Nightwing (1979) - full transcript

A colony of vampire bats terrorize a small Indian community in New Mexico. Standard "Nature goes berserk" plot takes a twist toward the end when supernatural forces are discovered working through the bats.


...bringing you
the coolest sounds

from KMGX, Tucson,
the jewel of the west.

Let me warn all you good people
it's gonna be a broiler today.

Predicted highs of 100
in Tucson, Phoenix,

and up to 120
in the desert,

so stay close to
your swimmin' pools.

And those of you
who may be planning

to visit the Maski Reservation
this weekend

for the annual rain dance,

don't count on those dancers,
bring your own water.

And now here we go back
to the big C&W beat,

Crystal Gayle's "Don't It Make
My Brown Eyes Blue."


♪ I don't know when ♪

♪ I've been so blue ♪

♪ Don't know
What's come over you ♪

♪ You've found someone new ♪

♪ And don't it make
My brown eyes blue ♪

♪ I'll be fine ♪♪♪

Where in the hell
have you been?

Cleaning swimming pools.

What do you gotta show me?

Well, come on.

DURAN: When did you find him?

JOE: Sunup.

Wave that thing, Ben.

Did you hear anything
last night?

No. Nothin'.

Keep it moving, Ben.

She didn't kick anything.
Her hooves are smooth.

Well, what do you think?

I don't know.

It was coyotes.

No. You would have heard 'em.

Besides, no coyote
makes bites like that,

and no cat
makes bites like that either.


What the hell did you do?

Sent for Walker Chee.

That wasn't right, Joe.

Well, it's my business,

You ought to know
better than that.

The Pahana have
no jurisdiction here.

Well, they got
what I need.

Pahanas are like Anglos.

They got everything.
Whirlybirds, animal doctors.

And Chee,
he gets things done.

What we've got here is a bunch
of goddamn priests

chewin' datura root.

And you!

Came as quick
as we could, Joe.

I appreciate that.

You got no right being here.

Joe asked us over.

This is Maski territory.
Or did you forget?

You're right, Duran.

I should have given you a call,
but Joe had trouble.

Why are we arguing
about territory?

We're all interested
in the same thing.

And what's that?

To find out what killed
Joe's mares, right?

I mean,
that is the problem.

Or am I wrong?

Come on, Joe.
Show us the way.

In here.

Never seen anything
like it.

Any ideas, doc?


She'd have died of blood loss
if you hadn't shot her.

Gonna have to take some skin,
blood samples.

What about
the smell of ammonia?

That's right. It's strong as
hell. You use ammonia out here?


Well, could you
hurry it up, doc?

I got some important business
back in Diamond Rock.

You selling the reservation
this time?

Why don't you come off it,

I'm tired
of your little putdowns.

I spent my whole life
trying to bring some industry,

some help to this hellhole,

and not for my own people
but for your people as well.

Now, you really want to know
what's happening?

I'll tell you.

Peabody Mining
has found some shale oil

out in some of those canyons,

and I'm gonna nail that
oil down before it gets lost

in the fine print of the Indian
Bureau's contract department.

So if you
really want to be helpful,

you'll go back to your people

and have some of your priests
say a few prayers for me.

Whatever you say, Chee.

Only don't make any deals
that include Maski.


And that goes
for your private police, too.

Right, deputy, right.

What about you, Joe?
What about your mares?

What about them?

Well, I can tell you
what's gonna happen.

Nothing's gonna happen.

What do you mean?

He'll file a report,

stick it in a cabinet
in the bureau,

and that'll be it.

Let Chee find out
what bled your animal to death.

Made bite marks
no one's ever seen

and left a stink of ammonia.
So long, Joe.

Now, wait a minute, Duran--

No, no, no, you talk to Chee.

He's got whirlybirds
and doctors.

Me, I'm just
a dumb Maski cop.

He's right
about one thing, though.

What's that?

These bites,

they go right through to
the bone, just like razors.

Just like piranha fish.

Clean through the hide,
right to the bone.

Hello, Duran.

That's quite
a piece of artwork.

I'm sorry, boy,
but they've all got to die.

Is that a fact?

Anybody I know?

Wine is good
and cold, Abner.

Don't want any.

Menlo brothers worked hard
to bring you this wine.

Imported from California.

They can keep it.

Now, you promised me you would
never make magic around me.

You told me
you didn't believe in it.

That's not the point.

It scares the tourists.

No tourists around here.

Now, you know
that's bullshit.

Two weeks ago,

you stood in the middle
of the highway naked,

covered in rabbit's blood,
and wearing a coyote head.

And damn near wiped out a camper
full of little old ladies

on their way to Vegas.

Them old ladies had blue hair.

It took me all afternoon
to calm them down.

I sent for
the fire clan priests.

They could see this.

The priests
are afraid of you.

Everyone is afraid of you.

Everyone except you?

To me, you've always been
a great man,

but you chased everyone away.

The time has come
for them to die.

The priests?


They all got to go.

I saved the center
for the tablet of Yehwah.

The tablet's a myth,

No one's ever seen it.

I've seen it. It's real.

It has great power.

You're stoned on datura root.

Have to open my mind.

You want some?

No, thanks.

I'll stick with
the Menlo brothers.

Just what the hell
are you up to, Abner?

I've opened a circle.

I'm ending the world.

The 4th world.

Hmm? When?


I've decided
to end the world.

They all have to go.

The damn Pahanas,

the federal court,

the Indian Bureau,
the mining companies,

and all them Anglo cities

puttin' out their poison!

I set Yehwah free
of the circle.

Look here.

You see that running figure
between the snakes?

That's you.

You're coyote warrior clan.

You have more power
than the fire clan priests,

and I need your help,

I'm going to die tonight.

That's why I sent for you.

For what, Abner?

To see the painting.

To know
I've opened a circle.

To know
you are a part of it.

I'm sorry.

I got to end the world.

But it's a last chance
for our people.

You understand that,
don't you, boy?

Goodbye, Abner.

That's good, Lena.
That's good, Lena.

Hold your breath and push.
That's good. Push.

And just keep on pushing.
Push. Push. That's good.

No, Dattor! No!

I need her to help me.

Push. Come on, push.

Come on. Come on.
No. Please.

No. I want her to help me.

That's good. That's good.
Now relax. Relax. Relax. Relax.

That's good. Breathe.


That's good.

Press under your legs
if you have to. Keep pushing.

That's good. Relax.
I think we're almost there.

Come on. Push, push.
That's good.


Hey, Robert.

Hi, deputy.



God, am I glad to see you.

I've missed you.

It was just last night.

Oh, last night
was a long time ago.

What's the matter?

I just finished a report to the
Indian Bureau medical section.

We almost lost the baby.

What happened?

It was turned
in the wrong position.


If we just had a clinic

with prenatal care, x-rays.

I mean,
just the basic facilities

that other Americans
are provided with.

Maybe we could deal
with these things better.

I just feel so inadequate.

I feel so alone.

You're not alone.

Not with me.

Let's go
to Kachina Springs.

Every time
you get emotionally upset,

you want to take
a hot bath.

Well, it worked
for the Romans.

And look what happened
to them.

Come on.
Grab your stuff.

It's great out there
at sundown.

My God, we were so lucky
to save that baby.


I love you, Anne.

Whatever happened
to your foundation people?

They're at Selwyn's.

We take 'em out into
the desert for a few days.

They gonna build us
a hospital?

I hope so.

What tribe are they
this time?

Some missionary group
back east with lots of money.

Tell 'em we'll convert. That
should be worth at a clinic.

Oh, yeah? Since when are you the
guardian of the Maski religion?

I've always been
the guardian.

Abner says
I'm coyote warrior clan.

Big power.

And you are

my white goddess reborn,

risen out
of a $200,000 Phoenix villa,

complete with swimming pool
and tennis court.

What's the matter?

What's wrong?

I've been accepted
at Baylor Medical.


Duran, I've got to do it.

Yeah. Sure you do.

What the hell?

I'll see you in five years.


Houston isn't the moon.

And there's no law
that says you can't visit.

Oh, terrific.

Save a weekend for me.

For chrissake, Duran,

I don't see why
you can't understand.

I want to know more.

I don't like to feel
helpless like this.

I don't like to watch
people die,

because maybe
I don't know enough.

I understand.

You know damn well
I understand.

But it's tough.

This stuff is hell for me.

I have these visions of you,

strolling around campus
with all those white boys,

driving their beautiful
Spyder Porsches

to their beautiful
swimming pools.

And I'm here looking
at cactus and scorpions.

I'm jealous.

I'm sorry.
I wish I wasn't, but I am.


I can accept jealousy.

But the rest of it
you can stuff.

You know,

today it's a good thing
we came up here.


Running out of time.

Abner's ending the world.

Oh, yeah? When?


You believe him?

Abner's a very great man.


What's the matter?

I don't know.


Just felt a chill.

Put your arms around me.


♪ Four hungry children ♪

♪ And a crop in the field ♪

♪ I've had some bad times ♪

♪ Lived through
Some sad times ♪

♪ This time your hurtin'
Wouldn't heal ♪♪♪









Okay, Abner.



Of course
these people need help.

I've dedicated my life

to these people.

Speaking absolutely frankly,
as I know I can do amongst


I have poured love
all over these people.

I have watered

the gardens of their souls
with love.

Then why did you give up
your missionary work?

Because you can shout
hallelujah at lizards

and get more gratitude
than you can from an Indian.

I sell them food on credit,

and they hate me for it.

My generator runs that freezer
that they throw their meat in,

and do they thank me for it?

On the contrary, friends,

they hate me for it.

But you're married
to an Indian woman.



Married to an Indian.

My wife
and daughters there

are just five more reasons

for them to hate me.

I was not aware
the Quaker mission

requires gratitude
for its service.

Listen to me, friend.

I was full of thees and thous

when I come out here
40 years ago.

Full of the word, I was.

One day,

I caught my congregation
chopping up an old woman.

"Why are they doing this?"
I asked!

"Because she's a bad witch,"
They said.

And by heaven, they'd have
chopped me up next

if I got in the way.



Don't tell me
about Indians, mister.


You mean they actually
murdered an old lady?


Mr. Selwyn is
a notorious exaggerator.

These are good,
hard-working people,

And they don't believe
in witches.

Well, friends,

we have got a celebrity
in our midst.

The only law
on the reservation,

Deputy Duran.

I have to talk to you.

I need some cornmeal,
a rope, and a white sack.

Who died?


Hard to believe.

I always thought
the old bastard was immortal.

Was he a Christian?

Never. Not even dead.

Abner was a witch.

A dangerous priest.

Had the power
to talk to Yehwah.

Who is Yehwah?

The Maski god.

A monster who guards
the gates of life and death.

Put it on my tab.

Your tab is gettin'
big enough for a dowry.

When you gonna marry
my daughter May?


I always hoped that Duran would
go for my daughter May.

May would never be trouble.

Hell, she don't even know
who Mick Jagger is.

Sorry about Abner.

So am I.

He raised me.

He was a fine man
years ago.

Where you gonna bury him?

Holy ground.

Place he loved,
near River canyon.


Where you taking
those bible thumpers?

Hila Mesa.

You're not worried about me
in the desert, are you?

How long
you gonna be out there?

Few days.

Going up to Mamoa's fishing,

then over to the reservation
for the rain dance.



what's bothering you?

I don't know.

Is it Abner?

In a way.

Look, be careful out there.

I know you respect the desert,
but be careful.

Promise me that.



these burial rituals.

The half moon over his eye

he was a priest
of some importance.

I assume the Maski
copied the half moons

from the Mayans and Aztecs.

Who the hell are you,

My name's Phillip Payne.

You're trespassing

and violating the remains
of a Maski priest.

I assure you
I mean no disrespect.

I saw the vultures outside.

Put that envelope back down.

These specimens
are a biological necessity.

I can show you
proper credentials.

I'm what you might call
a specialist.

Put it down.

I apologize
for what this looks like,

but if you give me a chance,
I can explain.

Leave that envelope
where it is.

Pack your bag, get in
that fancy truck of yours,

and break the speed limit
for a while.

It's too bad.

By studying
the tissue content,

I might have found out
the cause of his death.

You better leave
while you can, mister.

You're making a mistake.

Abner Tasupi was a high priest
of the Maski faith.

No one is gonna make
a souvenir out of his body.

Get out.

You're not actually
going to use that, are you?


One vulture
is the same as another.

It's a shame, really. But then,
one can't fight superstition.

It's a very old enemy of mine.

You realize, of course,
you've obstructed

a vital piece of research.

Well, you can always report me
to the people you work for.

I work for myself.

My skills are quite unique.

In biblical terms,
you might call me

the exterminating angel.





Well, Abner,

I don't know if you were
a good man or not,

but you were a great priest.

The two should go together,
but they don't.

They were all afraid of you,

the priests,

even the Anglos.

You must have
known something.


I'm on your side, Roger.

Look, we got a problem
with the Maski,

but if there's oil up there,
we'll get it out.

I understand.

Sure. I want this
as soon as possible.

If necessary,

at the appropriate time,

I'll go to the Indian Bureau.

Not to worry, Roger.

I know my way
around Washington. Hmm?


Tomorrow. Yeah.

Bye-bye, Roger.

You said this was important.


Do the words "Desmodus
rotundus" mean anything to you?

Look, Payne,

I like that fancy rig
you drive,

and I'm crazy
about your English accent,

but I have no time
for riddles.

Well, this riddle
may save your entire nation.

What animal can turn circles
in the air around a fly,

has echo sensitivity equipment

superior to a
billion-dollar bomber,

can see in the dark
better than a cat,

with high-frequency sounds,

converts the blood of other
animals into its own blood,

mates all year round
like a human,

can't live in harmony
with other animals,

has no fear of humans, and,
in fact, thinks of us as food,

carries bubonic plague
without dying of it.

Go on. I'm listening.

Yes, I hope so.

'Cause the only animal
that fits that description

is the vampire bat,

biological name
Desmodus rotundus.

What has that
got to do with me?

I have reason to believe
that a vampire colony

has settled in a cave
somewhere in this territory.

Payne, there are no vampire
bats in the United States.

There weren't any
in the Sonora mountains

in Mexico, either,
until 1973.

Two weeks ago,
six vampires were found

in a church steeple
near Alamogordo.

They're migrating.
I've pursued them.

But every colony I destroy
always has a few survivors,

and those survivors
multiply, flourish,

mass, and move on.

And the last colony has settled
somewhere in these canyons.

Payne, I've got my hands full
of Maski mysticism right now.

Rumors about vampire bats
and bubonic plague--

I don't deal in rumors, Chee.

Well, when you get proof,
you come and see me.

We'll talk again.

I might have had proof
if not for that deputy.

He confiscated
critical tissue samples.

That's probably the most
intelligent thing

Duran's ever done.


If you should come across
any animal carcasses

drained of blood
and smelling of ammonia,

you better find me fast.





Abner's dead.

I saw him go down
into the Kiva.


Last night.

I buried him yesterday.

Then what I saw was a vision.

He died without friends.

He has friends now.

You all treated him
like he was nothing.

Abner became dangerous.

I buried a lonely old man.

You did a fine and noble
thing to bury him.

His wounds bled after death.

He had great powers.

Abner said
he was ending the world.

He said
he painted Yehwah free,

and the sacred tablet
was in the painting.


Was the circle
in the painting open?

Yes, he opened the circle.

Where is the painting?

It's gone.

I burned the shack, the
painting, the Kachina dolls,

the magic sands, everything.

You did all things right.

If you're trying to play
my offer against Seaboard,

you're making a mistake.

We mining companies
never fight each other.

Now, I'm warning you.
Don't play games with me.

I'm not playing any games
with you, Roger.

I brought you out here
so you could see for yourself.

These Maski cling to

and ancient rituals.

I've got to deal with a council
full of primitive old priests

who are stoned out of their
minds most of the time.

Well, then, you better
start dealing with them.

What would you
suggest, Roger?

They've been down in that
Kiva pit praying for rain.

Been there three days.

Goddamn it, Chee,

now, you either get that
damn permit or forget it.

I need a few more days,

Excuse me.

You're on
the wrong reservation.

I don't think so.

Then you're confused.

Duran, you don't offend me,
because I understand you.

I got loads of my own Indians
just like you.

Dumb and poor.

That's life
on the reservation.

But it doesn't have to be.

I've gone to the white schools
and mastered their world.

I go to D.C., New York,
L.A., Dallas.

I speak at their forums,
at their dinners,

to prove to the Anglo

that Indians are not drunks
and religious fanatics.

I've got three power plants,

and six proposed power plants
on my reservation.

That says that Indians can
do more than just make dolls.

Now, you tell me, Duran,

how much have you done
for your people?

Not much.

Well, you've got
a wonderful opportunity now.

You see that Anglo up there?

He's Peabody Mining.

His experts tell me
that Maski Canyon

sits on a shelf of shale oil.

It could mean a whole
new world for our people.

Maski Canyon
is sacred ground.

All right, Duran, let's cut
through the sophomoric bullshit.

Money is the white man's god,
his holy grail.

To me, it means schools,
clothing, food,

irrigation, and clinics.

These things should be
more sacred to us

than some goddamn ghosts.

You tell that to the priests.

Tell them how rich
they're gonna be.

A Mercedes Benz
in every backyard.

A swimming pool
in every adobe.

Trips to Disneyland,
weekends in Vegas.

All they gotta do
is let you strip-mine

the souls of their ancestors.

How come you don't court
my pretty daughter May?

She's got a good brain.

She works harder
than a mule,

and she'd never
run around on you,

and she'd never want
a Mercedes Benz.

I don't need a wife.

Yes, you do.

Every man needs a good wife.

Stop here.

Where the hell are we?


Where the hell are we?

Holy ground.

What for?

To visit Abner's grave.

Hey, pass me the bottle!

I don't need to be
any ways near Abner's grave.

You think Abner
was a witch?

No. I think he's
a wonderful person.

He really was, you know.

Like hell he was.

He was a killer priest.

Well, he can't hurt you now.

Uh-huh. I knew it.

The bastard rose up.

Someone dug him up.

Uh-uh. There's no shovel marks
or footprints.

Grave robbers
don't leave names.

It was the fire clan priests.

Or maybe
that crazy Englishman.

No, no, no.

I tell you, he's risen.


Feel that wind?

He's here with us.


Um, I want the mother and father
at the hospital too.

Okay. Yeah, doc.
I'll take care of it.

What do you think, doc?

I don't know.
Time is everything.

If you're not bled to death,
you've got a chance.

Doctor, I'd like to show you
something. You, too, Chee.

I've got four species of flea
on this slide:

carnivore, dog,
exciopus, and bat.

I'm going to put a blood spot
on the slide.

Now what do you see?

Well, the bat flea
is ingesting the blood.

Keep looking.

Now what do you see?

It's a bacilli.
And virulent.

You mind
if I take a look at that?

Go ahead.

Where did you get
that blood specimen?

Same place as the fleas,
the dead sheep.

What kind of bacilli
is that?

Bubonic plague.

Now, how the hell
do you know that?

It's my business to know.

What do you think, doc?

Well, it certainly
could be plague.

What mystifies me
is the loss of blood

and, uh, the stench of ammonia
and the bites.

I've never seen bites
like that.

Bite marks come from the
incisor teeth of vampire bats.

The blood loss and the ammonia
are one and the same.

Meaning what?

Vampires consume one and a half
times their weight in blood.

They piss the excess out
so they can get airborne again.

That excess blood
turns into ammonia.

Make no mistake.

There's a highly intelligent
colony of vampire bats

roosting in a great cave
somewhere in these canyons.

Their attacks inevitably
will be drawn closer

to mass human dwellings,

and with these attacks
come the bubonic plague.

That's what
you got to face, Chee.

What about placing the
reservations under quarantine?

No. That won't help.

You can't protect people
from nocturnal sweeps

of 30,000 or 40,000
vampire bats.

If you called a quarantine,

you'll create
a greater disaster.

You'll have a small army

of inexperienced
health department bureaucrats

stumbling around dropping
T.N.T. into those canyons.

They'll scatter
this vampire colony

into every major city
in the southwest.

Now, so far they haven't hit
the populated area.

We still have time.

You mean to find them
and kill them?


Now, this is a formula
I've used in the past.

It's a mixture of biotics,
myacins and sulfur.

It's not a plague vaccine,
but if injected early,

it does provide
a degree of resistance,

much the same way
as gamma globulin

provides limited resistance
to hepatitis.

I suggest
you fill it in quantity.

Now if you don't mind, doctor,

I'd like to talk to
Mr. Chee alone.

Of course. And thank you
for your help, Mr. Payne.

I'll be in touch
when I get back.

Can you trust him
to stay calm?


How do you know?

I pay him.


Because I'm gonna track
this vampire colony.

I'm going to exterminate it.

I want no interference.

What we know
remains with us.

There's no problem,

We have
similar interests.


For different reasons,
I suspect.

Will $25,000
cover your fee?

There's no price.

I kill vampire bats.
That's what I do.

I find them,
and I kill them.

How long
will it take you?

Three days at the outside.

♪ Michael,
Row the boat ashore ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ The river Jordan,
Deep and wide ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Milk and honey
On the other side ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪♪♪


Quiet. Listen.


What is that?

It's a night owl.

They roost
in the cactus holes.

Are they part of the Maski
mythology, Miss Dillon?

The Maski people
are desert people.

The desert creates
its own mythology.

The Maski religion's
just based on that mythology.

But in practical terms,
it's all just superstition.

Isn't all religion?

That sounds close
to blasphemy, Miss Dillon.

Well, I'm sorry.
It wasn't meant to be.

I just mean that the time,
the place, and the events

dictate the beliefs
of any people.

I'm cold.

I'm gonna go check
the weather report.

Why? The night is so clear.

Just look at all the stars.

Well, the wind
seems to have changed,

and storms come up
pretty quickly out here.

Miss Dillon tells
that old Maski saying,

"The Indian builds a small fire
and crouches close to it."


John, would you please
toast me a marshmallow?

With any luck at all, we'll have
mountain trout tomorrow.

Trout in the desert?

Anne says there's a trout stream
up above the Mamoa Ranch.

You talk about that girl
as if she were a prophet.


What was that?


That sound.

Well, it must be the wind.
What else could it be?

Quiet. Listen.












The camper!


MAN 1:
Ow! Oh!

MAN 2:
Open it!

Pull on it! Pull on it!

Get back!
I can't get the door open!


Please! Please!

Please! Please! Push it!


Please! Oh, John!

John! John, please!

John! John! John! Wait!

You've got
to open the door!

They'll bite me!

You've got
to let them in!

You can't!
Get her off me!

Get her off me!

John! No!

Wait a minute!
You've got to open the door!



God! Oh, God! Oh!

Oh! Oh! Oh!


Please stop! Please!

Oh, you've got to go back!

Please! You've got to go back.

Just bear with me.
We've got to get away.


Stop the car!

Let me go!


John, stop it!

Oh, God!





You ought to keep
sucking that juice.

Cactus pulp's
all we got.

Pray for me.


We're not expected
for three days.

Save yourself.

I'm not gonna die.

Save your breath.

Where are you going?

Going fishin'.



No rain clouds yet.

I've been thinking
of Abner.

His grave was empty.

Any tracks?


But someone stole his body.

Abner stole
the tablet of Yehwah,

and now he has great power.

How do you know that?

Abner told me.

He's driving
all the whites away.

Yehwah is bringing back
the civilization of the Maski,

and we're gonna rise up
like we did 400 years ago

when we wiped out
the Spaniard.

Abner told me that.

When did he tell you this?

This morning.

While I was praying,
he came and told me.

Aren't the priests supposed
to come up for the dance?

That has always been
the custom.

I want permission
to go down there.

Our laws say
it is forbidden.

I know.

I have to go.




Spine crushed by tire.

Second corpse, female.


Both bodies
drained of blood.

Heavy smell of ammonia.

No trace of survivors.

Wounds inflicted
by vampire specie.



You fished for snakes.

That's really funny,
you know.


I saw God while I slept.


He knew me.

He said, "Welcome."

All right, let's get this body
down to the ambulance.

Now let's get these
to the ambulance, too.

Any swelling
on the bodies?

No. Just gray.

What killed them?

No clear signs,

but the froth on the mouth
does indicate

pulmonary complications.

Toxic agents.

And no flea bites.
No buboes.

And no bite marks.

These symptoms are not
the same as the Laloma boy.

Symptoms, my ass!

Those bodies are gray.

He's worried about
losing a business deal.

But you're a doctor,
so let's cut the crap.

Froth means
lung infection,

and gray skin means
no oxygen in the blood.

Those seven men died of
pneumonic plague.

I've seen enough Maski

die of pneumonia
to know it when I see it.

Well, pneumonic plague is
a distinct possibility.

But there was no bat attack.

How did they contract
the bacilli?

The fire clan priests
stole Abner's body.


To be certain he had
no afterlife powers.

The priests were afraid of
Abner, afraid of his power.


at least we know
what we're up against.

We can start the inoculation.

Against bubonic plague?

There's no such vaccine.

Payne gave me a formula.
He said it's resistant.

I brought a batch with me.
We'll inoculate the reservation.

And what then?
The whole southwest?

Now, you pay attention, Chee.

Right here, Black Mesa,
seven bodies.

East of Hila,
the Laloma boy.

And outside of Morami,

So within an area
of 500 square miles,

a bat virus, turning pneumonic,
has killed nine people.

There's two more.


Payne radioed.

He found two more bodies.


Thirty miles or so
east of here.

Jesus Christ.

Anne Dillon's party.

Relax, Duran.

It wasn't your lady friend.

The two corpses were
middle-aged women.

The bodies bore the same wounds
and ammonia smell.

That means Anne's
still out there with survivors.

You're panicking, Duran.
If Payne found two women,

Anne must have escaped
in the camper.

So we have
a localized problem,

and we can contain it.


You want to quarantine
the Maski?

Then the Pahana nation?

You're worried about
an oil business deal.

What about Arizona
and New Mexico?

And you're worried
about Anne Dillon.

You're goddamn right, I am.

I want both of your choppers

in front of my office
in the morning.

Now, what the hell for?

To search for Anne Dillon
and what's left of her party.

And one more thing.

When we're through with this,

I'm going to alert every
health agency in the state.

Now, wait a minute,

Come here.

I want to talk to you.

Look, Duran, I may be
a lot of things to you,

but I'm not stupid,

and I'm not a killer.

I know
what we're up against,

and I also know that if you tell
the state health authorities,

they'll alert
the Atlanta disease control,

and then we're gonna
have an army,

a white army of amateurs
running all over the place

spreading panic and plague.

A lot of people
are going to die.

We can't afford
to panic, Duran.

Now I need your help.

Help with what?

Give Payne 36 hours.

I've seen his credentials
and checked them out.

He's one of the five
acknowledged experts

in the world.

Expert in what?

In tracking and exterminating
vampire bats.

He's the only real chance
we have to stop this thing.

All I'm asking for
is 36 hours.

Then you can go ring
all the bells you want,

and I'll ring them right
alongside of you, all right?

Okay. You got the 36 hours,

but I still want those

tomorrow morning
with a full medical team.


Maybe we owe
Anne Dillon that much.

All right,
you got the choppers,

but you better
organize your men

and start the inoculations.

Clock's running, Chee.

Those choppers,
in front of my office, sunup.

You have my word.

He's panicked.

In the morning,
I want that

Maski son of a bitch
in handcuffs.

I read your last heading.

Should be there before noon
if the jeep holds up.

The terrain
is rough as hell.

I'm signing off now.


Night voices of 30,000 cycles.

Vampire colony
coming from the west.

Going up to
200,000 cycles.

Cutting mic arc
to 90 degrees.



Now some late breaking news
relating to yesterday's

tragic events at
the Maski rain dance,

which was marred by the sudden
death of seven elderly priests.

At first it was thought that
the deceased

were victims of
the swine flu.

Autopsies show, however, that
the victims died of a botulism

contracted from
unrefrigerated food

left in their
ceremonial chamber.

And now a weather advisory
to all desert campers.

Temperatures today will reach
a scorching 128 degrees.

Be certain you have
ample water and shade

and under no circumstances

venture out
into the desert alone.

Another health advisory from

the Pahana Police Headquarters
at Diamond Rock.

A jackrabbit turned in
by Deputy Duran has proven

to have an animal form
of plague.

Deputy Duran is being
sought by authorities

so they can administer
necessary vaccines.

Anyone seeing Deputy Duran--






You're late, Duran.

I didn't figure on
a blown radiator.

Tell me. How much farther
could you go on foot?

Another 10 feet.

You remember where you
found those women?

Yes, of course.

Well, Anne can't be
far away from there.

Jump in. If she's alive,
we'll find her.


Anne, can you hear me?

I knew you'd come.

I never gave up.

Let me have a look.

I want to thank you,

You can thank me after we've
destroyed the vampires.

What do you mean "we"?

She's dehydrated.
No bite marks.

No sign of plague.

Try to give her some water.



Just a sip.



How'd you find me?

The tracks,
and the smoke.

Am-- Am I okay?

You're fine.

They're all dead.

I know.

I was in the camper.

They came just after dark.

Thousands of them.

They filled the sky.

It was like
the end of the world.

You don't kill bats
with that, do you?

No. This shoots a small
electronic dart,

an F.M. sending unit.

It's hard to believe

that this helps me
track their movements.

You know
where the colony is?

Yes, somewhere in
Maski Canyon.

You sure?


Then why the darts?

Well, there are lots
of caves in the canyon.

When we get near to Maski,
I'll nail one of them

and hopefully track them
to the right cave.

This is what I use
to kill them, cyanide gas.

Earlier today, when we found
Anne, you said "we."

When "we" kill the bats.
What did you mean by that?

You know Maski Canyon.
You can help me find the colony.

The dart's never foolproof.

That canyon is the holiest
ground in the Maski religion.

Yes, I know.

What do you say?
Will you help me?

I don't want Anne
in any danger.

There's no way
of sending her back.

Yes. I understand.

Well, we take no
chances with her.

Yes, of course.

Tell me, Payne. Why do you do
it? Why do you kill them?

Somebody has to.

But why you?

It's what I do.
It's what I know.

How do you survive?

I'm sorry?


I have a grant from
the World Health Organization.

It's not much,
but that's not important.

It just doesn't seem
natural for a man

to spend his life,

his entire life
killing bats.

Not just bats.

Vampire bats.

I kill them
because they're evil.

There's a mutual grace
and violence

in all forms of nature,

and each specie of life

gives something in return
for its own existence.

All but one.
A freak.

The vampire bat alone
is that specie.

Have you ever seen
one of their caves?


I killed over 60,000 of them
last year in Mexico.

You really understand
the presence of evil

when you go into their caves.

The smell of ammonia alone
is enough to kill you.

The floor of the cave is a
foul syrup of digested blood.

And the bats up high,
hanging upside down,

rustling, fighting, mating,

sending constant messages,

waiting for the light to fade,
hungry for blood,

coaxing the big females to wake
up and flex their night wings

to lead the colony out
across the land,

homing in on any living thing.

Cattle, sheep, dogs,


Anything with warm blood.

And they feast, drinking the
blood and pissing ammonia.

I kill them because they're
the quintessence of evil.

To me, nothing else exists.

The destruction of vampire bats
is what I live for.

Payne, come in.
I'm all over the band.

Come in, Payne.

This is Payne.
Go ahead.

I've got critical problems.
I need you here.

That's impossible.
I found the colony.

Where are you?

Hila Mesa.
The northwest side.

You'll find me there
in the morning.

Have you seen Duran?

I've seen no one.
I'm signing off now, Chee.

Wait a minute!
For chrissake--

We're 100 miles
from Hila Mesa.

Yes, I know.

Why did you send him there?

Because I don't want
a bunch of amateurs

dropping T.N.T.
into the canyons.

Why did you protect me?

Because I need you.

You take a chopper up
to Hila Mesa at daybreak

and find that bastard Payne.

What about Duran?

We'll take the other chopper

and start where Payne found
those two foundation women.

Meet us there.

Keep the quarantine
bulletins going,

but no mention
of vampire bats.


You got a drink here, Chee?

Yeah, sure.

You know,

Deputy Duran suddenly
becomes damned important.


Well, with those
Maski priests dead,

Duran's the only
authority left.

Duran will never agree

to sell the mining rights
to Maski Canyon.

Sure he will.

How do you know that?

When you sent police
instead of medics

in those two helicopters,

why didn't Duran
blow the whistle?

He could have alerted
all the state agencies.

He threatened to, didn't he?


But he would never take
the responsibility for that.

A panic call would paralyze
the whole state,

and Duran knows better.

He played poker with me,

hoping I'd send
the choppers with medics

to find his girlfriend.

I sent the police instead.

He figured my play.

You bet he did.

Duran is a smart
son of a bitch.

He's been out in the world.

You told him about
shale oil in Maski, right?

Sure I did.

And you can bet your ass
he was listening.

Duran's our deal maker.

Duran hates my guts.

But he doesn't hate money.

Those Maski priests
were fanatics,

but Duran...

Duran's like all of us, Chee.

He can be bought.

Maski Canyon.

The home of Yehwah.

The ghost pueblos
and the eternal fires.

Any ideas?

You can set
the lab up here.

I'm going to climb
those high ridges.

The bat cave would have
to have an open top.

I might get lucky.

All right.

But make sure you're back here
at least an hour before dark.

I don't want you running
into any of those bastards.

So strange that
something that evil

would settle in such
a sacred place.

Not so strange.

Abner had a winged figure
in the painting.

You don't really believe Abner
conjured them up, do you?

There are limits,
even to superstition.

One man's superstition is
another man's religion.





Hello, son.

Hello, Abner.

You did right
to take datura.

You have to
open your mind.

I'm fighting you,

No. You saw the painting.

Yehwah is let out,

and you're in the painting.

You killed our own people.

Yehwah will keep the good
Maski out of the underground.

The rest will have to die.

Where are the bats?


Tell me, uncle!
Where are they?

The flying animals
are Yehwah messengers.

I can't let you
kill everyone.

You're a good boy.

You'll do the right thing.

I'm fighting you, Abner.

Don't fight me, boy.

I have to fight you!


Plague quarantine area
now includes

the southern rim
of the Black Mesa.

Also the towns of
Mowan Copy and Tupa City.

Tribal officials say

the plague will be under
control very soon...

Under control.
I hope they informed the bats.

Are you sure they can't
bite through this?

You can survive a bite.

You might even
survive a plague.

But if they settle
on you in a group,

they'll bleed you
to death in minutes.

And you set the batteries
at 115 volts,

then throw the switch.


God, I'm sorry.

When the bats hit the mesh,

you throw the switch.

How can I be so sure
they're gonna come?

They're close.
They'll soon find us.

ANNE: You okay?


There are a lot of legends
about bats.

The Koran said
Jesus created the first bat.

He was in the hills
outside Jerusalem

and couldn't see
the western horizon,

so he took some clay

and made a winged creature
into which he blew life.

That creature, the bat,

flew out at night to tell
Jesus of the setting sun.

The Egyptians believed that

the presence of bats
ensured fertility.

To the Mayans,
the bat was a demon god.

The Aztecs made blood sacrifices
to vampire gods,

but it didn't help.

Their civilizations

The vampires came out of
the jungles hungry and thirsty,

invaded their cities,
and destroyed them.


There's something on
the scope, Payne.

Here they come,
only minutes after sunset.

West northwest

bearing directly towards us
in a tight formation. Listen.


All right,
you hold that pole.

Anne, hit the switch
the moment I say so.

Keep your nerve
and don't throw it too soon.

Oh, God. That sound.



They're tearing the pole away.
Hit the switch.

Not yet.

Hit-- Payne!


Now, Anne!

Hit it, Anne!

Help me! It won't work!

Hit the switch!

Christ, Payne, I can't.

Hit the switch.

It's not working.

Hit the goddamn switch!

Oh, my God!

Something's wrong, Payne!
Will you help me?

The clips are off.


I can't connect
the damn thing.

They're getting through!
They're getting through! Payne!








Go back and get me
the axe and the lantern.


What are you doing?

I want you to stay here.

Duran, you're not leaving me.

Damn it, Anne!
Don't argue with me!




Can you hear me?

My wrist's caught.
I can't get down.

I'm coming out, Payne.

Not a chance.
It's getting dark.

They'll be awake by the time
you're halfway up.

Where's the poison gas?

Gone down in the pool.

Oh, my God.

Listen to me.

I want you to cut the line.

The drop's too far.
I'll catch the rocks.

Take out your knife,
hold it ready,

and start to swing your body.

It won't work, Duran!

I won't clear the rocks.

You can clear the rocks.

Now, do what I tell you.

There's soft sand
over there.

Swing your body towards it.

I'll tell you
when to cut the rope.

It won't work.

It's solid ammonia.

If I don't clear the rocks,
I'll fall in.

I'll be finished
in three seconds.

I'd rather die up here.

You want to die up there?

You want to be bled to death?

You want them to piss your
life's blood out into the floor.

Look at them.
They'll be up soon.

They'll be all over you.

Your eyes, your mouth,
your neck, your body.

I know how to kill them,

but if you don't try,
I'm walking out!

Payne! They win!


That's it.

Now push out with your feet.

That's it.

Push out
with your feet.

Light's starting to go.

Keep going.

Put the knife
against the rope. Hold it.

Don't look up.
I'll yell now.

Now! Cut it, Payne!


He needs morphine.

Too late. It's too late.

Bite into this.

You're nuts.
It's too late.

Bite. Chew.


God, help him.

He's going into shock.
We have to keep him warm.

At least he's alive.

We gotta get him
out of here.


Oh, God!



If he wakes up,
give him some of this.



Hello, Duran.

I'm closing the circle,

Duran, the bats
are waking up.

We're running out of time.

Anne, help me!

What are you doing?

I won't let it end, Abner.

Who are you talking to?

You gotta help me
close the circle.

What are we doing?

This shale's full of oil.

I'm gonna close the circle

and light the eternal fire.

Just do what I say!


Give him some datura.
I'll finish this.

They're waking up.

Go! Now!



Don't close the fire ring!

I've got to close the circle.

Duran, the light's gone!

The circle.

I've got to close the circle.

Duran, they're here!


You can't light
the eternal fire!

You can't destroy
your own god!

What kind of god
kills his own people?

I have to end the world.

No. I won't let you.

You're not god.
You're not anyone's god.

You're not even real.

It's a last chance
for our people.

Join me, boy.

I did it for you!

I did it for our people!

The tablet of Yehwah says:

"The god of death shall
be consumed by fire."

I'm lighting
the eternal flame.

You don't have
the power.

You said I was
warrior clan!

I have greater power
than fire clan,

a greater power
than yours!

I'm sorry, uncle.
It's too late.

I'm closing the circle!



Get back to Payne,




Get him up. Come on!


The choppers are on the way.

Afraid I'm not much
at acrobatics.

It took a hell of a lot of
courage to cut that rope.

I didn't have much
choice, did I?

I got careless up there.
Too confident.

That canyon's
gonna burn forever.

Guess there won't be
any mining there.

Looks as if you won.

Abner won.

He knew the vampire bats
were in Maski Canyon.

He used them.

Used you, me,

Chee, and the priests.
He used everyone.

Nature, religion,

and his own powers
to stop that mine.

He summoned
the eternal fires.