Nemesis 5: The New Model (2017) - full transcript

It is the year 2077 and terrorist organization known as The Red Army Hammerheads now dominate the Earth. The fate of humanity now rests in the hands of The New Model, Ari Frost. Trained ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


[upbeat electronic music]

[wind whistling]

[eerie electronic music]

[eerie humming]

[chaotic electronic beeping]

[door creaking]

[guns firing]

[gun clicking]
[Alex gasps]


[computerized groaning]

- [Ari] It was 12 years
ago, the day I met Alex.

I couldn't believe it.

My parents had been killed

as a result of the
60-Year Cyberwar,

and I'd been by myself
for a few months.

I had almost given up hope
when I found that alley,

and when I found
the war goddess.

My whole life changed
at that moment.

Alex wasn't very interested
in my company at first,

but my persistence
finally paid off.

I must have asked her a
thousand questions that day.

She maybe answered three of 'em.

She took me to where she lived.

It was a very secluded
place in the wastelands,

a place where no one
would ever bother her.

As time went on, she
would open up to me.

She even started to train me.

[crossbow snapping]

[arrow thudding]

[crossbow snapping]

[arrow thudding]

Alex told me of the cyborg war

between the Red Army
Hammerheads and the LA Police,

how both sides claimed to
be protectors of the humans,

but due to all the
death and destruction,

the humans no longer cared.

She showed me a journal that
she had been writing in.

It documented all that
she had been through,

fights, friends, enemies,
time lapsing, everything.

Alex told me how at
one point in 2084,

the war was about to be over,

how the LA Police had been
making significant victories

against the Red Army Hammerheads

and that an end to
the wars was in sight,

and that's when the
Hammerheads tried a new tactic.

That had launched a
massive coordinated attack

on the four major
national media centers.

The Hammerheads'
non-stop propaganda

made them out to be
the saviors of humanity

against what they called
the fascist LA police state.

Videos of state atrocities
committed by the Hammerheads

were made to look like the LA
Police flooded the airwaves.

So willing to believe what
they saw on the screen,

the humans had taken the
Red Army Hammerheads' side.

[gun firing]

The army-held media
fed human's act.

They would be totally
submissive within a generation.

She thought she had
failed humanity,

but could fix that by
training and teaching me.

Over time, as I got stronger,
Alex would get weaker

as her cybernetic
parts would break down,

but her emotional strength
would get stronger.

We knew the only way to
do this was send me back

to 2077 LA, seven years before
the national media takeover.

The Hammerheads had a
stronghold on the media there

at that time.

I would go back to
find their leaders

and put an end to the
propaganda machine.

Alex felt that this was
the right thing to do,

because now she can hear
the angels singing for her

at the end of her existence.

[machine humming]

[chaotic synthesizer music]

[computer beeping]

- [Man] I have the
subject on the phone.

What do you advise?

- [Man] Go in.

Go in.

[dramatic music]


- Move and I'll
crush your throat.

[tense electronic music]


Had to make sure
you weren't armed.

Can't be too careful these days.

Undercover police
are everywhere.

Relax baby.

[laser gun humming]

[gun firing]

[upbeat electronic music]


- Goddamn bitch cop.

- Goddamn terrorist!

[gun firing]

[upbeat electronic rock music]

[singing in foreign language]

[tense electronic music]

[electronic warbling]




[dramatic music]

[guns firing]

[dramatic music]

[guns firing]


[guns firing]

- She got away.

- Not for long.

Get a drink and
mourn the martyrs.

[static crackling]

[alarm blaring]

- Good evening.

Firstly, all of us here with
the Red Army Hammerheads

would like to thank
you for your help

in decimating the
oppressive power

of the fascist Los
Angeles Police.

Without you, the
strides we have made

would never have been possible.

Unfortunately, the
battle continues

and we still need your help.

The LAPD continues to
recruit others against you.

This was the scene
earlier where a member

of your Red Army
Hammerheads, as well as three

fully human citizens,
were viciously killed

by this woman.

If you have any information
as to her identity

or whereabouts, please find any

of your Red Army
Hammerhead officers,

so they may apprehend
this terrorist against you

and give you the recognition
and thanks you deserve

for not only helping your
Red Army Hammerheads,

but also your family
and your country.

Remember, see something,
say something.

We can't do this without you.


- John Walker is very good.

- Yes.


Calls are coming in already.

- Who is she?

- [Man In Glasses]
No ID on her yet.

[dramatic music]

- Come on, we gotta go.

- What's the rush?

- I got free of the
ambush by the building!

- You are all over the news!

They have footage!

- [Ari] Oh, that was fun.

- Who was it?

- I don't know, some
guy in a trenchcoat

and two white-haired twin girls.

- Shit, Harley and her twin.

They've each been
modified in the right eye.

It's got a camera.

It goes straight to the network.

You got it?

- Yes.

- Good, Eve should be able
to do something with this.


It's Ari.

- Alright, clear!

- We're all clear.

- So, you got a bit
popular all of a sudden.

- So I've heard.

- Harley and the
twins were there.

- Well, they do like to watch.

- Nice.

- How much time do
you think we have?

- Not much.

- Yes.

- They're at a building
on 12th and Ed Street.

Time to redeem yourself,
no human martyrs this time.

- Yes sir.

Let's go.

[tense music]

- Do you guys have it?

- Here it is.

- Thank you.

- Well, knowing that Diane
was a close contact to Mel,

her card probably has his
location in the wasteland

somewhere on the memory.

Once we got that, we
can go meet my contact

for transportation
into the wasteland

and be out of your hair forever.

- Good, I can't wait to
get you guys out of here.

I mean, I'm all for the
cause and everything,

but not for the price of
my head or my building.

- Alright, here we go.

Last several weeks,
preset locations,

there's even a spot
here in the wastelands.

- Are you sure it's
not an outpost?

- Uh, I don't think so.

It's further out than
most of he outposts.

- I'm game.

- It's a bit of
a ride out there.

I can study the rest of
the disk on the way there.

- Good, let's start packing.

- About fucking time.

- [Adrian] They're here!

- Fucking hell!

- How many?

- So far I see the twins.

- No Harley?

- No, he's probably coming
in on the other side.

- Oh fuck, oh fuck!

- Calm the fuck down!

If you don't calm the fuck down,

I'm gonna shoot your
right in the head.

[dramatic music]

- I can't, I'm sorry.

- No, don't!

[guns firing]

- Aim for their eyes!

Shoot out their cameras.

[guns firing]

- [groaning] Fuck!

[guns firing]

- How bad is it?

- It hurts like hell,
but I will be fine.

[electricity crackling]

- Jesus!

[computer buzzing]

- Hey sure, you think
you can hack these?

- Um, what are we looking for?

- If they're constantly
recording, then maybe

we can get some actual footage
of them killing humans.

- I probably can.

It'd be nice to finally
get some truth out there.

- Yeah.

- Ari, get the door.

How long till we meet your
transportation contact?

- About four hours.

- That is a long time.

- Then we got a long walk.

- Good times.

[dramatic music]

- It appears that Harley Stone
and he twins were destroyed.

- That is is unfortunate.

Were they able to upload?

- No, their eyes were removed.

- Impressive foresight
on their part.

- There was one martyr.

- Mm.

He never was very good
at taking direct orders.

Let's have a camera crew out
there to capture footage,

have John Walker spin
this the way that he can.

- I'll have a strike team assembled
to strike and find them.

- No.

- Reasons?

- I'm more interested
in their mission now.

I believe Diane A was targeted.

Have we heard from the Turncoat?

- No, it appears he
was destroyed as well.

- That's too bad.

He was a bit twitchy.

It's hard trying to be
human and be one of us.

The next appearance
of her on camera,

let's send in a drone,
try to find them.

- Yes, maybe intel can
get in and piece together

just enough information to
find out what their mission is

and who she is.

- Who are you?

[eerie electronic music]

- Okay.

Dill, Dill, Dill!

- Why are you here?

- We're here to see Dill.

- State your purpose!

- Transportation.

- To where.

- Out of the city
into the wasteland.

- You got payment for that?

- We'd like to see the
transportation first.

- Alright, let's go.

- It appears they
plan on leaving town.

They're in a garage,
section eight, at the edge.

- There's no way I can get
strike team there in time.

- We could at least
send in a drone.

Make it a little bit
more difficult for them.

- Yes, I do not want their
escape to be without incident.

- Right this way.

SO here it is.

- [Eve] It's not a toy, guys.

- Yeah, what do you think?

- We'll work it out, it's fine.

- That's what I thought.

[dramatic music]

[guns firing]

[lasers buzzing]

[gun firing]

Hey, I think you're
gonna need this.

This has maps to the outposts,

and everything
you're gonna need.

- Thanks.

- Good luck.

[door humming]

[engine revving]

- [Blonde Woman] It
appears that they

have escaped into the
wasteland, thoughts?

- Send out word to the outposts.

The outposts are not to
engage in hostilities,

but are to treat
them as they would

any other paying customer.

They'll be rewarded
for the information

♪ Time flies

[ethereal music]

♪ Time flies

♪ Lying inside my time machine

♪ Let me take you on a ride

♪ Should we go into the future

♪ Or go into the past

♪ Should we take it slow

♪ Or go real fast

♪ You have got some
choice to make ♪

♪ I know you want it bad

♪ It's the timing
of our lifetime ♪

♪ I know you won't forget

♪ My time machine

♪ My time machine

♪ Time flies

♪ Time flies

♪ A millions years pass us by

♪ Take a closer look
into the hands of time ♪

♪ Time goes by and
moves so fast ♪

♪ And we want to make it last

♪ And time has gone by so fast

♪ And the last is in the past

♪ So take your time

♪ To fly

[upbeat electronic music]

[eerie music]

[wind whistling]

- Let's see, according
to this, that outpost

is called The Zoo.

It leans more Hammerhead, but
cares more about being paid.

- What do you think?

- It's the only one on our way.

- The next house is
about three miles out.

- Well, it looks like
that's our only option.

- It would be kind
of nice for Eve and I

to get a little patched up.

- Yeah.

- Alright, well, stay
sharp down there.

- And get your fuck ass outta
here and don't come back!

[gun firing]


I'm Jason.

Welcome to the Zoo Bar!

Nobody knows your name here,

and nobody cares.

All are welcome.

Just don't pull any
shit or you'll end up

like that dead fucker outside.

- My kind of place.

- You look wounded!


That's okay, we
got a good nurse.

She's very clean and sterile.

- That would be kind of nice.

- Mm-hm, well, fill out a
supply request form at the bar

and we'll get you set up
while you enjoy yourselves.

- Nice.

- Stay frosty in here.

[upbeat dance music]

- This is Jamie, your host.

- Welcome!

- I already gave 'em
the lay of the land.

They've got two wounded.

- Thank you.

- Oh, you're very welcome.

- Again, welcome.

- Great place.

- We try to have a little
civility in an uncivilized

part of the of the world.

We have everything
you could want here.

We have food, drink, sex,
supplies, speed loads, et cetera.

Nurse's station right this way.

I'm only trying to help her.

- I'm sorry, it's been a
really long couple of days.

It'll be okay.

- Relax, I will be with
her the entire time.

- Fine, but we're only
here to get supplies

and to get patched up.

Only Dan.

- I completely understand.

Most people that
come here have had

really long days themselves.

May I?

He'll help you with
the supply cubes.

- Shit.

You could just fucking relax.

I mean, you gotta
remember, we're fighting

for an actual life here.

- Yeah, I'll start living
when the mission is over.

- Well, that'll be a start.

- Need a supply sheet?

- Yes.

- Got a beer?


It has been a long time.

- Y'all better get out sooner.

- Tastes like life.

- Yes sir, everything will
be added to your supply bill.

- You want one?

- No.

- Thank you.

You know, you really gotta take
a moment of life and freedom

when the opportunity arises.

Well, it looks like you got
the supplies under control.

I'm gonna go up
and catch a show.

Be back when I need
a couple more beers.

We'll get started
on this right away.

[dramatic electronic music]

[arrow thudding]

[upbeat dance music]

- Your friend is right.

- About what?

- Taking a moment of
life when you can.

- I can't.

- Your friends can.


It's not that hard.

- Ha, she's smiling!

- So what's a
pretty girl like you

doing in a classy
joint like this?

- Really?

Cheesy pickup lines?

- What can I say?

I'm romantic.

I just figured a pickup
line would be better

than just coming out and asking

if you'd come back to my office.

- Oh, are you the nurse?

- Ha.

Michelle down there,
she's the nurse.

I'm the owner of this
little slice of heaven.

Don't worry, don't worry,
all are welcome here.

In the wasteland, none
of us have time for war.

- On any other day I
might actually take you up

on that offer.

- Really?

- It's been a while
since the last time

I had brains fucked out.


If everything goes well,
maybe I'll be back.


[glasses clinking]

Thanks for the drink.

[upbeat dance music]

♪ Gimme gimme gimme
gimme gimme gimme ♪

♪ Gimme gimme gimme
gimme gimme gimme ♪

♪ Gimme gimme gimme
gimme gimme gimme ♪

♪ Here's some guitar

♪ Loop the card clock

♪ You know what I want

♪ You know what I want

♪ You know

♪ You know what

♪ You know what I want

♪ You know what I want

♪ You know

♪ You know what

- Oh.

Nice of you to join us.

- How are you two doing?

- My leg is alright.

It's a little sore, but
at least I can function.

- Much better

This worked.

- Yeah!

Shake it, baby!


- She's wanted!

- I don't care.

- Well you should.

There's a hefty
price on her head.

The Red Army wants her bad.

Word gets out that
we let her go,

they will burn this place down.

I'd don't think
they'd be so extreme,

especially not with
one of their toys

resting down below.

- What if they decide
to turn their toy on.

- You entertain them.

I'll call the Hammerheads.

- Wise decision on your part.

- Entertain only.

- Yes sir.

[upbeat dance music]

Who's ready for some extra fun?

- Oh...

Yes, hell yes, yes.

- We really should be going.

- Oh come on.

Just a little bit!

- Be quick.

- [Eve] That's not much of
a problem for you is it?

- Oh, psshh!

- [Eve] Have fun!

[upbeat dance music]

- Excellent news to hear.

Remember, do not
engage in hostilities,

and you will be rewarded.

We'll have a task force
out there within the hour.

- Where are they?

- A detestable place
called the Zoo.

- Hey.

How 'bout I take you
two bitches in the back

and give you what you've
been missing in your life.

- Hey!

- Hey, don't worry
buddy, you can watch.

- Why you!

- I've got this.


Looks like you're
due for an upgrade.

Am I really that big of a bitch?

- So what am I
dealing with here?

Human or borg?

- All human down here, baby.

- Hmm, very nice. [laughs]

[sultry electronic music]

- Baby!

- Yeah, baby!


- Nice, yeah!




♪ Hear me

- Oh man.


♪ And the voice of devotion

♪ Tell me

♪ It's the perfect rhythm


♪ Feel it


- Get off me!

♪ The beat of my tempo


♪ Take it

- Hammerhead bitch!


♪ I can make you sway

[bone crunching]

♪ We can all escape

- Alright, I think
we should leave.

- Should we wait for Dan?

- Let's go settle.

- Yeah, let's go.

- Dan!

[glass breaking]

[guns firing]

[intense rock music]

[bodies squelching]

- To Dan!

- Dan.

- Dan.

You guys were pretty
close, weren't you?

- We've been fighting this
war for the past five years.

- I always knew
this day would come.

- Fighting a war with friends,

you tend to fight
a little harder.

- You tend to fight
a little harder.

- Maybe I will
have another drink.

- For moments of
life and freedom.

- Let's go.

[electronic beeping]

- [Man With Glasses] I didn't
expect to hear from you again.

- Yeah, things didn't
go exactly as planned.

- Oh, that is most unfortunate

I'll have to call
off the task force.

Try something different.

- So, they got away?

- Yes.

- Mm, the Zoo does house
a nebula, does it not?

- I believe it does.

- Mm, well I will contact
Mel about possibly

letting it loose.

- I should get in
touch with him.

- The media office is
asking for the nebula

to be released from the Zoo.

- It'll be a good test for her.

- She doesn't need a test!

She's just another human
that needs to be dealt with!

[electronic beeping]

[computer clicking]

[computer screeching]

[computer clanking]


[dramatic music]

- Oh shit!


Fuck, whoa!



- Fuck you!

I don't need this
Hammerhead shit!

[computer clanking]

[eerie synthesizer warbling]




[wind whistling]


[engine rumbling]

- What the hell?

Those fuckers were
shorting us on fuel!

- [sighs] Well, it looks like
we have about 30 miles to go.

Alright, take what you can.


[synthesizer warbling]

- Ari, can I ask you something?

- Yeah?

- How human are you?

- What do you mean?

- Just what I asked.

How human are you?

Most cyborgs show
very little emotion.

I know they started
off as human.

Some either by their own
free will or by force

were modified with cybernetics.

They still have wants
and needs, but they seem

to be motivated.

- Primary goal is what it seems.

Seems like there's no
soul behind these emotions

or wants and needs.

[dramatic music]

- There's an old
saying that a person

I looked up to as a
mother used to say,

that 86.5% was still
considered human,

but I don't know if I
ever really believed that.

As a child, I remember
her trying to be nurturing

and caring, but those
emotions were foreign to her.

And I know that's the way
that she was being raised.

She was designed in a lab

to be a genetically
superior human.

She was trying to
save the world,

and she was trained
as a warrior,

and she excelled at that.

Throughout her life,
it was hard for her.

She lost her birth
mother as an infant,

and she lost her adopted family

when she was in her
early childhood.

And people disrespected her
because of her appearance,

but she was the most physically
fit and muscular person

I have ever seen.

They used to call
her a war goddess,

but the way that
people treated her,

she wanted to be better,

so she got cybernetic implants,

and her whole body
became a hunter herself.

And that's when she lost
most of her humanity.

All she ever knew
was to be a warrior,

and she trained me as such.

But then one day, when the
cybernetic parts failed,

I got to see that true emotion.

And on and on, as more of
the cybernetic parts failed,

more of that true
emotion came out.

She used to call
me the new model.

She wanted the new
model to fully human,

and she never wanted me to
be cybernetically engineered

or implanted or anything.

So, as a warrior and a hunter,

I keep my emotions in check.

So, to answer your
question, I am fully human.

I'm just really good at
fighting and killing.

- Who was she?

- Alex Sinclair.

- Hmm, you know her?

What is it?

[energy humming]

- It's one of Mel's nebulas.

Brace yourself!

[upbeat electronic music]

[guns firing]

[fists thudding]

[gun firing]


- Daughter of Alex Sinclair.

- You know who I am?

- He knows.

- Who?

[gun firing]

[synthesizer warbling]

- Goodbye Adrian.

- Let's go.

[eerie electronic humming]

- It appears that she
has defeated the nebula.

- Hmm, very impressive.

- I've defeated one
of your nebulas.

- Yes, yes you have.

- I believe that she
had two accomplices

with her at the time.

- I understand the point you're
trying to make, Barbarella.

- Do you?

- We should get
ready for our guests.

- [sighs] Guests!

I believe that you are
only interested in the one.

Any others can and
will be discarded.

- I don't see any
guards down there.

Probably lurking inside.

- You know, for such an
important individual,

there's really not a
whole lot of security.

Here, take this.

Good luck.

- Thanks.

[dramatic music]

[gun firing]

- Weak human. [sighs]

Didn't even hear me coming.

[sighs] Okay.

Let's see what Little Miss
Save the World is doing.

[upbeat electronic music]

[eerie electronic music]

- Freeze!

Don't fucking move!

[dramatic music]


- Do you like it?

It's lavender.

I was always a big fan
of flower aromatics.


- So what?

- So do you like it?

- It smells nice.

- Thank you.

It's so nice of you to say that.

I was able to grow that here.

Most of the people
that I interact with

can't appreciate even the
simplest things in life.

Like the scent of a flower.

- My sister Barbie here is
not able to enjoy the scent.

She can detect that there is
a scent, tell you what it is,

but if you were to ask
her to describe it,

she's unable to do it
because of the cybernetics.

Barbie cannot tell
me it smells nice,

how my tea tastes.

Or even how pretty you are.

Does this at all
sound familiar to you?

- How do you mean?

- You know exactly what I mean.

Your own childhood.

The relationship you
had with your, uh...

Uh, let's just
say adopted mother

during your childhood.

- How do you know?

- I know who you are, Ari.

And I know who Alex Sinclair is.

Take a sip, I think
you'll like it.


- Tastes nice.

- Come on, you can give me
a better answer than that.

- I both smell and taste it.

I smell the scent of a flower
and the taste of a wood.

It makes me feel
calm and at peace.

- [Mel] Thank you.

I've been waiting for an answer
like that for a long time.

I've been searching for an
answer like that forever.

I've been searching for
an equal, someone lie you,

to join me here.

- Why me?

- [Mel] Because of Alex.

- How do you know Alex?

- I heard stories
about a perfectly...

Unique human woman, a
woman who as a warrior

and could rattle
any man or cyborg.

I had given up one of
my nebulas to find her.

And when I discovered
that she had defeated it

I was even more
interested in her.

Oh, by the way, I commend you

for defeating the
one earlier today.

I time lapsed around
myself to find her.

Which I did.

At first I observed from afar,
and one day I approached her

and talked to her.

[laughs] At that time she was
fully human and beautiful.

Since she had already left
the tribal upbringing,

she wasn't corrupted from
the cyber technologies.

She was a goddess.

Unfortunately, society
was not kind to her.

She was...

She was mocked continually.

After a while, she felt imperfect,
just like my sister did.

She felt she needed upgraded.

They just...

First, I loved her.

And it broke my heart to
see her lose her humanity

like my sister did.


She became...

Nothing but a coldblooded
killer for hire.

I lost interest in her and
society for what they had done.

Soon I began to set in motion
me to lead the Red Army,

to take over.

I would use the
media and propaganda

to change society itself.

I knew how much people
hated us, 50 year war.

That's how we're
gonna change it.

This war was caused and
fought by cybernetics.

I knew that I could...

that I could sway the full
humans with the media.

It didn't matter, no...

For which way.

Humans would rise
up against anyone

who would come against them.

That's why I chose
the Red Army's side.

- What about all the
people that fought and died

for your cause?


- So weak!

- I call them martyrs
for the better good.

If society comes back together,

their deaths will
not be in vain.

- Well you did
misjudge one thing.

- What was that?

- Alex.

You should've kept
coming back to visit her.

Because while in
my early childhood

that might've been
true, she did change.

- How so?

- Her cybernetic
parts started to fail.

And she never upgraded.

With every part that
would start to fail,

I'd get to see that
real, true emotion,

and most of her
humanity had come back.

She became more human
and more emotional.

- Obsolete and broken!

- Barbie!

- No, I don't wanna
hear any more of this!

You feel like your
life is imperfect

because I cannot taste your tea

or smell your stupid flowers?


I am exactly who I
am supposed to be!

I am better and stronger
than Alex ever was.

And I'm stronger and
more advanced than you!

[breathes deeply]

I always hated your
obsession for Alex!

You talk about time
lapsing back to see her?

You talk about her every
chance that you've had.

- Barbie!
- And your obsession with her!

- [Mel] Please!

- It's what I myself
feel imperfect! [sobs]

- No, no no no.

- You did this to me!

[dramatic music]

But [sobs] what's amusing
is how easy it was

to get Alex to upgrade.

- What, what?

- You think you're the only
one who can time lapse?

I went back once
and I found her.

I was just being on the
side of the lake pretty.

I showed her a few of
my simple upgrades.

Alex was very interested.

It was like planting a seed
and watching a tree grow

over the span of time.

That sounds like something
you would say, doesn't it.

[laughs] She became
like an addict

to becoming more
perfect herself.

- Barbie, help me.

[heart throbbing loudly]

- Look at this weak, sick human.

This will never happen to me,

because I've been
upgraded enough

so that I will
always remain strong.


How do your flowers smell now?

[heart beating slowly]

I don't deny that
you have some skills.

Join with me and get the
upgrades that you need,

and become as powerful as I am.

[Mel groans]

- Sorry Barbie, but I like
myself the way that I am.

- So be it!


[dramatic electronic music]


- John Walker, you'll be
going on in just one minute.

- You're right about one thing.

Society will change.

But it'll be done with
truth and free will.

- Hey, you can't come in here!

[gun firing]

[electricity crackling]

[electronic beeping]

[computer whirring]

- Firstly, all of us here
with your Red Army Hammerheads

would like to thank
you for your help

in decimating the
oppressive power

of the fascist Los
Angeles Police.

Without you, the
strides we have made

would never have been possible.

Unfortunately, the
battle continues

and we still need your help.

The LAPD continues to
recruit others against.

The fascist Los Angeles
Police have been making a tax

on the civilian
population again.

Our director has this to say.

- [Recording Of Man With
Glasses] Have John Walker

spin this the way that he can.

- Uh...




- [Ari] That's how the fall

of the Red Army
Hammerheads began.

The people rose up, not
believing the lies anymore.

They took back control
of their own lives.

The cybernetics
business even took a hit

as people learned of the
fuller lives that they can lead

just by being human.

[upbeat electronic rock music]

[singing in foreign language]

[upbeat electronic dance music]

♪ What can I do for you

♪ Nothing for me,
what about you, huh ♪

♪ What can I do for you

♪ I'll trip the card clock

♪ You know what I want

♪ You know what I want

♪ You know

♪ You know

♪ You know what I want

♪ You know what I want

♪ You know

♪ You know, know what I want

♪ You know

♪ You know

♪ You know what I want