Nadodikkattu (1987) - full transcript

Dasen (Mohanlal) and Vijayen (Sreenivasen) are peons at a government office who end up with no jobs, a cow, and a heavy bank loan after a series of comical events. In desperation, they decide to go to Dubai and try their luck. But they end up in an unexpected location and are mistaken for smugglers, triggering off a new set of adventures in their luckless lives. is deprecated, please
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The last numbers of
Kerala state lottery.

Tomorrow you'll become
a millionaire.

We are praying for you to become
a millionaire.

We have few tickets.

Within few minutes, you are going
to forfeit your luck.

If you hesitate you can't get
a ticket later.

No other state in India has offered
such a big amount in lottery.

For offering such a big amount Kerala
Government has became very famous.

Lucky tomorrow, lucky tomorrow.

Time has come. Time has come.

Draw be conducted tomorrow.

Kerala lottery tomorrow.

Kerala State lottery drawing
has come.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

You draw it tomorrow or day
after tomorrow.

We are not against it.

Oh! Tea dust is over!

Hereafter, I can't go to the
provision store.

Let him bring if it's necessary.

All the vessels have not
been cleaned.

I had told him to clean the vessels
before going to sleep.

I have told him times.

The dried rice will
break my nails.

His sleep has no end.

Hey, get up and come.

You're not paying salary to me for
cleaning your defiled vessels.

Whom am I telling? How many times
I have been told him all like.

I had never seen such an inconsiderate
room mate in my life.

I've to boil the water, wash the
rice & cook the pulse.

It'll be late today also.

Didn't you prepare tea?

Excuse me sir, tea powder is over.

You prepare rice & curry soon.

I'll come after taking bath
I'll be late for the office.

Take your tiffin carrier.

Impossible I gave you a lift up to here
carrying your fat body on cycle.

Hey, bring it also.

Hey, come here.

You Lords are coming late
everyday, isn't it?

Sir, you tell the P.D.S men to supply
good quality rice.

What do you mean?

It'll take 2 hrs to cook the rice
which they supplied.

That's why, we are coming late.

May I report to the head office?

Sir, If there's any work you tell us.

Who'll come here to work for this
little salary except us?

Since 1975, the complete stock files.

Should reach my table
within 1/2 on hrs.

Since 1975 - Yes.

Complete stock files - Yes.

It should reach within 1/2 an hour
on this table - Yes.

You come here.

You go man.

Yuck, you come here.

Whom you are calling...
-You go, man?

Did you prepare covers of reports
for the share holders?

Yes, do you want me to take it
out from the cover?

Hey - Yes- You bring a tea.

I want it soon.

Sir, since 1975 complete stock files?

I have to submit to the table of
the head clerk within 1/2 an hr.

You submit it. It'll take 5 minutes to
bring a tea, isn't it?

Yes, it's impossible to bring tea.

Sir, you must bring.

Look Sir, since some days you're
trying to boss over me.

Sir, do you remember I am a B.Com degree
holder with 1st class.

You made 10 attempts to
pass S.S.L.C.

You're a clerk & I am a peon here
because of fate.

It's not suitable for a S.S.L.C man
to insult a degree holder.

It's impossible for me
to bring you tea.

You donkey, because of you
I had lost my 50 paise.

Let it go, everything should be

The condition of our office is
becoming worse day by day.

If this was a Government office
I would have picketed them.

I thought after the transfer of
that bull type M.D.

We'll get some relief,
But see what happened?

New M.D's coming from

I've heard that he's a
broad minded man.

Then we can inform our grievance's
to that broad minded man, isn't it?

At least we want to get the job
as an L.D.Clerk.

My dear Mother.

I don't want to repeat those words
"I think that you are happy"

Other's house will always be
other's house only.

You don't think that I don't like
you to stay with me.

You have to wait for some more time.

A new M.D has to come.

I'll try to get a better job
by appealing to him.

Everything will be Al right.

Mother, don't worry about me.

I've a good future.

You continue to pray to God always.

Why can't you come & help me
in kitchen?

Hey, That girl will hear.

Let her hear - You can say like that.

Now a days she's more friendly
with me.

With you? Hey, you are a
damn fool.

She's the only daughter of
her parents.

She's studying medicine.

If you go for friendship
you'll become handicapped.

Hey, I am not a pre-degree
holder like you.

I am a B.Com degree holder
with 1st class, understand?

It's true that at present my job
is not good.

But I am not like you
I am very handsome.

She'll tell to her father
"Father, I want to marry him"?

After finishing her studies we'll
build a nursing home here.

I'll be the Managing Director
& we'll lead a happy life.

That time if you come there as a
cancer patient or as a leper.

I'll wring you.

If you can't pay the money
I'll neck you out.

What a beautiful worthless dream.

Hey, it'll come true.

It'll happen, you'll wander as a
beggar along the street.

Yuck! you shut your bad mouth.

My future doctor's going, isn't it?

You stop the cycle.

No Dasan, we should not
forget our state.

Hey, stop the cycle -No, Dasan.

How many years more for your
hospital internship.


Just to know it.

My ambition was also
to become a doctor.

Then, what was the obstacle?

Nothing, I thought that my hands will
shiver while doing surgeries, isn't it?

Dasan, why can't you try for a
more suitable case?

He is talking about the case what
we had filed in labour court.

We were discussing it on our
way, I'll go.

You don't try to make me a fool.

Not a single penny is left in
the pocket, he & his...

Oh! my God.

Move man.

What happened?

Hey, Are you blind?

I have done a mistake.

You keep quiet, I'll handle this.

She crossed the road carelessly.

Hey, if she crossed carelessly
why didn't you apply the brakes?

If you call Hey, Rey...etc.,

What'll you do? Hey.

It seems decent girls are unable
to walk along the road.

You tell the truth, you did
this wontedly, isn't it?

Be careful, when you talk.

Impossible! This girl is
related to me.

What do you want now?

My head, I won't leave you
without a proper decision.

What did you call me?

Hey, I know the meaning of

Because, I'm a B.Com 1st class.

What is the meaning of scoundrel?
- It means beggar.

Beggar, isn't it?- Okay.

We can't tolerate, you're arrogant.

Let it be lesson to all- Yes.

How was the scene?

1st gallantry of a Hero
for his Heroine.

She is trapped but you might have
been insulted if he had beaten you.

Sometime it can happen. Stop, stop.

Hey, stop my dear, they are
our own guys.

Panikar uncle, where are you going?

Moons phase will be changing soon.

So, I've to get inseminated
one by one.

Why can't you call somebody
to help you in this old age?

You haven't paid 2 months
rent, isn't it?

If I call somebody for
help who'll pay him.

Did you hear his joke?

You've stocked all note bundles
in a box.

And you think nobody knows
about it.

Yes, Yes, when will you
pay the rent?

It'll be paid within 2 weeks.

I won't agree.

You start the cycle man.

I'll come to your office to
put both of you to shame.

It's already over.

Oh! I see come dear.

Why all of you've gathered here?

New M.D has phoned that
he'll come at 10.00 A.m.

Is it? Hey! Vijay, our future
God is coming.

Is it? - Oh! God bless us
- He'll bless.

My car broke down
I fell down in the mine also.

Come on sir.

Are you satisfied now?

You acted as a big boss in front of
that girl.

You've stabbed yourself.

It's sure that we'll be dismissed.

How could I think it'll
turn out like this?

Hey, we must be careful
in what we do.

Because of my bad luck I've
deflated the tyre.

It was good you did it.

Otherwise, I would've been the only
defendant in the case.

I had stolen the chain of my
sister-in-law & left my house.

I had thought of saving
Rs 10 per month.

After buying a chain only
I'll go to my house.

It'll be impossible in this life
you don't get upset, man.

How can I not get upset?

The job of a peon is below
my standard.

Even though it helps us
to get porridge.

What'll we our future?

We can salvage ourselves if
use our brains properly.


Hey, not understood?

Sir, we are

This is Dasan, no, this is Vijayan
& I'm Dasan.

I've understood that.

But I'm not able to grasp the
purpose of this fancy dress.

He has ophthalmic, that's why
he has worn specs.

Okay, what is your beard for?

He didn't shave today.

This can't be one day's growth.

True, it can only be hereditary

Oh! let it be so.

With whose permission did both of
you go out yesterday?

Why didn't you submit a leave letter?
M.D is very angry.

Sir, yesterday, I had a sudden
attack of dysentery.

Yes sir, both of us had it.

So in that emergency -Both of you
report to the M.D.

We both are attenders of this
office sir.

Due to severe stomach pain we were
unable to submit a leave letter.

Are you writing leave letter
with the stomach?


You both...yesterday...

Sir, yesterday we were not here.

Not that -No sir.

Yesterday we were not here.

On the road...when the car
hit a girl.

We are going to start for
our duty sir -Wait.

But this beard...

You remove those specs.

His eyes have rotted in disease.

If the specs be removed
you'll be shocked.

We are going for duty sir -Yes.

These are the photos taken at the
time of Mr.Sadasivan's retirement.

This is what I had told you by using
brain we can outwit anybody.

I am telling the truth.

For the 1st time, you've evoked my
respect for giving this idea.

Oh! A King of Genius.

You must fall at my feet for saving
you from that M.D.

No problem sometimes we'll have to
fall at the feet of an ass also.

Not like that sometimes an ass
has to fall at the feet.

We are not at all bothered about
the job of this dirty company.

One day we'll take revenge for this
you'll see that.

This company will get ruined
within 6 months.

Victory of Revolution
Victory of Revolution.

Victory of labourer union
Victory of labourer union.

Our expectations from that broad
minded man has come to naught.

Let by gones be by gones.

Is there no other company
in this country?

I'll never consider it as failure.

We have to pay Rs 500 to
the provision store.

Milk money, 2 months house rent.

Here after our food will be
air till we get a job.

Oh! You are only thinking
about food.

Then, shall I talk about contract in
Sri Lanka of carnage in Saudi Arabia.

Hey, try to find out a way
for our future, then food.

Oh! look your future wife.

The witch who has put mud in
our porridge.

Because of gold & girl
-Our health & future got ruined.

I went to your office.

Is it? uncle, we are dismissed.

I know everything, you do one thing.

You pay me this arrears.
Vacate the house.

Oh! my God, uncle if you
also dismiss.

Hereafter how can I expect rent
from you?

Uncle, we both have registered
our name in Employment Exchange.

Is it? Then, I needn't fear.

You'll get the order a day
before your death.

Hey, you both are having false
notions of honour.

Now a days semi educated
people are worthless.

Do you know the wages of labourer?

Dear children sitting idle in the hope
of getting a Govt.job is foolishness.

You try to earn some money by
doing some work.

It's very difficult to become
so cheap.

So as to work as a labourer.

Is it the aim of a 1st class
B.Com degree holder?

No need of toiling as a labourer.

You can get a loan from the Bank.

Now, Banks are allotting Rs 25000
for unemployed.

You get it & start a small scale

Uncle, is it possible to get a bank
loan without politicians support?

I'll get you.

Banks are giving loans.

But now, here it's impossible.

Sir, don't say like that.

Some how you please help them.

They both are very trust worthy.

Mr.Panikar, we've stopped giving
loans in this district.

Hereafter you can try at
lower grade districts.

Oh! my God, we have no friends
& relatives there.

Is there any other project except
the small scale industry?

I'll tell you one possibility
because you both are Paniker's men.

I can't give you Rs 25,000 or 50,000

I can give you Rs 10,000 in the
name of buying cows.

Sir, we are educated...looking
after cow's mean...

No other project is here.

Cow... is not a satisfying
business -Yes.

You came with me, I want to tell
you one thing.

Sir, just a minute.

What fools you are.

I am trying to help you in many
ways but you are not willing.

What's the problem in cow business?

I started business with one cow.

You come & see in my cattle yard.

There are 50 fat cows now.

I've built a shopping complex
in the market.

I've built 4 houses.

All this accrued from the sale of
the milk of those cows.

Includes the house where
you reside.

Do you know? -We didn't know?

Then, you better know...

Try to get at least Rs.10,000.

I'll give you 2 good Australian cows
they'll give you 25 this of milk daily.

What profit will we get daily?

You'll get full profit.

Few oil cakes, few cotton seeds
few bran.

If you give these milk
will gush out.

If its profitable.

Let it be cow or Buffaloes.

How many cows will we
get for Rs.10,000?

25 the milk yielding cows, isn't it?

I'll give you 2.

Can we pay Rs.50 daily as
installment to the Bank?

Why not?

If we milk the cow in the
morning and evening.

Forget about Pannickar uncle's words.

We'll get at least 30 litres of milk.

Rs.5 for per 1 litre.

Then, Rs.150 for 20 litres.

We've to pay Rs.50 to the Bank.

Then, cotton seeds bran etc
will cost Rs.20

And Rs.10 for milking wages.

So, 50+20+10=Rs.8O

How much will be the balance?

Is it profitable? -Yes!

So we can save Rs.2200 PM.

Why you don't want to take
loan on your name?

Because, you're luckier than me
-Is it?

My sign is Cancer!

Cancer people shouldn't take loans
-Oh! that's right.

Where are you four people going?


4 are going on pilgrimage to Kasi
-Are you coming?

Then, it'll be 5 people.

I just joked.

Where are you going?


Chathu brother, our problems
are solved.

So, no need to borrow from
tomorrow onwards.

Give me 2 kgs of oil cakes.

Are you eating oil cakes
instead of rice?

It is for cows.

What Das?

Why didn't we've this sense earlier?

Which sense?

Instead of working for someone
and getting a meager income.

Why didn't we've the sense to
do our own business like this?

There's a time for everything.

We've to save some money after
meeting our expenses.

Now we've 2 cows, isn't it? -Yes!

They should become 4...


We've to build a good house.

We've to buy a car
-...a fridge...

We've to enjoy like that.

It's very pleasant to hear
the mooing of cows.

It has music effort.

It's the siren of
prosperity, isn't it?

God save us.

By looking at her udder, it's impossible
to get 40-50 litres of milk.

We'll be lucky, if we get 10-12 litres
both in the morning and evening.

There isn't chance for that.

There is no chance of getting
mere milk.

Panicker uncle didn't say
like that.

Then, ask him to milk the cows.

Actually, how many litres are there?

6 litres will be there...

At least 10 litres should be
given to Raghavan's Shop.

Add water for the rest.

He)', you keep quiet.

We don't want profit by
cheating others.

We aren't of that type.

Then, I'll come back in
the evening.

What'll happen if we don't give
Raghavan at least 8 litres?


Add some water.

Milk is thick, we'll add water.

So, we'll add, isn't it? -We'll...

We'll add...

Since she was milked for
the first time.

So, the quantity is less.

There are only 8 litres.

Since it's the milk of the pure cow
it'll add 10 characters to it.

If you run a business, you
should keep up the word.

Only for today.

If you insist..then I'll milk 2 litres
in the afternoon and give you.

You've to...

I've stopped the other milk man
for your sake.

No problem.

Then, give me Rs.40

We've to buy and give good
feed for the cows, isn't it?

Hygienic nourishing feed!

Father said that you sinners have
started to cheat with this.

What happened?

He asked me to tell you, we've lots
of water in our well.

He asked you to come to the shop.

If you don't come he said he'll
come here with the villagers.

You give that money.

Hey, give...

Hey, we didn't kill anyone, isn't it?

Give this to your father.

Tell him we had asked him not to reveal
this outside and spoil our name.

You've made me a thief after
getting you the loan.

If cattle is tied in
different sheds.

All cattle will give only that
much of milk for first 3 days.

We don't want that type of cattle.

Then, go and file a case
if you don't want.

You shouldn't have done
this to us.

Ask that milking person to smear
some ghee and milk properly.

We had told that already.

Tell him again.

Then, you come and milk the cow.

Go and tell this to your man.

God will question you.

That's job of the God, isn't it?

In this Modern Times, we shouldn't
help anyone.

Who's Vijayan?

Bank Manager has asked
me to tell you.

If you don't pay the installments
Cows will be seized.

Oh, you're from Bank, we'll pay
the installments tomorrow.

Agreement is to pay the installments
daily, isn't it?

We're not getting milk according
to the agreement.

We're not bothered about that.

Don't frighten us by threatening
to seize the cows.

We've spent money to erect a
cattle shed for the cows.

When it's a co-operative business
if there's a loss.

Both parties should adjust.

Are you trying to cheat the Bank?

No...our condition is like this.

No problem, we'll follow
our procedures.

Then, you can follow it.

It wasn't correct what
you told him.

You don't have to bother about
consequences, isn't it?

Because loan is on my name, isn't it?

You want to put me behind bars.

Hey, the person who doesn't
believe his friend.

That's you...

You won't be happy at all.

Milk quantity is less than expected

If it's the fault of my milking.

You can find someone else
glve my wages.

How many litres are there? -4.


By milking the cow continuously
blood has started to ooze out.

I'll go, give my wages.

I'll give all your wages tomorrow.

You needn't give tomorrow.

No problem, I'll take this milk
-Hey, keep it.

Don't play fool.

I've no other source of income.

You're responsible for
everything -Yes!

Why're you sitting in dark?

Life has become dark, isn't it?

Don't say like that, Vijaya.

Not only for us, everyone
has difficulties.

Drought, leakage in Dam, L.T.T.E

There are a lot of problems.

Even then, you said that I'm wanting
to put you behind bars.

You shouldn't...

You shouldn't have said so.

Sensitive! no sleep for them
in the night.

They're mooing like hell.

It's because, we didn't give
them oil cakes & water.

Few oil cakes were remaining
I ate them!

That's right, that's why I couldn't
find, when I searched for it.

They're good cows.

They'll give 20 litres in the morning
and 20 litres in the evening.

Can you milk her and show?

The one who milked her hasn't
come, that's why...

Then, how can I believe?

Humans should believe humans
-Philosophy is good!

When we look at the cow
I feel you're lying.

Oh! that's right! you can go
I'm not selling it to you.

Tell the truth, how much
milk will she give?

I had told that I won't sell
her to you, isn't it?

Which place does he belong to?

20 litres...come...

Before Bank seizes them, I thought of
selling them and make money.


Then, nothing.

Before police catches us
we've to leave the place.

Leave the place?

This's not an ordinary place
we've to escape sometime.

We'll get into the launch
to go to gulf.

All the arrangements are made.

This society doesn't want us.

But we've to make our future.


Then, it means that we're
cheating the Bankers.

You're right.

Behind everyone's success there may be
some black scar behind like this.

So, don't mind it.

Vijaya, that's...

Are you coming or not?

Gaffer has promised that he'll
allow us to board the launch.

Which Gaffurka?

Like before, there isn't any plane
from Thiruvanathapuram, isn't it?

So many people reached Gulf
by swimming.

Can we get Visa without paying
Rs.20,000 today?

Majority of the people
were cheated.

Understand that this generation don't
have strength of mind like before.

We both don't have strength of mind.

No need.


But, you've to swim

You've to swim in the Sea.

Then, won't you take this launch
to the shore?


But, they can't sail it
up to the shore.

They're planning to load goods
to California.

Where?-To California

Only for your sake...

If you want...I'll turn it to
the Dubai Sea shore.

Then, you've to swim.

If we get caught by the Arabic Police.

You're not going to swim where
Arab policemen are on duty.

There are many Sea shores in Gulf
Where Police won't be seen.

I know very well.

You do only one thing.

You've to take 2 pairs of
Arab dresses.


The moment you reach the shore,
wear that Arab dress.

Which Police can catch the
person wearing Arab dress?


I'll teach you some important words
of Arabic language.


Asalamu - Asalamu(Greetings)

Alackum - Alackum(to you)

Valeykum - Valeykum (Greetings)

Usalam - Usalam

This is enough.

So, come with money on 7th.
The launch will start from here.

If we get caught.

To catch whom?

You'll get caught only if you've
the fear that they'll catch you.

So, believe that they'll not catch you.

No one will catch you.

They'll not...

I'm telling you...
be brave & go.

Then, come on 7th with money.


When I saw the front door locked.

Damodaran and his family has
gone to attend a marriage.

Where are you coming from?

I didn't receive any letters
in between.

I was in a problem.

When will your problem get solved?

Doctor has advised that dirty water
shouldn't spill on your leg, isn't it?

Then, who'll wash the clothes here?

This is someone's house, isn't it?
Can we sit quietly and eat?

Then too..

Shall I pluck sonchus
leaves & come?

There isn't any use of swearing
this leaves for this gout.

What about your matter?

Will you get promotion?

I've lost that job.

That isn't a Surprise, now saturn
is ruling over you.

Even I failed to fulfill
the vow in temple.

Everything will become Al right, mother.

I'm not joking.

All our bad times will disappear.

I've come to bid adieu.
-Where're you going?

I've to go somewhere else.

There isn't any use of staying
in my place.

No need of that.

Somehow I've to escape.

Then, too, I won't be peaceful
if I don't see you.

Mother, you keep this
-I don't want anything now.

I've money, mother.

I've to solve some of my problems.

I don't have time, so I'll write
to you in detail.

So, Are you going?

Have something...

They didn't lock the kitchen
I'll prepare something for you.

Not because of that,
I don't have time.

I'll write to you the moment
I reach there.

I'll write.


Boat is going to start....
give the money.

Aren't you coming?

I'm coming, but I don't want to create
any problem after we enter.

There won't be any problem.

I've brought the full amount.

The money which I got after selling the
cows & everything is there.

Our future is in your hands.

Do you've to tell that?

Then, Have you taken Arabic dresses?

Okay, you come.

ls this the boat?

It's in the Sea, don't we've
to reach till there?


Come here.

Careful, your head may get hurt.

You can keep your suitcases here
you can do anything as you like.

Then, if any workers question
you here...

You just say, you're
Gaffurka's friends.

I'll take care of the rest.

Gaffurka is a very good person.

Do you've any doubt?

Do you know how many people reached
Gulf & became rich because of him?

Is it?

Very great person.

Hey, Vijaya, why didn't we have
this sense earlier?

There's a time for everything
to happen.

Fishermen are going to the sea.

Poor fellows, isn't it?

In this vast deep Sea...

Above the vast deep sea waves our
wishes are flying as a sparrow.

Like Arab gold coins the
clouds shine in the sky.

Oh! breeze you play the B.G.M.

ls this the Kingdom I saw in dream?

ls this the luck come in search
of me from the earth?

World is a honey cup. I'm in the
intoxication of Wine.

To get rid of poverty in the Earth
Heaven opened its door.

We're waiting for a bright dawn.

The sound of beetles in search of
flowers resembles a music.

The embracing of beautiful girls
gives heavenly pleasure.

The sky will bloom like a flower
it'll pour the wishes of honey.

The wind blowing through Pandanus
flowers spreads smell of musk oil.

The world is enjoying.

Hey, get up...Place is nearing.

-Reached the place.

So, By the God's grace, we've reached
the Dubai shore without any difficulties.

Oh! God!...

God, please save us.

This is the auspicious time
for a good thing.

It's just dawning, Don't delay, jump.

We won't forget this help.

After getting job...

When you come back to our place
for the first time.

You both come to house simply.

I don't want any money or Gold.

My wish is to see you both
reaching great heights.

God has identified you to us.

You're our God.

You both are like my children.

Don't delay...wear the dress to swim.

That place visible is Dubai.

Won't the Arabic dress get wet?

It's covered with the plastic
cover, isn't it?

It won't get wet.

Then, no need to waste time
first we've to change our dress.

It's right, we'll change.

We'll go there.

We'll wear Pant & Shirt inside
and Arabic dress outside.

Isn't Arabic dress enough?

Don't question. Just listen to the
knowledgeable person.

Only when knowledgeable
person says, isn't it?

Hey Vijaya, stop your quarreling

This isn't your Kerala, but Arabia.

Arabic Country.

Oh! God! who're they?

Hey, Those people are watching us.

Yes, they're watching us only.

After spending the money.

At last, we're destined to go behind
bars of the Arabic jail.

I thought this when started
with you.

Did we know that there may be lot of
security on Sea shores?

They're not in the Police Dress.

They're not in Arab's dress .

They're wearing Pant & shirt.

I doubt even they're Indians
like us. Come illegally.

Why should Indians look at
Indians stealthily?

Hey Mad, we're not Indians now.

They would've got scared by looking
at our Arabic dress.

Let anything happen, we'll proceed
further without fear.

Even then, there isn't any use of
getting scared now.

If we try to escape, then
we may be killed.

So, Boldness is the tonic of literates
We'll proceed further.

You go...-You go.

You go...- You go.

Hold me...Come...

I don't think they're Indians.

They're not scared by
our Arabic dress.

Those who don't get scared
are Indians.

Oh!God! they're following us
They're following us.

They'll doubt us, if we walk fast.

We'll stop.

Do you've a cigarette?

We're Arabic, isn't it? We needn't
get scared of anyone-Yes.

We won't get scared of anyone.

Hey...Our bag...


Give back our box.

Where are they?


Can't find them?



At the last moment, Police came
from somewhere.


Somehow, we bolted and escaped.

Even though, it was planned secretly
Had Police come to know about it?

Was our signals correct?
-Everything is correct.

One Arabic fellow kept a
cigarette on his lips.

And I had lit it
That was the signal, isn't it?

We gave our box to him and
they gave their box to us.

But they hesitated to
give their briefcase.

May be, because they would've got scared
after hearing the whistle of Police.


Where is the dollar?

Signals was correct.
Stupid, I'm asking you about the cash.

An Arabic fellow kept the
cigarette on his lips.

And I had lit it.


What's it?



Police caught Arabic fellows
with $ 80,000

Then, How did the Arabic fellow whom we
had met showed the signals correctly?


They are CID's, understood?

Very Intelligent CID's.

They've found even our secret signals.

You've lost 6 lakhs in one shot.

First, we'll open and see
what's in the box.

May be, if it's money?

We'll see that later, we shouldn't
open it from here.

That's danger.

First, we'll find out some good
Malayalees in Gulf.

We'll express our problems to them.
Then, we'll open the box.

We shouldn't open, till then
-That's right.

You listen to what I say
-I'll try.

I think our dress has some problem
by looking at the people's appearance.

But, can't find any Arabs
on the road?

Arabs will be in the place
Where oil is extracted.

Tamil word is written
that bus, isn't it?

Is there a Bus to Parrys
from here?

Can anybody travel in bus
to Parrys?

There may be some place named as
Parrys in Gulf, isn't it?

Oh! God! This isn't Gulf.

Don't speak hurtingly.-No...
look, it may not be like that.


Open your eyes & look properly.

Actor Bhagyaraj & Actress Radha.

How'll be Actor Bhagyaraj
and Radha be in Dubai

I don't know anything...

I'm fed up.

Hey, that thief Gaffar had
cheated us.

Hey, Gaffarka won't cheat us.

Is Gaffarka your brother-in-law?

Why're you shouting at me?

Hey, we sold the cows
We jumped in the water.

We swimmed, we took so
much of pain.

Was it to come to Madras?

Even, I'm asking you the same thing.

You don't talk to me
-I'm not talking to you.

Sir, where do you want to go?
Sit down.

Don't want...-I'll take you to a
lst class Five Star Hotel.


I said 'No', isn't it?

Leave my briefcase.

Hey, leave my briefcase.
Hey, come here.

I believed Gaffarka...
I didn't do it wantonly.

I'll teach him a lesson,
when I go there.

If you go there you won't
get your bones also.

We'll see to it.
-We'll see.

May be our luck is in
this suitcase.

First, we'll change the disguise.

We spent Rs.300 unnecessarily.

They've come

Those people in Arabic disguise, CID's.


In the reception.

Did they see you?

Then, why did you come here?
To put me also behind bars.

Don't I've to inform you that
they've come to our place.


Now, you're the cause for me
to get caught.

Even if you get caught you shouldn't
tell my name.

If you don't get caught follow
every movements of those CID's.

Hey, you close the door.
Close the door.

Money, isn't it?

Yellow cloth.

Money isn't there, what's this?

Look, whether it's poison,
we'll mix & have it and die.

Is it salt?

That's when they saw us swimming
in the Salty water.

They would've thought that
we like salt.

Then, have sauce
-First, you have it.

Hey, I'll do something
if I get angry.

This is...

I doubt this may be Cocaine.


What are they going to gain
by making us unconscious?

Will you please hold you tongue?

Our life will end with this.

We've got this by mistake.

They'll kill us for this.

If it's very expensive
we'll sell them.


We'll open the box sit on the
platform and yell.

"Narcotizes are on sale.
Please come".

They'll lift us and make
us sit a bungalow.

That's good.

It isn't like cheating Bankers and
selling the cows in the market.

We'll tell the truth & hand over this
to Police... That'll be good.

My hand.

These CID's are very powerful.

They're changing their disguise
every minute.

Anything may happen. My God.

You both are Malayalees, isn't it?


Sir, even you're a Malayalee?

When we both went for a walk to the
beach in the morning...

2 people handed over this box
to us and bolted out.

When, I told this to him
He isn't believing us.

Sir, Shall we go?

Not that we don't believe you.

By thinking that Police may catch you.

You might've surrendered
yourself, isn't it?

Then, you put us behind bars
and beat us into pulp.

That's the reward if we do any good
thing in this generation.

But, no one can skip
legal formalities.

Now, we know only you both are
involved in this case.

Sir, ls there no value
for truth here?

You just bring someone to take
you out on bail.

Sir...then, you take us
out on bail.

Sir, we don't know anyone here.

You think, without getting upset.

So many Malayalees are there
in this Madras.

In this crowd, any familiar person...

...A native of your Village...

I don't have address of
the villagers.

We only know villages without
address. -If its so...

Till you get someone, I've to keep
you in the custody.-Oh! God!

How's it?...Couldn't you throw
that box in a dust bin?

Doing social service?

A person near my house...
Very near to my house.

Is working here as a
taxi driver.

Since he's the taxi driver,
it's very easy to find him.

Now, it's clear.
They're CID's only.

They've started to enquire
about us with the Inspector.

Oh! My God! I think they've
seen us.

Hey, start the car soon.

Total result announced is 57 seats.

Out of them L.D.F. has won 43.

What a wonderful victory!

Hey, take the car soon.

There, brother Balan.

He's pointing us.

Hey, Drive fast without turning back.
-Go fast.

Come, we'll follow.

Where do you want to go?
-Go somewhere, soon.

There isn't a name for the place.

Go fast to Chintadripet.

Go fast without looking back.

Why're you in hurry?
Has anyone died?

Oh! My God! Speed isn't enough.
Go fast.

Yes, this is a old vehicle.
It can't go fast like youngsters.

Turn right-Turn left.

First, you both come to
a conclusion.

This isn't the way to Chintadripet.

I had asked you to turn right.

Are you scaring me?
-Speed is very less, go fast.

If the speed isn't enough
Get another vehicle.

I'll kill you, if you
don't listen to us.

Oh, Have you come down
to that level?

Come on, kill me.

Brother Bala.

Who're you?

Don't you remember me?

I'm Narayana Kutty's son
next to your house.

Narayana Kutty's...?



Don't you remember me?

In your house, when the bucket
fell into the well.

I took it out.

I don't remember
-I took it out.

My Brother Bala...

Only Malayalees have
cheated me a lot.

Earlier, whenever I used to see people
speaking Malayalam, I felt happy.

Now, if I hear 'Malayalee'
...I'm scared.

I can't say when & where
Malayalees will stab us.

We're not like that.

I'm not talking about you all
I said in general.

Robbers, Murderers and those
who do prostitution

All these Malayalees are coming
here ticket less in Train.

Their palace is Madras, isn't it?

-I'm not talking about you.

I said in General.

We can see if we go to
Central Station.

Suspicious looking person with a
an bag in the hand.

Like a procession.

Brother, we're...

I'm not talking about you.
I said in general.

Enough of your General Philosophy.

We've not cheated anyone.

I told about you only. So...

No Bala brother.

Somehow, you've to save us.

I've not saved till now.
Then, how can I save you.

That's a joke.

You're very popular there...

There isn't any day left without
praising you, isn't it?

Dear Das, your father Narayana Kutty
wasn't very clever like this.

Give me...I'll hold it.

No...l was holding it for
so long, isn't it?

No need...No need...

Why're you late?

Have children slept?

Who're they?

You don't know! They've come
from Kerala. Come.

Why? -I'll tell you in
detail afterwards.

You serve them food.

Take it.

So, whatever I heard was true.


Your wife is a Tamilian.

When I heard that in Kerala,
I didn't believe.

What's the problem?

Have you understood that, I don't have
link with Malayalees?

Your's is a love marriage, isn't it?

Let it be any marriage.
What's your next programme?

You're leaving the place
tomorrow, isn't it?

This is your own house, isn't it?
Very comfortable.

5-8 people can stay here
comfortably, isn't it?

You didn't answer my question.

Come and have food.


Tomorrow, there's a train
at 11.15 am to Kerala.

Sleep! I'll call you in the morning.

Brother Bala, one minute
I'll tell you one thing.

Brother Bala, that is...

Don't disturb me unnecessarily.

Brother Bala, since there's
nobody to help.

After father's death, our
condition became worse.

My Mother had to sell even our
house to educate me.

But, my mother thought that
I'll get back them.

Do you know?

My mother is living as an orphan
in my distant relative's house.

Like the Prince in Arabian tales...

My mother believes that I'll come
there with Gold bags one day.

I'm fed up.

I hadn't even dreamt of
bungalow and car ever.

A small job.

To my aged mother,

I've to send money at least to
buy medicinal oil.

That's my only wish.

Go to bed.

Whatever it's...let the dawn break.

I had starved.

I was forced to come out from
the rented house.

Even then, I didn't beg anyone
Do you know?

Even If I had no money.

I was respected a little among
these people.

Now, I'm going to give up that.

This was the story which happened
5-10 years back.

One day I took a trip
to Madhuranthakam.

And coming back by the car in night.

Since it was very late, there were
no vehicles on the road.

My car was old

It's head light was like rising Sun.

I saw it from a long distance.

A Ford car was crushed into pieces.

I stopped the car.

I saw, a person was struggling
in the drainage.

He had lost blood heavily.

I pulled him out & put him
inside the car.

Then, I drove the car at
100 miles speed.

And reached Govt.Hospital
within 10 minutes.

By that time, that person
would've died, isn't it?

Dasan! I don't like his talk.

Hey, now, we're going to
meet him only.

How are you Bala?

I thought you've forgotten
this poor man.

Oh! God! I've many liabilities.

Liabilities, for you?

That won't be there when I'm here.

Who're they?

Forgive me, if I'm disturbing you.

You tell me the matter, Bala.

I know them very well.


I don't have any one to tell.

Any job for both of them?

I think you both are educated, isn't it?

I've passed B.Com.

He's Pre...

Do you want to join today, itself?

Because, he's a very important person
to me, that's why I'm asking.

At least now you had come in search
of me for an obligation.

I'm very happy-

Dasan's matter is very important
for me.

Even my matter is also important
for Bala brother.

Since Dasan is a Commerce Graduate
let him work in Accounts Section.

Me too!

Let him work in the Godown
for the time being.

He can join in the office when
there's a vacancy.

It'll be difficult for me.

That won't be difficult for you
you've that much of education,isn't it?

You obey the Boss
-That's enough.

So, tomorrow itself...

That's your wish.

Like earlier, It is very difficult to
search a house for Rs.30 per month.

They're asking Rs.150 as rent
for a hut itself.

Why've you come this way Bala brother?

They've come from my native place
as a burden.

They need a house on rent.

They can't pay advance, but they'll
pay the rent promptly.

Is there any house vacant?

I'll try.

He'll show you.

If I stay with you then my livelihood
will be spoilt.

Please move.

Hey, brother Bala...wait.

What'll be our salary there?

I don't know.

We may get 1000-1500, isn't it?

That isn't enough.

You'll get Rs.5000.

And your friend will get Rs.4000.

So, Rs.9000 for you both.

Isn't it enough?

Are you mad?

You may get Rs.500.

Rs.500? Yuck.

You go only, if it's comfortable.


Bala brother.

I don't have any money
for my expenses.

Then, why did you come?

You've a big stomach & wide mouth
isn't it? -Yes!

Take it! buy something to eat.

He's asking which type of house
we need?

House should be good one.

One Bedroom is enough, isn't it? -No.

Let there be 2 bedrooms.

We should have good spacious hall
for guests to sit.

That's needed.

Then, bathroom should be attached,

Prayer room? Let it be there.

House should be very showy
in the front.

A good garden, car parking.

So you need a house with
all facilities -Yes.

If you need a house according
to your taste.

Then, monthly rent for that
will be Rs.2000

Rs.2000!! -Yes.

So much of rent...

How much can you give?

Rs.1500 -Lessen it little more.

Rs.1000 -Lessen it little more.

Rs.750 -Lessen it more.

Rs. 500 -No lessen it
little below that.

Tell me, how much will you pay?

That's...Rs.150 -2 bedrooms!

Garden! parking!
Attached bathroom!

A/c!...prayer room! and
rent Rs.150!! -Yes.

Come...I'll show you the
correct house.

They're asking Rs.175 as rent
for this house.

I'll somehow arrange it
for Rs.150.

It's one of my relative's house.

Very comfortable house, have a look.

What a beautiful house!

Only you both, isn't it?
you can cook here.

'Samayal'(cooking)? means

Oh, as said he doesn't know
Tamil fluently.

'Samayal' means cooking?

Then, what'll they call samayal
of our place here?

Samayal? -So you don't know
Malayalam fluently, isn't it?

What Malayalam, somehow we're
to live, isn't it?

Only for the people's sake we've
decided to build the hospital here.

This is not only my intention.

Government has taken this decision
for your good health.

So, what I'm trying to say is...

These places belong to Government.

These houses and huts were build
without the official deeds earlier.

Hereafter, Government won't
permit it.

Now this place belongs to us.

So, the people who're residing in this
place should vacate immediately.

He's asking to vacate the house.

Forget it, who's going to vacate?

Who's that person giving
that speech?

He's a great person influential
person in the Govt.

Will Venkateswaran create
any problem?

No ,I'm telling you,
isn't it?

You come, we'll meet the
house owner.



I entered the office with
full confidence.

If C.l.D sleuths hear my talk,
what's your problem?

He's a popular company owner in
the city,

No one'll suspect that he's
involved in narcotics.

Hey, talk slowly.

This is the time where we
can't even believe walls.

Till we fix those C.l.D
sleuths correctly,

We've to be very careful.

I'll take care of it.

I was waiting outside without
knowing my job.

Ask the account section
clerk to come.

Here, won't we get anything to sit?

The lady who doesn't respect men

She doesn't have manners
to offer a seat also.


If you don't mind your words, I'll
complain against you to M.D.

Oh! I didn't tell you anything.

You're a Malayalee, isn't it?

Load these sacks in the lorry!

Sacks? -Yes, sacks!

Is this a sack factory?

That's right!

So, my work is to carry.

Hey, Bala.

Hey rascal!

What's all this, sir?

How did they come to our office?

What does it mean?

Tell me who?

The same C.l.D sleuths
have come,

As refugees on the seashore,

And in the disguise of civilians
with the police men,

They're same C.l.D

Where're they?

One of them is carrying the
sack to our godown.

Another one is checking the
files in our office.

They've joined our office today.

They would've planned to collect
information by entering our office.

And to put me behind bars.

Don't delay further.

From evening, you've to follow
them carefully.

Tomorrow before dawn, their dead bodies
should lie on the road.

Okay sir.

Those who go against me
that'll be their fate.

Let those sleuths understand.

Hey, Vijaya.

We should plan well.

For breakfast,

On Monday, Dosai.

On Tuesday, Rice cake.

On Wednesday, ldly.

On Thursday it will be
-Dosai, Rice cake & ldly.

Everything together, I've stopped
being a slave.

You're a big officer, isn't it?

I'm just a Porter.

You prepare yourself and eat.

Your behaviour is becoming worse
day by day.

I don't need your certificate.

Did you speak to that
thief Balan?

Even I had gone to college.

Pre-degree isn't a
bad degree.

Dosai, Rice cake and ldly.

You won't reform at all.

You've reformed isn't it?
that's enough.

Even we're searching
for another house.

How long are you going
to repeat this?

You think you can manage it
by repeating it?

Yes, even if you give
any excuses...

She works in our office,
isn't it?

Which girl?


When seeing girls, don't
act smart.

Are they fighting...

Even we should find
another house, isn't it?

There isn't any use of
talking about it?

There are many people staying
here on rent, isn't it?

I'm telling this for them
to hear also...

Mother, you please come
this side.

What's the problem?

Do we've to interfere
and solve it?

Mother, you please come.

I'm warning you for the
last time.

I'll give you a
month's time.

You should vacate the
house by that time.

Okay, what's the problem?

Hey, who're you?

I'm staying in that house.

It applies to you also.

They're going to construct
a hospital here.

House should be vacated
within a month.

Do we've to vacate the rented house?
It's impossible.

Hey, what did you say?

Even if you say anything, it's impossible
to vacate the house.

Are you trying to pick up a
fight with ladies?

Even I have heard lot of threatenings.

Who're they?

Hey, do you know leader
Kovai Venkateswaran?

Whoever he may be...?

Tell him that it won't
work out here.


Hey, if you bad mouth our leader,
I'll break your teeth.

Break my teeth.

Hey, leave him...

What's that'?-l think some one's
going to get killed.

There won't be any problem further.

They daring enough to kill also.

I'm no less.

You don't worry.

Actually, What happened?

It seems all the houses in this place
belong to government.

Kovai Venkateswaran is a Malayalee.

He's an influential person in
the government.

To pull down houses and destroy slums
here and build a hospital,

It seems government has
permitted them.

There is no peace here, dear.

You should ask them to build new
houses for these displaced people.

Otherwise, where can we go?

Only now I knew that
you're residing here.

Do you know him already?

We're the staff of the
same company.

Go and wash the grain.

He's Vijayan.

He's the porter in our
company godown.

What's the rent for
this house?

Rs 200/- per month.

Our rent is Rs 250/-
it was Rs 150/-isn't it?

It was Rs 150,now they've
increased it.

Who else is there in
your family?

Only we 2.

My house is near Tiruchur.

I am B.Com lst class.

What is your qualification?

She has studied a lot.

She's studying even now.

I had asked you to cook
the rice.

You just tell me if
there's any problem.

I think your friend
is angry.

Have some work in the kitchen.

For me? - No, for us,
shall we go?

Hey, I don't like
your behaviour.

Then, divorce me.

You're my room mate
and not my boss.

My contention is the same.

You're my room mate and
not my Boss.

Don't dominate me,"wash the grains"
who're you to tell me?

Hey, he's asking me to
wash the grains!

Hey, wash the grains.

I'm thinking to come there as
soon as I get my pay.

You don't worry about me, mother.

Mother, our bad time'll pass.

Even if Madras is a big city,

Poor things can afford to live
according to their means.

When I come there, even
you've to come with me.

You've to stay with me
at least for 10 days.

A Malayalee family is residing
opposite to us.


Who's it?-
Open the door?

Open the door!

I'm coming from A.N traders.

Boss asked you both
to come immediately.

Why at midnight?

Boss is going to America by morning
flight on an urgent work.

He'll be coming back only
after a month.

He wants to meet all the staff
and allot them work.


I've brought the car.

Is it?

Hey get up...I'm asking you
to get up.

Hey, Boss has sent a car for
us to come there.


Where's MD?

Do you want subtitles for any video?
-=[ ]=-