Never Look Away (2018) - full transcript

German artist Kurt Barnert has escaped East Germany and now lives in West Germany, but is tormented by his childhood under the Nazis and the GDR-regime.

Modern art.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.

Until power is seized.
of the National Socialists

has it in Germany
such a modern art.

So that means
as it already lies in the essence of this word,

almost every year.

National Socialist Germany
but he wants German art again,

and this should and will,

like all the creative values of a people,
be an eternal one.

But she lacks such a
Eternity for our people,

then even today it is of no higher value.

The German woman is mocked
and equated with prostitutes.

The soldier is considered a murderer.
and pointless sacrifice.

in the sense of a Bolshevik
of the class struggle.

The people
the deep-rooted esteem

from soldierly valour

be cast out like this.

And the madness, the mental illness,
is made a principle.

Must really be accepted,

that there are men,
that the present day figures of our people

as just degenerate cretins?

The basically
Meadows blue, skies green,

clouds sulphur yellow
and so on,

or, as they say, "experience"?

There are only two possibilities.

Either these so-called artists

really see things that way

and therefore believe in that,
what they represent.

Then all we had to do was investigate,
whether her eye defects were caused by an accident

or by inheritance
have come about.

In one case
deeply sorry for these unfortunates,

in the second
important to the Reich Ministry of the Interior,

that would have the task,
at least one further inheritance

of such horrible visual disturbances
to stop the flow of blood.

Or they don't believe themselves.
to the reality of these impressions,

but are trying for other reasons,

the nation
with this humbug.

Then such an offence is committed
in the area of criminal justice.

What does that have to do with art?
How does it raise the soul?

What does that have to do with skill?
Because "art" comes from "being able".

- I think you could, too.

Yes, yes, you could.
Give it a try.

And when you're done,
you ask your parents,

if they'll give you a dime for it.

Do you know what she said to Mr. Wassily Kandinsky.
paid for it?

- 2,000 marks.
- What?

More than the annual salary
of a German worker.

How's your dad?

- He's out of work right now.
- Oh.

2000 Mark from taxpayers' money
of the working German population.

We'll take care of it,
that it is the people...

Maybe I want
but not become a painter.

Don't tell anyone,
but I like it.

Aunt Elisabeth, you saw,
how they looked at you?

On Monday there will be
I'm not gonna have eyes for anybody.

They'll all be cheering for the F?hrer.

- How do you do?
- I think you're better than Hitler.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon. An excursion with your nephew?

- Yes, it is.
- Thank you, sir.

- Have a good trip.
- Thank you.

Over there. There was our apartment.

What do you miss most about Dresden?

Sometimes it helps to name it exactly.

I know who you're missing.

The girl with the fire-red pigtails.

What's her name again? Johanna?

- Johanna, isn't it? Your lover?
- Mhm.

- You don't?
- Not just Johanna.

- Who else do you need?
- The Schr?ders.

You know what I mean?

- The old married couple in our house.
- Mhm.

The ones who always hold hands.
Like little children.

I like those. And the Dachshund Thilo.

Every time I called him,
he came to me.

It's only 45 kilometers
from us to Dresden.

You can visit her so often,
as you like.


But you're right, of course.
Dresden is simply unbeatable.

You know what I'm gonna do?

I think your father is very strong.
That he does not join.

A signature,

and he would have had his job as a teacher
and keep the apartment.

Dad thinks it's criminal,
like the Nazis...

Shh, shh, I know.

That's how you talk.
to anyone else, right?

Mommy says,
she'll get him to join.

Membership is then his capitol.

His capital.

- Goodbye, Miss May.
- Goodbye.

Hold this for a second.

Aunt Elisabeth,
Did you forget something?

Hey, Eddie.
There's little May again.

- Let's do her a favor.
- Karl, ready?

- Good.
- At the same time.

All right, on three. One, two, three.

Take care.

Thank you.

To paint a picture that feels like this...

That's what they're trying to do,
these degenerate artists.

Oh Elisabeth, it's too late again.
And how you look!

Chest out. Chin up.


Front row. Come on.

You'll give him the bouquet.

Heil! Hail!


Hail! Hail!

Hail! Hail! Hail!

Hail! Hail!

Hail! Hail! Hail!

Don't look away.

Never look the other way, Kurt.

Everything that's true is beautiful.

That sound...

It contains all the power of music.

Of life.
The whole universe.

People search for the world formula.

But here she is.

Here you go.

You hear that?

The two-line A at the Bl?thner piano
of the Mays in Gro?sch?nau.

And now that I know him...

I can play it anywhere.

On the table.

You hear that?

Even on my head.

- Aunt Elisabeth, you're bleeding.
- Even on my head.


- What are you doing, man?

A concert for the F?hrer.

Delusions of juvenile delusion?
That's almost likeable.

"Schizophrenia", "delusion of youth".
I can hear that.

But I think it's nothing,

which is a little time-out
I couldn't heal.

- time-out
- In an institution, yes.

Can't we just
at home?

She learned very hard for her high school diploma.
and went straight into office training.


Maybe she's a
just overexerted.

Is that your wife?

You don't like her, do you?
I can see that from the way you stand there.


Wait outside,
until we've finished talking.

I'm not saying this again.

Since schizophrenia is hereditary,
I'm obliged to ask:

Are there any other cases
of insanity in your family?

For God's sake, no.

- Depression?
- We're all happy.

We doctors
are the guardians on the banks of the Erbstrom.

I have to report this to Health Services.

The decision to admit the patient to the hospital
may not be up to you.

Dr. Michaelis...


I already knew your parents.
Even the grandparents.

Please, please.

Don't report it.

Because it's you, Mrs. May.

But say it,
if the condition worsens, yes?

- Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.
- Heil Hitler.

- Yes, of course, Heil Hitler.
- Heil Hitler.


Could you connect me, please?
with the health department.

- Goodbye, G?nther.
- Mrs. May, we have to go.

- Take care.
- We will miss you.

- It's only a few weeks.
- See you soon.

Goodbye, Ehrenfried.

We will miss you.

I don't want to, Mommy.

Kurt, go back inside.


- I don't want to!
- By the legs.


- You got it?
- Yes, it is.


- Come on.

So, hold still.

- She'll be all right.

Scopolamine, it works fast.

Yeah, buckle up.

- The suitcase.
- Oh yes, of course.

- These are her things.
- Yes, they are.

Never look away.

My esteemed colleagues.

I'd like to congratulate you.

The weakest percent
of the German people

since the introduction of the law.
have been rendered infertile.

400 000.

A proud number.

A contribution to the regeneration,

that future generations
I'll be thanking you for that.

I have hope now,
that one day.

in one world,

in which the streets are completely free
of mongoloid, insane, insane

and other freaks.

But now seems the time,
to shift into the next gear.

Also due to the English air raids.

we have an increased need
at alternate hospitals.

We can't let them
that a German soldier

a hospital place,

only because he is responsible for the care and maintenance
of an unworthy life.

How can we help? What can we do?

Thank you for that question, Carl.


You'll no longer just be
and SS men.

You become a reviewer
of the hereditary health court.

What's the meaning of this?

Well, a patient,
that you have rendered infertile.

and whose registration form you can use
with a blue minus sign,

remains in the institution.

However, if we are to
a red plus,

we understand,
that it's worthless life,

and this patient is going to be
of three designated institutions

relocated to the easternmost part of the empire

and there
from his senseless existence.

Your pen.

Your sword.

Examination and preliminary talk.
Elisabeth May, 23 years old.

- Sterilization appointment today at 3:45.
- Thank you.

You can come in.
Address "Herr Professor".

You can sit there.

Did your daughter draw this?

Why do you think you're here?

Because sometimes
I don't think you're quite right.

Do you know what kind of clinic I run?

A women's hospital.

A lovely girl, your daughter.

I can see that in the picture.

Not so much
artistic talent.

You might be more happy about that.
But a lot of heart.

I have a nephew that age.

I'm afraid he's very talented.

I take him to exhibitions.
To promote him.

Good, good, good.

Then please lie down in the next room.
on the exam chair.

Your clothes...

- I want to see Professor Seeband!
- Excuse me for a moment.

I've wanted an appointment for weeks.
I don't get an answer!

- I have a right to it!
- I couldn't stop him.

Mr. Lohse-W?chtler.

They asked me:
"Do you want the suffering of your daughter

into the next generation
"that will be carried on?"

That's why I agreed to the surgery.
What about my daughter's suffering now?

- Show attitude.
- What about my suffering?

I won't continue the conversation like this.

I'll report you, Professor Seeband.
At the Reich Chamber of Physicians.

Do that, Mr. Lohse-W?chtler.
Do that.

You swore an oath as a doctor.
Let go of me.

- It'll catch up with you someday.
- Let's go.

It'll catch up with you!

It'll catch up to you!

- It'll catch up with you!

Professor Seeband! One day!

Take it easy.

It would have been better,
you wouldn't have seen that.

- I'm of healthy descent.
- Three experts see it differently.

- No! No! No!
- Sit back down.

You're going into the exam room now.
and then into the O.R.

And you will cooperate there.

Otherwise, we'll have you strapped down,

and it's all getting harder.
and more painful.

Please, Mr. Seeband...

Professor, please.

For the F?hrer. I will bear children.
Healthy, Aryan children.

And I will give it to the F?hrer,
as we're supposed to.

My children will have their children
to the F?hrer.

- Come on.
- For the war!

You need soldiers, don't you?
You need soldiers!

Who else is going to fight?

I just get confused sometimes.

Very rarely. Please don't!

Please, I don't want to.

Now come...

- Guys, I need backup!
- You are also a father.

- For your daughter who also paints.
- That's enough.

I could be her sister.
You could be my father.

Please, Papa.

Please, Papa.


Dad, please!


Please, Dad!

Dad, please!

Please, Dad!

- Anna.
- Professor?

I'm not operating on Miss May myself.
Divide up Blockmann.

- He's in the delivery room.
- Then change your plans.

There. Thank you.


You look fancy in your uniforms.
This will make Elisabeth happy.



- You know...
- Yes, after the war it's my capital.

And don't forget the salute. "Heil Hitler".

If you can't get it across your lips,
it also does a fast "three liters".

No one's gonna notice.

And none of the painting you do all the time.
And certainly nothing of these naked people.

The same photographer?
Nobody has commissioned him.

Heil Hitler.

Three litres.

We're booked for a visit.
For Elisabeth May.

I'm Johann Barnert, the brother-in-law.

These are her brothers.
Ehrenfried and G?nther May.

This is her sister Waltraud.
And her mother Malvine.

The left back a little to the right.

Elisabeth May.
Published the day before yesterday.

Relocated? It can't be.


Central Services orders.

But where to?

Isn't there two missing?

K?the, we're ready.

Where was she transferred to?

- Hospital Gro?schweidnitz.
- Gro?schweidnitz?

That's two days from here.
How are we supposed to visit them?

We've got work to do.
The boys are only on leave now.

That's all I can tell you.

I have to go now. Heil Hitler.

That's him, all right.

I'll write to the Ministry.

- Please look.

tinfoil strips. I have read about it.

They want it to interfere with radio and radio.

Johanna! Johanna, wake up!

- Johanna
- mommy... Mommy!

This way! There's a embankment up ahead.

Get your head down!



I like you.

I like you, too.

Yeah, good. That's it.

- Mr. Seeband?
- Professor Seeband. Yes, I am.

Professor Seeband.

What did he say?

He wants you to take him

Agreed, Professor.

Where's Burghard Kroll?

- Who's that?
- Burghard Kroll.

The head of the Reich's working group.

We know about your meeting in Berlin.

I don't know what you're talking about.
I do not know the Lord.

I still don't know him.

If my child
is not born quite healthy,

then does it deserve to die?

There's only limited space.
and limited resources on this earth.

Who's gonna have them?
The sick or the healthy?

Soon, on this earth.
at least there's one seat left.

Here the ball! Come on, do it!

You didn't specify,
if you were a party member.

Were you a party member?

- Mr. Director, I've been a very long time...
- Yes or no, Mr Barnert?


But I'm not a Nazi.

I mean, three quarters of all teachers
were in the party.

We want to give the remaining quarter
to the youth. Good afternoon.

I'm hot.

And stop!


- What?
- The labour pauses do not bring her peace.

The kid's wrong.
It can't get out.


the interpreter. Immediately.

He's suspicious.
He asks why you want to help.

I want to help because I can.

You're free to go.

A gypsy woman told me.
ahead of... I won't have any children.

This is fate...

- Quer, please. Put it across.

- What week?

- 36.
- Blood pressure?

- 110 over 70.

How could I believe you?
that I can have children after all?

Tell her,
a child will definitely have it.

And if she wants,
after that many more.

- The kid's lying across.

During the contractions.
the uterus too hard to rotate.

I'll open the amniotic sac.

In a labour break
I'll turn the kid around.

I'm a military interpreter.

Go ahead.

- Gloves.

Vodka, please.

- Don't touch.

- We'll do it without anesthesia.

- I've already got one leg.

Let's wait for the next contraction.

I'll put my index finger on the floor of my room.
in the child's mouth.

I put the chin
on the chest...

and slowly pull out my head.

A boy,
a healthy boy...

Alexander Mikhailovich.

And a healthy one,
gorgeous mother.

Congratulations, Major.

If you save a life,
saves the whole world.

You saved my world,


Nobody's gonna touch you.

You're standing now.
under my personal protection.

Judge for the professor
the guest room here...

...and give him decent clothes.

Father, you must
I wouldn't worry about it anymore.

I get it, I get it.
I get it.

- What's that? What do you understand?
- Everything. Everything.

How it's all connected.
That everything is connected.


The world formula.


I'll never have to worry again.
I never have to be afraid again.

I'm untouchable.

- That's nice.
- No, father, you don't understand.

You have to
I don't have to worry about you anymore. Really.

I don't even have to be an artist anymore.
I can take up any profession.

And I'll always be the right thing,
to find the truth.

I'm glad for you, really.

I have to hold on to it.

I have to hold on to it somehow.

I get it, I get it.

I know who you're thinking about.

But he's different.

- Good morning, Father.
- Good morning, my boy.

The alignment, mate.

You do that,
to make you feel better than us?

- What's that?
- This.

Draw the shapes freehand,
while we struggle with stencils.

You want to show us?
Why are you doing this?

I do it because I can.

Have you been waiting long?

Goodbye, then. See you tomorrow.

You can also take the pens with you,
when you bring her back.

In January the applications run
for the art academy.

I am satisfied with this work.

What the fuck are you doing?

Does that help the worker?

Does that give your father strength?
cleaning stairs?

You want to help him, don't you?

You even got him the job.

You've seen a lot of shit, huh?

But does it help you to wallow in it?

It helps build a world,
that makes your kids feel better?

That's what communism is about.

I'll support your application.

At the academy of arts
the girls are prettier than here.

So she wrote him...

You can see it,

that somebody here has all his vanity
set aside

and is at the service of the cause,
in the service of the people?

Work on your posture.
Work on your craft.

And the right art
will come into being by yourselves.

As a warning example.
Pablo call Picasso...

of which
strong realistic images,

who have a genuine solidarity
to the working class...

but very soon

into a decadent one,
obscene formalism.

What's the matter with you?

Because he wanted to be considered an innovator,
and not as a traditionalist.

Innovation, creative independence,
artistic freedom.

Words, which for an artist
sound tempting at first.

I am, I am, I am.

But real freedom can be
a modern artist only then win,

when he enters the service
in the interests of the people.

The "I, I, I" only leads to misfortune.

It leads in the best case
to be endured

by decadent, rich collectors.

exploiter of the workers,
who enjoy it,

that she will be with the people
have nothing in common,

not even the taste in art.

Decay, mysticism, pornography.

Empty forms, artificial constructions.

Stains, lines, bullets, cones.

All of it,
to be considered an innovator?

Yeah, it's new.

But it's also wrong.

And it's vain and stupid,
undemocratic, decadent.

Be different, gentlemen.
Be different.

The hammer was a little higher earlier.

Yeah, that's right,
that was a long way up.

Yeah, a little more.

- This way?
- And the left hand in the middle.

Yeah, that's it,
and the right one was much further ahead.

- One more thing.
- Yes, go on.

Another piece.

- You do?
- Go on, go on.

Keep going. Right forward.

That's it. That's how it goes, right?

- Yeah, that's how it's gonna be.
- That's how it gets there.

Nah, he wasn't like that.

Cut the bullshit.

It was a little further up.

No. But further down.

Nah, he was further up.


Down, up, down, up,

down, up.

Comrade Professor?

Comrade Professor,
the youth here is going crazy.

After all, I'm also wearing
a great responsibility.

Yes, are we here in the kindergarten?

Yeah, we seem to be.

Hey, in fashion.
gives away a West pencil.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Excuse me, ma'am.

- Thank you.
- Gladly.

- 2B. Thank you.
- Hello, Ernst.

- I'm glad you share that.
- Sure, I'd love to.

- Say hi to Lise for me.
- I will.


Thank you, Elisabeth.

Don't get your hopes up.
That belongs to me.

See that you learn how to do it.

2B or 4B?

- Well?
- Uh...

2B, but...

I'd much rather have
a date with you.

- Let's leave it at the pencil.
- Are you sure?


Your name is Elisabeth?

Do you want one?

There's only 4B left now.

Thank you. I'll take care of it.

A gold pheasant like you
doesn't deserve an ordinary can.

Gold pheasant?

- Yes, it is.
- I can't let this sit on me.

I agree.

A walk?

Through the park?

So that I can make my misjudgement
can correct?

I thought you wanted to talk to me.

Actually, I was going
I'm gonna take you for a walk.

All right, then.

Then I'll make conversation.

Socialist realism.

Is that your business?

Probably the same
as yours is Lotte Ulbricht's fashion.

Why do you always look at me like that?

You remind me of someone.

Would you like to paint me?

I don't know...

Would you like to give me
tailor a suit?

I have to go home.

May I come with you?

Just to the front door.

You're taking dance lessons?

I live here. The house belongs to us.

Really refuted
you don't have the gold pheasant now.

We just got lucky.
Not a single bomb hit.

Before the war, the whole street looked like this.

Goodbye, Kurt.



Can I call you anything else?
Do you have a nickname?

Actually, everyone calls me Elisabeth.

"Actually" means,
the exact opposite is true.

All right, then.

My father calls me Ellie.

Goodbye, Ellie.


Pay more attention to the view.
And more volume, right?

You should've been
a little longer, Kurt.

Good, good, good.

Ah yes, good. Good night.

See you tomorrow.

A gold pheasant as a worker?

You're my term paper now.

A suit. For you.

I'll never take it off again.

You're so beautiful.
That's almost unromantic.

It's way too easy to love you.

Do you love me?

Do you love me?

Otherwise, I can't do that.

Otherwise, you can't.

I love you.

You did?


I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

My parents.

I thought they lived in Chemnitz.

They do.

My father.

What do we do now?

- And Elisabeth?
- She is fast asleep.

Left a burning candle lit.
When will she finally grow up?

Yes, youth.

Among friends
that's what you tell yourself.

When I say so.
It was in gardening.

I see, gardening.

I guess you had
a real green thumb.

Here she comes, your gardening.

Come on, boys.

- How are things in the garden?
- Drought is with me.

Thank you for coming.
risking your life for my reputation.

Please don't ever
something so insane.

- Did your parents...
- They didn't notice anything.


They're moving back to Dresden.

My father will get his old post.
as hospital director again.

But he still has a room to let,

because if he doesn't.
the Housing Board is coming in.

He wants to put up a sign on Monday.

Wouldn't you like to?

to be the first to discover the shield?

By any chance?

That I'd then get myself into
I fall in love with the tenants they choose,

they can't blame me for that.

Your mother, uh...
Won't she suspect something?

Oh, Mamachen. Such an innocent mind.

You don't have to worry about them.
She won't notice a thing.

Really, I do. Nothing.



I'll report to the sign.
Is the room still for rent?

We have the sign
a quarter of an hour ago.

Does that mean yes?

- Please, please.
- Short, long.

- Mrs. Seeband?
- Yes?

- There's an interested party.
- That went fast.

Short, short, up. Arms up.

Short, short, long. Short, short, long.

Cheer up. Short, short, long.

Short, short, long. Short, short, long.

Short, short, up. Arms up.

Barnert, Kurt.

- What do you do for a living?
- Um, I'm a student.

For fashion.

- Painting.
- Painting?

Frau Hellthaler!

Carl, there's a tenant here.
for one of the rooms. Come, nevertheless, times.

Short, short, long.

You've got facial hair. Facialis paresis.

Partial facial palsy.

The corner of your mouth hanging down.

Did you ever have an accident?
Or a Lyme disease?

Take this to the office,
then my husband can talk to him.

My husband is a passionate doctor,

you can get
a free diagnosis.

You should get that checked out.

Kurt's coming.
with the best recommendations.

He's a student, non-smoker.

And we've already met.
about the rent.

It's your choice, of course,
to see if he gets the room.

- He wants to be a painter.
- I am a painter.

Our facade is beginning to flake off.
Maybe we can charge something.

I'm not that kind of painter.

What kind of person are you?

- Painter.
- Socialist realism?

Is there anything else?

I hope not.

You still get the room.

- Thank you, Mr. Seeband.
- Professor Seeband, please.

Nice suit.

- Shh.

- Shh.

What are you doing up so late?

I was still... off.


This can't be your work.
not exactly conducive.

See that you come to bed.

I don't like this Kurt.

We have to make sure that Ellie
doesn't get too friendly with him.

What's the matter with you?

So that they
can make a good match, of course.

Just like you played a good game.

Stretch out more.

Professor Seeband, about yesterday...
Of course I won't tell anyone...

You have a new subject.


For the directors' gallery.

About that style.

We start tomorrow at 4:00,
in my office at the clinic, yeah?

Then the people of the GDR
the unity of Germany wishes,

has Prime Minister Grotewohl
the Bonn government...

The professor will be here soon.
Take a seat., all-German elections.

These proposals were
from the Western powers

and the Adenauer government

refused to follow their war policy.

Further observance of their war policy

have the Bonn government
and the Western occupying powers

- ...on the demarcation line...

...introduced a strict border service,
to distance oneself from the GDR

and thereby the division of Germany...

Thank you, gentlemen. Good afternoon.

- to delimit...
- Kurt.

I thought to myself,
you set your easel...

on here.

The absence
an appropriate protection for the DDR

used by the Western powers for this purpose,

to grow to ever greater extents

Spies, terrorists and smugglers
to our territory.

These have after execution
your criminal duty

so far easily the possibility,

unhindered across the demarcation line
return to West Germany.

That's why we're forced to
take action,

the defense
the peaceful interests of the population

German Democratic Republic

With these measures the Ministry was
trusted to state security.

That's what I had in mind.
Very good.

We'll resume tomorrow at 4:00.

Two sessions should do it, yeah?

Why are you watching
those old photos again?

Why did even the stupidest amateur photograph
more reality than my picture?

- Dad likes it.
- Yes, that's just it.

Almost nobody likes a picture of themselves.

But everybody's supposed to like a painting.

The photo must be truer.

Why is your dad.
actually went to Chemnitz?

He's been a warden here before.

- Hmm?
- He doesn't want us to talk about it.

He used to take the women
by G?ring and Goebbels.

Well, because he's the best gynecologist.

They're 200 kilometers away
from Berlin.

It's like no one there
a cell smear.

You have to imagine that.

And then they took him
as an honorary member of the SS.

He couldn't refuse.

But after the war.
difficult to communicate to the Russians,

that he has nothing else
with the Nazis.

They've searched all the archives,
but found nothing against him.

The professor told me today
called an artist "type willi custom."

That's a good thing.
He is successful.

"Typ Willi vice"?

I think I need to get out of here.

Out where?

You can't be serious.

Everything's going so well for us.

I couldn't let Mommy down.

Kurt! Your diploma thesis
convinced the delegation.

They picked you, the wall fresco.
for the new history museum.

Topic: Unity of the working class.

The order would have been
some professors were fond of it, too.

- Mural painting?
- Yes.

I'm not a muralist.

Kurt, we both know
that you can do this.

Nah, I'm sorry,
it's not for me.

It's just decoration.

You'd have work in one fell swoop.
Even money.

I'm not.

I am, I am, I am.

No, don't move. Please.

I can imagine,
that we're a body.

I am pregnant.

Then you're all mine now.

All to me, I mean.

We have to tell them, Ellie.

Maybe for now,
that we're even together.

Divide the shock into small blows.

I think your mother suspects something.

It's not Mom I'm worried about.

Papa will fall from every cloud.

For him I'll always be
twelve years old.

I think Ellie's pregnant.

What's that?

Your hand temperature
has been slightly elevated for weeks,

but no cold symptoms.

She was at dinner last night.

at breakfast
and she didn't touch her porridge.

and held on to the back of the chair,
when she got up.

Third month, I'd say.

Maybe even fourth.

Oh, God, she's just a kid herself.

Your age isn't the problem,
It's the man.

But who is it?

Leptosome, melancholiac.

Son of a man who kills himself,
because he had to clean some stairs.

My father would have done something like that.

That's not the genetic material,
that I wish our descendants.

We have to stop it.

How do we do that?

After 30 years
in gynecology, I know:

A miscarriage still has almost every flirtation
to put an end to this.

No, I don't know him either.
What is the difference?

The psychotic believes
that two plus two are five.

As the neurotic already knows,
that it makes four,

it just worries him.

There's something we'd like to tell you.

About your academy?
I'm always very interested in that.

No. Although... Also about the academy.

Kurt was impressed with the mural.
at the History Museum.

Walls after all.

It's a fresco on the subject of
Unity of the working class.

Yes, and speaking of unity...

What's up, kid?

I hope nothing unpleasant happens.

Spare my nerves.


We are... together.

You're also working on the fresco?

We're a couple.
For some time now.

A couple of students?


- And there is something else...
- That is great news.

Yes, but there is something else that we...

My God,
I'm gonna have to digest that.

This is really about to happen.
very sudden.

Please, please.
Could you get the Professor some water?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You know,
how could I get the stuff?

I'm glad you told us.

And you said early.

Cause there's something about Ellie,
what you need to know.

We wanted to get Ellie
I don't want you to worry about it unnecessarily,

so we gave it to her.
never really set out, but...

Ellie was a toddler.
a severe inflammation in the pelvic cavity,

that lead to scar tissue in the fallopian tubes

and thus to considerable damage to the cilia.
that led to this.


The cilia
of the fallopian tube mucosa,

that the fertilized egg cell
to the uterus.

We are currently looking intensively for
for a possibility,

to fix it surgically.

But if she...

would be pregnant before...

would be the chance
an extrauterine pregnancy,

of an ectopic pregnancy,

of an oviduct pregnancy, very high.

Which in turn could
lead to severe internal bleeding.

So I have to warn you.

For reasons other than fathers.
of daughters to warn a young man,

not to get intimate with her,
until we were able to correct that circumstance.

A pregnancy
at this juncture

could be life-threatening for Ellie.

You hear me? Life threatening.

What if she were already pregnant?

Then I'd have to examine her immediately.

I must act immediately.

is more advanced than feared.

It's already the third month.

An abortion?

If I don't remove the fetus immediately,
she won't survive the pregnancy.


We have a reputation to uphold.

Is it really the only way? Really?

Are you questioning my expertise?

I'd put myself through something like that,
and my daughter,

if it wasn't necessary?

He's got himself an SS uniform.
I'll have them tailor it for you.

He practiced posing for hours.
In front of the mirror.

until he knew how to look good at it.

He didn't care that I saw him.

I was small.

On the hat was a skull.


A skull.

A doctor should heal.

He's supposed to be healing.

Will I always be at his mercy?

A gifted doctor, a humanist,

a co-creator
of our socialist republic,

in short a role model
for all members of his guild,

which is why on this December 11th,
on GDR Health Services Day,

with the Robert Koch Medal
and the title "Honored Doctor of the People."

to the jury.

Thank you, Comrade Minister,
for the kind words,

that I don't deserve at all.

As a doctor and member of society
I'm merely doing my duty.

I'm a wheel in a big gear.
of the world socialist movement.

Much like the painter of the same
far too flattering portraits of me

is just a little wheel,

stylistically indistinguishable
from the other painters here.

Like all small wheels.
of a large apparatus,

who, with the help of the Soviet Union.
to a great, common goal.


Thank you. I'll take care of it.

What did he want?

I'm supposed to be
to KGB headquarters.

That's all he said.

I guess the plan didn't work out.
They are closer than before.

Patience, Martha.

Just be patient.

General Murayov,
Professor Seeband.

You can go.



Wait, I have something to show you.

Come sit down.

Carl, I'm being transferred.

Back to Moscow.
I won't be able to protect you anymore.

Everyone else is caught.

The search for Burghard Kroll and the...

"Medical Coordinator of the Dresden Region
in the performance of euthanasia."

is still open on paper.

I can't guarantee it,

that my successor
not with new surveys

of doctors and nurses.

You also have to leave the GDR
and never come back.

Make an exit application
for you and your wife.

It will be approved.

The truth they'll tell
in the West.

Our side hopefully also not.


You can't tell me anything about Kroll?

Where is he?

Who else
was at your meetings?

You'd help me a lot.

I've never met this man.

I don't know anything about him.

We won't see each other again,
my friend.

I hope so,
my debt is paid with this.

You can go.

Dear Ellie, dear Kurt.

So now you've been here for two hours.
my son-in-law.

I leave my daughter in your care,

when we get to the end of the month.
the GDR.

There's just one thing I want you to know.
for your life on the way.

It's not enough to be good.

I've experienced it,
like men who were only good,

ignored, expropriated,
were even wiped out.

If you want security
in your life,

no matter what you do,

you must be the best.

Not one of the best.

The best.

To the spouses.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.


"And so I am now
in Oldenburg,

at the Sanderbusch Clinic,
with the view,

after Erkner's retirement in two years
to take the lead.

Take care of yourself, your daddy."

There he is again.
on your feet, it seems.

They beat the shit out of him.
Just always on it, always on it.

How much would you give me
for the Wartburg?

Are you out of your mind?

Do you know how long an ordinary mortal
waiting for a car like this?

I don't enjoy it anymore.

300 marks?

Kurt, in the West,
They don't even paint there anymore.

Painting is now considered to be bourgeois.

Bourgeois means good for them,
I thought.

Oh, I don't know.

Of course, we're all here
get rid of you, but...

You have a life here.

You've got money. You're getting famous right now.

I mean, I get girls in bed,
because I'm your assistant.

You can handle the apparatchiks.
like no other.

You'll be 30 next year.
It's not that young anymore.

You are...

What's the matter with you?

- Because that's not what this is about.
- What is it about then?

The truth.

And who says what's true?

- I am, I am, I am.

- 260?
- All right, all right.

- Do you need screens?
- Do you have any?

As many as pictures. In the studio.

What's that?

Paint them over, please. All of them.
I don't want to see them anymore.

Believe me, it's all wrong,
what I painted there.

- ...Realism.
- Visit from Norman Street.

And the murals?
You can't destroy them. an unstoppable locomotive
to represent.

Comrade Schreiber and Comarek...

I'll have others do it for me.

We were there from the beginning.
We testify to all impeccable attitudes.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

- What do you have in that suitcase?
- Things that belong to my brother-in-law.

Runned train
driving towards Zoologischer Garten.

Please stay behind.

- They make it almost too easy.
- Not for long.

Next stop:
Zoological Garden.

- Their names?
- Barnert, Kurt.

Fill this out, please.

Their beds are there. I'll come to you.

Mrs. M?ller? Mrs. M?ller!

- Thank you. Thank you.
- How do you do?

- Please.
- Thank you.

- Please, please.
- Thank you, sir.

Dear Professor.

If you're reading these lines,
I am in the West.

I couldn't do it before
talk to you,

because you'll be
have made you liable to prosecution.

You were always very good to me.

Therefore, you will
may even believe

that I make this decision
not lightly met.

Hello, I'm Kurt.

- Want me to come back later?
- Nah, come on in.

Klaus, quiet, huh?

Or you'll mess up your dad.
the birthday present for Mommy.

- How old are you again?
- 29.

- I'm turning 30.
- You look younger.

Hm, Munich is a good idea already.
People have money there.

They're always looking for
Portraits and landscapes.

But also in Hamburg. That is... Well.

What I would advise against is D?sseldorf.

- D?sseldorf?
- Mhm.

Just modern art.
You know, so avant-garde.

You weren't at the academy,
you don't stand a chance anyway.

It's a little like a mafia.
Munich is good.

Hamburg is good.

And Berlin is so medium.

Well, you see for yourself.

Klaus, shut up.

"Salon des refus?s".

- How do you do? I'm Kurt. Barnert.
- Mhm.

I called. For a guided tour.

- I've never been into that before.
- Do you take him back?

This isn't a gallery.

He told him in the lecture.
and I beat my nose to death.

He showed the Hitler salute.
and then claims it's provocation.


- 9000 marks paid for some earth.
- No!

You're under 26, aren't you?

Well, what are you gonna do?

Action? Installation? Sculpture?

- Painting, actually.
- Painting?

No offense, I'm not a bad guy either.
from the East. Mecklenburg.

- Harry, Harry Preusser.
- Kurt.

Well, nobody really does paint around here anymore.

People want something new. An idea.

- Any ideas?
- Yes, but not something like that.

Something new. Or at least repackaged.

Just like Yves Klein, who says:
"I claim ultramarine for myself.

I'm even patenting it.

It's called Yves Little Blue now.
That's the only expression I express myself in.

I paint the naked breasts.
of a beautiful woman with it.

And she smears them on her breasts
of another beautiful woman.

I paint sponges with it.
and glue it to canvas."

It's no use if somebody's
had the idea before.

Lucio Fontana slits canvases
for six years.

But Katrin has nice firm breasts,
and so we leave them.

Let's focus our attention
away from the obvious,

to the threadbare.

Let's leave the mysterious at the front.

That's Adrian Schimmel.

The name says it all.

His real name is Adrian Finck,
Son of the Mannesmann board.

A dumpling.
And he can talk, that is also clear.

But is the wallpaper idea enough?

That's a different question:
What does the entire composition tell you?

Yeah, I think it's pretty.

Well, of course it is.
a wallpaper, so to speak.

- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yes, I'm sorry.


But you see: only apparently.

That's what we artists are looking for.

What's going on
hidden behind the decorative.

Look at this:
the emptiness expressed by the white,

I put between the stencils.

The banality, through
embodies the recurring pattern.

And the pointless glare
through the neon colors.

That's what brought you here.

You have
a deep artistic sense.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have ended up here.
Your friends see a pretty wallpaper.

You see the layer behind it.

That's nice.


can you buy one of these?

You can.
That's the great thing about art.

The devil always shits on the...
Well, you know.

But this is no way for an artist
I'll have to talk to you about his work.

He wants to give his successful family
prove it,

that he can succeed without her.

All they care about is coal.

I want
to my unsuccessful family,

that I can still succeed.

All that matters is money.
Everything sucks with the families.

But you can't be more than 26,
if you have the idea, otherwise it's nothing.

- Why?
- Think about it.

Picasso was 26
at the Demoiselles d'Avignon.

Duchamp was 25 when he was
"Act descending a flight of stairs."

And Michelangelo was 24 with the Piet?.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- What do you call this?
- "Potato pendulum".

- No more points?
- At the moment I am interested in potatoes.

This is Kurt. He's from the East, too.
Wants to study here.

Ah, well, then you've certainly had to
Harry's speech about the listening to idea.

You don't think so?

I'm more interested...

for potatoes.

Come on, before you get corrupted.

Arendt Ivo.
Nobody knows what he wants.

He used to do everything

into such large, evenly colored dots
on plates.

Could have been a real idea.
And now this.

And in two months.
he's doing something completely different.

Our professor.

Antonius van Verten, you may have heard of him
also heard in Saxony.

An original.

He prefers myth.

He always wears that hat.

Once he was seduced
a sharp student,

just to see him without his hat.

He kept him in bed, too.

He only works with felt and fat.
And why?

That remains his mysterious secret.

We have to go to all his lectures,
but he never looks at any of us.

He says you can only know for yourself,
if you're doing it right.

I don't think he cares about us.

Well, so does he.

Whether you'll be admitted,
you get a studio...

It's all this weirdo's decision.

Come on, now.
It's not that interesting.

You didn't submit a portfolio.

I couldn't take anything with me.

And what have you done so far?


- In the GDR?
- Yes.

Socialist realism.

So now they have
actually built a wall.

Did you feel that coming?

"No one's on purpose" is most of the time,
the exact opposite is true.

But somehow that's
art again, this wall.

A landscape work of art.

The handcrafted execution
is uninteresting.

hundreds of thousands
have trouble with that.

Consistent German insanity.

What do you like about art?

You don't like to talk about yourself, do you?

But your eyes tell me,
that you've seen more than any of us.

The only two conditions for you
are the same for everyone else,

that you
first, you come to the lectures.

and second, you never ask,

that I'm looking at any of this,
what you're doing.

You got a deal?

Whether it's good or not,
only you know that anyway.


One step forward,
two steps back.

Oh, come on.

Don't tell me you're here
you can't do everything you want.

I wish I knew what it was.



- Who are you going to vote for?
- CDU!

- FDP!
- Peace Union!

They're criminals.

- As if they were better!
- SPD!

Don't vote at all.

Never vote for another party again.

Choose art.

It's an either-or.

Only in art
freedom is no illusion.

Only the artist can make the people
after this catastrophe

to give back their sense of freedom.

whether or not he's in the garbage collection service.

or a farmer,

has the chance to be an artist.

If he had his own
subjective abilities

unfolded without specifications.

If you're not free,

completely free,

it won't be anybody.

By freeing yourselves,

you make the world free.

You're priests.

You're revolutionaries.

You are liberators.

Bring your burnt offerings.

Don't tell me,
you went under the slasher.

That's almost an idea.

You're a quick learner.

I lost it.

I went to the doctor.

I won't be able to have children.

And you know what he said?

It was the abortion.

No cilia damage.

The holding device has been damaged.

Cervical insufficiency.

We'll never
for the third month.


Because he wanted to keep her so pure...

he wiped out his own bloodline.

We're not having any kids, Kurt.

Your pictures.

Your pictures
will be our children, yeah?

Good, good, good.


Last time we saw each other.
about the expansion...


No. No, no, no, no, no, no.


Have you all
with Lehmbruck?

You can see that better with the episcope.

Yes, Lehmbruck.

He says

"Every work of art must have something
from the first days of mankind."


like it was just a minute ago.

Like it's crawling now...

out of the primordial mass, out of the rib.


No, no, different, uh...

Did any of you guys get
had any insight?


that he wants to share with us?

- Lotto numbers.

Nah, really. The lottery numbers.

Now, if I could just
six random numbers...

5, 7, 23, 29, 44, 11...

...that's stupid.

But if I can get the winning numbers
of the lottery draw...

May I have a word, please?

"2, 17, 19,

25, 45, 48".

Yeah, well, then somehow they'll have
something true, compelling, uh...

Yes, almost beautiful.


That was my...

my insight.

You can go home.
I have nothing for you today.

Kurt, would you come here, please?


I want to see your art.

When did you say that?

Whenever it suits you.
If it is all right with you.

Just let me know.

What are you even thinking about?

Does he like your work?
you get a gallery.

- Then your girlfriend gets a car.
- I am married.

Then your wife will get
and your girlfriend a car.

I just don't know,
if that's good enough what I'm doing.

Somehow it's not.

It's all subjective anyway.
If it weren't subjective, it would be craftsmanship.

It's about luck, too, you know?

And that he was
interested in your stuff,

for whatever reason, it's your luck.

He doesn't want to be wrong.

He's about to
I'll see something genius about your work.

Don't stand in your own way.

They're good, the work. Really.

They're good.

During the war, I was a radio operator for the Air Force.

I was a miserable radio operator.

And my pilot was a miserable pilot.
Four weeks of training.

Right on our second mission.
we were shot down, over the Crimea.

The pilot died instantly.

I was killed by nomadic Tatars
saved from the wreck.

With burns that I
should have died.

The peasants,

the very peasants,
I should have bombed,

pulled me out of the wreck...

and nursed me with that,
what they had.

They rub my wounds with fat...

and wrapped me in felt blankets.

I stayed with them for a year.

After that I surrendered
in American captivity.

If I ask myself,
what I really know,

what I really felt in life,

what I can say without lying...

it's the grease on my skin.

The home of fat and felt.

When others tell me about love,

to women, to their children,

or sex,
then I know what they mean...

just because I've got felt and fat
I felt on my skin.

I haven't seen anything before.

My childhood was happy and sheltered.
A few slaps in the face, a few.

My teachers liked me.

I wanted to be a merchant,
like my father.

I had no artistic talent.

And I haven't seen anything since.

I stayed happy.

I spent the end of the war

in a hospital
with friendly nurses.

Very friendly.

After that quite quick success
and this professorship here.


the fat and the felt...

I've so penetrated them,

I understood them like...

as Descartes understood it,
that he exists.

"I think so I am."

He questioned everything. Everything.

Anything could be an illusion,
Deception, conceit.

But then he knew that there was something
that's what makes me think.

And that consequently
something must exist.

And this something he calls...


But who are you?

What are you, man?


you're not.

How was your day?


Villa Cimbrone.

- Also Villa Cimbrone.
- No, Villa Rufolo.

But also in Ravello.

- Oh, the beautiful car.

- The hotel.
- Le Sirenuse.

Oh, God, Pompeii.

Slides are moved on)

Still studying at 30?

I'll fill these in.

When I was 30,
I was a senior physician in Dresden.

When Mozart was 30...

he was dead.

I'll get it out.
Should I open the red wine?

I see,
that you don't want support.

And that's laudable.

I'll make you a deal.

I know the director.
of the Frauenklinik D?sseldorf.

I'm there again and again
to consultations.

I'll get you a drink from him.
a part-time position.

Something fitting.

Maybe three hours early in the morning, yeah?


Then you have a livelihood.

and still have enough time to...


Can he tell us
just leave me alone?

Just disappear from our lives?

Maybe the job at the clinic will be
yes, to help you.

Wait a minute, I'll help you.

...for the whole two months
I haven't visited him once. Impossible.

Kurt Barnert, I've come on a recommendation.
by Professor Seeband.

White on a white background.
Is this the new art?

"The symbol of emptiness."
You could call it that.

Maybe it'll be a sensation.

Come on, I'll buy you dinner.
My driver is waiting outside.

This has to go to Bonn
to the authorities.

So that I
I get my permanent passport.

He's ready to pick you up there.
Here is the power of attorney.

I thought you lived near Bonn,
why don't you do it for me?

Then you can go
earn extra money.

I'll come back next week,
to pick up the passport, yeah?

- Professore, un caff??
- Si, Grazie.

Burghard Kroll caught!

Sick killer lived for ten years.
unharmed in Schleswig-Holstein!

A penny.

Thank you. I'll take care of it.

Sick killer.

Thank you. I'll take care of it.

Sick killer.
Ten Pfennig.

- Thank you very much. Goodbye.
- Ciao.

- Professore, un caff?.
- Grazie.

You smoke?

63 is an age,
where you can start.

The consequences
won't catch up with me anymore.

You finish your meal in peace.
Unfortunately I have to hurry.

Say hi to Ellie.

- Buona notte.
- Buona notte, Professore.

- May I?
- You can take it with you.

- I just need the sports section.
- Thank you.

"White on white."

"The symbol of emptiness."

Your father-in-law?

What an asshole.

You know, for the first time.
someone's success more than mine.

Your fault is that you're still
on canvas and easel.

Painting is just dead.

as in...

Folk dancing or lace-making or silent film.

I only mean well with you, otherwise
I'd let you keep running like that.

We just can't be doctors anymore.

What Power Art thou

Who from below

Has Made me rise

Unwillingly and slow

From beds

Of everlasting snow

See'st thou...


- Hello, there.
- Hello. Hello.

What's that? What's that?

I don't know, either,
but I think that's it.

- Paint photos?
- Yes.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I am
with the construction progress.

That's what we like to hear,

- You know my concerns.
- Yes.

The clear door width of the operating theatres
would have to be on both sides

25 centimetres.

So we can pass comfortably with beds.

That's right, Professor.
Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Did Dr Weber call?

You understand, I think.
I didn't introduce this morning.

It would have been inappropriate.

How's the art?
And more important: Do you have my passport?


I'm afraid I have to... go.

Thank you. I'll take care of it.

Excuse me.

Have you ever seen anything like it?

What did you tell him? What did he have?

This is the time of love
The time of friends

And of the adventure

When Time Comes and Goes
On Don't think about anything

Malagre'ses blessures

Because Time of love
It's long and it's short

It always lasts
We remember it

It is said that at twenty years of age

We are the Kings of the World

And that e'ternally
There will be in our eyes

The whole blue sky

Because Time of love
It Makes you feel good

A lot of heat and happiness

I wish you knew,
how beautiful you look right now.

I am pregnant.

Fourth month.

I went to the doctor. We are going to be parents.

We're going to be parents.

It's Sunday, nobody's here.
I promise you.

Please, there's nobody here.

Please, like yesterday.

Please tell me again,
and then come down.

I am pregnant.

They're not potatoes, are they?

What do you think of that?
when I become your gallery owner?

Adrian Schimmel, the gallery owner?

Adrian Finck.

With such exhibitions
I'm trying to set a backlight.

- Glad you could make it.
- Thank you.

We should get started.

Is there already
any questions to Kurt Barnert?

Maybe then I'll put
the first question.

Mr. Barnert,

many of your pictures are based on amateur photos
or painted in magazines.

The picture "Nude on a staircase"...

to Duchamp, isn't it?


Heinz Viersen, Westdeutsche Zeitung.

Mr. Barnert,

in your magnificent painting.
"Mother and child" that we see here...

Who is represented? Your mother and you?

No, it's just an amateur photo.

Who I paint doesn't really matter to me.

But if you paint a portrait,
then you must know the person.

It's even better,
if I don't know her.

Then I'd better see what's really there.

Therefore also the picture
with the passport photos from the machine?

A photo without a writer?


With the Wehrmacht officer.

You don't have a statement about the Wehrmacht?

No, I don't make statements.
I make, um...


So, photos. Photos by other means.

Hermann Schreiber, SDR.

They also take over
the exact composition of the amateur photo.

There's a lot of things that happen by accident.

No, not by chance. Um...

Really, harmoniously, really.

Only reality is coherent.
Every reality is coherent.

Everything that's true is beautiful.

What do you mean?


Now, if I quote six numbers,

it's stupid, pointless.

But if the six numbers

are the winning numbers in the lottery draw,
then they make sense,

a coherence, a value,
yes, almost a beauty.

It's the same with the photos.

I want the truth.

Look at this.

Yes, Mr. Meybert?

Urs Meybert, Art Chronicle.

What's next for you?
Still blurred photos?

No, I've had enough of that for now.

I am currently interested in
for colour plates.

Colour plates?


We'll get in trouble.

We'll get in trouble there too.

Randomly selected magazine images,
Passport photos from the machine,

any snapshots
from family albums.

It's all blurred.

With pictures like that,

which, for inexplicable reasons.
have a real power,

Kurt Barnert seems to be

to the leading artist
of his generation.

And that with the painting I thought was dead.


how many in his generation did he have?
not to tell, not to say.

He's breaking away from tradition,

says goodbye
from the biographical approach in art

and creates
for the first time in art history

a work without an author.

- Was that good?
- That was great.

Are you sure I can't drive you?

I like to walk a little more.

You did good today.

That was good. That was good.

This is gonna be good.

On three.