Nanban (2012) - full transcript

Two buddies Venkatramakrishnan and Sevalkodi Senthil set out in search of their long lost friend Panchavan Parivendan aka Pari. They have a nerd Srivatsan for company and through intermittent flashbacks we are told that Pari, a bright, yet free-spirited student, who through his charisma is able to convince his two friends to think for themselves, follow their heart and take challenges with a positive attitude chanting his mantra: all is well. Pari wants to change the education system and often lock horns with Professor Virumandi Santhanam the Principal whose says: "Life is a race - Run Run Run". He wins the heart of Virumandi's daughter Riya and the film is about his journey.


Yeah, Venkat speaking


Sir, kindly switch off
your mobile phone

1 second please

Excuse me

Sir, please sit down

Captain, there's a medical emergency

Chennai...Air lndia 101

returning due to medical emergency

Hold still

Oh my God! l'm alright

Only my favorite
Goddess has saved me

You can go now
l'll find my way out

- Gentleman, wait

Start the car

- Ramba Rao?
- That's me

Should l show you
my name as tattoo for proof?

Let's go

Go to Adyar

l thought l had to
drop you in Andhra Club?

Yes, go via Adyar

Yes, Venkat

l'll be at your place
in 5 ready early!?

Srivatsan called me


He said Pari is here


lf we want to meet Pari, he asked us to
be at our college water tank at 8:00 a.m

l had to pretend a heart attack
in mid air to come back now

- Oh crap!

You can relieve yourself later
come outside soon

l'll be there
right now

Paru, l'll be back soon

l forgot my shoes

We traced our friend Pari


My socks stink
l'll somehow manage

Oi! You forgot
to wear your pants!


Stop here

Andhra club, sir?

You can go to Andhra later

Now go to ldeal engineering college

Okay, sir

Amnesia or fashion!?



Sir, Andhra club

Why are you in such a hurry?
You go straight to the airport

Brother will be waiting for you
Take him to Andhra club

He is also Ramba Rao!

This is Ramba Rao speaking

Where is my car?

l'm waiting in that same spot
you asked me to

l've searched everywhere
but the runway!


Where is Pari?

Tell me. Where's Pari?

Hello losers!

l am back

Have a drink, man

You too

Where is Pari

First check this out


l didn't ask you to praise my wife

See the bungalow behind her
4 million U.S dollars

- l am talking about bungalow
- Wife is average looking!

Swimming pool...heated

Living room
Maple wood flooring

My new Lamborghini 6496cc

Why are you showing all this
to us like a real estate agent?

Where is Pari?

Did you guys forget?
Come with me

Where's he off to?

Mark this date, guys

10 years later we'll meet here
same day...same place

We'll see who's made it big then

lt's a challenge. Will you be here?

lf you have the guts
agree to this deal

Do you remember?

l wagered a bet with that
smart-ass in this same place

l am a MAN, l won
You good-for-nothing losers!

Hit you!

Shameless fellow

l got down from a flight in mid air!
He forgot to even wear his pants

For past 10 years we've been
hunting for our friend Pari

We don't even know
if he is alive or not

Did you ask us to come here
to humor your ego?!

Chill, dude

l knew he won't be here

He's rubbing salt
on to our wounds!

Let's push him down

Venkat! Let go

Why did you ask us to come here?

To meet Pari

Lets go check
if he's a big shot or l am

Which means...
you know where he is?


Where is Pari?

He's in Ootacamund

Don't get it? Ooty!

No one can emulate my friend
He changed every fad and trend

Buddy, where did you disappear?

Daily we longed for our friend so dear

He embroidered our hearts in friendship

He made us teary-eyed with his kinship

Like a mother's lap is his shoulder

He's our umbilical cord linked far

Friendship beyond love so true

more than a flight of steps it grew

Your friendship is our treasure

You developed in us a new picture

We flew so high

like fluffy clouds in the sky

Paving our path with a new bouquet

why did you abandon us halfway?

Like a child searching for his mother

without you how can we go farther?!

No one can emulate my friend

He changed every fad and trend

Buddy, where did you disappear?

Daily we longed for our friend so dear


Panchavan Parivedthan

As unique as his name

What our teachers and parents didn't
in 20 years, he taught us in just 4 years!

He identified myself to me!

Life is a marathon

lf we don't run fast enough
others will overtake us!

Even to be born we have to
compete with 300 million sperms!

l was born in 1980 at 10:20 a.m

At 10:21 my dad announced,
''l've got an engineer-son''!

Venkat Ramakrishnan B.E

And my fate was sealed

But no one asked me
what l wanted to be!

Sevarkodi Senthil
Venkat Ramakrishnan

Panchavan Parivendhan

- Room number?

Let's go

l am Mani Maaran

l'm called MM
short for millimeter

To buy tea & coffee, wash & iron clothes,
copy assignments, l am all in all for all

But studying is up to you

Fixed rate , No bargain

Hey! Millimeter
One minute

You want to click snaps?
Go ahead

This is kilobyte
This is mega byte

This is their mother
Giga byte!

...but nothing bite!

Saraswathi namasthubyam
Varade kamarupini. - What undiluted devotion!

Vidyarambam karishyami
Siddhir bhavatu me sada

- Hi!l am Venkat
- l'm Senthil

Vani Saraswathi Vaag Devi

He thinks God will make him pass

Oi! Out

Hey! Millimeter
What's your meter?!

To carry 1 box for 1 km is Rs 2

- For 2 boxes 2 kms Rs 8
- Here's a tenner For You

l don't have a habit
of accepting tips


Tonight, make sure you wear briefs
without holes for the fresher's party!

Boss you are great
Bless us

Our seniors made us fall
at their feet, in our briefs

Though l fell at our seniors' feet
l looked up to see Pari's face!

That was my 1st glimpse of Pari

- Boss
- What?

Look at our new volunteer?


Greetings, bro

What's your name?

Panchavan Parivendhan

What sort of a name is this?

King Pari who gave up
his chariot for a creeper

Now give your pants to our boss


Are you deaf or what?

Wet pants will only
give you pneumonia!


All is well
All is well


All is well

Are you a Christian?

Hey! James Bond!

Tell him what to do

Take off your pants, man
Or he'll piss on you

Why are you showing off
your Engish now?

l was born in Coimbatore
l studied in California

So little slow in Tamil

There's no rush
You can show off your Tamil

Why did you get into
your pants so soon?


Remove your trousers

Otherwise he will bless you
with his 'pees-ful' offering!

Peaceful offering?

- What language is this?
- Archaic Thamizh!

Oi! Come out

lf you don't...
on your door...

...l'll pee

l'll count till 10

lf you don't come, l'll pee in front of
your door through out this semester











Boss, you are great
Bless me

Salt water is a great conductor of electricity

We learnt that in 8th grade as theory

Pari applied it practically

Dr Virumandi Sandanam

Our college principal

Students fondly call him 'Virus'

Life was all about competitions
He never wished anyone to win

Time is precious to him

So much so, his shirts have
no buttons, only velcro!

He doesn't tie a tie
He wears it!

He's ambidextrous
like actor Rajini in the film Sivaji!

He even tries to write with
both his feet at the same time

After lunch he takes a power nap
for exactly 7 1/2 minutes

Even then, he makes use of that time
by putting up with unproductive work!

Strict orders to Govindhan to cut his nails,
shave, tweeze his nostril hair during break

Virus is bringing eggs for us
All of you come out

What is this?

- Cuckoo, sir

..And this?

Cuckoo's nest


Cuckoo never builds her own nest

Do you know where a cuckoo lays her nest?

Always in a crow's nest

First day and he keeps talking of
cuckoos, crows and ciphers!

Seems like a bad omen!

When the eggs hatch,
do you know what happens?

Cuckoo's young ones
push the crows' eggs down

Competition is over

Life begins with murder

That is nature

Compete or die

You are like this cuckoo

These are crow's eggs
that you pushed down

Don't forget...every year we get
4 lakh applications to this college

Only 200 get selected

You are part of the 200

Others are broken eggs

My own son applied thrice
He ended up as a broken egg

Life is a race
You've got to run fast

Otherwise the one behind you
will trample and overtake you

Let me tell you a very interesting story

This is an astronaut's pen

Due to lack of gravity in outer space
ball point and fountain pens don't function

Many scientists at the expense of
many million dollars, have invented this pen

This space pen can be used at
any temperature at whatever angle

One day, when l was a student
our director called me

Virumandi Sandanam

Yes, sir
Come here

l got scared

He showed me this pen and said...

'This is a symbol of excellence
l'm gifting it to you

The day you find an extra-ordinary
student like you, give this to him'

l am waiting to do so for past 32 years
l'm yet to find such a student

At least in this batch will one of you
be worthy of this pen?

Yes, sir

Hands down

Should l announce specially for you?

Sir, l have a doubt?

lf a pen didn't write in space
they could have used a pencil!

lt would have only cost Rs2!!!


Time for class to begin

Oi! He's a real tough cookie!

Yesterday, he taught our seniors a lesson

Today, he made Virus speechless

We must be on our guard with him

You gave Virus himself a nasty medicine!

Boss, you are great
Bless me

Get up

You're not going to school?

lt's your father who pays?

Let him go
He's just a kid

You don't need fees
to study in a school

Just an uniform will do

Whichever school you like
get that uniform stitched

Sit in that class room
without uttering a single word

Who will find you out
in this crowd?

But if they do?

Change school
and change uniform

Did you hear that?

He has something...a spark!

He looks at ordinary stuff
in a totally new perspective

ln Virus's cuckoo flock
he stood apart as a peacock!

We were all professor's robots!
He was the only human amongst us

What is a machine?

What are you rejoicing?

My dream from childhood
is to become an engineer, sir

l am so happy to be here

Enough of being happy!
Define a machine

Sir, a machine is anything
that reduces human effort

Can you please elaborate?

Sir, whatever gadget makes time
and human effort easier is a machine

When we sweat,
we tap a switch

Fan...machine, sir!

lf we want to talk
to our friend far away

Phone...machine, sir

We are surrounded by machines!

From a pen's nib to a pant zip
it's a 'machine' world

One second up,
next second down

Up down
Up down

What's the definition?

That's what l was saying now

ls this what you'll write in your exam?

ls this a machine?

Up down
up down


Anybody else?


Machines are any combination
of bodies so connected...

...that their relative motions are constrained
and by means of which force and motion

...may be transmitted and modified
as a screw and its nut or a lever arranged to turn

about a forearm or a pulley
about its pivot etc...

Especially a construction
more or less complex

consisting of a combination of moving parts...

...or simple mechanical elements

such as wheels, levers, cams etc



Thank you sir

Please sit down

This is what l too said simple terms

for everyone to grasp

You should then join a Govt. Arts college

But we should be able to understand
whatever we study, right sir?

What's the use of blindly
memorizing what's in our syllabus?

Oh! So you claim to be more
intelligent than these books?

lf you want to pass the exams
this is what you have to write

l just wan...
-Get out

lf you need to be told
in simple terms...get out!


So you got the definition of a machine

A machine is a combination of various elements
or links used to transform otherforms of energy into

Why are you back here?

l forgot, sir

What did you forget?

lnstruments that record, analyze, summarize,
organize, debate and explain information

...that are illustrated, non-illustrated, hard bound,
paperback, jacketed or non jacketed...

...with forward, introduction,
table of contents, index

that are intended for the
enlightenment, understanding

...enrichment, enhancement
and education of

the human brain through
sensory route of vision

...sometimes touch


Book, sir

Definition by the book

l forgot to take my books

That's why l came back

Why didn't you give this same
simple explanation earlier?

That's what l tried, sir...but

You don't like anything simplified!

Pari was an outstanding student

He'll forever be standing

None of the professors
liked the questions he asked

They'll immediately shoo him
out of the class

He'll promptly go and sit
in our seniors' class

When asked why, he'll philosophize that
knowledge can be sought in any level!

Similar to Pari in ideology
was Paneer Selvam

- Excuse me, sir

- Tell me, Paneer Selvam

When's our convocation?


So that my parents
can come from my village, sir

l need to book train tickets for them
l am the 1st engineer from our village

Even my relatives want to come

1st call your dad

Please, please, hurry up
Don't waste my time


Father, l'm Paneer speaking

How are you, my son?

l am fine

Siva Prakasam, your son won't
become an engineer this year

So don't book tickets
and waste your money

Why, sir?

He didn't get his project ready in time

He didn't like the project l suggested
Of his own accord he chose to make

a toy helicopter that kids play with

He's a good student, sir

Hey! Listen to me
lt's very unrealistic

and it won't work

You might as well start a poultry farm for him
At least he can watch a cock fly!!!

l am in the completion stage

ls your project ready?

Just see my project once, sir

Submit it
l'll see it

Just give me some grace time
l'll submit it, sir

Why should l give you extension?

My father had a heart attack
and was hospitalized

l couldn't concentrate
in my studies, sir

Did you stop eating for 2 months?

No, sir

No, sir

Sunday morning, my son
died in a train accident

Monday morning l came to college

1st hour class in 'digital principles'

So don't give me
that bullshit Paneer Selvam

l can only feel sorry for you

l cannot give you an extension


Go quit

Very close, sir

Right in front of my own eyes
l disappeared into thin air

l dissolved as an unseen star
now here...nowhere!

l hear my heart tatter threadbare
l didn't expect this nightmare

l hear my heart tatter threadbare
l didn't expect this nightmare

l ask for rain, a few splashes
instead you reduce me to ashes

l ask for ray of light, few
my eyes, you take in lieu!

my dreams you stopped midway
will you let me continue somehow?

Pain and strain you piled on me
will you let me sleep now?

So well designed

Wireless camera on a helicopter

Useful for traffic update and security

Virus claims it won't fly
and this project is a failure

Why won't it fly?
We'll make it fly

Paneer ls almost there
Given a little more time

he'd have done it

Let it be a surprise to him
We'll make it fly

in front of his window
...and watch his reaction

from below on this screen

This is just excess baggage!

lf we do his assignment
who will do ours ?

Already we are flooded
with viva...test...quiz!

42 exams in every semester

Give me your hand
Place it on your heart

Repeat to yourself

All is well

All is well

Swami Pariyanandha
is chanting a new mantra

That means?

All is well means
it's all for the good

Positive thought
that only good will happen

ln our town there was a watchman
called Mariam Suzai

As soon as the sun sets
he will yell 'All is wellllllllll'

We'll all sleep peacefully

One night there was a burglary

Only then we knew our bro
was suffering from night blindness!

His 'all is well' slogan gave us
peace of mind to sleep in peace

l got enlightened that day

Our heart is a scaredy cat
Chicken hearted

Like him

We must bluff to our heart

However huge a problem
comes our way...

...we should tell our heart
'Chillax! All is well'

That will solve
all our problems?!

We'll get more courage
to face our problems

Remember this mantra
lt will come in handy for sure

lf heart's battery low in level
Charge it with 'all is well'

Defeat or distress spell
Dictum is 'all is well'

lf heart's battery low in level
Charge it with 'all is well'

Defeat or distress spell
Dictum is 'all is well'

lf your life gets too tight
loosen up to set it right

lf you live a bat's life, upside down
earth is hanging garden of Babylon

Thread in the doughnut of lentil
Tagline is 'all is well'

Bring that thread
to fly a kite overhead

lf on 31st there's cigarette shortage
'all is well' should be your adage

Beedi will do
to bond us true

lf heart's battery low in level
Charge it with 'all is well'

Defeat or distress spell
Dictum is 'all is well'

lf your life gets too tight
loosen up to set it right

lf you live a bat's life, upside down
earth is hanging garden of Babylon

Thread in the doughnut of lentil
Tagline is 'all is well'

Bring that thread
to fly a kite overhead

lf on 31st there's cigarette shortage
'all is well' should be your adage

Beedi will do
to bond us true

Hey there! White shirt guy
Book in your hand...why?

Are you well read?
Don't show-off, pinhead!

Hey! Dude! Hear me out
lt's foolish to learn by rote

Are you a stork
waiting for its prey?

Don't obsess
about marks and pray

Like a marble stuck in a soda bottle
should lessons choke at full throttle?

To overload your upper storey
is your brain a mere lorry?

Pack up your brains, seal it neat
Follow the route of your heart beat

Class topper isn't a hero marvel
Catch word is 'all is well'

Hero can become zero
'All is well' is your motto

Joker isn't of zero nature
'All is well' your signature!

ln a deck of cards
he's the hero for sure!

lf heart's battery low in level
Charge it with 'all is well'

Defeat or distress spell
Dictum is 'all is well'

Brahma the creator
you can be

Beat on the desk
in harmony

Rock and roll
in tune with your soul

Should every student
be a jail-bird?

Sim trapped in a mobile
can they be captured?

Let's escape unhindered!

lf no latch on the restroom door
hum a song with its encore

You'll become number one priority
sought after singer celebrity

Lock up your brains, seal it neat
Follow the route of your heart beat

lnto your room if a snake does slither

Wave your exam paper it will disappear

lf you get a paunch with too much beer
'All is well' you must whisper

You'll be the perfect inspector!

lf heart's battery low in level
Charge it with 'all is well'

Defeat or distress spell
Buzzword is 'all is well'

lf your life gets too tight
loosen up to set it right

lf you live a bat's life, upside down
earth is hanging garden of Babylon

Thread in the doughnut of lentil
Tagline is 'all is well'

Bring that thread
to fly a kite overhead

lf on 31st there's cigarette shortage
'all is well' should be your adage

Beedi will do
to bond us true

Thread in the doughnut of lentil
Tagline is 'all is well'

Bring that thread
to fly a kite overhead

lf on 31st there's cigarette shortage
'all is well' should be your adage

Beedi will do
to bond us true

Paneer, my son
How could you

leave me and go?
You got away with it

Police didn't find out

Paneer Selvam's dad is also in the dark

Do you know what the cause of death is,
according to the post mortem report?

Pressure on windpipe
resulting in choking

They claim he died
due to pressure here

But he had pressure
here for 4 years

ls anyone aware of that?

Why was that not recorded?

Engineers find machines
for various needs

lf there was a machine to measure
this pressure, by now everyone will know

...this is not suicide

...but murder!

How dare you blame me
for Paneer Selvam's suicide?

How are we responsible, if a student
cannot handle academic pressure?

There are gazillion pressures in life

How can you blame
someone else for it?

l am not blaming you, sir

l am pointing a finger
at our system

l have statistics
to prove my point

lndia leads as # 01 country

in students committing suicide
For every 90 minutes a student

tries to commits suicide

More than ill-health or accident
death rate by suicide is higher

l am not bothered
about all your statistics

This is 1 of the finest
colleges in our country

lt is 32 years
since this college was started

From 28th rank
l've brought it to #1 rank

What are your standing in #1?

We refer to peeing also
as 'number 1 '

No one is allowed
to think out of the box

There's no respect
for innovative inventions

Their target is marks oriented,
cushy job or settle abroad only

You teach how to achieve good grades
Not how to excel as an engineer!

Then you teach me
- No, sir, l didn't mea...

Today we are going to see the thermal

Dr K.S, please take a seat

Students, he is soooper
intellectual and a genius

He knows more than
all the qualified teachers here

Today, Professor Dr Engineer Parivendhan
will teach us a lesson in engineering

- Sir, how can l...

- To you, now!

We do not have all day

Bi sent-hilator

Driven- katri- nation

l'll give you all 30 seconds time
Find out what these words mean

You can refer your books

Those who find the answer
please raise your hands

Let me see who is 1st
and who is last

Your time starts now

Time up

Time up, sir

None of you could
find the answer?

For 1 minute
rewind your lives

As soon as l wrote these 2 words
did any of you have feel electrified?

Did you feel an excitement
to learn something new?



As soon as l said start
all of you ran a race

What do you gain by falling all over
your books and getting A grades?

Are you increasing
your knowledge?

No, only your
pressure increases

This is a college
Not a pressure cooker!

Even in a circus, the lion, petrified
of the ring master's whip

...obeys his commands

Do we call it a well trained lion
...or well educated?!

This is not a philosophy class

Explain what those 2 words mean

Sir, those words
don't exist

They are just names of my friends
Smoke screen!


Nonsense, ls this the way
to teach engineering?

No, sir, l'm not here
to teach engineering

You are better equipped than me

l'm only teaching you
the right way to teach!

l have faith
you'll one day learn this

Bye, sir
All the best, sir

Quiet, l said

Your sons Senthil and Venkat

due to bad influence are deteriorating

... in their studies to dismal depths

Letter from Virus was
a bombshell in both our homes

Like Nagasaki and Hiroshima
our folks were devastated

My friends were invited home
to celebrate my birthday

Come you see that
expensive air conditioner?

For my son to study
in the lap of luxury

l spent Rs15,000
to fit this, only in his room

l haven't got myself

l still travel in a scooter

All my 25 years of earning
l've spent on his education

For his future
l've sacrificed our happiness

His mother cooks the best raw rice for him
She makes eggs specially for him

Hey Venkat!
Are these snaps clicked by you?

Photography is his passion

He won't even spare a dog
or pig wandering on the road

He wants to become
a wild life photographer

- What's his % ?
- 91

He has slid down
from 94 to 91

ls my speech
so funny to you?

No, uncle

Snaps he has taken are so beautiful

Why do you want him
to be an engineer?

Let him be a famous
wild life photographer

Dear man, l beg you with folded hands

Don't confuse my son
and spoil his life

Venkat, lunch is ready

Pari, come

When you come next time

...if you come
before you leave

We had prepared our taste bud
for a home cooked gourmet meal

But my dad ruined our appetite

So we didn't even mind eating
paper at Senthil's house

His house seemed like a scene
from an old black and white film

...single room with a half dead father

...his mother Nirmala
with a whooping cough

...and an older sister
Jaya yet to be married

His mother was a school teacher,
retired, who lamented non-stop

lf a neighbor flashed a smile
she'd immediately ask a favor!

His father was a post master

When he was paralyzed on 1 side
they were in deep debt all sides!

Whole family was tottering
on this couple's pension

Jaya is 28 now

Even the theatre usher wants
100 sovereign gold as dowry!

lf you don't study well,
how will she get married?

One kilo rice is ElGHT rupees!

Since wheat is only Rs 3
at the Govt. ration shop

...we can afford
to eat only rotis


Shall l serve you tomato chutney?

Tomato is Rs 8 a kilo
Onion Rs 15 a kilo


lf we get a complaint letter from
your college, how will we survive?

Looks like we need to go
to a jewelry shop to buy onions!

some more
tomato chutney?

No, thanks

Why are you disgracing me
in front of my friends like this?

Okay, l'll stick
glue on my lips

l've got to earn making
my throat go hoarse, for you

l should double up as maid
at home and do all the chores

...but not open my mouth!

l can pour my heart out
only to my son

Can l tell our difficulties
to your friends?

We were in a dilemma, whether
to console Senthil or his mother

We decided to 1st comfort
our stomach's hunger pangs

To relieve his constant itching
1 tube of Saibol ointment is Rs15

Do you want another roti?

This is enough,
thank you

Tomato is Rs 8 a kilo
Onion Rs 15 a kilo!

At least my mother gave us roti

His father shooed us away

Real sadist

Yeah! Your mother is Mother Teresa
She gave us 'chest haired roti'!

lf you talk ill of my mother
l'll make mince meat of you

Why are you both fighting?
l'm dying of hunger

Let's go eat somewhere

Who'll pay?
Mother Teresa?!

You don't need cash
Just a cover will do!

Look over there

Good evening

How are your parents?

Can't you see them?
They are right behind me

Do you know them?

l'm so terrified

Even before we eat, l think,
l need to use the restroom

We must taste every single item
on the buffet menu, buddy

You'll burst and die

All we need to do is
download at intervals!

Ria...what the hell is this?

Why are you wearing
such an ancient watch?

What will people think of you?

You have a status to maintain
as Rakesh's fiancee

You'll become a famous doctor

People will mock at your watch
Throw that Rs 200 watch away

- Hi Handsome!
-Hi aunty!

Did you notice something?


Bought in Mandalay

Let's go meet David

Excuse me



Please give me that glass


ln case you hit
my head with it

Why would l do that?

l want to give you some
free 'pearls of wisdom'


Don't marry thatjackass!

Excuse me

He's not human(e)
Mr Price tag!


lf you marry him'll be showered
with brands and their price lists

...but no life


Shall l show you a demo?

Would you like to know
how expensive his shoes are?

l won't ask
He'll himself volunteer

Just watch

Life is a brand
Even God is a brand

That's why l have brandy

Without a brand you are nothing

Oh! Shucks
- You fool!

He poured chutney
on my $300 shoes

My $300 shoes
My God!

How will l walk now?

Didn't l tell you?

Free advice!!

lt's your call

Dad, are they your guests?

Serve for me also

They are my students
Why are they here?

1 second

Hi ! You opened
my eyes to reality

Thank you so much

lt's no big deal
Social service is my hobby

Why don't you do 1 more
good deed for the day?

Sure, Tell me

My dad is so stubborn
l should marry only Rakesh

You have a way with words

Can you show my dad also a demo?

Don't you worry

l'll make him tell
how much his briefs cost!

Senthil, pass that chutney

You are so sweet

- Where is your father?
- Right behind you.

All is well

Escape, Free advice

lt's your call!

What are you doing here?

We wanted to give our gift
to the bride and groom

You can hand it over to me
Bride happens to be my sister

l think l need to use the restroom!!!

Sir, how many
daughters do you have?


lt's not a gift cover
lt's a freebie cover!

We had kept a 1000 rupee note inside

Where did it disappear?

We never invited you
Maybe the groom did?

Actually...we belong
to science side

Explain that to me

Dad, he has a way with words

Give my dad your demo

Sir, you know in Chennai,
very often, there's power failure

So many weddings are hassled

We want to invent an inverter
using battery of the cars parked here

- Wow!

lnvented inverter?

Design is ready, sir

Where's the design l gave you?

l gave it to Senthil ages ago

Senthil, design?

Sir, ask all your guests
to give me their car keys

l'll make an inverter
here, right now

You can invent stories
Not an inverter

Sir, trust me
l can

Since we invented it
at your daughter's wedding an ode to you, we want to
name it as 'Virus inverter'

How does it sound?

Daaad! Your nick name is 'Virus'?
You never told us

Senthil and Venkat, be at my office
tomorrow during lunch break

Sorry sir, we'll pay you
back for the dinner installments

We won't attend any wedding

Not even mine, sir!

l won't even get married, sir!!

Your parents shouldn't have got married!!!

World would be less by 2 idiots

ls he starting off
on a lecture spree?

Pay attention

Back to zeros and eggs?!

Monthly income of your friend
Panchavan Parivendhan's father

lf we remove 3 ciphers from that
it's Venkat's father's monthly salary

Remove 1 more zero

Rs 2500 is your entire family's
TOTAL monthly income, Senthil

l don't have to explain
your situation better than this

lf you want to study diligently
and pass with flying colors

...move to Srivatsan's room

lf you join with Pari
you'll end up in a garbage can

Dear boys

Do you want to shave?

No, sir

Then get lost

This is called 'divide and rule'!
Virus is trying to spoil our friendship

Don't be worried

We have to worry
He's the 'grade-giver'

lf we don't get good grades
we won't get a decentjob

l don't have a rich dad
to be cool about my future

Why are you lamenting like this?

Then do we have to
follow whatever he says?

All is well
All is well

You can play 2nd fiddle to him
l can't do that

Oi! You are crossing your limit

No, l'm saying
'let's be within our limits'

My family is depending on me

My mother's entire pension money
gets spent on my father's medicine

lf we don't give 50 sovereigns of gold
looks like my sister won't get married

lt's more than 5 years since
my mother wore a good sari

Mother Teresa wore
only a white sari all her life!

ls my family's suffering
entertainment for you?

We have to study to pass

But not to get great grades
or an awesome job

We should study to
enhance our knowledge

Don't go behind success

Choose a career you like

Follow your heart. Hone your skills

Work hard
Success will automatically follow

Many wise men have said this

Which wise man?
Pari-anandha the God-man?

Your pearls of wisdom, huh?

Senthil, don't get tensed
We'll all definitely pass

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible?

Try to squeeze this
back into the tube

Like how lndia got freed from the British
and got trapped with our politicians

Senthil, thinking he escaped from us
got into the clutches of Srivatsan

Our nickname for
Srivatsan is silencer

To magnify his memory

he gorged on...
...'lncrease l.Q Jelly'

God knows what crap that was!
Offensive smell of his flatulence

was beyond our nasal tolerance!

l didn't do it
Senthil, wasn't it you?


Silencer memorizes
non stop...18 hours a day

Day before the exam he'll ensure
...that others don't supersede

his grades by distracting them

He believed in 2 ways
of being the topper

1st make sure
he gets good grades

2 nd to ensure others
DON'T get good grades

To put an end to
Silencer's sly tricks

...and to save Senthil

...Pari came up with
a genius game plan

Our college principal
is an expert at teaching

Do you know the meaning
of all these Tamil words?

l don't need to know
l am a good memorizer

Go ahead

Srivatsan was selected to give
welcome speech on teachers' day

To impress Virus he asked Bose
to write a speech for him chaste Tamil

There's a call for you

Mr Bose, take a print out

l'll be right back

Why is there a sudden stink
of rotten cabbage here?!

Princi was just talking about you

ls that so?
l'll go see him then

Give this to Srivatsan

l'm calling from
the commissioner's office

- Are you Srivatsan from California?

- Yes sir, you are right

We've got classified information
...that you are part of a revolutionary

youth movement and you have secretly

...stored bombs in your hostel room


That too a silent bomb

Don't be drama king!

lf we take you to station
and tap you in the right places

...every inch of truth will
automatically come out

No sir, it will pain, sir

Silencer's attention was
diverted to give Pari time change certain words
in his speech strategically!

For example, karpikkum (to teach)
was changed to karpazhikkum (to rape)

Excuse me, sir
Did you call me?

Who are you?

Librarian Bose
Permanent staff, sir


One minute Commissioner wants
to talk to you



They say you are
yourself a human bomb!

We've got reports
from intelligence

Sir, wrong information
You can search my room, sir


l know it's not in your room

l also know you've hidden it
somewhere behind you!

Apparently you are an expert
in releasing bombs

...invisible to the human eye!

lt's because of people like you that
there's a huge hole in the ozone layer!

This is a very important case in the city

lt's now changed hands to CBl

We'll be there anytime

Till then you should not leave
your college hostel premises

You are mistaking me for...

Hands up!

Hey! Silencer

Mr Bose asked me
to give this to you

You don't call me that

You Pari poori
scumbag of a crap cleaner!

lrritating fellows
Always sitting on the steps

Principal never called me

l only said he was talking about you
Did l say he called you?!

Get lost!!

Warm welcome to Respected minister,

my dear teachers and my student buddies

Last week in the survey made by lndia Today
our college has the honor of been ranked

7th place in lndia
and 1st in Tamil Nadu

All credit goes to only 1 individual

Our college principal
Mr Virumandi Sandhanam

Voice is his, Words are mine!

For the past 32 years
full credit goes to him, solely

...for many boys and girls in our college
to have been raped by him!

l was the one who substituted
rape for teach

Many have been raped by him

l am surprised how one single man

in his lifetime can rape
so many students

He has prepared himself thoroughly
for this from his adolescent years reading appropriate books
and indulging in apt exercises

...thereby becoming
strong enough to do a good job!

We should all follow his footsteps

We as students here, today
...whichever corner of the world

we may be in, tomorrow

...must take an oath
to rape just like him

We should prove that no one else
but an lEC student can rape so effectively!


The credit for that act will go only to
king of rape, our principal Mr Virumandi

Avatar of generosity in rape
Mr Virumandi sandhanam

Next, our respected kalavi minister

Kalavi means sex, right?

Sex is his existence

Kalvi (education)
became kalavi (sex)!!!

For the sake of sex
he has awesome kongai

KoLgai (principle)
became kongai(breast)!!

Kongai means breast, nitwit!

Virumandi, why is he
talking total crap?

Minister for sex, our rape king
is scrutinizing your breasts intensely

He is your designated
breast propaganda delegate!

How demeaning this is!

lt will soon be
talk of the town

...without doubt that he will
molest your breasts

Did you invite me here
to humiliate me like this?


Today is teachers' day

Teacher's vocation is dedication
Sacrifice yourself to this service

This is the right moment to reward
...our teachers who have

dedicated their lives to us
with kusuvaasam

Lord Shiva. help me!

Art o' fart!

Our fart-king is rocking, man!

Vishwasam (gratitude)
became kusuvaasam (art o' fart)

How do we display
our art o' fart?

Listen to our expert

Art o' fart! is of 4 kinds

Do we need to
listen to this crap?

Big Bang No Tension

Little Spicy Slightly Disturbing

More Spicy Very Embarrassing

Silent But Deadly

Thank you very much

What wrong did l do, sir?

l spoke high of you only

Don't kick me, sir

Get out, you moron!

This is what happens,
if you learn by rote!

What you memorize now
...may hold you

in good stead for 4 years
But the next 40 years

it will rape you!

Fart-king really rocks

You swines!

Why did you do this to me?

How did l ever harm you?

Sorry Vatsan
Don't take anything personal

l won't forget this disgrace
till my dying day

l'll think of it every minute
every second of my lifetime

Let it go
Don't get too hyper

We showed a demo to Senthil
Repercussions of mugging

Whatever is learnt
should be understood

We should revel
in enjoying science

l have not come here
to enjoy reading science

Did you come to rape science?

silent but deadly

Laugh to your heart's content

Make fun of my learning methods

One day with these same methods
l'll be a successful celebrity

l'll have the last laugh then!
You will be crying

You are in the wrong track, Vatsan

l am on the right track

You are on a different train,
l am on a different train

Let's see who becomes successful 1st

Same day 10 years later
we'll all be back to the same station

Then we'll know who made it big

Want to bet on that?

Let's see who wins
Come on

l challenge you

lf you pride yourself
in being a man, say yes

What is he doing?

Don't forget this day


A brand is a brand always

This is a 1st time l've got
such an expensive gift, Rakesh

You will be Rakesh's wife

Hereafter you have to be 'branded'!

l'll be right back

Weren't you the one
who changed the subject?

Watch is soooper!

Don't change the subject

l didn't

You are change your watch

l'm not talking of
our present conversation

Kind of...

What's your grouse
against my dad?

Nothing, l've even named
my inverter after him!

Take a look

Why are you stressing out my dad?

Your dad is not running a college
but a factory

Factory that churns out donkeys

Like your donkey
standing over there


What audacity to call
my fiance a donkey?!

Because he is one
1st he studied engineering, then MBA

Now he's working in a bank in USA

Why study engineering
to work in a bank?

Your dad got taken in

...or he's from a money lending family
Just 'cos he's a topper and

got you stuck with him for life

To all these donkeys
life is just profit or loss

As far as he is concerned
you are an asset to him

You are Prinicpal's daughter
You can afford to give a fat dowry

You'll become a doctor
Your pocket will be well lined

You'll enhance his image

That's why he's making a bee line for you!

He thinks of you as a brand

...not as a woman

What the hell do you think of yourself?

Are you saying
Rakesh doesn't love me?

He bought this watch, right?

Hold this for a moment

Only demos make you understand

Just wait and watch!!

Hey! Rakesh!

Where did you disappear Ria?
l was worried

Ria lost her new watch
That's what she's hunting for

You lost that watch?

No worries, Rakesh

We can always
buy her another watch

-Thank you


lt's 4 lakhs, Ria

4 lakhs?!

My watch is just Rs 400
Both show the same time

-Said up
- Okay, forget it

You are so careless, Ria

This careless attitude
is just disgusting

That was a limited edition watch
You just lost it

'cos you got it free

Fine, wear your obsolete
oldie watch for dinner parties

Why are you staring

ls this how mature
you can be?!

l can't handle this

Stop crying and
search for the watch

Damn it

She doesn't care
if its a branded watch, man

She just doesn't get it


Your 4 lakh watch
Find some other hand for it


You are a very bold lady

You called him a donkey
straight to his face

Get lost

l thought you'll thank me for saving you
instead you are cursing me!

Okay, thank you

Move aside

You don't love him at all

What do you mean?

lf you truly loved him
if he stood before you...

La la la laaaa....

You'll hear music in your ears

Butterflies will flutter in your heart

Every inch of you
will bloom and blossom

Stars will appear
like a silver moon

All this will happen
in computer graphics director Shankar's reel life,
not in our real life!

lt will happen if you fall in love
with a man and not a donkey



Oh God!

Okay, l'll be there right now

Aren't you a medical student?
l need a favor

Emergency please


A patient is dying
Come with me


What's the use of taking a Hippocratic oath
that you'll save a life without fear or favor?

You'll anyways kill patients
once you are a doctor!

Come with me, please

You created a ruckus
in my sister's wedding

You broke my engagement

My dad is swallowing tablets
for blood pressure like peanuts

And here l am helping you!


- Aunty, where is Senthil?

- He is gone to get a taxi

2 hours since he called
for an ambulance

Even a pizza gets
delivered within 1/2 hour!

What kind of a city this is!

We must immediately
admit him in hospital

Hey hey!. Hey stop!



Do you have any brains?
You brought my dad in a scooter

l couldn't get a flight
That's why

Don't be over smart!
Where's my dad?

Go and ask the doctor

lt was a close call, Ria

We'd have lost him
if you'd been a little late

Thank God you didn't wait
for the ambulance

He's alive thanks to
your presence of mind

Give me a call
incase you need me

Thank you, Pari

How can you
thank your friend?!

Tomorrow is your exam
Leave now

There are many exams in life
But only 1 dad!

Only when post master
is home safe and sound

...we'll leave, don't worry

Forgive me, Pari

l was terrified

All is well

Go in and see your father

This is a soooper dooooper scooter
lt has saved a life

How much do you think it'll cost?!

Pour chutney on it, l'll tell you!!

Happy lndependence day

Today isn't August 15th

For you it is August 15th!!

You can wear your mom's watch
with absolute freedom

No donkey can question you!

Can't ridicule it
as obsolete oldie watch

Take care, bye

How did you find out
that its my mom's watch?

At your sister's wedding you were

dressed to kill from head to toe... alone wasn't trendy

l just guessed

You must have missed
your mom a lot that day, right?


She must have been a very beautiful lady

Ya, how do you know that?

l've seen your dad!!!

Remember life is a race fast

...or those behind you
will trample you

love(Arabic) love(Lithuanian)

love(Malay) love(Hindi)

love(Tamil) l have on you.

Unconditional love
for only you!

l plucked a word out of
every language in an array

l braided them together
to make a love bouquet

l offer it to you as my gift
with love as my wish list

Know not how love struck a chord
with you of its own accord

My life that was meandering
'coz of you found a meaning

love(Arabic) love(Lithuanian)

love(Malay) love(Hindi)

love l have on you.

l'll make Pluto our home to rest

l'll collect stars to warm our nest

Triangles on your nose
l'll scrutinize

Diameter & depth
on your bosom l'll analyze

Curve lines
on your waist l'll summarize

Are you Plato's son in disguise?

Am l your lab to research & revise?

You are unwell and in misery
Your eyes show that clearly

To cure you of that malady
l prescribe my kiss as remedy

With my stethoscope
l can hear

...your heart sing
lub-dub lub-dub in my ear

love(Arabic) love(Lithuanian)

love(Malay) love(Hindi)

love(Tamil) l have on you.

Unconditional love
for only you!

You came in my dream like dejavu
King, you taunted me, why did you?

You insisted l pay taxes as duty
while your heat waves 'hit' on me

With your blood on heat
you came near me for a treat

Shall l fulfill your need
follow the cool moon's lead?

Glass-moon, my eyes
you bedazzled bright

On earth you cast
your shadow white

On a blade of grass you are the dew
crystal clear with a heart so true

You are a lap-top virus-free
Your soul shines a halo of purity

My back yard jasmine!
You are so enchanting

Like baby-talk
you are truly endearing

love(Arabic) love(Lithuanian)

love(Malay) love(Hindi)

love(Tamil) l have on you.

Unconditional love
for only you!

l plucked a word out of
every language in an array

l braided them together
to make a love bouquet

l offer it to you as my gift
with love as my wish list

Know not how love struck a chord
with you of its own accord

My life that was meandering
'coz of you found a meaning

Wake up
Get up

What happened?
Post master passed away, huh?

What a sadistic humor?!

Exam is at 9:00 A.M
lt is 8:30 A.M now

How can we leave him
in this state and go?

Don't be drama king
l am here

Doctors are here
Nothing will happen in 3 hrs

Take my scooty and go

Come on
lts getting late

lf you suddenly
become a good girl

...we'll all wonder why!

-Steady yourself
- enough

Write the rest in your exam

Looks like Venus and
Lady Luck are smiling on me!


Oi! Get lost

Sorry, sir
We got delayed

Emergency, sir

What emergency?

Grand ma died back home

Whose grand mother?

His grandma, sir

Nothing to worry, sir
Everything is okay

Sir, they are still writing

Time up

Give us 5 minutes, sir
We started half hr late

Grandma died, sir
Please, sir

As if we asked for his daughter's
mobile #, he's glaring daggers at us

He was busy arranging the papers
according to our respective roll numbers

ln that gap we finished
writing the exam

- Thank you, sir

Too late
you can keep it

Sir, sir...please, sir

Nothing doing

Do you know who we are?

l don't care if you are
our chief minister's grand son

Reply only to questions we ask
Do you know our names?

At least our roll numbers?

l don't know

What will you do?

lt seems he doesn't
know our roll nubers



Day of result

Everyone was petitioning God

l've prayed to You, Trinity of Gods
every single day of my college life

l am not asking for distinction
Just let me scrape through

Oi! Look right at the end

Your name is right

- The penultimate.

-2nd last.



We were completely
down in the dumps with our life

We didn't really mind being last

We passed because of him
and to think he failed!

We were upset is an understatement!

How can it be?
lts just not possible

You can try re-valuation
-Go away

Why is he lamenting?

He got 2nd place

lsn't this too much?

Who is 1st then?

Panchavan Parivendhan!


That's when we understood

lf our friend flunks,
we'll be down in the dumps

lf the same friend tops the class

...our mind's a mass of mess
like cooked noodles!

2 more people were
put off and resentful

Panchavan Parivendhan
1st row right next to the director

3rd row 3rd seat

2nd row 5th seat

3rd row

ls it necessary to be seated
according to the rank?

What's your hassle?

Ranking system itself is a hassle
like our caste system

1st rank student
like a superior caste

Last rank student is low caste

lt is not nice, sir

Do you have a brighter brainwave?

1st we should stop publicizing it
on the notice board

Why tell the whole world about
those who got low marks or failed

Why create a wedge?
An inferiority complex?

You consult a doctor
You are diagnosed with aids

Just an example!

Doctor will tell you alone
in total privacy?

Or will he pin it up
on a notice board?

You see...sir

Basically what you are saying is whisper
each student's result into his ears

You are 1st
You are 2nd

l am so sorry but you must

Sir, you are spraying!

What l'm trying to say is
ranks create discrimination

Since l am the class topper
l am sitting next to you

My close friends
'cos they are last've cast them
into some corner

Don't you feel sad for them

At least they are in the picture!

lf they keep gallivanting with you... time they won't
even be in the frame

They will neither pass
or get a decentjob

They will get a job, sir

There are many companies that believe
in human brains instead of robots!

l guarantee that

You guarantee it?

Bet, sir?

-Yes, sir.

Those 2 boys in the last row

lf 1 of them gets a job in our campus
interview, l'll remove my moustache

Okay, sir


He put his usual
missile bomb!

He merged it
with the sound of the horn!

Hey septic tank!?
Are you still on that ?????

l didn't do it

How can we forget
your dead rat smell?

Venkat, give me your wallet

2nd half of me is trembling
l'll get myself a pant

Why waste money?
Vatsan's suit is here

Put it on

Don't touch my shirt
lt will get dirty

Forget it

Pari can identify you
even if you are in your boxers!

Sweater uncle, tell us how
to reach this place?

Why would l be selling
sweaters, if l can read this?

Poor man
He doesn't know to read

Do you intend to rape him?!

- You can talk?
- Yes

Do you know where
Panchavan Parivendhan lives?

Over there

Come, let's go

- Vatsan, your gnyana sundi churnam
-Thank you

- Where have you found?
- ln your pocket.

How dare you?!
That's my pant

Why do you differentiate
as yours and mine

Bhagavd Gita says
everything belongs to everyone

Shut up!
l want my pant

Remove it

People might think

What happened?

Pari's dad...

-Where is Pari?
-Over there

l feel awful

As long as he was alive
he was everything to us

2 days back, l met him at
the collector's office



Where is Pari?

- l am Pari!

l mean
Panchavarnan Parivendhan

That's me

Tell me

Pari has changed
beyond recognition!

Pari, be brave

Panchavan Parivendhan


Same name, photo and degree
But person is different

Wonder what cover up has happened

Do you know what deja vu means?

We feel an event happening now
has already been experienced by us

lsn't that deja vu?

Do you know what's jamais vu?

Oh sure!

Relieving and not
zipping one's pant

An extra familiar event seen many times
is totally unfamiliar, as if seen for 1st time

We are all in the Jamaisvu mode now

Pari we saw in the photo
is our classmate Pari

But we have all forgotten
his face and imagine otherwise

This is my theory...howzatt?

Bombs you shell out are better!

How you got the address of Pari?
-- Yeah, tell us how

Hey! How dare you
take my biscuits?

l got them from San Francisco
Handmade and expensive

Specialy made for
Kosaksi Pasapugazh

Who is that
Kusuksy Pasapugazh?

Kosaksi Pasapugazh
Great scientitst

400 patents
World wants him

Can't meet him that easily

l've chased him for 1 whole year
and managed to get an appointment

lf only he signs my company deal
...l'll get a trillion dollar business

l'll be huuuuuuuuuuuge

Stop glorifying Pasapugazh
How did you get Pari's address?

You have to thank
Pasapugazh for that

My secretary Lara had come here
last month to meet Pasapugazh

She didn't get an appointment
but she found Pari

Only 1 man can lead us to Pari

Dad, forgive me

l'm a 'sin-ful son' for not
fulfilling your last wish

You wanted me to take you
on a pilgrimage to Kasi

l was waiting for the tender for
Optical fiber cable project in Ooty

When l opened the tender
you closed your eyes, dad

l am sorry, dad

l haven't been a good son to you

How can you say this?

You are an engineer
and college topper

Your degree certificate is framed and
displayed on the wall for all to see

You are a very good son

What audacity to walk into
my house without permission?

Shall l put you behind bars?

You'll be the one counting bars

You've got a Rs15 Crore project with
a forged degree certificate as proof

That's our friend's degree
How did you get it?

Tell us

This is a 150 acre property

No one will know
if l kill and bury you here

Pay heed to my words and vanish!

l have to dissolve
my dad's ashes in Kasi

Shall l add yours also?

Oi! Lift his 'dad'!

Which way to go?

lt is my dad's
Give it to me

Tell us who you are

Or your dad will be dissolved
here instead of a holy place!

Give my dad's ashes back to me

Tell me the truth
or shall l empty him here?

l'll shoot you

You press the trigger
l'll flush him down the drain

l'll count till 3

Dump his dad in, Senthil


We don't mind dying
We won't let go of your dad


Your dad's soul
will never rest in peace

He'll keep haunting this toilet

No dad in this urn

We brought the wrong pot!

- lt is empty.
- Empty.

Empty it

Hands up

Tell us now
Who are you?

Panchavan Parivendhan

l swear on my dad
whatever l'm saying is true

l am Pari
He is Pappu

He is our gardener's son

All of us called him Pappu

After his parents passed away
my dad brought him to live with us

Changing bulb, ironing clothes,
buying bread and eggs...

...he used to run these
small errands for us

His deepest desire was to study

He'd wear my old uniform
and go to school

He'd sit in whichever class
he liked and learn

l was a real dud
when it came to academics

l used him

l asked him
to do my assignments

He even wrote
my exams for me

Everything was smooth sailing

One day... teacher was stunned that a 6th grader
was able to solve a 10th grade sum

Which grade are you in, son?

What's your name?

We got caught

Since my dad was a big shot,

that teacher informed him 1st
...instead of the school principal

You began
so you complete it

People here greet me
with respect to my face

But they ridicule me
behind my back as an illiterate moron

My son should
never go through this

This boy wants to learn
My boy needs a degree

Let him become an engineer

Let his degree certificate hang
on this wall as Panchavan Parivendhan

l went to London for 4 years

He studied instead of me in lEC

My dad made him promise he would
never meet his college mates again

He said, 'l will never meet anyone

But one day my 2 friends
will come in search of me for sure

What will you do, then?'

He misses you both tremendously

l'll give you his address
Go meet him

But 1 condition

No one should
know this secret

Which secret?

My dad?!

Sir, you brought the wrong urn
Your dad is in this one!

Dad...thank God

What the hell is going on?
Who ls he?

Quick gun Murugan

lts too complicated a story for you
You'll need subtitles!!

- Where are we now?
- Dhanushkodi.

- Why?
- To see Pari.

What is he doing there?

Don't know
We got the address of his school

So Pari is a school teacher?

That's why he didn't
meet us at the water tank

l am Air Pixel lnc's vice president

He is a school teacher

A for apple
B for ball

C for cat

Yeah and D for donkey
F for fart!

l'll be signing an international deal with
kosaksi pasapugazh next week

He's a school teacher

Our respect for Pari
multiplied even more

We studied engineering to be

respected, travel abroad, cushy job
...beautiful wife, own a house

and car and be well settled

But he didn't study for any of these

Just to enhance his knowledge

He wasn't perturbed
about being last in class

...or proud of being first

Who landed in the moon 1st?

Neil Armstrong, sir

it's Neil Armstrong

We all know that

Who was the 2nd to place his foot?

That's also Neil Armstrong, sir

How can he walk on 1 foot?!


Who was the 2nd man?

Don't waste your time
lts not important

This world will never
remember the 2nd in tow

2 months ago we had 25 companies
with job offers for all of you

Which means you have a job in your hand
before you write your final exam

This is your last lap, my friends

Put your pedal to the metal

Accelerate and go out there
and make history

Any questions?


if l get a job

but plug... the exams

will l still get the job?

Very good question

Does anyone else
share this doubt?

l thought as much

Please come onto the stage

Everybody give them a big hand

Past 4 years in lEC they have
continuously created history occupying the last place!

Brains of these genius guys
if sold will fetch a hefty sum

Do you know why?

Brains without
wear and tear

And to answer their question

...whether they pass or fail
theirjob won't be affected

...because they will not get a job!

l guarantee it

Names of these achievers
should be etched in gold


Please give them a big hand

He has raped us to the core
and torn our undies to shreds!!!


God-dy buddy!

l'll come by foot to all your abodes!

But please stamp that Virus fella's ticket
and haul him to hell immediately

Can't tolerate his torture

Lord Yama, l beseach you
with folded hands

Please sentence him to

That means?

Fry him alive in a huge tureen

He is ordering a special fry
Side-dish Virus 65!

Hey! You keep quiet

You happily seat yourself
in the front row next to Virus

We are the duds decorating
the corner of the last row

We don't even know
if we'll be in the picture next year

- Do you know why l top the class?
- Because we are last!

l like machines, that's why
l am enamored by engineering

Shall l tell you
what you are interested in?

ln what?

My bag, huh?

Why are you meddling in my bag?


This is your interest
Go and post this 1st

5 years back this is the letter he wrote
to his favorite wild life photographer

What's his name?

Benz Mathe

He wanted to apprentice
under him and work in Hungary

...but terrified of his dad
Hitler Ramakrishnan

...he never posted that letter

Dump engineering

Follow your dream
Wild life photography

Pursue your talent

What if A.R Rehman's dad
wanted him to be a great batsman

...or if Sachin Tendulkar's dad
wanted him to be an international composer

lmagine their respective plight

He loves photography
and wants to marry machines

Fooling yourself

Sorry Pari-anandha

My love and wife
are both engineering

But tell me why
am l always last?

Tell me, Guruji

Because you are a coward

Scaredy cat
afraid of the future

Look at the number
of vow-threads on his wrist

1 for exam
1 for sister's wedding

1 for a decentjob

lf you are so worried
about your future can you live life today?

How can you
be focused in your studies?

You make the thickest of friends

One is so petrified
he's dying all the time

The other is trying his best
to live by not dying!

He is the bravest of us all!


Are you not living a scared life?

Why am l scared?

You love Ria

Aren't you scared
to profess your love to her?


Keep quiet

lt's easy to give free advice

But to follow it is darn tough

lf you really have the courage
go and tell Ria

lf you tell
l ll also tell my dad

l want to follow my heart
l'll only be a photographer

l'll also remove all my sacred threads
and attend interview with confidence


Go and tell

Pari-anandha's halo
is switched off!

Go ahead
Fraidy cat

Come with me


To cover your head
and sweet dreams!

Hey! Principal
Saturday is your funeral

Check out if there's a dog

Why? ls your tummy

l'll break each tooth
of yours 1 by 1

Virus bacteria!


More Spicy Very Embarrassing

l'll give the back ground score

- Who is it?

Don't make a noise
l am Panchavan Parivendhan

Listen to me 2 nimutes!

l'll leave after that

Why spend time talking?
Whatjoy does that bring?


Those 20 minutes l shared with you
in that scooter ride

... is the mosT beautiful
moments l'll treasure, all-ways

l want my whole journey of life
to be shared in that saaaaame way


Just that thought
gives me a high!

Tell you, something

You come in my dream
daily in that same scooter my bride dressed in
your wedding finery

You remove your helmet
and come close to kiss me

...but the kiss gets missed


Our noses collide!
l woke up


You could have bent
your head a little and kissed her

l thought you were Ria

Could have been Ria

l'll kill you

Why did you spoil the fun?

lt took 'sir' 4 years to
muster up courage to say this

Ria, show him how to kiss
without your noses colliding

l grant you permission

Who is this?

My sister

- That one, who is it?

- His sister!


He kicked me for the 1st time
when you were talking to me


How do you know
he or she?

My dad consulted an astrologer ask if baby will be
doctor or engineer

Boy means engineer
Girl means doctor

Champ! You stay right in
Safer that way

lt's a circus out here

Your grandpa is the ring master

He'll be whipping
everyone with his stick

Life is a
Become an engineer

...but you listen to your heart

lf anyone bullies you

...put your hand
on your heart and simply say

'All is well'

He's kicking


All is well

He's kicking me again

All is well

Who is that?

Are you sending
my father a letter?

Here's your reply


Stand right there

You sit right there!

Who is that?

Your future son-in-law, Virus

We are your son-in-law's best men

Sevarkodi Senthil

Catch them

Next is advanced study
of compound pendulum

lts an irregular object
oscillating about its own axis

Let me demonstrate

What is this?

What's inside?

Lead is the access
to this pencil

For a real pendulum
consisting of a swinging rigid body

...called a compound pendulum
length is more difficult to define

So a real pendulum swings
with the same period a simple pendulum with
length = distance from pivot point

Where's Senthil?

Present, sir

You are all here?

Good morning, sir

Where were you last night?

He was studying all night through

He was up whole night


2continuous nights of studying
he's drained out, sir

What are you blabbering?

What did 'sir' study to this extent
of getting dehydrated?!

lnduction motor, sir
Full chapter

ln that case, Mr Sevarkodi Senthil

...can you tell us
how an induction motor starts?

Oi! Stop

Stop it


-Mr Senthil
-Yes, sir.

Let's have a cup of tea
in my office.- Okay


Close the door

Do you know to type?

l know, sir


l am sorry, sir

Please type

Dear sir,
l regret to inform you

that your son

...due to misconduct and
insubordination has been, delete it

Go back

...your son Sevarkodi Senthil
has been expelled from this college

Come on, type
Go ahead

Sir, my father will die

My decision is final

He is alive...barely
Only to see me as an engineer

You should have thought of it
before peeing in front of my house!

Just forgive me this 1 time, sir

Okay, delete your name
from the letter

Substitute it with
Panchavan Parivendhan

l know he was with you, last night

Become an approver
l'll forgive you

l'll give you 7 1/2 minutes time
Think deeply and let me know

Does death also need
a 'good friend' on its side?

Deciding you are the best
death is dying for your last ride

God, dear God,
why do You need his life?

Take our lives instead,
why create this strife?

He is our rose shrub perennial
can death gulp him down?

Return his moments of laughter

Pari, look at that monitor

Shock due to the fall
has paralyzed the body

But his mind is alert

He can see us,
hear what we say

...but he cannot respond

Don't cry in front of him

Be normal
Motivate him

Make him happy
Make him laugh

Senthil, good news

Your dad is completely cured

Ria got a new drug from USA

Do you have some kind of family vow?

One gets vertical
while the other goes horizontal

Get up

lt seems he loved
that midnight scooter ride

You won't believe this
He's now taken Ria's scooter buy medicine for you

l hope he won't
create a major dent!

Venkat wants to talk to you

Through our hostel webcam

Virus has cancelled your suspension
Problem solved

Get up

We'll all go back
to college like old times

Cheer up, man

ln the abyss of your memory
can't you hear our voices talk?

ln the upper storey of your heart
'down memory lane' can't you walk?

Happy birthday to you

Oi! Your favorite rum

Your mother's in a brand new sari

ln an exclusive shop

Her favorite purple

lt's 2000 bucks, l believe

Look at your mother

Don't l look like yesteryear
actress K.R.Vijaya?

Notjust 1
but 10 sarees

Look at me

God, dear God
how can YOU lack mercy?

Despite her anguished cries
apathetic, how can you be?


You know what?

Jaya's wedding has been fixed

Without even 10 paise dowry
Groom wants only Jaya

- That Jaya.
- lt's true.

Do you know who the groom is?

Take a wild guess!

Even you know him very well

He loves animals!

l believe he wants to become
a wild life photographer

Believe me

Desperate idiot!
You are dead meat, man

Groom is no one

...our Venkat!

We don't even have to spend on
photography for the wedding!

He'll click his own wedding snap

He's marrying your sister

Groom is free
Absolutely free


Wowww! Look at his response


He'd have sat up like this even if you had
offered him tomatoes and onions!

How unfair to make me
lamb for the slaughter?


Thanks Venkat

Your sacrifice is beyond compare!

Everything is fixed

Venkat has promised to marry your sister
in the next earliest auspicious day


ls there no limit
to your fibbing spree?

You had a great escape!

Buddy, my best friend,
shall l lend you my shoulder?

Every single day of your life
l'll be there for you, forever

Did you order a taxi?

l called for it

Why do you need a taxi?

l'm attending our campus interview

Are you also attending it?

No, l am
You are going home

Why should l go home?

Don't you remember
we promised Pari that day?

Give me your tie

Don't play the fool
l'm going for the interview now

if you read this, l don't think
you will go for the interview

- What is it?
- A letter.

Benz Mathe from Hungary

Photographer it seems

You posted that letter?

lnternship for 1 year
in Brazilian rain forest

This face of yours
even gets a stipend!

My dad won't accept

Go and open your heart to him
Be brave. Convince your dad

lf you have 2nd thoughts today
you'll regret this till you die

Everyone in their lives
will arrive at a crossroad

One side points to a campus interview
cushy life, a steady 9 to 5 job

The other side leads to a forest,
animals and photography

This will be the turning point in your life

Make up your mind

Will he like this gift?

We are already
knee deep in debts

ls this laptop necessary now?
That too, so expensive

Don't be silly
lt's his 1stjob

Our dream for decades
will be realized shortly

How can you be scrimping now?


lsn't it your campus interview today?

l didn't go, dad


l don't want to be an engineer, dad

What happened?

l jumped from my college building, sir


They dismissed me from college

For what?

l got drunk and peed
in front of our principal's house

That tattered tramp Pari
has brain washed you

l am not inclined
towards engineering, dad

Even if l become one
l'd be the worst engineer ever

Pari's simple belief is, do what you love
Then it won't be just a job, but sheerjoy!

What will you earn in
that middle-of- nowhere?

l won't earn much
But l'll learn a lot

ln 5 years, your classmates will be
well settled with car, bungalow etc

You'll feel bad, then

l'll be happy, dad

Only if l become an engineer
life-long l'll feel terrible

You'll be the laughing stock of our city!

Everyone's feeling so proud
my son will become an engineer

'To study in lEC, your son
must be truly blessed'

...Krishnamurthy uncle
says this all the time

What will they think now?

Krishnamurthy uncle did not install
an air-conditioner in my room, dad

He did not pay my fees, dad

When l was a kid, he did not
carry me around the zoo, dad

You did all of this, dad

Only what you did matters to me, dad

Have you just come back from
watching a melodramatic film?

Don't give me dialogs!

Don't lose your cool
He's already upset

He might follow
Senthil's footsteps?

l shouldn't open my mouth

Fine, l won't utter a single word

lf l say something
'sir' will jump to his death!

l won't commit suicide, dad
l promise

Dad, look at this

Pari kept your photo in my wallet
Do you know what he said?

lf ever you think of ending
your life, look at this snap

Just imagine what will happen
to their smile, if they see you dead

Dad, l'm here to talk frankly with you
Not threaten to commit suicide

Dad, what will happen
if l become a photographer?

l'll get less salary

Small house and small car

But my happiness will be unlimited, dad

l'll be very happy

l'll be contented if l can get
both of you simple new clothes

l've always listened to you
and toed your line

Just this once
let me listen to my heart

Please, dad

l'll return this

Venkat, how much will
a professional camera cost?

We can exchange this
and get you a camera

l'll pay extra if need be

You follow your heart

Why do you have
such low grades in all semesters?

Fear, sir

ln the beginning l was scoring
good grades in school

My parents always felt
l'd solve their financial burden

That's when my fear started

l studied in a convent school till 5th grade

l was shifted to a tamil medium, Govt. school,
since we couldn't afford to pay the fees

When l came here and saw
everyone speaking English fluently

...l was terrified

My fear multiplied

There's a huge race here

lf you don't catch the 1st place
you are not respected

My fear became permanent

Fear is a huge hindrance to studies, sir

l prayed to all Gods
known and unknown

l tied various sacred threads on my wrist

l begged God to make
my zillion wishes to come true

l'd have been better off studying
instead of spending time praying

l cracked 16 or more bones
2 months of complete bed rest

That's when l got enlightened!

l didn't plead to God today
to somehow ensure this job

lnstead l thanked Him
for blessing me with such a life

Sir, l won't mind
even if you reject me

With the limited skill and intelligence l have
l am confident l'll succeed in life, somehow

We don't want such an upfront
employee in our company

We want someone who will deal
with our clients in a more diplomatic way

You are too straight forward

But if you can assure us
that you can control your attitude

...we may consider you

Only after l broke both my legs
l learnt to stand on my own 2 feet!

This attitude was acquired
after many bruises

l can't change
You keep yourjob, sir

l'll preserve my attitude!
Sorry, sir

Don't misunderstand me


l've interviewed countless
people for 25 years

They will just nod their heads
for whatever l demand!

Where are you from?


Shall we discuss
your salary package?

Thank you, sir

Boss, you are great
Bless us


Sir, you swore you'll shave off
your moustache when he gets a job


What's new, dad?

l feel naked!
My dignity is out for a toss

Sevarkodi Senthil

l won't accept this defeat

You'll get yourjob
only if you pass the final exam

One who sets the question paper is
Virumandi Sandhanam

That's not fair, dad

Everything is fair
in love and war

This is world war 3!

Senthil, you are dead meat!

Hey mate!

How come at this
unearthly hour?

Are you drunk?

Gin...lady's drink

lt hit my head

Maybe a gulp too much?!

l can see a glimpse
of our local Juliet!

Yes, my dear
Roadside Romeo!!!

All for some courage?

Why do you need courage?

To pinch this key, soul mate!

Key to?

My dad's office duplicate keyyyyy!

Virus has set a question paper to
topple Senthil's grades to the ground

lts sealed in a cover, over there

Lift it

That's cheating

Not fair

Everything is fair
in love and war

Hey! Roadside Romeo!

l need to know a fact

Will your nose and my nose
collide when we kiss?

Gimme a smoothy smooch
Lets see if our noses...ouch!

Got a cigarette, mate?

Why are you giving me a jolt?

Sit here

Hey local Juliet!
Taste mohinja


lts Burmese cuisine
l love it


Hey R.R!

You said Burmese, but this
sounds more like Malayalam

Panchavan Parivendhan
What kind of name is this?

Not stylish at all

l won't use your surname
after we are married

- Yeah, R.R?

We can't get married

You have a duty
left over to fulfill?

You love someone else?

Don't tell me you are gay?

Then why are you
not proposing to me?

Are you impotent?

Prove it
Come on

Provvvvvvvve it

ls it there, do you know?
Does her waist show?

lf it is so slender you can't see
then it's lleana, so slim is she!!!

ls it your midriff
or a shop so fancy?

Umbrella beyond
that waist so dainty?

Dude, l'm summit of fruits exotic
l am a special plate of zinc!

Cache of kisses your lips store
Give me one to start the score

Oh peahen with kaajal and turmeric
You are Kanchenjunga train, aesthetic

Like my 6th finger your waist so tiny
considered lucky, you are cool, baby

Jelly fish, so slim, ready to spin
Flower as fragrant as jasmine

You glisten like brass and silver
Charming you, l hold you forever

Caressing your cheeks l adore
l'm here to pleasure you even more

Jelly fish, so slim, ready to spin
Flower as fragrant as jasmine

You glisten like brass and silver
Charming you, l hold you forever

Caressing your cheeks l adore
l'm here to pleasure you even more

Just once dance and shake your belly
Shake the mountains to show your valley!

Point the spot, show the way
Hurry burry, kill me with no delay!

lf still wild and not addicted
spice me with kisses unlimited

Spook me, sin with me, high and low
my heart heaves for you to and fro!

l am young,
take me...ravish me

Oblige me, let's
live in my lips happily

Jelly fish, so slim, ready to spin
Flower as fragrant as jasmine

You glisten like brass and silver

Charming you, l hold you forever

Caressing your cheeks l adore
l'm here to pleasure you even more

He savored my lips wholeheartedly
Like cardamom he nibbled me tenderly

His kisses sweet with tender nips
embedded the sea into my lips

Soft like satin, ready to be feasted
Ripened perfect, fresh to be tasted

Did he carve or chisel this figure
Model this graceful sculpture?

Are you Genghis Khan the conqueror?
Only to your kisses l'll surrender?

Am l queen of fruits, rare as Mangusthan?
ln your arms, landlocked like Kazakisthan?

ls it there, do you know?
Does her waist show?

lf it is so slender you can't see
then it's lleana, so slim is she!!!

ls it your midriff
or a shop so fancy?

Umbrella beyond
that waist so dainty?

Dude, l'm summit of fruits exotic
l am a special plate of zinc!

Cache of kisses your lips store
Give me one to start the score

Oh peahen with kaajal and turmeric
You are Kanchenjunga train, aesthetic

Like my 6th finger your waist so tiny
considered lucky, you are cool, baby

Jelly fish, so slim, ready to spin
Flower as fragrant as jasmine

You glisten like brass and silver

Charming you, l hold you forever

Caressing your cheeks l adore
l'm here to pleasure you even more

- Stop the car

- What's the matter?

We never told Ria
we are meeting Pari

Stop the car, man
My bladder is bursting

- Shut up, dude
- You are in contact with her?

No, but l know her
land line number

Then 1st call her

There's no place for
'pees-ful' offering in this country

Hello!! Can l talk with Ria?

She is not here now

- ls she in the hospital?

- No, Coimbatore


She's getting married today

Ria is married?

Not till this moment

lf we go full throttle

...we'll reach
Coimbatore in 2 hours

We can spoil the wedding

Start the car
Make an 'U' turn

Straight to Dhanushkodi

We have to meet Pari
and return immediately

l have a meeting on Friday
with Kosakski Pasupugazh

Get into the car

lf l miss that, do you
know what will happen?

Japanese will get him

They are offering him ....

Rakesh weds Ria

Thanks for the suit

Virus will have a heart attack

We somehow create a ruckus
in both his daughters' weddings!

l'll exorcise, Ria

You rip off Mr Price tag


We found Pari, Ria

- Sir?
- That's the groom?

How long will you take
to get an iron?

-Sorry, sir
-Give it to me, escape

Please give this inside, bro

Give the flowers to the bride

This is for the groom
to wear on the dais

lt is our custom

ls that so?

Hey mambo

Good morning, sir

Quick! lron my
sherwani, man

Hey mambo

l'm telling you we've found Pari
and you still want to marry that donkey

Are you insane, Venkat?

Don't fool yourself, Ria

You haven't forgotten
Pari even now

That's why you still eat
his favorite mohinja and kouse

That Rakesh?

How can a villain
ever turn a hero?

He'll tie around your neck, not the sacred
marriage thread but only price tag!

Shut up, Venkat

He has changed completely now

He doesn't talk about
brands or price these days

My 2 lakh worth
Rohit Bal sherwani!

Why the hell do you
guys eat chutney?!

lts your chutney, sir!

l'm late
What will l do for my dress?

Sorry, sir

Give me 2 minutes, sir

l'll clean it immediately
and be back in a jiffy

Go, man
Get it soon

Who the hell
invented chutney!?!

Ria, its late
Come out soon

Aunt, you look gorgeous!

Ria, l'm Senthil

Please don't create a big scene
They will chop me to pieces

Where is Rakesh?

What happened to
my sherwani, man?

Your house-keeping boy
took it with him

Chutney sherwani

Things have gone
beyond our control

Go and ask
Rakesh to come

lf l go now they'll say
groom didn't like the bride

Senthil, right time for you both
to make your exit

Car is ready and waiting for you
Bring Ria

Hey! Just shut up
Don't shout


How come you are here, sir?
Who is on the dais then?

On the dais?

One more round
and we'll be married

l'm already a married man!

Let's leave

So will my dignity and respect

l'll be ridiculed by all

So you will spoil your life, huh?


They'll gossip for max 1 week

After that?
They'll forget


lf you deny this out of fear
you'll regret your inaction till you die

Everyone in their lives
will arrive at a crossroad

One side points to


Mr Price tag

'Your fate that's sealed' life

The other side leads to

The life you desired and dreamt

This is the moment
that's the turning point in your life

Make up your mind

Hurry up


Ria, l have a doubt

What if Pari is married?

He wouldn't have got married, Ria

lf he has?

We'll bring you back here?!

Try these biscuits

Hand made
Made in San Francisco

What's he doing here?

Fuelling the car
with his gas!

Taste this biscuit
lts really yummy

All is well
All is well

Till yesterday
l was a decent chap

ln this past 24 hours l created a scene
and forced a plane to land

lnstead of Kasi i tried to
dissolve the holy ashes in the loo

l kidnapped a bride

All of this for that idiot Pari

Pari too will go
that extra mile for his friends

Check where the red seal cover is

Pari was worried Senthil
might replay his suicide attempt

...if he didn't do well in his exams

We went to Virus's office
to steal the question paper for him

We vowed not to
see the question paper

Such was our rightful thought
even in a wrong doing!!

Where has that darn man
hidden that damn paper?

Looks like dawn will break
before we lay our hands on it

Why don't you ask Ria?

l got finger cramps
dialing your # !?

Give me the phone

Hello dear brother-in-law
- Ria, you got a call

lf we say all is well
the baby kicks

l'll repeat all is well again!!

Pari, l found it


Where are you coming from?

This is for you

What is this?

Question paper

Virus set this himself
to ensure you fail!

World's best friends
That's what you both are

1st you showed me
how to win the right way

Now you are showing me a wrong path

No need, buddy

l'll write what l know

Doesn't matter if l fail

Super trouper!

Senthil rose in our estimation

l wouldn't have minded
becoming his brother-in-law

l thought of
his sister Jaya

l controlled
my impulsive whim!


You dirty mongrels!

Don't, sir

Will you change the system?

Will you pee in front of my house?

Please, sir

We are sorry, sir

You are rusticated

Leave the campus immediately

lf you don't leave by day break
l will call the police

Get out you rascals!

Rascals! All of you are rascals!!!

How did those scoundrels
get my office room key?

l was the one
who gave them , dad

lf l had given this key that day
to my bro, he'd be alive today

Ria...shut up

Did your son fall accidentally
from the train and die?

Shut up, Ria

You decided he should
be an engineer, dad

Did you ever ask him
what his dream was?

You pressurized him
to get 298.5 / 300

He chose to die instead of
writing the entrance exam

What is she saying?

She is blabbering, dad

l'll get your tablets
You go to your room, dad

Ria, what are you doing?

He wanted to study literature

To become a poet
was his dream

His last poem
was this suicide note, dad

Ria, will you keep quiet?

How long do you
want me to be silent, sis?

Once...atleast once

did you tell him
...that he could discontinue

if he didn't like engineering
...and follow his heart

He'd be alive today, dad

He'd be with us, now

He didn't commit suicide

Yes dad, it wasn't suicide
lt was murder

ln the continuous downpour
most roads in Chennai are flooded



Millimeter, why are you
following me?

Go and study

l am following my heart
ls that wrong?

Please help
lt is an emergency here

Hey! What the hell?

ls there only
1 ambulance in this city?

Sir, what can l do?
Whole city is flooded

Don't know what to do
in this rain, Ria

l can't bear the pain

Hey! Shwetha!
What happened?

Pari? to Ria

ln the state she is in now, we can't
risk bringing Shwetha to the hospital

Listen to me

Aiyo! How do l make
you understand?

Her waterbag broke

Oi! Hello


We are taking her
to the P.T hall, Ria

Switch on the light

- Where?
- Table tennis

Ria, we are in the P.T hall

Switch on the webcam

You'll be fine, sis

Ria, this pain is unbearable

Pari, we have no other option

So many babies have been delivered
when doctors and hospitals didn't even exist!

My sister's baby
will be safely delivered you!

All is well
All is well

How dare you!
l'll murder all of you

Dad, please
Don't interfere in this

Venkat, get me towels
and a pair of scissors

Millimeter, bring clothes peg
and boiling hot water

Pari, cover Shwetha
with some sheet

Sis, push


Come on, Shwetha

Grit your teeth and push

What do you mean

l am not able to

Check if it is crowning

Crowning means?

See if the baby's head
is coming out

Come on, quick


No, it isn't crowning as yet

Shwetha...come on...push

She's exhausted, Ria


Wake her up, dad

Otherwise it will lead
to complications


Looks like they will
need a vacuum pump

Where will they go
for a vacuum cup?

Vacuum cup?
How will that help?

Tell me

l'll show you

When the mother can't push the baby
a vacuum cup is inserted inside

lt will grip the baby's head tight
and help ease the baby out

l can do this


Vacuum cleaner, sir

Pressure will be too high
in a vacuum cleaner, Pari

l can control the pressure

Can you get a vacuum cleaner?

There's 1 in my office

Venkat, you go
and get it right away

- Here's the key!
- Here's the key!!


What happened?

What happened?
-l don't know

-What happened?

No electricity

How will the vacuum cleaner work then?

Venkat, you get the vacuum cleaner
l'll make arrangements for electricity


Millimeter, take Virus out

Sir, go out

Go out, sir

You molecule!
Behave yourself

Not this Virus!
Virus inverter that l invented!!

Go and get it fast

Sorry sir

Senthil, wake up
all the boys in the hostel

Get all the car batteries
you can lay your hands on

Don't forget the pressure gauge

Hey! Emergency

All of you come
to P.T hall immediately

Where is Pari?

l am here, sir

Senthil, switch everything off

Connect inverter
to the main board

Pari, vacuum cleaner

Venkat, bring the lens cleaner
that you use for your camera

You mean blower?

- Pari, blower

Fit this pressure gauge
in the vacuum cleaner's pipe

Pari, we are ready

Make sure switches are off

Switch on only
table-tennis lights and computer line


Senthil, switch on the computer

Love you, Pari

Venkat, switch it on

Ria, how much should
suction force be?

Not more than 0.5

Venkat, 0.5

Close it

Venkat, switch it off

Senthil, go near the table

Look at me, same way
push the baby down

Like this

Venkat, switch it on


Come on


Otherwise the baby is in danger

Baby's head is seen

Shwetha, push


Venkat, off

Fix 2 clamps and
cut the umbilical cord

Venkat, clip it

Give me the scissors


Right in the centre

Ria, why is the baby not crying?

Look at me

Pari, rub the baby's back

No, he isn't moving

Blow into the baby's mouth

Come on, champ

No movement at all, Ria

Oh God!


Don't cry, Shwetha

Say 'all is well'

He kicked!

-The baby kicked

All is well
Say 'all is well'

All is well

lf Virus only said, 'l want my
grandson to be an engineer'

...l intended to knock him down
with 1 solid kick to his intestines!

But Virus stunned us instead

Look at how he's kicking

Will you become a football player?

Follow your heart, my precious


Where are you off to?

l'm not finished with you

Do you remember that you asked me
a question on your 1st day of college?

Why a pencil cannot
be used in space?

lf the pencil's hook broke
due to zero gravity will be orbiting there

There are chances of it poking
someone's eye or nose

...or it could damage any instrument

Do you know that?

You were wrong

You cannot be right all the time

Yes, sir

This is an important invention


Yes, sir

My director told me, 'when you see
an extraordinary student

...give this to him'

Go and study

After you pass your exams
go wherever you want to

Sir, 1 photo please

l clicked snaps

... for those precious moments
to always be in my casket of memories!

So emotionally charged

Whichever way we turned

...laughter, screams ofjoy,
woeful faces, tear-filled eyes,

needles in all our hearts
for parting from our friends

We planned to meet
at least once a year

l never thought that would be
the last time l'd see Pari


Only Pari can run a school like this

Where is Pari?

There's a wine shop in every
street corner but can't find a toilet

Smile please

You can't click snaps of all this

Go away, kiddos

Sir, this is a wall
Not a rest room

lf l get there
l'll smash you 2

Get off

All this is Pari's antics
He's somewhere close by


Excuse me, sir

Do you know where
Panchavan Parivendhan is?

Handsome guy

He'll forever be
repeating 'all is well'

They used to call him Pappu
when he was young
Come with me

Bro, where's Pari?

Venkat sir, look at these

He'll never miss
any book of yours

Senthil sir, take a look

He checks your blog daily

He'll talk about your research
with such pride to the kids here

Do you remember this helmet?

Got stolen, right?

Who are you?
How do you know our names?

You still can't recognize me?

Millimeter has become centimeter now!


Oi! Millimeter

How did you cross
this many kilometers?

One day, l got a letter
with a train ticket

Do you want to go to school?
Jump into this train

l did just that!

He updated us with his flashback
as short and sweet as a ThirukkuraL

Our Parianandha is pure gold!

Where is that incorrigible idiot?!

Atlee, operate this

You come in my dream
daily in that same scooter my bride dressed in
your wedding finery

You remove your helmet
and come close to kiss me


At least you could have said
bye to me before you left


Are you married?


Not yet


More or less!!!

lncorrigible idiot?!



What else?


Are you in love with someone?



Local Juliet!!!

Our noses didn't collide!

Yeah! That's right

Hey! Pari?

Hai Venkat!

Yeah now l'm crappy Venkat!
l'll slipper you to shreds

l can explain

Don't bother


Catch him

Listen to me

Where all we hunted for you

Couldn't you make one single call?!

Did you come
all this way to thrash me?!

4 blows on my behalf

Hey losers?
Having fun, huh?

Hey! Silencer?

Panchavan Paaarivendhan

Greetings, school master
Such a big shot you are

Village school teacher

A for apple
B for ball, it seems

We boarded the same train, same day

But your train went in reverse

Engineer to school teacher

How much is your salary, Pari?
Rs 5000?

That's just $100

My son's pocket money is much more
than what you earn in a month

Don't be drama king
Stop it

He is the one who over (re)acted!

''l'll change the educational system
l'll change the world'' he claimed

Now he's busy baby sitting
A glorified nanny!!

Will you manhandle this
low grade fellow or shall l?


Didn't l tell you a decade ago

...that you'll all cry
and l'll have the last laugh!?

Sign here

Accept you lost
and that l won

Declaration of defeat

Oi! He's come
with an agreement

Hey! This is Virus's pen
How did you get it?

Pinched it?

This is for winners
Not for losers

Don't feel bad that
you lost our bet

lf ever you need
donation for your school

...don't hesitate
to call my assistant

Catch it

Funny guys!

A for apple
B for ball

He hasn't changed one bit

Just ignore that low grade fellow

l am so relieved your name is not
Panchavan Parivendhan

After we get married, imagine
if l am called Mrs Parivendhan!

What's your real name?

Kosaksi Pasapugazh


-Ria Pasapugazh

Are you the scientist?

You have 400 patents?

l won't use this surname of yours
after we are married

Don't get hyper

Are you Vatsan's
Kosaksi Pasapugazh?

Japanese are searching for you?

Yeah...i think so

Whoever gave you
such a tongue twister name?!

Are you a scientist
or a teacher?

l'm a scientist
But l also teach children

Are you the Kosaksi Pasupugazh?


Hey! Silencer

Low grade fella!!!

Take that, huh?

Wait...l'll call him

Hey! Mr Pasapugazh?

ls it really you?
l can't believe this

Sorry, Mr Vatsan

l cannot sign
your company's contract

Why, sir?
What happened?

How can l?
You have my pen

Which pen do you mean?
l don't get you

The one in your hand
that belongs to Virus

Mr Pasapugazh

Hi Mr Vatsannnn!

A for Aappu(Wedge)
B for bulb!!

K for Karpazhippu(rape)!

This is all common in friendship

That's a good one, huh?

l am completely floored, Pari

Sorry, Pasapugazh

l hope our problems
won't hinder our deal

Hey Low grade fella!

Take that, huh?

l was justjoking, buddy

My inner heart always knew
you'd be internationally acclaimed!

Really? l swear

Pari 100
Srivatsan 0

You win. l lose

You don't believe me

He dropped his bomb!

Boss! You are great
Bless me

Kosaksi Pasapugazh
Let's scoot

l'll lose my job
l'm a family man

So true...Pari-anandha's
pearls of wisdom

Don't go behind success

Hone your skills