Night Visitor (1989) - full transcript

A student known for telling stories witnesses a murder, the latest in a series of satanic killings of hookers.

* Hey, little boy,
think you're cool *

* telling lies
in school *

* someday you may find

* you stepped
across that line *

* hey, little girl,
you think you're nice *

* hey, baby,
think twice *

* you hide behind
your ribbons and lace *

* but when he finds you
there's no escape *

* never cry devil, devil

* or you may get
your heart's desire *

* never cry devil,
never *

* 'cause if you cry devil

* he just might come
lookin' for you *

* hey, little kid,
what's your name? *

* You think it's just a game

* well, one night
you'll discover *

* blood on the hands
of your midnight lover *

* never cry devil,
devil *

* or you may get
your heart's desire *

* never cry devil,
never *

* he just might lure you
into the fire *

* never cry devil,
devil *

* 'cause if you cry devil

* he just might come
lookin' for you *

hi, baby.
What's your pleasure?

Get in.

In the back.

Please, get in the car.

Chill out.

Chill out.

Wait a minute.
Who are you?

Good morning, students.

The pep rally will take place at 2:35 this afternoon on the quad.

Attendance is mandatory.

Oh, sorry, kelly.
Sorry, kelly.


Look, i know. I know.
Don't say it.

You're late.

I asked you
not to say it.

Look, i overslept.
What can i say?

Something new.

Oh, well, see,
there was this little old man that was crossing the street.

Billy, forget it.
I can pick up this mess.

Just go to class.

Are you sure?
Are you sure?

Yes, i'm positive.

Thanks, kel.
See you in class.

Eddie hayward?


Uh, billy colton. Here.

Mr. Colton.

You are tardy now
for the 8th time,

which means you may be headed
for a brief leave of absence.

Oh, see, i wanted to be
on time, mr. Willard.


Yeah. There was this emergency this morning,
you know.

Mmm-hmm? And, uh,
it was early this morning.

I was on my way to school,
when suddenly, uh...

yes, billy, what is it?

My mother's hair dryer

It almost killed her.

Enough, mr. Colton.

She has to go out
and buy a wig now.

Sit down!

Unless you would like to go down to mr.
Webber's office

and entertain him
with this--

mr. Willard?

What, kelly?

I'm sorry billy was late,
but the copy machine was jammed.

And he had to
help me fix it.


Why don't you
take your seat now?

Yes, sir.
Thank you.

Miss fremont, hat.


How many times?

I'm sorry.

I have lost
enough class time.

Everything's so amusing to you,
mr. Loomis.


if you'll recall, class,
the last time we discussed

how political opportunists
in boston

and--and in new england,

new salem...

what is this?
What--what is...

miss fremont, i sent...

there is nothing here
in order.

Everything is
out of sequence.

You mind telling me why everything is... hmm?

I'm sorry.

Everybody is sorry.

Mr. Willard?

Nothing from you.

Nothing from you.

But, mr. Willard,
it was my fault.

What isn't your fault?

I bumped into kelly
in the hallway.

Shut up. Now.

Is it true you're thinkin'
about asking kelly out?


Now, why don't i
believe this?

I don't know.
It's the truth.

You've known her forever.
What's the big deal?

Look, i don't know.
I just looked at her and...

excuse me?
Are you brain dead or what?

What are you saying?

I'm saying that
you and kelly are pals.

You don't date
your pals, butt sniff.

It'd be like dating me.

Uh, i don't think so,

No. You see, kelly's pretty.

Kelly's smart.

And kelly's a girl.

Brilliant observation.

* I'm not missing you

* no


Hey, not so fast.
Hold up.

Bill, come here.
Check this out.

Oh, my god.

I guess that's
the new neighbor.

Is this fair?

I have a 93-year-old widow
living next door to me.

Well, come on over.
I don't bite.

Hi, uh, i'm sam loomis. I, uh,
live around the corner. Need any help?

I'm lisa grace.
Who's your friend?

Uh, i'm billy colton.

I-i live next door.

Oh, right, i think i met
your mother this morning.

In fact, i invited her over
for drinks tonight.

Why don't you join us?



Great. Then i'll see you
later tonight, billy.

Uh, yeah. Sure.


Then i'll see you
later tonight, billy.

Shut up, man.


I don't see why
you have to do that.

Hi, mom. I'm home.

I'm in the kitchen.

Hi, mom.

Ok, if you need me to approve the designs,
i can probably do it tonight.

Right. But i gotta go.
Billy's home.

Ok. Bye-bye.

How was work?

Fine. How was school?

Oh, it was great.
Physics, german, algebra.

All the things that have real meaning in my adult life.


There's this great new invention.
It's called the glass.

Mr. Webber, your principal,
called again.

He said you're one late-slip away from suspension.

Yeah, well,
willard writes me up when i'm 5 seconds late.

The guy just won't
give me a break.

He doesn't have to give you a break when you're late.

Yeah. He's got
a stick up his...

uh, don't say it.

You know what i mean.

The guy's always giving people a hard time.

You know what i think?

I think you're asking
for a hard time.

And telling him all those stories doesn't help.

My hair dryer exploded?

Hey, i tried.

Try a little less.

You know how to handle
someone like him.

Besides, you only have
another 3 weeks.

Mom, i'll graduate. Ok?

You better,
if you want to drive my car.


Can you do me a favor?

Yeah. Sure.

I gotta work late

and i promised
our new neighbor

that i'd stop by after dinner for a drink.

Could you just go over
and give her my apologies

and give her
this goody basket?

Uh, you want me to
go over there

and bring a goody basket?



Uh, no problem, mom.

Billy, hi.


Where's your mom?

Uh, she couldn't make it.

She had a last-minute, uh,
meeting with a client.

Oh, too bad.

Come on in.

Uh, welcome
to the neighborhood.

Thank you.

that's very sweet.

Sorry about the mess.

At least the painters
finished my bedroom.

I could use some advice
on the kitchen.

Oh, you know, uh,
if you need any help,

my mom's
an interior decorator.

Oh, good. Then i'm glad
she didn't show up.

Me, too.

While i've got you here,
could you do me a big favor?


Now, i can't live
without my microwave.

So if i hold the box,
will you lift my oven?

Uh, uh, uh, yeah, sure.

It's heavy.

Oh, i got it.

Oh, great. Ok.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

You look like
a beer man to me.


Let's see.

Cold beer
on a hot summer's day

ought to cool us off.

Here you go.

It's hot in here.

I can't wait till they
fix the air conditioning.

You're blushing.

I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry.
I haven't seen a good blush in...

well, since grade school.

Thanks for helping me.

Oh, uh, uh,

i--i--i--i better get going.

I--i got homework.

It's just tony.
He's early.



Can i ask you something?

I don't know
many people here.

Well, if i need a friend,
can i count on you?

Sure. Yeah.

I--i sleep right up in that bedroom right over there.

If you ever need me day or night,
just call out "billy."

And i'll be there
just like that. Ok?



See you.

Whoa. Excuse me.

See you later.


Tony, bill. Bill, tony.

Uh, nice to meet you,
i'm sure.

Look, lisa.
I'm kind of-- kind of in a rush. Uh...

see you, good-looking.


Yeah. Hi, mrs. Fremont.
Yeah, it's, uh, billy.

I'm fine. Thanks.
Is kelly there?

Uh, excuse me, bobo.

Uh, sorry about that.

Uh, no.
It's not important.

Just, uh, tell her
i called. Ok? Thanks.

Ah, yes.


Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok.

Come on.


Uh, hi, mr. Loomis.
It's billy.

Is sam in?

Yeah. I'll get him.

Great. Thanks.

Hello. Hello.


Billy. Billy.
Billy. Billy. Billy.


Sam, you are never
going to believe this, man.

You know that
new neighbor, lisa?


I can see
right into her bedroom.

She's unbuttoning her blouse.

Oh, god.



Her long beautiful blonde hair is cascading

across her white
alabaster shoulders.

Oh, cut the shit.

No. I swear, sam.
It's really true.

Ok, ok, you've convinced me.
I'm coming over.

Uh, no, no.

What do you mean, no?
I'm your best friend.

Uh, no, sam.
You can't come over.

What's the matter?
You afraid i'll tell kelly?


billy? Billy,
what-what's going on there?

Billy? Hello?
Billy, alive or dead?

Billy? Billy!

Uh, what?

What's wrong with you?

Uh, uh, nothing.
Nothing, nothing, nothing.

I was just makin' it up.

But i had you going
for a while, didn't i?

God. You dick-nose. You know,
i don't know why i listen to your bullshit.

Yeah. I know. I know.


Want a date?

Get in.

It will cost you $100.

Get in the back.

You're gonna like me.

No way, creep.



Morning, mom.

Just push this stuff out of the way.

God, mom,
don't you ever take a break?

Have a little fun?

Do you like living in this house,
do you, huh?

Yes. Yes.

Ok. Well...

oh, i almost forgot.

Did you take the goody basket over to our neighbor?

Oh, mom. Mom,
listen to this.

Mom, i should have told you.

I--i went over there, right.
And she opened the door

and she looked in my eyes

and then she started
unbuttoning her blouse.

Mom, mom, listen to this.
Mom, she kissed me. Right on the lips.

Yeah, listen.

You're gonna be late for school.
And i want you to get going, ok?

Come, come on.


Fabric mart? Yeah.
Is louie there, please?

Working hard?


I got a big test

Oh, poor baby.


Oh, my mom told me
you called. What's up?

Nothing. Nothing.

I just want to talk.

Hi, kids.


So, uh, bill,

you telling kel here
all about, uh, lisa?


Lisa? Who's lisa?

Lisa's just
my new neighbor.

I'll say.

This is my asshole friend,


* You're cool
like the barrel of a gun *

* i wait, anticipating

* 5, 4, 3, 2

oh, my god.
She must be a hooker.

I don't believe it.

Look, i'm tellin' you guys
the truth.

I've seen it 2 nights
in a row now with my own eyes.

A different guy each night.

She leaves her curtains open just so you can watch.

I'm surprised she hasn't invited you over to her house.

I mean, why not?

She did.

She what?

She did.

Oh, fantasies, billy.

Shut up, sam.

I can't believe you, kelly.

I can't believe you
either, billy.

Oh, oh, i see. Fine.

Then why don't you two come over to my house tonight?
You'll see.

Only if you keep your hands
to yourself.

* I wanna take you,
come on, come on *

billy, i'm going out
to dinner.

Uh, let's not make it
too--too late. Ok, kids?

Ok. Bye.

Good night.

Good night.


Shh. Shh.

She's gone.


All right.

A telescope?

Come on, you guys.
I don't think we should be spying.

Oh, come on, kelly. Admit it.
You wanna see her just as much as i do.

My mom gave this telescope to me when i was 12,

to watch the stars.

If she only knew.

Hey, which is
her bedroom?

Ok, it's the 2nd floor.
The one with the light on. See that?

Yeah, yeah.

Wait a minute.
I see movement.

Wait. Let me see.
Let me see.

All i see is a woman with mud on her face and flannel p.j.'s.

Let me see.

She looks ugly.

Wait a second--

hold on.
She's going to bed


Wait, guys. Guys, guys, wait a second.
Wait a second. Guys, that can't be.

Look, i've seen her with a different guy every night.

There's always a pattern.

Oh, there's a pattern,
all right.

A pattern of bullshit
from billy colton.


Look, billy,
i have a lot of better things to do than hang around here

and watch some woman
with mud on her face.

Come on, sam. Let's go.


I'll call you tomorrow, ok?


Oh, uh, uh, stargazer

don't stay up too late,

Well, mr. Colton.
On time today.

What a pleasant surprise.

Take your seats, class.

We will have a short quiz
as promised today.

Please. Please.

No groaning. It will
be relatively painless.


mr. Colton,

will you please pass out
these test sheets

to the rest
of your classmates?


If it's not
too much trouble,

please button
the top 2 buttons.

Please, please.
How many times?


a pen.

How is everybody?

Where's my...

sam, no.
Put it away, sam.

I will now take roll.

No, sam, no.

Wait, mr. Willard. No!

You're through here.

So help me.

You're terminated!
Do you hear me?

You're terminated!
You'll pay for this.

I tried to tell him i did it,
but he wouldn't believe me.

You know, you really are
my asshole friend, sam.

What do you mean?

That stupid trick you pulled just got me suspended.

God, look, i never thought
they'd blame you.

That's because
you never think, period.

Just stay away
from me, all right?


Look, kelly,
it's not your fault.

I just gotta
get out of this place.

Hi, lisa.

Hi, billy.

Don't you have homework?

Uh, no.

out of homework.

Oh, don't sound so sad.

It's just a couple of days.

You want me
to wash your car?

Oh, well, actually,
i'm going to need it right away.

Can i take a rain check?


Yeah. Sure.

Great. Thanks.


Uh, you're welcome.

Yes, of course.
I recognize your voice.

Oh, really?

That sounds interesting.

I think we can arrange
to have some candles.

All right.
I'll see you tonight.



Oh, that's not good.

Now they'll know.


Jesus christ!

Jesus can't help you now.

Son of a bitch.

Operator, get me the police.

So, what you got,

Her name was lisa grace.


26 years old.

From 2 precise stab wounds
to the upper torso.

Same m.o.

looks like our man.

Well, let's
take a look.


Forensics is
up there now.

The body
hasn't been touched.

Thanks, pete.



Ah, shit.

What a waste.



Landlord said she just
arrived from seattle.

Only lived here 3 days.

No family
i've been able to trace.


She never had a chance.

What say?

Good evening.

Anyone else
talk to him yet?

His mom
will be back soon.

Billy colton?


Capt. Crane. Homicide.

You want to tell me
what happened?

Yeah. I saw lisa
get murdered.

Listen, i was up
on the roof and--

whoa. Whoa, whoa.

What were you
up on the roof for?

You see,
i was trying to prove to my friends that lisa was...

um, listen, listen,
it was too dark.

Wait a minute, billy.
I could see her.

Did you know that lisa grace
was a prostitute?

Well, i had a good idea.

You had a good idea?

What the hell is...



Mom. God, mom.
I'm so happy--

what happened?

Mom, lisa, the woman next door,
was murdered.

Willard did it.
I saw him.

Mr. Willard?

Who is this willard?

Who are you?

Capt. Crane. Homicide.
Who's this willard?

Look, he's my history teacher.

And i saw him do it.
I saw him kill lisa.

How could it be
mr. Willard?

Mom, i saw it.
I'm not making it up.

I swear to god!

He had this weird mask on
and then he stabbed her.

If he was wearing a mask,
how'd you know it was willard?

Look, i ripped the mask
off him.

We were struggling
on the roof.

But what were you
doing on the roof?

I was trying to prove to kelly and sam that she was a hooker.

Hooker? In this neighborhood?

Yes. Look, i thought
i could get a picture.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. I got a picture.

I got a picture just as he was trying to stab me.

Wait a minute. Excuse me. This mr.
Willard, he tried to kill you, too?

Yes, he tried to kill me,
too, with the same knife.

Dolan, why don't you
have this film processed

and, uh, run
a check on this, uh...

uh, uh, willard.
Zachary willard. Willard.

Junior and senior high
history at brenner high.

Got it.

Ok, i think that will be
enough for right now.

Uh, mrs.
Colton, why don't you bring billy down to the station tomorrow

and get
a formal statement, ok?

What do you mean tomorrow?
What about tonight?

Aren't you gonna
arrest this guy?

We investigate
and then we arrest.

You can't just let him go loose like this.
He's a killer!

Good night.

Good night, captain.

Honey, it's all right.
It's ok.

I'm here for you.

the meaning of this?

Capt. Crane. Homicide.

This is detective dolan.


We'd like to ask you
a few questions.

Go right ahead.

Do you know a woman
by the name of lisa grace?

Lisa who?

Lisa grace.

No, i do not.

She was stabbed to death earlier this evening about, uh, 10:00.

That's shocking. That's terrible.
Where did this happen?

We have an eyewitness
that places you at the scene.

Me? Are you serious?

I've been home all night
with my brother stanley.

And who, may i ask,
is this, uh, eyewitness?

I'm not at liberty
to divulge that at this time.

you're an officer of the law.

I happen to be
a schoolteacher.

And it happens to be
relatively well-known

that i am not exactly well-liked by some of my students.

So perhaps it's one of my students playing a prank.

Because i assure you,
i have not left my home all evening.

Are you a policeman, too?

Yes, i am.

Stanley, please.

So can i see your gun?


Come on.
Let me see your gun.

Stanley. Please, please.
Back. Back. Sit.

You'll have to excuse
my brother, stanley.

He, uh, he has the mind
of a 12-year-old.

He means no harm.

Well, thank you
for your time.

Probably have to ask you a few questions later.

No problem with that.

Anything to clear up
this nonsense.

We won't leave town.

Stanley, please. A woman
has been murdered.

Good night.

Good night.

You ought to be
ashamed of yourself.

We ought to book them
just for weirdness.

Yeah. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Whoo.

I want to run a detailed check on this guy willard.


Meanwhile, i think
we better go back

and talk to the colton kid,
all right?


Let's go.


Oh, what a long day, huh?

Oh, yeah,

why'd you have to
tell those people

that i got the mind
of a 12-year-old?

Oh, please.

That's not nice.

Why did you have to ask
to see her gun?

She was cute.

But she's not
your type, stanley.

I'm scared, zachary.

I'm scared.


You have nothing
to worry about, stanley.

No one. Absolutely no one

is going to believe
billy colton.

How do you know that?

I know.

You do?

Yeah. You know why?

Because billy colton
is a sniveling little liar.

How come you asked
those policemen in?

Why not?

I have nothing
to hide, right?

Nothing to hide, huh?
Nothing to hide, zachary?

What about that furniture?


Oh, the furniture, as you quaintly refer to it,
is all neatly stacked,

safe and sound,
locked in the cellar.

Go. Would you like to
check on the furniture?

Go and amuse yourself.

Tell it
a bed time story. Go.

Ok. I'm goin'.

Yoo-hoo, coming.

My brother.

So, how's the furniture
doin' today?

Look at this.
I washed this for you.

For you to wear tomorrow.

Nice? Huh?

What do you think?

I washed this out, too.


What is this?
No answers, huh?

No answers?


Oh, please help me.

Help you? Help you?

Stop whining like that.
I hate that.

Furniture shouldn't whine.


Why are you calling me that?

Why am i
calling you furniture?

That's what you are,
you know. People buy you.

People open your drawers.

People polish you. So...

so, here.

Well, willard had an alibi.

He also said he thought
that one of his students

was playing a practical joke.

I can't believe
you didn't arrest him.

I told you i saw him.

I didn't say he didn't do it.
We just don't have any proof.

The man has an alibi.

The lab's got zero.

The roll of film
wasn't even exposed.


Oh, shit.

You know, there's been
a series of murders.

The callgirl killer.

Making false statements
in the course

of a felony investigation
is a crime.

Just a minute. Captain,
are you saying my--my son is--

he'll be ok.

We'll make sure of that.

We'll be in touch.

Good night.

Good night. Thanks.


All right, stanley.
Playtime's over.

Start my midnight snack
now, please.

Ok, zachary.

You know that billy colton?

Don't worry
about billy colton.

When the time is right,

satan's disciple
will take care of him.

Praise satan.

Praise satan.

Now start
my kidney pie, please.

Honey, will you
get the phone, please?



The police don't believe you,
billy colton.


Mom. Come here.

Now, satan will make claim
to your soul.

Mom, mom. Listen to this.
Will you come here?

It's just a dial tone.

It's a dial tone.

What do mean
just a dial tone?


Hi. I'm glad
you came over.

Are you all right?


What's that?

It's just memories.

Everybody's talking
about what happened.

That's great.
That's just great.

Nobody believes
a word i've said, kelly.

I've told so many stories.

It's like the boy
who cried wolf.

More like the boy
who cried devil.

are you sure

it was mr. Willard?
It's pretty hard to see--

of course i was sure.

Look, he tried
to kill me, kelly.

Would i make
something like that up?

I didn't make up
lisa's body, did i?

But mr. Willard,
the callgirl killer?

I know. Look,
he called me last night

and threatened me
over the phone.

He threatened you?

Yes, he threatened me.

Did you
tell the police that?

Ok. What did he say?

Some weird shit about satan claiming my soul.

Look, kelly.
Kelly, i'm not lying.

God, why doesn't anybody
believe me?

Billy. Billy, i'm sorry.

I want to believe you.
I do.

What am i
gonna do, kelly?

I don't know.

I've got to go in and face willard in class on monday.

We got to get
somebody to help you.

But who?

Police have been trying to find this guy for nearly a year now.

I tell them who it is,
and they won't even arrest him.

God, there's
got to be someone.


Wait a minute, kelly.
Kelly, wait a minute.


One of my dad's best friends used to be a cop.


do you remember
his name?

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It started with a "d."

Uh, french.

Uh, god, he used to...
i remember he used to come over

and tell us these
great stories

about the crimes
that he'd solved.

Oh, i must have been
7 or 8 years old then.

Billy, that was years ago.

Haven't you seen
this guy since then?

No, no, no.
But i'm sure he could help.

Sure he could. I know.

Oh, goddamn!
What was his...


Kelly, it's devereaux.
Ron devereaux.

Come on.


His number's got to be
in here somewhere.

Oh, sorry.

That's all right.

Ok, hold this.

She kept all this stuff?

Yeah. Kelly.
Kelly, look at this.

I almost forgot
about this.

Hold this.

Billy, i told you
i don't like guns.

Billy, please.

I sure could have
used this last night.

His address has gotta be
in here somewhere.

Here it is.
Here it is.

Oh, good.

Uh, ok.


I wonder if he's moved
or died or something.

3214, speedway.



Is that him?


Mr. Devereaux?


I'm billy colton.


Bobbie colton's
billy colton?

But you're a little boy.

That was about 8 years ago,
mr. Devereaux.

8 years?

God, where have i been?

Come in.

Mr. Devereaux. Mr.
Devereaux, this is my, uh, friend kelly.

Hello, kelly.
It's nice to meet you.

Why don't you sit down?

Thank you.

So, uh, billy, you, uh,
said you had something very important to tell me.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
See, last night,

i was-- i was-- i was
looking out my window, ok?

And i saw these
candles burning--


You saw candles?

Uh, mr. Devereaux,

last night,
i saw my history teacher murder my next-door neighbor.

He--he stabbed her and then he tried to kill me.

Now, the police,
they don't believe a word i've said,

so y-you were
the only person

i could think of
to turn to.

Excuse me.


that's an interesting story,

History teacher, hmm?

But you see, uh,
billy, i'm, uh, i'm retired.

I don't do
this kind of work anymore.

What did you want me to do?

I need you to help me.

You used to say you were the best
crime-solver the department ever had.

I did?

Yes, you did.

Well, that was
a long time ago, billy.

And i--i told you
i-i'm retired.

This--this work is a lot
of stress and i--

listen. Listen. Listen.
Could you just listen?

Could you just hear
my whole story, please?

Ok, billy. Tell me.

You're late.

I don't go
for this latin stuff.


Oh, mighty satan, father of evil,
we call upon thee.

We ask you to accept this offering that we have prepared

and to help us raise up
against our enemies and yours

in this world and the next.

Would you like this?

Just a little?

Have you learned
how to behave, my dear?


Well, let's see.

I guess not.
I guess not.

Satan awaits you, my dear.

It's just a matter of time.

What do you think
about all this, kelly?

What do you mean?

Do you know this
willard character?


Do you believe
he's a killer?

I believe in billy.

Of course you do.

I wish there was something i could do to help you kids.

Look, just forget it, ok?
Forget it.

Come on, kelly.
He's not even gonna help us.

Keep me informed.

Yeah, sure. Thanks a lot,
mr. Devereaux.

Glad to see you.

Oh, anytime.

How you doing?

See this?

Hear what it's playing?
You hear it?

Here, listen.



Gonna put you back
on the street again.

My brother's
gone too far.

Yeah. Here.
You don't believe me?


We got to keep it down.

Keep it down.


Undo your
little feetsies.

You know what?

Time to get back
in business again.

Get dressed.

Ok. Ready?

Don't make any noise,

I won't look.

Hey, hey, sorry.

It's ok.

Oh, god.


Oh, wait a minute.
You know what?

Please, god.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Hey, i'll--i'll go first.

Ok. Ok. Ok.

Please, god.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Wait.

Thank you. Thank you.

It's my brother.
I got the perfect place for you to hide.

It's ok.

Get a little rest.

I swear.
Just a little rest.

You'll be all right.

You will be.

It's my room over here.

That's andy panda.
Come on.

Here. Take your shoes.

Nice in here.

Where are you taking me?

To a better place.

Welcome to hell, my dear.


Now, let us proceed.

The dead shall rise.

I will give to the dead

power over the living

so that they will
remember them.


To thee we offer this,
the chalice of ecstasy.

It's good.

I summon thee

and call thee forth
from thy abode in darkness.

I evoke thee
from thy resting place

in the bowels
of the earth.


May the dead rise!

Close the book.

Oh, friend and companion
of the knife

who longs for blood

and brings terror to mortals.

Look favorably
upon our sacrifice.



Mom, is that you?


Bobo. God.

How many times, huh?
How many times?

Oh. Oh.

You scared me.


Excuse me a second.

Yo, dolan.


I think you better
come in here.

The expert from
the commissioner's office

has some
very interesting theories.

You got it.

Hey, crane.

Oh, theresa, not now.

When are you
gonna catch the killer?

Look, we're workin' on it.
All right?

Well, that's not
good enough.

A working girl can't
make a living anymore.

Well, i'll tell you what.

Uh, why don't you go to law school,
you know? Get a job or get married or--

Stay at home.

17th victim.

This guy is very clever,

very lucky, or sick,
or all the above.

Or a believer in satanic rights of sacrifice.

Dr. Lawrence, det. Dolan.

But why hookers?

I thought that sacrificial victims had to be virgins.

Doctor, you're the expert here.
Why don't you tell us why?

Well, the true believer

thinks he's satan's representative on earth.

The devil incarnate.

By doing satan's work,

he can assure himself
of a chosen place in hell.

So, tell us what kind of person we're looking for.

Somebody who feels society's dealt him a dirty hand.

Could be anyone.

Homeless drifter,
successful lawyer...

a teacher?

You have a suspect?


But he's totally clean.
He doesn't even have a traffic ticket.

They're dual natures.
They're very clever.

By day they recite
the pledge of allegiance.

By night they--they put up unholy altars and say prayers backwards.

Well, this suspect
uses handcuffs

and, uh, symbols
painted on the walls.

You're just gonna
have to be patient.

Oh, yeah. Right. We'll tell
that to the commissioner.

Eventually, when the moon
hits the right place,

he'll prowl.

He'll move,
he'll try to kill.

You be there first
and you'll get your man.


all right, class.

Everybody put down
their pencils.

Test is over.

Leave your answer sheets
on your desks.

It's over. Donald.

Everybody go.

Billy, not you.
You stay a while.

Thank you, everyone.

Billy, pick up the test sheets for me and put them on my desk.

Thank you, billy.

Mr. Loomis,

you have some mission here
unknown to me?

I thought not.
You may go, mr. Loomis.

You have a question
for me, kelly?

No. I was just
waiting for billy.

Well, i have one more
small little chore for billy.


Would you take this
to mr. Webber's office?

I see you missed 2 over there
in the first row, billy.

Sit down, billy, in my chair.
Leave your bag.

If you do anything to me...


The police are gonna put
2 and 2 together.

You still don't understand,
do you, billy?

You have offended
the lord satan

and nothing,
absolutely nothing,

can protect you
from his fury.

You know how much trouble
you've caused him?

No, sir.

You know what i should
really do?

I should cut your eyes out right now.

That's what i should really do.
Would you like that?

No, sir.

Billy, why don't you tell me
what you saw that night?

I saw...



I saw-- i saw nothing.
I lied.

You lied?


That's what i thought.

That's what i thought
all the time.

That will be all,
mr. Colton.

Get out!

I thought you wanted to go.


Billy, wait.

What happened?

he's really crazy.

He really believes
this devil shit.

I've gotta find something--
find something.

The knife, the mask.

I've gotta get
some kind of evidence.

But how?

I don't know.
I don't know.

I'll start with his house.

Spooky-looking place,
isn't it?

It is kind of weird.

It's all closed up like he's hiding some horrible secret.

Billy, let's
get out of here.

I have a feeling
someone's watching us.

No. It's just your imagination.
Willard's at school.

Kelly, look out!


Get back!

Let's go! Run!

Stay there.


You see, i wasn't lying.

Shh, it's ok.
It's over with.

Look. Look, capt. Crane,
he tried to run us down.

And it wasn't just me this time.
Kelly was with me.

We almost got killed.

And what the hell
were you doing there?

We were trying to find
some evidence.

Look, can't you get a search warrant or something and go over there?

Why don't you kids just borrow my badge and gun?
You cut out the middleman.

Look, capt. Crane--

you're not
a credible witness.

Besides which you have not one shred of evidence to implicate him.

Aren't you supposed
to serve the public?

Now you're gonna tell me
how to do my job, huh?

I was there
this afternoon.

And you're gonna swear willard was driving the black car?

I told you.

We couldn't see
the driver of the car.


Look, i thought he-- i thought he drove a brown car,

but he could have 2 cars.

Why don't you kids
let me do my job?


Get dolan in here, please.

Thank you.


I'll see you later.



At least one good thing
happened today.

What's that?


Hello, billy.
This is ron devereaux.

I've been thinking
about our conversation

and i'm sure your father
would want me to help.

So why don't you come by my house this afternoon?

It's open, billy.


Hey, killer dog.


Hey, how you doing?

Listen, i got your call.

Well, i've been thinking about it, billy,

and i don't know
what good i can do.

But it's time i got off my ass, right?

Try to do something.

Think we should
take a walk?



What time is it?

Uh, it's about 7:00.
It's early.

I never seem to know
where the time goes.

Somewhere along the line,
i lost track.

Why did you retire?

Don't ask.

Let's talk about
what you need.


I need some evidence
that's gonna nail willard.

Listen, we went
to his house today.

You went to his house?

Yeah. He tried
to run us down.


I went with my girlfriend.

Rule number one, sonny boy,
you leave your girlfriend home.

Ok. Ok.
Look, we've gotta go back to willard's house

to find
some kind of evidence--

and what if he comes home?
Wouldn't that be dangerous?

No, he's in school
during the day.

Shouldn't you be in
school during the day?

Yeah. So what?
I'll cut class.

Wouldn't that make him

Look, don't worry about it.
I always cut class.

Oh, yeah?

So what do you think?

I think
you need my help.

You mean it?


Oh, that is--
that is terrific.

That is terrific.
Thank you very much. Thank you.

Thank you, mr. Devereaux.

Oh, uh, um, i'll meet you here
tomorrow morning, ok?

At 8:00.


Hi, mrs. Colton.
It's kelly. Is billy home?

No. He went out somewhere.

He said he had to go
and get something.

Kelly, uh,

do you think...

I'm just being silly.


Nothing, mrs. Colton.
I just called for a school assignment.

Tell billy
i'll call him later, ok?




orange juice, zachary.

Fresh-squeezed. Zachary.

Yes, yes. I heard you.
When i'm ready, stanley. When i'm ready.

Lots of pulp,
like you like it.

Like i like it. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.

Yeah, well, uh,
before you get your breakfast,

i have a surprise for you.

You have a surprise for me?


Stanley, you have
a surprise for me?

You have a surprise
for me?


Stupid idiot.

That little tramp is
one of my students.

Where did you find her?

She was snooping around outside the house last night.


Please don't be mad at me.

I'm not.

Come. I'm not
gonna hit you. It's ok.

I love you.

I'm gonna be late, though.

What about breakfast?

I have no appetite
for liver right now.

Can you understand that, stanley?
Just get rid of her.

I wanna play.

Stanley, how many times?

I don't care how you do it just so long as she's gone by tonight.


I'll do it.
I'll do a good job, too.

Ok. Ok. So, uh,
what is all this stuff?

The tools of my trade.

A compass?

You may want to
find your way some day.

Devereaux, don't--don't you have a gun?

I don't believe
in violence.

But you're an ex-cop.
You should have a gun.

I solved all my cases with a keen analytical mind.

Let's get to work.

* And the rockets' red glare

* the bombs bursting in

* in

* in

what the hell?


Stanley, is that little tramp's car parked in the alley?

What tramp?

I said,
is that little tramp's car parked in the alley?

I don't know nothin'
about a car.

How in the hell do you
think she got here?

I don't know.

Don't you smirk.

I'm not smirking.

Did you find any keys?


Park it at k-mart.


What's that? K-mart?

Where'd you get that?

It's my father's.

Why do you have it?

We may need it.
This guy's a killer.

Benson's here.
Robert burnstein.



Billy colton.

Does anybody know
where billy colton is?


That's the house.

Interesting house.

craftsman bungalow.

1913 or 1915?

What am i getting into?


Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Was the, uh, colton boy
in geography today?

Not today.
I thought he was suspended.

At your request.

It was not at my request.

He was suspended for cause.

Well, he probably got
to catch some waves.

Lucky dude.

Please, please, please. "Dude"?
Stop smoking, thornhill.

It's disgusting.

Mellow out, man.
Come on.

Boy, am i angry now.

My brother zachary made me park that car over at k-mart,
you know.

Had a stick shift.

Just for that,
i'm going to read you a little nursery rhyme.

Hansel and gretel.

See my friend?

Then she sees hansel
with the skinny hands

and dragged him
into a little shed.

The witch locked him in behind a door made of iron bars.


"Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly."

Ron, ron, that's it.
That's the car.

What are you
talking about?

That's the one that willard
tried to run us down with.


There's a hole
in the windshield.

Yeah, i know, i threw
a watermelon through it.



Come on.
I'm going around back.

This window
hasn't been opened in years.



You know, this is
breaking and entering.

Yeah, well,
you didn't expect him to invite us in, did you?

Well, i was hoping.

You're not gonna chicken out on me now,
are you?




You're never gonna
get away with this.

How come?

The police
know about you.

They do?

They were here.
They--they know about you.


Get out.

Ow! Ow!
Shh. Shh.

My back.
I twisted my back. Oh.

I can't go any further.

Oh, man.


What do you want me
to do with that?

Take it. Use it
if you have to.


All right, come on.

Come on. Get in here.

Satan, sweet satan,
give me breath during in death.

Look out!

You ok?


What kind of creep keeps a rattlesnake in his bedroom?

I don't know.

Look. Look at this.

Ron, that's the robe that he wore when he killed lisa.

Maybe we could use it
as evidence.

No, no.
It's not enough.


I--i have this history
of telling stories.

I--i used to
exaggerate a lot.

You mean you used to tell
a lot of lies?

No, not lies. Stories.
Just fun. But it's true now.

Yeah. I understand.

Listen, mr.
Devereaux, i'm really glad you're here.

That makes one of us.

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

Ron, come here.

Take a look at this.

Does this guy have kids?

Not that i know of.

Scream all you like.
Nobody'll hear you.


Stop it!

Holy shit.

This is, uh,
a little unnerving, billy.

I think that we should
get out of here.

What's that?

Pentagram, upside down.

What do you think?


Satan, sweet satan,
give me breath during in death.

Satan, sweet satan,
give me breath during in death.

Billy, i lied to you, ok?
I have to tell you the truth.

It was a lie.
I never was a detective.

What are you
talking about?

I--i worked
in forensics, ok?

All i did was analyze evidence like fingerprints,

and fibers from carpets

billy, i--i solved all my crimes from a laboratory bench.

Shh. Slow down.
It's ok. It's all right.

Are you mad at me?

No, no.
We got what we needed all right?

Yeah? Let's
get out of here.

Oh, shit!

Let's get out of here.

Are you ok?

Call the p--
call the police.

Call the police.
Call the police.

Ok. Ok!

They'll believe you now.

Help! Somebody help me!

Ron, that's kelly
down there.

Ron, help me. We got
to get her out of there.

Pull, god damn it! Pull!

Give me the gun.
Give me the gun!

I got the gun.
I'm gonna go down there.

You back me up.

Oh, god, help me.
I'm coming down.

Help me, please.

I don't wanna hurt you.

Look out!

Watch out!

Ron, i'm coming down!


It's graduation day.

Get back.

I'll shoot you.
Now get back! Get back!

Get back!

Get back!

Don't do it!


No! No!

Let him go!


Stop it.


Stop it.

Give me-- give me the gun.



You little bastard.


Burn in hell, motherfuck...


Billy, he's got the gun!


It's ok, billy.
Take care of your girl.

Billy, get me out of here.

I'll get some help.


Shh. Shh.

Take care of her, guys.

Billy. Billy.

Billy, can you tell us
what happened?

How did you know zachary willard was a satanic killer?

Well, uh, one of the girls
he killed was my neighbor.

Excuse me, folks.
Billy's had a rough time.

Why don't you save those questions until tomorrow, ok?

Come on, captain.

Watch the cord.

It's all over, kiddo.


Where'd you get
that shotgun?

It used to be my father's.

One-man vigilante, huh?

Yeah, i guess.

What the hell are you doing here, ronald?

Ron saved my life.

This young man is
a friend of mine,

and, uh,
he needed some help.

Wait a minute.

Ron, you guys
know each other?

Yeah, we worked together for years until he chose an early retirement.

Well, i'm thinking of coming out of retirement, captain,

and billy's gonna see to it that i stay on the wagon.


Come on, dolan,
let's wrap this up.

* When i met you
i thought i found a friend *

* thought that
it would be enough *

* but i never knew that
it would come to an end *

* if things ever
got too tough *

* right beside me
in the thick of the fight *

* i could see the love
in your eyes *

* in my darkest hour
you were my light *

* only then i realized

* that this is the love
i've been waiting for *

* this is the dream
i've been dreamin' of *

* that we won't let it
slip away *

* this is the love


* Some men whine,
some men fight *

* to find their place
in the sun *

* some men go
to the ends of the earth *

* searching for
the special one *

* but never ever
in my wildest dreams *

* did i see you as
more than a friend *

* but through the storm
you were there *

* beside me
right up to the end *

* this is the love
i've been waiting for *

* this is the dream
i've been dreamin' of *

* tonight's the night we're making love with aching hearts *

* and we won't let it
slip away *

* no, i've been knocking
at your door *

* i've been
calling out your name *

* we are the lovers that the stars are shining for *

* our lives will
never be the same *

* this is the love

* this is the love

* this is the love
i've been waiting for *

* this is the dream
i've been dreamin' of *

* just like the night we fell
in love with an aching heart *

* and we won't
let it slip away *

* this is the love

* this is the love

* i've been waiting for

* this is the love,
this is the love *

* i've been waiting for

* this is the love,
this is the love *

* i've been dreamin' of

* this is the love,
this is the love *

* i've been waiting for

* this is the love,
this is the love *

* this is the love,
this is the love *

* this is the love

* this is the love
i've been waiting for *

* this is the love

* this is the dream
i've been dreamin' of *

* this is the love

* this is the love
i've been waiting for *

* this is the love

* this is the dream
i've been dreamin' of *

* hey, little boy
think you're cool *

* telling lies
in school *

* someday you may find

* you stepped
across that line *

* hey, little girl,
you think you're nice *

* hey, baby,
think twice *

* you hide behind
your ribbons and lace *

* but when he finds you
there's no escape *

* never cry devil,
devil *

* or you may get
your heart's desire *

* never cry devil,
never *

* 'cause if you cry devil

* he just might come
lookin' for you *