My Son, Where Are You? (2018) - full transcript

An incredible journey of a little lottery boy to escape from kidnappers. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Let's go home.

Lottery results here!
Get your lottery results here!

Give me one.

Yes... right here.

- I'd like one.
- Yes, yes.

Yes, yes.

Get lottery results here!

Everyone, buy lottery results here.

Come here.

Please pay.

Lottery results.

Do you want the lottery results, sir?

- You want to buy the lottery results?
- Excuse me, sir...

- Hey, you! Stop!
- Get lottery results here!

Hey, you! Stop!

- Lottery results!
- Stop!

- Lottery results here!
- Stop!

Lottery results here!

Miss! Miss!

You little rascal!

I'm sorry, Mrs. Tu.

- That's enough.
- OK, thank you.

Thank you... thank you.


You'll die in an accident.

Hey, careful.

Hello, everyone.

Hello, sir.

Hey, go take a shower.


Bon appétit, Mom.

I like eating the fish head more.

Bon appétit, Dad.

- Dad.
- What?

When I grow up,
I'll open a fruit stand for you, Dad.


I know.

Gotta study hard.
Gotta finish what I start.

You tell me everyday.

Don't worry, I remember.

Good kid.

Dad, what's wrong?

Ow! That hurts!

Who told you to make fun of me?

I'm not talking to you anymore.

Hurry up! Stop dragging your feet!

Good evening... Lu.

How was it today?

I've only been able to sell 23 today.

I did a little better. I sold 31.

I sold... 18. Tomorrow I'll do better.


Twenty three...

Thirty one...

Seventy two in total.

And Mr. Phi printed out 150 for you!

It's because of A. He tricked us.

That's right.

He tricks you all the time!
Will you ever learn?

Wherever I see him,
I'm gonna hit him right there.

Yes! I've wanted to hit him
for a long time.

I'll cheer you on.

- Go for it, Lu!
- Hit him, Lu!

Get him, Lu!

You stupid head! Shut up!

- Go get something to eat.
- OK. Thank you.

Hold this for me.

Lu, I sold the most,
can you give me some soda?

Sell 80 sheets, and then we'll talk.


Fat cheapskate.

I heard you, Ki.

This is the complete health record
to take with you to Singapore.

The equipment is ready.

We can perform
the most difficult surgery there.

We only await your decision.

You have to be very careful at home.

Don't draw attention to yourself.

Wait for me to come back,
I'll take care of it.

I heard the other day in Xom Chieu,

they found a little girl's body.

So creepy... it was in a freezer.

That's horrifying!
Were her organs taken out?

That I'm not sure about!

Can't believe you two. You're so gossipy.

Oh, Teo. Teo!

Here you go.

Take this.

Oh, I almost forgot...

I've bought a new phone,
let's take a picture.

Wow, Gosh! I can't believe

how handsome you are!

Auntie Six, I'm leaving now.

- Okay.
- Give me my drink back.

They ordered it yesterday.
You understand, right?

She is crazy about him.

We're here.

I'm going in, Dad.

Hey, hey!


Eat well, study well.

Lottery tickets here.


Want some sugarcane juice?


Fat Lu's gang again?

They're not letting me play
with you anymore.

I didn't listen so they beat me up.

Only cowards beat up on girls.

If it were me, I'd hit him so fast
he wouldn't have time to run away.

Wait, weren't you just beaten up
a few days ago?


But I'm a man. I'm not afraid of them.

Don't worry, I'll take care of them.


- Want some guava?
- Yes.


Hey, Lu! They're giving out presents.

Hey! Look, Lu. It's so fun.

Fun my ass.

- Go claim your presents.
- OK.

- Scram!
- Get out of the way!


Hey, no cutting!

Do you know who I am?

What do you think if this...
and this goes into your face? Huh?

Hit him, Lu! Take him, Lu.

You, too. I'll hit all of you.

Huge belly and just as smelly.

- Who're you talking to?
- I'm talking to you.

Keep being rude
and the chickens will come home to roost.

Hit him, Lu!

- Get him!
- Hey! What's going on here?

It's him!

They came after us
but they cut in line in front of us.

They have no manners.


That's not true. It was them, sir.

You two, go to the end of the line.

Stop with the booing!

- It's your turn.
- Yes.

Yeah! Shot, shot.


Now, I'm going to perform
a little blood draw.


Now, relax. Make a fist, please.

Be careful, Lu.


Lu! Lu's dead! Lu's dead!

- What's going on?
- What's going on?


What happened?


Lu is dead. Lu's passed away.

Lu! You haven't grown up yet.
Please don't die!

A giant baby who is scared of blood.

Let's go drink some soda.

- Protect him.
- Cover me.

- Cover him.
- Miss, the present!

Remember to take my present as well.

Lu, run!

Big as a tree and cry like a baby.

Big as a tree and cry like a baby.

Come in here, kids.

Yes, ma'am.

I see. The man is going first

so the lady isn't scared, right?

- Yes.
- So, what's your name?

It's A.

Did I hurt you?

No, his name is A, doctor.

Hmm, what a strange name.

Open your mouth.
Now, it's time to say "A".

Very good!

All right.
Now, I'm going to draw your blood

and test it to see if you're sick.

- OK.
- Are you scared?


Good boy.

Thank you.


No cutting in line from now on, you hear?

- Yes. Thank you, doctor.
- Yes.

Thank you, doctor. Let's go home.

I'd like to have
the results this afternoon.

The sooner we know, the better.


Right away.


Dad, today there was a charity
that came to our school

and gave us all so much candy.

Let's eat some in a little bit.

Oh... that's OK.

I'll go burn incense for Mom.

You haven't been to school. Why not?

Yes, I have.

I only work after school is out.

I don't need it. Don't need it.

I want you to study hard.

I want to work to make
some money to help you out.

I don't need you to, don't need it!

Why did you lie to me? Huh?

Then, why do you make me
call her my mother?

I saw her on a newspaper.

She's an actress, not my mother.

You're the one who has been lying.

This whole time I've been explaining it
to you and you still don't understand?

Time's up!

That's enough. I'm done talking to you.

Ma'am, the machine is ready.


You're not waiting for him?

No, he's too indecisive.

If we miss this opportunity,
we'll fail completely.

I understand.

I'll handle it myself.

Is that you, A?

Anyone there?

Let me out!

Who's there?

Let me out!

Let me out!

A. A!

Have you seen A?

I don't know.

Hey, Teo. You came to get
some fresh air with me?

Have you seen A?

You went inside and couldn't find me?

Sorry, I just got home.

Nope. Can you drive me to find A?

You wanna get on the motorbike, right?

All right.

I get it. Look at you, pouring with sweat.

Let's go.

OK, I'll drive.

Have you seen A?

Haven't seen him.

Why do you keep stopping
when going out with me?

No, I haven't seen him.

Why don't you go in and sleep?
Don't worry too much, OK?

I'm going home now.



We got the boy.

We put up a cage in the warehouse.
There's no way he can escape.

Are you crazy?

Why didn't you ask his parents
instead of kidnaping him?

Release him right away!

If we let him go,
we would be punished by Dr. Kim.

I will talk to Dr. Kim by myself.
Are we clear?

Let me out...

Miss... please let me out.

Mister... please let me out.

Eat up and stop yelling!

Come with me to help Dr. Kim.

- OK.
- Let me out!

Knock knock.

What do you guys want now?

Not you guys, it's just Xuka.

"Xuka"? What kind of name is that?

The name my mom gave me.

What's your name?


What's wrong?

Did a mosquito bite you?

What mosquito? I can't believe you!

My name is A.

Your name is weirder than mine.

It's none of your business.
It's the name my dad gave me.

So... why are you trapped in there?

I dunno, I woke up trapped in here.

You're a lot like me.

Day and night just wandering around here

and can't get out.

Now, I just wanna get out
for a really long time to go play.


So that means
you know this place really well, right?

Oh, my stomach hurts...

Ow... it hurts so much.

What's wrong? Hey, what happened?

My stomach hurts, I'm gonna die...

Don't joke about death! They'll kill me
if I let you die on my watch.

- Drawn and quartered to be exact.
- It hurts so bad!

Now, tell me what hurts? Use your words.

My stomach hurts...

Stomachache... Don't worry,

Dr. Kim is here. Wait a second.

Oh... wait, forget it,

I have some medicine.

What, you have medicine?

Then take it.

It hurts so much. I can't get to it.

Can you get it for me?

What kind of man are you? You're so weak.

It hurts so much.

Shut up, you're hurting my ears.

Hold your horses, I'll get it for you.

Who wanted to eat and ate too much?
Who tried to stuff themselves?

I'm dying here, sir. Hurry up!

So, where'd you put it?

On top...

No, below that pillow, sir.

Don't you see
I'm looking under the pillow?

If it's not under the pillow,
then look under the bed.

Hurry up, sir.

It hurts so bad, hurry up.

Can you be quiet so I can focus?

Hurry up, sir!

Hey, you look for it
if you're so impatient...

Something's wrong.

Come here, son.
I gotta tell you something.

Who are you?

I don't know you, you come out here.

Hey kid,

I didn't say I was gonna
take you to go racing! Hey, hey.

Quick! Follow me.

Oh my god, Tai.

Tai! God, Tai!


You're an old man
and still getting tricked by little kids.

- I'm still young.
- Hey, boss.

Don't forget
that Xuka disappeared as well.

Wow, sounds like
some kinda magic. She disappeared!

Completely useless.

A waste of space.

Can't do a dang thing.

- I claim shotgun!
- Ladies first. Get out of here.

Who left the key in the ignition?

- He did!
- She did!

Well, who was it?

You're not going in the car,
you're going on the motorbike.

Boss, there's...

There's something in the car, Boss.

- Tai, Tai!
- Ignore him. Just keep on the look out.

There's something in the car.

- Boss! Tai!
- Dung.

Why are you joking around right now?

There's something in the car.
Stop the car.

Such an idiot. Are you crazy?


You OK?

Are you all right?

- You wanna die?
- You hurt me.

- There's something in the trunk.
- Is there?

There is. There really is.

See? It's right here.

I swore I saw something in the trunk.

You swear?

You drove around with the trunk open
and now you scare yourself.

Follow him,

don't let him mess things up anymore.


Hurry up, so I can get home.



What's wrong?

My foot hurts.

Here. Wear my sandals.

Toss that shoe already.

Thanks, A.

A. A!

What's wrong?

Oh... I'm OK.

Let's go!

A, come see this. It's really great.

A tree growing on the wall.

Watch out.

Feeling better?

I'm not tired.

Why don't I...

Where do you live? Let me take you home.

I don't wanna go home.

Why not?

You have a home, you should get back.

Because my dad is never home.

He also lies a lot.

I just wanna be with my mom.

My dad is exactly the same.

Except that he comes home
right after work.

What does your dad do?

My dad sells fruits.

Oh, how about I help you go find your mom?

Where is she, by the way?

My mom is in Binh Hung Hoa.

Binh Hung Hoa? Sounds familiar.

You know that place?


But I'll take you there.


Dang, the shoe!

Ow! What kind of driving is that?

My god, look at that.

It has to be Xuka's shoe.

So the kids are around here somewhere?

Let's go check that warehouse.

What warehouse?

We gotta wait for the boss
before going in there.

That place is haunted for sure.


The kids aren't scared, why are you?

I'm gonna beat you up if you don't go.

Xuka, get up!

The people who locked us up are coming.
Hurry up!

Hurry, Xuka!

What are we gonna do now?

Do you need help?

It's all right.

Hurry up, Xuka.

- Hold your horses.
- Come.

Don't pull me like that.

Man, this place gives me the creeps.

It stinks, too.

- What?
- Keep going.

The door's right here.

- Where?
- Right here.

My heck, you call this a door?

It's sealed shut,
how are we supposed to get in?

Remove all the wooden planks.

Get down, get down.

You can do it, Dung!

Oh my god.

Dung, are you OK? Dung!

Dung! Dung!

In your face! I'm up here.

We're up here.

Oh, you punk!

Be careful.

Help me, Dung.

- You punk! Let me out!
- Let's go.

Hey, stop! Stop!

Run, Xuka!

Run inside.

Stop, you kids!

Go down this way.

My god, I can't believe you two idiots.

Run out the door, Xuka.

Hey kid, stop!


Stop, huh? I'll stop.

Stop banging!

Stop, huh? Run, Xuka.

Punk-ass kid.

Right, I'm a punk.

Ah, he hurt my ears, that punk-ass kid.

Get up!
Who said you could sleep here? Huh?


My son got a health check here.

Come for a check-up?

The charity did their work yesterday
and moved on.

You're gonna have to wait till next time.

No, he came here and didn't come back.

There's no midwifery here.

If your wife is about to give birth,
you'll have to go to the hospital.

This is just a pop-up health clinic.


You've been here all morning?
I was looking all over for you!

Did you sleep with him?

You understand what he's saying?

Understand? What do you know?

Of course I understand my own family.

Please tell him that I'm looking for A.


- You understand?
- Nope. I don't get it.

- You?
- I don't get it, either.

- What's going on?
- Ma'am.

This guy apparently brought his wife here
to give birth or something

but I haven't seen his wife.

You have a son
who came here to get a check-up.

But after the check-up,
he never came home.

Huh? How come you
understand everything he's saying?

Do you have a picture or some way
to let me know who your son is?

May I borrow your phone?

Stop it, you're so crazy.

We'll take a picture
when we get back home.

Let's look for your son.

No. Give me!

This is our happy memory.

Is this your son?

Send me this picture.

Nope. This is a very important picture
of our family.

If you don't send it to me,
how am I supposed to find your kid?

Are we sending her the picture?

OK, sure, fine. Whatever.

We're lucky.

Looks like we escaped them.

They probably won't be able
to catch up to us, right?

I'm not so sure myself.

But it's gonna be fine
as long as we stick together.

Hey, Xuka...

That looks so tasty.

They call this "hollow donut."

It got all big.

I'll take two, please.

Will you wait here for me?
I'm going to buy a pair of sandals.



Wow, that's a big door.

Yeah, and look at its pattern,
so beautifully and symmetrically carved.

Do you know how they did it?

I dunno.

I wish I had a few houses like this one,
but even bigger.

- Do you want a big house?
- Yeah.

The biggest house I know is only
as big as ten hand-breadths.

What kind of house is
as big as ten hand-breadths?

Hold on. OK, climb up.


This house is bigger
than ten hand-breadths.

Look, there's a duck
under that tree over there.

Why aren't you eating?

This place is a lot like my house.

You live in a pagoda?

It's not a pagoda,

but everyone in my house is really quiet.

It's really uncomfortable.

It's more fun here.

Then your house is not like mine.

In my house, my dad can't speak

but he says "uh" and "ah" all the time.

Like what?

Let me show you.

Gotta finish what I start.

Your dad is fun.

What do you mean, "fun"?

Yeah, he kinda is, actually.

Eat this.

After we visit my mom,

can you take me to visit your house?


Missing child: Phan A, son of Phan Teo.

Ran away from home on June the 20th.

He was last seen wearing a blue shirt
and jeans. If you see him,

please call 0933 543 987.

Our family is deeply grateful
and will offer you a reward.

I was right, this is fake.
My dad doesn't own a phone.

And that's not
Auntie Sau's number, either.

Let's go.

Quick, Xuka.

- Hurry up.
- Where are we going?

Sir, can you lend me
your phone for a sec, please?

Who do you wanna call?

I'm going to call my family.

Thank you, sir.

Who are you going to call?

- I ain't selling my house, all right?
- Hello?

- Hello? Hello?
- Hang up the phone!

What's wrong?

Why isn't Auntie Sau picking up?

And why is she selling her house?

Come sit over here.

Are you tired?

No, just a little.

No problem. Actually, I'm sick.

What's wrong? Why didn't you tell me?

It's been a long time.

Before, I practically
lived in the hospital.

It was pretty fun there,

because Dekhi was there.

Who's Dekhi?

Dekhi is my cousin and she's sick like me.

So we were in the same room.

It was really fun.

But she got better before I did,

- so she went to study abroad.
- Hello, Auntie.

Dekhi left this bear to be my friend.

Dekhi left you this bear
to be your friend.

It's probably really fun
to live in a foreign country.

Yeah, probably.

When I get better, I'll go visit Dekhi.

I wanna go abroad at least one,
just to see what it's like.

Why don't you come with me?


Who said you could sit here?

You know whose turf this is?

Stay over and sleep here for the night.

Bao Le is here,
so no one will lay a finger on you.

OK, thanks.

Sit down here, take a break.

Go get her some water.

That kid's name is Tun.

There are two more in my gang,
Ti Lac and Thu.

Drink up.

Wow, you're burning up.

She's got a fever.

Tun, go get her a wet cloth.

Stay here and rest.

A, go over there
and talk with me for a sec.

Have you contacted
the parents of the kids yet?

Yes, I have.

Their parents are trading in Ca Mau
and won't be back for a month.

They are still little.

If they get corrupted
and form a gang, it’s not gonna be good.

Yes, I got it.

Don’t worry,
they still go to school everyday.

They just sell lottery results
in the evening to earn some money.

Just pay extra attention to them,

giving their parents peace of mind to work
when they get back.

That way, our ward is also happier.

Yes, sir.

Hello, Lu.


Lu, are you surprised?

Surprised about what?

- I sold 81 sheets.
- I sold 45.

I took on A's business and sold 34 sheets.

- A's business?
- Yes.

Take it out and show him.

- A has been kidnapped.
- See?

Kidnappers these days are terrible.

They are all in black.

They drug kids and take them into a car.

Thirty minutes later,
they slice out their guts

as if they were chickens.

Hey! Stop this nonsense!

Yeah! Nonsense!

You! You're the one wearing a black shirt.

You guys gotta be careful
out on the street, OK?


- Money.
- Here it is.

Let me give them their cut, OK?

Nope! You got a few bills.
That's more than enough.


Here's the money.

- Lu, Lu.
- What?

The other day,
you said that if I sold 80 sheets,

you'd give me a soda.

You remember it? I sold 81 today.


Don't remember.



Let's go.

Fat liar.

I heard you, Ki.

You're cooling down.


Bao, Mr. Li won the lottery
and gave me the best cut.

Bao, here's your hollow donuts.

You're A?

I'm Ti Lac.

Hello, Xuka.

It's not infectious. Don't panic.

Back then he got chicken pox,
but he's cured.

Now, he's just addicted
to potassium permanganate.

I've been fooling them.

They all thought I got scabies
so no one dares come close to me.

That's rad.

Bao, are they gonna stay
with us from now on?

No, we're leaving tomorrow.

Thu, give it to me.



This is for you.

Thank you, Bao.

It's mine.


It's mine.

Let's go cook.

It's mine.

Tomorrow I'll buy you another one.


There's no hollow donut for me?

Eat this.

Thu is just putting on a show, is all.

Bao, we can share.


I made a plan last night.

Ti Lac, in a little bit, go borrow a phone

and tell them you saw
A and Xuka sitting in an internet cafe.

OK, no problem.

But... what's that for?

Just calm down and hear me out.

Tun and Thu will switch clothes
with A and Xuka,

pretending to be them
at the internet cafe.

- Oh...
- Oh...

I'll take them to Mr. Ba the junk dealer

and he'll take us by his boat.

A, Xuka, come here.

- OK.
- Hurry up.

The boat is here.

Is it a chicken?

Look at that tower crane!

Listen to me.

If you run into any trouble,
ask for Ly the owner.

He looks like a real gangster.

Where did you get this?

Mr. Ly! Mr. Ly!

What do you mean, "Ly"?

My boss' name is Quyen, got it?

Such a nuisance!

What's going on here?

What do you want?

Came here to cause problems?

Let's go.


Bao, give me a high five!


His name is Dekhi.
Will you keep him for me?

No, I'm busy with other things.

Are you for real?

Just playing around.
Give it here, I'll take care of it.

Thank you, Thu.

That was close.

He took my Dekhi!


Boys, what took you so long?

Hurry up!

Hey, listen, buddy.

Hey... what do you want?

I mean... what would you like, sir?

I want to take these two to do some
research on food. You cool with that?

You two punks'd better spill the beans.

A and Xuka, where are they?

A and Xuka are going...

Going where?

...going to an amusement park
to eat some lard.

No, A told me...

he was going to a water park
to eat some shark.

Amusement park.

Water park.

- Amusement park.
- Shut it.

You think I'm stupid or something?

You! Be extra careful what you say next.

I could just sauté you up with lemongrass
and chili without anyone ever noticing.

And you! I'll steam you like a vegetable.

A is taking Xuka to see her mom.

That's more like it!

We're here.

Wow... it's so quiet here.

Your mom is here?

A, go with her inside.
We'll keep watch out here.

Let's go.

Mom, I've come to visit you.

Don't worry, Mom.

Now, I'm doing a lot better.
Plus, A is taking care of me.

And a few other friends. I'm really happy.

I miss you a lot.

I love you, Dad,
but I want to be with you like before.

Xuka, don't cry.

Crap! Xuka, run!

You're going down!


That hurts!


Bring those two kids in here for me.

Hurry up!


Be still! Stop fighting!

Who shot me had better step out at once!

So, it was you? Grab him.

Let's go.

You guys are cowards.

Grown men picking on little kids.

Shut up!

Better if you didn't say anything,
thick-skinned man.

You little punk. Shut up!

- Quick!
- A, be careful.

- Hurry up, Xuka!
- Be careful.

Hey! Stop right there!

Where are you going? Oh my god!

- Bao?
- Run... I'll take care of them.

- Oh my god.
- Hurry up!

He's really shooting. He's shooting!

Oh my god... he missed.

Gosh, he's shooting the bird.

Hey, how about I stand still
for you to shoot? I dare you! OMG.

- Let me go. Let go of me.
- Hurry up.

Let me go.

Ouch, that really hurts.

Hey, kid! Stand up!

- Follow them, hurry!
- Let me go.

Mr. Ba! Excuse me, Mr. Ba!

Hurry up, Xuka!


- A, get on!
- Stop right there!

- Hurry!
- Running, huh? Think you're hot stuff?

A, run onto the bridge!

- Hurry!
- Grab him!

Grab him! Hurry!


Hey, wait. Circle around and corner him.

Hey, you! Look for him on the other side.

Must be around here somewhere.

Hey, go over the barrier.

No, I...

What kind of gangster are you?

Search every inch!

Where is the boy? Do you see him?

Hey! There... there he is.

- What? Where?
- Dung. The boy.


Jump down, I'll grab you.

Help me! Help me...

What's up? You're good?

It's nap time, baby!

The marrow in Singapore
wasn't a match, was it?

Why did you take the kid
instead of talking to his father?

We're running out of time.

Besides, the father
has difficulty with speech.

By the time he gets what we want from him,
it'll be too late.

I need to save my niece.
I need to save Xuka.

You know what?
You grow crazier by the day!

Kidnap the son,
then kidnap the father, too.

It's a crime, you know!

Is it better to let the father
make a big fuss

and let everyone in the city knows?

Looking for me?

Where are you going?

Hey, do you know you're overdue
on your protection money?

What are you hiding?

You don't remember?

Who was it? Let go of me!

- Lu!
- Lu!

Lu, hello. Hello, Lu.

Have you seen A lately?

- Nope.
- Or maybe he's been kidnapped?

Your protection money from her.
It's a lot.

Next time,

don't take her money. Got it?

Got it.

Take it.

What's gotten into him today?

That's disturbing.

Hello there.

Do you kids know
where A the lottery tickets seller is?

Yes, but he's been gone
for the last few days.

He stole my money,

kidnapped my daughter and took off.

I'm so miserable.

And this whole time
we thought he'd been kidnapped.

This boy is something else!
Don't worry, we'll help you.

You're going to help me?


Thank you very much. You're very kind.

Everyone, take one.

Thank you, miss.

Take one, will you?

If you need to talk to me,
just press one. Got it?

Please help me out. I'm so miserable now.

If you see A, call me.

- I have to go now.
- OK.

Xuka, sit here.

You look so pale. Are you tired?

I feel a little dizzy.

The doctor said that
I have a hereditary disease from my mom.

It’s very difficult to treat.

My father also said,

"Xuka, please do not die. Don’t leave Dad.

Don’t go to the heaven to meet Mom."

I do want to stay with Dad,

but I also want to go meet Mom.

Are you sad?

Yes, I am.

You have me now.
You don't have to be sad anymore.

Why don't you rest a bit? After that,
I'll bring you home to meet my father.



My dad's probably working right now.

What happened to your hand?

I'm OK.


- Hey.
- Where have you been these past few days?

Uncle Teo has been looking for you.

Do you know where my father is?


Let's go see your dad, A.


Let me take you.

Xuka, let's go.

My dad put these up?

When Uncle Teo couldn't find you,
he got really worried.

- Let's keep going.
- OK.

A, run! They're trying to catch you!

Run. Go ahead and run.
Even God can't save you now.

God is here!

- Better run fast.
- Who...

Run! Run!


Come here. Quick! Quick!

Go! Go, Lu!



You know who I am?

I'm Fat Lu,

the boss of this turf, got it?

What are you laughing at?

A, this guy is like Jaian in Doraemon.

Is Jaian as handsome as me?


Watch your mouth!

Hey, Lu.

Go wherever you want.

Xuka and I will wait here for my dad.

If you guys stay here,
you're gonna get taken.

They'll surround this house.

Why don't you come over to my place?

All right.

Find somewhere for Xuka to take a rest.

I'm also beaten.

- Let's go.
- OK.

Climb up, Xuka.

I can walk by myself.

- Let's go.
- Let's.


Say again?

Lu, what's going on?

She said if we didn't go
to the soccer field,

she would punish Ni, Bi, Ki, and To

and pull out all their teeth.

Le or Lac or whatever
have already been caught.

In that case, I'll go.

What are you talking about, Xuka?

It's me that they want.

Don't worry,

A and I are the bosses of this turf.

We'll work this out.



It's her!

- What happened?
- Why are you bleeding?

Let me go. I can go by myself.

You overdid it, she can go by herself.

And you didn't?

Where's A?

A! Hey, A!

- What?
- Wake up! Xuka is gone!


Are you all right?

Let me see.

A mild fever.

- Xuka!
- It's A!

- Grab him!
- Run, A!

You caught me! Now, let my friends go!

Let my friends go!

If we don't, what are you gonna do?

Ow! What's going on?

Let my friends go.

Let them go. Let me go!

Don't hurt my friends!

- Calm down.
- Let them go!

Miss Xuka!

Miss Xuka?

- Let go of me!
- Calm down.

Let my friends go!

Get in there!


Are you OK?

I'm all right.

Are you OK, Dad?


I was wrong...

I was wrong...

You didn't do anything wrong.

I'm the one who was wrong.

I'm sorry, Dad.

You put that picture up there
so I would have a mother.

But to me,

you're both my dad and my mom.

Vuong, I need to speak with you a minute.

How's she doing?

Xuka... doesn't have much time left.

I was like you once...

patiently waiting for legal marrow
from compatible donor,

powerless to keep my child
from leaving me forever.

I deeply regret that.

I'm a doctor
that couldn't save my own child.

Let me help you.

Xuka will live,
and the boy is gonna be fine.

What's up?

You guys have fun going over
your happy memories?

‎Boss, please have a seat.

What do you want?

You think you're such hot stuff?
Then let me out.

Geez, I'm hot stuff, not stupid.

Are you planning to take my organs out
and give them to that girl?

Well, gotta admit,
you're wise beyond your years.

Damn right, buddy.


I just want you
to donate your bone marrow.

I'm not gonna donate any marrow!

I don't wanna die!

You're not gonna die.

We'll just take a tiny bit of
your bone marrow.

Hey! Hey!

Don't touch my thing.
You'd better watch out for me.

Boss, Xuka is gone.


What are you doing here?

I came to save you.

Then, who's gonna give you
bone marrow, miss?

Door's open.

A, take off.



Let me go! I hate you!

You always lie to me!

Xuka, you're my everything.

If you get better, I promise,
I won't lie to you again.


Answer me.

Why didn't you tell me that Dekhi died?

I miss her so much.


I know I was wrong.

I'll do whatever you want.


I don't trust you anymore.

You have to promise Mom.

All right, I promise your mom.

Let my friends go.

Boss, A has escaped.

Xuka, why?

You promised Mom you'd do as I say.

Why are you doing this, Xuka?

This is my last opportunity
to save you, do you know that?

But I don't want that.

Xuka... you must live.
You have to trust me.

Then, everything will be all right.


Xuka, it's not that
I didn't want to tell you,

but Dekhi...

Dekhi didn't want you to know
that Dekhi would leave forever.

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry, Xuka.

My father also said,
"Xuka, please do not die. Don’t leave Dad.

Don’t go to the heaven to meet Mom.

I do want to stay with Dad.


Remember what you told me?

I have to finish whatever I start.

I need to go save her.

Xuka, it's all right.
You don't need to worry anymore.

I'll be here to play with you, Xuka.

When you get better,

I'll take you on another adventure, deal?

But I don't want you to be hurt.

Listen to me, Xuka.
You have to get better, Xuka.

We have to be friends
until we've grown up.

Promise me.

You promised me.


I’m here to admit to a crime.

Sit down, please!

Like I said,

I think I have to be
legally responsible for what I did.

I fully confess

and hope that my sentence
be considered by the law

so that I can keep on
taking care my daughter.

Thank you for your report.

Please write down on this form
exactly what happened

so that we can verify
and take further action.

Thank you!

One kiss?


It's Teo!

- Teo.
- This is embarrassing.

Watch your step.

Hurry. Hurry!

Hey, hurry up.

Bao, clear the road.

Hey, be careful.

Everybody, A and Xuka are back.

A and Xuka are back.

- That's great!
- That's great!


They're so cute. I'm so happy.

Did you have good food?

- Stop yanking his shirt!
- A, did you have good food?

It must be! Look how fat he is!