My Scary Girl (2006) - full transcript

A young man in love for the first time discovers his girlfriend has a nasty secret in her refrigerator. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

I'II give you your share so
just be patient.

You Know, I'm not reaIIy
into the money.

I didn'tjoin in
because of the inheritance.

I just didn't want you to turn out weII.

That's how I am.

Are you finished taIKing?
Then, I'm off.


Hey, big sister.

Your boyfriend,
I thinK he's a reaIIy nice guy.

I tried to seduce him once.
But he never feII for me.

He said he onIy needed you.

AII right!

Where have you been at this hour?
And why don't you answer your phone?

You got dirt on you again.

Do you go and dig up sweet potatoes
in the mountains at night?

What's it to you?

- I got something to say.
- I don't have anything to say.

FucK! The number's so confusing.

Don't, Mina.

Mina, I...
Mina! Mina!


Mina, I have something to say!
Open the door, Mina!


Before I met you, Mina

I've never met another woman at aII.

On my business trips, I aIways
taKe a few booKs with me.

After worK, I feIt most comfortabIe
reading them at the hoteI.

But this time, I couIdn't concentrate.
You Know why?

Because I have a girIfriend!

I want to caII her and say
I miss her, I want to Kiss her!

And I want to say to come to this pIace
with me the next time. But I can't.

Mina, are you Iistening to me?

Mina, are you Iistening to me?


We onIy had a IittIe fight.

So now it's time to maKe peace.

Am I wrong about that?

I am right.
Don't you thinK so?

MaKe peace?
You shouId apoIogize.

Yes, it was aII my fauIt.
It's because my bIood type is A.

I bought the painting
because I reaIIy IiKed it.

And I'm reaIIy going to ItaIy
to study design.

Yes! I beIieve you!

Buon Giorno! Come Stai? Bene, Grazie.
(HeIIo! How are you? Fine, ThanK you.)

And my Ianguage teacher said
what a great student I am.

And what great pronunciation!

I mean, when did Ms. Monica BeIIuci
come aII the way to Korea?

I'm so tired right now.

My body and my souI.

I'm exhausted.

Isn't that a time when you need
a boyfriend to Iean on? Isn't it?

- That's the bathroom!
- Bathroom?

Here? Here...


- WiII you be aII right?
- It's aII right, aII right.

I shouId wash up because of the sweat.

That's oKay. I can eat saIty because
I have Iow bIood pressure.

Do you reaIIy IiKe me?

Even if I'm not the person
you hoped for?

I IiKe you just the way
you are right now.

- I don't care about your past, now.
- ReaIIy?

- You reaIIy don't care about my past, right?
- Of course.

- As Iong you didn't KiII anyone.
- What?

It's a joKe, a joKe.

- See. It's saIty.
- No, this is just the fIavor.

I Iove it.

- What are you doing?
- I wrote a poem.

It's been 3 years since
I had an inspiration.

Let me see...

It's in EngIish...

It's because it's my major.

Read it to me in transIation.
LiKe a poet.

- It shouId be read in the originaI Ianguage.
- Come on.

Oh, good.
More good, Very good.

Very good...
The transIation is a bit...

- It sounds aII right to me.
- ReaIIy?

Then, I'II read it again.

Oh, good, More good,
Very good.

Dear thrush and white-biIIed grouse birds,
Dear IreIand Beech Jaybirds,

You are crying.
I'm aIso crying.

About that pacKage tour to Singapore?
BooK me for two.

- Hey, that's all booked.
- Don't Kid around, man.

- I Know it's not that booKed.
- No, really, it is.

But since it's you,
l'll make a special exception.

What's your credit card number?

You Knew it ever since I first made it.

Reservation complete.
Are you in East coast?

- No, at Mina's pIace.
- What?

I'm preparing breaKfast right now.

At this hour?
Then you slept there?

WeII, yeah, sort of...

- Just move in together, then.
- Don't taIK nonsense.

- ls she beside you?
- Huh? No... it's not that...

There's another person here.
Mina's friend.

No, she went to the store.

I'II taIK to you Iater, then.
AII right.

Stabbing it yesterday, slicing it today.

There isn't even any kimchi in the house.

But why did she buy
such a big kimchi fridge?

I'm dating...

Lee Mi-ja and not Lee Mina.

That guy, before...
does he caII you these days?

- Who?
- You Know,

the bowIing pin.
No, I mean...

I don't contact him after then.

Why? Does it stiII bother you?

No, no, no, no.

Why does it taKe so Iong when
it's not even shadowing or bugging?

AII right, yes.

No, just personaI information and...

And her past affairs.

Find out her affairs for me, pIease.

Yes. What?

No not the current one
but the past ones.

Yes, aII right.
PIease hurry. Yes.

She married when she was 22.

After 6 months, she was tried
for murdering her husband.

She was acquitted for
Iegitimate seIf-defense.

Seems IiKe the domestic vioIence
was severe from the beginning.

There are rumors that she Iived
with severaI different men untiI 2 years ago.

But it's not in writing so it's not cIear.

And, yes.

According to the papers, she's married
another time Iast year.

Yes, have a IooK at this.

They say this oId man's Iawyer
introduced her to him.

It seems the inheritance
amount is enormous.

SmeIIs a bit IiKe a goId-digger, huh?

- An inheritance?
- Yes.

He died of a heart attacK 3 months ago.

Was it reaIIy a heart attacK?

As far as my investigations, it is.

But if you give me
more time and money

Then I couId find out more in detaiI.

That's oKay.

- Three peopIe's enough.
- Excuse me?

What's wrong?
Are you feeIing sicK?


It's me.

CanceI the SingapoIe trip.


You're a thief, man.
What penaIty between friends!


Whatever the reguIations
just taKe 10/%, you asshoIe!

What are you doing?

Isn't it nice to proceed things faster?
What's the probIem?

Don't you Know it's better to Ieave
earIy as possibIe?

StiII, how can you move out my things
without a word with me?

Is this about that guy named
Hwang Dae-woo?

You were so smart
but what happened to you?

Is now the time to be dating around?

- What if he found out?
- He doesn't Know anything.

Get a grip on yourseIf! A grip!
It couId aII end with one mistaKe!


When we were on our second date,
you toId me a strange joKe.

BacK then, I thought you were weird.

You Know...

You seemed a bit boring,
from having studied too much.

And you sIipped the necKIace in my bag
whiIe I went to the bathroom.

We Kissed that day.
Do you remember?

- Are you mad at me or something?
- What is it that you want to say to me?

I'II be Ieaving for ItaIy soon.


ItaIy or wherever, won't you join me?

Who are you reaIIy?

I'm just IiKe that woman.

Being with the person
she IiKes, Iaughing,

hoping to enjoy Iife...

such normaI person.

What the...

Come here!

Since it's the Iast time, asK her
to have a drinK, oKay?

And Keep offering drinKs.

Then, switch them when she's
passed out from getting drunK.

There's the one in EngIish
which is about 10 pages Iong.

You Know EngIish, right? ABCD.

What wouId she do taKing
the money with her?

She'd just buy pizzas.

It's aII an outfIow of nationaI weaIth.
Don't you Know the outfIow of nationaI weaIth?

That money's so precious.

ParK it for me.

And so, big sister,

when you pass out from getting drunK
he toId me to switch it.

Since he didn't see you actuaIIy KiII,
he didn't Know what he was saying.

CouId you pIease cut this for me?

- Don't foIIow me, you crazy bitch!
- I won't, you cranKy oId man.

Just for practice...

Oh, no.
I can't because I didn't draw so weII.

AII right. I understand.

You get so shy about it.

But how did you KiII a person
when you're so shy, huh?

- Why are you sweating so much?
- What sweat?

- TaKe it off. It's hot.
- I'II be going soon, anyway.

- You IooK suffocated so taKe it off.
- I said I'm fine IiKe this.

Stop it and just taKe it off...
LooK at the sweat on your forehead.

- Come on...
- Oh, aII right.

OKay, oKay!
I'II taKe it off...

What's that inside?

- What? This?
- Oh, my...

What are you doing?

Were you that scared?
That I might stab you with a Knife?

I was feeIing a bit weaK these days

so I'm Iearning Kumdo.

I went for practice today
and I forgot to taKe it off.

You're going to ItaIy?

ItaIy, that's nice.

If you bury it in the AIps
then nobody wouId Know.

Can't even get you fruit
because you're so scared.

Who says I'm scared?

Come on, Mi-ja...

ReaIIy, why couIdn't you just bear it?
Why'd you have to KiII?

I thought you'd accidentaIIy KiII one.
But there wasn'tjust one.

If I didn't then I wouId've died.
You even saw him for yourseIf that day.

He's just a scum
taKing advantage of Jang-mee!

Who are you taIKing about now?

Jang-mee's boyfriend?

- You KiIIed him, too?
- Itjust happened that way.

And, I thought...

I'm so stunned that I can onIy Iaugh.
Is murdering peopIe your hobby?

Do you thinK I feeI great
after having KiIIed someone?

I feeI reaIIy miserabIe, too!

Is that an expression of agony
after KiIIing someone?

You IooK IiKe someone who's here to pay for
the neighbor's gIass you happened to breaK.

But why did you have to KiII
an oId dying man?

FooIish, insignificant, and mean...

He was a sicK oId man
who was a burden on everyone.

He was bound to die soon.
So I just speeded it up a bit.

If the oId man's secretIy hidden money

is spent weII by someone,
isn't that a better thing?

So you did KiII him.
You sure did.

Crime and Punishment.

''FooIish, insignificant, and mean...''

Do you quote DostoyevsKy IiKe this?

- I'II be going.
- AIready?

Considering the circumstances, I thought
I couId have you turn yourseIf in.

I was even wiIIing to wait for you
deIivering private food for 2~3 years.

But you are at Ieast a Iife sentence.

Hey, no! No, don't...

It's drawn badIy, isn't?

TeII me, honestIy.

Who is it that you drew?



It's Bae Yong-joon.

Why did you draw Bae Yong-joon?

Other Kids at the academy were drawing it.

And I thought it was me.

I was moved for nothing. Shit.

- Want me to draw you one?
- Forget it!

It's Bae Yong-joon?
Having a muffIer maKes it Bae Yong-joon?

If your bacK stiII hurts you,
try having some centipede powder.

Others say this is the best time
when they're in a reIationship.

But what's wrong with me?

PIease meet someone eIse quicKIy
and have a fun time.

Is it that easy to meet and
say good bye?

It's because it's your first time.

If you Keep meeting peopIe, then
they're soon forgotten. And...

They even say that first Ioves
never come true.

Are you serious?

What Kind of a woman are you?

It's just that I'm sorry, too.

WeII... good bye.

Excuse me...

Aren't you going to Kiss me?

A good bye Kiss? We won't be abIe to
see each other ever again, you Know.

- Ah, forget it! Don't, if you don't want to.
- No, Iet's do it. Let's!

Do I have to teII you every IittIe thing?
Isn't it common sense?

- Dae-woo.
- What?

Why didn't you report me in?


Why didn't you report me
to the poIice?

How can I turn in the person I Iove?
The person I Iove.

Are you serious, now?

Come to ItaIy with me.

- You Know that I can't.
- PIease... pIease come with me.

Don't do this, Mina.

Why not? Why?
Why not when you Iove me?


Why did you have to KiII so many!

If it was onIy one, I wouId've tried to
understand. But how?

This is reaIIy driving me crazy.

When some people visit the place
of their first kiss,

they say they think of
their past love.

Whenever that person's song is heard,

there are people who reminisce.

As for me...

Every time l see news about the discovery
of a secretly buried corpse in the mountains,

l think of her.

2 years later, Singapore lnt'l Airport

- Wow! ReaIIy!
- How Iong has it been?

- About 2 years?
- What brings you here?

I'm going to London
on a business trip.

But the transferring time got Iong,
so I came out on a tour.

Same with me.
I'm on my way to Sydney.

By the way

I heard they found a corpse in Kangwon
Province from the news a few days ago...

- It suddenIy reminded me of you, Mina.
- Oh! ReaIIy?

By any chance, did you bury one
at ChiaK Mountain?

No, no. It wasn't ChiaK but...

It's, honestIy, hard to teII you...

- PIease understand.
- Yes, of course.

Don't teII me. You shouIdn't be
just teIIing it, of course!

How's ItaIy?

It's true about how you become
patriots when you're overseas.

I thinK about Korea a Iot.

- Why don't you visit once?
- You Know why.

How can I go bacK there?

I have to Iive outside for
the rest of my Iife.

Do you have to go now?

it's aImost time for departure.

WeII, then...



Come on in when the period for
prosecution expires!


- I'II see you then.
- AII right.

Then, wiII we see each other again?

At that time, there wouId be
someone beside me.

Someone to grow oId with...

- Then I'II just KiII her.
- What?

-= FIT ??Ļ?? =-
?? ?????????? ???? ??
?? ??Ʒ??ţ? 020 ??

ʹ?ñ???Ļ????ɵ?һ?к?????? Fit Ӱ????̳?޹ء?