My Sister's Serial Killer Boyfriend (2023) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[ominous music]

[girls] ♪ bluebird, bluebird ♪

♪ come and play ♪

♪ bluebird, bluebird ♪

♪ don't fly away ♪

♪ bluebird, bluebird ♪

♪ come and stay ♪

♪ before the man
takes you away ♪

Pickle, stay here with Abby.

Okay, mustard.

I'm pickle, maddie's
mustard, you're hot dog.

You keep mustard
and pickle together.

[gentle music]

[birds chirping]

Did you find the ball yet?

[young mad die] it's
somewhere here in these bushes.

[gentle music]

[birds chirping]

[young Olivia] I don't see it.

[young mad die] well, it's
gotta be here somewhere.

Keep looking.

[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

I don't know, I guess
it was a bad throw.

I think you're just
bad at catching.

[both gasping]

Where's Abby?

I don't know, she
was just there.


[dramatic music]

Abby, no.

- Wait!
- Stop!

- Abby, get back here, stop!
- Abby!

[young mad die] Abby, come back!

Abby, no, Abby!

[dramatic music]

Abby, Abby no.

Abby, Abby no.


[gentle music]

[car engines outside]

[gentle music]

[cellphone ringing]

Morning sis, rough night?

No, I'm just, I'm on deadline
for these new drawings.

And I just have this block.

I'm sorry, livy,

But I'm still seeing you
for lunch today, right?

[livy] lunch?

Yeah, sorry, at the
cemetery, of course.

You know, sometimes I feel like.

You make an effort to forget.

No, I just like to celebrate
her birth, not her death.

Please don't make me go alone.

Maddie, I would never
let you go alone.

Thank you.

Oh, do you have time
to pick a flowers?

I've got a pitch with
the editor in 20 minutes.


Love you.

Love you.

[phone clicks]

[gentle music]


[bus engine revving]

[gentle music]

[clock ticking]

[gentle music]

[birds chirping]

[dramatic music]

[shower running]

Three women, three
different communities,

Three different disappearances.

They all were independent,
they lived alone.

No history of domestic
violence or being stalked.

So what's the connection?

If you just take a look
at their hair color,

Their eyes, their
facial structure even.

I mean, these women could
practically be related.

I think we have a serial
killer on our hands.

Without bodies,
that's a big leap,

To say that this is
the work of one man.

I know.

That's why I wanna
look into it some more.

I need to interview every
person these women knew.

And I need this paper's
resources to do it.

This is good, mad die.

But you were hired to
head up local news,

Do the weekly community
corner column.


Well, community of course,
is why this is important.

If you look at the slide five...

- The map on slide five.
- Mm hmm.

All of the communities where
these women disappeared from.

Make a direct line towards ours.

We are right in
this killer's path.

It's been one year since
the last disappearance,

And I think he's already here.

And looking for his next victim.

That's a working theory.

You're a good
journalist, mad die.

But right now the answer's no.

I need you to bring me
something more than hair color.

But what if I, uh...?

There's a new park
opening on Friday.

Sink your investigative
teeth into that.


Thank you for your time.

I'll get right on it.

[shower running]

[eerie music]

[Olivia screaming]

No, no, no.

[Olivia] no please!


[dramatic music]

[Olivia] go away,
get out of here.

[man grunting and
pounding on door]

I have my phone, I'm
calling the police.

Get out.

[door banging]

[operator] 911,
what's your emergency?

Operator, there's
someone in my house,

There's someone in my house.

[door banging]

Please send someone now.

[dramatic music]

[operator] just
stay where you are,

Don't unlock the door.

We're dispatching you
next to your address.

[people speaking indistinctly]

[telephone ringing]

[people speaking indistinctly]

So, how'd it go?


Damn, I'm sorry.

I thought for sure
she would go for it.

And it's such an
important story,

I really wanna stop this guy.

Me too.

Well, I got a park
opening instead, so.

[telephone ringing]

[cellphone beeping]

Oh my god.

[dramatic music]

[knocking on door]

Olivia, it's mad die.

Answer me.



Easy on my door.

My sister's in there and
she's in trouble, excuse me.

[Todd] what's going on?

[window knocking]

Pickle, are you there?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Oh, thank god she's all right.

I came as soon as I saw the
bluebird, what happened?

[Olivia] someone broke in.

When I was getting
in the shower.

Got a call, someone with
screaming, I guess that was you.

45 minutes ago.

I was out at my
other properties.

Did you call the cops?

Yeah, they said they
were sending someone.

They could take hours.

How did they get in?

Through the window.

Yeah, we've had a few of those.

You just gotta make sure
everything's locked up.

Extra tight around here.

Maybe you could have bars on
the windows, I don't know.

She just could
have gotten killed.

Bars, you want extra security.

When I'm not even
getting my rent?

[Olivia] I told you, I...

You're behind?

I don't get paid again
until I turn in my drawings.

I'll help her.

No, you don't have to do that.

Yeah, she kind of does.

Or you'll be out on
your ass, sweetie.

Excuse me, don't call
her sweetie okay,

Especially if you want
something from me.

I know that you guys
have been through a lot.

In your lives.

She didn't say anything,

I just do a deep dive
on all my tenants.

But I do need my rent asap.

Yeah, I know.

We'll get it to you, okay.


[dramatic music]

That guy is such a creep.

I really don't know why you
stay here and put up with that.

Mom always said, "catch
more flies with honey."

Yeah, well, you catch
a-hole flies too.

You think it was Todd
that broke in here?

Maddie, he is a key, why would
he go through the window?

I don't know.

But I think maybe you
should move in with me.

Until he gets some
bars on these windows.

No, thank you.

But I need space for work.

My place has plenty of space.

And maybe a change of scenery
will help unblock you.

I could use the company.

Do me a favor, come on.

[gentle music]

Do you promise not to mother me?


Fine, yeah.

Thank you.

[gentle music]

[insects chirping]

I'm really glad we went
today to the cemetery.

Didn't realize how lucky I am.

So, you know that article
I pitched my editor?

Yeah, about the disappearances?


Well, I didn't
wanna tell you this.

Because I didn't
want you to worry,

But I think that
whoever's responsible.

Might be here in Atlanta.

Look, you fit the
profile, right,

Late 20s, blonde, single.

No, no, I'm not gonna
let you do this.

Do what?

I'm not gonna live my life.

Thinking every person
I meet is a monster.

Livy, you have to understand,
I can't lose you too.

You are not going to lose me.

Have you ever thought about
taking a self-defense class?

I already know to stick my
fingers in someone's eyes.

And then throw a
knee in their crotch.

There's a lot more than that.

Please, for me.

Can we just take a
couple of classes?

I promise it'll be painless.

Of course.

Thank you.

[gentle music]

[haden] welcome to women's
self-defense intensive.

My name is haden, and I'll be
your self defense instructor.

Now, in this class, you're
gonna learn verbal strategies,

Situational awareness,
assault prevention.

And physical assailant defense.

I'm gonna arm you with the
tools to fight back, okay.

All right, what is your name?

Right here in front.


Olivia, great, can you come
on up and help me please?

Go on.

[haden] come on, I'm
not gonna hurt you.


All right, Olivia,

Have you ever taken a
self defense class before?

- Nope.
- Okay.

Well, why did you
sign up for my class?

My sister, mad die, wanted me to.

I had a break in.

Oh, okay.

Well go on.

Look, we need to be more open
about these experiences, okay.

Because you could also help
somebody here in this classroom.

By sharing with us.

Well, I had someone
break into my house,

And I managed to lock
myself in the bathroom,

So he actually didn't touch me.

Well, that's good.

But what if you did get in,

What would you have
been able to do?

Rule number one, when
there is a threat,

You do not hesitate, you act.

You strike, you strike
first and you strike hard.

You do not let them
take the advantage.

And then you do whatever
it is that you have to do.

To get away.

You pull hair, you gouge eyes.

And as much as it
pains me to say this,

You kick him in
the crotch, okay.

[all laughing]

All right, well,
we're actually gonna.

Do a little demonstration here,

And Olivia is going to actually
knee me in the groin, okay.

All right, don't
worry, I have some pads.

And I'm a professional,
so, I've done this before.

It's okay.

Now, I can't put
my arm around you,

So you put yours around me.

Just go ahead,
put 'em around me.

There you go.

And I'm gonna just hold
my hands down here.

- Okay.
- All right.

Look at me.

When you're ready, just knee
him in the crotch, okay.

On you, ready?



That's it, go.

All right, one more.

Nice, all right.

[all applauding]

Great job.

Let's give Olivia a hand.

Okay, you can have a seat.


We'll have a next volunteer.

Yeah, thank you.

[gentle music]

Okay, like we just did.

[gentle music]

[mad die] geez, you're
really getting into this.

I know.

I've got some new
ideas for the book too.

Well, look at that.

You've been inspired.

Just like I said.

I don't know, I think
it's just the adrenaline.

You gotta gimme
some pointers now.

[Olivia] maybe.

You like him?

[Olivia] who?

Haden, from self defense.

He is very attractive, mad die.

He's our instructor, Olivia.

Yeah, but even if he wasn't
and I met him out in the wild,

You'd still find something
wrong with him, right?

Well, just want you to
be careful, that's all.


I know.

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[cellphone beeping]

[dramatic music]

[car engines revving]

[knocking on door]

[kyle] yeah, come in.

Hey, kyle.

Hey, mad die.

I'm not bothering you, am I?

No, you just, come on in.

Mi casa is your casa too.

There you go.

Sorry about the... Everything.

What's up?

So, I know Rachel didn't
approve the article,

But I'm not giving up.

Good for you.

What do you need from me?


I mean, I know without her
green lighting something,

It could kinda put you
in an awkward position.

Well, the fact is, this
story could save a life.

Besides, I get a lunch hour.

Awesome, okay.

So, I need some
background on two names.

The first one is Todd young,
he is a local property manager.

From the lake wood area.

I need a list of all
of his properties.

To see if they
connect to the towns.

Where those women went missing.


And the second is,
haden Carmichael.

He's a self defense instructor,

But that's kinda all
I know about him.


That's gonna cast
a pretty wide net.

I'm gonna need more info to
really narrow down that search.

Yeah, sorry.

I mean, you know, I did
a basic search on him,

And I really came up
with close to nothing.

In this day and age, mad die,

If someone doesn't have any
kind of digital footprint,

There's a reason for it.

Usually it's something
they're trying to hide.

Yeah, it's what I'm afraid of.

[dramatic music]

Hey there, teach.


Oh, mad die, you're alone.

Did I scare your
sister off already?

No, she's meeting us here later.

I came straight from work.

Okay, good.

You need a hand?

Yeah, you can grab
those gloves over there.


So how'd you get involved in
all this self defense stuff?

Well, friend of
mine was attacked,

So I decided never again.

How noble.


So where are you from?

The mid west.

Upper mid west like Michigan,
or lower like Oklahoma.

What are you, a cop?

No, reporter.

Sorry, all the inquisitiveness.

Kinda comes with the position.

And don't worry, haden, she's
no woodward or Bernstein,

She just writes local puff
pieces to make people smile.

Right, mad die?



You know, we should do an
article on you and the class.

Get the word out,
increase those numbers.

Ah you know, I
appreciate the offer,

But I'm really a very private
person, so, no thank you.

Well, if the goal is to protect
as many women as possible.

Maddie, I think he said
no, let's quit being pushy.

No, it's okay.

Your sister's just
doing what reporters do.

Oh, I need to start the class.

[dramatic music]


[both laughing]

In most attack scenarios,

You're gonna be
facing an assailant.

Who is bigger than you
and stronger than you.

But don't worry, there's
some very simple techniques.

That require no strength at all.

Maddie, can you
come help me today?

[mad die] sure.

Okay, in this scenario,
you're gonna be the aggressor.

So you're just gonna reach out,
you're gonna grab my wrist.

Go ahead.

All right, see that?

Once they're down here,
you're in control.

Even the biggest, strongest
man will be begging for mercy.

All right, listen,

When we're out there
working on our techniques,

I need you guys to
understand the pain.

That is caused
with this movement.

Right, you need to
learn to accept it.

You need to embrace it.

All right, let's get
up, pair up and warm up.

Here, let me help you up.

Gosh, I am so sorry.

I guess I don't know
my own strength.

Let me see that.

Yeah, you're gonna
be okay though.

If I wanted to hurt
you, would've been easy.

[dramatic music]

All right, gather around.

[dramatic music]

So just make sure
you're right there.

You gotta maintain that position.

So you don't hurt
your wrist, okay.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

[Olivia] cool.

Well, there she is.

Have you forgiven me yet?

Oh, yeah.

Just like you said,
the bumps and bruises.

Are just part for
the course, right?


Oh, haden and I, were
actually gonna go grab a bite.

But we had plans.

Dinner and a movie at
your house are not plans.

You can do that anytime.

Do you wanna come?

Yeah, come on.

You should come along, mad die.

[car engines revving]

Who's that?

[dramatic music]

You know what?

I appreciate the offer,

But I have to go
work on this article.

Oh, article.

Well, suit yourself.

Should we go?

Yeah, I'm good.

Love you.

Love you.

[car engines revving]

[dramatic music]

[truck engine revving]

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[cellphone beeping]

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[car horns honking]

[car engines revving]

[upbeat music]

[jack] mad die.



You look just like a picture.

So do you.

[upbeat music]

Better even.

♪ You can't tell me
how to live my life ♪

You ready for another?

[upbeat music]

♪ I may be young but
I made up my mind ♪

[upbeat music]

[people speaking indistinctly]

♪ I got this feeling
bottled inside of me ♪

♪ I see you looking, do
you like what you see ♪

♪ do want that,
do you need that ♪

♪ well this is your chance ♪

♪ I'll let you touch
me and undress me ♪

♪ we can do anything ♪

[upbeat music]

♪ Oh ♪

[upbeat music]


[mad die screaming]

Maddie, it's okay, it's okay.

It's just me, it's okay.

What the hell is going on?

Oh, haden is just cleaning up.

Why is he covered in blood?

Well, it's not our blood.

If that's what has
you're so spooked.


After class we went to the store.

And got some food and
wine for a picnic.

Yeah, there's this magical
spot I wanted to take her to,

But, you know, it's a
little off the beaten path.

Yeah and we just
laid in the grass.

And looked at the stars.

We just talked, or I
just talked really.

I loved hearing about your
life, it's incredible.

What is the blood from?

Well, I mean, when we
realized how late it was,

I rushed in order to get
her back home to you.

And that's why we had a deer.

Actually, it's a buck.

It's a buck.

Yeah, yeah.

Then I didn't want
it to go to waste,

So I hauled it into my truck
and, you know, here you go.

Instead of leaving it in the
grass, like nature intended.

Well, I mean, I thrive on
living off the land, so.

Haden likes to
commune with nature.

Yeah, I mean, nature
gave me this gift,

And so it's my responsibility.


Isn't that amazing?

- Well.
- Yeah.

It's late.

But thank you for
letting me clean up.

Yeah, of course.

I had incredible time
with you tonight.

And thank you, mad die,

For letting me spend time
with your amazing sister.

You're welcome.

[dramatic music]


[Olivia] night.

You went hiking in the
middle of the night.

With a man you hardly know.

I know.

It was so exhilarating.

What did I tell you, Olivia?

No hikes, no cruises.

It's not like I disappeared.

He watched over me
the entire time.

And he didn't even
try to kiss me.

He was the perfect gentleman.

Yeah, I bet.

[cellphone beeping]

And how was your date?

I didn't have a date.

[cellphone beeping]

Oh, really?

Who's jack?

[gentle music]

Stop trying to change
the subject, okay.

Are you gonna see him again?

If he asks, definitely.

Well, did you find out
anything about him,

Where he came from, does
he have family, friends?

Because I'd like to know.

Well, what did you
find out about jack?

Does he have friends, family?

I'd like to know.

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

[mad die] I need to know.

What you found out
about the truck.

[kyle] not much.

I sent in a request for
any violations against it,

But there's only so much I
can do with just a truck.

What else do you need?

Passport, driver's
license, credit card,

Anything with his
full name on it?

Sure, I think I can do that.

Oh, do you want to know.

What I found out about your
sister's landlord, Todd young?

Of course.

Well, besides lake wood, he
has properties all over,

Including perryman.

Ho warden?

Not that's in the public record.

Well, two outta three ain't bad,

But that's nothing definitive.

[dramatic music]

What is it?

Well, both these men
are in my sister's life,

And I don't know
how to protect her,

Other than locking her away.

And she probably wouldn't
like that very much, so.

We're gonna figure this out,
no matter what it takes.


You're the best, kyle,
thank you, really.

[dramatic music]

Yeah, Jeff, you're killing it.

Again, good.

Five more.

Good, good, good form.

Nice and slow on the way down.




Pull through your lats here.

Nice work, nice work.

Keep going, keep going.


[dramatic music]

Extend it all the
way out, back, good.

Nice work, Jeff.

Go, go.

Add more, come on, come on.

[dramatic music]

[telephone ringing]

All right, listen.

You switch over to
the left side, okay.

I'm gonna go answer that.

[telephone ringing]

Yeah, I'll be right back.

[telephone ringing]


Oh, hey.

What are you doing in here?

I just slipped in.

I didn't wanna interrupt you.

Yeah, well, you kinda did.

Oh, well, I thought I
left a sweatshirt here.

After last time and thought,
maybe it was in lost and found.

Yeah, well, that's
not the lost and found.

And nothing was left
after the last class.

Oh shoot.

It was my favorite.

I always do that.


Well, I'm sorry again
for the interruption,

And I will see you later.

[dramatic music]

And so then she pops
out from the back seat.

Where she'd been hiding.


And says, "this
isn't the movies."

No, we can laugh about it
now, but I loved that boy.

Oh god.

I just, I don't even know.

There's so much that
I wanna say right now,

But I just can't.

No, what is it?

No, no, no, I am not gonna
add some family drama.

Between you and your sister.

No, I am giving you a pass.

That's why I told
you that story,

I know she can be difficult.


You're not gonna like it.

I ran into your sister today.

Yeah, at the
studio, in the back.

[Olivia] what?

Like rummaging through my stuff.

And she gave me some
like ridiculous story.

That she like lost a
hoodie or something.

And at the time I
thought, oh okay,

But now that you tell me
this, I realized, no, no,

She does this to everybody.

I'm sorry, that she's
checking on you like that.

There's no excuse, but she...


There's a history.

A history?

Can't believe I'm telling
you this right now.

Maddie and I used to
have a sister, Abigail.

Had a sister?

When we were younger,

Our mom used to leave us
with her a lot to watch her.

We'd, you know, go
to the playground.

Maddie wandered away for a
second and I wasn't looking.

And then, you know,
she was just gone.

[gentle music]

What do you mean "gone"?

Someone took her.

But we go to her
grave every year.

And mad die and I just went,

So I'm sure she's just a little
extra protective right now.

[gentle music]

I'm so sorry.

I know that that's a lot.

That's why I usually save
that for the third date.

I don't know what to say, just...

It's okay if you wanna
take me home now.

Take you home?

You just shared an
incredibly personal story.

I mean, I don't want
to take you home,

I want to hear more
of your stories.

It helps me
understand who you are.

And what you've been
through, you and your sister.

And it's a lot.

Thank you.

And now I understand.

I understand why she's doing
what she's doing right now.

What do you mean?

[dramatic music]

No, no, no, no, no, don't.

Don't, don't.

She's spying on us.

No, no.

She was spying on us,
but we're alone now, so.

That's what you think.

No, just let her go okay.

Let her go away from here.

And then you and I
will go somewhere else.

We'll go somewhere that
she can't find us, okay.

And we'll stay up all night.

And you can tell me
all of your stories.

And we go hide somewhere
away from the dangers.

Of this crazy world.

[Olivia] that sounds nice.

[dramatic music]

[haden] I'll take care of you.

[dramatic music]

[cellphone beeping]

[birds chirping]

[gentle music]

[birds chirping]

[Olivia] you're up.

Yeah, of course I'm up.

I've been waiting
for you all night.

You know I was with haden.

I know he's hiding something.

Kyle from work agrees with me.

It's really weird.

That there's nothing
about him online, Olivia.

And I know there is a
killer on the loose.

You sound totally
paranoid right now.

Hey, I just asked you
for a couple of days.

I wanted to check
up on a few things.

You mean break into his studio.

And spy on us while
we're having dinner?

I didn't break in.

And I went to that restaurant
to make sure you were safe.

He makes me feel safe, mad die.

I don't trust him.


It's time for me to move home.


Todd called, they caught
the guy that broke in.

And they're going to
put bars on my windows.

Yeah, right.

I don't trust that guy either.

That's your problem, mad die.

You don't trust anybody.

Do you ever ask
yourself why that is?

I have my reasons.

You blame me for Abigail.

You blame me for
everything, you always have.

I asked you to watch her.

If you thought it was dangerous,

Then why did you leave us?

We were just kids.

Did you once say maybe
watch out for that car.

Or that you had a bad feeling?


I've always tried to
protect you, both of you.

That's my job.

I love you, mad die.

But you are not going
to bring back Abigail.

By trying to stop me
from living my life.


Well, if that's how you feel,
then I guess you should go.

Okay, packing now.


[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[cellphone beeping]

[upbeat music]

What are these for?

What are you doing with these?

Maybe I'm planning
on stealing you away.

It's not funny.

It's just a joke.

Oh, come on.

Oh, so that's it,
you're just gonna leave.

Afraid so.


[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[car engine revving]

[car horn honking]

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

[mad die] hello?



[mad die] hello, is
anyone there, hello?

[dramatic music]


[knocking on door]

[dramatic music]

[knocking on door]

Can anyone hear me? I'm
trapped in the garage.

[knocking on door]

Somebody help me.

[dramatic music]

[knocking on door]

Help me!

I'm trapped in
the garage! Hello?

[mad die] somebody! Anybody.

[knocking on door]

I'm in the garage, hello.

I'm trapped in the garage, help.

Can somebody help me.

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

Can anyone hear me, hello?

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[Henry] mad die!

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

Maddie, you okay?

[dramatic music]


Hold on, mad die, I got you.

There you go.

[dramatic music]

[people speaking indistinctly]

Someone tried to kill me.

Someone stole my keys and
locked me in the garage.

With the car on.

Luckily my neighbor, Henry,

He heard me and
he dragged me out.

We checked,

There's no evidence anyone
broke into your house.

And Henry said the
door came right open.

I told you they
were all damn shut.

Any idea who would
do such a thing?

I was out earlier this evening.

And maybe someone
followed me home.

Out where?

Park sports bar.

[policewoman] well
were you drinking?

I wasn't drunk.

You left your purse in the car.

No, I didn't.

I don't know how it got there.

I told you someone put it there.

And locked you in the garage?


Has there been
any unusual stress.

Or trauma in your life lately?

What does that have
to do with anything?

I'm just wondering if
you've been experiencing.

Any depression or dark thoughts.

You think, I tried
to kill myself.

[people speaking indistinctly]

I'm trying to tell you,
someone tried to kill me.

You're the police, do something.

Maddie, are you okay?

I suggest you come to the
station in the morning.

And tell your story
to a detective,

If that's what you wanna do.

[mad die] thank you.

You okay?

[mad die] what's he doing here?

He drove me.

I was too upset to drive.

Where's he been all night?

What? He was next to me,
he was in bed with me.

When I got the call.



Come on, I'm just so
happy you're okay.

[dramatic music]

How are you feeling?

Just a little headache.

That's good.

That is, just a little one.

So when do you wanna go
down to the police station?

I don't know.

You don't know?

[mad die] no.

You said someone tried
to kill you last night.

They did, but the cops
don't believe me, so.

So make them.

I shouldn't have to
convince you to do this.


Olivia, I didn't
try to hurt myself.

I know how this looks, okay.

And I wanna apologize to you
for all of the accusations.

And the crazy behavior.

[car engines revving]

Maybe it's time you put
this article to rest.

[birds chirping]

Hey, I have an idea.

How about, to say sorry, I
make you do dinner tonight?

You don't have to do that.

I want to.

Okay, yeah, no, I'd
really like that.


I'll make your favorite.

This'll be good.


[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

Ah, this has been truly
amazing, mad die, thank you.

Well, I would do
anything for Olivia.

I just wanna see her happy.

Yeah, I know that feeling.

And this has made me really
happy, mad die, thank you.

So have you two thought
about the future?

Actually, yeah.

[both laughing]


A little house in the country,

Somewhere we can see
the stars every night.

Live off the land, you
know, commune with nature.

Were you raised in the country?


Yeah, I was.

And where was that?


Sorry, promised I wouldn't
play a reporter tonight.

Just wanna get to know
the man my sister loves.

No, look, it's
fine, she's right.

I'll warn you though, I'm
not really comfortable.

Talking about myself, so.

Well, that's fair enough.

[haden] yeah.

How about we finish
off this wine?

[Olivia] okay.

Thank you.

Here you go.

You two look so cute.

Get together for
a picture for you.


All right, best
smiles, only please.

[camera shutter clicking]

Aw, cute, cute, cute.

It's a keeper.

She sure is.

[dramatic music]

Cheers to love.

To love.


[dramatic music]

You don't have to do that.

Dinner was so delicious.

The least I can do is
help you with the dishes.

You're beautiful.

See, it's not so bad, right?

No, I guess not.

Thank you.

[dramatic music]


What's that?

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry,
I didn't see it there.

Did you do that on purpose?

[dramatic music]


I can pay for repairs
or get you a new one?

I mean...

No, why would you
do that on purpose?

[dramatic music]

Haden, would you mind
waiting in the truck?

I think I need to talk to
my sister for a minute.


Thank you for a lovely evening.

[dramatic music]

I'll be outside.

[dramatic music]

Olivia, there are still.

Please let me talk.

I love haden, mad die.

You just met him.

I know that.

I understand that.

And that's why we're not
rushing off to get married.

But do you realize
you've done this.

With every man I've
ever been interested in?

And I appreciate it, I
understand why you do it.

But I really care
about him, mad die.

You have to let me figure
this out for myself.

Without interfering.

Can you do that?

[gentle music]

I just need you to trust me to
make this decision on my own.


Thank you.

But you know, there is something.

That I just still
don't know about him,

It's just driving me crazy.

[dramatic music]

You're unbelievable.

Olivia, wait.

[Olivia] no.

Olivia, Olivia wait.

We still don't know
where he's from.

And even kyle can't find
a trace of him online.

And he could have snuck
over here last night.

And stolen my key from my purse.


[truck engines revving]

Olivia, wait.

[dramatic music]

[truck engine revving]


[dramatic music]

Look, I wanna get this guy too,

But there's nothing I
can do to save this.


But I need those photos for the
facial recognition software.

Shh, shh, quiet.

What can we do?

Okay, when you
back up your files,

Do you do it automatically
or is it scheduled?

I don't know.

You could get lucky.

If your settings
aren't automatic,

Then your pictures
should be in the cloud.

Okay, well, do you
think we can get 'em?

Here, I'll show you how
to log in and check.

[telephone ringing]

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

[telephone ringing]

[insects chirping]

[cellphone beeping]

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

Is anybody here?

[dramatic music]



[dramatic music]

What the...?

[dramatic music]

[both grunting]

Got you, you bastard.

[both moaning]

[dramatic music]

[kyle moaning]

[dramatic music]

[kyle moaning]

[dramatic music]

Hey, kyle.

You here?

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]


[people speaking indistinctly]

[dramatic music]

Ms. Mcintyre, I am detective

My partner will be here in just
a second.

But we can go ahead and get

You want to tell me what

I came here to meet kyle.

And when I got here,
I found him like that.

I didn't see anyone
else in the building.

Did you check the
security cameras?

Someone tamped with
the breaker box,

Footage was cut off roughly
half hour before kyle's death.

What were you two doing
in here after hours?

We were.

Sorry for the delay.

I was just wrapping
up with your boss.

Miss. Mcintyre, my
partner, detective Houston.

[dramatic music]

Okay, miss. Mcintyre,

Please tell us why you
two were in there tonight.

We were working on an article.

We were investigating a story.

Kyle told me that he
had found something.

And asked me to come over.

What was the article about?

We were connecting the
disappearances of three women.

To a single perpetrator.

It's all on the computers.

His hard drive was wiped clean.


Our it specialists are
gonna try and recover it.

Well, it's obvious that
the killer did all this.

They wiped the drives clean.

And they mess with
the security cameras.

Before we go any further,

Would you like to
have lawyer present?


I didn't kill him.

[dramatic music]

Whoever did this
was the same person.

That tried to kill
me two nights ago.

Someone tried to kill
you, two nights ago?

And there's record of this?

Yeah, an officer
came by my house.

I'm not sure how much she
put in the actual report.

She said I needed to
come down to the station.

And talk to a detective.

And did you do that?

[mad die] no.

Why not?

I just thought I could
handle it myself.

So let me get this straight,

Someone tried to kill you.

And you didn't follow
up with the department?

I followed up with kyle.

We were honing in on a few
subjects, we were close.

Whoever did this
was the same person.

Who murdered those women.

It's the same person
who tried to kill me.

Do you have any names?

Todd young and haden Carmichael.

[dramatic music]

Can I go now?


We'll be in touch.

Thank you.

What do you mean?

You asked her to lawyer up?

She seemed shook up, I
thought it would help.

Just trying to
figure things out.

[dramatic music]

Yeah, over here.

[people speaking indistinctly]

Oh, excuse me.


I don't know what to say.

It's horrible.

It's just horrible.

I know.

I'm gonna get to
the bottom of this.

This is why we're
in this situation.

You doing a job that
no one asked you to do.

But I'm getting closer
to finding the killer.

You need to stop.

Just stop.

A man is dead because you
wouldn't listen to me.

I can't do this
with you anymore.

I'm sorry.

Are you firing me?

You turned our offices
into a crime scene.

You and kyle were sneaking
around operating behind my back.

Even if this hadn't happened,
your work as a reporter.

Has been completely unreliable.

So, yes, I'm firing you.

I'm sorry, Rachel.

Save your apologies
for his parents.

[dramatic music]

[camera shutter clicking]

[dramatic music]

[knocking on door]

[birds chirping]


Detective willett, detective
Houston, Atlanta metro.

A haden Carmichael live here?

Yeah, that's me.

How can I help you?

Is this about mad die?

She's my sister.

She failed to mention
that in our interview.


[dramatic music]

Do you know a kyle Johnson?

I don't, never heard that name.

He was a colleague
of your sister's.

He was murdered last night.

[dramatic music]

That's terrible.

Whatever we can do
to help you guys.

Actually, your name came up.

[dramatic music]

What do you mean?

She said she was
investigating you.

In connection with
some missing women.

[dramatic music]



Where were you last night?

[dramatic music]

He was here with me.

All night?

All night.

[birds chirping]

Any ideas as to why her
sister would accuse you.

Of being a killer?

[car engine revving]

Listen, you have to understand,
I love my sister to death,

But she gets a little
crazy overprotective.

And for whatever reason,
she just has it in her head.

That she has to protect me
from haden and everybody.

All right.

[jack speaking indistinctly]


Is your name jack?

Yeah, from the
seek and date app.

Did you ever end up
hooking up with my sister?

[dramatic music]

[car engine revving]

We'll be in touch.

[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

You were messing around with
a suspect, jack?

What the heck?

I screwed up.

Big time, jack. Big time.

When were you going to
tell me about this?

I messed up, I was
gonna tell you.

What are we gonna do, babe?

I don't know.

[birds chirping]

Yeah, I do, I just
don't want to say it.

Then don't please.

Come on.

Look, sometimes you just
have to cut toxic people.

Outta your life, you know that.

She's my sister, haden.


And she's never gonna stop.

I know.

She's all I have, right?

Hey, hey, that is not
true, okay, you have me.

[dramatic music]

Crazy thought.

What if we leave town, hmm?

Just get away from
all the chaos.

[dramatic music]

Where would we go?

I have the perfect spot.

It's about two
hours south of here,

Just pass vidalia,
in the low country.

It's the running water?


And electricity too.

[both laughing]

You're gonna love it,
it's beautiful, paradise.



What do you say?




- Yeah.
- Great.

I'll go pack.

Perfect, just hurry up,

I'd love to get on the road.

Yeah, I'll be quick, I'm just
gonna take a quick shower.

Great, I'm gonna change
and load up the truck.

[dramatic music]

[knocking on door]

[birds chirping]

Where's your partner?

She doesn't know I'm here.

Can I come in?

Are you gonna
interrogate me some more?


[car engines revving]


[car engines revving]

[birds chirping]

So did you find the killer yet?

I'm off the case.

In fact, I'm on
administrative leave.

Because of me?

No, because of me.

When I saw you last night,
I didn't know what to do.

My first thought
was to protect you.

Well, isn't that your job?

No, I mean really protect you
from what's about to happen.

What do you mean?

I mean, everybody has
an alibi, but you,

This guy Todd, it turns
out he was out of town.

Visiting family.

And haden, your sister says
he was with her all night.

She's lying.

Kyle told me that
he found something.

Well, we can't prove that.

What we can prove
is the murder weapon.

Has your fingerprints on it.

Of course it has my
fingerprints on it,

It's my pair of scissors.

You see the problem.

This is crazy.

You know he's setting me up.

I believe you.

That's why I'm here.

To tell you to get
yourself a good lawyer.

And don't say another
word to the police.



[dramatic music]


[car engines revving]

Why are you doing this?

Why do you think?

[gentle music]

[birds chirping]

[gentle music]

[birds chirping]

What the?

[dramatic music]

Hey, hey, big boy.

Come here.

Hey, come here!

Big boy, did you do this?

Do what?

Throw these in the trash.

This is olivia's phone
and charger, right?

I don't know, I mean,
what does it matter?

You need to properly dispose
of your used electronics.

The city's really cracking
down, I could get fined.


You know what?

You're right, it
probably was me.

I'll take this from you
and won't happen again.

Sorry about that.

Great, thank you.

Olivia tells me you guys
are going on a trip,

Down south past vidalia
in the low country.

When did you tell you that?

Oh, just a few minutes ago,
ran into her out front.

Anyways, drive safe.


[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

[dramatic music]

[knocking on door]

Now what?

[knocking on door]

[dramatic music]


What do you need?

I didn't get the
name of the place.

Where I can recycle,
donate these.

I was wondering, maybe
you have a phone number?

I sure do.

Come on in, I
gotta get my phone.

[dramatic music]

What was the name of that place?

[dramatic music]

Found it.

[Todd grunting]

[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

[dramatic music]


I guess that's everything.

Okay, great, you ready to go?

Yes, I just have to
say goodbye to Todd.

No, no, I just did.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Come on.

[dramatic music]

Come on.

Trust me, you're
gonna love it so much,

You're never gonna wanna leave.

- All right, let's go.
- Okay?

[dramatic music]

Yes, hi, I'm trying to find out.

If Jennifer Richards ever
took a self-defense class.

Hi, did your friend ever take
taekwondo or self-defense?

Did your niece know
how to fight back?

You happen to know the
name of the instructor?

No, I don't know that name.

You know I have a photo.

Can I text it to you,

And you can get back to
me if you recognize him?

[dramatic music]

Beautiful country, isn't it?

[car engine revving]

Everything okay?

Yeah, it's my phone.

[haden] what about it?

Could have sworn I put it
in my purse with my charger.

Yeah, you're not
gonna need your phone.

What if something
happens to my sister?

Oh, I am sure we will hear
all about it when we get back.

Besides we talked
about this, you know,

We can't keep putting
up with her crap.

I think we should go back.

Oh, geez enough all right,
enough about the phone.

You see this is why I
don't have one of those.

'Cause people are addicted.

You're addicted to your
electronic garbage.

Yeah, so let's just not
talk about it anymore, okay.

[dramatic music]

I'm sure it's gonna
turn up right.

You know, even if
you left it behind,

Is being disconnected for a
couple days such a bad thing?

[dramatic music]

Hey, come here.

I'm sorry, all right, I'm sorry.

I get very passionate.

I just wanna be with you.

[dramatic music]

Hi, I'm just trying to find
out some more about haden,

Maybe where he came from.

Did he ever mention anything,
when he started at the studio,

About where he might
have taught before?

[gym worker] well, that's
none of my business, ma'am.

And I don't really
see what it matters.

Well, it matters because.

[gym worker] besides,

He doesn't teach
there anymore anyway.

He's not teaching at
the studio anymore?

[gym worker] apparently not.

Well, did he quit?

[gym worker] no, ma'am.

Closed his lease, said
he was leaving town.

He's leaving town?

[gym worker] yep.

Said I wouldn't see
him again anytime soon.

[dramatic music]

[car engine revving]

[birds chirping]

[dramatic music]

All right.

Do you mind if you
leave me the car keys,

Like to listen to some music?

I think you should come in,

Pick out some snacks,

Food you might want
the next couple days.

Honestly, I'm fine.

Whatever you get, I'm good with.

I'd like you to come in.

[dramatic music]


Why would you need to
bring that into the store?

To protect you.

Haven't you heard,

The only thing that stops
a bad guy with a gun,

Is a good guy with a gun.

[dramatic music]

Let's go.

[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

[knocking on door]

[dramatic music]

Hey there.

[Olivia] hi.

[clerk] let me know if I can
help you find anything.

Thank you.

[clerk] you good people passing
through or staying nearby?

Nearby, I think, haden right?

Yeah, nearby.

Hey, I know you.

David, right?

It's good to see you again.

What's it been
about a year, huh?

[haden] yeah, yeah about that.

How are those
rentals coming along?

[haden] fine.

[Charles] good.

You still have a lot left to do?

No, almost done.

Do you have restrooms?

Right back through there ma'am.

Hey, can't you hold it?

It's a long drive.

[dramatic music]

It's back there.

[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

[dramatic music]

[cellphone ringing]

Hi, this is mad die.

[Damon] hey mad die, my
name is Damon Cohen.

I heard you were
trying to reach me.

Because you wanted to talk
about Michelle martin.

Yes, yes I did.

See you soon.

You ready?



[dramatic music]

[Charles] "please help."

"Call my sister, mad die."

[birds chirping]

[dramatic music]

[knocking on door]



[dramatic music]

Hey, you here?

Hello, anybody home?

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

[operator] 911,
what's the emergency?

Hello, is anybody there?

[car engines revving]

[dramatic music]


[Charles on phone] mad die?

Yeah, who is this?

Name's Charles.

Your sister slipped me a
note with your number on it.

And looks like a
bird or something.

Okay, where are you?

The country store
on highway 29 in vidalia.

[dramatic music]

[car engine revving]

[birds chirping]

[dramatic music]

[truck engine revving]

[birds chirping]

Pretty amazing, huh?


How'd you find it?

I stumbled upon it
about five years ago.

There's really no one around.

No, this is our place.

No one nearby.

Wait 'til I show you the inside.

Okay, I know this
might sound strange.

But I always wanted to do this.

Can I carry you
across the threshold?

Yeah, right.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

[birds chirping]

- Ready?
- Yeah.

[haden moaning]

[dramatic music]

Yeah, that was a good one.


[dramatic music]


There's no where to run, Olivia.


[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

Hey sweetheart.

[dramatic music]

You know, it's
time you stop this.

And we start having a good time
'cause this is our new home.

This is not my home.

[dramatic music]

Put it down.

[dramatic music]

[gun firing]

[Olivia screaming]

[Olivia] no, let me go.

I wanna go home.

[haden] you're home baby.

Now come inside and
stop this nonsense.

[mad die] haden's real name
is Michael dunning.

He was accused of killing
his wife six years ago,

But the case was thrown
out due to bad evidence.

You should be giving this
information to your lawyer.

So he needed a fresh start.

He goes down to ho warden,
where he meets Michelle,

His first victim at a local gym.

That is confirmed.

Okay, all right.

I think you should stay up here.

Until you learn how to
behave yourself okay.

I love you.

No, no, no!

Please no, please no, please!

[dramatic music]


[mad die vo] he thought he
was in the clear.

But people started finding
out who he was, his history.

And that's when he knew he
needed to change his name.

Because it is way too easy.

To do a background check
on people these days.

Oh my god.

[mad die vo] about a year later
he turns up in perryman,

Around the same time.

Of the disappearance
of Jennifer Richards.

Three women, three

Three communities.

And now my sister is the fourth.

[dramatic music]


My gosh.


[dramatic music]

This man is a monster.

You should call willett.

I don't have time for that.

I've already lost one sister,

I'm not gonna lose another one.

Where are you?

On highway 29,
heading into vidalia.

Olivia slipped the
clerk a postcard.

I know she's in trouble.

Don't try to talk
me out of it, okay.

- Maddie, you... mad die?
- [phone line beeping]

[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

[mad die] Charles.

You mad die?

[mad die] yeah, I am.

I've seen this guy before.

He's doing some work up
on the old carter mansion.

It's about 12 miles
off the highway.

Now, you're gonna have
to take the old road,

It's grown over but
you can still drive it.

That looks like it takes
me right up to the front.

Is there another way?

You could turn
here on larder lane.

And that'll take
you in from the side.

Just take that map with you.

Hey, and here's that note.


[Charles] you're welcome.

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]


Oh, there you are.

I brought you a little gift.

And I also made us
a really nice dinner.

And I was kind of hoping
that we can just get past.

All the ugliness from earlier,
start enjoying ourselves.

That be best.

So why don't you get dressed.

And I'll come back and
get you in a little bit.

[dramatic music]

[car engine revving]

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

Everything you see
is from the forest,

The mushrooms, the
greens, the protein.

It's all from right here.

I hope you like it.

Oh, a toast.

To our first dinner
in our new home.

[glasses clinking]

Not our last.


[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

So, I've been meaning
to ask you,

Boys or girls?

Kids, do you wanna
have boys or girls?

Either way, I know you're
gonna make the perfect mother.

I've known it from
the moment I saw you.

[dramatic music]

[floor boards creaking]

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[tool banging]

Do you hear that?

Well I did.

I'll check on that.

You can put your
knife back though.

You're not gonna need
it while I'm gone.

[dramatic music]


This is why I like you so much.

You're a fighter.

[dramatic music]

That's why you are
my special girl.

And don't even think
about running away,

'cause if you do, I'll
come after you again.

Except this time,
I won't be so nice.

[dramatic music]

You know, use your fork.

[dramatic music]

[haden moaning]


- [mad die] we have to go.
- Oh my god.

Come on let's go.

[dramatic music]

He's gonna kill us, mad die.

[both screaming]

Where do you think you're going?

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]


[mad die moaning]

Here's something I
haven't taught you yet.

[dramatic music]

[Olivia screaming]

[haden moaning]

[dramatic music]

No, no, no.

No, no.

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

Baby, no.

It's okay.

Baby, no, please no.

No, no.

Oh, please no.

[dramatic music]

No, no, no!

- [yell echoing]
- [insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[insects chirping]

[dramatic music]

[mad die moaning]

Quiet, quiet, you
have to be quiet.

Where are they?

I don't know.

Are you all right?

No, no, no.

[gun firing]



[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]



You come with me,
come on, come on.

[mad die crying]

[mad die] no.

[dramatic music]



This whole thing is on you.

[insects chirping]

Olivia and I, we just wanted
to start a life together.

But you, you had to
interfere, didn't you?


Shh, the only thing out
of your mouth right now.

Should be an apology.

[insects chirping]

It always ends the same for
you, doesn't it, Michael?

[dramatic music]

Michael died.

He doesn't exist anymore.

Oh but his story does.

And it seems like
you like to replay it.

Over and over again, don't you?


When I fall in love, I
bring 'em here, our home.

And I try to make
them understand.

That we can build a new world.

We have everything
we need right here.

Screw you.

[dramatic music]


Let it out.

Let it out.

No one, no one can
hear you scream.

[dramatic music]

[jack moaning]

Shh, shh.

The gun.

[dramatic music]

You know what?


Maybe you and I and Olivia,

Maybe we can get
past our differences.

Yeah, I see it.

You both can bear my children.

[dramatic music]

I can love you both.

[dramatic music]

[haden moaning]

Big mistake.

[mad die gasping]

[gun firing]

[dramatic music]

Okay, I got you, I got you.

There you go.

Thank you.

[Olivia] thank you.

Oh my god.

[both crying]

[dramatic music]

[mad die vo] so in a
strange, sad, bittersweet way,

The trauma of losing my
sister Abigail so long ago,

Prepared me to fight the danger.

That came to destroy our
community and our lives.

These many years later.

I'm just grateful I've been
able to make a difference.

Through my investigative work.

And by learning to
trust my instinct.

[gentle music]

So, this guy literally
sends us a selfie.

Because he thought the mugshot,

We released to the
public, was unflattering.

[all laughing]

Wait, so what did you do?

Oh, we were able to pick
him up within the hour.

[all laughing]

Did you guys hear about the body.

That was found over in Madison?

Couple of the details line up.

With a john doe from a
case up in Knoxville.

[gentle music]

[birds chirping]


[gentle music]

Wait, where are you going?


I've already got
a working theory.

[jack] nope.

[gentle music]


[upbeat music]