Neuron (2019) - full transcript

The Number which you dailed is not reachable ?


Two hours back a twenty year old girl is been missing from
the Sakleshpura Western Ghats limits Police station

Please block in the check post junction

On Duty
Over Sir!

Two year old girl has been missing since twenty years back
Why should we search for her now Sir?

Is it our fate?
You fool!

What they mentioned is two hours back a
Twenty year old girl is missing

Do listen carefully you deaf ear
This device is not audible clearly

I cannot help
You catch hold of it

What will you do here?
After handing this over to me

Get out
Give it here Sir

Who will talk to you?
He will catch hold of big fish

Stop the vehicle here

Do you have license?
I do Sir

Have you boozed?
Had a great party last night?

Is yours a life of a dog?
You leave from here

That case is different and this is different
Do you have a disease of smelling things?

This old man won’t let me earn at least hundred rupees
Not sure when he will be cremated!

Your friends are here Sir
These idiots!

Where are you dual thieves going to?

It seems these days teenage girls
are missing from our village

Be careful guys
The Police might arrest you guys

Be careful
Leave now

Shouldn’t been seen to our eyes

Recently only girls are missing it seems Sir
Eight girls till now Sir

Forget about the eight cases,
In future will make sure there are no missing cases

Go do your job
You seem to be idiotic more than them

There should be no bad mouth in business
The tongue has to be as loyal as dog

Both are imperfect for you

You know that money is a very bad thing
Like me!

Take this brother
Please let my vehicle which is seized

Where is the interest amount?
Give me a week’s time brother

Will pay before that
Please inform big brother

You should be scared of big brother
Not a devotee! Go and be seated there

This is the settlement of Dixie boss

You do not trust me boss?

I have not invested on you
On this!

You have not changed boss
You are super!

Sorry boss

Is it ok now?

If the weight age was less here
The muscle in your body would have been less

I know boss

It is a genuine South African boss
With triple nine mark

This is what takes to the heaven

What Boss?

If we mix this international brand with the local
We could manufacture heaven in one year boss

We will mention that it is made in China
Our work and China’s name

What do you say boss?

You bloody!

There should be no backstabbing in business
People who look for shortcuts for heaven

Should not be in this business

Throw this dog outside

Number which you dailed is out of coverage area

That boy is innocent Sir
We won’t feel bad if outsiders cheat us

The one’s who was bought up in front of us
Try to overshadow us!

Do you know how the temper blasts?
This is common in your business Stalin!

Give him another chance

Where is he?

Have hung him so that the take off would be
Easy while send him to the heaven

Due to the respect I have on Inspector Sir
I have gifted your life

Take it
Have the food

He likes the goat head curry very much
Am I right?

Brother will beat me Sir
Eat it silently kid

Brother is like god
Look at the funny part Sir

Business is his
But only the number plate is mine

Everyone is copying our business
Eat! Have it

Brother will beat me Sir
Shut up and eat

You have been saying so
Department is next to you

Fear! Fear!
This fear gives me more happiness

There is no place for anyone
near Stalin if they don’t fear

If there is no place near Stalin then
he has no place in this earth

Do not get tensed
I said many times, but won’t listen

Thought of killing him after feeding him

I will feel bad if you do not eat Sir


Number which you dailed is out of coverage area

I have NGO camp for fifteen days
From Cauvery Orphanage

There won’t be mobile network
I will be not reachable as well

Till today 28 days over and
there is no single clue or information!

Book a ticket to bangalore

Stop the car


Wishes Sir
My name is Yuva!

Have a seat

Tell me Sir!
You wanted to celebrate anyone’s birthday in our orphanage

Or wanted to donate for food in anyone’s name?

If you donate five thousand,
we will take care of everything

One lakh!!!

I need details about her!

Wait for a minute,
I will be back Sir

Come In

He is that person Sir
Have a seat

Rashmika is like own daughter for many in our orphanage
How do you know Rashmika?

Rashmika is very close friend of mine Sir
Last time when I met her

She said that she is going on a camp from this Orphanage
On some NGO trible project

It is been twenty nine days
No phone call and have not received a message as well

You are right Yuva

Rashmika is a regular member of our group

Everyone where suppose to
leave for that project on fourteenth

But she said that she has personal work
And informed that she will directly join on sixteenth

She left here on sixteenth
But she did not reach there

What are you saying Sir?
Be consoled Yuva

I too understand!
We too have not come out of this shock

We have give a complain in Sakleshpura station
On twentieth

Have a look

Any information about FIR copy Sir?
Have to enquire in Police station!

It is very sensitive issue
Her name is collaborated with Orphanage as well

We are worried as well Sir

It's my number

If you get any updates
Please do call for this number

Yes sir Sakleshpura police station,Just reached

What do you want?

I wanted to meet inspector
Sit down, he will call you.

Or else he will shout at us
Will you get away?

Leave us sir please
Will you get away?

We never ran just like that
We have bribed your people

Whom did you bribe to?
To him

Can we talk?

Are you raising donkeys here?

You will get suspended, be careful!

Go aside you idiots

Hey Arun!

Charge them the whole night

Hey Mr.

Do you think its fish market or police station?
You have barged in as per your wish!

Sit down

Am really sorry sir

Am Yuva, I am a PHD researcher
I do not need your information

Come to the point, why you’re here?

This is ashrama missing case?

By the way what did you tell your name as?
Yuva sir

Yuva, how is this girl related to you?

Sir she is my life

He is trapped!

Is this pick and drop story

You have taken her in my station
and dropped in another station

Please mind your words sir
I am educated as well

Shut your mouth..!
We know everything

Such educated people turn into white
collared criminals And get caught

That’s were our head ache starts
She is the girl whom I am getting married to.

What were you doing till date?
She is being missing from twenty nine days

What do you mean sir?
I was in abroad on research work

After I came back I got to know all these!

See Arun, after he is done
all the crime now he is come here

What are you saying sir?

I am SP speaking
Hello sir

A guy named Yuva is come there?
Yes sir, he is here only

Clear his problems
Sure sir

Oh! You have connection with the SP
The connection is huge and the case is also huge

And if you get caught the
punishment will also be huge


Your phone numbers last digits 46204
Am I correct?

This is the record of your fiance call details

According to this, she has contacted you
Many number of times

According to this report,
you’re the prime suspect

This is my passport

Aruna take a Xerox copy of this
And pin it in the case file

Ok sir

Ask me any details you want I will give you

Can I see the FIR copy?

Just because you have good network behind you
Don’t act to smart

When, where and to who should I give all these
I very well know it

You may leave now
Mr. Officer

Just to find the women who’s lost you’re acting like this
Imagine how should I feel?

Your tension may rise and down
But mine will always remain raised

Hey Arun, keep an eye on him
Ok sir

Bring 802 and 803 files now

My life is spoilt because of this station
I am going to the same house for the eleventh time

Sir this is the house of his

Sir this is the house of his
Sir I have been observing him from ten days

He went out five times, and three times he has
Come back

And two times I went to attend natures call

Sir the drink he drinks is Arcola Rum

Its Hercules rum

So soon they have changed the name
Sir inside the house there’s a landline phone

But that isn’t working
In night it’s very dark here

Inside the home sir
He keeps speaking all alone like retarded

I get scared here
Yes sir

There is harmonium sound as well
I think he keeps playing it

I think he is a play master
I think the girl?

What the girl?
I think he is killed the girl

I have a doubt sir
Ok then I will resign

Why sir?
Every investigation you’re only doing

Then what work I have?
I have been working with you so it’s a habit

You’re just waiting for me to resign
Yes sir

No sir
It just came out with confusion

Sir newspaper is lying on the floor

Where is the door bell?

Sir it’s here itself
See sir


Such a big estate, big house
Something is fishy

Ring the bell
Yes SIr

Sorry sir, I was in the rest room

Till today I had only seen from outside
Let me see what’s there inside

Did you know anything about Rashmika sir?
If you had called I would come

You would have come
But I had to finish my work

That’s why I came myself

I came myself
Great collections

Sir don’t touch it please

Sorry sir
It’s a relation between me and Rashmika

I and Rashmika communicate through this
So it’s personal sir

I am just seeing the variety of bottle
Don’t know when I will taste it

Don’t know when I will taste it
Hey give me the file

Sir what will you have?

I will have a chilled pint
Sorry sir

The situation now I think I won’t get coffee and tea
So whatever it is it’s only after eight PM

Let me come back to the matter

Sir did you get any clue about Rashmika?

I am scared where I will go mad
I came to station thrice

But I did not find you
I know!

Thank you

Get the file here
Am confused which file is it?

This file is after three days
when Rashmika went missing

This incident happened in the
surroundings of shanivarsante Police station

Someone tried raping, throwing acid, murdering her and
Then tried escaping

During this time since there was another vehicle which
passed By, they left the vehicle and escaped

You can see this

Till now we are unable to find her identity
When we seized the vehicle, we found drugs in it

We sent the body to postpartum

According to postpartum hair,
blood and features don’t match Rashmika

This file is on the fifth day when Rashmika went missing
On the Yashlur road accident

The car cylinder blasted and the two people inside
Were burnt

According to the records one body resembled Rashmika
But it should also match forensic reports

See this file as well

So then you did not find anything about Rashmika

Mr. Yuva I can understand your pains
But we are also trying our best

The first quality of police is suspecting
For Rashmika I can go to any extent

I have a doubt on your department’s investigation

Get some tea
Ok sir

Sir here you get tea
Ok I understood sir

Mr. Yuva

This is your FIR copy which you had asked for
It’s very confidential

Now he will drink with that guy and act weird
Now we won’t go to station instead go to home

Very confidential

Sir it’s my request, please find Rashmika
As soon as possible

Often come to station and visit us
We still suspect you

Hey who is that?
I don’t know who is it sir

Even I am seeing him for the first time

What’s that?

Just investigating if you have had a party with him
Doubt on me now?

Keep an eye on him
Ok sir

Keep an eye on this, that

If I keep spying on people don’t know when
I will drink, only god will know

Let’s go sir?
Go to the station

Along with me appoint another guy for duty
Am scared to be alone here

Boss, in the entire south India
To do this world there’s only one name

Stalin’s work
There’s nothing in life, when we work we become popular

Sir, police is here
Don’t worry, he is our side!

What Gowda? You have stepped into our surrounding
There’s some work for Stalin which am amazed off

Come have a seat

In your case, case is just like a suitcase

You have work here, don’t spy every were

Case number 802
According to details

Some guys have raped, thrown acid on her
And behaved in a very cruel manner

By the time we reached there they have left their car

Just look at it

There is no connection between me and this
It may not be connected directly

But if there’s a connection indirectly
And another one

Case number 803

In this case the car cylinder exploded

And both of them were completely burnt

With that three kilogram of drugs were also found

So what now
Both the vehicle is in your name

That means?

Means if your boys have involved then
I will turn the case to another angle

My boys are like a loaded gun
I have to press the trigger

If they cross my words then
I will kill them

Hey give him the pan

Sir there is no connection between you and the case

I will go now

If your boys have involved then
I will turn the case to another angle

Phone ringing

Yes it’s rash


Yuva Yuva!

Leave me
Rashmika where are you?

Please Yuva come near our love forest

Leave me
Who is it?

What’s going on there?





Rush where are you?
Don’t play around me

Wow, it’s so nice to hear your heartbeat
Beat so fast

Don’t you have limits for your nonsense?

If I am in my limits will it be called love?
Without any limits hug me tight

Hug me
Hug me firmly

How much firmly?
Until I get evolved in you

Remain quite
It’s a love therapy

It’s not love therapy; instead it’s a mental disorder
It’s a serious warning to you rush

This is twenty seventh times you are doing this to me
Oh is it?

When did science student turn to mathematics student?
Ok, if I have played with you twenty seventh time

Then tell me what’s so special today?

Don’t I know it?

Isn’t it your birthday today?
You don’t even remember my birthday;

[Humming] what it today?

It’s been five years since you proposed me

Happy proposing anniversary to you
Don’t I know how fast you are?

Yes you’re correct
Am fast in theory and your fast in proving it

And our lives is an experimental world

We planted that plant on our first anniversary
That plant on the second anniversary

That plant on the third anniversary
That again in the fourth year

And this one in the fifth year

Come join

Our relationship will be so pure like these saplings

Yes you’re correct dear
After we die, this place will be a great love spot

Yes you’re absolutely correct
If every lovers plant plants like this

Then within one year we can surely overcome
Global warming

That’s correct
I will surely research on it dear

Oh god
Do you remember our next plan or have your forgotten it?

Where did we go last year and what did we do?

Yuva, last year you had promised me something
Nest year you would gift me an unexpected present

You don’t remember what’s today with that I should
Not expect any gift from you

People who have high IQ are always less emotional

You have proved it
Am really sorry rush

With all the research tension I have forgotten
All these

After marriage if sit with your books then when
Will we have babies?

It’s just ninety days, once this research work gets done
Then we’ll plan towards our marriage

Then within four-five years let’s plan a kabbadi team.
Ok done

I can forget the entire world in the name of research
But you’re my life! How can I forget you?

Now you have gift, guess what it is
Seriously, what’s it?

In the entire world do you know who is the
Luckiest and safest women?

It's Indian women

It’s a god’s blessing which women is received
Tell me what’s it?

It cannot be counted, leave all that to a side
First you tell me what are you blessing me with?

Ok, close your eyes

Devotionally or emotionally who would
receive such a blessing

My life started like a magic
When no one existed in my life

You came like a positive vibe

Same way my life also changed because of you

You are my life

Special coffee for a special person!

Am so lucky?

After marriage, will you prepare
coffee like this and give it to me?

Rush why to wait till then?
Why don’t you come and stay here itself?

You staying in ashram and I staying here
Instead we both can stay here only

We can surely stay Yuva
But living together is not Indian tradition

Living together is only for people who have
high five standards And mind set

When these traditions take lifetime vows, that’s when
Relationship stand strong

Madam tomorrow the program is fixed at six Am

Is it in manjina beta?
Yes madam

Ok Bhaskar,
I will come down

What is in manjina beta?

There’s a polio drops camp

Will you drop me?

Only if you give me polio drops, I can try
It’s only for people who are within five years

I am also a baby whose just five years in your love
I had totally forgotten

Now you remember right
Now at least will you give me the drops?

There is still time for it
Ok, be ready by six am

I will come down.

Ok bye

Shall I leave now?
How long will it take?

One and half hour, will you wait?
I will always wait for you

Go and come back


Hello madam
Good morning, come

You have good news
What happened? You look so upset

I have a bad news.
Bad news! What’s it?

You tell me first
Will you tell me or not?

Sit down

Tell me now
Leave it, tell yours first

Bad news first

Wow, your research thesis have been
selected in London university

Why are you so upset for it?
By next week you will be in London

Sorry but I am not going

How am I supposed be there for thirty two days
Leaving you?

Are you gone mad?
Hold this

See this

There’s a NGO camp from Cauvery ashram

Since it’s a thick forest tribal area, there will be no
Mobile network available

I will also be not reachable

It will be difficult for me also to stay without you

But if we miss this opportunities,
Then how will we built our career?

Don’t tell me all reason
Promise me, you will go to London

Yuva, our relationship should be a supplement
Than being a monument

Please Yuva

Sorry rush
I went little emotional, I will go

That’s the spirit

It's near for yuva to become youth icon,
So god helping both of us at a time

Hey Beauty
Spread the smile beauty

Enough of this silence

You are shining
You are killing me with the smile

I am immersed in your love

If you are in my life Beauty!
I am thrilled

Will wait for your favor
Till my last breath



Come and spread love within me whole heartedly
Let the love bud explode

Let it grow to become a tree

Hey Companion please come and do support
Let the urge be overwhelmed

Let our bonding be forever

You have opened the lock for the love of attraction



Hey Beauty
Spread the smile beauty

Enough of this silence

Please read the letter in my heart
Without hiding anything

Everything is been written off

Every line is of new kind of a magic
Have been high after reading it

Heart is hypnotized

You have given the brightness to the heart

Hey Beauty
Spread the smile beauty

Enough of this silence

You are shining
You are killing me with the smile

I am immersed in your love

If you are in my life Beauty!
I am thrilled

Will wait for your favor
Till my last breath



Is it a rape? Or is it an accident?
Is there someone between us?

Is she playing?
What’s happened to her?

Something is happened to her
Nothing happened to her ?

She will surely come
She will come...

Door knocks
Door Knocks...

Hello, am Anjali Joseph?
I was travelling to bisley for a program

There was a repair of my car
Since its raining heavily, I could not find any network

When I did not know what to do?
I saw your house light

Thought I could ask your help
If you don’t mind can I stay in your place for one night


I wanted to freshen up

Song Chorus....

You play piano so well
Do you stay alone in this house?

Are you a bachelor?

Am sorry, is she your wife?

Isn’t it desi scotch?
It has high kick

I have had it during my college times
It was severe

Sir you like a very emotional person?

Your music sense and the collections
you have it can be guessed

Sorry sir, I think I am disturbing you very much
We will talk in the morning

Good night

9'O Clock !

I have locked it ?

Hello, am Anjali Joseph?

If you don’t mind can I stay in your place for one night

I wanted to freshen up

is she your wife?

Isn’t it desi scotch?
It has high kick

Sorry sir, I think I am disturbing you very much
We will talk in the morning

Good night

Is this your wife?
We will talk in the morning

How did she come home in the night, when
She passed away in an accident yesterday afternoon?

Anjali !!

How did her number get saved?
Who saved this number?

How did her number get saved?
Who saved this number?

The light is switched on!


Early morning the mechanic had called
I came here to thank you,

But you were in your deep sleep
I thought why to disturb you

So I went away
I can’t thank enough for the help you have done

I came here to thank you tough,
The Door was open

But you weren’t there inside,
I was waiting for you

Thank you for the hospitality
You should once visit the place I stay

I should also treat the same way you treated me
Is it ok?

Even if you are not willing to come,
I will make sure you will come

I am in hurry,everyone is waiting..Bye

Doctor where are you?
I wanted to meet you!

What happening Yuva?
Doctor if you don’t come I may lose my life

You should come down to the place I stay
Even if you’re not willing to come,

Bell ringing...



Am really sorry sir
Come in

What’s wrong with you Yuva?
I never expected this from you

Do you believe in evil spirits?
First go freshen up, then we’ll talk about it!

Doctor there’s something in this house
Just do what I say, go now!

Here, have coffee.

Why do you look so tensed?

You were talking about some evil spirits
Do you believe in all those?

Of course Yuva
For a light world there’s a dark world which exists

For a normal energy there’s always
Paranormal energy which exists

Did you experience such a thing?
Yes sir

Yesterday night

This is just your mindset

Whatever you imagine starts becoming
A reality

To support all these incidents, one reason
Is your dirty drinking habit

Your loneliness, everything is mixed up
And now it’s creating confusion

That’s the reason I have kept telling you
Never be alone

Am never alone doctor,
I have Rashmika With me

Just look at yourself
Before you point on others, we should see ourselves

Look how stressed you are

Due to stress, thinking process becomes more
And mind starts becoming abnormal

You really need relaxation
Go on an outing or dating

I will send my assistant Chandhini to you
She will take care of you

Life is too short
You will surely find Rashmika

First stop drinking so much
Do you understand?

Take care


Mr. Yuva

These two files have confused us on the
Missing case of your fiance Rashmika

Number registered for one car has been
Duplicated and forged into many

We have started an investigation to verify
If there is a loop between the numbers doubling

And the missing case of your fiance An accident and
a burning case has been registered on the same week

Both the case has the same registered number
It took almost three month to close the file

Tell me where is she sir?

Yuva am extremely sorry

I don’t know how to tell it to you but
Rashmika passed away in an accident


Please calm down
We have done our duty

Hello sir

You country brut
You have stepped in like pigs,

And now you’re talking as if there is
Link between all these

Just go inside and check if they are your people

Yuva I will be back

You idiots
You’ll only highlight the issue

And make it high profile case
Bloody idiots

How am I supposed to lead a life without you?

Who is going hold my hand rush?
What am I supposed to do staying alone

For once
Come and stand in front of me

For once
Tell me that all these is a lie

Are you angry on me?
Why have you gone far?

What is the mistake that I have committed?
Can’t you forgive me?

When you are not in my life
Is it possible for me to survive?

Let me know where you are
I will join you there

When you are not in my life
Is it possible for me to survive?

Let me know where you are
I will join you there

You have cheated me

You knew the destiny
You would never allow them to be one

Without my permission how did you take

My tomorrows were only because of her
But when she is not there

Then how would I lead my tomorrows
I can’t live without you rush

I can’t live without you

What are you doing?
Being an educated and qualified person

How could you do this to yourself?

If I had come late, then there be something unexpected

Who the hell are you?
It’s me Yuva

Doctor Chandhini
Mr. Ashok sent me here

Did you see rush even if I want to come
To you, no one is letting me to come

There is no Yuva here
I have no relation with Yuva

Don’t disturb me now

Yuva stop it
Who are you to stop me?

What do you know about me?
What do you know about my life?

What do you know about my Rashmika?
Without her I am nothing

When she is gone away from me
Should I still stay here?

She is an emotion and the soft feeling of my heart
Even if there are hundreds of doctor like you

No one can’t do anything to me
These words are not just mine

Same way it’s not even Rashmika’s words
Instead it’s our relationships

Am saying it to for the last time don’t ever get into
This matter

This house is filled with her memories
And only hers

Clouds, why are the tears pouring?
Who is hurting you?

As like me
Are you all alone?

Tell me
Tell me now

Clouds, why are the tears pouring?
Who is hurting you?

My painful heart is
Tortured by your remembrance

You do look at me
I am like a soul less body!

This is my situation
How should I lead the life?

Mr. Ashok is sent me to take care of you

Am really very sorry about what happened yesterday
I was drunk and was not in my senses

Please don’t mind
Yuva you were lost in the old memories

There’s a saying, boat should always float on water
But the water should never enter the boat

And if that happens then our boat will get drowned
Don’t you think so?

Why did you clean all these?
It’s all fine

It would be good if I could clean your
Feelings, just like these

Look at all these,

Your memories have drowned your boat
So much

Who is rush?

She is my trust, belief, faith

Then she is my life.
So that means

She is my life

Her memories have taken over your life
Is that true?

Life is not about having,
it’s about being

We should always break walls and make doors

But you,
The doors which existed you close them

And built walls surrounding it and start
Leading a lonely life

At least to fulfill all her dreams,
You should be healthy rite

What do mean?
To fulfill Rashmika’s dreams you should be healthy

Yes your absolutely rite chandhini
What am I supposed to do now?

You’re the only hope
Will you help me to come out of all these?

All your yesterday and tomorrows stand
On today’s bridge

We don’t need to walk on the bridge,
Instead we should stand strong on it

And then life will be yours Yuva
Yes you’re correct

Are you remembering Rashmika?

I haven’t forgotten her to remember

Everything here knows how much I was
Attached to her

If she doesn’t come again, these will
Never bare those feelings

Rashmika might be died in the police records
But I really don’t believe it

She will surely come back chandhini
Yes yuva

Hope is life
To make your life wonderful,

You should recall your life, thoughts
And everything

Your correct chandhini
Until you’re with me, I will keep telling my heart

Your work is only to pump blood,
Not to think about Rashmika

But what else can I tell the heart
You really don’t know about yourself

You’re braver than you believe
Stronger than you look

And you’re smarter than you think
Yes you’re correct

Yes, I will plan according to it
It doesn’t require plans, but needs goals

You need to come out Rashmika first
When the lights of my life have gone out

What am I supposed to do?
You answer me

She is has given me more than I could give
Give her

She never asked me for anything
Instead she kept asking for “my time”

I could not even give her that
I could not understand her feeling and emotions

You must delete your old memories please
Rashmika never changed my heart to stone

If she made my heart a stone then I could
Surely listen to you

Darkness can never bring light
We always dreamt together

How can one person burn the dream?
When a person dreams it’s called dreaming

But when both of them dream together
Then it’s called reality

Yuva, There are people who don’t find answers
For their questions

And there are few who have answers for
Everything but don’t find questions

But there are people who are confused with
Both, question and answer

You should bury all your old memories


Yuva stop

I feel like running away from all these problems

But they are chasing me
Will you help me out chandhini?

If humans could forget everything then
And there

Then there was no need of any doctors

Yes you’re correct
Yuva what about your family?

Come I’ll show you

You said family?

I lost my parents 20 years back
On the same place

Due to that accident, my life changed

I was very young that time,
To remember all those

After my parents passed away, there was
None to care for me

Am really sorry Yuva
Calm down

People who have faced hard times
Have made wonders.

Firstly stop being alone,
and start being Confident

Make someone your companion who
Can match your thoughts

Fall in love again Yuva
Then you’ll make your life meaningful and beautiful

Will you be my companion ?

Will you stay by my side rest of my life?

I and Rashmika were like book of same page

But you’re like a different book

Wow! Can you play it once more?

You mixed my notes with your notes
And played well

For all these pains music is like a relief

No Yuva

To spread our love music is a god’s gift

I thought about it!
What are you talking about?

You spoke about me being your Companion
Am ready to be your Companion

Be practical Yuva
Every lyric make a song

When we are together, life may
Become colorful

If you be my soul mate!

The lonely life

The Myna is turning out to be peacock

The silence has spoken sweet words

Oh what a surprise?
When did you come?

I came home long back
I made coffee for you

You still didn’t notice

Thank you

Am so happy to see your confidence

How are you feeling now?
As you said

Excellent chandhini
Am feeling refreshed and energetic

Your love and feelings are
making me feel Better

It’s only because of you
As a doctor I have just done my duty

Your wrong chandhini

It’s not a duty of doctor
You have helped me like a Companion

Don’t worry Yuva
I’ll be with you

By the way come to my home tomorrow
There’s a surprise for you






So soon you have come here

I could not hold on to your surprise

Your heart is just like these flowers
So nice, please come in

Am so happy today chandhini
My life was filled with questions and confusion

You have given me all the answers
Thank to the help chandhini

Am writing my life to you

Don’t worry, there’s no one in home!
You stay alone?

Your there rite

I get freshen up


If you don’t come, I will make sure you

By the way, come home tomorrow
There’s a surprise for you

Am ready to be your companion

Who are you?

It’s me chandhini

Who are these?

I, Rashmika and anjali are close friends
We got a call saying that Rashmika passed away

We could not believe it

The entire issue was changed as car accident
Instead of rape and murder

Anjali had got a file to prove this
They somehow got to know about it

And killed anjali in car accident as wel

I could not go to her funeral

Just to save each other they corrupted
The entire system

You were not in a position to understand
Anything, when I came to tell you

That’s why I wanted to bring you out
From all those and wanted to tell you this

Their soul won’t rest in peace till you
Take a revenge on them

As a friend and women I have tired
Doing my work

As men do what you can do please

Both the cases have same number plate
They changed rape and murder case to car accident...

As car accident
Your Rashmika passed away in an accident

Anjali was also killed in car accident
Our boss has asked for the file


Let me know what is the deal Sir

One person’s death news should be on the
newspaper within a week

I am not sure if his name would be there on headlines
But he will be dead for sure

There is five lakh rupees in this

Is it less?

Keep this as advance
Will pay 25 lakhs more after the job is done

If we search the entire city
None would match for this big deal

Who is he that you are quoting so much?

Look here

Are you mentally unstable?
You are from which place?

You know what you are talking and to whom?

Even if you pay in millions this deal cannot happen

You will be with him always

You can kill him with ease

You will be in the newspaper headline’s tomorrow

This stalin TRP ?

Only 25lakhs
Means your boss has no market outside

Who is he?

I will collect the information boss

You idiot!

Within two hours I need his details

He is planning to kill me
Who is he?

I need him

Fish eats insects
Fish are eaten by humans

Fish gets insects
Humans get fish

But insects wait till human
Comes to the soil



Am the happiest person chandini...

I killed the person behind rashmika
And anjali death

Today their soul will rest in peace

Yes chandhini

What you told was correct

I feel something new
My life will be fulfilled only if your there

Am very scared,
What if you will leave me alone?

I may be an option to you but you’re my

You won’t leave me chandini?
Reply chandhini








Where am I supposed to search you?

Where had you been for so long time?

Look, I wanted you to meet someone

I told you
I'll introduce you to someone

I told you
I'll introduce you to someone

He is Yuva

This is doctor chandhini

Hi, am chandhini

Sir what happened?

I will explain

It’s a very serious physic disorder

I had told that I will be sending you there

But he has imagined Chandhini
And had was mentally connected to her

I had noticed
Its highest form of Schizophrenia

What's next?

Where is Chandhini?

Yuva she is doctor Chandhini
No she is not Chandhini

This is Chandhini
Can’t you see?

Don’t I know who Chandhini is?
This is Chandhini

You bloody MBBS
Is she Chandhini

Calm down Yuva
Ashok I have already killed Stalin

Now if you take away my Chandhini
I won’t spare you

Where is she?
Leave me

Where is she?
Leave me

Yuva leave me

Doctor why is my face like this?

There’s something wrong with the mirror
What has happened to my face?

Nothing to worry Yuva, there’s an over dose
Of medicine


What medicine overdose?
I will file a case on hospital and close this hospital

We are sorry

Doctor get some juice

There’s no one proper here
They have made me look old

Calm down Yuva

Have some juice Yuva

Take rest now

In another 10min he’ll be fine
Take care of him

I have been treating him since two years

Whenever he comes to reality

He keeps questioning how I became old
And what happened to my face

Then what ever I heard and typed was
Just an imagination story

According to my point of view its imagination
But on his point of view it’s a fact fiction

On the 2 year study on his brain and nerves
I have prepared how his brain works and thinks

Stalin! he was the one who was killed by Yuva!


Please take your seats


They are the main characters whom Yuva has
Recorded in his memory

According to him, he has murdered Stalin

Inspector how was Yuva behaving with you?

And enquired about Rashmika
Then I had been to his place

After that i went to his house
and explained about those 2 cases...

While going back for the first time I met doctor

After 3 months in station...
I was discussing this issue with him

Careful sir, my boss need those files...

He went missing when I finished talking to
These guys

Case file was shattered on the table
I had a doubt

Sorry Yuva Rashmika died due to
Car accident

DNA and FORENSIC report shows the same thing

Accident, why can’t it be rape and murder?

May be a chance right ?

Yes sir
Whenever he met me

Did you get information about Rashmika?
No I don’t know anything about Rashmika

Take this
If you get any information about Rashmika call me

He gave money to my guy and asked him to kill me
How come he is still alive? I had killed him

I have no connection with him

Someone is so important has been missing
Please pray I get them back soon

I found it weird
After I met SI sir then I came and met you

On a minute changes on him, we can
Come to know if he is normal or abnormal

Am really not interested in all these
For me money is time and time is money

See you

What might be the reason behind it?
Neuron network

The functioning of our brains and cells
Inside the brain

To encode the feelings and send signals in and out
Is the function of these hundred billion neurons

Brain produces number of feelings, emotions and

All these depend on our neurons system
If something gets damaged in this part of area

Then there’s an attack of Schizophrenia

Loneliness, anger and feeling scared are probably
The first person who are attacked by this

And also all these are hyper level
The chances are higher

We usually forget the small things but people suffering
From Schizophrenia they act according to it

They create their own imagination world
They live inside this world

It’s similar to Yuva

He hasn’t seen me
Just because you said you’ll send Chandhini

He imagined her
Who is Chandhini who existed in his subconscious mind?

When he was 11 years
He lost his parents in a car accident

Only Yuva and his driver were saved in the accident

Where is my dad and mom ?

Yuva leave it

I had a doubt on the same day
I thought it was a phobia

Later I realized
Then who is Anjali?

She is also Nurse in my team
She was his personal care taker

She always came for a night 12'O clock shift

Anjali..did you gave food ?
Okay sir

So Anjali’s character started existing there
His mind has been travelling everywhere

Doctor how is he recognizing all of them?

Yes, it’s surely difficult in other cases

But in Yuva case god has helped us
People whom he loves and hates

He would sketch pictures of them

After I decoded all of it I started understanding

So there’s no medicine for this?
There are few experiments to be done on him

For now it’s possible only with doctors

For now it’s possible only with doctors
There’s a medicine for him


I will make him alright

Yes sir

[Sanskirth word ]

I will be a god to him

What are you saying?
Yes sir I will make him alright

It’s very impossible to change him
It's very difficult to find that formula

But it requires an honest heart

The day I researched on this
I felt something was missing

You kept observing him like a patient but you
Never observed his innocence

Yuva needs love and care
I will give him that love and care

I will give him that love and care
And make him alright

As a doctor or daughter?

As a human I will make him fine
Dad, as long as Rashmika stayed in his life

Wasn’t he fine?
When he started searching his past

That is when he pressurized himself
And that affected his neuron system

That is when his hormone level came down
And Schizophrenia increased

His emotions came out through music
People around him just saw what was missing in him

But what he actually wanted no one knew

Everyone looks for brightness when there are in dark

But the Doctors should look for more brightness in the

But in Yuva’s case something is possible


Hey Yuva

You bloody MBBS

You proved again

You’re just a fake doctor

Why dint you tell me about my health?
Why dint you tell me be myself?

You please have patience
We are all with you

I won’t kill anyone, instead I will
Kill myself

I knew where my Rashmika is
I will go there

Listen to me Yuva
Look at me

Won’t you listen to your childhood friend?
You always stole my lollipop

Do you remember?

Don’t come close

I have Schizophrenia
Who told you that?

This doctor

He is a fake doctor


Yes he is fake, that’s why he is with these culprits

Come on Yuva
There’s nothing wrong, am there with you

I will be there with you
Come let’s go