My Secret Valentine (2018) - full transcript

A young woman takes advice from the chalkboard notes that her mysterious house rental tenant leaves when a slick sales rep arrives with plans to buy her family's prized winery. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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Now remember, Mr. Pike likes a
chilled bottle of Pinot grigio

at the table right as he sits.
Thank you!

- Hi, Laurie.
- Hey there!

Hey, things are looking great!

You know, I was thinking,
maybe we should back off

...of the Napa chard a little.
It's Oregon!

We have beautiful wines here
that need to be experienced.

Hi, Dad.

Well, this is a nice surprise.
You never call.

I hope I'm not bothering you.

Is everything OK?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I just, uh...

Look, I don't wanna
take too much of your time.

I know you're busy at work.

But I was wondering,
is there any chance could get some time off
this week?

I've got some news I want
to talk to you about in person.

Dad, it's gonna be hard
for me to get away right now.

OK. That's all right.

I knew it was a long shot,
but I thought I'd take a chance.

Well, can you tell me the news over
the phone, instead of in person?

- I'd rather wait 'til you're off work.
- OK. I'll call you later, Dad.

- OK, hon. Bye.
- Bye.


Hey. Hi, sorry.
I was just... just talking to my dad.

How is he?

You know, he wanted me to come
home but he didn't say why.

Well, when's the last time
you were home?

It's... it's been a little while.

- You must miss him.
- I do. How can I help?

In two ways:

firstly, I need you to give me
your honest opinion on this sauce.

It's for the Valentine's menu,
so it has to be perfect.

Maybe a pinch of salt,
but it's delicious. Really.

You've got the best taste
in the house after me.

Now, the next thing is... you know
the old steakhouse up the street?

Yeah, I heard it was for sale.

- Not anymore. I bought it.
- What?!

I'm opening a second restaurant!

That is...
that is so fantastic.

What do you think about...
running it for me?

- Really? As your partner?
- As my general manager.

You know, you've done
such a great job here...

...I would be crazy not to have you
manage the new place.

And there would
be a raise involved.

Maggie, I...

thank you for thinking
of me, but...

I've been your GM here
for five years.

I've gone as high as I can go
in this business outside of...

...having something of my own.

I just don't know if the investors
will go for me bringing in a partner.


No, I... I understand.

Listen, why don't you take some time...

...go and see your dad
and think about my offer?

- Good morning, team!
- Good morning!

Stratosphere Beverages
trounces the competition

when it comes to distributing
hip, inexpensive wine.

But now, it's time to prove
that we're more than trendy wine...

...and this is
how we're going to do it.

Grange Family Wines.

They've turned down every company
who's approached them in the past,

but we just scored
a meeting with them.

Grange is an award-winning
boutique winery

...that can bring us
a new level of respect.

Between their potential
and our marketing muscle,

we can make them
a global name...

if... we can get them
to say yes.

What we need is a sales rep
to go there and do the unthinkable:

convince GFW to sign with us.

- Who's in?
- I'm in.

And that's why Seth
is our number one guy.

- Any other volunteers?
- Taylor... I got this.

Looks like it's all yours.
This meeting's adjourned, I guess.

Oh, Seth?

A prestige winery like Grange will boost
our public profile beyond party wines.

- We need this.
- Yeah.

I'll lock it down in three days.

You know there's
a VP position opening soon?

You nail this deal
and it could be yours.

Did I say three? I meant two.

- Your flight leaves this afternoon.
- The sooner the better.

Grange is one of the only
wineries in the Valley

that is still owned
by the original family.

In fact, Truman Grange continues
to work with the same vines

first planted
by his grandfather.

Now, here at Grange, we like
to focus on single batches ensure that every bottle
is made with thoughtfulness and care.


- You're home!
- Hey!

Everyone, this is Truman's daughter Chloe.

Hi. Welcome.

If you all want to head over
to the tasting room,

the other tour guide will set you up
with some complimentary tastings.

- Hi!
- What a surprise!

Are you here for
the Valentine's Day Winefest?

Wait, is that already happening?
That's right, that's this week.

How could you forget?

I mean, it's only the biggest
Valley event all year.

Well, I've been working 24/7.
I hardly remember what day it is anymore.

Well, the important thing is
you're here.

I can't believe your dad
didn't say anything!

No, actually,
I'm surprising my dad.

You know, he said he wanted
to tell me something in person.

- Do you know what it's about?
- No, he didn't mention anything

- to me at the managers meeting.
- Manager meeting?

Wait, are you managing
the winery now?

Yeah. Your dad promoted
me right after harvest.

That's amazing!
I'm so happy for you.

Thank you!

You're managing
a fancy restaurant in Portland

and I'm running
my favourite winery.

Just two old friends
living the dream!

- Yeah, living the dream.
- We have so much to catch up on!

- What are you doing right now?
- I was gonna go see my dad.

That was really
the extent of my plans.

Oh, well, he's gonna be out on runs
all afternoon.

If you wanna come with me,
I was gonna go check out the cabin.

We could catch up on the way.

Yeah, I haven't...

I haven't been out there
since my mom died.

- That was so thoughtless of me.
- No, it's OK.

It's silly of me to pretend like
it doesn't exist. I'll drive.

I'm so glad to see you!

- What's it been, like...
- Almost a year.

- Yeah!
- I know. I'm so glad to see you too.

Well, we have a whole drive for you... catch me up on all
the handsome men in your life.

OK. Well, that's gonna take us to the end
of the driveway because there are none.

Here we are.

Just like you remember it?

Yeah, it was
my mom's favourite place.

We had a repairman
start work on the cabin,

but he got called away
on another job.

So it's not perfect, but...
it's getting there.

We used to spend
so much time out here.

She liked to call it
"our mother-daughter retreat".

Well, if it makes you feel better...

- ... it won't be sitting empty.
- What do you mean?

Well, with everyone coming in for the
Festival and this place being so cute...

...your dad suggested we post it
on a home rental site.

Really? I guess he didn't like
the idea of it sitting empty either.

I advertised it as rustic
and someone snapped it up.

Even though it needs repairs?

Yeah. I sent the tenant a message
through the rental site...

...telling them that it still
needed a little bit of work...

...but they were fine with it.

I hope you're OK
with someone staying here?

No, you know what, Leanne?

It's a good idea.
I'll grab a bag.

Look, I'll take care of everything
so you won't have to be bothered at all.

Thank you.

I'm glad someone else
can enjoy it.

We'll add that to the list.

Now, it's... broken.

"Welcome... to...

"our cabin.

"Things will get repaired soon.
I promise.

"In the meantime, enjoy! It may
not be perfect, but it's home".


I heard you were here.

Hi, Daddy!

- Hi, sweetheart!
- Hi.

Was your boss OK
with you leaving?

Yeah, she actually
insisted on it.

Well, I'm glad to hear it. You should work
somewhere where you're valued.

I should.

- How's the car running?
- It's running fine, Dad.

Good, good. You're just in time
to help me set up for dinner.

Everyone's gonna
be so excited to see you.

You are staying for dinner, right?

You don't have to turn
around and rush back to work?

I'm here for the whole week.

I wanna hear your big news.
What's going on?

Well, I'll get to it, but you have
to give a dad a chance... enjoy having his daughter
home for a moment.

- It's good to see you.
- Good to see you.

Many years ago,
my lovely wife Linda

started this friends
and family dinner

to kick off the week of the
Valentine's Day Wine Festival.

So, raise your glass to Linda.

And let's give
a big welcome home to Chloe.

You are the family
in Grange Family Wines.

Thanks, Dad.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

To a lovely night.

I suppose that this is
the best time to tell you...

...that this will be my last Festival.

It's time for me to retire and turn
the winery over to some new blood.

Don't look shocked. It's time.

- Way to bury the lead, Truman.
- Ignore my husband. Congratulations.

- Thank you.
- So, what are your plans?

There's plenty of time
to talk about that.

Let's just eat while it's still hot.

Dig in, everyone.

- Carrots?
- Thanks.

So, when did you
decide to retire?

it was your mom's idea.

She didn't want me here alone.

- But I thought you loved it.
- I do!

But it's not the same without her,
and... well,

I'm not getting any younger.

So, what's gonna
happen to the winery?


have you tried this chard?

- It's young, but the pear notes...
- Dad...

I may have agreed to a meeting
with a wine company.

You what?!

You were always the one
that said we shouldn't sell out...

...that we'd lose our integrity.
Dad, I'm sure there are other options.


Sell the winery to Leanne,
not just some random company!

We don't have to sell, but...

we should hear them out.

Dad, please let me be
a part of this at least.

I just don't want some slick salesman
coming in here and taking advantage of you.

Sure, of course.


So, what's the name of this...

...this company
that we have to hear out?

- Stratosphere.
- Stratosphere?

Dad, the boxed wine people?

This is the worst.

This is the worst.

Where's a guy supposed to eat
around here? Everything's closed.

This is a bad idea.

I can help you with that.

- There you go.
- Thanks.

Looks like we both found
the only place that's open.

What brings you here?

It's the only place that's open.

And I'm...
I'm stress-snacking. Yeah. You?

I'm starving-snacking.

Well, I mean, if you...

...if you need some suggestions,
I do highly recommend the popcorn...

...'cause it...
it just pairs so great with...

- Chocolate.
- Yes.

It's a perfect combination
of sweet and salty.

That's what I always say.

- That's a subtle hint?
- It's probably past their bedtime. Me too.

Maybe I'll see you in the
popcorn aisle some other time.

I hope so.

- Happy snacking.
- You too.

- Thanks.
- Did you find everything?

- That's gonna be... $3.75.
- Oh, great. Thank you.

Got a bag?

OK, you guys make loading cases
actually look fun.

Every day here is different.
What could be more fun than that?

- What's your hurry?
- What? Why are you...

What are you... what are you...
what are you doing?

You just got into town.
Why don't you take a "me" day, hmm?

Maybe check out that mud spa
down the road, get some shopping in?

Why are you acting so weird?

The wine rep is here.

- Wait, now?
- He's with your dad.

Then I... I guess I...
I should go meet him.

- You don't mind him being here?
- No.

My dad feels strongly
about taking this meeting.

I want to respect that.

Hey, what was that look?

Nothing! I just thought you'd be
bothered by a company taking over.

Nothing's been decided.
It's just a meeting.

You know, when you said you
were meeting with a wine company,

I didn't know you meant right now.
Where is this sales guy?

He's right here.

Snack guy?

Also known as Seth Anderson.

Chloe Grange,
but you probably guessed that.

It's good to see you again.

- Do you two know each other?
- Kind of.

- No.
- Well, that cleared things up.

So your dad was just saying how you
want to protect him from people like me.

She thinks I'm a little too old
to make decisions on my own.

No, Dad, I don't think that.
This is a big deal and I just...

I do think that two opinions
are better than one.

And you think I'm gonna
take advantage. I get it.

I guess you play the bad cop
to your dad's good cop?

No, I'm not the bad cop.

Is that part
of your sales pitch?

What, there's no...
"Your wine is so special.

The world should know you.
We're the only ones who get you".

- I was... I was gonna get to that.
- I know your type.

You're gonna swoop in here
and think you can just dazzle

the small town folks with your
confidence and your false flattery.

Let me guess. You gave yourself three
days to close this deal. Am I right?

- Two!
- Does that work where you're from?

New York. And sometimes.

Well, Mr. Anderson, you are gonna
have to work a whole lot harder...

...if you wanna
be taken seriously here.

It's good to see you too.

- I think that went really well.
- I'll show you around.

- I was coming to save you.
- Go, go, go, go, go!

- He's handsome.
- He is not handsome!

He is the enemy!
Not that I noticed his looks.

Sure you didn't. So listen,
I need a favour.

He practically admitted
that his just showing up...

...would be enough to make us sell.

I got an email on the house
rental site from the new tenant...

You know what?
I bet he doesn't even like wine.

Wait, I'm sorry. Email?
What were you saying?

About some repairs
that are needed on the cabin.

Yeah, but I thought
you sold it as "rustic".

I did, but I guess the tenant
found it a little too rustic.

So if you wanna fill in
for me in the tasting room,

I could head over to the cabin,
see what the problem is?

You know what? No.
Let me go to the cabin.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I don't want this sales guy
thinking I'm too available.

I wanna let him
sweat it out a little.


It's, it's...
your landlord, I guess.


I'm inside, so...

I just didn't wanna surprise you
if you're here.

And if you're not, then I'm
talking to myself, so never mind.

"There's a lot of downtime
in the country,

"so I decided to help out
and fix stuff.

"I hope that's OK.


- Thank you.
- Do you need a bag?

- I don't need a bag for that.
- All right. Bye bye!


All right.

Taylor! Reception
is pretty bad here.

So, I met with the family today.



...gonna be a bit trickier
than I thought,


...I'm confident
we'll make the sale.

You should probably start
getting my VP plaque ready.

Look, I don't know if you're
getting any of this, so...

I'm gonna let you go.

Bye bye.

What's this?

Yeah! Love these.

This is great!

"You are my hero, handyman.

Thank you!
In Need of Repairs".

I'm your hero, huh?


Well, then...

I'll be your hero.

Hey, Dad.


Boy, you sure weren't
easy on Seth today.

Yeah, well, he needs to know
that we aren't pushovers.

I think he got that.

So, how's everything at work?

It's fine.

"It's fine".

You used to say,
"It's great! It's awesome!

It's the best job
in the world, Dad!"

I don't know.
I've just been feeling like...

maybe there's
something else out there.

Maybe I need a change.
You know what I mean?

You're talking
to a future retiree.

Look what I found.

This was our first
Wine Festival!

Dad, what if...

what if we recreated the original
Grange booth for the festival?

I mean, this might be
our last festival,

so what if we...
what if we did this again?

I don't know if people would
appreciate something so simple.

Come on! I wanna do this.
Let me do this for you.

I'd be honoured.


It'll be the best booth
at the festival.

- Promise.
- OK.

All right, In Need of Repairs...

any suggestions
... on how to entertain myself?

That's right.

Suggestion taken.


Bear claw? I know it's not
popcorn and chocolate, but...

- ... it's a close second.
- What are you really doing here?

I knew you were an early riser,
so I thought I'd join you.

No, I mean
what are you doing here.

Do you... do you realize that this winery
has been in my family for 60 years?

Do you have any idea
what this means to us,

or is this just another deal
you have to close?

Don't judge me so quickly!
I might surprise you.

Really? Then surprise me.

OK. How about this?
See that tall tree over there?

That's an Oregon white oak.

Right next to it,
that's a western white pine.

Great for Christmas trees.

Are you reading this off
of some sort of tree app?

I was a divorce kid.

My mom moved to the city and
my dad stayed in the country.

We used to go camping
all the time.

All right, all right. I'll...
I'll give you that.

Look, I might not know much
about high-end wines, all right?

Yeah, that's shocking.

But I know a good story
when I see one, and...

I'm really good at my job.

You know what? Being charming is not
the same thing as being good at your job.

You think I'm charming?


Don't forget your bear claw.

I'm taking this as breakfast...
not a bribe.

And you know what?
I'm not your tour guide.

Stop following me around.


I saw you and Seth
in the vineyard earlier.

- Do you need to talk?
- Nope.

Nope, neither do I.
Talking is so overrated.

Hey, do you mind helping me
with the booth for the festival?

Of course!
It'll be like old times.

- Yeah.
- Knock knock.

- Are you still following me?
- Thanks for the coffee, Seth.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

You look like you could
use this more than I could.

No. No, thank you.

It's all the quiet.
I can't sleep at night.

I need to show you something.
Come with me.

I think we're
supposed to follow.


So, since my charm isn't working...

...I figured I'd show you how your business
would grow once our company took over.

We did a five-year forecast
with in-depth analytics.

We have an amazing team in place

that will take over all day-to-day
operations from your dad,

and your current employees
can stay on board if they like.

This includes an enhanced benefits
package and a pay increase.

This is...

...this is a really great deal.

This is a family winery.

It's not about daily operations

and honestly, my dad would be
very unhappy with someone here

who doesn't
understand what we do.

You know what? You're right.
You're right. That's why...

I get to know people on a personal level
before going into business with them.

I mean, we wanna build
something special. Grow together.

This is...
this is my, my boss.

- I should probably get this.
- Yeah.

Taylor. Hey.

This is a really good deal.

Someone's gonna have to give your dad
a really good reason to turn this down.

Hey, Taylor.

Are you any closer
to this deal yet?

The dad's warming up to it, but
the daughter is playing hardball.

Listen, you need to figure this out
if you wanna be considered for VP.

- I know I do.
- Well then, do what you do best.

Convince Grange to sell.

Hey, don't worry. I got this.

What is he doing out there?

Do you think
he's posing the cane?

He's pruning the vines.

He's good.

He's good all right.

We wondered where you'd gone.

Are you pursuing
a new career path now?

Why don't you join in?
Start pruning?

You're having fun with this, huh?

Well, you said you wouldn't sell to
somebody that didn't know the business.

So, I'm getting to know
the business...

...from the ground up.

Look at this!

I wouldn't do that
if I were you.

It's OK.
I love my grapes... tart.

You can spit it out.

Looks like I'm the tour guide now.

That's highly unlikely.

Better watch out, you're
getting your shoes dirty.

It's OK. I love the dirt.

I embrace the earth.

I'm at one with the vines!

- So, how's your buddy doing?
- Seth is fine.

Come on, this sign
isn't gonna paint itself.

- All right.
- OK, the manual labour's a little overkill.

It reminds me of when I was back in college,
working on the construction site.

You know, the more you do,

the more I kind of just wanna
say no to you out of spite.

I can't help it. I've got a blue collar
underneath this white one.

Really? That's weird.
All I see is a stuffed shirt.

- Excuse me. I'm trying to work here.
- Yeah, you can go there.

OK. Thank you.
Thank you.

Come on.

He's just... unbelievable.

You know what?

I don't think he even wants
to buy the winery.

I think he just wants
to drive me crazy.

He's out there on a tractor
with my dad, Leanne.

Well, you gotta give him
points for trying.

No. I don't
have to give him anything.

What's your dad gonna do?
Do you think he should sell?

I don't know.
Maybe it's the right thing to do...

...'cause who else is gonna run
this place?

But... there's just something
about it doesn't feel right.

You're talking about Seth?

No, he's just doing his job in
the most aggravating way possible.

It's made a real
impression on you.

What? No! No way.

No impressions are being made
whatsoever... on me.

- Excuse me?
- I'll get this.

Oh, no. I'll do it.

- Hello.
- Hi. What a great choice.

This is our five-year-old
Cab Fanc.

The medium body and high acidity
make it a beautiful wine pair with tomato
and barbecue sauces.

I love this wine
because the more you drink it,

the more it reveals
itself to you.

You'll notice the plum and
strawberry notes upfront,

followed by
a slightly spicy side,

but you can't
give up on it, because...

you'll miss
the chocolate finish.

This wine is definitely not
for the impatient.

You really have to...
to work to fully appreciate it,

which is why it's one
of my absolute favourites.

- You should try it with the cheese.
- Thank you!

I forgot how good
you are at this.

- No. I'm rusty.
- It didn't sound that way.

Thanks. It was kind of fun, actually,
to talk about our wine again.

You ever thought
about taking over the winery?

Me? No.

No, my... my dad would
never go for that.

Growing up, he was always...

pushing me to go out
and find what I love.

What if what you love
is right here?

The plumber's
on his way to the cabin.

- Is everything OK?
- Yeah, I just gotta go let him in.

The tenant
left a message about a leak.

- Well, I'll go.
- Really?

Yeah. Yeah, I'll go.

Otherwise, I have to stay here and
hang out with my new best friend, Seth.

- Point taken.
- Yeah. I'll be back.

Have fun.

OK, so the kitchen's just here.

"There's something comforting
about a creaky house.

You never feel alone".

It's like you're in my head.

- Did you say something?
- No. Sorry.

Sorry. So, what's
the damage down there?

Nothing major.
Just a loose-fitting.

- I'll be done here in a second.
- Great.

I did find this...
tucked way back behind the sink.

My mom made this clock.
I'd wondered where it'd gone.

It's got a little water damage,
but with some luck,

you'll get it working again.


"Have you thought more about
my offer? Enjoy your break".

I'm all done.
Any more problems, give me a call.

Thank you so much.

- Hello.
- Hi.

What can I get for you?

I'll do the...
the rib dinner, please.

And could you switch out
the mashed potatoes for a kale salad?

I could, but not here.


- I guess I'll just take it as it comes.
- Excellent.

And do you have a microbrew list?

This is wine country, honey.
There's no microbeer here.

We have wine and more wine.

All right. Well, then I...
I guess I'll...

I'll do the Grange Pinot noir.

Well, I think that's a good choice.
Welcome to town.

- It's that obvious, huh?
- Yeah.

I hear you've been
going out to the cabin.

Well, Leanne sure is...
chatty today.

You know, that was
your mom's happy place.

I know she wanted it
to be the same for you.

I miss her.

I do too.

I see her in you
more and more every day.

You have her eyes.

You've always...
always said that.

And her feisty streak.

And that.

You know...

she made me want to be
a better man every single day.

I know you'll find that
in someone too.

Is Valentine's Day
making you sappy, Dad?

I'd just like everyone to be happy.

Seth wants to work
alongside you tomorrow.

You have gotta
stop giving him attention.

You're making him so much worse.

I had fun with him today.


it's been a long time since I got
to show someone the ropes.

He's actually a fast learner.

Dad, I think you're forgetting
he wants to buy the winery.

Chloe... I'm not making
this decision lightly.

Dad, I know you're not, but...

And I do appreciate
that he's making an effort

to get to know the winery.

And I need you to at least
pretend to appreciate that too.

Believe it or not...
I do.


You should...

you should tell your tractor buddy
to wear different clothes tomorrow.


Thanks Nancy.

I'll see you tomorrow.
Save me a piece of that pie, OK?

What, just a piece?
I'm gonna make a whole pie, just for you.

You're the best.

"Any chance you know how to make
a sentimental cuckoo clock

"cuckoo once more?

Thanks, In Need of Repairs".

Yeah... yeah, I can do that.

Let me get that for you!

You weren't gonna
leave without me, were you?

What? No.
Why would I do that?

Your companionship
is all I dream about.

- So you're dreaming of me now?
- What? No.

No, that... No.

How do I look?

Like you... you robbed
a mannequin at the Boot Barn.

I'll pretend
that's a compliment.

OK, listen. I'm delivering cases
to our loyal customers today, so just...

please stay out of my way
and let me do my job.

- You won't even know I'm here.
- Really?

- Yeah!
- OK.

Does GFW always hand-deliver?

You know, there's companies
that do this for you.

Wait, GFW?

- Grange Family Winery, GFW?
- OK. Don't ever say that again.

Say what?
GFW? GF... W?

OK. I will pull this truck over!

To answer your question,

the vendors are more likely
to sell our wine

if a personal relationship
is established.

You know, it's something
called customer service.

Maybe they don't have
that where you're from.

You can't resist a jab, can you?

It's not personal. I'd be like this
with anyone from your business.

- Oh, no, let me get that for you!
- Oh, no, I got it. Thanks.

Now listen, these are
long-time customers, there is no need
for you to say a word.

Never crossed my mind.

- Hi!
- Chloe Grange!

God, I haven't seen you in ages!

Hey, I hear your dad
might be selling the winery?

Well, we'll see.

I thought you might want
a bonus case for Festival week.

You're a mind reader!
Your Pinot is the best seller in the house.

- That's great news!
- Who's your friend?

Him? He's a...

...he's an exchange student...
from Finland.

Doesn't speak English.

Good job! Yeah. He's new.

Let's go.
We're gonna go now, Seth.

OK. Take care!


- You speak Finnish?
- No! But neither did she.

All right, what's next?


Wait, wait, wait. No, wait.
Where is his order?

Need some help?

No. I have a system.
You wouldn't understand it.

I've got a system too.
It's called a smartphone.

I like to write stuff down because it
actually helps me remember it better.

Plus, I don't wanna have
my head in my phone all day.

I'm sorry, what?
What? What did you say?

That's very funny.

Here it is.


Yeah. OK.

All right. You have
a product he needs.

He needs you more than you need him.

You have a product he needs, and
he needs you more than you need him.

What's wrong? You OK?

No, it's... it's this owner.

He has the most successful
restaurant in town.

He never buys from us.
My dad has tried for years.

Wait here.

This is our
special edition blend.

You'll be the first restaurant
in the Valley to have it.

My customers expect
something nuanced.

It's a complex blend. It's a...
Cab Fanc, petite Bordeaux.

Well, I'll be!
Is this the Grange blend?

I've been huntin' this down
ever since the blind tasting in Lyon.


You know, some people prefer Paris, but...
you give me Lyon any day.

What blind tasting?

I was just there last month.
I didn't hear about this.

It was invite only.
You know, for top collectors.

- Yeah.
- You're a collector?

I'm a buyer for private
collections only.

Yeah, there's a lot
of money in Texas oil.

They just need a little help with taste...
if you know what I mean, pretty lady?

- Yeah. Sure.
- Yeah. So who are you?

I own this restaurant.


in that glass sits the wine that beat out
wines from Bordeaux and the Rhone region.

My top collector friends would flock
to any place that carries it.

Yeah. You know, maybe now
that it's had a little time to breathe,

you could give it another taste.

It does have the complexity
of a Bordeaux.

- It just needed to breathe.
- You're absolutely right.

Well, you know, let's cut to the chase here.
How do I get an entire case of this?

You know... I'm so sorry.
I think you're out of luck...

...'cause he was just about to buy
both of the cases I have with me.

Oh, come on, buddy! I mean,
you can't spare a few bottles?

I have a long-running relationship
with Chloe's father's winery.

I wouldn't want to do that to her.

All right, all right.
I know when I've been beat.

So sorry.

Well, you know...
you win some, you lose some.

Look, your place might need
a little help with the decor,

but... I'll be back with
some of my friends, all right?

Have a few of these bottles.
You have a good one, pal.

Bye. Take care. OK.

OK, good.

Thanks again!

That was amazing.
That was amazing!

Wait, a blind tasting? Where
do you come up with this stuff?

I read about it online.

I didn't do anything.
I just set you up.

- You closed it. Two cases!
- I know, right? Two cases!

I didn't think he'd buy a bottle,
not to mention two cases!

Thank you!
Really, thank you so, so much.

No problem.

Your accent was overkill, though.


I've been working on that accent, OK?

I thought my Texas accent was
actually better than my Finnish.


You hungry?

- Yeah, I kind of am.
- Yeah, me too.

I got an idea.

Why don't you keep working and
I'll go grab us something, OK?

- Really?
- Yeah!

OK, great!

- Yeah, it looks like a good
place over there. All right?

All right. Thanks.

Any requests?

I'm... I'm not picky.

You're not gonna
leave me, are you?

I would never.


I might.

I'm watching you!

No, I won't.

- Hey! Are you gonna be at the festival?
- Hey! How are you. We'll be there.

See you then.


That place was great.
I got some awesome stuff to eat.

Tnx so much for doing that.

What's going on?

I just got text from Leanne, it looks like
they putting us in some... corner at the festival

I'm just working so hard to make it special
for my dad, and they wone just hack us away.

Where'd you wanna be?

I wonna be in the center of all.
Just like we were last year.

I don't wanna be near
the garbage cans.


Let's fix it.


What do you planning?

Come on! let's go.


Let's see where you are.

O! Here it is.

This is terrible. No-one are
gonna be able to see us from, back here.

You know, what?

I have an idea.

Let's bring this over here.

Yes, but people are going to know.

Not tommorow. You just...
casually set up...

like you were
supposed to be in this spot.

It's for a good cause.

OK. This is much
better. Thank you.

All Right.
Now I'm hungry. Let's eat.

What's your last time
you were on a picnic?

Honestly, can't remember
last time I had a picnic.

It's kind of cold,
maybe we should eat something out?

We have to
celebrate those two cases.

O yeah.
We have to.

You know, we have all
that good food in the car. Why won't we...

Follow me.
I have an idea.

This is a much more fun,
then in the picnic.

And a lot less windy.

You're in for a treat.
This is the perfect bite.

What do you think?

That it's delicious.

Who are you?

What do you mean?

You blow into town with your...
your city swagger...

and your car salesman ways
and then...

...and then you do all this.

I can't figure you out.

Why don't we stop talking
about business? All right?

I just,
I never get a chance to relax.

You know what?
You're right. Neither do I.

This little picnic would
be delicious with a...

...a bottle of our Cab Fanc.

- Have you tried it?
- Yeah. It's good.

"It's good"? "Good"?

Yeah, it's really...
it's really good.

It's... fruity.


I'm sorry.

How do you...

how do you actually work for a
wine company and not know wine?

I focus on the entire wine experience.

- OK? Not just the taste.
- Right.

For example, at Stratosphere,

we're known for making
boxed wine cool again.

Boxed wine was never cool.

That's just...

That's very funny.

You might be Truman's daughter...


I think there's a lot more to you.

Who wouldn't wanna live here,
honestly, and talk about wine all day?

I'm jealous.

I grew up with crowded sidewalks
and concrete parks.

Yeah, but what about
your camping trips?

Those stopped when I was 15,
after my dad died.

I traded...

life in as a good old boy
to be a full-time city kid.

Seth, I'm sorry.
I didn't know about your dad.

Oh, no. It made me
who I am today.

Now I just work as hard as I can

to be as successful
as I can possibly be.

Success can...

can be protective,

but is it really fulfilling?

Well... what do you
think fulfilling is?

Being passionate about what
you create and not selling out.

You know, I just never had a... business
to fall back on, I guess.


you know, just because my family
started this,

it doesn't mean I haven't
had to work incredibly hard.

And... don't you ever...

doesn't it ever bother you that...
you come in and you just buy out

the thing that people have
put their heart and souls into?

Actually, people...

thank me for allowing them to grow far more
than they ever could have imagined.

Chloe, do you think I'm...

I'm coming in and trying to take
everything away from you?

Because I'm...

I'm just doing my job.

See, that's what...

That's what worries me.

We should probably...

- Sorry, we should probably go.
- Yeah.

I love it here.

- Hey... are you OK?
- Yeah. Yeah, everything's fine.

Thanks for today.

No problem.

- Let me.
- No, I... I got it.

Really, I'm fine.

No problem.

- See you after.
- OK.

"Your bill is racking up".


"Does your handyman experience cover
advice on dealing with a jerk at work?"

"Hello. I find that the best jerk
repellant is doing the unexpected.

"Instead of fighting back, smile.

"The jerk is only a jerk
if you let him get to you".

Chloe, I need your opinion.

I was thinking two reds and a white
for our Festival booth, but... which ones?

- I think...
- Well, here's a thought.

For the launch of our new canned
spritzer, we would do "freefills".

So, for every two cases we sold,
we'd give one for free.

Or we're so confident the product would
sell, we'd just give it on consignment.

Or not?


You know, to answer your question,
I was thinking that we should do

a cab, a Pinot noir for the red,
and then a... and then for the white...

Why don't we do rose?

Do a rose for the white.

Yeah, that's just
what I was gonna say.

- Good!
- Good idea.

- Thank you.
- I need to talk to you.

- Come here.
- Yeah. So good.

Are you, feeling OK?

What's with this smile?

I just, I read that, you know...

...when dealing with someone
like Seth, it just helps to smile.

It makes you seem
a little crazy, but...

It's OK. Why don't we cover
this up and if you don't mind,

I'm gonna go... drop
something off at the cabin.

OK. Don't forget
we're having dinner tonight.

"I smiled...

"until... cheeks hurt".

Is it just me, or have your
cabin visits made you extra giddy?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You're blushing!

What's going on?

It's Handyman. Well, that's
what the tenant calls himself.

- You've met him?
- No, not in person.

OK. Explain please?

OK, so he just took it upon himself
to start fixing things around the cabin

and that led to us leaving
these messages for each other.

- Like... flirty messages?
- Kind of...

- And you know nothing about him?
- Nothing.

I was hoping you did, since you
handled the reservation and the emails.

I don't even have a name. All the
details went through the home rental site.

Does anyone else know
about your cabin crush?

It's not a crush, it's just...

Although, I was thinking...

...that maybe it's someone
that's in town for the Festival,

'cause all the locals
know about the cabin.

It's a small town and
the tourists are easy to spot,

so our list of potential Handymen
is already narrowed down.

So if we wanted to maybe
figure out who it was...

If we did...
you know who's new in town?



This guy is... is helpful
and funny and fixes things.

It's definitely not Seth.

- Dinner's almost ready, girls!
- OK. We search the emails?

Yes. First thing
tomorrow morning.

OK. Now, most people
post their own profile picture,

...while other people post pictures
of their dogs or maybe a movie character.

Our profile picture
is of wine grapes.

- Makes sense.
- I thought so.

- Who's Leo?
- That's us.

Leanne, Chloe. Leo.

I know you like to keep things privet.
so I didn't use our real names.

- Very clever, Leo.
- I thought so, Leo.

Now, our tenant went with
the more elusive sunset photo,

and for their profile name,
the cryptic T and S.

And there's nothing
in the emails they sent?

- There's no clues there?
- There's a phone number.

Call it.


A woman!


I'm away from my desk right now.

Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.

Have a nice day.

We can't leave a message.
What would we possibly say?

I thought Handyman was a guy.
I mean, Handyman has to be a guy!

There... I've seen
his man's deodorant.

There's nothing lying around
the cabin that says female.

Maybe he's got a wife
or a girlfriend.

And he didn't bring her
to the adorable, rustic cabin

on Valentine's day weekend?

There's nothing there, I'm telling
you, that says romantic getaway.

Maybe he's so important he has
his assistant book everything.

Well, there's only one way
for us to find out.


No, that's not specific enough.



How does she know the difference
between black pepper and white pepper?

I didn't even know
there was a difference!

"Some thoughts
on your jerk co-worker.

"First impressions don't
have to be last impressions.

Sometimes, we try too hard when
we are outside of our comfort zone".

This is an emergency!

I told Handyman we should meet.


Where to begin? You...

you want to meet
Handyman because...

Because I... I...

because there's a reason
I have a crush

on this complete stranger
who calls himself Handyman.

I just... I have to meet him
and figure it out.


...makes sense, considering.

So, what's the plan?

I asked him if we could meet tomorrow
at the Main Street Tavern at 2pm.

How romance-novel of you.

It's really corny,
I know, but...

I blame the messages.

Well... good luck.

"I think it's time we meet.

"I'd like to thank you in person
for all you've done.

"Main Street Tavern,
2pm tomorrow.

I'll be the one
ordering the Grange Cab Fanc".


- Are you going in here?
- I am.

- OK. Go ahead.
- Please, go in.

- I insist. Really, you should.
- I'm sure. Please, go ahead.

I'm gonna go, otherwise
we're gonna be here forever.

So, I'm, I'm just gonna
go sit over here now.

- OK?
- OK. Yeah. I'm...

I'm gonna sit right here.
See you later, I guess.

- Hi. Something to drink?
- Hi.

I'll have a glass of
the Grange Cab Fanc, please.

Right away.

It can't be...

- And here we are.
- Thank you so much.

You're welcome.


- Hi.
- Late lunch?

No, I'm meeting someone.

A... secret valentine?

Hold on. Wait, wait.
Don't tell me. You...

You're meeting
with another buyer?

- 'Cause that'd hurt my feelings.
- Very funny.

Why don't I keep you company
while you wait?

No, no, no! How about you
just let me sit here in peace?

- Hi. Something to drink?
- Hi. Yeah, I'll do the...

- ... what are you drinking?
- The Grange Cab Fanc.

The Grange Cab Fanc,
that sounds perfect.

- I will do that, please.
- Great choice.

This must be a pretty
important person... the way you keep looking
back at the door.

Why do you care?
Why are you here?

I'm here because...

I've eaten at all the
restaurants in town,

and I haven't tried this place yet.
Heard it was good.

OK, look.
My guest is...

is expecting to meet me alone,
so if you could

just eat your food at the bar,
or maybe another restaurant?

- You know, it's so comfortable here.
- And here we are.

- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.

Very comfortable.

You're really enjoying this,
aren't you?

This person must be pretty interesting
for you to be dressed up like that.

- You look really nice.
- Thank you.

You too.

Thank you.

Interesting, but...
not punctual.

So you're not meeting
a secret valentine,

...and you're not meeting
another buyer, so...

who are you meeting?

Fine. If I tell you,
will you just go away?

Cross my heart.


I can't believe this.

My family has a cabin.

...It's... actually a place that my mom
spent a lot of time before she...

...before she passed.

I'm so sorry to hear that.
I had no idea.

And here I was
going on about my dad.

No, I'm glad you told me that.


I have this pen-pal friendship
with the tenant who's staying there.

He calls himself Handyman.

That's all I know.


What do you call yourself?

In Need of Repairs.

OK. So you and Handyman,
you're...'re exchanging notes?

Yes, but it's no big deal!

I just want to meet him
so I can say thank you...

...for everything he's done
around the cabin.

I hope he's getting a discount.

OK, fine. Go ahead
and make fun.

I'm not making fun! I...

I think... I think it's nice.

He's lucky.

Well, it obviously doesn't
matter, because he's...

he's clearly not showing up.

You know, maybe he...

maybe he doesn't think he's
good enough, and he backed out.

You know? Or...

...maybe he's hiding in plain sight.

You know? He...

What if he's that guy,
right there?

He just needed some courage,
you know?

Like, a lot of courage.
Four glasses of courage.

- What are you doing?
- I'm being your wingman.

What about that guy?

Oh, no. That guy clearly
builds robot sculptures...

...from objects found in his kitchen.

That's oddly specific.
And what about that guy?

He lives with his mom.

What about that guy?

A hipster?! Really?

You deserve better than that.

Listen, I... I just
have to say thank you

for making being stood up
so much fun.

That's what a wingman is for.


I should probably go...

...'cause I gotta make sure
everything's set for the Festival.

- But will I see you there?
- I wouldn't miss it.

Take care.

So, how'd it go?
Is he cute? Tell me everything.

He didn't show.

- Then why are you smiling?
- I didn't realize I was.

You were gone for a long time.
What were you doing instead?

I ran into Seth.

Seth? Like, the Seth
you hate, Seth?

Like the Seth I...

I may hate a little less
than before.

- Huh...
- No. No "huh".

There's no "huh".
There's nothing to "huh" about.

And you're not at all curious
about what happened to Handyman?

- Why? Was there another message?
- Nothing today.

Well, then, I guess there's
really nothing to be curious about.

Hey, Taylor.

You gonna come join us?

I got a chocolate meringue pie
with your name on it.

You're just trying
to fatten me up, Nancy.

- Hi, Seth!
- Hey. Hi. How are you?

Seth... Seth?
Are you still there?

Yes. Yeah, I am still here. Sorry.
I just found a place with reception.

And... pie, apparently.

What's the holdup, Seth?

We need you back here
with those contracts signed.

Well, I gotta stay one more day.

The Valentine's Wine Festival is tomorrow.
It's the biggest event in town.

If we're gonna buy the company,

...we need to to understand
all aspects of the business, right?

What happened to two days?
It isn't like you to take so long.

She's just been
more challenging than expected.


I meant Grange.

We need this winery,
and if you want that promotion, need this winery, Seth.
So... get it done.

All right, Taylor.
I'll let you get back

to what you were doing.
Nice chatting with you.

OK, close your eyes.

Come on, cover your eyes!
I want it to be a surprise.

- OK, OK.
- OK. Just walk straight.

- Hi, Chloe!
- Hey! How are you?

Good to see you. OK.
Keep walking straight.

No peeking, Dad! No peeking.

- Are you peeking?
- No, I'm not peeking!

- I can't see anything!
- Right. Sorry about that. OK.

To the right! To the right!
Go straight!

OK, you can open your eyes.

- Ta-da!
- Chloe!

Don't you think Mom
would've loved it?

Mom would be so happy.
Thank you.

Hi, Maggie.
How was dinner service?

Super smooth! The menu was a hit,
but that is not why I'm calling.

Guess what?

I thought about what you said
and I talked to my investors,

and they agreed to back me
with you on board as a partner!

Wait, they did?

I told them
how invaluable you are!

It's yours
if you still want it.

That happened fast.

Hey, listen. I gotta jump off.

I'll email you the
details tomorrow. Bye!

All right. Bye.

- Morning.
- Morning.

- How are you?
- I'm good. Good.

It's that time, huh?


I guess so.

You ever been fishing, Seth?

You know, I never
make an important decision

without coming out
in the water first.

I even proposed to Chloe's
mother on a fishing trip.

You're a natural.

I never expected that from you.

I've been getting in touch
with my country boy side...

...ever since I got here.

There doesn't seem
to be anything biting today.

I think they can
smell the city on you.

Why don't you leave
those contracts with me,

and I'll give you my decision
by the end of the day?

You don't need
a little more time?

"More time"?

I took you as a dealmaker with
a sharper right hook than that.

You know, I used to have one...

Lately, I don't know
where that guy went.

You shouldn't be spending
Valentine's Day with an old man.

Let's get you out of here so you
can check out the Festival.

Chloe's there,
in case you were wondering.

- Let us know what you think.
- OK.

- We will. Thank you.
- Take care.

Look at this.

- Hey, guys!
- Hello.

Hi! What do you think of our
little Festival?

- Does it stack up to
your big city events?

Well, I just got here, but, it looks like
it stacks up to all the big city festivals.


Chloe, you should
show Seth around.

I can't leave you!
We're too busy.

Jeff? Why don't you tag Chloe out
so she can take a break?

- Anything for you, Leanne.
- My Romeo!

Go ahead. Have fun, guys.
We got this.

- Are you sure?
- All right.

Let's go. Thanks, Jeff.

So, I was wondering if you
were gonna show up tonight.

Why, did you miss me?

Like you miss a yapping Yorkie
circling your feet when you get home.

Oh, a Yorkie!

I thought you would think of me
more as a Doberman:

fearless and well-groomed.

Either way, you're still a dog.

Last call for participants
to join us

for the wine and food pairing event
happening on the main stage.

The wine tasting competition!

We have to do this.
Come on, Doberman Anderson.

You gotta help me
win this thing!

I doubt that but, what is this?

It's a competition that tests
your senses and determines

which couple has
the most knowledgeable palate.

Is that it?

Is the big city boy like,
what, are you chickening out?

Hello. Here you go.

- All right.
- Thank you. Come on!

We can do this. Hi.

Hi. Next person.
There you go.

Cabernet sauvignon.


We won?

Thank you, guys.

- Thanks!
- Congratulations, Chloe.

- Hey, Seth! Welcome.
- How are you?

- How are you? Thank you.
- Hi. Congratulations.

- Oh, Dad!
- Oh, hey!

Hey, it's my dad!

Why don't you take him
some champagne?

- All right.
- I'll be there in a sec, all right?

OK. Dad!
Congratulations are in order.

- Did Seth say something?
- Did he say what?

What... what are we
talking about?

We won the tasting competition.
We won!

- Great! Congratulations!
- Thank you!

Wait. What were you
talking about?

Look, I...


I... I wanted to put this off
until tomorrow.

OK. Dad, you're scaring me.
What's going on?

I've been thinking
about the sale.

I don't think
I have another option.

Maybe you do.

Dad, what if I took over the winery?
What would you think about that?

Chloe, I don't want you to give up
everything you've been working towards.

You have a good job in Portland.

Maggie just offered me a partnership.

There you go.
You can't do both.

You should do the thing that...

makes you wanna spring out of bed,
excited to start the day.

That is exactly how I feel here.

I think I had to go away
and experience all that other stuff

so that I could come back and
I could appreciate all of this.

I want to run the winery.

Give it to me, not some company!

I know I haven't always
been present, but Dad, I'm here now.

This is a part of me.


you have no idea how happy
it makes me to hear you say this.

If you'd only said it
a little earlier...

Don't say that.

I signed the contracts.


Hey, guys!

Free hot toddies
for the winners!

Why wouldn't you tell me?


No. It's... it's not his fault, Chloe.

I wanted to tell you, but this
wasn't the right time or place.

"Not his fault"?
If you hadn't come into town,

none of this
would have happened!

Chloe, why are you so upset?
This is great for everyone.

You know what? If you don't
understand it by now, I...

You are just...

You are an even better salesman
than I thought.


You got everything you wanted.



I'm sorry, Truman.

Hi Maggie, it's Chloe.

Listen, I just wanted to s...

I wanted to say thank you
for your offer, but...

I'm gonna have to say no.

You need someone
who's gonna give you 100%,

and... that's not me.

My place is here in the Valley.

I don't belong in Portland, so...
I hope you can understand, and...

...thank you for everything.

I was just...

I just turned down
the job offer.

I'm sure you can
call her back and explain.

I don't want to.

work here, or get a...

a job at another winery.

I don't know.

But I do know...

I do know
this is where I belong.


This is my home.

I'm sorry if...

if I let you down.

You didn't.

You didn't.
You just...

You pushed me
to be honest with myself.

Will I always feel this way?

Will I always feel this way?

Finding what makes you happy
isn't always easy.

He's Handyman.


OK, Chloe, you're never
gonna believe it.

I was hungry but I was sick
of all the food at the festival, I stopped by that little cafe...

- I want you to have it.
- What?

Yeah, we have to keep it in town.
I can't take it with me.

I was talking to Nancy,
the waitress at the Cornerstone Cafe.

I know who Handyman is!

In fact...
I'm with him right now.

- You are?! Where?
- Right here at the cafe!

OK. Stall him. Just...

do whatever you have to do.
I'm on my way.

Don't you wanna know who he is?

I blocked Seth's car!

You said "stall"!

Good job.

- Chloe?
- Hey, Handyman!

You forgot something.

I left it on purpose.

But... I thought
this contract was your purpose.

It was...

until I found something
more important than business.

You did?

You, Chloe.

Your passion is infectious.

You make me wanna
be a better person,

find something more fulfilling.

I had more fun
being your Handyman

in your middle-of-nowhere quiet cabin
than I ever did in the city.

Don't sell to Stratosphere...

or to anyone else, for that matter.

You should run the winery.
You know it better than anybody else.


that's, of course, if you...
if you want to.

That's one
of the things I want.


what's the other thing?

Well, maybe it's
a good question for Handyman.

What do you think Handyman
would advise us to do right now?


I was secretly hoping
it was you all along.


O, it's spicy at first.

Smoothie and more mature.

Sounds like us.

What do you get?

I have to say...


This is our first bach of our
winery and all you get is "fruity"?

Common you can do
better then that. Try it again.

Close your eyes.

Now, what do you get?


... Laughter, and...

... a lot of love.

This's just my new favored wine.


To us.

To us.

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