Naandhi (2021) - full transcript

Across the entire country, since the beginning of 2015,
There are 1401 prisons.

3,66,781 prisoners are held in them.

Amongst them, 68% of them...

i.e. 2,54,000 are serving out their
sentences as under trail prisoners.

That means, these prisoners are serving time even
though the courts haven’t passed their verdict.

The court may pass the judgement for their
incarceration or even acquit them of charges.

It’s been three years since my son was sent to jail.

The police arrested him on the charge that
he killed someone in a drunken stupor.

But my son doesn’t drink at all.

Given that my son doesn’t drink,
how could my son have killed a person?

My son got a good job in Dubai, sir.

He was supposed to leave in ten days.

Police have arrested him under wrong charges.

He is right now in jail.

His entire life is ruined, sir.
He is ruined. We are ruined, sir.

My uncle committed suicide
because of a petty squabble.

The police accused my parents
as the responsible party and put them in jail, sir.

I have a younger brother and younger sister, sir.

I need to feed them and educate them, sir.

Given my desperate situation...

I turned into a call girl
when I was 15 years old.

Each of those people languishing in jails have a story.

And there is a lot of pain that
their families go through as well.

In September 2014, supreme court passed an order.

According to that, an undertrial criminal
who served more than half of the time...

before he/she is convicted of the crime
by the courts, must be released.

Despite that order, none of the states have submitted any records
regarding the number of convicts released based on this order.


If our country spent at least 10% of the attention it gave
to the economic affairs, to social welfare projects such as this...

these kinds of mistakes would not have happened.

Every five years, we have elections.

They promise a lot of things for free to the people.


why is it that we must purchase justice?

Yeah, yeah.

I understand.

Thanks for bringing it to the government's notice.

I will thoroughly discuss this with our law department.

Thank you, sir.


In this file, there are case details of the
accused undertrial prisoners from all 29 states.

Please create awareness amongst eligible prisoners and
even amongst people regarding this section 211, sir.

If everyone is as responsible as you,
our country will soon see good social growth.

If the citizen is responsible,
we can only expect 10% growth.

But if the politician is responsible,
we can see 90% growth.

It’s because they are the ones who create the laws
and they are also the ones who implement these laws.

I understand.

Thank you, Mr Raja Gopal.

In the next parliament session,
I will make sure that there is a discussion on this.

Thank you very much, sir.

See you, Mr Raja Gopal.

Get down!
Get down!

What are you looking at?

Get in. Move on.

What is your name?
-Jaggarla Mallesham.

What’s your crime?
-I committed theft and landed in prison.


Come here.

What’s your name?

Surya Prakash.

What’s your full name?

Bandi Surya Prakash.

Bandi Surya Prakash.

What crime did you commit that landed you in prison?

He is remanded for Fourteen days, sir.

Sign here.

Who’s next?
-Come here.

Stand here.

What’s your name?

Rama Rao, sir.

Remove your shirt.

Where do you stay?
-Kukatpally, sir. [Background]

Turn around. Turn.

I committed murder.

Oh! Murder case..?

Remove your pants.

Sign here.
-Okay Sir.

Sign here... and get in.

I asked you to remove your pants.
Why do you keep looking about?

Remove them.

Remove your underwear.

Remove. I asked you to remove your underwear.

Place both your hands above
your heads and squat down.

'After Five years'

Get down! Get down!

Hurry! Get down!

Get down! Get down, man!

Uncle, thank you so much.

You handcuffed me and got me here.
Even though I am here on a petty case.

What a great job!

Listen, my phone is in this pocket.

Take it out and snap a picture of me.
-Why do you want a picture of you taken?

Why, you ask?

'The social media languishing among the shackles.'

This is going to be my next YouTube video.

It’s going to be telecast on RTV.
Watch it

Uncle, namaste.


You are back again?

What did you post this time?

This time...

I posted something called,
“Pooja Preeth Agarwal says that likes to fall asleep while on top”.


How could you have put up a scandalous
post like that about a top heroine?

Why are you reacting like her manager did?

Apparently, she bought a new mattress from the market
and only when she sleeps on top of it, she feels good.

She posted it on Twitter
and I posted it on YouTube.

Just cause of that, they started making such a lot of fuss
and sent me here for seven days.

You are such a twisted guy.

Despite being sent here numerous times,
I don’t understand how this would make a difference, brother.

Everything okay?

Okay. Go ahead.

What is it? Are you new here?

They don’t provide uniform to people
who are serving time for petty cases.

He’s been given a sentence of two years!

Gosh! Where do these people come from?!

Go that side and hurry.

Why is he getting angry?
Did he get his blood pressure checked?

For now, I will adjust.
But the next time around, I want a better room.

Well, did you subscribe to RTV’s YouTube channel?

I will get to it. Get inside now.

You must also press the bell icon.
That is when you would get fresh updates.

Hey, bro.


I am Radha Prakash.

I am the Managing Director of Telugu Youtube channel RTV
with 1.34 million subscribers.


Hey, bro?

I feel like a DJ at a meditation center.

He isn’t very talkative and
I can’t stop talking at all.

Oh, my Pooja Preet Agarwal!

I wonder how I should spend
my seven days of sentence here.

Hey, bro.

You are drying your clothes?

Brother? Brother…

What’s with all this noise?!

Too much sound pollution.

As a DJ, I am used to all this noise.
But people here make a lot more noise.


I keep coming here
for the past five years, brother.

The kitchen here has really
turned into a fish market, brother.

My father and my mother.

They fed me for the past 25 years.

By the time it was my turn to feed them...

they passed away.

They carried me on their shoulders.

I never imagined that I would carry the weight
of their death this soon in my life.

That is why, every time I eat,

I set aside two fistfuls of rice…

…as a way of reminding myself
that they are with me.

That’s all.

In this world, if there ever is unconditional love,
it is forever the love we get from our parents.

I guarantee it.




Why did you throw it away?

Brother, did I say something wrong?


Brother? Please speak to me.
Say something.

Rama, is our son asleep?
-Yes, husband.

You got everything on the list.
Why didn’t you get your usual bottle of liquor?

From now on, I quit smoking and drinking.

We enrolled our son in the convent.

Use the spare money to see to his needs.

That’s true.

Well, please stop buying me these
fairness creams and powders.

Son, have this one mouthful and
carry on riding your bicycle.

No, mother. I don’t want it.

Husband, why don’t you tell him?

Son, listen to your mother. Have some and go.

I don’t want it.

Come, dear.

Ride carefully.

Yes, father.

You will fall down!

Careful, son!


Brother, what happened?
Here, have some water.

Brother, why do you stay silent?

God gave us water so that
whenever there is fire, we can douse it.

If that same fire burns in our hearts...

God gave us tears to douse it.

If you’ve been stopping yourself from
crying for the past five years...

Something must have happened.

What happened, brother?

Are your parents…

Cousin? Shall we go to the liquor store?

Are you really giving me a party
with your first salary?

Not for you; for my father.

For your father? Alright, let’s go.


I am here only.

Mother, here.

This is my first salary.

Where is father?

He is showering.

Mother, could you please
make an omelet immediately?


how much longer?

I am almost done.

Here. Give it to me.
Let me do it.

Give it to me.

What is this, son?

This is for you, father.

But, I quit this a long time ago.

I know you quit because of me,
when I was young.

That is why I got it for you.

Come, father.

Come, father.
Come and sit down.

Here, drink it.


What’s up with him?
He arranged for all this.

Why go through all this trouble, son?
-Drink it, father.

Your son is earning now...

Enjoy yourself.

♪Lay down a garden of flowers,
my beloved has come. ♪[On Radio]

♪ my beloved has come. ♪

♪Lay down a garden of flowers,
my beloved has come. ♪

I quit this as well.

No big deal. Take it.

When I was young, I saw you, through the window,

blowing rings of smoke.
You looked like a hero!

♪You stole my heart,
don’t steal my glances as well. ♪


♪You’ve changed my life, darling;
don’t go changing yourself now. ♪


What is it, father?

Enough, son.

Let’s go and have our dinner.

Have it, dad.

Mom, you too...

What did your son get you?

A fairness cream?!

He remembered those small little things
we quit to provide for his education.

They say that each household should have a bit of gold.


we are blessed with a golden son.

♪On the top of Shiva’s head, ♪
♪Dancing and frolicking, ♪

♪Is the river ganges that was born
from the feet of Vishnu. ♪


We will return after lighting the lamps.
-Alright, mom.



Come... hurry.

♪All the angels were astounded♪
♪And even the god himself was mesmerized♪

♪Remove the evil eye that surrounds you with moon light. ♪
♪This girl looks like the sister of the moon. ♪

♪She shoots the arrow of her gaze
and pulls me towards her. ♪

♪With her mischievous presence. ♪

♪You have entered my heart♪
♪Who are you, my garland of jasmines? ♪

♪The lamp in the temple does dim♪
♪When you smile with your eyes. ♪

♪There is a resounding ringing of the bells in my heart. ♪

♪Don’t leave me hanging here. ♪


You fell for her, right?

Of course, you fell for her.

Where did she go?



Step aside a little.


What’s up? Why are you looking at me that way?

I just asked you to move a little.

She called me ‘brother’!

She called me her brother; not you.


If you want something to happen between the two of you,
you must assume that’s the case.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Look at how crowded it is.

There is a new app called ‘Book my show’.

I told you that I would book through the app.

But you said that we could find
the tickets at the theatre.

What do we do now?



I am talking to you.

Yes, brother.

Brother, are you fine?

Didn’t you recognize me?

The other day, you saw me in the temple?


The ladies line is quite long.

Could you please get us four tickets, please?

Please, brother.
Please, don’t mind.


Thank you, brother.

I will meet you during the intermission
and treat you to a cold drink.


Why would you treat us only during the intermission?

Why can’t you treat us now?

You want to marry her
And she wants to friendzone you.

Let’s go.

The show is about to start.
Let’s go.

You are on a date with a potential bride in a coffee shop?

What about that girl you met at the temple?

My father suggested it.

I couldn’t say no to him. So, I came here.


You go ahead. I will park the bike and head there.

Okay, cousin.



What are you doing here?

What are you looking at?

Come, brother.
Come and take a seat.



formal pants, a shirt
and you’ve even tucked your shirt in.

What’s the matter, brother?

You cleaned up pretty nice.

I don’t know about you but
I came here to meet a potential groom.


Are you the one who is supposed to meet me?

This is so exciting.



One minute.

My father showed me a photograph of you
on the morning of the day of full moon.

Everyone liked you.

That very evening, you followed me
and tried to flirt with me.

I was very thrilled to find out that the one
I was going to marry was in fact trying to flirt with me.

Up until we met formally like this,
I wanted to tease you a bit.

If our kids ask us about how we ended up
getting married to each other...

we must have a story to tell, right?

If that was the case, why did you keep
calling him ‘brother’ every time you met?

You always have such bad timing.

I just did that to tease him a bit.

Just’ cause I did that,
it does not make us siblings. Am I right, brother?

Just because you said that,
it doesn’t make you guys related.

Most certainly not.

I guarantee it.

I am, her brother.

What do you say, Surya?

♪My dear…♪

♪My dear…♪

♪My dear…♪

♪My dear…♪

♪You started like a dream♪
♪You move like a story♪

♪I have come across something
that I could have never imagined. ♪

♪I am drowning in this river of happiness. ♪

♪You started like a dream♪
♪You move like a story♪

♪My dear…♪

♪My dear…♪

♪My dear…♪

♪My dear…♪

♪When the man you are arranged to be married to, ♪
♪falls in love with you, ♪

♪Can you control your happiness? ♪

♪When the one who is going to marry you, ♪
♪gives you his heart, ♪

♪Will that bond ever break? ♪

♪You keep sharing your love with me... ♪
♪Will this time be enough for us? ♪

♪This heart has only a hundred years on it. ♪

♪Should I have asked for thousands? ♪

♪Come, my dear. When you are with me, ♪
♪that is enough for me. ♪

♪No matter how many life times
we are going to have, ♪

♪I wish for the blessing to be married
to you in all those lifetimes. ♪

♪You started like a dream♪
♪You move like a story♪

♪My dear…♪

♪My dear…♪

♪My dear…♪

♪My dear…♪

In Nallagandla the outskirts of the city...

the prominent lawyer and the leader of Citizen’s Rights Union,
Raja Gopal was found murdered.

As you can see, the Chandanagar police have been conducting
an investigation in the area where the murder took place.

I called the C.I Sir.
He is on his way to the crime scene.

Okay, sir.

This murder is said to have taken place at 10 o’clock in the night
in Nalagandla area, which is in the jurisdiction of Chanda Nagar Police.

Take the photo.

Check if there are any
fingerprints on the body.

Sir, why do you think Mr. Raja Gopal
came to a place such as this, alone?

Sir, is this murder the work of land mafia?

Do you think someone was hired to kill him?

Would you say that this murder is
a result of police negligence?

Sir, do you suspect anyone of this murder?

Is he operating alone or is there
someone else behind this murder?

Sir... sir... sir...

Who committed this crime?
-Wait! Wait! Wait!

-Sir? Sir?

Please let me do my work.


Who gave us the information?

Our patrolling police.

Did you find any clues?
-Not yet, sir.

Did you inform his family members?

Yes, sir. We did.

Take care of the post mortem formalities, Reddy.

Okay, sir.



Take the body and bring it to Gandhi Hospital.

Okay, sir.

Sir, is it an accident or a murder?

It is definitely a murder.

Sir, who committed this crime?

How many people do you suspect
with regards this murder?

Sir, is this a political murder?

Sir, who committed this murder?
-Did you find any clues?

Please, wait.

At this moment, I know just as much as you do.

Who killed him, why was he killed
and what was the motive…

all these need to be investigated.

So, please let me do my work.

Who could have benefited from
the death of the victim, Raja Gopal?

Did someone commit the crime for personal reasons or
were there other reasons involved?

Let’s find out about this soon
from the investigation.

A short while ago, Mr Raja Gopal’s body was shifted
from Gandhi Hospital to his home in KPHB Colony.

A lot of people including people’s representatives and fans of
Mr. Raja Gopal have come to pay respects to him.

The home minister Mr. Nagendra has
come to pay his respects to the departed.

Good morning, sir.

Hey! Move! Move!

He was a very good person
who worked selflessly for the benefit of people.

He brought many issues to my attention.

On behalf of the government, I offer my heartfelt
condolences to Mr. Raja Gopal’s family.

Who is conducting this investigation?

Sir, I am conducting the investigation.

Speed up the investigation.

Present the criminals to the media.

Definitely, sir.

It looks like the Home Minister, Mr Nagendra,
has taken personal interest in this investigation.

The case was handed over to Circle Inspector Kishore,
who was transferred to Chanda Nagar a few days ago.

Mr Kishore holds the reputation of solving
cases within 24 hours of their occurrence.

Let’s see how soon it takes him to solve this case.

Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.

Good morning, sir.


Good morning, sir.
-Did you get Mr. Raja Gopal’s phone records?

Yes, sir. I got it with me.

Here it is.

What are these last two calls?

This person is out of station.

He said that he would come by tomorrow.
I called the other one, sir.

Before he died, he called this landline six times.

That number belongs to
Mark Diagnostic Centre, sir.

We enquired there.

Apparently, the victim underwent tests
there at the center on that day.

Collect the CCTV footage there.

Okay, sir.

Let’s trace his movements and meetings for the week
before his death and find all the information.

And, I want it as soon as possible.

Okay, sir.


I am sorry to be disturbing you
at a time such as this.

Did you notice him being stressed or
receiving any sort of threatening calls recently?

Nothing of that sort, sir.

Do you suspect anyone?

He doesn’t have any enemies, sir.

Did you see anyone suspicious lurking about your house?

No, sir.

Does your father have a habit of writing a diary?

No, sir.

Okay, Madam.

If you remember anyone suspicious,
please call me immediately.

I shall take my leave.

Thank you.

In protest to the murdering of Mr Raja Gopal, Human Rights groups
and people from both states, have conducted condolence meeting.

In certain places, rallies with lighted
candles were conducted as well.

Here are the ten lakhs you asked for.

Thank you for coming through as soon
as I asked for the amount, uncle.

The loan’s been approved.

As soon as I get the amount, I will return it to you.

You are a very good person.

It’s for this very reason that I gave you the money
without getting any sort of surety note from you.

Anyways, where are you purchasing the flat?

It’s in Aliens space station, Uncle.

Give the amount.

You give it.


Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.
-Thank you.

I will be the one to break the news that
we’ve purchased the flat to your parents.

Please hold on.
Let’s surprise them.

Tell your parents to come
to our place in the evening.

That’s all very well.

You are busy surprising one another.
What about me, then?

I am going to pay for your bill
at the bar for this weekend.

If that’s the case, alright then.

Even though it’s been three days since
the death of the social activist Mr Raja Gopal,

The government is unconcerned
about who killed him and why.

What is the department of police up to and
what is the government up to?

If this is going to be the way this state government
conducts the investigation..

we will demand that the Central government take up
the issue and order CBI to investigate this case.


You hold the record of solving a case within 24 hours.

What’s the delay with regards this case?

The Investigation is going on... sir.

The opposition is demanding a CBI enquiry.

Did you get the CCTV footage ready?

Yes, sir.

Well, let’s show it to the officer.

He is speaking to the commissioner.

Please hurry and finish this investigation.



Did you call your parents
and inform them?

I did.

They asked me what is the sudden programme was.

I told them to hurry and would inform
them when they got there.

Sir? What happened, sir?

What happened, sir?

Get off the bike!

Sir? Sir?

Get off!

Get off!

Sir, what happened?

Where are you taking me?

Move to station.


Let’s go.

What happened, sir?
Get in the vehicle.

Take his bike and bag to the police station.
-Ok Sir.

-First you get in.

…take his bike and bag.

Sir? Why are you arresting him?

Hey, you...?

Sir! Please tell me. Please.



Sir, what do you mean I murdered Mr Raja Gopal?

Why did you kill him?

Sir, I am a software employee.

I think you must be mistaken.

I only heard about the man
but I never met him.

Is that so?



See this...

On the day of the murder, at 10:30 in the morning...

you trailed Mr Raja Gopal
at the diagnostic center for the first time.

The second time was at the traffic signal.

The third time was at 10:30 in the night,
where you followed him to Avasa Hospital.

If you didn’t have any motive,
why would you have been caught trailing him thrice?

Sir, what do you mean I trailed and scouted him?

I went to that diagnostic centre
to get my mother’s reports.

Bandi Rama’s reports, please.

It would take half an hour.
Could you wait?


That was the first time I saw Mr. Raja Gopal.

I went to the hospital to
show them the reports.

I didn’t know that Mr. Raja Gopal
was at the hospital during that time.

What you saw at the signal was a coincidence, sir.

This was very well planned…

very well planned.

Tell me something...

Did you take the money to murder him
or was it your father?

Sir! Don’t bad mouth my father!

Who was she on the bike?

Is she your friend?

or your lover?

Sir! Please show some manners!

Why would I show manners to a murderer?

I don’t think he will be
persuaded by our words, Reddy.


He needs to be convinced to confess.

Go and convince him.

Get up! Go! Move!

Sir... Sir...

Move.... Come on move...
-Sir, please let me explain...

Sir! Sir! Please…
Sir, please this is a misunderstanding.

Tell me!
Who is behind this?

Who is behind this?

Why did you murder him?

Tell me.

Who gave you the contract to kill him?

Speak out.

Sir, this is the receipt of ten lakhs
that was paid for his flat.

Seize everything.

Ok, sir.

We need to submit this in the court.
-Okay, sir.


Type out the FIR.
-Yes, sir.

Admit it!

Why did you kill him? Spill.

What’s that noise?

Speak out.


Tell Mr. Reddy.
-Okay Sir.

Despite the number of times I tell him, he still does this.

Tell him to make sure that there is no sound.

C.I Kishore, who takes up challenging cases
has managed to nab the culprit within 3 days.

The police are now investigating
if the suspect has any criminal background.

We find that the Circle Inspector Kishore
is interrogating the accused.

Let’s go and find out from Surya Prakash’s parents.

Why did your son commit the murder?

Are there any issues between both the families?

Sir, did your son commit this murder on his own accord
or is there anyone else besides him?

Did you know that your son
would commit such the murder?

Lady….young man….

My son is in no way related to this murder.

The police are mistaken and
have arrested our son.

If you want, you can enquire about him
in our colony or at his office.

They would attest to his character.

Let’s get inside immediately.

Please Sir... Please...

Sir, please answer this question.

Stop! Stop!

Our C.I has commanded
that no one be allowed inside.

He will speak to you after he comes here.

You keep quiet.

What is it?

Sir... sir...

My son is a very good person.

He is in no way related to this murder.

Since there is evidence, we have arrested him.

It was a misunderstanding, sir.

Could you please allow us to meet
the chief inspector, sir?

Please, sir. I beg you.

The FIR has already been filed.

There is no use meeting with the C.I now.

Go away. Go and find yourselves a good lawyer.

We are going to surrender him to the court tomorrow.

Sir, I will just take a look at
my son once before we leave.

The FIR has already been filed.

I keep telling you this.

Please, sir.

Uncle, let’s go and meet a reputed lawyer.

They will help free our Surya.

I am worried how he is inside.

Please, uncle. Come away.

Please, let me look at him once.

Let’s go, aunt. Let’s go.

Husband, please tell them.


My lord...

in the case of the murder of the
human right’s activist Mr. Raja Gopal...

the police have presented Bandi Surya Praksash, the
son of Bandi Satya Narayana before the court.

Our son doesn’t know anything about this, madam.

He is an innocent.

They have intentionally accused him.

He is innocent, madam.
He is innocent.


Silence! Silence!

Who is the defense lawyer?

My lord...

It’s because the accused murdered
Mr. Raja Gopal, who himself is a lawyer...

the Bar Association has decided not to take up his case.

Do you have any evidence that he committed this murder?

Yes, ma’am.

There is CCTV footage which shows that the accused followed
the victim thrice on the day of the murder.

Show it.


He has scouted and trailed the victim
and committed the murder at 10:00 in the night, madam.

On the day of the murder, that very morning,
he paid Rs.10 lakhs as advance for a flat, madam.

What is this?
-He borrowed the money.

Where did he receive that ten lakhs from?

Was that part of the contract to kill?

What’s the relationship between the murder and that money?

The police need to investigate this
and charge an additional FIR.

We request the court to give him
into our custody for investigation.

Madam, I borrowed that 10 lakhs.

I took it from Mr. Parameshwar who lives in our colony.

If needed, you can call him here
and ask him about it.

You must answer only when you are asked a question.

Madam, the police are deliberately trying to frame me.


I don’t even know who Mr.Raja Gopal is, madam.

Please, madam. I did not commit that murder.

Silence! Silence!

You can present your arguments
to the court through a defense lawyer.

The court orders that a lawyer be
appointed for him from the Legal Aid Services.

Three days granted for custody.

Madam! Please save me from the police...
-Let’s go.

CI Kishore intentionally trying
to frame me in this case, madam.

Madam, Please save me....
Madam please.


Is there anyone else beside him
who is involved in the murder?

Sir? Sir?
-Sir, one second.


Sir? Sir?

How many days is he to remain in custody?


Oh my! Surya!


Please let my son go.

Please save me, Dad.


I didn't commit this murder.

Stop. Stop the vehicle, please.

Sir? Sir?





Did your Son Suryaprakash commit this murder?

Sir, my son is unblemished.

You are all from media.

If you wish it, you can do anything.

My son did not commit this murder.
Please help prove that he is innocent.

I beg you.
-Sir... sir... sir...

We are scared of what they
would do to him when he’s in their custody.

Please save him.

Please save him.

Please save him.

Please save him.

You committed the murder, right?

Admit it!

Admit to the crime!

Admit it!





I made a lot of people confess their crimes.

I am going to make sure
he confesses to this crime.

I will...



Why are you closing your windows?





Open the door, uncle!

Please listen to understand what I say.

Why did you close the door?!

Uncle? Uncle, what happened?

Brother, what happened?
-Tell me what happened, uncle?

Please listen to me, brother.
-Uncle? Uncle?

Please Brother-in-law!

What happened, uncle?

Aunt, at least you tell me.
What happened?

Please, listen to me, Sathyam.

Uncle! Uncle!

What are you doing?!

Please, uncle. I beg you. Please.

Please listen to us, sister-in-law.


Brother-in-law…. what are you doing?

Don’t do it! Brother!

Please, listen to us!

Please, wait.

My son is innocent.

That C.I took him into custody for three days
because he’s trying to frame my son for the murder.

No one is looking for the truth here.

Until the police let my son go...

my wife and I are going to sit here
in the house and fast until death.

If anyone tries to enter the house forcefully…

We will immolate ourselves.

Uncle, please.
I beg you. Don’t do this.

Please listen to us.

Only when my son returns home...

will those doors reopen.

If not…

Please, uncle. Open the doors.

If anything happens to you,
imagine what he would go through.

Please open the door, Satyam.

We are all here with you.

Rama…listen to us.

Nothing is going to happen to your son.

My son should get out of there as an innocent.

That C.I should be
taken to the court of law as a culprit.

This…This must happen.

This must happen.

My son...

My son should get out.

My son...

My son should get out.

Did he eat anything?

No, sir.

Get him to eat.

If he doesn’t eat, he looks like he is going to die.

He must admit to the charges, isn’t it?

Wake him up.

Sign this statement which says
that you committed the murder.

Find the one who committed this murder...

and get him to sign it.


How many times…how many?!

Admit to it!

Admit to it!

Won’t you listen?

Surya Prakash's parents have been
on a hunger strike since last night.

In support of this move, the people of colony along with
Mr. Surya Prakash’s friends are seen participating in this hunger strike.

All the people participating in the hunger strike believe
Mr. Surya Prakash to be innocent and say that he is innocent.

Looking at them, it is not hard to believe that they would
go to any lengths to prove that Surya Prakash is innocent.

We have come to find that the C.I Kishore hasn’t allowed anyone to meet
Surya Prakash, who continues to be held at the police station.


…none of the other cases took such a lot of time.

Get him dressed neatly.

I have some work to do with him tomorrow.

This is the weapon that was used
by the murderer for the crime.


Call the witnesses.


Namaste, sir.

What are your names?

Pandu, sir.

Sreenu, sir.

Get their signatures.

Sign here.

This is the shirt that was worn
by the murderer during the time of murder.

Is there a defense lawyer who is going
to argue his case here?

Yes, your honor.

Okay, proceed.

Your honor...

I request you to grant me some time
to familiarize myself with the case.

I am ordering Bandi Surya Prakash into
the remand of the police for a period of 14 days.


Madam, they have put me in jail and thrashed me.

I am in no way connected to that knife or that shirt.

This is entirely the fabricated evidence
planned by the C.I Kishore.

Please, madam. Please.

Your lawyer will speak on behalf
of you and will meet you in the jail.

Whatever you wish to say,
please tell your lawyer.

The court orders the police to provide opportunities
for Surya Prakash’s lawyer to meet with him in the jail.

They have managed to conspire with my lawyer and
ensure that the court orders me to stay in remand for 14 days.

The day after I went into remand…

Son, why do we need an A/C?

Stop it, father.

It’s going to be very hot during this summer.
You wouldn’t be able to bear it…

There is no way.

It’s because I was in a desperate situation,
I framed you as the culprit in this case.

What’s the big deal?
Why can’t you admit to it?

14 years…

Since you are a very good man...

you would be able to get out of jail on account
of exemplary behavior, in a span of six to seven years.


Your parents complicated this sweet deal.

That is why...

I lit my cigarette and calmly threw away
my match stick towards them.

Hey, Leave him.


I was a bit doubtful that they might survive.

And then I took out another cigarette…

….and another match stick…

How dare you lay your hand on our C.I Sir?

They killed my parents, brother.

They filed another case against me accusing me
of hitting police officers who were on duty.

Shouldn’t you have told the courts about this?

To prove that he killed my parents,
I need to go to the courts.

I felt that if I needed to kill him,
the only need to do is get out of this jail.

I tried to escape twice.

And then, another set of charges
were levied against me.

And I was booked in two more cases.

The uncle in my colony from
whom I borrowed the money…

I never gave him those ten lakhs.

And the one who I’ve never seen in my life…

I saw him murder Mr. Raja Gopal.

Since then, I don’t know if I am going to those courts for justice
or if I am just heading there for another adjournment.

I spent an entire year chasing the courts pavements
and watching the walls of the prison.

Meenakshi and her father came here to meet you.

Uncle, come.

How are you, young man?

I never imagined that
we would witness such a day.

She is hopeful that you would
return to us and keeps waiting.

How long should she wait when
we don’t know when you would be released?

It’s a good match.

The groom is a software engineer like you.

Even though he knew about your relationship,
he still agreed to marry her.

Your father is right, Meenakshi.

I don’t know when I will be released.

I don’t even know if I would ever be released.

Even when I am released, there is a difference between
returning home from work and returning from jail.

You shouldn’t be punished because of your love for me.

I wish you a happy married life in advance.

Didn’t you always say …
...that we need to have a story to tell our children?

Yes. Now you have that.


We shall take our leave, young man.

When they said that they wanted to come to the prison,
I thought they were here to talk to you.

I didn’t know that they would
take such a decision, cousin

What did you decide?

Decide on what?

Buddy, please don’t ever come
back here to meet me.


If Kishore finds out that you come here to meet me,
he might do something to you.

I will take care of all that, cousin.

Go inside.

All the people I’ve loved in my life are gone.

You are the only one that’s left.

When I get out of this case, come to pick me up.

If I die here…

… come to take my dead body.

Please don’t tell me to stop coming here!


Cousin! I can’t live without seeing you.

Right from when we were young,
I never left your side.

I can’t do it!


Please try and understand me.
Please, cousin!

Ever since that day,
didn’t Santosh come to meet you?

Every time I went to the court,
I knew that he came to see me.

But he respected my decision
and ever since that day, we haven’t crossed paths.

After that, the media stopped writing about me.

The people have stopped talking about me.

The justice system had forgotten me.

It’s been five years since.


someone is here to meet you.

What are you thinking?

It’s been five years since you’ve had a visitor.

Why don’t you meet them once?

Hi, I am Aadhya.
I am an advocate.

I have been studying your case
for the past six months.

I’ve come here to talk
to you about your bail.

Excuse me?

You’ve been patiently waiting
to be released for the past five years.

Don’t you have the patience to talk
to the lawyer who has come to talk to you?

Not just five years, I would even wait for ten years.

I will come out of the prison before I die.
And when I do, I will kill him.

Even though you are innocent,
You spent five years in prison.

Are you going to spend another
14 years in there after murdering him?

Anger only creates problems.

Thinking will provide solutions to the problems.

While playing cricket,
there was a small squabble that broke out.

My son cussed you.

In anger, your son has beaten our son.

I should be the one to apologize to you, Satyam.

Even if one hits in anger,
it’s still wrong.


Anger only creates problems.

Thinking will provide one
with solution to problems.

Don’t ever make a mistake in anger.

What do you want me to do
after I come out on bail?

The person who killed my parents roams around scot free.
You want me to exchange pleasantries with him?

Take avenge.

That too using lawful and judicial methods.

Surya, the primary purpose of
Indian Penal code is not to punish.

It is also to serve justice.

Are there any sections in the Indian Penal code,
that serve justice?

Yes, it is there.

If any person is falsely accused and
sent to jail and released later on,

the case that he can file against those
who falsely accused and framed him...

is called Section 211.

That CI Kishore, is the one who framed you.

If you file a Section 211 case
against him in the court and win...

he would be sentenced to
the same amount of time that you served.

That’s the power of section 211.

What else is there to think about?

Do you know what your father’s last words were?

My son should be released from jail as an innocent.

That C.I should be held as an accused in the courts of law.

What do you want me to do now?

Please sign the bail petition.

I will tell you what needs to be done
after you get out of the jail.

At last, you have succeeded to get bail to Surya.

Durga Rao?


Take her to Surya’s cell.

Sure, sir.

Okay, sir.

Madam, Please come.

Madam, you seem to embody the divine
who has come to rescue Surya Prakash.

I am very happy.

When I asked you why you are hitting him,
you dare hit me?

Someone is hitting our guy.
Come, let’s go and deal with it.

Come, let’s go.

Hey! Why are you hitting us?

Tell me.

Why are you hitting our guy?

Stop it! Stop!

Brother! Brother!
Please don't hit them.

You are getting out of here after five years.

If you hit them... your bail will be cancelled.

Brother, please listen to me.

Brother, please.
Listen to me once.

Let him go!

No, Brother!

Please don't hit him.


Don't hit them.

Stop it! Stop!

Please Bro...

He will spend the rest of his life in jail, Madam!

I exactly want the same!

You sent me in jail to get Surya out of jail.

You asked me to record everything that happens there
through this button camera.

When Surya’s bail was cancelled,
you said that you wanted exactly that!

Why did you say that, sister?

Upload the entire footage onto
social media through a fake IP.

A video has been trending in
social media these days.

What happened to Surya Prakash, who has been
serving a sentence for the past five years for the murder of Mr. Raja Gopal...

when he was about to be released
on bail within a span of few hours?

Let’s take a look at the video to find out.

Brother, seems you got the bail.

You are very happy, right?

I will be out in two days.

Let’s celebrate it thoroughly.

We are going to be hosted with lots of parties
and plenty of good food and a lot of celebration.



Brother... they are doing intentionally.
-He is hitting me.

Brother, come out.
-Why are you hitting him?

Brother, why are you hitting our guy?
-Brother… come out.

Brother, come out.

Brother, come out.

Let’s get out.
-Why are you hitting us?

Come out.

Why are you hitting?

Don't hit him.

No... don't hit him.

Don't hit him.

Bro... don't hit him.

Hey, why are you hitting him?


Brother, please don’t hit him.

Brother! Please, please.

Please, brother.

Stop it.

Brother, please don’t hit him.
Please, please.

What is the Department of Prisons doing
when there is such a big violation of human rights?

How are the Human Rights groups going to react to this?

Human Rights officer Prithvi Narayan is with us on Live.

Let’s ask him and find out.

I just saw the video.

We will definitely go to the prison immediately
and take appropriate action.

We will also meet Mr. Surya Prakash and
find out his version of the events and other details...

and submit a report to the government.


did you know that this would happen?

I knew that they would do something to
make sure that Surya doesn’t get out of prison.

What if this didn’t happen?

He would have gotten bail and come out.

Is this incident to our advantage?

Yes, it would strengthen the case.

If you had come five years ago,
Surya wouldn’t have gone through all this.

If I had gotten my Law degree five years ago,
I wouldn’t have let Surya suffer this fate, Santhosh.

The prison is spread across 30 acres.

There are 300 people guarding it.

There are a hundred CCTV cameras there.

Someone took a video of jail without
your knowledge, in your own domain.

What were you doing?

If you had let him go...

he would have gotten out and gone about his business.

Why did you take this unnecessary step?

I was worried he might do something
to you after he gets out.

So I used my men to….

He might do something to me?

Even before that thought crosses his head,
we would have disposed him off without any trace.

The Human Rights Commission
is going to come to the prison.

If they reprimand you, take it.

If they suspend you,
obey them and sit at home.

If my name comes out…

Hello, sir.
-Are you a jailer?

Yes, sir.

Well, the fight broke out ….
-We saw all that on the video.

Where is Mr. Surya Prakash?

I am sorry, Mr. Surya Prakash.

We are sad to see that you were
attacked in that manner.

We will take definitive action against
all the concerned officials.

Please sign these papers.

We will recommend to the courts that
you be given bail immediately..

Sir, even after all this,
you are still stuck on bail?

There is a procedure for everything, Surya Prakash.

A person takes nine months to be born into this world.

But, why are they taking such a long time
to serve justice to me?

If I have committed a crime, punish me.

If not, please release me.

The Human Rights Commission has submitted a report...

to the government to hand over
Mr. Surya Prakash’s case to Fast Track courts.

Will Surya Prakash, who has been languishing in jail
for the past five years, be able to finally see some justice?

Let’s watch.

Public prosecutor, please proceed.

Your honor...

it’s been five years since Raja Gopal’s murder.

We have submitted all the necessary evidence to show that
this Bandi Surya Prakash had committed the murder.

I request the honorable court...

to examine the evidence and
sentence the accused appropriately.

Anything from defense lawyer?

Good morning, your honor.

I request your permission for cross examination.

Yes, granted.

Obliged, your honor.

They have shown the motive of murder to be the
ten lakhs amount taken by my client.

But they haven’t been able
to prove the origin of that amount.

Even though they have found the
Accused no. 1 five years ago,

I wonder how long will they take
to find the Accused no. 2?

Objection, your honor.

The police are conducting the investigation.

They will nab the Accused no. 2
in this case, very soon.

Then, why is the public prosecutor demanding
that my client be punished immediately?

Your honor...

the police need to submit all the efforts they have undertaken
to catch the Accused no. 2, as a chain of events to this court.

Why is it that they haven’t submitted it?

Anything to say?

The investigation is still going on, sir.

We need some more time.

How much longer will you take?


Your honor, it’s clear from this that
there is no one who ordered a hit on the victim.

Objection, your honor.

Objection overruled.

Your honor, I am appealing to you.

This is entirely a false allegation against my client.

I request you to please note this point, your honor.

Your honor...

the police have recovered this shirt and
claimed that it was used during the murder.

When the police arrested my client...

They submitted circumstantial
evidence of CCTV footage to the court.

The police argue that my client had scouted
and trailed the deceased, three times and murdered him.

Your honor, my client had been in
the same shirt throughout the day.

Would it necessary for my client to change into
a different shirt just ten minutes before the murder?

Objection, your honor.

The accused must have wanted to lead the
police astray and so, could have done this.

Public prosecutor, we would know within
a few minutes who led whom astray.

Please wait.

Your honor...

there is a report in front of you.

The shirt recovered from the police is XXL.

My client’s shirt size is L.

He went to the diagnostic center in the morning and
to the hospital in the evening for his mother’s treatment.

He did not do that to scout and
murder the victim.

Your honor...

I would like your permission to cross examine the forensic examiner,
Rajendra Prasad, who gave the forensic report.

Permission Granted.

According to your report, the knife was stabbed three times
in the victim's chest with a depth of 9 inches.

And, in the back, it was two times
and lodged 8 inches deep.

Is that right?


Is Surya Prakash right-hander or left-hander?

Right hander.

His right-hand finger prints matched.

Thank you. You may leave.

Your honor...

when my client was playing cricket when he was 12 years old,
his right-hand thumb was injured during a catch.

Even though the injury is healed,
his right-handed thumb cannot grip things well.

This is the certificate from the
government doctor and the X ray, your honor.

How is it possible for my client who
doesn’t have proper grip in his right hand...

to stab the victim three times in the front, 9 inches deep,
and two times in the back 8 inches deep?

Hence, technically and medically
it has been proven as a false allegation.

Any objection, public prosecutor?


I request your permission to
cross-examine the eye-witness Chandraiah.


Namaste, sir.



Did you see Surya Prakash killing Raja Gopal?

I saw it.

With my eyes.

Was it when you had your glasses on or off?

I’ve had eye sight issues forever.

I cannot go even take a shower without them.

Note this point, your honor.

Take a look at this video.

On the day of the murder, he was at the
protest corner, participating in the protests.

A baton charge were used on the protesters that day.

and his spectacles were broken during the protests.

They took Chandraiah into police custody
at 12 o’clock in the noon and...

released him at 5 in the evening.

He went to the eye hospital to get his eyes checked,
ordered a new frame and paid 1700 rupees there.

Those new frames arrived after two days.

This is the copy of the bill, your honor.

Chandraiah, who cannot even bathe
without his glasses on...

did not have his glasses on that night.

Isn’t it surprising that he witnessed
the murder of Raja Gopal from 20 feet away...

and the police submitted his testimony as evidence?

Amidst such false allegations,
the public prosecutor wishes for you to sentence my client?

My client, despite his innocence,
has been serving his sentence as an undertrial prisoner.

I request you to release him from all charges.

That's all, your honor.

The court will pass its judgement
on the 4th of this month.

The court believes that the accusations
against Mr. Surya Prakash...

in the case of the murder of Mr. Raja Gopal to be false.

The court dismisses the four cases against him.

The court expresses its dismay at
Surya Prakash being in prison...

for the past five years as an under trail accused.

The court releases Bandi Surya Prakash as
he is innocent of the crimes he is accused of.

Thank you, your honor.


Let's go.

Sir, you’ve gotten out of the
prison after five years.

Brother, brother…

Please move.
Not right now…not now.


You’ve lost all you dear ones.
Where are you headed?

Brother, not right now.

Please, step back.

Shall we leave?

Just wait a while.

This is the first case that I’ve argued and won.

If you could provide me with a copy of the judgement,
I would publish this on RTV as an exclusive.

Judgement copy hasn’t come yet.

Son, don’t ever make a mistake in anger.

♪Why this sadness in your heart? ♪

♪Is my future is filled with darkness? ♪

♪Everything dissolves…everything dissolves♪

♪All those relationships you had are nothing but a dream ♪

♪The heart that’s left is nothing more
than a sculpture of stone. ♪

♪Heart is a man’s prison. ♪

♪Your home is a temple in decay. ♪

♪The memories that I once held very dear to me♪
♪are now like the darkened shadows. ♪

♪All those budding wishes I had then♪
♪have become cobwebs spun by spiders. ♪

♪My father and mother who roamed these halls ♪

♪are now, no more than the
photos in those picture frames. ♪

♪This raging fire in my life burns strangely♪

♪While the future is filled with darkness. ♪

♪My heart left me alone ♪

♪and my eyes overflow with tears. ♪

♪My dream was shattered ♪


♪My dream was shattered ♪

♪My life was remains is just ashes. ♪

They put me in jail for five years
on the accusation that I killed Mr. Raja Gopal.

There were a variety of reactions from people around.

But you were an exception.

Aadhya is here, right?


She is the daughter born out of his vision.

We were satisfied that the person who
committed the murder ended up behind bars.

But only after Aadhya came to us, we realized that
you did not commit the murder and were instead framed.

Raja Gopal fought really hard for all those
who share the same fate as you.

When they unjustly framed
you in this murder case.

Aadhya felt that Raja Gopal’s efforts
and your life mustn’t end there.

With regards the question
of who killed him and why...

the section 211 case that
you are taking on will give you your answers.

Hey, Surya!

What a timing! I was thinking of calling you.

I just went to Mr. Raja Gopal’s place earlier.

Did they tell you that I was a torch bearer?

Thank you, Lawyer.

Thank you for starting the
section 211 fight with me.

The actual fight begins now, Surya.

Because he gave false evidence, levied false allegations against you
and robbed you of five years of your life,

we are going to file a 211 case against Kishore.

Let’s do that but let’s give it some time.

If we file a 211 case,
it must become a sensational news.

He must lose his mind.

Before he can react, we must have
the entire evidence in our hands.

Cousin, have you gone crazy?

That policeman put you in jail for
five years even though you were innocent.

And now, you want to
file a case against a policeman?

If you lost the case,
he will never leave you in peace.

Please, cousin. No.

Let’s forget about all this,
and work hard and live in peace.

Shall I let him go even though
he is responsible for my parent’s death?

Should I forget my dad’s last wish?

He killed my parents...

He is also responsible for me losing my love.

He damaged my entire life.

There are so many like me...

who lost their parents...

...parents who lost their sons...

Things like this shouldn’t repeat themselves.

Everyone thought this was the end of my life...

but, it's just begun.

Cousin, it’s not an easy task taking him on.

Please, cousin. Let it go.

Buddy, do not mistake this for revenge.

Think of this 211 as the right given
by the Indian Penal Code for the commoner.


My boat is always hitched to yours.

Tell me now, lawyer.
What should we do?

I can handle the murder weapon
and the forensic reports.

But the eye witness for this case is Chandraiah.

He is very important for this case.


I will make sure he tells the truth about
how Kishore influenced him and got him to lie.


Give me a half pint bottle of my regular brand.

I have to go.
Hurry up and give it.

Are you kidnapping me?

You will be booked under Section 363
and will have to serve 7 years in prison.

If I could whack....

I will thrash fraud!

This is manhandling.

You will be booked under section 323

You will be done.
You will serve a year in jail.

You old fool!
-Hold on!

This is attempted murder.

You will be booked under section 307.
You will be jailed for ten years.


you’ve been in prison for five years
and you were just recently released.

Do you need to do this?

Is this really necessary?

I understood.

I know that you know that
I have a weakness for alcohol.


I won’t drink.


No matter how long you wait, I will not drink.

I won’t drink.

I won’t drink.

No, I won’t.

Kishore is my saviour.

...I meant for me...for me.

I’ve been working for him for ten years.

He really trusts me.

No matter what kind of work it is,
he would ask me to do it.

You should kill this Rajgopal.

Okay, sir.


As a bonus, I would drop the
criminal records on the both of you.

After you kill him, stay in the factory shed.

Okay sir.

Whatever you need,
Chandriah will take care of it.

Go on.



I heard that Shiv Ram is going to conduct
a strike at the Dharna Chowk tomorrow.

Land poacher Nagender
-Must be arrested! (Slogans)

I need a minimum of the two of you for the job...

If you need more, it’s your call.


Must be distributed to the poor. (Slogans)

Blood must be spilled.

Nallagandla lands.....
-Must be distributed to the poor. (Slogans)

Land poacher Nagender
-Must be arrested! (Slogans)

Stop, my friends.

Stop it.

Don't throw stones.

Stop, my friends!

Stop it.

I lost my spectacles.

I lost my spectacles.

I can't see without my glasses.

That very night, the both of them killed Mr. Raja Gopal.

Here, this is your liquor and this is your food.

Enjoy yourselves.


you’ve been feeding us and giving us
a drink for the past three days.

But today, you must drink with us.


My capacity to drink is limited to four pegs.

If I drink more than that,
the good in me comes out.

What happened, uncle?
Why are you crying?

You are such lovely people.

Kishore is getting you guys
ready to become the sacrificial lambs.

What are you saying, uncle?


the one you killed is a very important man.

Kishore wants to kill the both of you...

and then close the case.

That is why he took that murdered weapon
and your blood-soaked shirt.

He is going to kill the both of you.

He is going to do it tomorrow.

You guys must stay alive.

That very night, the both of them escaped.


Chandraiah, Tell me.

Sir, the both of them have escaped!

Put the phone down, you...!

Kishore’s plan was ruined.

And there was a lot of
pressure from his superiors.

He is talking to the commissioner.

Close the case quickly.

He framed you for that murder and sent you to jail.

He searched hard and finally caught
the murderers Krishna and Suresh...

and shot them dead.

He made me burn their bodies.

I know only this much.

That’s all.

Lawyer, let’s file the case now.

Mr. Surya Prakash has once
again gone to the courts.

He filed a case with the court against
ACP Kishore under section 211.


I never thought you would need a lawyer, brother.

When Surya Prakash was released...

he looked at me with anger in his eyes.

I was under the impression that he is
angry because he was in a helpless state.


I didn’t realise that he was warning me.

That lawyer....

...she is wet behind the ears.

Just gotten her degree a while back
and became a big shot.

She is just now learning how to tie her show laces.

Don’t you worry about her.



Why do we need him now?

He has an important role to play, brother.

He must come to the court and declare that you didn’t influence him
in anyway and you were in no way connected.

Please call him. Hurry.

I am going to train him on what needs
to be said in the court.

Switched off?


Surya is a step ahead of you.

Surya, he cannot confess unless he is drunk.

And, even if he tells the truth while he is drunk,
the courts will not believe it.

Will he say anything at all in the courts?

It’s because of people like you that thousands
of innocent people are languishing in the court.

Try telling the truth once and see...

how many lives change.

If tomorrow you look at him
and do not tell the truth...

Remember that I am not new to jail...

and I am not new to being branded a murderer.

I will tell the truth.

If I tell the truth...

I will be booked under section 120B
and sentenced to 6 months in jail.


thankfully, I will be alive.

So, I will tell the truth.

Get him to the court on time.



Your honor...

there is a small request before we
talk about the case and its details.

The police department...

needs to practice certain procedures.

When a crime is committed...

the police move and reach the location of the crime...

collect the evidences
and according to section 51 and 53...

they take the accused and the suspects into their custody,
and then produce them in front of the court.

The arguments and
counterarguments that follow...

and the decision taken by the judge...

are not at all in the purview
of the police department.

The same exact thing happened
in the case of Surya Prakash.

The day after he went into the police custody,
his parents committed suicide and passed away.

After a year, the women who was
in love with him, left him.

It’s because he was frustrated
and did not know what to do,

he held a grudge against ACP Kishore for
sending him unjustly to the prison.

And thus, lodged a section 211 case against my client.

If everyone files a case against the
police officers who arrest the criminals...

how will the policemen, lawyers
and judges be able to work?

That is why, I ask you to dismiss
this case immediately...

and save the precious time of this court.

Thank you.

Objection, your honor.

The reason why my client filed this 211 case
was to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The fast-track court...

released my client and expressed its
displeasure of handling this case.

In police records, jail records,
court records...

public media, social media,
electronic media, web media...

it is mentioned that the accused is Bandi Surya Prakash.

Can you erase all that?

Do you have any proper evidence?

Yes, sir.

I would like to call upon the first eye-witness,
Chandraiah into the witness box, your honor.






He is not here, Sir.

What’s happening?
Didn’t he come?

I am sorry, your honor.

Will you please grant me four days, your honor?

Objection, your honor.

She intentionally wasting court time.

Why does she ask for four days again?

Please dismiss the case immediately.

Objection, overruled.


Thank you, your honor.

They didn't pick my calls...

Don't know what happened.

Indian Penal Code must be written
by a very good guy.

Perhaps that’s the reason
why you were released.

Actually, someone like me should have written it.

You would never have been released.

How could you file a case
against a police officer?

What is it?


Yes, Section 211.

Law here is meant to be used against the weak.

Law cannot touch the powerful.

Actually, even though I didn’t know you,
I put you in jail for 5 years.

And you knew about me
and still filed a case against me.

Count your days.

We will catch those criminals.

Hello, Kishore.


Is everything okay?

Everything from my side is good.

And, hats off to your acting skills.

Sir, I am already tensed that those two have escaped.

And the commissioner calls me and….

….he is on my case.

Arrest some Tom, Dick or Harry
and frame him.

The entire media’s attention
would be on that guy.

We proclaim Bandi Surya Prakash’s innocence
and release him from all charges.

After he was released,
he’s just been minding his own business.

I don’t think he would connect the dots to you.

Why would he?

If he tries anything, I am sure
you will frame him in another case.


What is this Section 211 case?

I will take care of it, sir.

This isn’t a case that pertains to your police station.

If something goes wrong,
we will end up in prison.

I am sending my lawyer Satya Murthy.
He will guide you on what to do.

Chandraiah is under the protection of Surya, sir.

If he comes to the court tomorrow,
the case will turn in their favor.

If they are to attend the court,
they must cross me.

A person named Chandraiah has been
violently murdered in Janatha Bar in Chanda Nagar.

He is the primary witness in the section
211 case filed by Mr Surya Prakash.

We have reports that the police are investigating thoroughly
to figure out the culprits behind the murder and the motive.

This is Kishore’s doing, Aadhya.

If Chandraiah confessed...

everyone would know that Kishore
is the culprit of Rajagopal's murder.

That is why he killed Chandraiah.

If that’s the case, what possible reason
did he have to get Mr. Raja Gopal killed?

The entire mystery is connected
to Mr. Raja Gopal’s murder.

If we need to know that, we must find out
what happened before his murder.

We must find out about Mr. Raja Gopal’s
initiative five years ago...

the FIRs registered by Kishore,
also, the high-profile court cases then,

articles in the newspapers at that time, debates on Television,
I need every minute detail about these things.

Why did you kill Chandraiah?!

That drunkard...

told them that I was the one
who got Raja Gopal killed.

What is the guarantee that
he wouldn’t tell others?

You do know that he is very
important to the case, right?

If Surya demanded that an enquiry commission
be launched to investigate this, what will you do?

Let’s do exactly what we did five years ago.

How is that possible?

How can the government purchase its own land?

This is a very big scam.

The 100 acres of land pooled for the
purpose of an electronics hub...

has been divided and distributed to the poor.

And now, they are purchasing that very land from the poor
at a price that is four times the market price.

Who are these poor people?
The workers of that party itself.

This was a bloody huge scam
running into thousands of crores.

Who do you think is behind this, Mr. Siva Ram?

Who else?

Those very people who handed over the land to the poor a year ago,
are the ones responsible for this scam.

This is very evident.

We are going to protest against the
government along with the people.

Hope you do notice that Siva Ram.

He has been shouting from the roof tops
about the land scam and demanding a CBI enquiry.

That Siva Ram is just like that.

Until he finds something new to engage in,
he will be stuck with this topic.

Shouldn’t we give him something
new to talk about?

Something new?

You must kill.


Raja Gopal.

Isn’t he the one constantly harping
on law and justice and people’s rights?

He holds a very good reputation amongst the people
and the poor have great regard for him, sir.

How would killing him help us?

A great man’s death will make
people forget a lot of things.

If Raja Gopal is killed, the entire media,
the people and even Siva Ram...

would be diverted from the land scam
and would talk about Raja Gopal’s murder.


devise a plan carefully to kill Raja Gopal.

How can it to that?

What is the government doing?

Don’t leaders like us have any sort of security?

We are going to question the government
and ensure that Raja Gopal’s murderer is brought to justice.

To divert the attention from Nallagandla land scam...

they murdered Raja Gopal,
who was in no way connected to the issue.

The land scam faded into the background…

…and the murder became the top story.

And when they arrested me,
every channel telecasted news about me.

It was the breaking news.

The news about the land scam
didn’t even make it to district edition.

By murdering Mr. Raja Gopal, they have made the people
forget about the hundreds of acres land scam.

Who do you think is responsible for this?

The people who distributed the land amongst the poor a year ago,
are the ones who are responsible for this scam.

The one who distributed the land and the one responsible
for the scam is the Home minister, Mr. Nagendra Rao.

And along with him is that CI, Kishore.

Everything falls into place but
how do we prove it in the court?

Your assumption that Mr Raja Gopal was murdered to take
the spotlight away from Nallagandla Land scam is good.

But, the court doesn’t concern
itself with your assumptions.

It needs evidence.

Exactly, your honor.

All this is an excuse to divert the case
and nothing more.

Since the prime witness, Mr Chandriah is dead,

I request the court to not dwell anymore on this case
and waste its time, and dismiss the case immediately.

Your honor.

There has never been any account of the case being
dismissed on account of the prime witness’s death, your honor.

If you would permit me...

I would like to cross-examine ACP Kishore,
the accused in this case.

Mr Kishore...

please come to the witness box.

Were you born rich or poor?

Your ho….

I was born rich.

Note this point, your honor.

The government said the Nallagandla lands
were distributed to the poor.

And, here you say that you are rich.

So, how is it that your family members came to become
the owners of hundreds of acres of land there?

Oh? You mean only you are rich
and the rest of the family is poor.

These are the records which state that his
family members possess lands in that area.

Objection, your honor.

Is there any connection between that land scam
and that section 211 case here?

Junior Lawyer, Aadhya is over reaching with her conclusions
and diverting the attention of the court.

Do you have a clarity about the case?

Do you have some clarity?

Senior most lawyer, Mr Satya Murthy...

If you could wait a while,
all those connections would be revealed.

Is Mr Nagendra your relative?


Every month, six lakhs are being deposited
from Nagendra account to your wife’s account.

Is that the bribe he gives you?

This is the bank statement
regarding this money, your honor.

You said that there was no connection.
But looks like there is a strong connection.

You are unnecessarily involving
Mr Nagendra in this case.

When you lose the case tomorrow,
the court is going to take action against you and your client.

My client and I are ready for
any sort of punishment, your honor.

Four days ago, the witness Mr. Chandraiah
who was supposed to come to the court, did not.

There was message from
Mr Nagendra on Kishore’s phone.

He immediately relaxed after seeing that message.

That recording was captured on that camera, your honor.

I request the court to grant permission
for playing that recording, your honor.

What’s up, Lawyer?

Even you seem to be very relaxed in that video?

Looks like you were also informed that
Chandraiah wouldn’t be able to make it to the court?

After the court was adjourned,
Kishore messaged Nagendra.

They call each other at least four times a day;

like lovers.

This is the call list related to that.

If we get TRAI’s permission and obtain the
voices regarding this call list, from the network...

the entire connection would be revealed, your honor.

Kindly give permission for call records.

Excuse me, your honor.
One small objection.

Mr Nagendra is an ex-home minister
and even a celebrity.

Kishore is a police officer.

If we set aside the reason as to why
they spoke to each other...

On what authority does she ask for
the call records of ex-home minister?

How is it possible?

Is it truly necessary to get the
call records of ex-home minister?

How? How?
You tell me how?

Your honor, in 2015 Suresh Kalmadi case,

CBI got the call data from TRAI through Delhi high court.

These are the details regarding
that case, your honor.

Your honor, please order the location of Mr Kishore
from TRAI during Chandraiah’s murder.

It’s because ex-home minister,
Mr Nagendra, is behind this entire operation,

I would like to request that the FIR be altered and
Mr Nagendra’s name be included in it, your honor.

Thank you, your honor.

After examining all the details...

the court will decide on including
ex-Minister Mr Nagendra name in the FIR...

and obtaining the records from
TRAI in the next session.

The court is adjourned till tomorrow.

What’s up, lawyer?

Will TRAI have a recording of
all the conversations we’ve had?

Records from five years ago will not be available, sir.

But records from the past six months
will definitely be available.

Damn it!
I wonder who all I spoke to!

Did you ever talk to that women activist…

Shut it!

After I killed Raja Gopal, I killed a few others.

I should have killed you.

Well, buy the judge and tell her to close the case.

Not all judges can be bought, sir.

If my forty-year political career comes under the
scrutiny of the courts, I will be ruined.

Well, there is only one way that remains.

If you could get her to go to the court
and make her withdraw the case…

That is enough.


Make her fear death…..

Show them fear of death.

If she isn’t threatened?


I don’t see any fear in your face.

You must be very strong.

Let me show you.

But, I will show you something
that will hit you hard.

After you got me here, instead of killing me,
you are indulging in a discussion.

That means you must know that you are losing.

You are going to instill fear in me?

You are very intelligent.

Alright, now that you know, take back the case.

What ever the amount you need, take it.

Forget about TRAI and all that nonsense?

What if I don’t agree?

I won’t do anything to you.

I wouldn’t even cross your path the next time.


You can leave.

Please hand over the car keys to the lawyer.

Please, leave dear.

No one is going to harm you.





How was that fear?

Is this a great fear, right?

Yes, it was wrong.
but it happened.

We couldn't correct with just an apology.

I will compensate you for it.

Ten crores for you.

Since you have no one...

we will become relatives.

I will get a good girl from my family
and get you married to her.

Please try to understand my 40 years
of political life, brother.

Why don’t you say something?

Isn’t that enough?

Do you want more?

I want justice.
Will you give it to me?

A 40-year political career?

Is your life that worthy?
Not mine..!?

Five years…

In four walls…

I will show you what that
kind of pain looks like.

You asked me how dare you file
a case on powerful people?

Now, you came to know the power of Section 211?

See you in the court tomorrow.

He is guilty.

That is why I punished him.

You can go to the court, take back your case...

Come here and take him with you.

Think about it.


Or a life?

♪How long, dear?
How many more years? ♪

♪This burning hell of injustice. ♪

♪For justice and for righteousness, ♪
♪One must continue their journey like you. ♪

♪These disappointments, this darkness…♪
♪They constantly plague you. ♪

♪Like the early morning chant, like the first rays of light ♪
♪Stay calm and proceed. ♪

♪You must reach, my dear. You must…♪

♪You must reach your destination today. ♪

♪In the midst of revolution, ♪
♪Remove the shackles of doubt on you. ♪

♪Your path is through the desert♪
♪You have put your life at stake ♪

♪Your determination is your message♪
♪Become the fight and carry on. ♪

Madam, Surya’s phone has been
switched off since the morning.

And even yours too.

What exactly happened?


I am asking you.

Where is Surya?

He is with Nagendra.

He is vacillating between life and death.


Let’s take him to the hospital urgently, madam.

He lost everything in his life, madam.

There was never a moment of joy
in his life for the past five years.

All he had was sorrow.

Madam, let’s not bother ourselves with the case.

I want my friend is alive.

Please, madam.

Please, I beg you.

Madam, please. Please.

Don’t you understand when I tell you?
Are you human or an animal?

Sorry, madam. Sorry.

Let’s withdraw the case, ma’am.

Let’s take him to the hospital, ma’am.

I beg you. I beg you.

Please, madam.

Please, madam.

Please, madam.
Let’s take him to the hospital.

Please, madam.

Did you leave him there without
taking him to the hospital?

Are you human?

Are you human at all?

We worked hard to get him out of jail
and here you are risking his life!

Because of that police officer,
he lost five years.

But Surya’s 211 case is costing him his life.

Oh god!

Aadhya Mullapudi.

I am bloody... warning you!

Let us withdraw the case.

I mean it, bloody…

Why would we need her approval?
Let’s get our friend out of there.


You are thinking about the life of
a single friend of yours.

But, Surya...

wishes to light up the lives of many people.

Are you scared, lawyer?

Don’t be scared.

It costed the lives of 10 lakh people
for our country to gain it's independence.

It costed the lives of 13 hundred people
for a new state to be born.

There's never been any occasion in the entire history
where justice was served without the loss of life.

You keep saying it…

…when you argue, justice wins…

…when we go to war, the good wins.

Go and argue, lawyer.

Fight the war and win the 211 case.

Win it!

Shall we take a step back because we are scared?

Or shall we risk it and keep going forward?

If we go forward, we will create history.

If we take a step back, we will be part of history.

Tell me.

What do we do?

♪This is the foundation. ♪

Surya Prakash!

♪To bury the cruelness. ♪

♪This is foundation. ♪

♪the unyielding intense war cry. ♪

♪This is foundation. ♪

♪The roar of the one wounded by the justice system. ♪

♪This is foundation. ♪

♪The way to crumble the demon empire. ♪


Call ambulance!

♪If we are scared, there is no future. ♪

♪There is no room for cowardice. ♪

♪When in struggle, courage gives us company. ♪

Call for the stretcher.

♪There is no going back. ♪

♪Face the challenge. ♪
♪Take it on with gusto. ♪

♪Stand tall and face it. ♪
♪Of course, the change would come. ♪

♪May be the clouds won’t cooperate♪
May be the disasters would strike. ♪

♪The judgement that would wake
the heavens would come out today.♪

♪This is foundation. ♪

♪The roar of the one wounded by the justice system. ♪

♪This is foundation. ♪

♪The way forward to write the future that we desire. ♪


until this moment, goons and
politicians are ruled the system.

Don’t make the justice system join them.

May the judgement you deliver today
be the foundation for a great change.

♪This is foundation. ♪

♪The roar of the one wounded by the justice system. ♪

♪This is foundation. ♪

♪The way forward to write the future that we desire. ♪

'After 15 Days'

Hello, Kishore.

Are you still worrying yourself
over Surya’s case?

Nothing of that sort, sir.
After his release, he’s been minding his own business.

I don’t think he would seek revenge.

Why would he try?

If he did, I am sure you will
frame him in another case.


What’s this 211 case?

I will take care of it, sir.

This isn’t a case that pertains to your police station.

If something goes wrong,
we may end up behind bars.

I am sending my lawyer, Satya Murthy.

He will guide you on what needs to be done.

Chandraiah is under the protection of Surya.

If he comes to the court tomorrow,
the case will turn in their favor.

If he comes to the court, he must cross me.

In the case filed by Bandi Surya Prakash
under Section 211...

It has been proven that ACP Kishore has conspired and
framed Surya Prakash in Raja Gopal’s murder.

The court came to a conclusion that the
primary conspirator was ex-Home Minister, Nagendra.

Denying them the opportunity of public’s forgiveness,
the court sentences them to life imprisonment.

Surya Prakash and all the future citizens
who win the case through section 211 case...

The court instructs the justice system to consider them
not as an accused, but as a Victim.

Every victory has struggle behind it.

Every struggle will lead you a step ahead.

That is the foundation of our victory.