My Rival is Son-in-law, My Lover is Son-in-law (2018) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
It was around 12 o'clock that night

I tossed and turned

I couldn't sleep


my hubby is back

as soon as I saw him

I knew something was wrong

2 characters


I could still remember his smile

there is something fishy

5 characters.
You'd smell it if it is

and I did

5 characters, pong for me

do you feel like crying?

"Mrs. chan - suffering from depression”

I walked towards him

and I found it

a strand of long hair, stuck to him

that night

he said he went to play
football with friends

all of them are bald

where could it have come from?

Certainly not me

this is for you

8 characters

close to winning, aren't you

pong again for me

- again?
- Lucky I got it

feel like crying yet?

It's already very difficult

and you are not making it easy for me

last time

he denied about that secretary

and that model

and that nameless celebrity

he denied everything

be honest

- 1 character
- Does your husband treat you right?


that's what a woman really needs after all

6 characters - pong


pong again?

I win!

You thought you can have it your way?

What's mine will always be mine

Mrs. chan, now you understand


Husbands are like that too

what's yours will always be yours

they won't run away

suspecting everything will only
make men try to avoid you

would you rather cry after a broken family

or smile at an intact one?

That's for you to decide

hey - hey! Hey!

Don't spray at us like this

killing germs like that

it could kill us too

from what I heard, one of
your f&b conglomerates

is getting in on an ipo soon, right?

Screw it

why even mention it?

I'm so pissed now

those good-for-nothings

we planned to go public last year,
but nothing's been done

imagine how much I lost

I want to kill them all

rearrange the tiles

don't mention it again


god, I'm pissed

"Mrs. fong - suffering from mania"

oh, chow.


excuse me

why, you...

You always try to get what I'm after

can you really keep up?

I like oversized challenges

do you remember your best assistant, David?

Where is he working now?

Who would want those good-for-nothings?

I don't care if no one wants them

one betraying is all it takes

he won't dare do that

look at you

- let me get a snap
- He won't dare do that

I tell you

if I were David

I'd pack my bags when I see that face

do you know why I don't get angry

because a smile can resolve a war

what did I tell you

when you get angry

thousands of nerves on
your face get stimulated

when that happens

even the best Botox treatment
won't reverse that

oh... let's continue

Mrs. li

you were just back from
Paris with your husband

I see that you had fun on social media

a full bounty of return

we were at versailles

it was pouring outside

waited for five whole hours

wow, you must have long waited...

Everything must be closed by then

she's got ocd

what's a little shower?

She would wait even if there's a tornado

look at her

she only goes after 13 wonders in mahjong

"Mrs. li - suffering from
obsessive compulsive disorder"

red dragon, there you are

now stay close

not yet?

There are still two of those

I'll find them myself

not yet?

Damn, did you bring your own tiles?

Be good now, I'm just one pair away


did I kill your parents or something?

Can't you go for other tiles

- things just don't go the way you expected
- Four of them

all four 1 characters are out

green dragon, why are you always late?

Why are you crying?

I'm already calling mahjong

but you disposed all the 1 characters

sometimes, you can't force 13 wonders

just because you wanted to


bad flower tile

what is this, a florist?

There's more - impossible

wait a second. This makes six of them

look, none of us have any


is it mahjong with eight flowers?


mahjong with eight

this must be a coincidence


this must be a coincidence

it really is

flower again

one more to go

god of mahjong, please make me happy

flower mahjong

it's wonderful

it really is a flower

there's no such thing as
perfect planning in the world

you couldn't have 13 wonders

but a flower hand is just the same

congratulations, you deserved it

I still prefer 13 wonders though

hello, hubbykins

are you done playing football?

I'll come pick you up

let's spend the night on a date

Dr. Bo, thank you very much

my wife no longer suspects me

the money is ready

I just need your account number

tell everyone to come back

we will have a celebration feast

tell that heartless David to come too


Tell him

we will triple up his salary

so ask him to stay

Dr., thank you so much

for helping my wife to be happy again

I'll transfer the treatment fee to you

thank you


I got mahjong finally

not 13 wonders

but a flower hand

eight flowers

Dr. Bo

it is impressive how you
made my wife get a flower mahjong

thank you

I have made the transfer already

"famous psychiatrist - chung ka Bo"

we got the reply on
when the renovation can be finished

it shall be done within our expected date

our merchant acquirers
gave us some comments

they asked whether if having
six toilets in our 18-storey mall

would be too few

customers might pee their pants

do you remember what the boss said

with one less toilet

we can have two more shop spaces

our company can receive more rent


you could hurt yourself

put down the hammer

where did you get the marble

we always get it at old fai's

get it from little fai's from now on

I heard that little fai

forged his late father's will,

and tried to steal his brother's share

why stock up from that jerk?


you lent money to old fai last year

if you give business to little fai now

wouldn't it harm your business?

A one million-dollar question

I paid lots of money to hire you

and you only bring your
empty bodies to work

where are your brains?

Raise your hand if you know

raise your hand if you know

you won't even try for a million

the correct answer is

from now on, you will all change your names

do you know to what?


because you don't have brains

now little fai has a lawsuit
with old fai, am I right?

When we get things from little fai

we can bargain and slash the price

as for old fai

I lent him money

but I don't buy from him

then he'd have nothing to pay me back

I can then merge both companies, bit by bit

my biggest desire

is for them to fight each other

running a business with no morals

he's doomed to have ugly
offspring without asses

are you cursing me?

Are you cursing me?

No, boss

it's not what I meant

What is your name


how long have you been working here

three years

not happy with your job? Tell me

no, boss. I'm not unhappy

I'm very happy

you got a good-looking ass


That means your mummy and daddy

did great deeds in the past

for you to be so handsome

and you are still working under me

being yelled at every day

you pighead

you can't even talk back

go home and tell them

even when they had done
good things in the past

you are still working for me

being scolded by me

do you understand, pighead?

Do you understand?


I want to go home

you pigheads dislike me

that's fine.

I don't care, I don't care at all

does anyone want to resign

raise up your hand

you can leave immediately

I have money

to hire some other piece of trash

no one?


get to work

now take out your watches

from this minute onwards

even if you are pigheads

you shall live as a greedy pighead

the golden rule of my business


"Simon leung - famous
tycoon, suspected manic"

"Valentine's day - 13:26"

Funny, is there anything to eat?

What's with this?

It's just lunch

what's the big deal?

This one's for me

that is for you


You get to eat this much

what did you make me?

What's this?

Last week you said you need to go on diet


you will be attending
Dr. yeung's charity ball next month

and ordered that gown for
ten thousand dollars

to be made from Paris

you said you need to shine
like a star on that day

show me your hand

don't play tricks on me, okay?

Boss, you should stop watching
Korean drama and sleep at night

what's that to do with you?

It harms your liver

most importantly

you have bad yin-Yang
balance these few years

shut up

how rude

this herbal juice should be perfect

seven cups a day

helps you shed some weight and detox

if you keep on drinking


You'd live long and your beauty never fades

is that true?

Bottoms up

where did you get this?

Suffering today brings bliss tomorrow

it's going to be worth it


eat if you will,

but don't make it so gross

are you trying to scorn me?

According to conditioning
mechanism in psychology

I am averting your appetite

the more aversive I making it look like

the more revolted you will be

for a cute preppy boy like me

it's a sacrifice to forsake
my image and help you

you call yourself cute and preppy

I want to throw up

if you still have good conscience

you should increase my pay

get out

a patient is waiting for you

I said

I will only work for the day's limit

I won't move even for the chief executive

tell him to come again

but you really need her tonight

congratulations, boss

the Asia chamber of commerce just called

they elected you as this year's
most successful entrepreneur

they want you to attend
the ceremony in Japan next month

you know how I hate to
get under the spotlight

you go and receive the
prize for me next month

recently penang's got some good property

we should think about how
to get on good deals now

I got news that

Philip lau lost by two votes

and he's outraged

he kept telling people it was all arranged

I've known him for 40 years

he tries to copy me in everything

when I do sun tanning,
he goes indoor tanning

I live on jardine's lookout,
he lives at jardine's Crescent

when I date miss Hong
Kong, he dates miss Asia

no one can be as low-bred like him

I reckon he is for real this time

my friend saw him at karaoke

and he was really drunk

damn you, Simon, you jerk

you bully me all the time

if I don't teach you a lesson

I'm gonna bleach myself white

I'm no longer dark fortune Philip

I'll look for someone to make you pay

don't worry

his bark is bigger than his bite

he won't even dare to touch me

how much is his company worth now

3.6 per stock

start buying him company shares bit by bit

you want to merge his company

just to have a little fun

and give him some sleepless nights

3 o'clock, meeting at four seasons with Mr.
Lee "Valentine's day - 14:30"

5 o'clock
"Valentine's day - 14:30"

Mr. chan from Malaysia will come
"Valentine's day - 14:30"

to explain to us their property

my idol

you look so much more handsome than on TV

let us take a photo

we don't do photos. No photos

sorry - alright, alright

just this once, I'll be leaving tomorrow

didn't you say you hate the spotlight?

"Every step that you take,
you make a difference"

she's just a tourist

be nice, shall we?

Let's take a photo

almost time


thanks, Leo

you're going to be the best actor
of the year for sure

but don't tan yourself anymore

I support you

now I just need to find Simon yam

then I'll have the full collection

I said no photos

didn't you see that?
Why didn't you stop her?

Letting random people come near me


don't run

Philip! You tricked me

I'll put everything in to play with you

give me some tissue paper

get the security guards

are you alright?

Yin - here

give Chong a call

tell him to forget about
buying the stocks bit by bit

just buy the entire company


I will make Philip sleep on the streets

yes, boss

"Valentine's day - 15:09"


what took you so long to call mummy?

Mummy's worried

I nearly got caught

I ran a few blocks until I could escape

I'm still shivering

it's normal that you feel scared

don't worry

I never thought I would
do such crazy things

but when you do

don't you feel a slight
tinge of excitement?

Well, I do

bingo! You are finally smiling

I forced you to do something

out of your character

so that your hidden
characters can be discovered

good for you

now the journey to your healing

can begin

do I really have to go?


is supposed to be your anniversary
with that jerk lo jok

and it's valentines day

I booked a table at the
hotel you often went

you must go and have dinner there

I'm done with him already

why do I still need to go?

To forget someone

is not as easy as you say it

to truly forget

is when you meet him again

you are still be able to
see right through him

I don't understand

that means, if you can finish today's meal

with complete peace and Serenity

then you have truly walked away
from this relationship

can I really do that?

You are my dear daughter

you can do it

I'll wait for you to come home happily

and have Chinese new year's Eve dinner
with the whole family


did you get in touch with sis?

Do you think she'd let me find her?

Speak up

what do you mean?
"Valentine's day - 19:03"

the landlord wants to raise the price?
"Valentine's day - 19:03"

what on earth?

These necklaces

are our newest designs

you can try and see which one you like

he wants a freaking raise?

Let him raise

if you like pink, miss

this one would really suit you

I didn't say I like pink

why do you say I like pink?

I tell you

get his mother to talk to me

you can't? Then you go c...

- Do you understand?
- Sir

can you speak quietly on your phone?

You are disturbing my customers

now I can't even talk on my phone?

I can't buy things

are you crazy?



I have what I want

oh, have you given it a try?

Not yet

then try it out

is it hard?

Very hard! It's not fake

awesome - miss,

you can't bite our diamonds

why not?

When I purchased gold in my hometown

I had to bite to see if it was real

if you sold me some fake jewelry

then I will be fooled

miss, all our diamonds
have the manufacturer's warranty

we don't sell fake goods

couldn't you also forge the papers?

See if you can tell the
difference by yourself?

You have been here for two hours

if you are not buying from us

please shop at other places

honey, she is mean to me

you go and tip her a lesson

darling, it's teach, not tip

did you hear that?

My wife is angry

either you apologize,

or I'll mess up this place

if you dare! I'll call the police

wow, you got some guts

honey, leave it. Look at her face

she looks like she must have been dumped
by a man recently

that's why she is jealous
of a cute couple like us

let us go somewhere else

and you be stuck here your whole life

here, for your whole life,
here, for your whole life.

- Here, your whole life.
- What now?

Are you angry now?
Why are you glaring at me?

What, you want to fight? Come at me

just try, I'll bring you
to court and sue you

- you can't pay even with your body
- Come on...

Come on. Try me, - come on...

Come on, come on. Try me, come on

- come on...
- She must have been dumped by a man recently


I don't want you to leave

we are not right for each other.
I have another girlfriend

I was dumped. Does it have anything to you?

What if you are in love?
What if you are rich?

You want to mess us up?

I don't have anything.

Go to hell with me


Stop, ouch, it hurts! Crazy woman

stop, ouch, it hurts!

Calm down, calm down

stop! Stop! Stop it!


what are you doing here?

They are causing trouble

whatever the customers said,

we cannot treat them like that

we are people who provide service

and customers are always right, you know?

Manager chan,

we schemed this "secret customer” project

isn't it very effective to
test out your employees

well done

I shall put all the company's branches

under your team

to test out my employee's abilities

thank you, manager chan

manager, I haven't yet introduced myself

slow man, nice to meet you

oh, here, let me introduce


This is my work partner and girlfriend,
kiki cheung

we are both drama lovers

yes, we are

kiki, greet our boss

hello, boss

damn, you need to express more


manager, what do we do with Susan?

Send that crazy girl home

she'll get her employment
termination through email

I don't want to see her ever again

what is wrong with him?
Turning against his own people

it's okay

don't leave, please don't

did you see that girl?
She's out of her mind

she might even have rabies

she's crazy, to lash out like that

are you kidding me? That guy is so stingy

I asked for medical reimbursement,

he refused

I'll definitely ask for a raise next time

hey, you think we will be punished

for doing dreadful things?

Kiki, can you not pity others out there?

Think about it. We graduated from
arts academy for such a long time

we are passionate about acting.
We have dreams

did god give us any opportunity?

How long have we been jobless?

Now someone gave us a chance

and we can act in front of people again

how come we are giving up?

How can you tell people that we are actors?

Don't you feel ashamed?

My screenplay is finally done


the money that we made today

is a big step closer for me

to bring this gem into the cinemas

I promise you

you will be the lead actress for my film

will I be the cat or the dog?

You will be a lizard



In this film, this lizard

is the love interest of the cat and the dog

in other words,

it interferes in the relationship
between the cat and the dog


don't you think this character
has lots of potential?

It won't be easy to handle

of course it won't, I
made it specially for you

so, you don't have to
worry about anything else

if you have the time, just think

how to immerse yourself
in the lizard's movements

and psychology

bad person calling! Bad person calling!

Bad person calling! Bad person calling!


Your mum again?

Hey, not like she's my real mum

come on, your little sister's
not as begrudged as you are

she is weak-minded, and believes easily.

I told you that.

My problem is that my memory
is too good probably.

I will always remember who killed my dad

is it that serious?

What kind of a psychiatrist
hooks up with a patient?

One day, my dad went out to sea

that doesn't mean she has to do with it

she knew my dad is hydrophobic,

and she gave him a yacht?

Giving him a plane
doesn't mean he could fly it too

what, why are you defending that woman?

If you hate that woman,

why don't we...

Make a plan

and steal all her money

then you can star as the lizard very soon

anyway, I said it.

I won't see that woman ever again

and I'm not playing the lizard anymore

why not? I characterized
it specially for you

only you can do it

honestly, why a lizard?

Is my tongue forked?

It isn't now, you know that

Dr. Bo, what took you so long?

Our boss has been waiting

today is Valentine's day,
there's traffic everywhere

did I speak to you?

"Valentine's day - 20:33"
stop barging into conversations, steward

steward? Then what are you, a maid?

What are you calling me? Steward

maid, - steward,

- steward...
- Maid...



What is the condition now?

Our boss is losing bad

four words, like a sinking ship

Philip you loser, what are you waiting for?

What's the fuss? Just wait


my goddess

I've been waiting.

Please have a seat. Scram...

Please have a seat.

Hey, Philip

need a chick to give you guts?

What are you saying?

You can laugh at me,
but not my goddess

want me to burn down your whole family?

If you don't like it,
I can kill all of them

they are like that

nothing good comes out of their mouths

I haven't looked at the cards,
I'm waiting until you come

look at it, look at it

I won't if you don't look first

hm, I like that. Deal the cards

Three 4s

it's gonna be a full house
or a four-of-a-kind

5 million

two identical suits,

this looks like four-of-a-kind


gonna be fun


Now, no turning back

if you win, I quit
gambling for three months

if you lose

you will go out and have dinner
and watch a movie with me

do you want me to win, or to lose?

Of course lose, am I right?

What is a few million dollars?

Just change to me

I won't even bother about it

you, on the other hand

have never gone out with me

since we met

as a doctor, it is my principle

not to have private meetings with a patient

why do you come then?

The best way to treat a gambling addict

is not to prohibit gambling

you need a visible goal to gamble

and my treatment is to help you win

so you will quit for three months

while it does not go to
the heart of the problem

it will at least relieve your illness


Admit it, you just want to see me, dummy

look at your cards, do
you think you can win?

I have calculated everything

zodiacs, astrology, tarot reading

and I got an unlucky spot fixed
by a feng shui master

with an lucky charm overhead

when you sat down, did you feel cold

and unsettled?

There are many spirits here haunting you

bad luck turn and bad luck flee

only good fortune, come to me

today my worst day

I will lose every bet

I am confident in losing everything tonight

I can definitely have
dinner with you tonight

I'm so clever

why am I handsome
and clever at the same time?

Hearts, are you scared?


Three sides

it's 7

hard to lose

player with the strongest hand, please act

don't mind if I decide on your part?


Any problem with that?

Five million

five million it is

five million

Mr. Lee, with such a big bet

need to call your wife first?

What is it

it's just five millions

I call


I am the youngest here

can do nothing but call

just a flush hand, nothing to fear

let's see

full house, 4s over 9s

open it, open it

full house, aces over 9s

thank you

my goddess

full house

the 9s are all out, how do we win?

I said I have the worst luck today

you should think about
where to have dinner later

you guys like 9s

then take them

I'm waiting for this card all along

amazing! A straight flush!

Why did I get a 4?

No, why did you get a 4?

Isn't today my worst day of the year?

Silly, you have bad luck

but my boss is shining from within,
full force and unstoppable

Mr. lau

I've done my part at least to
help you win the game

as for the treatment bill

ask someone to pay it on time


no turning back on your words

no gambling for three months


let's go

happy Valentine's day, silly Billy


you might need her tonight

I don't want to be a dealer anymore

customers never tip me even when they won

when they lost, they take it out on you

I have insomnia every night

what can I do at night then?

Online shopping

my shopaholism is getting serious

and I'm high on credit card debts

with such low wages

I can't even afford for one
session with you, Dr. Bo

so I told myself

I will find a new job

and I must be able to help others

and I must be able to help others

and to do whatever I wish

tonight, there's an event

where you can really help me out

help me cheat in this game

best if you could control
everything in the process

most importantly,
you'll be satisfied with the payment

how satisfied?

One million in a lump sum

is there more than one event?

"Valentine's day - 21:16"

happy Valentine's day, miss chung

manager, hello

why are you waiting on your own?

Is your boyfriend late?

What a shame...

Did you break up?

My boyfriend won't come

he is dead

in a car crash

his car crashed into the hills in a "bang"

and the fire roasted him, burnt him

burning, and, it's painful

just before he died, he called out,
"help! Help! Help!"

I'm sorry miss chung

sorry for your loss

just tell me if you need anything

hey, manager


whats are your recommendations for today?

Oh, I'm sorry, miss chung

since today is Valentine's day

all our guests

will be served "two in love" dinner set

which might not suit you now

but it's fine

how about

we ask our chef

to prepare for you

some michelin-grade vegetarian dish

but a set costs less,
ala carte dishes are expensive

I'll stick with the set

"two in love"

I'll bring you champagne and the appetizer

but I'll also bring you a vegetarian dish


what a good appetite after
her boyfriend's death

boss is coming back for a meeting,
clear out the floor

that's serious

I'm sorry for the inconvenience

oh, miss chung

I'm very sorry

to tell you some bad news

why is everybody leaving?

Our hotel

and a sewer pipe burst

but my colleagues

without mentioning, went to mend it

but then, who knew

even the sewer pipe at the gym bursted

but my colleagues didn't
learn from the past

and they went to mend it

which made the sewer pipe beneath
our kitchen to burst too

now the sewage is gushing out

that's why, our restaurant is closing

but don't you worry

the meal is on us

and because you are our valued customer

we will give you some coupons for free

so you can go to our spa for free once

and to our gym for free once

and also enjoy a free
tour around our kitchen

I guarantee you, there won't be faeces

but I haven't finished,
how can you tell me to leave

I'm putting it like this
already, won't you leave?

But my boyfriend's dead

"your boyfriend died",

this is in past tense

"sewage is gushing out",

is present continuous tense

I planned to spend this
Valentine's day on my own

to think about my boyfriend
who was turned into charcoal

seems like even a humble wish like that

is impossible to be fulfilled

miss chung, how about this

let me prepare you a vip room

so you can have a mourning
banquet before you leave?

But the bill

is one us

and the coupons?

All free

the champagne

is nice, right? It's cristel

give her a dozen to knock herself out

"Valentine's day - 22:03"

Janet, you buy at $3.8

you, sell at $2.8

you, buy at $5.6

sell at $6.5

you, sell at $13.3


Today is Valentine's day

and you all put off your loved
ones for this meeting

it's not easy

when you leave,

get some snacks to make them happy

This time's reward is ever better

you were eyeing on that new car,
now you can pay premium

I can take my whole family on holiday

I can buy diamonds


the boss has no time for you tonight.

Wait at home

boss, you tipped me on 425 two days back

when the market opened today
it crashed and got suspended

I've lost all my savings

please lend me five million
to repair the damage

when did I gave you a tip on 425?

You eavesdropped on my phone call

boss, you can take it
that I was wrong or crazy

but you gotta help me!
Just five million will do

I've waited for three years to get you

you still remembered

when I lead others to another company?

But last year you said you would let it go,

when I came back

you doubled my salary

you even lent me money to purchase a flat

I could bring you up high enough

to make you fall hard

I waited until you paid the
premium for your house

before I gave it to you

boss, even if that's the case

even if I'm in the wrong,
I beg you, please save me

please help, just five million

George! If I were you

I'd sell your watch, and your car

and take the million dollars
to hide in dongguan

stop showing your face for nothing

I beg you, you gotta save me

big keung and small keung,

- bring him away
- Boss, I beg you

I can't save myself even if I kill myself

not even if I kill myself

boss, please, boss...

Yin, go home in my car today


You said Philip wants to ambush me.

See if that's true




aren't you fired?

What are you still doing here?

I really need money to save lives

help me this once

I don't repeat my words

I beg you, just this once

if you do, I'll do anything for you

why don't you go to emperor finance

you can get your property mortgaged too

you have to repay your loans though.

Don't pay any intermediaries

I owe you nothing now

then I'm sorry, boss

Philip said he'll pay for my debt

hey, what are you doing?

How could they demand that I leave?
I haven't finished eating

oh, the coupons

Richard forgot them


bring that chick here

come here

it's painful

George, it's me you want

leave her out of this

you can't even save yourself


step back, I'm here to protect you.
Don't' be scared

take it

Are you done posing? Hit her

So you are good at fighting?
Good at fighting?

Good at fighting?

Still want to fight?

You are lucky this time. I'll be back


go, go, go.

Did you steal someone's
wife or owe them money?

You got a lot of enemies

not many girls can fight like you do

can't girls fight?

Are you discriminating against females?

No, I wouldn't dare

I am afraid you would beat me up

don't worry, I only beat up bad guys

never good guys

how do you know I'm not the bad guy?

You are so old but you
still try to protect me

you can't be very bad

Richard is off work now

this is all your fault

if it weren't for you,
I would have gotten those coupons

what coupons? Are they important?

Of course!

The dessert buffet in this
hotel is very delicious

you like it? I can treat you to one

it's closed, stop bluffing

I own this hotel

is this enough? I can
send for more if you want

bring it on

you sure you don't want some?
"Valentine's day - 23:02"

it's delicious
"Valentine's day - 23:02"

I don't like dessert
"Valentine's day - 23:02"

you don't like dessert

your life must be gloomy

or you could try have a
sip of wine, for a change

a sip of wine in times of weariness

will make you more relaxed

I'm not weary

I'd rather him be dead

he should be happy now,
and having great fun

cuddling with another woman

do you know who that woman is?

My best friend

my other boyfriends were
even more ridiculous

each of them, would go
away, after a short while

and after that

they would get married
and have kids, just like that

last year

I went for face-reading

he said it is in my fate,
I'm like the Buddha

I get loads of admirers,
and I bless them all

I'm more effective than a charm

he could have printed my face on paper
and worshipped me

this is what they call
"riding a donkey to find a horse"

now they got the horse,

who would remember you, the donkey?

Why can't I be the horse?

Because you are used to being a donkey

why won't you put your mind
to being just a horse?

You got a point there

why haven't I thought of it?


to you

I'm the horse

Hello, friends up there

do you see me?

Answer me, am I the most beautiful horse

you are a donkey

I'm a horse




dare say it again?

You are a donkey

boss, weren't you assaulted by someone?

Seems like you are the one doing it

am I in the way?

"Valentine's day - 23:46"

Happy Valentine's to me,
"Valentine's day - 23:59"

"Valentine's day - 23:59"

and to you
"Valentine's day, is over"

This is Simon leung.

Keep this phone.
Let's have dinner some other time

our job today

is to help the real estates company
scare two elderly people away

these are our targets, Mr. and Mrs. lui

the company is done acquiring
all the old buildings

except for theirs, they won't leave

that's why we are here to tackle them

I saw on a ghost rumours website

this place is super haunted.
See for yourselves

hello, this is Simon lui.
It has been a while

this is where a harrowing
family murder case was staged

a butcher living here
found out his wife to be cheating

and he grabbed a knife,
hacked her neck for 17 times

until he chopped her head off

after that, he stood here,

and jumped from here

after the tragedy

the neighbourhood would see

every night, the butcher
with his wife's head,

wandering here and there

saying the same thing

"kill every soul. Give nothing back"

are you sure?

How can you believe in Simon lui?

It's better safe than sorry.

I'm not doing it

since when are you such a sissy?

What about our friendship?

My zodiac offends tai sui this year.
I have bad luck

I quit


I will hold on to the clothes first

holy shit

- you told us to come in the first place
- Go

who else?

I am not afraid of anything.

I'm staying

a courageous spirit, you see

I have something to say

I'm afraid of ghosts,
but I'm afraid of being poor too

now that he's gone

can we split his share of money?

Anyway you like it

no problem with us then

we work as a team, don't we

sure thing

here's the plan

lui returns every day at
8pm after running errands

you will hide in the lift,

and scare the crap out of him

with this outfit and some of your acting

scaring him will be a piece of cake

Mrs. lui comes out every day at 8:15pm

to throw garbage away in the stairs

hung, that shall be your job

I am out of food

can you burn me some more?

Lui's coming, be alert


this is bad.
If they take the shock badly at this age

and if anything happens to them,
we'll be condemned

we may be doing something bad today

but come to think of it,

when we becom famous

these will all be precious memories of
how we enriched our acting

what if we have to write autobiographies,
and go on TV shows

like snl, without anything to share?

Promise me this is going to be our last

we love acting, not scaring people

he's coming, get ready

Why is there no one? Where have they gone?


are you taking the lift or not?
Don't block my way to hell

run! Run

chi, why are you like that?

The observatory says it's 3 degrees today,
you aren't wearing anything



I am out of food

can you burn me some more?


let us share mine

No one is answering the phone

I'll go and find them

kill every soul,

- give nothing back
- The butcher, the butcher

go, go, go, go, go

it's a ghost

don't scare me

- darn it, let's go
- What are you saying?

Where to?


ghosts downstairs, upstairs

there's more up there

what should we do now?

In the middle, go

we had lots of fun today

this candy is actually delicious

I'm done,

how about you?

They wouldn't have guessed,
we hacked into their tablets

and changed up the screen

the young ones nowadays

have no common sense with it stuff

and no imagination whatsoever

when trying to be ghosts

way too naive

to scare us

this city is hopeless

this place sound haunted

for us to be this scary

Simon lui...

Is righteous at all times


around would see the butcher

with his wife every night


Tell Simon to be more serious

I haven't been in Hong Kong for a while.
Recording work got slow

check, check.

Lo hoi-pang testing, one
two three four five


this is too loud, just tune it down

how do you do it, just do it yourself


Where are we going?


I'm scared, what do we do?

It's locked

what now?



there's no time to lose

it's high up here

he's coming, quick

it's gonna be alright, c'mon

trust in yourself. One, two, three

it's fine...

I'm ready



I'm scared, carry me

come, kiki. Jump

jump - no

we don't have time, they are coming

almost there...

Kiki, kiki


sis - kiki

hello, auntie

you came to see your daughter?
You are very kind

who are you?

[, I'm slow man

kiki's boyfriend

why is my sister like this?

I don't know,
I'm waiting for the doctor's diagnosis

what made her become like
this all of a sudden?

I don't know anything about it

I came right after I knew

are you sure you have
nothing to do with it?


you look nervous

do 1? No, it's just warm in here

I'm sure you pushed her down

surely not - sure did

did not - look at me

look, look at you - scared?

- Scared?
- Not scared, not scared.

- Trying to run?
- Not trying to run

look at me. Did you?

- May... maybe
- Did you or did you not?

- It must be you
- Is this the market or something?

This is the hospital, this is too noisy

doctor, good timing

how is my daughter?


Jumping from such height

lucky that she landed on a canopy
which reduced the impact

her limbs are intact

though there was a slight concussion

but then - doctor,

in the current circumstances

if you say "but", you make us nervous

why don't you just tell us the truth?

I got X-ray scans for her, see

a blood lump the size of a fist,

seems dangerous


Why didn't you operate on her?

I examined the patient, and interestingly

at this age, her cranium
is not fully developed yet

and the lump coincidentally filled that gap

if I operate on her

she might become retarded

but then

darn you, I told you not to say "but"

just say it

exactly. The old geezer speaks recklessly

after examination

she shows slight memory loss
and retarded intelligence

how much has she got now?

Four years old


What she needs the most
now, is family support

does she have a boyfriend or a husband?

Boyfriend? Me?

Not good, I should leave

she does, they are very much in love

where's the boyfriend?

Where's the zombie?

Where did the zombie go?

Just ignore it

I saw that zombie

he left early


when will my daughter wake up

fastest, it could be in
three to five minutes

if things are slow

it might take several years

I own this hotel


but then

darn, how dare you say "but" again, jeez

I'll teach you not to,

I'll mess this place up

what did you say? I dare you do it

there can be miracles, though

try saying that again,

and I'll get people to come

boss, she's responding

now I'm lying, am 1? She's waking up

"mess my place", you don't have a clue

ignore him. What shall we eat today?




kiki - mom

she remembers you



it's scary

don't be scared, mommy's here

do you recognize me? Give me a hug


mommy, hungry

you hungry?

Mommy will get something for you

mommy cook

what would you like?

I want maotai

maotai liquor? Who taught you that?

Brad Pitt and Tony leung


I planned to throw this away

if you really wanted to,
you would have already done it

you won't keep it with you

or have it charged to wait for my call

so? What's the matter?

I want to take you out for dinner

what are you eating?

You decide

hey, wait for a bit

what up?

Hey, where are you?

Mong kok. What's up?

Come to wan chai immediately.
Intrusion mission

what intrusion?

I just heard

that stupid ex-boyfriend of yours,

lo jok, and that slut Anna

are coming to my karaoke bar
to host a birthday party

and he is going to propose

I told king and Jen
to come crash the party.

We just need you now

bring some friends too if you can

who can I find in such a hurry

oh, anyone will do

get as many people as you can

we shouldn't be the minority there,
I'll be waiting for you


made up your mind?

Let's go for karaoke
before dinner, shall we?

Lo jok


What's up


why are you here?

We were singing next door

just to see a slut and a
douchebag strutting in

I wonder if you saw them

help us out, will you?

It's been a while

now I see,

isn't that the douchebag

and that slut must be

who's looking for me?

Baby, baby-boo-boo

Michelle, why are you here?

Long time no see

care to tell me why you

you-you-you seem exhausted

were you deprived of a man's
love for a long time?

Ma'am, are you blind?

You should see that Michelle
is glowing from within

her love fortune is running high

who are you?

I'm nobody

I'm asking Michelle out

and ended up here

then, how shall we address you?

Call me Simon

uncle Simon

it's your birthday today, happy birthday

thank you

excuse me for not bringing a present,
I was too hurried

don't pretend, you just don't care

it's fine not bringing a present

we take cash in substitute

can't afford a few hundred dollars?

It would be stingy to talk about money now

it's your birthday

do you have any wishes? I'll make them true

if my baby-boo wants to go to the moon,
could you take her there?

That's easy

I booked a rocket trip to go in 2029

if you like, I can give you my seat

but that's more than ten years,
let's talk about sometime closer home

let me teach you an english idiom today

"blow water don't wipe mouth"

what does it mean?

"All mouth and no trousers"

how about this

my baby-boo shares her birthday
with the TV station

and it's their anniversary gala tonight

if you really can

give my baby-boo the gala prize

"blow water don't wipe mouth", again

they are just kidding. It's just a joke


No problem, trust me. I can handle it

give me your number. The
gala prize will be yours

he's so manly

uncle Simon, my number is


remember it

excuse me for a second,
I need to make a call

you idiot, getting her number like that


hello, boss

is it hard to get the TV
station's gala prize?

Their hotlines are usually full,
it's difficult to phone in

I want that prize tonight

it's a birthday gift for someone

I'll give you a number,

the prize shall be hers

boss, this is not going to be easy

if it is, I won't be needing you

do everything to get it done, that's all

this is too much

stop fanning me,

go find the director

- where is my stuntwoman?
- Lily, be smart.

That girl is troublesome.

Shall we go dancing after work

who is this?

Martial arts director

oh, what's the matter?

Who is this?

The stuntwoman

for miss lok? That is a man

man? She's a woman

you're crazy, he's a man

I am what you call a woman

oh, Lily. You didn't shave for work

you asked for a stuntwoman all of a sudden,

you have to live with it

hey, if you let that act as my boss

we will lose face

I don't care if you don't
get off work today

if you don't find a girl as hot as me

I'm not filming

get this solved

I am going to take a dump in the Van.
Useless shit

hey... what is this?

Why are you in my Van?

- Shut up, don't move! Be still
- Hey, let me go!

- Help! Why are you driving away?
- Don't move! Be still

help! "TV station"

hey, Patrick

- what?
- New arrangement

you are going to host the session
for our gala prize

natalis is the one to do game shows

he's got diarrhoea and went home already

what about Eric?

His driver got into trouble for fighting
at Ian kwai fong

he's gone to bail him out

no way

stop complaining, the
producer said he wants you

it's your turn after the
commercials, get ready

so fast

boss, phone call for you

I'm going live

they say it's very important,
you must listen now


That's me

next is your turn

man, stop trying to act cool

if you can't deliver

just say it

what if I can? What will you do?

If you can make the TV station call us

I can do anything

if 1 don't, I shall get
killed in a car crash

choke on ice-cream to death

and even

have my penis rot

enough talk, let's switch on the TV

welcome all to our most
exciting part of the show

gala prize reveal

I will randomly pick out
one of our audiences at home

my baby-boo did not enter
for the lucky draw

nor does she know the code

how could Patrick Dunn call us

just give up

since we're here, we'll see what happens

may I introduce a special guest

who, supposedly, should be in Beijing

but because of our prize-giving ceremony

that's him, mc Jin

I came back to Hong Kong
to play games with you all

we are live now, on live

for the sake of impartiality,
we also invited

Patty wong accountants
to monitor the entire process

welcome, Patty wong

so now, who will become our
lucky audience? You must be nervous too

- let me do it, let me do it
- No need

special guests don't have to do anything

okay, let's see

hello, our dear audience. It's through


who are you?

I'm chan, I'm so happy

we got bad reception here. Hello, hello

everything is fine here

oh no, it got cut,

better luck next time

but we can draw another
of our audience at home

Mr. Patty wong, please

get me another number


let me do this, let me do this

special guests don't have to do anything

let's see if this one

is sitting by the TV

hello, who are you?

My surname is cheung

Mr. cheung, are you watching us on TV?

Yes, yes

I'm going to ask you a question now

I'm going to ask.
Hello Mr. cheung, can you hear...

Oh, hit or miss, just like this

he's gone, again

Patty wong, the number

you hung up on all the calls, mc

there are no numbers left

we aren't like this usually

not sure why all calls got hung up


hello, my boss? It is I, your employee

yes, sure, I see, I understand, okay

my boss says,
he'll give you one more number to call

if it doesn't succeed,
the prize will have to wait until next year

then, what's the number?

Come on, get it done already.
I'm in a hurry to mahjong and dinner

I stand here every year
looking at you make calls

and I don't get to share

I'm not coming next year

okay, okay, I'm right at
it, I'll call randomly

Pick up, pick up

pick up



who are you?

A... Anna

Anna, you must be watching TV

Patrick Dunn called me on TV

Anna Anna

I'm here, I'm here...

Your prize is worth $990,000,

and it depends whether
you can answer this correctly

I see

listen carefully. The question is:

Are you male or female?



wow, accurate with speed

congratulations Anna, the prize is yours

you will be contacted
about collection details

congratulations Anna,

we have given out all our prizes tonight

thank you all for tuning
in to our anniversary gala

we will see you next year, good-bye

let's go for mahjong

let's get started with the show

hey, you lazy Patrick Dunn

you called it a day as if things are done

my freestyle is legit,

who's that?

Still rapping?

- Yo, do you think I have much time to spare?
- Stop rapping!

Shut the lights and bring the dogs out

let him rap all he wants

it's not okay, I don't feel dismayed

my freestyle game, it's staying so strong

I said make some noise
if you love Hong Kong

I did everything you told me to

release her

she is just beside the Van

Why did this happen?

Get up, stand up first

it's impossible,

no one knows about our relationship

did they harm you?

If this counts as harming

I wish they could do it
again and again to me

I really enjoyed it

they said all of this is for me

I want to have half of it



my voice was on TV

Patrick Dunn spoke to me

lo jok

you said if you lost, you would do anything

don't act like you forgot

why would I do that?

Here! I'll drink up three cups

no one told you to drink

read it

Out loud

you are not a horse

what is wrong with you?

Have you gone mute? Read it now

read it, or else you will
choke on ice-cream to death

get killed in a car crash

your penis will rot

Michelle, I am a jerk

I hooked up with your best friend,
I am sorry! Michelle

I am a jerk. I hooked up
with your best friend,

I am sorry! Michelle

I am a jerk, I took your money
and hooked up with your best friend

I am sorry! Michelle. I am a jerk,

I took your money
and hooked up with your best friend

I am sorry! Michelle

okay, okay, okay... are you done?

It says here for me to repeat 100 times

I fear that if I don't

I will rot down there

so you are not afraid
that I won't forgive you


Will you forgive me?


Because you are not worthy to be
in my heart to begin with

from tonight onwards

I will forget you completely

Stop it,

play with your toys

stop playing with my hair,
do you understand?

It takes me ages to do my hair

hey, looks like you are having fun

nice. Kiki

mommy will go out for dinner today.

Funny, you take care of kiki

no, that's not it, boss. No

I'm good at getting girls,

but not looking after them

I'm no good

you used to say that you have a big heart

now is the time for you to demonstrate that

my daughter is a good girl

thank you - no, she is...

Mommy, mommy, let me open


kiki, don't say the truth out loud

mommy knows her

Dr. Bo, this is bad

what's the matter?

My boss is losing and going bankrupt.
Please go and see him

big sister, candy for you

miss, no candy for her

give her something nasty

I made the candy with my boogers

Dr. Bo, this time it is
really serious, four words

like a sinking ship

Wasn't it "like a sinking ship"?

You moron, you said your
boss is nearly bankrupt

no one's gambling here, you tricked us

not that no one's gambling

just not yet

my goddess, it's been three months,

I missed you

Philip, what do you want

nothing much,

I'm waiting especially for you tonight

and I invited my good old
pal to gamble with you

that's crazy, you have your say either way

boss, let's leave

how? We'll play by the rules

if she wins, I quit
gambling for three months

that doesn't mean
I can't let someone play in my place

to make me lose

my goddess, I hope you aren't quitting now?

Your shifting standards are insufferable

let's go, boss

you fatass

I've put up with you long enough

since when is it your turn to speak?

Now that we are here, let's do it

that's my goddess, bold and fearless

a big welcome to my good friend,

king of cheats, brother tse

Isn't it too dark for shades?

His hair looks dry

Are we getting on? I'm a busy man

don't waste the old man's time

okay, deal the cards

my goddess always speaks

with such mighty aura

deal the cards

hey, what is she doing here?

She is not a dealer

are you referring to may last time

sorry, I sent her to heilongjiang

those who go against me will never end well

Dr. Bo

you had help last time

this time things won't go so well

if you lose this time,
it will be more than having midnight snacks

the night goes on

if I won this game

you shall also quit for
the rest of your life

and never see me ever again


I have the king of cheats to assist me

what's to fear? Deal the cards

lady, let me help you

Let me do it, let me do it

can you?

I can try

Little girl, you are very talented

why don't you be my student?

You be my student instead,

and I give you candy

good stuff

Dr. Bo, what's are we betting?

One card each, the bigger one wins


ladies first


take one for mommy

no, you let her? She's retarded

what's the problem? She is my daughter

who else should I ask? You?

You are right

Don't look yet


I win

tell fatty to get my yacht here

I will have fun with my
goddess out in the sea


brother tse, why is your
card the same as mine?

No way


we are playing from a blue deck

why is yours a red card?

Your cheating is going too far

the kid must have changed our cards

you are crazy

you can see that she is retarded,
how could she do it?

Being retarded doesn't mean
she can't cheat - of course not

of course - of course not

stop arguing.

It is pretty clear who won and who lost

Philip, you promised me

you will not gamble ever again

thank you, godfather

godfather? You are familiar with him?
And you kissed

drinks on me tonight


stop talking about drinks

explain this to me

you invited him over to defeat me

but he can make himself lose, too

you try to switch up the goal

but I also have a goalkeeper behind my back


you can't force love to happen

I'm leaving

my goddess...

Good boy - what

I give you candy

- king of cheats,
- This is good stuff

how do you style your hair

Made up your mind about dinner yet?

Are you thinking about how to thank me?

Don't bother, it's no big deal

I want to tell you something

you want to pledge your life to me?

How did you know? I want to marry you

I don't think I can ever meet someone

as handsome, cool

and as powerful as you

and you are not young anymore, right?

Let's not waste our time and get married

I'm impressed

I've been out there for a long time.

No one could ever guess what I want to do

but you got me there

I never thought you would propose

very nice

it's fun


I'm not playing games, I'm serious

I need to fight for my
own happiness, right?

Unless you tell me that
you have no feelings for me at all

You really have no feelings for me at all

I'm sorry, I must have shocked you

I'm not having dinner, I'll get going

if we are getting married
without seeing your parents first

it doesn't feel right

You just need to meet my mum

she is really nice, she's going to like you

call her and invite her for lunch

okay, I'll call her

let's have dinner first, I'm hungry

my mum is a nice person.
You don't have fear her

here's you tea

is there something you need to tell me?

You are really good at this.
How do you know?

What does your mother do for a living?

So what is it?

Got dumped again?

Hold it, hold it, hold it

of course not

don't you tell me you are pregnant

I don't want to be a grandma soon

that's not it

that's good

I'm getting married

to who?

Who is that person?

How long have you met?

How did you meet?

Is he trustworthy?

- Why do you want to get married so suddenly?
- Calm down, calm down

I asked him to come and see you

and you didn't tell me beforehand

surprise! He is here

boss, they are here already

I had a meeting and it ended late

it's alright

my mother, Dr. Bo

my boyfriend, Simon leung

hello, Mr. leung

nice to meet you, auntie

have a seat

I'm hungry, shall we make an order first?


what do you want, mummy?

Why don't you ask Mr.
Leung, see what he likes

I am fine with anything

auntie Bo, please have anything you like

then I'll decide - ok

Mr. leung

what did you see in Michelle that you like?

Mum, don't say it like I'm an old spinster

that's not what I mean

I mean, Michelle is a nice, beautiful girl

why do have such an eye for good girls?

Probably because those I met in the past
were all bad women

now I found a nice girl

so I'm not going to let go

you had bad experiences in the past

I never heard you talk about it

it's better to let bygones be bygones

as long as I am happy now


one believed that they
encountered bad people

but never considers the bad things

that they have done


for so many years

you had to bring up two
daughters all on your own.

Was is difficult for you?

Ever thought of finding a good man
to take care of you?

Mummy has many admirers

yin, go home in my car today

is that so?

You are very demanding,
and you look down on men

what sort of men do you like, I wonder?

Honestly, my requirements are simple

being honest is most important

Simon is very honest

so you are not against us, are you?

Of course I don't.
What's important is what you like

thank you mummy

say thank you

thanks, auntie

am I still "auntie"?

You should address me like Michelle did

come on

thanks, mummy

that's more like it.

Have some food


I never thought mum would
like you that much

you don't have confidence in me?

For my other boyfriends

she didn't like them much

but she had no negative comments about you

one word, "excellent"

I don't have any flaws for her to pick on

you're so conceited

"After tonight, let's meet and talk"

"The usual place, I'll wait for you"

What do you want, pretty?

Lard dregs noodles, little
spicy, more vegetables

and you, handsome?

Lard dregs noodles, very
spicy, no vegetables

what a unison. You practiced at home?

Food will be ready in no time

here's some juice for free

It's been a while. You've lost weight

it's nothing, I'm getting on alright

I heard you are getting married


and you are still by
yourself after these years

are you really in love with my daughter

if you aren't, don't hurt her

she is a very simple girl

why do you think I will harm her?

You know I'm not that kind of person

because I know you too well

you like to cheat

don't you remember?

You even went after my best friend

why don't you believe in anything I say?

Your friend seduced me

but you still had to accept it

if you know me

you will believe that I
did nothing at that time

let's leave it, it happened so long ago,
nothing matters now

isn't that so?

You men like to put the blame on others

and never admit what you did.
And when you do

that's because someone was
wrong in the first place

you did something wrong too


You despised me for being poor

you thought I had no future,
so you went for someone else

I never said that,

you just saw me that way

you didn't say it but
it showed on your face

everyone knew you went after Alex

you had an affair

I said I did not, don't accuse me of that

but god is watching.

Alex got married last year,

and you are not his bride

as for me, I'm getting married soon

and my wife is very young

if you were lucky, you
could have been her mother

are you done speaking?

No, I came here especially to see you

to see how down-trodden you are

you are not young, fix yourself up

or else no one will want you

hey you, stay there

young boys and girls nowadays
are really quick-tempered

we were like that too

Do you still remember?

That corner has never changed in decades

that broken brick is still there

I did that for you

let's say you were violent

what violent?

That guy with glasses was harassing you

don't hit me

apologize to her

sorry, boss

let's go, you'll kill him.
You're so violent

violent? This is all for you

no one meddles with my girl

I think you had mood
disorders back then already

what disorder?

Have you ever seen a psychiatrist?

Why don't you come to me,
I'll give you a discount

you are so ungrateful

I fought for you

hey, bro, you look familiar

I don't know you

who are you?

I'm that guy with glasses
that you beat up in the past

I'm sorry, bro

for twenty years I come here every night

to see if I can see you again

I even got the bosslady here

just to see you again

what a coincidence



go and get him

don't run, don't run...

Why have you kept the pager?

You too

you never contacted me

you too

how do you know it still works?

I asked the telecommunications company

as long as you pay,

they cannot cancel your number

don't you know that?

In order for the pager to keep working

I bought the whole
telecommunications company

like an overnight billionaire

you splurge whenever you got money.

Vulgar tycoon

I have lots of money

if it is for the woman I love

I think it is worth it

what you do like?

I can buy it for you

I never despised you for being poor

you know what you did

I just didn't like how went around

and manipulate people with money

I want to tell you that

money doesn't solve all your problems

I didn't know Michelle is your daughter

now that you know, then what?

Don't even think about it

cheers, son-in-law

Treat Michelle well

or else I will not let you have it easy


you missed me all along

do you really want to know?


I will not tell you

Do you know what's the difference
between a man and a woman?

Tell me

men is like Bluetooth

if his woman is nearby, he sticks to her

if she's gone

he will go and connect with another woman

women are different, they are like WiFi

even if she has many
available connections around her

she will only connect to the strongest one

then she latches onto him,
and will never change

you men fall in love with
women one after another

how can I believe you?


where are you?

In a meeting

did I interrupt you?


Not going to sleep yet?

Nearly, take your time then

I'll sleep now. Good-bye

it's Michelle


Mummy, there is something I want to ask you


Can we invite Simon over for
Chinese new year's Eve dinner?

Of course

sure, we are a family

thank you mummy

sleep early

you too, goodnight


Michelle asks me to invite
you over for dinner

be early this time

thank you

what happened in the past,

let it stay in the past

I think this is my last
time meeting you privately

take care

He's not picking up

he isn't like this usually

I think he must be in a meeting

let me call him again


don't be so nervous,

he might just be caught in the traffic

sit down

oh, he is here

Simon - I'm sorry,

there's traffic everywhere

I was worried

mum, see how much thought he put in?

You got this wine?

Thank you

don't mention it


- Thank you
- You scared me for being so late

the first time you come for dinner,

minus points for you


are you hungry?


happy new year

happy new year,

wish you good health and good fortune

Simon, aren't you eating?

Michelle likes the drumstick

thank you

auntie, I think you also like drumsticks

thank you

I also like drumstick

mummy will give it to kiki


mummy is good, kiki is a good girl too

as a mother, I should let
my daughter have her way

since we have everyone here,
I have something to announce

really? Me too

what's with that? You agreed on this?

If you don't mind,

let me announce first

you go first

I accepted an offer from
a university in the us

to be their guest lecturer,

I'll leave next week

so sudden?

For how long?

At least one year

that's a long time

mummy, what about your clinic?

And your patients? Plus

sis is stuck in this condition

the reason I'm going to America, is also to

research on kiki's condition with
medical experts over there

when things gets settled

I will bring kiki over to see

if they can treat her

mummy, I'm not going


I'm okay now

I was nearly shot in the back, I'm scared

kiki, don't be scared

mummy will be with you

mummy, what do I do when you're gone

I know my son-in-law will
take good care of you.

I'm confident

but that is a long time

if you get married,

mummy will fly back to be there

future son-in-law, it is your turn

don't you have something to announce?

Michelle and I are serious
with our relationship

auntie, I promise you

I'll take good care of her

since you are so good to Michelle

can you answer three questions?

No problem

first question

there is a 10-billion
contract in front of you

at the same time,
Michelle calling you from the hospital

needing you to transfuse blood to save her

between the contract and Michelle

which will you choose?

Easy, I choose Michelle

second question

is Michelle the last
girlfriend you'll ever have?



third question

is Michelle the love of your life?


When you answered my first question

you right eye looked up towards the ceiling

according to psychology

you are not speaking the truth

second question

you touched your chest twice

and said "yes" twice



which covers up your untruthfulness

when you answered my third question

you pointed your chopsticks at the door

meaning that you wanted to leave, to escape

mummy, don't treat Simon like
one of your patients

Simon, I hope you don't mind.

My mother's just joking with you

there is really no big deal about it

so long as my daughter
Michelle likes it, that's fine

isn't that right? Future son-in-law

"One year later"

We are running late, the show is starting

okay, I'll drive faster

thank you

Lucky he's not here yet

you weren't this nervous
when you went out with me

that's different.

We broke up shortly before three months

I'm sorry

no need to be

I'm the one who should be sorry

because I wanted break up soon
after when we got together

although you were really
handsome, cool and powerful

but you are just so boring

and you aren't actually my type of guy

let's see what your type of guy is

Ah ho


let me introduce you to my uncle

uncle, good to see you

ho, I see?

You spared time just to give her a ride?

My uncle pampers me a lot

good girls deserve much pampering

I admit that I do

uncle, we'll get going
and not waste your time

enjoy yourself


Yes, uncle?

I warn you, treat her well

or else I won't go easy on you

of course I will, uncle

don't call me "uncle"

we are about the same age

yeah, Simon

Thank you

I tell you

mummy will be back in Hong Kong in two days

I know that look you have
when you are in love

And I've seen it more than once

Last time mummy asked you three questions

she had asked my other boyfriends too

it was really accurate

see you

Mr. leung

what made you decide three months ago

to sell your companies at a high price

and to donate half of your personal assets

together with 30% of the shares
in your conglomerate companies

to start up "Simon leung charity fund"?

Money is outside the body

what's important is to
help those really in need

you were entitled "king of subdivision"

and were widely criticized
for your business ethics

for squeezing the best out of every deal

but why is it that recently

your newly built 18-storey mall

which had only six toilets to start with

was changed just before sale

to having one toilet in each level?

And you also let the shops for cheap rent

to young people in support
of start-up businesses

in this generation

it is very hard for the
young to start a business

I was poor when I was young

I understand the struggle.
I want try my best to help

my leung

for such a drastic change to happen

was it because of some sort of impact?

I hope your body is fine?

A good friend once told me

I want to tell you that

money doesn't solve all your problems

she was right

so I learnt to solve
problems using my heart

once you put your heart into something,
you can do everything


I nearly sprained my ankle

don't yell for nothing

what do you think Simon
asked me to come here for?

Boss, would it be that
he wanted to kill you?

You got someone to ambush him before

maybe he lured you here to kill you

shut it. It's fine

he told everyone around that

he didn't mind it. It's fine


Hey, what now again?

There are a lot of mosquitoes

oh no

what kind of place is this?


zika virus, dengue fever

Simon is really evil-minded

no one would know if we die
of poisonous mosquitoes

let's leave



Simon, you jerk, I'm here for lunch,

not to give out lunch

how could you ask an elite
like me to do this?

You have seven days a week
to spend thinking about money

you have no wife, and no kids

what are you going to
do with all that money?

Come volunteer when you are free

are you possessed by a ghost?

You're speaking like a human

are you cursed or something?

Yes, we both were cursed

what curse?

A curse to earn money non-stop

we labour every day

in this lifetime,

we missed out on a lot of things

but I am already released from this curse

I hope to release you too
by asking you to come

don't you hate me?

When did I ever hate on you

you bully me all the time

I'm like that to everybody

as good old pals

all those bad memories in the past

let us press a "delete"
button and let it go

Sorry, Simon

I'll do as you say, let's
forget about the past

put your heart to it

I will do it with all my heart

thanks, Simon

all hail Simon

can I help you?

No need

I'm new here,

can you please teach me how to do it?

Oh, it's easy


Put in some egg

some egg


and some vegetables

phew, this is complicated

that's it

I see

give it a try

I'll try

put in some egg,

I'm shaking

- slowly, slowly
- Put in some vegetables

is it like this?




that's it - is it correct?

You are doing good

thank you

what's your name?

My name is Philip

I'm sze-yin

sze-yin, you sound like a good girl

hey, our clothes are matching.
They're both pink

this is for girls


Simon, you tricked me again

you are so nice

you always gave us a lot of
delicious food, thank you

don't mention it.
Being happy is what's most important

I'll ask the staff to
distribute red packets to everyone

oh, thank you, this is so good of you

and you brought a friend

wow, what a firm chest

do you have a girlfriend?

Not yet, I don't have one

no girlfriend yet

that means I can...

No way

although I am pretty


but you are not my cup of tea

scaring me

I'm talking about my niece

auntie - no


yin treats me the best



act smart

I understand now.

Got it, auntie

auntie told me to act smart,

act smart

what now?

Helping people really brings joy

are you helping yourself or others?

It's the same, the same

Simon is a good man

of course he is

some decades ago he beat me up badly

is that so?

And I've forgiven him too

thank you and your cha chan teng

for providing all the food today

no big deal, and you gotta pay for it too

let's get to work


don't be stingy, okay?

I won't be,

thank you, thanks a lot

Good, well done today

let's take a selfie

yay, selfie time

okay, come on

My pager seems to be malfunctioning

since you are the boss of the company,

can you give me a new one?

If not,

it is really a shame to your clients

who paid the monthly fees all along

you are my premium client

I'll give you a new number and a new pager

available for life, and permanent warranty

but you can only contact me with that pager

then I need to think about it

how long?

Still need to think?

Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her...

I'm just abiding by popular opinion

Spicy fish balls please

Jo... Joey

I love your songs

no changed needed

thank you

hey, Joey

this is for you,

it's got a lot in it

how much is it?

There's no need

can we take a picture?

Oh, sure

let me do it, let me do it. Here


strike a cool pose.

One, two, three, there we go

Joey, you are really beautiful

I love your songs

you really do?

Of course

sing it to me

Applause for yourselves

thanks Joey

Dr. Bo

how are you? Are you full?

Fuller than last time

this means your pressure level is lowered

artists like us live in hell

every time there is a
concert, I have to go on diet

how could I resist?

Plus, how could I enjoy
these fish balls publicly?


that's why I'm really thankful

for this down-to-earth arrangement

I booked you in for revolving Sushi too

you don't even need to go to Japan



you need to be on stage
in the coliseum in 15 minutes

what? Oh no. Take this for me

oh, before going onstage

don't worry, I'm ready

Dr. Bo, thank you

thank you

see you next time

sure. Good show

good show - thank you

tell me when you are free to see my show


Remember to come back for Sushi


- good show
- Here comes $88,000.

It's easy to earn a celebrity's money

hey, Philip


because funny is on holiday,

and since you are good friends with Simon

I let you to come intern for a day

I'm surprised at how well you've done

goddess, you know the situation I'm in

and you took care of me.
I can never repay your kindness

it's my fault for not checking up
on your illness regularly

once I let you out of my eyesight,

you gamble more and more every day

now you've lost everything

I wouldn't bear it if I did nothing

goddess, since you are here

I'll tell you something.
Don't be angry though

why would I be?

Hm, look at the bill

wow, why is it so long



what is this? What did you eat?

This is all street food

what street food?

That shark fin soup uses
real whale shark fin

directly from fook lam moon

why whale shark fin?

It's for the queen of cantopop,
how could we give her cheap food?

I hope the fish balls do not use abalone

abalone cannot make fish ball paste.
It's from giant groupers

it wouldn't cost that much
even if that's the case

it's the cheek of giant groupers

one fish ball only uses three groupers,

that's a bargain


you did really well

you didn't bring shame on me

I didn't

I tell you

take all the food back home and eat it


I tell you, you can start job-hunting

I can't take care of you anymore, that's it


what's wrong?

- Why is she angry?
- Good that you are here.

Help me beg for mercy

- what's wrong?
- How can I pay the bill?

This $388,000 bill

there's no problem being poor.
No one can save you for being stupid

don't say that

I think everything between us is over

what's over?

Pack your things and leave.
You'd be sued for blocking the road

best of luck

sze-yin, you weren't like that last night

boss, let's go to see Joey's concert

what did I do wrong?

Kung hei fat choi

mk Woody Allen's la sing land casting

is about to begin

no need to queue, but don't push

why are you here?


I thought I might be able to see you here

you loved mk Woody Allen

you must want to be
in his movie as his lead actress

go away, I don't know you

don't be like that, kiki

who left me at the hospital that day?

Kiki, you sound normal now. You got better

your recovery is so fast

I got well a long time ago.
I was just faking it

I heard that

the lead character is
retarded in this movie

so I wanted to get into character first,

and get into method acting

ladies and gentlemen,
in the past 90 minutes

my retardedness was so on point that
it fooled everyone

stop playing with my hair

I was nearly shot in the back, I'm scared

such awesome acting, I
won't say it's the best

but at least it is worth an award

you even sacrificed me for this character,

you must be able to get it

why are you here?

I'm also an mk Woody Allen fan

where there is a female lead,

there must be a male lead character


since we are both confident

if we do the casting as a couple,

it must help score more points

this idea is great, I've thought of it too

but not with you


Why don't I introduce my new boyfriend


You... why...

The movie's about to end

let's not talk about what happened before

simply put,

kiki and I

it was love at first sight,
like a spark of fire

no way, you must be acting again

kiki, haven't you told him

we are so very in love

scram? You scram

you go - you go

you go

go where? Go where?

What? Go? Go where?

Stop, I'll go

you go - we aren't done

leave - I'm not leaving

just go away - you go away

why don't you go?

Stop it.

Everyone's gone,
what is there to argue?

No one likes you here, go away

I'm back

kiki - how was it?

Yeah, how was it?

I asked first, answer me

you just need to answer me

I did all that I could,

and I sang

what did you sing?

I'll sing it for you

"st Paul's, Buddha's statue,

a-ma temple all beautiful views"

well done

and I danced

what did you dance?

I'll show you



that's not it, there's more


you must get the role


She said the role is not for me


You did so well, that's not right

"fudge" it. The movie is in english

nobody told me that

in english?

Western movies are in
english, don't you know?

- Western movie?
- Yes

since when is mk Woody Allen that good?

His movies are always kind of "western"

why didn't you tell me,

I shouldn't have done method acting

I should have learnt english instead

mk Woody Allen is such a jerk

all of his movie names are the same,
who's going to remember

I won't tolerate it even if I'm a fan

do you have any suggestions?

Let's go beat him up



Peace and Harmony to you
and your family in the year of the dog

may everything go well for you

wish everyone a good morning, goodnight,

and good health every day

wish you all an energetic year ahead

may all your wishes come true

great fortunes and prosperity

wish you a great start after good rest,

the best and the good jest

to good health and

a good future in the year of the dog