Nirdosh (2018) - full transcript

Arbaaz Khan plays the role of the investigating officer in a murder case in which Manjari Fadnnis emerges as the prime suspect and is arrested. However, as events unfold, many possibilities and suspects come to the fore.

♥ Extracted by NARACHI ♥

'Breaking news! The court has
ordered to keep Shinaya Grover'

'in police custody for three days
as she has been accused of murder.'

I think Shinaya Grover is here.

Let's try to talk to her directly.
Move aside.

Have you committed this murder?

- Shinaya.
- You are the accused.


have you really committed the murder?

Shinaya, talk to us.

Did you really commit this murder?

Shinaya, say something.

Shinaya, this is the right opportunity
for you to get in touch with the public.

This how you can tell them
the truth, Shinaya.

The court has handed over this case
to the Crime Branch.

Shinaya Grover is being taken

to the police station from the court
for questioning.

Shinaya Grover has been brought to
this police station for questioning.

She was arrested two days ago for murder.

You don't know Shinaya,
but I know her very well.

'She worked as a content writer
on our TV Channel.'

'Archana is absolutely right.'

'Shinaya was a part of our team.'

'I have seen her work
with utmost honesty.'

'I've seen her give breaking news.'

'She was worried about
the increasing crime in society.'

'I've seen her closely.'

'She used to hate criminals.'

'Shinaya was not a TV anchor
for the world to know her, '

'But the news that you watch...'

'Shinaya is one of the faces behind it.'

So many people from the media have
gathered in her support, which proves

that none of them believes
Shinaya is a murderer.

The Crime Branch officer who
will be handling this case

will arrive here at any moment.
His name is Mr Lokhande.

As you can see, Crime Branch officer
Mr Lokhande is here.

He is going to question Shinaya.

Mr Lokhande is known as someone
who doesn't spare a criminal

and doesn't let any innocent
get sentenced either.

Let's find out about
the details of this case.

- Sir...
- Move aside.

- Move back.
- Why isn't the police saying anything about the case?

Mr Lokhande...
Is Shinaya the murderer?

Move back.

Mr Lokhande, is Shinaya being framed?


The investigation hasn't begun,
and you have given your verdict.

You think you are above the law.

You don't listen but talk. Only talk.

You forgot that the court has
given me three days of custody.

Do I have to take permission
from you after that?

Sir, you're mistaken.

I know you all very well.

Do you think you run the country?

You talk about politics all day long.

How can you accuse anyone without proof?

I am neither a politician
nor a common man.

My name is Lokhande.

If there are people the police
can't handle, I reform them.

- Sir, please...
- Sir...

Let's go there.

Let's go.

- Sir.
- Please come.

- Sir...
- Hurry up.

Sir, do you think Shinaya has
committed a murder?

Is your wife really a murderer?

Shinaya didn't kill anyone.
She's innocent.

For God's sake, she can't
even kill a mosquito.

She gets scared on seeing a lizard.

How can she kill a human being?

Mumbai Police is trying to frame her.

Is the camera on?


I'll introduce myself to her,
then you can turn it on.

My name is Lokhande.

You might have read my name
in the newspapers.

I wear a uniform but behave like a goon.

Actually, a goon without a police uniform.

I don't wear a uniform.

There are 206 bones in a human body

and the law has 570 articles.

I break bones as well as law.

70 years ago there was a man

named MK Gandhi.

He broke the law in his own style

and I break it in my style.

I've killed 56 people
in encounters till date.

All of them were fake,

but one thing was common in them.

All who died were criminals,

but they were smart.

They committed the crime so cleanly

that even the law couldn't punish them.

They met me by mistake.

Even I killed them without leaving a trace

for the law to find out.

Turn on the camera now.

I've introduced myself to you.

It was important to tell you about me.

It saves a lot of time.

Look, you're an educated woman.

You're smart too.

Confess that you've committed the murder.

I am not the murderer.

You have committed the murder!

Please let me go.

My daughter hasn't seen me
for the past three days.

You should've thought about it
before committing the murder.

Look, the evidence is against you.

We found your fingerprints
at the murder spot.

You even had a scuffle with the deceased.

It is a lie. This is the truth.

It's been proved in the forensic reports.
The wound on your wrist

corroborates it.

I got this cut while chopping
vegetables in the kitchen.


one hurts their fingers
while chopping vegetables,

not the wrist.

Confess to your crime.

No, I am not!

I am not a killer!

You see,

the truth will prevail.

The truth will prevail?

There's no bigger lie than this.

Truth never prevails.

Whatever prevails is the truth.

'Our team has reached the police station'

'where Shinaya Grover has been
kept in custody.'

'We're trying to communicate with
Shinaya Grover directly.'

'We want to know her opinion
about this murder.'


sir is calling you.

Greetings, sir.

Do you think.

Shinaya is the murderer?


I have been live in that building
for the past five years.

I have been the secretary of that building
for the last two years.

I've never seen Ms Shinaya have a tiff

or raise her voice on anyone.


Sir, I'm the liftman of that building.

My name is Ghanshyam Pandit.

I don't know much about ma'am.

But, yes,

whenever Ms Shinaya got inside the lift,

she wouldn't even look at anyone.


She is a nice woman.

How can she murder anyone?

Listen to me very carefully.

Follow MK Gandhi's teachings

and confess

that you've committed the murder.

No matter how many times you ask me,

I'll say the same thing
that I didn't commit the murder

because that is the truth.

Then how did we get
the evidence against you?


Stop crying.

Just answer the questions

that are being asked to you.

If we get angry,

we'll hammer you.

It's a trap!

It's a trap!

Someone has planted evidence against me.

Someone is trying to frame me.

Can't you see?

Who would do this?

Did you have any enemies?



What kind of relationship do
you have with your husband?

Very good.

We both loved each other very much.

Ours was a love marriage.

"I've started feeling it every moment."

"Someone is sowing love in my heart."

"We are far from each other,
but our feelings are the same."

"I couldn't say what I feel."

"This is a different kind
of intoxication."

"I am sure something has
happened to me."

"O beloved..."

"O beloved..."

"O beloved..."

"O beloved..."

"O dear, come, let's fly like birds."

"We've been smitten by love."

"O dear, come, let's fly like birds."

"We've been smitten by love."

"Let's go beyond the sky."

"Let's make our abode of love."

"My soul travels with you."

"You are the only person
I want to be with."

"This is a different kind
of intoxication."

"I am sure something has
happened to me."

"O beloved..."

"O beloved..."

"You're with me and inside me."

"You're the ocean of my love."

"I only talk about you."

"You're a boon to me."

"You are my lucky charm."

"Ever since I met you, you are
the only person I have dreamt about."

"This is a different kind
of intoxication."

"I am sure something has
happened to me."

"O beloved..."

"O beloved..."

"O beloved..."

"O beloved..."

Nice song.

I'm feeling refreshed.

I'd heard about songs in movies,
but this was a real-life song.

Sir, these days,

there's not a lot of difference
between movies and real life.

I think this woman is very filmy.

You mean, you were happy with him.

Singing and dancing.

Tell me something,

how did the musical love story
turn into a murder mystery?

There's no murder mystery.

I have told you the truth.

I don't know anything.

Sir, Shinaya can't be a murderer.

Sir, I am the watchman of the building.

But I've read many detective novels.

Not all the murder mysteries
get solved easily

if the police nab someone.

Sir, you see,

someone else will turn out
to be the murderer.


What's your name?

Lakshmi, sir.

Sir, not Queen Lakshmibai.

I am a maid.

All the women think themselves
as Queen Lakshmibai.

She lives like a princess
in her parents' house,

a queen in her in-law's house,

and then becomes a maid
by working all day.

Sir, am I right?

I just asked your name
and you spoke so much.

I'm sorry, sir.

Sir, I'll tell about ma'am too.

Sir, ma'am is a very nice woman.

I have been working in her house
for the past three years.

Forget strangers,

she never had a tiff
even with her husband.

I think

ma'am is not the murderer.

You take care of her daughter, right?

Yes, sir.

I take care of the child
when ma'am goes to the office.

Ma'am was worried only about one thing,

her daughter.


Why do you worry about your daughter?

When she was born,

I was in seventh heaven.


I was worried too.

As a mother, I was not taking care
of her properly.

I wanted to quit my job
and take care of her, but...

That was not possible.


Why wasn't it possible?

I had financial problems.

We both used to earn a handsome salary,

but we had bought a big house.

We broke the fixed deposits
and took loans.

A huge part of our salaries

would get deducted as EMIs.

With the rest of the money,

it was difficult to manage
in a city like Mumbai.

We ate more than we could digest.


So, this was the reason you kept
a paying guest at home.

Whose idea was it to keep
a paying guest at home?

'Baby, I was thinking...'

'What if we keep a paying guest at home?'

'Paying guest?'


'Do you remember my friend
Deepika from Delhi?'

'She had kept a paying guest
at home last year.'


'She's become like their family member.'


'By the way, Lakshmi
is throwing tantrums nowadays.'

'We both leave to the office
in the morning.'

'Our daughter lives alone with Lakshmi
after returning from school.'

'I don't know why, but I feel'

'things are going missing
from the house.'


'Finding another maid in Mumbai is...'

'Forget it.'

'So, I was thinking'

'we will keep a paying guest.'

'So, we'll get a company too.'

'And most importantly, '

'we'll have financial support.'

'What say?'

'Okay, do what you feel is right.'

'But, listen, just make sure
she's really hot. Okay?'

'I swear to God, Gautam.'

Life does not turn out as we plan it.

Our necessities...
You started blabbering again.

How did you find a paying guest?

I had put out an ad on the internet.

'Cut it! Playback.'

'Touch up...'

'Hi. Hi, Shinaya.'

'This is Adah.'


'I saw your paying guest ad
on the internet.'



'When can I come to see it?'

'Sure, sure.'

'Thank you. Thank you so much.'

But, yes,

Gautam was still confused
about keeping a paying guest.

'You found a paying guest soon.'

'Of course.'

'I had placed an ad on the internet
just yesterday and today, Adah called.'

'She came to meet me.'

'I said the rent was Rs 15,000
and she's okay with it.'

'She is from Chandigarh.'

'She wants to make a career in Bollywood.'

'Because of this, she separated
from her parents.'

'She's living in Mumbai
for the past 8 years, '

'but, unfortunately,
she couldn't settle.'

'So, now she wants to settle.'

'But you know the best part?

'She goes to work after 4:00 pm.'

'So, our daughter will have company.'

'And she simply loves her.'

- Any problem?
- No.

'You said I was the decision maker.'

'Yes, absolutely.'

'If you feel it is right,
I'm okay with it.'

'So sweet.'

'By the way, today is her audition
in a reputed production house.'

She's getting ready to go.'

'Bye, guys. See you later.'


'You look gorgeous. Thank you.'

- All the best.
- Thanks.

'Bye, Dill.'

'Say bye.'


'See you.'

'When will you put it in your mouth?'

'Greetings, Mr Secretary.'

'How are you?'


'Who is she?'

'She is a paying guest'

'at Mr Grover's house.'

'She shifted to their house today.'



'When will you pay
the maintenance bill?'

'You haven't paid it for long.'

'That's not a big deal,
I'll pay it soon.'

'What are you watching? Get inside.

'I'll get my wallet and give you
the money right away.'

'But listen...'

'What are you looking at?'


'I hope you are not having wrong
intentions after seeing such a hot girl?'

'Excuse me.'

'The entire world knows'

'that my wife is the most beautiful woman,
and I love her the most.'

'Perfect answer.'

'Mom, I am hungry.'

'What will you eat?'



'Why don't you tell me
where you've hidden it?'


'Who is it?'

'Our neighbour Rana.'

'He's beating his wife.'

'Give that to me.'

'Come here.'


'Look for my wallet.'

'Come on, look for my wallet.'

'I didn't hide it.
Come on, put your hand in it.'

'Come on.'

'Are you hurt?'

'Show me.'

'Show me where you're hurt.'

'You are not hurt,
but you're weeping.'

'What is this?'

'This man does this daily.'

'I don't know how his wife
tolerates him.'

'Since he's come to this society, '

'he has ruined the environment.'

'Did he tell you anything?'




'But what?'

'Gautam, let it be, it's not important.'

'What do you mean it's not important?
It is important.'

'What happened?'

'He just keeps staring, that's it.'

'Look in this.'

'Put your hand in it.'

'Put your hand inside.'


'Stop kidding, just look for my wallet.'

'It's not here.'


'No problem,
I must've left it in the car.'

'Yes, I must've left it in the car.'

'Shinaya, he is our neighbour.'

'Please tell me what, when,
and how did it happen?'

'Gautam, there's no detail.'

'Whenever he sees me,
he keeps staring.'

'Not just me, he ogles at every woman
in the society.'

'It's not just me,
it's not personal.'

'Don't you think it was
important to tell me?'

'It's not important at all?
That is why! Because of this.'

'What do you mean because of this?
I'll sort that guy out.'

'Gautam, you're not going to do anything.'

- Wait.
- It's bad...

'What are you doing? Shinaya...'

'Leave the knife.
Leave my hand.'

'Leave the knife. Gautam!
Leave my hand right now.'

'Mom, I am scared.'

'Sorry, baby.'

Have water.


I am not interested in your story.

Tell me,

what was cooking between
your husband and the paying guest?


Tell me the truth about the paying guest
Adah Saxena.

What kind of a girl was she?

Sir, she was gorgeous.

I mean, she was a nice girl.

I swear.

Since the day she shifted to our society,

everyone was happy.

I used to feel happy seeing her.

I am telling the truth, sir.

Sir, what do I tell you?

She'd send shockwaves down my spine.

Every time Adah entered the lift,

everyone would ogle at her.

I'll tell you.

Hello? Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Sit outside.

Sit outside, I'll call you.

'The news of Shinaya's arrest has spread
like wildfire in the entire country.'

'Everyone is discussing it
on social media.'

'From the lanes of Mumbai to Delhi, '

'everyone is talking about Shinaya.'

Everyone says she has been framed

and Mr Lokhande is trying to trap her.

Yes, sir.

What's going on?

What's going on at that police station?

Everyone has created a commotion
on social sites about Shinaya.

The media is going crazy.

A new update is getting viral
every ten minutes.

The chief minister had called me.

Is she the murderer?

Sir, it looks like that.

You know,

we've found Shinaya's fingerprints
at the crime scene.

And what about the murder weapon?

We didn't find that, sir.

We're looking for it.

A sharp weapon has been used
to commit the murder.

I think the killer has hidden
the murder weapon somewhere.

What nonsense, Lokhande?

If the killer is smart enough
to hide the murder weapon,

then how can he be foolish to leave
his fingerprints at the spot?

You can't prove Shinaya is the murderer
on the basis of fingerprints.

The wound on her hand is not enough

to prove in court
that she's the murderer.

Now, listen to me carefully.

I want the result in 24 hours.

If Shinaya is the murderer,

collect strong evidence against her.

In such a situation, we can't keep
her arrested for long.

Come on, crack the damn case.

Okay, sir.

Any updates?

No, sir.

Even they say that Shinaya
can't be the killer.

Sir, her condition is worsening.

She hasn't eaten anything
since last night.

Even I have a feeling
that she might be innocent.

If she was the murderer,
she would've confessed by now.

She's an ordinary woman.

She's a mother.

Turn on the camera.

What happened after the paying guest
came to your house?

Everything was perfect.

After that, I couldn't stay without her.



Lakshmi, what?

Lakshmi was not happy with her presence.

'Turn to page 4,
that has my article on that.'

'The one I was researching on.'

'By the way, '

'things are not going missing these days.
I see.'

- Is it...
- Nice?


'I'll get it.'

'Thank you.'

- Tell me.
- There was a meeting in the society today.

'The secretary asked me
to give this letter to you.'


'Sir, one more thing.'

'He's asked you to verify Adah's identity'

'at the police station
and submit it in the society.'


'She's fascinated by your portfolio.'

'Even I like her very much.'

'I can see, you're very good with her.'

'The watchman of the building was here.'

'He's given this letter
from the society.'

'The secretary wants Adah
to get a police verification.'

'Everything was picture perfect.'

'Police verification was done.'

'The society didn't have any problem
with us having a paying guest.'

'Thank you.'

'I was in a news channel.'

'So, I would work late
most of the days.'

'No matter how much I tried
to reach home early, '

'it would get late.'

'My job was such.'

'Yes, Gautam would reach home before me.'

'He used to spend time with Adah.'

'Whenever we got free time, '

'we used to go out for dinner together.'

'I will...'

'We would have fun at home too.'

'I'll eat you up.'

'Just like childhood friends.'

'It seemed like we knew
each other for ages.'

'Dill was crazy about Adah.'

'She was the happiest.'

'Those relationships'

'which doesn't have
any restrictions or suspicion'

'are beautiful.'

'Once we had been to her shoot.'

'She had become a member
of our family.'

'A companion of our joy and sorrow.'

Ma'am, don't tell me your family story.

For me, my family matters the most.

Without family, there's nothing.

It is important for me to know
who committed the murder.

Tell me, what was cooking between
your husband and the paying guest?

Sir, she can have an affair with anyone.

Girls from the film industry
are not trustworthy.

You won't find good girls there.

Sir, it's true.

A big car would come to pick her up.


Mercedes. Yes, sir.

I am sure,

she was going around with someone.

Oh, there was nothing between them?

Show her the photograph.

- Sir.
- Yes.

If there was nothing between your husband
and the paying guest, what is this?

Answer me.

Stop it, now.

Stop shedding crocodile tears.

We have proof against you.

Speak up the truth now.

Speak up!

- Come on!
- I will tell you.

I will tell you.

I remember the day.

I learnt about her the first time.

'May I help you, ma'am?'

'I want to talk
something important, ma'am.'

'Why are you upset with me?'

'Let me tell you something about
your husband and that girl.'

'It will only help you.'

'Don't you'

'dare say anything about my husband!'

'He's your husband, not God.'

'They meet daily.'

'He's enjoying with that girl.'

'He comes home before you.'

'Then they both...'

'How dare you!'

'There's nothing to be daring about.'

'It's your problem totally,
you'll regret it.'

'I have nothing to lose.'

'You made a mistake by
bringing that girl home.'

'She is your paying guest, '

'but she'll throw you out permanently.
Listen to me.'

'I don't want to hear rubbish.'

'Do you have proof?'

'I will give you the proof, '

'but you'll have to give me a reward.'

'Get the proof first.'

'Make me happy and I'll make you happy.'

'She's very naive.'

Did Rana give you any proof?


But he had made an MMS.


He made MMS for you

but didn't show it to you.


Answer me!

Speak up!

Speak up!

Come on, speak up!

I will tell you.

I will tell you.


In return for the MMS, he wanted to...

He wanted to sleep with me.
He was a bloody bastard!

Tell them to go home.

Okay, sir.

'Mr Lokhande is known for
supporting the common man'

'rather than the court and criminals.'

'But in this case, '

'he's seen forcing Shinaya
to confess to the crime.'

Thank you, Waghmare.

The case is solved.

She committed the murder because of
Adah and Gautam's affair.

This is an open and shut case.

You murdered Rana very brutally.

Cold-blooded murder.

She killed him to save her dignity.


this was the motive for murder.
The case is closed.

Now, take rest.

'Go out.'

'Please let me go inside.'

- Listen to me.
- Sir.

What's going on?

'You can't meet her.'

- Go outside.
- Listen to me.

'Go out.'

- Leave me.
- Get out.

I want to meet Shinaya.

You go outside.

My child hasn't eaten anything
since yesterday.

I want to meet Shinaya. Let me go.

Why are you shouting?

Who let you inside?

Sir, he's not listening to me.
He barged in.

Sir, sir.

- Hey!
- Sir...

Sir, please let Shinaya go,
she's innocent.

She is not the murderer.

Will you give the verdict or the court?

You're saying it confidently,

as if you know who the murderer is.

Yes, sir. I know who the murderer is.

Who is it?

Sir, I am the murderer.

Sir, he made an MMS clip of Adah and me.

We were very scared.

'We had asked you if Shinaya Grover
was the murderer or not?'

'We've received texts
from many in huge numbers.'

'80% Indian public says that Shinaya
is innocent.'

'Only 20% are confused'

'whether Shinaya can
or cannot be the murderer.'

Ma'am, it has been proved

that you're innocent.

You're telling the truth.

Gautam committed the murder, not you.

Gautam didn't kill Rana.

This is a lie.
No, this is the truth!

He has confessed to the crime.

Not just that,

he even confessed that he had
an affair with Adah.

He killed Rana because of that MMS.

He didn't want you to see that clip.

He's lying, inspector.
He cannot kill him!

I'm not lying, inspector.

What are you trying to prove?

You did not kill him.

Shinaya, please.

Don't lie.
I killed Rana. I killed him.


Very good.

Sit down.


You said it confidentially

that he is not the murderer.

It seems you know who the murderer is.


I know who the murderer is.

Who's the murderer?

I am the murderer.

I am the killer.

Why did you kill Rana?

Because he was about to rape me.

He showed me the MMS and I killed
him in self-defence.

I killed him!

I am the killer.

I am the killer.


Very interesting.

One murder and two murderers.

This calls for a break.

'You agree that you had
an affair with Adah.'

Some relationships are like ice.


and silent.

Adah and I shared such a relationship.

I don't know what to say,

but I just knew that.

I got attracted to her.

It was wrong.

I was cheating on Shinaya.

"You melt like the ice"

"in the cold nights of winter."

"You melt like the ice"

"in the cold nights of winter."

"I am living because of you."

"You are in my thoughts."

"You melt like ice"

"in the cold nights of winter."

"I am living because of you."

"I keep thinking about you."

"Your love is making my life better."

"Drench me in your love
and let me fulfil your desires."

"Your love is making my life better."

"Drench me in your love
and let me fulfil your desires."

"I have got lost in your love."

"I have gone away from the rituals
and have become yours."

"You're a warm night

and a warm morning."

"Set me free from the restrictions."

"You give me a reason to live."

"You melt like ice"

"in the cold nights of winter."

"I am living for you."

"I keep thinking about you."

'Gautam, you're driving me crazy.'

'I am going crazy about you.'

'Yes, Adah.
But what we're doing is wrong.'

"Every bit of my soul

has brightened up."

"You're in every moment of my life,
listen to my plea."

"All the illusions have
cleared between us."

"You give me a reason to live."

"You melt like the ice in the
cold nights of winter."

"I am living in you.
You are in my thoughts."

'What are you doing?'


'What are you hiding?'

'Have you started troubling
the neighbours as well?'

'Why are you getting upset?'

'Do your work.'

'It's my work.'

'Show it to me.
Do you want to see?'

'Come on, I'll show you.'

'Look here.'

'You want to watch a movie.'

'She irritates me daily.'

'What's going on? Show it to me.'

'Leave my hand. Show it to me.'

'Leave my hand.
What are you doing?'

'Leave my hand.
What's going on?'

'I'm telling you, leave my hand!
Show it to me.'

'Hello, Durga. I'm Raj speaking.
How are you?'


'What's the matter?'


'Can I call you later?'



'I think something is fishy.'

'Excuse me.'

- Ma'am.
- What's your problem?

'I want to show you something.'

'It's related to you.
Watch it now or you'll regret it.'

- What is it?
- Look here.

'Have a look.'

'Come on.'

'This is just the trailer.'

'You haven't seen the full movie yet.'

'What do you want?'

'I was saying...'

'Make this kind of movie with me too.'

'Or I'll upload it on the social network.'

'I really got scared.'

'Nothing as that.'

'You slapped me.'

'Do you think'

'I will get scared by your threats?'

'You are blackmailing me
to sleep with you.'

'Your film is of very bad quality.'

'Camera work is very bad. Bad lighting.'

'I can't see the face properly.'

'Next time, '

'inform me before you make
such a film.'

'I will set the lighting bright.'

'Got it?'

'You are older to me, '

'but you're still a kid'

to do such big things.'

'Got it! Now, get lost!'

'I will brighten up your face.'

Who was the man Adah went with?

It was her boyfriend Robin.

I knew about him.

Some of the big decisions
of our life go wrong

because some are taken out of helplessness

and some with smartness.

Come to the point.

Adah wanted to marry Robin.

She took this decision
out of helplessness.

Robin is a son of a multi-millionaire
from South Mumbai.

Adah didn't like many of his habits.

He used to drink excessively
and take drugs.

She used to ignore these things.

She used to feel that compromise
is synonymous with life.

Problems start with compromises.

Rana became a problem.

'Hey, babe.'


'You know Mr Rana?'

'I met him today.'

'He tells the wildest jokes.'

'He made me laugh my guts out.'

'I heard he stays in the same building.'

'Thank you for your praises.'

'Nice to meet you.'

'I've never seen you before
in this building.'

No problem. Hereafter, we'll meet often.'

'Come on, babe. Let's go.'


- I'll be back.
- Okay.

'I knew you'd surely call.'

'Some people are very hot-blooded, '

'they have to be cooled down.'

'What do you want?
Now, you've come to the point.'


'Don't change your tone, baby.'

'Listen to me carefully.'

'The camerawork of my film
might be of low quality, '

'but your boyfriend'

'will surely recognise
his girlfriend's face.'

'I'll call you tomorrow and tell you
what to do next.'

'Listen, Rana is not a kid.'

'He has grown up now.'

'Hey Adah, what's up?'

'Gautam, Rana is threatening me.'

'He said he'll show the MMS
to Robin or Shinaya.'

'We have to stop him.'

'We have to find a way out.'

'We have to get rid of this man.'

'Please, Gautam. Please.'

'Do something, Gautam. Please.'

What did you do?

One has to take risks

to lead a peaceful life.

Rana was not going to budge easily.

There was only one way

to get rid of him.



Brave, man.

Where's Adah?

She vacated the house the same day.

Her boyfriend

bought her an apartment in Goregaon West.

Even I wanted to end this relationship.

I thought

if Shinaya learns about this,

how will I face her my entire life?

We make such big promises...


I had not expected it from you.

What happened?
Your lie has been exposed, my friend.


It's proved that you're not the murderer.

No, it is a lie.

This is the truth.

According to the forensic reports,

Rana was murdered

on 13th December between
8:00 to 10:00 p.m.


forget being in your house,

you were not even in your building
at that time.

Where was I?

I see.

Do I have to tell that?

I think you suffer from memory loss.

Okay, I'll remind you.

Mr Grover, you were
in the office at that time.

There was an annual general
body meeting in your office.

Your boss had to take an urgent decision,

so the meeting went on for long.

How did you find out all these?

We have the CCTV footage

of your AGM.

It proves that you've not murdered Rana.

One man can't be present at two places
at the same time.

Mr Grover,

am I right?


You tried to save your wife,

but you were unsuccessful.

Drop Gautam home.

Let's go.

What are you trying to prove, inspector?

Do you think this case is solved?

If I am not the murderer,
is Shinaya the murderer?

Did she murder Rana?

Mr Gautam, for now, you have
been proven innocent.

The murderer can be anyone.

You can go now.

Come on.

"Twinkle twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are."

"Twinkle twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are."

Here's your breakfast, my dear.


Look here.

I've brought an omelette for you.

Come on, let's have breakfast.

Here you go.

Come on.

Come on, have it.

Eat it. Come on.

I am not hungry.


Should I make something else for you?

- What do you want?
- I want mom.

Mom will be back soon.

When will she come?

Mom will be back soon.


But my classmates told me

that the police has put mom in jail.

Nothing will happen to her.

My child.

The police won't find
any proof against her.

Sir, time is less and the suspense
is increasing.

You say that Shinaya is not the criminal.

Who is the killer?

The murderer is

someone who lives in this society.

'In his neighbour's house...'


Hello, sir.

Do you make an entry of visitors

in the register or not?

I do, sir.

I do note the entries.

Get me the register.

- Okay, sir.
- Let's go.

On 13th December,
the day the murder took place,

no entry was recorded after 6:00 p.m.

The last entry was of a courier boy.

He had been to the second floor
of B wing to deliver a courier.

Sir, he left in five minutes.

There was no visitor after 6:00 pm.
Are you sure?

Yes, sir. I am sure.

Where is the monitor and recording
device of the CCTV camera?

It is in the society office.

Call the secretary and Gautam.
Okay, sir.

Look at him carefully.

Try to recognise who he is.

I don't know.
I couldn't recognise him.


even I don't know.

Actually, even I don't know anything.

I will think.


I think he killed Rana.

Hey, stop!

Sir, I didn't do anything.

I swear I didn't do anything.


Yes, sir.
What are you doing here?

Your daughter wanted to come downstairs.

I told you to stay upstairs.

Sir, I want to see how the police

is investigating madam's case.

Okay, show her the phone.

Have you seen him?

No, sir, I don't recognise him.

What kind of a man was Rana?

He was a cheap man.

He would ogle at every woman
in the society.

He tried to molest me once.

I quit the job.

Sir, can I go?


Send the photograph of the muffler
man to the headquarters. Yes, sir.

Gather information about him.
Yes, sir.

'It's been two days and there are new
twists and turns in the Rana murder case.'

'Mumbai Police hasn't come
to any conclusion yet.'

'They've been unsuccessful in getting
any evidence against Shinaya.'

'Shinaya is still in police custody.'

Doctor, are you sure the fingerprints

are Shinaya's?

Yes, sir. No doubt about it.

Please have a look. Look here.

We didn't find anybody else's
fingerprints other than Shinaya's.

If we exclude Rana's wife
and his brother-in-law...

Fingerprints confirm that there was
a scuffle between Rana and Shinaya.

The wound on Shinaya's wrist
confirms this.

There was a wound on her wrist.

But that doesn't prove
that she had a scuffle with Rana.

It would've been easier if we had
found the murder weapon.

Very true, sir.

But I think it's important for us
to meet Adah Saxena.

Call Gautam and take
Adah's phone number from him.

Right away, sir.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.




Sir, I got Adah's number,
but her phone is switched off.

Call Adah's boyfriend.

Gautam doesn't have his number.

He told me that Adah and Robin would
often go to Cape Town Pub.

Did Robin come here frequently?

Sir, he comes here regularly.

I haven't seen him for the last few days.

How did he make his payments?

Do you have details of his
credit card or debit card?

No, sir. He always pays in cash.
I am really sorry.

But, sir, I have one information.

His father runs an import-export business
somewhere in South Mumbai. Okay.

If he comes here, inform us.

Okay, sir. Thank you.

South Mumbai.

Adah and Robin are missing.

- Waghmare.
- Yes, sir.

Get Rana's wife and brother-in-law
to the police station. Okay, sir.

Why have they called me here?

What have I done?

How long should I wait?

Don't you know who I am?

I know. Sit there.

I am a politician.

My name is Raj Bhosle.

Remember my name.

- I didn't...
- Shut up.

Stay quiet.

Along with your brother, you killed Rana.

Did you really kill him?

I am sure you killed him.
No, sir.

I didn't kill him.

No matter how he treated me,
he was my husband.

How could I kill him?
He used to beat me every day.

But I didn't kill him.

A day before he died,
the two of you had a big fight.

You left the house.

Yes, sir.

We had a fight and I left the house,

but I didn't kill him. I swear.

What happened that night?

'Did you like the film?'

'Wasn't it good?'

'I know you liked it because you were
watching it with interest.'

'You liked it, right?'

'Do this, come here. Come on.'

'No. - I won't do anything.
Come with me.'

'No. - Listen to me.
Where are you going? Listen up.'

'I won't do anything to you.
Do you like watching movies?'


'You enjoy it, don't you?
Darn it!'

Your liquor business flopped,
so you started doing all this. What?

'What are you saying?
Have you lost your mind?'

'Are you dead? Come on, get up.'

'Get up.
You lost your senses so soon.'

'How dare you! You're talking too much.

'You scoundrel!
How dare you hit my sister?'

'How dare you hit my sister?'

'Do you think you can do
anything you please?'

'Listen up, you thick-skinned man
from Haryana.'

'You can't do as you please.
Mumbai belongs to us.'


'I don't give a hoot about Mumbai.

'What were you saying?'

'Speak up.'

'Get up, you scoundrel!'


'Get lost!'

'You scoundrel!'

'Raj, what are you doing?'

'Sister, move aside.
What are you doing?'

'Move aside, I will kill him.'

- Raj!
- Hey!

'I sever all the ties with you! Get it!'

'Raj, let's go.'

'I am sparing you
because of my sister.'

- If you even try to meet her, I'll kill you!
- Raj!

- Come on, let's go.
- Idiot,

'this Mumbai belongs to us.
Remember that!'

'Raj, let's go.'

'Take him.'

'Get her remarried to a nice man.'

'He says Mumbai belongs to him.'

'The brother-sister duo
troubled me so much.'

I left the house, but I didn't kill him.

I didn't kill him.

- Where are you going?
- Brother?

What is going on here?

Why are you troubling my sister?
Get out!


Stop your drama right away.

I will demolish the police station.

My name is Raj.

All of you will be left jobless.

Will strip our uniforms?


I removed his uniform.


show the power of a policeman
to this politician.


Stop. Brother!

Tell him to stop. He is innocent.

Waghmare, stop.


Move back.

I don't wear a uniform.

I am a policeman from within.

You killed your brother-in-law, right?

No, sir. I didn't kill him.

I had threatened him.

How will you prove it in the court
that you're not the murderer?

Do you have proof?

Yes, sir.

- I have proof.
- What?

I was at Bindiya Bar
in Jogeshwari that night. Yes.

- Hello?
- 'Shalini.'

Tell me.
'Robin has come to the pub.'


Don't let him go, we'll be there soon.

Robin has come to the pub.



You can't do this to me.

Why have you brought me here by force?

No one goes to the police station
or hospital by force.

Once anyone goes there,
there's no guarantee that he'll return.

What have I done?
You've committed a murder.

You've killed Rana.
What bullshit!

Why would I kill him?

- Because of Adah.
- Who is Adah?

You had fun with that girl.

The girl went missing
and you lost your memory.

Speak up!

I'll tell you.


for the first time, I see someone
regain memory in the police station.

That's amazing, sir.
I have a condition.

I have a request, sir. Please.
What is it?

Adah and I had an affair.

Please don't tell media about it, sir.

Adah was a characterless girl,

so I hired a detective to spy on her.

- A detective?
- Yes, sir.

His name was Albert, he stays in Colaba.

He got me several shreds of evidence
against Adah and Gautam.


Albert, are you talking
about this detective?

Yes, that's him.

Sir, that means the muffler man
is not the killer.

Sir, there's a call from
the headquarters.

Adah's phone is on,
the location is Dharavi.



Hey! Come on!

Where did you get this phone from?

- Madh Island.
- Tell the truth.

I found it outside a bungalow
in Madh Island.

Sir, this is the bungalow.

What could've brought Adah here?

Sir, let's ask the watchman
of the bungalow.

He might know.

Come on.


"With you..."

Yes, sir, tell me.

Whose bungalow is that?

It belongs to Mr Ketan Parikh.
He lives in Canada.

Who else visits this bungalow?

A friend of his comes here occasionally.

Who is he?
I don't know his name.

But he has long hair,
long beard and a big moustache.

He must be in his 40s.

Waghmare, show him the photograph.

Is he the guy?

Yes, sir. It is him.

- Waghmare.
- Sir.

Something has happened here.

Sir, there are some blood stains here.

Sir, someone has tried
to clean the stains.

I think a murder took place.

And it's been days since
the murder took place.

The colour of the blood has turned black.

Vijay, I saw the ball coming here.

Yes, it was right here.

Where did it go?

- Ajay.
- What happened?

Look there.


Sir, there was a call
from the headquarters.

A dead body has been found
behind Madh Fort.

Have the headquarters figure out
what's in this card.

- Okay?
- Yes, sir.

Come on.

Sir, it's Adah's body.

The body has started decaying.

That means Adah didn't kill Rana.

Sir, the suspense is increasing.

We still haven't solved Rana's case,
and we found Adah's body.

This video footage was
in the memory card we found.

'Camera is a very bad thing.'

'I used to make blue films
featuring others, '

'today I am making my own film.'

'Rana, you've hit a jackpot.'

'Gorgeous girls are falling for you.'

'You're very punctual.'

'I neither wait nor let others wait.'

'I've become your fan.'

'Very nice.'

'This evening is so beautiful.'

'You've come to meet me.'

'This calls for a drink.'


'Shall we?'

'If you don't mind, '

'can I make your drink?'

'It is a package deal.'

- Excuse me.
- Sure.

'I'm going to drink like a fish today.'

'Only then I can get into the mood.'

'You're a beauty with brains.'


'You stopped the MMS
from getting viral.'

'Only a fool would make me an enemy.'

'Very dangerous.'

'Oh dear, amazing.'

'It's good.'

'When we can work together as friends, '

'why should we be enemies?'

'I agree.'

- You'll know me soon.
- Yes.

'Rana, you might not know this.'

'When a girl is ready to get laid, '

'she can buy anyone.'

'Very good.'

'Very good.'

'The evening becomes more beautiful when
you have a good companion'

'who pours you a drink.'

'I recite couplets too.'

'You're a beautiful girl.'

'Did you spike my drink?'

'Tell me!'

'Oh, fuck!'

'You injured my head.
What are you doing?'

'I am a beautiful girl'

'who knows to entertain
as well as kill you.'

'Do you think I am a fool?'

'I know men like you.'

'Not just know, I recognise them too.'

'This was just the beginning,
not the end.'

'You'd have threatened me time
and again by showing the MMS.'

'You very well know
that my boyfriend is a millionaire'

'and you'd have demanded money.'

'It was important to put an end'

'to the series of blackmails
before it starts.'

'You found a good place.'

'This cottage is in a deserted area.
You scoundrel, '

'today is your last day.'

'Will you kill me?
You deliver nice dialogues.'

'Will you kill me? I'll not spare you!'

'Get up! Will you kill me?'

'Leave me!'


'There's a jungle behind the Madh Fort
and there's a murky lake.'

'I'll dispose of your dead body there.'

'You belong to the muck.'

Sir, Rana's hand is moving.

'She had come to kill me,
but she died herself.'

'I'll dispose of your body in the lake
where you wanted to dispose of mine.'

'She was a beautiful girl.'

'But she died.'

Adah went to kill Rana
but got killed herself.

Sir, Adah's murder mystery
got cleared because of this footage.

We still have to find out
who killed Rana.

Shinaya, Gautam, Adah, Durga,
Robin, Raj Bhosle.

None of them killed Rana.
Then who killed him?

We can't even suspect them.

Sir, it's possible

that the watchman, liftman,
secretary of the society,

or Lakshmi...
One of them would've killed Rana.

Sir, the important thing
is that we can keep.

Shinaya Grover in remand till the evening.

Tomorrow, we have to produce her
in court no matter what.

'Mumbai Police is going to produce
Shinaya Grover in court tomorrow.'

'Police is still unable to solve
Rana's murder mystery.'

'Mr Lokhande is known for'

'solving murder mysteries easily.'

'But this around,
he seems to be unsuccessful.'

'We'll see what happens
in court tomorrow.'

Raise the volume.
'Tomorrow is a big day.'

The verdict on the Rana murder case
will be out.'

'Everyone is waiting for the verdict.'

The court had handed over Shinaya
to the Crime Branch for three days.

In these three days,

Crime Branch was unsuccessful in
gathering any evidence against Shinaya.

The court will give the verdict today.

Let's see in his whose favour
the verdict would turn out to be.'

Start the session.
Thank you, Your Honour.

Your Honour, I request the court
to not waste any time.

This case is an absolutely
open and shut case.

All the pieces of evidence

are against Shinaya Grover.

Point to be noted, Your Honour.

Mrs Grover confessed to her crime.

Mrs Grover, am I right?

In her senses, she confessed

that she killed Mr Rana.

I object, my Lord!
Objection sustained.

My Lord,

Mrs Shinaya Grover
confessed to her crime,

but there's no proof to corroborate it.

Even Mr Gautam Grover
had confessed to the crime.

He said it loudly and clearly
that he was the murderer.

Will you punish Mr Gautam Grover as well?

Mr Gautam Grover confessed to the crime

to save his wife.
In exactly the same way,

Mrs Grover took the blame on her
when she saw her husband getting

involved in Rana's murder case.
It's quite obvious.

Wow! Ideal husband and wife.

Such ideal couples are rare to find.

Mr Grover has an affair
with another woman

despite having a beautiful wife.

Anyway, it is his personal life
and personal choice.

Ma'am, I have a question.
When she was arrested,

was there a wound on her wrist?

What would you like to say
about the wound?

When people chop vegetables,
they hurt their fingers, not wrists.

Prosecutor, the court can't predict

which way the knife will go
while chopping vegetables.

Silence, please.

Your Honour, most importantly,

the police haven't found
the murder weapon

with which Rana was murdered.

Forensic Department says
it's a unique murder weapon.

What is it exactly?
Even they don't know about it.

My Lord, the truth is

that the police has been
unsuccessful in producing

any substantial evidence in the court
against Shinaya.

That's all, My Lord.

Mr Lokhande,
the court wants to question you.

Mr Lokhande,

the court had handed over
Mrs Shinaya Grover to you for three days.

What did you do in these three days?
My Lord, that's right.

I was unsuccessful in producing any
strong evidence against Shinaya.

Not just the evidence,

you were even unsuccessful in producing
the murder weapon in the court.

Sorry, My Lord.

I was unsuccessful in getting
the murderer punished,

but I was not unsuccessful
in recognising him.

Who's the murderer?

The court gives a verdict
based on evidence.

I don't have any proof against
the murderer right now.

So, it is futile to name the murderer.

Mrs Grover,

do you have to say anything about

the allegations on you?

On the basis of evidence
produced by Mr Lokhande,

the court gives its verdict.

Mrs Grover is innocent.

The court acquits Mrs Grover off
the charges of Mr Rana's murder.

On behalf of Mumbai Police,
the court apologises to you

for the mental trauma
that you'd to go through.


'I'm coming to see the MMS.'

'I am very lucky.'

'Show the MMS to me.'

'Did you watch it?'

'Did you understand?
What are you doing?'

- Listen to me.
- Let go of me.

'Why are you resisting?'

'I'll settle the scores. Listen to me.

'Won't you listen to me?
There's no use of talking to you.'

'Where are you going? Leave me!'

Help! Don't you understand?
I'll explain it to you.

'Listen to me.'

Ma'am, how are you feeling today?

Finally, the truth has prevailed.

It was proved in the court
that you're innocent.

Ma'am, would you like to say
anything about it?

Mr Lokhande,

this is the first time you were
unsuccessful in solving a case.

You couldn't nab the criminal.

Would you like to say something about it?

I don't spare criminals

and I don't let the innocent get punished.

'When I reached the murder spot
after I was given this case, '

'I found the murder weapon, '

'which even the police couldn't find.'

'I learnt two things that day.'

'First, Shinaya was the killer.'

'Secondly, the main culprit was Rana.'

'I didn't question Shinaya
to know about the murder, '

'but to find out
what made her kill Rana.'

'During the three days of investigation,
I understood'

'that Shinaya is innocent
despite committing the murder.'

'The truth is'

'Rana had made everyone's life
miserable in the society.'

'Adah died because of him.'

'Many a time, the deceased is
the bigger criminal than the killer.'

'If Shinaya got punished, '

'her family would have been robbed off
all their happiness.'

'She hid the truth
and saved her family.'

'And I... You might have understood.'

'Lokhande does
the right thing in his own way, '

'and not the vice versa,
just like MK Gandhi.'

♥ Extracted by NARACHI ♥