No Time to Die (2021) - full transcript

Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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{\3c&HAA9600&\4c&H00003E&\c&H000000&}|| Dr. Ali Talal ||


Do you want to eat again?

You are eating a lot
Because you're depressed



(- (Madeleine)
Yes, mom?

I'm thirsty, my angel.

.I'm coming

Do you want your medicine?
- Yes, my dear

Do you want me to play a game with you?

I'm waiting for my dad to come home

What do you think your father did?

.he's a doctor
00:02:09,282 --> 00:02:11,070
He treats people

No, your father kills people

Do you like these? the killers?

!Illiterate! Illiterate

- Mom!
- Turkish. Go play something

- Mom!
- Leave me alone!




Is Mr. White home?

No, he's gone.

My name is Lucifer Savin

Your husband killed my family
- I told you, he's gone

I know, this will hurt him even more.

are you OK?


.Let's go

What do you think of the look?

It's cool, baby.

Can you hurry up?

No need to hurry

.we have all the time of the world

- Good evening, sir
Good evening

You look behind you, awake


No one is coming
I wasn't looking back.

- Yes, you are
Shall we argue about this?

What do they burn?

They burn secrets, wishes
Let go of the past

Get rid of old things
.for new things to come

.I love you

.I love you

Where did you let your mind go?

Today, at the beach

.Tell me

I will tell you if you tell me about Vasper

Is that the reason we are here?

- She is buried in the fort
I know where it is buried

Can you forgive her?

for us?

I stopped loving her a long time ago.

We always look behind us,

We will not transcend the past

You must forget it

Even if it's hard.

You mean if we'll have a future?

..if you do this, then

I will tell you all my secrets


"The Masked Man"

.I will do this

When I come back, we'll have breakfast.


And then you will tell me
Where will we go later


.Excuse me

I came to visit the grave

Guide him to the grave

.accompanied me

.there he is

.over there

(Fasper Lind)
From 1983 to 2006

.I miss you

"forgive me"



Blofield sends his regards get to know

That Madeleine is Specter's daughter

She is Specter's daughter

We've already packed your luggage, Mr. Bond

.as your wife requested

.you were right

Forgetting is hard


What happened?

What happened?

How did they know I was here?

What are you talking about?
(- (Madeleine)

How did they know I was here?

Specter, how did they know?

What are you talking about?

.I did not do anything

.I did not do anything

.we'll leave

There's something I have to tell you.
- I'm sure of that

Answer! answer me

I'm Bluefield, honey.
Your dad will be very proud of you.

Your sacrifice will be our glory

- I don't understand
Well done

- Get the sheep out, boy

- Or I'll kill you

James, why?)
Why would I betray you?

We all have secrets,

But I don't know your secrets yet

James, listen to me.

I'd rather die than think of me


James, do something!

Say something, James!



"a weapon"



.Let's go


Is it all over?

.Everything is over

How do I know you are okay?

.you won't know

You'll never see me again

|| No time to die ||

♪ I should have known ♪

♪ I'm leaving alone ♪

♪ That's the obvious ♪

♪ The blood you bleed is your own ♪

♪ We were a couple ♪

♪ But I saw you there ♪

♪ Too much to bear ♪

♪ that you were my life but ♪
♪ Life isn't fair ♪

♪ Was I stupid to fall in love with you? ♪

♪ Was I too reckless to help you? ♪

♪ Was this clear to everyone? ♪

♪ I fell for a lie ♪

♪ You were never by my side ♪

♪ Fool me once, fool me twice ♪

♪ Are you death or bliss? ♪

♪ Now you'll never see me cry ♪

♪ There's no time to die ♪

♪ I let our relationship burn ♪

♪ You're no longer my concern ♪

♪ Faces from my past come back ♪

♪ Another lesson to learn ♪

♪ I fell for a lie ♪

♪ You were never by my side ♪

♪ Fool me once, fool me twice ♪

♪ Are you death or bliss? ♪

♪ Now you'll never see me cry ♪

♪ There's no time to die ♪

♪ No time to die ♪

♪ No time to die ♪

After 5 years

- We're in
- Keep going

Remember to backup your information
.before ten o'clock in the evening.

We will perform server maintenance.

are you OK?

Have you seen the smallpox virus SL5?
The gunman you used this morning?

..that I put it in

Valdo, did you see a bowl?
Smallpox virus?

Faldo's food, don't touch it.

That was a delicious soup
And now I have to throw it away

Even if it's a joke, you idiot.

Tomato soup is more complex
.of your minds together

Valdo, that's not really nice.

One day I will put the Ebola virus in
in your tea

And then I see your faces sweating blood

.and I'll make you fuss

.Wonderful. just chill

What a terrible imagination
This guy carries it, right?

I am Dr. Obrushev

.They are coming

- "Spectre

- Don't try to stop them

This is what we've been waiting for

They will ask you to reach Brad
Level 4 biosafety

.to grab the weapon

No one should see what you're doing.

They won't kill you, they think they
.I need you

Won't they kill me?

I'm transferring files
.while we are talking

Now the transfer is complete

What do I do with him?
- Swallow it, bye

..swallow it


I love animals


Danger, hack attempt detected

Secure all biohazardous materials.

Move! follow him

Attention, there is a different entry
Licensed in the sector.

Please, we are unarmed scholars
What do you want from us?

(Valdo Obrushev)


Open the biosecurity fridge
.4th level

- Give me the weapon

..what weapon? that we have

It requires two-factor authentication

with who?

.with him

Hardy, don't let them.

.don't let them
.no Please


Warning, facility closing in progress
All exits are now closed.


Factory closing in progress
All exits are now closed.

What is that? Safety Belt?



I can't do this.

There is no elevator!

It's a magnet

Sir, I just received the strangest thing
- I saw him

.Oh my God

,my Lord

What is the "Heracles" project?

This lab is unofficial
- No, it's unofficial

- I have been victims
It was a gas leak

Should I inform the Prime Minister?

It was a gas leak.
I'll take care of it, Moneypenny

Where (007)?

"Delectado", "Bayoma", "Cuba"

"global terrorist"

- What a surprise, Felix

Who is this blonde?

I'm Logan Ash from the Ministry
External, nice to meet you

I heard a lot about you
.I'm a big fan of you

(- (Babylon .)
- The policeman's boy

- I want a favor, brother
- Didn't you get the news? I am retired

I wouldn't ask you if
You are still in service

what do you mean?

Our elected leaders show no cooperation


Is there a quiet place
Can we talk alone?

.calm? okay

I was hoping you'd bring me a package.

- Five
- Four

Where is the parcel?
- A short trip. - Cuba

- You love Cuba
I love her?

(Valdo Obrushev)

- You'll say you haven't heard of it
- I've never heard of him


It's a good life

You never heard of it?

Didn't he defect when I was a client
In British intelligence?

Obrushev was kidnapped 3 days ago

From a secret lab
British intelligence in London

It was spotted two days ago
face recognition system

In Santiago de Cuba

You forgot to mention the best part.


My informant there says they are meeting

Is this a coincidence?

Come on, it'll be like the old days.


You really are the desired customer
.to accomplish this task

Desired customer

This drinking tour is on me


I want a Scotch
- Yeah, man.

Where did you find that Mormon?

It's a political assignment, not my choice

It seems that the intelligence agency
It's not central anymore

He smiles a lot.

Help us get this into safe hands
Are you safe hands?

I'm not just handsome

I no longer trust beautiful faces
A long time ago, Felix

- Yeah, I've heard of that. bad luck

It became difficult to distinguish the pure
And the malicious, and among villains and heroes these days

So, I need you, James

You're the only one I really trust.
I don't mess with you

I want to go back to my family and tell them
I saved the world again.

Don't you want to save the world?

Nice to see you again, Felix

At least take my number
- I have your number

Are you in trouble?


Do you want a connection?

naturally. Why not?

Hold on tight

What is your name?

And what's your name?
(James) Call me (James .)

What do you do, Nomi?
- I'm a diver

Why are you diving?

I love old shipwrecks

So, you've come to the right place.

.After you

Beautiful house
Thank you

Is this the bedroom?

Yes, it's the bedroom

I didn't expect this to be the first
something you will take off but


You seem to be an eager man
For movement, Mr. Bond

Shall we get to the heart of the matter?

- I'm here for a professional fling
Not very cute, no?

You broke down my car

I claim Commander Bond.
But you know that

Agent 00?
- 2 years ago

- Too small
I have my achievements

.My God

The world has changed since you retired
Captain Bond

- You might not have noticed
- No, I think I noticed

And in my humble opinion, the world doesn't change much

It doesn't surprise me when you say that.

Listen, this place looks like heaven.
But it's just a little bubble or whatever

But you are clearly a man
He has a lot of free time

There is nothing to live for

Then, you can't touch Valdo Obrushev

If you get in my way,
I'll put a bullet in your knee.

.in a good knee

You have to ask yourself
a few questions

British intelligence and intelligence
..centralism is chasing the same man

But they don't communicate
.with each other

.This is not good

You know, convey my regards to M.
And tell him I don't work for him anymore

Tell him yourself

By the way, I'm not
Just any client

(I am (007 .).

.Maybe I thought they'd remove the number

.it is just a number


See you in Cuba?

How did it go, Q?

It looks like a lot of large files have been deleted
From the hard disk of Obrushiv

..was working on an advanced algorithm

Can you recover the files?
- I'm trying

extract everything you can
.Extract it and destroy the disc

- If you know more about this, you can
- Thanks, Kyo, that's it

Yeah, one moment.
The Prime Minister is calling again.

Tell them anything

(- (007 .)
- Dear M, I have a few things.

.((Bund .)
- I just met your new agent (007)

She's a beautiful young woman.

So, (Obrushev

You kept him in service, right?

Stay away from this.
This has nothing to do with you

Yes, it has something to do with Spectre


what did you do?

Is there a problem with (007)?
- The CIA has precedence over us

- Call Bluefield
- Sir, he's only talking to his psychiatrist

I know, I just want a video call

They stay right in the middle
And then they raise it

It's like this every day
.totally crazy

three hundred fifty
00:44:07,198 --> 00:44:10,010
What's the matter?
- Nothing

She's as cute as possible

Everyone wants a party
I want them to hear me

.will be a surprise


Felix, I agree.

It's okay, I want you to meet
A young woman in Santiago


- You're late

.accompanied me

Is there a problem with the hat?

Which hat?

I forget things when I get stressed

This is the biggest job I've ever had
.have it so far

Is this your room?

It's a wine cellar.

OK, come close

Don't you think you should?
We get to know each other first before we...

.No no

.no sorry

- You do it

.Thanks you mind

.This would be great

I've been training for three weeks

- All right
- Let's drink

.good idea

Two glasses of vodka martini
Mixed, not mixed, please

So that I can hear you

Why do we toast?

- Toast Felix

Remind me to buy him a cigar


Shall we start?

- Of course
- All right

"DNA Scan"

Will this sample be enough for you?

If he uses it, yes

It's being processed now

"Complete the series"

Miserable. sorry

It's awful gloves.

.too slippery

- Forgive me
How long does it take?

"Individual Profile"
"Multiple Profile"

.right Now

Loading files"
Multiple character

For a happy new future for Specter

Gene coding complete


It's ready now

You go this way
And I'm going this way

what is this? A noisy Specter party?

Have you ever attended a party like this?

How do you think I won?
this mission?

Don't get distracted now, remember
We are looking for the Russian scientist

I see a lot of
Specter customers


It looks like they're all here

Are these your friends?

We met in Italy,
.It was a special experience

They are wearing headphones

I'll start scanning

It'll work, no mess
The work will be clean.

The situation is as good as it can be.

- It's my party
- I found it

Celebrate my birthday with me
Coronation Ceremony

Who is the owner of Christmas?

(Ernest Stavro Blofeld)
Is he here?

- No, it's in
- Make your steps and follow the beat of the music.

Imprisoned in London

How can you be
So sure?

Because I'm the one who imprisoned him there

Feel my intimate embrace

Stay tuned for the big surprise.

Let's lead humanity with our new power

I spotted our little Russian scientist.

Do you know where he went?

- Follow him

I see you with my little eyes

My little eyes welcome you look

We rise from the shadows like
Gods on Mount Olympus.

To the end of our outcast.

My burden and my brother

.(James Bond)

(Farewell, James

You are loved tonight.

You can't escape, it's too late.

It really got under your skin.

Don't be afraid, he won't hurt us, he'll hurt him.

It's so delicious

!my Lord

It worked

It worked, only Specter customers were dying


..are you accompanying me



- Thank you. I will take this
- No

What was this?

.it's time to go
.Let's go


Will you let me take you?

.go catch him
I'll take care of them

Watch the exits!


Don't let them run away

Did you reach them?



Get down!

stop them
Don't let them run away

I know you're busy
But the offer will end

I'll take care of the car, where do you want it?
- I'm coming now

stay low


Three weeks of training, right?

We still need that car

- By your health
- By your health

Where are you taking me?
I take you back to the motherland, my dear

the mother?

.no no no

.Here you are

stay with you

Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

I'll borrow your plane


It's a shortcut

This is my stop. Farewell

- You were amazing
- And you too

- Next time, stay longer.
- I'll do that

- Hey, that's a cigar for Felix
- Thanks! Let's go

- Bye
- Bye

!Let's go

No, no, sir
I won't get on this plane.

This is unfortunate because it is not
We have another option. let's go

Well, what do we have here?

Sir, I saved your life
.Okay? Please remember that

So, would you tell me?
What is going on please?

Where are you taking me?

.to a safe place

- At least pretend it was a tough job.
- Thanks, Felix, you led me into an ambush

What ambush?
- Specter is dead. sat down

Who died?
- All of them


!What is that? explain to me

I can't describe this
.for someone like you

!just try

..that it

Perfect, what?

- What? perfect killer
Thank you, Bond, your job is done

Why didn't you kill me?
- Don't answer that question! (Bond)

Why Specter?
- Bond, stop asking questions

- Shut up!
.- talk

because you weren't
Never intended target

Was it a target? Why?

I changed the DNA as we decided.

- Now the plan is over and I'm confused
- Hey, hey

who are we"?
Did M ask you to build this?

He's overstepping his bounds, Felix

Did M order you to kill Specter?
- Don't answer this!

Is (m) behind this?

He's overstepping his bounds
!( - (Felix .)

Shut up! (Ash

Help me (M) make the weapon

Please, he has no insight
About how to use it

Who has the insight, then?


How did he know I'd be there?

I'm one of Safin's men.
do you understand?

Yes, I'm Dr. Obrushev.

I know who you are

..I don't know about you

But my intuition tells me
That (Ash) may not be by our side

We should have our discussion
About your company

.I am with you

You bled a lot.

So, where are we going?

Get on the plane, doctor.

This might be my last assignment.
What's your opinion?

I think you are looking for an excuse
.to not help me


Paloma gave me a cigar
to smoke it,

and you will smoke it

That's cool, but maybe you should
.keep it now

Just sit and press the wound.

I'll look for a way out for us

.I will be here

You know, Felix.
We should stop interviewing

I was his biggest fan


It doesn't look good.

Come on, Felix

We have faced worse than this
.Let's go

This is like what happened about Kent
.baby on a shrimp boat

You're from Milwaukee!

.Oh really? I thought I made this up

He seriously injured me

Just leave me!

Leave me!

Can you do this?


Make it worth it


It's a good life, right?

.she is the best



The name?
.((Bund .)

.(James Bond)

How is retirement life?
- Quiet

Hello, where is Obrushev?

I was sure you two would get along.

(- Submit your report, (007 .).
Thank you


You must find this annoying.

Where is he?
- He left me

- For someone else's sake

- So, you lost him
- You can come in

Thank you
Thank you

Alone, I'm afraid of it

Do you find this annoying?

I understand why you shot him

Yeah, well, at least
.everyone is trying to do it

Is this office getting bigger?

Or are you getting younger?

I can't pretend we didn't feel
So sorry for your passing, Bond

But you went out of sight
So much so that we thought you were dead

Now that we know,
..that you are still alive and

She works for the CIA

That was really a shock.

They just asked me so kindly.

Too bad you haven't lost your touch.

Otherwise, we wouldn't be in such a mess

This is your mess

Bluefield tried to kill me in Cuba
But one of them thwarted his plan

Whoever stole your weapon, use it
To exterminate Specter agents instead

Now someone ran away with your weapon
No one seems to know who is in possession of it

So you can imagine why
My enemy to the service

- We're investigating this
- I can identify Obrushev's kidnapper

And what do you want in return, Bond?

.(- (Blofield .)

It's in Belmarsh

He was running a meeting for Specter
In Cuba from Belmarsh

- No

How do?
No one can access it

Why didn't you disable it?

Why didn't you disable Heracles?

.I am obligated to serve my country, not yours.

Felix Leiter?
- Of course, I am not obligated to serve Felix Laiter

.probably because he's dead


I had a lot of respect for Letterer.

Well, if you have any information
I am glad to receive it

Take me to Belmarsh

No, Bluefield is the only Specter member
.who's still alive, I can't take the risk.

No, but you risked developing a weapon
DNA with a corrupt world

For 10 years?

There is no indication that
...obrushev was)

It works for anyone but us
So, I'm done with this.

Oh my God you're thirsty now.

You do not have the right to
You talk to me like that

You do not have the right to
You question my judgment

If you don't have anything left to offer,
You are not interested in this.

You have completed your work
Thank you for your service again


Moneypenny, enter 007

You can go, Bond

Certainly did not occur to
.Office no change


Go to Belmarsh

I want you to check everything
He hears it, sees it and touches it (Blufield).

Check every corner of that dungeon.

Check out the whole prison, actually
Check out that fucking yourself

I order you

I'll bring my gloves


What do you do for dinner?

So, you didn't die?
Hi Kyu, I miss you

It smells good

Are you waiting for someone to come?

.No. Excuse me

..This is the first time

He'll be here in 20 minutes
So, I can't lose my focus

I want you to tell me what's in this

No, I have to set the table.

You know, these cats come
With fur these days

I want to make it very clear that it is not
I'm allowed to help you

...and I swear
- It's about Heracles

M doesn't know about this, right?, but

There's something fishy, ​​(Kyo)
And we have to know what it is

We never work from
It's 9 to 5, right?



Do you know where this was?
- I think everywhere

Testing is in progress


It's a database

Don't touch this, please.

What is this data?

It's the nucleic acid of several people

What was (M) working on?
Something that should have been disabled years ago


.There are more hidden files

I was asked to recover data
The hard disk of (Obrushev .)

Right after the explosion
..I feel that

This is what he was searching for

Yes, a complete disc

So Obrushev is working with someone
He managed to kill the members of Spectre

.not all of them


can you see me
other files?

Hey, it's impossible that they are
From "Spectre" only

.My God

There are thousands of people.

who are they?

They are divided into categories
I'll need more time

There have been violations

In the world of carrier databases
DNA information

We were tracking her

Our data?
- I can't imagine they'd condone this

.Bluefield will know who they are

Q, you should send me to Belmarsh.

Well, he's talking to one person.


He (M), no one can reach him

Did he really say that?
What is this?

May I have a nice evening
One before the world is destroyed, please?

Who can access it?

Good morning
Good morning

You have a new patient

He's weird

You can't say that.

Sorry I'm late

I wasn't expecting a patient to come.

Sorry if I surprised you

No, I like surprises.

You are very attractive to me
.to a psychiatrist

This must be dangerous for your patients

They are usually more
Dangerous to themselves

Foxglove. It's beautiful flowers.

Did you choose them?
- Yes, I find her very friendly

You know, if you eat these flowers,
May you just make your heart


I will make sure not to eat them

Know a lot about flowers?

My dad had a garden
.He taught me

He died when I was young,
..but my interests in them


hard for anyone
.that his parents die

.especially at a young age


Death has a special effect
, on children

is not it?

How did it affect you?

But I saved someone's life once.

I think this has a bigger effect.


When someone saves someone's life,

linked to him forever

It's like robbing her

They become yours

I'm not good at
talk about myself

So, I brought a box of memories.

I thought it might interest you.

Sometimes things can be
More expressive than memories

I never forgot your eyes
.under the ice

They needed me

Shocked to see them
After all these years

They still need me.

I am attracted to them

What do you want?
Just a favour

You owe me

.that you killed my mom

And your father killed her whole family

.my parents

I want you to visit someone instead
Me and wear this

It won't hurt you

You're the only one who can do this.


Why would I do anything for you?

..because I am

man ready to kill
.The person you love the most

I really lost all my loved ones

There's no one you could threaten me with.

So sad to hear
This is Madeline

, but this is not true

is not it?

Madeline Swan, really?)

Yes, we took your information seriously
Grandfather, that was five years ago.

We didn't find anything against her
- She's very clever at hiding things.

It is a useful resource. She's the psychiatrist
.The only one he agreed to talk to.

I should have exercised my good judgment
The problem is your good judgment

This weapon is designed to save lives

And prevent collateral damage
.on our clients

A weapon that targets targets
Precisely every time

But we had to keep it a secret.

There are enough violations
In our national security

If the world knew what a weapon could do...
- They'll kill whoever it is


If this is wrong
I take responsibility.

.justly and equitably

I have dedicated my life to defending
.about this country

I believe in defense
.about the principles of this

In the past, we were able to confront each other
The enemy and we were looking straight in the eye

..right Now

The enemy has become completely invisible

We don't even know what they're after.


We managed to break through
Targets database




After killing Bluefield, what do they want?

It's hard to tell, I think it might be
World leaders, innocent civilians

Freedom and the like

Just the usual
- Exactly

Blowfield was communicating with his clients
In "Cuba" through an electronic eye

And it's in our possession now
You are most welcome

Destroying Specter will have dire consequences

Whoever did it, it's very dangerous and powerful.

that we all need
.Information we can collect

.my Lord

.my Lord


So, the rumors are true.
You look good.


So, there was a development.

They fell one by one

It was so scary
This is the least that can be said

Wait till you see it up close

- (Bond) in the office

Bond, oh my god, I haven't seen you since.

How is retirement life?
- Shut up, Kyo, I know he's seeing you

It also applies to you

What happened?
- Reassigned as customer 00

- "00", what?
What did you find?

Examination (Q) of blood samples that
I collected it from the victims at the funeral

.look at this

What are we looking at?

It's a funeral for a deceased member
For the organization "Spectre" in "Cuba."

And those family members who
They had physical contact with the corpse

We found "Heracles" in
All their blood samples

Well done, (Sleep
- Thank you, sir

- "00", what?
What is this?

They are nano robots


They are microscopic biological robots that enter
.Bloodstream in contact with the skin

Control sample, no match.

Target sample, match.

Programmed with DNA
To target specific individuals

It was Heracles

Designed to be a weapon
The most efficient in our arsenal

It does not harm people before it
.reaches its intended target

But Obrushev modified robots
.Nano to kill all of the target's relatives


Since it depends on DNA
With further modifications, the answer is yes

Certain genetic traits

It's a versatile weapon
...single nucleotide

who can target
Individuals as well as races

It infects enough people
And people become a weapon

It was not intended to be
.weapon of mass destruction

.. it was

I have to call the prime minister.

Tanner, a quarantine should be imposed.
On the families at the funeral

.Yes sir

Q, hack Bluefield's electronic eye.
Let's see if you can find anything

Your wish is granted, go to Bluefield.
And try to extract something from it

I find that fucking (Obruchev .)

.my Lord

We don't have any trace.

..(Logan Ash)

Ex-agent in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
If you find it, you will find Obrushev


.good luck


I'll wait outside when
You finish your important preparations

I'll see you right away


Blofield's eyeball has been opened.

Accessing the incoming image collection

I know you have a past, but we are

We were watching her closely

She is very obedient.

So Bond did something weird inside,
He'll do me a big favor.

So, don't go easy on him, okay?
- All right

It is our most important asset
.in this country

I know you have a long past, but...

Don't let him manipulate you

If you lose control of yourself...
(- (Tanner)

Relax, I won't lose

.the control

Dr. Swan, good evening

Mr. Bond


Oh 67, dungeon 2 is now open.

Securing the isolation unit.

Here we will leave you two. good luck

Just know the name of the actor from it

Must be great to follow
.News an old friend regularly

We are so close

.that was weird
Does it affect all women?

Equally, you'll never know.

He has been quarantined in a maximum security unit.

You're shivering

It's not an ideal situation.

Open the door

Open the door!

- Don't touch me!
What's the matter?

James, you don't know what this is.

Don't force me to do this.


.Okay. open the doors

- Open the door
- Open it

Where are you going?

.the home

- I'll bring her.
- Hey!

- He won't talk without her
- Hey!

.quick expulsion


Hello, Bluefield

.Maybe you can help me

There was a party in Cuba
Happy birthday by the way


I'm trying to figure out what happened

I was there..or I was here

With the most powerful people in the world,
Your friends, all in one room

And a noose around my neck

You had more weapons
Active in existence was kinda

Like a testament to your greatness

It's a great Mass for splendor
(Ernest Stavro Blofeld)

Yes, James.


Then it all ended badly
is not it?

Dear James, what do you want?

Your enemies are getting close to you, Bluefield

And the most important thing here, is that you
If you tell me who they are

I can save your life

.my avenger angel

.stalker lost cases

Now you're chasing my case

But you are asking the wrong question

Yeah, what happened in Cuba?
It was disappointing

Everyone cries on their birthdays

You must ask yourself
.Why are we here

Access to the image file 472

You look elegant, Bond




.478, 477, 476



Logan Ash, nice to meet you.

- God, it's him
- Sorry for your injury

Maybe you know who I represent and for whom I work?

We have a chance for you

You keep coming back to me
I thought I'd never see you again.

But fate brings us together again

Yes! Q spotted a picture of Logan Ash

- Go!
Yeah, tell me the updates

Now we have a common enemy

How did this happen?

You live long enough.

Think about our condition

Two old people in trouble are trying
Find out who is manipulating us

She still loves you, did you know that?

You broke her heart

- and your betrayal
- It has nothing to do with it

I wouldn't be so quick to look away

You said yourself she's good
.in hiding things

And when her secret is revealed,
, which will be revealed

It will lead to your death

Just give me the name



Please stop playing games


But do you know something?

You should visit me from
For a couple's treatment

I want to see your face when
tell you the truth

Just tell me who they are, Bluefield

Then I'm leaving, I leave you alone

No, I don't want you to leave.
We just got back in touch.

OK, come close
I was extraordinarily patient.

I want to give you something so that it won't be
Your coming here is useless. get closer

Careful, Bond

It was me

You destroyed Specter?

I destroyed Fasper's tomb

Madeleine was not in a relationship
In it, it was me

I knew you would visit him
So I waited for the right moment

She led you there
From the kindness of her heart

And then you left her

- For me
- It doesn't matter

Yeah, it still matters to you, right?

Oh, my poor cuckoo

I was always so sensitive

- It won't do any good
keep going

It was all a waste of time.
The life you've been having

And the reason for all of this
So cool, so amazing

You came to me looking for answers

While she is the person
.who knows everything


It holds all the secrets
.that you are looking for

..i shouldn't kill you

Because I really ruined you

I wanted to give you an empty world

Like the one you gave me

It's enough for me
.to regret it



Die, Bluefield! died

!open the door

!open the door

!( - (Bond .)

What are you thinking?
- Yes, I know the origin question.

This interrogation is over
- Tanner! don't lecture me

Bond, you broke the most important rule.
.in all the damned rules

.Do not move

I'm afraid I'll need this.

.He died

It's good that
There is no relationship between you two

Otherwise, you'd be dead too.

How do I get rid of this?
- Don't do that. You can not

Nanorobots are not
Like birthday gifts

Once Heracles enters the stream
Your blood, it will be in it forever.

Did they find the car?
- We tracked her down, but she left her

They searched her apartment
.is no longer at home

Is she one of them?
- I don't know


Do you have any idea
where did you go?

No, I don't know her at all.

Translation: Dr. Ali Talal

Is this for me?


So why did you come?

Because you told me to do it

I didn't think you'd remember.

I remember everything.

You have to tell me who gave it to you
Poison, Madeleine?

did he die?

Yeah, he's dead.


Tell me you didn't cheat on me

I understand that you don't trust people easily

.And you, too

So, we'd be stupid if we tried.

I wanted it

I don't know if you
You want me to come here

Or why did you try to kill Bluefield?

or who gave you the poison,
Or how much time do you work for him?

..but who I know

It looked like five
Minutes of my life

I wanted everything with you

Not because I didn't trust you

It was that feeling.

I know I came here
To find out who gave you the poison,

But I can't leave
here without you knowing

, that I love you

And I will still love you

I don't regret for a moment
From my life you led me to you

Until the moment when
I got you on that train

Do you know what's the worst about you?

my timing?

.Do not do this

sense of humor?



.you look stunning

This is Mathilde

..How do

Hello, I'm James

Sir, we spotted Logan Ash
Agent (007) would like to talk to you

Well done, (007 .).

Thank you sir, ask permission
Whether to arrest him or kill him

Have we settled it with the Americans?
ten thirty
01:38:11,183 --> 01:38:13,620
They gave us permission, and thanks for asking.

According to the rules, sir

Your ancestor was less considerate. be fair

Commander Bond gave me the clue

Glad you both get along

.my Lord

Have we located Dr. Swann?

I'm afraid we haven't identified it, sir


If you hear anything,
what are you doing?


.Well done

Good night
Good night

- Tell him good night
Good night

.good night

Close your eyes

It's not your daughter.

But those two blue eyes

It's not your daughter.


I have something to show you

Another kid?

What is the matter with your father?
With secret rooms?

.Tell me

I wanted to bring you here before.

.to tell you everything

My father's order (Bluefield)
By killing this family

The boy survived

His name is Lucifer Savin

,When I was little
He came here to kill my father.

But he found me and my mother
.instead of him

.it saved my life

.and now it's back

What does he want?


Who were they?
- Poisoned "Spectre"

My father hosted a banquet for them

Use their recipe for dessert


They would suffer horribly

and become disfigured for life

His family owned an island

They called it "the garden of poison."


Blowfield took it from them
.keep working on it

And now Savin has it back

Keogh, look for Lucifer Savin.

His whereabouts are unknown
And there is no recent picture of him

I will send you some pictures
.when he was a boy

And a picture of the island
So, do your best.

And I want a big plane to arrive
.to there

I will send you my coordinates soon

will you look for?

There are a thousand reasons that force us
.to find this guy

That you just gave me a reason to kill him.

.I'm hungry

What's your opinion?

.Not bad

.Excuse me

- Yeah?
.((Bund .)

Did you find the island?

It is part of a group of disputed islands
It is between Japan and Russia

It has a chemical factory
...from World War II

.with an interesting date

Sir, I reported to Japanese intelligence
About suspicious activity on the island

Kew, show me the satellite images.
.industrial sent by

This was taken in the past few days.

If Savin is there,
It means that Heracles is there too

Where do you want that plane, Bond?
- Wait a minute, Kyo.

Is agent (007) identified?
Logan Ash's location?

She's getting close to him now
I will send you her location

I thought she was stalking
Logan Ash, not me.

- Well, it is.
James, where are you?

Put it in the back

Come on in, watch your head

where are you going?

We're going on an adventure, baby.
Hold on tight

Q, I want that plane fast.

I'm from near the NATO air base
Orland, can you send it to me?

Yeah, maybe I'll handle this.



I was bitten by a mosquito


Dodo, do you like mosquitoes?


Do mosquitoes have friends?

.I do not know

.I do not think so

Hold on!



They are above us

Get out of here. (James

stay here

.I will return soon

If anyone comes here,
shoot him

.thank you

Be calm, okay?
Be very calm

Go! Go! Go!

Run towards him!

Well done, Bond

You can never stop it.

Why don't you help me, brother?

I had a brother once.

His name was Felix Laiter

Do you want a connection?

where have you been?

I was checking your manual

- He's dead

They took Dr. Swan

.and her daughter

I didn't know she had a daughter.

Have (M) prepared my plane?

.our plane
I will come with you

Thank you (007 .).

- Hello, Kyu
.((Bund .)

Sorry to wake you up

The purpose of this mission
three goals,

Confirmation of the existence of Heracles

He killed Obrushev and Savin

Directed by Dr. Swan
And her daughter is from that island

Bond, I hope they're there.

.Thank you, Mr

.my Lord

I want the ear of Commander Bond.
(to be referred to as (007 .).

- It's just a number.
- All right


.good luck

Bond, your watch.

It emits electromagnetic pulses
.short term

Causing a short circuit to any network
If you are close enough to her.

How strong is it?

It's relatively strong.

relatively strong?
what does that mean?

I didn't get a chance to test it
All right, so be careful

This is kyu-dar

It's airspace maps
in which you will move

.Don't touch this.

And "Smart Blood"
We can track you

And check your vital activities

Bond, you don't mind some
Dosing. shall we?

Well, I haven't drunk since
...three or four

- Wow!

This doesn't look like your usual


Do you know how it works
This plane?

.no I do not know

.powered by gravity

Welcome back, Mr. Savin

and welcome to your family

How is work?

Fabulously, Mr. Savin

and my request?



What is this?

Just a hair falling off your head
And now your life is in my hands

And the life of your daughter

You must be a real bastard
To threaten the life of a little girl.

Are you less harmful?

You're in love with a killer.

That you gave birth to his child
He abandoned you

You've been lying your whole life

You will do anything

.for survival

You understand me as I understand you

.Let's go

.dad's garden

His Toxic Wealth

Let me show it to you

Give it to me

I can protect her

Remember what I told you
Don't touch anything, okay?

It's a poison garden

.but it's totally safe

My dad built this

He liked his plant so much

.and he was singing to them

I'll show you my favorite vegetarian.

Some of these plants
.very dangerous

But not all of them hurt people

I have plants with different purposes.



This plant makes you do
What are you being told?

To never disobey,
You are only obedient.

You must not be disobedient, Mathilde

This applies to your mother too

.at all

Do you like it here?
- No

You'll get used to it

I grew up here
And you will

What a beautiful baby girl

Maybe let's have some tea
To see the light

No, you can't separate us!

!( - Mathilde
- Mom!

Remember what I told you!
I will look for you!


.do not worry

.I am with you

Once you see the island,
Stay away from the radar.

Have you ever flown?
been on this plane before?


Don't forget to separate your umbrellas
.and open the wings

Gravity is not a thing
He can always be trusted.

Looking for a concrete compound?
On the western side of the island

.you can both come in

We are on the surface of the water, (kyu .).

.well good

You must enter Awasa from
World War II

As you can see there is not much activity, but
Beware of the cameras anyway

Use your watch, Bond

What's going on?
- It's the equipment

The cameras stopped

The whole lower sector

I will restart the system

.Okay. Wonderful

- Sir, they came in
- We'll see what happens

You must be able to
See the whole factory structure

Which one is Bond?

It's on the back side
.that triangle part

Give us an overview


You are on the edge of a toxic vortex

The main activities should be
In the center of the facility directly above you


Bond, there is something.

There is something big ahead of you
..I do not know what

It must be thick walls


Bond)? (007) Can you hear me?)

We've lost their signal.

They must be in a hidden range
Sir, I can't spot them.

Tag them again

Look at these doors

- This was a missile silo
- Right

.Let's go

Let everyone go to that
The corner is now!

What? How do
- Move!

Everyone down!


!Do not do it

What do you do?

You can't blow up the lab.

This is a suicide mission.

.My God

You will not leave this island alive.

It was a farm.

.This is the factory

Mass production
Nomi, come and check this out.

Listen, you can't stop Lucifer

We have big plans here.

What is this?
It's a simulation

They don't count individuals
They count the millions

The weapon will not fit in a bag
One this time, ma'am.

- He's a really annoying guy.
- So, shut him up.

.my nose

We must destroy this
.whole facility

There is no need for violence

Mr. Savin, they're going to explode


Mr. Bond

You have something for me

And I have something for you

Why don't you come here
and talk about it

.like adults

Where is Savin?

If I don't come back

Blow up the whole place

We don't have explosives
.enough for this

They don't know it

He said you should drink it
For your health

Do you trust him?

He made me kill your ex-boss.

Why do you think he included you?

I think he wants you to drink this.

I want him to give me back my daughter

He said, if you do well
.you will see it

drink it

Do you know what
you doing this flower?

.make you blind

If you put a drop in your eye,
.you'll never see again

Losing one eye is a tragedy

..but losing two eyes

- Stop playing games
- These are not games


Put it on the ground

The other weapon too

.be careful

It's as light as a feather.

.Please take a seat

.Everything will be alright

.Do not be afraid

.(James Bond)

.Records of violence

.license to kill

Avenger of (Ernest Blofeld)

And he's in love with Madeline Swan

It's like I'm talking to my reflection

We made different decisions
- No

We each chose our own path
Towards the same goal

Your skills will die with your body.

But my skills will continue
.long after my death

And life revolves around what you leave behind

is not it?

It doesn't have to be like this.

Leave my girl alone
.and I'm leaving your baby

What's your opinion?

.I think you are right

Thank you
- I think we're alike

We both know the feeling
the game is up

Before we even fight back

It would be great to have

Chance, don't you think?

Everyone should have a chance.

But the thing you build
..will put everyone

.The whole world is on a battlefield

No one will get a chance.

The thing he does not want
, to be recognized by someone

is that most people
They want to make things happen for them

We lie about each other
About free will

..and independence but we

We don't really want that.

We want to be told how to live

And we die without looking

.People want to forget

And few of us are prepared to build oblivion for them here I am

their hidden god,

.that sneaks under their skin

You know history is ruthless
who plays the role of God

And you are not playing the role of the Lord?

We both kill people to make
The world is a better place

I just want to be


No side effects

I want the world to develop

And you want it to stay the same

Let's face the truth

I made you redundant.
- No

No, there are always people like you in the world

With all due respect to the gravity of...

Your elegant achievement

You will find yourself standing in
Too long queue

.of angry little men

,I am not angry

.but emotional

If you remove the explosives
and swept my island,

You will take this angel
Precious little girl is with you

And Madeline?

- You'll stay here
- I can't do this

.this is shame

She really hopes this.

She knows this is an opportunity
Mathilde is the only one to survive.

Let her tell me that

What is the mother who will not sacrifice?
herself for her baby?

Is this what happened to your mother?

My mother was lying at the
My feet as I watch them die

.wait! wait

- I'll do whatever you want
- Yes, you will.

.I am sorry

.I am sorry

Simple choices, Mr. Bond

Do you want to die
in front of your daughter?

Do you want to die
Is your daughter in front of you?

.no no no

.I am sorry

.I am sorry

Look at your father, Mathilde

- This strength
- I'm sorry

.I am really sorry


where is she?

- The first payload is ready, sir

My doll, Dodo

If you don't want to protect me, then

.you can go

!Let's go

.First Buyers Are Coming

,my Lord

.I am observing suspicious activity

Several boats go fast
.high towards the island

.of unknown origin

(Still no trace of (007 .).

Come on, Bond
Where the hell are you?

It's a hopeless situation, ma'am.




Party Guests More Than
.Number of reserved tables

Please, let me go

You will never leave here!

stop it,
.You don't have a chance

.wait wait

I can do something for my son
Your gender, the diaspora of West Africa

.who can help them


I don't need a Labed Lab
Your sweat is completely off the face of the earth

Do you know what time?

- It's death time

Move! move

They are down on
.After one floor

There must be a staircase
- Mom

Mom, you lost my doll, Dodo


I looked for you everywhere.

where have you been?

I hid as you told me

.I love you

.and I love you too

.We have to go

.Let's go

I'm Q, can you hear me?

(Yeah answer (007), I'm (Kyo .)

We have aircraft movement

They just passed us.

They were Russian warplanes

I understand, I will do my best
.Grand. please wait

Naval forces, Japanese and Russian
They want to know what you're doing

C17 on a disputed island.

Don't tell them anything yet.

- Just in time
- (Nomi), you know

Madeleine and Mathilde


Q, can you hear me?
- Yes, Bond

Are there any ships from
Our navy is around the corner?

Yeah, why?

We need a missile strike
.now on this site

The whole island is a factory
He makes Heracles

We do not have permission to do
that's correct?

Bond, there's one more thing.
You gotta know it

There are several unidentified ships
On its way to you

They are coming for Heracles
How long do they get here?

Twenty minutes

Q., give me a ride.

(- (007 .)

Our process attracts a lot
.of international attention

We'll see what we can do

.let's go

It's going to be very cold

So, you will need these.

To keep you warm

I have to finish this.

- For us
- I know

.I'll come back

I will take care of them

.may this help you


kyu, talk to me

Our uninvited guests will arrive
There in 15 minutes

(Bond), I (M).
The diplomatic situation is complicated

We don't have a choice.

I will fire the missiles on my signal

Then the Russians, the Japanese, and the Americans
Even they will need answers.

Don't give them any answers

We must stay vigil, Bond

I'm trying to avoid an open war.


If we don't do this, there will be no left
There is something to save him.

Fire the missiles at my signal

Hey (007), there's another problem
..that place where

Yeah, I know, I should
Open the silo doors

Otherwise, our missiles will bounce back
And you won't blow up the place

.Yes I know

The control room should be in
The tower above the silo doors

Missiles take 9 minutes
From the launch pad

Can you do it before the shin arrives?
There is plenty of time


Bond, can you hear me?)


Yes, Kyu, I hear you

You seem to be in the middle of a circle
.of the rugby strikers

I showed someone your watch

It was an overwhelming eye blast.

.well good
Now, did you find the control room?

My russian is a little awful
But I think so

Well, kyu

I did some research
...on old maps

...(Kyo), I need something
- Yeah?


To talk?

The history of the infrastructure
until the end of the fifties

So, the operating system will be
.so complicated

Now to turn it on
It must be very accurate.

.Find Control Panel

There must be a handle

Now listen carefully, (007 .)

You must first do it
- I did it

.as I guess

That is, they fired the rockets.

When you're safe
- Tell M to fire the missiles now



M, Bond asks for a release.

- The warship "HMS Dragon" is with you
- Colonel!

.my Lord

- With you (m .)
What are my instructions?

- You have permission to launch missiles
- You know, the missiles are ready to launch

The missiles are on their way
Nine minutes to hit the target

!No! No no

What a mess you left

.like an animal we are both

.poisoned with heartbreak

Two heroes in a self-tragedy

Everyone we touch

.damn it

.blow on the cheek


You will kill them immediately





You forced me to
This, you see.

It was your choice

Q, can you hear me?
- Bond, there you are

Are they safe, Kyo?
- Yeah, they're safe.

Bond, did you leave the island?)

There is a side problem with the doors

I will solve it


.The missiles are coming
Just get out of there

,) kyu can I destroy

If the silo doors are open,

The missiles will take care of the rest
- No, no

..when the poison falls on me, how?

can get rid of it?

You know very well that you can't

It is permanent. it's eternal

This is why we must destroy it.
For God's sake (James), get off the island

It's harmless unless you're a target.


This won't do any good.

Oh my goodness, Bond

It was poison for Madeleine

It's okay, (Kyo .)


Can you connect me to Madeline?
- Yes, of course.

Nomi, will you connect me to Madeleine?


(- (Madeleine)

.I'm here

where are you?

Is it over?

Yes, he's dead.

Are you both there?

Good, you're both safe.

Did you leave? Me

I will not survive


..How do

- You made a vow
(- (Madeleine)

.just leave the island

I know you can do this.

Everything is fine now

No one hurts us anymore


..that you gave birth

..The most beautiful

.something I've seen in my life

.she's perfect

Because it came from you

.My God. vial

I got poisoned


There must be a way

There must be a way

We need more time

Only if we had
.more time

You have all the time in the world.

.I love you

.I love you too

She inherited your eyes.



I can't speak.

But I thought we should
To come together and remember him

..and i

..I thought this


The proper role of man is to live.

.not exist

I won't waste my days on
Trying to prolong it

"I'll take my time."

Toast James

- Toast (James)
- Toast (James)

Toast James

Toast James


.let's get back to work


I want to tell you a story

.about a man

His name was Bond

.(James Bond)

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