My Sex Robot (2010) - full transcript

A documentary about the rising popularity of sex robots. In this, we meet a number of men who are attracted to robots and the pioneers who are making this fantasy, into a reality. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Our world is on the brink

of a sexual
and technological revolution.

[man] I believe that humans
will want

to marry robots
by about the year 2050.

For thousands of men,

sex with female robots,
or fembots,

is their ultimate fantasy.

[man] If I'm attracted
to a woman,

it's very likely that I am going
to imagine her as a fembot.

You're kidding me!

The fantasy of having something
beautiful you can control,

that's not gonna leave because
it thinks you're a freak,

it's not going to leave because
it found somebody better.

We meet the two inventors

competing to create
the world's first sex robot.

This is a human action.
It has a pelvic type of thrust.

That's what
it's about right there.

We're the future.

You cannot catch a disease
from her.

She cannot say no to you.

She's always willing
to please you.

And we meet the man who isn't
prepared to wait for technology

to enable his fantasy

and wants to turn
his girlfriend

into a robot right now.

Activate robot mode.

Obedience is pleasure.

Pleasure is obedience.

[robotic voice]
Unit Meg responding.

Unit Meg is a robot designed
for male enjoyment.

All over America,
there are thousands of men

with an unlikely obsession.

[Meg] Scanning,
scanning, scanning.

They dream of love and sex
with a female robot,

and for some,
phone sex lines

are the closest thing

[man] I would like you now
to start undressing.

[fembot] Unit complies, master.

A robot fetish
is the ability to control

and that sort of master-slave

or a dominant-submissive

[man] Now I'd like you
to open up your chest panel

and remove the cover.

[fembot] Unit complies.

Chest panel open, master.

The robot fetish scene covers
every part of America.

It's a secretive,
Internet-driven world

where members go
by their cybernames.

[woman] I would say a man who
mainly interacts with a robot

is not being challenged
in the way

that a human-to-human
relationship challenges us.

It's not the norm.

[fembot] I am not a person,

I am an electronic device.

is a video games tester.

He first became aware
of his interest

in female robots
when he was a child.

I just thought
it was really cool,

in the mid- to late-'70s,
when you had

TV shows like
"The Six Million Dollar Man"

and "The Bionic Woman."

And when you're younger,
it's like, "That would be cool,"

but as you get older,
you're just like,

"Hmmm," you know,
"can I do things to it?"

My perfect robot companion would
be 5'5" tall, nice figure,

hour-glass figure.

But when we get into
what her face looked like,

what her hair looked like,
those would be interchangeable.

The idea that you can remove,
like, a limb.

You know, you can hit
a button and the arm comes off

or you peel the face off
and there's circuitry,

and, you know,
everything underneath.

It's just intriguing that
something can look so human

without being human at all.

But Delosian doesn't just
want a fembot for sex,

he also believes that it could
be the ideal romantic partner.

I would have it programmed
like a companion,

to know what I like,
to know what I don't like.

It's the whole idea of man
taking charge.

It's almost as close
to human slavery as you can get.

And I'm not saying that that's
a good thing,

but I'm saying that
there is a slight attraction

to one person being in charge

of another human-looking entity.

Delosian's single
at the moment,

but he still bears the scars
of a painful break-up.

For him, robots offer a less
emotionally risky option.

I just got out
of this relationship.

I didn't really get out,
I was kinda forced out.

It just kinda dissipated,
you know.

The girl that I was with,

I really had strong,
strong feelings for,

and, you know, so right now
my heart is broken.

I feel like I don't want to do
anything anymore.

You know, it's, I don't...

Like I said, I wouldn't wish
this on anybody.

One of the things I think
is more preferable

about having a robot companion
as opposed to a human female

is the fact that robots don't
break your heart, basically.

They don't leave.

They don't have
emotional issues.

They don't leave you because
you don't have enough money

or you don't drive
the right car.

He lives on the edge
of the desert,

a place of solitude

where he can recover from
his broken relationship.

Now you know, I need to sort out
my emotions,

and I would rather do that
with a robot

who could just sit there and go,
"I understand,"

even if they don't

because they're not really
programmed to.

It's better than spending
a hundred dollars an hour

for a shrink, you know.

And obviously robot companions
have not been created yet.

So right now, I don't want
to say it's unfortunate,

but the only real option

is to be in a relationship
with a real woman.

For some, Delosian's desire
for robot companionship

has worrying implications.

I think that a robot fetish
can encourage a man

to have an unhealthy
relationship toward women.

Ideally, a relationship is about
human growth

and to learn
from the interaction

and to perhaps heal old wounds.

I don't think there is
that possibility that easily

with a robot, as the robot
is not going to give you

the feedback
that a human being can

in terms of being able to listen

and talk back in a thoughtful,
heartfelt way.

But some academics
are not so negative

about the prospect of
human-robot relationships.

[man] There are millions and
millions of people in the world

who are unhappy
because they're lonely.

I think for such people,
sex robots will be a real boon.

It'll fill a huge void
in their lives,

and for many, it will make them
much happier people,

and therefore I think sex robots
will be very good for society.

In a small industrial building
on the outskirts of Dallas,

one man is working on making
Delosian's dream a reality.

His name -- Doug Hines.

And he's making Roxi,

which he hopes to be
the world's first sex robot.

Let me show you.
This is Roxi.

This is Roxi's face,
which is our model face,

and as you can see,

the beauty that she has
I think is quite striking.

Obviously, she's sitting
on a desk right now

and sorry about that, Roxi,

that you're kinda
detached from your head.

This is Roxi 2.

Doug says he's been working
on Roxi for seven years.

It may look crude,

but he's got ambitious plans
for his sex robot.

Now you'll notice that she has
multiple points of movement.

She's going to have eyebrows,
the eyes, the eyelids.

She's going to be able to smile.

She even has a special face when
she has her moment of ecstasy,

if you know what I mean.

Her pelvic area thrusts
when she's being intimate.

We also have a very large tongue
which I'll show you in a moment,

that's very erotic.

This is the future.

This is so cool.

I'm an engineer,
a technical, analytical guy,

and what I did is I said,
what other markets are out there

that really there's a gap
between what's available now

and what's possible?

And the adult industry is one

where there hasn't been much

in a very long time.

And we saw that products that
are on the market right now

didn't really offer that caring,
that loving.

They don't talk.
They don't interact.

They don't feel your touch.
They don't move.

They don't provide
that connection.

And so that's a beautiful thing
to let people express

how they feel
in a healthy way.

Doug is planning to unveil Roxi
to the world in Las Vegas

at the largest adult trade show
in North America.

And this is music to the ears
of robot enthusiasts.

[man] I think Doug is a pioneer

insomuch as he kind of started
the revolution of a robot

that can have sex.

It's one of those things
where you look at it

and you're just like,
"Someday," you know...

What was it, Cinderella
or Snow White singing about

someday her prince will come?

Well, someday, my android's
gonna come, dammit.

For some, robots offer sex
without emotional attachment.

For others, fembots can offer
a sense of protection.

Keizo has been obsessed with
fembots since he was a kid.

He grew up
in this tough neighborhood

where being part Japanese,
part Hispanic

made him a target.

I was bullied severely
as a child.

Part of it has to do
with my being mixed heritage.

I've been assaulted.

I've been stabbed,
I've been beaten and pummeled,

and, uh, all for nothing.

So robots became an escape.

Even in that sense,
thinking of having a fembot

that is practically

can even be part of the fantasy.

Here you have a partner that can
fight alongside you.

When Keizo hit puberty,
his interest in robots

became a full-blown fetish.

I was facing so much rejection
in my youth

that my confidence
also fell by the wayside,

and women pick up on that.

Of course seeing things

like mannequins
in a department store,

I felt drawn to that
because there they were,

beautiful, statuesque,


a lack of response was better
than a negative response.

Keizo is an artist.

Despite a string
of relationships,

he's never settled down,

and fembots are never far
from his mind.

My perfect robot companion

would actually look
very, very human.

I really hate that people
get the impression

that people who are into this
want to have sex

with toasters or appliances
or things like that.

No, that's not the case at all.

It's about being with somebody

without all the strings
that come attached

with being
with another person.

And I think I can fall in love
with a robot

because that companion is all
that I would want in a person.

And that companion is someone
that would want me.

It's the day before Doug Hines
is due to reveal Roxi

to the public
for the first time.

And so this is Roxi.

And Doug is confident
she will wow the crowds

with her artificial

As we all know,

we all have multi-faceted,
different personalities,

different, you know, moods.

So there's different versions
of Roxi program-wise,

where she'll respond

There's even Frigid Farah.
Farah is very reserved.

We have other personalities
that are much more aggressive,

as well as S-and-M, and
everything else you can...

There's five different types.

And now I can finally share it,

so we're very excited
about this moment right now.

The adult expo is in full swing

and Roxi is about to make
her grand entrance.

Put her in the wheelchair.

Doug has invested a lot
of his time and money in her.

There you go, honey.

So there's a lot at stake
for her big debut.

Roxi's a little shy
the first time she's out.

It looks like a lot of people
are here, Roxi.

[man] She does not look good.

With the crowd commenting
on Roxi's appearance,

even Doug's wife Sandy
is becoming concerned.

[Sandy] She needs a touch-up.
She's not quite ready for show.

She looks like
she had a rough night.

The pressure has started
to get to Doug

and Sandy has to lend
a woman's touch.

-Give her to me.
-Don't mess her hair up.

-I understand, honey.
-I'm not fixing it again.

Doug is hoping to sell Roxi
for $6,000 per model.

But it's touch-and-go

whether he'll have her ready
for her Vegas premiere.

Even so, Doug is nothing

if not
an indefatigable salesman.

We're the future.

You cannot catch a disease
from her.

She cannot have an argument
with you.

She cannot say no to you.

She's always willing
to please you.

She's willing to be
your partner, your companion.

As Roxi is not yet
on the market...

Come in.

...Keizo has bought
what he believes

is the next best thing.

I thought a doll
was a precursor to fembots.

I mean you have one
of the classic things

that most people
who like fembots, um, have,

and that's the blank stare,
the unawareness.

I can actually move the doll,

much like you can move
a human being.

They do have a very good range
of motion.

Very, very realistic.

Did I ever have sex with it?
Uh, yes!

Yes, I did.
I mean, take a look.

Looks like fun, doesn't it?
And yes, it was fun.

And the thing is, though, that

it's a long way from a fembot.

It can't move.
It can't do things on its own.

It just pretty much lies there.

To me, it was kinda like having
a robot fantasy,

but I had to fantasize about
the robot being deactivated.

Which could be fine,

but that didn't really
do it for me.

I like having some kind
of feedback.

I like the girl to actually be
a little aggressive too.

Sex dolls are
a million-dollar industry.

But Keizo hopes
to throw his doll away

once sex robots hit the market.

I think we will
get used to the concept,

the idea that some people
have sex with robots

the way we got used
to the idea that some people

have sex with dolls.

I don't think it will be
a mainstream thing

that everybody is gonna have sex
or a relationship with a robot.

I think it will be a certain
sub-population of people,

and that they will be more
accepted over time

than they are now
because people's minds

are gonna widen,
people are gonna get used

to all kinds of interactions
with technology.

Some fembot enthusiasts
can't wait

for the technology to arrive
and so find other ways

to satisfy their fetish.

Edward's favorite way

is to manipulate photographs
of his girlfriend Jen.

The intent is to make them look
more like a robot,

but it's not really so much

that you want to make them
less of a person.

I was actually adding
some lines here

and putting a little bit of glow
on them as well.

It just sort of enhances

the whole idea that you are
relating with something

that's been augmented
or is artificial

but is looking at you
with intelligence,

intent and emotion.

I don't want to lose her
behind all this.

And that's pretty much true
for the whole thing in general.

Yeah, I'm interested
in all of this.

Yeah, it's a big part of my life

but I don't want to lose sight
of her behind it.

[man] When you look at that,
is that arousing, that picture?

Oh, quite. It's actually
quite arousing to look at,

for me, anyway.

Rather exciting.

Yeah, very arousing.

Jen and Edward have been
together for a year.

Jen was unfazed when Edward
told her

about his robot fetish.

[Jen] It was very

And I think he mentioned it,
and I'm like, "cool."

People have strange sexualities
all over the place,

and there's really
no such thing as a norm.

[man] And have you always felt
okay about it?

I can see where it could be
highly threatening.

Uh... It doesn't threaten me.

I'm not being replaced.

I'm right here.

I've been with him
the whole time.

Why would I be replaced
by a robot?

[Edward] And there's the picture
you saw to start with.


[Jen] Oooh, that's really cool.

With Jen embracing
his robot fetish,

Edward is hoping to take it
to the next level

by hypnotizing her
into becoming a robot.

If she were to move that kind
of robotic way

while we were in the bedroom,

it would be a lot of fun,
quite a lot,

but it's not going to change
the way I feel about her.

I love her for her, not what
we're doing in the bedroom.

That is really cool.
I have no idea how you do that.

I'll show you sometime.

In Vegas, the day of Roxi's
grand unveiling dawns.

For Doug and his wife,

it's been a busy and exhausting
night perfecting Roxi's look.

He pretty much worked all night.
I think he slept maybe, I dunno,

an hour or two.

I heard things popping
and cracking.

You know, it's like you sleep
with one eye open.

But with only a few minutes
to go,

Doug and Roxi are nowhere
to be seen.

Listen, Doug, listen to me.

And in a few minutes
on the stage behind me,

Inventor Douglas Hines
will introduce to the world

the Roxi True Companion,

what he's touting as the world's
first sex robot.

With seconds to spare,

Roxy is finally switched on.

[Doug] Today is a momentous

We've created the world's
first sex robot.

This is Roxi.

Roxi True Companion
is a self-contained robot.

She has touch sensors,
pressure sensors

throughout her body.

For instance,
if I touch her here...

[Roxi] I love holding hands
with you.

She wants to hold hands with me.

Now, she has three inputs,

so, what you can think of
for a woman, she can do.

And she can do a little more
than a woman.

If you go down here...

-[Roxi] Stop that!
-[Doug] I'm sorry.

-[Roxi] Oooh.
-[Doug] I'm sorry, Roxi.

I was just telling our fans
what you're up to.

[man] Thank you very much,
that's it.

We'll stick around for photos.

Doug has run out of time

and is cut off

The unveiling
may have been chaotic,

but it created headlines
around the world,

and there were
no difficult questions,

except from the fembot

[man] It's basically a doll
with a tape recorder.

It doesn't react,
and frankly, it's ugly.

It really looks like
an ugly man in drag.

That's how ugly this is.

I would not have sex with this
with somebody's else's penis.

[man] I can see where he's
going with it.

I don't think now was the best
time to come out with it,

cos if you're going to announce
that you've created a sex robot,

people are going to want
to see it move.

But it can't move on its own.

And it can't turn its head
or move its lips.

If I could give him any advice

as a member
of this robot community,

keep going, man.

Keep trying. Keep refining.
Keep building.

As it stands right now,

I don't see too many people
wanting this version of Roxi.

[manbot] Hello, I'm a sex robot

and I'm glad and very pleased
to meet with you.


Meanwhile, in a secret location
in West Virginia,

things are starting to heat up
in the sex robot world.

And Doug Hines and Roxi
now have a competitor.

His name is Scott Maclean,

and away
from the media fanfare,

he's been quietly building
his own sex robot.

[Scott] Hello!

[manbot] Hello.
I am a sex robot,

and I'm glad and very pleased
to meet with you.

[man] And how did you come up
with the idea for a sex robot?

We began in the boom
of the construction,

where everything was going.

I decided we needed
to put some money elsewhere,

so all of our eggs
were not in one basket.

And somebody sat at a table,
one of my men, and said,

"If you wanna really do
something that'll make money,

create something that does
the dishes

and returns sexual favors."

They decided there was already
an automatic dishwasher,

so here I stand.

This one right here

was about the second prototype
that we built,

trying to carry more weight,
silicone, et cetera.

In that process, it became
violently strong.

This thing would break you.
It scared me.

It's been disassembled so nobody
will get hurt with it.

Yeah, you can't be intimate
with something that's...

You might as well go out there
and be intimate with

a heavy piece
of equipment on a job site.

That's about how safe it was,
so it wasn't acceptable.

After his problems
with the prototype,

Scott went on to build
"Harry Hard-Drive,"

a safer sex robot aimed
at women.

This one here, this is one
of the latest basic prototypes.

This is almost
the finished product,

other than the skin isn't
quite real enough.

It is squishy.

It's got, you know,
touch sensitivity.

It can be
to size specifications,

looks, whatever your whims are.

It can also be cleaned
very easily.

Uh... That's, of course,
an important part

because of what you're
talking about doing with it

as an adult entertainment piece.

And you see I'm touching him
so he's already trying to go.

And now these switches
we could put anywhere --

See, he fell over because I
did it quick and propped him up.

So this actually has
a human-type joint,

and if I move this out,
this is a human action.

You can see it has a pelvic type
of thrust.

Scott has emphasized

the thrusting physical
attributes to his robot

unlike Doug who tends to stress
Roxi's different personalities.

That's what it's about,
right there.

Scott's in-laws have turned up

to make a promotional video
for Harry

and his female companion,
Suzi Software.

[woman] Oh, wow.

[Scott] There it goes.

This right here
makes the neck go.

The torso goes just by pushing
the other way.

-This won't hurt it, right?
-No, not for the most part.

[man] Make her head move!

-Make her head move.

There we go.


Yeah! Mmm!

Scott says his robots have
so far cost him

almost half a million dollars,

so he's keen to get them
on the market

as quickly as possible.

[woman] Hmm. All the right parts
move, yeah.

[Scott] You can practice
your art of adult movie-making.

Harry and Suzi will sell
for up to $11,000 apiece.

Scott's confident that
his robots will appeal

to both men and women,
gay and straight,

and he's hoping to sell

An individual here
could have a doll.

An individual on the other side
of this planet has a doll

and the four of you are having
sex basically together.

A ménage à trios taken
to a whole different level.

They're not going to tell
the next day.

They're not going to say

and you won't wake up
with any venereal disease.

While Scott is bright and sunny
about the future of his robots,

life isn't always so easy

for the customers
he's targeting.

In our culture,
in the American culture,

we celebrate sex,
we advertise it,

we promote it, we publicize it,
we use it, we sell it.

And then on the...
that's on the overt.

On the covert side,

we carry deep degrees of shame
around sex,

so I would say that fetishes

are generally embedded
with shame.

Keizo is so ashamed
of his robot fetish

that he's kept it hidden
from his family.

This is something
that I've kept pretty much

a secret most of my life.

This is not something
that I normally talk about.

This is not something that
I think people will accept.

My family will not accept this.
I know this.

Uh, some of my friends
will not accept this.

I have to worry about my job,
my future jobs.

Keeping this a secret has been
a burden on me,

and basically being ashamed
of something

that I shouldn't even be
ashamed of.

But Keizo has decided to talk
about it for the first time

with his friends,
Christian and Alexis.

[Alexis] I guess I really don't
know a whole lot

about what it is exactly
that you're into.

I'm just genuinely curious.

[Keizo, chuckling] It's not like
I really talk about this

very often actually.

Christian just barely found out,

and that's because
it's something that

I don't really feel is generally
accepted in society.

You know, this has been
an interest for me

ever since I was a kid,
but it sort of evolved

and every time I had heartbreak,

every time I had a...

you know, a rejection
or something like that,

that was always in the back
of my mind,

that maybe this would be
an option for me someday.

Do you think that, you know,
that sex would be

an equal part
of that as well?

[Keizo] Absolutely.

Just about any fantasy
you have can be indulged

without having to be afraid
of judgement, you know.

Like, "Can you believe
what he did last night?

It was disgusting."

But you can always have
the final say.

Um, and I know that does sound
a bit controlling,

but I guess,
in the realm of fantasy,

you know,
we're always in charge.

[Alexis] If they look like
a real woman

and they feel like a real woman,

how is that not going to distort
how they think

that real woman
are supposed to be?

Then they kinda disconnect

from wanting to be
with a real woman

because their robot woman
would be perfect.

So it does kinda make me
a little nervous a bit,

but, you know, again,
if it makes them happy,

then who is it really harming?

So it's a hard line
to kinda decide.

[Helliesen] A robot fetish is
more of a male thing

because women are more

to quietly repress, sometimes,
their desires.

Um, so it's okay for men

to go out there and explore
and be curious,

while for women
it's more complicated.

Women tend to want a bit more
than just a quick release.

They would like to have
a connection

with the person they are
having sex with.

[Scott] Say hi, wild thing.

In West Virginia,
Scott's sexbots

are getting ready
for a special visitor.

Scott's going to show them
to Delosian.

[Scott] This will be
the first time

that somebody with the fetish
has actually met a sexbot.

If he frowns, I'll say,
"What's wrong with it?"

If he grins, I'm gonna cheer

and say,
"What else do you want?"

I'm sure he's seen it
on the Internet.

But to see it face to face,

this is gonna be...
this is making my day.

[Delosian] I've seen
his website.

But I'm not expecting
anything earth-shattering.

I don't expect to walk
into the room where the robot is

and see
a human female standing there.

-[man] Are you excited?

And I'm "anxious,"
I think would be a better word,

just to see what he's done,

because I think it's important,
I think it's time.

We haven't got our flying cars
yet like we were supposed to,

so let's get our robots done.


It's a serious pleasure
to meet you.

-I'm Scott.
-I'm Delosian.

Well, let's rock.

By the way, this is the man cave

where all prototyping begins,
right here.

Here they sit.

Um, that's the male.

This is the female.

-Intimidated or...?

Intrigued or...?

Definitely intrigued.
Not intimidated at all.

Um, it looks very realistic.

[Scott] It's got battery packs
in it.

You can recharge it,

or you can also plug into
like off a jumpbox 12 volt.

Your cigarette lighter.

She still has
all the details, et cetera.

If you're interested,
you can go over and pick one up.

It won't hurt you.
You can't really hurt it.

It is, you know,
it would actually take

about a third of the weight
still off of it.

You're kidding me?!

[Scott] Yeah, it's gonna be
about a third lighter.

That's incredible.

[Scott] Her face is removable.

Her skin is removable.

Will you always want blonde,

white, or would you like
to try a different race,

a different creed,
a different color?

We're gonna try to make it
so that, as you change,

it can change with you.

In moving, I guess
I should show you that.

Well, I can do this, you know,

and its waist even goes.

How would you like to make
a porno?

How much money have you got?

-No, not you.

-They don't need you.
-I get what you're saying.

-[Scott] That's more...
-[Delosian] There you go.

[Scott] You see the back
actually articulates

because, in those motions,
hers does the same.

Tell me what you think.

Wow! Where do I begin?

Well, first of all, to a certain
extent, I am speechless.

Right now, I'm just kinda
taking it in.

Like getting pulled over by
a cop, don't know what to say.

It's very cool.

Thank you.
I'm happy, we're doing it right.

Well, this has been great,
and we will stay in touch.

-[Delosian] Absolutely.
-[Scott chuckles]

[Delosian] He's definitely
on the right track.

I was pleasantly surprised
at what I saw.

And I know the skin
is a little rough

and the creases in the neck,

and I know it's just gonna get
better from here,

so I think you'll probably
see these on the market

more sooner than later.

The day has dawned
for Edward's big experiment.

Too impatient to wait
for a viable sex robot,

he has decided to turn
his girlfriend Jen

into a robot.

[woman] Since I'm creating
a robot for you

and for your personal

So he's drafted in
an erotic hypnotist

who calls herself Lady Ru'etha.

There's a heavy association
with hypnosis and control.

To an extent,
it's a fallacious association

in that somebody who's
in hypnosis

is ultimately
in control of their actions,

but sometimes,
it doesn't feel that way.

And for a lot of people,
that's really hot,

and that's really erotic,
and that's a lot of fun.

So, whatever position

you're most comfortable in
on the bed.

[man] So, Edward, what are you
hoping for out of this session?

I hadn't even dared to hope
that this would happen ever,

so I really hadn't thought
that much ahead

as to what to hope for.

Mostly, that it will be
something that she enjoys,

or won't be scared by
or made nervous about.

And I want you to just focus
on my eyes for a moment.

You find yourself going deeper
into hypnosis

and deeper into
that calm, comfortable place

in your center.

Beginning now.

And the voice in your ear says,

"Preparing to commence
robotization program."

Do you consent to become
a robot?

Answer "affirmative"
or "negative."

[metronome ticking]


Lady Ru'etha has a special way

of heightening the experience
of becoming a robot

by storing erotic feelings
in what she calls

a "pleasure battery."

At this point,

pleasure battery installation
will begin.

The pleasure battery
will allow the unit

to save physical pleasure,

whether that be erotic pleasure,

tactile pleasure,
emotional pleasure,

or mental pleasure.

Pleasure battery installation

Twenty, 40, 60, 80, 100%.

Pleasure battery installed.

Operating system installation
and activation complete.

The unit will respond by saying


Activate Unit Jen.


You'll want to bring up
the default skin

when you have
the stilted movement,

the dolly voice.


[Edward] Very good.

Look at me.

Does this please you?

Does it please you?

It pleases me very well.

Then it pleases me.

Directive two:
obedience is pleasure.

Pleasure is obedience.

State directive two.

Obedience is pleasure.

Pleasure is obedience.


Kiss me.

It's the next morning.

Jen and Edward
have been playing robots

for much of the night.

Seeing Jen as a robot,

don't even have
to think about -- fantastic.

I don't have to think what word
do I need to describe it --


I kinda felt more
like a cyborg actually,

like I wasn't fully a robot,
I was robotic.

More half-robot, half-human.

I am really pleased that we
found each other.

-Quite pleased.
-Me, too.

That's good. That's good.

One chief aspect
of male sexuality

is the idea of having a female

that is submissive
and is controllable,

and the concept of a robot
is submissive and controllable,

that basically you are the boss
of that robot.

Those fantasies,
the dominant/submissive fantasy,

are probably the most common
sexual fantasy that's played out

in human sexual behavior,

At his home in New Jersey,

Doug has been working hard
on improving Roxi

since her unveiling
in Las Vegas.

And so Delosian is keen
to meet her in the flesh

in the hope that Doug's claim

that Roxi
is the world's first sex robot

lives up to the hype.

I'm hoping to see Roxi
actually move unassisted.

Hopefully, he's improved
upon the face,

cos let's face it, if you have
an ugly doll or an ugly robot,

nobody's going to buy it anyway.

Hey, Delosian.
How are you?

Come on in.

This is my wife, Sandy.

-Sandy, Delosian.

This is Missy.

Why don't we just sit down

and just, you know, talk
for a few minutes?

Roxi wants some attention
over there.

We'll get to you Roxi,
don't worry.

So much goes into just
that smile, it's unbelievable.

She has nipples,
she has a vagina.

And so if I were
to show you...

uh, down here...

you can see she has
a true woman's vagina.

-Yeah. [chuckles]
-It's accurate there.

[Delosian] Obviously,
one of the big things,

especially with Roxi
being this size,

would be the ease of cleaning
the orifices.

-Yep. We have a kit.
-But is it removable?

It's also removable.

What we've done is we've created
a true-life tongue.

If you don't mind,
just touch it.

Check this out, man.

The tongue is vibrating
very rapidly.

[device humming]

I see where you're going
with that.

[Doug] Nobody's doing stuff
like this.

She actually has smiled.

Oh, thank you, Roxi.
You're a nice girl, Roxi.

So, what do you think?

Well, I see a lot
of improvements

from the unveiling in Vegas.
She can move her head.

And the fact that it's all,
the responses are all

internalized now as opposed to,
you know...

That the sensors work and she
responds, that's really cool.

I gotta admit,
I wasn't sure what to expect,

but the fact that she is
moving a little bit

the face a little bit better,
I definitely see improvements.

-Cool, I appreciate it.
-She's just getting better.

[Delosian] Thank you so much,
and I'll be in touch.

All right, Delosian.
Thank you.

-Have a good day.

Doug is now offering

different versions of Roxi
from his website.

We're in the business

of giving people
unconditional love.

And that means helping people

to find something
they're missing,

whether it's companionship,

social interaction,
whether it's a sexual aspect.

We're able to help people
kinda fulfill

whatever it is
that makes them happy,

help them achieve those goals,

and what's wrong
with making people happy

when no one's hurt?
It's all good.

[Delosian] He's definitely taken
a few larger strides.

He's really working on trying
to get this robot

to actually move and be a robot
as opposed to just a doll,

which is what it was in January,
in my opinion.

He's making the strides
to make it more animatronic.

I thought the body was sexy.

The fact that it's 5'6"
makes me happy

cos I'm just a little taller
than that,

so it's almost like
really life-size for me.

[man] Would you like to have sex
with her now,

in the state she's in now?

Would I like to have sex
with her right now?


[chuckles] Maybe.
I can't give you a yes or no.

The fembot enthusiasts
eagerly await the day

when sex robots
become a reality.

But are we ready to embrace
this brave new world?

The problem with technology is
that technology is amoral.

It has no morality.

It has no ethics.

We never really stop
and ask ourselves should we,

or is it a good thing?

You may or may not want
all that many people

having sex with robots.

I'm not sure as a society
we've agreed

that that's where we wanna go.

But with the increasing impact
of technology on our lives,

love and sex with robots
is coming

whether we like it or not.

I think robot love will

feel as normal
as human-human love

and it will become accepted

by an increasing proportion
of the population.

If you said to somebody

at the beginning
of the 20th century

that by the end of this century,

men will be marrying men
and women marrying women,

they would laugh at you

and cart you off to the nearest
lunatic asylum.

Just look how much human-human
relationships have changed,

and our acceptance of different
types of relationships

have changed
over the past hundred years,

or even the past 50 years.

[Delosian] I think it's
a very exciting time

for people in the community
who have always dreamt

of the day when someone
could own a humanoid robot.

And I think a lot of people
are going to be satisfied

when it actually reaches
that point.

And it's gonna be coming
very soon.