My Schoolmate the Barbarian (2001) - full transcript

Stone was the King of Fighters at TBS High, until he left the school for a year. Edward, a nerdy student, is accidentally transferred to TBS. Phoenix has a crush on Edward, but is afraid to admit. Stone returns with the vow never to fight. He decides to teach Edward to defend himself. However, Mantis, the current TBS King of Fighters, won't stand for it. He wants to fight Stone to see who te real King of Fighters is. Edward is kidnapped and only Mantis holds they key as to who kidnapped Edward. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

The TBS Memorial Secondary School

is a Band Five school.

Just like other Band Five schools,

the students are rascals.

However, there have
never been triad activities,

because there's an underground tradition
more barbaric than the triad.

If there's ever any conflict
among students,

they don't rely on external help.

Otherwise, they'll be boycotted
by every student in the school.

Therefore, there's no triad here.

Nor do they look for help
from teachers or social workers.

What they do is find someone
to stand guard after school...


...and go to the top floor,

to the quietest classroom,
and have a duel.

The rule is simple: one on one.

No intervention is allowed.

The ring is made up of 55 desks.

Whoever falls to the ground loses.

I've bought medical ointment for you!

Lion is great!


Lion shall win!

Go, Lion, we bet you'll win!

Stone, go eat dung!


you really are the top fighter at TBS.

Sorry, I was wrong.

Come on.




Let me see more of your face.

You needn't take off so much.


I have the same dream every night...

but I fail to see her face each time.

Edward, your mother called
at midnight last night.

She said she'd call you again
at 7:45 a.m. this morning.

Where is she?

Maybe in New York or in Chicago.

We dare not ask,
you know your mother's temper.

I see.

There she is.

-Hello, Mom!
-Look how busy I am. Have you eaten?

I mean, did you have breakfast?

I'm having it now.

When are you coming back to Hong Kong?

I need to go to Beijing first.
I have several meetings to attend.

You know, China is joining the WTO.

I understand.

Three more months until the HKCEE exams.
How's your preparation going?

It's all right. I finished
the course myself last year.

Make sure you get ten distinctions.

Don't pressure me.

I only ask for ten distinctions,
I have confidence in you.

I'll buy you a Porsche
if you get ten distinctions, OK?

"Next month"? It's only the 1st today.

Well, I'll try my best, OK?


-Uncle Terry.
-What is it?

Mom is already wealthy.

Why must she travel over 300 days a year?

Your mom loves you a lot,
don't think like that.

Let me tell you.

Your mom probably won't be back
on your birthday,

but she has already bought the latest
motorcycle model as your birthday present.

I don't want a motorcycle,
I just want her to go to dinner with me.

I'm full.

I'm going to school.

The egg sandwich is ready!

Daughter, make three more
meat and egg noodles.

No, I must go to school.

Your class starts at 8:50 a.m.,
it's only 7:30 now.

No, I must get to school earlier.

You go sweeping the school so early?

-I'm leaving.
-Damn you!


I'm leaving, bye.

Come back early
to teach your brother and sister.

-Don't forget!

OK, bye.

The sweet bun made by your coffee shop
smells nice.

Hey, are you getting off
two stops ahead again?


None of your business.

There's something mysterious going on.

Don't be a busybody.

Excuse me, I want to get off!


Mark him, quickly!


You're peeping?

You're peeping!

Hey, that girl was checking you out.

She's checking you out.

-No, you.
-No, you.

Why did you run so fast?

Why the hell did you stalk me?

Now I know, every day you get off
two stops ahead,

just to look at that guy.

Just checking out his basketball skills.

But you don't like to play ball.

Frankly speaking...

OK, yes, he's suitable for you.

Don't tell anyone.

That depends on how you treat me.

OK, I'll bring you a sweet bun tomorrow.

Oh, come on! At least
treat me to some karaoke!

Are you kidding me?

Just kidding, we're buddies!

OK, but don't tell anyone.

OK, but honestly,
I liked the taller one better.

-I'll let you have him then.

Edward, I want to talk to you.

See you later.

I need to take a shower
before class starts.

I want to be with you again.

Five more minutes to class.

I only tried to scare you
by breaking up with you last time.

We're really not right for each other.

I didn't want to.

We'll speak after school, OK?


Edward, since you're interested
in Chemistry,

you should take up
Biochemistry or Biotechnology.

This will help you a lot in DNA research.

I do hope so.

Now heat the active metals one by one.

-Then write me a report, OK?

With your current comprehension level,
you could teach Form Four Biology.

No, I couldn't.

I need to go to the bathroom,
I have a stomachache.


What are you doing out there?

-Come inside.
-Not unless you get back together with me.

Get down now.

No! I won't get down
if you won't promise me!

Get down first.

I'll jump down if you don't promise!

I'll really jump down!

Get down first.

Come and help me, my legs are shaky.

Fine, I'm coming.

Why are you being so dramatic?

Look, it's so dangerous.

Watch out!

Give me your hand.

Let's get back together.

Let's go and talk inside!

If you won't get back with me,
we'll jump down together!

Let's go back in first.

Help! Help!



Tell me, what happened exactly?

Edward said that he loves me very much.

He pulled me into the lab,
caressed and kissed me.

He nearly took off his trousers!

I was so scared
that I climbed out the window.

But he chased after me.

I was terrified, and I almost fell down.

Edward Chan, you violated the rules
of the school

and brought harm to yourself
and the life of another student.

Though you've been
academically outstanding,

and you're on the way
to getting ten distinctions for us,

I have no other choice...
but to expel you.

She's calling.

Chief, we're all here.

How did Edward get expelled?

-He was framed.

The principal is an idiot
to expel such an excellent student.

Find him another
Band One school immediately.

The HKCEE exams
will be in two months' time.

Then DBS, what about DBS?

I know the principal well.

What BS?



I have to go,
the press conference is starting soon.

I don't care what I need to donate.
I must get my son into this school.

You might as well quit
if you can't get him in DBS.

Is there a TBS in Hong Kong?

Well, do as she says.

But TBS is a Japanese TV station.

I've only heard of DBS in Hong Kong.

Just to be on the safe side, find the TBS.
Otherwise, we'll all be fired.

OK, we must do our very best

to find this TBS School,

-and arrange for Edward to go there.


Master, what is it?

Give me the phone.

Uncle Terry.

Uncle Terry, are you sure
it's TBS Memorial Secondary School?


-You're welcome.

Good morning,
where's the principal's office?

Yes, I'm serious,

two hundred copies of Chow's new movie.

I want them in HD, or else I won't pay.

The last batch wasn't in HD.

Morning, excuse me.

You new here? Why should I move?

I am new here, excuse me.

Yes, 50 packets of ecstasy.

Hey, newbie, let me deal with you!


Don't walk over me!


You've broken my phone!
Do you know who I am?

I'll ask the principal about it.

Ask the principal? Buy a coffin instead!


Principal Szeto.

Welcome Edward Chan, welcome.

Just call me Edward.

Your mother is a well-known
businesswoman of Hong Kong.

You're also an outstanding student.

Brother Edward,
you're good-looking as well.

With such an excellent student here,

it's just like Beckham
joining Manchester United.

It's our greatest honor indeed!

Principal, your words are too kind.

I mean it, between all
the Form Five students here,

there won't even be ten credits.

But you alone can get ten distinctions.

It's worth paying you to study here,

let alone the new school
your mother donated to us.

It's totally worth it!

Which class shall I go to?

Class A, OK?

I'm just curious.

I met a schoolmate at the entrance,

he seemed furious.

Basically, everyone here is furious.

Who should I complain to
if anyone bullies me?

Let me check for you.

But the smartest way

is to report it to the police.


There's no social worker who can help?

Yes, there is.

But he was admitted
to the hospital before New Year,

and still hasn't returned.

I see. I'll go to class now.

Did the social worker
by any chance get beaten up?

No, he fell from the roof.

I see, bye.

Hi, I'm Edward.

Why are you sighing?

We feel pity for you.

Excuse me,
did you say you feel pity for me?

You'll understand later.

Iced beer?

You have iced beer in your backpack?

This? It's basically a cooler.

What would you like? Prawn crackers?


and potato chips, ask me for them
whenever you want

Are you a student
or a convenient store worker?

I'm a student,
but I run a mobile shop part-time.

Medical ointment,
massage oil, pain killers.

I even have condoms in my locker.

OK, I think you're more like Doraemon.

My friends call me Seven-Eleven.

Call me whenever you need anything.
I'm always around.

-I'm Edward.
-I know.

The ten-distinction student
from a Band One school.

Your girlfriend framed you,
so you got kicked out.

Why don't you become a paparazzi?

Is she feeling unwell?

Not just unwell, she's gone crazy.

Hey, kid.

Hey, you, I don't like you.

You'll know when you get
to the top floor after school.

I'm not going to the top floor
to fight with you.

Scared? Too late now.

Hey, where shall I sit?

Wherever you like.

But don't sit in that corner.

Why not?

No one dares to sit next to Stone.

-Is he fierce?
-He was last year's King of Duel.

And who's the current one?


I wonder how they study here.

No one studies here.

I know. Therefore, I completed on my own

the entire HKCEE course
when I was in Form Two.

Basically, I can self-study now.

No problem at all.

Where shall I sit?

Get lost!

Excuse me.

I told you to get lost!

I'm Edward.
My friends call me Ed or E.

-I'm not rubbish.

You'll soon know...
you'll become rubbish after going here.

I'll never become rubbish!

You must either be
very tough or very useless.

I'm not useless.

By the look of it,

you'll sure want to change schools
in three days.

I won't change schools.
I'm not a nerd either.

Look, I have an earring.

You want to make a name by standing up?

Sit down.

Today we'll talk about the Opium War.

You'd better adapt to life here.

Run away, or you will die.

My driver will pick me up in 15 minutes.

You can't get away then.

Excuse me.

I won't fight with you, understand?
I won't fight with you.


No, I really...

-Let's go.
-What are you doing?

-Where are we going?
-Shut up and move.

Go on, you must fight.


Take off your shoes, get in the ring.

Get in the ring, get in!

You must fight.

If you fight,

everyone will respect you
whether you win or lose.

But if you refuse,
everyone will look down on you.

Get in the ring.

Get in the ring!




A duel.


Hey, you're finally here.

Move over, move!

I'm so nervous.

Hey, man, we mustn't rely on violence
to solve everything.

It was a misunderstanding
from the start.

It'll be all right
if you give me time to explain.

I don't fear you.


What? You're that weak?

Come on, I haven't even
started fighting yet.

His eyes are open.

He's awake.

What happened?

You got knocked out.

My head hurts.

Here, have some water.

Do you have painkillers?

Sure, all sort of brands, too.

Give me all of them.

Pay first.

I'll pay you later.

Kidding, we're buddies, forget it.

I must talk to the principal tomorrow.

It's useless,
it's an underground tradition.

This tradition existed before
he became principal here.

He knows it, but he can't help.

We mustn't let them fight on like this.

-I agree.

I heard that you used to be King of Duel.

Why not now? You got knocked down?

No one has ever knocked me down.

I left this school for a year,
and came back for repeat.

Will you back me up
to change the situation here?

I'll back you up!

Thanks, but please keep quiet.

If you want to change the situation,
you must first defeat Big Mouth,

or else everyone
will use you as a sandbag.

If they defeat you,
they'll gain confidence.

I will never fight again.

You said today you wouldn't fight,
but you did.

You don't want to fight?
Yes, there's a way.

You drop out.

I'll never drop out!

I have no time to transfer
to another school.

Then you must learn
how to protect yourself,

or you will die before the HKCEE.

I'll back you up!

Thanks, but I'm beginning to think that
you're a bit annoying.

I find that I'm a bit annoying too,

but I'll still back you up.

In fact, you can ask Stone
to be your bodyguard.

I've sworn I'll never fight again.

Didn't they force you to?

Who dares to force me?

No one knows I've sworn,
so they all fear my fist.

No one dares to force me to fight,
except one person.


I think we should be more practical.
What about this?

I'll teach you how to protect yourself.

I don't think violence can solve problems.

Even the police use appropriate violence.

If you learn how to protect yourself
when being beaten,

it's like playing defense
at a soccer game.

Then I'm not against it.

OK, learn from me starting tomorrow.

I charge only $500 a lesson.

OK, you said so!

Go and get a pair of contact lenses,

then they won't
take your glasses as target.

-I'll back you up!

What are these two things for?

I want you to do two things:
first is jogging, to build stamina.

Second, I want you to raise
your hands for 15 minutes

and protect your head.

You mean... like this?

OK, 15 minutes, understood, no problem.

No problem?

If you can stand for eight minutes,
this lesson is free.

OK, come on.

I heard that you used to go
and see him play basketball.

That Pork Bun, she's a mobile radio.

Hang in there, Edward!

I'll back you up!

This is no joke.

This is to train you
to protect your head,

no matter how tired you are.

If they can't hit your head,
they can't easily knock you out.

OK, no problem, come on!

How good would it be if I could help him
when someone bullies him.

-Man, pay protection money!
-I have no money.

No money? Take him away!

-I won't go.

Let him go!
Wonder Woman!

You're lucky because you run fast!

You're skilled at kung fu.

Want to watch a movie with me?

I'm not a casual girl,

but that's a good idea.

I'll back you up.

Stop bothering me!

What's wrong with you?

Nothing! Never mind me!

Six minutes 21 seconds, you nearly passed.

Let's practice another day.

Is this necessary?

Because someone
will challenge you very soon.

The more you train,
the more energy you'll have.

Listen to me.

Fighting is about energy, not strength.
You'll lose if you have no energy.

Edward, are you very tired?

Let me massage you.
I only charge $200 every 15 minutes.

Go away! Are you a robber? Let me do it.

That day, with just one move,
I threw him yards away.

He broke his glasses and felt dizzy.
I'm sure he was internally injured.

He'd have died if I hadn't spared him.

Brother Big Mouth is great!

So I say, if you don't follow me.
you'll suffer great loss.

With me and Brother Mantis,
we'll be the two all-time winners.

Hurrah, Brother Big Mouth!

What are you looking at, mutt?

Last time you weren't beaten enough?
You want more now?

Chicken. I knew you were rubbish
the first time I saw you.

hide yourself next time you see me.


I want to talk to you.


You used to be King of Duel at TBS.

I came to this school
because I wanted to duel with you,

but you left when I came in.

I've defeated 30 students here

and they now call me
King of Duel in this school.

But in my opinion I'm not...

as I still haven't fought
a duel with you.

Well, I say that you are.

Have a serious duel with me.

How many times have I said it? I've sworn.

Why did you come back
if you had already left?

It's a personal affair, don't be nosy!

I'll find a way to make you
fight with me.

You're getting along well
with the newcomer.

If you won't fight with me,

I'll ask my men
to fight with him every day.

I'll see how long he can endure.

Fight with me or else he'll die.

Are you finished?

You'll fight with me one day.
You can't run away.

-How do you do this?
-I don't know.

I have finished.

Sir, I've finished.

Take your time and sit.

How did you do?

Empty test paper.

-I know nothing about it.

Most students cheat,
but you don't?

Well, not knowing is not knowing,
but why must I cheat myself?

You're right.

I don't think I can pull through HKCEE.

There's still time.

There's no use.

Let me give you tuition.

I have no money to pay you back.

We're buddies, we don't talk about money.

Want to date me because I'm handsome?

No, I don't want my friend
to hand in an empty test paper.

Trust me.

Hello? Yes.


You cheeky girl.


Sister, how do you read this word?

This word is S-T-U-P-I-D.

Stupid, which means foolish.
It means you!

-We're leaving.

-Daughter, serve the guests!

Sir, what would you like?

You live here?

What does S-T-U-P-I-D mean?

What the hell!

Kid, you know my daughter?

Your daughter?

We're classmates.

-Have you dated her?


What's she shouting for?

I have no idea.

What are you asking him?

Nothing, I was asking this young man
whether he's wooing our daughter.

Don't scare him away.

What would you like?


Have a lemon tea. Just a moment.

You're my daughter's classmate?
What's your name?

Where do you live?


Why did you scare my friend away?

You think you're handsome?

You look gentle, but you're cunning.

Why did you follow me?

Did you know you made me lose face?

You always think you're handsome.

I've actually been stalking you,
watching you play basketball.

And you're really handsome.

If you keep following me,
I'll dump you, understand?

Even Wonder Woman
can't rescue you, you know?

Why are your results so good?
Teach me.

Did my father scare you?

He's always like this,
he's a bit of a lunatic.

-Come here.
-What is it?

How is our daughter?

-What happened?
-She keeps talking to the dog.

I used to do that when I was young.

So you used to be out of your mind?

She's a young girl falling in love.

She's still young.

I was almost the same age at that time.

I still didn't know you
at that time, right?

You thought I was talking about you?

I was pretty back then.
I dated many people.

You mean I've suffered a loss?

You're lucky,
I chose you above all of them.

Because I'm sincere, honey.

Well, is being sincere everything?

I have to raise the children,

I must see to meals and run the shop.

Please give me $10 million and two houses

to cheat me for my love, OK?

I'm worried about our daughter.

The world is different now.

Who are we to be worried?

The most important thing is that
our daughter is happy.

If it doesn't work out,
take it as a lesson and do it again.

Being her parents,
all we can do is support her.

It'd be old-fashioned
if we asked too many questions.

You mean I'm old-fashioned?

A little bit.

Say no more. You handle our daughter,
I'll go to sleep.

Daughter, I hope you find the right man.

I hope you'll be happy.

You mean you've found
the wrong guy and you're unhappy?

Go to sleep now, don't play a fool.

Stop it.


What's up?

I've written him a letter.

You're serious?

No, I want to make it clear to him.

You could simply write "I like you."

-No, that's not serious enough.
-How did you write it then?

Swear that if you tell others,
your eyelashes will grow into your eyes,

and your nose hair will be in your mouth.

-You're too cruel!
-Make the promise.

I swear that if I tell anybody else,
my eyelashes will grow into my eyes

and my nose hair
will grow in my mouth, right?

-Let me see, quick.

-Please don't tell anybody.
-OK, faster!

Pink? Hold this.

"I know there's kind of a misunderstanding
between us."

"Kind of"? Isn't "a portion" better?

But "a portion" refers to
sandwiches and dumplings.

-You're right.
-What about "heaps"?

OK, heaps.

"Though I follow you..."

"Following" is not the right word.

-"Following" is not good?
-What about...

-tag along?
-Only a dog does that!

Stay close to you, that's better.

-Stay close?
-Of course, stay close.

"Though I stay close to you after school,

I don't have any feelings for you."

No feelings?

What if he thinks you really dislike him?

No, I am full of love.

That's it, don't say
you don't have any feelings for him then.

-No intention?
-That's no good, I don't mean evil!

I don't mean evil, great.

"I like your frankness.

I hope we can become friends,
it's this simple.

I hope that in the future
we can share our secrets with each other."

Good, OK!

-Really OK?
-Yes, it's surely OK.

-I'm a bit scared.
-Why scared?

I'm afraid he'll laugh at me.

Laugh at you? I'd duel with him myself.
Listen, it's a duel!

Then you'd become
my barbarian schoolmate?

Hey, the one you love hasn't arrived yet.

You make me sick.

-I'm very nervous.

You needn't be nervous!

I write dozens of such letters
to boys every year.

Then I tell others about it on ICQ.

You're not shy at all.

Well, it's interesting
to have rivals over your boys.

Hello, Phoenix.

Go away!

I'm not calling you, Pork Bun!
Go and find your egg roll! Go upstairs!

Phoenix, my friend is organizing
a rave party on Friday.

I want you to come with me.

I don't go to such parties.

Haven't you heard?

You're supposed to have
wild experiences while you're young!

No, thanks,
you'd better find someone else.

What's wrong? I've asked you out
several times, but you always refuse.

How can I face my brothers?

To Edward? Who is Edward?

Give it back to me!

What a romance!

-"I know there's a kind of..."
-Give it back to me!

"...a portion, no,
heaps of misunderstanding between us.

Though I follow you,

no, I tag along!

No, I stay close to you after school,

I don't have any feelings for you.

I mean, I have no intentions!

I mean, I don't mean evil."

So many crosses. Can't you write properly?

"No, I don't mean evil.

I like your frankness.

I hope we can become friends.

Oh, it's this simple.

Edward, I hope that in the future

we can share our secrets with each other,
this is what I hope for."

I see, you fell for that stupid guy!

Give it back to me!

Don't move!

Sorry, I didn't mean it.

-In fact, I only wanted to get...
-Shut up! You're dead!

-Come to the top floor after school!
-No, I...

He's unreasonable.

Save it, he won't listen to you.

You needn't be afraid.

He got it back for you.

Phoenix? It's all your fault!

Should I fight?

You've practiced for a long time
waiting for this day.

But I really don't want to fight.

If you fight a guy like Big Mouth,
you'd better defeat him once and for all.

Otherwise, he'll keep bothering you
all your life.

But can I defeat him?

Yes, you can.

Get up there.

What are you doing here? Girls, get out!

This was all caused by me.
Let me fight for him.

Are you serious?

Let me fight.

-No, you can't beat him.
-Don't do it.

Have you tried being beaten up?

Yes, by my mom.

It's different from being beaten by men,
it hurts much more.

-You'll also get hurt being beaten by him.
-That's right.

Let men solve their own affairs.

We morally support you.

Don't you feel honored that two men
are fighting for you?

Go stand aside now.

Girls, get out.

Come out.



If you let your friend fight this duel,

he'll be beaten by Big Mouth
and sent to the hospital.

Why don't you fight with me?

Six months ago, I told you I swore

that I wouldn't fight again.

You want him to be killed?

I don't think so.

OK, let's bet a soda.

I don't have any money.

OK, I'll pay, whether you win or lose.

But you carry him if you lose.

What are you looking at?

Why? You're in a hurry?

You haven't been beaten in a long time,
have you?

Get up here!

Let me tell you, you must die this time!

Look at him, he seems eager.

It's starting, the fight is on.


Come on.


You think you can duck?

Want to run?

What? Are you tired?

Here I come.

Let's call it a tie and end it here.

A tie? You think I'm an idiot?

Whoever falls on the ground loses.
I've won!

I've won!

I've won! Yeah!

Well done!

I've won!

Sorry to make you carry the soda.

It's OK.

You'll fight with me one day.


Make yourselves at home.

-So luxurious!

What a big house!

Wow, beautiful lights.

Is your father a drug-trafficker?

I have no father.
My mom buys and sells companies.

I don't understand.

She chooses companies with bad financials

and breaks up the business,
then resells the pieces to third parties.

I still don't understand.

This is the most profitable business
in the world.

Is it?

Welcome! Welcome, everybody.

This is Uncle Terry, my steward.

What is there to serve them?

-Certainly. Give me one minute.

This 1970 red wine
is the best collection of my mom's.

I'd rather drink soy sauce.


Don't mention it, we're buddies.

I do have a question to ask you.

I know you used to be
King Of Duel at TBS,

but you left school for a year,

and you've refused to fight
on the top floor since you returned.

What exactly happened during that period?

You're a real busybody.

You needn't answer if you don't want to.

I've kept this to myself for years.

I've never told anybody.

I've never liked going to school.

I have a grandma
who pampers me very much.

She picks up empty cans
early in the morning

and works as a cleaner
in a restaurant at night.

When I finished Form Five,

I didn't want to see her work so hard,

so I went on to become a triad member.

They knew I could fight,

so they took me to Shenzhen
to make money.

I worked for them in Shenzhen
for a few months,

and made lots of money
by fighting and killing.

When I took the money to my grandma,

she was not only angry,
she scolded me badly.

I was upset, so I returned
to Shenzhen immediately.

I didn't expect Grandma to come all alone
looking for me in Shenzhen.

She wanted to convince me
to go back to school.

But she was really too old.

She got hit by a car.

When I rushed to the hospital...

the doctor said that she was going to die.



Promise me...

that you'll stop working for the triad.

Don't fight with others.

Go back to school.

You must go for the HKCEE...

and pass the exams.

I promise you.

Say the Lord's Prayer
when you face difficulties.


So, I repeated Form Five in TBS.

The money I had
was enough for a year's school fees,

so I must get in for HKCEE,

and get five passes.

Are you confident?

I haven't gone through
any of the books yet.

Do you want to get five passes?

Of course.

OK, I'll teach you.

You teach me kung fu, I'll tutor you.
Let's make a deal.

Will it work?

We'll go on with the celebration tonight.

And starting tomorrow, I'll teach you.

Celebration? Only the two of us are left.
They're all drunk.

So what if they're drunk?
Let's play some video games.


Love and Friendship Two Platoons.

Hey, you're quite good.

There's a technique to play this.

-What technique?
-If you use the combo,

you can defeat four to five
and score more points.

What is the combo?

You have to learn.

Look, this is the secret manual.

What secret manual?

Up, Left, A, Right, Right, B?

You must control the joystick
together with the six buttons.

How do you do it?

Let me teach you, watch.

Look, this is to release the ball.

Now, if you
press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, A and B,

you're using Ultimate Kill.

I'll teach you how to defeat me.

No wonder I can never defeat you.

Not bad.

The student fights
better than the teacher.

Come on, let's play again.

Finished laughing yet?

Please turn off all pagers
and mobile phones

as I am teaching you
how to sit for the exam today.

Examinations and studying
are two different things.

Some people are great at learning
but fail to do well om exams.

The reason is that they don't understand
what exams really are.

On an exam, you'll usually find
multiple choice and subjective questions.

There's also an oral test in English.

The multiple choice is like

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? on TV.

You can guess the answer.

For the subjective questions,

you must first understand

how they mark the paper
and what marking is about.

You can see how thick this textbook is,
but don't be afraid,

because you just need to remember...

all these main points.


That many main points?
I'm going to faint just looking at them.

Marks are given
according to these main points.

The more main points you cover,
the more marks they'll give you.

I've made notes of all the subjects.

As long as you study these notes,

you'll surely pass.

Wow, this is good!

Look, it's really good!

there are several parts of questions

which you can choose from.

If time is running out,
don't try to read them all.

For example, if there are six parts,
study four or five parts to save time,

and abandon the others.

You've got a point.
My dad says no one can bet

on all ten races a day.

So, he only bets on three to four races.

But your dad never wins anything.

That's true.

Let's review Chinese History today.


Then, we'll practice boxing at the beach.


Brother Tiger, give me one more chance!

Brother Tiger! Help! Brother Tiger!

Give me a chance!

Brother Tiger, give me a chance!

Give you a chance to steal again?

I'll lose face if you still walk...

after stealing my money.

Come on, pose for the camera.


With more sincerity.

Act angry!


Brother Tiger, Big Mouth has come.

Big Mouth, I hear that
someone beat you up at school.

You deserve it!

You refused when I asked you
to sell LSD at your school.

It's difficult to do it at school.

They'll kill me if I sell LSD there.

Then why do you still follow me?

I want you to take revenge for me.

That mutt is called Edward.

His mother is very rich.

Come on, let's discuss over there.

Brother Tiger,
what shall we do with the bastard?

Keep washing him like a car until dawn.

It's his luck if he doesn't die.

No... Brother Tiger, no!

His mother is really very rich?

You can always see his mother
in the newspaper.

She's the chairperson of this
and president of that.

His mother is called To Wai Sum.

Sure, I can avenge you,
but you must follow my instructions.

Thanks, Brother Tiger!

Does he have a driver
who drives him to and from school?

This is a $500 question, get this right
and you'll enter the next stage.

You'll at least get $200.

The question is, in what year
did Qin Shihuang become emperor?

A: 249 B.C.

B: 249 A.D.

C: 2001 B.C.

D: 168 A.D.


I'll ask the audience.

-I choose B.
-I choose D.

There are two different answers
from the audience.

I'll let you touch the $200 notes.

Will you take the $200
or answer the question?

I'll answer the question.

I choose A.

-Final answer?

The answer is...

A. Correct.

You win $500.


My turn now?

This question's worth $1,000.

Who was the third emperor
of the Qing Dynasty?

A: Dorkwan.

B: Shunzhi.

C: Kanqxi.

D: Yongzheng.

Any hints?

Eliminate one answer.

Only B, C and D left now.


Are you sure it's B?

Give me five seconds.

The final answer?
Five, four, three, two...


Your final answer is C. Incorrect.

It should be B.

It's OK, you'll get a condolence prize.

-A roll of toilet paper.
-I don't want it!

My turn now.

It's late, and it's remote here,
let's continue tomorrow.

You've made a lot of progress.

I've been reading the Bible
that my grandma left me.

Maybe God is really saving me.


You should sit
for the Biblical Studies test then.

-I will. Yes.

I really think
you stand a chance to pass.

Don't beat around the bush, $500.
Hurry up.

Hey, how are you going to leave?

We'll take the mini-bus as usual.

-OK, what about you?

They're taking the mini-bus.
I'll wait for a bus.

Wait for a bus?

Whether you get a bus or a taxi

or whatever, it's up to you.


-Hey, I'll send you home.
-By taxi?


-Here we are.

-Why? Want me to see you up there?

No, I just live here.

It's safe here, there's nothing to fear.

You have something to say?

I'll be leaving after the HKCEE.


I'll be going to the UK.

To the UK, to study?

Dad's business is not doing well.

He wants to go there
to help my uncle run his restaurant.

You mean emigrate?

I think so.

It's OK, we can chat through ICQ.

Really? Can we?

What? You want me to do a pinky promise?

You think I'm a little girl?

Trust me, good night.

Don't shout or I'll break your neck!

Come on, take his bike!

What is it?

Uncle Terry
has come to see the principal.

Edward has fallen ill?

He didn't make it home last night.

Didn't he take you home last night?

He left after seeing me to the door.

Stone, Phoenix.

-Have you seen Edward?

We saw him last night.

Edward is missing.

Did he call home saying
he was staying out?

He didn't.

This is unlike him.

OK, we'll go and find him.

Thanks, but I'm very worried.

Don't worry, Uncle.

Let's go.

Go find him.

How's that, kid? Comfortable?

What do you want?

Nothing, just want some money
from your mother.

Come on, read this.

I won't help you blackmail my mom.

It's no problem if you won't read it.

I'll record the whole process
of beating you up.

Your mother will pay if she sees this.

How much do you want?

Not much, $100 million.


It's you!

It's none of my business.
Take your hands off me!

I'll break your arm if you move again!

I saw how you locked my arms.

Boss, not so hard, he'll die!

I hate people telling me what to do!

Beat it! Get as far away as you can!

-Get me some newspaper!
-Yes, Brother Tiger.


So what if you refuse to read it?

Seeing you being beaten up
and still alive,

your mother will definitely
pay the ransom.

What's with you two?

Stone is still giving his statement
at the police station.

-It's HKCEE tomorrow.
-I know.

I'm worried about Edward.

Stone, how was it?

Police found no clues at all.

They thought I had Edward
kidnapped instead.

Luckily, they know that
I've been out of the triad.

I know what you mean.

I got my tattoos
when I worked as a sailor,

and no one believes I'm running
a legitimate business now.

However, you're still young.

Just don't make such mistakes again,
got it?

Who exactly kidnapped Edward?

You really didn't see anyone suspicious?

Who did it?

I must find him.

Stone, come out for a talk.

I know which gang kidnapped Edward.

Go and tell the police about this.

I'll only tell you about it.

Go ahead.

Edward's life has nothing to do with me.

I only want a duel with you.

You're talking about duels right now?

I'll tell you if you defeat me.

I can even help you rescue him.

But if you refuse to fight...

I'll lose my memory, completely.

On the top floor at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

You decide to come or not.


Where's Edward?

Where's Edward?

I don't know,
he's been kidnapped by my boss.

I'll tell you if you defeat me.

Our Father, who art in Heaven,
hallowed be thy name.

Thy will be done on Earth...

Though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death...

I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.

I don't remember any more.


It's a tie.


I've lost.

Take me to rescue Edward.

I've edited the shots

of us beating you up the last few days.

It's so artistic!

After I collect the ransom
from your mother,

I'll invest in a film.

I'll hire award-winning directors,

but I must beat them up as well,

because none of them
will be better than me!

Unfortunately, you won't be able
to see my award-winning movie.

I'm going to collect the money now,

and you'll leave this world very soon.

I expected that.

Sorry, but you've seen my face.
I've got no choice.

So early? Who is it?

Big Mouth!

Fix him!

Big Mouth, don't you know the consequences
of betraying us?

I didn't do it!

I did it.

You're Mantis?


Are you OK?

I'll help you with CPR.

Big Mouth, take Edward out of here first.

Take this!

Want to run away?

You two jerks, you spoiled my plan.

I must kill you!

Let's see what's tougher, Stone or hammer.

Why did you come back?

You can't fight him!


I won't leave my friend behind.

My $100 million is back.

This trick again?


Want to counter-attack?

Edward, Ultimate Kill!


It worked, what's next?

-Go on fighting!
-Go on?


Edward! Up, Left, Down, Down,
Right, Horizontal, A!

What skill is this?

What now?

A plus B, front left angle!


Circle and Cross Star!

What? What star?

I was only fooling that bastard, go on!


Release your weapon!

But there's no weapon.


Dear students, a few of our candidates

were injured while helping
the police in a rescue mission.

Therefore, they couldn't make it
on time for the exam.

However, these amazing candidates
have insisted on coming for the HKCEE.

Let's applaud and welcome them!

How did you do?

Two B's and one C, that's 15 points!

You're good, I failed in all subjects.

-Work harder next year.
-Edward did so well.

Now, let me introduce

Edward Chan, the ten-distinction student
of this Band Five school,

and his mother To Wai Sum,

a well-known entrepreneur.

Edward, are you happy?

Very happy. I must thank my mother.

Ms. To, why did you let Edward
go to this school?

I think any school is the same.

We needn't care about
whether the school is famous or not.

A Band Five school
can also educate good students.

How is it?


-All subjects failed.
-Not too bad. How about Stone?

He's still inside.

One distinction and nine E's.

You got a distinction? Hurrah!

Which subject?

Biblical Studies.


Thanks for being with me all this time.

Hey, what are you going to do now?

I want to join the Police Force
and become a member of SDU.

-That suits you.

You'll go on studying?

Go on studying.

I guess this is the first time
you needn't fight in this room.

Say, who can fight better now, you or me?

Don't you know I am more experienced?

Don't you know
there's always a new generation?