I?
I'm your husband.

Chrissy, I'm your best friend.

I'm looking out for you.
You're not well.

Not well?
You mean I'm mad?


You're just unwell.

You're unbelievable.

FELIX: I'm the only person
you should be believing.

Look, I'll... I'll...

I'll move my stuff upstairs.
I'll give you some space.

Diana doesn't need
the room anymore.

You can cool off.

Cool off?

You haven't given me
any kind of explanation.

I'm going to sort this out,
Chrissy, I promise you.

Sort out a lie, you mean.

A narrative,
a marketing strategy.

What, you don't trust me?

Do you trust me?

Yes, Christine, I do.

You trust a crazy woman?

[ Sobs, moaning ]

Be careful of the stairs.

[ Bird chirping ]

Wha! Aah!

[ Thud ]

[ Groaning ]

Daddy's going to have to go
to hospital for a little while

until he mends.

Do we have to go, too?

[ Glass thuds ]

[ Footsteps approach ]

There'll be cameras and dancing.

It'll be fun.

[ Whispering
in native language ]

[ Notes play ]

And action!

[ Up-tempo music plays ]

[ Xylophone playing ]

Are you okay?

[ Screaming ]

[ Gasping ]

Are you okay?

[ Screams ]

[ Screams ]

It's okay.

It's okay.

BOBS: Mom.

Mommy, are you sick?

Go away.

Please go away.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Sobbing ]

Don't cry, Christine.

I am here now.

We will finish what we started.

[ Horns honking ]

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Horn honks ]

[ Sewing machines whirring ]

[ Zipper opens ]

You are ready now, Christine.

It is time for you
to face what is within you.

What torments you.

It is time for you to see

and it is time
for you to understand.

[ Speaking native language ]

Lucky shoes, lucky shoes,
make me win and never lose.

The girls are doing 25 T-shirts
an hour, right?

Yes, ma'am.

Perhaps they can do 30.

Yes, ma'am,
but the quality will suffer.

Well, where there's a will,
there's a way.

Yes, ma'am.

The door on the way in,

it seems the employees
are free to come and go.

But for the sake of accounting
for all the items...

I wouldn't like anything
to go astray...

Maybe the door could be locked

so you can make sure
no items go missing

when the employees leave.

Yes, of course, ma'am.

And who are you?

I'm not gonna bite you.

You're adorable.

Will you let me take a picture?

Would you, Juan?

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Exemplary work.

BOBS: Magic will bring people
to your party.

You won't be all alone.

[ Door closes in distance ]

Double shift today.


Double shift.

How soon will I be cured?

Oh, no, we are not curing
anymore, Christine.

This is so much better
than a cure.


[ Door closes in distance ]

[ Sewing machines whirring ]

[ Chain rattling ]

[ Indistinct talking ]

[ Horns honking ]

[ Sewing machine rattling ]

[ Speaks indistinctly ]

After shift.

But it's so hot.

Finish your work.

[ Footsteps depart ]

[ Sewing machine rattling,
door closes ]

[ Fan rattling ]

[ Electricity crackles ]

[ Woman shouting
in native language ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ People screaming ]

[ Sobs ]

[ Flames roaring ]

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Speaking native language ]

[ People screaming ]

What do you see?

She covers her eyes.

She doesn't want
to see them burn.

She's so scared.

So scared.

[ Flames crackling,
people shouting ]

[ People wailing, crying ]

[ Sobbing ]

I had a child, Christine.

A girl like Bobs.

She was beautiful,
and she was so good.

But then you come.

You create the parasite.

You're a tick, Christine.

Feeding, sucking
everything from us.

You took my daughter
away from me, Christine.

I will take your daughter
away from you.

Please don't.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

[ Sniffles ]
You are free now, Christine.

I have brought you what you need
but hide from,

what makes you sick.

You will face your own judgment.

[ Christine gasping ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Bobs crying ]

Goodbye, Bobs.

You said you'd be
with me forever.

You promised.

I will keep my promise.

Go to the garden.

Look up.

[ Engine idling ]

[ Grunts ]


[ Thud ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Squawking ]


[ Squawking ]


[ People shouting ]

[ Dog barking in distance ]

[ Sobs ]

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Howling ]

[ The General Strike's "Pugon"
plays ]

[ Singing in native language ]

[ Song ends ]

[ Down-tempo music plays ]