My Sex Doll Bodyguard (2020) - full transcript

It all begins when Brick receives a mysterious package. Inside the box is "Anna," an artificial intelligence-programmed sex doll that can transform into a human being. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[New Arrival]

Do you want to tease? You're such a tease.

[My Sex Doll]

Having this dream again?


Ith, May I ask? Can you fart lightly?

I am out of the mood.

The heroine of this
episode was just debuted.

When I lose my concentration, I can't
shoot a video. Do you understand?

- Yes
- Yeah, please fart lightly.

Oh, You. Before bedtime... Polish a rocket.

Rest assured that you
will sleep well, trust me.

- Hey, it's all right. I'm done
- Oh, he is here.

Let's keep shooting Are you ready?


Yes, speed camera

I scrubbed the rocket until it's clean...
but don't feel sleepy at all.

Did dad lie to me?

Hey pretty

How is it? Is it big?


Bro... Bro... Hey bro

Hey, help him

Bro. Hey

- Hey, let's get some help here
- Help

Hey! Ith! Ith.

Call an ambulance. Mr. Nuay
is having a heart attack.

Can you help? Hurry up, bro bro

Bro, stay with me. Hey hurry up

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

[Shocking news in the porn industry]

['Mr. Nuy', the legend of the Thai porn]

[Death on the chest of a young actress]

[People pay their respects to Mr.Nuay]

We have got back to our house, dad.

[Please handle with care]

Va Gina Lab

Vagina Lab [Va Gina Lab]

Is this a dildo?

What the hell is this?


[My name is Anna. I am your sex doll.]

[How should I serve today, Master?]

[I can do anything you want]

What is this? What?

- Uncle Uncle
- Have you touched?

- What?
- The sex doll that was sent. Have you touched?

- Touch what? No.
- Breast, have you touched the breast?

I don't know.

Holy shit.

- Hey
- Do something

[Hug me, I feel so good]

Uncle, Uncle

Say Umami, Umami [Delicious]

- Um what?
- Umami!


Get up now.

Get up, get up.

- What is it?
- I will explain later.

What is it?

Well... I was busy working in the lab.

So I didn't know about your father.

I am sorry.

Thank you so much

Let's get into our story. This is Anna.

Prototype sex doll with
artificial intelligence.

Able to learn and develop feelings.

Oh and this... this is so important.

This is a manual.

But really, you don't need it.
You can just...

Do this. It's easy.

Like this.

Oh, I don't want that.
You can take her home.

Actually, I want to do that.

Because of me, your dad borrowed money.
A hundred million baht to build Anna.

At first I have created
and developed a program.

Your dad will be a presenter.

If everything went well,

we would have been able to sell her.

The capital will be returned
within the first three months.

Uncle but... My father has passed away.

That's the problem. Actually,
I sent it to him to test.

You already took it. And also turned
the switch on by touching Anna's breast.

It seems like the system... decided
that you are the sole owner of it.

It's like a mobile phone. Whoever's finger print
goes in it, who owns it That person can unlock it.

But... No, don't ask... where
the reset button is, because...

I didn't think about it.

How can I forget!

Oh, the most important thing...
If you fail the test,

each of us will owe 50 million baht
and must paid that within 1 month.

Are you telling me that
I'm in a 50 million debt?

No, it's not like that. You
just have sex with Anna.

Isn't it easy?

Have sex with her?

Yes You can do it in just a
moment, can't you? Yeah, yeah

Ith Do you know... I've been secretly
looking at you for a long time.


I want you to understand my feelings.



I am collecting numbers.

Can you be my 69th?

Ith What are you doing?

See Trust me I have told you.

Very funny

Hey This is why he can't
be like his father.


If you are in pain, go to poop, believe me.

You want it?

- Yeah, yeah, easy
- No way, I can't do it.

If you have any worries, just refer
to the manual. Here is the manual.

Oh, don't forget to change the language to
Thai. Otherwise, you can't communicate to her.

And one more thing...
"Umami" Remember Umami


Uncle It's moving, what should I do? Umami

Uncle, come back

Sorry, Ith But this must be dong.

Oh, here it is. It's already started.

What the hell is this manual?

[Instruction Manual]

Let's see...
How to change to Thai language

Rub the ass.

What? Who created this?

Alright, let try.


[Did you call me?
I want to serve my boss right now]

What does it mean?


It hurts.

Don't look at me like
that, it's embarrassing.

What does it mean?

Japanese Language

English Language

Thai Language

Anna loves Mr. Ith

No, don't called me Mr. Ith Just Ith

Just Ith Just Ith Just Ith

Called me Ith


Ith Ith Ith

Call me Ith And can you stop moaning?
Just Ith



Okay, now we can talk.

Where do I begin?

Start from touching.

Stop, stop, stop!

Do I really have to lose my virginity
to a robot?

How much battery left?


[Battery Level]

How to make the battery run out quickly?


Anna's battery has high energy.

Able to do a lot of strenuous activities.

For example, having sex
for 3 hours continuously.

We can use that 3 hours
for anything, can't we?

Yes, sir Anna follows Ith's order.


Warning The battery is
running low, 5 percent left.

Anna will shutdown within 5 seconds.




It's sweating.

Extremely realistic.

It's hot.

What should I do next?

I will... fully charge the battery, Anna.

It's alive.

Follow... Ith...


the... university.

Follow Ith to the university.


Go find Ith at the university.

There's no escaping, kid.

Right! I figured it out.

I think this scene... you
took a drone to fly up.

I think it's nice.

Are you drunk? Gavin.

Where will you get the drone?

I think Pop has it.

I don't.

You must. You are rich,
you are wealthy, Pop.

You have to buy it,
the money will be spoiled.

- Whose money?
- Yours!

Let it be spoiled. I'm not buying it.
Don't be nosy.

You're just busy chatting with girls.

- Pay attention to group work.
- Correct.

Well, this is actually real breast,
not a pad.

Stop talking, miss.

- Who is this?
- Is she good?

- Ith
- This one is good.



[Anna's Lovely Eye View]


Anna. How can you be here?

- Go take your seat.
- It's real.

Proceesing... Yes, Sir.

- Who's that, Ith?
- Who's that, Ith?

Well... Anna is a distant relative.

That doesn't seem like any distance.
You're close.

- Real close.
- Look... really close.

I've known you since childhood.

How come I've never
seen her before?

You have seen Anna. Anna, my realative.

She went to study in Japan.

She came for a visit and will go back.

- For a visit? Wear student uniform?
- Err...

Anna, are you an actress?

- Are you a model?
- Back Off

Anna, do you have contact?

Do you have a messanger ID?
I would like to add you.

- Want to talk about work, contact...
- Yes

- Modeling
- Yes, yes

- Like... I can't take it anymore.
- Gavin, look

Ith, Ith


- Please get out of my way.
- Ouch!

What the hell is this?

Ith. Can you tell Anna to go back home?

Anna. Go home.

Processing... I can't do that.

Anna isn't allowed to stay further than
50 meters away from Ith.

Anna, uh. I am Ith's best friend.

I will take Anna on a tour
around the university. How's that?

She won't go with you, Gavin.

Anna, come with me tonight.

I know a lot of restaurants
that are very chic and hip.

Hip asshole. When you talk...

look at her face not her breast.

I'm speak to the real lady. I'm not
talkking to the plank with the pads, okay?

- He's insulting you about your figure!
- Can you stop?


You are flawless. Are you usually shy?

She doesn't speak Thai very well.

But she speaks Thai with you a lot.
Please don't interpose.

- She can speak only a few words.
- Hey, is that true?

- We're friends.
- Stop now.

[Conserving Thai values]

Hey you! What a dress!

This is inappropriate.

The skirt is too short, too tight.
No respect for the place at all.

She doesn't understand
what we are saying.

How come? I'm speaking Thai...

- Is she taking drugs or something?
- We've gone overboard.


Shame on you.

Are you two Thai people?

How could you do this in the public?

Hey you, wait a minute.

Can't you just stop?

It's my job... as the club president

of conserving Thai values.

You are corrupting our values.

I've never heard of this club.

You are so stubborn.

- Hey stop.
- Give it back

Don't mess with the president.

Do you want them back?

Being the chairman
of the Thai values conservation club.

If you want them back, Ask nicely.

May I... have them back.


That's it.



Where is Anna? Where did she go?

- I don't know.
- Me neither.


Pop, this way, Pop

- Where?
- This way.


These people... are deteriorating
our beautiful culture.

Our duty is... to make them repent.

Yes, Ma'am.

Where are you going?

Going back home.

Processing... Go back home.

What are you doing?

Thank you, Anna.

How come you have power back?


Uncle Jean replaced the battery.

To have Anna last longer than before.

The new batters does not overheat
and has an energy saving system.

Don't worry...

I won't shutdown as easy anymore.

Oh no, uncle Jean...
Doing this to me again.


Are you insulting me? I
am your father's friend.

And where is your battery stored?


Why you are taking off your shirt?

Open battery storage.

Why does the battery storage
have to be there?

Oh no, stop.

It's under the navel

What are you doing?

I knew that you two are not related.

Open battery storage.

Alright... Anna is your father's sex doll.

Uncle Jean's too.

And you have to have sex with her.


Why don't you have someone else do it?
Like Gavin or Pop.

They are more than willing to.

I can't.

Anna has a safety protection system.

With a person who is not the
owner, she will protect herself.

In the manual it says so.

As I said.

Okay, I believe it.

[Pop: You're a motherfucker]

[I'm not.]

[Does Anna has IG?
Give me her account]

[Captain, our warp core is damaged.]

Will you need anything more?
[Did you get it?]


It would be nice
to have warm milk before bed.

Ouch! too hot.

Is it warm enough?

[Anna's Lovely Eye View]

What are you doing Anna?

[Sex Possibilities]

The probability of Ith
having sex is 75 %.

How can you know that?

Easy. Anna, clam down.

Clam down, clam down.

You like to build emotions slowly.

Not like that.

Don't you like it?

Enter wild animal mode.

What is this?


are you okay?

How did you take it off?

I am sorry.

Ith. This is much harder than I thought.

I assume you need a helper.

Hello Saeng Dao. It's me.

Yeah, what's up?

Uh, right now Ith is... in a big trouble.

I need your help.

He had hung up for a long time
and you knew it.

I see but...

Saeng Dao is the heroine of Nuay.
You were the closest and the most trusted.

Do you remember when we used to meet?
We said if something happened to Nuay...

We have to take care of Ith.
Be his parents.

Be his parents.
So we have to...


What do you want?
I don't get it.

That child has no mother
and his father has just died.

Alas, a child without a family

It's time that Saeng Dao...
uses her skills to teach him.

My skills? Washing clothes?

[Hand washing service by Saeng Dao]

I know Saeng Dao already left the scene...
And you forgot about your past self.

But me and all the Thai men around
the country... will never forget.

Saeng Dao... with the giant boobs.


Next please.

I came first.

I'd like to have it washed overnight,
Sorry for bringing just one piece.

- Of course, please take it off.
- Yes

- Can I take it off?
- Yes

This one?

Please do it overnight.

Yes, yes

Wash it please.

Sit and wait.

- There?
- Yes

Already updated.

- Here you are.
- Thanks.

Do you have any business?

I don't have any business.
I just came to visit.

When Mr. Nuay was still alive...

he always told me that he'd
like me to visit you sometimes.

When he...

When he was like... gone...

Thanks, then...

By the way

Do you... have any girlfriend?

So... is there anyone here with you?

Not yet.

But... I'm fine staying alone.

Then your symptom... farting when excited.

Is it better now?

Still bad?

Yes, still bad.

Oh, my poor little Ith.

Here, I'll teach you.

Repeat after me.

Today I will have sex.

Have sex.

I have to lose my virginity.

Lose my virginity.

- Want to touch, then...
- Touch

- Want to touch, then...
- Touch

- Want to touch, then...
- Touch

- Want to touch, then...
- Touch

- Touch
- Breast

- Touch - Breast - Touch


Aunt Saeng Dao

Are you okay?

Ith, Take care...

take care of youself please.

If there's anything
you'd like me to help with

Please call me.

And if you don't want to wash
the clothes yourself,

You can come to use the service at my shop.

At my shop... I wash
every piece by my hands.

Yes, auntie. Thank you so much.

I'm leaving.

Hey. I didn't succeed.

Yes, I have tried.

No, let me explain.

Well... I don't know... and I got hurt

I'm in a lot of pain.

Let's go. Shall we go?

I have to grab my bag.

Well... I've been dressed up for hours...

you don't say any words.

Lisa, please move.

Hey you. How about last night?

Are you done?

And does Anna have to go to university
with us every day?

Why didn't you tell uncle Jean to fix it?

I have told him. But he refused to fix it.

He said... keeping her
close like this is good...

for that I can get it done sooner.

Get it done?

If you are coming with us today,
don't make a mess, understand?

Yes, Ma'am.

Left is good. Right, it is nice.

What day is today, Pop?

I don't know. Good stuff.

But I think it's against the rules.

Can't you stop worrying about others?



change into this.

Auntie, what's wrong with you?

Where have you been,

asking someone to change in the middle
of the cafeteria? Are you crazy?

- Yes.
- Well–

Both of you, stop.

Anna... Go change.

Processing... Change the clothes.

Hey, stop, stop, stop.

Not here. Go change in the toilet.


She's doing it on purpose. Social saboteur.

- Lisa,
- Yes?

Can you take Anna to change her clothes?

Um, okay.

Can't she change here?

Wait, wait! What is this dress?

You have to change too.


So what will I watch?

Ith! Come on, baby!

May I ask...

- what is the relationship between Anna and you?
- Hmm.

And what's wrong with Lisa?

Why is she dressed like
an Amazonian chameleon today?

Anna is...

my relative.

But I don't know about Lisa.

Since Anna is just a relative for you,

can I have her? Well, Pop really wants her.

You are really bad.

- If he gives, won't you take?
- Yes.

That's it. Let's see.

Louis Lumière once said,

"Movies are innovations
that have no future."

Louis Lumière is long gone,
but the movies are still there.

But in reality, Louis
Lumière was not wrong.

And on this matter, you...

Okay, that's it.

We're done for today, so...

who hasn't submitted a project yet,
please submit within this week.

As for "Last Tango in Paris",
we will talk again next time.

Okay, class dismissed.

Thank you.

Uhh... You, please stay.

I have something to talk to you about.


All of you.

Well, the Thai values conservation club

has requested the coorperation from you

to make a short film for public relations

about the dangers of
having sex at school age.

They specifically stated
that it had to be your group.

Which will be... Ith,
Lisa, Pop, Penguin, Anna.

- Who is Anna?
- Uh, teacher, I think...

we are not available

because we need to work on the
assignment project for this class.

- We haven't started it yet.
- That's right, sir.

Not even one.

Alright, then...


you can use this project...

to replace the assignment.

If you do it well... I will
give an A to all of you.

Is it okay?

Sounds great. We can
keep it as a portfolio.

Nah, I don't want to do it.

Penguin, you can't refuse.

If you don't participate in
this project, you will get an F.

Are you sure? I never got any F.

Look at your midterm score
combined with your total score.

It's risky.

Ith, get the camera ready for tomorrow.

Get camera ready for tomorrow.

- Let's start filming.
- You changed your mind quickly. - Yes, sir.

Don't do it, right?

The club wants to check the script

- and visit shooting location.
- Check the script?


What do you know about making movies?

I studied accounting, though.

I can help with budgeting.

And the important thing is,
if I let you do it yourselves,

you're definitely going to mess up.

- Don't you think so?
- Yes, queen.

Why do you have to flock to my home?

Your house has a studio. It's...

It's equipped. Isn't it?

It's just my dad's little
studio to film art movies.

Well... your house is near Lisa's house.

Your house is near Lisa's house.

You will be able to travel easily.

You don't have to refer to me.

If you'll find a chance to
be with Anna, just tell me.


you can't let anyone know
about dad and Anna. Seriously!

Ith! Ith! It's me.


Is that Saeng Dao the giant boob?

Am I dreaming?

Shit. I'm not dreaming.

Hello, Ma'am. I'm Ith's friend.

I'm Penguin.

I'm Ith's friend.

Hey! Hey!

Hey, Ith!

Your dad is Mr. Nuay, the legend.


Yuk, I knew it! No wonder!

Real old and genuine. Superb!

Uhh, I am...

I've been your fan for a long time.

My legs were tired.

Yep. Don't call me Miss.

Don't call me miss.

Call me Aunt Saeng Dao.

Hey Ith.

Your father's massager is good.

In the last scene, the protagonist
will wake up from the dream

The protagonist...
will wake up from the dream

and think that if there was no sex,

there won't be any bad thing.

So he decides to not have sex.

Very good, take this.

Wait a second.

Well, I... I don't understand
anything from the beginning.

Isn't having sex better?

Sex is a natural thing.

It is natural that we have to control it,
because otherwise it will cause problems.

Then we present... safe sex.

Safe sex.

Uh, good sex or... kind of safe sex.

- Does that sound good?
- Agreed.

But the essence of the story
is no sex at school age.

Very boring. Very boring... I can tell.

Auntie, be quiet.

What's wrong?

Do it more.

- Everyone.
- Keep going!

That's enough for today.

Every one can go back home.

But we still haven't finished talking.

We're done here. I will do the rest.

But I still don't want to leave.
I told my mom that I will be late today.

I canceled every appointment to be here.

But I don't see anyone paying attention.

I am. I've been listening carefully,
and I proposed an idea too.

Yes, and it's also a great idea.

- It's a big comment.
- Asshole.


Please. Let's end it here today.

You don't have to do it, Anna.

I'm not in the mood. I'm so tried.


Turn on listening mode and massage mode.

If you're trying to
turn me on, please stop.

I want you to be comfortable.

How can I feel comfortable?

I'm held accountable for
the money I didn't loan.

Dad. Why have you done this?

Who wants to have the
king of porn as father?

Many people think it's cool.

But no one understands how
it actually makes you feel.

What kind of person was your father?

Actually, as a father... he was a good one.

He tried to take care of me.

Tried to understand me.

It makes me think that he did it to
make up for the bad things he had done.

Do you feel bad having a father like that?

Yes, I do.

We think sex is not something
that's not for show.

But... he made many people happy.

Except his kid.

But even if he was like that...
I still love him.

Even though he made you feel bad.

Love is really hard to understand.


When you love someone...

no matter how they are...

you are happy to be with them anyway.


Record the feeling... Love.

Can you record feelings?

I don't know. But if I learn,

But if I learn,

But if I learn, one day, I might have
feelings like a real human being.

We don't have to have sex right now.

I still love you as always.

When we graduate... fave a job.

Then, we will get married.


And when that time comes... You
guys don't have to worry about anything.


Why the hell is the set in a porn scene?

What should I do?

What should I do? Your house
is full of props like this.

I have choosen the most modest costume.

- Gavin, let's go find new props with me.
- Okay.

Pop, go memorize the lines.

What the hell with this script?
No taste at all.

No taste at all.

Because of you. Go away.

- It's you.
- What?

Do you know what is this?

Do I have to know?

[Lubricating gel]

Anna, let's change.

I will go first.


Are you okay?



That's enough for today.

Please go home.

What happened?

- Yes?
- Hello, Uncle Jean.

Something happened to Anna.

She smashed her head
on the floor and froze.

Then... Open to see the...

Let's look at the damaged area first.

I can't do it. Can you come here?

It takes a long time to get there.

Let's try first to see if
you could fix it yourself.


Save the feeling... Being cared for.


Besides the head, where else does it hurt?

My hip hurts.


As far as I see, she looks fine.

Okay then, please restart.

Can I do that?

You can do it and ask Anna to
reorganize the data as well.

Okay, I have to go.

Oh no, I lost!


Restart yourself... and
reorganize the data.


Anna, are you awake?

How are you? Feeling any better?

Yes, I am.

Thank you so much for
saving those two girls.

It's nothing.

Does Lisa hate me?

Why does Lisa like to prank me?

I don't think Lisa did it on purpose.

I know her well.

Even though she's so arrogant,

actually she's a very kind person.

I've gotten through bad times...
thanks to Lisa.

Do you love Lisa?

What makes you think so?

Can you remember what you used to say?

When you love someone...

No matter how they are...

You are happy to be with them anyway.

Yes, but I love Lisa as a friend.

Lisa is the person I am comfortable with.

Why don't you ask me?

I'm going to help you
out about the bastards.

How can I? You are a woman.

So what's this about?

Just the same thing.

It's about you being afraid of women?


But you are fine with me.

Because you are my close friend.

Or you think I'm not sexy?

Damn it, I never think of you like that.

Why not?

Probably because...

You've been the only normal person
in my life... since I was born.

So I feel comfortable
being with you like this.

Don't think too much.

Are there many types of love?

Umm, but I don't know all of them.

Well... recently,


no matter what you do,

who you are,

where you go...

I've been so happy about
just being with you.

Does that mean I love you?

How about you?

How do you feel about me?

After reorganizing the data,
you are speaking much better.

Is it good?

Are you healed yet? Can you move?

Yes, I can. But the battery is charging...
I have to stay still.

So I won't bother you, just rest.

Wait. Can you stay with me?

I already learned about loneliness.
I don't want to be alone.


♪ Just afraid of being vulnerable ♪

♪ Just afraid to regret. ♪

♪ So I kept it inside all the time. ♪

♪ Even my heart... ♪

Holding hands like this while sleeping...
makes me happy.

That's not my hand.

♪ But I'm afraid you don't understand. ♪

♪ Maybe because love... ♪

♪ Is the answer. ♪

♪ Every time we are close to each other
there will be love... ♪

♪ Happened over there. ♪

♪ And I don't know what to do. ♪

♪ You made me... ♪

♪ Try to feel every time
you look into my eyes ♪

♪ You are the love
that arises in my heart. ♪

♪ And all I have to do is to love you. ♪


what are you doing?

Taking a shower.

Do you have to take a shower?

Hygiene is important.
I take a shower twice a day.

I also brush my teeth.

Sorry about yesterday.

It's okay, I'm not mad.

Why? I almost ruined you.

I understand you.

Understand what?

You are a robot.

How can you understand me?

I didn't understand by myself but...

Ith explained to me.

I think Lisa didn't mean it.

I know her well.

Even though she's arrogant like that,

actually, she's a very kind person.

I've gotten through bad times...
thanks to Lisa.

Do you love Lisa?

Well, yes, but I love Lisa as a friend.

Lisa is the person I am comfortable with.


I know.

He only thinks of me as a friend.

It's been like this ever since.

Hey... Do you like it?

What the hell are you doing?


I don't think he's following.

It was so small and ugly.

Be extra careful on your way home.

Thanks. Just here is enough.

My house is over there.

My house is here. I just moved in.

Thank you anyway.

My name is Lisa. What's your name?

I'm Ith. See you.


Ith is the one who always protects me.

Even though he can't fight anyone.

I am strong.

'Cause he tells me to be strong.


Recording the feeling... Friendship.

Stop it.

How dare you trying to
understand my feelings?

It's not just a friendship

I love Ith.

And I will never give up, Miss Robot!


Save these new feelings.

Hate, insecurity, annoyance.

You and I are enemies.

Save that memory in the hard disk as well.

Ith, are you okay?

Nothing, I'm just thinking.

Today, I talked to Lisa.

She apologized me.

Well, that's good.

Lisa seems to really care about you.


AI's brain develops really fast.

Your room is messy. I will clean for you.


I think... you can do it tomorrow.

It's late.

The probability that Ith will have sex...
88 percent.

Would you like to try?

Is it good?

I think... you are ready.


then, I'm counting on you.

Trust me.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I'm okay.

Processing... Cause not found.


Cause not found.



Celebrate what? We filmed just for one day.

Celebrate The first step
to our success, friend.

- Take the glass
- Yeah, don't get in the way.

- Rich people.
- Of course.

Kids! Hi.


I brought a lot of snacks for everyone.

Uh, then I'll hold them.

I'll do it.

Take it.

It's so hot.

Please take a seat.

- Here is the fan.
- Oh thank you.

We have goals.


- What's the matter?
- Pop


I know what you're thinking.

Will you get Anna drunk?


I'm in.

I have a plan.

Wait a minute. See.

I'm watching,
I'm looking at it with my eyes.

Sorry kids.

- Sorry.
- Drink it.

Yeah, bottom up.

Oh, it's empty.

Your plan doesn't work.

My Anna doesn't drink a single shot.

That's bad.

I thought that once she becomes
unable to play, it would be easy.

- Oh, it's easy.
- I don't know.

Better to be quick.

- Let's do it?
- Hey kids. - Yeah

I have to go get some air outside,
it's like...

- I can't hold.
- Yes, Ma'am.

I'm leaving. Go get some fresh air.

So big.



Don't you dare slapping me again.

I'm here.

- Hey, wake up.
- Hey you,

please take a look at her.

What would you do if she fell? Go.

Is it Saeng Dao?


My Saeng Dao.

Saeng Dao!

Please check the airbag for me, Gavin.

Your turn.

Ith. Ith.

- Yes.
- I'm drunk.

Are you drunk?

A little bit.

I don't know, I better go to sleep

Can I go to your room?

- Hey, no.
- What?

I am drunk and I need to get some sleep.
Can I sleep in your room?

Lisa, your house is over there, go home.

I will go check Ith first.

Wait, wait, wait, Anna.

Anna, You don't have to worry.

When Ith and Lisa get drunk drunk,
they are always like this.

Let them flirt.

Because normally,
when everyone is all drunk and asleep...

in the end, it's just me...
who stays awake.

But this time it's so good
to have you with me.

Going back home?

I'm not feeling well.

I need to get some sleep.

Where are you going? I
have something to tell you.

What is it?

What are you doing?

Let's not play like this.
No, Lisa.

Get down now. We are friends.

This is not funny. No.

Enough! Stop, stop, stop! No!

Please get down.

You and I are friends.

Ith and Lisa have...

been in a relationship like this
for a long time.

You don't have to worry about them.

Because Ith like his woman...
wild and bold.

Hey, don't be sad.

Hey, there is a way to win.

Are you interested?

Well... Ith likes...

a woman who... drinks a lot.

Drinking a lot... looks sexy for him.

Let's try.

Okay. Drank fiercely.


Anna, are you okay?


Why did you drink so much?

Anna, you are so sexy.

Can I have sex with you?

Holy shit!

Pick up the phone, Ith.

Stop now!


Hello, uncle Jean.

Ith, who's that with Anna?
Go check on Anna, hurry.

Don't let anyone else
test the product before you.

Otherwise, the contract will make things
really messy for us!

And one more things...

Anna has a system... Safety Protection

If it's not you,
both Anna and the abuse may die.



What the hell are you doing?

How can you do this to Anna?

Why? Why can't I?

Well, Anna is not related to you, right?

And the important thing is...
Anna didn't say no.

She laid down for me.

Is this all you're thinking about?
Who to have sex with?

What kind of porn to watch
to jerk off?

Yep! It's normal for men.

We're all like this.

And most importantly...

When a man... Sees a woman
with a figure like this...

The breast like this,
looking good as this...

they all want to have sex.

If you don't want it, it's abnormal.

But what you want...

is a sex doll.

Look, it's not even a human, you see?

It's a robot.

Holy crap!

Is it a robot?

Awesome, so cool.

If you don't want her, I'll take her.

- Okay, I'll. She is mine.
- Pop, you bastard!

Do you have 50 million?

50 million, do you have that?

If you have it, give it to me
and take her.

- I don't want to bear this damn burden anymore.
- Ith, why are you saying that?



She is a robot.



There's tear in your eyes...


Processing failed.

Anna is malfunctioning.

Anna needs to be seen by Uncle Jean.


What are you waiting for?

Go follow Anna.


Hurry up, go.


It hurts.

I don't want to feel anything.





The motherboard looks very bad.

I may have to take her to the lab.

Will you be able to fix her?

I can't tell.

If we are to be optimistic,

since Anna is so damaged now...

You don't have to take
responsibility any more.

After I fix her,

I will let others continue to test.

Because Anna won't remember you anymore.

It's like we installing a new program
on a computer.


Do you have to do that?

Face it.

It's done.


Thank you so much for your help.

And sorry for causing troubles.

Are there many types of love?

Hmm, but I don't know all of them.



no matter what you do,

who you are,

where you go,

I've been so happy

just being with you.

Does that mean I love you?

How about you?

How do you feel about me?

I'm really bad, dad.

I destroy everyone even those who love me.

[The Taste of Satan's Love]


Let's go.

Go save Anna.

[My name is Anna. I'm your sex doll.]

[How should I serve today, Master?]

[I can do whatever you want]

I have told you...

Anna can't remember anything.

Face it.

Stop clinging.

Uncle Jean,

Is there still any way
I can bring her back?

If you really want to

you can try a method.

But the risk is really high.


to recover Anna's memories...

we have to connect the brain waves
of the two people together.

To search directly...

and to be able to delve deeper.

But don't forget that memories...

are large in size.

It's like finding a needle in the ocean.

If you get stuck in there
for a long time,

it might end up causing

you to never wake up again.

Are you ready?

Yes, I am.




You know, I've been secretly
looking at you for a long time.


- Stay calm.
- I want you to understand my feelings.

It's just a memory.

Don't let it hurt you.

Enough, baby.

What are you doing?


Keep it.

Ith, come here.

Come here, please.

Let's play together.

Let's put on make up.

Ith, listen.

All images are memories.
That is an obstacle in your mind.

Get over it.

Find Anna,

and connect your feelings to hers.

Shoddy Ith.


I came to deliver you to this place.


find Anna who is still sleeping.

Wake her up,

and do whatever you can
to make her remember you.

Do you want to tease?

You're such a tease.


Is that you?

Don't be afraid.

It's me.

Are you looking for Anna?

Let's find Anna.

I will take you there.



This is Ith.

Can you remember me?

Even though...

you have been with me for a short time...

but our memories together...

are everywhere in my heart, Anna.

Thank you so much...

for coming into my life.

There are many things
that you don't understand.

But you have tried for me.

Until I believe that...

one day you will become a human.

Now, if it is possible...

I want you to wake up...

and listen to my apology.

I am really sorry...

for saying those thing about you.

If you can, please wake up.


Learning the feeling...


Back then...

♪ I've been surprised many time. ♪

♪ I didn't understand many things. ♪

♪ What is my feeling? ♪

♪ This feels ♪

♪ Greater than caring ♪

♪ And it makes my heart confust. ♪

♪ I don't know what it is. ♪

♪ I am... ♪

♪ Just afraid of being vulnerable. ♪

♪ Just afraid to regret. ♪

♪ And keep it inside. ♪

♪ Even my heart... ♪

♪ Want to be with you ♪

♪ Want to hold your hand. ♪

♪ But I'm afraid that
you don't understand. ♪

♪ Maybe because of love... ♪

♪ That is the answer
that every time I am... ♪


I'm ready.


I'm not ready.


We don't have to have sex right now.

I still love you as always.

When we both graduate...

Let's have a job.

When that time comes...

We will get married.

Then we can make love...

without any worries.

Just Kidding.

You're biting me again.


Feels good!


Now there's no need to
worry about the debt.

Because after that...

A big American adult movie company...

contacted me to buy the rights for
all of father's movies.

He called it a classic collection.

Believe it or not...

father's spirit

is still helping me.

Pop and Rattana find that they're

the perfect match.

Despite fighting all the time

they liked each other
since the beginning.

Although Rattana is still extremely
conservative about her virginity,

but their SM activities in everyday life

are exciting enough to replace sex.

For Penguin,

he went on a mission to steal
Saeng Dao's heart.

He showed her that he's a grown up

who she can really rely on.

Saeng Dao eventually gave in
and accepted Penguin.

For Lisa,

Lisa's left breast is crooked.

About 12 degrees.

I will adjust it.

Thank you.

But I won't give up Ith.

Be careful.

When the battery runs out,

we will see.

Teach me how to pose.

She still doesn't agree
with Anna easily.

But I think they're having a lot of fun
playing around together.

I don't think Lisa takes
the friendship seriously.


I take it seriously.

That night, uncle Jean told me that...

I don't have to test Anna anymore.

Anna's failed to be a sex doll.

Because she now has life...

and a heart full of love.

And if this was really a test

I'll give five stars

to every item.


I'm not a robot anymore.


Why are you so fierce?

Can we do this again?

Laughing at yourself.

Go exercise.

Do it.


Take it like this?


I have a plan.

Being evil like this...

There's no chance for you
to be the heroine.

Cut please.

What are you touching?

I will teach you.


I will never forget you.

Saeng Dao the legend.

Saeng Dao the giant boob.


Again, please.

Stop filming, you idiot.


I'm leaving. See you tomorrow.



The things you are holding...
please place it back in its original spot.

It's my dad's stuff.

Cut please.

You put it under the table, right?

He can't see it.