Nanu Ki Jaanu (2018) - full transcript

Nanu Ki Jaanu is a dark comedy, the story of which revolves around a Delhi land mafia agent (Abhay Deol) who tries to deal with the arrival of a ghost in his apartment.

"Knock it out!"

"Knock it out!"

"Knock it out!"

"Knock it out!"

Sorry, sir, we did knock the door,

but the door broke.

Hello. He's such a sweet kid.

How are you?

Hello, sir.
- Hi, dear.

You take after your dad!

Sir, be happy.
- Smile.

Your family is happy.

Sir, shall we discuss the deal?

Dabbu, give me the documents.
- Sure.

Smile, sir. You're on camera.

It is your happy day today.

I'm giving you the market price.

Don't worry.

I gave the house to you on rent
thinking you're respectable people.

You seized it.


"Knock it out!"

Sir, you teased me.

You misbehaved with me.

You tried to rape me.

I won't spare you.

I will go to the court.

Do you have no shame? How could
you do such things at this age?

On top of that, you cheated
my husband too.


Sign it.

Sir, sign it.

Explain it to your father.

Your grandson is very cute.

He studies in
Jolly Public School, right?

No! No! Be cool, Nanu.

Sir, smile and sign those documents

with a smile on your face.

Such things happen.

Sometimes tenants buy the house.

Come on, sir. Sign it.

We could've planted drugs
in your house too,

but let it be.

Sir, please smile.


"Knock it out!"

Very good.

So, here it is.

What is this?

Is this today's market price?

Sir, it is a market, after all.

Who cares if it was
today's market or yesterday's?

Dabbu, click a picture.

Come on.

"Come on, let me
take you for a stroll."

"Take you for a stroll
and dance for you."

"My dance, my lips,"

"my eyes have made
everyone restless."

"Sapna Choudhary,
your dance drives me crazy."

"Sapna Choudhary,
your dance drives me crazy."

"Sapna Choudhary,
your dance drives me crazy."

"You're making a Jatt
yearn for you."

"You're making a Jatt
yearn for you."

"You have a good physique,
and you're very passionate."

"O boy, you look like Dharmendra."

"I'll dance."

"You have a good physique
and you're very passionate."

"O boy, you look like Dharmendra."

"Your eyes are mesmerising."

"You've cast a spell on me."

"Your words are making me
go crazy."

"You're making a Jatt
yearn for you."

"You're making a Jatt
yearn for you. - I'll dance."

"My dance, my lips, my eyes
have made everyone restless."


"When I sway my waist,
the entire Haryana sways with me."

"Everyone wants to have
an affair with me."

"When I sway my waist,
the entire Haryana sways with me."

"Everyone wants to have
an affair with me."

"Everyone is crazy
about my beauty."

"O boy, I want to make you mine."

"No one won my heart like you did."

"You're making a Jatt
yearn for you."

"You're making a Jatt
yearn for you."

"You're making a Jatt
yearn for you."

Yes, mom.

I was jogging.


Who, Gayatri?

Yes, her daughter.

Yes, I'll get chocolates for her.

Somebody call the police.

Mom, I'll call you back.

What is it?

What happened?

Look here.

Call the police.

Don't get involved in
such matters. Be careful.

Do something. - Somebody call
her home from her mobile phone.

She's bleeding profusely.

This is a police matter.

Did you see who hit her?

Somebody call the police.

What are you watching?

Take her to the hospital.

There are many people
standing here.

Why do you want to be the saviour?

This is police matter now.

Go and file a complaint
with the police.

She will die by then.

What wrong did I say?

Sir, I saw a white car
hit her and drove away.

He ran into her.

Pick up the phone.

I'm frying fritters, sir.
- Shut up.

Everything will be fine.
I'll take you to the hospital.

Sir, my fritters...
- Shut up!

This is more important.

Sir, my mom is calling me.

Disconnect it.
- Okay.

Open your eyes.

Sir, listen to me.
- Open the door!

- Open the door!

The front door.
- Okay, sir.

Sit inside! Sit inside!
- Sir, let me go.... Okay!

- Shut up!

Everything will be fine.

Sir, I'm getting a call.
- Shut up.

You don't worry.

You'll be fine.

I also got hurt once,
but I am fine now.

I am with you. I will save you.

Hurry up! What are you doing?

We're almost at the hospital.

You have a great smile.

We'll get there in two minutes.

Sir, I'm getting calls constantly.
- Shut up.

Open your eyes.

Open your eyes. Look at me.

We're almost at the hospital.

We'll be there in some time.

Focus on me and keep
your eyes open.

Don't worry. You'll be fine. Okay?

Come on.

Sir, it's time for breakfast.

Sir, I'll lose my wages,
I will have to leave.

We've reached.

Open your eyes.

You'll be fine. Okay?

Just few more minutes.

Open your eyes.

Open your eyes.


Stop! Stop!




Sorry, sir. She's no more.


Sir, the mobile phone.

Sir, call her parents,
I have to leave.

Sir, I am a confectioner.
I work on daily wages. Let me go.

Okay, you can take
the money from me.

- Siddhi?


Where's Siddhi?



Is my Siddhi here?
- Sorry, you can't go inside.




Siddhi, my dear.

She left home to buy yogurt.

What happened to my daughter?

She didn't eat anything
since morning.

My child...

Sir, did you see anything?

Where did you get this from?

This belongs to Siddhi.

Did you get this from
the accident spot?

Did you call me?

Were you there?

Sir, tell me who hit my daughter.

Who ran into her? Please tell me.


Please tell me how this happened.

For God's sake, please tell me.

Look, she lost her mother
only a year ago.

Now, my child...

Sir, please tell me.

How did this happen?

Who killed my child?

Who killed my child?

O God.

Siddhi, my child.

You need to look fearsome.
What are you doing?

Be fearsome.

Kick the door.

What brings you here at this hour?

Are you doing yoga?

"Knock it out!"


You sell your flat to us.
- What?

Yes, we have the documents.

What are you saying?

Is your husband at home?
- Yes.

Call him.



Why are you talking so softly?

Roar like a lion.

I need an antacid.

I had chickpeas,
I am feeling restless.

What's the matter?

Nanu is here.
He wants to talk to us.

I see.
- Yes.

What's the matter?

Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.

Please have a seat.

Sir, sell your flat to us.


Or I will break your bones!


Sir, try to understand.

We've seized your flat.

Dabbu, action.

Sign the documents.
Please smile. You're on camera.

Promila, come on.

Sir, you teased me.

You misbehaved with me.

You tried to rape me.

I won't spare you,
I'll go to the court.

You can go to the court later,
I'll call the police now.

I'll blow your brains out.

I know which school
your grandson studies in.


I don't have a grandson.

You don't have a grandson?

To hell with his grandson!

Give me the documents.
- Okay.

Sir, we're tenants
and we've seized your house.

Sell the house to us.

Fantastic, automatic.

Sign it!

"Knock it out!"

I forgot the gun on the fridge.

Sir, we were trying to fool you.

No problem.

Actually, it is a big festival.

It happens on 1st April.

Let's get out of here.
- Vacate my house by tomorrow.

Do you get it?
- Okay, sir.

Get out!

Don't you dare come here again!

"Knock it out!"

There's no conviction whatsoever.

This won't do, Nanu.

We're small-time criminals.

Other gangs will take over.

You should be able to terrorise
people with your eyes.

You never know, we may become
the Mafia in future.

You look like a noble guy now.
- Hey!

Don't talk rubbish.

Nanu will knock you out with one blow.

He's a terror.
- Yes.

He's so dangerous,
he never feels happy.

Am I right, Nanu?
- Yes.

Nanu, emotions mean nothing these days.

Just remember, whoever hits first
is the winner.

Had he signed the documents,
the property would have been ours.

The advance payment was ready.

Nanu, just think.

If we have no work,
we can't enjoy life.

We have to work hard. It takes
a lot of research and planning

to get the details of a property.

And Promila ran away.

I am a little

depressed from within.

All of you get down here.


Get down here, I want to go home.

Dabbu, if you see me emotional again,

give me a tight slap.

Nanu, everything will be fine.

Go home and watch some action movies.

"Knock it out!"

You will be back to normal.

Remember, you always have
to be on the offensive.

- Yes.

If someone asks you the time,

You should reply, 'Hey!'
- Hey!

'I don't have a watch,
buy one for yourself.'

Buy one for yourself.

Or say, 'I am not your servant.'

I am not your servant.

We haven't caused God any harm.
- No.

Everything will be fine.
- Yes.

Nanu, we haven't wronged anyone.

Go home and drink
a chilled beer. - Okay.

Drink it without fail.

'There's this company in Bangalore
and its costing seems right to me.'

'Let things go as it is.'

'It's an old factory.'

'Mr Kapoor, the world has
progressed so much.'

'We will have to cope up, right?'

'Dad, put the cigarette down.'

'This is a vacant area.'

'I want to utilise this area.'

'I have made a project report,'

'please go through it.'

'Why should I go through it?
You explain it to me.'

'Mr Kapoor, you're very lazy.'

'But anyway, I want to set up'

'an industrial chilling unit
in this vacant area.'

'I've spoken to the
company in Bangalore,'

'they might come
for a survey tomorrow.'

'Power consumption will be high, '

'but we'll handle it.'

'Mr Kapoor,
what do you have to say?'

'What will I say?'

'You didn't allow me to smoke.'

'But I will smoke.
- Will you?'

'Yes, I will.'

'Mr Mathur, I've spoken
to the bank about the loan.'

'Please follow up with them.
- Okay.'

'Hey, stop. Look here. Okay?'

Are you happy?

'Tell me you're happy.
- I am happy.'

Rahul! Thangayya! Niraj!

Where the hell are you guys?

Come here quick!

Go and check what's going on.

Why did the lights go off?

I've told you many times

that there shouldn't be a power cut
in my daughter's factory. - Yes, sir.

Go and check immediately.
- Right away, sir.

Turn on the generator no matter
what happens. - Right away, sir.

I'll sack all of you if the power
isn't restored.

I've told you many times!

Why can't you understand?

You seem to be very happy.
What's the matter?

Where are you coming from?

I had been to your wife's wedding.
Did you not attend?

Ever since you've come to this society,

everyone is happy.

Let me tell you a secret.

Speak up.


Speak up!

Sir, the lift is not working.
I thought I should inform you.


How are you, Bro!

You don't know me, do you?

But I know you.

Your mom... The short lady
is your mom, right?

She's a very nice lady...
- What do you have to say?

Actually, it doesn't look good

but she borrowed Rs 300 from me
to pay the cab driver.

I am completely broke.
If you could give it to me...

You can actually ask your mom.

Thanks, Bro.

It was lovely meeting you.

I'll see you around.

'How many times have I told you not
to give my clothes to the launderer?'

'Can't you iron them yourself?'

'Has your dad ever got his clothes
washed at the laundry?'

'Don't talk about my dad.'

'What did you say?'

'He handed you over to me'

'and made my life miserable.'

'And then you argue with me.'

'Go and work as a maid.'

'You dare argue with me!'

Hey, hi.
- I heard some noise inside.

No. It's nothing.

Are you sure?
- Yes.

Please come inside.

No thanks.



What's the matter?

Your mom is not to be seen these days.

Even your mom is not to be seen.

You brought your mom
when you wanted to rent the house.

And then...

I will talk to the owner.

Bachelors are not allowed
in our building.

Get me married to your daughter,
you rascal.

I will be a married man.

Secretary, get the lift repaired.

Hey, Phantom!


'Phantom, come soon.'

'It's time for dinner.'

Ma'am, I need an opener.

I am suffering from acidity
and stomach ache.

I've bought a soda,
but I don't have an opener.

"The day has ended.
It's evening now."

Are you going to drink alone?

Yes, alone.

I won't give you the opener. You may go.

Aarti! - The bottle on the terrace
is yours, isn't it?

Yes, one moment.

Here, talk to her.

- 'You started drinking beer!'

'You scoundrel! You have changed
for the worse after going to Delhi!'

'Come back home.'

Mom, nothing of that sort.

I'll call you later.

'Listen to me...'

You enjoy doing this, don't you?

Nanu, shall I tell you the truth?

I have always enjoyed
snitching on people.

Thank you.
- Enjoy your soda.

"Do you want to go fast?"

They are here!

Mark my hand.

- "Come on."

"Come my baby doll.
Your photo is on my wall."


"I just lose control."

Are you coming along?
- You go ahead.

"You wear stilettos
and short tops."

"Baby, come into my arms,
don't stop yourself."

"You wear stilettos.."

You get set with her.

"Baby, come into my arms,
don't stop yourself."

- Hi.

Buy me a drink.

Buy your own drink.

Has your dad lent me money?

"I am high."

"When I saw you on the floor..."

"Your dark tresses look like
the dark clouds of monsoon."

"O darling, you look like
a cloud floating in the sky."

"Your dark tresses look like
the dark clouds of monsoon."

"O darling, you look like
a cloud floating in the sky."

Get me a Jack, please.

"Dance with me."


"To hell with you."

"A red ribbon adorns
by dark tresses."

Did you give me a non-alcoholic drink?

I'm not getting a kick.

Sorry, sir. - How dare you give him
a non-alcoholic drink. I'll slap you.

Get him a proper drink.

Why are you being so polite?

Show them your style with a tight slap.


I wonder why I was requesting to him.

I am so sorry.

Nanu, you apologised!

Darn you!

Leave him.

Hit him.

Hit him hard.

"The girl looks like Madonna,
I'm intoxicated."

"The girl is dancing
on the dance floor."

"Your dark tresses look like
the dark clouds of monsoon."

"O darling, you look like
a cloud floating in the sky."

At last, the bad phase has passed!

Nanu is back in action.

You thrashed someone after a long time.

Nanu, you should stop
trying to be decent.

You're right.

So what if the girl died?
I tried my best though.

Hereafter, if someone meets
with an accident,

tell them that you'll save them
only if they survive.

I had lost interest in girls and work.

I didn't even feel like drinking.

I felt weird.

To hell with emotions.

I had become numb.

Hey! You road hog!

Don't get emotional.

Nanu, let's go.

I'm going to get him.

- Hey.

Nanu, be careful.

What are you doing?

Don't you understand?

Come out!

What are you doing?

You idiot, you hit and run!

They are someone's children,
don't you feel ashamed?

Will you ruin us?

You're getting emotional again.

Yes, I am emotional.

What will you do?

You had asked me to slap you
when you get emotional.

I don't want to emotional.

Slap me. I won't get emotional.

Slap me!

Since then my mind
has been asking me

'Why I got into this mess.'

I should've asked that girl
if she'd survive or not.

Then this wouldn't
have happened.

Ma'am, I should've asked her, right?

But she died.

I told her that I won't let her die.

She was...

My life is in a mess.

What do you do?

I do all kind of odd jobs, ma'am.

Threatening people,
occupying other's houses.

An emotional man
can never do such jobs.

I am getting emotional
for every little thing.

I can hear a voice from within.

My heart beats fast.

I've never experienced
such things before.

Had I left that day...

Look, what's happening to me.

Don't worry.

Everything will be alright.
- Yes.

I'll give you a small injection.



he was so furious,

I can't even begin to describe him.

He has all the qualities that a man
should possess, in our profession.

He doesn't have emotions,

doesn't believe in any religion.

Whenever he gets angry,

he can destroy
everything around him.

He would beat people
so badly...

May God help them.

And look at him today,

he's like a softy
of Connaught Place

you get in front of
the Regal Cinema.

Ma'am, what has happened to him?

'This is called a
brief psychotic disorder.'

'A reactive psychosis.'

'It happens when you're in trauma'

'or in major stress.'

'It's usually a reaction to a
very disturbing event.'

'He couldn't see someone dying.'

'He has to control
his stress levels.'

'Or he can even hallucinate.'


Who are you playing with
at such late hour?

Phantom, where are you going?


Phantom, come with me.

Was she with you?

Come on, have dinner
and go to bed.

- Yes.

Can you sleep in my house tonight?

What? Are you mad?

I mean, with your husband.

'Eat the biryani.'

'Owner has given it.'


did you prepare all the documents
of this new flat?

Tell Promila to get ready
to tear her clothes.

We'll leave from here.

The owner has sent 'mutton biryani'.

It smells good.

Before I get emotional,

make a deal and get out of here.

I don't feel good in this house.

"The ghost is here, run."

"The ghost is here, run."

Please don't hit him.


- "The ghost is here, run.'

"The ghost is here, run.'

How do you know my name?

"The ghost is here, run.'

"The ghost is here.'

First, the opener went missing,

then the bottle broke.

When I woke in the morning,
the entire house was clean.

You think it is a joke?

I won't lie to you,
it sounds like a joke to me.

You can kill me if you want,
but it really sounds like a joke to me.

Do you mean to say
ghost doesn’t exist?

Ghosts do exist, but they don't attack
each other.

I've not freshened up yet.

Have you seen your face?

The ghost will forget to freshen up
seeing your face.

Okay, I won't laugh.
The ghost comes at night.

I'll sleep with you tonight.

Dabbu, the day I leave the house,

I will thrash you so badly
that you'll forget laughing.

Don't go by my laugh.

I'm laughing because
of the circumstances.

I swear.


Okay, we'll come
to your house tonight.


even a tiger becomes a goat.

I am calling you a the tiger.


This ball.

How did she get the ball?

It was inside the house.

Let's occupy some other house.

Are you out of your mind?

Don't stress yourself unnecessarily.
Nothing will happen.

I've taken the deposit money
of this flat. Come on.

I am with you. Come on.

Phantom, don't play at
such late hour.

This is open.

Have you brought your partner
along to sleep?

What did she say?

I was scared last night so I had
asked her to sleep in my flat.

At least spare the married people.

Ghost, are you here?


Come out.

Show me your face.

Come face to face.

Nanu, come inside.
Think this as your own house.

Your friend Dabbu
is here to meet you.

Where's the ghost?
It isn't here as yet.


Don't go inside!

I might not die fearing the ghost,
but I'd die hear you screaming.

Listen to me carefully.

Ghosts don't exist.

Am I right?
I don't see the ghost here.

I think it must be here.

What do you say?

The ghost must be here.

Look, it is not in this.

I think it must be in it.

Look here, it is not here.

There's no treatment for illusion.

No one can treat it.

What are you doing?

Do you think I like ghosts?

You very well know that
I earn a little by the grace of God.

You go to sleep.

Focus on your work,
everything will be fine.

You sleep in the bedroom.

I'll handle everything.

I won't sleep inside,
I'll sleep here.

We've been cursed by people
whose houses we have occupied.

Dabbu, let's vacate this house.

Everything will be... - Shut up! You
always talk about vacating the house.

Are you out of your mind?
Ghosts don't exist.

To hell with the ghost!

Even you say the same thing,
I am with you.

I will hurt its ego.

If there's a ghost here,
it will appear before you.

Ghost, show me your power.

Come out if you're brave enough.

I am standing before you.

There's nothing here.

You are an illusion,
don't try to become reality.

I give a darn to ghosts like you!

Come out once!

Nanu, I will make it disappear
in a minute

or you can change my name.

You've made
my friend's life miserable.

You're asking me to vacate the house,
we work hard so much.

We work hard,
we don't eat for free.

The ghost is...

It's nothing.

I just slipped.

"The ghost is here.'

"The ghost is here, run!'

"The ghost is here, run!'


"The ghost is here.'

"The ghost is here, run!'


we won't tell anyone
what happened with us.


People will mock at us.

You both come here.

Why are you standing like this?

Sir, there's a ghost in the house.

I see!

Take them along,
we'll make them meet God also.

I swear, you can ask him.

He looks possessed already.

You don't know who I am.

Who are you?

What's your name?

I know the ACP very well.

Sir, you shouldn't go by the looks,

you never know how influential
a person can be.

You go home.
- I can make...

It's late. Come on.

Good night. Let's leave.

Come on.


Auto rickshaw!
- Auto rickshaw!

Take us to Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Get inside.

Come on.

Yes, sir.

Yes sir, you note down the address.

Okay, note it down.

80-S Pristine,
Sector 150,

Tower 7,

flat number 07051, Noida.


Hold on for a moment.

Nanu, she's asking for Rs 100,000.

Will she get the job done?

She had exorcised my wife.

She's doing fine now.

Move the vehicle from here.

You don't own the road.

Agree to it.

Sir, done.


I'm the owner of the house,
so I own the main road too.

Don't park your vehicle here.

You come with me in the morning.

Nanu, what will I do?

If there's more crowd,
the ghost will get alert.

One of their agents will come down.

He will get your work done.

I will set the depot on fire.


"Hail Lord Shiva."

"Hail Lord Shiva."

I don't eat for free.

I own a 5000 square yards bungalow.

"Hail Lord Shiva."

"Hail Lord Shiva."

"Hail Lord Shiva."

"Hail Lord Shiva."

What is it?



It is in trouble.
- What?

Not you, he.

Tone down while talking to me.

You don't know who I am.

Take him away.

There is something wrong
with this building.

The real owner...

I hope it is not her.

It is her child.

She lives in Paris.


My dear...

Don't cry.


We need to perform veneration.

In Paris?


Don't think about the expenses.

If you waste time,

the time will get wasted.

Where is the money?

I had kept it in your purse.

Where is the money then?

"The ghost is here."

"The ghost is here, run!"

"The ghost is here."

"The ghost is here, run!"


"The ghost is here"


Alfred, Ghanshyam!
- Yes, ma'am.

- "The ghost is here"

"The ghost is here, run!"

"The ghost is here"

Take care, okay.

But do you have the
ambulance number with you?

Ambulance will be there.
- Excuse me.

Excuse me, sir, listen to me.
- Give me a moment.

Listen to me, please.
- Okay.

What happened? What's the matter?

An accident took place
on the 24th September in the morning.

A girl died, I want her address.


Jump from the 12th floor,

you'll go to her directly.

Hey, listen to me.
- Don't try to act smart, okay?'

Her name was Siddhi.

To hell with her, leave me.
- Hey!

I'll smash your face.
You don't know who I am.

Sit down.

I will give it to you.

B-49, Sector 18, Noida.

My daughter

died, I can't believe it.

I feel

she will hug me and say,

'Dad, let's have food.'

That's the reason
her soul is wandering.

She's become a ghost
and is troubling everyone.

Shut up!

If you were not the one
who tried to save her life,

I would've killed you.

You call her a ghost?
Look here.

Look at these pictures.

Her smile,

her liveliness and the glow.

Does she look like a ghost to you?

She didn't trouble anyone
when she was alive,

how can she do it after her death?

Sorry, sir.

Let's leave.

We'll have ice-cream. Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

I will not do any
illegal work hereafter.

He calls my daughter a ghost.

He calls my daughter a ghost.

He calls my daughter a ghost.

He calls my delicate
daughter a ghost.

He calls my daughter a ghost.

All her dreams remained unfulfilled.

You killed her!

You have to send her back.

You can't play with her destiny.

She's my daughter.

You have to send her back.

I'll see to it that she comes back.

She has to return to me.

She has to return to me.

I am sure,

you will surely return.

You have to return.

I've kept your body safely.

Please come back, dear.

Please come back.

'Come on, sign it.'

'That's it.'


forgive me.

I will recover your house for you.

Yes, mom. What?


Why did you come here?

Okay, I'm coming.
You don't go home.

You're at home?

Wait, I'm coming.

What is it?

I'm the boss here.

Get out! You!

What are you doing?
Walk slowly.

Get up, are you alright?

Get in.




Mom, why did you come here?

I came here to meet my son.

Come with me.
- Wait, let me unpack my clothes.

I'm unpacking my clothes.
- Let that be.

You leave.

Mom, please.
- Nanu, leave me.

I am not going anywhere.
I will stay here.


A ghost lives here.

A ghost.

If the ghost has kept
the house so clean,

I can get you married to it
right away.

You won't understand.

I understand everything.

You stay here, please.

Don't move. Okay.

Get the ghost.

What is it?
Will you break the door?

Sir, give me a beer.

I won't give it to you.

You asked Gayatri
to sleep in your house.

I was feeling scared.

Please give me one beer.

Who is it?

It is Nanu.

He must be asking for something.
- Yes.

I won't give you beer, leave.


I'll drink from the bottle
that you've kept on the terrace.

I'll ask your wife before doing so
because it belongs to you.

Don't threaten me. Wait here.


Thank you.

What happened?
- I will take the money from you.

Did you give him anything?

No, I drove him away.


What is it?

Everyone told me you drink,

but you want to drink in front of me?


Come on, break it.

Come on, break it!

Even your father never dared to
drink liquor before me,

but you?

Did I hit you hard?

Nanu, where's your mom?

She's gone to watch a movie.

I thought you left your mom
alone at home.

Are you out of your mind?

How can I leave my mother alone
with the ghost?

Nanu, a man comes and goes
alone in the world. - You sit.

Dabbu, you stay quiet.


We haven't worked for long.
Think about it.


we'll have your father
meet with an accident.


Nanu, a fake accident.

Is it the time to lie?

Truth always prevails...
- Shut up.

Nanu, if everyone keeps their mouth...
- Somebody shut his mouth.


listen to me,

you call your mom and tell her
that your dad met with an accident.

Your mother will panic
and leave to see your dad,

and she will be away
from the ghost.

As simple as that.

Call me in some time, okay?

Mom, how was the movie?

It was rubbish.

- What happened?

It's your dad.

Delhi lost the match.

So, he's upset.

No problem, they have four more
matches to play.

They lost because I didn't watch
the match with you.

Forget it.

You tell me, did you have food?

Will you hold on for a minute?

I am getting a call
on the other line.

- Hello, ma'am.

Ma'am, sir met with an accident.

This is bad news.

Who met with an accident?

Nanu's father.

I see.

Nanu's father met with an accident.

'Ma'am, what do I tell you?'

'He was walking on the road'

'and a truck driver
ran into him.'

'Ma'am, I think
the driver was drunk.'

He's only chanting your name.

I see.

What is he saying?

He's calling out,
'Nanu's mother'.

Idiot, we got caught.

Stop acting now.

Was I overacting?

You should've parked your vehicle
in the lobby. Why did you park it here!

Mom, you get down here,
I'll park the vehicle.

Wait for me.

His behaviour has been
strange lately.

Hello, ma'am.

Hello, how are you?

I am good. Who are you?

Didn't you recognise me?

Your son, Nanu

is my friend.

Ma'am, I am feeling ashamed, but..
- What's the matter?

Ma'am, the other day when you
came in the cab,

you went up straight.

Nanu didn't have money
to pay to the cab.

He borrowed Rs 345 from me.

If you can give it to me...

What are you saying?

100, 200, 300...

How much did you say?
- Rs 400.

I mean, Rs 375.

Here is Rs 400.

Thank you, ma'am.

I'll return you the balance amount..
- No problem.

Keep it.
- I will give it to Nanu.

Bless me.
- Thank you for your help.

Gayatri, let's go.
We have to cook food.

Bro, nice shirt.

Give me Rs 200.
I'll return it to you tomorrow.

I will smash your head.

I don't fear you! Hello!

I don't fear you!

You refused to give me money,
wait and see what happens with you.

Whatever happens with you...

You'll be responsible for it.

Mind you,
don't apologise to me later.

Youth is getting spoilt
because of people like you.

We're turning into thieves.

What are you watching,
tell him!

Yes, he's right.
- He's refusing to give me Rs 200.

He's right.

He got scared of me.

Listen to me.

Do you have Rs 100?

How did you come inside?

I had the keys with me.

Did you lock the door
in the morning?


It was open.

What if someone
had robbed our house?

Mom, come out.

Leave me.
- Come out with me.

Leave my hand.

Why do you want to go out?

Not just the house,
send me out of this world.

Did I give birth to you

only for you to throw me
out of the house?

This is a bad time.

I will leave this house.

You don't have to worry,

your father's pension money
is enough for us to survive.

We'll manage.

No, nothing like that.

Get away, the 'dal' is
getting overcooked.

Open the door.
The chimney repair man must be here.

Chimney repair man?

What is it?
- Did you call to repair the chimney?

We don't want to get it repaired,
you leave.

Why don't you want to
get it repaired?

Please come inside.


Let it be.
It is there.

Why are you smiling?

Sir, this is how I look.

Go and repair the chimney.

Your face will completely change.

Have you informed your family
members that you're going to die?

Sir, actually, I died 12 days ago.

Don't say such things.

He's mad.

What are you telling him?

No ma'am, not like that.

Actually, I am in love.

Falling in love and dying
is the same thing. So...

Get ruined, who cares?

Let's see how he repairs it.

It's done.


How much do I have to pay? - Actually,
it was still in the warranty period.


Thank you.

You lied to me that your father has
met with an accident.

You misbehaved with
the repair-man.

Gayatri, explain it to him

how precious parents are.

Once they die, they don't return.

Ma'am, you're right.

You eat the 'koftas' made by Kumar,

he's made it soft this time.

Ma'am, you come...
- Mom.

Shut up!

You come with me to the veneration.

You'll go mad laughing.

I'm not in mood today.

I want to change your mood.

Ma'am, you have to come.

You know Mrs Nandi.
She will be possessed today.

She enacts exactly
like the Goddess.

Ma'am, please come,
you’ll enjoy it.

Okay, I will come for some time.

Okay ma'am, get ready
in 15 minutes.

We have to go for the veneration.


Dabbu, listen to me.

"You ease our problems and pain."

"Everyone comes to You."

We'll be punished.

It's like kidnapping our own mom.

Forget that. We came as kidnappers,
but they made me a peacock.

Come on, start.

Okay, let's go.

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"I sing Your hymns day and night."

"My devotion is the mirror
of my identity."

"I sing Your hymns day and night."

"My devotion is the mirror
of my identity."

"I bow my head to You."

"I get what I want."

"You'll be blessed if you
worship Goddess."

"No one can pay you fees."

"If you have to set things right."

"If you have to set things right."

"Write Goddess's name
on your forehead."

"If you have to set things right."

"If you have to set things right."

"Write Goddess's name
on your forehead."

"Hail Goddess!"

Will you continue to dance
or do some work?

We're doing wrong.

Goddess is stopping us.

I don't know if Goddess is
stopping you or not,

I will kill you by keeping a pillow
on your mouth.

How lucky we are,
the door is open.

What will you do?

I'll steal.

He refused to give me Rs 200.

I will teach him a lesson.

"Goddess, You answer the prayers
of the devotees."

"You answer the prayers
of the devotees."

"You answer the prayers
of the devotees."

"Whoever visits You often
becomes fortunate."

"Whoever visits You often
becomes fortunate."

"Whoever visits You often
becomes fortunate."

"When they are blessed by You,"

"Goddess, people reform themselves
when they surrender to You."

"If you spend your day and night
at Your door,"

"Your problems
will be solved in a jiffy."

"If you have to set things right."

"If you have to set things right."

"Write Goddess's name
on your forehead."

"If you have to set things right."

"If you have to set things right."

"Write Goddess's name
on your forehead."

"If you have to set things right."

Ma'am, listen.

Your earrings fell down.


Where did my gold earrings fall?

Nothing to worry.

Hail Goddess.
- Hello.

- Ma'am, I was joking.

"If you have to set things right."

"If you have to set things right."

"Write Goddess's name
on your forehead."

Ma'am, please.

Nanu asked us to kidnap his mother.


Just check on the electricity.

Mom! - "Write Goddess's
name on your forehead."

"Hail Goddess."
- Leave me.

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."

"Hail Goddess."


Mom, you won't understand.

I understand everything.

When children grow up,

they feel parents are boring.

What do I do,

I am a mother.

I will behave like one.

Son, I don't know what you do and
how you maintain this lifestyle.

But the time is so bad,

I am scared that
you might get spoilt.

Get spoilt only as much as

we can afford.


I've packed the luggage.
Pick it up.

Such a long hair?

It can't be mine.

It must be the ghost's hair.


What is this?

Hereafter, we won't earn
by wrong means.

Dare you come here again!

Come on, leave. - Give me the money
and take the documents.

I'll complaint to Mallik sir.
- Shut up.

To hell with Mallik, get going!


- What's the matter?

Get the documents signed from them.
- Okay.

She's still unconscious.

What happened?

Nanu, something strange
happened today.

Ma'am was...
- Get that girl's father here.

If something happens to my mom...

I will set everything on fire.



What happened to you?

What happened to you?

Get up.

Nobody picked you up from the road.

I took you to the hospital.

Is it my fault that you died?

You died today,
but you were a human being earlier.

Didn't you feel ashamed
hurting my mom?

If something happens to my mother,

I swear,

I will kill your father,

and then I will kill myself.

I will meet you in heaven
and teach you a lesson

or I don't deserve to be
called as Nanu.

Call out to your lively daughter.

Come out.

Show your father how
lively you are.

Come out or I'll blow his brains.

The day my daughter died,

even I died the same day.

Remove the gun.

You said

that you would return soon.

You said

that you wanted to
eat Aaloo Paratha.

You said it, didn't you?

I made Aaloo Paratha.

Yes, I made Aaloo Paratha.

You just had to get

yogurt while returning.

'A life without self-respect
and Paratha without yogurt,'

'it doesn't look good. I'll get it.
- Okay, go and get it soon.'

How can anyone

call you a ghost?

Stop, my child!

Come to me, my child.

Come to me.


why are you troubling them?

Let's go.

Let's go from here.

Come on, let's go home.

Dear, they are not at fault.

He even took you to the hospital,

Siddhi, come on, let's go home.

Listen. Dear, don't go there.

Let's go home.

I bind you with my oath, come on.

No, listen.

Oh no.

God, why have You done this
to my daughter?

My child went away...


Siddhi, why are you
running away from me?

Come to me.

Come to me, my child.

Let's go home.


once I come know

who brought you to this condition,

I will kill him.


I used to always joke,

I'll buy a groom for you.

She would say...

'If I get a nice guy,
I'll go straight to his house.'

'Bye, Dad.'

'Dad, the day I fall in love,'

'I'll go to his house straight.'

She loves you.

Yes. - 'Nanu, ma'am has
regained her senses.'

'She's out of danger now.'

Thank you.


perform prayers for her soul
to rest in peace.

Dabbu, drop him home.

If you love me

why did you hurt my mother?


my husband...

'Eat this.
- Why?'

'I'm asking you to eat it.'

- Do you call this as food?'

- Why didn't you taste it?'

'Why didn't you taste it?
keep your hands down.

- Next time, I'll taste.'

'Wipe your tears.'

'Hello ma'am, how are you?'

'How are you?'

'Come here.'

'Ma'am, come inside.'

'You come along with me.'

'Ma'am, please do your work.'

'If you keep tolerating he will
continue to beat you.'

'How long will you
tolerate this beast?'

'Come with me, let's lodge
a complaint against him.'

'Come on.
- Ma'am, you do your work.'

'Leave her hand. Come with me.
- You mind your own business.'

'Come with me.
Let's lodge a complaint. - Ma'am!'

'One moment.
- Hey!'

'You go inside.'

'I told you not to interfere
in our lives.'

'Come with me.
- Go away!'

- Get inside.'

'Don't tell anyone I hit her.'

'Or I'll teach you a lesson.'

'Get inside.'

'What happened?'

'What is it?'


'Listen, look what has
happened to ma'am.'


- Hello, Nanu.'

'What happened?'

'What is it?'

'What is it?'

'What is it?'

'Who is it?'

'Who is it?'

'Who is this girl?'

'Who is it?'

'I am sorry.'

'I am sorry,
I won't hit her again.'

'I am sorry.'

Nanu, forgive me.

I don't know who hit me.

Please don't hit him,
I'll explain it to him.

Slap him.
- What?

- Slap him.

Or I'll shoot him.

Give him a tight slap.


I am sorry.

I am sorry.

I'm sorry.

And thank you.

Mom, stay here for few more days.

Son, I am happy to hear that.

Can I ask you something?

Why did you return that day?

You had called.

I kept saying hello,
but you didn't reply.

I came back to slap you.

Shall I tell you something?
- Yes.

Get married.

I didn't see that ghost,

but feels like I met her.

Take care of yourself.
- Okay.

No beer.
- No.


sorry, I hurt you.

This was

Siddhi's favourite place.

She would come here

and drink Cappuccino.

She would say...

She had said,
whoever she falls in love with,

she'll stick his picture here.


I will find out the person

who killed Siddhi.

I was with your dad today.

I've bought your favourite cappuccino.

You like it, don't you?

I want to tell you

that you're like an opener
in my life.

Opener. It's a great thing.

It reminds me of beer.

When you weren't around,

beer was my friend.


just as you like cappuccino,
I like to drink beer.

Okay, I won't drink it.

But please don't break the bottle.

I suffer from kidney stone.

Doctor has instructed me
to drink beer.


Shall I drink it?


either scare me
or fall in love with me.

I don't fear you now.

Tell me something,

why didn't you come earlier
to scare me?

I was ready to get scared.

We would've crossed each other

so many times on the same road.

We would've even run into each other
a couple of times.

I am an idiot.

Why didn't I look at you?

I would've wooed you
in a jiffy.

Make a deal with God.

I will handle the rest.

I can't forget your smile.

Your smile has turned me
into a human being.

Just tell me once
who brought you to this state?

I will kill him!

If I get my hands on him once...


"I see you,"

"but why can't I meet you?"

"I don't understand"

"how can I explain it to myself?"

"How can I explain it to myself?"

"Why are my thoughts"

"connected to you?"

"I don't know"

"how we both met."

"I don't know"

"how we both met."

Sir, if Siddhi was alive

and told you that she loved me,

you wouldn't have agreed.

I am a very bad man.

'Take her to the hospital?'

'There are many people
standing here.'

'Why do you want to become great?'

'Sir, I saw a white car
hit her and run.'

How much money did he give you?

I will find him.

"I am cherishing the moments
I spent with you."

"I want to spend my life with you."

"Our love is different."

"We were destined to meet
each other."

"My life is connected to you."

"Why do I think..."

There was a man with me.

Can I see the CCTV footage?


He's the one.

Can you please zoom in?

What happened?

"I don't know how we both met."

He was a confectioner. Idiot.

He ran away without
giving a testimony.

How did you know
he was a confectioner?

He said he was frying fritters.
- Okay.

Let's go there.

We'll go to Siddhi's accident spot.

There are a few stalls there,
we'll find him.

"I'm finding myself in you."

"I don't know where I am."

"Why there's restlessness
in my heart?"

"I don't know why I am yearning."

"My heartbeat..."

Give me the other guy's number.
- One moment, sir.

Sir, I'm standing before
Kashmiri Lal store.

Come here in five minutes.

Where are you?

"Why are my thoughts
connected to you?"

"I don't know how we both met."

"I don't know how we both met."

Sir, leave me.

Leave me.
- Why did you run?

Sir, kill me if you want to.

Since I gave my testimony,
everyone is beating me.

Sir, the driver killed her,
I gave the testimony,

police hit me,

they asked me to
change my testimony,

and so I did it.

Why are you crying?

Sir, take it if you want.

I don't want the complaint.

Tell me the vehicle number.

- Tell me the number!


Sir, let me go. I've already been
thrashed by the police.

What filling do you use in the
dumplings, lentils or potatoes?

Fenugreek leaves, sir.
- Okay, leave.


The vehicle belongs to me.

But I didn't kill your daughter.

You're lying.

Sir, I'm telling the truth.

Then why did you flee?

There's an eyewitness.

I was scared.

Did a dog chase you?
- Talk to him with respect.



Talk with respect. Get it?

Or he'll make you understand.

Look, tell me the truth.

Or this will teach you
how to respect.


I'll hack you to pieces

and throw it before the dogs.

You're sitting in my house.

I'm talking to you calmly.

Listen to me carefully.

I fled from the spot,

but I didn't kill your daughter.

Then why did you bribe the police?

That idiot confectioner

had become the eyewitness.

Fathima, come here.

Yes, Dad.

Sir, she's my daughter.

I swear by her,

I didn't kill your daughter.

Okay, go and play.

I was driving

and the girl had already
fallen down from her scooter.

My only mistake is
that I didn't stop.

Or you can say, I was scared

because I was in danger.

What danger?

I had a lot of goat meat in my car.

Somebody had given a tip.

Few guys said it was beef.

I slapped some of them,

and was about to leave,
when people started gathering.

I thought I would land
in a big trouble.

I fled from there.

I had a function at home,

I had to leave for Meerut,
so I left from there.

I swear by God,

she met with an accident with
someone else's vehicle.

My vehicle didn't even touch her.

The girl had already fallen down
when I reached there.

I could've stopped, but think,

wouldn't I have been in trouble
if I did so?

Do you understand?

Shall I order some snacks for you?
Will you have food and leave?

See him off.
- Let's go.

- Yes.

I think he's lying.

I have a doubt on him.

Why will the confectioner lie?

My daughter's killer
is very lucky.

We're not able to find
any clue about him.

No matter how lucky he is,

he's done a mistake.

'Sir, I saw a white car
hit her and fled.'

'He ran into her and fled.'

'The confectioner
had become the eyewitness.'

'The driver killed her,
I gave the testimony.'

'Sir, who killed my daughter?'

'She met with an accident with
someone else's vehicle.'

'My vehicle didn't even touch her.'

'I think he's lying.'

'Who is the one
who brought you to this state?'

'I will kill him.'

'Just tell me once,
who did this to you.'

'I will kill him!'

What are you doing?

Sir, drive properly.

Will you kill the guy behind you
to save the man ahead of you?

I would've died.

I don't know where they come from.

'Will you kill the guy behind you
to save the man ahead of you?'

'She met with an accident with
someone else's vehicle.'

'My vehicle didn't even touch her.'

'The girl had already fallen down
when I reached there.'

Siddhi, what's going on?

Why are you troubling him?

It's not her hatred, but love.

I love you too, Siddhi.

Siddhi, spare him.

Spare him, please.

I had told you

I am a bad man.

Had your daughter been alive,

you wouldn't have got her
married to me.

I was the one who killed
your daughter.

Everyone knows, but don't believe

that the entire system has
got limited a mobile phone.

You have to answer it
whenever it rings.

It was just a matter of 2 seconds.

I snatched your daughter from you
in 2 seconds.

You can do whatever you want.


Dad, I am here.

My child.
- I am here, Dad.

You wanted me to return, right?
- Siddhi.

My child.

My child.

Please don't cry.

Hi, Nanu.

Sorry for coming in your life
without prior information.


I didn't want to go.

Who would want to leave you
and go?

My child.

Don't cry.
But what could I do?


do you remember that bike rider?

It was his turn to die.

But his wife was praying for him.

So, his death was postponed

and I died.

Idiotic God of death,

He kills someone else instead of
the person who's destined to die.

Just like our lovely police.

You were late by 2 seconds,

but before that,

He decided to act.

Dad, I met Him.

The God.

He asked me to tell you

that storing my dead body is wrong.

I told Him that

my dad is very stubborn.

He won't listen to me.

Then he asked me to
wander like a ghost.

He couldn't help me.

Then I thought,

while my body is here,
why don't I fall in love with you?

Nanu, you're a nice man.

I fell in love with you
when I was alive

and died instantly.

This is called love.


I troubled you and your friend.

I am sorry.


he's a very good guy.

Please forgive him.


Nanu, you're talking about
2 seconds,

it would've taken me only
a second to wear a helmet.

But I didn't want to wear it.

It is a style not to wear helmet.

I wish...


please let me go.


Where are you going, my child?

Dad, I want to return to this world.

I don't want to remain a ghost.

Please dad, let me go.

I will stay with mother there.

I have to wake up
half an hour before

just to wear this tie.

It is not easy to be honest.

Don't you think we've become
very honest?

Don't feel bad.

Honesty is a nice thing.

Feel it.
- You're right.

Nanu, you're habitual

of feeling invisible things.

Did you see that?

Did you see?
There was something there.

I think...

I want to

drink blood.


I want to eat kidney.
- No.

I want to drink blood.

No, kidney.
- Shut up!

Shut up!

I want salvation.


You free the souls, right?


free our soul too.

- Free our souls.


"Listen to me carefully."

"This is a story
of a strange ghost."

"Listen to the story."

"This ghost is after Nanu."

"She calls him in her bedroom"

"and says,"

"Nanu, I am your darling."

"Nanu, I am your darling."

"You're lucky if you're alive.
I don't go home in fear."

"She sings songs of love
and calls me 'darling'."

"She comes to the bedroom to sleep
and puts lipstick marks on me."

"I don't sleep in fear.
No chants works out."

"She whispers in my ears."

- Will you marry me?"

"The ghost is here, run!"

"The ghost is here, run!"

"The ghost is here, run!"

"The ghost is here, run!"

"The ghost is here, run!"

"The ghost is here, run!"

"Nanu is in the front
and Janu is behind."

"Nanu is in the front
and Janu is behind."

"My blood pressure rises
when she proposes to me."

"The ghost comes from Banyan tree."

"The ghost comes from Banyan tree."

"The ghost comes from Banyan tree."

"The ghost comes from Banyan tree."

"I see ghost everywhere."

"She whistles at me to call me."

"She makes me do weird things.
Come, come, baby."

"She makes me work."

"She makes me work."

"Nanu, I am your darling."

"The ghost is here, run!"

"The ghost is here, run!"

"The ghost is here, run!"