Nobody Waved Good-bye (1964) - full transcript

A teenage boy rebels against parental authority and must face a harsh reality when he tries to live on his own. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Oh, yeah, Kevin.


- What do you feel like?

- Try it. Say something.

- It's like a... (Laughs)

You know what it's like?

- No, no, no, no.

You must tell me in here
what it's like. Okay.

- It's like being... (Laughs)
- I can't talk like that.

It's like you're...

- No, no, no, no, no...

- Come on.

- It's like...

Being in a...



- I want to write
something about the movie.

(Mechanical whirring)

Is there some common thing
about you other than your age?

- I think between us we've
got a fair cross-section of...

- But it's not really an
accurate cross-section.

- No, but it's a cross-section.
- It's all we can do.

- Yeah.

- You got into fantastic
subtitles because a lot of people

might call us all one section

when in fact that even
in a smaller section

there's smaller sections
and in smaller sections,

there's even smaller sections.

- In the film medium...

- The medium is the message?

- Yeah, right.

Two columns: One visual and one audio.

- What scenes have you
just generally mapped out?

- Well, like, in the movie we'll be...



- Isn't that beautiful?

- It's fantastic.

- I'm just wondering what
type of film it will be,

whether it will be all hippie

or if this is to do with teenagers,

if it's to do with teenagers.

I know that it isn't teenagers.

All teenagers aren't hippies.

- Yeah.

Well, you're not and you're here.

- Yes, and that's what I'm wondering.

- The kids are deciding
what the film's going to be.

Is that right?

- It's pretty difficult
to argue with 30 kids.


- So, oh, what a freak show.


(Doo-wop music)

- Is anyone... oh, it's me.

I'm getting two notes.

- Take three.

Here we go.

Okay, let's do it.

Christopher's movie matinee

- You're it.

We're going on a holiday

heading somewhere far away

I don't like the cold anyway

just want a little warmth every day

and night

if it's all right

the rain is falling

the month is June

I'm so jived

I can't resist the spoon of your sugar

to sweeten

the moon

come let's make our getaway

we can't last another day

survival is the only way

we're going on a holiday

find a way

we'll leave today

- I think you'd be wise
to get a permit from...

Mr. Thompson.

- What do we need the permit for though?

- You need a permit to take
pictures in the park here,

if they're to be used for
other than private purposes.

- Is there any place
you can take pictures?

- Pardon.

- Is there any place you can take pictures

or is that all...

- If you want to come in as a
family and take your picture,

that's perfectly okay.

- We're family. We're a family.

- But if you want...

If you want to come in
and take pictures for the

national film board or,

or for commercial... for
television or something like that,

I would think that it would
be wise to get a permit

from pw Thompson, the commissioner
Metro parks department.

- How long does it take to get a permit?

- I don't know. He's
down on the 10th floor,

east tower, city hall.

(Tires crunch on gravel)

- Bye.

Be sure to bring your mandolin

we've got to keep our handle in

the pot

which after all is hot

see the box we're finally in

- no, we're just a group of kids,

but we've got some cameramen

from the national film board with us.

We're laughing freaks who live to grin

- may I please ask for a permit

to be made out to a group of kids

who are doing a film in
the etienne brule park.

If you think this means we can win?

(Car honking)

- Hello?

- Who the hell is this?

Baby, here's where we came in

(cars whooshing)

Goodbye-a ye-a ye-a ye

goodbye-aye-a ye

I'm away



(cars whooshing)

- We have to get a permit, don't we?

- She just wanted somebody
to come down and sign it.

- Just one person or a whole bunch?

- She said one person. I said we'd all go.

- Let's all go...

- Down to the 10th floor of the...

West building in the city hall.

And she gave me a list of rules,

and she said that I was supposed to phone

this other division, but
she said she'd do it for me.

(Engine revving)

- Malcolm's shooting.

- Malcolm, have you got your
license as a photographer?

- Whatever you turned on,
you better turn it off fast.

- Get a shot of Malcolm shooting.

- Hey, look at that. Look at the duck.

- It's a Mallard.

- Money.

- You're wasting our film, mort.

- Cause it's running out. (Laughter)

- Is next week gonna be spontaneous?

- Some guy's gonna have a little script

and he knows what he's gonna say...

- No, not a script. No script.

- So be spontaneous then.

- Yeah, well some guy will just say,

this is roughly what we
want to say and say it

'cause we've got to have some
idea of what we want to do

if we're shooting an actual scene.

Like the one... there's gonna
be a scene with this guy,

like a mock of an army sergeant.

We just tell him roughly
what we want him to say.

- But we have to really
know what he's gonna say.

- He should think it
over in his head first,

so he doesn't get all mixed up.

- I can't afford that footage.

- Hey, another cop.

- Malcolm will pay for it.

Don't worry about it.

- I think we have a friend of
the friendly men in blue here.

- All right.

- This is supposed to be part of his duty.

- Really?

- And punching babies

- oh no.

- I know, but you're gonna get
nailed for police brutality,

even if he hits you first.

- You can have a stick, and
hit him over the head though.

- When was the last time

somebody was nailed for police brutality?

Give me an example.

- Who's gonna nail them?

- Yeah, the police?

- No.

- Anybody see wojeck the other night?

(Engine revving)

- Five minutes ago,
before I come down here,

I stopped a car.

Two fellas in this car
fit the description to a t

for armed robbery yesterday.

Now, if I just let them go,

for fear of police brutality,
what would that make me?


- So the judge would have to interpret it.

- Mmm-hmm.

- We rest our case.

- Yes, can we steal one of these?

You've only got one left anyway.


- Should make about 15 out here.

- I think we're worrying about

what's the purpose of the film?

What's the nature of it?

- So far, for the past
week, we haven't had any...

- Now what if I told you that
I thought the shot was...

Uh, was stupid.

Should I go ahead and shoot it anyway,

because then I'm putting
my professional reputation

on the line as a cameraman.

- Yeah.

- Well, tell us what you
think of it before you...

What you think of the whole situation.

- It shouldn't be just
up to any one person

to go up to you and say,

I think you ought to shoot this

because it's what I'm
thinking and I like it.

If it's a group effort, then everybody

ought to say whether they
think it's a good idea or not.

- We've been faced with
all different policies.

Like you say all right,
if you don't like this,

go ahead and say so, all right.

So Roger and I decided to
film you getting mad at us.

You were gonna film us getting mad at you.


So we do this and it kind of
flops off in the first stage.

And then you come up and
say we can't afford that.

Yet you encouraged that sort of thing

in the first place.

What's the point, you see?

We're faced with all this
different policy here.

If you want a film organized,

we're vastly capable of organizing it,

we're capable of choosing the right sets,

we can get...

You just sit back on
your fannies and earn.

We'll arrange the whole movie.

We'll tell you, "bring the camera here,"

and you can direct it from there on,

and we'll have the whole
movie ready for you.

- Well, couldn't you ask...

- And then you can edit it

and do anything after that,

but I mean, tell us what
you want for Pete's sake.

- Couldn't you ask Martin to
show me getting mad at you?

- I did.

- Which you probably did anyway.

- Sure he did.

- No, but you didn't, did
you? You took the camera.

Do you wanna see the film that you shot?

What happens if it doesn't come out?

Will you have me getting mad at you,

if it doesn't come out?

- Martin will. Martin will.

- Well, I didn't object to
Martin shooting me getting angry.

Did I?

- No.

- I objected to you...

I objected to you shooting
off a roll of film.

- It wasn't a full roll when we got it.

- No, but I didn't stop
him right away either.

- Yeah, but you didn't know
right away either, did you?

- Conflict.


- The point, you know,

the point is we're not
really giving you the...

The camera, we're giving you the crew.

Like I don't object to...

- All right so say that!

But you haven't said that before, you see.

Now you've said it.

All right, that's fine.

- No, no, no.

I said it right at the very
beginning, that we were...

That what we would do is work out

the filmic expression with you

while we were shooting.

When you talk... when we talked about,

when we talked about limits of control...

- But we haven't really,
you know. You've said some,

but I mean, you know, just make it clear.

Stand up now and say, "this
is the way it's going to be,"

and we'll do it for you.

- Well,

- but I can't stand this way.

It's just messing around right now.

I mean, it's fine for
a few days. All right.

We've got lots of pretty
little cut shots, you know,

and everything will look fine.

It'll look all so spontaneous,

and everybody will think
what a marvelous little film,

but let's get down to business.

('60s rock music)

Right out of sight

most every night

no we are not afraid to fly

we know to live is to die

for me how

- oh, well... after
all, they're only young.

Some people

- they're only young.

Just can't grow old

- they'll get over it.

Angel of death

in my dreams

- the congestion is there only
because people feel there is

something freakish to look at.

Lady strange

we change


- they feel that there
shouldn't be any wars

or everybody should be peaceful.

It's not the way

- that's almost impossible.

It was to be

in your dream

- carbon monoxide and everything.

It's making them all sick.

Funny how

some people just

- that led quickly to a
very dangerous situation.

Can't grow gold

(protest chant)

- Close our streets! Close our streets!

- Well, we've certainly
had a lot of concern

over what is going on at yorkville,

and I took it upon myself

and talked to these people called hippies.

Now, they're not all bad.

Not all kids are bad,

but sometimes you get a cancer area there,

and we're trying to ferret that out.

- If they at least wash their hair,

they can wear it long if they want to.

- And eating flowers
and that sort of thing,

- but I just can't see it, that's all.

- I have learned one
thing in life for sure.

- You're on the hot seat, Jack,
what are you gonna say for yourself?

- Why are you here?

- What do you have to say for yourself?

- You'll never go to the top

unless you have personal discipline.


- Cause he assured me he'd
be here five minutes to two.

- It is suggested by some of the group

that they are on their way.

- If I were their age,

I would probably be a hippie myself.

- Mr. Depoe there please.

Mr. Depoe.

- Whoa, they seem to be a bit... way out

my way of thinking.

- Is Mr. Depoe with you?

- If we can find out who of
Mr. Depoe's group is, sir.

We're not getting any answers.

- This group that marched in...

- Is Mr. Depoe with you?

- But if we stop some of
this, and this meeting today

will do it. I am sure.

We'll get these fellas on the right track,

and try and help them,

or maybe we'll have to have
another one to get to it,

but we get the right questions
and the right answers.

We'll accomplish them.

And those parents,

there's no doubt about it.
If a lot of this is stopped,

those children will head for home.

- Do they go to work at all, these people?


- We have a few people who want to talk.

- Do you want to get them up here?

- Well, I think they're
just another little bit

of human nature.

- I wonder sometimes what
happened to the girls that used to

like the boys that got their hair cut

and wore after shave
lotion and stuff like this.


- We were queer in many ways, but not...

Not as far out as they are.

- I don't see that they
have to have bare feet

and beards to get their point across.

- They dress and act and their hygiene

is different than it ever was

to my knowledge in history

that I can find or to my...

Knowledge and fact in this
city who was born here,

have I ever seen it it
displayed in this way.

- Please.

- You Mr. Depoe?

- Yes.

- Thank you very much.

- Oh, well it's very, very nice of you,

and thank you very much, sweetheart.

Here. Can I give you a kiss?

- Picture?


- This is one of the nicest bouquets

I ever had in my life.

When it comes from the heart,
that's the important thing.

Remember, you'll never go to the top

unless you remember,

you gotta start at the bottom,

and you gotta remember the
fella just to the top of you

is your boss and the next step up,

you gotta have a boss and
if you can learn to take it,

you can learn to dish it out.


So whoever's first, Mr. Depoe,

would you like to say something first?

- Yeah. I'd just like to say

that I'd like the thing to
be as informal as possible.

- It will be.

- I didn't realize that we were

gonna have quite such a
formal occasion as this, but

I guess...

Maybe you can start off
by asking some questions.

Would you like to do that?

- Yes, I will.

Number one, will you tell me...

Perhaps the most difficult
one, as you know,

we all in this administration,

on behalf of the mayor and the board

are in favor, most in favor

of the very wonderful place, yorkville.

Yorkville is a Cosmopolitan
area and certainly

we need more of them in this city.

We will do all we can
to keep them healthy,

but the problem we have is for teenagers,

have been accused of being disorderly.

As you know, there's a long
list of police convictions

and lost people.

A disorderly group,

perhaps not intended by you,

has developed to a point where

uneasiness rests in that area.

Now will somebody tell me why?

- That's a very good question.

- I'm not too sure what
you're really asking.


- It seems there's a reason for...

Are you working, may I ask?

- No, I'm not.

- Well, then perhaps we'll hit that and...

Nobody's condemning you for it...

Perhaps we'll say then why...

Do you wish not to work?

We're trying to find out
what can we do for this?

What is there? Do you
want more recreation?

Do you want some type of employment,

some type of schooling,

something to give you aims or objects?

Would you please tell us that answer?

- I don't think it's a question of

just supplying facilities.

Certainly, for the most part,

these kids drop out of jobs
because they don't like the way

that people are exploited by industry.

They drop out of school
because they don't like the way

the school is operating.

Practically all of the academic
work in primary schools

could be given in four years.

That leaves people to wonder
just what it is that they're

spending the rest of the
time teaching people.

A form of indoctrination probably,

teaching kids how to sit in school

with their hands properly
folded on the desk,

to walk in single files down halls.

- The statistics show that
there are more people today

employed as a result of
that system than ever before

in our history.

- Perhaps there is another element,

which should be considered.

The personal pride and dignity people have

and their ability to be happy or satisfied

with the job.

- But you refer to the word dignity.

Now that's a very good word.

A number of them there
haven't been washed for weeks.

Now they aren't seeking dignity, are they?

- All right then what...

- They wish to live and be
happy not to work because the

greatest happiness is derived
from working that I've found.

I think most of the people who...

- Chairman...

- Who have to work like I do...


I'm interested in those who say...

I'm interested in those that say "no."

Well, now please tell us your psychology

because it's got me buffaloed

and I'm sure it'll have many

buffaloed when it's printed that you...

- It's very nice to say the
greatest happiness derives from

working when it seems to be
an indication that our society

is striving for more leisure time.

It looks like they're trying harder

not to have any happiness.

- Well, that's a point,

and I think you're quite right sometimes,

and that's why there's so many
things of amusement required

to keep the people busy
in their spare time.

But how are you going to live
without earning a living?

One can't live off the other.

- Don't you think we're
working at the moment

by coming down here to talk to you?

I mean, we're doing
exactly what you're doing.

You're talking to us.
We're talking to you.

Only we're not getting paid for it.


- Have a sense of humor like you have,

- it's not funny.

You hold a position, probably to effect

some sort of change, to help people.

That's why you work.

- I have yes, an abundance.

- All right.

I think that's what a lot of
the people here are doing.

They're trying to help people.

They're trying to effect
some sort of change.

- Well, that's what I'm trying to get at.

I know you are. You've explained that,

but tell us the change
that you want to have occur

in society. We haven't got that yet.

- We want people...

- We know what you're doing,

and what you'd like in a home,

but please tell us what the change is

that you think this
city could help you with

in the federal units or
provincial units to...

- It's not the city itself it can help.

It's the people in the city.

- We're in a position to be
able to speak for you probably

if there are some things that we can do.

- Practice leaving us alone.

- Unfortunately, society
doesn't work that way.

Just exactly the way you like it.

- That's why we drop out.

- Society doesn't work that way.

- Of course you are, but...

Democracy has laid down
in rules that we don't...


It means that the majority will
always be in the authority.

- Could you be very specific
and honest and outline what you

would like ideally yorkville to become?

- Well, I'd like yorkville to grow as

a shopping center.


Of an unusual nature as it is,

a place for artists to display their art,

the coffee shops I like to see.

I don't like to see them
when they're in an area that

they're going to disturb.

If they're too close to
the housing districts,

that wouldn't be reasonable.

- But you haven't...

You haven't gone over the problems you

have outlined for us and said
what you want to be done about

these problems,

how you would ideally like
to deal with these problems,

and I really don't see
how leaving yorkville

as a shopping center...

- We'll have to discuss this at the board.

This is exploratory,

and I'm just as interested
as you are in hearing these

answers to try.

- I just wanted to know
specifically what you wanted

yorkville to become.
Now I know. Thank you.

- Yes.

- You know,

contributing by furthering
their mental powers

or something like this and
that isn't this a relevant

means of contributing to the society.

- Of course it is.

- Is the secretary there?

Tell him that I want him.

We'll put that down for a study too.

- The spiritual is so often ignored.

- Would you take this up with Mr. Depoe?

- Okay, yeah.

- Will you? And tell him that

I agree with you a hundred percent.

- See Mr. Miller, I was
in Ottawa for three weeks

before coming to Toronto...

Well, what I found out in Ottawa.

- Wait! This gentleman... go down with you

to the cafeteria.

Somebody will show him how.

- So you take a tough stand on the thing,

but the thing is that those kids,

those kids went into a meeting.

- Oh, those kids. All of
a sudden they're kids?

They're not kids.

- All right. Those young
people. Those young adults.

They went into a meeting and they spent...

- Those young adults.
- Eddie boy... Mr. Depoe?

- Look, they've spent a long time.

They spent about four
hours talking to lamport,

and all he did was laugh at them.

They just refused to
take the kids seriously.

But what sense is that?

What would any minority...

What do the negroes in the states do

when people refuse to
take their ills seriously?

- You want to talk about
the negroes in the states

or you want to talk
about the boys up here?

- They're both the same thing.

They're all reactionary movements.

They're all reacting
against the same thing.

- Oh, come on.

- They're reacting for different reasons.

- Be your age, eh.

- They're reacting for different reasons.

- Be your age.

- I am my age.

- Come on.

You're comparing yourself

to the negroes in the states already.

- We're all reacting.

- You ever been down there and seen them?

You ever been down and
seen how the negroes live

in the southern states?

- Yes, I have.

- And you compare yourself to them?

- I compare myself in that

we're both reacting against something.


(Indistinct frustration)

You're reacting against what?

- Against your kind of world.

- Against my kind of world, eh?

- Yeah.

- Well...

What I would say to you is this,

and a friend of mine across there,

we were discussing this earlier.

You know what I'd like to see?

- What?

- I'd like to see the world
turned back, you know,

20 years, 25 years,

and I'd like to be standing
in the gates of my barracks

of my regimen,

and I'd like to see all
of you march in there

and you know what? I'd
change your mind in one week.

- No, you wouldn't.

- Yes, I would, buddy.

- No, you wouldn't.

- Oh boy.


- But what could you prove?

- Huh?

- What could you prove?

- Nothing, but I'd tell you what I'd do.

When I said march, you would march,

and you wouldn't have your locks anymore.

- Well, so what?

- That's visual boy.

- So what? What are you gonna prove?

- Nothing.

- What on earth are you gonna prove?

- Well, all of a sudden,
you turn around and say...

- The world has had...

- "I'm not a moon man
anymore, I'm a human being."

That's what you'd say, buddy boy.

- I say I'm a human being right now.

- Well, we've got an argument there.

- What on earth are you gonna prove

by making me do something

at the jump of somebody else's will?

- Well...

- Look, the world has had
thousands of years of soldiers,

thousands of years of people jumping up

when the order was shouted.

Isn't it about time that everybody starts

thinking for themselves?

- You don't only jump up
because the order's shouted, eh.

All of a sudden you're something,

and you know what you are? Eh?

You're a man and you
ain't never gonna be a man

while you're doing this.
Honest to god.

You're gonna reject everything,

but you will never be a man.

You can live to 90 and
you will never be it.

- What's a man?

- When you achieve manhood,
you'll find out, buddy.

I can't tell you.


I'll tell you one thing.

You won't be a man with
pansies in your hair, you know?


Making like a Daisy chain
and all this jazz, huh?

No, sir.

You won't be a man like
making like a bully either.

- Well, isn't that what you're being

when you march us into the barracks.

No, no, no, no.

You apply a constitution and respect it.

In other words, you conform.

- Well, what's the good of that?

The world has had thousands
of years of conforming.

- And it's been doing pretty darn good.

- It hasn't been.

It's been having some pretty hellish wars.

- But we've done pretty good
since the last one already.

- And we're gonna have
another one already.

- If we have another one, buddy,

and you're in the army,

I'm gonna go over to the other side.


Don't ever tell me!

- Jesus Christ.

Come on.

We gonna have another war.

Who's gonna fight us?

What do we got?

- What are we gonna fight about?

- Got the Navy.

- This is it.

- What are we gonna fight about?

It's only because you
push people into barracks,

and make them jump at the sound

of somebody's order that we have wars.

- Ahhh.

- What's there to fight about?

- But you said we were gonna fight.

I didn't say we were gonna fight.

- I said you're gonna
fight. I'm not gonna fight.

- I say we settled it last time.

- It's your world. You're still in charge.

- My world?

Where did you go, the moon?

- I'm here.

- So you stay here and
it's your world too.

- No.

- And as soon as you face up the fact

that when I'm an old
man, staggering around

in a wheelchair, buddy,
you gotta look after me

because I've been looking
after you all your young life.

- I didn't ask you to.

- Start contributing. I didn't ask you to?

I didn't ask to be born.

Come on. Grow up.

You know, make like a human being.

- You're not facing the question.

- Oh, I'm facing the question.

- I didn't ask to be born.

- I know you didn't, and I
feel sure that your mother

and father also asked this question.



- You ever said that to
me and I was your dad,

oh man, we would get together.

- Yeah.

- I'm telling you.

We'd have a father and son chat,

and that is for sure.

- Take 100. Roll 37.

A centennial special.


- Remember this man?

Remember at the city hall the other day?

- Oh, that's right, yes.

- He just tried the earphones.

- Yeah, great.

- You're gonna be in the movie.

- Tom.




- Thanks a lot.

- Tom!

What we're doing...

We're doing this scene in
which you turn the camera on,

you know?

So everybody has to look

for beautiful images on this street

for Richard and Martin at times,

to photograph. Okay?

So look for things.

You remember we started
doing the other day.

- Yeah.

- See what things you can find. Everyone.

Any suggestions are welcome

as to what we can shoot on the street.


- Don't forget the binder.

- That was tremendous.

- What do you got?

- What have I got?

- How about these flowers?

- They're not very colorful.

- There's a lot of
little flowers back there

that are rather beautiful, you know,

in a way because they're
just inconspicuous,

just sort of sitting there
minding their own business.

Why don't you film some of those?

- The flowers are obvious.

What you said you wanted earlier
was to try and get things

that look drab at first glance.

- Well, that looks drab.

Look at the scene. It's a cold wall

and dirty white paint.

And yet in this green and a
little bit of beauty there.

- I mean, it'll be a sensational thing

if you can turn this...

This is drab.

- I mean, this is really drab.

- Is this a real zoom in thing?

- That shot is feasible.

- So should it be done? Is it...

- Should it be done is not my business.

I just say it's feasible.

- Yeah, but is it
feasible with good quality

or bad quality, cinematically speaking?

- Well, that depends on
your standards of quality.

- Well, we have a good cameraman, okay.

- It's not a matter of good and bad.

No, no.

It's not good or bad. It's a matter of...


Being a certain shot for
a certain type of film.

- Yeah.

- Like what I'm going have to do...

You want me to go all through

these different things here, right?

- Yeah.

- A, it'll be handheld, so it'll be shaky,


It won't be on a tripod.

You can't say whether
that's good or bad

because good or bad

depends on the situation.

You know?

- It's got to be the feeling
of this big space out here.

- Yeah.

- So you've got to get rid of this thing.

I mean, you're right up
to the bay street sign,

even at the the shortest magnification.

So that's no good.

- You go from space to a
very, very small detail shot.

We need lenses for the camera, Richard.

Turn off that stupid camera
and get me some lenses.

- We need other lenses.

- I'm in charge now, okay?

Mort is no longer director.

I'm in charge, as far
as this sequence goes.

- When did this happen?

- Mort just said so a minute ago.

All right. I'm directing
this sequence, right?

- Nobody said you're directing.

- You said I could tell him what to do,

and he would do it.

You said I could tell him
what to do and he would do it.

Didn't you?

- No, I said you could
advise him what to do.

- You said go in and get your point

and make sure about it.

- Yeah, make sure you
get your point across.


- Well, make sure you
get your point across.

Tell him.

- Well, come on Martin.

We've gotta shoot this thing.

- Tell him what you want.

It doesn't matter whether
he does it right now.

- Turn around. Okay?

You know, we've gotta have
the shot of the street.

- Shot of the street.

- Yeah.

- Can I get a feeling of space?

- A feeling of space. Okay. I zoom back.

I got it. Now what?

- Okay, now we want to get a zoom shot,

which connects this space

with the space of the sign back here.

- A zoom shot, which connects that space

with the space over here.

Hold my glasses.

- Okay?

- Yeah.

- Space of the street

and this sign here.

- Fairweather.

The fashion store.

- Doreen, stand up on the sign, okay?

- Now what?

- Like we're gonna shoot you up there.

Ken? Can you move? Okay?

- Okay, now get a shot...

Now get a shot of Doreen,

leaning through the bars there.

- Doreen leaning through the bars?

Tight or loose?

- Whatever you think's better.

I think fairly middle.

Just a fairly general scene.


- Okay, I got it.

- Now we're gonna move behind the bars.

- We're gonna move behind the bars.

- Yeah, get in the dark space there.

- Now you go first and
show me and I'll follow.


- We want a shot from about
here over to this tree trunk.

Just get the nice little area in here,

this little groove and pan up to there

to get a feeling of the
sunlight and the leaves up high.

- Sunlight and leaves up high. Okay.

I'm gonna have to pull aperture on this,

so it may not be...

An absolutely technically perfect shot.

I'm also gonna have to take
the shoulder base camera

off my shoulder.

- Somebody's standing
right in the frame there.

Now what?

- Okay, now we wanna move
back and get a feeling

of the outer space through these bars.

- Outer space through these bars.

- Work in the kids too.

- Work in the kids too.

- Get the buses and
the traffic back there.

- Buses and traffic.

Who am I hitting?

- We want some street noise too.

- And street noise. Get street noise.

- That's about it unless
you want to return

to the little grove and
emphasize the idea that

there's some beauty
here behind the street,

and the contrast between the city space

and the space down here.

- Do you still want the street?

- No.

- We better get this slated.

- Okay, let's have a slate.

- Take 106, roll 38.

- There's a shot here we're supposed to...

- Did you get your shot?

- Yeah.

Except if you want to finish it off

with another shot of the greenery.

- Another shot? I did one already.

- Okay, fine. If you think that's enough.

- If I think it's enough for what?

- Well, you know, I just
wanna emphasize the fact

that what's behind there
is totally different,

yet it's very close.

- You wanna do a pan shot then
from the street into here?

- Yeah.

- Pan shot.

- Clear out of the way everybody.

Watch out.

Pan shot coming up.

(Tires screeching)

That's one stop underexposed in here.

If you want it technically perfect,

we'll have to get lights.

- Okay, that's enough.

- You want to get it
technically perfect with lights?

- No.


You got what you want, mort?

- What I want.

- That's the craziest shot
I've ever done in my life.

- Why?

- Well, why didn't you tell them

it's a crazy shot instead of doing it.

If you don't don't believe
in something, don't do it.

- Crazy is not necessarily bad.

It was fun.

I kinda got out of my confusion

by doing the very confused shot.


- I'm sorry, I don't speak about anything

that I don't know anything about,

and Vietnam war I don't
know anything about.

- It's been going on for a whole year.

For more than that.

- Well, if it's been going on for years,

I don't know how you
know so much about it.

- I'm not pretending to know
a terrible amount about it,

I just... I do feel involved

in things I read in
the newspaper about it.

Some of the reports I've
read about the casualties.

I guess we've all seen some
of those horrible pictures,

and you spoke of your group.

The eastern star is doing
a great deal of good work,

and I thought this is another
area where you could do a lot

of good work and help people

that are really in desperate need,

people that are...

Crippled and burnt and
torn by war every day,

while we're sitting here
and talking, it's happening.

And you yourself said
war was a terrible thing.

Please tell me if you think I'm all off.

I'm just... I feel a very,
very deep commitment,

a deep involvement,

and I want to understand how
other people feel about it.

- You haven't gotten your head...

- Are you angry at me?


- Look, Tom.

- That point is this all has to cut in

with you walking down the street,

and these are things that you would see.

Now do you think you
would see a ladybug or...

- Yeah, they always fly on me.

- Eh?

- If you turn on the camera,

minute detail is one of the
things you always notice.

- It seems logical to you?

Would you find one on the
street when you walk along?

- A lot of the time they fly onto you,

like you just walking along
and all of a sudden it's on.

- In the other shot,
you'll have to pretend

that one flies onto you, right?

- Yeah, and I'll just look at it.

And you'll have me looking on
it then all of a sudden zoom.

Like that can be the first shot.

Like I'll be walking down the street,

all of a sudden a ladybug will hit me,

and then I'll look at it,

and all of a sudden I'll
get kind of enmeshed

in just the ladybug.

And another shot coming
out 'cause when you come out

everything kind of spans right out.

It's like coming from a little...

A different little world
into a whole new one.

It's like rebirth almost,
just coming out of the alley.

- You better save the ladybug,

so you'll have it for the long shot.

- Yeah, we've been hanging
onto it for a long time.

Well, we gotta have Pilar playing herself

in the credits 'cause that's her name.


I got a great idea for a fantasy,

like when I see the bug on my hand,

I look at it and then
there's a picture of me

leading about 50 ladybugs
and they're all reciting

Thomas my Shepherd, I shall not want.

- Take a look. Quick.

Turn your hand over. Turn your hand over.


- Well, if you're not angry...

If I haven't insulted you personally,

do you just think I'm being...

- I think you're speaking about something

that you know nothing about

when you speak of Vietnam.

- Are you saying this
because you feel you know

more than me and I've made
some dreadful mistake?

- No, I don't know anything about Vietnam.

That's why I won't say
anything about Vietnam.

- My curiosity is why haven't you bothered

to learn more about it

when this is a war, and people are dying.

And if you feel it's awful,

then why haven't you bothered
to learn more about it

and learn how you could help in it,

how you could learn to stop it,

how you could help the people

that are being so terribly hurt?

- An individual like you
and I can't help Vietnam

when the American people themselves...

There's thousands of the
mothers in the United States

is trying to get this war
stopped and they can't.

So why should we in Canada here

try and do anything about it?

- Well, ask Canadians to
produce a great many of the...

Well, I just think that more individuals

that get together on this thing, you know,

the greater the movement against Vietnam,

and you're not an individual.
You belong to a group.

- You're speaking about something that

you know nothing about, the same as I.

I know nothing about Vietnam,

and you're only a child,

so I don't see how you can
know anything about Vietnam.

- Switch now because we shot so much.

- We lost the bug.

- You lost the bug?

- That's the first law.

- Hey, maybe we can
find it with this thing.

- Don't step on it.

- Bug.

- Don't step on it.

- Pilar.

- Do you think you can do
your sequence without the bug?

- Pilar.

- We gotta find the bug though.

- Careful!

- Then I could kind of think...

- Careful! We can't shoot
the scene without that bug.


- Bugs are a necessary part of life.

You should feed it. It looks...

You can't even find it with this thing.

This is hopeless.

- You know what it does?

It gets under a whole pile of grass,

like it was doing that over there,

but I always knew what
area it was in before.

The wind just blew it off right...

- Okay, what about this...

- Well, that's what I hate.

It's about the whole thing.

You constantly have to
be on the move, you know,

or you're dead. I mean, like,

that's connected with yorkville.

They can't stand people just
sitting there doing nothing,

you know, like freeways
are the same thing.

The whole america and Canada

are geared toward moving places

and there's no place to go.

Expressways are going through,
knocking down buildings,

you know?

I mean, it's becoming
part of a mobile culture.

You know, like this thing,

this drive-in restaurant,
drive-in banks,

drive-in drive-ins, you know,
to make out in, constant...

I mean, pretty soon people
will be having babies in cars,

getting buried in cars,
we're gonna have to

have floating cemeteries with, you know,

corpses constantly on the move.

And so we're gonna get like
that until finally just,

you know, you're gonna be very lucky

if you can sit still for a second.

(Crew laughing)

That's it.

- Isn't that great.

- That's terrific.



- Close our street! Close
our street! Close our street!

Close our street! Close our street!

(Chanting continues)

You may question tomorrow's rain,

but your questions
will only bring pain.


shadow of light

in my schemes

- now we've always had
some rebellious youth.

Nobody's against the fun
and games of kids

who want to have fun.

But remember, they've
gotta cooperate with that

that is going to permit us to eat

and sleep along with the decent people.

You still play with power

the shortest your hour

moving on

since time began

(crowd clapping)

(Police radio chatter)

(Crowd clapping)

(Crowd whistling and shouting)

(Crowd clapping)

(Crowd yelling)

(Crowd cheering)


(Crowd yelling)

(Whistling and chaotic chattering)

(Police radio chatter)

Funny how

(crowd yelling)

Some people

(crowd yelling)


(crowd yelling)


(crowd yelling)


(crowd yelling)


(chaotic whistling and yelling)

- Do you believe in democracy?
- Let me put it this way.

- I don't...

- Do you believe in democracy?

- I haven't answered that
question for myself yet.

- Well, what do you believe?
- In what system do you believe?

- In the political system?
- I don't know.

I don't believe in politics.

- You don't believe in politics?

- No.

I might someday, but I'm
trying to figure it out.

- I don't believe in a lot of politicians.

I agree with you there, but
there must be some system.

There must be laws. Is
this direct, or not?

- I even challenge that.

- You challenge that in as much,

there should be police to
uphold these laws or not?

- Well, maybe we could find
a way to live without police.

Maybe it's possible.

- Well, you gotta have a lot of love buddy,

to believe this.

- That's what we talk about.

- You take all the cops off the street

of this city for one week,

what are you thinking gonna happen?

- Haven't you heard about flower power?

- Mmm, Jesus Christ. I come
from a flower town of Canada,

you know, Brampton.

And if ever you took that
little police force off

the streets in Brampton
for one weekend,

you know what'd happened to you?

Eh? She wouldn't be a
flower town no more boy.

- Well,

- huh?

- Why not fix the cause of that? I mean,

what's the cause of all that violence?

Isn't the cause of all that violence,

the barracks that you created

and people jumping up and
down when they're told to?

- You do come up with
some real questions, boy,

silly ones, really.

You're not even facing fact.

- Why is it silly?

What's the fact.

- The fact is that we're human beings.


And we don't all love each other.

(Ambient chatter)

Christopher's movie


two, three, four

we're going on our holiday


going somewhere far away


I don't like the cold anyway


need a little warmth every day


and I, if it's all right

the rain is falling

the month is June

I'm so jive I can't resist
a spoon of your sugar

to sweeten the mood

come let's make our getaway


we can't last another day


survival is the only way


let's go for a holiday


by the way

we'll leave today

(upbeat folk rock)

Be sure to bring your mandolin

we've got to keep our handle in

the pot

which, after all, is hot

see the box we're finally in


laughing Greeks to lift a grin


if you think this means we can win


maybe it's where we came in


goodbye, arrivederci


morning, watts, broadcasting from...



(Groovy music begins)

(Groovy music continues
with crowd chattering)

(Groovy music fades)

(Crowd applauding)

- We had to sit-in on
yorkville last night,

several people got busted, including me.

Last Thursday, we went down

and we talked to the board of
control in this city of ours.

And we told them a lot of
things about who we are

and what we wanted to see

and what kind of a nice place we wanted

to see this city turn into.

And one thing we asked was,

"why don't you try closing
down our street? You know?"

And they said, "no, man, we can't do that."

We said, "why?"
And they didn't really know.

And that's what the thing
last night was all about.

- I was just wondering
what the possibilities

were of getting a
copy of that tape...

- What tape?

- Well, would you not have this all taped,

when they were taking the film?

- Oh, yes.

Shooting it, sure, yes.

- The, particularly, the speeches by depoe

and, that gal I'd like to get...

- Oh, why would you want that?

- I'd like to hear it
over again, that's all.

- Oh, but we can't do that.

Do you think, well,

do you think it would be fair
taping somebody without their...

You know, knowing that
it's gonna get to you or...

- Well, this is possible.

I just asked. If you don't want to...

- Well, as I say, I don't
think it's very fair.

Do you, inspector?

- Well, I hadn't thought
of it along those lines.

It might be.
And that they were talking.

I mean, we have most of the...

I have no stuff verbatim anyway,
but it's just that I heard,

but it's quite all right.

- People talk a great deal about

the whole big brother thing,

and I always tend to disbelieve it.

And that's why it surprises me
that you would want to take...

- It was just a thought,
that's all.

- Since they didn't know that we'd

be giving it to you.

- This is true.

- It'd be kind of unfair.

- Oh, okay.

I can see your point.

- Yeah.

What did you think of the...

- Oh, it was...

It was an afternoon's
entertainment for them.

- Did it give you any trouble
of any kind. Did it?

- No, no problems to us.

Same as the last one they had here.

They had a much larger crowd

the last time they were here.
No problems with it.

- Oh, I understood the
police weren't very favorable

towards this kind of a gathering.

- I wouldn't say we weren't
favorable towards it.

We get a little apprehensive at times

when we know what has happened

in some places over these things.

We just like to keep our finger
on the holster of things.

You know?

- I see.

- We don't really get too concerned.

We only had about three
men here this afternoon,

and if we were that worried about it,
we'd have probably had more.

- Oh, I thought I saw
more police than that.

Or were they from a
different department or...

- No, no. In the park
here had about three

and myself and the patrol sergeant.

- I see. How did you hear about it?
- Through the publicity or...

- No...

Well, we did read about it
in the newspaper, of course.

- I see.

- It was publicized there.

Of course, any time there's a permit...

- Oh, yes.

- These kind of things, of course we...

- I see.

Well, I hope you enjoy...

- Oh, how are you?

- Very well, sir.

- Your face looks familiar.

- It shouldn't unless
you just saw it today.

I'm from Illinois.

- Oh, are you?

- So I'm a long way out.
- Away from home.

- I was thinking of what's his name.
- Reverend...

He has a radio program,

and I've seen his picture in the paper.

- Oh.

- And I thought you were he...

- What did you think of the
afternoon's proceedings?

- I was here for about an hour and a half

and I talked with several of the
persons who were involved and I...

I thought it was very interesting.

I don't, I don't really,

I'm not in a position to
make a judgment particularly

because it's my first contact with,

with the whole movement, this closely,

with this, this bigger number...

Then in the states, actually

it's limited to certain areas,

and there is none around
where I come from,

which is the St. Louis area.

- I see.

- My brother lives in St. Louis.

I go down there periodically, visit him,

nothing going on like this out there.

- No, nothing.

- Maybe down in gaslight square,
we might see the odd one.

- A few.

They're scattered,

there's no community.

- Yeah, okay.

- See you again.

- Nice meeting you.

- Yeah, nice meeting you.

- Bye, sir.

(Folk rock music)

Away we go


falling down the street.

Should we be crying?

Like all the people we meet

bubble gum's for chewing

and I'm chewing mine

I really love to chew gum

I do it all the time

who are you?

Who am I?

Do you want to laugh or cry?

It doesn't matter what you do

what's in a name

Swimming in the pool

people want to throw them out

but I think they're cool

(folk rock instrumental)

Away we go laughing

falling down the street

should we be crying?

Like all the people we meet

who are you?

Who am I?

Do you want to laugh or cry?

It doesn't matter what you do

what's in a name?


- all right, all right, don't push.


(Desk slamming)



- Where's the teach?


- Yeah.

- They usually do most of the talking.

- All right, class. Settle down.


- Okay, you can teach.

- Can I be teacher?

- Yeah, you be teacher.

- Put your hat on.


- All right, listen up...



Today we're beginning a
whole new... whole new year.

Today we're not going to do anything.

We're just going to
get to know each other.

Well, tomorrow...

Young lady...


There are certain rules and regulations,

which must be observed.

I mean, I don't make the rules.

Now this year, and some other years,

you may have had
difficulties with discipline.

Now, I'm not a hard disciplinarian,

but when I want to have something done,

I expect to have it done.


Now you treat me like an adult

and I'll treat you like adults...

Which is completely untrue because

you treat him like god and
he treats you like some kids.

- Oh, I had a teacher who
said first day school...

- Classrooms are a drag.


- Have you ever seen some of
the signs they put in the back?

Like "learning is earning."

- Well, let's get down to the facts.

What we're talking about
is isolated little cases.

Like the things on the back.

What about discussing
the educational system?

Instead of just the...

- That's a trouble, you see,

it's the system.

- Before we start,
I'd like to make a point.

The teacher should
have a better attitude.

The whole thing should be more relaxed.

I mean, we don't like it
and they don't like it.

- Yeah. That's right.

- Like most kids have dropped
out of school completely.

- You mean they're dropped out

and they're still sitting in their desks.

- Oh yeah.

- I did that last year.

- So did I.

- I, you have to do it.

There's no way that you can be...

- Not no way.

- You people are still buggered
up with the system though.

McLuhan was talking about,
I think it was socrates.

And he spent all his time
looking for the perfect school,

and he didn't realize that he

and his pupils were living right in it.

They were living in Athens.

What greater city... to get
an education in than Athens?

And the point is that the
world is the best teacher

and that if kids want to learn,

they should darn well go out
and find themselves a teacher.

They should go to the teacher.

They shouldn't have to
have come to school.

They shouldn't have to have any education

because kids are natural learners.

- Of course, there's a lot of people

that just fall right into it,

and they really couldn't give a damn.

You know that, you know there's...

- That's what I was talking about.

It's harder without regimentation,

that's for sure,

and all these progressive systems,

the kids say they want a
progressive system, but it's much,

much harder because they have
to do the work themselves.

- You heard of summerhill?

You know that school
where the kids all live.

- Yeah.

- And some of them are really
frightened by their freedom

that they're given...

- Yeah.

They don't know what to do with it

now because they've never been prepared.

The parents always say
that we're preparing you

for the world.

But the thing is, it's such a...

It's such a circle and
that if they prepare us

for the world as it is...

How are we gonna change it?

- I feel like we are the world.

- That's right.

- It's so fake because it's not
the real world in here.

It's some sort of...

- Yeah...

- It's, it's a created...

- It's a gray ivory tower...

- So we can change it, if
only we're taught to...

Realize our freedom, and they give...

They give us this crap about
the great Democratic society,

and the great freedom we
have, when there is...

So little freedom

because of the small
dictatorships and business.

- What's an education?

- An education for me
is not what I'm getting.

An education is, I mean,

not what I'm getting in a classroom,

but I'm getting a tremendous education

just by going to school and
meeting all these people.

- Why do we have to
go to school to talk?

- You know cause our vice principal,

he walks around the halls, the
first three days of school,

telling everybody to get a haircut,

and this guy's, you know,

earning $12,000 a year
and that's his job.

- Like the principal was
having a talk with me

and... he said, "get your hair cut,

'cause you won't be accepted
by society with long hair."

And I said, "well, the way society is now,

I don't really want to be accepted by it."

And he wouldn't let me go to class

until my attitude changed.

And that to me is the whole school system.

- Like a lot of people, they
begin thinking like that,

and then they get all
worried about the long hair

and the long hair becomes
more important than learning.

- That's right.

- You know that, I mean, sure,

it's a ridiculous thing,

but it's not nearly as
important as learning.

- Yeah, they're in a transition period

where there's not enough disciplines

that you're forced, you know...

You have to respect them or get beat up.

- We should do something
while we're in school

'cause, I mean, it'd be nice
to have it changed later,

but I want to change now
so I don't have to throw

my years away 'cause it's kind of

almost a survival thing.


Yeah, I will.

I'm trying. I'm gonna run for president.

I'm really gonna try to start
something, honestly.

I mean, I'm gonna have
things like general meetings

of the whole and not after school.

I mean during the school,

so we miss half an hour of Latin class.

So what? It's not gonna
influence our lives.

A child at three or four is the...

Greatest thing because
they're so beautiful.

They want to know everything.
They really do.

And gradually, as they go through school,

the pity is this gets dampened.

If there's only some way
to capture it and bottle it

and give it to older people, you know?

And they can, if you've ever seen a man

with his little girl, you know,

he suddenly becomes a little boy again.

I think it may be in kindergarten the way

the regimentation starts.

And the beautiful thing about kindergarten

is the pictures they draw.

- Yeah.

- They're so great. They're so...

They're abstract and they're
beautifully abstract.

They're subconscious is still
close to their conscious.

- And all they can teach
us is how to learn.

All they can do is give
us the study skills.

They can't teach us anything about...

- Nobody can teach you how to learn.

- But yes, they can teach us how to read...

- Nobody can teach you how to learn,

- how to write essays...

Because you've got to
learn from them how to learn.

- But they can. What do you mean?

- That's true.

- Everybody knows how to learn.

- No...

- If they only listen to themselves

and then they can magnify that power,

but nobody can teach you how to learn.

- There's certain basic skills,

certain knowledge they have to...

- You can't learn how to learn.

- They can. They can give you...

- Because you have to be taught that.

- What's the basic problem
with the whole system...

Or is there one?

- The basic system...

- There's no basic problem.

The basic problem is...

So entwined with people...

- In our school, you know,

you have to be out of the
sight of the school to smoke,

which means if you can see
the school, then, you know...

- They can see you.


- And you have to keep walking
until you can't see it anymore.

- The big thing that's
wrong with school, and

the big thing that's wrong
with this classroom right now

is the fact it's boring.

- That's right.

- If I'm left by myself,
I'll either do something...

- If we can even get an answer.

- What's the hell?

- Shut up.

- One good thing about
the whole bloody system...

- I've given the answer already.

- Yeah.

You talk about walking
in the wrong door,

through the cafeteria.
That is no problem.


- It's boring. It's boring.

I wanna sit and scream in
class because it's boring,

and it's probably gonna
be boring next year,

and I hope it isn't, but
it probably will.

- Right?

- You people are all crazy

because you're looking for the best

school and the best school
in the world.

And you're looking for the best exams

and the best exam is life.

- I dunno. It'll be
interesting to see though.

- I'd like to have...


- What is the problem with the system?

You've been here for about 45 minutes,

talking about walking up
the wrong flight of stairs.

- I think he's got a point.

(Chuckling and indistinct banter)

- You're the one who's being...

- Then I ask you a question and you say,

"yes, well, there's a problem."

And then you talk about
walking in the wrong door,

through the cafeteria.

- We're all acting like hurt children.

- There is no problem.

- There's no problem.
- What's the problem?

- There's a teacher standing there...

- You people are creating a problem.

- Malcolm, if you don't... if
you're so annoyed of this,

why do you go back to school?

- If I dropped out of school

and then went to work
or... became a hippie,

or something like that, I'd be...

I wouldn't be gaining anything.

I still have just as much freedom

as I have going to school
because we're all deluded

that we have a certain amount of freedom,

which is denied, which is utter nonsense.

Nobody's free.

So all I'm gaining and all I'm trading

is one little prison for another.

- Learning...

- You've seen sounds
like that, haven't you?

- Is earning!


- Here's money.

- Time is money, learning is earning,

and school is boring.


That's it. That's all they have to know.

- Omnia per scientiam,
that's what I always say.

- Yes, put that down.

- He told me to tell you,

you're sitting on the
right chair the wrong way.

So I just hammed it up from there on.

- What's your school motto?

- Omnia per scientiam.

Don mills, Don mills collegiate

is the school we honor and Cherish

hey, hey, hey

Don mills, sing our allegiance
for the whole...


The lap of learning that makes
our future look bright,


Don mills held by the banner

of the white, the black and the gold

Don mills... where our
hopes and dreams may unfold

oh, when we shout it,
and brag about it

you know we'll never deny.

We come from d-o-n m-i-I-I-s

Don mills

- That's an actual school song.


- The Latin teacher wrote it.

- Oh, that's terrible.

- Far as it's written about 1890.

When all that sort of imperialistic
crap was trying its head...

- Right country, right or wrong?

- Right or wrong. Right.

- Okay, kids.

- Okay, what now?

- In the ties, we know...

- We gotta clean the classroom and...

- What?

- Yeah. We have to clean it up.

- Boo.

- And the blackboard?

- Huh?

- You're humorous.

- The blackboard.


- Leave the blackboard, please.

(Folk rock music)

Worry, worry

what a drag

makes me do it

it makes me shoulder sag

worry, worry

I'm all through

listening to the likes of you

yeah, I've been working every day

on my... twitching way

worry, worry, I'm all through

listening to the likes of you

now I'm working on other ways

and worry doesn't mar my days

just concentrate on being you

it'll drive you crazy,
but you won't be blue

I met a strange man downtown

and he said things that
really brought me around

he called us silly, mad machines

to worry and fret

and live in dreams

now I'm working on other ways

worry doesn't mar my days

just concentrate on being you

it'll drive you crazy,
but you won't be blue

worry, worry, what a drag

makes me twitch, it
makes me shoulders sag

worry, worry

it's all I do

about what's happening to me and you

ooh, ooh, ooh

ooh, ooh, ooh

- Because especially that
time, which you all know of,

the time when we were at
that old deserted building,

when he was rolling,

and you broke in on
something very personal

and that upset me.

- I can't hear you.

- You broke in on something
very personal and that upset me

because I was trying to get away

from all the terrible
things you were doing

'cause I thought they were terrible,

all those planned sequences of us,
of us...

We ran out of the car.

We arrived about 14 times, you know,

and you don't really do that
when you're going to play

in a deserted building, you just come.

And so I... ran into the corner

and Martin came with his little camera

and I turned around and there he was.

- You were angry at Martin?

- Not so much angry at Martin

as angry at...

Not you but, well, you too,

but the idea...

Of the camera taking
something so personal...

Which I meant to ask you yesterday.

Did you turn the camera?

Like, were you filming
when I was with Larry?

- Ask Martin.

- Martin, were you?

- Yes, dear, what?

- Were you filming when I...

When Larry and I were over
on the... standing over on the...

- Yes, I was.

- Like that, I'd object... to that.

Although I wouldn't
say you couldn't use it,

if you wanted to, but that was something

terribly personal.

- Tell Martin.

- Martin, that was
something terribly personal.

- But, yes...

- When you were filming that...

- It's only the personal
things that are worth filming.


- Yeah, well...

- They have, you
know, they convey...

A meaning to other human beings

that a non-personal thing doesn't.

- Yeah. I see that.

I suppose it all depends
on how you use it,

but I think the film's
gonna turn out more...

- Can't hear you.

- I think the film's
going to be beautiful.

I really do.

- Why did you change your mind?

- I don't know what it was
because when you get to know

the people, the kids...

How we all got together,
and we're all so different,

and yet we all tolerate each other,

and we all listen to each other,

and I think there's
something important in that.

And I think the film should
show that because it's true.

I was talking to art about it.

How the two things we have in common

are that we tolerate each other

and that we're all kind of
searching for something.

I think that's what...

- Mark, could you tighten in,

so that jock can get closer, please?

- Yes.

- Okay. Move in closer.

I wanna make sure that we hear everything.

- And I can't wait to see it

because it's like a dream,
this whole thing...

What we're trying to show
and it's so beautiful,

and I hope that everybody sees that.

It makes me so happy. I've never been...

Felt so happy as with
you, all of you people.

It's great.

Now I think you're going
to make me cry again.

- Oh no.

Oh no.

No, you don't have to do that.

Hey, why are you crying if you're happy?

Doreen, why are you
crying if you're happy?

- I always cry when I'm happy, I guess.

- I'm very... crying today.

I cried today too.

- Let's go back.

- There have been hippie marches,

and hippie sit-ins since
early Sunday morning.

More than 60 people have been arrested

and the hippie protest continues.

Police are now investigating
the possibility of a link

between the hippie
activity and the presence

of a national film board
company in this area.

Earlier this week, a course of instruction

on how to resist arrest and go limp

to be dragged away by police was conducted

by the hippies in the city park.

One of the instructors, Alison Gordon,

later appeared as a member
of a national film board crew

at city hall square

during what was termed a sleep-in.

The national film board
has denied any connection

with Ms. Gordon, except
that she had been retained

to act as a liaison between
the hippies and the film crew.

On Sunday, the film board had been issued

a city parks permit to
stage what they termed

a film-in for a sequence on
a Toronto area production.

By an unfortunate coincidence,
an nfb spokesman

said it became a part
of the hippie outbreak,

bill kopps, cbc news.

- You recording?

- In a way, we were
sort of responsible.

- No, we were not.

- You know, I mean,

people change when they get
a camera in front of them.

- This is funny.

They called the band on Sunday

a bunch of hippies.

- Yeah, I know.

- They even paid for the hippie band.


- It is funny.

- I didn't know I was a hippie.

- What if your mother sees
that? What'll she do?

- Oh, wow.

- Playing with a bunch of hippies, are you?

(Paper crinkling)

- This was last night.

Look at that.

- Look at this.

We made the headlines, boys.

Show this to everybody.

At the top.

- That was the early edition.

Oh, that's too much.

- Oh, that's killer.

- Yeah. Read it out loud.

The national film
board admitted yesterday

that it maneuvered some of the events,

which have occurred
among yorkville's hippies

in recent days.

A spokesman said the
board obtained a permit

from the Metro's park department on Friday

to hold the noisy love-in,

also known as a film-in,

which greeted David depoe
and five other hippies

when they were released
from Don jail last Sunday.

He also admitted that it
paid for the hippie band

and rental of sound equipment.
Hippie band.


The spokesman also said
that the crews of the board

had moved hippies around
to several locations

in Metro. Report tres youth
today. That means we're hippies.

The board gave a mixed answer to a charge

that Alison Gordon, 24, was
an employee of the board.

Ms. Gordon instructed
hippies, Tuesday afternoon

in queen's park, in passive
resistance to police.

That afternoon another
instructor of the hippies

described police as mad dogs, violent

and loving to stamp on people's hands.

Leo waszczuk, location,
business manager of the board

said that Ms. Gordon was not an employee,

but a representative of the board

in its Montreal office, said
in a telephone conversation

that she was... and that
she was living in Toronto.

Matt rausen.

- Is that...?

- Yeah. Matt rausen.

That's mort ransen, director of the film

said that technically she has not been

working for the board.

He said that the board
had arranged a film-in

for Sunday afternoon as part of a film,

yet untitled, which would show youth today.

The film was to be shown on television

and later distributed to schools.

- I was shocked to learn
about the whole incident,

and I think it's disgraceful
that an organization

like the film board can be
involved with such...

- Quite so, quite so, sir.

What do you think of
the national film board?

- Oh, my opinion has been lowered greatly

by the incidents of the past days.

- I agree.

- I'd be in shock that they'd
be associated with such...

- Exactly.

- Low members of our society.

- Exactly.

I think the national
film board is completely

to blame for this terrible instance.

Sir, do you have anything
to say upon this?

- Not really, except
that national film board

has gotten caught in
the unusual predicament

of being blamed for the
news that it's reporting.

- As usual, of course.

- This rarely happens with media,

and it's odd that it should
happen with this film

and significant that it
should happen with this film,

which is a film of social protest.

That's all I have to say.

- That is all?

- That's all.

- Thank you, sir.

Would you say... that the nfb

is to blame for this?

- Of course not.


- No.

- Cut that comment.


We're moving through the crowd,

and as we come up on our next...

Sir, do you have any comment
upon the yorkville riots?

- I think it's been misreported.

- He thinks it's been...

- What do you think of
the national film board?

- Well, of course...
- It's a great institution.

- Really?

- Oh, definitely.

- Would your opinion be biased at all?

- Be what?

- Biased. Do you know what that means?

- No, I don't.

- Prejudice. Prejudice.

- Do you have a prejudiced opinion

upon the national film board?

- Oh, never.

- Never.

- Never.


- Obscene.

- Well, you've all heard about it.


We're filming the final
scene in the film right now.

This is...

- You're kidding?
- Oh, disillusionment.

- The departure of the film crew.

- You're kidding.

- We've all been ordered back to Montreal.

The film board hierarchy
has reacted in a panicky way,

and ordered us to go back,

and so we're leaving.

None of us on the crew
agree with the decision.

We've all told them that
we disagree with it.

- Maybe this is a good thing, really.

- Why?

- I mean, it shows what
we're up against, doesn't it?

- Yeah.

- We're up against the whole bit.

We're up against the papers
prefabricating stories

and lying outright.

- Yeah, but...

- We're up against administrations
believing outright lies.

- Mort, come home! You've had enough fun

playing movie director.

- Yeah, that's it.
- I've had enough fun.

I've had a lot of fun. It's true.


- I still can't...

This all seems like it's
just still part of a plot.

I can't comprehend that
it's actually over.

- It is.

- It's a globe and mail plot
to take over Toronto, slowly.

- It's like listening to war.

- I kept thinking this was
such a beautiful chance.

- Put too many hopes in one thing.

It's like putting all your
soldiers in one battle

and then they all get slaughtered.

- Isn't it great that the illusion

of movie-making is
defeated by the illusion

of newspaper-making?

And we all know that not
one word of it was true

and yet we're acting as if
it was. How about that?

Hey, we should go along with them and

get all the kids in the village

to demonstrate for us 'cause we...


- That's a very bad idea.

- Excuse me.

- I've got a...
- My orders are to pack

and get out of town, so goodbye.

- It sounds like...


The sheriff is giving you to sundown.

- Okay, you too.


Roger, it's been a pleasure.

Take care of yourself.

Very nice. You too, Peter.

Bye, Sarah. Bye, Jack.

Oh, come on, honey.

Don't be foolish.

Take it easy.

Very nice. You too, Chris.

Ken, Chris, Ken.

Who's Ken? Who's Chris?

Chris, Ken, Chris.

- Still don't know?
- Chris, Ken. I'm David, he's John.

- Will you be able to
make a film out of it?

- I don't know.

(Upbeat folk rock music)

(Upbeat folk rock music fades)