'Neath the Arizona Skies (1934) - full transcript

Chris Morrell, the guardian of half-Indian girl Nina, is helping her find her missing white father. so she can cash in on her late mother's oil lease. Outlaw Sam Black is after the girl and her father as well. Besides dealing with the Black gang, Morrell has to find another robber, Jim Moore, who switches clothes with him after he finds Chris unconscious from a fight with Sam Black. Along the way, he meets a lady who's the sister of Jim Moore, another bad hombre who's in cahoots with Sam Black, and an old friend who takes in Nina and helps Chris locate Nina's father and fight off the various desperadoes.

So you're John Longhorn eh?

Well John, let's see.

Yep, Uncle Sam has a nice, tidy

little something for you, John.

The earnings and interest
on your oil lands

amounts to just $4000.

Sign your name right here.

Oh, Chris Morrell, step
up here will you please?

Hello Nina.

The money from Nina's mother's oil land

is amounting to quite a pile.

About $50,000 right now.

If you can locate Nina's
father and get his signature

to these documents, then Nina will

still remain the ward of the
United States government,

but you will be her guardian, legally.

That ought to be simple enough.

Or if you can bring
evidence or proof that

her father is dead, then that
will clear the situation.

I've got a pretty fair
idea that he's still alive.

Well, what did you find out?

The half-breed kid's
worth 50,000 right now

and if Chris Morrell
locates the kid's father

and he signs the papers
the agent give him,

as her guardian Morrell gets $50,000.

Oh, he does?

That is, if he gets to the kid's father

before we get to him.

Where are we going, Daddy Chris?

We're headin' north.

Why are we moving away?

I like it here.

To see if we can find your real daddy

and if we can, well we
may able to scrape up

enough money to send you away to school.

But I don't wanna go to school.

I wanna be a cowboy like you.

Aw, girls can't be cowboys.

Can too, I can ride as well as you can.

But you still can't be a cowboy.

What do you want?

I guess you know what we want.

There's no use of beatin' around the bush.

We came here for Nina and we're willin'

to offer you a fair proposition for her.

If that's all you came for, you might

just as well leave right now.

Now don't get hostile
Chris, you know as well

as we do that Sam Black
runs things in these parts.

When he sends us out to get
the girl, we're gonna get her.

Besides, he's been mighty good to you,

offerin' to cut you in on that oil money.

Well anyway, she isn't here.

You can tell Sam Black for me that

she's left this part of
the country for good.

You can also tell him
that if he'd had the nerve

to come himself instead
of sending you renegades,

that I'd have shoved that
offer right down his throat.

Now come on, get outta here, all of ya.

We'll get out, maybe she ain't here

but we're not givin' up that easy.

We're watchin' you and
we're watchin' the place,

so don't think you're
gettin' away with nothin'.

Can I come out now Daddy Chris?

Get her!

Come on Daddy Chris, hit 'em!

Look out, it's me!

What's that?

He's gone.

He got plum away from us.

We better get Sam Black and go after him.

Goodbye little pardner.

You want me to ride all alone?

Well it's the only way out for us.

What about you Daddy Chris?

Oh me, I'll be all right.

Now you ride to the second bend below

and you'll hit Snake
Trail, you understand?

And when you get to Bud Moore's ranch

tell him that I sent you.

Tell him where I am and
that I'm needin' help.

There's his tracks.

Shorty, you stay with the horses.

The rest of you scatter
around that thicket.

Hey fellas, I got him, I got him!

Come on boys, Sam's got him.

Thought you said you got him.

I had him all right,
but I guess he got away.

You guess he got away?

He sent that kid on alone while

he stayed here to cover the trail,

and that kid means $50,000 bucks to us.

Get out and see if you
can round up them horses.

Is this the Moore ranch?

Used to be, but it's mine now.

Well maybe you could tell me

where I can find Bud Moore.

He ain't here.

You ain't goin' nowhere.

Let go of that youngster Vic.

You been a hollerin' for
kitchen help, well here it is.

Well, what are you doin' here?

Daddy sent me to find Bud Moore

and he said he'd take care of me.

We'll take care of ya all right.

Go on, get in the house.

Now you let her alone, if she's gonna

help me, I'll take care of her.

All right.

You ain't scared o' me are ya?

Aw you needn't worry none about

him as long as I'm here.

Come on, let's go in the house huh?

Now now, there ain't
nobody here but you and me.

Up you go there.

Now then, what's your name honey?

Nina Morrell.

Is your pop's name Chris?

Yes, you know him?

Yeah, I used to.

How come he ain't with ya?

Sam Black and his gang were after us and

we only had one horse, so Daddy Chris

told me to get on and ride him and--


Oh Mr. Norton would you order that

bowl of calico for me?

I will Miss Clara.

You haven't seen my brother Jim--

No, I haven't.

I thought if he were in town,

he might want to ride back with me.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.


I'll meet you at the old ranch.

Help, help!

Help, help, help!

I've been robbed, a fellow
with a checkered shirt,

black hat, and he had a black
handkerchief across his face.

No, I tell ya I can't be mistaken.

He had on a checkered
shirt and a black hat.

Why, he took $6000 from me

and stuffed it into a gunny sack.

- Which way did he go?
- Well I don't know

which way he went.

So you can see for
yourself there's nothing

else for me to do but turn
you over to the sheriff.

Seriously ma'am,
you've got the wrong man.

Well why are you wearing the checkered

shirt and the black hat?

Not to mention the gunny sack.

If I knew who these belonged to,

I'd know who robbed the express office.

You mean they don't belong to you?

That's what I mean.

You expect me to believe that?

Well I hope you will.

And if I did, what would you do?

Well, first I'd see that
my little pardner was safe,

then I'd find the man that
belongs to this shirt.

You wouldn't run away?

Do you think I would?

No, I don't think so.

Where'd you send your little partner?

To Bud Moore's ranch down River Valley.

Bud Moore?

Yes, I used to ride herd with him

in the panhandle, you know him?

Why yes, he's my brother.

That is, he was my brother.

I don't quite get you.

- Bud's dead.
- Oh.

He was killed in a range war last year.

Oh I'm sorry.

It was a bit of a shock at first, but

I guess you can get used to anything.

Well, did Bud ever mention my name?

Chris Morrell?

Are you Chris Morrell?

Why he used to say you were the

best friend a man ever had.

I guess that's puttin'
it pretty strong, ma'am.


Come on let's go up to my
place and change that shirt.

There'll be a lot of
people looking for it.

Yes, ma'am, I mean Clara.

Nina's mother was a full blood old sage.

She married a good for nothing white man

who left her two months
before the kid was born.

Her mother died.

Hello Clara.

Chris, this is my brother Jim.

I'll make you some coffee before you go.

Well thanks ma'am, I mean Clara.

So you're Jim.

What about it?

Nothing, only I came to for a minute

when you changed shirts
with me at the creek.

Well why don't ya tell her?

In the first place,
because it'd break her heart.

In the second place,
because snakes like you

usually die of their own poison.

What was that noise?

Why, Jim was showin' me his gun

and it dropped out of his hand.

Have some coffee Jim?

Not now, later.

I'm glad to have met you.

Same to you.

How do you like Jim?

Well some men are like books

written in a strange language, and that

makes it awfully hard to read them.

I hope I wasn't wrong
in reading you, Chris.

Oh no, ma'am.

You were telling me about
Nina just before Jim came in.

Well Nina--

That guy recognized you, he knows you

pulled that job at the express office.

I told you not to stop.

Well I thought it'd be a good way to

hang it on him and leave us in the clear.

Where's the money?

The old hollow stump.

Let's go get it.

In order to protect her interests, we

started out to find Nina's father.

Sam Black and his gang figured that

she was worth a lot of money.

Luckily, I got the best
of them and stampeded

their horses and made a getaway.

Well I guess I'd better be going.

Oh no, you'd better
take this one, it's Jim's.

Thank you.

You'll bring Nina back won't you?

I sure will, Clara.

Thanks a lot.

Goodbye Chris.

- Here pig, pig, pig
- Oink, oink, oink.

Pig, pig, pig, pig.

Hey kid, come here.

What's your name?

Nina Morrell.

- Nina Morrell?
- Yes, sir.

Daddy Chris is my daddy.

How come?

She rode in lookin' for Bud Moore.

Vic made her stay.

I didn't know Chris was a squaw man.

He ain't, neither.

What do you mean?

She ain't his kid, she's your kid.

How do you know?

Chris and me was there when she was born

and for two days after
when your wife died.

Come here kid, I want to talk to ya.

I'll bet that's the
bunch that belongs to

Sam Black and his gang.

Gosh, I wish I had somethin' to put

on my dogs, they're sure sore.

Well it was your fault for lettin'

Morrell stampede the
horses, now go find him.

Well where'll I go?

I don't know of any place
around here to get horses.

I don't care where you get 'em, get 'em.

Hey you fellas, wait a minute!

Wait a minute there.

- Them's our horses.
- Who's ours?

Sam Black and the boys.

Sam Black?

That's the man I wanna see.

Well come on, we're
camped right over yonder.

Got our horses back.

- Sam Black?
- That's me.

You lookin' for a half-breed
kid named Nina Morrell?

- You said it.
- I got her.

What's the idea?

I'll exchange if you count me in.

For how much?

10,000 and--

What's the and for?

Chris Morrell's scalp, do you know him?

Yeah, where do I find him?

Clara Moore's homestead,
I'll show ya how to get there.

You're on.

Good, you cut me in for 10,000

and bring the scalp of
Chris Morrell to my ranch

and I'll turn the kid over to ya.

Where's your place?

Here, I'll show ya how to get from

the Moore homestead to my ranch.

Why Matt Downing, you old buzzard.

Chris Morrell.

I know from the what the kid
said you couldn't be far away.

Well is she all right?

Where is she?

At the Byrd ranch,
used to be Bud Moore's.

- Dad's there too.
- Her dad?

Yeah, come on, I'll tell
you all about it on the way.

It's a cinch.

All right, I'll be seein'
ya, come on fellas.

50/50 on that money for the kid.

Sure, but we'll go

split that express money first.


Vic got me.

Vic Byrd?

He made me rob the express office

and he got the money.

You know where he went?

Yeah, to the ranch

to get your kid.

To give her to Sam Black.

Please don't tell my sister about me.

Get him into a doctor, quick,

and bring the sheriff back with you.

Where's Chris Morrell?

- He's gone.
- Where?

I don't know.

Take a look inside, she might be lyin'.

- There's nobody inside.
- All right.

You're ridin' with us, maybe
you can remember where he went.

Look out now, look out, hold on tight,

I'm gonna buck ya!

Hold on now, oh he's a regular
old sun fish this horse is.

What's the idea?

Well you see, she's my kid, Vic.

I just found it out, my kid.

Yeah, well she's worth
10,000 bucks to me.

What do you mean?

I told Sam Black I'd
turn her over for 10,000.

Well you're out of luck, she's
worth more than that to me.

You better change your mind, Tom.

You heard me.

You keep your hands off my kid.

I ain't takin' orders from you.

Daddy, Daddy Chris!

Sam Black and his gang.

Look out, Chris!

They won't get my kid.

Who told you she was yours?

Matt told me, and Vic told me about

Sam Black and his gang wantin' her.

I got an idea without us
takin' any more chances.


Hey fellas!

One left.


Hey you!

Hey you fellas!

Hey there, trade you
the woman for the kid.

How about it?

Hey fellas, what's the
matter with ya, ya deaf?

Trade you the woman for
the kid, did you get it?

No, not in a million years!

Don't worry little pardner, I wouldn't

give you up for anything.

Hey Sam Black, are you listenin'?

Yeah, say it.

How'd you like to
trade me for the woman?


You're on, come out with
your hands in the air

and we'll send the woman at the same time.

Only one cartridge left,
and I've got an idea.

Come on.

Come on.

Be sure and use that last bullet right.

Goodbye, cowboy.

Keep going Clara, no matter what happens.

Now rush 'em.



That kid's comin' with me.

Oh no she's not.

Where's Nina?

Black took her.

Naughty, naughty!

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