Nana et les filles du bord de mer (2020) - full transcript

{\an8}In a distant village,
Internet has arrived...

"It all started with Mathew..."

"We live together by the seaside"

"I was waiting for Anne
to prepare the party"

"When I received a message from him"

"It's started like that..."

Come and join me by the bay.
I'm waiting for you.



What's going on?
What are you doing on your own?

Come, come with me...

Can't we talk about it at home?

Something has happened to me...

I've had an encounter.

So what?

That's it.

Get off! What's on with you?

I'm telling you, that's it.

I know her?

No... yes.

Is she single? Married? Who is it?

She's everything.

She's versatile, modern, receptive.


Numerous and ready for anything...

It's beautiful... magical.

Like the bay...


- You're not cleaning the mussels?
- No.

You need to clean them.

We didn't last time.

It's not the same thing...

What are you doing?

I don't know!
I feel under the weather.

Why did he tell you?


- That he had a girl, no?
- No!

He said he had an encounter.

- You see!
- A complex encounter...

As beautiful as the bay!





Look! Someone's waiting for you. Go!

It's the beautiful bay...

How am I going to pay for rent now?


Here they are!

Hello Pepere!

Hi Nenette!

You're not at your mother's?

No, I'm straight in
from my festival.

Cocktail party!

Mathew's not here?

- You're not at your mum's?
- No, at my dad's.

Be my guest!

Who wants mussels?

Pepere? Mussels?

Everyone has a drink?

Hello. Where is my daughter?

I'm here to fetch my daughter.


You've run away!

You have run away!

I've been on the phone
with your mum!

It hasn't happened
for the past decade!

- But Dad, I'm 18!
- Do you realize? 10 years!

The whole village will know!

But Dad, I'm 18!

What 18? You're 18?

Yes, I'm 18!

You can run away at 18, 20, at 40.

Look at your mum!

Just let me know.
You were gone for 3 days!

We worry about you...

- What are you doing here?
- Hmm... what?

You haven't left?

Go wash, you stink!

- Go sleep elsewhere.
- Where?

- At your father's.
- Out of the question.

- Take the sofa downstairs.
- Do you have a t-shirt for me?


- I'll never do that
- And Mathew?

I want Marco, can you see him?

Marco? Him?

You can't even see his face...



What the hell with your blue agenda?

Mathew, you're not coming home.

Give me back the key!



You've got some visit.


You've got a visit.

Hi Damien. You're closed?

Hi Pierrot.

How are you?

Pour me a glass, will you?

I thought the storm was coming.

It won't, not today.

Pardon me.

When is the seal excursion?

I’m sucking your tit
as if it was your clitoris...

- What?
- The seal excursion.

It's at low tide.

And when is that?

Pardon me.

When is low tide?

The next excursion is tomorrow.

The next seal excursion is full.

Oh gosh!

The bay excursion
is at 8am tomorrow.

8am? How long is it?

The walk lasts around 3 hours.

- 3 hours?
- The way back is by train.

And between the end of the walk
and the train?

The train is at 2:30pm.

But we can have lunch together?

With pleasure!

I know a good place, you'll see.

Great! See you tomorrow!

My second hand grazes your red lips,
your beautiful poppies...


I didn't do anything...

You're making fun of me.

No, she kissed me.

Kate, we're cold...

You haven't finished eating!

Come on! Hurry!
I want to play cards.

I feel like if I'm 15.

- You mean 21.
- And a half!

What are you doing?

I'm cleaning up and leaving.

No, stay!

I'm going to get wet.

Where do you see rain?

We need a third player.

We could play something else...

Okay, I'm leaving...

You're so slow...

Put your phone down...

I haven't played for at least...

30 years!

No, since Nana
and Mathew are together.

Before we used to play for hours...

Sleep here
and call in sick tomorrow.

My office is at home guys.

You're sure about the cards?

Yes, just don't sort them.

Since when do you work?

I'm looking for a job.

You don't need a waitress?

There's not much
of a crowd currently.

I sense
this is going to last forever.


Do you have a t-shirt for me?

No. Don't you sleep nacked?

Ok, no problem!

But it's no sleepover then...

You want to come my side?

Move over...

Damien... Damien!


What are you doing up already?

I thought you weren't working.

I'm like a slattern,
with gel in my hair...

I'm not looking at your hair...

You're kidding!
I still need to blow-dry...

- I'll do it!
- You don't know how!

Stop belittling me!

Good luck with it all...

I was a hairdresser!

For dogs...

Ok, blow-dry my hair...

- And if I fail?
- I'll stun you.

Well take care of yourself then!

Did Damien call you?


Why would he?

Where's the milk?

In the fridge.

Hi Pepere!

Pepere, this is Kate.

My pleasure!

Kate, this is Pepere.

Well, I won't bother you much more.

Stay, you're not bothering us!

Who's that?


So what?


I don't want him to see you here...

And I still have the gel...

Shall I open?

Definitely not.


I don't want him to see you!

- How does he know?
- I stopped out!

It's not funny...

Move out!

- Where?
- Wherever!

Let me have breakfast!

Open! Anne!

- You okay, Damien?
- No!

What is he doing?

Come and have a look...

What's going on?

Don't worry,
he's looking for trouble...

I know him, he's my friend...

I've betrayed him
and now he's all alone...

He's in love with Nana.

How do you know?

Everybody knows it.

He's been in love since he's 5.

And he's not alone, I'm here...


Yes and also you, no?

That's not possible.

I was told to deliver today...

The truck needs to go.


It's the delivery boy.

It's not the postman?

Apparently not.

How are you?

I'm okay...

Where's your dress?

Why did you do that?

Why not...

Shall we have a drink?

Let's do that.

Bear with me...


{\an8}ExtraTerran: Are you from Earth or
the sky? I'll kidnap you, be careful.

{\an8}Marilynandme: I'll come down
from the sky in a minute!


So you're mad at Anne?


I'm sure she chatted her up...

What about?

I don't know, private stuff...

How she taught me
to take care of girls...

For real?

She taught you that?

She showed you? You did it to her?

You knew she was into girls?

Never in a million years.

- I don't know what's going on.
- Not Anne, the other one.

It's a pity
you're mad at both of them.

What about you
and your online love affairs...

How do you know that?

How does that work for you?

You don't get it.

I wake up, go to work.

Who do I see at work? Mathew.

I go home. Whose home? Mathew's.

What about Kate?

It's nothing alike.
I placed an add for a waitress.

You didn't sleep with her?

You're such a hypocrite!

I'm not interested in local girls!

What about me then?

Nana, come on...

She doesn't even realize...

You're still seeing Mathew?

Everyday at work.


I don't get
how someone can leave you...

You're honest?

Of course...

Have I said something wrong?

I'm not used
to people being kind to me.

Come on, don't cry...

It's pointless...

You chose the only guy
that treats you like a rag...

He can keep looking for girls,

he'll never find one like you.

You think I'm pretty?

You're not pretty...

You're prettier than all
the Arabian nights put together...

What is he looking for?

It's fresh, easy...

I must be
more of a microwave dish...


You're blocking the street.
You need to move it.

I know, but no one's here
and my brothers are at sea.

We can't wait for them.

You need to free the street.

I'm sorry...

Pepere isn't feeling well...

- Wait for me?
- Yeah.

Oh hi!

- How are you?
- Fine.

Where's the hand truck?

At the back of the cellar.

- Oh Nono!
- Hello Pepere.

What are we going to do?

Don't worry.

I'll help you.

Leave it.

Your lover came back?

Let's talk about something else.

Careful Pepere!

You're not dressed as a girl today?

He's handsome Damien!

Well it's not of any use...

Why did you put a dress on?

Why not...

Sleazy stuff..

Shut up,
everything's weird with you.

It's a pity he's mad at Anne...

If I come across her...

What a bitch! My best friend...

Pepere, move out of the way.

She's there for the dirty tricks,

but disappears for the chores...

You've seen Nana?
She's back with her ex?

Mathew? No.

What kind of job
are you looking for?

I don't know...

I could've kept
fishing with my brothers.

On the boat, like the others.

But no...


there's Pepere.


You also love Nana?

She's like my little sister.

I've always taken care of her.



What's your favorite flower?

What's your favorite flower?

Marilynandme: And you?

SeaLilac: Hello beauty...
Have you met people on Netcœur?

SeaLilac: Are you curious,
open, shy, passionate?

Marylinandme: Do you have a cig?

SeaLilac: I want to smoke

now I’ve seen
your picture where you smoke.

Marilynandme: You've stopped?

SeaLilac: No, forgot to buy some.

Marliynandme: No neighbors?
I have an admirer that has some.

Hi, you reached Damien's phone.

Please leave a message
after the tone.

Marilynandme: Why don’t you have
a profile picture? Married?

SeaLilac: Teacher.

I think we can go no?
He's asleep no?

You're scared of Damien?

Not at all..

- Let's go?
- Listen!

Who's that?

It's Mathew...

It's beautiful...

Why are you faffing around
with girls?

You should sing.

What do you think I'm doing?


I thought you were dead.
No news, phone out.

You're sweet.

I was sleeping...

You were sleeping?

Yes... Why?

Damien. I don't feel well.
Do you have tabacco?

Damien! Damien! Damien!

Stop it!

Put your head backwards.

She broke my nose.

It's just bleeding a little bit.

Do you want me to call for help?

- No...
- So lie down!

Come on!

Let's drink to that!

What are we drinking to?


What's with you, hypocrite?

I've always been honest with you.

Really? How so?

I told you I like
both men and women.

You're kidding me...

No, it's true.

That's right, you're frank...

And faithful!

Move from my bed!

First of all, it's my bed.

I would have liked to keep you too.

How do I deal with that?

Can't I love two people?

You're just like Mathew.

You're one hell of a know-it-all...

Calm down!

And let's cheer.

- No...
- Yes...

- Certainly not!
- Yes!

You're sure?

It's going to work.


What am I doing here?

- It's a joke.
- I don't know.

We're naked.

Yes, I can see that...

It's the Holy Ghost?

Holy cow!

Don't look at me,
I'm ugly in the morning.

You have cigs?


It's intentional?

God, you're pretty.

Do you see yourself?

You're a pure delight...

Stop looking at me...


Give me a cig.

You smoke too much.

And you're very pretty on waking.


I was sleeping...

you're putting pressure on me.

I love you, leave you,
come back, cheat on you...

Mathew, leave me alone.



What's that?

Marie hunting wild boars.

Where do you see wild boars?

There aren't... it's as if!

When is high tide?

In a little while...

{\an8}- Do you have a cig?
- Yes, you can have one.

{\an8}When do I see you, beauty?

Digisolo: Call me and insult me!
I need to be fit for an encounter.

Marilynandme: I'm not an actress.
I need to be angry to insult.

Digisolo: Please, do it.

Piece of shit!

Nasty piece of work!

I'll bust your balls, you pussy!

Noodle eater!

Sorry, I'm bad at it.

No, I love your voice.
Can you do it again?

Oh no!


She's ghosting me...

D'you have a paper?

You're okay?


With both your great ideas...

- Friends...
- Please, Kate...

Being a girl
doesn't entitle you to everything.

I'm working...

You've seen Nana?

I can go see her if you want.

Ok, I'll do it.

I burnt it.

Mathew's picture.

A bit of witchcraft...

That's an idea...

He's still chasing you?

- He's hitting you?
- Forget about it.

If he dares touch you...

I'll take care of him.

No, no, no! You stay out of it!

Mind your own business!

I'm the one
who can't cross the street anymore!

Damien is my best friend!

We've known each other since I'm 5!

Who am I gonna talk to now?

- With me?
- With you?

You're the worst gossip in town!

And now, stealer and matchmaker!

How dare you meddle in my life?

Why are you jumping at me?

- Marco: Hi, Marilyn, what's up?
- Nothing, you?

How dare you put Damien in my bed?

He's my friend.

The only loyal one...

- You have a car?
- Yes.

- Hallers, gas station on the A 16.
- Deal. In one hour.

You're standing him up?

Without underwear, on the motorway?

Damn it! Let it go!

Precisely, d'you know him?

More or less like anyone.

That's what I'm saying!

- I don't care!
- Nana!

After all this time...

let's see how gutty he is.

I don't want to lecture you...


For fuck's sake, let me through!

What's going on?

She left for the motorway...

To meet a stranger!

With no underwear!

What d'you want to do?

I don't know what to do..

I'll call her.


Nana... It's Anne... Call me back.

What shall we do?

I don't know...

She was cross, she told me...

"Mind your own business"

What do you want us to do?

Why the motorway?

It's not for me. It's for Nana.

What's up with her?

Can't tell you.

Strange story...

Pierrot, we're not
on the motorway, are we?

could I go to Clams with you?

I'd go with you wherever you want!

And where is Clams?
How to we go there?

You don't know about clams?

It's a kind of shell... very tasty!

He brought us to his house!

What are you doing?

Come on! Calm down.

The motorway is far away!

What do you want to do there?

It's for Nana.

We can still
have a drink with Pierrot.

No! I'm going on the motorway!

Come on Kate!

- What are you doing?
- Hitchhiking!

What's up?

I'm thinking...

- I'm going to call her.
- Again?

Mathew, I've got the car.

I don't know, ask Arnaud.

I don't know when I'm coming back.

Hi Marco, Marylin speaking.

Are we meeting
on the parking lot or at the shop?

Anyway, I'm here.

But you're not, so...

I'm waiting.

You look great Nana.

A day off did you good.

You didn't ask though.

You've got a new guy?

A passion for motorways?

And where's your great
multiple love story?

If only you knew
what I am discovering...

Caresses, gazes...

- You go to swinger clubs?
- No!

You're so down to earth...

When am I seeing you?

You want to see me?




It's beautiful, it's the bay.

It's magical...

You listen to me...
I'm still responsible for the flat.

I'm allowed in.


I gave in three years for nothing...

So you know...

Never put the paste
back in the tube.


I'm bored here, can I come...

She's with me.


Wait. Let's stop here.

There's a group of birds, you see?

- The big ducks?
- A kind of duck.


- Let's use the spyglass.
- I'll do it.

Leave it.

Like that.

If you look in the viewfinder,
you will see the Tadorne de belon.

Some have a bump on the beak.


These birds all have
a coloured plumage.

But only males
have a bump on their beak.

You'll see in the viewfinder.

Some of them make strange movements
with their heads.

It's typical of males.
We say that they "pump".

- What do they do?
- They "pump".

But how?

Go for it. Show them!

The male pumps with his head
and rolls his shoulders...

And the female?

The female...

She flattens down...

We're going to keep going for a bit.

There's a better view.

Hey Nana!

SeaLilac: Are you sex or romance?

Marilynandme: Sex is nothing.
Less shameful than feelings.

When sex and feelings mix up,
then things go wrong.

SeaLilac: Yes. It's called love.

Marilynandme: I know but shush...

{\an8}Sex is nothing.
Less shameful than feelings.

{\an8}- It's called love.
- I know but shush...

Marilynandme: You're the
gas station guy? Hi, I'm MATHIEU.

Get out!

Get out you voyeur!

You don't like it?

I thought you were a free woman.


You're free
like a 50 year old housewife.

You're the gas station guy?
Hi, I'm Mathew.


I can't play guitar?

Do you realize
you're asking me come back,

without never saying sorry?

While chatting up in front of me.

I'm not the one to chat up...

Of course...

Where did you get
the last one? Online?

Don't say
you haven't slept with her...

And you bring her back here!

She came...

And I don't have a place now.

You'd sleep for a flat?

- I'll go grab some stuff
- No!

You stay right here.

I'm leaving.

You're still on the lease.

What's up?

Mind your business.

I'll call Anne, since you won't do it.


You're still in love with Mathew?

I'm a fucking idiot.

No lover, no friends...

No home...

I screw-up everything...

Yeah, you sleep with everyone.

No, I don't.

That's what you say...

Sometimes with whoever,
but not everyone.

No feelings, no hassle.

That's true.

Where am I going to sleep?

At your father's?

No. There's no wifi.

Would you give me your keys?

Look, there's Anne.

Come, let's go home.

But what if he settles down?

He has the keys?

He stands security.

He doesn't hurt you, does he?

Anne, stop it!

He's full of vice, but not that.

You haven't spread the word,
have you?

Put a lock.

I'm not allowed.


He answered to one of my chats...

So, let's delete this account.

You've got a visit.

Who's that?


Ah, you're talking with Damien?

Rubish. Damien hates Internet...

I saw his profile... SeaLilac.

I was at the bar. I saw it.

I'm sure it's Damien.

SeaLilac is Damien?

He played me...

There are loads of SeaLilacs,
come on!

Come on, let's make your bed,

I'll take care of this, ok?

I'll delete it, ok?

We'll get your stuff tomorrow, ok?

You'll skip work, ok?

You'll call in sick.


Can you leave me now?

There you go. SeaLilac, I'm right!

Can't you shut up?

Give me the laptop!

How does this work...?

Let's meet in one hour,
in Joan of Arc street...

What's his car?

Grey Scenic... ok.

55 years old.

I don't care.

I'll drive him back and call you.

Bye darling.

See you in a bit.

Come on...

Feel comfortable.

You're turning your back at me?

No, I don't know...

Come closer.

You're already on the bed...

You have something to drink?

A glass of water?

That's what you want?

You've got condoms?


You don't have any?

What about you?

You're not undressing?

Right now?

What do you want to do?

No condoms, no sex.

We don't need to have sex...


Why don't you have a husband?

Why do you have a wife?

- What?
- Nothing...

- What's wrong?
- Nothing!

I didn't even really touch you...

SeaLilac: Do you think one can be

in love with the same person
for 20 years?

Marilynandme: Go to hell Damien,
you're just like Mathieu.

Marilynandme: Go to hell Damien,
you're just like Mathieu.

{\an8}Marco: Why won't you answer me
since we met?

{\an8}Marilynandme: But I do read you!
What do you do when I close my eyes?

{\an8}Marco: When you close your eyes...
my tongue plays around, sucking...

Marco: I find your sleepy naked body
and I lay my tongue...

You strech out, without seeing me,
I'm in your drean and you come.

What are you doing here?

I'm sleeping...

- What?
- Get out of my bed...

It's not your bed.

It's Nana's bed,
she gave me her keys...

Stop looking at my boobs.

You're half naked in my bed.

Come on, I'll give you 5 minutes.

Turn around...

You prefer I call your dad?

Come on, I'm not a child anymore.

I'm 18, for christ sake!

Get dressed!

Stop it!

Romain, get up!

Let's move.

Where will we crash...

Romain, hurry up.

Well well well...
how old were you when we met?

5 years old.

I was already in love...

"Sorry, I don't deserve you.
I'm a fool but I love you."


- You eat it like that?
- Yes, why?

You don't have to.

It's Pepere's habit...

It's called
"eating like a harmonica".

I should have been a hairdresser.

Why so?

Why did I study in Paris,
end up in an office,

when the guys go to the bay?

It's true...

I can take you to the bay.

- You'd do that?
- For sure.

You could be a proper guide.

I've trained
half the guides of this bay...

I can do the same with you.

Pepere knows the whole bay...

I thought we were going for shrimps?

No... Not today...

- Tomorrow!
- Why?

We need water in the channel.

Makes sense...

It's the current!

- Look at this.
- It's good, very good.

Pull the net,
so the shrimps don't go.

Not too bad!

The shrimps stay at the bottom...

Could I do it next time?

Of course!

You'll lend me the trawling net?

It's called a pusher!

We can sell the shrimps, no?

No, let's eat them!

I'm not talking to you...

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