Naked in New York (1993) - full transcript

Naked in New York begins in the car of grown up Jake, he is talking to us about his girlfriend, Joanne, (watch for the facial expressions) and to whom you can turn to for help while facing life ('your parents, nyaa, I don't think so'). From there it flashes back to his memories of his parents, college, house across from a squirrel infested peanut factory, best friend, writing career and Joanne.

I'm thinking
about marriage.

I'm 25 and I think
about marriage...

which makes me nervous.

I've been trying to put it
in the context of my life.

And life is curious.

One of the few things that
I know about life...

other than it ends...

is that it's a good idea
to be with someone.

With someone you love.

My friends are getting married.
I don't know what to say.

I wouldn't say that
I'm a loner.

I'd describe myself
as a mutt.

My mother is half Jewish...

and my father
is Episcopalian.

Not that I spent many
time with them.

My life up to now has
been a search...

to make sense out of it
and Joanne...

has been part of it.

She really has.


If it doesn't fit I can get
you another one.

-What is it?
-A symbol.

-Of what?
-My affection!

We've been on and off
again many times.

I don't know what to do.

Who do you talk to about it?
Who do you ask? A shrink?

A priest? I don't know.
A member of your family?


-What the hell is that?
-A rock for his girlfriend!

You can't leave that in
my parents' drive-way.

Will we get arrested
for this?

How is this?

Turn around. Work with me.


All that gets me thinking
if I'm not normal.

The fact is that I'm a
pretty normal person.

I come from a typical
New York household.

Things were always
a little bit crazy.

The night of the great

my Jewish cousin got married
in a Chinese restaurant.

I wasn't aware of it, but
that's what everyone did.

You met someone and
you got married.

My father,
a trumpet player...

met my mother at one
of his gigs.

I came along soon after.

He was a sweet guy, but he
was kind of a philanderer.


My mother, from the Bronx,
was an emotional person.

To say they had difficulties
of getting along...

might have been an

Bullshit! Where have
you been?

-At the gig.

take the baby away
while they fight.

-Take the baby away...

while they fight!

It will influence him.

We're not fighting, mum. Why
should we be fighting?

-Where is the soya sauce?
-I don't understand.

Big time
show biz husband...

has to come late to my
cousins wedding!

-I went to get some cigars.
-He was with his mistress!

Do you think I don't know?

It'll influence the baby!

Do you think I don't know?

For God sake, give me
the soya sauce!

You must love the cigars.
Tell me.

Are the cigars
good to you?

-Take the baby away!
-Will you stop that?

Do you sleep with
your cigars?

-Stop it!
-Do you fuck the cigars?

Stop it!

I'm taking the baby! The
parents are obviously crazy!

-What do you want me to do?
-What I want you to do?

-What do you want?
-I want you to leave.

-Want me to leave?
-That's what I said.

I'm leaving.

And so went my father with
the black-out of 1965.

My mother hadn't thought
all this out.

What would it be like
without a husband?

She had a job, but...

She got home and called
her best friend, Helen.

I got my emergency valise.

I can stay as long as
you need. Candles and...

How can I describe Helen?
She was a good woman...

but she needed a crisis
every minute of her life.

The two of them never got
over my fathers departure.

People tell me that I
exaggerate, but years later...

our apartment had a very
strange cloud to it.

Turn that thing down!

-You act like an 8 year old!
-I'm 8 years old!

Why do you do this when
I'm going out?

-You're always going out!
-That's not true!

Ma! Ma!

For God sake!
For God sake!

We need harmony here!

You know what this is?
A fire hazard!

-A lesson to the family!
-Let go, Shirley.

I screwed
everything of it!

I can't keep living like
this! I can't do it!

-I don't have the strength.

I need a man!

I'm the master of
my emotions.

I'm the master of
my emotions.

I'm financially

I'm financially

I'm emotional, but then
I feel the guts of life.

I'm emotional, but then
I feel the guts of life.

-Good little boy!
-You're a beautiful boy.

He's our little man.
Give me a hug.

Having no man around, made
me sensitive to women.

I thought I understood them
and knew what they needed.

When I thought that I was
indispensable to her...

what does my mother do? Ship
me off to boarding school!

She wanted me to play
football, baseball...

drink beer and play poker...

and become the kind of man
they complained about.

I'm not sure if she was
clear-minded about this.

I can't leave him!

How many times can you
change your mind?

This man/woman stuff wasn't
as simple as I thought.

-What do you want me to do?
-What I want you to do?

-What do you want me to do?
-What I want you to do?

-This is the best part.
-I wake up...

and look at the place where
my husband is supposed to be.

-And I find this note!
-What do you want?

I find he's gone to the woods
to live like a lumber-jack!

My father
was a lumber-jack.

Don't you understand what I'm
feeling trying to raise...

a family in a contemporary
urban environment?

It was a startling scene.

Let me understand.

At the end of the play...

the main character
becomes depressed...

and in a state of sheer

kills everybody who is at
the lumber camp with him?

He realizes that there's
no other way out.

He doesn't have any choice
but to kill them.

You know, there's great
writing in there.

There really is
great writing.

But on a personal level...

you might wanna talk with
someone in health services.

Even Chekov could use
some analysis.

Dr. Finkle was a good guy.

I freaked him out 'cause I
couldn't remember my dreams.

I may not have dreamed at
night, but during the day...

I dreamed about what every 18
year old boy dreamed about.

Jenny Taylor. I'll
never forget her.

She was this techie in
my theater class.

We had planned to spend
the night together.

The first time you have
sex is a huge deal.

How are you supposed to
know what to do?

How do you know
what's normal?

-Did anyone see you?

Are you okay?

There was a quality
to that evening...

that reminded me
of my mother.

You've never been here.

I wanted to make
this moment...

an incredible one that I'd
hoped for all my life.

Whatever you do,
don't come.

-Don't come.

And that was that.

By the time I got
to college, I realized...

that these hard experiences
weren't going to stop.

It reaffirmed my intention of
using them to make a living.

I want to hear something
real, that makes sense.

Julia, fade in.

In the scene, what was the
overriding emotion?

What was the spine of...

What? What is that?

I was just gonna get...

-Sorry. I'll do it later.

Go on.

Do it fast. Who's next?

-We'll go.
-Go and set up the scene.

Hurry up.

Maxie, spend the weekend
reading the scene.

Work only on the dialogue.

-What's going on?
-Just a minute.

I want you to punish it.

Pretend it's a member
of your family.

Not everyone's family is
as sick as yours.

-You got to get angry.
-I got it.

-Let's go.
-We're ready.

Chris, hold on a second.

You can start.

This is a play about
my father.

You see...

-he was a weird man.
-Hold it!

That's very good, very good,
but you must project.

We have to hear each
word clearly.

What? You again?

Just go, quickly.

Hurry up!

He was a weird man,
about 50 years old.

Well, that's only a guess.

Thank you!

-She's looking at us.
-She's not looking at us.

I'm telling you, she is.

-This is not a girl for you.
-What makes you say that?

That girl is a wasp.

You are this New York Jew.
This is not a girl for you.

She's looking at us.
Come with me.

-Come on.

All right!

You're cheating!


-I'm Jake Briggs.

I'm not a religious person.

This is my friend.


-I was an altar boy.
-You are...?

-Joanne Miller.
-I'm Marty.

-I had communion.

You've finished? You
wanna play again?

-You can play with us.
-You wanna play?

-It's 4:00.
-Get out of here.

-We can play.
-Let's go.

She has to go downtown
and I have class.

Can I walk you to class?

-Really? Okay.

I saw one of your scenes.

The one of the family,
breaking up.

It's weird, but I thought
it was moving.

Moving? Really?
That's nice.

Was it about your
real family?

-Sort of.

So you're fucked up.

They're kind of unique.

My family is a screamingly
normal group of individuals.


Leaves me in a normal
state of mind...

which isn't too good
around here.

The photographs you took
aren't normal.

They were a little
over synthesized.

The ones with the kids
and the funeral?

-They're intense.
-My professor said...

You can't listen
to professors!

They're professors! You can't
let them influence you.

-It's good to be influenced.
-Come on!

It is! That's what you
come here for.

They're paid to
influence you.

I disagree.

Well, I'm not saying
you should be.

You're a little different

In a good way.
I think so anyway.

-I should go in.
-Go in?

It's moronic, but I should
get some sleep.

-We've been walking all day.

I had a nice time.

See you around, I guess.

Good night.

I was wondering...

There's this dance over
at the ''Advocate''.

Would you like to
come with me?

-Sure. I would love to.
-I'm a terrible dancer.

We told each other
everything after that.

Her mother called her
a whore...

for putting henna in her
hair when she was 14.

I told her intimate
things, too.

That I couldn't remember
my dreams...

that I shoplifted
my presents for 3 years...

that I wanted
to be a boat.

It left Chris out
in the cold.

Joanne and I went
everywhere together.

Hi. How is it going?

I just had a Rockefeller

How terrible!

I started writing. It was
hard not to think of her.

And us, moving into
the future.

I went back to some of
my old plays...

thinking that I could
expand them.

But it didn't do
much good.

I realized it didn't
really matter.

We were having such
a great time.

We were talking about
moving in together.

This was something I really
wanted to do.

Joanne felt
the same way, too.

We were a little hesitant,
but we were convinced...

that we could get
through anything...

as long as we could talk
it through.

Joanne and I were great
at communicating.

We had this ability to talk
to each other so easily.


-What is it?
-I don't know.

We made love last night...

and you barely said
a word since then.

-Can we go?
-I wanna talk about this.

Can we not talk about
it here?

No one's listening.

What could be so
terrible that...

I wanna tell you something.

I can't talk about it here.

Come on. Please.

-I can't.
-Why? Please.

All right.

I have never...

-I have never...

I never had
an orgasm before.

You never had an orgasm?

I never had an orgasm.

Really? You never had
an orgasm?

I had an orgasm
before alone...

but never one with
a man before.

Living together?

You mean, living in the
same house?

-We're excited about it.
-We're totally happy.

Well... that's wonderful.

That's wonderful.

-I don't know.

I wish you had a father in
situations like this.


What that has to do
with anything?

Why do you always start
about me not having a father?

Why are you getting angry?

I'm not getting angry. Why do
you say stupid things?

I don't have a father.
So what?

Why do I have to hear about
it? What's the big deal?

Don't be so touchy. I'm just
going for a little walk.

-You do get touchy!
-No. The woman is insane!

You should go get her.

He didn't mean
to upset you.

God! I'm not upset.
I'm not.

I'm a very emotional
person, that's all.

-You'll get to know me.
-Emotions are good.

We started to search
for a place to live.

You're running like a girl!

We found a cute house across
the street from the nunnery.

On the other side was
this peanut factory.

Everyone said I was insane
to think this...

but I was convinced that
it was driving...

the local squirrels mad from
the constant roasting.

Chris thought that I was mad,
but for different reasons.

You should be coming to
New York with me!

It's the last place
I wanna be.

You should not stay in
your college town.


What the fuck is really
happening here?

I'm happy here
in Cambridge!

Joanne is here, we got a
house. This is important.

You better write
your ass off.

-I'm writing a new play.
-You better write.

-I am!
-Write your ass off.

I mean it.
Hold this.


-Send me the new stuff.
-I will.

Get out of here.

-Send it to me.
-Save trip.

It's hard to know at what
moment you realize...

that the work you thought
was great isn't so great.

The thing that happens is
nothing happens.

Despite this, I managed to
finish a new play.

I didn't know
what to make of it.

I was anxious
to send it out.

Do you have everything?

-Can we please get...
-I'm coming!

What are you
so nervous about?

I'm not. It's my mother.

She is gonna ride me about
getting on with my life.

You're fine with your life.

Not everyone knows what they
wanna do, like some people.

Joanne started worrying
about her career, too.

A lot of the pressure was
coming from her mother...

but it wasn't making things
easier for her.

Elliot, I want to introduce
you to my daughter, Joanne.

-This is Elliot Price.

He owns one of the biggest
galleries downtown.

I told him about your

Your mother told me
all about them.

-We'll leave you to chat.



You have to understand. This
is the woman who took me...

to a career aptitude training
center when I was 1 7.

-That's terrible.
-It was pretty bad.

You aren't gonna talk to me
about your photographs?

-Those? No.
-Why not?

-I don't think so.
-Why not?

-I did them in college.
-Don't you care about them?


-This is...
-Elliot Price.


I was trying to
get Joanne...

to talk about her photos.

She seems reluctant.

Really? She did great
pictures in college.

-Come on!
-They were terrific.

brooding... ominous.

Don't listen to him.
I live with him.

You didn't have to be so
obvious about it.

I wasn't. I don't understand
this issue with you.

One minute you want to get
on with your career...

I don't know what I'm doing.
He runs a huge gallery.

So what? Who cares?
You'll be terrific.

You go and meet the guy.

If he likes you, maybe he
gives you a job.

I like them. I really do.

Why don't you believe them?

You're making me nervous.

You're making me nervous.
Don't be nervous.

Tell me about them.

The thing was...

when I took them I wasn't
interested in the pictures.

I was working on the idea
that I could get...

to know this place.

These kids were amazing. The
pictures were a side-effect.

I wanted people to see how
beautiful they were.

They work.

They tell me about the
environment and the people.

They're honest,

These four...

this one and these here...

this one...

and this... they tell me
something about you.

-I guess.
-Your favorite photographer?

Mary Ellen Mark.

Lunch? Really? He took
you to lunch?

That's when he offered
me the job.

-Isn't that great?
-It's great!

-Hard to believe.
-That's great.

-He was intense, smart...
-Real smart or...

-You know, weird.

I'm worried about
getting fired.

You haven't even
started yet!

I'm the one that should
be nervous.

Was there a call about your
play? What about Chris?

He hasn't called. What do
you think that means?


-How are you?
-I'm fine! How are you?

-I'm fine. So...

-I got your new play.

It's okay. I wanted to
read it again.

What do you mean?
Did you like it?

I liked it.

You don't sound like
you liked it.

I'm not sure it's as good as
the other stuff, but...

You didn't like it? Just tell
me what you thought.

This stuff is so much better.
It's more from your heart.

I'm getting the other
play around.

It would be better if
you were here.

Everyone keeps saying:
''Where is the writer?''

They think it's bullshit.

New York is the place
to make it happen.

That's absurd.

You're not reading what's
being written.

You asked me.
Listen, I'm here.

I'll call you later.

All right. Bye.

-You okay?
-I'm fine.

-Want some wine?
-No, thank you.

Shit! I forgot to call...

-''Aperture''! About the...

-I called them already.
-You gave them the figures?

They said...

Fuck them! You'd be good
at anything you do.

Thank you.

Listen. This is important.

Come down to the vineyard
for the weekend.

For the weekend? I'd love
to, but I can't.

You must come.

Jake likes to work
on weekends.

We're commited to
being here.

It'll be great! You can meet
interesting people there.

I'm sure. It's just not
a good time.

-Bring him along then.
-That would be okay?

You spend all week with him
and now your weekends, too?

It would be rude not to.

There're gonna be people you
would like to meet.

-Writers, musicians.
-Meet writers?

We could have fun.

-You're a little isolated.

I should be going to NY.
That's what I should do.

I don't want you to do that.
I want you to come with me.

It's expensive to get
down there.

He has his own plane.

His own plane? Forget it!

I'm not getting on the plane.
That's how people die.

I use the house in the winter
when the weather is worse.

There're only 1000 people
on the island.

Perfect place for a writer.

We're thinking of getting
a place down there.

Is that Patsy Cline playing?

Why? Is this some
kind of joke?

Don't worry about
the weather.

I had one emergency landing
since I fly down here.

Great! Can you land before
it blows over?

You've written a new play?

Jake's written a few
beautiful plays.

My next one is about
Buddy Holly.

We're coming out
of the storm.

-Thank God!
-Wanna try a stunt landing?

Double roll now that it's
clear? It's a great relief.

-Don't stop on my account.
-Are you sure?

You're gonna look at the
world in a whole new way!

It's wonderful.

Relax. Look how
beautiful it is.

I'm relaxed.
Look at this house.

A house like this on
Martas vineyard!

-Is this the architect?

Looks like it was
designed by Mattel.

There's something
I wanna show you.

I wanted to show you
the room.

-It's a great room.
-Yeah, it's a great room.

I used to think that one day
I'd write my version...

-of the great american novel.
-I didn't know you wrote.

That's the problem.
I don't.

I wanted to, but...

I guess... I put it down to
lack of discipline...

but I don't have the talent.

How do you work? Do you
write for a producer?

No. That would lock me in
to something.

I prefer a freelance

I see.

This is a terrific house.
I really enjoy Morbier.

I find his designs
so... clean.

Did you study design?

Sure. I love the
great architects.

This is one of the few houses
that Morbier designed.

He's better known
as a sculptor.

Of course.

Who are these people?
What am I doing here?

It's not as if there're
any writers here.

What kind of writer would
come to Elliot's party?

Richard Price, Joanne
Miller, Ariel Dorfman.

You got lucky with
one guy, but...

What kind of name
is Dorfman?

We're colleagues. We work
together on a book.

He got lucky with
a couple of guys.

What is this garbage about a
book they're doing together?

He surrounds himself with
a bunch of writers...

and thinks he needs to
write a book!

If there were classy
writers here...

but there're no classy
writers here.

He's a best-seller. So what?
It's advertising.

She's got one
Pulitzer Price.

Satellite image I bring down
into my computer.

They get sand-blasted onto
a piece of glass.

The bottom half of
the image...

took these sonar shots.

How significant you are.
You american writers need...

Don't you find these people
a little pretentious?

Look! Bill Styron.

William Styron.
What do I say to him?

-Ask his advice.
-Ask his advice?

I don't wanna be a sick fan
near famous people...

-You're not that.
-'cause they're famous.

-I don't even know the guy.
-Have it your way.

I'll go talk to him.

It's just Styron.

Jake Briggs!

It's me, Shipley. We were in
college together.


I went off to Oxford
on a Rockefeller.

-I know. How are you?
-Okay, really.

You must be on Broadway
by now.

-Not yet, but...
-How do you do?

-How are you doing?

I was in Oxford when one of
the little plays I wrote...

-got done by the BBC.
-One of the little plays?

Boy! I have to go and
slit my wrist.

I'll be back soon.

In aluminum and there
is this mask...

Somebody asks you to
read something...

and all they really want
you to say is...

''It's wonderful.
I love it''.

He should be able
to say...

''Read this and tell me
it's fabulous''.

Should I ask him...
Do you wanna know...?''

Just ask him.

He may just want to know
that you love him.

-Nice to see you.
-Mr. Styron?

I couldn't help but
notice you.

Maybe I could talk to you
for a minute.

It seems like you're a
little awkward here.

I know what it's like.

I read all your books.
Really wonderful books.

Before they were movies
I read them.

I'm a playwright.

I've written
a bunch of plays.

Excuse me.

There you are!

-Are you okay?

-I'm fine.
-We're gonna play a game.

It's excellent.
I'm just gonna...

That was when I thought
something could be wrong.

Joanne was flourishing
up in Boston...

and I was starting to sink
deeply into quicksand.

I felt like a kid again.

When I looked at her,
I saw an adult.

-Do you want anything?

-I'm fine.

What was I gonna do?

A traveling animal circus was
passing through the island.

Hey, man! Hurry up
and get in here.

Come right in. I've been
expecting you.

I haven't talked to animals
since I was a kid.

We don't have much time.
Close the door.

Allow me to introduce
myself. I'm Dr. Oliver.

Ever hear of a neurosis by
the name of codependency?

Point your peepers
at that book.

Seemingly swinging moose
passes a farm...

and falls in love with a
cow! Too crazy!

These two are too
genetically different...

to sucessfully start
a family.

It's expected that the
moose will give up...

and head back into the
mountains for the winter.

But he never did go back.

These are the last home
movies just before he died.


-Where is the writer?
-In Cambridge...

another play.

-How is it going?
-He's doing great.

-He lives in Cambridge?
-No, he's from New York.

How come he's not
in this office?

He's very envolved with the
woman who lives up there.

Get him to put his pecker
back in his trousers...

and come to New York and
have a meeting with me.

I would appreciate it.
He's very talented.

He's what I call tapped in.
Know what I'm saying?


The play needs a lot of
work. It's very long.

Yes, but you'll do it?

-The play.

Get him down here.

-Sure. When?
-Anytime you want.

Arrange it with Gloria.

If I do the play, I want you
to know now...

there's no way that you are
gonna play the lead.

Don't get too excited.
I want to be honest.

I would be happy with any...

We'll find a small part
for you...

where you can flash
the audience.

-Great. Thank you.
-My pleasure.

-I appreciate it.
-Good night.

You have to leave today?

I wish I didn't have to, but
I got to get down there.

When will you come back?

I'm not sure. Maybe in a
couple of days. I call.

You don't seem happy
about this.

It's exciting.
You must be excited.


-I will miss you.
-It'll be a couple of days.

Driving to New York...

thinking about how beautiful
she was sitting on the bed...

I had strange

You're just like
your father!

Jake, you got no sense!

By the time I got to New
York, it stopped.

I moved in with Chris which
made it easier for me.

He lived in a nice building,
except it was kind of thin.

This is it.

It seems thin, but it's big
for the price.

Not a bad view.

I'm so glad you're
finally here!

-Me too.
-You don't know.

-You wanna get some dinner?
-No. I have to go to this thing.

-Make yourself at home.
-I'll unpack.

-I'm glad to be here.

Fisher should be calling
like any second.

-He's gonna set up a meeting.

There's beer in the fridge.

I'm gonna stay, read
and unpack.

-Are you all right?
-I'm fine.

Go on. Have a good
time. We'll catch up later.

All right.

-Don't wait up.
-All right.

Have fun.

90% of the playwrights
are out of work.

From where I'm standing,
they deserve it.

If you think you're
smart enough...

to make a living as a writer,
you're arrogant enough...

to think that you know

That sounds familiar to you,
the ''know everything'' part?

-I thought so.

-He likes the play?
-Just listen. Relax.

If you wanna call it a play,
it's poorly structured.

It's not drawn out.
It's very precious.

Bad spelling,
not even funny.

-But I like it.
-Thank you. That's kind.

Don't be a wise guy.

It's got unique qualities
that I like. It's got truth.

Truthfulness. That's not
easy to come by.

What we both are trying
to find out...

is are you planning on
producing the play?

The question is...

could you spend 4 weeks
in a room...

pretending like you don't
know everything?


-4 weeks?
-You and I in an office.

Maybe we can turn this
into something.

-It's what I think it is?
-What? Yes.

Don't you love his way?

''You're not gonna get the
lead''! I loved that!

A few months went by before
he put my play to auditions.

Joanne and I could only
visit a couple of times.

She told me about the job...

that Elliot offered her
in Santa Fe.

I was upset 'cause we spent
so much time on the phone.

I'm sorry we haven't been
able to talk to each other.

-How is Chris?
-He's good, I guess.

He goes out a lot.
I don't see him much.

Did you get the pages
with the changes?

It's getting good.

I got them. I haven't
read them yet.

I want to wait, sit down and
concentrate on them.

-I'll read them on the plane.
-On a plane?

I'm going away for
the weekend.

- Where?
-New Mexico.

It's nothing. Please.

Then why didn't you
tell me about it?

I only just found out.

Can we talk about it?

I can't talk about it
right now.

I better get in
to work myself.

-Can we talk about it later?
-I call you when I get back.

Have a save trip.
I'll talk to you soon.


-I can't believe it!
-Don't start on the boy.

Go in to the theater. Pretend
like we never said a word.

Is this a joke?

I can't believe it's Elliot!
We all know what's up.

What's up?

Do you think he has her
around for her talent?

Everyone's got an opinion
about my relationship!

That girl is not interested
in that skinny Englishman!

He's putting the moves
on her right now!

He has played it cool.
He's been swab!

Please! Leave the girl alone.
Give her some credit.

For cheating
on my friend?

I spit on her
a million times!

Are you crazy?

Get yourself a shrink!
Get into the theater!

What are you doing out here?
Talking to yourself?

We got work to do!
Get in here!

I was on the phone.

This is Tile. Mr. Penn,
the director...

-Jake, the writer...
-Not really.

Al will be reading.
Did you bring a shot?

-A what?
-A shot.

I don't do pictures.

I've got some pictures,
but not of me.

This has been a busy
time for me...

these last
couple of weeks.

-Can I have a second?
-Go ahead.

I've been incredibly sick!

I have coxsackie virus.

I got in touch with a painful
childhood memory.

My lover and I are
building a...

bed of platform.

It's me.
Pick up the phone.

Pick up the phone!
Are you there?

Pick up the phone.
You're not there.

-You're making me nervous!
-Why don't you take this?

Why don't you just go?

-Just go?
-Go out.

-Let's go.
-You're finished. Goodbye.

-Let's go.
-Check out.

-Let's go then.
-That's the scene.

-I want you to go.
-That was it?

I got to read it.
It's good.

Luis, I would like to
have you try Jake.

It's strange, but I
would love it.

Let's try Jake.
Do you mind?

I've been trying to reach
you all night.

He's a great actor,
but he's wrong.

Why not have a Hispanic as a
parent for white children?

-I don't think.
-You don't want to see any?

All right, no more.

It's about a little boy.

He wrote a letter
to Santa Claus.

-About the going.
-You wanna go?

-Let's do it.
-You're finished.

Let's get out of here!

-Get out.
-Let's just go.

-Go ahead.
-Let's go!

Go, man.

I love it.

I love the talent which you
seem to have tons of.

It's so rare, specially
in our business.

She's not right
for the part.


The play is talented.
Very well written.

Would you two have time to
read that first act again?

She's not right
for the part.

-Shut up.
-I think I could.

My agent would kill me...

for doing for free
what I get paid for.

Do you know Walter Lobello?

I'm Mary in his
performance piece.

I got to get myself
together for it.

You're supposed to say...

''You look wonderful...
just as you are''.

You look wonderful just
as you are.

Aren't you sweet?

Where did you find this
talented boy?

I have a wonderful idea.

Come to Walter's
this weekend.

He's having a celebratory
book thing.

You can bring this talented
boy with you.

Which are you?
Man or boy?

-I'm parcial to both.
-We'll be there.

-I may have to go to Boston.
-No. We'll be there.

Good. Hug me!

I'll see you later.

I want this role.

If you give it to anybody
else, I kick your balls.

I need to get back to
the stage! So...

She's not right
for the part.

It's my first play, but she's
not right for the part.

There we go again! We got to
get people to the theater.

It's not like a deli.

They don't come in randomly.

-I know that, but...
-So listen to me.

Dana sells tickets. She's
flighty, but sells tickets.

She'll have to act a little
bit, but that's her job.

-That's what she does.
-Jake's nervous.

-Don't be nervous.

I'm not nervous. The woman's
only requirement...

is that she's never won an
Emmy after 9 years...

on one restless world
that turns.

I can't believe I'm
hearing this!

Will you relax? I've got
everything under control.

Just enjoy yourself.
I'll see you later.

I wish you could
enjoy this.

-I'm enjoying this.

-You look lovely.
-Thank you.

Everything is really

It's fake.

I feel more real when
I'm out of town.

I've never been real.

That blow away that I got.
I don't know what's wrong.

In this world you're either
being blown away or...


It's me.
You're not home.

I'm at this
loony party that...

Carl brought me to.

I'll not describe it to
your answering machine.

I wish you were back.

I think they might be
ruining my play.

Turn on the TV, stay in the
house, lock the door...

a piece of cake...

Be out in a...

I thought you were here.

Don't go, sweety.
I came to talk to you.

Tell me something.
Do you have any vices?

Want one?

Are you gonna judge
me on this?

I use it to take
the edge off.

Of course not. I smoked
in highschool.

Highschool? How cute!

Would you?

You know...

there's some kind of fate
that this is happening.

Don't you feel that?

I just knew...

the first time I read the
play there was some kind...

of inexplicable connection
with that role.

And Carl? Wasn't he
brilliant? Casting me!

I'm not exactly
the obvious choice.

You seem very
connected to him.

-Have some.
-Thank you.

I've just thought
that you...

are comfortable with the role.
The truth is...

The role...

The role is amazing.

It's got so much truth.

You know,
I really believe...

you and I will make a
beautiful thing together.

We used amianthus all
over the place.

No one ever died
for amianthus before.

We even played with

I really need to
talk to you.

We are rolling now! I can
feel it. Can you feel it?

I feel it. I'm ready to
get out of here.

What? What are you
upset about?

What you wanna get out of?
Dana Cole is in your play!

This is it! It's everything
we were waiting for!

Don't get ahead
of yourself.

I'm not getting ahead.

You lived in New York.

You already knew about
this, but not me.

Carl. Guys like that
never liked me.

But here... it's like...

''You're not gonna get the
lead''. I love that!

I love the way
he says that.

Don't you love that?

-You're upset.
-I'm not.

I know you're upset.
Don't deny it.

What are you upset about?
We're going to make it.

That's great!

We'll always be together.
Down the line.

I'll always be there
for you.

Come on.

I just did that!


You pull some of the
weirdest stuff on me.

Why do you pull this stuff
at these times?

You're right.
That was pretty weird.

You're okay?

I'm fine.

I got to get out of here.

See you later.

Sure you're all right?

I'm fine. I'm great.

Wait. Just a minute.

I have a ritual I always do.
I always wash my face.

I just take a minute.
To be more comfortable.

Hold that for me.

Who is it?

-Who is it?
-It's me.

Jake? Jesus!

Are you all right?
What are you doing here?

I missed you.
I missed you.

-I was trying to call you.
-I was at the airport.

-What time is it?
-It's early.

You were
at the airport?

I got in at 1:30.
It's 8:30!

-I'm sorry.
-What time did you leave?


I tried to reach you
all night.

I'm sorry.

-What's wrong with you?

Maybe I should lie down.

I've been thinking.

I've been thinking...

and I had this totally wild
idea. Maybe it's crazy.

It's weird...

I can't even talk
to you about it.

Just say it.

I think we should
get married.

Get married?

-Are you serious?
-Of course.

We should get married.
We love each other.

Yes. What is going on here?

Are you seeing someone
in New York?

No! Why would you say that?

Why do you come in here and
start talking like this?

I know.
I came up here because...

God! This sucks!
This sucks!

I'm in New York and
you are up here.

It just feels like
we're not...

Things are going by...

and I feel like it's
not real somehow.

I know.

It's okay though.

You should lie down.

You want some food? I make
you some pancakes.

-I got to get back.
-You just got here.

I have rehearsal
this afternoon.

What the hell are you
talking about?

-It's not working out.
-I don't buy it!

It's not like you!

I know what you think
and you're wrong.

It's not only Dana, it's me.
He's all over the place!

There's no way we're
firing Chris!

Listen! She makes the boat
float! Don't you understand?

I was about to send
the dogs after you.

So we have something serious
to talk about.

Don't talk to me
in this position.

He can't act.

He's emotional.
He can't feel the role.

How can you fire someone
like that? He's good.

He hasn't done much,
but he needs time.

Acting is not a team sport.

Neither is theater.

The ''show must go on''
business? Bullshit!

You must go on.
That's my motto.

I don't believe this!
You come into my life...

and totally shift
things around.

Do you always get
what you want?

Totally shift things around?

If it wasn't for me this play
wouldn't be happening.

-That is so crass!

Either he goes or I go.

It's late to find a
replacement, but try.

I don't want to replace you,
but this is my best friend.

Carl can tell him
or I will.

I put on my most sincere
face and tell him.

-I'll do it.
-You sure?

I shot the play!

You think you would have this
gig if it wasn't for me?

No, you wouldn't!

Give me the truth.
Is it Carl?

Or is it Dana?

It doesn't matter. That's
not what this is about.

Is it me? This must be
because I'm gay.

I'm not gay. I don't know
what the fuck I am!

It's not about that.
Look, I fought them.

You're a bastard!

You're a fucking

I didn't think things could
get worse than that...

but Joanne said that her only
chance to meet Mary Mark...

was on the opening night
of my play.

She didn't think she'd be
able to make it.

But somehow I was hoping
that she would.

There he is!
Hi, darling!

-Are you nervous?
-Ma, please!

-It's your opening night!
-Nice stockings!

-They're very stylish.
-They are.

Why should you be surprised
that your mother is stylish?

-I'm not. Have you seen Jo?

Another of Dana's casting
ideas was Jason Brett...

who longed to get back
to the serious theater.

He could have longed
a little bit longer.

I want to tell you
how I feel.

-I want you to leave.
-Want me to leave?

I want you to go.

You want me to go.

I'll go.

-Have you seen Dana?
-She went out the door.

We're going out to eat.

Wait. She went out with
the director Donaldson.

He's doing a play
in Lexington.

Needs an ancient beauty. They
went out for dinner alone.

We made plans.

I know, but he's a director
and she's an actress.

Relax, Jake. Come on
upstairs with your family.

She called him in the
middle of the night.


You're a genius!
He's a genius!

-It was wonderful.

Wasn't it funny?

-We enjoyed it very much.
-Thank you.

-We enjoyed it very much!
-Maestro, that was excellent!

Mother, not bad.
See you later.

-Don't worry, be happy.
-I'll see you in a minute.

There were many good
things. Wonderful.

-I'll call you tomorrow.

-We're going out for dinner.

He can't come with us. He
has a big party to go to.

-'Sardi's', I bet.
-Yes, 'Sardi's'.

Good night.

My God!

I'll go to a show tomorrow.
See you after lunch.


I'm not having an affair
with my boss!

-What was he doing here?
-We were talking.

-About what?
-About... stuff.

About what?

This is not the way I wanna
talk to you about this.

About what? About him?
About New York?

The job?

You're gonna take
that job?

I have nothing in New York.
I have an opportunity here.

If you live there, something
might happen.

Elliot said...

This makes me nuts! ''Elliot
said this, Elliot said that!''

Fuck you, Jake!
Fuck you.

Why can't we talk
about this?

Why is your career more
important than mine?

-I never...
-You moved out.

You're making this
really hard for me.

This is not... this is
hard for me, too.

Leave the room.
That's terrific!

I was walking around
the other day...

and I realized...

that you're the only person
I wanna have kids with.

You're the only person
I could imagine having...

a kid with.

-I can't sleep.

I can't sleep. I feel so
crazy about this.

-You always sleep.
-I can't sleep now.

I'll go watch TV.
Maybe I'm hungry.

Anything bad on?

I can't believe it!

That was the strange thing
that happened that weekend.

The whole neighborhood
is out.

Despite my fears of this
being another huge black-out...

it was just the squirrels
who, in their manic burling...

had forced the power line
to couple over.

Helen, what are you
doing here?

What do you expect?

Luckily, I had my
emergency suitcase.

There is someone you
wanna talk to.

What do you want?

I thought the play would be
the start of something.

What do you want?

You got your first off
Broadway play produced.

It stuck. So what?

The next play you'll write
is gonna be better.

The one after that is gonna
be better than that one.

And so on and so on.

And one day I'm going to say:
''You know Jake Briggs?

I produced his first
fucking play.

He's making so much money he
doesn't even know who I am.''

I know that's gonna happen.
You're the real thing.

See you.

Need something?

-No, thanks.
-Then stay clear of this.


My best side.

You want it? I have a copy.

I have the original.
I like you to have it.


You have everything?

I guess so.

I love you.

I love you.

I better go.

Weeks later I really wanted
to call her...

at least a thousand times,
but I didn't.

Then I had the first dream I
could remember in years.

About my father. I hadn't
thought about him in years...

but in this dream I was in
this boat with Joanne.

We were stuck
on the sand.

My father was running
along the shore...

but I couldn't see him.

I got stuck in this

but it wasn't a whirlpool.
It was a circle.

I was spinning, around
and around.

He was saying something to
me, but I couldn't hear it.

Then I woke up.
I was crying.

Then I knew what he
was saying.

That everything would
be all right.

Everything would
be all right.

That sounds strange coming
from a man...

walking backwards on a beach
with a trumpet...

but I found it comforting.

I read a story about a kid
coming home...

from a soccer game on the
night of the great black-out.

He was angry because
he missed the goals.

He went to this telephone
pole and kicked it hard.

At this precise instant
that he kicked it...

all the lights in the
city went out.

The kid was stunned.
He ran home.

He was convinced the
black-out was his fault...

and that his life was over.

I don't know how long it
took him to get over that...

but it has taken me
26 years to realize...

that sometimes things
just happen.

It's nobodys fault.
Things just happen.

Joanne and me, Chris
and my mum.

I suppose you got to know
in your heart...

that no matter what

everything is gonna
be all right.