My Queen Karo (2009) - full transcript

Nine-year-old Karo grows up with her parents in an Amsterdam commune in the Seventies. She leads a carefree existence in this utopia-for-adults. Everything is shared in the squat, but not everyone is able to honor these ideals. Karo gets confused because of the internal conflicts that start to divide the group. Karo slowly realizes that nothing can stay the same forever. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

- Faster still?
- No.

Faster still.

- Still?
- Still?


Here you are, girls.

Put me down! Look.

- He's beautiful.
- Let me see.

- He's alive! Look.
- He's really cute, sweetheart.

- Iglo?
- Yes, I'm going to call him Iglo.

Come on, let's go.

- Where to now?
- Where to now?

To the country where anything goes.

Take it easy, we'll get it open.

Let's use our shoulders.
One, two, three.


Barr?, the mattress.

- Dalia, where's the mattress?
- We need it to claim this.

- Where's it?
- In the corner.

It's here.

Bloody hell!

Drag it.

- This way, Dalia.
- Barr?, get the chairs.


Right, guys, the big moment has arrived.
The place is ours.

- Watch out.
- No...

Come on, Karo, come here.

At last.

That's it.

- Pull it.
- OK. Let out some more.

The landlord is a real bastard

so if you tell him I've helped you,
I'll chop your balls off!

- That's perfect.
- OK.

- A girl has to earn a living.
- Yeah, of course.

Hey, Karo. Want to hear a miracle?

- Joop.
- Here it comes.

- Hey, thanks.
- Good luck!

- And what's your name, kid?
- Karo.

Mine's Jacky.

The woman downstairs says
the place has been empty for five years.

She is called Jacky.

- Be careful!
- Leave her be.

- What if she falls off?
- She won't fall.

Karo, come here.

It's a great place.
Just look at it.

- What about my room?
- Your room?

- Yes, my room.
- I'll make you one. Come on.

- OK? Is it alright?
- Shall we make some ice cubes, Karo?

- Hey, Karo, here.
- OK, close it.

Aren't you cold? You're OK?


That's my bed there.
And that's Iglo's room.

- What a lovely house!
- Lovely, isn't it?

- No, no, you have to knock!
- Of course. We have to knock.

- The door's there.
- Oh, right.

- This is my room, just for me.
- Nothing is just for you, Karo.

We're going to drink a toast.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I propose a toast.

- This way, Karo.
- This way!

Against speculation.

Against run-down buildings.

To squatting.

And to the Belgian invasion.

- Welcome to Amsterdam.
- And to the redistribution of property.

The party has started. There's drink,
there's music. Let's raise the roof!

Is Iglo OK?

- Here, d'you want to try this?
- Thanks.

My father kidnapped her
from a boarding school.

She looks like a...
what are they called...

those Flemish... what are they called?

- Flemish primitives. Maeterlinck.
- He's a writer.

- She looks like...
- You look Flemish.

- Thank you.
- Shall we dance?

Nice, Karo.

Slow down, Karo.

- Hello.
- Jacky.

Look, I'm going to school.

- Lucky you!
- Nice, isn't it?

Wow, I love your shoes!

- A present from Raven.
- Really? I'd like a man like that!

- Have a good time!
- Sure.

- Need some help?
- No. Go!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Want a shit sandwich?

- Belgians don't understand a thing.
- Jasper!

- You can do anything except discriminate.
- Discrimi-what?

I explained before.
Who remembers?

- You, you're the teacher.
- Yes, but I explained it to you.

I was your age then.

I was almost Hungary's national
champion. But then we fled the country.

- We fled too.
- Did you?

Why have you got this?

It's my proof I was almost champion.
Otherwise no one would believe me.

Then it's just blah-blah.

- It's like at school. You get marks.
- They're against marks at my school.

Really? How strange!

Marks are very important.
Otherwise you can't measure anything.

Marks are...

Hold on a moment.

Wait here a moment. I'll be right back.

How are the Utopians upstairs?

Fine. Busy creating Utopia on Earth.

Not for much longer.
Once I've got all the permits,

- I'm kicking that riff-raff out.
- Nice.

They're going to start demolishing
a beautiful old building in ten minutes.

No one was consulted, they just cleared
it. They're doing three more tomorrow.

It's time for civil disobedience,
people. It's our duty.

We have the right to live in this city.
It's our city.

The council wants it to become run-down.
Why? To make a profit.

For offices and the metro.
But do we need a metro?

Do we need offices?

- No! What do we want?
- To live here.

- What right do we have?
- To live here.

What can we do?
Occupy the buildings. Squat in them.

Bloody hell! Death to the speculators.
Stop them before it's too late.

Are we going to stand here and do


- Hello.
- Hello.

Who are you?

- Raven. A fellow revolutionary.
- I'm Karo.

- You're Belgian?
- I'm Belgian.

And I'm Karo. And I'm Karo.

- Your daughter?
- Yes.

My little monster.


Raven, the revolutionary,

how about giving me a kiss?


Homes. Homes.

Live here. Homes. Live here.





Hey, little monster.

You're off?

- Do a good job, eh?
- Bye, Karo.

Come here, come here.

- See you soon! See you soon, eh?
- Yes.

Come on, let's go and get a drink.

Hi, kid.

- Hi, Joop.
- Hi, pal. How did it go?


Dad's got you a present.

Are you going to a party?
Give me a kiss.

- The landlord was here.
- You got dressed up for him or for me?

- We need some money.
- So?

- I wanted to...
- You're not going to sell my present.

- But Raven...
- But what?

- It doesn't matter.
- I'm going to sort it.

- We've had a letter.
- You should read it.

- A threatening letter.
- A threatening letter?

If we don't pay,
we will have to take wing

and fly away. Exactly.

Why did we leave Belgium?

Because you told us we could come here.

Why did we leave Belgium?

- To live as we please.
- Yes.

- Sell the shoes and pay the rent.
- Like cowards?

We're not paying.
I'd rather shoot myself.

You don't need to do that, Joop.

Oh my God! My daughter.
Is she dead? She's dead!

Well, do you like it?


- I look just like a film star, eh?
- You look beautiful like that.

I love it.

- Bloody hell.
- Nice coat, eh?

Did you steal it?

What about those ears?

Look here.

You can wear these on your ears.

What was that woman's name?

- What woman?
- The one you kissed.

Did I miss something?

- Good luck.
- See you later.

- Well?
- We came here to be free. Enjoy.

- I want you.
- You've got me.

Just me?

We've just got here and
already you're laying down rules.

- Karo, come and help me.
- Sure.

- Here?
- Yes, in there.

- There.
- OK, spin it.

- Can I try it?
- Hold on.

- There.
- Spin it.

It's broken there. Dammit.

- It's great.
- D'you think so? Thanks.

Now we play with the heads of state
and not the other way round.

Show them how it works, Karo.

Hold on, I'll show you.

- What's your name?
- Daniel.

- D'you want to sit on it?
- Yes.

Seesawing makes
all those things spin round.

- What a great machine!
- Isn't it?

Come on, Karo.

- My father and I made this.
- Wow.

All by ourselves.

I need to take a look...

That's loose, dammit.

The cooker is fine.
The hose is old, so be careful.

Best not to touch this.
Works fine but is extremely dangerous.

Don't tell anyone.

We cook together
but it's not obligatory.

Let's see...
You already know Hans and Ineke.

Here then? I'll make some space.

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

Here's to a good time, I always say.

- I'm sure you do.
- It's a mess here.

Luckily, you haven't got much with you.

Isn't it OK here, Dalia? Take it easy,
I'm just making some space.

- Why?
- Why? Well ask...

- Why is he making space?
- Because Alice is coming to live here.

- Who said so?
- I did.

Over my dead body.

Dalia, what are you getting
wound up about?

What do you want?

Do you want me to leave?
Do you want to stay here on your own?

- Raven, we don't have to...
- I want you to live here.

Stop that.

Let go.

Come on.

Don't worry, it'll all be fine.


Don't worry about it.

You're a real jerk!

Come on, lay down.

How long this time?

Three seconds faster. You're doing well.
See, this way you can measure it.

Well done.

- And now backstroke.
- Backstroke?

On your back. I'll help you.
Push with your legs.

- Like this?
- Yes.

That's good. That's good.

Keep your pelvis still.

80 percent is rhythm. Rhythm, rhythm.

Come on, guys. Come on! That's it!

- They're fast, aren't they?
- I want that too.

- I'll pay for swimming lessons for you.
- What?

Well done!

Watch out.

I want to pay for swimming lessons
for her. Can I do that here?


Come inside.

Come with me.

- Don't you want to go upstairs any more?
- No.

- Aren't they nice to you?
- They're stupid.


Little fishy.

- Come on, let's go upstairs.
- No.

- Yes, come on.
- Do as your dad says, Karo.

Come on.


They're coming to live here.

Leave that alone, Karo.

Come here, Karo. Come here.

This is Daniel. Hey...
This is Daniel and that's Tara.

What's up, you little imp?

Don't be naughty. Come on.

Look. That is Tara
and that is Daniel.

3,000 files. Completely inundated.
Everyone anonymously.

Total confusion. It's incredible.

The town was flooded.
The police went in to help everyone.

Can you help me?

- Help her then.
- But she's playing a game.

She's not happy.

What do you want?

To share everything.

Leave it, Joop. Sit down.

Daniel, stand in a funny position.
That's good.

I've got a funny idea.

Even crazier, Daniel.

- Is this OK?
- Yes...

Karo, are you going to
come and play too?

Hi, Karo. How was swimming?

Keep still. Yeah, that's it.

Hey, little monster.

How was swimming?

How was swimming?
What's the matter?

What's the matter?

Hey, take it easy.

My father stood there every day
with a stopwatch.

In the end, you yourself have to
want to do it. You have to progress.

A bit like in life.

And when he wasn't there any more,
I carried on swimming.

- All by yourself?
- Yes.

- And then?
- Then I ended up in the team.

But it's about more than swimming.
It's about what you can do.

No one else can do it, only you can.
That's the most important thing.

- Karo, you've got a visitor.
- Anne Claire!

- Now what?
- Anne Claire!

How are you, kid?

What are you doing down there?

That's Jacky.

- Hello. I'm Anne Claire.
- Hi. I'm Jacky.

- You're Dalia's sister.
- Yes.

- Can you tell?
- Yes.

You've come to see her. That's nice.

That's Barr?,
our administrative worker.


- Welcome.
- Thanks.

- And this is Joop, our cultural attach?.
- We've already met.

- And this is...
- That is Alice.

- She's staying here a few days.
- Hi. Alice. Nice to meet you.

I've got work to do. See you later.

- And who are they, Karo?
- Oh, come on.

- Hello.
- This is Iglo.

- He's beautiful.
- Yes.

Stop a minute.

- Karo needs her own room.
- She's got one.

- With walls.
- We don't have those here.

Nothing is private here.
Like you, in your convent.

- We have our own rooms.
- You mean your own cells.

Like in a prison.

Can you make a living out of your art?

I do it for the people,
not for the money.

- What do you live on?
- On love.

- Love and water.
- Exactly.

- Where do you get money from?
- I take from the rich.

- That's called stealing.
- What's it called?

"Thou shalt not steal."
You should reread your classics.

Some have it all, we have nothing.
I'm redistributing things.

- That can't last.
- I'm sure it can.

We can spread our beliefs with this.
Believing is the most important thing.

- Believing?
- Yes.

- In God, yes.
- You in God, I in the people.

And you believe in...
How do you say it in Dutch?

Free love.

You learn quickly.
It's fine now.

Watch out!

Raven is in love and loves us both.
We sleep together. I share.

Nice for him, but what about you?

You have to choose,
otherwise he'll do it for you.

- Have you come to lecture me?
- No, that wasn't the idea.

I've got everything I want.
I've got Karo.

And Raven?

Him too.

- You're brave.
- Yes.

Come here.

- Sweet dreams.
- You too.

- Raven.
- What?

- Dalia.
- Dalia?

Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.

Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Pray for us sinners.

Is that a medal?

- Why have you got it?
- Because I'm married to Christ.

- Do you like it?
- Yes, I do.

If you're baptised...

If you're baptised, you'll get one too.

Then there is always someone
to watch over you.

- I want that too.
- What?

That there is always
someone to watch over me.

- Good morning.
- Hello.

You're not gonna get your pubic hair
in my bath, are you?

- Did you all sleep well?
- Like an angel, sister.

Like a baby, eh Raven?

- Coffee?
- No, thanks.

- Are you going to water the plants?
- Yes. They really need it.

Ego te baptiso, in nomine Patris
et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

Ego and baptiso,
and spaces and spiritus and maximus

Corpus Christi.

- What is that?
- The body of Christ.


- Ready?
- Yes.

ego te baptiso, in nomine Patris

et Filii

- Et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.
- Amen.

Look, Dad. I've been baptised.

Did you baptise my daughter
behind my back?

- Wait, let me explain.
- Close your eyes. Shut up!

- Stop, let me explain.
- What's going on?

- Raven, stop that!
- I'm unbaptising my daughter.

Our little heathen is back.

Come here, Karo. Come here, doll.

- OK, Karo?
- Stay here.

Don't worry about it.

I'm sorry.

Did you hurt yourself, Karo?

In sanctus spiritus...

Salaam, shalom,

snass snoose, sloose slass sloose.


Now you can rest.

It's a bit difficult now but
I'll defrost you when things get better.

Now there is always someone
to watch over you.

I was thirsty.


I asked to be baptised.

Don't worry about it.

I just don't want you to grow up
with feelings of guilt.

How about going somewhere on holiday?

Karo, are you coming on holiday too?

Are you OK, sweetie?

I'm going on holiday.

That's good.

With Tara and Daniel...

and... Alice and Raven.

Do you want to come with us?


Then I'm not going either.

Don't say that.

You're old enough
to decide for yourself.

Push, Karo.

- Have a good trip.
- Bye.

- Karo, do you dare jump from that high?
- Yeah, I do.

It's very high!

- Hey, there it is.
- Hello.

The older they are, the louder they cry.

A pitiful sound, eh? Try it.

You have to put both in there.
Are you going to do one?

I'm going to cover up one ear.

Go on then. You said you dared.

- Goodnight.
- Sleep tight, kids.


I wish it were always like this.

Without all that carry-on.

Then you should've stayed with Frans.

- I chose you.
- What?

I chose you.

Come on then.

That's it, Karo.

- No, no, no.
- Yes, come on!

One... two... three...

- Dalia?
- Karo?

What's this?

Hold on. Two minutes.
Well, how was your holiday?

- We can be alone here.
- I don't want to live here.

We'll talk about it later, OK?

What's the idea of this?

This way you can live as you want to.

As if we couldn't before.
Have you come to direct us, Joop?

No, I'm leaving that to you.

Dalia is doing his costumes.

Nice. So you're going to
live behind the wall too?

- No, I'm up on the roof.
- Up on the roof.

It's best if everyone
goes their own way.

Be quiet, you don't live here.

- What is your way?
- My way?

- What's the problem?
- The problem?

Are you going to live in front of
or behind the wall?

- We're all under the same roof.
- Behind it then.

- What about you?
- They're just kids.

- Are you going to live here or there?
- With Mum.

With Mum?

And you with your mum too, I suppose?

With Mum?

Come here.

I'm going to put you to bed.

The rottenest one.

Can you hear me?

- Do you like it?
- Yes, it's nice.

- Don't you listen to your mother now?
- You're not my mother.

- Oh no? Why not?
- Because you don't live with me.

Why don't you want to sleep here?

If you build a wall, you might as
well go and live somewhere else.

Karo, I'm staying here for you.

We're better off here.
You've got me and Raven nearby.

Don't you love him any more?

- I do.
- So why are you always crying?

- Sleep here.
- No, I want to be with Daniel.

- Are you in love with him?
- No, I'm not.

Come here. Come on.

- You're in love with him.
- I'm not.

- It's crying a bit.
- Turn it up.

- Mum, the apple's crying.
- Well done, sweetie.

I'm going to make some coffee.

This dress is fantastic.

Take it off and hurry up.
Inside, Danny. Go on.

Theo, you get the stool and stuff.


- You mustn't leave.
- Listen.

- Things change.
- No! No!

Give me a kiss.


- Sweetheart...
- No.

Raven! Raven!

- What's the matter?
- Look!

Hey, artist, if you don't pay, you're
the next to get kicked out. Get it?

- Get out.
- No way.

No? I'm not paying anything.

- You're crazy!
- Hey, come on.

Carry on swimming.

You bastard.


- We have to fight.
- That guy is capable of anything.

- Aren't you scared?
- What of?

- That we'll have to leave here.
- Then we'll go and live somewhere else.

But then we'll go our separate ways
and I'll never see you again.

You mustn't leave.


I haven't left.

You're strangling me.

You're a coward. You're not a pacifist.
In fact, everyone here is a coward.

And then you shoot.
No, other way round.

If we shoot,
they're dead before they come in.

Hey, warriors, can't you help?

- What?
- Help.

We haven't got time.
We've got to fight the enemy.

- Can you manage, Raven?
- Yeah.

Before the enemy can get in,
they're dead.

Hey, cut it out.

- What's going on?
- Come to help?


- After the premiere? - Right.
- The landlord has cut the water off.

- Quickly!
- Here, take this.

- We do it for Jacky.
- Put it by the window.

Quick. Tara, shut the door.

- Take it easy, guys. Watch out.
- That window needs boarding up too.

We're safe. It's all boarded up.

It's not the right moment to melt yet.

You'll have to wait a bit longer.
I'll come and get you.

Mr Bakker, you can't do that.

- We live there with children.
- No dough, no water. Simple.

If you're worried about the children,
do something about it.

I'm not a charity, love.
Nothing in life is free.

- I'll see what I can do.
- No whining, yes or no?

- How much?
- A hundred a week. It's that simple.

You're not going to pay him? If you do,
it'll all have been for nothing.

Listen, Karo.
We can't keep on running away.

First in Belgium and now here.

Raven says we can fight.

Raven thinks you can pay your bills
with principles. But you can't.

- The water isn't that much of a problem.
- Come on.

I'm thirsty.

- That's for cooking, Alice.
- We have to wash too.

You didn't get dirty, did you?

You can't even use the loo properly.

- Go and have a shit in the opera then.
- Fuck off.

You can't live like this.
It's like being in a cage.

Karo, a hot meal or a shower?

Can I have the soap?

OK, tiger, you know what to do.

Take a deep breath.

Hold it and then breathe out.


you're displacing too much water.

Another two seconds faster.
That's good.

- Brilliant.
- Well done.

- You can swim really fast.
- I taught myself, all on my own.

Watch out.

- There's a riot. Come on.
- A riot?

Come on. Come on! Solidarity.

- Hey, St Nicholas.
- There he is!

Look, St Nicholas. Hi, St Nicholas.

Great riot!

- I've really missed you, kids.
- They're glad to see you.

Daddy, I've missed you!

- You've got fat, Dad.
- Yeah, you're right.

Judging by the costumes
it's going to be a great piece.

- Raven doesn't want to know.
- I'll ask you.

- Well?
- Water!

- Long live resistance!
- Water.

The food's ready. And if you're
interested, we've got water again.

Don't give up and
you can achieve anything.

- Karo, water.
- Delicious tap water.

- You paid him.
- That way we can stay.

- Wait for Karo, eh?
- Karo, presents.

- Frans?
- No, thanks, I'm full up.

And a royal portion
of vol-au-vent for Queen Karo.

Tara's got a Barbie.

- Hey, Karo.
- Leave her be.

- I think that's for Daniel.
- Yes.

It's the same as her dress.

It's beautiful. Lovely.

- Yes!
- Just what you wanted.

One's own kids matter most,
so my kid gets more.

- It's all from St Nicholas.
- And the principle? The kids are equal.

The principle? We've always celebrated
St Nicholas like this.

Or should I suddenly give them
hand-knitted socks?


- Have you ever read Marx?
- You're not serious?

What's Communism got to do with kids?

Do our parties have to fit into
some planned economy?

- It's every kid for himself.
- Exactly.


I'll give it a go.

D'you think it can go faster?

Half a second faster.


- Bottled by Raven.
- A grand cru. Here you are.

- How long d'you think you can hold out?
- Hold out?

Here. Two more buildings were
cleared yesterday in South Amsterdam.

- They won't get me out of here.
- But you don't live here on your own.

- The rest will fight too, eh Joop?
- Yes, I'm ready to fight.

- How fast now?
- Two and a quarter.

- Now?
- Three.

- Wow, you're going fast!
- Yeah, I am, aren't I?

- Well, where's the coke, then?
- Oops.

- Can't you make a deal with the landlord?
- Pay him? No way.

But people like you
don't understand that, eh?

No, we don't understand it.
I was born without balls.

- I'll ask Alice.
- Ask her.

What about the kids?

If you want to fight, fine, but violence
is not the way to bring up kids.

- Not the way to bring up kids?
- No.

You don't live here.
You didn't get your hands dirty.

You just think about money,
like all the rest.

You have to make a living somehow,
you have to eat. Dalia earns a living.

You can't live by hunting and gathering,
for God's sake.

- Hunting and gathering!
- For who's sake?

Oh, sorry, doll.
I didn't mean to hit you.

- Your hunting wasn't bad though.
- That's my woman.

- I thought Alice was your woman.
- I thought so too.

Another candle.

Oh, you're going faster again.

Another second.

Karo! Mum!

- Have you gone mad?
- We wanted to fly.

No, no, no... Are you two OK?

That's it, it's over.
Daniel, put your coat on.

- What?
- Don't do that.

Come on, sweetheart.

- Frans, man.
- What, 'Frans, man'?

I want my kids to be safe.
Is that clear?

Daniel, put your coat on.
I want my kids to be safe.

- Frans, hold on!
- Karo?

You gave me the fright of my life!

You only need to swim seven metres
for your diploma.

Come out of there.

Take it easy.

- Aren't you coming upstairs?
- No.

Why not?

Because not.

You look cute with short hair.

Why don't you tell Raven you paid him?

- He wouldn't understand.
- You're lying.

We were one big family.

She feels abandoned.

What do you want?

For everything to stay the way it was.

This is our queen.

- Hey, your father makes great stuff.
- Can I go.

The kids realise that they have to
fight for their school.

That is so important. It's great.
Really, it's fantastic.

Everyone loved his work.

We all try in our own way.

Raven fights and you paid the man.

Do you want that new swimming costume?


Throw the stones.

Stay here. Come back!

It's too dangerous over there.
Come here, Karo.

We won, little monster.

- It's not too hot?
- I trust you.

What happened, Raven?

- I should ask you that.
- We're helping Dalia with the fittings.

- For carnival?
- Joop's premiere is next week.

Don't let me keep you from your work.

What Dalia earns helps us all out.
It's give and take.

The city's on fire and
you're pretending to be Louis XIV.

- Shall I fetch a doctor?
- It's only a few scratches.

Are we taking part in a dog show?

- Did you break anything?
- Does it look like I did?

Raven, are you OK?
I hardly recognise you any more.

I'll take the beating,
while you arrange your hair.

Go away. Everything's fine.
Get back in your cage. Go on.

- Go on.
- Take it easy.

- Come on.
- He's not very communicative.

- Bye.
- Look after yourself.

Let me.

What a bunch of losers!

But not you.

- What's going on in that head of yours?
- Nothing.

- You don't look very happy.
- I am.

- So why are you looking like that?
- Like what?

As if the world's coming to an end.

Say something.

I'm going to get my diploma tomorrow.

- Are you proud?
- Seeing is believing.

I want my money.
Nothing in this life is free.

What d'you mean, don't come here?

Hurry up.

What are you doing?

You filthy whore.


Stop! Stop!

Raven, take it easy, man.

- Hey, take it easy.
- Raven, come on.

What's the problem?

- Go away. Go away!
- Take it easy.

Well done.
Keep going, the last few metres.

Come on, that's it.

You can do it.

Keep going, kid.
You're doing really well.

Jasper, it took you a while
but I'm proud that you've done it.

Give him a clap.


Congratulations. Your diploma.

Thanks, see you later.

Why did you run off?

I had to come and do my diploma.

- What did you learn?
- To rescue people.

Are you feeling better now?

- Did you know?
- What?

- That Mum was paying the landlord.
- No.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because Dalia said
it would be better for all of us.

I've got to go.

You've got to stop running away
from everything.

- Where are you going?
- I'm not telling you.

Run away then. You're free to go.

Go on. No one's stopping you.

Hey, this is a nice surprise.

- Have you come to stay the night?
- Yes.

Is everything OK?

Have you been crying?

- No. That's from swimming.
- Come on in then.

Here, Karo.

It's starting.

Avro's Toppop!

Avro's Toppop.
Avro's Toppop Hit Parade.

You can borrow some of my pyjamas.

- Sweet dreams.
- Sweet dreams.




Come on.

Come on, we've got to go.

I'll walk home with you.

What do you want?

I want to live with
my brother and sister.

- Your parents will miss you.
- They won't.

Coming to live with us
isn't the solution.

- Can I help you, sweetheart?
- Chips, please.

- Mayonnaise?
- Yes.

Sit down, I'll bring them over.

What a mob!

They live for free for years
and then they kick up a stink.

It's easy to pass comment
and not do anything.


You've got it all.
Your house, your garden, your trees.

Here, love.

Having a garden or having trees
is the same thing, doll.

And I work for what I've got
and pay the rent.

It's a right mess in the city.

I'll have another croquette,
with mayonnaise.

You're sitting here eating your chips,
you're not fighting for anything.

You're sitting here eating chips too.
Miss Clever, with all your ideals.

If you want to fight, go and join that
lot instead of sitting here harping on.

Yesterday a group of squatters
clashed with the police and today

clearances continue against
a background of demonstrations.

What a mob!

The area is completely closed off.

- I order you to remove yourselves.
- Piss off.

- Come on then.
- Come on!

Move forward, men, now!

Sweetheart, you still have to pay.

We can bury him, if you like.

- Can we have a minute?
- Of course.

You said he would live on.

He is living on.

He isn't.

Shut your eyes.

Can you see him?

- No.
- Concentrate.

Can you see Iglo?

- Yes.
- You can?

What's he doing?

He's walking in the snow.

See, he is still here.

- Go on.
- Thank you.

- Where were you?
- On the roof.

Frans said you'd left his house.

Did you see it on TV?

Everything's destroyed.

- My costumes too.
- You can't compare...


Stop it.

- I did what I thought was best.
- Who for?

For the house. For Karo.

- Yeah, yeah.
- For you.

What are you going to do?

Look for another squat.

I assume I can't count on
you coming too?

Mum's going to live on her own.

What about you?

With you.

With you when I want to.

The one you love is leaving you.

For weeks and even months
you will feel blue.

When the last goodbye kiss
has been given,

for a while, you wear a smile
as you say farewell.

But the smile is not real,

it's pain inside you feel.
Will you meet again?

Only time can reveal.

When the last goodbye kiss
has been given,

I can do something.

Something that you can't do!

There she is.