Niepospolita (2019) - full transcript

A well-known publisher - Melchior Wankowicz asks famous writer Tadeusz Dolega-Mostowicz to create a reportage about "success a la Polonaise".

This is not going to be another common story
as many I have written before.


But let's start at the beginning.

Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz.
A playboy, a Bon-vivant.

An A-class writer
of B-class novels

read by millions,
and making millions.

It is I.

Melchior Wańkowicz
Publisher Society "RÓJ"

You shall go

I shall not

Television will rule the masses.

And we are going to have our say.

I will assign you an assistant.
With a camera.

Still, I'm not going.

Have not you ever wondered how it could be,
that we lost our country for over a century.

and now, in a dozen years or so,

Such a change?

Not really.

Ha! Liar!

Tadziu... (hypocorism from Tadeusz)
A documentary.

á la polonaise.

You are not joking, are you?

I will ban your scripts.


In Hollywood.

Dołęga, am I right?
What are you doing?

Hop in!

I am not interested.

Trust me - neither am I,
however Wańkowicz seems to be keen.
So, hop in.

Our, my serene star of the north.

Always glamorous.

Why the #$@^ do I have to leave?

So, we are going to visit all
sorts of Polish achievers.

Do not you think it is pity you have to leave Warsaw?

Not really.

I made a bet that we shall make a documentary like no other.


We have to make it to Niepokalanów by noon.

So we shall be somewhat late.


So, father you founded a monastery in Japan?


One million copies per month...

That is right.

Father, how did you manage?
It was not me - it was the Boss.

Where am I? In Cracow! Cracow!

I an racing your assistant to Zakopane.
We have a bet. For Coffee.

Melchior, better tell me did they call. From America.
Did they call from America?
I am asking did they call?

Passenger Trains timetable
Luxtorpedo from Cracow to Zakopane

I won the race. I won the coffee

Who are we meeting here?
Janusz Kusociński

The Olympic champion?

How is your health, champ?
Thank you, Much better now.
Please stand in a casual pose and do not move.

Is that better?
Yes, but please remove your hand from your hip.


How does it feel to win the Olympic games?

Well, if I am to be honest,

It was painful.
My shoes were bad. I had blisters.

Bled all over the running track.
And yet you won.

Why did not you give in?
I guess I do not know how.

Sport is a bit like love -
you give all or nothing.
Love you say?

And who do you love that much?

It might sound soft, but it was for the country.
You see...

when you can finally run with this
Polish Eagle badge on your chest.
It feels wrong to lose when you can win.

Documents please.

Right, sure, naturally.

Maybe your husband has them?

My husband?

Maybe my husband has them?

Perhaps he has not...
Perhaps my wife has them?

Your wife?

Because the wife should have them?!

Because the wife should be the one to always remember?!

About food, shopping, laundry,
oh and documents!

And I kept telling him before we left:
"Take the documents, Take the documents"!

Sir! Please arrest me. I can not bear her any longer!

- Ooo...
Avoiding responsibility, are not we?

You can never talk to him about anything of substance!
You always run away!

Now you sound just like your mother.
Even your voice sounds the same.

She is like her mother.


If it was not for my mother!
You would not travelling in this car!

Is that so?

And how much was this?! Or this?! Or THIS?!

Who pays for all this?! I do!


So since it is you who pays for all those drinks!

Movie theaters, for all these rags!

Then perhaps you can find yourself a prettier, younger and smarter wife!

Shall we divorce then or what?!

Finally we are on our way to visit a true artist!
Lady Hanka Ordonówna.
That actress?

Yes that actress.

You two shall get along well.

You think?

She has also been pretending to be someone,
she is not, for most of her life.

Hanka Ordonówna -
the most beautiful woman in Poland.

And in just a moment I shall meet her.

Darlings, I had to leave for New York.
I had completely forgotten earlier about it. Love, Hanka.

So where are we off to now?

We have been to the mountains so perhaps...
Oh no. Not the seaside.

Sand, Water.

Who would even want to come here?

I, so it appears.

Now is not a good time.
Literally just two minutes, Mr Prime Minister.
You should not even be here.

Give me that.

Thank you.

Until recently this was all just a beach.
Now we are a shipping power.

We are ahead of Hamburg.
We have revived the sea trade and fishing.

Gdynia is growing stronger. Hold this!

All right!
One, two, heave! Heave!

Once more, once more!

Right! Thanks chaps!

Mr Prime Minister, in two words - how?

Through cooperation.

A nation torn by hatred shall never prevail.

You know what?

This trip has meant a lot.

Go on. More, more.

Do you have a tuxedo?

Mr Tadek (hypocorism from Tadeusz)

You will be organising a television?

Then I shall tell you what will sell:


Scandals, life of the rich, and money.

But, Mister, I have written 17 books
full of gossips for house maids.

Now I do like to say something that matters.

Look around you - all of them matter.

Who do we have here:

Baczewski - half of Europe drinks His vodka.

Zieleniewski - Machinery manufacturer.

Has a contract with the army. A goldmine!

Everyone is buying weapons these days!

Wedel. Can you believe they are forging his chocolate.

I can understand forging money, gold, but sweets?

And over there - Grohman.
He owns half of Łódź.

But his heirs though will get diddly-squat as he signed

all his money and collections over to the State.

Now that is what you call love of one's country.

Ooo.. Our national heartbreaker Zacharewicz with Lady Okulska.

Excuse me.
Dyzio! (hypocorism from Dioniseus)

What have we drunk to already?

To the documentary. To Wańkowicz.

And to Ordonka's career.

To success á la polonaise.

And this camera of yours.
Is it complicated?

Here, can you see?

But it is too dark - it is not going to work.

You are just wasting film.
I'll buy you a new one.

Wait, let me film us.

You can not even prop up a camera.

The sun is coming up.
Let's stay longer.

We will miss the train.


Let's go, move!


Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz died three weeks later from
soviet bullet during retreat. He volunteered
to join the Polish Army.

Diana died in first of September 1939
is only sole fictional character.

Over 6 Millions Poles were killed during World War 2

Father Maksymilian Kolbe was sent to Auschwitz
where he freely laid down his life in exchange
for life of Franciszek Gajowniczek fellow inmate.
In 1982 pope John Paul II announced him a saint.

Janusz Kusociński was a Los Angeles
Olympic champion. He was killed in Palmiry in 1940
- shot for fighting for the resistance.

Hanka Ordonówna was arrested by Soviet political police
NKVD and deported to gulag in Uzbekistan. Rescued by general
Anders army died in 1950 in Beirut.

Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski survived the war, but the communists in power,
never allowed him to return to Gdynia after war - the city he designed.

Marian Dąbrowski, A media Entrepreneur,
a multimillionaire, a philosopher and MP.
Died in poverty in the USA. The empire he build was
confiscated over by the Germans.

Witold Zacharewicz, an actor and a heartbreaker.
Instead of going to Hollywood he was arrested and sent to Auschwitz
for helping the Jews and there murdered.

Stefan Baczewski, arrested by NKVD in 1939.
Murdered in 1940 by the soviets in Katyń forest.

Jan Wedel, the extraordinary growth of his chocolate factory
was stopped by the war. It was never returned to it's rightful owners
by communists in power after the war.

Between 1939 and 1945 Poland lost over 6 millions of its citizens.

There is also a long list of others polish losses.

fifteen trillion one hundred billion $
The total value of calculable losses, including material losses,
losses in land, industry, infrastructure and human capital amounted to

the above amount does not include damaged or stolen cultural goods
or assets taken by occupiers directly from the banks of the II Polish Republic.

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