My Shining Revenge (2023) - full transcript

Three years after the expiration of the statute of limitations, he met the criminal who killed his son. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Dad, Dad!

Are you okay?

(December 2007)

Don't raid until I'm clear.

My son is going to school soon,

let's finish it today.

If they notice, he will be killed.

What if we fail?

- Call you later.
- Our baby has just died.

Our son, Dong-bin has just died.


Sir! Call 911!


It looks like a hit-and-run.

What about
the surveillance camera?

The one at the scene is broken.

This is all we have.

We need to find more.

I don't think
there is foul play here.

It must have taken
at least one hour

for Dong-bin to die!

Is it just a coincidence
that this took place

when the security camera

How can you say that to me?


won't come back.

I will find the murderer.

(Part 1:

(Part 1:
Glorious Statute of Limitations)

(Glorious Statute of Limitations
3 Years After Expiration)

(Heo Jun-seok)

(Lee Yeoung-sok)

(Nam Bo-ra)

(Oh Tae-kyung, Sin Won-ho)

(Choi Bum-ho, Song You-Hyun)

(Direccted by Im Seong-un)

Please sign here.

This is a great house.


Mom told you to get up.

No, no.

Mom! Dad said no.

Tell him to be quiet and get up.

She told you to be quiet.

Dad, you are the best.

- Let's sleep.
- Dong-bin!

What is this?
You guys are so happy together.

Do you know what time it is?

You are still in bed?

Get up, get up.

Dong-bin, you are so strong.

Honey, wake up, now.

Dong-bin, come here.
Come here now.

I asked you to wake your daddy up,

but you got in bed with him?

- Help me, Dad.
- Dad is still sleeping.

Help me, Dad.

Oh, it is tomorrow.

I slept for two days straight.

(Police Station)

- Reporting...
- Forget it.

Were you not supposed to report in

I slept.

How can you sleep for two days?

Are you a bear?

We are descendants of a bear
that became human.

That is not what I mean.

Why are you waffling on
about your ancestry or something?

Why did you get here

right before your workday
was about to end?

I'm here to work.

Go home and come back tomorrow.

Young-tae, please look after him.

You don't have to come
to work every day.

Just drop by whenever you want

or whenever you want
to sing a song or whatever...

Really? He left?

What a crazy guy.

I have never known
someone like him. What the heck.

Namwon is well-known
for Mt. Jiri, loach soup,

and Chun-hyang.

Do you know when Chun-hyang
confessed her love?

She was sixteen.

There are no more youngsters
in town.

It is nothing like Seoul,

but a great place to live

once you get familiar.

Where are you going?

Make sure no one is coming.


- What?
- Run, idiot!

What are you saying?

Damn it.


Don't go. Stay here.

Get in.

How old are you?

Unable to answer the call...

Where is your father?

I'm going home.

What? You just started work.

I did my job.

Wow. He can really do that?

Got him!

What are you doing?

You told me to shoot.

I didn't tell you to shoot me.
Come on!

Sorry, my bad.

I'm sorry.

I could not get out of the meeting
until now.

I'm Seung-whee's mother.

When do you get home?

I try to get home before dinner,

but sometimes I can't.

Your son is alone at home?

I'm sorry.

Do you know who he hangs out with?

I'm sorry.

I'm not looking for an apology
from you

I'm young
and not particularly streetwise.

I will make sure

this does not happen again.

This is not the first time, is it?

Just because he does not have
a father,

you should not leave him
like this.


You know how it is to raise
a child.

Can't you just look
the other way this time?

Disinfection is coming at 10 a.m.

And there are some meatballs
in the refrigerator.

Give him that for lunch tomorrow.

Don't drink and eat them all
like last time.

Honey, should I quit?

I think that is what they want.

What about our house loan?

Dong-bin, help me.

I have to go to school.

I will be back tomorrow,

so make sure to take Dong-bin
to the dentist after school.

I got academy classes too.

Yeah, Dong-bin has that too.

After the academy classes,
don't forget to see the dentist

with your father, okay?

I will be back tomorrow. Bye.


Dad, do you like home or work?

Do you like Mom or Dad?

That is a very childish question.

Mom works too,

so I think you should care
for the home as well.

You sound like my mother.


Come on,
I got home this morning...



Why are there so many bad guys
in the world?

Laces are untied.

Remember what I taught you?

Make a butterfly

with your left hand under.


There you go.


Did I fall asleep?

You were snoring.

- Where were we?
- The tattoo.

Ah, tattoo.

You are upset
because I called your carp

a mandarin fish?

How does this look like

a mandarin fish to you?

It does to me.

It is a carp.

Let's have a coffee break.

Are you okay?

How can you just fall asleep
like that?

Tell me about this town.

Gangs are gone
and we are all on our own.

We used to trust each other,

This is a great deal.

But nowadays only money talks...

Thanksr choosing our company!

Do you know her?

Do you?

I did a lot of hard work
when I was young

and never had time to date.

One day maybe I can meet a girl

like her.

- Lose some weight.
- No, my carp will become wrinkly.


I was going to stop by
to see you,

so this is great.

We passed by a few times before,

Do you have life insurance?

I do not have a future to insure.

What are you doing
during working hours?

Hello, Detective Young-tae.

If you pay $98.20

until age 55,

you will be insured until age 85.

I will be 55 in like 2 years.

This one is not for you.

Here is one for you.

- That sucks.
- What about me?

What does a gang want out
of insurance?

Do you know what it feels like

when a 12cm stainless steel enters
your body?

I have the most unstable job...

Oh my, that is so honorable.

How much is the death insurance
if I die?


My wife would be happy.

You are not going to get one?

What do you need money for
if you die?

It is for the remaining people.

- Excuse me, let's go somewhere.
- Pardon?

Your son visited my home.

Wow, he moves fast.

What were you doing?

How does Seung-whee know
your address?

I guess his friends told him.

What was he up to?

That bad boy!

What do we do?

Remove it.

Yes, we have to remove it.

But the car...

The damn world.


May I get some insurance
as well?


You can get $70,000 with this
if you die.

$200,000 with this...

Plus, I need your name, address,

and medical history here.

Please read this carefully and...

Where are you from?

I am from Gunsan, Namyangju,
Dongducheon, Sangju, and Seoul.



You do not have to tell me
about that.

A beneficiary is usually a wife

and then children...

(Death insurance will be paid)

(to the legal heir)

I want to live more now that

I know there is a payment
if I die.

I will send you
the insurance documentation.

Can we meet again next time?

I will think about it

if you stop drinking.

You moved in a while ago...

Why is this here?

I do not want to look at it.

Then why don't you throw it away

in the recycling bin?

Here you go, sir.

I would want to request a refund.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Why do you want to know?

Actually, I don't mind.

I just want to get to know you.

You are so much older than me.

Are you married?

I was.

Do you have a kid?

I used to have one.

Why used to?

Because of traffic accident.

My father passed away as well.

He had colorectal cancer,

but I don't remember anything.

That is natural to forget.

If you can't...

I forgot to go
to the academy classes!

How can you forget that?

Were you good at your studies?



I'm not the only one
that is bad at studies.

Answer it.



I'm with the policeman.

I was going to go.


I'm doomed.

Why did you tell her
you were with me?

Because I am with you now.

- I'm doomed.
- Yeah.

What would I do without you?

Let's work together.

I'm not very good at golf.

Let's go next time.

Okay, got it. Goodbye.

Why did you skip academy classes?

I forgot.

What? How can you forget?

He did not do on...

You were at an internet cafe
last time.

You said you wanted to go...

What is that?

I don't remember
buying that for you...


I'm going to be really angry

if you skip
academy classes again...

You have no friends,
and no dreams.

You are just like your father.

I'm strict

because I don't want him
to be judged

for not having a father
but he won't listen.

He told me about his father.

His father was
a neighborhood friend.

When I got pregnant,

I told him I would have it.

He ran away when he heard that.

I guess he got scared.

When he saw Seung-whee,

he said
he would take responsibility

so we lived together.

We were poor but it was great.

Then, he got diagnosed
with colorectal cancer.

He lived for six months.

How old were you?


Were you not scared?

Well. I'm a mother.

You know, I...

I understand.

Everyone in town will know

we were together by tomorrow.

Did they tell you that
I stopped drinking?


I quit.

I'm fine!

You are not fine.

You hate walking.

Shut up.

You even go to a sauna by car.

This is great!
I have never been up here.

Do you like mountains?

It is there for me.

Just like a good friend.

It is different every time.

It is so beautiful.


Are we going down
after eating this?

Let me tell you a funny story.

Do you know

what is the scariest food
in the world?

Blowfish? No.

The smelly food from Sweden...

Bang! ers and mash.

Don't go too far.

If a woman asks me
to get in touch later

as a goodbye,

should I call her first

instead of waiting for her
to contact me?

You have previously been married
and divorced.

- So-hyun said that?
- Yeah.

- Where did you go?
- Jiri mountain.

Are you kidding me?
With that young lady?

I think you are just
a freaking idiot.

Hey, I'm a Gen X.

Wow, you are so young.
I will wait for you outside.



You look good.

How is Namwon?

It is good, huh?

It is better in Spring,
and even better in Fall.

It is a great place to live.

I don't know why people leave.

Do I know you?

Detective, it is a small town.

We all know you.

Did you find the person
who killed your son?

How long has it been?

Thirteen years.

You should forget about it.

I could not. That is why I'm here.

Many good things will happen.

You are free
of the wearisome life.

I guess
you could think of it that way.


I will see you around.

Your job, you don't usually get
to see people on good terms.

It is a small town.

My Revenge)

It must have taken
at least one hour

for Dong-bin to die!

Is it just a coincidence
that this took place

when the security camera

How can you say that to me?


won't come back.

I will find the murderer.

Who ordered the hit?

I did some drugs,

so you made me into a dealer.

Are you making me into a killer?

What? What?

I'm so glad he is dead.

He was a famous gangster
in the 80s.

He was crazy about money.

He hit it rich and retired.

He leads a regular life now.

- What else?
- You know how it is.

Became a gangster
to make a living.

The easiest way is
to do a big job.

So, he killed someone
and went to prison.

When he got out,

he was a little strange.

He became average.

He got out of the gang

and stopped
hanging out with the members.

He took in a kid and looked
after him.

I was so surprised that
someone can change so much.

People around him started to die
one by one.

Not only a friend, a coworker
but also his wife and children.


The friend fell to death
on a mountain.

The coworker died
in a traffic accident

while he was coming back
from the in-laws.

His family died in a fire

while he was out fishing...

I guess you know by now,

but you don't want
to be around that guy.

Ah. Microphone sound test.

We will start
a friendly competition

between Chang Gym

and Champion Boxing Club.

Come on, clap!

In the blue corner,

we have Kim Dong-jae
from Chang Gym.

In the red corner,

we have Pi Hyuk-jin
from Champion Boxing Club.

The winner will get
all-you-can-eat meat buffet

by Namwon Sports Society's Mr. Im.

Thank you.

Only the winning team
will be eating,

so if you want to eat,
join my side.


Come on!
Get your headgear on straight!

Bring out the best beef.

No foul play. Okay?

Take it easy.


Oh, you are here.

I hope there is no bad news.

I heard there is a match.

Do you like boxing?

It is a great sport.

Everybody thinks they are good,

but minds change
after you get hit a few times.

He is an orphan,
so I'm helping him out.

I wanted to represent my country,

but I am disqualified
because of my lack of education.

Have you ever competed?

Of course. My debut match.

It happened
on October 9th, 1982, at 11 a.m.

I used a hook to eliminate
my left-handed opponent.

Do you remember
December 4th, 2007?

What day is that?

The day my son died.

I have been advised that
the information is useless.

Yeah. In the case of hit-and-run.

You sound so scary.

Would it be not too hard on you
if you knew?

Where were you that day?

In 2007...

I went to Seoul.

So much traffic in Seoul...

Ah! I killed a kid on my way home.

That must have been your son.

I warned you that the information
would be challenging for you.

December 4th of 2007.

Why did you go to Seoul?

I was accused of fraud,

so I went to give a testimony.

Around 4 p.m. that day,

Did you kill Dong-bin,
the son of Detective Ryu?

What a pretty name.

Just answer the question.
Did you kill him?


Are you okay?

(December 2007)

Don't raid until I'm clear.

My son is going to school soon,

let's finish it today.

are you done with academy classes?

I need to see the dentist.
When will you come?

I'm busy at work.

I will really take you next time.

Laces are untied.

Remember what I taught you.

Left hand under.

I love you, son.

He still can't tie
his own laces...

Left hand under.

Didn't you think
the kid might be dead?

I was flustered.

Why didn't you call the police?

I was scared.

Did you know
Detective Ryu at that time?


Did somebody ask

for revenge or favor?

No way.

Why was
the surveillance camera broken?

I didn't know it was.

Why are you coming clean now?

Dong-bin was unlucky,
and I was lucky.

Don't give meaning
to the casual happening.

When I see you,
I am reminded of Dong-bin.

Let's get a divorce.

You arrived in Namwon
by happenstance.

And our encounter happened
by coincidence.

Our connection brings us together
like this.

It is so scary.

Is it true that neither Dong-bin
nor I were known to you?

Things just happen in the world.

We try to find meaning.

I thought someone took revenge

because I was a detective.

I spent more than 10 years
looking for the murderer.

My wife cried for a year

and slept for a year.

You, the murderer,
seem to be living well.

There is this famous puer tea...

It costs around $300,000 now.

Probably not worth that much,

but it is good for your health...

I don't feel good even
when I drink it though.

Why did you think
it was an act of revenge?

It was clearly a hit-and-run.

In the middle of Seoul,

a child who was struck by a car
suffered rib fractures

in addition to a head injury.

And it would have taken
at least an hour for him to die.

Is it true that
there are no eyewitnesses?

I was lucky.

You ruined three people's lives.

Are you here to tell me
about your misfortunes?

Do you not have
any regret or remorse?

Detective Ryu.

I'm sure a lot of people have
a grudge against you

because of the way you lived.

That is why you thought
this was a revenge.

But it was not a revenge.

You are tired of feeling hatred
against someone as well.

Do you think you would feel better
if I apologized?

What should I do?
It was just a coincidence.

Do you enjoy acting badly?

There is a huge hole
in people's hearts.

We live hard to fill that void.

When we look closely at the hole,

there is something black.

It looks like a fog or an insect.

If you keep looking at it...



Laces are untied.

Become strange.

I need to see the dentist.
When will you come?

Your son has died.

There is a huge hole
in people's hearts.

I'm so glad he is dead.

Dong-bin was unlucky,
and I was lucky.

Don't give meaning
to the casual happening.


(Emergency Medical Center)


I'm the one
who should be thanking you.

Of course! I will also look up
a good one for your children.

Definitely, I mean it.

You supported me a lot.

Oh, yes. Thank you for everything.

All right, thanks. Bye.

Where is the sound coming from?

I do not know.

- I think it is coming from here.
- It is here.

Hey, you need to eat something.

He is like this
for the past two days.

He found out who killed his son.

Thank you.


What the heck happened?

It is my home.


Have to vent somehow.

He said that the fact

that Dong-bin died and we met was
a coincidence.

He told me not to try to find
any meaning in this.

I became like this

because I hated someone
that I didn't even know.

If I meet the jackass

who killed my son on the street,

I should chit-chat with the guy.

Then, come home and live

like nothing ever happened...

Why can't I do that?

These were things
you already knew.

I knew that
I would not be able to do anything

to punish my son's murderer.

And I was going to live
the rest of my life

like a loser...

Why is there no justice?

I should have killed him...

You are a policeman.

What did I do to deserve this?

I needed to know

why and how Dong-bin died.

I could not live a normal life!

It was a coincidence,

so I should just live with that?

You can hate him all you want,

but that does not change the past.

Where are you from?

Were you good at your studies?



I'm not the only one
that is bad at studies.

I will send you
the insurance documentation.

You hate walking.

Shut up.


How is your condition?

I would have gone home
if it was great.

Did you take your medicine?

It doesn't taste good.

They said I have six months left
because of stomach cancer.

That was 10 years ago.

I will do my best.

Three, Four.
One-Two. One-Two.

He signed up.

He will probably quit
in a few days.

He paid for a year

in advance.

Coach him a little bit.

Make a smile!

Oh, you surprised me.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

You can talk?

I'm hurt. My feelings are hurt.

What are you doing?

What do you mean?

If I'm going to live here,

I thought
I should get to know you more.

How long have you boxed?

A little bit.

Your body will remember

after a few punches.



One-Two. Weave.

Use your knees, not hips.

One-Two. Duck.



Stop, stop!

I need a moment.

I can do this, but wait.

You are old.

Let's make the best use of time.

One-Two. Hook.

One-Two. Hook.

Not your shoulders.

You need to raise your elbows
to hit the chin.


Hey, Pi. Show me a hook.

One-Two. Hook.

Did you see that? One-Two. Hook.

Both hooks.


Ryu, how is
the Karaoke investigation going?

It is quiet.

What the heck?

What is wrong with him?

I could not forgive.

I didn't want to run away.

What changes if you win?

I'm just venting.

Don't know where it will end up,

but I guess you need to finish it.

How is Detective Ryu?

He is learning boxing.

You win.



Okay. Keep practicing.

Pull your chin.

Why are you so late?


The ring is a strange thing.

You know there is nowhere to run

but you want to enter the ring.

It felt great to imagine
punching the people

who made fun of me
because I was poor...

Looks like you have a lot to vent.

Do you want some help?

I have received dental implants

so I can't play with you, though.

Let's take it easy.

Are you okay?

The left side is wide open.


He has a weak chin.


Good. Good.

This is fun.

You can do it!

Punch him.

I lost.


I have to make a video
for a school project.

The theme is winter...
What are you doing?


What happened to your face?

I fought.

What? You should not fight.

Do you have anything
you want to talk about?

Mom keeps telling me to study.

When I was young,

they said just be healthy,

so I'm healthy.

But now they scold me
for my poor academic performance.

Even if I do well in school,

I will be scolded if I don't make
much money as an adult, right?


When do I have time to play?

Tell your mother.

If I told my dad,

she might be more impressed.


Hi, Dad.

Mom is so worried about me.

Yesterday, she cried and said that

I'm dumb because she fed me

processed foods instead
of healthy foods during infancy.

I do not know why
she keeps thinking about the past.

You should come to her dream

and tell her to smile.

I heard your son is in heaven.

Don't get beat up.


I want to be...

I want to be Seung-whee's father.

Make it not hurt anymore.

Make it not hurt anymore.

That looks fun.

My uncle bought it for me.

Can I try it?

When will I see you again?

I will call you once I'm settled.

Take care.

What a descendant of a bear!

See you.

- Hello, Seung-whee.
- Hi.

I didn't think
you would answer my call,

so I borrowed his phone.

I lied about something to you,

You are his father,

so I thought you should know.

I'm an orphan,

so I don't know my birthday.

I was severely beaten
in the orphanage.

So I fled the area.

I lived by begging and stealing.

All I knew was how to fight.

Once, I stole a gold ring.

It was a butcher's ring.

When I was captured,
I pretended to be innocent.

He threatened to slaughter me

with a huge knife.

But I was adamant.

I have a very strong will
like that.

You should know this.

You simply need to have faith

in money and shortcomings.

So what?

Don't you hate me?

I hate you.

I have cancer.

It hurts so much.


was alive.

I was just going to leave,

but something piqued my curiosity.

What would
a beautiful kid like him see

when he is dying?

What do you see?

It would have been great
if he saw his father...

What do you see?

I feel so sad for you.

I lost.

Because I'm a snake...

Where are you going?



- To live there.
- Why?

After you graduate,
I'm going there as well.


Let me take the picture.

Who are you?

That is my father.

That is my mother.

How old are you?

That is our father.


Dad. Smile.

Come on, smile!


(The Glorious My Revenge)