New Year Blues (2021) - full transcript

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Michael Finn from Switzerland

makes it to the 1st place
with the record of 59' 44".

Even with no live broadcast
for this small competition,

the players' challenges
against their frustrations

are heating the cold winter land.

We can feel the enthusiasm
from the audiences.

It's the 22nd World Para Snowboard
World Cup in Pyongchang.

The next and last to compete
is our proud Korean.

KIM Rae-hwan.

Rae-hwan, focus!

3, 2, go!

Off he goes!

He keeps the real good balance.

He's going from edge to edge

lowering his posture.

Now it's a downhill. Backside!

Way to go, KIM Rae-hwan!

And frontside! Perfect carve!

Passing the halfway of the course.

KIM's ahead of Finn by 0.2 sec!

He's doing great.
Should carry on like this.

Don't fall down! Yes!

Hope he can push a bit more.

- He's approaching the finish!
- Way to go!

Crossed the finish line!

His record is 59' 04"!

KIM's ahead of Finn by about 0.4 sec.

Nice job! Oh my god! You're no. 1!

He rises to the top rebounding from
the unsatisfying first round record.

- Missed you.
- In less than 1 minute?

That is too long for me.

Then come faster next time.

I'm so proud of you!

- Oh-wol.
- Aren't you cold?

Will you marry me?

What is this?

The ring ceremony?

And she says yes!

Great! KIM Rae-hwan!


What an impressive ceremony!


What is the reason?

There's no reason when
you are done with love.

Our 2000th day is coming.

So I would like to let you
go before you turn 30.

And you decide on your
own and notify me like this?

You would've never let me
go if I told you in advance.

- So I was clinging onto you?
- You didn't know?

You bastard.

- You know Jin-ah...
- What?

- Well...
- Well?

- The thing we did together...
- The thing...

- The savings for the trip...
- And?

Let's be cool and divide it in half.

What the...


You need some time as it's
about money. Understand.

Will call you later.

Call me.

Let's call each other.

Damn, it's cold.

Nice. Good job.

- She really is...
- Hey, you son of a bitch!

N Seoul Tower to Seoul is
the Eiffel Tower to Paris.

And the most famous in
here are the 'Love Locks'.

If you are suffering from
the unrequited love,

write that person's name
on the lock and lock it.

Then in new year, you would
have the chance with...

Be careful.

Hi, Yaolin.

You're working outside.

Are you ready for tomorrow?


Should I bring anything?

You are the present!
Just come as you are.

Finally meeting our
families! So excited!

Miss you.

Move away!



Fun, isn't it?

It's not hard for your
body. It's hard for?

Your mind!

Hey, ma'am!

Help me! Help!

Stop right there!

My phone! It's broken.

He's a pervert! Stalker!

Stop right there!

Are you okay?

Run, you're about to lose her!

Let me go! Where are you going?

Hey, ma'am! I'm dying.

I got old. Damn!

- Why are you doing this to me?
- We're on top. Nowhere to run further.

Ms. CHA Geum-hyun.

You're under arrest on charges of

- injury to your husband...
- Should've just killed him.


Why did you marry
him in the first place?

I loved him so much

that I wanted to die with him.

I'm speechless.

Why do you beat your loved one

to near death!

That asshole hit me first!


That's the business for
you to handle in a court.

Get up! People are watching.
It's embarrassing.

Gosh! How dare you touch me!

Please help!

No, it's not...

I am... you know... a cop!


Merry Christmas, my precious babies.

You had a good night?


I'm so proud of you.


Wow, it doesn't even glitter.

That makes this more beautiful.


Guess you're jealous.

I wish I were.

You should've been there!

He came in with the top record and...

held the ring out to me! Like this!

- I'm happy if you're happy.
- Yes.

I'm so happy.

It makes me cry just thinking of it.

- Oh-wol.
- Yes?

I trust you.

How do I look?

Madame OH.

You look great. I told you.

This fucking creeps me out!

Sis, let's not get intimidated.
We only got each other.

Right, right.

So nervous.

Yong-chan, what was it?

Hello, I'm Yong-mi.

Hello, I'm Rong-mi.

No, listen carefully. I'm Young-mi.

Okay, I'm...

I'm Yong-mi, OK?

Try it.

Hey, what is it?


You must not die!


You must not die!


You can't die before
meeting her family!

I want a ticket

for the farthest place from
here. Departing now.

I'm sorry.

But we're in a hurry...

I'm in a hurry too.

Can you two do it later?

Do what?

It's not what you think.

- You can see that we are related.
- It's not what you think.

You want to go as far as possible?

Yes, really far.

Then it would be Argentina.

But it's year's end
so it would be crazy

to get tickets or accommodations.

I'm so frustrated.

I caught her hurting my joints!

And I got a disciplinary measure
instead of promotion?

But victim testified you
used excessive force.

Worst of all, I am
handling trivial work!

It's humiliating! I should quit.

Take this as a chance
to take care of yourself.

Working at the civil service dept.
can give you some free time

to meet someone on a blind date too.

Shut up!

- I'm S.N.E.
- Pardon?

I'm seeking natural
encounter, you asshole!

You haven't heard of
it? So old-fashioned.

Sure, I know that.


It's from ages ago though.

Gosh, didn't know I
would be working here.

Excuse me.

What can I help you?

I requested the protection
but haven't heard back.

Are you planning to come when I die?

Oh, that thing...

is handled by him, Detective S.N.E.

Your ID please.

How do I check it?

Is this the one, BAEK?

You filed a restraining
order against...

your husband.

Our divorce is being processed.

As it's year's end and due
to manpower shortage,

it would take a few more days.
You've got any place to stay?

Your parents' or friend's?

I know you!

That night...

you tripped me obstructing
my use of public power...

You're the one!

What are you doing?

I'll post this to
National Petition Board.

What is your name?

A life is at stake but the
police only make excuses.

He must've misunderstood!

The protection begins now.

You'll get protection by a veteran

Detective KANG Ji-ho!

- Right?
- Yes, he's a veteran!

He'll protect you closely from now on.

Start now.


I think I should take
one more relaxing pill.

No, way! You will be
dead if you take more.

Really? Thank you.

Where are you going?

Nice to meet you.

Hello, sis!


Good to finally meet you! I'm Yaolin.

I'm Yo... Yong-mi.

She wears like a bear. Polar bear.

Dad, this is Yong-chan.

How do you do, sir?

Yong-mi, his elder sister.

Hello, my name is...


Not Young! Yong-mi!

Dragon tail in Chinese.

Stop it.


Wow, such a big family.

Dad, big uncle, little uncle,

big aunt, little aunt, and nephew...

We're Miao descendants.
Miaos from SWORDSMAN 2.

You know Brigitte Lin.


I'm a huge fan of Brigitte!

And he says that we're supposed
to hold three weddings

but Yaolin persuaded
him to reduce it to two.


Thank you.

And wire the 'chai-li' here.

That's called 'chai-li'.

Can you see it clearly? It's dowry
from groom's family to bride's family.

It's very unique.

- Dowry?
- Yes.

- What are you talking about?
- They even got QR code for that...

Let's wrap it up today.

We should eat too.


Take care, sir.

Our dad used to run a guesthouse

on the first floor of our house

and my sister ran it after he died.

But she runs only a cafe now.

Let's get off.

We're here.

Let's go.

Yaolin! Hold my hand.


We're here!

This is us.

Be careful.

So this is where you grew up.

So pretty.

It's quite old. Many things to repair.


It's the new year in a few days.

Are you spending the year's
end with the ones you love?

Hoping you'd be with your
loving ones next year,

here goes last song for today.

Walking in the winter wonderland.

Let me take a look.

You will hurt your leg this way.

Let's take a rest, at least today.

A national team member has to train

even when others take rest.

3rd round for the World
Cup is approaching.


I thought sponsors would queue up
once you've made it to a national team!

- So frustrated.
- Merry Christmas!


- Here comes our angel!
- Hello.

Ta-da! Merry Christmas!

What is this?

In Korea, we call it 'Hurrah
Cactus.' Isn't it cute?

Is it a new board?

Look at me! I've got a matching hat!

You're a lot cuter!

Divide in half? My ass!


Hello, ma'am.

Why is it all black?

What? Are you really at the airport?

Are you out of your mind?

We're in a high season, don't you know?

You're not the only one
who wants to go travel!

But I'm having a low season in my life.

So I need to hit the 'refresh'...

Refresh my ass.

You don't want to be a full-timer?

You know I've never taken a day off.

And it's already December.

I won't get the vacation
allowance anyway.

Hello, ma'am?


What does taking a vacation got
to do with becoming a full-timer?

Yaolin, come!

It's not her birthday today.

This is the least I can do for her.

She has an open hand.


I said you are a big spender.

Told her you fried 40 eggs.

We can finish all quick.

You know Yellow Tail is in season.

Stop it. Let her eat
whatever she wants.

No need to chew this.

It's so soft that your throat instantly
absorbs it once in your mouth.

They say that in my hometown...

Yong-mi, I guess you didn't know

Koreans are the only ones
who eat sesame leaf.

Really? Why?

It's like cilantro for them.

Then how about stew?

Let's eat it. Here.

It's one of my specialties.

I heard that you like Korean food...

Oh, you've got a baby?

Shut up!

It's not.

You know my Yaolin loves ramen.


Shall we go to eat ramen?

Shall I cook it for you?

Don't worry, Yong-mi!

We've got our regular place.


You go out and eat.
Today's a special day.

Okay. Will do.

Don't take them away. I'll
finish all when I get back.

- Whatever.
- My Yaolin, put on your coat.


Hello, you went for grocery.


I got one for you as they were on sale.

Thank you.

How much do I owe you?

It's my Christmas present.

For you and your husband.

- Hello.
- Hello.


I envy you the most.

Me, too.

You are pretty, talented...

and got a perfect husband!

- Perfect.
- And no child.

Even though I love my husband...

- but think your husband is incredible.
- He's the best.

Thank you for the wine.

Next time, come to our meeting!


You said you are on a diet!

She doesn't stop eating.

So tired.

What the heck!

I just bought it. How come...

The seller should've cheated me!

The bastards.


I'm hopeless.

I studied with you,
wrote your cover letter,

and even bought you a
suit for the job interview.

And you dumped me right
after you got a job, asshole.

3, 2, 1!

Matching ones!




Shoot or sugar.

It's so hot.


You mean there's no reservation for me?

Your booking is from tomorrow.

No, it's not.

Oh, time difference.

Different room, no?

I'm so sorry madam.

We're fully booked tonight,
because it's a holiday season.

If you want, I can help you
book another hotel for tonight.

I finished the delivery
and am on my way back...

- Pardon.
- I'm sorry.

Do you have 1988 vintage red in stock?

I'm sorry.

It should be in the morning in Seoul.

It's the announcement from
the management office.

Cold wave warnings were issued today.

Please close the windows of
your houses and hallways...

So arrogant.

It's a shame. Why did she
close down the guesthouse?

The business was quite good.
But after my father passed away...

Should I help Yong-mi for that?

No, you need to adjust
to the Korean office

and prepare for the wedding!


Oh, is LEE doing okay?

Yes, thanks for introducing him.

He's so experienced for
a last-minute recruit.

Good to hear.

This is our wedding preparation list.

Let's discuss this later.

Got it.


this is for

your first day at work.

I'm so happy to go to work together.

Soooooooo happy.

Congratulations on your wedding, ma'am.

Welcome to the Seoul
office, Ms. Director.

Thank you.



You never answer your phone.

That's why I came all the way.

Maybe you didn't answer it on purpose?

You are aware of being imposed
a restraining order, aren't you?

Don't come near Ms.
LEE Hyo-young, okay?

Thank you for your hard work.

There's a new loan package,
exclusive for civil servants.

Shall I introduce?

What the...

What is it?

You shouldn't be sleeping here!

I came to pick up something.

- You need some money?
- Money?

Hell, why is this here?

I went to meet

the subject of the protection order.

I refused but he insisted.



By the way...

he seems quite dangerous.


What should I say?

Too calm?

That kind of person can
be really dangerous.

It must've been hard for you.

You're the first who saw through him.

Everyone says he's a perfect husband.

I am not like normal people.

I've got a keen eye.

You can come in and work
out if you are bored.

Why work out?

In this cold weather.

Doing great!


Right. Isn't it great?

I was so busy preparing this.

But who proposed and why?

Because you did great
at the championships.

Once you got an agency,

you'll get everything.
Sponsorship, endorsement, etc.

Till the Paralympics!

The temperature is fine?

I know all the support
for the handicapped...

are from the teeth outward.

So you won't get any practical help.

How do you make a living?

I do some part-time jobs or
instructing during off season.

Is it enough?

He wins handful of cash
prize at many competitions.

I doubt it's not enough.

What is the real reason to snowboard

going through all this?

My girlfriend.

I came this far thanks to her.


I'm so curious about her.


She's Spring to me.


Speak in Korean.

I can understand some English.

Guess it's German?


He grew up in Germany.

What does that mean?


She's like spring to me...

Let me help you.

You are stronger than you look.

- Here.
- It's not a big deal.

Right, I can see the
source of your energy.

You look pale today.
What is it with you?


I have a dull appetite.

For the first time in my life.

- Why? What happened?
- It's...

Oh-wol, what are you doing here?

I have a delivery here anyway

so came on time to see you.


- How do you do?
- How do you do?

- I'm HAN Oh-wol.
- You're his spring!


I look fine, don't I? And pretty.

Take a good care of Rae-hwan.

Mr. AHN.

Let's move to the next step.

Next step. Thank you!

You look perfect together.

Inviting more than a thousand?

Shall I rent an arena or what?

Thank you for calling Dragon Tour.

Next week we have a
group tour to Seoul.

And why doesn't Mr. LEE take my calls?

What is the problem?

I'll check with him and call you back.


The number you've dialed
is no longer in service.

Please check again...



Sister-in-law in Chinese...

- Thank you for coming.
- Bye.

Why making a video call?

Heard your future
sister-in-law is here.

Is she decent?

It's killing me to play
the head of a family.

Worst of all, we don't
speak same languages.

Chinese girls must be tough.

You should take the
ball before the bound.

Take what?

I'm not even her mother-in-law.

I'll make them move out as
soon as they get married.

Look at you!

You know nothing as you're a virgin.

Wanna regret after you
lose your brother to her?

Listen carefully.

You know I got married three times.

That's why you are Ms. Marriage Expert.


I got married 3 times

because I know everything
about the marriage.

Now, you would get
divorced third time soon.

- The reason why I...
- Enough. Gotta go!


That useless bitch.

I think it's embezzlement or fraud.

Then you should go
to the homicide dept.

I'm specialized for that.

Embezzlement! Fraud!

Please help me!

My employee ran away with my $80K.

It's indeed the violent crime.
You came to the right person.

I really need that money.

The tourists are arriving soon...

And two months later...

I'm getting married.


Why do such a crazy thing?


No, you should do it first.

So that you could realize
how terrifying it is.

Don't cry. Be a man.

Wipe your nose.


You need to come right away.

I'm handling a serious crime now.

You want me to die waiting?


I'll be right there.


Why is everyone doing
this to me at year's end?

Stretch it.

She is just fine.


- Let's try the opposite direction.
- Excuse me.


I warned him.

You should arrest him.

He said he had a business nearby.
I can't arrest him just for that...


Excuse me.


Is it morning already?

- Hello!
- Good morning.

Good morning.

Yes, and you?

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Now your room is ready.
Please follow me.

Oh good. Thank you.

Hello my dear friends.

- Good to see you again.
- Hello, Jae-hun.

How are you today?

- I'm fine. And you?
- I'm always good.

- Did you bring that wine?
- Yes, your signature here.


How's your practice going?


- Want some matte tea?
- Why not.

Where am I?

Connection is damn slow.

Hello, you're Korean, aren't you?


It's my first time in Buenos Aires.

Where do you recommend?

See the bus stop over there?

Take any bus there.


And get off where most people get off.


go wherever you want.

What the...

The city is full of tourist spots.



We'll do in Chinese way in China.

How do you want it in Korea?

You know... just simple is good.

How about the catering and guest gifts?

- Well, you know...
- You know what?

You keep saying you know...

You know... I like whatever you want.

But the small wedding
is on trend nowadays.

Many celebs hold small weddings.

What matters is the couple's happiness.

You can't do that in China.

It would cause a
rift in your relations.

That's right.

Sorry, sorry.


Where the hell am I?

Are you nuts? You idiot!

You blind or what? What if I got hurt?

Sorry. Look straight, okay?

Where are you headed?

Give it to me. Let me take a look.

Where are you going?


- Plaza Lavalle?
- Yes...

Will take you there.

Wear this.

Where are you going?

Hey, I wanna get off!

You want it faster? Okay!

I want to get off!

How farther should we go?

It's the square!

Hey, pal!


- My dear friend.
- Jose!

- You doing good?
- Sure!

You saved another stray lamb.

Yes, I played the good
shepherd thanks to her.


You might get dehydrated.

Thank you.


Thank you.

200 pesos including water.

Oh, I see.


No small change?

I decided to come
here very last minute.

- You're helpless.
- What did you say?

The staff offered another hotel
but you slept at the lobby?

I couldn't understand her...

You could've told me!

I was real busy as it was Christmas

and why should I care?

Very nice.

It's siesta. Most of
the shops are closed.

Guess San Telmo should be opened.

Let me take you as I
have a delivery nearby.

How can I trust you?

Don't if you can't.

Getting money is all I care.

All the experts emphasize

- the measure to prevent a repeat of dating abuse.
- Her skin got more radiant after our divorce.

- Professor YANG explained in case a victim requests a protection
- That's right!

We could prevent the further
damage. She tripped me!

I got scars!

And she asked for the protection?

I knew it! Damn it.

She summons me in
the middle of the night

and makes me do this? Nonsense!

If you step on it without thinking

it would calm you.

Better than it looks, right?

I feel strange. It's so slippery.

You should do it meticulously

so that you can have no
flaw when you make pottery.

Gosh, you sound like a pottery master!

I don't want to fail at anything.

Want to do it in a
perfection if possible.

That's why you avoid your friends?

Thinking you failed at your marriage?

Why do you care?

I kinda understand it. 4
years into post-divorce life.

Why? Thought I am single?

What is it like? After divorce?

Very nice.

You can meet anyone, freely.

Every day is a party.

It's not bad at all.

What the heck?

Why? It's not allowed?

Four is better than two, isn't it?


Good to see you smiling.

You do it every day.

Don't make a face like
this. Don't you agree?

You should try!

Look outside.

Why look at the guidebook
when you're actually here?

Are we in a right direction?

You enjoyed the drive with
Jose. And you doubt me?

You work at the vineyard?

Good nose.

To smell the alcohol.

Lady, come take a look.

I made them all by myself.

Wore them when I was young.
And would fit you perfect.

You have to be here all night
if you hear them talking.


Look how pretty it is.

At your age,

I met the man of my life wearing this.

There are matching shoes, too.

You'll get anyone you want
in this dress and shoes.

What do you think?



The dress would lead
you to the love of your life!

What did she say?

It suits you well, she said.


Let's go.


I've got change now.

Now that I paid you, let
me go on my own now.

Thank you.

All the roads lead to the obelisk.

If you get lost,

just ask for it.

Everyone knows where it is.


Or I guess you've seen
the signs of SALIDA?

Just follow that sign.
It means an exit.



Here. The tear gas gun.

Just in case.

You're quite empathetic.

If something happens to you,
I'll be the one in trouble.

You'd be posting at the
National Petition Board etc.

We should nip it in the bud.

Take it.

And also...

during the protection period,

save my number as
no. 1 at the speed dial.

No. 1.

Good night.

Damn it's cold.

Okay, the ring proposal!

Wear her a ring.



And you're shy!

Ask her for a happy family!

Great! She said yes!

Is it your lovely pose?

Eyes on Rae-hwan!

Smile. Good!

Look at the camera. So cute!


But if we keep the outfit this way,

how do they know he's
a para-snowboarder?

But showing it bluntly is a bit...

What is it with you? We
agreed on the concept.

It's not the souvenir picture!

What do you want then?

Damn. Come here.

Let's cut it a bit.

- Hope it's okay.
- Sure.

Okay, let's do this way.

The charming snowboarder from abroad

and the hot farm owner.

Mustn't been easy for you.

Against all the prejudices
around you, right?

Right, but...

I guess it's same for everyone.

Also I heard that...

Oh-wol, you asked him out first.

But this interview is not about me...

but about KIM Rae-hwan, isn't it?


We need to build a narrative for them!

Even if he's a good player,

he'll fall out of favor
if there's no narrative.

I gave you the concept.

Her true love replaces his
lost leg. How about that?

You want to click on
it just with this title.

You're really good at this.

And I want the pictures
matching the narrative!

Got them. Don't worry.

You kept shooting off concept.

What if I didn't come?

Too expensive.

I will get a down payment soon.

What is it?

You don't like the food?


Do you really need an agency?

Better than nothing.

To get you out of the hard life.

Why do you think my life is hard?

You live with the cold a year round.

Hurt your hands all the time.

But I love what I do!

Also heard the developing
new variety costs a lot.

Why do you worry about it?


You've been doing great so far.
And I can keep supporting you.

Have you thought how
I feel always receiving?

Do you think I'm only giving?

I feel small being next you.

That's how you've felt all the way?

You have no idea what I really want.

Wait! Oh-wol!

All withered.

What is she doing? Just go to work.

It should be pretty.

Why keep poking in?

Go in and help yourselves.



- You came for a delivery?
- No.

For Jose's concert.

Seems like you're adjusted well.

Dance the Tango too.


That's why people kept staring at me.

And this.

Iguazu! It was in your car?

Aren't you hungry?

Thanks again.

For inviting me here.

You should thank...


Thank you.

You sound like a local.

I'm here so I belong here.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

What's your plan for tomorrow?

Going to the Iguazu Falls.

You know it's 1,000km away from here?

I know.

Will go there

- and jump off.
- What?


My friends from Korea! Country of BTS.

Come on up!

No, thank you.

Sing a song for us.

Is she really going to sing?

There's only one song I can sing.

I'll sing it

and leave

for Iguazu.

Do you remember this song?

♪ Kiss me ♪

♪ Kiss me much more ♪

♪ As if tonight is the very last time ♪

♪ Kiss me ♪

♪ Kiss me much more ♪

♪ Did you really love me? ♪

♪ Remember ♪

♪ those times we shared together ♪

♪ Maybe tomorrow ♪

♪ I'll be away far far from here ♪

Yay, to Iguazu!

Already lunch time.

Did she say I'm cute?

Gosh, everything is sooooo black.

What the heck?


I don't get it.

- Let me see.
- What are you doing?

Why peeking at my organs?

Gosh, you've got high cholesterol level

and hyperlipidemia.

The metabolic age of a 51-year-old?

Why do you care? It's my privacy!

I like it doing in the real mountain.

But I just do it here due
to the circumstance.

It's a good whole body exercise.

Also helps you to concentrate.

Why torture yourself?

Why don't you give it a try?

No thank you!

I'll watch you from here.

Are you okay?


Rae-hwan is...

What is it? Is he hurt?

Are you out of your mind?

You would get the hamstring injury!

Is something wrong?
You can't focus at all!

Told you not to push yourself too hard.

Why don't you listen to me!

Is he going to be okay?

Your credit rating is not bad.

But you have hardly worked in Korea.

That's... I mostly worked in China.

I am sorry, you're
not qualified for loan.

Nothing's easy for me in Korea.

Mr. LEE, I know you're there!

I will forgive you so please come out!

I beg you, Mr. LEE.

A trip around the world?

For a month?

We've agreed on this.

Have to purchase the tickets now.

That's right, but...

Is something wrong?

No, nothing's wrong.

Tell me.

It's just...

I can't understand Chinese tradition.

Why spend so much money on wedding?

What matters is the
marriage not the wedding.

Oh my God, oh my God.

You're right.

Chinese weddings are too grand.

Let's scale it down a bit.

Thank you.


Is there more?

No, nothing.

Thank you... for understanding.

You scared me!

Since when was she here?


6 years? You've been quite loyal.

But that bastard

barely sent the money
since last winter.

I should've sensed then.

- How is it like?
- What?

The life here must be heavenly.


It sounds already peaceful.

Well, life is not that different here.

We harvest, crush

dry and sell the grapes.

Your life is only about grapes?

It was the same in Korea.

I earned, spent

squeezed and sent money.

At least you've been consistent.

But you are not a temporary
worker, at least.

Don't need an extra hand?
My life motto is sincerity.

- That's the only one?
- Sure I have more!

Joy, happiness, love...

Things I don't have now.

That's what mottos are.

They are ideal.

And what's yours?

I don't have any.

You're so boring.

- Huh?
- Hey, don't look.

No one on earth looks
good in ID picture.

Give it back, now.

You should look ahead when driving.

- Where's your passport?
- I don't have it now.

You hell-deserving son of a bitch!

You call yourself a human?


You goddamn douchebag!


will be happy!

No matter what!

No matter how!

No matter where!

- Satisfied now?
- Sure!

Should've said to his face though.

You should try.

I'm okay.

The space is all clean as
they moved in recently.

Take your time to look around.

Hello, this is OH Yong-chan
at Dragon Tour.

This is Tsingtao Tour.

We'll cancel the new year tour package.

Too many words about
your financial status.

We'll settle it soon, so don't worry...

Too bad it ends this way.

Just pay half of my commission.

Thank you.

A Chinese woman won't like

the man with heavy
debt. Don't you think?

Not just a Chinese girl.

Right. Any woman would.


Yaolin, what are...

What are you doing?
Aren't you going to work?

I'd like to remodel this guesthouse.

What? Don't do it.

No problem. Chinese women
are good at these things.


Nobody touches this wall!

This especially looks hard.
Let me start from here.

I said no!

I am okay. No need to be sorry.

What is she doing?

I'm good at these stuffs. I said no!

Wow, she's so strong.

- Your business is my business.
- Hey, let go! I'm your sister-in-law!

I'm the older one so listen to me.

Oh my God! What's all this?

Damn boars...

Was the door left open last night?


You've labored in vain.

I'm not crying.

Didn't say you are.

Don't worry.

I started all this so
I will finish it myself.

What should we do?

You'll get busier now.

We got tons of casting calls
from broadcasting stations.

Look, here's the schedule.

All filled.

But I want to compete in the field...

Mr. KIM.

Making it to a national
team is your ultimate goal?

You should be rational.

Athletic career is
short but life is long.

Think about Oh-wol.
Think further for your life.

You're too naive.

You make me look like
a bad person here.

Take a look.










But why breaks it after
making it so pretty?

Putting the broken pieces
together is my recent specialty.

Quite peculiar specialties you have.

Climbing the wall. And breaking dishes.

You overworked yourself
after divorce, right?

Always worried about your daughter.

Telling a fortune is one
of your specialties, too?

Even for an adult,
it takes time to heal.

And you have a backache

as well as cervical herniated disc.

Herniation of the disc?

Who doesn't have it?

We need to do something about it.

Come here.

No thanks, it's alright.

- Come here.
- I said it's okay.

Right... a little lower.

It hurts? Here?

Yeah, right next there. Yes, doc.

You overwork yourself.
It's after working hours.

Are you...


Argentine malbec is
perfect for this burrito.

Do you... come here often?

- It's my first time.
- First time?

I've been busy.

Well, I've never been to N Seoul Tower.

On the second thought,
I feel ridiculous.

I came here because I hated being busy.

Being busy is not all the same.

The busy life in Seoul
might've been harsh for you.

As soon as I entered the college I
started preparing for the employment.

After being discharged,

I got a job in senior year, and started
working before graduation.

Wow, you were a capable person.

I worked from 5 am to midnight,

7 days a week for 3 years.

One day I woke up in the morning,

my vision went white and
I couldn't see anything.

And the doctor told me it was
the occupational burnout.

- Burnout?
- Yes.

But they blamed me for being a crybaby

saying everyone lives like that.

I went to work again not
wanting to be a failure,

but couldn't do anything.

That's why I flew here.

Since then... I've been
having a hard time

to talk to Koreans in Korean.

That's why you were so cold to me.

Was I?



I followed you here afraid
if you might really jump off,

but ended up having fun.

This time,

it's my turn to say 'gracias.'

I'm home.


I missed you all day!

Let's start remodeling the guesthouse.

If it goes well, Yong-mi
has some work to do

and we'll earn lots of money.

But I told you she would do it herself.

But she doesn't seem into it.

Didn't like it when
I tried earlier today.


Let's talk for a sec.

You two...

The yard means a lot to her.

For her memories with dad.

Why do you tell me that now?

I've been too busy at work.

You're not the only one who's busy!

I'm trying so hard to
please your sister

when I barely speak the language.

You've been acting strange nowadays.

You don't talk about work anymore.

We're partners, aren't we?

Let's talk later.

I wouldn't know if you don't tell.

Are all Chinese women like you?

Why press me so much?

I said I'd tell you later.

There are 56 different
ethnic groups in China.

Don't make a generalization.

Let's postpone.

What did you say?

I want to postpone.

Our wedding.

What the...?

You called me?


Don't worry. I'm fine.


Are you alright?

I lost my leg at 4

moved to Germany and lived well.
They treated me without bias there.

It's amazing. Even though it's German,

- hearing this over 1000 times,
- But as soon as I was back in Korea,

- I instantly understand you.
- I'm labeled 'handicapped'.

So why did you come back?

It was as if I were trapped
in time as a 4-year-old boy.

Then time started passing
again after I met Oh-wol

- and got the board from her.
- Yes, here she comes...

To have a goal and try to achieve it.

- To come this far.
- I envy you.

That's all thanks to Oh-wol.

You're damn lucky.

Don't you think my German got improved?

I guess you understand a bit now.


You asked what happens after divorce.

I have tons of time to myself.

But I spend that time blaming myself.

I just don't want to
be with other people.

So do things alone... Eat,
drink, going to the movies.

So pathetic.

I had the depression

and went to the psychiatrist,
but it didn't get better easily.

And now,

I got to think it is a part of my life.

I didn't want it that way.
But I can't help it.

I blamed myself a lot but...

I hope you wouldn't.

Those useless thoughts...

throw them in that river.

You are so good at speech.

I am good at this, too.

Yes, you are.

What... wanna try yourself?

Be careful!

Holy molly. Did you play baseball?

I don't think of him anymore.

Go fuck yourselves!

I am doing just fine here!
Beef are so tasty!


AS OF DEC. 28, 2020.





- Okay, coming now!
- Good.



I also want to leave. I really do.








- Thank you.
- Good-bye.

What is this?

What a surprise to have you call me!

You look better and better.


I'm so happy that I almost
feel sorry to you. And you?

Me? Well...

Not bad.

You should be happy.
It's been already 4 years.

Why did we get a divorce?
I can't remember.

Personality differences. That's all.

I'm partly to blame...

Can I do good?

You've met someone?

- Way to go, KANG Ji-ho.
- Thanks for the pep talk.

Gotta go. Take care.

- Oh-wol!
- Yes?


So yummy!

- Did you argue with Rae-hwan?
- No...

Remember the illustrated plant book
your dad worked on his whole life?


I read it in that book.

The plant called tillandsia,

of which limbs grow
crooked as if to collapse.

It looks like dying but

the truth is it's doing well.

It's so nice!

Don't care about what others say.

It's just how they think.

Don't get the dirt on me!

Thank you for your generosity
but I don't think it's my way.

You don't think about Oh-wol?

I decided because I care about her.

She used to tell me I made her smile.

But now I'm making her cry.


You just leave like this?

Great it ended well.

I've finally got divorced
thanks to you.

Please leave good comments online

- when you have time.
- Stop it.

- Thank you.
- Bye, take care.


- I heard you like these.
- I like you.

Something's up, right?

- Pour it out to me.
- Throw up right now.

Why? What is it?

What did you say?




I thought I could win through all

if I'm with Yong-chan, the man I love.

But now...

It feels more difficult

because I'm with him.


I am so lonely.

Dear sister.

That's all? She talked quite much!

Let's just talk looking in her eyes.


We are anxious now...

Isn't it because we're a bit scared?

If we might feel lonely?
But my father...

our dad,

always told me.

How bad can it be?

If you feel lonely,

it means everything's going well.

You miss your dad, right?

I miss my father a lot.


It's alright.

It's hard, isn't it?

You are not alone anymore!

Whatever happened with Yong-chan,
I will settle it for you.

I can do it for you, no worries.

Right, don't worry.

Yong-chan is the problem.



Why is she calling at this timing?

I'll call you la...

- Hey, did you do as I said?
- What? Don't bother her.

- Did you break up her spirits?
- Wanna break you.

- Be careful
- Turn the video call mode off...

before you're framed as a
mean old-maid sis-in-law.

So irritating.

You should be a forestaller.
Understand me?

One Americano. With lots of water.

Should I kill this bitch?

I can clearly see why
you've married 3 times!

Shitty face.

Die after shitting 3 times.

What does it say?

She's a weirdo.

Are you already addicted?

It still tastes salty.

But I will miss this.

The sun and the music… everything.

You didn't get lost today?

Of course I did!

My life is a maze.

But don't cry again.

Me? Cry?

You didn't?

Ah, you saw me.

I didn't cry because I was lost.

Then why?

Because of the people.

Seeing the people here

I felt like I was the only
one not living the life.

Tomorrow's your last day?

You should go out on a high note.

Is it good?

500 pesos.


No, 200.


This wine's oxidized.

So the protection is over?

What a waste of tax money.

What are you doing, mister?

It's because of the call!

Bring it on again!


What is it?

We have the case of unnatural death!

Come right away!


Why called so many times?

The call is directed to voice mail...

Move away!

- You son of a bitch!
- Please calm down!


You found your ex-husband
at your domicile

when you came back from work?


How come...

you went to her,

not to the homicide suspect?

Bye-bye to the promotion.

And you screamed afraid
of him coming closer?

You scared me…

You used the tear gas gun
you have for self-protection.


This place is amazing.

My favorite spot.

Where I finalize my day every day.

I'm jealous of you
enjoying this every day.

Help yourself.


What is it that you must do

before your 20s are over?

Breaking up?


Swearing hard at the Iguazu?


Dancing the Tango against the sunset.

I'm a terrible dancer.


One, two.

Three, four.

Now lean on me.

Take it slow.


Next year...

let's be happier than this year.

Don't go.

It's my money.

You're ordered to return
to the homicide dept.

You kept saying you wanted to go back,

why are you still here?

Just go now!

Did you ask to locate LEE Gang-back?

Mr. OH Yong-chan? We
secured LEE's location.


Isn't this Mr. OH Yong-chan's number?

I'm his wife. Can you speak Chinese?

Are you Chinese?

- Is she Chinese?
- Yes, why?

Yes, speak slowly please.

Don't mess around, dude.

I took his phone by accident,

what is it about?

I see. It's about the case he reported.

We secured LEE Gang-back's location.

Case? What case?

Your husband didn't tell you?

He's got embezzled quite a lot.

LEE Gang-back embezzled?

- Where is he now?
- LEE Gang-back is

at Da-in Hospital. His mother
is hospitalized there.

- I will go talk to him.
- You should first... with us...


What was this?

My mom, Chinese. You didn't know?

Guess you should head to
Da-in Hospital right away.


Why are you so surprised?

That I speak Chinese?


Did you get your hands hurt?

Nothing serious.

A slight sprain mending the gate.

Why were you mending the gate?

Did Yaolin tell you to?

Don't be stupid.

Am I to follow anyone's order?

It looked interesting,
seeing her mending things

so I gave her some help.

Why did you take all these out?

I'm gonna start again, the guesthouse.


This made me dream of
opening a travel agency.

You bluffed that you'll be
rich to make mom and dad

live in a luxury, liar!

You think I can I start
all over like you?

Nope, you can't.

Nice to see you smiling like that.

You both have long faces lately.

Did Yaolin say something?

Why? What? Feeling guilty?

No, truth is...

Don't tell me. You two
settle your own problems.

At first, I kind of felt Yaolin
was taking everything away.

Now we became besties.

How could you get close when
you don't speak languages?

We have our own ways, between girls.

- Language is just on the side.
- I see.

If she hurts you,

tell me right away. I will...

Speak for yourself!
Be nice to me first!

You dodged? Come here.

Don't make dear Yaolin suffer.

Wait, I've got a call.

A call? Go take it.

I should take this, hold on.

- Hello, OH Yong-chan speaking.
- This is Detective KANG.

We found the suspect
thanks to your wife.

- And...
- What?

What was she thinking?

Without telling me! So reckless.

How come you sent her
to the crime scene alone?

She insisted talking to him alone.

Whatever, go faster!

You cried your eyes out but
now you're such a brave man!

I didn't cry my eyes out.
I just shed some tears.

Look at you, crying again!

Hey watch out!

Move aside!

I am sorry.

There she is.

Thank God.

Let's go.

Are you alright?

He needed the money for
his mother's hospital bills.

But he should pay for what he did.

He should've told me.

Who's the one that didn't tell?

I am sorry.

You should've discussed with
me when it first happened.

What am I to you?

Marrying me with this little trust?

To postpone is not enough.
I must think it over.

This is why I didn't tell
you and tried to solve...

Don't make me misunderstand
and be delusional.

I want to hear from you,
looking at your face and eyes.


Because you're the one whom
I wanted to share all with.

Yaolin! Yaolin!

Please listen to me.

Thank God, you didn't hurt big.

The pain will go away soon.

Damn, right before the big competition.

No, you did great.

Don't tell Oh-wol about this.

I'm looking for KIM Rae-hwan...

But she'll blame me
if I don't tell her now.

I'll have to think it over,
about Oh-wol and me.

- What?
- What?

I wanted to make it big
to make her happy.

But I realize it was
a selfish ambition.

Winning a gold medal
was for my ego, too.

It's because you love her.

You can do better now
that you've realized.

Right! You train harder, win a medal,

get married, have kids together

and pay for your mortgage.
You live as others do.

Can I do that? Live an ordinary life.

Who on earth is ordinary?

We all live our lives in the fast lane.

And you even saved a kid living it.

Right, so don't break up with her.

Break up? No way.

I meant I will find what
I really can do for her.

I want to go to Oh-wol with
my own legs this time.

You're gonna crawl to her?

I want to be the one to
hold out a hand to her.


It was close!

I thought you were ignoring me again.

Maybe I should've.

What time's your flight?

That's... My bag! Jae-hun!



Stop right there!

I said stop!

Gosh, where am I now?

I said stop!

That little prick...





You really are here.

And you really came?

What if I didn't come?

But you did.

Here, see if there's anything missing.

Thank God. It's okay
as long as I have this.

Let's go, you'll be late.


The plants will be happy
to see you smiling.

Right, my babies should
be happy and powered up.

Where did you find it!

- It indeed glitters.
- Right?

I mean, in the dust, at least.

My dear mommy found this!

You are the best!

Happy new year.

Happy new year.



Damn son of a bitch!


Jae-hun! My dear friend.

Happy birthday!

Jae-hun, even with no life motto,

you're the most consistent
person I've ever met.

There's so much to thank you...

and this is to express my appreciation.

35 friends who now belong
here as they are here

are sending you their hearts.

Happy 35th birthday!

I thought I was having
the low season of my life,

but actually... I was
just having a siesta.

My friend!

All my roads lead to MIN Jin-ah.

Thanks for showing the
correct coordinates.

I'm happy to be the 35th

to congratulate your 35th birthday.

And let me share a top secret with you.

Not a thing is wrong.

You're always right. Always.

The crowds are already gathering

to celebrate the new year.

Why are they so excited?

I don't like it at all. You
hate Mondays, right?

That's Monday blues.

You don't like the new year?

Then it's New Year blues.

Welcome back!

Don't make a fuss..
Get back to your work.

Your face is radiating.
You look more handsome.

I was born handsome.

And met a great trainer.

Good for you. Don't miss
that person this time.

I don't want to.


Hello everyone.

Hyo-young's ex-husband
filed a civil suit for adultery.

That son of a bitch is
a true pain in the ass.

He submitted these as evidence.

Obviously matching clothes.

Yes, I want the packaging service.

Make sure to be on time. Thank you.

So did you make up with Oh-wol?

Do we have the tournament
table for the World Cup?

- Don't change the subject.
- Wait!

We need to talk.

Mr. YOON, please stop.

Rae-hwan, let's talk. An athlete
to an agent, won't be long.

The training schedule
that you've sent me.

- Are you sure to keep it?
- Of course.

I checked it with Oh-wol already.

- Okay?
- Okay!

Sounds good!

Way to go!

Miss you, come quick!

Hey, you idiot!

You promised to go see the
new year sunrise together and...

Look at this.

I want you to be
the first one to see it.

I thought it's all dead,

but I found today it has sprouted.

I gave up all my hopes

but it was trying alone.

- Oh-wol.
- Yes?

Can't promise you
to build a flower road.

KIM Rae-hwan!

I can't promise to be your leg, either.

Can you wait for me at
the finish line every time?

It's a miracle that I've met you.

Same for me.

Let's go.


I didn't realize until
you came to my home.

This tree that had survived

the August sun and the winter snowstorm

has been withering.

Why couldn't I see what you saw

from the broken trees and faded walls?

Why couldn't I see

that you wanted to tend them?

Please forgive a fool of me
not to see these sooner.

I love you.


do me a favor so that this love

could be my last love.

My dear Yaolin!

Will you...

marry me?

No, no.

Do it again! Do it right!

Why are you stuck in there?

Will you look at my face and my eyes?

Hey, take it!

For god's sake!

I will take it.


Let's do the countdown together!

Stop right there, bastard!





Happy New Year!

What are you doing?
Didn't you get notified?

I did.

Then go home, now!

I can't!

- It was unilateral and unfair.
- What?

I have my contract valid
through this season.

I want to finish that.

And if I quit now,

my colleagues should do my share.

I don't want that!

You're unbelievable.

Alright, move now!

Yes, ma'am.

And Jin-ah?


What happened during holidays?


You look different.

She intentionally approached
knowing that I got a job,

flirted and allured me!

So you are claiming

to be a victim of a marriage fraud.

I had a girlfriend for 6 years,

but I was trapped

to this devil's whisper…

I see.

That's why you need to
seek natural encounter,

stupid moron!

Fraud your ass, idiot!

My nose!

Go away!

May I help you?

I want to request the protection again.

- You should go to civil service dept.
- I'm the specialist!

The protection! I'm good at it!

Move aside!

I'm a detective specialized in...

That protection... I
guess you need it too.


Unattended, you always skip
your meals and exercises

and work overnight. So I...

want to protect you.

Protect me?

I am saying I'll be your rehab trainer.

You want it?

Yes! I want it now!

Then during the rehab, save my
number as no. 1 in your speed dial.

No. 1! Sure!

I will save you as my no.1.

NO. 1

Despite the snow overnight,
the weather is nice

on the opening day of

World Para Snowboard
World Cup, final round.

Next player is KIM Rae-hwan from Korea.

He took the world by surprise
at the second round.


Right, he took the first place
breaking his own record.

We can expect a good result
from him today, I guess.

He's warmed up now.

Get set.


Challenge again.