Mystery Woman: Game Time (2005) - full transcript

Bright youngest graduate Randy (Stinky) Lawrence convinces Samantha to promote his brilliant murder video game in the bookstore in exchange for his help in convincing 'old friend' Donald Fiske, a celebrated author, to do a signing session there. To Randy's surprise, it works, but Fiske is poisoned after slipping out angry. Randy is Chief Connors's only suspect. Despite obvious repeated lies, Samantha sets out to prove his innocence. Fiske's greedy ex, Jody, pretends to have convinced him to remarry, yet she never even allowed their teenage son Cameron to set foot in Donald's fine home.

-Can I help you with something?


- This can't be the
whole shipment,

Philby tell me this is
not the whole shipment.

- Oh, where's that packing
slip? - It's on the counter.

Can we sell of
this at a book signing?

- If Donald Fiske is
doing a signing, I am.

- Don't count your chickens
before they hatch, he's
always canceled two times.

- Three.
He's kind of...

Temperamental. - Unreliable.

- Deceitful.
- Eccentric.

The man has not made a public
appearance in over two years.

- Which books
are shortly ordered?

- His second,
Murder By Ice Cream.

- I read that one,
not as good as the first.

- It was a best seller, Cassie.

So, um,

how exactly did you
get the elusive Mr. Fiske

to agree to a signing.

- He couldn't
resist my charm, my grace.

- Uh, you've never
met him, have you?

- Apparently my telephone
voice is pretty enticing.

- More than just your
voice. - What.

- That guy over there,

he's been looking at you
more than that book

he's been pretending to read.

- I, no he hasn't, really?

- Yeah.
Go ask him what he wants.

- Has that worked for you?

- No, I'm a DA.

The only guys I meet are public
defenders and alleged felons.

- So what, all your
dates end with a plea?

- Sam, Sam,
I'll see you later.


Um, someone will
help you in a minute.

- Oh, thank you, I,
I was just
browsing. Is this your store?

- No, I'm just a
friend of the owner's.



- Are you looking
for something special?

- Are you Samantha Kinsey?

- Yeah.
- Randy told me about you.

- Randy?
- Randy Lawrence.

He says you've
known each other since...


What are you doing
here? - Just looking out
for my interest.

- Your interests have
nothing to do with my business.

Besides, I thought you thought
this whole idea was
stupid, remember?

- But then I thought you might
be right about test-
marketing the game.

- Stinky.

Stinky Lawrence.

- Nobody's
called me that since...

- You're Stinky Lawrence,

from Colbert Olsen
Elementary, Mrs. Donner's class.

I haven't seen you since
freshman year of high school.

- I knew you'd remember, Sammy.

I heard you took over
your uncle's bookstore.

- Samantha.

- Randy.

- Who are you?

- Bradley Stillman.

- Emusing
Games. What is that,

video games, computer
games? - Exactly.

- Hours of mind-numbing glee
watching some non-human kill
and maim everything in its path?

- But the sound
effects are awesome.

- No thanks.

- Hey, you see now, that's why
I created the world's very first
computer game mystery.

I call it, Whodunit.
It's gonna be available
exclusively at Mystery Woman.

- I sell books, not games.

- Whodunit's very much more than
just a game, it's the next step
in the evolution of mystery.

Your bookstore is a
perfect launching pad for it.

- Most of my customers don't
have computers, and even if
they did,

why would I want to sell them
something that kept them
from reading?

It's bad for business.

- You're tough, Sammy.

I like that.
Tell you what I'm gonna do,

I'm gonna put the game
on your shelves, entirely
on consignment.

No cost to you whatsoever.

We'll sell it for $24.95 a
unit, I'll cut you in for half,

that's $12.50 a unit for
doing absolutely nothing.

- $12.50 a
unit? Wow.

- Don't decide right now,
take it home, play the game.

If it's not the greatest
mystery that you've ever...

Thanks, but no thanks.

- Sammy.
- Stinky.

- It's great seeing you again.
- You, too, Randy Lawrence.

- Very nice meeting you.

You know, we can take this game
to the next gamers convention.

- Samantha?

Fiske just called.

He's cancelled again.

- That's four.


-This is Donald Fiske.
Please leave a message.

Oh, hello Mr. Fiske, this is
Samantha Kinsey from
Mystery Woman,

and I was just looking at my
calendar and I realized that
the last week of the month is,

uh, the Western Days Festival,
so I was thinking that we could
reschedule your book signing,

um, to feature your book the
Pale Horse Dude Ranch, which
I know is your first,

and probably very
close to your heart.

So, um, anyway, just,
give me a call, please.

Thank you so much, Mr. Fiske.

He's never gonna call.

- Maybe the sixth
message is the charm.

- It better be, or I'm gonna
be left with over 100 books

if I can't sweet talk
him into rescheduling.

- You know, I
couldn't help but overhear...

- Randy, not now.

- Were you just
talking to Donald Fiske?

- I believe the
lady told you to leave.
- Okay.

- Wait, wait.

I know I'm gonna regret this.

You know Donald Fiske?

- The writer, right?

Yes, Fiskey and me go way back,
I used to bump into him in
LA all the time.

- Fiskey?

- Hates when I call him
that. Funny guy.

Total slob.
It's a wonder he
gets anything done,

start to finish,
through all that mess.

- So Donald Fiske
actually takes your calls?

- Well, I haven't seen him
in a couple years, but yeah.

Total first name basis.

I'd be happy to put in a good
word for you, next time I'm
in LA.

- He lives here
now. - Really?

- Yeah, he moved out of
LA, trying to get away

from crazed fans and
all. - Hmm.

- So, you could really give him
a call, and put in a good
word for me?

- Sure.

What kind of quid
do I get for my quo?

Everyone who plays it loves it.

- I don't know.

- Just play the game.

You won't regret
this. - I already do.

- See you Sammy.

- Samantha.

- Right, right, Samantha.

- You know,

I ought to take
a cue from him

and do a little
hustling of my own.

know you want me back.

- Get out of here.
- Oh, come on,
come on,

- Can I help you?

- Um, I'm, I just stopped
by, is, should I come back at a
better time?

- If you want.

- Are they okay in there?

- It's nothing, my
parents are just communicating.

- Maybe if you'd stop
complaining for five minutes.

- Don't try to get your hands on
everything, not anymore
that's over.

- Everything I
did, I did for love.

- Yeah, a love of money.

- You need me,
Fiske, and you know it.

- Hey why don't you go back
to your general jerk boyfriend.

- Excuse me.

- Who are you?

- I'm Samantha Kinsey,

I own Mystery Woman,

I'm here about the book signing.

Maybe this is a bad time?

- What would be a good time.

- Uh, for the signing?
- When and where, Susannah?

- Samantha.
- That wasn't my question.

- Thursday.
- Wednesday, 6:00 PM.

- But he said...
- I'll do the speaking for
Mr. Fiske, and he'll be there.

Cameron, in the car.

- What are you doing
here? Hmm?

What do you want from me?

- I was just, uh,
rethinking Armageddon.

- Oh, that's funny.

- That woman...

- Jody.
- Jody.

She said that you
would do the book signing.

- Well, she lied.

That's what she does, she opens
her mouth, blah, blah,
blah, blah,

blah, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie,
pay money to anybody who could
shut that woman up for good.

- That's a pretty
scary thing to say.

- Well, you
know, I don't mean it.

See, that's what you do, is
you terrorize the ones you love.

- Is that from your new book?

- No, that's from being married

to that woman
for too many years.

- She said you'd do
the signing on Wednesday.

- Well, I won't.


Not loyal like dogs,
but their good company.

- Better company than your wife?

- Jody is my ex-wife.

She left many years ago,

she ran off with a hustler
who spent all of her money.

Excuse me, my
money, 'til I cut her off.
- And the boy?

- That's Cameron, he's my son.

I didn't win any prizes
in the parenting department, but
she's got him so messed up that

he won't even walk through
the front door of the house.

- Never?

- Never.

They've only been
around for a few weeks.

She says she's ready to
reconcile with my wallet,
I think.

Jody used to be my muse.

When we first met, we
were like butterflies in heat.

Hmm, when she left,
um, she took my wings.

Writer's block.

Tell you what, I'd sit
around for hours,

days, sometimes.

I used to fiddle around with
this computer game that I
was tinkering with.

- Well, uh, thank you
for your time, Mr. Fiske.

Hey, uh, listen, um, I, I have a,

but, uh, my publishers are after
me to turn in an outline, but
if I finish by Wednesday,

then I'll, I'll, uh, I'll do
your book signing for you, yes?

- Really?

Well, in that case, get to work.

- Hmm.
- Thank you.

- Hmm.
- Thank you.

- Oh, this is the part.

- Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.

- What am I waiting for?

- For the picture to come back.

- How about we try voodoo and
stick hot skewers in the set?

- No, it's no the TV, it's the
DVD player, I spilled coffee
on it.

- So much for old movie night.

- Well, we still
have lots of popcorn.

- I know I'm
going to regret this.

Let's play Whodunit?

The dorky game for
computer geeks everywhere.

We will play for five minutes,
make fun of how lame it
is, until the popcorn is gone,

or die of boredom.

- I'm in.

- Let's give it a try.


- So lame.

- This doesn't look good.

- No, no, no, don't go in there.

- Don't let her go in there.

- Hey, try the bridge.

- See, there's the guy.

- Lookout, he's got a gun.

- I see it, I see it.

- Throw the cat at him.

- Throw the cat?

Oh, you got a better

Throw it.


- Nice.

- I'm opening the doors.

- Look at, there
he is, there he is.

Don't let him get away.

- I'm getting him.



- Right in the eye.

- Oh, he's getting away.

- Okay, I got it,
I got it, I got it.

- Oh, oh.

Here, here, let go.
You do it, you do it.

there, there, there, there.


- Wow.

- No.
No, no way.

No way, the
mayor's daughter did it.

- The slingshot was in her
cabana, she must have done it.

- Or, or, unless, the meter
maids trained squirrel
planted it there.

- I love this game.

- And we're only on level
three, there are 31 more to go.

- All right,
let's do level four.

- Oh, it's 1:00 in the
morning. - Mm-hmm.

- I gotta go.
- But we just started.

- I am hosting Donald Fiske's
book signing in 17 hours,
give or take.

Yeah, yeah,
I'll be there.

Okay, how do I get
fingerprints off a squirrel?

- Hey, Sammy.

Try my game
yet? - Hi, Randy.
- Hi. You tried the game?

- Uh, yeah, but I really
can't talk to you right now.

- But you liked it,
right? I mean, don't tell
me you didn't like it.

Everybody likes it.
Just tell me you like
it. - It's good.

It's really good.
- See, I told you.

So what do you
think? You gonna sell it?

You've gotta sell
it, it sells itself,

look, I printed up
postcards for the,

uh, mailing, don't worry,
I'll pay for the postage
of course.

And does your customer
mailing list computerized.

- Randy, Randy, I am happy to
talk to you about this, but I
have Donald Fiske's book signing

in 30 minutes.


- Nothing.

He's, he's coming here?

- Well, you ought to stay,

I'm sure old Fiskey
will be happy

to see a familiar face.

- I gotta go.

I, uh, I gotta
pick up the posters.

I'm going to paper
every telephone pole in town.

Come to Mystery Woman Books,
the exclusive distributor of

- Randy, don't do that.

I have not agreed.

- I'll call you.

Come on, Bradley, let's go.

- I think I'm going
to have to take a break.

Or I will be
dictating my next book.

- It's an honor, Mr. Fiske.

- Thank you.

- Well, I will
get you some food.

- Okay.

I think I'm gonna get
myself something to drink.


- Mr. Fiske,

I, um, got you some Shoo-
Feng Green Tea.

I read in an old interview
that it was your favorite, so.


I just wanted a lazy reporter
to look up the spelling.

- Oh.

- Doesn't mean I don't like it.

- You know, you're
really terrific with your fans.

I'm surprised that you didn't
want to do the book signing.

- What's this?

- Oh, it's just a computer game.

- Whodunit?

- It's actually pretty great.
I didn't think I'd like it,

but, once you get into it,
it's got these great clues,

and these wild characters.

I mean, it's, it's not as
good as a book,

of course, but, um,
the guy who designed it,

he wants me to sell it here,
and, actually,
he said that he knows you.

- The fellow who
created this game?

- Yeah.
Uh, his name is...

- Oh.

- Excuse me.

- Who put this tray on the edge?

It could have taken off my toe.

- Whoa,
hey. Hey.

- This is disgusting.

- Aren't you glad you
didn't serve sloppy Joes?


- Where is my husband?

- Um, did you check the aisles?

- He's
gone. - He left?

Shock that marriage didn't last.

- Your guest of honor left
without signing all the books.

- Yeah, I wonder where he went.

- Cameron.

Have you seen your father?

- No.

- We're leaving.

- Hello?

Anybody home?

- Nino, I want pictures
of everything in this room.
- You got it, boss.

- Especially that desk.

Guys, I want nice, clean prints.

- Yes, ma'am.

- Just tell me
how you killed him.

- I keep telling you, I didn't.

-Dr. Esperanto,
do you have the
cause of death yet?

- Looks like asphyxia.

- So you suffocated him.

- No.

He was like that when I came in.

I didn't even know the guy.

- Oh, really?

Well, my
witness here...


Miss Kinsey?

How about we don't go around
contaminating the crime scene,

leave this up to
the professionals.

It's a crime scene.

- Sir, can I turn
this computer off?

- Never.
What's on stays on.

Just tag
it. - Okay.

Miss Kinsey, please.

- Coming, Chief.

She says you told
her you did know Fiske.

Even bragged about it.

- Because I was
trying to impress her.

I wanted her to sell my game.

- He's probably
telling the truth.

He really did want
me to sell his game.

- Sorry I'm late, fill me in?

- The writer is dead, and I'm
getting ready to arrest Randy.

- Why?
- How about you found him
standing over the dead body?

- That doesn't prove anything.

The door was wide open,
anybody could have come in.

- Wait a minute.

This guy just lied to you
about knowing Fiske

and now you're
gonna vouch for him?

- I am just
asking for the facts.

- The facts.

This guy just
strangled your friend.

- Donald Fiske
wasn't exactly my friend.

- I said
asphyxia, not suffocation.

- Asphyxia is lack of oxygen.

- Which can be caused by
suffocation or, when the

respiratory muscles
are simply paralyzed.

- How simply?

- Best guess,


so you'll have to wait for
the toxicology tests.

- I need those,
quick as you can.

The fingerprints and all the
rest of the forensic data,
ASAP, please.



He's going with us.

Let's go.

- On your feet,
sir. Let's go.

- So the last time you saw
him alive was at the bookstore.

- Yeah, I was at the book
signing, I was getting them
some tea.

So that's when I turned away
from him, and I went to pick

the tray that
Jody Fiske spilled.

- The ex-Mrs.
Fiske dropped a tray?

- Hors d'oeuvres.

- So right in the middle
of nothing in particular,

she just drops the tray of food.

- I guess.

- You guess?

- That's what I said, Chief.

- Sorry, it's taking so long
folks, I'll get to all of you.

First you.

Mrs. Fiske.

Thank you.

Last door on the right, please.

- I already told you,
the last time I saw him was
at the bookstore.

I can't believe you
have me waiting here
for hours, for this.

- Just a few more
routine questions, Mrs. Fiske.

- I'd look for unauthorized
visitors, but, I can't take
my eyes off of this.

- Now, after you left the
bookstore, where did you go?

- You want me to
give you an alibi?

- Yes.

- I went to the
hotel, with my son.

We watched TV.

- That's all?
Just straight to the hotel?

- Yes.

If you ask me,
that little bookstore tart

had something to do with this.

- Miss Kinsey?

What makes you say that?

- She's suspicious.

She's short, and she's
nosy, and she wears bad shoes.

- If Sam were here, she'd have
something to say about that.

- Am I short, Cassie?

- Shh.

- When did you
leave the bookstore?

- Right after my mom and dad.

I wandered around town a while,
and then went back to the hotel.

- Was your mom with you.

- No, I didn't see
her until breakfast.

- What'd you do
back at the hotel?

- I watched a
really good old movie.

- I wanted Fiske to give
me an endorsement for my
computer game.

- Why didn't you ask
him at the bookstore?

- I left the
bookstore before he got there.

- And the next day
you snuck into his house?

- I didn't sneak, I went to
see him, because he's a famous
mystery writer,

and his name on my
product would help boost sales.

- And when he wouldn't'
cooperate, you murdered him.

- Now how's that
gonna help my sales?

- And once again,
everybody is innocent.

Not much new there.

- We know Jody's lying, and her
son didn't give her an alibi.

- He didn't give
himself one, either.

- I don't know why Chief
Conners didn't press that issue.

- Cassie.

Preliminary report, I was right.

Asphyxiation by poisoning.

- A nerve agent?

- Nerve agents
are really common,

a lot of
pesticides use them.

- Fiske drank pesticide?

- I wouldn't leap
to that conclusion,

although by the
looks of the body,

he died very quickly.

No thrashing, no convulsions.

- So what does that
indicate? - Well,

either he ingested a
lot of poison,

or it was very,
very potent.

- So the key to finding Fiske's
killer is finding the source
of the poison.

- Which is what Chief Conners
will do, once the tox
screens come in,

and he knows which
poison to look for.

Here you go, Don.

- If we put in a key word like
poison, we'd be here all day.

- The key here is the victim,
start with the victim and
work outwards.

- We have to
correlate all the databases.

- Who benefits
from Fiske's death?

- And then
looking for coincidences.

- Randy has no
obvious connection to Fiske.

- Then narrow it down to
unexplained coincidences.

- Jody and her son could
definitely benefit from
the inheritance.

- And there you have it.

Correlation, the shops that sell
the poisons, all the people
in this area that bought it,

and the credit card
records of the purchasers.

- Correlation.

- And a lead.

- Philby, how do you have
access to these databases?

Aren't they
supposed to be protected?

- They are.

- You bought the poison.

- Oh, please.

- You can either talk to me, or
you can talk to the police,
but I know they're looking for a

good suspect, and I'm
happy to give them you.

- Let's discuss this in private?

I am nobody's suspect.

I loved Donald.

- Fiske was killed by poison.

You bought the poison.

- Poison?

It wasn't to kill Donald, it
was to kill his rodents before I
moved in.

- You were moving in?

- Yes.

We were gonna get remarried.

- Wow.

I, didn't know Fiske very
well, but from what he said...

- Exactly how well did
you get to know Donald?

- I met him the day I met
you, we talked, he accepted my

- You mean, solicitation.

- What are you talking about?

- Like I didn't
know where he was headed

the minute he stayed
behind at the bookstore.

- He left.

- Waiting
outside is not leaving.

- Uh, okay, wait a minute,
are you saying that,

Fiske stayed outside my
bookstore after he left?

- Listen to
little Miss Innocent.

You think I was
never onto his games?

- What games?

- They were always the same.

I've got an
emergency meeting here.

I've got, uh, crisis there.

Be home in five minutes.

And then he shows up, hours
later, reeking of infidelity.

- Fiske told you that he
wanted to see me romantically.

- He didn't have to.

He was waiting
outside the bookstore.

He asked me to
leave without him.

Said that he had
to talk to some guy.

- What guy?

- I don't know, Rocky, Roary...

- Randy?

Randy Lawrence?

Fiske was talking
to Randy Lawrence.

- It was just an
excuse to get me to leave.

- Maybe.

- Miss Kinsey, May
I make a suggestion?

Keep your nose out of
other people's business.

- Thank you for the advice.

- Sammy, hey.

What are you doing here?

- I was in the neighborhood.

- Come in.

You weren't
supposed to see this yet.

It's gonna be a surprise.

I built it for your store.


It accommodates
three customers
at once. Each one

playing a special
limited loop of the software.

- Why did you lie to Chief
Conners about knowing Fiske?

- I didn't know him.

- You told me you did know him.

- Well, that was just to
get you to try the game.

- Somebody saw you talking
to Fiske outside my store.

- No, they
didn't. - He certainly
acted like he knew you.

When he saw your promotional
materials, he got
really aggravated,

the kind of aggravated reserved
for people who have actually
met you.

- I never met
him. - Never met who?

Are we talking
about Donald Fiske?

- I was.

Randy not so much.

- Arrest him for murder.

- Look, I didn't kill anyone.

- The damning evidence came
out of your own mouth, son.

You claimed you never touched
anything at the murder scene.

- That's right, I
didn't. - Well,

your finger prints were
found on several items,

including the drinking glass

that had traces of poison on it.

- No, no, no,
no, I never touched.

- Don't say anything
without talking to your lawyer.

- As my good friend Miranda
would say, you have the right
to remain silence,

Miss Kinsey.

If you give up that
right, anything you say can

and will be used against you
in a court of law.

- You don't think that
Randy killed Fiske, do you?

- Just because I didn't oppose
bail doesn't mean I think
he's innocent.

- The evidence
is circumstantial.

- Poison is premeditated.

People don't just carry
it around unless
they're gonna use it.

- Okay, so how did Randy
get Fiske to drink it,

it's not like he had a
weapon pointed at his head.

- I don't have all the answers.
Sometimes circumstantial is

all you need to infer the truth.

In this case, it
looks like Randy did it.

- Why?

- Because no one
else could have.

I gotta go.

- You know, not a lot of lawyers
could have come up with
that bail money so quick.

Coming in cold like that.

- Yeah, yeah,
you did a great job.

Thanks for finding him for
me. And paying for him.

- That's what
partners are for, right?

- I guess.

- Oh, I've been in touch
with some marketing people.

They think they can get us some
key product placement on
those CSI shows.

We'll time it to coincide
with the release

when my company takes the
whole thing national in
time for Christmas.

- Sammy.

What are you doing here?
- I was in the neighborhood.

- Again. Huh.

- How are you?
- You know what they
say, three hots and a cot,

what more can a man ask for?

- Yeah.

- Well, I better go check
on that bail money transfer.

Nice seeing you again.

- So.

You played my game.

I knew you'd love it.

When do you want to
start selling at your store?

- You're in jail for murder.

- Well, it's mistake.

I'll be out on bail soon.

Why would anyone
think I killed Fiske?

- Besides the fact that you were
standing over the dead body,

that you were scene arguing
with the deceased,

and that you lied
about knowing him.

Your fingerprints were on
the glass that killed him.

- Yeah, besides all that.

- Randy,

why did you lie about
touching anything in the room.

- I don't know, 'cause, 'cause
how often do I walk into a
room and find a corpse in it?

I panicked.
I, I don't know what I did.

- That's not your best defense.

- I did not kill Donald Fiske.

- Well, that leaves
the question, who did?

- All we have left,
is probably flowers.

Lots of flowers.


I'd like, only white lilies,

I mean, if you put the amount
of money I'm spending,

that shouldn't be a problem.

- White lilies it is.

I'll make all the
arrangements and then call you

later this afternoon
for your final approval.

- Thank you.

- It's not easy making funeral
arrangements for a loved one,
is it?

- No, it isn't.

At least he can rest in peace,
now that they've caught
his killer.

- The evidence against
Randy is purely circumstantial.

- Well, I'm sure that will
be of great comfort as
he's rotting in prison.

- They're gonna need more to
convict him, like the poison.

Nobody's found it.

- I have a vague memory
of telling you

to mind your
own business.

- If in fact it turns out
that your poison did kill Fiske,

Chief Conners will be looking
to you as a co-conspirator.

- I never even
opened the poison.

For all I know, it's
still in the gardening shed.

- Well then, you have
nothing to worry about, do you?

- The woman's weapon of
choice is generally poison.

Agatha Christie killed more than
half of her victims with it.

- Yeah, fictionally.

- I just don't believe
that Randy killed Fiske.

But, Jody isn't panning
out as a suspect, either.

- I had an envoy once.

- Envoy?
- Oh, that's what she
preferred being called.

- She?
- This envoy said,

when you hit a dead
end, go backwards.

- I thought an
envoy was a go-between.

- The point is,

what do we know about
our suspects' activities,

prior to the crime.

- Well, for Jody, nothing.

But for Randy,

pretty much
everything's a big hole

after the first
year of high school.

- Huh.

I'll make a few inquiries, see
if I can fill in the background.

Can you think of anything else?

- I'm stuck on the poison.

We still don't know what it is.

- I'll make some calls.

- Cassie?

Come on, Cassie.

- Hi.
Was I expecting you?

- Why was your door locked?

- I didn't want to be disturbed.

- Can I come in?

- Sure.
I thought you'd never ask.

- Why are you
acting like weirdo?

- Weirdo?

I got a heavy caseload,
I'm working late.

- I came to see
Fiske's toxicology report.

- Fiske, Donald.

Third one in the heap.

- Autopsy.

Blood test.

No toxicology.

- I wonder how
they isolate poisons.

They probably have a hundred
different color canaries.

- Canaries?

- You know, like a
canary in a coal mine?

If a red one dies,
it's cyanide, green, lead.

- Yeah, I'm sure
that's how they do it.


Suspects fingerprints
are a 10-point match.

- I'll bring that up
in opening arguments.

- Suspects fingerprints found
on the drinking glass, the desk,
and the computer power button?

The power button?


Why don't you get some rest?

- You touched the computer.

- What computer?
- You know exactly what
computer I'm talking about,

and don't tell me you panicked.

Your fingerprints
are on the power button.


- I don't know, when I came in,
it was making noises, like
an alarm.

I turned it off.

- Randy, you're lying.

The computer was on when
they were dusting for prints,

that means you turned it
on, not off.

- Uh, maybe I thought I turned
it off, maybe I just hit
the reset button.

What are you asking
about the stupid computer?

I didn't kill Fiske, remember?

- Randy, I really
want to believe you.

I'm probably the only person
on the planet who wants
to believe you,

but the problem
is, I know you lie.

- Hi.

- What took you so long?

- Uh, I was just
heading out the door.

- Meet me at the Fiske house.

- Why?

- Because it's a crime scene,

and I need you to go in with me.

- Now?

- Yes, now,
tonight, it's important.

- All right, I'm on my way.

- Thank you.

Come on, Cassie.

you've reached Cassandra Tilman,

- Miss Kinsey.

I told you to mind
your own business.

- Oh.

I'm telling you, the computer
was there, and now it's gone.


- Easy honey, easy.

- So why would anyone steal
a computer unless there was
something important on it.

- Research, his next novel.

Texas Hold 'Em.

Oh, what, like I'm the only one.

- Jody was there.

- You said she didn't hit you.

- No, there had to
have been someone with her.

But who?

- Is she gonna live?

- Probably just a
minor concussion.

No memory loss, she's not dizzy.

- So a couple of aspirin.

- Some
rest. - Good.

Go do that.

- Chief, I got hit in the head.

- And you didn't see who did it.

I got your
statement, Miss Kinsey.

And I've got patrols out
looking for the ex-wife.

You think it's so cute,
this amateur sleuthing of yours.

Well, there's no such thing.

It only happens in books.

- And computer games.

And, you know, your job, too.

- I don't solve mysteries,
Miss Kinsey, I solve crimes.

I put bad guys in jail, and
I try not to risk my life or

anybody else's when I'm
doing it, including yours.

I had your car taken
back to the bookstore.

Go home, Snoopy.

Keep the ice on your head.

- Is that her kid?

- Yeah, do you believe the story
about his mom being missing?

- I don't know.

Chief Conners was trying to
be polite, but chances are, Mrs.
Fiske has a boyfriend.

- Big guy, likes to
bonk people in the head?

- I thought you said you
only saw her at the house.

- Yes, I, but while
I was waiting for you outside I
saw a shadow.

- A guy?
A big guy?

- I don't know.

- You should really
get some more rest.

- I feel better, though.

Thanks, Cassie.

- You're welcome.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Putting up posters, huh?

- I'm trying to find my mom.

- You have a reward.

Where are you getting the money?

- I got some money.

I'd have more if
my mother hadn't...

- If she hadn't what?

- Nothing.

- When was the
last time you saw her?

- We were supposed to meet for
dinner last night, I waited,
she never showed,

so I went back up to my room.

- She just didn't show.

- Yeah, that happens sometimes.

- And so you were in
your room all night.

Has your mom said
anything about your dad's house?

- She went there earlier.

- Earlier?
Like in the daytime?

- Yeah, I heard her
talking to her realtor.

- She's looking to sell already?

- She hates that house.

- Because of the mice?

- I don't know.

Maybe because it's of
all that cool stone

and tile work.
It's not really her style.

You gonna help find her?

- Cameron, I don't
know what I can do.

- Right.

- How's your head?

- News travels fast around here.

- Well, your car was out there
this morning when I opened up,

and Cassie just
called checking on you.

- She told you what
happened last night?

- You should really leave
that type of investigation to

- Like Chief Conners.

- I was talking about myself.

You should be home in bed.

- Philby,

we need to add
Fiske's son, Cameron,

to our list of suspects.

- Really?
- Really.
- Why?

- He knew about the stone
and tile work in the house.

Fiske told me that
Cameron had never been inside.

At least, not until last night.

- You think he's
the one that hit you?

- Well, I saw Jody
Fiske right before I got hit.

- Well, it doesn't mean
he was out there with her.

- He admitted to knowing
his mom was going to the house.

He knew where she'd be,
figured she'd be alone,

and now he's going all over
town, saying his mom's missing.

- So you're thinking that maybe
Cameron got rid of his
father, and now his mother?

- I don't know.

To be honest, the kid
kind of gives me the creeps.

Did you find anything?

- It turns out that Jody
Fiske and Randy Lawrence

are both dead broke.

- It would explain why Jody's in
such a hurry to sell the house.

- Did you know that Randy
was in computer graphics?

- That makes sense, for him
to be able to design a game.

- Yeah, but he didn't start
designing games until two
years ago,

before that, he
did graphics for hire.

Websites, that kind of thing.

- Oh, we're missing something.

- You're still not
convinced that Randy's your man?

- He's a liar, a hustler...

But he doesn't need to kill
anyone, he just wears them out.

- And that's not one of
our current causes of death.

- No, it's not.

Randy makes me very angry,

but there's a certain
honesty about his dishonesty.

Jody Fiske and her son
are impossible to read.

I know they're up to something,
I just don't know what it is.


Hey Cassie.

Okay, we'll be right there.

The police found Jody Fiske.

Let's go.

- But you never saw their faces.

- Most of the time I was wrapped
up in that disgusting blanket.

I couldn't' see if it
was night or day,

let alone what
anyone looked like.

- Scott, tag and bag all
that stuff for evidence.

- You got it,
chief. - We're on it.

- You don't know how many there
were because you were wrapped
up in a blanket.

- That is correct.

Plus the fact that they tied
a blindfold around my eyes,

and they stuck this just
filthy rag in my mouth.

- Did they tell
you what they wanted?

- No.

- Do you have any idea why
you would be kidnapped, and then

- No.

- Okay.

The only thing we're sure of

is my officer
found her in the park

wrapped up in a
blanket, bumbling around.

She claims she was kidnapped,
but person, or persons
of unknown origin,

motive for the
kidnapping, unknown.

- Kidnapped with
no apparent motive?

- Number of assailants, unknown.

- Big guys.

- The same guys that hit me?

- I didn't see anything.

I mean, it all happened
so fast, and, it was dark.

- Did they ever speak to you?

- Not in English.

- What language
were they speaking?

I don't know,
Spanish, I guess.

- Do you speak Spanish?

- No.


Gora this,
Gora that,
Gora. - Gora.

- Gora.

That's Spanish for hat.

- They were talking about a hat?

- That makes no sense.

- Of course not.

None of it makes any sense.

- How dare you
accuse me of lying.

I didn't make up the fact that
I was kidnapped, it happened, it
was real.

- You know what's
real, the bump on my head.

- Ladies, ladies.

Shouldn't you be
home getting some rest.

- Samantha.

- All right.

Mrs. Fiske.

- You're not scoring
any points for diplomacy.

- That woman is so
obnoxious it's just hard
to stay collected.

- This is important.

You're never gonna get
anything out of her by being
on the offensive.

- What do you mean?

- She knows more than
she thinks she knows.

- Or she's just making
it up as she goes along.

- Like that part
about the Spanish guy?

- Right, and the hats?

- Unless he's not
talking about hats.

He may not even
be speaking Spanish.

- Go on.

Eh gora ,
it's Russian, for game.

- As in computer
game, as in Randy?

- Fiske's computer went
missing the same time she did.

- I'm sure she has it.

She's probably
lied about everything.

- Do you remember
The Maltese Falcon?

- Yeah, Dashiell Hammett.

Sam Spade finds the
woman who killed his partner.

- He finds her, he
falls in love with her.

He gets her to confess, then
he turns her over to the cops.

- Makes you wonder about love.

- He kept his eye on his goal.

- Solving his partner's murder.

- Keep your eye on your
goal, put your
personal feelings aside.

- Thank you, Philby.

- Okay.

I'm gonna have one
of my officers

give Miss Fiske a
ride back to her hotel.

- That won't be necessary chief,
I'll give her a ride back.

Here, you ought
to call your son.

I know he's worried about you.

- You talked to him?

- It's you he
wants to hear from.

Just think of it
as a peace offering.

I've been a little cranky ever
since I got hit on the head.

Call Cameron.

He needs to hear from you.

- A shower felt so good.

I just want to scrub the
whole experience off me.

I felt like a hostage.

- Well, they say that
the easiest way to get over

a trauma like this
is to really purge it.

- Meaning?
- Well, you said that you
were in the trunk of a car,

that it was bumpy,

what did you hear?

- What did I hear?

I remember hearing jets.

Jet engines.

- Take a ride with me.

Come on.

There's no airport within
100 miles, so the jets you heard
have to be something else.

We'll just see if this
sounds familiar, okay?

Here we are.

Is that what you heard?

- My jet engines are
an industrial laundry?

- They made Arnie move
his business out of town.

Too noisy.

- This is where
they threw me down.

What is it?

- My guess?

It's the missing computer.

- Philby.

- What is that?

- That's the hard drive.

- I thought a hard drive
would be bigger than that.

- Oh, it's been badly beaten up.

It's like somebody
laid into it with a hammer.

- So all the information
that was once on it is now gone?

- Not necessarily.

- What's this?

- This is my secret weapon.

- Will it explode?

- It's not that kind of weapon.

It's more like a tool for
invading other computers.

- Philby, are you a hacker?

- Computer
forensics is not hacking,

it's like, uh, doing
a, autopsy

on an invisible patient.

- So do you think there's a
chance you can recover anything?

- Well, I have to make a
forensic image, a mirror copy.

Any work that's done
has to be done off that.

- Jody Fiske
seemed pretty unnerved.

- Do you think
she set all this up?

- You mean, do I think she's
dumb enough to lead me to
the computer,

by accident, or, smart enough
to lead me to the computer,

knowing that we won't find
anything, or desperate enough to

do anything she possibly
could to distract me from
finding Fiske's killer?

- Oh, I got, it's all
that banking information.

- Off Fiske Inc?

Is that his corporation?

- Look at the signature.

See who it's made out to.

- The Lawrence Group.

As in Randy Lawrence?

This is from two years ago.

Why did Donald Fiske
pay Randy Lawrence $3000?

- I doubt if it was charity.

- I know who to ask.

Do you need anything?

- Just time.

Forensics is not
pointing and clicking.

what exactly is the question?

- Why did Donald Fiske pay you
$3000 two years ago, and
don't lie to me.

- I did some
graphics work for him.

- You told me
you didn't know him.

- I didn't.

I mean,

I knew him, but I didn't
know him,

okay, not like a friend.

- But you did
computer graphics for Fiske.

- I used to do a
lot of that stuff.

Website design, I
could do one for your store.

- Oh, no, let's
stick to the subject here.

- There's nothing else to tell.

Fiske threw a check at me
for half of what he owed,

and kicked me out of his house.

- I'm gonna find out you're
still lying to me, aren't I?

- Miss Kinsey, Miss Kinsey,
can I have a word with you?

- What about?
- Our friend Randy.

- He's not exactly my friend.

- Did he tell you that he's
backing out of our
partnership? - No.

- Look, I have no
intention of changing his game.

- So tell him that.

- I've tried,

but you know Randy,

he's not exactly the
most trusting person.

But for some
reason, he trusts you.

- And you want me to talk
to him as a favor to you?

- As a favor to him.

Now, Randy kids
living off of credit cards.

- Yeah, he mentioned
he was over extended.

- Did he happen to mention
that the credit cards he's using
belong to other people?

- They're
stolen? Are you sure?

- Look, I don't want to get him
into any trouble, and the police
don't know about this yet.

I'm offering him a big
advance, lots of cash.

So he can get back on
his feet, start over again.

He'll listen to you.

- At this point, I think
Randy is beyond my help.

- Well.

I gave it a shot.

- Yes, you did.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

You know, Cameron,
you've been so wonderful
through all of this.

- I am a man, not a child.

- Of course you're not a
little kid, what's wrong?

- Why do you
always do those things?

- Keep your voice down.

What are you talking about?

- You know exactly what
I'm talking about, mother.

- Cameron, wait up.



I Donald Fiske,
last will and testament.


Hey, Cassie, what's wrong?

Okay, I'll be right there.





- I'm back here.

- Hey, what's wrong?

- Everything.

- Well, that's a lot.

- Me.
I'm wrong.

I'm a terrible person.

- No, you're not.

- Yes, I am.

I should have been there
for you,

and I wasn't,
and you got hurt,

and something else
could have happened.

- Cassie.
I got hit on the head,
that is not your fault.

- Yes, it is my fault, I should
have been there,

I should have
protected my friend.

- What are you talking about?

- This.

- Randy's game?

- It's all I do.

I don't call my friends, I don't
do my work, I didn't go to
your book signing,

and I haven't washed
my hair in two days.

- It's a look.

- Take it.


Destroy it, it's addictive.

I had to get out of my house, so
I could get away from my laptop.

- You poor thing.

- I feel
like such an idiot.

- You are.

You are.

Philby, what you're
doing there is amazing,

it's like magic.

- It's more like stubbornness.

- Well, that suits you.

- There's not that many
places to look,

unallocated spaces,

slack areas.

One tiny fragment, that
leads you to another,

and pretty soon, you put
the whole thing together.

- Like a mystery.

- Somewhat.
- That's why you like it?

- That's why
it's so frustrating.

- Like this murder.

I've got all these fragments,

poison, kidnapping, and

a hand written will,

but none of it fits together.

- Ah-ha.

- Ah-ha what?

- Whodunit?

- Philby, what are
you talking about?

- The videogame was
on Fiske's computer.

- Really?

- It's a pretty big file.

You really can't miss it.

- You said was?

- Well, it was erased recently.

- So it's gone?

- Well, erased is not gone.

- So can you recover the part
that says when it was erased?

- It should be
in a tiny dat file.

May 26, 10:23 AM.

- That's the day
after the book signing.

And I think that's about
the time I saw Randy at Fiske's

He touched the computer
and erased the game, but why?

- I'm sure Randy has a
perfectly distorted answer.

- Before I ask him, I think
I need some more information.

Can you launch the
game from this file?

- Probably.

- Not the same.

- It's not the same game?

- It's not the same version.

It's the same set up, but
the sound isn't as good,

and the graphics
are rudimentary.

On Randy's version, the
girl doesn't look like...

- Olive Oil.

- Philby, can you
find out how long

the game's been
on Fiske's computer?

- It was created
on Fiske's computer.

- Fiske created the game?

Well that explains why
the mysteries are so good.

- Fiske wrote the
original version.

- But I think as an exercise
for himself, when he had writers

Fiske told me that he
fiddled with the game.

And Randy must have seen it when
he did graphics work for
Fiske, and he stole it.

- Randy was a very bad boy.

- Bad enough that when Fiske
found out, Randy killed him?

- Gonna talk to Randy?

- That's not my job.

- Hmm.

- The court has deemed you a
flight risk, don't be surprised
if your bail is revoked.

Get him out of here.

- I hope I did the right thing.

I just don't want
to believe he did it.

- You did what you had to do.

- Morning.

- Hi.
You getting ready to leave town?

- No, in fact, I'm staying.

Until I prove Randy is innocent.

- There's a lot of
evidence against him.

- According to you.

- According to Chief Conners,

he's the one who
made the arrest.

- Because you called him.

- I just turned over what we
found on Fiske's hard drive.

- Which proves nothing.

- It proves that Fiske
created the game, not Randy.

- That's your so
called evidence?

A difference of opinion
over who created the game?

- It's not an
opinion, it's a fact.

- Because you two
saw it on a hard drive.

- Not just any hard
drive, Fiske's hard drive.

- It's a reason to hire a good
lawyer, not a reason to
kill somebody.

- And you're not just saying
this because you want the game.

- Randy trusted you.

He thought you were his friend.

- You're only
interested in cutting deals.

You don't even care about
the fact that somebody died.

- I'm not the one ghoulishly
making profits off a dead
man's books.

- That's not fair.

- Which part?

Exploiting the guy that got
gassed, or railroading Randy?

You know, you may not believe
this, but in the months that
I was pursuing Randy,

I've come to
respect and admire him.

He's creative and passionate.

But apparently to
you, he's just a nuisance.

- Well, you did the right thing
by turning in the evidence.

You had a potentially dangerous
killer off the streets.

- Unless he didn't kill him.

- He probably did.

- I have doubts.

- Well, get over them.

- No, seriously.

Where did the poison come from?

How did Randy get
Fiske to drink it,

who hit me,
who kidnapped the ex-Mrs. Fiske?




Well, thanks Melinda.

- What?

- You're never gonna guess.

- The ex-wife
was kidnapped again?

- Ooh, nice twist, but no.

Toxicology just came in, the
poison that killed Fiske was
more lethal than the pesticide.

It's called VX.

- What's that?

- It's a chemical weapon.

- Weapon as in military?

- Yeah.

- So what does that mean?

- It means that I'm gonna
be fielding calls from the
Department Of Defense,

Army, Homeland Security...

- So no more running?

- No, I'll be
knee deep in reports.

- Well, there's gotta
be some exercise in that.

- See ya.

- Philby, where would the
average person get their
hands on a chemical weapon?

- Have you tried Ebay?

- It turns out the poison that
killed Fiske is something
called VX.

- That's odorless and
colorless, it's 10 times more
lethal than sarin.

- You've worked with it?

- Oh, VX is Russian.

The KGB created it.

At the FSB, secret
lab, right outside Moscow.

- Not so secret.

Russian poison,

Russian kidnapper,

are we thinking that Fiske
died as a result of some

weird Russian spy thing?

- Probably not.

The Russians stockpiled
most of their chemicals

in a little town,
right in the middle of
Russian Mob territory.

- Some of it's getting out.

- The Russian Army can't afford
to pay it's guards as well

as the Russian Mob can
afford to pay them off.

- So the Russian mob has VX.

- Possibly.


- Yes, Medical
Examiner's Office, may I
help you?

Oh, I'm sorry, she's not in
at the moment, may I take a

- Come in.

- Hey, I'm sorry to bother you.

- Oh, how's your head?

- So much better, thank you.

All these are beautiful.

- Well, it's a lot of
work, really, but,

without them it's
like a morgue in here.

- Oh, I get it.

You're a medical examiner.

- It's okay, none of my
patients laughed either.

- Hello.

Oh, Miss Kinsey.

- Chief.

- Doctor, am I too
early for our appointment?

- We were just
going out to lunch.

- Oh, well,
don't let me keep you.

- I'll be gone about an
hour, if you need me, page me.

- I heard Donald
Fiske was poisoned by VX?

- No mystery there, Miss Kinsey.

- Yes, it was VX.

- Well, how was he
poisoned? VX is pretty powerful,

it wasn't just sitting around
waiting for him to drink it.

- Respiratory evidence
is that he inhaled it.

- Probably
administered as an aerosol.

- Have you found an
aerosol sprayer anywhere?

- No, we didn't.

But we're still looking.

Doctor, shall we?

- Have a nice lunch.

- Thank you.

- You probably didn't
expect to see me, did you?

- I was just working on an
idea I had for a new video game.

It's called Prison Escape.

Lots of digging tunnels with
spoons and saw blades in cakes.

- Why did you go
to the Fiske house?

- I went there to
make him an offer,

50/50 if he'd just let me
go ahead and sell Whodunit?

- Why would you cut him in?

- He designed a computer game.

He hired me to do the graphics
for it, on his computer.

I told you, he didn't pay
me everything that he owed me.

- Was the game called Whodunit?

- Yeah.

But I figured he owed
me something, so, I, uh,

I broke into his
house, and stole a
copy off his computer.

- You're finally
telling me the truth.

- That was two years ago.

I thought I was home free.

He never intended to go
commercial with the game,
so, what's the big deal?

- It wasn't yours.

The game was stolen goods.

- Yeah, but I
improved it, a lot.

Better music, better graphics.

- So you started feeling guilty,
and you offered him half of
his own game,

but he wasn't gonna go for it.

- Well, I never got
around to doing that,

'cause he was already
dead when I got there.

- And you panicked?

- Yes.

- But not so much that you
didn't stop and exploit
the moment.

- I figured if the game was
erased off his computer, that
no one would ever know.

But I didn't kill him.

I, I
didn't even talk to him.

- Except for
outside at my bookstore.

- Why does
everyone keep saying that?

- Because people saw you.

- That wasn't me.

You saw me leave.

I never went back.

The next time I saw
Fiske, he was dead.

- Miss Kinsey?

Miss Kinsey, I just wanted
to say that I heard

you were responsible for
the arrest of Donald's killer.

- The police
arrested Randy Lawrence.

- The computer game guy?

- You know about the game?

- I overheard my dad

talking to you
about him at the signing.

- You said you saw Fiske talking
to Randy outside my bookstore?

- Yes.

- Did you tell the police that?

- Yes, I have now.

- Where exactly where they?

- Over there, in the corner.

- And they were
just standing there?

- Well, Donald was by the
gates, and that Randy fellow,

he was, behind
him, in the shadows.

- Are you sure it was Randy?

- I'm sure that my
husband's killer is in jail.

- Well, I guess you guys
can move on with your lives.

- Whatever that means.

I mean, there is movie rights,
there's memorial
collections. It's a big job.

- I'm sure that'll all
get sorted out when the
estate is settled.

- I am the executor.

- Hmm.

Well, good luck.

- Thank you.


- Hey.


- Philby, it's me.

I need your help.

I've seen this man before.

- But you don't know who he is?

- No, but I just
remember him from somewhere.

- And you had to get
close to get a better look?

- I used my
flash to light him up.

- When exactly do we stop
printing photos and report
the shooting?

- As soon as I find
what I'm looking for.

It's amazing how a near death
experience can jog your memory.

- People who escape death often
recount a feeling of
irrational exuberance.

- He's got to be the same
guy who hit me, the same guy who
kidnapped Jody,

the same guy who
stole Fiske's computer.

And the first time I
saw him was right here.

- Fiske's book signing.

- Yeah.

He's our Russian connection.

- Are you sure about that?

- No, that's why I need you.

- Hard to find out who
he is and who he knows.

- He's our
connection, but not our killer.

- He came to steal
Fiske's hard drive.

- But only after the
evidence against Randy

had been turned in,
so what doe that tell us?

- There must be something
else on that hard drive.

- I am so glad you made a copy.

- See if I can
come up with something.

- Yeah, but in the morning.

- It's morning now.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Don't forget, we
gotta report that shooting.

- Did you report the
shooting to Chief Conners?

- No.
- You're nuts.

Obviously someone's
trying to do you harm.

- What do you know
about the Russian mob?

- Only that the more you
know, the scarier it gets.

Do you think the
Russian mob is after you?

- You worked for
the US Attorney's

Organized Crime Division.

- I clerked there
after law school.

- I think Fiske has
a Russian connection.

- You mean the poison, the VX?

- Did you know
it was Russian mob?

- I'm not surprised.

- So what else are they into?

- Besides drugs, prostitution,

people smuggling and murder
for hire?

- I was hoping for
something that connects Fiske?

- Well, there is a potential
connection, but you're not
gonna like it.

- What is it?

- Bootlegging.

- Bootlegging.

As in pirated DVDs and software.

- Yeah, and computer games.

- There's that magic word again.

- Lucrative word.

Pirated games sell in
the hundreds of millions.

Tempting for
people like your friend in jail.

- Cassie, none of it adds up.

- Yeah.

I'm on my way.

You may want to
come along for
this. - For what?

- Chief Conners just found
the aerosol sprayer can

used to poison Fiske.


- I got a name to
go with that face.

- You got an ID
already? That's great.

- Ilya Kalugin.

Europol connection to a
number of Russian mobsters.

He freelances, former KGB.

- Russian mob?

- You know how
they like poisons.

Remember when they sprayed that
gas into the theater with
all the hostages?

- That's right.

Thank you, Philby.

- What was that about?

- Later.

I've told you,
I've never seen it before.

I don't even know what it is.

- Counselor.
- Chief.

- It's a compressed air
atomizer, with
industrial strength o-rings.

So the poison stays off
you, but it hits your target.

- It's not mine.

Don't you understand?

- Well then how did
it get in your room?

- Stop asking me that.

- Then answer my question.

- How did you find out
the sprayer was in her room?

- Anonymous call.

- Was it recorded?

- No,

the switchboard took
a message,

said it was
a male voice.

- Whoever planted it, that's
who called, that's your killer.

I didn't kill anybody.

- Maybe not, but there
is other evidence,

evidence you
thought you destroyed.

- If you have other
evidence, Miss Kinsey,

now'd be a good
time to spill it.

- The night she got kidnapped,
the night I got hit in the head,

what was she doing
at the Fiske house?

- You got hit, get over it.

- Maybe I did get over it,
because I remembered something.

The first day I went to
the Fiske house, you two were

- We're always arguing.

- No, this was
about something specific.

Get out
of here, all right?

- Maybe if you'd
stop complaining
for five minutes.

- Don't try to get your
hands on everything,
not anymore, that's over.

- Everything I
did, I did for love.

- Yeah, a love of money.

- He was talking
about his new will.

- There is no new will.

- There is.

Donald Fiske wrote it in
his own handwriting,

and he signed it,

and that night you went to
the house, you destroyed it.

But I found the legal pad, just
like a carbon copy, it's
still legally binding.

Cameron gets everything,
and it names a new executor.

- That is a fantasy.

- Well, we have photographs
of the crime scene,

everything that's on that table.

Won't be that
difficult to check it out.

- I did not kill Donald.

- That remains to be seen.

Hook her up.

You have the
right to remain silent.

- Please, save it.

- Things keep
getting weirder and weirder.

- There's just
something too convenient.

- I thought she was
your prime suspect.

- This was so convenient.

- You, too, Goth
boy, let's take a ride.

- This is ridiculous.

- We'll see how
ridiculous it is.

- All right, I'll go wrap things
up with Chief Conners, I'll
see you at the car?

- Hi.
- Hi, can I help you?

- Uh, Bradley
Stillman's room, please?

- Mr. Stillman just checked out,

but if you hurry, you
might catch him out front.

- Thank you.

I thought you were staying?

- Business, but I'll be back.

- Well, give my regards to Ilya.

- Who?

- Ilya Kalugin?

At first I thought the
Russian mob was involved,

but then I realized that
you just hired a goon.

- Don't know what
you're talking about.

- Bradley,

I am talking about the man
you hired to get rid of Fiske,

the man who kidnapped Jody,
and then delivered her to Chief
Conner's arms,

very conveniently,
making her a suspect.

- And what possible
purpose would that serve?

- Conniving ex-wife of the

you knew that nobody
would want to believe her story.

And it took the
blame away from you.

It was you she saw talking to
Fiske outside of my bookstore.

- That's a good story,
it would make a fun game.

- But you really weren't
interested in the 50/50
share with Fiske.

You got greedy.

And once you had Randy all

signed on the dotted line,

you knew he was taking care of,

and you were left with a
multi-million dollar video game.

- You have an
overactive imagination.

- You said he was gassed.

- What?

- When you came to my bookstore,

pretending to care about
poor, innocent Randy, remember?

- Which part?

Exploiting the guy that
got gassed,

or railroading Randy.

- You said he was gassed.

- Everyone knows he was
poisoned, that's no secret.

- Everybody thought
he drank the poison.

Only the killer
knew he was gassed.

- You read too many mysteries.

- Well, apparently I
haven't been paying close
enough attention,

because I made the mistake of
letting you get to me,

just like you planned.

You knew that we had
Donald Fiske's hard drive,

but you were the only
one who knew that.

So you came in,
and you stole it.

Or you had Ilya do it.

You wanted to
eliminate any trace of the game.

- You know what?
Call me when you got
your fairytale figured out.

- You want a happy ending?

Ilya only took the
original hard drive.

We have the copy.

- You're bluffing.

- Then I'm also bluffing about

finding a gas mask

in your nice designer bag.

You planted the sprayer in
Jody's room, but nobody in
their right mind would spray VX

without a mask.

- So you think that I have
the gas mask in my suitcase?

Take a look.


- Hey.

Miss Kinsey.

- There's you're killer, Chief,
I'll explain everything later.

- Loni, get him out of here.

- You got it, Chief.

- Uh.

- I thought I told you
to let me handle this.

It's nice footwork, though.

- Were you gonna
tell me about this?

- Later.

- Well, at least tell me
how you learned that move.

- If I told you how I did
it, I'd have to kill you.

- Where did you learn that?

- Just talent.

- Sammy.


Uh, I'm heading out, I
just wanted to say thank you.

For believing in me.

- All you had to do
was tell the truth.

- I'm working on the
whole credit card issue.

- And the game?

- I'm gonna manage it
for the Fiske estate.

- Nice work, Stinky.

- What are you doing here?

- I thought you might be here.

- My mother said he liked you.

- Not in the way
she probably meant.

- Yeah, maybe not.

- You left that
legal pad for me to find.

- Maybe.

- You got your
mom in some trouble.

- Well, she
shouldn't' have taken the will.

She was always, I don't
know, pushing him away from me.

Keeping us apart.

- I'm sure she was just doing
what she thought she had to.

Cameron, I think
she really loves you.

- Yeah, in her own, twisted way.

- He said that he regretted he
wasn't a better father to you.

- He told you that?

- You ought to have this.

- My dad's game.

- Have you ever played it?

- No.

- It's amazing.

There's this, uh, meter maid,
and she's a complete
psychopath, but,

she has an alibi,

and a trained
squirrel, so,

she basically gets
through everything,

totally unscathed...