Naughty Marietta (1935) - full transcript

Princess Marie de Namours de la Bonfain is a beautiful, young, sophisticated French princess of 23, who finds more worth in true love than a title. On the eve of her arranged marriage, to a Spanish-grandee, whom she doesn't love, her maid, Marietta comes to her to say farewell. Marietta is to leave that night on a cargo ship bound for New Orleans where she is to make a new life and find a husband. Princess Marie trades places with Marietta to escape her unwanted marriage and takes on the maid, Marietta's identity. While sailing, the cargo ship is taken hostage by pirates, but, Captain Richard Warrington and his mercenaries soon come to the rescue. Captain Warrington is quickly taken by the beautiful princess aka Marietta and she with him. But, he has no interest in marriage and she's afraid she might be recognized. Meanwhile in France, a search and reward is out for Princess Marie's whereabouts. Princess Marie's Uncle and fiancée soon discover that she is in New Orleans and sail for America. When they arrive Princess Maria's true identity is revealed. That eve, a elegant ball is thrown in her honor. Captain Warrington learns that the Princess will be sent back that night to France, but, he isn't going to let the women he loves get away that easy.


♪ Sing sing s-s-sing
sing for me ♪

♪ La la la ha ha ha
sing for me ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

♪ Sing for me ♪♪

[bird whistling]

♪ Ah ah ah ah ♪♪

(male #1)
'Madame la princesse.'

Go on, back to your room.

Oh, my first golden lovebird.

The rest will die of envy.

The only pair in Paris,
Your Highness.

Yes, I know.

And you're practically giving
them away for three Louis.

Oh, no, Your Highness.

Now if Your Highness
will accept this

as a present from me?

Oh, he's such a little darling.

And I will order a blue warbler
for you in the next shipment.

Oh, you're too generous.
Here, put him in here.

You're so generous.

I would order a stork
if Your Highness wishes it.

Bouger, that's rather
an alarming suggestion.


- Goodbye, Bouger.
- Goodbye.

Oh, Bouger, look,
the old friend.


Oh, dear.

[indistinct chatter]

Way for the princess.

- Oh, how are you, sweetie?
- Fine.

- Oh, Batite.
- Your Highness.

Look, I'm taking this little bit
of fluff to Herr Schuman.

Think he'll like him?

He'll like the sight
of you more, Your Highness.

We haven't seen you down here
recently, Your Highness.

Oh, no, it's getting
more difficult

to make excuses at home.

For today the sun shines,
now I can finish my sonnet.

Oh, you'd better save those
pretty speeches for your sonnet.

You may follow me
to Herr Schuman.

Oh, but Don Carlos
is coming this afternoon.

And your uncle told me to be--

But I didn't ask
Don Carlos to come.

Oh, but walking
in this part of town.

Oh, well, Prunella,
as you've always said

"I have my native dignity."


Herr Schuman.

But, Your Highness,
you better look to your dignity.


Madame la princesse.

Oh, Pachette, you little monkey,
you've grown.

Oh, a little puppy.
May I please pet him?

- I love puppies.
- Oh, you do?

Bet he has a lot of little
brothers and sisters

at Bouger's shop,
you run along and tell Bouger

I said to give you one
and I'll pay for it.

Ooh wee!

Oh, thank you, princess. Wee!

- Wonderful, princess.
- Hello.

You wait here, Prunella,
I'll only be a moment.




[music note]

[music note]

- Oh, Marie.
- Schuman, darling.

[speaking in foreign language]

It's so long I don't see you.

I know. I thought of you
every moment, Schuman.

You know me wonderful indeed.

Excuse me for a minute, please,
excuse me.

Oh, no, no, no,
don't be silly, Schuman.

Oh, look, what's this?

Oh, I heard the sweet voice.

- Oh.
- Frau Schuman.

How are you? I have
a new pupil for you.

- Look. Look.
- Pup?

Really? Oh, thank a thousand.

[speaking in foreign language]

And Schuman can teach him
to yowl on his high notes

as he did me.

Well, and, uh, and how goes
everything now with my baby.

She's happy, yes? Has everything
got straightened out at home?

- Well, Schuman.
- Oh.

You don't got to tell me.
Still that Don Carlos, huh?

Oh, my uncle keeps talking all
the time about my marrying him.

Uh, if my grandchildren
was only free

to marry like other girls.

Well, I won't marry him.

I tell you, I won't marry him.

That's right, don't marry a man
when you don't love him.

But I haven't seen a man
I could love, Frau Schuman.

Certainly not among those paying
powder-puffs of Versailles.

But someday I'll see him.

I'd like to see him
standing tall and strong

in the wind and in the sun.

And I don't have to crawl up
on my hands and knees

to make him even notice me.

Oh, but that's enough about me.

Oh, what was that tune you were
playing when I came in, Schuman?

Well, you know,
every day the bells

from the top of St. Ann

they-they steal into this room

and they seem to always push me

push me towards the spinet.

Wait, I show you.

Oh, thank you.

[piano music]

What would they be saying
in major? Can you tell me?

It's like the music
of the spheres, isn't it?

The melody of the universe.

Yeah. Mysterious, ain't it?

Oh, sweetly so.

[piano music]

Oh, look, Schuman, look,
let's give it tempo. So..

[piano music]

Ah, yeah, yeah, sure.

A-and then,
then let's raise it, look.

[piano music]

- Ah, so.
- How is that?

- That's beautiful.
- Oh.

Oh, Marcel, Francois.

Ah, that Marcel
and that Francois.

They beat their instruments
like it was horses.

Oh, but I must see them.
Come along, Schuman.

♪ Chansonette chansonette
chansonette ♪

- Wait, wait, I get my coat.
- Oh, never mind it.

♪ Ah we are happy
singing for you ♪

♪ Ah you are bad
but we adore you ♪

♪ Chansonette chansonette
chansonette ♪

♪ You are just a lovely song
we know never can forget ♪

♪ Ah you will very soon forget ♪

♪ And find another chansonette ♪

Oh, you old devil you.

♪ And life is new
and thrilling ♪

♪ My love is yours to keep
a day forever if you will ♪

♪ Chansonette chansonette
chansonette ♪

♪ Life is just a little song
to sing ♪

♪ But all the world is new ♪

♪ Love will make my life
a chansonette ♪

♪ A little song of love
for you ♪

Come on, we'll go upstairs.

[operatic singing]

♪ The world is young
for this is May ♪

♪ And life is new
and thrilling ♪

♪ My love is yours to keep
a day forever if you will ♪

♪ Chansonette chansonette
chansonette ♪

♪ Life is just a little song
to sing ♪

♪ But all the world is new ♪

♪ Love will make my life
a chansonette ♪

♪ A little song of love ♪

♪ For you ♪


Oh, listen, let's call
the person upstairs.

Come on, let's join them.

[operatic singing]

♪ Chansonette chansonette
chansonette ♪

♪ Just a little song
that lives all year long ♪

♪ Reminding us of spring ♪

♪ Oh I am happy
singing for you ♪

♪ Ah you are bad
but I adore you ♪

♪ Chansonette chansonette
chansonette ♪

♪ You are just a lovely song
we know we never can forget ♪

♪ Ah you will very soon forget ♪

♪ And find another ♪

♪ Chansonette ♪♪

[cheering and applauding]

- Well, I don't think she'll--
- How long has she been here?

She came home about an hour ago,
Your Highness.

That will do.

You must understand, Don Carlos,
this is one of her little jokes.

She probably wants
to surprise us.

Then we shall see her now?

We shall attend her
in her apartment immediately.

Madame, you will follow.

We'll turn the little surprise
on her ourselves.

Si, we shall surprise the
little flower in her garden.

they are your new guests.

Now try and be polite to them.


Oh, quack-quack yourself.

[knock on door]

Yes? Come in.

Don Carlos is so impatient

that he storms your apartment
in person.

I am honored, monsieur.

I am impatient for the time
when I can come alone.

And your three
future sisters-in-law.

They bring your wedding garments
from Madrid.

And the clothes.

'The hose.'

'The corsets.'

'The chemise.'

Has there been a death
in your family?

A death?

It is only the traditional color
of our house.


[clears throat]
You will not have to wear it.

You may go.

Will you be here long,
Don Carlos?

Only until I take my lovely nino
back to Spain with me.

Uh, shall we discuss
the wedding plans

and the manner in which--

Oh, couldn't we
discuss it downstairs?

If you'll excuse me, please.

I've only just returned
from shopping and..

But yes.

We shall expect you downstairs
for chocolate

in not more than five minutes.

Oh, but, uncle,
one moment, please.

I'm not coming down for
chocolate in five minutes.

You may go.

And I'm not going to be nice
to your Don Carlos.

You're going to marry
Don Carlos.

Oh, no, I won't.

There's nothing
you can do about it.

The banns have already
been published.

When did you do that?

This morning,
by order of the king.

You'll be married
in Notre Dame, Wednesday week.

Oh, I see.

- It's all been settled then?
- 'Precisely.'

'And you're very fortunate.'

The king wants
to keep you near him.

He's prepared
to offer Don Carlos

an appointment at Versailles.

Well, can't you see
what that means?

Can't you see what he wants?

The king doesn't care
whom he forces me to marry

just so long as he gets me
at Versailles.

'I said you are very fortunate.'

Then I won't do it.

I tell you I will not enter
into that life

of degradation
and horror and corruption.

Perhaps you prefer confiscation
of your land.

Exile, disgrace,
to be confined in a cell

and left there and forgotten.

No, no, he, he wouldn't do that.

He has done it before this.

We shall expect you downstairs
for chocolate

in not more than five minutes.

[piano music]

- Madame la princesse.
- Oh, Marietta, come in.

I've come to say goodbye,
madame la princesse.


I'm leaving
your uncle's services, madame.

I'm going
with the casquette girls.

We sail from Hobb
day after tomorrow.

Who are the casquette girls?

They're sending shiploads
of them to Louisiana

to New Orleans.

They need girls
of good character

to become wives of the men there

and to raise families
in the colonies.

Oh. Don't you know whom
your husband will be?

Oh, some trapper or planter
or soldier perhaps.

We're given a dowry by the king.

Oh, I see.

But, Marietta, weren't you
one day going back

to Marseille
to marry your Giovanni?

Oh, we're both too poor.

Forgive me, Your Highness.

France is not for poor people
these days.

Oh, there should be
somebody else, madame.

A husband, my own home.

Much better than staying here
washing somebody else's dishes.

Maybe I can become
a new person there

and people will forget that
I was ever a scullery maid.

Marietta, is that all
that keeps you

from staying here
and marrying Giovanni?

- Because you are both too poor?
- That is all, madame.

When, when are you supposed
to leave for Lahav?

Tonight, by van
with the rest of them.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, Marietta.

Wait a minute.

Marietta, come on, tell me more
about these casquette girls.

I must know all about them.

All hear ye! All hear ye!

Five hundred Louis D'or reward!

Juni Louisa, character
and credentials guaranteed

by Monsieur Gabell,
chief justice of Soissons.

Gisette Tunja, character
and credentials guaranteed

by Monsieur Sancon,
mayor of Marseille.

- Goodbye, mother.
- Goodbye.

- Bye, dear. Don't worry.
- Bye, daddy.

- Bye, darling.
- Bye.

Marietta Franini, character
and credentials guaranteed

by Monsieur Pulle,
chamber deputy of Marseille.

(male #2)
'Marietta Franini, character
and credentials guaranteed'

'by Monsieur Pulle,
chamber deputy of Marseille.'

(male #3)
'Louise Duvon, character
and credentials guaranteed'

'by Monsieur Dupon,
justice of Tulle.'

(male #2)
'Louise Duvon, character
and credentials guaranteed'

'by Monsieur Dupon,
justice of Tulle.'

Marietta, come over here.

Have your papers with you
and everything ready?

Yes, I think so.

Now you wait right here.
Don't you go away.

Oh, we're leaving right away,
aren't we?

- Yes, almost immediately.
- Oh, good.

So you think you'll find
the princess in that lot?

(male #4)
'If she's running away,
she could be anywhere.'

Haven't you any father
or mother?

- No.
- No one came to see you off?

Oh, yes. Yes, I have a brother.

He came to see me off. He's
over in the docks somewhere.

- Show him to me.
- Oh, yes.

Well, he's over there somewhere.
I think he..

Oh, I don't know. He's somewhere
around here somewhere.

I don't..

There he is, there..

Goodbye, goodbye, brother.

Goodbye, goodbye, brother.

Take good care of grandfather.

'Don't let him go out
in the rain all the time.'

Take good care. Goodbye.

Don't say goodbye, sister.

Wait a minute, I'll go with you.

Oh. Oh, no, oh, no,
don't let him come with me.

You can't do that,
you can't do that.

All hands to quarters,
make ready to clear.

♪ Antoinette Antoinette ♪

♪ She was a frivolous.. ♪

♪ When your heart taketh apart ♪

Cast off the stern..

'Cast off the stern..'

♪ And I told and I told ♪

♪ He was a devil
without a soul ♪

♪ He loved the ladies
and thought they were nice ♪

♪ But but never same one twice ♪

[all laughing]

♪ And I told he was a devil
without a soul ♪

♪ He loved the ladies
and thought they were nice ♪

♪ Never same one twice ♪

[operatic singing]

♪ Goodbye goodbye goodbye ♪

♪ Kneel and pray ♪

♪ And say goodbye ♪

♪ God may be believe
unhaltingly ♪

♪ Day by day ♪

♪ All our hopes and prayers ♪

♪ Are ever with thee ♪

♪ Father of all ♪

♪ Oh guide our loved ones ♪

♪ Across the sea ♪

♪ Dear Lord ♪

♪ Guide us ♪

♪ Across the sea ♪

♪ Ruler of all
we fervently call ♪

♪ Thy name ♪

♪ All our hopes and prayers ♪

♪ Are ever with Thee ♪

♪ Whatever waits ♪

♪ For everyone ♪

♪ Across ♪

♪ The sea ♪♪

And they shall be happy.

And the sun will shine
upon my little girl.

We're married, Giovanni,

Every Sunday we must burn
a candle to the princess.

Rise for His Highness,
His Majesty presents.

I thought you were going
with the casquettes

to be married in Louisiana?

- Why, no, Your--
- Quiet, girl.

- Your Highness--
- Weren't you?

- Yes, Your Highness.
- Then it's true.

Madame la princesse
went in your place.

Yes, Your Highness,
but please don't--

To the minister of marine.

[indistinct chatter]

- There. Is that better?
- Mmm-hmm, that's fine.

How do you know it'll fit

when you don't know
who you're gonna marry?

Well, if he's too large,
it'll shrink.

If it's too small,
it'll stretch. That's fine.

Sorry to disturb you, miss.

You're still busy
with that letter?

Oh, good evening, captain.
It isn't a letter.

Well, whatever it is,
you'd better get it done.

If this South wind holds up

we'll be in New Orleans
in two days.

Two days? Wonderful.

- Did you hear that?
- It's about time.

I may have sight of the mouth

of the Mississippi River
tomorrow morning.

Oh, thank heavens. We'll be
able to get off this boat

at last. It seems years.

Rene, did you hear that?
Only two more days.

- Is seasick one word or two?
- One word.

I'm going to be almost sorry
to leave the boat.

Feel like losing
the last touch of home.

I'm going to have
so many children

I won't have time
to be homesick.

First thing I'm going to do
is get a real meal.

I', gonna have sweetmeats
and pastry and thick chocolate.

- 'Oh, don't.'
- I've changed my mind,

I think I'll marry a soldier.

Oh, I wouldn't marry a man
who had to get up

in the middle of the night
and fight Indians.

I'm not gonna marry a soldier.
I'm gonna marry a farmer.

What about you, Marietta?

Have you decided
what kind of a man you want?

I don't want any.

Then why in the moon
did you come out here?

Oh, for the sea voyage.

Well, it's in your contract
with the king

that you do
get married, flippy.

If you don't,
you'll have another nice

long sea voyage back to France.

- I'm not going back to France.
- Hmm, you'll see.

I know one thing,
I'm not gonna

marry a man
unless I'm in love with him.

Well, listen to who's going
to pick and choose.

That one.

You know, back home, you never

had a chance to marry anyone.

Oh, you shouldn't torture
the poor child like that.

Oh, Julie dear,
now don't cry, don't.

I can't stop being afraid.
I wanna go back home.

Yes, I know, but everything
will turn out alright.

To go with a strange man
to his house

like they keep describing

I can't look at it
like most of them.

No, of course not.

Julie dear, you hope to find
a fine young man

over in this new world,
don't you?

Oh, yes. Don't you, Marietta?

Why, perhaps I do.

Perhaps I do.

Surely, everything we do
must have a meaning.

- What's this?
- Oh.

It's a song
written by a sweet old man.

The only real friend
I had back home.

I'm trying to find
the words to it.

"Ah sweet miss if.."

I'm not very good at this.

♪ Ah sweet mystery of life ♪

♪ Could I but find thee ♪

♪ Oh could I but know ♪

♪ The secret of it all ♪♪

Please go on.

Oh, no.
No more words, Julie.

Perhaps there never will be.

[bell ringing]

Woo, come, come, girls.
It's 10 o'clock.

You wanna get all
the beauty sleep you can.

Pirates on alarm on sight!


[all clamoring]

All hands to [indistinct]
Repel boarders.


[men clamoring]

They're boarding.

They're boarding.


Oh, shh.



[women crying]

It's kinda hard to hide
on a boat, my ladies.

I want to tell you this.

There's nothing you can do
but send us all ashore.

'Because if you lay
but one finger on these girls'

the king of France will..


- 'Alright, who's next?'
- 'A.K. Susemadero.'

The laces from Milano

and 40 pieces of scarf..

That's strange.

That's about all
except Scully's argument.

(male #5)
'What's that?'

(male #6)
'It's like this, captain.
Share and share alike.'

- 'That's what I says.'
- 'Oh, you're clever.'

'As for you,
you got more cloth'

'and wine than [indistinct]'

- Break out the rum.
- Aye, aye, sir.

We'll drink a toast
to the ladies.

That's what
we've been waiting for.

Look alive, girls.
The captain is coming.

On your feet, Barbaries.

[women sobbing]

Stand up, ladies,
and let us look at you.

Don't be afraid of us.
Why, we wouldn't hurt a flea.

'Come out and see us.'

- Come on out.
- Let go of her!

- Now, wait.
- Let go me.

Beyond the horizon
I've been looking for.

- Let go of me.
- [indistinct]

♪ Never minding
wind or weather ♪

It's those mercenary scouts.

Put out those fires!
Put out those lights!

♪ Tramp tramp tramp
we march together ♪

♪ Never minding
wind or weather ♪

♪ Tramp tramp tramp
we march together ♪

♪ When the tropic sun
is rising ♪

♪ Or the moon is in the sky ♪

♪ We must go
where danger's hiding ♪

♪ Ready to do or die ♪

♪ Are you fighting sons
of wildcats? ♪

♪ Are you with me
wrong or right? ♪

♪ Then follow where I go ♪

♪ To meet the savage ho ♪

♪ Here's to men
who love a fight ♪

♪ Here's to men
who love a fight ♪

♪ When the tropic sun
is rising ♪

♪ Or the moon is in the sky ♪

♪ We must go
where danger's hiding ♪

♪ Ready to do or die ♪



♪ Are you with me
wrong or right? ♪

♪ Then follow where I go ♪

♪ To meet the savage ho ♪

♪ Here's to men
who love a fight ♪

♪ Here's to men ♪

♪ Who love a fight ♪

Go to the girls.

♪ ...heed our fighting ♪

♪ Song ♪♪

- Help!
- Silence, silence.

- Silence.
- Silence.

Help! Help!

Deploy and keep contact.


[men clamoring]


[women screaming]

- You get any, Tank?
- Yes.

But I found out what
he looked like inside.

- Howdy, captain? You alright?
- Mine is right.

- How about you?
- Fine, captain.

Well, how do we come
through this cockfight?

Anybody down for good?

They left half that crowd
with their eyes shut.

We're still on our feet.

You look as though
you were only on one foot.

I'd seen them pulling
the trigger, cap.

I was too busy choking them.

That's what you got
for being unfair.

What have you been smelling
that's unpleasant?

I had my rat in the mud

and he comes along
and steps on my face.

Oh, I didn't come down
very hard.

Well, I can say you boys
are out of practice.

Alright, toss your worthy
opponents into the bayou.

The alligators
aren't particular.

(male #7)
'Hey, look at all the women!'

[indistinct chatter]

And now, my dear ladies

how did you happen to get
in such bad company?

- Why, they pirated our ship.
- They killed the crew.

Alright, alright,
wait a minute.

Now the nightmare's
all over, ladies.

The next man who lays a finger
on any of you

will be your husband.

Oh, then you'll see us safely
to New Orleans, monsieur?

Without adding another wrinkle
to your fair brow.

Why, they're not many
there at that.

Why not ever couldn't you get
a husband in France, little one?

- Well, I don't what that has--
- Bad dispossession?

- Wha--
- Epilepsy?

Nothing sort of wooden legs
would have kept you?

[all laughing]

- Monsieur.
- Sorry, Your Highness.

Rough talk.
Now let me have your petticoat.

- My what?
- Your petticoat.

You have one on, I hope.

Monsieur, did you rest--

Alright, alright, Your Highness.

I need some bandages,
that's all.

- How about your petticoat?
- Oh, yes, monsieur.

- You can have mine.
- You can have mine.

Alright, boys, turn away
and grit your teeth.

That's contraband.

[men laughing]

Uh, girls, h-hold your capes up,
so we can get back.

Alright, men, invalids
and cripples, line up!

The rest of you boys, get busy.

- Here you are, monsieur.
- Thank you.

Thanks. There's some over here.

- Here's mine.
- Thanks.

Yes, indeed. Go right ahead.

Oh, yes, they'd be honored.
Bandage away.

Oh here, monsieur.
That bleeding from your brow--

Oh, it's good way
to cure a headache.

You better put that
back on again.

The mosquitoes around here
carry tomahawk.

Hey, I want some crutch
and a duffel of supplies.

'We camp here all night.'

♪ The hoot owl sings ♪

- Put more water, Marietta.
- What?


Yes, yes, of course.


Oh, sorry.

It's alright.

♪ Boom boom boom boom ♪

♪ The owl says who are you
to sit there criticizing me ♪

♪ I understand you're not
the kind of a cat ♪

♪ You pretend to be ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ♪

♪ The cat replied
with just one thing ♪

You know, I don't think
our captain approves

of our coming along
this way at all.

Oh, he's just a
...uncouth backward.

♪ Oh he knows better now ♪

♪ Boom boom boom boom ♪

♪ The hoot owl sings
from a sycamore limb ♪

♪ To wit to who? ♪

♪ The bobcat made
some remarks to him ♪

♪ That made him mad
clear through ♪

Yes, well, he's still
just a roo-poo colonial.

♪ The owl said who are you
to sit there criticizing me ♪

♪ I understand you're not
the kind of a cat ♪

♪ You pretend to be ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ♪

♪ The cat replied with just
one thing meow meow ♪

♪ I'm pretty sure
the owl knows ♪

♪ Better no-o-ow ♪

♪ Oh he knows ♪

♪ Better-r-r ♪

♪ No-o-ow ♪♪

Sorry, girls, but it breaks out
once in a while.

- Oh, more, please.
- Oh, please go on, monsieur.

- Well, I have an audience!
- Yes, three audiences.


Oh, that was beautiful,

Thank you.
I'm glad you liked it.

You should hear me
when I get up in the morning.

Just like a lark.

- Really?
- Yeah, really.

Look, honeybee,
take these blankets

and get some girls and fetch
your bedding, will ya?

- Yes, monsieur.
- That's a good girl.

Oh no, wait,
Your Highness, please.

Why do you call me that?

Well, just the way your chin
reaches for the moon

when you're mad, that's all.

Suppose I change it
to blue eyes.

You have blue eyes, haven't you?

- No, they're green.
- Blue.

Alright, blue eyes,
how did you come to get mixed in

with this cargo
of rawboned brides?

Well, I wished
to be married and--

Some poor, lonely, little
milkmaid on a farm, huh?

As a matter of fact, I was.

Yes, look at those little hands.

They couldn't make a cow
halfway comfortable.

So you liked me
as a nightingale?

- Wasn't I magnificent?
- Oh.

You're a modest little fellow,
aren't you?

I'm known as the mad mudlark
of the Mississippi.

- Don't tell a soul.
- No, I won't.

I'll leave that for you to do.

Do you spend much time
in New Orleans?

Not if I can help it.

We're just hired down here to
keep engines off the backstop.

- Oh, mercenary soldiers?
- Um-hmm.

Those creampuff troops
in New Orleans don't know us.

Greet y'all from a war whoop
and they hide from boat.

Well, then
the, the colonies are really

uh, blessed with your services,
I might say?

Yeah, I said it.

Oh, uh, what, uh

what happens to your families
up north?

- Who protects them?
- 'My what?'

- Well, your wife, children--
- Wife, blue eyes?

You're paddling up a dry creek.

Oh, then you're not married?


And as long as I'm sane, I..

Oh, I see the squirrel
in the tree.

Now wait a minute, blue eyes.

Oh, no.

Squirrel, tree,
what do you mean?

That we are all
happily unmarried.

So just tell all the girls not
to get up their hopes, will you?

Oh, what gave you any idea
the girls had any hopes?

Oh, we're not bad prospects.

We fight for our living
and love at our leisure.

- It means undivided attention.
- Monsieur.

'A wife made of petticoat
is very pleasing'

to the eye now and then.

But to have one around
for any length of time

whoo, it's small pox
to the nerves.


There went that chin
to the moon again.

Look at that moon.

It's a pretty moon.

It's a pretty chin too.

♪ Riding to the sky
at midnight ♪

♪ There's a witch
upon a magic room ♪

♪ There is danger in
the Southern sky at midnight ♪

♪ If you look on high ♪

♪ It will lead you
to your doom ♪

♪ With the magic scent ♪

♪ Of sweet magnolias ♪

♪ And the tender tune ♪

♪ The breezes play ♪

♪ Before you know ♪

♪ She's cast her spell ♪

♪ Around you ♪

♪ Before you know ♪

♪ She steals your heart ♪

♪ Away ♪

♪ 'Neath the Southern moon ♪

♪ Where love is warm ♪

♪ And tender ♪

♪ By the Southern Sea ♪

♪ Where love is warm ♪

♪ And free ♪

♪ 'Neath the spreading shade ♪

♪ Of palms you will ♪

♪ Surrender ♪

♪ For I know it's always ♪

♪ June ♪

♪ 'Neath the ♪

♪ Southern ♪

♪ Moon ♪♪

See, you couldn't help yourself.

Every note of jewel.

Oh. I wasn't moved that much!

- Oh, come on, Your Highness.
- And don't call me that again!

Alright, blue eyes. Well,
what have I said that so--

I've heard nothing
but braggin' insult from you.

You're right, you're right.
You're nothing but a lud mark.

A blood mark.
A, a, what you said.

And henceforth, you can direct
your croaking somewhere else.

♪ 'Neath the Southern moon ♪♪


[bell ringing]
Hear ye!

Hear ye!

The casquette girls
are now coming!

- Hear ye--
- Have they been rested?


Hear ye!

The casquette girls are coming!

- The casquette girls are here!
- They're here!

(male #8)
'Hear ye! Hear ye!'

Stake at them.

(male #8)
'Here comes
the casquette girls!'

Perhaps we can postpone

until tomorrow at the same time,

- I shall be honored.
- Monsieur.

Hurry, gentlemen, hurry.

The girls are here!


[men clamoring]

[trumpeting fanfare]

(male #9)
'His Excellency, the governor.'


We haven't spoken
for over 60 miles

but I would like to do you
one last favor.

What is that?

If you run out of names for boys

you can use mine. Richard.

It's a pretty name.


You Excellency,
the casquette girls.

In the name of His Majesty,
the king.

Citizens of New Orleans,
we have no more pleasurable duty

than to welcome
these fair flowers of France

to the colony of Louisiana.

[crowd cheering]

And right here,
I should like to name the man

who made this possible.

The savior
of the casquette girls

Captain Richard Warrington.

[crowd cheering]

Around you, young ladies,
your perspective husbands

greet you, the men of Louisiana.

Gallant pioneers who have
hewn your future homes

out of these
one-time wilderness.

Who have waited
by lonely firesides

month after month yearning
for the sound of a sweet voice

for all those sweet attributes
that come to a home

when a man and a woman, uh..

Don't overreach yourself,
Gaspard. Get on.

But I had..
There was no, uh..

Well, well, never mind.

Uh, and now
these young ladies

will be escorted to the convent

where they will be housed
and taken care of

until such time
as they go to their own homes.

So will all of you, young men

who have lived
in lonely solitude

waiting for this great day

be there at the convent
this afternoon?

There you will find
for yourselves

'the helpmates for your work'

'the solace
for your lonely hours'

the future mothers of France.

[crowd cheering]

Go on over and talk to them.

You'll never get a wife
standing here.

What about you going?

Well, I'm waiting for you.

Well, John, there's
a lovely girl over here

I want you to meet.

Thank you, sister, but I, I--

But this girl
is from your hometown.

- Levy?
- Oui.

Come along, Josh.
I'll show you.

And how old are you?

I'm 24 years old

and of a cheerful disposition
and a natural born worker.

And I know
I'm gonna like New Orleans.

I have a house in Square.
Six rooms.

I have a horse and carriage.

My shop is patronized by
the best people in New Orleans.

(male #10)
'My boats carry all the trade
between here and Havana.'

'I have a cargo now, I shall be
able to sell for 10,000 Louis.

- You don't say anything?
- I'm poor.

You won't always be.

Can I have a blond, mother?

May I have a blond?

Well, may I have
a blond, mother?

You leave this to me.

I, uh, I hate to see all these

pretty little girls
getting married, huh?

- Gaspard, you're late.
- Oh, I'm sorry, my dear.

We had some very important
business with Colonel Andre.

I assure you, madame, I had

a lengthy report
on my trip north.

The Indian affairs
are something to consider.

The Redskins again.

Yes, exactly.
That was it, the Redskins.

I suppose that accounts
for the large red spot

under your ear. Wipe it off.

Uh, uh, uh..

Oh, oh, dear.

Oh, no. Nobody's going..
Go away.

No, no, I--
You don't understand, I can't.

I can't, I mean I won't..

I'm not, not going
to marry anyone of you.

But you came here
to get married, didn't you?

- Yes, but I mean, no.
- But you signed the agreement.

Well, I,
but I've changed my mind.

But it says in your credentials
that you must, uh--

No, that was a lie.
All lies.

What all this about lies?

'Make way for the governor.'

- Oh, monsieur.
- What is all this?

She says her credentials
are false, Your Excellency.

Well, that's very serious
business, young lady.

Let me see your papers.

If your credentials aren't
correct, I'll, I'll, I'll..

Haven't I see you before
back in Paris?

Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, Your Excellency.

I come from Marseille.

- What's your name?
- Uh, Marietta Franini.

Yeah, that's strange. I..

I was sure that I'd seen you
somewhere, where..

[clears throat]
Yeah, well, what is all this?

Where are these lies?

Name, Marietta Franini.

'You said that you came
from Marseille.'

- Yes.
- Well, that's not a lie.

'You're 23 years old.
Is that a lie?'

No, Your Excellency.


- Yes, you're in good health?
- 'Yes.'

I haven't found a lie so far.

You're of excellent character,
your conducts and behavior

'have always been
above reproach.'

That's it, that's it,
that's the one.

You, uh..
You're, uh, what?

I'm sorry, Your Excellency.

Yeah, well, I-I know
it's really--

Don't stand there stuttering
and gaping. Do something.

Uh, uh, well, certainly.
Of course.

Uh, the guard.
Uh, get the guard.

Uh, yeah.
Uh, this is outrageous.

What are you doing among
all these sweet girls?

You have no right here.

Oh, but surely,
here in New Orleans

you have room for a girl
who doesn't necessarily

wished to become a housewife
but who likes

to be charming and pleasant?

[Gaspard chuckles]
'What? Yeah, uh..'

Gaspard, are you going to allow
that brazen woman

to stand there and insult
decent women with that talk?

No, of course not!

Uh, here, uh,
just take her to the, uh..

Take her, uh,
find her a home somewhere.

Uh, ahem, uh, girls like that
coming over here.

And you thought you knew her?

I, uh, yeah, uh, strange.

Very strange.

Uh, uh, let's, uh, go over here
and just talk to the..

- Oh, Marietta?
- Oh, it's alright.

- I'm so sorry.
- Oh, don't worry.

- He's very nice.
- But very poor.

Does it matter?


Here's a little wedding present
for both of you.

- Oh, Marietta.
- Goodbye.

You know, you're lucky
you were given over into my care

you little chicken,
and that is--

Don't pay any attention to him,
sweetmeat. You talk to me.

You know, I think it's wonderful
that a girl like--


Alright, I'll take over
the custody of the lady.

Juts a moment, mercenary.
You're not telling me--


It's unfair to take
advantage of my rank

but then the temptation
is too great.

Why this sudden interest,
Captain Warrington?

Oh, I admit I'm a loud kind of a
fellow problem when I'm on duty

but I'm in town for a rest now.

I had a bath and a shave
and I'm feeling

very kindly to the world.

I thought your world
didn't include women.

Women, oh, as you said back
there was to be charming.

Oh, I wish it was full of them
and they all look like you.

Well, fortunately for me, I have
the choice of my companion.

What's the matter with me now
that all the cards are face up?

I've always gotten on very well
with charming women.

Sometimes a little too well.
It's difficult to get away.

Well, you'll have no
difficulty getting away

from me, I assure you.

In fact, I'm looking forward
to your departure

with infinite delight.

Marietta, you toss words

off your tongue
like a lady of quality.

That doesn't quite go with
the story of you life, does it?

Oh, oh, little quality
and culture and speech

has, has never been
a drawback to me, I found.

Oh, maybe you've been
missing a lot of fun.

Didn't you have a hanker
for informality?

You know,
I've always found that--

Monsieur, understand
here and now.

All I ask of you
is that you conduct me

to, to wherever
I'm supposed to live.

And then it's au revoir?

No, not au revoir,
but a lasting goodbye.

Well, this is a new school
of charm

but just be patient, blue eyes.

Maybe I'll get the hang of it
between here and there.

And just a minute, this way.

[singing in foreign language]

Ah, good evening,
Captain Warrington.

What can I do?
I'm so glad to see you here.

Mademoiselle desires
a residence.

- You have a house vacant?
- Oh, but, yes.

This way, mademoiselle.

People are rather gay
in this corner of town.

[man laughs]

[people laughing]

Rather gay.

What became
of the former occupant?

A little brunette, wasn't it?

Ah, she was married, captain.

Oh, come, come,
that's deplorable.

A lieutenant
from Fort Delaware.

They left up river
only this morning

and in such a hurry.

You are welcome to the supplies,

Thank you.

And now please,
a month's rent in advance.

Uh, three Louis.

- Here you are.
- And for what?

I have money.

I mean, I had money.

I insist upon the pleasure.

Well, you should
be repaid, monsieur

as soon as I find work.

- Oh, blue eyes.
- Now, mademoiselle.

I hope you will be
very comfortable--

I shall dedicate myself
to that achievement.

Thank you
for the trouble, monsieur

but as you go,
you better throw on your hat.

Your head is very large.

It will be frightful
if you caught cold in it.

Is the night that chilly,
little one?

It's chillier.

And now will you please unlock
the door and leave immediately?

I know
what's the matter with you.

Your stomach's empty.

No body can be charming
when they're all hollow

in their little pork basket.

Let's have some supper, huh?

Ah, the brunette was generous.

Wine, crumpets and eggs.

- You shall cook me an omelet.
- You leave here immediately.

An omelet with red peppers.

I never cooked in my life

and I'd die
before I cook you a radish.

You don't cook a radish,
you eat it alive.


It's very simple.
Break one yourself.

There's your omelet.

'Now is that nice?'

Think of all the trouble
descampados hands

experience to lay those eggs.
With one gesture--

For the last time, get out.

Here, you're tired.
Sit down, relax.

Oh, blue eyes, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean
to be that informal.

I really am sorry.

I'll tell you what to do.

You push me down.

I'll call the police
and push you out.

Poor blue eyes

because you see, I'm the police.

Oh, you..

[instrumental music]

Hey, Rudolpho.

Hi, Captain Dick.

Where's that plump daughter
of yours?

- The one who sings?
- Oh, she got married, see.

She moved down
to Biloxi settlement.

But, monsieur, my daughter,
Suzette, she sing too.


[speaking in foreign language]

[instrumental music]

It's awful everybody
getting married.

- Must be the time of the year.
- I suppose so.

♪ Zing zing zizzy zizzy
zing zing mandolinas gay ♪

♪ Zing zing zizzy zizzy
zing zing boom boom aye ♪

Competition, little ice cake.

Now how do you suppose she knew
I like to be sung to?

I have no idea.

♪ La la la la ha ha ha ♪

♪ Zing boom ♪

♪ Aye ♪

You know, you ought
to learn to sing.

It's an added charm.

Of course, I don't expect you
to sing as she does.

♪ Hear again in dreams ♪

♪ Her revelry
her sweet revelry ♪

♪ The mandolinas
playing sweet ♪

♪ The pleasant sound
of dancing feet ♪

♪ Oh could I return ♪

♪ Oh joy complete ♪

♪ Napoli ♪

♪ Napoli ♪

♪ Na ♪

♪ Poli ♪

♪ Zing zing zizzy zizzy
zing zing boom aye ♪

♪ Zing zing zizzy zizzy
zing zing mandolinas gay ♪

♪ Zing zing zizzy zizzy
zing zing boom boom aye ♪

♪ La la la ha ha ha ♪

♪ Zing boom aye ♪

♪ La la la ha ha ha ♪

♪ Zing boom aye ♪

♪ Ah ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ♪

♪ Ah-h-h ♪

♪ E-e-e-e-e ♪♪

[cheering and applauding]

Now let's talk this over
as one mudlark to another.

I do not wish
to be included in that.

But that was no street singer's
wobbling, blue eyes.

The quality of those tones
were something.

I-I used to appear
at the opera comique.

I see, until a manager
wished you to appear

as Lady Godiva and you refused.

Yes, uh, something
like that, yes.

So you took to being
charming instead?

I've already proclaimed that,
haven't I?

Blue eyes, you're very beautiful

but I think you're also a liar.

Monsieur, I am
what I, what I am.

[doorbell rings]

Go ahead. Maybe it's somebody
to put me out.

Robert De Juvenale.

Mademoiselle, you are at home?

Oh, oh.

- Well, gentlemen?
- Well, Captain Warrington?

Oh, uh, you came
to see the young lady?

- Yes.
- I can't blame you for that.

- But all three of you together?
- Oh, no.

'I didn't come with these, uh,
gentlemen. I got here first.'

(male #11)
'First or last will not matter
to mademoiselle.'

'Let her make the choice.'

Such beauty demands
the finest setting.

He must please mademoiselle.
That is the most important.

She should have only
the best man in New Orleans.

I agree with you.
You are very flattering.

And now, thank you
and goodnight.

Now you see, blue eyes,
I've saved you

from a very dull evening.

And that's..

Hey, blue eyes!

Good morning, Capt. Warrington.
I didn't expect you to be--

I have an appointment
with the governor.

And the ill-feeling
between the French troops

and the mercenaries
are steadily growing

in intensity, sir.

Captain Warrington, sir.

Oh, show him in.
Show him in.

And now, sir, about the plans
for the new barracks--

So bottle that.
Some other time.

Good morning, Richard.

- Your Excellency.
- Here, here's the, uh..

Here's the month's pay
for you and your men.

Thanks, I'll be glad to get it.

And you'll be happy to hear,
you won't

have to hang around town
any longer.

I promised the council
this morning that you'd go out

'and round up those

You'll leave immediately,
I suppose.

I'll arrange to issue

'any supplies
and equipment necessary.'

No, we won't be able to break

camp for several days yet.

- 'Why, what's the matter?'
- Well.

The boys are pretty
tired, pretty done in.

They've already had
a week of rest.

I think I'll give them
a few days longer.

In don't think
your boys want those

few days as much as you do.

- What do you mean?
- Uh, uh, yes, what is this?

Uh, Captain Warrington made use
of his superior rank

the other day and took over
the duties of my soldiers.

I'm so accustomed to taking over
the duties of his soldiers

it's second nature by now.

- Sir!
- Uh, oh wait.

- What is this?
- It's that casquette girl.

Warrington insists on taking
charge of her himself.

Captain Warrington!
Why, this is.. You..

Uh, Major Bonnell,
uh, would you mind?

I'd like to speak
to the captain alone.

Why, this is a very serious
matter, Richard.

I mean, you can't,
you deliberately

disobeyed my order..

My boy!

You couldn't have done anything

that would have
pleased me more.

I was wondering how I could
get in touch with her.

Now tell me, where did you nest
our little lost pigeon?

- Where is she?
- I don't know.

Oh, come now, is that the way

to treat your great benefactor?

Haven't I always
been good to you?

It isn't like you to be selfish.

- You've changed, Richard.
- I know I have.

Oh, but you wouldn't begrudge me
an opportunity to see her again.

I mean, in person, to apologize
for the way I acted.

Besides, you're going away.

I'll see that she's comfortable

and well taken care of
in your absence.

Who is she?

Uh, who, uh, who is she..

Oh, there you are, my dear.

Yes, here I am,
but who is she?

She? Oh, well, i-it's not..

We were talking about a horse.

- A horse?
- Uh, yes. Uh, Richard's horse.

I didn't want her to be left
alone in his absence.

I mean, she's
a very sensitive creature.

A beautiful animal.

Yes, a-a long, slender neck
and such withers.


Oh, she has, uh, withers,
hasn't she, Richard?

I didn't know
you were so fond of horses.

Oh, I've always..
I've never..

I'm a great lover of horses,
am I not, my dear?

Just trot her around, Richard.
do you understand?

Yes, do trot her over.

I want to see this horse
that he's got to apologize to.

Oh, apol.. I-I don't..

- I'll be going.
- Oh, no.

Just stay for a moment
and have a glass of Madeira.

Better save it for your horse.

My horse? Your horse.

He-he's always..
Isn't he?

I'll, uh, I'll just walk to
the gate with Richard, my dear.

Gaspard, come back here.

- Good day, madame.
- Won't you stay, Richard?

Your Excellency,
I fight only for pay

not for my life.

Oh, uh, well, that's too bad.

- Hey, Jacques.
- Uh, hello, Captain Warrington.

- Has she returned yet?
- No, captain.

- Not a sign of her.
- Peculiar.

Perhaps it's just a lovers'
quarrel. She may come back--

Lovers' nothing.
She just shouldn't be

running around getting people
into trouble.

If you hear word of her,
report to me at the barracks.

Certainly, captain.

[women chattering]

- Why, Captain Warrington.
- Good morning.

- Oh.
- How do you do, captain?

Listen, it's going
to be gorgeous.

It's really going to be lovely.
Oh, do make it.

Beg your pardon.
Maybe I'll be able to go.

- Thank you very much.
- Oh, please, please come.

♪ Ship ahoy ship ahoy ♪

♪ Who wants to marry
a sailor boy? ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ♪

♪ Once ashore once ashore ♪

Oh, Captain Warrington.

- You like the marionette?
- Yes, indeed, marionette.

- Thanks.
- One? Thank you.

♪ You are a lovely maid
I am a lonely man ♪

♪ Just a bit afraid
to disclose my plan ♪

♪ I can read it in your eye
I know what you won't say ♪

♪ Marry me marry me ♪

♪ I'll carry you far away ♪

♪ Marry me marry me ♪

♪ I'm wondering
what you'll say ♪

♪ Ship ahoy ship ahoy ♪

♪ Who wants to marry
a sailor boy? ♪

♪ Here today sail away ♪

♪ Out on the ocean
he'll take a new notion ♪

♪ And once ashore once ashore ♪

♪ He'll find another one
to adore ♪

♪ He'll find a new love
and she'll be his true love ♪

♪ And I'll see him nevermore ♪

♪ Ship ahoy ship ahoy ♪

♪ She wouldn't marry
a sailor boy ♪

♪ Here today then away ♪

♪ Once ashore once ashore ♪♪



Bella mia, bella mia!

Bella mia, you are wonderful.

Oh, I'll try
and do better tomorrow.

Oh, how can I ever repay you,

- You've been so good to me.
- Ah.

I needed it so.

Well, you not have to work
until tonight's performance.

Maybe you go out
and get something to eat.

Yes. Yes, I'm, I'm starved.


[Richard humming along]


- Well, this is unbelievable.
- Here, touch me.

- It's true.
- Will you get out?

No, no, I don't desert my
friends without an explanation.

Why did you run away, blue eyes?
Because you owed me three Louis?

You'll get your money back
just as soon as

possible and with interest.

I'm full of interest right now.

Your presence here
is most unwelcome.

Or in other words,
my presence would be

most welcome somewhere else?

- Yes.
- Alright.

If that's the way
you feel about it.

Will you get out of here
and stay out?

- But, uh--
- Oh. Oh, well, I thought--

Oh, you thought
I'm Captain Warrington, yes?

Well, yes, I did.

Bella mia, if you wanna
work here, stay here

you keep away
from Captain Warrington.

- Oh, I certainly will.
- Oh, that's a good bella mia.

They say he make all girls
in New Orleans lose their heads

and then, then he break
their hearts.

- Well, not this girl.
- That's what all they say.

That, t-that's what they say?


- Hmph.
- That's a good bella mia.

You stay here,
work for Rudolpho

and keep away
from Captain Warrington.

Indeed, I will.

It's your own fault.

Remember, you said in there,
my presence

would be welcome
somewhere else?

Well, here I am.
Welcome me.

Ah, I've waited two days
for that smile.

- It wasn't a smile.
- Pain? Stitch in your side?

[both laugh]

I thought you were a soldier.

Haven't you anything better to
do than follow me around town?

Not today.
Tomorrow I may go out

to argue with your admirers
from Barataria.

- You mean--
- But today.. Yes.

You remember the pretty lads

who wanted to do
a maypole dance with you

and we interrupted?

Oh, you know

I never really
thanked you for that.

Well, you can.

You haven't seen the town,
have you?

- Well, no, I--
- Come on.

No more mention
of our unpleasantness.

Furthermore, you can trust me

because I'll keep you out
in the open from now on.

- Oh, I--
- I thought you would.

You're not mad, you're lonely.

There now, why must you

continually bring the subject
back to love?

Besides, I've so many new things
to see and hear.

Granted, but we can't escape it.

It's everywhere,
from the lowest to the highest.

For example,
even this noble shrimp

was once capable
of a sweet and tender love.

Oh, well, it doesn't look
very romantic to me.

Yet I'm sure
shrimps are very sincere.

Yes, there's rather
overwhelming evidence of it.

Oh, look!

Oh, there's the widow

She looks something
like the old woman

who lived in a shoe.

Who had so many children--

Before she turned to stew.

A bitter joke, ma'am.


Terrible. Even cloven-hoofed Pan
turns domestic.

Poor Pan.

So you put away your pipe
to be a pauper, hm?

I'll admit it's rather sour,
his point of view.

That's love.

So we're still on the subject
of love, are we?

- Don't you like it?
- No, I don't.

Anytime I say anything
you don't like

you just cross your fingers
and hold them up to me.

- Like that?
- Like that.

- And you'll stop?
- And I'll stop.

Oh, look at the lovely flowers.

Pick yourself a corsage
or whatever they call it.

- May I?
- Mm.

- Abraham, look.
- Ezekiel, I'm looking.

Oh, aren't they two of your men
over there?

- Uh, no, yeah, well..
- And they're eating too.

Oh. Oh, come on, sir.

How do you do?

- Hello.
- Howdy.

It smells very good.

- Right over this way, missy.
- Oh, thank you.

Why don't we go somewhere else?

We'll only get the victuals
of the country here.

Onion soup, fried shrimp
in butter and--

Oh, good. I'll take that.

- Two.
- 'Yes, sir, captain.'


See the lovely flowers
Captain Warrington bought me?

Lovely, aren't they?

Squeeze the juice out of them
things and it's mighty good

when you get a boil
on your neck.

- Good for swollen feet too.
- Uh, boys, uh..

That's wonderful.

I haven't had
those ailments yet

but if I do get them,
I'll remember your advice.

Thank you both.

Well, now that's right friendly,

May I pour you a drink?

See, you take the jug this way

crook it over the elbow and..

- There you are.
- 'No, thank you, really.'

It will put a natural curl
in your hair, ma'am.

- No. No, please, really.
- Go on. This is good.

Boys, do you mind plowing that
field of corn somewhere else?

Alright, captain.

Oh, look. here's ours.

- Smells good, doesn't it?
- Mmm.

And with what do we eat
our friend, the shrimp?

With nothing. I warned you.

Oh, but, yes, with the first
fork in existence.

See? Ah-ha.


Mmm! Mm, good.


I always love the sounds
of a big city, don't you?

You can see, I usually
have music at mealtime.

Boys, please, wait a minute.

I mean, do you mind
going a little easier

on those bass fiddles?

- Oh.
- Oh.

Pardon me, ma'am.

A female may get
under a man's hide

but when she gets
in his food, I quit.

Just a minute.

Don't be forgetting your posies,
Mistress Cramer.

- Oh, thank you so much.
- You're welcome, ma'am.

[bell ringing]

Oyez! Oyez!

Five hundred Louis D'or reward
is offered

for the apprehension
of Marietta Franini

masquerading as a casquette girl
from France

'by order of Gaspard d'Annard,

Quickly, get behind the corner
of the building.

- I'll be right back.
- 'I don't know.

A ship arrived at the mouth
of the river this morning.

A courier arrived
just ten minutes ago.

If you want the 500, go get her.

I remember her. They sent her
from the convent.

- Yes, the redhead.
- With blue eyes.

Yes, and I saw her this noon up
at the marionette theater.

- She's working there.
- At Rudolpho's?

That's it.
You better get there fast

before she hears about this.

[crowd clamoring]

(male #8)
'Oyez! Oyez! Proclamation!
500 Louis D'or..'

I knew there was something
about you.

- What's it all about?
- I can't explain--

Never mind. Let's get away
y and talk it over.

Don't you think
you can trust me now?

You're the only one I can trust.

Come on, dear.

[indistinct chatter]

Now let me see.

Why should a ship
come hurrying from France?

Why should
they offer 500 Louis reward?

All that
for little Marietta Franini

just a little, indiscreet girl
from Marseilles.

Oh, please,
let's not talk about that now.

All this will end soon
enough as it is.

Blue eyes, you're in trouble
and I wanna help you.

Yes, but you said a petticoat
for any length of time

was smallpox to the nerves.

But I've only known you,
really, in the last hour

and I'm immune to smallpox
and I haven't any nerves.

Well, then just keep
calling me Marietta

or blue eyes, if you wish.

At least I know you're not
what you said you were.

What do you think I am?

Gardenia, maybe, that's lost
in a field of mustard plants

or a dove flying
in a flock of crows


That's pretty clumsy, isn't it?

- Oh, no. I like it.
- Who are you?

- Just someone.
- Someone, huh?

From somewhere.

Well, I have a very strange
feeling about someone.

- No pain, I hope.
- Mm-hmm.

A very strange feeling
I've never felt before.

Dizziness too?

And a kind of
a grinding depression.

- Oh, a sinking spell?
- My heart's acting strangely.

- It feels rather sore.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

At least it gives me
that impression.

Try squeezing the juice
of a flower.

♪ My pulses leap madly ♪

♪ Without any cause ♪

Oh, my.

♪ Believe me ♪

♪ I'm telling you truly ♪

♪ I'm gay without pause ♪

♪ Then sad without cause ♪

♪ My spirits ♪

♪ Are truly unruly ♪

♪ For I'm falling in love ♪

♪ With someone ♪

♪ Someone girl ♪

♪ I'm falling in love ♪

♪ With someone ♪

♪ Head ♪

♪ A-whirl ♪

♪ Yes I'm falling ♪

♪ In love with someone ♪

♪ Plain to see ♪

♪ I'm sure
I could love someone ♪

♪ Madly ♪

♪ If someone would ♪

♪ Only ♪

♪ Love me ♪

There now, I'm waiting.

- Sing it again.
- I thought you didn't like it.

Oh, but I do. Please.

- Please.
- But what about..

- Oh, that?
- Hmm.

♪ For I'm ♪

♪ Falling in love ♪

♪ With someone ♪

♪ Someone ♪

♪ Girl I'm falling ♪

♪ In love with someone ♪

♪ Head a-whirl ♪

♪ Yes I'm ♪

♪ Falling in love ♪

♪ With someone ♪

♪ Plain to see ♪

♪ I'm sure
I could love someone ♪

♪ Madly ♪

♪ If someone would ♪

♪ Only ♪

♪ Love me ♪♪

Now you sing it back to me.
With gestures, if you like.

Won't you, blue eyes?


I have one of my own
I know better.

You've been hiding it
all this time?

Well, I didn't know it
until now.

I mean, I, I mean, I knew it
and I didn't know it.

I mean, a song.

I know it's a song,
but I didn't know it

I, I knew it, I don't know it

and it's all very mysterious.

It is. I mean, it was,
but it isn't anymore.

Well, this mixed-up little song
of yours

is it, is it as nice as mine?

Well, it's more serious
than yours.


Would it be wrong
if you sing it to me?

Oh, no, it would be right.

I couldn't sing it
to anyone else.

Oh, oh, w-where,
where are you taking me?

To our headquarters.

Here we go. Watch it now.

That's it.

- Captain Warrington.
- Well, major?

This lady is Marietta Franini.

That is neither denied
nor agreed to.

She can't deny it,
nor can she deny that

she is actually the princess
de Namours de la Bonfain

a fugitive from France,
against His Majesty's wishes.

A princess? Madame, I'm--

Oh, I, I'm still Marietta.
Or blue eyes.

'I've been ordered to escort you
at once to the governor's'

'palace. His Excellency
awaits you there.'

I don't think the lady need
go anywhere on your command.

Captain Warrington,
the governor's orders.

If you don't wish to go,
I have a sword here

that will see that you stay.

Please I'll go with you.

I'll see you again,
Captain Warrington.

There is only one answer to
that, which I believe you know.

So the king mandate.

Well, I guess that about
settles it, doesn't it?

Yes, then I should
be settled in irons

if I didn't carry it out
to the letter.

Well, I shouldn't
want that, monsieur.

But, my dear, why did you do it?

I mean, the most important
marriage of the century

and Don Carlos must be
a most loving suitor

to have come here all the way
with your uncle, so that--

When do they arrive?

After nightfall, surely. They
left by barge from the delta.

They must have sailed
a day or two after you did.

Very well, I'll await them.

And of course,
there'll, there'll be a ball

in your honor here
at the palace tonight.

Oh, that's quite unnecessary.
Very kind of you, monsieur.

Yeah, and, uh, madame, another
matter and most important.

We shall see to it naturally
that your uncle and Don Carlos

are not informed as to, uh

what happened to you
after you left the convent.

Doesn't matter, really.

Well, I, I thought perhaps

Don Carlos might be
needlessly upset.

Why? If I wasn't upset

why should it disturb him
in the least?

Uh, oh, yes, well, of course.

But in any case, will you do me
the favor of letting them

believe that ever since
you came here, you, you..

Well, blast it.
What could you have been doing?

I worked
in the marionette theater.

Splendid, of course, you worked
at the marionette theater.

See, then they need never know
I went away to live alone.

No. See, they'll never know.

Or that you drove me to it.

Oh, exactly, I..

Oh, uh, no, well,
that's not quite the point.

I-I-I mean, I-I-I--

(Madame d'Annard)
'Joseph, is the princess
still with the governor?'

'Oui, madame.'

Ah, madame la princesse,
your apartment's ready.

I hope you will bear with
the humble hospitality here.

We try to keep things
from being too provincial.

Everything seems most proper.

Oh, Marietta, I've been expiring

some horror
about your experiences.

Of course, if I'd had
my spectacles with me

I should have seen at once
that you really

weren't a casquette girl.

Gaspard, of course,
he's such a man's man.

- You really must forgive him.
- Oh, well.

And now, my dear,
I know presumptuous

but I'm older than you are
and you must confide in me.

Let me mother you as it were.

You, uh, spoke of my apartment.

Uh, this way.
Uh, yes, of course, this way.

Gaspard, I hope you're not
still considering

apologizing in person?

Uh, no, I, uh, uh..

Uh, June, John, uh, has the
escort left for down the river?

Yes, Your Excellency.

Yes, well, tell Major Bonnell
that I want to consult with him

about the, uh, about
the reception on the levee.

No word from Captain Warrington?

No, Your Excellency.

Oh, well, he must be found
at once, you understand?

Wait, uh, when he's found,
just give him this dispatch.

Get a quill.
Here, hurry. Here, let me see.

Uh, uh, Captain Warrington,
you and your men

are herewith ordered
to start for Barataria today.

This is a command.

And, Richard,
in the name of heaven

and our friendship,
please obey it.

After all,
a woman is only a woman

but a princess is-is-is..

Well, what is a princess
in this case?

- Quickly. Something impressive.
- A barrel of gun powder, sir?

Uh, splendid. Uh, a princess is,
uh, two barrels of gun powder.

And, and please, uh,
understand that this is..

Does madame desire three or four
curls this side of the head?


Uh, madame la princesse?

Oh, oh, I'm so sorry, I..

Would you like three or four
curls this side of the head?

- Uh, four, please.
- 'Is that the fashion now?'

We feel so behind the times
over here.

Not judging by your garment..

It's new from Paris this winter.

Lovely. You're all so good
to be imposed upon like this.

It is an honor to be
a lady-in-waiting, madame.

To attend you especially.

See them, they're arriving
like flies to a plate of honey.

Well, why not? There's never
been such an occasion

since the colony was founded.

Will, uh,
will everybody be there?

(female #1)
'Everybody who has
an invitation, madame.'

(female #2)
'Everybody who is anybody.'

And, uh, the officers?

(female #3)
'All those of the regular guard,

'They've been invited
to attend.'

Of course, I don't know about
Captain Warrington for instance.

He isn't in duty bound to come.

Still, he might.

- Although he doesn't usually.
- Oh, I see.

(female #4)
'No, I tell you,
you cannot come in.'

Oh, please, madam,
she knows me. Can I--

You goose, you are not permitted
in this part of the house.

'Oh, but please can I..'

'Will you please
just tell madame my name?'

Julie, where did you come from?

I mean, madame la princesse.

A maid attached
to the kitchens, madame.

Well, see that she's transferred

to my personal service,
will you?

Yes, madame,
anything madame wishes.

And, uh, may we
be alone, please?

- You don't mind, do you?
- Not at all, Your Highness.

Julie, what's the matter,
darling? You're not in trouble?

Oh, no,
I just wished to see you.

Oh, madame, I can hardly believe
when I heard--

Marietta, Julie.

But tell me, why are you here?
Your-your nice young man?

Oh, he's in
the governor's service here.

Well, you're happy, aren't you?

Oh, terribly, but, but,
Marietta, how about you?

Well, I was happy
until this happened.

I don't know what it's all
about. I hear so many stories.

What do you hear?

- About Captain Warrington.
- What?

I heard that the governor
ordered him to leave town today

but he hasn't gone
and he's coming here tonight.

Oh, Julie, Julie.

[knock on door]

Yes, come in.

Get out.

Wait in the bedroom, dear.

If I were to treat you
as you deserved

you should be soundly thrashed.

I refuse to descend
to your level.

Thank you, monsieur.

You display the conduct and
the behavior of a street cat.

If you've no regard for yourself

you might have some respect
for our name.

But I didn't use our name.

I've no need to tell you
what your conduct has cost me.

The humiliation,
that ghastly trip at sea.

And poor Don Carlos

suffered such excruciating
misery from seasickness

I almost despaired his life.

- But he didn't die.
- Fortunately not.

- Sad.
- Marie.

Oh, hasn't he any pride?

Doesn't he realize I loathe him?

Doesn't he know I left France

only to avoid
having to marry him?

He knows nothing of the kind.

I persuaded him that
your running away was a whim.

That you wanted to intrigue him,
to become more desirable.

And if you're wise, you'll let
that impression remain.

We go aboard the boat
after the reception tonight.

- Tonight?
- And sail at dawn.

Oh, but, uncle--

Until that time,
you are forbidden

to leave the palace ground.
The place is guarded.

The men have their instructions
not to let you pass.

You may as well hear me out.
I'm not going back with you.

If you have any ideas like that
in your mind

you better dismiss it.

And all about your affair
with this, uh, Warrington.

If he should try
to see you again

I shall regard it as an effort
to help you to escape.

He'd be tried for treason
and shot.

The king's mandate permits this.

I shall see that
it's carried out to the letter.

Are you ready to go down?

Well, I..
I must find my gloves.

You heard?

You must hurry to the barracks
and tell him he mustn't come

you understand? He mustn't.

♪ We march together ♪

- It's he, madame.
- Oh, I know, I know.

- What am I going to do?
- Oh, Marietta.

♪ Tramp tramp tramp
we march together ♪

♪ Never minding
wind or weather ♪

♪ Tramp tramp tramp
we march together ♪

I'm ready, monsieur.

Your gloves
are on the dresser, madame.

♪ Or the moon is in the sky ♪

♪ We must go
where danger's hiding ♪

Oh, uh, uh, that's Warrington.

And my men
will take care of him.

Ah, that's fine.

Well, who's going to take care
of your men?

Her Highness, the Princess Marie
de Namours de la Bonfain.

His Highness, the Prince
de Namours de la Bonfain.

Where's Don Carlos?

Well, he's not quite recovered
from the motion of the boat.

He'll join us later.

I'm sorry.

Madame la princesse, this is
a great day for New Orleans.

Thank you, madame.

My children tell me
that you have

such a divine voice,
Your Highness.

Thank you.

They heard you
in the little theater.

Oh, really?

Such a quaint little escapade
for our princess.

Oh, yes.

You are positive
these stairs are not moving?

Positive, monsieur.

His Highness Don Carlos

Duquette of Ista Bonita,
Grandes de Espana.

You see, I have followed you
to the end of the Earth.

Don Carlos.

I think I had better sit down.

Uh, uh, permit me,
Your Excellency.

Would you honor me, madame?

Gaspard, the etiquette.

Uh, oh, uh, uh, will you honor
me with this dance, princess?


You two boys wait here
till I come out.

Alright, cap.

You know what's the matter
with him, don't you?

- What?
- He's in love.


I thought you were
ordered to Barataria.

We were. We're camping at
the mouth of the river tonight.

- Then what are you doing here?
- Going in.

Weren't you sent to escort me?

I was supposed to keep out

anyone who hadn't an invitation.

Well, I have an invitation,
the best in the world.

- From the princess herself.
- I mean a written invitation.

However, I'm going to make
an exception in your case.

We'll both make it together.

I'm sure the prince will be
very anxious to meet you.

Allow Captain Warrington
to go in.

[instrumental music]

Oh, oh, pardon.

Uh, uh, oh..

- Beg your, beg your pardon.
- Oh, I, uh..

Well, okay, here.

Richard, you shouldn't have..
I told you..

I ordered you
to leave town today--

Today doesn't end
until midnight, Your Excellency.

Well, I know,
but you've got to, you..

Oh, uh, Richard, you can't..

Every, oh-oh, uh..

Uh.. O-okay.

Just take this to the, uh..
Hang it outside.

Oh, hang it here.

I feel terribly faint.
Do you mind?

It's your own fault, blue eyes.
You asked to see me again.

- Well, I did want to see you--
- Then look at me.

Well, it's just that
I can't talk with you tonight

with all these people here.

Soon as they find I'm gone,
they'll be out searching for me.

Where is the princess?


Well, uh, oh..

You were dancing with her,
weren't you?

Oh, uh, yeah.

- Well, why did you leave her?
- Uh, well, I..

I'm not a very good dancer.

I've got lump..


- Wouldn't you like some punch?
- Where is she?

Uh, where, where is she? Oh.


She, w-w-when I was, uh

she was standing right here.


Oh, uh, where the..


Some, some..

Where? I can't. I..

Where's the song
you were going to sing to me?

Oh, please, this is a party
given in honor of my sailing.

I really should be in there--

What have they said
about sailing?

- Sailing?
- Yes.

When do they think
they're going to try

to take you away?

Oh. Oh, we're not sailing
until tomorrow night.

I mean, the day after tomorrow.

Uh, uh, I mean, Friday.

- Friday, my uncle said.
- Good.

Then I'll be back right here
tomorrow night

to hear your song.

Tomorrow night?

We'll be camped
only about 20 miles

from here. I'll get back easily.

Tomorrow night.

Yes, that will be best.

- Madame.
- Oh, yes, uncle.

Oh, oh,
were you looking for me?

- I-I'm sorry.
- Major.

- Isn't this the man who--
- Oh, well, of course, uncle.

But after all, aren't we
magnifying something very silly?

Th-this, this officer
saved my life

and I, I simply asked him to
come here and say goodbye to me.

But thank you again,
Captain Warrington

and goodbye.

Oh, uncle, don't look so cross.

I believe you have come to
your senses after all, my dear.

Oh, oh, oh, well, I, uh..

Oh, no.

Oh. For heaven's sake,
why do you..

Go, run away, son.

Uh, Richard, my boy,
will you do me a favor?

I'll be forced
to-to-to put you up, uh

against the wall
and-and b-blow a kni--

You can do anything you like
except cut off my ears.

I'm saving them
to hear something

I never believed possible.

Yes, well,
you can keep your ears.

But will you please
get your hat and go?

We've all vowed
that we can't dance another step

until we hear you sing,
Your Highness.

I perish at the thought
of being denied.

- Oh, please--
- Remember, Your Highness.

- You promised.
- Have pity on the provincials.

Your Highness, we so seldom

have an opportunity
to hear a thing like that.

Please, please, I..

Richard, please, I'm..

Oh, yes. Yes!

Yes, I will sing, I will.

Rudolpho, Rudolpho, play.

'Play a song, my song.'

'Si, si, bella mia.'

[violin music]

♪ Ah sweet mystery of life ♪

♪ At last I've found thee ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ At last I know ♪

♪ The secret of it all ♪

♪ Oh the longing seeking ♪

♪ Striving waiting yearning ♪

♪ The idle hopes and joy ♪

♪ And burning tears ♪

♪ That fall ♪

♪ For ♪

♪ It is love and love alone ♪

♪ The world is seeking ♪

♪ And ♪

♪ It is love and love alone ♪

♪ I've waited for ♪

♪ And ♪

♪ My heart
has heard the answer ♪

♪ To its calling ♪

♪ For it is love ♪

♪ That rules for ♪

♪ Ever ♪

♪ More ♪♪


♪ Ah sweet mystery of life ♪

♪ At last I found thee ♪

♪ Oh I know at last ♪

♪ The secret of it all ♪

♪ Oh the longing seeking ♪

♪ Striving waiting yearning ♪

♪ The idle hopes ♪

♪ The joy and burning tears ♪

♪ That fall ♪

♪ For ♪

♪ It is love and love alone ♪

♪ The world is seeking ♪

♪ And ♪

♪ It is love and love alone ♪

♪ I've waited for ♪

♪ And ♪

♪ My heart
has heard the answer ♪

♪ To its calling ♪

♪ For it is love ♪

♪ That rules for ♪

♪ Ever ♪

♪ More ♪

♪ Ah sweet mystery of life ♪
♪ Ah sweet mystery of life ♪

♪ At last I found thee ♪
♪ At last I found thee ♪

♪ Oh at last I know ♪
♪ Oh at last I know ♪

♪ The secret of it all ♪
♪ The secret of it all ♪

♪ Oh the longing seeking ♪
♪ Oh the longing seeking ♪

♪ Striving waiting yearning ♪
♪ Striving waiting yearning ♪

♪ The idle hopes ♪
♪ The idle hopes ♪

♪ And joy and burning tears ♪
♪ And joy and burning tears ♪

♪ That fall ♪
♪ That fall ♪

♪ For ♪
♪ For ♪

♪ It is love and love alone ♪
♪ It is love and love alone ♪

♪ The world is seeking ♪
♪ The world is seeking ♪

♪ And ♪
♪ And ♪

♪ It is love and love alone ♪
♪ It is love and love alone ♪

♪ I've waited for ♪
♪ I've waited for ♪

♪ And ♪
♪ And ♪

♪ My heart
has heard the answer ♪

♪ To its calling ♪
♪ To its calling ♪

♪ For it is love ♪
♪ For it is love ♪

♪ That rules for ♪
♪ That rules for ♪

♪ Ever ♪
♪ Ever ♪

♪ More ♪
♪ More ♪♪


Will you see that my coach is
at the front door immediately?

- We go at once to the ship.
- With pleasure.

♪ Tramp tramp tramp
we march together ♪

♪ Never minding
wind or weather ♪

♪ We fight for the love
of a-fighting ♪

♪ Tramp tramp tramp
we march together ♪♪


It's the most
disgusting exhibition

I've ever seen in my life.

What do you care
as long as I do what you want?

I've given him up. That's what
you wanted, isn't it?

I'm going back with you.

I'm going to marry
your Don Carlos.

That ought to satisfy you.

Now leave me alone.

Do you hear me? Leave me alone!





- Dick, how did you get here?
- By the balcony stairway.

- But the palace is guarded.
- But I'm here.

At least we can have this.

I couldn't go away without
telling you about the song.

Our song, dear.

Every step you went away

you must have heard my heart
calling you back.

You wouldn't have sung it down
there if you'd ever expected

to see me again, would you?

- No.
- When are you sailing?

We leave in a few minutes.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Oh, I couldn't.

If you'd known,
you never would have gone away.

You'd have stood up
against them all and..

...I'd have only had to see you
led away to be..

Well, do I want to live
this foolish life

if I can't have you?

You are all I ever want, too,
all there is.

Then that's it!
Quickly now, get a cloak.

Oh, but we can't.
The place is surrounded.

I got in and I'll get out.

Oh, but, my darling,
don't you see?

No matter where we go,
they'd only find us again.

Not where we're going,
we'll lose ourselves

in the west, otherwise.

Oh, beyond the mountain.

It won't be easy,
it means the wilderness

but if you're with me,
we can make it a paradise.

A new country,
a new life together.

Oh, yes. Yes!

[knock on door]

Marie, we're leaving
for the ship immediately.

Answer him.

[knock on door]

- 'Marie.'
- 'Yes.'

[knock on door]

Marie, do you hear me?

Warn the guard immediately.

Yeah, use your gun butts.

(male #12)
'Hold it!'

Captain Warrington,
you're under arrest.

[pounding on door]

- Oh, the guard!
- Guard!

Seize that officer
and the princess.

We have them.
We have them, Your Highness.

Guards, escort them into the
governor's office at once.

At once, Your Highness. Fall in.

We know a longer way to
the governor's office, captain.

- Hutch!
- Yes, through the woods.

Kind of pretty.

♪ Tramp tramp tramp
we march together ♪

♪ Never minding
wind or weather ♪

♪ We fight
for the love of a-fighting ♪

♪ We frightfully
find it exciting ♪

♪ Tramp tramp tramp
we march together ♪♪

♪ Ah sweet mystery of life ♪
♪ Ah sweet mystery of life ♪

♪ At last I found thee ♪
♪ At last I found thee ♪

♪ Oh at last I know ♪
♪ Oh at last I know ♪

♪ The secret of it all ♪
♪ The secret of it all ♪

♪ And my heart
has heard the answer ♪

♪ To its calling ♪
♪ To its calling ♪

♪ For it is love ♪
♪ For it is love ♪

♪ That rules for ♪
♪ That rules for ♪

♪ Ever ♪
♪ Ever ♪

♪ More ♪
♪ More ♪

♪ It is love ♪

♪ Forever ♪
♪ Forever ♪

♪ More ♪
♪ More ♪♪