My Princess (2011) - full transcript

Kim Tae-hee plays Lee Seol, an ordinary college student who finds out she's a princess and the great grand daughter of the Korea's last Emperor. But life can be complicated for a princess in this funny, quirky melodrama. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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Would you like it if Hae Young oppa
didn't come to get me?


I'd like it if he doesn't come.

But, what can you do?

He's here.

I am so thankful you came.

Did you wait a long time?

It's okay.

I knew... you were going to come.

It's cold,
why didn't you wait inside?

Even if it is a second...

I wanted to see you faster.

Even if you call me after you drink,

I will come to you.

I know.

Even if you call me
to play these immature games,

I will play along.

I know.


were trying to see
who would come for you, right?

But, I won't...

However, I am going to hold your hand,

and take you with me anyway.

Because of Lee Seol?

So she can see?



You just sinned against me.


Let's go.

Mr. P.

Don't go.

Don't go, Mr. P.

I said to not go.

I think you guys like each other a lot.

Why didn't it work between you and me?

Let's go to the hotel.

You wouldn't want
to go to the palace or your home.

Just go to the hotel and get fully rested.

I will.


He is really a jerk.

Episode 10

- Are you okay?
- I'm embarrassed...

so just leave, Professor.

Even if you wait here like this,
I don't think he will come back.


He won't come back.

Mr. P. will not come.

Once he throws you away,
he doesn't come back.

Do you want to eat something sweet?


When you get dumped,
something sweet helps.

I know from experience.

Professor, you are paying, right?

Wow... It is really cold.

Not yet.

Not yet?

She isn't picking up her phone too.

If she doesn't come back tonight,
I am really going to get fired.

- Hey, try calling again.
- I have been calling her,

but now it is turned off.


Then do you happen to know
Professor Nam's number?

The two... are together?

Is Professor Nam not picking up too?


Aren't you going to turn off the stove?

- Trash can...
- Huh?

Are you going to just take the egg shells?

What about this?

Ah, seriously...
Just eat it.

I don't eat ramyun with egg in it.

Then just throw it away.

You said you don't like people
who waste their food.

I don't have any idea what to do with it.

I saw someone
and I just lost my appetite.

How can you not have any idea?

Starting now,
think while breathing.

You told the world, I am the Princess.

I will work my best and try my hardest.

If you said those words,
you should be careful of every action.

Out of nowhere, what is this?

As soon as you finished your conference,
you didn't think and just went to a bar.

That was because of the executive director.

Did you not pick up your phone
because of the executive director?

Why did you not pick up your phone?

So your insides can churn.

If you threw away the princess,

your insides need to churn with worry.

A man doesn't churn inside
because of a girl he had rejected.

So, stop your nonsense.

Go inside and quietly sleep.

And one last thing, I do not like milk.

Your password is still the same,
my student ID.

Why didn't you change it?

Because I was lazy.

I don't have anything to change it too.

I know.


That has comforted me.

I'm leaving.

Your Highness...

Please get up.

Please look at this...
Look at this.

Your Highness, please get up.

Ah... Why?

- Why? Why?
- Please look at this.

What are all these?

Letters and presents for you,
Your Highness.

For me?

[ Jo Joong News: The Bright and Weird
Princess, Wins the Heart of the People. ]

[ Sung Gong News: The Restoration of
the Imperial Family Seems Like a Victory. ]

[ Han Suh News: Princess Lee Seol Promises
to Communicate with Her People. ]

[2day Lee Seol: Letters Written to My
Princess, What If They're Just Bad Things?]

[2day Lee Seol: Letters Written to My
Princess, What If They're Just Bad Things?]

[ The Princess ]

[ The Princess ]


Are you still sleeping?
The palace is so chaotic!

What is it?

Oh, there are a couple things
I need to discuss with you.

No matter how much I think about it, I think
Deputy Director Park would be perfect.

Because I need to resolve this problem,

with someone whose insides wouldn't churn
because of me.

How long have you been up?

You caused a problem already?

- I plan to in the future.
- What?

The first time I saw you,

I felt like 600 mega volts
shot through my heart.

I felt the tingling.

I think I was placed
on this planet Earth to see you.

All the fan letters written to me
all have this kind of message.

What crazy man wrote that?

It is from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Kim Woo Sang.


Gosh, really, that person...

Hey, hey, That person...
He is not in his right mind.

He just wants to try dating a princess.

So ignore it and just throw it away.

I cannot do that.

From now on,
I am going to reply to every single letter.

I started since dawn.
I have replied to over 500 already.

Hey, are you crazy?

What are you doing?

Why did you take my stuff
without my permission?

You are temporarily not allowed
on the internet.

You can't check your mail either.

I asked the people for letters.

Does that make sense?

What can you reply to the people?

- Everything expect my weight...?
- No.

You cannot answer about
your name, height, weight, or

anything about your physical appearance.
You cannot answer any of those.

Do you know how much
our country's economy is worth?

Well, I am guessing a lot.


Do you think we need
to increase it or decrease it?

Isn't it better to always increase?

We can help the poor people.

So if we want to increase our economy,
we need to lower the size of the workforce.

Then, what do we have to do?

Do you understand now, huh?

So don't even answer,
"Do you like red or blue?"

"Do you like Korean or American Food?"

"Do you ride the taxi or take the bus?"

Don't answer anything.

You cannot say anything
that can seem to show preference.

Do you understand?


What about,
"Do you like Mr. P. or not?"

Don't answer that.


Is this answer going to show preference?

It is the most preferential.
So never answer that question.


Oh, and you...

Until I allow you,
you cannot leave the palace.


How can that be?

Do you think,
I am going to just listen to you?

Then, would you listen to yourself?

Yes, this is Park Hae Young.

You mean tomorrow?

Well, the princess running barefoot
has created a big sensation.

All the people have their eyes
on the princess.

I think temporarily,
the princess's fashion, music, movies...

These things will be popular.

Once this trend is over,
she will become a strong statement.

Before that,
I should get identified with the princess.

You need to create a position for me
in the palace.

So I can slowly get my foot in.

I am sorry.

But, not yet...


I don't think you should get identified
considering how things are right now.

I think I can be...

But you cannot create a position?

I think,
I need a little more time.


If the person in charge says so,
it must be true.

Then, what should I do?

I need to get her to come outside then.

She was an orphan.

So an orphan function would be okay
for the princess and I to show up together.

Just get her to go outside the palace.

The rest, I will handle.

What about Hae Young?

He is out.

Are you eating your meals correctly?

Well, you know I do.

You should take care of yourself.

You look fatigued.

It is just physically.

I heard from the Chairman...

He told you two to get married.


Are you really going to get married?


For what purpose?

After you become the executive director,

and the chairman's money is all gone?

That will never happen.

It will happen.

Hae Young,

found out about his father.

When did he not know?
Why do you say that suddenly?

Because of the chairman,
he was exiled to a foreign country.

There is something you don't know.

Hae Young's father's expulsion,

is related to the princess's father's death.

He has found out about that.

Hae Young has...

Oppa's father,

killed the princess's father?

I don't think so.

Tell me the truth.

Did he kill him or not?

The only two people who know the truth
are his father and the prince.

One has already passed away,
the other left this country for good.

So, who can possibly know the truth?

The father figure he had longed for
and respected all his life...

Hae Young has found out about this secret.
He probably is suffering a lot.

The chairman told him
not to put a finger on the money,

but live to serve the country.

He was someone who chose without hesitation.

So, knowing Hae Young...

He won't stop the restoration now.

So you too...

Throw away your desires.

Yun Ju.

Is there a problem?


Is there no problem?

I do.

So, Oppa...

I thought you would know what it is.

I will be leaving now.

Unni, do you have time?

There is something I want to ask you.

Please give me a call, Unni.


Who did you say this is?

Professor Nam Jung Woo?

Yeah, it's me.

My voice?
What about my voice?

No, it isn't.
I am not disappointed.

Truthfully, there is a call
I am waiting for.

No, it isn't a guy.
What guy?

You ignore my texts
and you ignore my calls.

Are you screening
because you became a princess?

The princess did that?

Is she crazy?

Hey, where are you right now?
I will go to you right now.


- Hey, I'll call you when I get there.
- Yeah.

Go? Go where?
I heard everything.


So that is...

Why do you keep stuttering?

At situations like this,

I can... can only stutter.

My closest friend's father's,

father's father,

has passed away.

I think I have to go...

and help serve the Yuk Gae Jang*. (*thick
soup, served in Korean royal court cuisine)

Oh, really?

Your friend's father's father's father
has passed away.

He must have a lot of people
helping already.

You are serving what Yuk Gae Jang?
Are you a servant?!


You are talking nonsense!

I told you, you cannot go outside.

These are the books you have to read.

Take this and go quietly to the library,

Ah, really!

I need to lose my friends too now?

[The flowers you ordered has been delivered
to the princess... Princess Flower Shop ]


Did you send Seol a flower basket?

Oh, that...

She had a press conference
a couple of days ago.

It was so she won't get nervous
and do a good job.

You have forgiven her?

It was her father and my fault.

What is there to forgive or not to forgive?


Towards you...

I am really sorry.

I will try hard
not to stand in your future.


Mom, whose mom are you?

You don't have any blood ties.
We even legally ended everything!


I always try my hardest to rank first,

and tried hard to get into the best college,
receiving scholarships every year.

Why do you still only love Seol?

Dan, it is not like that.

I have always love
my two daughters the same.

My poor child...

Why in the world would you think that?


I am sorry.


I did so much wrong,

for my Dan to feel left out.

I am sorry, Dan.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Are you glad Seol became the princess?



How could you say that to me?

You know better than that.
That is not right!

So this is the Ultra
that I have only heard about.

The chairman
must have spent a lot of money.

How much is all this worth?

You cannot take these possessions
and put a value on them.

It is from Hae Young's Museum, the most
precious things have been brought here.

Aigoo, Executive Director...

Are you going to say things so formally
between us?

The princess...

Can she go and show her face?

You know we have a lot of
public appearances coming up.

Public appearances?

If the princess does them,
it will become a big issue.

I am trying to use her.

We, should stir up some trouble.

[Princess, should we have
the press conference in the parking lot?]

Oh, my!

Your feet are going to freeze.

Go inside and put your feet in warm water.

Why are you so heavy?
Do you have thick bones?

Should we have the press conference
in the parking lot?

Plane ticket?

Is he going somewhere?


What is this?

What is this?

On the day of the conference
you gave this to me.


I am your teacher.
I am higher than you.

I am Your Highness.
What is this?!

This is my first time seeing it.


As a princess, that choice of word is...

Why did you buy a plane ticket?

So you can send me off again?

Answer me.

Where were you trying to send me off?

It's my ticket.

You don't need to worry about it.

Let's have class.
Come to the library.

In the future,

you will be asked a lot of questions
and you'll have to answer them.

Every single response you give,

will go out as the headlines of papers.

So it is okay to refrain from answering,

but you cannot answer without thought.

Is that understood?

I know.

You do?

Princess, what is your favorite color?

Sky blue.

I told you not to just answer.

Your favorite singer?

John Park.

You cannot pick one person.
You need to pick many.

The book that touched you?

Professor Yo's "The Natural Desire... "

is not it...

You read graphic novels?

It just popped out.

The book that I read that touched me...

Tolstoy's "What Men Live By. "

They live for the desire.

You aren't Lee Seol, but Ya Sool*.
(*ya sool = desire)

Hey, look at this.

Answering truthfully but without detail
is the key for a successful interview.

If you lean your answers to one side
the opposing side will feel left out.

The best way
is to avoid answering by telling a joke.

I can do that.

I can tell jokes
and have a good sense of humor.


Then, Princess...

Do you like Park Hae Young or Nam Jung Woo?

I like all men.

Do you want to die?

How dare your audacity!

That is too harsh!

She's starting this again.

I will let you live...

Therefore, how about ending class here?

Class started only 10 minutes ago.

What do you believe
the people want from the Imperial family?

The weather today is beautiful indeed.

What do you think about the crime rate?

Is there no class held outside?

What do you think
about the protests in Egypt?

I am hungry.

- When did you start liking Mr. P?
- I am thirsty too.

Why do I only answer?

I want to ask too.

Are you still on the opposing side?

Today's class is over.

I'm leaving.

Answer me.

Are you cowardly avoiding it?
What kind of teacher are you?

What did you learn during class today?

I said it is better not to answer,
than to answer without thought.

Who cares right now?
This is a personal question.

What is the reason
you are helping Princess Lee Seol?

When does Princess Lee Seol
look the prettiest?

Do you still not want me to become princess?

Do you not want me to?

I said class was over.

We have no relationship out of class.


I visited the orphanage
with your young sister.

Did you?

The director says the sachet...

She remembers it being yours
and not Lee Seol's.

I have asked you to meet with me,
so you can verify.

You must need that
to become the princess.

Everyone keeps saying sachet, sachet.

You must have had this conversation
with someone else, correct?


Lee Dan, do you have the sachet?

You were Seol's professor...

Now you are in the Imperial Foundation
Committee as a director?


Because of those reasons,
I need to choose my words wisely.

I didn't even discuss this with Seol.

Well, the thing I am curious about is
if you have the sachet or not.

I am curious about,

if she doesn't have the sachet,

are you going to kick my sister out or not?

I can't see my sister get scarred.

Why do you keep going around the answer?

Does that mean,
Lee Dan, you don't have the sachet?

I am sorry.

But I am in the middle
of studying for my exams.

I need to get up first.

Yes, it is me.

Can we see each other for a brief moment?

Of course.
I am in the palace, Professor.

Yes, please come, Professor.


I heard you wanted to see me.

A request from the Blue House has arrived.

The blue house?

It is to do community work
at the orphanage you grew up in.

The president will be at the function.

It must be an honor.

You can go.

I am not sure
if you are telling me to go or not.

According to you Executive Director,
this is a public appearance.

To be exact, it is acting
like a cheerleader to the president.

However, Princess, there is no loss for you.

The president,

is giving you this opportunity to see
what kind of a person you are.

That's fine.
I'll go.

You are just following the crowd,
aren't you?

Who cares what it is?
It is a good deed.

I can just go there
and work hard to give back.

I will boss around the president too.

Where does that kind of courage come from?

Let's see.

Well it is a special characteristic of mine.

Then, I will be leaving.

What did Unni say?

Truthfully, we parted in bad terms,

so I can't call
and she doesn't answer my texts.

I was worrying about what to do.

She knows about the sachet,
but I am not sure if she has it.

I also think, I am not the only person
who has asked her.

Do you know who?

I am not sure.

I would assume it is someone
who doesn't like you becoming the princess?

Let's say she has it.

The biggest problem
is to see if the sachet is genuine.

- Because it might be a fake?
- No.

Because it might be real.


If that sachet is real,

there is no way of proving it as yours.

Why does my sister have it?


Oh, it is nothing.

Where were we with this?

- You need to put the radish, Noona.
- Oh, yeah.

The radish, cloves of garlic,
and green onions, all in...

And then what did I say after?

Um... The oil that is congealing on top,

needs to be taken out with love and effort.

The love and effort you put in,
that is how much the kids will like it.

Do you think?

Then, let's see if the kids will like it.

In our palace, our idol Geon,
will you taste it?

I'll just leave.

If there is something you don't know,
call me.

Also, watch the water level.


The back view of a man walking out,

how wonderful the view must be.

I think that guy's eye illness
hasn't cleared up.

Anyway, did you say
you are going to the orphanage function?


Who said you can go?

I told you
to get my permission for everything.

Why can't I go?

You do not even have the basic training,
where do you think you are going?

I am cooking beef rib soup.
What preparations do you need?

My keen knife skills,
my efforts at making the beef base soup,

and the fresh produce...

Isn't that all I need?

That is why.
That is why you can't go.

Do you really think,
you are only going to cook beef rib soup?

Are you purposely trying to piss me off?

Are you trying to get me angry?

You are like the plain base soup,
so I cannot let you go anywhere!

Why, why?

Do I belong to you?

I'm not going to fall for your traps
anymore, your disloyalty to me.

I will not abide by you.

What are you looking at?

I know you keep staring
because I remind you of someone.

At times, I look like Mi Shil*
(anti-heroine in drama Queen Seon Duk)

If I grab a knife, I kind of look like Jang
Geum*. (*from drama Dae Jang Geum)

I told you, to stop watching
historical dramas, didn't I?

If there is one thing I am truly missing,

it would be,

I not having someone who respects
and protects me like the heavens

like Jung Jong*. (*king who protected and
loved Seo Jang Geum in Dae Jang Geum)

Would he come, would he come,
if I told him to come?

Would he come, would he come,

- if I told him to come?
- Be quiet.

Take off that apron.

I need to finish cooking.

Stop being stubborn.

I am saying this again...

You cannot go to the orphanage.


I told you!

Really, I don't want to!

From now on, I am going to decide,

where to go and not to go.

Ah, really...

Hae Young's father's expulsion,

is related to the princess's father's death.

He has found out about that.

I am going to go to the orphanage function.


I told you to go.

Why are you saying this suddenly?

Deputy Director Park said not to go.

You guys are supposed to be a set,
how come you are playing different cards?

Why would he do that?

It is a wonderful function.

Our princess should attend
in a beautiful attire.

I will talk to him.


I am sorry, but...

About what?

Because you are telling me to go,

I have this gut feeling, I shouldn't go.


I will follow through with the function,
but make a couple of changes.


Please sit.

What is this?

- Please sit. Please stop.
- Stop running. Please take a seat.

Please sit. Please sit.

- Please give this to me.
- Please take a seat.

Please listen.

This is so much fun!

I found you.

Please take a seat.

Give this to me.

Please stop doing this.
Please give that to me.

No running in the palace.

It's so pretty.

No, please give it to me.

It is too hectic.

Try catching me!

Wow... this is so much fun!

Children, stop this.

Hey children, the princess is here.

Hey children, the princess is really here.

Young Children, welcome to the palace.

Wow, it is the princess!



Wow, it is so pretty.

Did you bring this to give to me?


Thank you.

I will show you the whole palace.
What should we do here?

- Do you want to see my room?
- Yes.

- The princess room is so pretty.
- Wow.

- Do you want to see it?
- Yes.

I haven't been here that long,

but do you want to come with me
to see the palace?

- Yes.
- I will show you around.

- Lee Dan is here.
- I will show you

- the entire palace.
- Yes.

Deputy Director Park must not know.

Do not worry.

Thankfully, he had an outing

and left early morning.
- Guess what I made for you to eat?

Me, me!

- Everything yummy.
- An outing?


- Oh, I should have made steak.
- Cake.

Oh, cake...
We have cake.

- And we have beef rib soup.
- Wow!

What are you waiting for?

Is it about Yun Ju?

No, it is not.

It is about my father.

You said to me before,

that I was saying
the same thing as my father did.

The reason you kicked my father out...

My father...

Did he really make the prince hide
because he threatened him?

I knew there come a time
I would have to tell you about your father.

Don't be nervous,
you are not following in his footsteps.

Also I still have trust in you.

If you trusted me,
you wouldn't have said that.

I knew separating you from your father
at a young age

made you endure a lot of obstacles.

However, your father
is pure embarrassment.

He committed something so big,
there is no way of forgiving.

There is no way he could cover

the crime he committed against history,
against the people.

Did Father...

cause the crown prince's death?

It's not, right?

Do you want to believe that?

Your father said he didn't.

However, I am sure of it.

The palace is really loud today.

An unexpected event is taking place.

You probably didn?t come here
to drink tea with me.

How long are you going to keep me waiting?

I am observing you, Executive Director.

To see if you can really examine
the sachet or not...

I heard you were good at your studies.

I guess it is all a lie.

Why can't you understand
the first time a person speaks?

When we met before,
I am sure I told you to not joke around.

I do not care what you have
or how important it is...

because I don't need it.

It is just because it is more work
and I am lazy.

Then why are you in front of me?

So this is going to be the last time.

If the object you have is the sachet,

give it to me now.

Then, I will give you what you want.

A lot more
than what you are expecting...

Don't try to be funny.

I don't need you.

Executive Director, are you okay?

The girl who just left...

I need to know where she is going
and whom she is meeting.

I understand.

I have it.

The sachet...

I have it.

I already knew.

But, I am just wondering,

if you brought it with you right now.

Oh, I must look stupid.

But if this is the real sachet...

it is a historic moment in my life.

It is mine.

I said it is mine.

Is it?

I want to trust you, Professor.

Please check accurately

if this is a genuine
Myungsung sachet or not.

Why do you trust me?

Because I just saw you.

Saw what?

If I wasn't here,

you would have prayed to that sachet.

If you think of it so preciously,
then I don't think you would lie

about the sachet.

I will look at it.

However to be sure,
I will have experts look at it.

It will take some time.

I will be waiting.

The prince found out that
the dazzling girl was Snow White.

He almost fainted.

the prince and Snow White got married.

They lived happily ever after.

What is this?
What happened?

You said not to go to the orphanage,

so I brought the orphans to the palace.



Come here.

Between Snow White
and Princess Lee Seol, who is prettier?

Princess Lee Seol is much prettier
than Snow White, right children?


Hey, you guys...

You think I'm not up to par
with Snow White?



Because you do not have a prince.

The prince is right here.

- Everyone, aren't you hungry?
- Yes.

- Should we go eat some yummy food?
- Yes.

Princess, the president has arrived.

The president?

Why is the president here?

I invited him, why?


- Everyone, aren't you hungry?
- Yes.

Then, let's move to the dining room.

- Wow!
- Wait.

He wants to take pictures first.

- We are hungry. We are hungry...
- Huh?

We are hungry...

Bring the princess here.

You do not have to be nervous.

You need to be relaxed,

so they will treat you comfortably.


Please look this way, this way.
This way.

Please look this way...

President, Your Highness,
please look this way.


This is the princess's
first public appearance.

Is there any reason you chose
to do it with the President?


As the new year has arrived,

we have asked the princess
to work together for the children.

The princess has also
happily agreed to this function.

Hello, I am the Deputy Director
Park Hae Young.

First, I would like to thank everyone
for coming here today.

I will speak for her.

This function organized by the Princess,

has no special political implications.

I wish to emphasize this.

Also in the future,
the Imperial Family will aid all children,

and do only respectable things
for our country.

You will end up observing the princess
doing things for the entire country.

The princess has a busy schedule,
so she has to leave.

I am sorry.

What is the Princess's next schedule?

- Where will she be going?
- Your Highness.

Park Hae Young,
please just answer this question.

- Let's go.
- What do you mean by what you just said?

- Park Hae Young.
- Just answer this question.

Just answer.

- Please Wait.
- Please just answer.

- Where are you going?
- Please say something.

- President.
- Please, please.

What are you doing?

I was trying to do a good deed.

Why are you so anal?

Are you really nice
or stupid without thoughts?


You are stupid without any thoughts.

You are being used.

Using me?

No one is trying to con me out of my money.

Why don't you just tell everyone,

to inform you
every time I am being used.

Yeah, that is a good idea.

From now on, wear a tag on your neck.

I am a princess.

I am a little ditzy,
so I fall easily into traps,

and don't know when I am being used.

So, if you see me getting used, stop it.

Why do you keep picking fights?

Picking fights?

Are you really stupid?

Do you really not know?

The president was putting on a show.

Right now, the welfare system
in our country is suffering.

That is why the president is putting on
a show using you in his supporting cast!

- Welfare... what?
- Do you think that is all?

The orphans invited to the palace
are from the orphanage you were at.

If that word gets out.

People will believe you chose that orphanage
on purpose giving them special treatment.

Then, what do you think will happen?

The negative effect is not only on you,
but the orphanage too.

Now do you understand?
Why you couldn't go there?

I just...

- I really...
- Did not know?

But now, you can't not know.

Do you want to live you entire life
like your father, being used by everyone?

Do you want to live like a puppet?

It is so pitiful.

- Aren't those words a little harsh?
- Lee Seol!

You don't understand what I just did.

I am a government worker.

But because of you...

You don't know what I just risked.

Whose authority I undermined...?

- Nam Joo!
- Yeah.

Hey... Why?

- Congratulations.
- What?

That sachet is real.
It really is Myungsung's sachet.


Are you sure?

Who had the sachet?
Was it the princess?

How great would it be if that was true.

Oppa, are you crazy?

How could you just undermine
the president like that?

Let me ask one thing.

Do you have to become the princess?

Is it something
you'd rather die for than give up?

Can you not be the princess...

and can't you just live as my girl?

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