Naked Came the Stranger (1975) - full transcript

Gilly and Billy are the hosts of a popular New York City breakfast radio chat show, The Billy and Gilly Show, where they play the perfect couple. When she finds out that he is having an ...

- (Woman on TV) Nineteen...
- (Man on TV)... thirty-FIVE, you filthy alien garbage heap!

This misappropriation of mens' holes is a very serious crime!

(TV) (Sounds of Woman Struggling and Yelling)

(TV) (Faint Music Plays)

(Man on TV) Come on! Don't hang about! This is torture!

(Woman on TV) Exactly, dear boy! And furthermore, your
expression is beginning to capture the mood completely.

(Man on TV) No! (Panting)

(Woman on TV) Practice hard until I'm ready for the shot.
In the mean-time, I'll be back after lunch.

(Man on TV) No! NO!

(Man on TV) (Yelling in Pain and Fear)

(Man on TV) My God!

(Announcer on TV) You are watching the program
"Immortal Film Classics to Fall Asleep By".

(TV) When you hear the tone,
it will be 5 AM. Please stay tuned.

(Alarm Rings)

(Different Alarm Rings)
(TV) At 6:00, one hour from now, we will present our daily
educational program: "University at Daybreak".

(Other Alarm Continues Ringing)
(TV) Today's subject will be "The Evils of Educational

(TV) That's in one hour from now.
May we remind you to tune-in to our 6:00 news tonight.

(TV) The day's events will include: 1 gang-land killing, 1
accidental killing, 6 persons held hostage in a Brooklyn bank,

(TV) the board of health reopening a gay bar, a venerial
desease dinic at an old-age home in Queens,

(TV) and President Ford walking and chewing gum at the
same time.

(TV) And now, back to our film.
(Movie Resumes Faintly in Background)

(Billy moans)

(Billy Mumbles) Oh, Phyllis...

- Good morning, love child.
- Morning, love child

Pleasant dreams?

It was weird...

I dreamt I jumped into a large vat of ice water.

Oh, really? All alone?

Uh... yeah, actually. All alone.

- Funny, huh?
- Mm. Hysterical.

- Who are we going to have today?
- Um... a critic, I think.

- A critic! Just what I need: an intellectual.
- No, no. A film critic.

- Have we ever had him before?
- I don't think so.

I don't think I can handle him all by myself.

Do you think we could share him?

- Must we?
- Didn't I help you out with the tennis player?

- The things I do...
- Thanks.

[Gilly] I bet he'll want to take pictures.

- Do you think they'd mind if I took a picture?
- [Phyllis] No, not at all.

Why don't you sit down right here, make yourself

[Audio-Tape Scrubbing]

Good morning, I'm Gillian Blake. How do you do?

Hi, nice to see you. Nice to have you on the show.

Can I get some coffee here please, um... Sam.

Hel-lo, Phyllis...

Do we have a copy of his book?

I thought you said he was a critic?

He is a film critic, but he wrote a book.

Would you mind saying something into the microphone? We
need a level.

Actually, I'd like to say a few words about my book.

Just say that we're going to be on the air in a few minutes.
Pretend that you're in your own living room.

Mind if I take a pic, then?

[Producer] Quiet! Five seconds!

[Theme Music Plays]

Hi, sleepyheads! It's Gillian Blake.

And I'm William Blake!

And with us today we have a very good friend of ours, the
noted film critic and historian...

... Harold Harold!

You may not always respect him,
but you'll always agree with him.

I think I got that wrong.

Let's do traffic.

The L.I.E. is all jammed up!
The Triboro is a mess!

And the east-side highway is bumper-to-bumper.

The best way into New York now is the 108th Street foot-

And we're back on the air with Harold Harold.

The state of the film industry is deplorable.
I see 10-15 films a week.

Just the other night, a thing called "Crushed Stockings".

It was a travesty.

First of all, the sound: I love sound.

No sound!

Also, the photography: completely out of focus.

Now, the script: I mean,
I don't know who is writing these scripts.

I just can't understand them. Nothing.

I mean, every time I started to get into it,
I just couldn't understand a thing.

But Harold, if the film was so terrible,
why did you give it such a good review?

Well, actually, I think it was the director.
I think he's a great, great director.

I have to admire him for being such a great director.

I just... he's a great director, what can I tell you?
Everything he's done, I've loved.

The FDR is loosening up. The best way into New York now is
the Staten Island ferry.

It's fifteen seconds before ten o'clock.

What, already?

How time flies!

And thanks to our guest for getting up so early to be with us.

- (Gilly) Until tonight at five, this is Billy's Gilly.
- (Harold)...Seven and a half years to write the book!

- (Billy) And Gilly's Billy. Have a nice day.
- (Harold) I wanna talk about the book!

- (Gilly) Drive carefully!
- (Harold) "The Life and Times of Erich Von Stroheim"!
You can't miss!

- (Gilly) Can you give me those cues a little sooner?
I've told you a hundred times.

- (Billy) I want the cues on the point. I don't want them five
seconds earlier, I don't want them five seconds later.

- How many times a day are you on?
- Twice a day!

We get the folks to work and we bring them home!

And we even appeal to those who roam. You were wonderful.

- But when can I hear my interview?
- Well, I'm not really sure. You see, they delay the interviews.

Someone at the station decides when the exact moment is

for that particular subject to go on the air.
It's an astrologer, I believe.

- Oh, that's my hobby. I'm a bull!
- Ha ha! You didn't have to tell us!

[Phyllis] Um... if you won't be needing me any more,
I'll be getting back to town.

I have some problems from Tuesday's programming.

- What problems?
- Uh... I'll call you later!

[Music: "Flight of the Bumblebee"]

I told Taylor Hawk that I wanted to see him first thing this

Aren't you going to see him at the party tonight?

Uh, well there may be a new agency man there. You know
how it works out.

I'll try and call you later from the city, okay? Maybe we can
have lunch if you're in town.

Well, where can I reach you if I have to get in touch with you?

Well, we may be taping some spots and I don't know which
studio it is yet.

I'll call you as soon as I get it squared away.

[Music: "Flight of the Bumblebee"]


- I'll be right back.
- All right. Hey, can I fix you anything?

- Yeah, I'd love a maraschino cherry juice.
- You got it.

- And a two-cents plain.
- Ha!

Hi, Love-Bunny.

Hiya, Love-Bunny.

What's Big Love-Bunny gonna do with Little Love-Bunny?

Well, Big Love-Bunny is gonna come and sit down right next
to Little Love-Bunny.

And put his hand up Little Love-Bunny's skirt?

And put his hand right up Little Love-Bunny's skirt!

Oooh! Oh!

Big Love-Bunny's got Little Love-Bunny's point.

Ohh! Mmm...

Big Love-Bunny is playing with Little Love-Bunny's nippies.

(coos with pleasure)

Oh, Big Love-Bunny's...

got his finger on Little Love-Bunny's 'fuzzy'.

Big Love-Bunny's playing with Little Love-Bunny's ditty.

Big Love-Bunny's got his finger in Little Love-Bunny's heiney.

Big Love-Bunny is going in and out of Little Love-Bunny.

Big Love-Bunny is putting his other finger back in Little Love-
Bunny's fuzzy.

[Billy] Do you like that?

[Billy] Should I go on?

[Billy] Is this terrific?

Oh, Big Love-Bunny... making Little Love-Bunny... (moans)

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who's the fairest of them all?

[Bird] Gilly! Gilly!

That's only one bird's opinion.

We'll have to take a more conclusive survey.

I haven't let myself go... too much.

Put Big Love-Bunny's finger up Little Love-Bunny's ass.

Put Big Love-Bunny's great big cock up Little Love-Bunny's
teensy-weensy ear.

I've got it!

[Thinking] You've got it! You'll cheat!

I'll cheat! A little messing around.

[Thinking] You've got a lot of reasons.

I've have lots of reasons.

[Thinking] Name some. Number One:

It'll give me reassurance.

[Thinking] Number Two:

It'll give them reassurance.

[Thinking] Number Three:

It'll feel good.

[Thinking] NO, stupid.

Well, if I can find a few acquantances and appeal to the Inner
Man in each of them,

well, then perhaps I could find the Inner Man in my own

[Thinking] Right on, sister!


[Music Begins Playing]

I don't admit that I did anything wrong.

But even if I did, there is such a thing, Gilly, as the three year,
five month itch.

I think you know me well enough to know I'm not a sexist.

It's just... it's a question that, well...

You see, sometimes... men and women...

have different needs.

I'm living in a soap opera!

Well, if it isn't a question of needs, then...

Well, then sometimes men and women are just a little out of

Our marriage is going through its dubbed period.

I mean, I would understand it perfectly well if you decided

suddenly get very hung up on, say... doing social work.

Or if you just wanted to spend a few hours by yourself once in
a while.

I think they put something in your maraschino cherry juice
and two-cents plain.

You know, Gilly...

The solitary aspect of modern man is considered by many to
be the most neglected.

Now I know they put something in your maraschino cherry

I mean, who could possibly argue with the fact that it is the
female of the species

who is by far the more understanding...

And as a result of that prodivity of nature, the more forgiving!

I wouldn't forgive you if George Brent asked me to.

Maybe that's the trouble.

[Rock Music and Laughter]

She has nothing on!

You know who she's going with now, don't you? My goodness!

Well, that's why she's showing so much of it, I suppose. My,
my, my.

Hey! It's Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers! How are ya?

- (Gloria) It's the entire cast of the Billy Gilly Show.
- (Billy) In the flesh!

Oh, don't you look gorgeous!

My true self.

Hey, big fella! Keep up the good work?

Hey Morton! Where's the booze?

It's over there in the corner.

Look at him, my God!

He's gained about fifty pounds.

Of course, you know why.

They're not doing it any more.

- Everything okay?
- Yes, ma'am.

- Come on!
- Come on what?

Do you see her walking down there? [Gasps]

Oh! Gilly!

Hi, Ernie!

Gee, I think this is the best costume party I've been to this

Is this a costume party?

We don't get to see you very often.

Well, I do have to get up earlier than most people.

You don't practice the good neighbor policy?

That depends on how good I think the neighbor is.

May I have another drink, please?

Looks like we arrived just in time, Marvin. Are you having fun?

A little too many people for my taste.

I don't feel too comfortable.

Why don't they put the air conditioner on?

You better get another case of champagne.

- Well, I really don't know where it is.
- Come with me and I'll show you.

Keep me company?

The music is so loud.

Are you man enough to lift it?

Come here and let's see.

It's check-up time!

I'm going to blow... your mind.

Hey Gloria... you're pretty good at that.

Don't tell Morton what I'm doing.

Oh, no, no. I wouldn't say anything.

Because if I know my husband, it'll be all over the
neighborhood in 24 hours.

Not bad!

Hi, Love-Bunny!

I'm sorry! I forgot.

Hey! I could go for you.

Here it comes!

I'll bet you use up a lot of champagne at your parties.

Do you know I heard he lost his job.

Or at least they demoted him or something, I can't remember
exactly what she told me.

We were under the hair-dresser drier and, um...

Yeah, I think that was it. He's getting half his salary now.

That's why they can't do anything.

[Thinking] I've got it! You've got it: you'll cheat.

[Thinking] I'll cheat!

[Thinking] A little messing around...

I think you're running a little low on the champagne.

I know where it is.

Wait! Do you know where the Chateau Great Western is?

- What?
- I'll show you.

[Rock Music Playing]

Wait a minute! Are you man enough to lift that?


No, come here, dummy.

It's check-up time.

Well, what are you dressed as?

The cover of "After Dark".

Here we go.

Don't get too excited.

It's not good to get too excited.

It's really growing.

Oh, it's... it's... getting big and hard and...

Come on!

Oh, isn't this great, baby?

You're really gonna get off.

So big and firm. It's getting really big now.

It's growing. It's really growing.

We're getting dose.

Bring it up!

We're really gonna get off now. Come on!

We're really gonna get off!

[Muffled] Come on, let's go! Come on!

[Muffled] Let's do it! Here it comes! already got off once today, didn't you?

No. I haven't got off in two weeks.

I wish they would do something about those plants. You
know, I love plants.

I can't stand to see them all dried up like that. I think it's a
pity. Really.

I mean, after all, they can't go walking away and get some
water. It's not like a dog or anything.

Hi, team.

Hello, Mrs. Blake. We have to change tomorrow's interview

Billy, your slip is showing.

[Phyllis] An Old Fashioned. [Taylor] I like a girl who likes Old

Oh, I'll bet you're modern in some ways.

You'd be surprised. I really am rather old fashioned in many

No hanky-panky? No insy-outsy?

Not with you, Mrs. Blake.

I would never fool around with a married woman.

You really mean that?


However, should you decide to leave your husband,

perhaps we could capture a rare moment of lost elegance.

[Rock Music Playing]

[Thinking] Well, if I can find a few acquaintances and appeal
to the Inner Man in each of them,

well, then perhaps I can find the Inner Man in my own
husband! Right on, sister!

Have you ever thought about diseases?

I mean have you ever thought about how many diseases can
attack your lawn?

There's smut. Brown patch. Powdery mildew.

If you cut the grass too short it dies out.

If you forget to water it, it dries out.

If you get a hot summer, it fries out.

All that hard labor for nothin'.

Oh, I think I've had it. It's so hot in here. Come on, let's go.

Oh, Jane, you know, it's so nice seeing you again!

You look lovely. You've lost about 20 pounds!

It's great. It really is, dear. I love it.

Come on, let's go, dear. We've had enough.

Those canapes! You know, there I was, I didn't eat all day just
waiting for those canapes.

It was just simply awful!

How'd you get your pants all dirty?

I only have to give my name, rank, and serial number.

What does that mean?

Welcome to World War Three. [Sound of Bomb Falling]

We've been talking with the authoress of the American
Lesbian's Quick Weight Loss Diet Cook Book.

- Have a good day.
- Drive Carefully!

- Thank you very much. That was very nice.
- Thank you.

How many times a day do you both do this?

- Twice a day.
- Yeah, we take people to work and we bring them home.

We even appeal to those who roam.

Yeah, thank you. You were wonderful.

- Uh, Mrs. Blake?
- Yes?

- This is tomorrow's schedule.
- Oh, very good. Mm-hm.

- If you don't need me any more, I'll be going.
- Alright, I'll see you in the morning.

[Music: "Flight of the Bumble Bee"]

- I thought that went pretty well.
- It was alright.

Well, I have to get into town. I have a clients meeting this

So I'll see you later.

[Music: "Flight of the Bumble Bee"]

Ernie Miklos, please.

Gillian Blake.

Ernie! Gilly.

I've been a very naughty little girl.

A naughty little girl?

A very naughty little girl and I need to be punished.

- Punished?
- Yes.

Oh, no no. Not that one.

Use this one. It's so big and black.


Punish me! Beat me!


Whip me!

Punish me, I've been very bad. Very Bad.

Take me! Punish me! Oh! Oh, yes! Oh!

[Continuing to Scream With Pleasure]

Want this one? Okay.

Oh, I love this!

Ooh! Ooh! On the couch. On the couch. Like this.

Where's my vibrator! Oh!

I love this so much Gill, it's wonderful! This is the best thing
that's ever happened to me.

Ernie! Ernie! Stop it, that hurts!

I love it! I love you! Fantastic! It's fantastic!


That was... wonderful!

Would you beat me here? Would you beat me right here?

Beat me right here! I've got a bruise here!

Beat me right here! Ouch! Ouch! Come on! Right there! Ow!

What are you doing? You're not going to take all of the

Oh, no! Don't take that! I like that!

What did you do with the vibrator? No, wait- beat me like this.
Beat me! Look!

Beat me on the stomach! I like being beaten on the stomach!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Give me something! Oh, give me this!

Give me the mouth piece! I don't want the chain.

Oh, I want this. Ooh!

Oh, more more more! Oh, stop it stop it stop it!

[Music Playing]



[Giggling Continues]

No, really-I don't have time now.

No, not now. Phyllis, I have to get back!

[Crashing and Sound of Glass Breaking]

No, Phyllis! No!

Phyllis, I don't have time to sit here and do [muffled]...

Phyllis! Will you please... Phyllis!

I'm done. That's enough, okay?

Phyllis! Ow! Phyllis, wait, will you?

[Glass Breaking]

Little Love-Bunny does that so well.

Okay, honey. You want it? You got it.

- Little Love-Bunny likes it.
- Mmm-hmm.

Little Love-Bunny loves Big Love-Bunny inside her.

Wait... oh!

Little Love-Bunny wants a bottle.


[Coin Dropping into Return]

[Phone Ringing]


Oh, Marvin, it's Gilly!

Oh, hi Gilly!

I'd like to see you.

Okay, but... someplace very private.

I'm not gonna eat you!

I know people think I'm an ineffectual creep. But I really don't
like to be conspicuous.

[Gilly] I'll work it out.

Thanks, Gilly.

[Phone Hanging Up]


Yes, darling?

What do you think of Marvin Goodman?

I think he's an ineffectual creep.


[Whispering] Yes?

Good night, Billy.

[Sound of Film Projector]

In keeping with our policy of keeping you abreast of current
trends in today's permissive society,

we have with us a very special kind of actress who deals in a
very special kind of film.

One that, in fact, we are watching right here this morning.

And I must say that it is of a very... explicit nature.

I would have to add, it is certainly well acted...

done with enthusiasm, creativity...

and it does deal in a very explicit fashion

However, it does certainly have what I would consider
redeeming Socialist values.


Uh... social values. I can only say that it is very explicit.

Gilly, would you say that?

Uh... I would say that it's very...

... explicit.

And now we pause for just 30 seconds.

Off the air!

I'd like to thank our guest for getting us up so... getting up so
early to be with us this morning.

Have a good day.

Whoo! [Laughing]

Quite a show.

Oh, yeah, this is the, uh...

How many times a day are you on?

Twice a day.

Yes, you see, we get people to work and then we bring them

[Gilly] We even appeal to those who roam.

Uh, listen... I have to get back into town because I'm doing
some promos with Taylor today.

So, I'll see you later. Bye.


[Laughing continues]

I don't know why they don't have smaller parties.

[Phone Ringing]

Marvin! It's Gilly. Listen, can I meet you some place?

I promise you it'll be very inconspicuous.


Hello, Marvin!

What's this?

I couldn't get a taxi anywhere.

- What are you, nuts? A bus?
- It'll be alright. Come on.

- But isn't it a little bit conspicuous?
- It's very nice. It's all to ourselves. No one here but you and

- Come on.
- You're crazy!-Okay, take it away!

- What kind of bus is this? I asked you for privacy!
- Come on up stairs. It's more private upstairs.

- (Gilly) Don't be afraid.
- (Marvin) I don't have any English money!

- I have everything under control. It's all taken care of.
- But I told you I don't like to be conspicuous!

- Gilly, you're crazy!-C'mon Marvin, they can't see in. It's gonna
be perfectly...

What do you mean they can't see in?
Of course they can see in! Are you nuts?

Isn't it beautiful? Look, you can see everything up here.

That's what I'm afraid of!

- Look!
- I don't wanna look, Gillian!

No, isn't it lovely down there? Isn't it?

[Laughing] Marvin, this is silly now. Come on.

What if somebody sees me? My office is right...

Marvin, no one is out here looking at you. Only working, you
know that.

I have a business associate right on this block...

- Marvin!
- Gilly!

- Let's go to the back.
- The back?

The back. Come on. We'll stand up if you like. It's easier.

- What are you...? Marvin, get up!
- I don't wanna get up!

Nobody's watching, Marvin! It's gonna be alright. You're too

Oh, Gilly. Gilly, you're crazy!

Marvin, please get up. Come on!

- But you see all these people...
- It's gonna be alright.

That looks like my wife! Oh, no.

Marvin, don't you know the secret of life?

Secret? What secret?

You gotta tell the whole world to go fuck themselves.

Tell the whole world... to...

Don't you understand that the more people that there are,
they less they see?


Maybe if nobody sees.

Marvin, now, would you like to get off on 5th Avenue?

Gilly! What are you doing?

Gilly! Gilly!

Gilly! I don't think you're completely aware of your postion!

[Bus's Horn Honking]

Hello out there--go fuck yourself!

That's right.

This is Marvin here, Fuck you all!!

How do you do? Go fuck yourself.

You too, you fucking cab driver. Ha, ha!

You... you... you little bitch, you! Oh!

Hello, you fucking idiots out there.

Go fuck yourself. Fuck you all!

I've got little Gilly right here. What have you got? Your fucking

[Moaning] Oh, Gilly!

Oh, this is the only way to travel.

[Moaning Continues]

[Moaning Continues]

- Okay, that's enough. Come on!
- No! Come On!

- Phyllis, come on!
- You old fart. Come on!

I know what's happening in Chicago.

Are you sure there is such a thing as naturally refined sugar?

Well, you find out, then.

Okay. Okay. Let me know. Right.

Little Love-Bunny?

[Music: "Birth of a Generation" by Jean Bouchety]

[Radio Guest] How many times a day do you do this?

- [Billy] Twice a day.
- [Gilly] We get the folks to work and we bring them home.

- [Billy] We even appeal to those who roam.

[Phyllis] I'll be going now, Mrs. Blake, if you don't need me.
- [Gilly] I don't need you.

[Music: "Flight of the Bumblebee"]

- Yes?
- It's Marvin. Terrific news!

- I can hardly wait to hear it.
- You've made a new man out of me.

- Congratulations.

- When do I see you again?
- You don't.

- I don't?
- No. In spite of the impression I may have given you, I am
not an adultress.

I just borrowed a very nice apartment from a friend of mine,
with a terrace and lots of traffic!

Thanks anyway, Marvin. I'm flattered.

Take care now, Marvin. Bye-bye.

[Phone Hanging-Up]

[Rotary Phone Dialing]

Hello, Ethyl.

Listen, I'll be home early tonight. Anything I can pick up for
you at the store?

Perhaps we could capture a rare moment of... lost elegance

[Rotary Phone Dialing]

- Taylor? Gillian Blake.
Listen, I'm in terrible trouble. You've got to help me!

- What are you doing here?
- Hi, I'm so glad you came. Where can we talk?

What? Down there.

Oh, I'm so upset. I'm leaving Billy. I've had just about all I can

- I really need somebody to talk to.
- Will you please calm down?


[Gillian] There's such a thing as a three-year, five-month itch.

[Taylor] Now calm down.

- Taylor, thank you for meeting me.
- Well, what are friends for?

You're really very nice.

Now what's all this about you going to leave Billy?

Going to leave Billy?! I've left Billy!

It's over! It's done! I'm free! I couldn't be happier!

And what did Billy do to make you so happy?

He's having an affair with another woman.

What? Oh, when? Does he sleep out?

Oh, Christ no, he'd never do that.

Oh, well that's a completely different story.

A woman should never be jealous over what happens to her
husband before 7 o'clock at night.

How's that?

- I think you're making a mistake.
- You do?
- Certainly do.

Go back to him. Fight him on his own ground. Cheek-to-jowl!

Ha! Fuzzy-to-fuzzy, you mean.

Go back, Gilly. Go back.
If only we could all go back.

Back to a simpler time. A less complicated time.

- Taylor, couldn't I...
- When life was so much easier.

Couldn't I stay single just a little while longer?

May I invite you to a lovely luncheon? I know a wonderful

Taylor, you make me feel so... je-ne-sais-quois.

When I'm with you, I feel like something out of a silent movie.


[Sound of Needle Being Placed on a Scratchy Gramophone

[Tango Music Begins Playing]

[Sound of Needle Hitting Scratchy Lead-Out of Record]

[Tango Music Plays Again]

[Telephone Rings]


You may cancel the brandy.

[Ragtime Music Plays] ["Piano Roller" by Johnny Pearson]

- If you stick your tits out, you know you'll look better!
- Get over there! Get over there!

- C'mon. Tits out, honey.
- Keep it bright, Gilly!


C'mon, Gilly! I know you hate it. But how often do you do
publicity shots?

Oh, wait! Wait! Hold on, wait! A little bit more make-up right

- C'mon. Atta-girl. Purse your lips. Good!
- Tits out!

...that whole discussion, I explained. Oh. Thank you. Excuse

- Hello?
- Hi, Love-Bunny. How are you?

- Hi.
- I have to go take a script out to Gilly.

[Billy] Okay, why don't I meet you about 3:30?

[Phyllis] Okay. Are you going to play with Little Love-Bunny's

[Billy] Uh, okay... uh... that's fine, yeah.

- [Billy] We'll have dessert together.
- Okay, bye-bye.

It's always something.

[Woman from Photo Shoot] And Terrific! And please tell Billy
I'm so sorry I missed him.

- [Gillian] I'll tell him. Thank you very much.
- [Photographer] It was lovely.

Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

[Music-Box Music Begins to Play]

Hi, Mrs. Blake.

I saw you in the pool and, well I thought...

Do I look as good as Billy did?


Much better.

- I brought the revisions for tomorrow.
- Thanks.

I wanted to ask you something. I've been offered this job in

and I'd like your opinion. I don't know what to do.

I could go for you!


- You like Billy, don't you?
- He's very nice.

- I mean, you like to be with him.
- Well, yes I do.

Must you dance every dance with the same fabulous man?

- If you're going to leave, I'd better kiss you goodbye.
- What?

I never kissed my boss's wife before.

Hmmm. I'm feeling your point.

I'm feeling your 'fuzzy'.

I'm gonna kiss your little 'fuzzy'.

[Gillian] Nice baby.

[Phyllis] I don't understand Billy. I mean, I never would have
left you for me.

I wouldn't have, either.

I've never been in love before. I realize that now.

- In love?
- Totally and completely.

I can't wait to tell Billy.

- Billy? Now just a second, you...
- Don't worry.

This will always be the one true love of my life. But it will
always remain incognito.

[Phyllis] Now I'll have to take that job.

[Phyllis] Dear Big Love-Bunny, I love you.

I have, I do, and I always will.

But something happened to me today that, well... I hope it
happens to you.

Except... it already has.

I mean, it's hard to explain, but I've met my one perfect love.

And I'm leaving you. I'm leaving everything.

I'm getting out of your life, out of New York City, and out of
the apartment I'm subletting.

For the first time, I've experienced complete emotional and
physical fulfillment.

I've known the act of unselfish love.

I am complete.

I think it's time to move to Southern California.

Always think of me as one who loved not wisely, but unwell.

Hi. Have a good day?

Tired tonight.

[Car Tires Screech on Television]

[Dark, Dramatic Music Plays on Television]

Wish I had a glass of wine.

And a joint?

Why aren't they showing the Garbo version?

[Man on Television] Marguerite-I know why you left Port
d'Hercule that day.

I know why you said and did all the things that you tried so
hard to make me believe.

- You should have told me the truth!
- I meant well. But that isn't enough...

is it?

- Who are we gonna have tomorrow?
- An explorer.

- Oh really?
- What's he done?

I think he's the only man, with just the stars to guide him...

to ever successfully reach the top of Anita Ekberg.

- Phyllis is leaving the show.
- No one is irreplaceable.

- No.
- No.

We'd still get the folks to work.

And we'll get them home.

We even appeal...

to those...

- I feel lousy.
- Poor baby.

[Man on TV] I'll help you, Marguerite.

Don't start, Gilly. I don't think I'll ever be able to get it on

[Man on TV] I'll make you well again.

Not even with me? You wanna get off, hmm?

Stand up, please.

Oh, baby.

Show it to me. Show it to me!


What's that?

Nothing important.

[Jack Clacks Off of Cage] [Bird Chirps]