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Come here.

Does this happen to you?

You have a certain place

that you never want to go back to

or a person you never want to see again

or a phone number you want to delete

but you just can't do it?

You know what I mean?

It's like certain things

you thought you'd long forgotten.

And then they end up

affecting you your entire life.

Uncle, this is Cat.


It's Cat.


Auntie, can I stay at your house tonight?

It's not convenient?

Okay. I understand.

I can't!

I can't just come and go as I please

if I'm staying at someone's house.



Who is it?


It's mom.


How have you been?

Can I come see you tomorrow afternoon?

Your daughter Cat.

I was quite surprised by her.

She performed very well in class.

You're mom is pretty hot.

Hey look!

Look at that hot babe over there.

Which one?

What a happy family.

The mom's hot.

The daughter's hot, too.

You perv!

Say something.

Come on!


Let's eat.


What is happiness?

Apparently, it begins with a fan.

Watch his fingering.

You bumped into my tooth.



Cat, what's the matter?


Your husband was watching me shower.

What do you mean 'my husband'?

He's your father.

He was spying on me.

Ou're making things up.

It's impossible for someone to stand

outside the window.

Stop imagining things.

How could he watch me in the shower?

That is so not okay!

I heard he can't have kids.

That's gross.

It's sad.

Don't worry, I'll protect you.
I'm here for you.

What do you want?

Why do you keep following me?

I was just passing by.

Are you hitting on me?

Depends on if you're willing.


If you don't stop, I'll call the cops.

Hey what are you two doing over there?

Don't you know what this place is?

Sorry to trouble you.

If there's nothing else

then we'll be on our way.

Thank you.

Sorry for your trouble.

Thank you.

What are you doing out so late?

And with a boy, too.

You're too young.

You shouldn't have a boyfriend.

Or stay out so late.

Don't do it again.

He's not my boyfriend.

Then who is he?

What's that look on your face?

You should show some respect.

Show a little respect for your father.

He's not my father.

Don't say that.

If he was my real father

he wouldn't spy on me in the shower.

What did you say?

He watches me and Claire bathe.

I've already told you.

No one spies on you in the shower.

He did.

Claire saw him too.

Stop it.

Why don't you just admit it?

You pervert.

Cat, that's enough.

I just happened to see you

and you started screaming.

That boy was touching you all over.

And yet you think that's okay?

He didn't touch me.

And he wouldn't touch me.

You're the pervert.


Stop it, Cat!



Don't you know what he did to Claire?

Don't say it.

I know what the truth is.


Now go and apologize.

Why do you believe him and not me?

He's your father.

You should go and apologize.

No. I won't.


You know how hard it is
to keep this family together?

It's already a lot for him

to accept you as his own daughters.

That's because he can't have kids.

That's just how our family is.

You abandoned me when I was a kid.

And now you're doing it to me again.

I'm not at all surprised.

What are you doing?

If you leave

you'll just be a burden on society.

You're not going anywhere.

You're not my mother.

You're not my mother!

You're not my mother!

Go upstairs.

Go upstairs and think about
what you've said.


Go up to my room.

Go sleep in my room.


Cat Hsu.

I know we have guitar practice today

but I don't want to go.


That's fine.

If you don't want to go, then don't.

No peeking.

No peeking!

Hey, what are you doing?

No peeking!

No peeking!

Okay. Now you can look.

This is for you.

It's new!

And it must have been expensive.

Not really.

Anyway, I had an extra one.

So you can have it.

Why are you giving it to me?

This one is from my dad.

And this one

is from my mom.

They both want me to play them.

So I had to find someone

to play one of them for me.

Can you do that for me?


I'd be happy to help.

Thank you.


You're so lucky to have a family.

No I'm not.

I don't have a family.

But you get a huge allowance.

When I was little
my parents got divorced.

So I get two of everything.

I get two allowances too.

When I grow up, I want that.


An apartment?

No. That little bit of happiness

concealed behind those windows.


Can I be the first member of your family?

Who's there?

Who is it?

What's the matter?

Why don't you want me?

I... it's because I love you.

What is love?

I think that

loving a person

means giving of yourself.

Always giving.

There's a lot of space in this apartment.

So, uh...

What's the nature of your relationship?

Brother and sister.

Yeah, that's about right.

Yeah, pretty much.

Hey don't move!


Don't pull me.


We can use this.

We're done moving!

We're done moving!

What are you doing?

Put it inside.

Put it next to the table.

Are you happy now?

This is my lunch money.



Remember to be happy!

I'm behind you all the way!

Hey, gorgeous.

So you got a boyfriend?

Want a smoke?

What a goody-two-shoes.

Your girlfriend says don't smoke,
so you don't smoke.

Cat Hsu is going to college!


Hey, where's your name?

Army Discharge Date: April 18, 2000.

How can we possibly get by?

I'll send you my salary.

That, plus my allowance

and your salary...

If you add it all up

it's probably enough to live on.

As for tuition...

I'll earn it myself.

If that's still not enough

then move back home.

I'm off, then.

Take care of yourself, okay?

I'll go with you to the station.

No, I'd worry about you going home alone.

Close your eyes.

Close them.

No peeking.

We'll be together forever!

Show a little hustle!

You rat shits!

You performance troops.

You haven't learned a thing.

You just want to mess around.

Hey, guitarist.

Cat, baby, I'm sorry.

They've taken away my vacation days.

But don't worry.

It's great here.

In the performance division

I can sing my favorite songs every day.

I'm the luckiest soldier
in the whole world!

And I miss you so much.

Be careful, it's hot.

Sing it like a man.

Like a man! You understand?

Like a man!



I brought you a double sausage sandwich.

Happy birthday.

Do you have a birthday wish?

Yes, I do.

Well, what is it?

Tell me.

Well, if possible...

I wish you'd run slower than me just once.

That way I won't have to be last again.

Is that another guitarist

who can't keep up?

What's your name?

Liam Chou.

Jay Chen and Liam Chou.

You two did this on purpose, didn't you?







Dear Liam,

I'm the luckiest Cat in the world!

I'm doing my own military service.

I'm just like you...

doing my best to hold our family together.


Oh, just a moment.

It's for you.

Why is a girl calling for you?

Phone Bill: NT$424.

Cat: What is love?

Sad Boy: Let's meet so I can tell you.

Cat: What is love?

Van: It's coming soon.
Cat: It's coming soon?

Van: It's now or never.

Cat: It's now or never?

Sad Boy: 178cm. 68kg. Wanna meet?

Van: You find someone already?

Oh. She's leaving.

Cat: That wasn't you was it?

Table for one?

I'm looking for someone.

Hop in.

You don't look like you
described yourself.

I know it's not you that I should love.

Yet we're back together, we two.

I once decided to forget.

What is this song?

So let me ask you.

What is the meaning of love?

Love is love.

There's no answer to your question.

You say that.

And yet you're reading about Van Gogh.

He cut his ear off
for the woman he loved.

I wouldn't cut my ear off for anyone.

Van Gogh was capable of doing it.

But in the end

nobody got together because of it.

Where to?

The stick shift is over there.

I don't know.

I don't know whether this is love.

Your body will tell you

what love is.

Cat, you're like a corpse in bed.

Your boyfriend?

Don't ever do this kind of thing again.

You didn't really want to, did you?

Take it.

Let me use your bathroom.

I'm going to go check the mail.

NTU Honor Roll: Cat Hsu

I'm off.

Prostitutes are capable of doing it.

But in the end,
no one gets together because of it.

You're back.

What's the matter?

What's that on your computer?

Why were you looking at my computer?

You know what?

In the army

everyone smokes.

Except me.

Not even when I was stressed out.

I remember you once told me

that if I smoked even one cigarette

you'd dump me.

Why are you lecturing me?

Why are you lecturing me?

I'm not your wife.

Why are you trying to tell me what to do?

Why are you interrogating me?

It's all your fault!

It's all your fault!

It's all your fault!

Go away.

I don't want to look at you.

Just go!

Why are you so good to me?

You're turning me into a bad person.

Army Discharge Date: April 18, 2000

You're the kind of girl
that often misleads people.

You didn't do anything wrong.

To be fair

I should let you know
my name and what my job is.

Excuse me.

Was that you the other day?

Is anyone there?

Is anyone there?

Is anyone there?

I don't think... it's because
I'm lonely that I wanted to see you.

How's mom?

Same as ever.

But after you left

she was pretty upset.


Okay, then, I'll go visit her.

You say that every time

but you never come see us.

I always have to go visit you.

It's just that

I don't want to see him.


He said he wanted to give us money

so we could pay our tuition.

Don't take his money.


I got into a private school

so I'll need more money.

But he's not your relative.

And he's nasty.

You have to fend for yourself.

Don't rely on him.

I'm not relying on him.

I'm using him.

Maybe after I use up all his money

he'll kick the bucket.


I know I'm not as brave as you.

But this is my decision.

And my way of dealing.

I hope you can understand that.

I still believe you should only

take money from someone you love.

You come here often?

When I'm out of ideas

I sometimes come

and sit here by myself

for the entire afternoon

watching people come and go.

I feel like

I can tell what they are thinking.

Sitting up so high makes you
feel like God.

But I'm not God of course.

The higher you sit

the more you are afraid of falling.

But there's a glass window.

How could you possibly fall?

Falling to your death wouldn't be so bad.

Take fireworks, for example.

They fall to their death.

They fall so beautifully

and the whole world applauds.

I hope that one day

when I die

someone will take my ashes

and turn them into fireworks.

What are you doing?

Making a kiwi and coke.

Nobody does that to kiwis.

Is that an African potion?

This is Greece.

We have arrived in Greece!

Hey look.

This is the bay

where the Greeks and Turks

fought a huge war.

Okay, then.

I command you to

dive deep down under the water

and pick up some golden coins.

Yes, captain.

Do you love him?


Your boyfriend.

Yes, I do.

I love my wife, too.

You know

I've been wanting to tell you.

But I never had the chance.

And one more thing.

I'm actually 34.


You're the one he has in his heart.

But I won't give up.

Because I love him.

That's all.

That's the most important thing.

Thank you.

This is my wife.


She wanted to meet you.

I had no idea you'd be so pretty.

I thought

you'd have horns.

Like a monster.


I'll give you a moment to
look at the menu.

You know what?

Even if I divorce you

it won't be because of Cat.

No matter what you say

I'll forgive you.


Because I'm pregnant.

If you'll excuse me...

Open the door.

If you don't open the door

I'll sleep outside.

I brought my sleeping bag with me.

Come out with your hands in the air!

You're surrounded!

There's some new books at the bookstore.

Want to go with me to have a look?


Let's use up what little love
we have left.

Why can't I have a child with you?

I'm sorry.

Let's break up.

You won't regret it?

You're going to be a father.

If life is a dream

then who have I fallen in love with?

Van: Coffee?

Van: She's away on business.
Meet me downstairs.

I know it's not you that I should love.

But we're back together, we two.

I once decided to forget.

Yet suddenly I'm thinking of you.

I know it's not you that I should miss.

Yet the memories come back anew.

I once decided to forget.

Yet suddenly I'm again thinking of you.

Good night.

You can have the room to yourself.

You're not coming to bed?

Think of this

as just a dream.

Where shall I go?

I'll go into the love of Plato.

Where shall I go?

I'll go into the dreams of Freud.

Where shall I go?

I'll go into the plays of Shakespeare.

I'll encircle the planets
of the solar system.

Where shall I go?

I'll go into the mind of Einstein.

Where shall I go?

I'll go into the books of St. Exupery.

Where shall I go?

I'll go to the home of Brad Pitt.

I'll encircle the moons of every planet.

Where shall I go?

It's already daylight.

I didn't dream about anything.

But I didn't die either.

Account Balance: NT$296.

My name is Cat, and I'm 20 years old.

160cm. /43kg.

Looking for a male sexual partner.

No dating, no questions.

Hi Cat, I'm Kevin. Nice to meet you.

What a coincidence.

What are you doing here?

I came with some coworkers.

What are you doing here?

Where are your coworkers?

They left already.

You're not going home?

Are you okay?
You seem a little weird.

I'm fine.


You sat in my friend's chair.


What's it to you?

You know

if you don't have any money

you can just ask me.

Who knows how many men you've slept
with behind my back?

So I'm rotten to the core, okay?

I've slept with everyone on the planet.

There's NT$300,000 dollars on here.

You know what the pin number is.

You can pretend I'm Kevin.

Thank you. My savior.

Dr. Wang.


My sister's awake.

I thought you didn't want me.

Why did you save me?

Let's let the doctor do his job.

I'm sorry.


We were all so careless.

I'm sorry.

We carelessly fell in love
with each other.

And then with other people.

I'm probably the person

who knows best how to take care of you.

But I did nothing for you.

When you turned to prostitution

I wasn't the one who stopped you.

When you tried to commit suicide

I wasn't the one who saved you.

When you were in pain


I was never once by your side.


Did you use the wrong toothbrush?

Isn't mine the pink one?

Take a closer look.

Mine is the pink one.

Yours is the red one.

If you screw it up again

you'll fold my sexy panties
for me again tomorrow.

Breakfast is ready! Come and get it!

Claire and Jay

are trying to get some people together

to sing karaoke tonight.

Oh, really?

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

My company is having a big party tonight.

It's a karaoke party, too.

What's the matter, sis?

First wife is avoiding second wife?


It's New Year's Eve.

It's a farewell party for the kids
in our department.

I have to go.

Well, Miss Creative Director.

Aren't you the busy one?

No time to go sing with us

'cause you're too busy raking in the cash.

That's not funny.

Yeah, that's not funny at all.

Why'd you buy the same color toothbrush?

And why don't you fold your own panties?

Hey, you're not helping!

Alright, alright, hurry up and eat.

I'm going to go practice
with my band later.

And now?

I'm going to take Cat to work.

We're off.

You two behave, okay?

No fighting.

There are so many people in the world.

Yet we met each other.

I'd never seen you before.

And you'd never seen me.

Why does every song seem to be

talking about my me?

Can a woman of 30

still fall in love?

And you look at me.

Silently, with nothing to say.

And suddenly this moment

has passed us by.

Will we meet again?

No one can say for sure.

I will see you again.

But you will have forgotten me.

I have something to announce.

From today on

I'm going to kick

anyone who wants to date me.

Kick me!

He dares to disobey the
creative director?

Kick him!

Take a key.

Take a key.

We're going home.

We're going home.


Whose is this?

You lucky fellow.

It's you again.

You knocked out his hearing aid!

Help him find it.

Come help him find it!

Look around.

What's your problem?

Has anybody found it?

Come on everybody!

Be careful.

How did this happen?

Does anybody see it?

Keep looking.

Hey those are really expensive.

They cost like a thousand bucks.


Why did you...

Why did you say that?

Say what?

What you said at the KTV.

You kept crying out for help.

You heard that?

I don't need you to save me.

You understand?

I get it.

Then get on your motorcycle and go.

Just go.

You're going to piss me off.

I want you to go sketching with me.

I don't understand.

I want you to go sketching with me.



Where are you going to do your drawing?



What are you going to draw?


Don't be silly.

I'm done.

What are you doing?


I'm not going to listen.

You can't hear that?

You can't hear anything.

I know I can't hear.

That's not what I meant.

Come here.

Can you hear it?


I'm going to go see mom tomorrow.

Wanna come?


Why can't you just let it go?

Can't you at least

just try?

Cat and Sunshine.

Who is Sunshine?


Wow, it's pretty good.

The plumber?

Wasn't everyone else going to come too?

Why is it just the two of us?

I don't know either.

I guess everybody was busy.


You are so juvenile.


Come back.

Stay away from me.

Don't come near me!

Put me down!

You're so heavy!


I'm not heavy!

Put me down!

Will you go out with me?

Love isn't that easy.

As long as you believe in love

then it exists.

But you don't even know me.

That's not a problem.

Put me down.


It's been said that

just as you are about to enter heaven

the devil comes after you.

That's because the devil knows

you are already on your way to heaven.

So he does all he can to win you over

and to test you.

Or even torment you.

I hear you've been promoted to
creative director.

Will you let me be your Van Gogh?

We've come to the end of the road.

This is a pretty special place.

Hey, wait for me.

Why did you bring me here?


it's a special place for me.

Did your first boyfriend tell you
he loved you here?

You could say that.

That is special.

He has good taste.

Not really.

Not as good as you.

What's up with you today?

You seem bitter.

Are you in a bad mood?


It's just that...

I've met someone new.

That's great.

It's nice to have dessert after
the main course.

He's not my dessert.

He's too inexperienced.

You've really grown up.

I want you to give me a child.


Can we have a child together?

Don't you know that

saying that is a real turnoff for a guy?

Come here.

Maybe I'm not supposed to be happy.

But I'm capable of raising a child.

Congratulations! The baby looks healthy.


And it has a healthy heartbeat.

Is that the sound of the baby's heart?

That day I asked Sunshine

'Why haven't you asked me

who the father is? '

He smiled at me and said

'Can I be the father?


I made this soup especially for you.


Wow, it smells wonderful.

It's an old family recipe.

I used black bone chicken to make it.

It's good for you.

And for the baby.

Thank you.

Why don't you have some first?

No, you go ahead.

It was made especially for you.

Thank you.


You know, we haven't always
been this happy.


the most difficult time

was when he was learning to speak.

His dad didn't want me to
push him too hard.

But at the time I just thought

how can he use sign language?

He's my son.

He has to learn to speak.

So then I taught him

character by character.

And he learned character by character.

I had a feeling

he'd make a good dad some day.

And as for you.

Don't be too easy on him.

He's a lot tougher than you'd imagine.


Stop talking about me.

What do your parents do?


My father is a military officer.

And my mother is a teacher.


Nobody is born to be a good mother.

It has to be learned.

You're back.

We have to move out.

What's the matter?

Why do you want to move?

I want to leave Sunshine.

And I don't want him to find me.


But you and Liam have lived here
for 10 years.

We have to move.

Why do you have to leave all of a sudden?

I'm not good enough.

I'm not good enough for Sunshine.

I'm a big fat nothing.

When I'm with him all I do is lie.

Then don't lie.

Those aren't good reasons.

Why do you want to move?

And what about your job?

Don't you work with him?

I can quit my job.

You know, you're just a quitter.

Why do I have to pick up after you
all the time?

You don't pick up after me...

Just stop!

This time mom can pick up after you.

Stop writing notes!

No more notes!

We have a huge problem.

And we have to face it head on.



I'm sorry.

Wanna run away with the fan guy?

When I grow up!

So what are we going to do?

Move house?

Yes. Let's move.

Let's deal with it together.

We're a family.

Have you ever moved house before?

Do you find things when you move

that you just can't throw away

even though everyone thinks its trash?

I don't know how much longer

Liam and I and all our things

will be together.

But this honesty

that we have between us

will stay in our hearts forever.

When I grow up, I want that.

An apartment?

That little bit of happiness

concealed behind those windows.


Can I be the first member of your family?

I think you should have a child

and you should have a family

because that's what you deserve, Cat.

I keep asking you

what love is.


it's as you said

there's no answer to my question.

Instead it's the ability

after each painful experience

to encourage each other

to speak our mind.

Three months later

Sunshine sent me a text message.

It only had eight words.

"They all love you."

"And so do I."