No Turning Back (2019) - full transcript

An avionics engineer receives a letter from Mars One that he has been shortlisted to be on one of the first human expeditions to Mars. He completed the application form nine months ...

Keep the nose coming around.

And watch the horizon.

That's it.



Haven't you have some
news for your Dad?

I got into Little Shop
of Horrors at school.

Well done Pumpkin.

Not the part I was going for,

but it's still good to be in it.

What part
did you go for?

Audrey of course.

She's the lead.

Makayla and Ashleigh said
I did the best audition

and they reckon I
should've got the role.

Well, you've never
had a lead role before!

I can hope.

What does it say on
Mom's fridge magnet?

"Believe in yourself,
follow your dreams."

So what part did you get?


And are you happy
to be in the show?

Yeah, yeah, I'm
stoked to be in it.

That's good.

It's a fun musical
and I can't wait

for rehearsals to start.

Well, you can tell
your drama teacher

if she needs any help
with the costumes

with the costumes
I can be there.

Okay thanks Mom.

Rachel's parent
teacher interviews

are Thursday at 6:30.

Are you coming?

Of course.

Have I ever missed one of

Rachel's parent
teacher interviews?

Her teachers all
love her to bits

just like her Daddy does.

Oh, I forgot to tell you.

I got offered a
promotion on Friday.

Hm, I like
the sound of that.


You wanted to see me?

Just a second Nick.

I'm very pleased
to tell you that we

have scored that
Wentworth contract.

The partners are pretty chuffed.

We want you to
stop working on the

Northland Aerospace job

and take over as project
manager for Wentworth

as Technical Support
Chief Engineer.

You'll have a team of
four including Bill Yates,

Eric Shephard, Peter Wong,

and Dave Callan who
will all report to you.

This is a promotion Nick.

Sorry, it's just, I'm
about three months away

from finishing
the Northland job.

We'll get Sanderson
to finish off for you.

Salary reviews are
coming up in April

and you are guaranteed
an increase.

I'm guessing it will
be a decent one too.

How long do you
reckon it will take

to see this one through?

Now, it's a big job so three
years if all goes to plan.

But it could be as long as five.

Are you in?

Yeah, okay.



Y'know Nick, I thought you you
would be as keen as mustard.

I mean I fought hard to
get you to head this team.

You have always
wanted to lead a team

and now I offer you this

and all I get is a cool "okay."

Let's have a chat in my office

And what did you say?

I said I'll let him know.

Nick, it's a
promotion for gods sake!

I just need to think
about it for a few days.

Well, why don't you see
if you can get a few weeks

holiday in before the
job starts because,

look what I got from
the travel agent today?

There's a great 14
day cruise leaving

from Sydney the day
after our anniversary.

So I thought we could spend
our anniversary in Sydney

and then start off the next day.

Well, don't you even want
to know where it goes?

I'm not sure that I
can get away in June.

You do realize its
our 20th anniversary?

I know and I'll find
something special,

maybe a weekend away.

How many years have you
been promising me a cruise?

You always find a
reason why we can't go.

She's right Dad.

You've always have an excuse!

Well it's not as easy as that.

I have I have some work
commitments during that period.

Rachel, why don't you tell Mom

and Dad what happened
to Emma today?

Why don't you?

Well she's not
my greenie friend

Emma got arrested today.

What? Emma?

Mm-hm, she was at
the Greenpeace march

and something happened

and then she ended up in
jail for over an hour.

Now you see why I
didn't want you to go?

Mom, there were
thousands of people there

and only two people
got in trouble.

Anyway, she's home now.

Today's flight
was a lot of fun.

I really really want
to study aviation

What you really
mean is you'd like

to do a pilots training course.

Well that would be super cool!

Max, your Dad and I
think it's important

to follow your dreams,

but we'd like you to do
a bachelors degree first.

Dad, you did Avionics,
so why can't I?

No, the engineering
degree came first,

then the avionics.

I'd like you to get
your bachelors first

then the whole
world's your oyster.

I nearly forgot.

You've got some very
interesting mail today.

How was your
test today Rachel?

It sucked.

I hate science, I
just hope I pass.

You are so full of
crap, you always say that.

Ah, hello!

I passed my last science
exam with "Achieved".

Hardly a scholarship
you brainiac.

Aren't you gonna
open the letter?

I already know what's inside..


I received an email
a few weeks ago,

I was just waiting for the
right time to tell you.

Tell me what?

It's from MarsX.

Are you serious?

I have applied for one of
the 24 slots to go to mars

and I've been shortlisted
as one of 100 applicants.

No you have not.

There were over
200,000 applicants,

so I didn't think
I had a chance.

C'mon, you are so
full of bullshit.

Mom, who's swearing now?

I filled out the
application in June last year

and forgot all about it.

MarsX contacted me in January

to set set up an
online interview

for their chief medical officer,

which I did the following week

and I probably
should've told you then,

but I still didn't think
I had a chance in hell.

Show me the letter.

Are you frigging kidding me?

You've applied to go to Mars?

Tell me you are not serious!

Its only an
application, that's all.

An application?

It's more than a
bloody application!

You have been shortlisted!

Wait a minute.

I'm not gonna fall for that one.

You're so pulling my leg.

Is this for real?

It's for real.

If this it's a joke, I
don't think it's funny.

Mom, I think
Dad's being serious.

That letter is for real.

You're considering
going to Mars

and you never even
discussed this with me?


So how long does that
mean you have to be away?

It's a one-way trip.

One way?

It is currently the only way

that they can get people on
Mars within the next 20 years.

But with technology
advancing the way that it is,

there's a real chance
of a return flight

at some point in the future.

So when is
this happening then?

2031, so it's a long way off,

but I would have to travel

to the States for
training sometime soon.

Forgive me but I'm
having real difficulty

understanding this.

Are you telling me you're
prepared to leave this family,

leave me, leave your kids,

your mother and
all of your friends

and just go off to Mars
for the rest of your life

with people you've
never even met?

Was Neil Armstrong wrong

because he wanted to be
the first man on the moon?

Christopher Columbus,
Francis Drake,

Yuri Gagarin!

I mean, where would
we be if brave people

didn't step out and take a risk?

You're missing the point.

No, none of the
great explorers

had their return guaranteed!

You are leaving your family.

This wasn't the right
time to bring this up.

And when was the
right time Nick?

Were you going to wait until I

read about it in the newspaper?

Same one?

Why won't you tell me?

This has been going
on for months.

I'm sorry.

Just go back to sleep.

If it happens again, I will
go into the spare room.

I haven't been to sleep.

I can't sleep.

Are you asleep?


Do you remember

all those years ago
when we first went out

you asked me what
my dreams were,

and I told you that I'd
always wanted to learn to fly,

but there was always
something stopping me.

Do you remember what you said?

You said,

"living is dreaming"

Do you remember that?

Yeah, well, I wasn't talking
about dumping your family

and going to Mars, was I?

You said that
from early childhood

we're told to stop
dreaming and start living,

and you said that was a mistake.

You said "Living is dreaming."

Yeah, I remember that.

I don't want to think
about it right now.

I just wish I could go to sleep

and wake up and find that
this was all a bad dream.

I know Mom and
Rachel are pretty stink

about the whole MarsX thing but,

I talked to Kevin today

and he thinks its
really really cool.

I reckon I'd do it if I was
old enough and they chose me.

You know, I've
never told you this,

but I had a dream when
I was about your age,

that I went to the moon.


Are you scared
about going to Mars?

I'm only shortlisted.

I know Kevin's
a bit of a geek,

but he's knows a
lot about this stuff

and he told me if you are
one of the first people

people to go to Mars,
you'll be a hero.

Bigger than any pop
star in the world.

We're about 28 minutes

already into today's spacewalk.

We just got another
question from XFoot4000

who wanted to know why PMA3

is gonna get moved
in it's setup...

Rachel has taken
this news pretty badly.

She's extremely upset.

The kids are in bed, I
think we need to talk.

Maybe I'll pour
myself a drink first.

No, I don't want a drink.

I want to know what is
happening to this family.

Nothing is happening
to this family.

I saw a once in a lifetime
opportunity and I...

Don't tell me nothing is
happening to this family!

You're prepared to
walk away from us,

your children and our marriage,

and you tell me
nothing is happening!

I saw one of the
biggest opportunities

that a man could be part of...

Stop the bullshit please!

I want to know what is
going to happen to us.

Are you seriously going to
walk away from everyone?

I know that sounds dreadful

and it hurts me to know

that I've hurt
you by doing this,

but I've thought about
this over and over,

and yes, I am being
a bit selfish.


That's a bloody understatement!

You know, if every
pioneer that led

a major expedition
wasn't brave enough...

I don't give a
stuff about pioneers

or expeditions,
especially ones to Mars.

Even if it turns
out to be humankind's

- greatest exploration to date?
- No, I don't care.

I'm scared.

And I can't believe
you would do this

without discussing
it with me first!

I'm sorry.

I should have talked
it over with you.

This affects the whole family.

It wasn't your decision
to make on your own.

And what about Rachel?

What am I supposed to say?

Dad's in a new reality TV series

and he wont be home for a while.

Actually ever.

You know, I honestly never
expected to get this far.

And you say all this
as if I've been chosen.

I'm only shortlisted.


Will you please eat your
eggs while they're hot?


You're on page three
of the Tribune.

Have you seen this?

"A 45 year old Auckland
Avionics engineer Nick Wilkinson

"has been selected to
travel to Mars in 2031.

"He is one of 100
would be astronauts

"chosen for the
special training,

"which is scheduled to
commence in two months time."

Well that's wrong for a start.

- Give it here.
- What the hell!

You said shortlisted,

and the paper is
saying selected.

Whats going on?

No, it's just
semantics that's all.

I don't care about semantics.

Which one is it?


I am one of 100 candidates
who will take part

in the many challenges that
they will throw our way.

40 of us will be selected
to the next round.

Then there's an
isolation challenge.

30 people will make it,

and then finally they will
choose six groups of four

that will become
full-time employees.

So I'm selected for
the program yes,

but, I'm only shortlisted
for the actual mission.

Well, thanks for telling me,

and you didn't mention
the interview either.

It happened yesterday.

The journalist
came to the office

and after the interview
she asked for a photo.

And it wasn't important
enough to mention?

I'm sorry.

I completely forgot.

There's just a lot

going on at the moment.

Kelsey and Mrs. Drake are
here, grab your bag quickly.

- Bye Mom.
- Bye.

Hey, what about me?

Great article Dad.


I was thinking about what
you said last night and,

you didn't get to be
one of the 100 chosen

just by filling out an
application did you?

No I had to provide a medical
statement from our doctor.



well, I had a call from the
MarsX Chief Medical Officer

asking all sorts of questions.

Why did you change
course after just

one year at Auckland University?

It would seem a huge
waste of a year.

I couldn't settle
in Med school.

It was what my parents wanted.

They weren't very happy when
I changed to do engineering.

Yeah, but what about you?

Were you happy
with your decision?


I don't think I would have gone

into Avionics without
that background.

Mars looks a
lot like our home,

however it has an
ever present red tint.

Do you know anything about that?

Iron oxide.

It's very common on
the planets surface.

Both planets, Mars and
Earth have many similarities.

What similarities
are you aware of?

A Mars day is 24 hours,
39 minutes and 35 seconds,

so the night day rhythm is

very similar to
ours here on Earth.

Mars and Earth are a similar
distances from the sun

so that a Martian year,

if I can I call it that,

is 687 days.

I think you can
call that similar.

Mars has water,

mostly frozen water.

Even if it is trapped under the

North and South
Poles polar ice caps.

What are your motivations
for wanting to join MarsX?

Well, there's one question
that I was expecting.

I believe that it is the firsts

in our history that
are remembered.

I can be one of the first
people to set foot on Mars.

I find that prospect

I don't believe
that we can continue

on earth as we're going now.

I think we are progressively
destroying this planet.

It will be the pioneers
that go to Mars,

that make the sacrifice

that will ensure the
human race survives.

I think that step is the next
great leap in our evolution

and I want to be part of that.

Mr. Wilkinson, I
note you are married

with two children.

You have a son of 16 years

and a daughter of 14.

Have you told your family
you've applied to MarsX?


If you were
running low on food

would you consider

eating one of your
fellow Marstronauts?

Quick, you're late!

What did you say?

No, go go go,
you'll miss your bus!

Mom, can you stop and
join us for a bit?

I've got something to tell
you and it's quite important.

Did you see the paper today?

No, we don't get it in the
middle of the week anymore.

Well I'm on page three.

Well, that's wonderful dear.

Another award for your gliding?

You know, we still have some
of your cups here you know?

No, its not about gliding.

Have either of you
heard of MarsX?


As in the Planet?


MarsX are planning to build a

permanent human
settlement on Mars.


We were just reminiscing
the other day, weren't we?

About how obsessed you were with

going to the moon
when you grew up.

Not the Moon Mom.

I have been shortlisted

to be one of the first
humans to set foot on Mars!

Mars is, a bloody
long way away.

I thought you might
not believe me so,

I brought the letter.

So how many days does
it take to get there?

The actual trip takes
about seven months.

About a bit longer
than astronauts

currently stay on the
International Space Station.

But that's only one way.

I don't think your
Mother could cope

with you being
away for that long.


many years ago there was

an ordinary guy from
a laboring family

who had a dream.

His name was Captain James Cook,

and he became one of the greatest
sea explorers of his age.

Every New Zealander
knows who he was.

What's that got to do with you

wanting to be an astronaut?

Well, there were
risks for James Cook.

But he traveled farther
than anyone ever had.

And Sir Edmund Hillary,
he's one of your idols.

How many times have
you spoken his name?

Yet he took huge risks.

No one had managed to
climb Everest before him.

But he did it and he
became a national treasure.

A hero.

Yes, but you would be
away for more than a year?


This expedition is
to colonize Mars.

Oh, so you're going
to build some sort

of settlement up there?


There will be four people
in the first intake

who will go to Mars permanently.

Now, I've only been shortlisted.

Well, why would
they want to do that?

Not they Mom.

It could be me.

How long would you be away?

Its a one way trip.

I'm not coming back.

But you're my only son.


The first crew, they
won't leave until 2027.

It's a long way away.

Why cant somebody else go?

Mom its a huge honor.

But, you are my only son!

MarsX will
launch a series of six

rockets called DDV's.

Deep Space Delivery
Vehicles over four years

to deliver the
infrastructure our team

will need when they arrive.

The first rocket will be
launched in late 2019.

- That's an old video.
- Shh.

What makes
our mission different

from the others is that
our colonizers will

live on Mars and spend the
rest of their lives there.

On arrival on the red planet,

the astronauts
will initially live

in an inflatable
Life Support Unit.

They will assemble their
permanent living quarters

then construct the
greenhouse, the laboratory,

and then their
office and workspace.

And this will only be the start.

With over 150,000 applicants,

MarsX has has now
narrowed the list to 200.

From these 200 qualified
and enthusiastic candidates

two men and two women
will be chosen to lead,

in what will become the greatest

scientific achievement
in human history.


You're so annoying!

Any mail today?

Nothing for you.

But, there's a letter
confirming Rachel's

CT scan for 15th of April.

The digital imaging
they use in the CT scan

was developed by NASA for
the Apollo Lunar landings

to computer analyze and
enhance photos of the Moon.

How do you like that
slice of wisdom Nan?

You can thank my
friend Kevin for that.

He also said that
the earth is dying

and that there's no
way it can support

any life if we keep
polluting it the way we do.

This whole going
to mars thing isn't

going to help those
wallowing in poverty.

Over a billion
people suffer from

extreme poverty on this planet.

How many millions
of children died

just last year from poverty?

So, doesn't it seem wrong
to you to spend billions

of dollars on funding a
trip to Mars when people

are dying from lack of food?

Wow, so very erudite
from my baby sister.

Shut up Max!

Over 250 million years ago

there was an event
which most people

don't even know about,
called the Great Dying.

It was the greatest mass
extinction in Earth's history.

96% of marine life
was obliterated,

and over 70% of all
animals were wiped out.

It was called The
Permian Extinction.

At some point in our evolution.

we need to find
somewhere else to live

or the human race will be
be wiped out altogether.

That's exactly what
Kevin said to me today.

Ultimately 100s of thousands
of people, maybe millions,

will offer to live
on a new world,

but someone needs to be first.

Someone needs to
make that sacrifice

and it would be so
much easier for me

if I could go knowing
that I have your support.

You have mine Dad.


And what about support for me?

And your responsibilities
for your children?

You will be well
looked after financially.

If I am chosen and if I
get on the first flight.

Rachel will be 27 and Max 30.

All grown up and hardly
likely to be living here.

When Dad came out from England

when he was 23,
what did he have?

11 pounds and five shillings.

And no return ticket.

And my mother bawled
her eyes out at the dock.

And he wasn't
married, you are.

It's not as if I'm going
to be out of your life.

I'll have unlimited
access to email

and other communications.

And as I said earlier,
I reckon there's a

reasonably good chance
that we'll get back.

NASA'll send a team a
few years after ours

and they're bringing
their team back.

Well, why don't you
go with NASA dear?

NASA haven't
offered me a trip,

but I reckon we could hitch
a ride back with them.

Hang on.

Are MarsX saying that or you?


But it doesn't sound
too impossible?

If the human race is going to
survive for another 5000 years

we will need to
colonize other planets.

It's that simple!

And if I get the
chance to be one

of the first settlers on Mars,

I'd like to take it.

And where do I fit into this?

You will be part of it
as my wife here on earth.

And what does that mean?

Every move made
by the team on Mars

will be televised live

and relayed on earth via a 20
minute delay here on earth.

They reckon it will be the
biggest TV audience ever.

You will be part of that.

As will all the family
members of the astronauts.


And who asked me
if I wanted that?

When we first met you
would have given anything

for a piece of fame.

I wanted to be an
actress, not a Mars widow.

If I'm chosen and get to be
on one of the first flights,

you will have more exposure
than Jenifer Aniston ever had.

And if I say I don't
want that exposure?

They can't make you.

Isn't this thought provoking?

I mean, we all know its unlikely

that I'll be selected but,

the fact we're
talking about this,

I mean, this, this is fun.

can you get that?



Are you Nicholas Wilkinson?

I am, but I'm not
buying anything thank you.

I'm Amanda Williams.

What do you want?

Do you know that woman?

What do you want?

She's my mother,

and I believe the person
she is with is you.

Can we go somewhere
else to talk?

Laura, I'm going for a run.

I'll be back soon.

How did you find me?

I paid a private investigator.


Where are we going?


I just don't think we
should be at my home.

Why didn't you
answer my emails,

or my phone calls
for that matter?

My life is rather complicated.

You know what,

lets go for a walk.

C'mon, it's a bit more private.

When I was going
through her papers,

I came across that photo.

I asked my Dad who it was

and that's when he told me
he wasn't my real father.

Imagine believing
a lie for 25 years.

Did you have a
relationship with an

Evelyn Davis 25 years ago?

That photo was taken
before her grad school ball.

We were utterly inseparable.

We met at an astronomical
society Christmas party

just a few months before.

Her brother brought her along

and we hit it off straight away.

Problem for us was
she was only 17

and we were spending a
great deal of time together.

Her parents thought that
we were getting too serious

and I was too old for her,

so they split us up.

Sent her off to live with
an aunt in Hawkes Bay,

and I never heard
from her again.

Did you sleep with my mother?

I tried to track her down.

I even went to Hawkes Bay
but I couldn't find her.

I was shattered.

I was born in September 1993.

I'm 25-years-old.

Are you prepared
to get a DNA test?

I don't think I need to.

Let's go back.


I've got to go
sorry, Tamara's here.

Love you.

- Hey!
- Hi.

Sharna can't make it,

so you've got me
on my own today.

That's okay.

Hey, how're you
going with all the

publicity Nick's been getting?


Are you all
ready to order now?

Can I get a cappuccino please.

And a flat white.

Anything to eat?

No thanks.

Not for me.

Hey, Jim asked me what
I wanted for my 40th

and I said a trip to Thailand.

So then he wanted to
know what he'd be up for

for my 50th and my 60th.

And I said "I didn't
know about my 50th,

"but for my 60th he could
come and pick me up."

Nice one.

You know, you are really
the talk of the town.

Everyone is on about you,
Nick and the Mars thing.

What are they saying?

Don't worry about
what people are saying.

I think you are amazing
for letting Nick do this.

I mean, I could never
let Jim do that.

How many wives would
let their husbands

go on a one way trip to Mars?

I didn't.

He didn't even tell
me he was applying.

Oh my gosh!


Sorry to interrupt,
but are you the

wife of Nick Wilkinson?


Can I say, you are remarkable

to allow your husband to
desert you and your family.

Shame I can't say the same about

your selfish cad of a husband.

Okay, well lets go.

Perhaps we can sit over here.

Apologies for my wife.

I think your husband's
got real guts.

Thank you.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I've got a bad vibe that this
is a sign of things to come.

I already had two people stop me

today at the supermarket
on my way here,

at least they were supportive.

Well you still haven't told me

what the others were saying?

Sharna doesn't say much.

You know what she's like.

And Kate reckons she
can't get her head around

why anyone would
even want to go.

And Jemma thinks
Nick's a bastard

for leaving you and the kids,

but she never says anything
nice about anyone anyway.

Max can you give
me a hand please?

Max, get here now!


Shit shit, shit!

For Christ's sake why don't
you come when I call you?

If you came the first
time we wouldn't

have this stuff all
over the damn floor!

Oh shit!

These bloody bags!

Bloody supermarket!

Stupid everything!

Robert and Jeanette.

I feel like we're about to have

a really awkward conversation.

No, it's
doesn't need to be awkward.

you see, if something

doesn't sit right with her,

you won't reject me.

haven't don't anything wrong.

Strangely though, it's
not you this time.

So we've had this crunchy salted

caramel biscuits in the studio

for the last couple of days,

and the reason I am
bringing this up now,

I am a fake, I am a fraud.

What happened?

They were out of a packet!

- I
- wanted to come clean.

could've just gone

- I'll take it.
- Yes I know, I know.

it wasn't sitting right.

Hey Zeke, what's up?

Okay, yeah yeah.

I'll ask, gimme a sec.

Hey Dad, Zeke wants
me to go around to

his place after school
today, is that okay?

That's fine as long as
you're home for dinner

and make time for your homework.

Thanks Dad.

Hey Zeke, all good
here so I'll meet you

at the gate after school, yeah?

Okay yeah.

Zeke, see you then.

Zeke didn't want anything
to do with me before,

but now he wants
to be my friend.

Oh, Mom you don't
need to do the dishes.

But you're sick.

I'm not sick really.

I just couldn't face work

with everything that's going on.

It's driving me crazy.

How are the kids taking it?

Max seems okay.

Rachel is not taking
it well at all.

She's bottling it up
and not saying much.

I can tell shes not
got a good head space.

I'm scared.

Really scared about what's
happening to this family.

Are you going to
accept Nick going off

like that without a fight?

What would you
have done if Dad told

you he was going off to the
Moon and never coming back.

I would have said
"No you're not!"

I just had to get
those emails off.

It's the second one
today from MarsX.

This is crap about you
catching a ride back with NASA.

"Scientists from the
US space agency say

"say that if you've been
on Mars for 10 years

"then you wont be
able to come back

"because your bones
will be too brittle."

Yes and they are currently
working on solutions

that will solve
that very problem.

It also says on the same site,

"Why do people
want to go to Mars?

"For many enthusiasts
it is an escape,

"a chance for a new start and
the challenge of a lifetime."

Is that what this is about?

You want a new start?

Have I not been a good wife?

Of course you have,

and I love you
heaps, it's just...

Is it for the glory of it?

No, this is not about me.

This is about a mission
that the people of

this world need if
it's going to survive.

Well, if it's the
mission that's important,

then why can't you
let some unattached

person take your place?

Darling, do you
realize that the first

four people to set foot on Mars

will be immortalized in history?

I mean, this is bigger than big!

This is absolutely
history in the making!


Well, I will make history.

I'm giving you an ultimatum!

Either you withdraw from
the selection process

or you can find a
new place to live!

You're not serious.

I'm deadly serious.

You have got 48 hours
to send that email.

And in the meantime you can
sleep in the spare room.


Because I want to
make a difference?

Y'know we cannot keep
over populating...

Do you know what?

I don't want to talk
about this right now!

In fact I don't want to
talk about it ever again!

You've got 48 hours!

Mr. Wilkinson.

Paul Chamberlain.


Nice to meet you

Please, sit down.

Forgive me if I'm
a bit disheveled,

it's been a hell of a week.

Before we start,

I need to know that
nothing I say here

will go beyond these four walls.

What I have to say
is very confidential.

Mr. Wilkinson
your medical records

and information are protected by

doctor-patient confidentiality.

I know, but I want
your assurance that

my records are not
available to staff

or anyone else for that matter.

In the medical profession
we are all subject

to a duty of confidentiality.

Rest assured confidential
is just that.

Thank you.

How may I help
you Mr. Wilkinson?

Ah, call me Nick.

Well, I've been
having some nightmares

to put it mildly.

I'm going through a very awkward
situation with my family.

Did you see the
Herald on Monday?

No, I
don't think I did.

About nine months a go
I applied for a position

as an astronaut to go on
the first trip to Mars.

It's really important that
this meeting be confidential.

Because if word got
out that I was here,

well my chances as one of
the first to fly to Mars

would be gone in a flash.

Well, I didn't hear
anything for months

and to cut a long story short.

Just last week I received
an official letter

telling me that I've
been shortlisted

as one of 100 candidates chosen

to train for the
positions available.

The problem is that my family,

well I hadn't told them.

And to say they're very upset
would be an understatement.

So let me get this right.

You saw an advertisement
for a trip to Mars online

you applied, you were accepted.

Your family is
upset so why didn't

you offer to take them too?

You know what, I think
I am wasting my time here.

Please sit down Mr. Wilkinson.

Why would I sit down?

You obviously don't believe
a word that I've said.

You must admit it...

Why don't you tell
me a little more

of whats happening in your life?

Please, sit down.

Here is my letter from MarsX

telling me I've
been short listed.

I am terribly sorry.

I wondered if you
were delusional.

And just in case we're
still not on the same page

this is not a trip to
Mars as in a holiday.

This is four people
in the first instance

going to colonize Mars.

And you were chosen
out of how many people?

200,000 from all
over the world.

That is amazing!

A huge honor for you.

A huge honor for our country.

Thank you.

The problem is that none of the

early colonists
will be coming back.

Now you're kidding me, right?


And my family are
taking it badly.

Well do you blame them?

Sorry, I shouldn't
have said that.

When you say that
you're not coming back,

do you mean not ever?

Not ever.

Your 48 hours is up!

It's one o'clock for God sake.

Well I cant sleep.

And you obviously don't love me

or you wouldn't be
leaving me and our family.

And I've thought about this

and I don't want to live with
somebody who doesn't love me.

Can we talk about
this in the morning?

In the morning, you'll
be packing your bags!

Good night!


When's your school play?

I pulled out.

When did you do that?

A couple of days ago.


You told me you
were loving being...

Don't ask me why,

I just don't want to
do it anymore, okay.

I hope you've packed your bag.


Oh come on!

Laura, the door is locked!

Let me in please!


Will you let me in please?

Rachel, Max!

Can you open the door please?

Hi ya.

Pete's sister is coming
over at the weekend

and she's supposed to
be staying in here,

so I hope you've got your shit

sorted out with Laura by then.

God, so do I.

And in case you are wondering,

I don't blame her.

So you can sleep on that!


Can you come across
to the greenhouse?

I've had an accident.



- Can you hear me?
- Nick, communications

Breaking down.

Can you hear us?

Philippe are you there?

Can you hear us?


Hey guys.

I need some help.

Nick are you there?

Can you hear us?

I cant breathe.

Can you pull
back on the vault?


you're breaking up.

We can't hear you.

Somebody help me!


It's 1:30 in the morning.

Rachel is missing,
I can't find her anywhere.

She's not in her room.

What do you mean
she's not in her room?

I got up
to go to the bathroom

and something made
me check on Rachel.

She's not in her room.

Dad, I've
checked the bathroom

and every room in the house.

Shes not here, you
need to come home.







We can't wake up the
whole neighborhood.

one, one, Emergency.

Fire, Ambulance, or Police?


This is the police.

Where is the location
of the emergency?

440 Pearson Drive, Glenwood.

What is the
nature of your emergency?

My daughter is missing.

The route slider her room
is open and she's missing.

Okay, tell
me what you know.

She went to bed around 9:30.

Said she was tired and that's
the last we saw of her.

My wife has a habit of
checking on the kids

if she wakes in the
middle of the night.

Did you or your wife

have an argument
with her tonight?

No, we did not.

She said that we have to
lodge a missing person

at the police station.

We need to provide a photograph,

you need to make a list of all
her friends and associates.

They want to know her
bank account number,

phone number, emails,

social network sites,
and she recommends

that we don't even
start until the morning.

Apparently they
get lots of teenage

girls go missing overnight.


Hi my name's Megan.

I'm so sorry to ring
you in the middle

of the night like this,

but I have your
daughter Rachel with me

and I think you need
to come and get her.

I think your daughter
has drunk too much.

Thank you
for calling us.

It's alright

She didn't want me to call you!

But the Manager had
asked her to leave

and she was asking around

where she could
stay for the night.

Are you two friends?

No, we met on the
dance floor tonight.

She was really crunked up.

And about an hour ago
started acting really crazy.

I guess the bourbon
eventually got to her.

Thank you again
for ringing us.

They are usually
really strict about

18 plus beautiful lady.

Her mother and I
were worried sick.

Can we give you
a lift somewhere?

No, thanks.




You can't call
anyone, it's four a.m.

What's happening Rachel,

you have never done
anything like this before?

You had your Mom
absolutely petrified.

What about you,
did you even care?

Rachel, you know I care.

Why would you say that?

Why would you care,
you're leaving remember,

and I'll never see you again.

I haven't even got the
selection, I'm only shortlisted.

Yeah well you
might get selected

and you don't care if
you break this family up.

I feel sick.

That's not true!

No I mean I feel sick.

Can you stop the car?

I mean it's not
true that I don't

care about breaking
up this family.

You're all the most important
people in the world to me.

So why are you leaving
the people you say you love?

I know it's hard
to understand,

but this is a chance for
me to do something that can

improve the lives of
everyone on this planet.

It's not hard to understand!

You are leaving us, your family,

to live on another planet

and never see me or
Mom or Max again.

That's not true, I'll
have access to the internet.

We can catch up on what
you're doing every day

if we both have time.

You can't even Skype!

There's a 20 minute delay.

I looked it up on
the MarsX website.

You gave us quite a scare.

How long are you gonna
make Dad stay away for?

Until he comes to his senses.

Dad's not a 17-year-old,

he needs to grow up.


You'll miss your bus,
you better get going.

I'm gonna miss our chats
in the morning in the car.

Well, you better
get used to it.

Well, well well,
you haven't returned

any of my calls in three days.

results have come through

and the news isn't good.

The tests came back
from radiology yesterday

and it's Hodgkin lymphoma.

What's Hodgkin lymphoma?

Its a type
of blood cancer.



The test
came through last night

and the doctor
called after dinner

and asked us to go in today.

This is terrible.

They want her to start
chemo within the fortnight.

Oh my God, Rachel.

She's only 14 why...

She seemed fine the other day

apart from complaining about
that lump under her arm.

Well she's not fine

and this treatment is going to
hit her like a ton of bricks.

Why didn't you tell me?

I would have taken time
off and gone with you.

We didn't know.

I should have guessed when
the Doctor rang last night

but my mind was somewhere else.


She's terrified!


There are no new emails.


There were no emails
from Laura yesterday.

Two days ago.

There were no emails
from Laura two days ago.

Three days ago.

There were no emails from
Laura three days ago.

Sent emails.

Sent to Laura.

I'm doing this for Rachel,

but you are sleeping
in the spare room.

I thought I could come
with you to the chemo today.

You can forget it.

We need to learn to deal with
these things without you.

Mr. Wilkinson thanks
for taking my call.

I'm glad I got you at home.

No problem, it's
Saturday here.

Firstly I would
like to apologize that

it took so long for your
formal contract to arrive.

Unfortunately we have a problem

and I'm sorry it's only
come to light right now.

The medical lab in New Zealand

has received some
inconclusive results

about one of your blood tests.

They assumed it was
a false positive

and that's what
they reported to us.

So we requested the full
lab report to be sent to us.

Perhaps our test are more
thorough, I don't know.

What did it show?

We have asked Dr. Parata

to do the tests again

and to include a
biopsy this time.

I'm sorry to tell you this
at the 11th hour, really,

but astronauts health
and safety is paramount.

Can you tell me
if it's serious?

You will have to discuss
that with your physician.

We've sent our whole
report to Dr. Parata.

Have you noticed
any swelling in your neck?


What about in your arm pits?


Anything in your groin?


What about fatigue?

Have you experienced
any fatigue?

I reckon we all get a bit
more fatigued as we get older,

but nothing more than that.

What about night sweats?

I've been waking up sweating,

but I put that down
to the nightmares.

The doctor over at
MarsX believes you have

Nodular Sclerosis
Hodgkin lymphoma.

It's a disease in
which malignant

cancer cells form
in the lymph system.

It's hereditary right?

No, no, not really.

My daughter's got it.

I don't see your family
Mr. Wilkinson, your work...

No, I know that, I know that,

but she was just diagnosed with

Hodgkin lymphoma
just a week ago.

That's very, very disappointing,
but it's not hereditary.

So what's
this all about?

Do you want the good
news first or the bad news?

The good news.

Good news.

No, the bad news
first, then the good news.

It's two against one.

The good news first.

The good news

is that I am no longer on
the team going to Mars.


In fact,

I'm off the program altogether.

So you're all gonna have to put
up with me for a bit longer.

I thought it was great that
you got into the program,


I would have really missed you.

Y'know, I'm actually quite
relieved I'm not going.

I was gonna miss
you all too much.

Let's have a toast.

To keeping this family together.

To keeping
this family together.


whats the bad news?

The reason I'm
not going to Mars

is that I have the same
health problem as Rachel.

I have Hodgkin's lymphoma.

I haven't seen you
working on this for weeks.

I've been a bit tied up.

Has Mom said anything
about the Hodgkin's thing?


I'm a bit apprehensive
about the Chemo

but Rachel seems to
have come through it

without any side effects at all.


You're gonna hate me, but,

Mom said I wasn't
allowed to tell you.

Rachel hasn't had any chemo.

She doesn't have
Hodgkin lymphoma.

Mom made it all up in the hopes
that it would make you stay.

What did you just say to me?

Mom made it up.

I'm sorry Dad.

I thought she would've told
you by now or something.

I guess she's just scared
about how you're gonna react.

So, you're saying
that the whole story

about Rachel being
sick is bullshit?

Jesus, fucking Christ!

Who would do that?

She's desperate Dad.

None of us wanted to lose you

and that's what
was gonna happen.

So she told me that
Rachel had cancer?

That my only daughter had cancer
to keep me from going away?

I mean that's, that's appalling!

It's completely unforgivable
that anyone would do that!

She gave me the biggest
scare of my life!

She knew it was wrong,
she didn't know what to do.

Well it worked!

I wrote a letter of
resignation to MarsX.

I was just about to send it

when I got the Skype
call from the US!


I'm sorry.

I don't blame you
for any of this.

I've a confession to make.

But will you promise
not to yell at me?

I believe that
Max has already told me.

Has he?

I can't believe that you
would do such a deceitful thing.

I was wrong.


You're fucking
right it was wrong.

I was bloody tormented
by that news!

And now I find out that it
was some sort of sick lie?

I know you'll hate me for
what I did and it was underhand,

but I did it because I love you.

And it was selfish.

But I didn't want to lose you.

You used our
daughter for a pawn.

Who does that?

We were scared Nick!

We were hurting.

You have no idea
how scared I was.

Please don't be angry with me.

I did it because I love you

and I don't want to lose you.

And I feel so bad,

because I feel like
I'm responsible

for you getting
this awful disease

because I made up that story.

You're not.

But it's like I
gave you a curse

when I made it up.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

Oh Nick, sorry to
call you so late.

It's okay.

I thought you would
rather me to call

now rather than wait.

Is this about my test results?


It appears I owe you an apology.

Dr. Parata has done further
tests as we requested

and he also sent us the
results of the biopsy.

It all confirmed his
original diagnosis.

That I don't have
Hodgkin lymphoma?


It was a false positive.

It's extremely rare

to get a false positive
for Hodgkin's lymphoma.

My stuff up and I take
complete responsibility for it.

So I definitely don't have it?

No, you have
a clean bill of health.

Please apologize to
your family from me,

this must have given
them such a scare.


what happens now?

You are being immediately
reinstated on the team.

You will re-join
the team of course?

I'm sorry, I just can't,

I can't do it.

It's my fault.

I apologize again.

I should have never
told you you were

off the program before
re-doing those tests.

I let you down.

It's not about that.

Do you remember during our
initial interview when you asked

if my family knew
that I'd applied.

Yes, you said they did
and they were okay with it.

I lied.

So, they
were not okay with it?

They didn't know
anything about it at all.

And they have taken it badly.

I'm sorry I just
can't do this to them.

I have hurt my wife,

and I don't know
that I will ever

be able to repair that hurt.

But I'm going to try.

I'm sorry,

but you'll need to
find a replacement.


This is the second
time I've called you.

Coming now!

Mom says you
have some news for me.

Oh, I'm back in the musical.

So what changed your mind?

Miss Thompson said she
really needed me, so...


And, she offered me
the role of Audrey.

That's the lead part!

How come?

Oh, Haley's been off
school for almost three weeks

and she's not back yet so, yeah.

congratulations Pumpkin,

that's really good news!

Thank you.

Yeah, I'm pretty excited.

Well, don't forget my offer
to help with the costumes.

I reminded her today actually.

Audrey gets some cool
costumes, so, I can't wait.

Do you remember
me telling you about

Zeke from my class?

Yeah, your new friend.

Actually my old friend.

He's been ignoring
me at school lately.

But I don't care,
he's a weirdo anyway.

Any mail today?


Well, I have something
that might interest you.

Could you please pass
that to your mother.

What's this?

I guess you just
have to open it to see.

Come on Mom, the
suspense is killing me!

I have already
spoken to Janice.

She's fine with you having
three weeks off next month.

weeks off for what?

Your wonderful Dad
has just booked us

a 14 day cruise in the Med.

Thank you.

Did I get the right one?

It's amazing.

Better than the one I'd chosen

All clear above and behind!

Take up slack, take up slack.

All out, all out.

Charlie Echo
Bravo, Alpha Kilo,

thanks for the tow.