Nightmares in Precinct 7 (2001) - full transcript

Really good horror/cop movie. A cop is celebrating his latest success. when he's called away for yet another bust. When it all goes wrong several cops are dead,and several more- including our hero are in the hospital. When our hero wakes up from a coma he finds he can now see dead people.Taking things in mostly unexpected directions this movie is a nice film with a human edge. You like the people and the ghosts and really want to know who is behind the killings in the films second half.This is a must see little film for those who want a really good atypical thriller. A real pleasure.8 out of 10 - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I am Fong Jing.
I am a policeman.

Officer of HK Serious Crime
Investigation Bureau.

I just finished a case
involving a bank truck robbery.

Now me and my co-workers
are celebrating.

They are who I call co-workers.

Most of them pretend
to be friends of mine,

but they are really backstabbers.

They think I'm a show off,

just because of one reason.

Because I'm excellent at my work.

Excellence in the police force

is sometimes a burden.

Hey, say something to everyone.

I don't know what to say.

Come on!

First of all...
The microphone is not on.

I'm very grateful
Officer Wong arranged this party for me.

Thank you.

And thank you all for attending.

Also thanks to Officer Lee
and Officer Chan. Thanks.

Especially my mom.

Tonight my mom is so happy.

Actually I was able
to close this case faster

because of Team 4.

So thanks!

And also thanks for the assistance
of the research team.

For your help,

for your nonstop hard work
to quickly close this case.


Every time a case is closed,

I just rely on myself and some co-workers.

But others hardly do anything.

When they're off work, they use their
authority to boss other people around.

The things I say now

are only fooling others and myself.

Working with those idiots

makes me feel so frustrated.


Is it boring?

No, go hang with your friends.

- Congratulations, Officer Fong.
- Thank you.

Jing, come.

Go and say hello to Officer Chan
and Officer Lee.

Let me rest for a while.

I always say you have to be...



Thank you.

Officer Wong.

This is Officer Chan and Officer Lee.

He is Fong Jing,
the most talented in this workforce.

Officer Fong, we're going to Thailand
to play golf this May.

They have a new course there.
You have to come with us.

I don't know how to play golf.

Officer Fong, next Tuesday

is the anniversary of the owner for the Bridge Club.

Remember to come.

"Bitch Club"?


Bitch Club?

Just kidding.


He's always like that.
He's not focused.

Why are you so late?

Sorry, I was busy.

I brought you a gift.

I'll be back.

I have something to do
at the police station.

Don't you need
to say goodbye to them?

My Mom's over there,
help watch after her.

You're May.

How do you know my name?

Fong Jing is so famous.
Is he going to close another case?


Men like that are so diligent.

What's your name?

Paul. From the research department.


Excuse me.


The thief is so comfortable over there.

We are only policemen
just looking at them go with the hookers.

What's this world coming to?

If you want
to arrest the thief immediately

but you have to pretend to be a hooker,
will you do it?

Sure, it is the fourth day here.

I can smell my body odor.

If I can just do it once
and then get off, I surely would.

Jap, the target is coming.
I'll call the SDU.


Okay, move.



Who's that guy?

No one, just a friend.


Look at you.
I know you screwed a hooker.

Will it kill you to do it less?

We're really working.

I asked you to stay here,
and you brought hookers here?

Dumb Ass!

Boss, he left.

Aren't we waiting for the SDU?

No time. This is our only chance,
we won't have another.

We only have three bulletproof vests.

You guys take it. Go!

Boss, another car is blocking us.

Whose car is this?

Go, move the car!

Don't yell, we are in a hurry.
We'll take the taxi.

Try to stall them.

Hey, buddy,
what do think you're doing?

We got this taxi first.

Hey guy, we got this first.

Get out, we're in a hurry!

- Out!
- Out!

I was here first.

No, I was first!

I really need this taxi!

Don't you have any manners?

No, I don't,
what are you going to do?

You think you can push me around
because you have more guys?

Yeah, you can tell!

They are cops!



Fai! Fai!

Young! Young!

Fai! Fai!

Calling control. Officer down.
Help, we need back up!

Sir, I want to report a case.

Miss, report to the front desk.

You can't come here.

Sir, a dead body was found
in the woods at Tai Kay Land.

Found the dead body.

You need to report to the police, Miss.


This is a police station.

Go down and look.

I found something, sir.

This woman seems very familiar.

Do you mean me?

You're awake?

Wait, let me call the doctor.

Welcome back, Officer Fong.

Do you remember who you are?

Don't say anything.

Your vocal cords haven't been
used for a while.

Later, it will be better.

You were in a coma.

Your body is still okay.

But since you didn't
use your muscles,

they have contracted a bit.

But after physical therapy,

you will be better.

My name is Kong, your doctor.

This is the nurse that's been
constantly taking care of you.

Do you remember
how you ended up here?

That day you got shot,

we did a few brain surgery on you

to save you.

You'll be out of the critical stage in a week.

You're very lucky.

But you haven't woke up

until now.

How long was I here?

Two years and eight days.

What about my colleagues?

They were also injured that day.

And they were sent to the hospital.

But two of them died.


Boss. Boss.

Long time no see.

How are you?

I'm fine.

I've been transferred
to Hong Kong Island.

As a policeman who got shot,

everyone treats me like an idol now.

How about you?

I just woke up

The Hunan Group case has been used
to teach other policemen.

Right now everyone thinks we are good.

But we failed.

But you had no other choice at that time.

Where's my mom?

Your mom died 18 months ago.

She had a stroke.

Many people visited her
before she died.

She died peacefully.

We held a beautiful funeral for her.

Sorry, sir.

Where is May?


May always comes to visit you.

May was always by your mother's side
before she died.


You just woke up, rest some more.

Sleep for a while.

Don't just use your hands.

Use a little bit more strength from your legs
so you will recover faster.

I know.

This hospital has a lot of patients.

Not only here, there are
seven million people in HK.

All of the hospitals aren't
enough for the needs.

What are you laughing about?

Laughing at you, you're so funny,
you smile all day.

Do you really want me to
frown at those people?

Because you taught me
to smile always.


Right, I want to return to my room.

We just walked for a while.

I need to use the bathroom.

Come out more,
so don't get bored in your room.

There's a bathroom over there.
I'll go with you.

No need, I'll go by myself.

What are you doing?

Why are you going
into the men's room?

I heard your scream.

You still have no right
to go into the men's room.

Are you shy?

While you slept for two years,
I took care of you.


Okay, get out first. It's unclean here.

I'll find someone to clean up.

Come in.

Why do you have so many
newspapers and magazines?

It's for you to catch up on what's been
happening the past two years.

Thank you.

Dr. Kong.


How's the therapy coming along?

He recovered.

He is now okay to exercise his muscles,
but nothing too strenuous.

Officer Fong, you're very lucky.

You got shot in the head
but only slept for two years.

You know,

when somebody gets shot
in the head, they usually die,

if the bullet had entered in a
different position like your case.

So you're very lucky.

The best part is that
though you slept for two years

your body was able to recover.

Your patient is
so diligent in doing exercise.

You are very lucky to recover so quickly.

Doctor, when can I be discharged?

Some people may stay here
for their whole life,

but I have faith in you.

You can be discharged very soon.

But after you're discharged
you still need to return for checkups.

You've recovered so much.
Where are you going?

Going to work out.

So you can leave soon?

Yes, that's what the doctor told me.

When you leave, if you have
free time, come back and visit us.


You can visit the pretty nurse
instead of visiting me.

You've recovered so much.
Where are you going?

Going to work out.

So you can leave soon?

Yes, that's what the doctor told me.

When you leave, if you have
free time, come back and visit us.


Probably not to visit us
but the pretty nurse.

Hey, man.

Have you seen anybody
go up or down these stairs?

I haven't seen anyone
walking around.

But I saw someone
jump out the window.

Who closed the window?

It closed by itself.

I've met you many times,
let me introduce myself.

You can call me Kit.

Actually, you and me are very similar.

We are young and
we both have had a lot of success

and think we are the best.

The downside is we don't have enough time
to spend with our girlfriends.

Were you a policeman before?

No, I'm a psychologist

Before I died, many of
your co-workers visited me.

What are you talking about?

Before I died, many of
your co-workers visited me.



I'm dead, I'm a ghost.

I think you need help.

You don't believe me?

You can touch me.


Touch me...

Touch what?

Just touch once.

Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you.

It's like that,
after you slept for two years.

You are able to see more than
normal people can see.

How can I see you?

There's a lot of reasons.

Frequency. Like a radio.

Most people are like a radio
with an installed antenna,

some just don't receive the
frequency clear enough.

But some just receive it very clearly.

In your past, many people said
they've seen ghosts before.

In your past you've met many patients
who said they seen ghosts, right?

Yes, very often.

But most of them are crazy patients.

You are fine, you're very healthy.

That means I really saw
a ghost in the bathroom.

I really don't know why those ghosts
like going to the bathroom.

They are very scary-looking.

Those are the ones who died in accidents.

They are more gross-looking.

I'm different, I died of natural causes.

That's why I'm good looking.

Your standards are low.

Don't insult me with your words.

Let me remind you.

Normally they'll say hello to you.

Don't reply without thinking.

If you don't answer back
they'll think you're conceited.

But if you say anything
other people will think you're nuts.

They'll think you're crazy and
take you to the mental institute.

You're here?

I looked all over for you.
You said you went to exercise.

Don't worry, she can't see me.

I'm going.

I'm doing exercises right now.

The flower is very beautiful.

Yes, the receptionist said
a man sent it to me.

I don't know who sent them,
so I decided to throw them away.

However I didn't want to waste them,
so I decided to give them to you.

Do you mind?


I still have some soup.
My mom cooked for me.

I don't want to tell my mom
I don't like her soup.

You drink it, okay?


- Would you mind holding this for me?
- Okay.

How does it taste?

You scared me!

How's the soup?


The nurse cooked it for you.

Her mom cooked it.

You are detective, but not too smart.

All the people here know that
her family members have migrated.

What about the flowers?


I saw her buy it
at the flower shop downstairs.

- Hello.
- Hello.

That person has no courtesy,
he didn't answer me back.

Why are you so cool?



What are you doing?

Did you cook the soup?

Tastes good.
The flowers you bought are also pretty.

How did you know?

You cooked soup, bought flowers,

and also found an excuse,
must be pretty hard.



Am I prettier on this side?

Someone said
that I look better this side.

I feel you look better
on this side of your face.

Who said that?

My girlfriend.

Your girlfriend doesn't
know your "good".

Sorry, I'm just saying
what I was thinking.

Can you do me a favor?

I want to go out tomorrow.

By yourself? No.

Let me go with you.

Do you want to talk?

No, thanks.

Let's go back to the hospital.

I want to go to a place.

Kit, there's something
I don't understand.

I went to worship my mom.
I want to meet her.

But I can't, why?

Your radio is no good,

that's why you can't receive
your mom's channel.

How do I receive her channel?

Go buy a good one with a warranty.

You'll slowly be able
to receive her signal.

- Officer Fong.
- Dr. Kong.

- How is it going?
- Fine.

You are so lucky.

It's amazing
how you recovered so fast.

There's a lot of developed countries

who want to use your report for reference.

Dr. Kong.

I discovered I can see
many things lately.

What is it?

I saw some unclean things.

We are so clean.

- What?
- Nothing.

Are you messing with me?

How about now?

I did, just behind you.

Are you messing with me?
Don't you want to leave?

Just kidding.

Right now I can't see it.

But I have before.

This is luck.

Do you know in foreign countries,

when other patients
wake up from comas,

or the people
who experienced death

have a lot of
these types of experiences.

They say they've seen floating spirits
or UFO's.

But science says we need to prove it.

If you're seeing things,

stay here for a while
for observation.

Dr. Kong...

I'm just kidding.

You don't want to stay?

No need.

Officer Fong, you're very lucky.

When you first got here,
they said I can't cure you.

Now they're speechless.

I don't know if I could recover
without your help.

Thank you.

Don't forget to come back
for checkups.



See you later.

Will you be busy?


- Look me up whenever you're free.
- Okay.

Boss, do you still remember how to drive?

Test me?

This car is Officer Wong's for you.

Mom, I'm back.

According to your medical report,
your body has recovered.

And with your experience,
you can return to your work

especially office work.

Officer Wong, are you moving me
to the Entertainment Department...

to teach them to play chess?

everyone looks up to you now.

- You need to be more...
- Humble, I know.

But those departments don't fit me.

You must have dealt with a couple of cases right now.

Morning, sir.

I have one. Two years ago...

Officer Wong.

Someone's saying "hi" to you.

It's nothing.

I know he said "hi" to me.

How rude. You're not going to reply?

You're rude.

You're always like that.


What's up, sir?

- Good morning!
- Good morning!


- Officer Wong.
- Boss.

Officer Fong has returned.

He's taking over
the rape-murder case.

Yes, sir.

It's too hard.

Do you have any information yet?

Raped and killed, since 1999,

seven different nurses disappeared.

All are single and good looking.

Ages are between 20 to 27.

Initially, we just thought they disappeared.

Until last year, we found a dead body
and got started on the case.

Until now, three dead bodies
have been discovered.

All the bodies have been found
in the woods.

PPRB told the reporter that
civilians discovered the bodies.

But actually, the victims
reported it themselves.

You mean the police saw the
dead victims here.

There are three.

One is an old policeman.

He passed away
because of a heart disease.

Another died in a shoot-out.

There's still one left.

It's me.

You've seen a ghost?

I didn't just see ghosts,
I bumped into them.

These nurses disappeared separately

in 1999 April, May and October,

2000 March, May, August, December,

and 2001 February.

The murderer happened regularly.

He has an addiction.

The way the three of them died is
the murderer strangled them.

They was intercourse two or three times
before they died.

There wasn't much struggling.

Also no semen was found.

He buried the bodies in the woods
after he killed them.

All very slick and clean.

The place of the murderer
chooses is far from help.

If the victim hadn't reported it themselves
we would have not known

and there would have been slim
chances of finding the bodies.

What does the doctor say?

Vaseline was found in the vagina.

The acid in their stomachs was very high.

The victims were drugged.

We believe it was done
by the murderer.

Why nurses?


Because they are nurses,

the murderer may be related
to the medical field,

like a doctor, nurse, or a patient,

and the medical school students,
we all checked out.

Right now I'm a consultant
of Medical Authority.

How long have you
investigated this case?

One year and three months.

That's his purpose,
to waste your time.

Officer Fong, about the murderer.
He's a male.

The marks on the body shows
they were tied up.

He's right-handed.

Also he's very strong. Take a look.

No other marks except these.

He's very careful.


according to the area of the crime scene,

he knows the lives of the victims very well.

Our target now is
a sick and demented bastard

skilled at killing and torturing his victims.

- Ley.
- Yes.

Start over and check
the victims' phone records,

credit cards,
cash book records, everything.

Jap, you go and talk with the
victims' co-workers and families.

- Find out if they have anything in common.
- Yes, sir.

You can tell right now
it is very complicated.

Boss, let's do it!

Get me all the files
of the policemen in this station.

Why? Is there a reason?

Nothing, I just want
to get to know their faces.

Excuse me for being late.

Let's order the drinks first.

- Okay.
- Thanks.

What kind
of drink would you like, sir?

She would like an orange juice.

I'm sorry,
I would prefer a cup of coffee.


What a coincidence?

I was also late to your last party here.

This time you scheduled me
to have a drink with you

and I was late again.

How's your health?

I'm able to walk and run,

but I still need regular checkups.

Thank you for taking care
of my mother's funeral.

Forget it.

How's Paul treating you?

Don't worry,
he treats me very good.


While you were in the hospital,

my heart was confused,
and I was frightened.

I didn't know what to do.

All I could do was to visit you
every day in the hospital

to clean and massage your body.

I really wanted to see you awake
from your coma.

But every time I visited you,
you're still sleeping.

I asked myself many times.

What should I do?

Should I wait...

I didn't know what to do.

When your mother's funeral ended,

I felt that my whole body...

completely shut down.
I couldn't take it anymore.

It was so hard and so tiring.

I wanted someone
to take care of me.

I think I was too selfish.

I'm sorry.

Actually, I'm not blaming you.

If it was me, I probably would
have done the same thing.

But there's one thing
I don't understand.

After I woke up,

you didn't even visit me once.

Because, I was afraid that
if I saw you again,

I would fall in love with you again.

This gift

was for you
from your last celebration party.

But you had some other business
you needed to take care of.

So I'll give it to you now.
I have to go.


What do you want to drink?

No, thanks.

- Are you through yet?
- Yeah.

What did the doctor say?

Nothing. He said that
I had recovered so fast

and there is no need
for any more checkups.

What case are you working on now?

Right now? It's a multiple victim
rape-murder case.

Is it the case
about the missing nurses?

Hurry up and catch that pyscho.

If not,
us nurses will be very worried.

Jing, I feel that Oscar's life
is in danger.


I said hurry up and catch the pyscho
so we nurses won't be so worried.

I need to make a phone call.

Yes, this is Officer Fong.

What did you tell me
about the case this morning?

I'm talking about Oscar!

Her life meter is shortening.

She's going to die very soon.

Or maybe she'll be
the next victim in this case.

Are you serious?

Why not?
She's a nurse, isn't she?

It's impossible, HK has
over several thousand nurses.

Any nurse could be a target,
isn't that right?

Yes, but not this nurse
that we're discussing, right?

I just wanted to warn you.

If you don't like to listen
then I won't talk.

Thanks for reminding me.

What can I do to help her?

To avoid danger?


She may be the next victim
in this case.

Just don't let her become the
next victim and she'll be fine.

So, that means I have to
catch the murderer before he kills again?

Very clever.

Has the psycho killed
another nurse?


When are you going to catch him?

We are very afraid.

Don't worry, Officer Fong's here,
we'll be safe.

Be careful whenever you go in or out.

How about us?

What should we do?

You? I need to ask someone
to check your life meters.

Don't worry.

Their life bars are very high and strong.

We are nurses,
we don't understand.

Is that right, Officer Fong?


- Hello, are you Mrs. Chan?
- What?

Excuse me.

We are the police. I'm Officer Fong.

We want to investigate
your daughter's disappearance.

Can you please open the door?



Excuse me Mrs. Chan,
may I have a look around?

- Yes, please.
- Thank you.

You stay here.

This room...

This is my daughter's room.

May I go in and look around?

Yes, please.

Mrs. Chan, may I be alone please?

I'll go with you, Mrs. Chan.

You know I can see you right?

I'm a cop.

I want to help you.

Okay., Mrs. Chan.

Your daughter's...

We'll try our best, don't worry.


Jap, let's all go
up to Cocktail Mountain!

We need a coroner to come along.

Take it easy,
we've found something.

Sweep off the dirt.

I'll get the head,
and you get the leg.


This place is deserted
and desolate.

Without your help, we wouldn't
have been able to find this body.

Officer Fong, how did you know
the body was here?

It means you...

You ask her yourself.

Paul, do have the report yet?

Yes, over there.

It's right here.

The same as the other victims.

Before she died she was raped

and strangled to death.

Her stomach acid was dense

I believe she was given drugs
before she died.


Excuse me,
I'm wanted on the phone.

Hello? Yes.

Sure I remember.

Yeah, I don't tell you first.

Tonight at 7:00,
I'll pick you up from home.

Okay. Bye.

Thank you, Paul.


Is there anything you want
to ask me?

I did.

I don't mean this.

I know you and May
were together before.

Are you mad at us?

I was mad at first,

but as I looked at that picture,
I realized

how happy May is
because you've been great to her.

- Is today her birthday?
- Yes.

Say "Happy Birthday" to her.

Right, careful.
Not too much strength.


At the moment,
the public security isn't good.

I haven't caught the murderer yet,

so I bought you
a can of pepper spray.

Do you have a cell phone?

I bought one for you.

All you need to do is press 1,

that'll speed dial my cell phone.

What if it's busy?

It won't be,
this phone is especially for you.

I use a different work phone.

So if I don't need to

I won't go to places where cell
phone network is not covered,

so you can find me or contact me.

But remember
to recharge the battery.

I will remind you.

Don't laugh, I'm serious.

I'm just happy.


Excuse me,
I need to make a phone call.


Kit, I need to ask you something!

The signal isn't strong enough here.


You were a psychiatrist before.

Are you sure
about the murderer's knowledge.

I'm sure.

I've thought
about the history of murderers.

So-called "Rainy Night Killer","Box Killer" in HK

had about six to seven sequences of murder cases.

The plans and mind of this murderer
is similar to this one guy.

There's only one guy that'll match him.
Lam Gwo Wan.

Seen from a psychology's point of view,

this murderer is attracted
to women in uniforms.

He has a special habit.

From a criminological point of view

everyone, every murderer,

after they've committed a crime,
they'll leave some type of a hint.

The problem is the type of the hint,

and are you able to find out
any clues or not.

I've already thought about this.


Oscar's life signal

is weaker than before.

I think she'll be the next target.

You have to stick close to her.

Sorry, someone died.

Can't talk now, we're holding a
welcome party for new members.

Sorry, uncle.

Are you almost off?

I'm free after work.

I scheduled a drink with my colleague.
Want to come along?


What do you want me to wear?
Pants or dress?

Miss Oscar, when Officer Fong was
in the coma for two years,

did you shave his face...

and wash his body everyday?

Of course. This is what nurses do.

Yes. Nonsense.

I guarantee Miss Oscar has
seen our boss's dick.

Sometimes when working we have to.

Yes. Do you understand?

Fong Jing!

You're not dead yet?

- Officer Chan.
- Who are you?

Officer Chan heads
the Murder Investigation Bureau.

I've worked for him before.

The bullet entered from here and
exited here, but you still alive.

You must be pretty tough.

Officer Chan,
we're all on the same team.

Please don't be so mean.

Me, mean?

How can I be meaner than this guy?

He knew those guys
were very dangerous,

but he ordered his team
to engage with them.

If it wasn't for you,
my cousin wouldn't have died.

Officer Chan, you weren't there
at that time, actually...

Yes, I know I wasn't there,

but I was at the funeral.

Have you seen his mom?

Have you seen his wife and children?

If you saw them,
you wouldn't be able to sleep.

Officer Chan.


I'm sorry.

I regret it myself too.

You regret it?

I didn't think a person like you
would ever regret something.

Forget about it.

I know a little about your problem.

Actually this world isn't quite clear,

that's why there're so many problems.

If you hadn't taken action that day
maybe more people would have died.

I read the newspapers.

Those criminals have killed
a kid before,

I'm okay,

Are you able to go upstairs by yourself?


No need, I'll go up myself,

You can't.

Do you want to come in?

I'd really love to,
but I have things to do.

Why don't your windows have any bars?
That's so dangerous.

Remember to close the window
when you go out,

and even when you are
at home as well, okay.?

Excuse me.

One kick can break this lock.

I'll get someone to change your lock.

Don't talk like you're a policeman.


I think this speech isn't
like a policeman at all,

more like a boyfriend.


Oscar. What's wrong?

I just want to know
what you're doing?

just going through some files.

I'm going to sleep.

Okay, you sleep early,
I'll call you tomorrow.


I'm still here.

You said you're going to sleep,
why haven't you hung up yet?

Just waiting for you
to hang up first.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.

Jap, I'm boss.

Inform the theft department
to return to the station. It's urgent.

I've studied all the
information again.

I discovered that
not only are they nurses,

- but there's another similarity.
- What is it?

All their homes have been
robbed before.

Are they from the theft department?

they are handling these cases.

Why haven't you been paying attention
about the victims' homes being robbed?

Sorry, Officer Fong.

We are the theft department,
not the murder department.

Jap, why didn't you check this?

Sorry, boss.

I'm from the murder department
not theft department.

I've checked some of the
victims' family members' I.D. card numbers

and discovered they have
already reported that

before they died
their homes had been broken into.

I'm starting to feel the burglary
and the murdering have a relationship.

Lately, has anything related to

the relationship between these two?

There's a man named Sai Keung,
he's a thief...

and has criminal recored.

He went to jail in 1998 for breaking in.

Is he out yet?

He was released in March of 1999.

Boss, the first nurse to disappear
was in the middle of April, 1999.

April, 1999...

Get that guy in here!

Yes, sir!

I've known you for so long,

this is the first time
I've seen you this scared

It's you!


I've missed you.

We've also missed you.


It was my fault.

Boss, don't be like this.

We're happy to follow you.

Luck wasn't on our side that time.

We don't blame you.


When you have time,
come and see me!

Thank you.





Watch him, I'll be there in a second.




What's going on, man?

You saw us and ran.
There's definitely something going on.



We hypnotized him and
put him through a lie detector,

the results were positive,

nothing's changed.

Sir, really it's none of my business.

Look at you,
you have no say in it.

Sir, it's no use questioning me.

I've never killed anyone.
It's no use framing me.

We're the SAR Police,
we're not going to frame you.

Did you do it?

I've said it many times.

I have never done that.

It's not me, I didn't kill anyone.


We're going to take you somewhere.

Where are we going?

How would I know?
I have no say in it.

Where are we, sir?

Where are you taking me, sir?

Let's go.
Don't ask so many questions.

Mrs. Chan.

Sir, you're back?

Yeah. We found a suspect.

I had him come up here,
so I can question him.

The police said they came here
to investigate.

Let them in.

Mr. Chan.

What's up?

Have you done
anything wrong here?

Sir, you've got to be kidding me?

I'm a professional.

Why would I come to
this rundown place?

Mr. Chan and Mrs. Chan,
have you ever seen him?

Be serious, don't tell a lie!

Shut up.

Don't be afraid,
Mr. Chan, there's police here.

I've never seen him.

You haven't.

Mr. Chan, can I bother you?

I want to bring the suspect

to your daughter's room
and have a look around.

Okay., whatever you'd like.

You guys stay here.

Yes, sir.

What are you doing, sir?

Sit down.

Why are you shutting the door?

You can't do anything to me.

I'll report you!

Take a good look, is it him?

We're the only ones here,
who are you talking to?

Come closer, and take a look.

Sir, what are you doing?

Get closer, look clearly.

You... What do you want?

If it's him, tell me.

What are you talking about, sir?

Look, is it him?

Tell me, what's happening?

If it's him, tell me.

Who are you talking to?

His appearance and odor
is not like a murderer.

Look... Look at what, sir?

This time you're lucky.

I told you it wasn't me!

You're just trying to scare me.

Why is Sai Keung yelling?

Who care if he is yelling?

As long as Officer Fong not yelling,
we're okay.

Oscar, what's up?

Hello? Hello...

Shut up!

I'll be there soon!

Were you home
when your house was robbed?

Miss, you need to answer.
Don't just nod your head.

I wasn't at home.

So you're saying when you got home,
the thief was already gone?


Okay, go see
how many things are gone.

Next Tuesday, come back to the station
and give us a detailed report.


What's the situation?

Just an average case,
someone stole something.

This is definitely not average.

- Tiger went to get the fingerprints.
- Okay.


A nurse again?
Her house got broken into.

Oscar, don't worry. Grab some clothes
and come to my house.

Welcome to my mess.

It looks as though
your house was broken into.

You still have your sense of humor.

Your house was just broken into,
and you're a nurse.

You must be careful.

What relationship does being a nurse
and having my house broke into have?

Don't worry too much.

And also, try to go out
as little as possible,

and you should be with someone always,

Come here, sit down.

All policemen houses are
pretty much the same.

Actually, it matches up.

This case is already closed.

Come here, have a seat.


I'll play something with you.

Play what?

Close your eyes first.

Oh, it's this game,
I don't want to play.

No, just shut your eyes.

What's up?

If you shut your eyes,
do you remember how I look?

Of course, are you kidding me?

How tall am I?

About this tall.

Okay., you're this tall.

Is the mole on my face
on the right or left side?

You have a mole?

Yes, it seems like it...

Is it on the left side?

Right side?


No, I don't have a mole.

What do you mean, no? Let me see.

Close your eyes.

Again? I'm not playing.

You know, if I shut my eyes,
I'll fall asleep.

So sleep.

I slept for two years.

Do you know I get scared
every night?

I'm afraid to sleep, because
I don't know if I'll wake up.

Don't worry.

Even if you sleep again,
I'll watch over you.

Okay., I'll sleep.

Do you know when you were asleep,
I told you many things?


Every time I wasn't happy,
I would find someone to talk to.

It's the best to ask you,
you won't think I nagged too much.

Do you want to hear it again?

It's silly.

I told you how my boyfriend
broke up with me.

He said I was always staring at him

and it made him feel uncomfortable.

I don't know
what kind of excuse that was.

Never mind,
he doesn't have good taste.

So, I said to myself.

I have to find someone
better than him

and make him feel stupid
for leaving me.

What do you think?
Is that a good idea?

I left my watch.

I'll wait for you.

I'll go back and get it.

What are you doing? Help!

Shut up!


Shut up! Shut up...

Let me go...


Shut up!

Miss, are you okay?

Are you okay, miss?

Somebody's hurt,
and you're leaving?

Are you okay, miss?

Is there anything wrong?

I'm still scared.

No need to be scared.

Do you remember that guy's face?

It was dark, I was so scared.

All I know is it happened so fast,
and I grabbed his mask

If you grabbed it you should
have seen his face.

I haven't. If I had the chance I would take off.

Be good, take a break.
I need to finish up some things.

Officer Fong.

I want to see what I need to do.

- Lei.
- Yeah.

Call the Police Public Relations Branch and tell them to

tell the public we've got
sufficient evidence,

but the witness is still in a coma.

As soon as the witness wakes up,
we can solve the case.



Officer Jap.

Lei, get something to eat first.

Where are you going?

To get something to eat.

Eat faster, you have stuff to do.

I know.

Lai, watch over Oscar,
I'm going to find Boss.

Officer Fong?

It was you!

Are you looking for the nurse?
She moved to the 4th floor.

Don't move!
If you move I'll shoot!

He went up!

Sir, what could be so serious
that you had to pull out your gun?

Your partner is amazing
at holding his gun.

We're looking for that psycho,
did you see him?

Psycho? I didn't pay any attention.

I'll help you look for him.

Boss, who are you calling?

Information Centre.

- I would prefer to go there to check.
- No, wait here.

Wow, you scared me!

I'm going to report you,
you're busted.

The psycho is
in the water storage room.

Biu, I know you're
in the water storage room.

Don't waste any time.
Come out and surrender!

Where's the water storage room?

Go forward and turn left,
then turn left again.

I'll help you keep an eye on him.

Even though it's so small,
you could squeeze in.

That's awesome.
You're busted now though!

He's not in the water storage room,
he's hiding under the vent.

- Under the vent.
- How do you know?

Don't go this way.

Go there, it's closer.
Turn right and then right.

I'll lead you there!

Right, right, I'll lead you!

Faster! Under the vent!

Be careful, his gun is loaded.

His head is over there,
his feet are here.

Come out!

Nothing? Are you kidding me?

It's impossible!

He was just here.

Clam down,
I'll help you look again.

Jing, he was just here.


He already took off.

Shit! I got screwed.

Officer Fong, let me take off.

You're also a policeman,
you know the consequence.

Put down your gun
and turn yourself in.

Don't force me.
I'll really kill him.

Jing, your friend's life
is longer than yours.

If you live to be 60,
he'll live to be 80.

Don't joke with me this time.

Fine, shoot!


Don't waste my time!

Don't push me, I'll kill him.


Don't push me...

I'd rather kill myself
before I go with you.

Jing, don't believe him.

This psycho's life bar is
stronger than yours.

His life energy can break
the world record.

He has the longest life ever!

Fine, shoot.

Don't waste my time!

Don't force me, I'll kill myself.

I'll count to three.
If you don't shoot, I will!



Officer Fong...

Officer Fong,
don't kill me, take me back.

Boss, you took a huge gamble.

The Information Centre said
he wouldn't kill. Get to work.

Boss, how did you know
he would come?

Oscar pulled his mask off.

Even though she didn't see his face,

he definitely thought Oscar saw him.

Also, can you introduce your friend
from the Information Centre to me.

Okay, one day.

All right, I can go home now.

Are you going to your house
or mine?

You tell me.



What do you want me for?

It's too bad.

I feel Oscar's life is
becoming short.

You said that after this
everything would be okay, didn't you?

This time is different than last.

What does that mean?

You need to watch her, watch her.

She's slowly becoming weak.

Let's go.

Why do you look sad?

When you got out of the hospital,
I was incredibly happy.

I just miss you.

Now that I'm out of the hospital,
you should be more happy.

I'm afraid you'll have a problem.

What's up?

I... I'm scared you'll die.

What? Why do you curse me?

No, there's something I need
to explain to you.

Since I came out of my two-year coma

I've seen more than
the average person.

What have you seen?


What ghosts? There are no ghosts.

No, a ghost told me...

He said your life is becoming weak.

What is it?

He said you're going to die.

I just got out of the hospital.
What are you doing cursing me like this?

See, I can run,
I'm not going to die!



Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

Help me! Help!

Dial 999! Help!




Rising! Rising!



You really see me?

Why is it you?

Don't be like this.

I'm already dead.

I miss you.

We're very lucky.

But I can't touch you.

I can't let other people know
that I see you.

So secretive,
just like we are having an affair.

Secretive is better than nothing.

What kind of secret is this?
I can't even touch you.

I need to go with you.


If it was you,

I would continue to be a nurse
and watch after my patients.

I need you to continue to be
a cop and keep the peace.

Help! Thief!

You're not going? You're a cop!


If you don't go now
I won't see you again.

I'll see you again!

Thief! There's a thief!