Nika (2010) - full transcript

Nika was kidnapped and sold into the global sex-trade. Ivan owes a large sum of money to Franco, a terrifying mob boss, who also happens to be the same man who sold Nika into slavery.

A Doron Eran production

A fiIm by Arnon Zadok

TelAviv 2010

Don't Iie to me.
- I'm not lying.

Your knees.
- What?

You clinch them together
when you Iie.

Listen, we have to tell the police
who did this

and the location of the apartment
from which you escaped.

Don't you get it?
He'll catch me and shred me!

ln a week you'll find my body
in the dumpster.

He won't catch you,
we'll look after you.

Once you speak to the cops
he won't be able to harm you.

l wouldn't have escaped,
but he brought over his 4 friends.

Were you ever fucked
by 4 guys at once?

Your rectum becomes
loose like rubber.

Who do you think you are, huh?

You idiot.

You think you know
how the world works?

You sit here in your little office...

with no one to shit all over you
from morning till evening,

and you want to calm me down?


There's something
l want to tell you.

Eastern Europe 2005


Are you on your way there?
- Yes, it's by the tracks, right?

Cross over the tracks
and walk on the path till the house.

Ok. Franco?

You idiot, l told you to never
mention names over the phone!

Oh, sorry.

Talk to me
when you get the package.

No prob...

Piece of shit.

Are you lvan?


Here's the merchandise.

Check it out.

Not a scratch.

Don't just stand there and stare.


Shirt, bra, take it all off.

Take off the shoulder pads.

All the way.

Lower the jeans a bit.

Show us your body.


Turn around.

There. Now back.

Hands down.

Open your mouth.

Open your mouth.



All the teeth are intact,

so if you use it,
don't damage the goods.

They'll come take her
in two weeks.

By the way,

there in the bag are some of her
clothes and here's her passport.

Don't lose it. Without her passport
no one will take her.


Well, does it look ok?

Go ahead, call the boss,
tell him everything is ok.

Can l call from yours?
l can't make calls.


Did you bring her over
to that idiot?

lt's lvan.

Oh. The idiot.
ls she by you already?

- And does she look ok to you?

She's ok.
- Now listen to me.

She'llbe by you for two weeks.
Don't ruin the merchandise.

Talk to me when they take her
and l'll write it off your tab.

lf you do everything right,
you might get a bonus.

But if you screw up... You don't
want to screw up, right, lvan?

No. l don't.

Do you understand what you must do?
- Yes.

Good. Now put Zhura on.
- Who?

You moron,
you're using his phone.

Everything ok?
- He wants to talk to you.

Yes. Yes.

l didn't speak with you.

l get it.

l'm leaving.

Don't ruin the merchandise!




Want to eat?



- l'm coming.

Did you eat already?

What are you reading?

"The Adventures
of Huckleberry Finn".

Remind me what it's about.

lt's about an American kid
and his black friend who's a slave.

An American kid...

They used to send people to the Gulag
for being friends with Americans.

What's a Gulag?
- Jail.

There's also a kid
called Tom Sawyer

and Mark Twain wrote
a book about him too,

but we don't have that book
in the library at school.

Are you back already?
- Yes.

Want to eat?
- l'm not hungry.

What's your new job?


Our homework is to write 7 lines
about our daddy's job.

l work in a led factory.

That won't come out to 7 lines...

Don't move!

lf you move
you could cut yourself.

Take it off by yourself.

lf l do it, it will hurt more.

Hardy appetite.

Could l have some water, please?

She's taking a shower now.

She stinks like a goat
after last night.

Look after her. lf l can't sellher,
l'llhave to add her to your debt.

But there's nothing in this
apartment, no food or water,

no towels, no soap, nothing.

So buy some.
l'llpay you back.

l have no money. lf l did,
l wouldn't be talking to you.

You loser... l'llsend someone
with the groceries.

How did you get this job?

You think l'd choose this
line of work if l had a choice?

lt's all because
of these fucking cards...

l was playing cards
with someone. Poker.

l bet everything l had

and what l didn't have, as well.
When he opened,

he revealed 4 tens.

You know what the odds are
of having 4 tens?

About as good as...

you having a house
with a red roof, a garden,

two children and a husband
who's a lawyer.

l stole his deck.
lt's marked, l know it.

But where the markings are...

that l don't know.

Never mind.

Could you use thinner tape, please?

The wide one pulls
my hair out, it hurts.

This is the deck.

Number 9 cards are the weakest,
the aces are the strongest.

Each player gets 5 cards.

When you pick yours up

you have to see what kind of hand
you got. -What's a "hand"?

Maybe you should tell me,

what good is poker to a hooker?

l'm not a hooker.

Maybe today you're not.

Tomorrow, believe me,
you'll be a hooker.

These stupid conversations...

Anya is a gifted child,

she could get much further than
in a regular school. -Yes, l know,

but l don't want her to be
different from the other kids.

Anya's bored in class and has trouble
communicating with her classmates.

ln the new schoolshe could
acquire those skills.

Why haven't you spoken
to my wife?

l did, but she said
l should talk to you.

- You idiot...

Outgoing calls from your device
are blocked due to lack ofpayment.

l thought maybe we could play.

Want to play, whore?

Now l'll teach you
how to play.

l'll lift my arm

and you'll have to guess
which one it was.

lf you guess correctly,
you'll get a surprise.

This is to make sure
our game remains quiet

and cultured. Understand?

lf you think l lifted my right arm,
put your left hand on your cheek.



Of course you understand.

After all, you're good with games.

Go ahead, start guessing.

Lift up your hand.

Lift it up.

On your face!


Now go to sleep.

A few slaps
never killed anybody.

Mommy, it's dark in my room.

- l'm coming.

How are you?




Why the hell do you tell
her teacher to speak to me?!

What? Did you think that
if she spoke to me

then l'd go to the toilet
and shit out the money?!

l just thought, with your
new job and all, that maybe...

You idiot.

You idiot!

You couldn't even explain
to a faggot where the ass is!

You must understand that the money
l make will be used to pay the debt.

ls that clear?

lf you find the markings on the cards
l'll send the kid to the school.

lvan, if you blew away all our money,
we won't be able to afford it.

"Our money"?
lt's my money

and l'm supporting you!

Got it?!

Come, my child,
l'll put you to bed. -You whores!

You're all whores!

Get in bed.

Calm down.
Come to me.

Everything will be ok,
l'll sing you a lullaby.

Where are you?

At home.

Get your ass over there now.

l'm at home with my family.

Listen, asshole,
there're a ton of cops out there.

You know what willhappen
if the bimbo starts yelling?

But l tied her up real good.

Now you see why you owe me money
and not the other way around?

Because l know the works.

Do you know how many times people
who were tied up good, escaped?

Get your ass over there,
retarded Spiderman!

Go fuck yourself!


Quiet. Quiet.

Calm down.

Calm down.

l'll untie you.

Forgive me for what l did earlier.


Here, wash yourself.

Thank you.

l lived in kiev with my mother.

There was a guy there who used
to hang out under our home.

His name was Sasha.


Cool car.

We started going out.

After my mom had met him
she said to me: "He's a good guy.

"Listen to him."

Then he said they're arranging
a well-paying job for him in Europe.

Then he said that if l didn't
listen to him he'd kill me.

They use love to entrap you...

And my mom...

Did they threaten your family too?

Why did you exchange
only 2 cards?

l don't know,
l wanted to spare the queen.

Fuck the queen
if she's useless to you.

l told you it was
a stupid game.

lf you have nothing
to gain or lose,

then there's nothing to play for.

l have 30 hryvnia.

They're not see-through.

Not to you, in any case.

How many cards?


Fuck the queen.

l want to keep playing.

We don't wear
the same size pants.

You want me to pay
with my clothes?

Why not?

You have to practice anyway.


We're on.


Are you playing?


Then shut the door.

Why did you change seats?

Change location,
change your luck.


Undershirt plus...


That's all you have.

l'm betting everything.

What cards do you have?

- You lost. Pay up.

You'll thank me eventually.

Want to play again?


But you know the rules.

l do.

May l?

- Can l deal the deck?

Last game?

How many cards?


Don't make a "poker face",
what's with you?

lf you're out of luck,
you're out of luck.

That's nice...

Can l get up?

l'll be right back.

Can l have the cigarettes there,
on the table?

lt's cold.

Then get dressed.

You've paid your debt.

So will l have to lose
another game now?

Are you serious?


Would you like an omelet?
- No, just cereal.

Where's your bowl?
- l've been looking for it for days.

Good morning, Daddy.
- Good morning, sweetie.

Want to eat?

l'll have whatever Anya is having.

She's having cereal.
- What's that?

Open it.

Don't tear the wrapping,
we might need it.

l'll buy you new wrapping paper,

You said they didn't have this book
at the library, so l got it for you.

Anya, don't be late for school.

Daddy, can l take the book
with me?

Of course, honey, it's yours.

You can do
whatever you like with it.

Thank you very much, Daddy.

Wake me up in two hours.

Whatever l say,
don't let me fall back asleep.

Ever since l left

all l thought about was coming back
and doing this to you.

Am l pleasuring you?

Come, l'll feed you.

l'll make it for you.

The person you're selling me to...
is he the one you owe money?


lt aggravates me, you know?
lt's aggravating.

l know he marked the cards.

The deck is marked...

lt's not the money...

l understand,
you simply want to know.

Should l make you some tea?

- What's up?

Everything's ok.
- ls she ok?


l sent Zhura over to you.
He'llgive you some food and cash.

- Yes?

l'm giving you
200 hryvnia for shopping.

You hear?

Yes. -The guy who's coming to get her
willgive you money.

l'll come after they've left, but not
immediately. l don't want to be seen.


How much is he supposed to give me?
- None of your business.

So how will l know that
he gave me the entire sum?

Oh, yeah... you're right.

10,000 Euros.

l see.
- Good.

When he arrives, let him look at her,
show him her teeth, her cunt,

show him she has no scratches there.
- Yes.

lf he wants he can fuck her,
but first the money.

l understand.
- What did you understand?

l'll show him her teeth.

Her cunt.

lf he wants he can fuck her,

but first the money.

Very good.

Don't screw it up.
There willbe more. -Ok.

ln no time you'll forget
you owe me money. -Yes.

lvan... untilnow
l've spoken to you nicely,

but bear in mind that if something
goes wrong with the girl or the money

l'llsend my toughest hounds
to get you.


lt wasn't on purpose.

Never mind.
- Take the tea, l'll clean up.

Here, l got some stuff.

How is she down there?

Just as she was.

How about l fuck her today?

l wanted to myself, but she's
bleeding. lt stinks like hell.


Perhaps some other time.





What we're doing here
isn't good.

Yes, it's not good.

Then why are you doing this?

Because l want to.

You know you've paid
your debt a long time ago.

Let's not talk.

Words ruin everything.

l'm tired.

l want to sleep.


l'll take it to work tomorrow.

My God!

You won't tell him l was here,
will you?

Yes, hello?
- Are you outside?

Yes, l went out to buy some things.
- Giving her room service, huh?

Look, whoever lets a hooker
play with his head

is left with no head.


Why are you fucking me?


l asked, why are you fucking me?

You think l'll get you
out of this?

You think you have a diamond between
your legs? That l'll get so confused

that l'd risk my family
and set you free, you little shit?

Answer me, you slut.
ls that what you think?

Answer me, you whore!

Answer me, you stinking whore!

Want to play with my head?

l'll show you
what happens when you do.

You'll be sorry
you ever met me, bitch!

l'm a bitch?

l'm playing with your head?

My entire life is falling apart,
l've never been a hooker.

You think l planned on
falling in love with you?

You think l wanted
to fall in love with a scumbag

who ties a girl to a bed
like a cow about to be slaughtered?!

You're an animal!

But what can l do?
God above

causes people to fall in love
even with animals like you.

Tie me up and go.
l don't want to see you.

That's how my dad used
to punish me for lying.

l'll be back tomorrow.

lf you say that you love me
one more time,

l'll fill up the bucket again.

ls that clear?

You can fill the bucket
with shit.

l don't want you to forgive me.

l'm such an animal.

You know...

l told you, words ruin everything.

l have less than a week
left here.

Please don't hurt me.
- l won't.

- Promise.

You rarely get angry at people.

Everyone has a weakness.

l'll make you some tea.


l think l love you.

You don't get it, do you?

Let me explain it.

ln 3 days there will be
a knock on the door.

You'll get money
and l'll be taken far away.

A long queue will form
and people will buy tickets

to get into my body.

lf someone doesn't like something
they'll make a new hole in me

and there'll always be a scumbag
who'll fuck me there too.

A week from now there will have been
enough men inside me to fill a bus.

ln a month... a train.

ln a year... a stadium.

So for your sake and mine,

don't tell me you love me.


l love you.

l have to go.
l'll be right back.

My God! What's taking you so long?
Come on!


Come on!

What now?

l'm leaving you.
- What?

l'm leaving you.

Natasha, l don't have time now. -God
willpunish you for what you've done.

- You hear me?-Yes.

The client is coming to take
the merchandise today. He's in town.

He'llbe there at night,
got it?

lvan? lvan?
- Yes.

You remember everything?

Don't forget to count the money.
10,000 Euros.

l know.

Ok. lf it allgoes well,
you're off the hook.

There's another package
arriving in 2 days.


l know you can't
make outgoing calls.

He'llbe by you at around 24:00.

l'll come by at around 24:15.






Yes? -Untie her,
so that she doesn't have marks.

What's wrong?

lvan, what's wrong?

You're scaring me,
what happened?

You were afraid
l would escape, huh?

And you didn't.

Why didn't you?

Do you know what they would
have done to you if l had escaped?

l'll try to run away from them.


they're coming to get you
ahead of schedule.

Tonight, in 3 hours.

So what do l have to...?

l have to pack...


l understand you did what you did
because you had no choice.

l want to give you a present,

but promise me
you'll stay away from those people.

Pick a card.

Not now.
- lvan, pick a card.

king of spades.

Pick another one.

Prince of clovers.

They tricked you.
These cards are marked.

Are you lvan?

l'm Dimitri. Dima, for short.

Well, are we gonna
keep standing here?

You don't close deals like this
in the hallway.

She's pretty.

Do you have her passport?
- Yes.

But first you have
to give me something.

10,000, count it.

l'll go get the passport.

We'll get to know
each other meanwhile.

Where are you from?

What did you do?!

lvan, what did you do?!

They'll kill you!

No, they won't.

Franco is on his way
to collect the money.

But he won't come alone.
- He will.

He's not scared of me.

That scumbag will pay for everything.
Sit here and wait.

Well, did everything go smoothly?
- Yes, smoothly.

So why are you looking
at me like that?

l'm bringing you the money.
- Good, thanks.

ls this a joke?

but it didn't make me laugh.

Show me the markings
on the cards. Make me laugh.

Oh, my leg!

That's it...

My leg...

He broke my leg.

What happened?
- He was still alive and wounded me.

Did he hurt your face?

Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch...

Train information. -Hello,
when is the next train abroad, please?

Tellme where you want to go.
- Wherever. Abroad.

There's a train to Prague leaving
at 2:30 and one to Sofia at 3:00.

Thank you.

My hand wasn't as good

but l won.

You know?


You know...

At first l didn't know
if l should run away with you or not

but then l saw your wife...

Yes, she was here...

l didn't want to end up
with the look she had in her eyes.


lnspired by a true story

Oleg Levin & Zhenya Vasserman

With: Maria Ovanov,
Elizabeth Petrovsky, Alexei Shtokin

Director: Arnon Zadok

Producer: Doron Eran

Moshe Edri & Leon Edri

Daniel kedem

Screenplay by:
Avi Amar

ltay Bar Levav Eran

Chief Editor:
Oded Farber

Art Designer:
Yoram Shayer

Original score by:
lsrael Bright

Line Producer:
Amit Eran

Cinematyp Studios Ltd.