My Retirement, My Life (2018) - full transcript

Michitaro Sano's wife passed away 18 years ago. Since her death, he has lived with his daughter Yumiko at their home. Now, Michitaro retires from his work. Yumiko though tells him to start ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
...will be foggy earlier in
the morning.

Currently there's a
fog alert in Chiba.

The high temperature will be
a few degrees higher.

27 degrees in Chiba

23 in Choshi and 26 in Tateyama.

29 in Tokyo
and 27 in Mito and Saitama.

That was the weather.

Thank you. Now for the
first song of the day...



Have a nice day.

Masao Kusakari

Fumino Kimura


Daichi Watanabe

Good morning.

Kimiko Yo

Masao Komatsu

Sei Hiraizumi

Emi Wakui

- The reports?
- On my desk.


Is this OK?

- It's in stock.
- Sorry...

Do it again.

You're so meticulous.

It's not a penmanship exercise,
Mr. Sano.

A mistake is a mistake.

You can take it easy today.

I'll do this.
Take it easy today.

I remember the good times
I've had over the years.

Thanks everyone

I've had 38 years working in
the company

and now I'm retiring.

I'm very grateful to you all.

Thank you.

I appreciate it. Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.


Mr. Namiki, our former boss,
is here to present flowers

to Deputy Manager Sano.

Your second life begins!

- Manager...
- Cut it out, I'm retired!

Think about your future, my friend.

Heaven is still miles away.

Thank you.

Get out!

- You have no money.
- Lay off!

- I'll call the police.
- Bullshit.


I'll take you on!

Hey, hold it right there!

Son of a bitch!



Good morning!

Oh, excuse me.

Can I put this here?

Go ahead. I'm going.

It's all yours.

Good morning. Welcome to
Radio Calisthenics.

Stretch from top to toe
first thing in the day.

First up, we sing.

It's the morning of
a hopeful new day

Good morning.

Breathe in happiness
and look up at the sky

Listen to the voice on the radio

The air is so sweet
breathe it in and out

My Retirement, My Life

Counting one, two and three!

Dear Dad.

Congratulations on your retirement.

I, Yumiko Sano, take
this opportunity

to relieve myself of
housekeeping duties.


I've always put your life
before mine

but I'll do as I like from
this day forward.

You're the housekeeper now, Dad.

Yes, you.

You're in charge of housework.

7 days a week for no wage.

It's demanding, but that's just
how it is.

All the best.



Oh, the wind!

It's time for afternoon stretches.

Staying in one position causes
neck and back pain.

This tastes terrible.

How can you go wrong
with a packet mix?

Did you follow the recipe?

Hey, sis!

It's so far from the train station!

- I should've got a taxi.
- Why are you here?

Oh, you're so clueless.

I went back home for Aunt Yasuko's
memorial service.

Mom and Dad would love a visit from
their firstborn son! Here.


What's going on here?


You're drinking so early!

Yes. I'm retired and free so...

That's not freedom!
There are better things to do.

Like what...?


- What's this?
- A marriage candidate.

Yumiko won't like that.

It's for you. Get remarried!


Yes. Yumiko has a boyfriend
she met at college.


Don't tell me you didn't know.


Of course I did.

My dad doesn't know about him.

Introduce them if you want
to get married.

Dad's stubborn.
He'd say No to marriage.

I wouldn't say no!

She can leave any time she wants.

Oh, come on.

You wouldn't last a day without her.

Of course I would.

She should be independent.

Dad couldn't let me go.

Like my dad!

But I'm leaving.
I took care of him while he worked.

Now I'll live my life my way.

I've worked hard all my life.


I'll live my life my way.

In what way is that?

Drinking all the beer you want?

Of course that's not all.

What's your plan then?


Taeko died 18 years ago.
It's time you let Yumiko go.


Are you really listening?


Thank you for the flowers
the other night, Mr. Namiki.


Radio Calisthenics?

One, two!

Five, six, now rotate your body.

One, two, the other way.

And five, six.

One, two.

Feet back together and hop.

One, two, three, four
open your legs and close.

Mr. Namiki, I'll see you tomorrow.


Thank you very much.


I have a silly wearable!

My grandkid gave it to me so
I have to use it.

How old is your grandchild?

She's still 10.

Until the day she turns 20

I can't die.

- Sano.
- Yes, sir.

You can't stay home every day.
Do you go out?


Don't waste your life!

Life has

just begun!

When he collapsed he was alone.

His wife kicked him out
after he retired.

I guess it's not a bad way to die.

He saved his family some trouble
and left them money.

It's a happy way to go.

You think so?

I think so.


I'm home.

Get me some water, please.

Get it yourself.

How unkind.

She used to do anything I asked.

She was cute...

She was really cute.

Well, Dad.

When are you going to tidy up?


Like I said,
I'm no longer the housekeeper.

I know but...

How are you ever
going to be independent?

Good night.

Here you go.

Come again!



I already told Mrs. Shinjo but

I'm putting cake on the menu.


I'm back.


Any customers, Shiori?

No one.

OK. I'll fix you something.

I better go.


- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.


- Nozomi, you have a customer!
- Wait...

Enjoy yourself.

I saw you at Radio Calisthenics.


My ex-boss invited me to attend.

- Mr. Namiki?
- Yes.

Thank you very much.

When I was there

Mr. Namiki told me

not to waste my life,
that it had just begun.

After I retired

I felt at a loss.


But you hold your head
in the same way!


When Mr. Namiki joined the group
he hunched over like you.

If you suddenly lose

your workplace or home

it can be unsettling.

Why don't you exercise with us?

It really kickstarts your day!

I'm Nozomi Fujisawa.

Hi, I'm Michitaro Sano.

Here's a
Radio Calisthenics Club flier.

If you felt like coming.

Thank you.

I'm back.


- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

- Hungry?
- I've eaten.

Just cook for yourself.

Radio Calisthenics Club

Oh my!

Good morning.

You know this handsome man?

He bought lunch from me.


I thought you might come.

Come and join us!

But... I don't know if I...

- Don't worry, we won't eat you!
- But...

This is a first for me!


You're cute!

It's time!

Good morning!


Let's start but don't push
yourselves too hard!



First, we'll sing.

It's the morning of
a hopeful new day

Breathe in happiness
and look up at the sky

Listen to the voice on the radio

Good morning.

You suck at this!

You came late!

- You saw me?
- Yes!

You'll get a stamp anyway.


Mr. Sano.

Don't push yourself.

Take it easy and enjoy it.



- Can we have a word?
- Oh... OK.

I'm Kijima, Deputy of the Club.

I'm Michitaro Sano.

You've had an impressive career!

Not at all. What line were you in?

Sunrise Pencils.

Your position?

Deputy Manager of administration.

Not everyone gets to be a manager.

Mr. Sano.

- Can you join me?
- Sure.

No muscle pain?
I hope we weren't too pushy!

Mr. Kanda is the club leader.

Hi, I'm Sano.

Welcome to the club.

- A caf? au lait, please!
- OK!

Enjoy yourself.

So you joined because of Nozomi?

She's amazing and she's single!

That isn't why I'm here.

Be honest! All the men here
are her fans.

Have a nice day!


I want to hear those words
from Nozomi!

See you tomorrow.

Thank you!

- Bye!
- See you tomorrow.

Mr. Sano, I'll do that.

It's OK I have nothing to do

at home.

Maybe you can do a little work?

There is something...

Good, I'd be happy to do it!



The Odd Job Company

Thanks for coming.

This way.

Faster, children!

It's piecework pay.

We provide benefits and beds.

We serve locals who need help.

In other words, we do odd jobs.

I haven't made up my mind yet...


Nozomi would be disappointed

if you quit and walked away
from this.

Hey, guys.

You're finally up.

Michie's starting today!


Kaoru is a live-in employee.


Kaoru, why don't you say hello?

There! Today's job!

Babysitter needed

Your very first assignment.

Take care of them, OK?

You want to walk?

Behave, kids. Mom's resting.

Guys, don't run around.




How about some milk, hey?

Driving instructor


It's OK.

Mr. Komai, go easy on the brake.

Sorry, I'm new to this.


I became a cab driver after I
got fired.

I've rarely driven.

Take my father for a walk


I'll be back by 5.

I can tell you're hiding something.

How cheeky...

No, you can't.


No means no, Kosugi.

You will not marry my daughter.

Sorry but my name is Sano.
Your daughter's already...

Play along. He has dementia.

No means no.

You do odd jobs.

You lack ambition.

A man like you wouldn't
make my daughter happy.

It's none of your business.

Marriage is

not for parents to decide.


I don't think I'm cut out for this.

Why's that?


We shouldn't be helping
those people.

Each person should
deal with his own problems.

Old people nowadays...


Other people might not
share your ideals.


Look around so you don't
become a toxic old man.

Were the odd jobs
too much for you?

It's good. Everything's
going well.

I might even have found
my niche.

Oh, great.


- Here's your bread.
- Hi, Yumiko.

- Here.
- Customers love it.

I try to do my best!

My boss put in something extra for you.

- Thank your boss.
- Thank you for your business!


Why are you here?

He's your dad?

I need to fix this.

A bulb?

- Radio calisthenics?
- Yes, I invited him to join.

That's where he goes!

Now he has free time,
why don't you travel together?

That won't happen.


Since Mom died we've never

been anywhere together.


Well, I was busy with work and all...

In 38 years he never took a day off
or was late.


But he never got to be manager.
He's too rigid.

Thank you.

Not everyone has to have the
same skills.

You're so nice, Nozomi.

- Can you marry my dad?
- Don't be ridiculous.



How rude...!

Here I am.

Sorry about my daughter.

It must be fun living with
someone like Yumiko.

You think so?

She's quite a handful.

I don't know who she resembles.
She's harsh.

She nags me to do house chores.


OK, I'll see you at 6:30 tomorrow
in the park.


See you.


What next?

Silly men.

Come on! Moo louder!

Have no shame!

In every bone of your body,
you're a cow.

Can you show him?


That's a perfect dairy cow.


Let's go.


Keep mooing.

Good moo.

Moo the customers in!

Affordable steak, moo!

300 grams of shoulder roast, please.

Shoulder roast, right away!


Why did you choose this job, Kaoru?

Because of the accommodation
and flexible hours.

Flexible hours?


I'm an amateur astronomer.

I'm up all night observing stars.

So I need a job that
fits in with that.

My parents

have a rice shop in Nagano.

They nag me to go back
and help out.

It's a pain but

while I watch stars
I can forget it.

See the 3 bright stars?
One's Spica of Virgo.

And Arcturus of Bo? tis and
Denebola of Leo.

They form the Spring Triangle.

Check the planisphere.

Spica is bluish and kind
of feminine.

And Denebola is orange and manly.


I'll get more.

Thank you, Shiori.

- Here are the vegetables.
- Thank you!

All set?

Hand these out.

The meat's ready, Michie.


Thank you.


You can't have my daughter.


Care for a marshmallow?


Breathe deep.

Inhale and exhale.

I'm hungry. Let's go to Olivier?

It's probably closed.

Nozomi didn't come today.

Do you think Nozomi's OK?

What do you mean?

She wasn't herself at the BBQ.

Something's wrong...

Mind your own business.

That's the only rule we have.

One, two!

Hey, you seem distracted.


My girlfriend and I argued.

What about?

It's my fault.

I put astronomy before
a steady job.

You're only young once.


she thinks I'm an escapist.

Women don't understand
a man's needs.

Don't let her rule the relationship.

Never apologize to women.

Never apologize.

I'm sorry.

It was my favorite plate.

Don't be careless about the housework.

Do it right.

But I...

No excuses.

I'm sorry.

Look at this...

It's in so many pieces.

Good morning.

Good morning, Nozomi.



Uh, I...

What happened, Leader?

I messed up.

I won't be able to
exercise for a while.



Can you be the leader
until I recover?


OK, guys?

The new leader!


It'll go well.

I don't think I can fill in
for the leader.

Don't worry.
You won't have to do anything.

I'll support you 100%.



I'll hand out

the manual I prepared for you.

- A manual?
- Yes.

Give these to everyone.

Can you help me, too?

Radio calisthenics is
amazingly well thought-out.

Let's impress Mr. Kanda with
our perfected skills.

Good morning!


Come on time!

It's OK. It's not 6:30 yet.

It's not OK if you want to
do it right.


Let's meet at 6:15 from now on.

Be punctual, please!

Let's get started!

Mrs. Shinjo.
Put your heels together.

And lift them.


Mr. Komai.

Bigger circles.
Think of the shoulder blades.

- Shoulder blades?
- Yes, bigger.


Bigger still.


Swing your arms more.


Are you OK, everyone?

Of course not!

Don't tell us what to do!

I'm sorry.

Let's improve in
the Leader's absence...

Mind your own business!

We want to be more casual.

That's right!


Do something.

We can't keep up with that man.

You're the leader,
make him quit.

If you can't...

I'll quit.

I just...

want us to exercise together.


I see.

Mr. Kijima...

Thank you very much.


I think we should get
club uniforms.

Do you like red or blue?

Neither of them.

We'd be better off
without a manual or uniform.

I appreciate your support.

But I'm the leader now.

Can't you let me handle it?


It's just a few of us now.


Big news!

You're here but...

the others are over there.


Over there.

This way.

Get down.


It's a coup d'? tat.

Mr. Kijima always wanted to be
the leader...

Mr. Kanda's gone so
yesterday's mess-up was his chance.


Can't you come back?
We'll make it fun.




Good morning.

If you apologize officially for
yesterday, you may join us.

- Then...
- But!

Without Sano.

What will it be?

Lose Sano and join us or

keep going with your 4 friends.

I want all of us
to exercise together.

The deal's off!


I'll find more members.

I can't exercise.


Because I often watch stars all night.

Come on, please.

Sorry but I can't.

I hate...

seeing Nozomi

so sad.


Is Dad behind this?

No. I thought it'd be nice
if you joined us.


You told me that you two didn't
go out together.

Wouldn't it be nice
to join him for exercises?

I'm too old for that sort of thing.

Are you sure?


You should realize

that parents aren't
around forever.

Oh, Dad...

Sleep in your bed.

What's this?

Hi, Dad.

Good morning.

You're up early.

Nozomi told me no one's
exercising with you.


Well, I'll come then.


Good morning.

Good morning.



Good morning.

- Good morning.
- It's raining!

It's pouring!


I'm Yumiko Sano.
Nice to meet you.

Hey! We're here!

- Thanks!
- Sorry I'm late, Michie.



- Why are you here?
- What's up?

- I was invited.
- Me too, by my colleague.

Your colleague?

That's my dad.

Your dad?

You two know each other?

Of course, he's my boyfriend.

Since college.

- Right?
- Yes.

If I'd known you worked with Dad
I'd have introduced you.


Why didn't you tell me
that you were working?

I oppose.


You can't marry him.

What do you mean?

He does odd jobs and
lacks ambition.

He can't make you happy.

You do odd jobs too.

Guys, I observe stars...




It's my life. Stay out of it.


Don't talk to me that way.

Don't start acting
like a father now.

When have you been a father to me?

It was for you that
I gave up for everything.

No, I made sacrifices for you!

Calm down!

- Not now.
- But...

It's between us.

But don't say things you'll regret.
You're family.

I give up...

Let's go.

I haven't finished!

I have!

You won't listen to me anyway.


Michie, calm down.

How dare you!


I'm OK.

I wish you'd died!

You're lucky to have someone
to argue with!

I don't know...

Let's forget this whole
exercise thing.

Are you OK?

I'm fine.

I'll walk you.



- You'll catch a cold!
- OK.


- Yumiko, listen.
- What?

You should try having a
talk with Michie.

Why should I?

Because he's

your dad.

How about you? You don't contact
your parents.

You've got me there...


Don't you resent him for hitting you?

I'm just worried.


Think about it.

You and Nozomi want
nothing to do with him.

So Michie has no one to turn to.

That's his business.

It's the morning of
a hopeful new day

Breathe in happiness
and look up...

Hey, Michie!

Mr. Kanda.

The park looks bigger
when no one's around.

I'm sorry.

It's no problem.

Until Nozomi came along

I was the only one
exercising here.

She came to live in this town

in summer, 10 years ago.

It's the morning of

a hopeful new day

Breathe in happiness

and look up at the sky

Excuse me, Ma'am?

Did you try Radio Calisthenics?

I did it in grade school
every summer.

Good. Join me then.


Why did she move here?

She caused a fire at an inn.

It was owned by her husband's family.

It didn't cause huge damage.

But as a result

she got kicked out.

She hasn't been able to see
her son since then.

I told you that we only
had one rule about

minding your own business.


sometimes you have to break rules.


What do you want?

I won't exercise anymore.

Never mind that.

Mr. Kanda told me.

About why

you came to this town.

I know it's silly

to drink to forget.

My son was still very young.

I hurt him...

Of course they'd kick me out.

Who wouldn't?

That's enough.

Give it back.

Give it back!

Blaming yourself

won't rewind time.

What you told me

opened my eyes.

I am so lucky to

have family to argue with.

So please...


Hi. Mr. Kanda asked us
to pick up Nozomi.

We came out of concern for Nozomi.

I know.

You know

I've never been to
Kamiyashiro hot springs.

Maybe we can stay overnight?

We can have baths, eat and even
sing karaoke!

I guess it's not that kind
of occasion.

We're here, Nozomi.

I can't do this.

I'm sorry.

You told me

parents aren't around forever.

You might only have this chance.

Is that OK?

- This way.
- Welcome to our inn.

We've been expecting you.

I'll take your luggage
to your room.

Is that...

He's my ex-husband.

Kaoru, go.

Michie, come with me.

I'm not ready...

- I'll go.
- Hold it!

- Let's have a plan.
- A plan...?

Do you have some business with us?


I live here.

- Are you staying here?
- No...

We're not guests.

I'm so glad... You look well.


Who are you?

I'm sorry...

Why are you apologizing?

I don't know you.

If you're done, please go.

Please leave.

Give me a break!


I'm happy to see you!

I'm really...


I can't fix this.

- Can we take a train?
- We missed the last one.


let's call a cab.

It'll be cheaper to stay there.


- Push!
- OK.

Can you steer to the left?

That's good.

What now?


About Nozomi.


thinking about it.

You know.

I won't give up Yumiko.

You know...

I'm sorry.

This was a bad idea.

It's OK.

It's me who should apologize.


I slapped your face.


It's nothing.

I completely

forgot about it.

He was much taller
than I imagined...

It's time for
Radio Calisthenics.

Stretch to music...

Good morning.

Good morning.

I woke up out of habit.

Me too.

Maybe we can exercise?

Don't you think two is

better than one?

Don't you think
two is better than one?

Good morning.

So early!

Arms up and down,
then cross them.

Pull them back and repeat it.

I realized something with Mr. Kanda
that day.

No matter how dark the outlook

each morning offers hope.

I want us all to exercise...

I'll make it happen.

How are you,
Radio Calisthenic members?

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

I'm writing because I have
something important to say.

- You can drink after you finish.
- OK.

Next Sunday

at 6:15 in the morning.

I'll be at the park.

If you could please join me

I'd be happy.

I'll start the music on the
radio cassette player at 6:30.

If you'd like

please exercise with me.

Kijima Family

What time is it, Yumiko?

It's 6:20.

- Why are you nervous?
- You know why!


There they are.


Good morning.

Hi, Leader!

Good morning.


selfish behavior

ruined the unity

of your club.

I'm sorry.

We honestly hope to
exercise with you all.

If you give us

one last chance.

Let's exercise.

Good idea.

Who could ignore that cute letter?


No more boot camp, please.

Never. I promise.

OK, let's spread out.

Just a minute.

Mr. Kijima!

You came.

I was just walking past.

I apologize for being rude to you.

Can you show us how it's done?

I want to exercise with everyone.

If you don't join, we'd be one short.


At his insistence, I might join you...

Come on!

Go up the front.

It's 6:30!

My apologies!

Spread out.


Let's start but don't push yourselves
too hard!



Stand tall and stretch your
whole body.

Next, arms and legs.

Now arms revolving,
going one way

then the other way
in a big circle.

Legs spread out for a
chest stretch.

Swing your arms up and down.

Now side stretch.

To your left, one, two.

Now to your right.

Forward bends

as if to bounce.

Then bend backwards.

Twist your body

left, right.

Swing back twice.

Right, left.


1, 2, 3, 4

5, 6, 7, 8

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

7 and 8!


- Dad's never seemed so happy.
- Really?

Is he always?


- Kaoru.
- Yumiko!

Please marry me.


Not now...

Will you marry me?

Are you serious?


You're broke.

I'll work at the rice shop!

Are you sure?


I can see the stars better in Nagano.

I'll marry you.



- Yumiko!
- You're embarrassing me!

Let go!

Come on, everyone's watching!

OK, I will, I will.

Thank you!


I have something to tell you.


You invited me to join the club...

Thanks for that.

Why now?

It's like what Mr. Kanda did for you.

You helped me pull my life together.

I mean it.

- That's dramatic!
- It's true.

I sincerely think so.



It's me who's grateful to you.

I came to a realization when
I saw my son.

He may reject me but

I won't stay away from him.

That wouldn't have happened
without you.

Thank you so much.

Sorry, you were saying something.

Never mind, it's OK.


Hi, Shiori.

I need your advice about a
boy who sits next to me.

He ignores the teachers and
keeps bugging me.

- What does he want?
- Maybe he likes you.

Oh, give me a break!


- Thank you.
- Let's eat.

You've improved.

Have I?

I'll be fine, you know.

- He agreed?
- You convinced Dad, right?

You didn't tell me!


I'll miss you.


You look very nice in that dress.

Thank you.

But Yumiko is the star today.

She's a beautiful bride.

Let's get the bride's father
up here for a speech.

Michie has something he wants
to tell you all.

Good luck.

Loosen up, buddy.

Thanks for coming to
celebrate with the newlyweds.

I thank you on their behalf.


I'm an ordinary person
with no special talent.

If it has any worth,

I'm good at obeying rules.

I never took a day off from work.

He was a good boy!

But there was just one time

that I left work early.

30 years ago

the day Yumiko was born.

When I held her, I just knew.

I'd protect her with my life.

That's what I thought.


when I look back

she was the one

who protected me.

When my wife

passed away

I was so depressed but...

My daughter is strong

and caring.

She pulled me together.

I wish it was your mom standing
here now.

I've always thought that.

Sorry I wasn't...

a perfect dad.



thanks for everything.

I'm ready. How about you?

I'll take your photo now!

I'm ready.

From baker to rice vendor!

I love bread and rice.

We'll send you new-harvest rice.

Not too much, I'm on my own now.

We'd better go.

Drive safely.

I will.

I'll call when we arrive.

Goodbye.'ll be cloudy tonight.

Chiba's sunny during the day
and foggy at night.

That was the weather.
At the tone it's noon.

It's time for afternoon stretches.

Stretching every day refreshes
your body and mind.

Are you ready? Stand up straight.

This is Radio Calisthenics.

Stand tall and stretch your
whole body.

Next, arms and legs.

Good morning.

1, 2, 3 and 4

Nobody was as fabulous as you

You were doing stretches and

We were all there 1, 2, 3, and 4

Admiring you, dah-dum-dah-doo

Everyone was sitting
on the grass

With their hair and
light summer shirts

waving in the breeze
blowing through the grass

As the day gives way to night

And we started climbing a tree and

You were right there
1, 2, 3 and 4

Observing us, dah-dum-dah-doo

See you later, see you tomorrow

See you again

Goodbye, see you

We'll have fun again tomorrow

Bye-bye, bye-bye

Bye-bye, see you again

We'll have fun again tomorrow

Subtitles by Dean Shimauchi