Nøgle hus spejl (2015) - full transcript

Lily and Max have been married for more than 50 years. Now they live together in a nursing home, where Max has been reliant on professional care since his stroke. Lily has been putting her own needs aside and is desperately longing for excitement and intimacy in her life. When a man known as "the Pilot" moves in next door, Lily is immediately charmed by him and his passion for life. But neither her family nor the other residents at the nursing home are fond of her new acquaintance. Misunderstood by her family and trapped in her life with Max, Lily decides to fight to escape the bars of her invisible prison and claim her freedom.


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- Are you coming?
- In a minute.

Max is having visitors today so...
Max needs to be washed and dressed.

Lily, we'll be right there. We just have
to see to Mrs. Mortensen first.

Good morning.
It's morning, Max.


There. Perfect.

And this... there.

Are you awake?

I was thinking...

This one?

It's a bit on the dark side.

No, but then I thought this one.

The light one.
How do you feel about that?

This one it is.




A free flight for you, Max.

- Ready, Nina?
- I'll support his neck.

Have you got his legs?

- There.
- Watch your feet.

- Hi!
- Hi.

- I'll just turn it off.
- But I...

But I'd like to vacuum our room.

We vacuum here twice a week,
and the vacuumer is needed elsewhere.

- I just want it to look nice.
- Of course. You're having visitors.

- Hi, Max.
- Yes, he's sitting right there.

- I'll just grab this.
- Yes, that's fine.

Red, yellow, green.

Silly me!
I'm out.

Red, yellow, green.

Red, yellow, green.

- Red, yellow, green...
- Amina wins!

- I'm it.
- We're in the field.

- Can you do that, Mom?
- Come on, Grandma.

Yes, I'm ready.
Oh, my!

Nice and easy, sweetie.
So that Grandma stands a chance.

- Red, yellow, green, stop. Mom.
- Oh, no.

Red, yellow, green.

Red, yellow, green.

Red, yellow, green, stop.

You're good at standing still, Mom.

- Would you like to sit down?
- How's Dad?

He's fine.
I think he's enjoying it.

It's fun.
We're having so much fun.

- Wasn't it fun to play?
- Please check under the couch.

- For what?
- They don't clean properly here.

- Are you serious?
- Absolutely.

But it looks so neat.
It's cleaner than my place.

Have them come clean my house.

How are you?
Don't you have anyone to talk to?

None of them are as fit as me.

How about attending
the paint class they have or...

... dancing or bingo?

- Did you ask about the beds?
- The beds?

- To have them moved closer together.
- I'll talk to Yvonne before I leave.

- Yes.
- Kids, what's going on?

- We went for a walk.
- Are we going home soon, Mom?

- Leaving already?
- Yes, we have to.

- It's been great.
- A wonderful day.

- There...
- Come on, kids. Let's go.

- Your bag?
- Would you grab it?

- Come on, kids.
- Bye-bye.

Look at the light outside.


Look, Max.
Look at it swimming.

So gracefully.

It really is an odd fish.

Do you like these little treats?

Do you?
Come on, then.

Yes, that's right.
No, stop biting the other swan.

There's enough to go around.

Yes. Go on.

Could you help me move the table
a little to the right?

A little further.

- Take care.
- Thank you for your help.

That's right!
Good job!

Heel, toe, heel, toe.
Heel and toe and heel and toe.

And the other one!
Heel and toe and heel...

Back to the first foot!
Heel and toe and heel and toe.

And the other one!

Use your arms!
Rolling over your legs!

And back up!
All the way to the ceiling!

And back down!

And back up!

And clap!

And we clap and slap
and clap and slap...

On the floor, everyone!
Everybody dance.

Whoa, well done.

And now something with more power.
Get on the floor -

- and give it your all
to this evergreen.

- Would you like to dance?
- I'm just...

Ah, come on. It'll be fun.
Nice and easy.

I'll just have a little dance.

That's right.

He's fine.

I think we should have Max join us.

- Yes, we... Barbara?
- Thank you for the dance.

Barbara? Barbara?
Could you help me, please?

To get Max up and standing.

Lily, you know it's not a good idea.

We'll try. Let's try.
Just to get him up and standing.

- But we must hold him.
- Sure.

We'll be careful.
Just stay there and don't push...

We're not supposed to do this,
but we'll give it a try.

1, 2, 3...

- Try to stand up, Max.
- Barbara, get his back.

- I have a firm grip on him.
- Try to dance a little.

- Lily?
- Just a little longer, please.

- We should sit him back down.
- I think he needs to sit down, Lily.

Yes... yes.
I know.

I know.

It's as if he doesn't react
to anything anymore.

Yvonne says you're not
eating much, either. You must!

I'm here to look after Dad.

Yes, but we picked Sophie House
so you wouldn't have to.

You should do something
that cheers you up, Mom. I have to go.

Dad's birthday is coming up.
How are we supposed to celebrate it?

We'll find a way. Take care now.
I have to get to work.

- I'm glad you came.
- Call if you need anything.

Bye, Mom.


I'm covering your eyes, Max,
so you don't get soap in them.


Super. Fine.

We just need to wash his back now.
There, Max.

- Yvonne, may I borrow you?
- Hi, Lily. How are you and Max?

Not so good, but you know
Sunday is Max' birthday.

- Is your family coming?
- Yes, but we have a tradition.

I make this cake... no pie.

- A pie?
- Yes.

I asked the kitchen
if I could make it here.

Residents and families aren't allowed
in the kitchens. It's a hygienic matter.

I'm not slaughtering a chicken,
I'm just making a pie.

- And Madam Blue 10-12...
- It's just a pie.

- This could be his last birthday.
- You will get a delicious cake.

I'll have the kitchen make one for you.
Good. I'm off to a staff meeting.

Yes, but...

Hello, hello.

Wait, wait...!

- Good evening.
- I need access to the kitchen.

I see.
But that's a bit of a crime.

I know.

And what do I get in return?


- I'm kidding. Come on in.
- Thank you.

- Can I give you a hand?
- No, that's not necessary.

Allow me.

Thank you.

No, no, no!
I can do it myself.

But perhaps you could get me
some apples?

Here we are.
And what are we doing with them?

Thank you.

- Is it for your husband?
- Yes. His birthday is tomorrow.

The whole family is coming.

- Did he have a stroke?
- Yes.

Yes. Not just one.
Multiple. Yes...

I see.


That doesn't look safe. Don't you think
I should handle the knife?

- Yes, that might be wise.
- You can grease the baking pans.

- We swop.
- Yes.

I have Parkinson's, you see.

But the medication works wonders.
Little blue pills.

- Yes, that's fine.
- Pardon.

- Wait, wait! Where's my head?
- What?

Please excuse me.

No! I don't want beer!
I don't want any.


Let me show you how.
Take the whole package...

- Yes, yes. I understand.
- Well then... Yes, exactly!

- I'm greasing away.
- Yes, you are.

- I'm good at this.
- Yes, I can tell.

Yes, indeed.

The Shaking Swede.

Now for the first time in Copenhagen.

Just a moment and you'll see.

- Ready?
- Yes, we're ready.

Here goes.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Dad.

Happy birthday, Dad.

- Let's open the presents!
- Yes, that's a good idea.

- Let me see you...
- I made this for you.

Isn't it funny?

Show him the other side.
Isn't it nice? It's a dinosaur.

Hi. This looks cozy.
Happy birthday to Max.

I'll just elevate his chair
so it's easier for him.

Thank you.

I'll just put this on him, Cathrine.
It's better for your dad.

- Yes.
- Max, I'm just lifting your hand.

- Oh, yes, that's better.
- And then this one.

- Thank you.
- There. All set.

- Enjoy the party.
- Thank you. Bye-bye.

What are you doing, Mom?

- Shall we drink to Dad?
- Yes. About time. Cheers!

- Cheers.
- Wait for Mom.

And now we were supposed to enjoy
the famous apple pie -

- that Max loves so much -

- but after moving in here
at Sophie House, that tradition is...

... dead and buried.


So now I don't know...
I just don't know.

What are you doing, Mom?

Yes! This is Erik,
known around here as The Pilot.

- The Pilot?
- Yes.

I flew for SAS for 30 years!

- 30 years!
- Yes, 30 years.

Erik helped me make the pie.

Do you know this one?
One moment, please.

- Do you know that one?
- Hooray, hooray, hooray!

1, 2, 3...

Today is Granddad's birthday
hooray, hooray, hooray

a present every guest will bring
and we will celebrate and sing

and munch on cake and biscuits

filled with chocolate.

Long live Max!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

And the big one!

Let's see
how many sweethearts you have.


- No sweethearts.
- Bravo.

- It's good.
- Very good.

Let's have a photo of the chefs.

And of Max,
the birthday boy.

Thank you for all your help.
Thank you.

- What a lovely family you have.
- Yes. They're sweet.

Your grandchildren are amazing.

I would've liked a second child,
but it wasn't to be.

- More children?
- Yes.

- We only have the one daughter.
- Yes...

- I've never been married.
- No?

I suppose I fluttered about too much.

But... one never knows
how one's life turns out.

I never thought
we'd end up in a nursing home.

Where would you rather be?

I don't know.
I just don't fit in here.

That makes two of us.


- You've been to Italy? Venice?
- Yes. Venice is lovely.

It's an amazing place.

Not just the gondolas,
but all the works of art -

- the buildings,
St. Mark's Square, but...

... Istanbul!
I miss Istanbul.

Having a nice bath
in a hamam.

Do you know what a hamam is?
It's a bathing facility.

Everyone should try a bath like that.
You should try it.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

And now it's your turn.

I always wanted to see Paris.

Ah! Paris.

- I don't know...
- What's wrong with Paris?

Nah, Parisians are so arrogant.

"Monsieur, pantalon, bonjour,
entrions, c'est trop long."

But of course, if you insist -

- then we'll go to Paris!

I always promised myself to live in
Paris, even if just for a short while.

Good morning, Max.

How about this shirt?

And with these blue pants.
That looks nice.


I'm not playing bingo.
I don't like it. I absolutely don't.

- What?
- Bingo.

I don't remember what it is either.

- Two cards, please.
- Thank you.

Lily! Lily!

We saved a seat for you.

That's very sweet of you,
but I think I'll join Erik.

But it was very sweet of you.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh, Yvonne?

- Two glasses, please?
- Erik, coffee is served in the break.

"We drink coffee after bingo."

- "Coffee." But we're drinking wine.
- Erik, it applies to wine, too.


- Allow me.
- Thank you.

Let's get started.
Welcome to bingo, everyone.

We have great prizes, of course.
And even consolation prizes.

Number 26.

- Number 26.
- You have 26.

Number 21.

- Number 45.
- Bingo!

- We have a bingo.
- Freddy, goddammit.

- You can't have bingo already.
- Let's hear the numbers.

- This is gonna be a long night.
- Well, it's not quite full.

Let's continue.

It's better to shoot and miss
than not shoot at all. Number 6.

- Did she say 6?
- Yes.

- Number 30.
- Nope.

And we have number 80.
Number 80.

- Bingo!
- Do we have a bingo?

- We do have a bingo!
- We have a bingo!


- May I have the numbers?
- 4, 12, 24, 25, 30...

It's okay.

Everything's fine.

Forgive me.

Lily, just pull the chord.
Like this.

Hello, hello.

- May I offer you a glass of water?
- No, thank you. No.

Oh, but juice, perhaps?

- No, thank you.
- Yvonne?

- May we have two glasses?
- No, Erik. Stop that.

To your health.

How do you do, ma'am.

- Shall we have a little talk?
- Yes.

I had hoped that the medication
would work, but that's not the case.

No, I gathered as much.

And not everything can be
explained physiologically.

If you need to talk to me about
anything, just say the word.

Thank you.

After you, Madame.

Where are we going?

- It's a surprise.
- I don't like surprises.

- It's a secret, then.
- I don't like secrets, either.

And a surprise.
You'll see.

- Going up, up, up.
- No...

- No! No! I'm not going out there.
- What do you give me for this?

- No, no!
- It's not dangerous.

- But I have vertigo!
- Vertigo?

You want to fly to Paris, but are afraid
of stepping onto a small roof?

- I'm not going out there.
- I'll hold you, and I won't let go.

- Are we going closer to the edge?
- Yes.

- Here.
- There.

You see?
No danger.


Do you see?

- Merry Christmas. Let me get that.
- Thank you, Henrik.

Hi, Mom!
Merry Christmas.

Make a little room for Granddad.

Are you ready, Lars?
Up you go.

He sure is heavy in this chair.

- There.
- Yes. Thank you, Henrik.

You're welcome.
But I'm Lars.

- I'm up here.
- Oh, it's Lars!

- But I know it's you, Lars.
- That's okay, it's easy to confuse us.

- Do you get any sleep?
- Lars does.

- You sleep, Lars?
- Yes, I sleep in the guest room.

No, really?

Let's applaud our amazing chef.

- Honey. Let's give her a hand.
- Thank you.

Delicious meal.

I'd like to say that
it's lovely to see you all.

It's lovely to see you, little brother.
Now with your own family.

- Wonderful.
- You took your time.

But congratulations.

And Max and Lily...

It's so beautiful to see lasting love -

- and that you're still together
even though it can't be easy.

- Now, honey...
- It's beautiful.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


What a lovely speech.

- Really boring.
- Hey!

- Is everyone done?
- Yes, I think so.

- We'll clear the table. Sit down.
- Okay.

- Let's clear the table, girls.
- I'll get your plate, Grandma.

Yes, it's Christmas after all.

I'll go sit with Dad.

- I'd like to tell you something.
- What, Mom?

I don't know how to tell you,
so I'll just say it.

- Is something wrong?
- No, no! It's nothing serious.

Or, well... perhaps it is,
but not like that.

What, Mom?

I've met a man.

- Mom, can I open the presents?
- What, sweetie?

- Can I open my presents?
- Yes, of course.

I can tell that you find it a bit odd,
but I've met a wonderful man.

- At the nursing home?
- Yes. Where else?

- Who is he?
- His name is Erik.

- Erik with the trumpet at the birthday?
- Yes.

He makes me so happy.

- What are you talking about?
- Mom. It's nothing...

Yes, I think
I'll go light the tree candles.

It's cute, huh?

What a beautiful tree.

Don't worry.
I'll never stop looking after Dad.

- But it seems right to move apart.
- So now you want a divorce?

Does it matter so much?

- If it matters?
- Yes. What difference does it make?

And what about Dad?

- Dad is gone.
- How can you know that?

- Did I do something wrong?
- It's Christmas Eve, damn it!

- Wow.
- How beautiful.

Mother's working at the stove
making Christmas dinner

so we bring a purse with gold
it is heavy, Io and behold

meals and cake with honey
cost a lot of money

- It's for you both, sweetie.
- Whoa, it's heavy.

He's so cute.

The kids kept asking
if you were coming.

Isn't the tree beautiful?

- I know it sounds confusing.
- Let's talk about it some other day.

Dad and I were never that passionate,
and now I have a chance at it.

- I understand.
- I don't think you do.

- I've always lived on Dad's terms.
- Dad's terms?

Yes! Remember I talked about
pushing the beds together?

I've done that my whole life. There's
always been a distance between us.

I don't know what to say.

I moved to the nursing home
because Dad is ill.

I'm allowed to think of myself.

I'm a little disappointed
at your selfish reaction -

- when I tell you something
about my life.

- I'll come right out and say it.
- Honey, we shouldn't talk about...

- Yes, we should.
- What?

Mom, we're sensing that something
is happening with you.

- That you're having problems.
- Problems?

Yes. You have memory problems.

I don't have memory problems.
If I do, I've forgotten.

Yes, perhaps you have.

- No... are you serious?
- Yes, we're serious.

I'm not crazy,
I'm just in love.

I remember it's Christmas Eve.

I'm fine!
I've never been better.

Something's up with Granddad.
He's sitting in an odd way.

Is he breathing?

- Is he breathing, Mom?
- He's fine. He's asleep.

- Shall I call a cab?
- Yes.

Let's call it a night.
It's getting late anyway.

- Goodbye.
- Thank you for a lovely evening.

- Klara, would you see them out?
- Yes.


- Are you all done here?
- Yes, we're ready.

Oh, my!

You're so silly!

Happy New Year, Max.

- May I? Madame?
- Yes.

There are great expectations
tied to holidays and celebrations.

Also to New Year's Eve, this night.

Perhaps our great expectations can
cause strife during the holidays, too.

In many families, holidays are
a puzzle that must be solved.

It must be just.

problems are often solved amicably.

Happy New Year, everyone.
May I...

Yes, please. Thank you.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Happy New Year!

- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.

- I want to kiss you so much.
- I want to kiss you, too.

But everyone's staring at us.

You know what?
Let them stare.

To hell with it.

- Come on! Hurry up, Erik!
- Where are we going?

- It's a surprise!
- Lily, I'm too old for surprises.

- No! Come on.
- Erik. Where are you going?

- Come on!
- Yes, let's do it.

- We're taking off. Bye-bye.
- Where are you going?

Step on it, man.

Chauffeur, could you roll down
the windows, please?

Ah, wonderful.

- What a lovely day.
- Yes. Lovely.

I'm so happy I found you.

Me, too.

Happy that I found you.

May I be very direct?

You can say whatever you want to me.

It's as if I've never really lived.
Not until now.

- So where are we going?
- Up there. Come. Yes! Up there.

- Up there? But...
- Yes, that's right.

- Are you there?
- Yes, yes.

- I want you to see my summer house.
- What? You have a summer house?

Yes! I thought
we'd spend the summer here.

Well, then we should've brought
sausages and beer -

- and some charcoal.

- My!
- Look at the sea.

- Yes.
- Isn't it beautiful?

- Very nice.
- It's lovely.

Let me see now...

- Oh, that wasn't it. Just a minute.
- Sure.

- Do you need help?
- No, no. It's this one.

No, that wasn't it either.
Which one could it be?

This one, perhaps.



I don't know...
I'd better go over here.

What are you doing here?

- I live here.
- You live here?

- We've lived here for a while.
- Lily, we should leave.

No! Get out of my house!
What are you doing in my house?!

Get out! Get!

- What is going on? Mrs. Sørensen?
- How do you know my name?

- We bought the house from you.
- I never sold my house!

- Sure, you sold it to us.
- No!

- Your daughter, Cathrine, helped...
- I think there's a misunderstanding.

- A misunderstanding.
- No!

- I didn't sell my house!
- We'd better leave.

Mrs. Sørensen.

- Lily, don't be upset.
- But I don't understand!

Don't be upset.
Perhaps you're just a bit confused.

What is happening?

Some time...
must have passed.

Yes, that's probably the case.

How long have I been
at Sophie House?

I don't know.
A year, perhaps.

- A year?
- Yes...

You were there before me,
and I've been there almost a year.

How long you were there before me,
I don't know -

- but dear me, Lily,
everybody forgets.

What is time anyway?
And perhaps you're a bit...

- Time for calculus.
- Oh, my.

Subtract 7 from 100.


- 93.
- Yes.

And 7 from 93?



And now we move on to...
Can you tell me what this is?

- It's a pencil.
- Correct. And what's this?

- A wristwatch.
- Correct.

Now you must do... the following.

Fold this sheet down the middle with
your right hand and put it on the floor.

- There.
- Yes.

I'd like you to repeat the three words
we had at the beginning of the test.

- Three words?
- Yes.

The names of three objects.

Can't you help me out a little?
What was it again...?

- They were key, house, mirror.
- Oh, key, house, mirror.

I was just a bit confused and forgot.
Key, house, mirror.

Lily, there are indications that you are
in the early stages of dementia.

And you had a brain scan.

A scan?
I don't recall that.

That's part of the problem
with this disease.

There are connections in the brain
that slowly deteriorate -

- which affects your memory.

It's important that you don't do things
that cause you stress -

- and that you do things you enjoy,
and that make you feel good.

Key, house, mirror.
Key, house, mirror.

Excuse me, but I've signed up
to use the computer now.

I see. I thought I could sit here
a while. It's all yours.

Thank you.

F... D.

Let's see... yes.

- FDM Travel Service.
- Hello.

I'd like to book two tickets to Paris.

4806... 8102.

- Hi, Mom.
- Cathrine, you're here?

- Yes, I missed you.
- Are you alone?

- Yes, I am.
- Aw, hi! How wonderful!

What a lovely surprise.

- I needed to chat a little bit.
- Yes.

- I hear you bought plane tickets.
- Oh, you did?

How people talk.
I might as well admit it.

Erik and I are going to Paris.
Just a quick trip.

Mom, you can't do that.

Why not?

Come, let's sit.

Come sit next to me.

Mom... you're ill.

I've known for a long time. You've
been here much longer than you think.

You have this all wrong.

- The doctor says I'm not ill yet.
- Mom, that's not...

There are things I want to do.
And you cannot stop me.

- Actually, we can.
- How so?

- You're not well enough to travel.
- What could happen?

All sorts of things. You have dementia.
You could get lost.

- You could forget who you are.
- You know what I wish?

I wish I had more children, so that
at least one of them wouldn't lie to me!

- Or put me in a nursing home.
- Mom, I'm not lying.

- I'd like you to leave.
- Mom, can't we talk about this?


Bye, Dad.




Lily, are you okay?
You're out here all alone.

What's going on?

Lily, let's go inside.

We'll have coffee, and you can tell me
what happened. Shall we do that?

- Erik?
- Yes.

- What's wrong?
- Were you sleeping?

- No...
- Please help me.

- With what?
- I can't find the tickets.

- What tickets?
- For Paris!

- Paris?
- Yes. But I can't find...

Lily, perhaps it isn't that important.

Can't we just stay here?

There they are!

You found them!

- Is something wrong?
- Did you really buy plane tickets?

Of course I did!
But it was supposed to be a surprise.

Is something wrong?


I'm an old man.

So what?

Does it have to be Paris?

Couldn't it just be here?


What the hell!
Let's go.

Yes, we're damn well doing it!

Thank you so much!

Hang on to the tickets,
so that I know you have them.

You have the tickets.

- Will you join me back to my room?
- Later.

I need to tell you something.

I'm going away for a little while.

But I'm coming back.

I just don't know exactly when.



Hi, Lily.

Jan, I think we need
to go see Inger, too.

Again today?

What's going on?

What's going on?

- Why aren't you ready?
- Sit for a minute.

You have the tickets.
I gave you the tickets, didn't I?

- Yes. I have the tickets.
- So? What's going on?

Lily... can't we just stay here?

I cannot stay here!
You know I can't!

What are we to do in Paris?
It's no better than any other place.

- I guarantee you.
- But you suggested it!

You were the one who suggested it!

I can't.

Why not?!

I'm too tired.

But you promised me, didn't you?
You promised!

I thought you would forget.

- Mrs. Sørensen? Mrs. Sørensen...
- Lily?

No! Stop...!


Where am I?

Good morning, Lily.

Good morning. Did you sleep well?
I'll just elevate the bed a bit.

You're at Sophie House.
Yvonne is here with you.

- This isn't my room.
- No, it isn't.

You weren't doing so well yesterday.

I don't know if you remember,
but you were upset and a bit angry -

- so we felt you needed some peace
and quiet, and I've been at your side.

- I need to tell you something.
- Yes?

Max quietly passed away
during the night, so...

I'll turn this off.

I'd like a moment alone with Max.

... should the road seem endless

walk where God is near
and you

never can be friendless.

- Are you okay, Mom?
- I'd like a word with you.

I'd like to live with you.
How do you feel about that?

- I can't stay here.
- I understand. Can we talk later?

No. I want to talk about it now.
I can't stay here. I just can't.

I'd like to move in with you.
Do you think that's possible?

I have to talk it through with Henrik.
And the kids...

Henrik just gave up his office
so the kids can have their own rooms.

- Yes, but...
- Mom, if Klara...

- Mom.
- Coming, sweetie.

If Klara goes off
to continuation school...

You'd benefit from it, too.

I could look after the kids
and keep the house in order.

- I understand. I'll talk to Henrik.
- Yes, please do...

What did you want, sweetie?

- Do you want a soda?
- No thanks.

- May I help you, Lily?
- Yes, I'd like to go for a walk.

- Just push the button on the right.
- Yes.

Hi, Lily.
Out for an evening walk?

- Uhm...
- You're almost home, Lily.

May I offer you my arm?

Number 10.

Number 10.

And number 73.

Number 85.

Number 85.

And number 70.

Number 25.

Number 3.

Number 3.

- Number 36.
- Lily...

Number 36.

Number 47.

Please wait.

You're the one I want.

Lily, I love you.



Open, please.

Open, Lily.

Listen to me.

I am not letting you go!

If you really love me,
then get me out of here!

- Are you ready?
- Yes.

I've called for a cab.


Good luck.

- Mrs. Sørensen?
- Yes.

I'm going to the airport.

So where are you off to?

I'm going to Paris.

That sounds lovely.
Are you traveling alone?

Would you roll down the window a bit?

Thank you.


How was Paris?

Nah, let's go to Istanbul.


Subtitles: Tina Goldberg
Dansk Video Tekst