My Rebound Girl (2016) - full transcript

A young woman tired of being the rebound girl makes rules for herself to avoid that situation. But she is immediately challenged when she makes a connection with another heartbroken young man. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
--== McEphie ==--

Hi, good morning, sir.

When I was a kid, Papa once told me,

"You can tell how much a person loves you

by the coffee they make for you."

But what Papa didn't tell me

is that there are
different varieties of coffee.

You can taste all of them,

but you have to be cautious

because you might get



Forgive me, Rocky.

Yes. Just like love, right?

I've been burned many times

because I'm a stubborn person.

But if we don't try them,

how are we supposed to find out
which is the right blend for us?


This smells so good.

You're really something.

That's so cute!

They look good, yeah?

What about Timmy and me?

Here's yours, honey.

-Does it taste better with that?

It's so it won't taste bitter.

Why is it an A instead of an O?


Sorry, I messed up.

That's enough.

Taste this.

-Banayad blend.

That's it. That's really it.

-It smells like failure!
-Smells great, right?

I hope that's enough.


-I'll have a taste first.
-Just a sec.

See? Tastes good, right?

What do you call this? Banayad, you say?

-It's okay.
-Of course.

She made that one.

If it's okay,
can you give me back my money?

Wow! You already pinned
our pictures up here.

Yes! So everyone will feel at home.

Sort of like they're still inside
their own house.

But why would you buy coffee
when you're at home?

But we haven't found the perfect blend.

You said that last month too.

Here, Timmy, have a taste.

-Go on.

-This is okay!

I made that one, that's why.

It's because you don't have good taste.

That's how I ended up with you, is it?

Please, let's look for better beans.

And when we find them, I promise you guys,
we'll open the shop the very next day!

-Tomorrow, she says.
-This will be another fruitless search.


Look, see? Half of our plants
here at the farm are infested.

It affects them all the way from
the other part of the farm.

Ronnie, we already talked about this.

The process of planting we're using now
is organic.

The fertilizer you're using
doesn't break down easily.

The residue attracts pests.

Rich, I told your Aunt Mildred that too.

Do you know what she replied?

"It'll cost a lot.
The farm can't afford it."

She's a backward thinker.

This will seriously affect you.

I know.

I don't know how to tell my colleagues

that next payroll,
they will receive just half.

Don't worry.

I'll go with you.

I'll talk to them.

Auntie, we cannot settle
for short-sighted goals for the farm.

Are you forgetting that I'm the one
who saved your job on this farm

just because you wanted to do
this business experiment?

…for everything you did.

But, Auntie, it's a mess.

We cannot use half of our crops.

That's why we're selling it, right?

Your mom and I already talked about this.

We're not selling the farm!

I'll talk to my mom, Auntie.

We are not going to sell the farm!

By the way, Eloise came by yesterday.

I thought you guys had already
gotten closure.

It was nothing much.
She was just returning my things.

That was it?

Rocks, that's nothing.

Babe, do you still have a choice?

That's what I said, babes.

Dude, can you put on a shirt, please?

Yes, but that's nothing compared to
the law of supply and demand.

Auntie has to see that it's profitable
to manage the farm in the long run.

You said that by our fifth anniversary,
we'd have our own restaurant.

We're already on our sixth.

Now you want to be a farmer?

A handsome third-gen farmer.

You're so boastful!

My prof is like George Clooney's twin!

…you miss Filipino food.

Bro, I'm still here!

Go on, babes. You might be late.

Hey, Timmy!

You're leaving me behind!

You're too slow.

No, you're too fast.

Why? I'm trying my best
to keep up with you!

But it's not enough!

You're pushing it.

Unlike me.

But you, Rocks,

I don't know.

Just like the café.

What does the café have
to do with running?

You're too slow.

You've been waiting
for your "perfect blend."

There have been so many
wasted opportunities.

Supplies, time, and money, Rocky.

So, are you saying I'm wasting your time?

We're wasting each other's time.

I was right, wasn't I?

And now you're pointing at me?
I'm the mistake?

We should never have gotten together.

You know what, Timmy?

You should've been honest.

You should've told me you were leaving me
because you're going back to your ex!

You're right.

This was a mistake.

It was my mistake.

I thought you loved me.

They're all assholes.

Will that be all, sir?

Where is Isa?

She's there? Isa!

Ma'am? Ma'am Isa?

Rocky, what happened?

-Where's the…
-Which one?

The anchovy delight.

It's already been phased out. Sorry.

Do you want anything else?

-Why did you do that?
-Oh my God.

-I will ask them to cook it. Okay.
-But why did you do that?

-Ma'am, have a seat first.
-Why did you do that? Timmy!

-Please prepare one for me now!

Relax, ma'am.

Gosh, ma'am, please sit down.

Don't behave like that.

Don't be like her when you grow up.

Bro, I'm already grown up.

Sorry, but someone will have it first.

But if she says no,

that's mine, okay?

Have some mojos.

No, thank you. Give it to them.

To that pedophile.

-Are you sure, ma'am?

Mojos for you.

The kid might like it.

I'll wait for the anchovy delight.

Ma'am, here it is.

There you go. Enjoy, ma'am.

Why does it still taste so good?

-Ma'am, here are some napkins.
-I don't understand.

I know he's making a fool out of me.


But I'm still eating it.

Give me that!


Oh, what?

You startled me!

Why do you look like that?

You woke me up!

You were too loud!

"Be choosy. You won't run out of guys."

What a pretty girl to say that!

"Investigate to see
if he has already moved on."

You're a stalker.

"If you really want a guy
who's just broken up with a girl,

make sure to bash his ex."

You're a stalker and a basher.

"When on a date, don't be shallow."

"Prolong the courtship."

Are you sure?

Someone just has to open a door for you,
and you fall in love.

…when everything's settled,
don't be paranoid."

-Cousin, this is a lesson well-learned.
-Read the last one.

When you reach the one-year anniversary…

You're a rebound girl no more!

This is nice!

Can you do all of that?

Don't be a pessimist.

Yes! I have to follow all these

because this will be the last time
I'm going to be a rebound.

I will support you.

But you should keep that in mind,
even at the coffee shop.

There you go.

So that I won't forget how these guys
made me their rebound.


Keep in mind!


So it won't happen ever again!

Best, I don't think that's a good idea.

Best, do you think Timmy and Eloise
will be together for a long time?

Best, think positive thoughts, okay?

When do you think Eloise will die?


-This one is to die for.

Best, can we throw this away?

Hey, no! Don't!

-You're overreacting. Give it to me.
-Let's throw this away.

We're saving money, right?

Why would you just throw this away?

We can use this as a cloth wipe.


what's happening to us?

We haven't opened this shop yet,
but it looks like we're already closing.

That's okay.

We can borrow money from someone else.

Let's not depend on those fools!

No balls!

Best, it's okay. You can take that out.

Best, it's okay.

-What was that for?
-Let's not use the air-con.

We're trying to save money, right?

Save, save!

"Save, save"!

Do you remember when we said…


Rich, it's…

Do I know him?

Since when?

The last time I went home.

-Why are you only telling me now?
-I tried to stop it.

But you didn't.

And now you love him?

Is it that George Clooney?

We're apart.

So, now it's my fault?

If you had a problem,
you should have talked to me, not that…

We've been together for a long time.

I thought this was it.

But it's not.

Bro, I'll see you at dinner.


How important is this person we're meeting
that I have to take the EDSA?

-Guys, I'm here! Sorry, I'm super late!
-Here she is now.

I just left my shoes in the car.

Should I go back for them?

This is Rocky.

This is Rich.

He's my high school friend.
He'll replace Timmy.

Because I'm always on time.
It doesn't matter if--

In the Philippines,
there's always traffic.

If you always arrive early,
you'll just end up grumpy.

So, in life,
it's better not to be a show-off.

So, that's the excuse used by
people who are late?

Now, what?

I've seen you somewhere.

Actually, I didn't just see you.

I even experienced you.

That was you.

He's the one I was telling you about!
The pedophile!

She was my sister.

Rocky! Have some fries, please!

What now?

It's settled. I'll handle everything.

Oh, my tummy hurts!

Why didn't you guys tell me
your friend was a comedian?

That floor you're on now,
and the path you walked on to get in here,

they're my floors.

These walls

are my walls.

Even the ceiling is mine.

In short, no house…

You know,

we think you need us
more than we need you.

Can you guys be co-managers?

So we can continue with this.

Come on, dude.

Why do you have so many surprises?

I'm fine with that.

Me too.

Fine. But I will check your farm first.
It could be all rotten.

Once you taste it,

you might drop your--

What? Go on.


You'll drop your jaw
when you taste my beans.

So you're saying I have a big jaw.

Guys, we're good, okay?

No more backing out. This is it.

Let's take a picture!

Look, Pa!

Let me see!

Look, it's beautiful.
These are only sample menus.

They look good.

Handle it wisely.
You're not getting any younger.

If I go bankrupt, when you wake up,
I'll be there sitting next to you.

Make sure you are.
I've heard that so many times.

By the way,

what does the house look like?

Don't do anything with my room.

It's beautiful.

By the way, if you need money--

Pa, you don't have to worry.
We have a new partner.

You have another new partner?

Fine. I don't have any money
to lend you anyway.

Hi, Uncle Gaddi!

-Hello! How are you?
-How are you?

Still cute like you.

-I'm size six.

Bye, Uncle Gaddi!

Take care! Love you!

Let me do it.

A bit more, Jaime.

That's it.

-Is that okay?
-It's good.

Okay, I'll be here.

-What is it? Is it heavy?
-Look at my muscles.

Look how big my muscles are.

Best, you've been reading that same page
for a while.

Oh! I just find it hard to read.

Okay, it's hard to read.

Is this okay?

That's perfect! Perfect for Rocky!

It's perfect. The customers will love
the wall of memories!

That was Rocky's idea.

Have a look, Rich.

You seem to have had a lot of customers.

I am so mad at him!

He's so annoying.

He thinks so highly of himself
just because he's hot.

But when he looks at you,

there go his dreamy eyes.

And when he smiles…

When he smiles, you melt like ice cream.

And his abs…

What the heck, Rocky?

We don't like him. He's arrogant.

He's just our business partner
who we hate, okay?

Here it is.


I missed this!

Rich, come here. Have a taste.

-I'll be leaving in a while.
-Come on. Eat here.

This is really tender.
You can even eat the fish bones.

Come on. Let's eat.

It's fine.

There you go.

It tastes really good.

So, you know how to cook?


The fish suddenly jumped into the pan.
Then I brought it here.

Rocks, tell him the story. Come on.

It's my dad's recipe.

He used to make it for my mom

so she wouldn't get pricked
by any fish bones.

That's it?

It's good.

But short.

My mom left us when I was just 12.

I think I just swallowed a fish bone.

What is your Aunt Mildred talking about?

And you told her I gave you my blessing?

…so that in six months' time,
the farm will make a profit.

Is it because you don't trust me?

…supplying just one coffee shop
will not be enough.

…you'll mess up with your partners!

We are not going to sell the farm, Ma.

You rearranged it.

This is a better layout.

Here's one each for us.

I haven't had breakfast.

That's perfect.

We'll get drunk easily.

Here. Come on.

Why do you guys insist that I'm depressed?

I'm okay.

Why are you guys drinking here?

What's up with him?

You know what, guys?

I don't think
this fits our interior anymore.

You're from Perfect Blend, right?

Yes. I'm Rocky.

Okay. Just a minute.

I forgot to give this to Rich
the other day.

By the way, I'm Gilbert.

What did you guys talk about?

Who told you to take that out?

And the furniture! Why did you change it?

"This is better" my ass!

It doesn't! It looks crowded!

You're drunk.

Why didn't you guys stop him?

Do you know what you're doing?

You ruined my wall!

And you're going to ruin the café!

Damn him!

I despise him!

Damn him! What a fool!

Cousin! Calm down!

Isn't that stupid?

He's selling his coffee to our competitor!

Am I right?

He's a cheater!

The nickname "Timer" really fits him.

Because he's a two-timer.

He's a two-timer! A two-timer!

This is mine!

Wash it again!

I only have one of those!

We agreed to meet at 5:00 a.m.

-They were rerouting traffic in our area.

Why do we suddenly have to go?

Does your farm have somewhere else to go?

You were the one who said
you wanted to see the farm right away.

But I never said that we should just
up and go without any warning.

You're abruptly taking us with you
like it's a kidnapping!

…you'll like that all the way to the farm.

Because he's an annoying partner!
He gets on my nerves!

He always makes the wrong move.

Don't say anything that you can't back up.

Now, you can't go right away?

Hello? I'm here! I'm present!

What are you talking about?


Since you were late,
we get to deal with traffic.

I hope we're not going to be like this
the entire trip.

It's him. He was late. See?

What is that? Can't you change the song?

It's been playing on repeat!

-So what? It's a good song.
-It's annoying.

Then try to sleep.

I can't sleep.

Worry about the café, not me.

I don't care about you.
You are my problem.

It's the same thing.

Can't you move further away from me?
I can feel how thick-skinned you are.

That's not the process.

Stop spouting that farm jargon.

If those beans you're talking about
aren't up to my standards,

I tell you, you will be a memory!

Nothing. Nobody.

-You might not be able to forget about me.

Will you stop?
You've been arguing all day!

Stop it!

You're both coming off a breakup, so why
don't you try to understand each other?

It's so beautiful.

Have you ever tried a back ride before?

What's a back ride?

Slow down. I don't want to die!
I still want to have a family!

I'm done! Take me home!

That hurts.

Are you okay?

Slow down a bit, please.


Andoy, Lea, Joe, hey.

Quickly. Sir Rich is here.

-We're coming.
-Oh, thank God.


-Good afternoon.
-Mr. Ronnie.

-Good day.
-Hello, guys!

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, guys.

Guys, this is Mr. Ronnie.

He's been our helper since I was a kid.

He's in charge here.

And this is Mr. Andoy.

He's been here eight years.

His son, Richard.

This one's a hard-working kid.

And Miss Lea here…

-How are you, Miss Lea?
-Hello, sir.

She's the one in charge of pest control.

And Joe,
he's in charge of quality control.

-They are all related to each other.
-Hello, miss.

Come on, guys. I'll take you
to the other part of the farm.

Six hectares are for coffee,
and the other four are for vegetables.

Think they allow people to pick produce?

This is citrus, right?

Yeah, we're doing multi-cropping here.

It's a good use of the land.

When we harvest coffee,
it takes a long time to grow back again.

…they get something to harvest.

That way,
the farmers will still have an income.

This coffee tree is so beautiful.

You can have it.

He said it's yours.


-Something's on my back! Get it off!
-Wait. Hold on.

Get it off! I'm scared!

What is it?

-Sorry. Are you hurt?

You might slip.

Please stop. You've had enough to drink.

It's so nice watching them.

Come to think of it,

coffee is their livelihood.

Every day, people drink coffee.

The poor, the rich…

Coffee is part of our lives.

This isn't just business for me.

What I really want is…

to give people
the most delicious coffee there is.

The perfect blend.

Where can I find that?

It's difficult to find the perfect blend.

Maybe the right blend would do.

And the right creamer.

You never know.

Maybe later on,
"right" will become "perfect."

Come on!

Have some drinks!

Come on, let's drink.

Okay, coming!


-Can you still drink more?
-I'm not drunk.

What are you doing there?

I'm just--

I'm looking for a tablespoon.


-I can't sleep.
-Shall we have some coffee?

You know what?

Mom never served cold coffee to Dad

because coffee
should always be served hot.

Just like love,

it should be hot.

But when Mom left us,

that's when I realized that
coffee gets cold.

Love also gets cold.

So Dad made coffee for me instead.

I found it bitter.

But eventually, I came to like the taste.

You know, Sofia doesn't like coffee.

Here we go.


Mister, if you want to move on,

you should never mention your ex

unless you're bashing them.

I'll give you an example.

I can't shout here, right?

You're such a jerk!

Your turn.



No one can hear you.
Get it out of your system. Go!

That's it?

That's all?

That's it?

Sofia, you're a fool!

When did you become an expert
on moving on?


not an expert.

I just don't want to be
a rebound girl anymore.

I've already reached my quota for that.

It's tiring.

That's why

I know how you feel,

but don't ever make a girl your rebound.

You know…


you know how to truly love.

You're not a rebound type.


You're up early.

I just needed to run.

I didn't know you were that active.

Only when I need to think.

I can focus more when I run.

What are you thinking?

It looks intense.


some coffee creations at the coffee shop.

That kind of thing.

Things I need to do.

What's that?

Can you smell that?

It smells good.

It's this. Have a taste.

What? What is it?

-Guys! Yes! We found it!
-What did she say?

Found what?

So, we're ready to open, right?

Once we settle our finances.

We're not buying a couch.

Rocks, all cafés have a couch.

They need it for people to cuddle.

That'll be the last thing we buy!

I'll take care of all that.

Just relax.

Where does money grow?

Want to get something to eat?
There's this new place in Malingap.

But I'm not done reading this.

Oh yeah.

But I'm not hungry.

Then let's go to the bookstore first.

For what?

For the café.

You're wearing heels today.


My slippers broke.

You're so observant.

Come on, let's go.


Need help?

This tastes great.

Can you hurry up?

You're so slow.

You run fast.


Someone once told me

that I run slow.

No need.

You're better to be with.

Same here.

Come on, let's go.

I know how obvious my love for you is,

but I often feel the need to say it.

To shout it.

It needs to be shown.

It needs to be felt.

That's why we're here on the oval

because I want them all to see that
I love you very much.

I want to shout that
I've found the girl I'm going to marry.

That's nice.

No. It's nothing.

You also said that
about all your past boyfriends.

Look at me.

But do I have to avoid him?

I think that's going to be
a hassle for us.

But you have rules, right?

Oh yeah.

I'm going to be watching you.

Rocks, wait.

What's up with you?

-You've been avoiding me.
-Let me go!

Is there a problem?

Rocks, talk to me.

What's happening to you?

Rocks, wait.

Let's talk.

Rocks, I know how you feel.

I tried stopping it.

But I can't do it.

I'm scared.

I'm scared that I might feel
the pain that I've felt in the past again.

And if I do…

I won't survive it.

Don't be scared, Rocky.

Everything's fine, okay?

Rich, I think…

I think I love you.

I love you.

I won't leave you.

You won't leave me?


You will never leave me for someone else?

I will never leave you for someone else.

It's not working.

I can't cut it.

It's not working.

Bea, can you hold this for me?
Just for a minute.

Lincoln, can you hold this.

I'm just going to announce this today
at our grand opening of Dream Café…

…because I'm going to marry someone.


You're marrying her?

We're going to open it!

You still can't cut it?

-Never mind. Just remove it.

Okay, go.

There you go!

-Welcome to our brand new café!
-So much food!

It's here!

Can you see it?

Here it is! Daddy!

I'm so proud of you.

I have to go now.


I don't run late anymore.

I skipped lunch for months when I was in
high school just to be able to buy that.


Then I can't keep this!

Take it back.

This is mine now.

You look so busy today.

I'm hurrying the deals for the farm.

Why do you have to hurry?

Why do they want you to sell that?

It's a hassle managing it.

It's not making an income. It's rotten.


When I was a kid,

we grew up on the farm.

I saw how hard Dad worked for it.

So, then, let's make it work!

Let's team up.

Let's make it better.

Since you're busy, I'm going to be
your secretary for the day.

Ma'am, he's not available.

Because he is mine now.

Someone's calling.

It's fine.

…she can handle it herself.

Bro, have you seen this?

This is useless. Cut your losses.

Just sell your farm.

Just focus here.

There's still a chance
that if I can get the Kapitolyo segment…

You have lots of café competitors there.

Dude, if you need an investor…

I thought you had already moved on.

We don't talk anymore.

I've already moved on.

Have you seen the bill I sent you about
our delivery cost for next month?

Maybe we can reduce our expenses so we can
make up for what we've overspent.

So, maybe, I was thinking next week…

Yes. That's good.

Next week, maybe we can do inventory.

Let's check the stock
we don't need to order.

It's Lincoln. He's been bugging me.

Oh! I'm sorry.

Are you okay?

-Let me take it.

No, I just got dizzy.

Have you been dizzy?
Maybe you're just hungry.

No, it's happened to me before.

-You might cut yourself.
-No, I got this.

Joseph, please get the cleaning materials.

Hey, guard him.

-Give it to me.

You just let him shoot.

-What's your problem?
-Relax, dude.

-Calm down.
-Take it easy.


Take it easy.

Don't mind him, bro.

Let's take a time-out.

Don't mind him.

Don't tell me you're going to answer that.

She wants us to grab a coffee.

Maybe she wants you back?

Then I'll dribble it and shoot.

If she exposes herself, that's a rebound.

Dribble again and then pass it.

Are you sure you're going to pass it?

Hey! What's up?

Are we going to play,
or are you going to cry?

Come on! Game!

What if he still loves her?

He probably still has feelings.

You're scared, thinking that maybe
you're both each other's rebound.

Whether he still likes Sofia or not,

only time will tell.

What's important is

you're more important to him now.


You look handsome.

I want you to know

that I don't want you to get hurt.

But I still think of her.

If only I could stop it
the way I can stop a watch, Rocks.

I know this sounds selfish.

But I need you.


You got an expert beside you.

I thought our extension of payables
had been fixed?

Look! We just received a notice
about the espresso machine!

Rich was supposed to fix that.

Where is he?

He's out again?

Is he really serious about the café?

Talk to your friend!

What's the problem?

Rich wasn't able to fix something
because he's always out.

Best, did something happen?
Are you guys okay?

I'll talk to him.

Okay, Best.

Where's Rich?

Is this for me?

No, it's for Rich. Where is he anyway?

He said he would be staying overtime.
That's why I brought him food.


Sofia, wait!

I'm done.

I can't run anymore!

My lungs are mad at you now!

Who are you thinking of?

Let me guess.

Is his name Rich?

This is what happened
with Timmy and me too.

We got along.

And then it went cold.

He left me.

And then his ex came back.

Do you think Rich would do that to you?

I'm not sure, but…

I don't want to feel that way again.

Once was enough for me.

Are you sure?

You said you loved him.

It's so hard to love someone, Kristine.

You're not sure if they love you back

or if they like you.

So I guess it's okay. It's enough.

This is enough.
It's better not to pursue things.

It already hurts.

I know what I'm going to do will hurt,

but I think it will hurt more

if he's also going to leave me.

I wanted to clarify something between us.

Have a seat.

No, thanks. I might stay too long if I do.

It's because lately,

I've noticed that…

Well, it seems like we're both busy.

You're right.

I just need to focus on…

Maybe that's it.

Maybe we need to focus on work first.


If you know what I mean.

We're good.

When the café is stable,

or your farm's doing well,

then, you know…

But I hope, regarding the café…

…since we have a business to run.

So let's take it easy.

Dad, when Mom left you, did you cry?

When you wanted
to work things out with her?

Wait, get straight to the point.

In my case,

it really hurts.

I'm not a crybaby,

but it took me a while
before I could eat a milkfish again.

But I got lucky with Audrey.

Do you really love Aunt Audrey, Dad?

The truth.

I love her more than your mom now.

Can that really happen?

Just one ride away.

An airplane ride.

You can come here
if you're finding it hard to stay there.


Racquel Balbuena!
Your alarm's been going off.

Wake up!

I can't do this anymore. I want to die.


How do I turn this off? There.

Are you okay?


But I need to be okay.

You seem to have a few pictures here.

That's a work in progress.

But I don't think it will fit the theme.
These are all couples.

No. It's just a coincidence.

Some of them are single.

This is what we're going to do.
We will transform into a concept café.

How are you going to turn Perfect Blend
into a concept café?

We will conceptualize all the holidays…

And we will make gimmicks for our café.

We will start on Valentine's Day.

Our special target would be the singles.

Don't you think that will be hard to do?

I mean,
all the cafés here have already closed

because it's hard to maintain
a concept café.

If something's hard to do,
it doesn't mean you have to give up on it.

I know this is hard because

this isn't only about hard work.

Money is also involved.

But that's how it goes, right?

If you think something is worth it,
you do everything you can to get it.


Don't you think Perfect Blend is worth it?

I can't hear you!
Don't you think Perfect Blend is worth it?

Here's what we are going to do.

We will customize our drinks.

We'll have a matchmaking event
this Valentine's Day.

Those who order the same drinks
are the perfect match.

They're the perfect blend.

You're beautiful.

You're stupid, then.

Guys, let's get going.

What do you think, guys? Perfect couple?

-Perfect match!
-Yes, they are!

Just like us.

Finally, I found you.

For many years,
I've been circling around my yard.

I've already turned over all the stones.

I've already cut every strand of grass.

I've already searched Heaven and Earth

for the missing part of my heart.

The piece of bone
that will complete the image of love.

In my dreams, I followed

the traces you left.

When I opened my eyes, finally,

I found you.

Their stories were true.

I remembered that they told me,

"If you've already found
who you're looking for,

even if you have butterflies
in your stomach,

even if someone makes your knees weak
and your heart beat fast,

and you can't prevent your hands
from shaking,

you're making a mistake."

"She's not the one you are looking for."

The moment you find your destiny
is the moment you find peace…

Our souls planned this a long time ago,
even before we personally met…

Is there a problem?

Yes, there is.

Rich, we talked about this.

Aren't we okay?

You really don't feel it?

We're okay, just like that?

I am ready. I'm ready to take a chance.

I'm ready to love again.

I'm ready to set sail, regardless of
how I tried and failed in the past,

and drowned in false hope.

I know that the truth
of you being here in front of me now

is not of my own doing.

I've found you.

I am ready.

The only prayer
that I whisper to the wind is,

I hope you are too.

Too bad you missed it.
There were so many people earlier.

It was a relief that
she thought of doing the event today.

I think it went okay
because we had so many matches.

If you need anything, Rich is here.
I need to go fix something.

Rocks! Wait!

Where are you going? Rocks!


Answer my call.

Get away!

"Let me explain" my ass!

Explain it to yourself!

You even asked me
to give you another chance.

I thought you really meant it!
I stupidly believed you!

And then you asked Sofia to come?

Why is it like that, Rich? Why?

Rocks, I asked her to come because…

because at that time, I couldn't decide.

Me or her?

What do you think of us, Rich?

Is this some business experiment?

Come on, Rich!

Why are you so hard and hurtful to love?

I told you, remember?

I told you that it was already painful.

That I didn't want to love anymore because
I couldn't take another heartbreak.

Rocks, I love you.

I love you. That's why I am like this.

No. You don't love me.

If you really loved me,
you wouldn't have to choose

because no one else would matter!

I am so stupid.

I don't want it anymore…

Maybe you could be better without me.

Best! Sorry I wasn't able
to tell you guys that I was leaving.

It's okay, Best, we understand.

We know that you are there
for the coffee shop too.

Yes, I am. Why wouldn't I check
out other coffee shops here in Hawaii?

Best! Promise me
you won't change our concept café.

Of course we won't.

Remember you told us that
even if it's hard, we shouldn't give up.

Go for it!

Go for it!

Look! Even our baby's saying, "Go for it!"

You know,
that's what I'm going to miss most.

Are you sure?

You don't miss anybody else?

My brother's so hard-working!

Come here, darling.
I have something to show you.

Just a minute.

Do you see these leaves here?
While you're still young…

-You need to learn how to…

Here, look at this. Isn't it…

Am I that hard to love?

My son, it's really hard to fall in love.

If it were easy,

we wouldn't know its worth.

Remember the first time
you supervised here?

I knew that you really loved the farm.

But when it didn't work out,

you just gave up.

That's not the way to love.

Because the one you love is worth it.

Is she worth it, my son?

It's not hard to love you.

So don't stop.

Pour your love into the farm
and into the coffee shop!

Give it to the girl you love.

But she's already left, Ma.

Then you should wait.

Show her when she comes back
that she doesn't have to leave again.

Ma, but how?

The farm will be gone.

The coffee shop will be next.

We are not going to sell this.

My children are what matter most.

Hey! Wait! I should be included!

We are so melodramatic. Come on.

-You guys…

So, you do it right, okay?

-Bro! Do your best. Make Daddy proud.
-Ronnie, take care of Rich, okay?

Actually, I drew up some marketing plans
to cater to restaurants

so we can start building our client base.

Hi, cousin!

I really miss you! How are you?
When are you coming back?

It's been almost a year now.

Cousin, it's because
I think I'm beginning to like it here.


I already have a plane ticket
to come home!

Papa allowed me to come back.

Kristine, you want some barbecued meat?

I know that you've missed me a lot.

See you soon.

It seems so many things have changed.

Here it is!

Why does it look like

it's not wholesome?

You need more practice, okay?

Ma'am, are you looking for something?

Because I need to do something
in the kitchen.

Enough of your reminiscing.

I can't believe this! Imagine!

This is where we grew up
till we hit puberty!

Then we transformed it…

Did you know that someone is
already asking for a franchise?

That's right, Rocky!

Oh my! I feel like a princess!

I've missed this!


That tastes good.

Oh, what do you think?

-Perfect. It's delicious!
-You see?

-I told you so!
-It does have coffee beans!

The farmer himself brought that in here.

I think he's still out back. I will check.

I'll go with you.

This is corny.

I am a bastard.

I'm so sorry.

These brought me to tears.

Can I love you again?

I found out some guy hurt you.

He broke your spirit
and crushed your heart.

Can I help you move on from him?

It's okay with me if it's cool with you.

Yes, Rich.


Hi, Godmother.

You look like Dad.

So cute. Looks like you, Bea.

-Your baby is so cute.
-That's right.

When I was a kid, Papa once told me,

"You can tell how much a person loves you

by the coffee they make for you."

But what Papa didn't tell me

is that better-tasting coffee
is like love.

It shouldn't come easy.

It comes from bitter beans,

is heated to the right temperature,

and will blend with sweetener

even if it's instant coffee!