My Skinny Sister (2015) - full transcript

Just as Stella enters the exciting world of adolescence she discovers that her big sister and role model Katja is hiding an eating disorder. The disease slowly tears the family apart. A story about jealousy, love and betrayal told with warmth, depth and laughter - on and off the ice. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Stella, are you coming?

I like the blue one with diamonds.
And that one as well.

All skaters, please exit the ice.

And her, she looks great.

Katja Westergren, from SKK, go ahead.


- You were terrific.
- Thank you so much.

- What's a crossfoot spin?
- You go like this and cross your legs.

- Could you take these, Stella?
- We'll wait here.

There's no sugar, as you might notice.


- I'm so proud of you.
- Stop it, I was no good.

- Don't say so, it was fantastic.
- I made tons of mistakes.

- What did Jacob say?
- He was pleased, I guess.

- There you go.
- I thought you were great.

- Thank you!
- No, no. Sit down.

- Why?
- Just wait and see.

No, dad! Stop it! Cut it out!

- Stop it!
- Give it a break.

Here you go.
It's from dad and me.

- Oh, thank you so much.
- Do you like it?

- It must have been really expensive.
- You've worked so hard.

- Seriously, how expensive was it?
- It doesn't matter.

You're worth it. I'm sure Jacob agrees.
Do you like it?

Yes, of course! Thank you so much!

Don't mention it...
Watch the candles!

- My God...
- I can't wait to see it on you.

Keep going. Out and in. Good.

Keep your chin up. Out and in. In and out.

Good! Out and in.

Come on, out and in.

Keep your chin up.

That's good, keep it up. Really nice.

Out and in.

Good, nice arm position.

Press with your legs. Good!

And then go straight. Great!
Today's lesson is over. Gather here.

Thank you for today.
Great work!

Watch out!

God, Stella! You can't stand here.

- Hi!
- What are you doing?

I'm studying for a French exam.

- Can I come running with you?
- You won't be able to keep up.

- Sure, I will.
- I don't think so.

I forgot where I was...

- Hold on.
- What?

Don't move.

- What is it?
- Keep still.

- You have a small mustache.
- No...

Seriously, you do.
Go see for yourself.

- I can't see anything.
- Over here. Don't you see it?

There. It's like stubble.
There's short hair growing.

But they will get longer and longer.
Some girls grow beards.

- Can girls grow beards?
- Yes, of course.

But they shave, so no one notices.


- I'm kidding!
- You're stupid!

- You're so mean!
- No, I'm not. You're so gullible.

Come on, Stella!

Am I supposed to do that?

- Which leg? Should I bend it?
- Yes.

Keep your arms like this.

Push away harder. Dare to jump.


- Should we continue running?
- I can't.

I have to keep on. I want to run
some more. You can wait here.

- I don't want to be alone.
- Please, just wait here.


Please, stay! Katja!

Katja, come back!

Who took my egg?

- Who took my egg? I wrote Katja on it.
- I didn't take any egg.

Have you seen it?

Did you take it?!
But I wrote Katja on it.

I wrote Katja
because I was going to eat it.

- Why did you run away?
- I can't take this anymore!

- I need that egg! Now!
- Just boil yourself a new egg.

- There are none!
- Have something else. A sand...

- No!
- Well...

I wanted to eat it now.

Why are you doing this to me? You're
so stupid! I'll never help you again!

You're ruining everything!
I tried to help you!

- I'm sorry.
- I'll go get new eggs.

Thank you.

Damn it, Stella.

Hi! What are you doing?

Katja is under a lot of pressure,
with the skating and in school.

Sometimes it's just too much for her.

- She's on her way to adulthood...
- Stop it!

Look at that. It's beautiful!

Is that a new one?

Maybe you'd like to do something more.

There's an association
called Nature and Youth.

- Maybe you could join.
- No, I want to figure skate.

Of course. You can do both.

- I just want you...
- I'm going to bed now.

Sleep tight.

He was killed at the Battle of L?tzen
on November 6 in 1632.

There's a day named after him
called Gustav Adolf Day.

Following his death he was known
as Gustav Adolf the great.

He was a great general and lay the
foundation for a new kind of warfare.

- That one.
- Would you like to share, Iga?

Stella, do you know who became regent
after Gustav Adolf?

You should know, it was Queen Kristina.

Our only female regent,
except for Margareta.

On the next page
you'll find a picture of Queen Kristina.

God damn, she's ugly.
She looks like a guy.

- What makes you say that?
- It looks as if she has a mustache.

Her chin is pointy.
It's actually really pointy.

- People actually thought she was a boy.
- I can see why.

Girls can have a mustache as well.

So, what should I do?

Pretend that it's the mouth
of the one you're in love with.

- And then you kiss the tomato.
- Okay.

- Don't laugh!
- You're laughing as well!

- Hi! What are you doing?
- Eating tomatoes.

Could you tell mom and dad
that I'll eat at Elin's?

- You're being weird.
- Go!

Bye now, we're off.

- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.

Just call if there's anything.

I can't stand you! Go!

- Stop it! Fuck you!
- Take it easy!

She's a fucking bitch!
She hates us!

- I thought you liked barbeque chips.
- No...

Since when?

You can't eat chips
when you're training on my level.

- I'll go throw these away.
- But you like barbeque chips.

- What are you doing?
- I'm cleaning up.

Couldn't you have done the dishes?
I don't like having to clean up your mess.

- Did you eat the chips?
- What?

No, I didn't.
You were the one guzzling down chips.

If you guzzle chips you should
do the dishes. Or is that my job?

So, why haven't you done the dishes?
You used this one, right?

How about this one?

You used this bowl as well, right?
And these spoons too!

Why haven't you done the dishes?

What are you looking at?

I'll take out the trash.
The trash can was full.

The kitchen looks amazing.
I made you breakfast.


I'm off to the rink.
See you later.

- What are you doing?
- A figure skater can't eat this much.

- You have to eat if you train.
- Not figure skating.

"Not figure skating."
You've become so boring.

Maybe I've matured.

Don't look now, but Henrik
and Andres are checking us out.

Don't look! Stop looking. Act cool.

I don't need to act.
They're too young for me.

- They're older than you.
- Yeah, one year...

- How old do you like them?


Listen up! Great practice today.

- Are you nervous?
- Yes.

The ones selected
for the basic test are...


- Victor.
- Wow!

Elin and Ina.

You'll get information about the date...

- Why didn't you sign me up?
- You didn't make the waltz jump.

- But I've been practicing a lot.
- I know, and you're great. Next time.

You'll be informed about the date. Make
sure you're here an hour before the test.

Here you go.

Here you go, you did great today.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.


Cheer up!

- How are you doing?
- I really wanted to pass the test.

-8 o'clock?
-8 o'clock.

- Don't you knock?!
- What are you doing?

- Shaving.
- What? You don't need to shave.


- What's going on?
- Stella is shaving.

- Where?
- Her face, her upper lip.

- She shouldn't be doing that.
- You're overreacting.

She's just experimenting.

Katja's really weird.



- Are you crying?
- Yes, I am.

- Why are you sad?
- I don't know.

There's no need to be sad.

Don't be sad.


- Are you having a liposuction?
- What?

There's a paper over there.

No, I'm not.

- What did you do?
- Huh?

- What happened to your lip?
- I shaved my mustache.

But you don't have a mustache.
I was only kidding.

I was only kidding.


I'm sorry.

It's my fault.

It doesn't matter.

You shouldn't listen to me.

What's Jacob like as a coach?

He's good, but he's pretty tough.

- Why did he stop competing?
- He injured his knee.

- Why do you ask?
- I'm just curious.

- You're just curious?
- Mm, just curious.

You seem really interested.


- What's this?
- An arm.

Why are you hiding?

Hey! We have to leave now.
Otherwise we won't make it.

Just listen to me, I have to practice.

- Stella won't mind if I go or not.
- Sure, she will.

- I didn't know I had practice.
- You can practice tomorrow?

What if I had an important meeting
to prepare for? I have a lot do as well.

Why are we going to that restaurant?
I don't even eat meat.

That's enough! Cut it out!
Let's go and celebrate Stella's birthday.

- Can't you understand?! I don't have time.
- Stop being ridiculous.

- Why don't you listen?
- Get in the car.

And close the door.

- No, I'm just tired.
- It's hard being a project manager.

- That's not even funny.
- I mean it.

I know I'm away too often.
You don't need to point that out to me.

- I'm not kidding. I mean it.
- Right...

Did you like it?

What about you?

A good thing they could prepare that.

We should go out to the cabin.
All of us.

- Wouldn't that be great?
- Why do you say that? You know I can't.

- I thought it'd be good for you.
- Thanks for caring.

How about a toast for the birthday girl?

Yes, of course.


Cheers. Happy birthday!

What would you like for dessert?
Egg liqueur with a fruit platter?

- Or a lime pie with whiskey sauce?
- I'm going to the restroom.

- They don't have any desserts here.
- Apples flamb?ed in brandy.

I have to go to the restroom as well.

Just bring your work to the cabin.

Stop it, Katja! Get out here!

I felt sick.
The food must have been bad.

No, it wasn't.

Stella, the food must have been bad.

Why did you put your fingers
down your throat?

- I did not.
- Yes, you did. I'm telling mom.

Stella, listen to me.

You can't tell. Do you hear me?

Please, you can't.
You can't! Do you hear me?

You can't tell anyone.

If you do I'll tell them about your filthy
poems and that you're in love with Jacob.

- Have you read my poems?
- They'll think he's a pedophile.

Do you know what that means?
He'll go to prison. Would you like that?

- Should I tell them right away?
- No, please. You can't tell anyone.

What do you think dad will say
about you being so dirty?

I promise I won't tell.
But you can't tell either.

- Promise me.
- I promise.

- Do you promise?
- I promise.


Stella! Come here.

You were gone for quite a while.
Have a seat.

Just wait and see...

- Happy birthday to you.
- Quiet!

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Stella

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Stella
Happy birthday to you

Cheers for Stella on her birthday.

Hip, hip hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Nice, right?

- So...
- Oh, all of a sudden...

- There you go.
- They had ice cream after all.

I think she knew.


Up! Stella, raise your hands
towards the ceiling.

Would you like to keep skating
or do you want to get off the ice?

Look over your shoulder.
Don't look down.

Keep your chin up, Isabelle.

Keep your bodies straight!

Don't stare down on the ice, Stina.

If you look down on to the ice,
you'll end up there.

She's really good, isn't she?

- She's my sister.
- You must be proud.

She's cute.

What happened?


- No, Monday won't work.
- What about the evening?

I play badminton after work.
Tuesday is out of the question.

- Thursday doesn't work for me.
- I know.

I have to get it done by the weekend.
The forecast looks awful.

This was really good.

Is anything bothering you, Katja?

Are you sure?

What's in the salad?

Avocado, lime, oil, coriander, tomatoes.

Coriander? I hate coriander.

- You've always liked coriander.
- No, I haven't.

- Don't do that.
- I don't like coriander.

- What's coriander?
- Just don't eat it.

Why did you put coriander in it?
I've told you I don't like it.

- It's all over the salad. It's ruined.
- I thought you liked it.

- I can make you a new salad.
- No, Lasse.

- Perhaps I can ride with Elisabeth.
- I don't want to sit here.

- Okay...
- Can I leave?

No, we're having dinner together.

- Why do we have to eat together?
- Because our family eats together.

That's the only time we see each other.

- What if I don't want to see you?
- Katja.

- Katja!
- I don't want to talk to you.

Come here! I want to talk to you.
Don't lock the door.

What's with her?

Did you like it? That's good.

- Open the door.
- I don't want to talk to you.

- I made you a sandwich.
- No, thank you.

- Are you telling mom you can't practice?
- No, I'm not.

Jacob said you shouldn't practice.

- Stop it! You can't!
- Can you leave?

I'll work out if I want to.

Maybe you should work out as well.

It's like mom says.
You don't have any discipline.

- That's the difference between you and me.
- But I do.

What are you doing here?
You're not supposed to practice.

- Have you told Jacob about me?
- What? No, I haven't. I promise.

- So why am I suspended?
- I only told him about the virus.

Why are you wearing my dress?

- Take it off!
- I don't have any other clothes.

It's made for me!
You're stretching it! Take it off!

- You told Jacob about me, didn't you?!
- No, I promise! I haven't!

- I'll tell him about your filthy poems.
- Please, Katja!

- But you told him about me.
- I'm telling you I didn't.

It's too late. I already told him.

- Take off that dress now!
- No!

- Take it off!
- Okay.

Take off the dress!

- Where's everyone?
- It's only us.

- Do you want beer?
- Yes.

- I don't drink.
- Don't be boring, Stella.

I'm not boring.

- So, do you want a beer?
- No.

- Be normal.
- You never had a beer before.

- It's so lame.
- Would you like chips instead?

- No, thank you.
- Cheese doodles?


It looks weird.

- My God, that's weird.
- Can you even see without your glasses?

- Would you like a soda?
- Okay.

Let's go.


I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.

- My mom wants to know what we're doing.
- Tell her you're drinking beer.

Good idea.

- I know! We should make a prank call.
- Who should we call?

Let's call a friend of mine. She's crazy.

- What am I supposed to say?
- That she'll end up dead if she won't eat.

- This is Katja.
- You'll end up dead if you don't eat!

- Call again.
- What should I say this time?

Tell her she smells like vomit,
or something like that.

- Who's this?
- You smell like vomit!

You psycho!

They told Jacob that Katja had a virus.

And then he told her
to take a break from practice.

But then she practiced anyway
and then he suspended her.

Why haven't Katja told us?

She probably thought
we wouldn't let her practice.

- Stella! You're home late.
- I told you I'd be late.

- Dad talked to Jacob today.
- Why?

Katja's suspended. Jacob told me
you said that she had some sort of virus.

- What does Katja say?
- She doesn't want to talk to us.

- Could you tell us what's going on?
- Have you been lying?

No, I don't lie!

I know you were the one who called me.

- You have to talk to mom about everything.
- No, I won't.

You can't do that either, Stella.
I'll kill myself if you tell them.

I mean it. I'll swallow pills.

It's so embarrassing.

I'm disgusting.

- Stella, where are you going?
- I have to go to the restroom.

What's on your mind?

What can you do if you think someone
doesn't eat and throws up?

You should come see me.
Especially if it's someone in our school.

And what do you do?

I'll contact that person
to find out if it's true.

Do you know anyone who has food issues?

I might.

And who's that?

My cousin, but she lives in Eskilstuna.

You should tell your parents.

It's important to notice eating disorders
early on, or it might get really serious.

Like how?

If you train too hard
and you don't eat enough,

your heart might give up on you.

- Then what happens?
- You die.

Hold on!

Take this and read it at home.

Come back here tomorrow
and we'll talk some more. Okay?


I'll be here all day tomorrow.


- Are you also cutting class?
- No...

Are you sad?

Are you sure?


You're usually interested
and listen during class.

But lately you've seemed a bit distracted.
You're falling behind.

Do you understand what I mean?

Has anything happened?

Why did you break the mirror, Stella?

Has anyone been mean to you?

- Come on.
- Did you break it on purpose?

You have to tell us. This isn't normal.

There's no point
if you won't say anything, Stella.

- What's wrong?
- What's going on?

Come on.

Katja has anorexia.

- Cut it out.
- What do you mean?

She's lying. She's training
although she can't. She doesn't eat.

How do you know?

I've seen it. She throws up.

- When did you see that?
- She puts her fingers down her throat.

You have to do something.
What if she dies?


Honey, she's not going to die.

I don't want her to die!

- But...
- Why haven't you told us?

- Katja, come here.
- I have to practice.

Come here. We need to talk.

What is it?

- Tell us how you're feeling.
- I'm fine.

- Are you sure?
- Are you really sure?

Yes, I am.

Have you noticed you've lost
some weight lately?

- I've had a virus.
- There's no virus. Katja, we know.

- Sure, there is.
- Katja.

We know... No, sit down.

We know you're throwing up.

Don't look at Stella.
We know you're throwing up.

No, I don't.

Here's the deal.
Tomorrow we'll go see a doctor.

A specialist who knows these things
and get an appointment.

I don't need to see a doctor.
I'm fine.

- You're not fine. We need help.
- No...

Yes, you do! Sit down!

You can't talk your way out of this.
We need to get professional help.

We don't know how to handle these things.

- There's a unit dedicated to this.
- A unit?

- They're really good.
- They'll talk to you.

- They'll help us get through this.
- I'll do anything.

I know this is really hard.
How can we help you?

How can we help you?

I'll eat and I'll get better.
I can't take this!

- Are you able to do that?
- Of course!

I haven't done this for long.

- I just want you to help me.
- How can we help you?

Just let me get well here at home.
Come on! Please.

We could try that for a couple of days.

We'll see if you get your appetite back
and if you start feeling better.

- This is not to be taken lightly, Katja.
- It's not as bad as you think.


My God.

How about if we wait for a few days
and see how everything goes?

It's going to be alright.

- What would you like? You get to choose.
- Fish, perhaps.

- Sure, any particular fish?
- It doesn't matter.

Anything else you would like?

Broccoli, maybe.

- That's good.
- I like that as well.

What would you like to drink?
We have lemonade.

Let's see... There.

Hold on... What...

Oh, it's entangled.

It's the shorter sides.

- Ouch!
- Are you alright?

I'm fine.

- You're cheating!
- No, I'm not.

- Yes!
- Can anyone beat that?

- How come you have four cards?
- Okay, hold on. I'll do this.

You can play any card now.
But you have to pick up a card.

- I get to flip the cards. What do I do?
- Get rid of those cards.

- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.

- Why were you looking at my upper arm?
- Don't worry about that, Katja.

I didn't stare! I just looked at her
real quick. I didn't do anything.

- Was there something wrong with my arm?
- I didn't stare!

- Was it fat?
- I didn't do anything!

- I didn't do anything!
- Yes, you did.

- Calm down, Stella.
- But I didn't do anything.

I didn't do anything.

- I did nothing.
- What is she up to? Is she throwing up?

No, she's not. We're right here.

Katja, what are you doing?


Katja, tell me what you're doing.

- Katja!
- Leave!

Open up.

- Tell me what you're doing.
- Karin.

Open the door, Katja!

- What are you doing?!
- Leave me alone.

It's like a prison.
I can't even go to the bathroom.

You've got issues! Leave me alone.

It smells of vomit in there.

Sit down and take it easy.
It won't help being on her case like that.

You don't get it at all.

- Don't look at her like that.
- I didn't do anything.

- Katja is sensitive right now. Be careful.
- But I didn't do anything.

- I want to talk to you...
- Leave!

- I won't leave, we have to talk.
- Why?!

We have a problem.

I'll never leave!

Have one bite.

Just one.

I know you can do it, Katja.

We'll sit here until you've eaten.
Take your time.

- A small bite.
- I can't.

You've said that.

If you don't eat
you won't be able to train.

- I'm quitting figure skating.
- Why?

You can't just quit something
you've been doing for so long.

- It's meaningless.
- With that attitude...

- ...your life will be quite empty.
- Exactly.

What about all of the hours
you spent practicing?

Don't be so hard on her.

- I'm not being hard.
- No, but you sound hard.

- Would you like some muesli instead?
- I can say what I want to say.

- Are you telling me what to say?
- Take it easy.

I'm taking it easy, Lasse.

Your strategy doesn't seem better.

Damn it!

Honey, how about taking a small bite?

- I can't.
- Have some milk.

A small bite.

- It's only getting worse.
- They can see us on the 24th.

They'll only make an assessment
and give us some advice.

They won't be able to help me.

- We have to see a doctor.
- No!

Good night.

- Good night!
- Don't scream, Stella.

I don't want to be here.
I want to go home.

Why are you crying all the time?

She'll start eating when she decides to...

How do we help her make that decision?

I can't take this one more day...

I haven't been there for her...

- It's just as much my fault...
- What are we supposed to do?

I can't do more...

Here you go, honey.

It's just an apple.

How about a banana?
Here's what I'm going to do.

- I can't take this.
- I tell you what...

- What is it you can't take?
- I can't take this. I can't take this.

You have to drink.
You haven't eaten in days.

- Katja.
- I can't take this. It's meaningless.

What's hard about eating this?
Just take a bite.

I don't understand. What's going on?
Please explain why it's so hard, Katja.

Sweetie, please drink.

Katja, please. Look up...

I'll help you, sweetie. Come here.

Please! Have something to drink.

Could you get me some water, Lasse?

Thank you.
Listen, this is ordinary, pure water.

Just a sip.

Help me! Come here.

Think about something else.

There you go, and swallow.

Open your mouth!

- Open your mouth, Katja!
- Stop it!

Stop it!

Let her go!

She ran away.

Oh my God!



I'm sorry!



Stop! What are you doing?

Die, if that's what you want!
I don't give a damn! I hate you!

Do you hear that?! I hate you!



Please, Katja!

Please, Katja!

Please, Katja!

Please, please, please...

- Hi, Lasse! Hi, Karin!
- This is Stella. Katja's sister.

Hi! Nice to meet you. Come in.

Is everything alright?
You were home, right?

Yes, I went home to get some stuff.

- You went on a trip, right?
- Yes, we went to Rome.

Rome. Did you go as well, Stella?

- That sounds nice.
- It was only me and Stella.

I'll see you later. Bye.

- Hi!
- Hi!

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

- Hi!
- Hi!

Do you want me to take them?

Stella, you can put your jacket
on the armchair.

- You got our postcard.
- Yes.

- Did you have fun? Was it hot?
- Not that hot. It was nice.

- Look! I found it.
- Thanks.

- What are you listening to?
- A song I found.

Can we hear it?

Hi! Could I have a word with you?
Is that alright?

- Right now?
- Of course.

We'll be right back, Stella.

They don't get it.

Mom cries sometimes.

Dad too.

- Did you pass the test?
- No, but I don't care anymore.

I just did it
because I was in love with Jacob.

I'm not in love with him anymore.
I'm more mature now.

- You are?
- I kissed him.

- No, you didn't.
- Yes, I did. I kissed him!

You're crazy!

He didn't like it so he's not a pedophile.

What did he say?

You're kidding me!

You're crazy!

I can't believe you dared to.

You have to come tomorrow as well.

I can't.

Maybe I can come by next week.