My Prince Edward (2019) - full transcript

A story on a woman struggling on whether to enter into a marriage or not. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
One, two, three, four...

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Can I help you?

You have a tortoise flipped over.


45 dollars.

That's not the flipped one.

This one's better.

I'll get you a bag of tortoise food.

Hey, baby.

Did you come to pick me up?

Of course not, I had a shoot today.

Let me get that.

I'm fine.

Come on.

Where'd you get that?

I just bought it.

Why'd you buy a tortoise?

It was flipped upside down
and couldn't get back up.

So you moved it from one tank to another.
Good job.

This isn't even the one that was flipped,

Throw that top away already.

Your bra strap's showing.

The collar's loose
because you can't hang laundry properly.

Hello? Hi, Mr. Ho.

I'm not in front of a computer right now,
give me a sec.

I hear you. I'm almost there.

Hey, Edward.

Hi, Fong.


I see it now, is it 3065 and 3066?


Hi, Mrs. Chan.

I remember that you were plump back in school.

I went on a diet for this.

The law says you have
to diet before a wedding, Mom.

Then what are you going to do?

What about me?

Everyone is getting married.

You're the only one who's not.

If marriage is so great,

why do you bicker with Dad every day?

It's better to have someone to bicker with.

Gimme a few years. When my career takes off,

I'll bring home ten husbands for you.

Hey, try the pearly one, too.

No way.

Why don't I take a photo for my fiancee first?

White means the bride's a virgin.

Pearly means she's not.

- What?
- Are you serious?

If the status of a bride's
virginity is on the dress,

then no one will get the white dress.

You might as well try it.

No, we should respect an elder's opinion.

Take away "divorced person"
on that marriage certificate.

What do you mean?

That says Mr. Ho's been married.

The elders will get upset
if they see that on the close-up.

So just photoshop that out of there.

Get it?

Got it.

I didn't know marriage certificates
for divorcees are like that.

I had no idea, either.

Where's my lens case?

Here it is.

I have to go.

See ya.

See ya.

Bye, Fong.

Oh, crap...

The certificate will mark me as a divorcee!

What certificate?

The marriage certificate.
You said there'd be no problem!

Mabel's trying out her dress.

I need the business.

Of all the bridal shops,
why is she in this one?!


Hello... You look beautiful.


Let me help you with that.

Is it too tight?

A little.

Are you still renting that flat?

No, I live with my boyfriend now.

When are you getting married?

When he proposes to me, I guess.

Can you really be that nonchalant?

Mom, this one's pretty.

She should go with this one.

I like that one better.

Then go and put that back on.

You haven't been here for awhile.

Mrs. Yan.

Fong? You're off work early.

This is Kenneth, the flat's owner.

My daughter-in-law.

We're not married yet, actually.

Come here, take a look at this.

Right here. Water keeps getting in,

I've renovated this place so many times.

You see it, right?

The flat upstairs did renovations some time ago,

perhaps they drilled a hole in the pipe...

Be honest, are you interested
in selling the flat?

The value is still soaring.

It's not like you need the money.

The flat's ancient,
and it's one of those salt water buildings.

But it's right above my son's shop,
so he won't have to move.

I'll think about it, OK?

I've talked to the bank.

I'll cover the first installment.

You've got a good mother-in-law there.

Actually, Edward
and I looked at a new flat in Ho Man Tin.

I thought he told you about it.

Well, Kenneth? You want to sell it to me?

Why don't you let me think about it?

Do you have anything to drink?

Of course!

I was so busy talking
that I forgot to offer you a drink!


Your fridge is a mess!

An old classmate of mine was
at Mrs. Chan's shop for a fitting.

Who? Someone I know?


You don't know her.

How did it go?

She must've said, "Everyone's gotten married!"

"When is it your turn?" and crap like that.

It wasn't like that.

Mabel, Yee and I were best friends.

We even rented a place together.

Say, baby...

did I tell you about
an old classmate named Clarie You?

I don't think so.

Do you know the name
of Claire You's little sister?


Take a guess.

I don't want to.

Mary You.

And do you know the name
of Mary You's older brother?

Would you marry a woman
who's been married before?

Mabel is a divorcee?


I was thinking about the client
who requested the photoshop fix.

Would you care if I've been married before?

Not really...

I thought you didn't want
a second-hand flat.

But your mom wants to buy us this place
when we get married.

The owner's selling?

I don't know.

That would be awesome,
then we won't have to move.

You want to keep living in Golden Court?

Is living above Golden Plaza so bad?

I thought you wanted to look at new flats.

Those new flats are "chemistry".


You know, prone to explosion.

Those new buildings could be dangerous.

Whatever you say.

Stop messing around.

Who else can I mess with then?

I'm trying to sleep.

I don't mess with you when you're asleep.

Cold shoulders...

Some awfully cold shoulders.

Won't your shoulders get cold
if you're so close to the wall?

It's too cold, baby.

Get closer.

You're such a pest!

Mom is still mad that I didn't tell her
about moving in together.

What can we do about that?

I don't know.

I guess we should get married.

Excuse me, what forms do I need
to file for divorce?

You on trial separation?


Any money disputes?


Got kids? Filing for custody?


Got a petition form?

Not yet.

Fill this and come back
with the supporting documents.


I hear that divorcees that remarry will be marked

as "divorced" on the marriage certificate.
Is that right?

That's right.

Can I request to leave that out?

Ask the Marriage Registration Office.

How do I check when my divorce was finalized?

You need a Proof of Divorce? Give me your ID.

There's no record of your divorce.

You already got the tentative order?

Did you file for one?

You got a confirmation?

I must've gotten it wrong,
I'll go back and check.


(Search of Marriage Records in Hong Kong)

You've forgotten your husband's name?


His name is hard to spell, that's all.

Do you have his ID number?

He's from Mainland China.

Was it a sham marriage?

Of course not!

Wait, don't go. Come back.

Give me the form, I'll check.

I can check using your name.

Come on, give me the form.

What's with the long face?

That agency didn't take care of my divorce!


How do I find that Mainlander?

Let me ask the agent for you.

Funny running into you here!

Fong, Edward's looking for you.

I know, he called me just now.

Let's go then!


Stand by, guys.

Fong's coming, Fong's coming.

Come on, stand right here!

You look so handsome, bro!



We've already been together
for 7 years and 8 months.

Today, right here,
I want to make you the biggest vow of my life.

I hope you'll give me a chance.

No matter what happens in the future,

let me take you there with your hand in mine.

Cheung Lei-fong, marry me.

Congratulations, Edward!

Look at how happy Fong is.

Is she?

Kiss her! Kiss her!

Ten, nine, eight...

Seven... Seven...

Fong, we can't see the ring.

There we go. Get ready...

Mom, your finger's on the lens.

I got it...

Okay, one, two, three!

Looking good!

Let me see that.

I'll send it to you, post it online.

Mrs. Yan, do you want your photo taken?

You're the ones getting married.
What do I need one for?

I really should meet your parents
for dinner some time.

We need to talk about the banquet
and the dowry.

I need to notify my friends and family.

There's so much to prepare!

Mrs. Yan, we were planning
to do a destination wedding.

No banquet? Your parents are okay with this?

Mom, I told you,

Fong's parents are free thinkers.

But we still need to treat our friends
and family to a dinner.

A meal is fine, totally.


That goes for the both of you.

You can't eat that junk out there every day.

You need to learn to cook, Fong.

Edward said that he cooked
when he was studying in the UK.

Easy job!

You'll starve to death
if you depend on him to cook!

Alright, it's time to go...

Fong, trust me on this.

You know how Edward drags his feet.

You can't rely on him.

You even forgot to pay the
insurance premium last year.

Fong, you have to look out for him.

Can you? He can be so forgetful.

I know, I could tell when he said your name
is on his bank account.

Of course!

If it wasn't for me,
you think he'd be able to save any money?

Alright, let's go...

How long will a single-sided
divorce petition take?

A little longer.

Your husband won't agree to the divorce?

He... disappeared.

A long time ago.

When did you get married?

Ten years ago.

Desertion is an acceptable reason
for a single-sided petition.

But a lot can go wrong
with a single-sided petition.

It'll take at least two years.

That long?

A joint application will be much easier.


Yee has disappeared,

and you've been hiding here all morning!

Sorry, I was dealing with the wedding.

Look at this!

I didn't do that.

Were you the one inspecting the dress?

I don't think so.

It was you.

Did you check it properly?

Did you tell her about the $500 cleaning fee?

I did.

I didn't hear anything about a cleaning fee.

She said she didn't hear it.

You never speak clearly...

It's fine... I'll pay for it.

How about this?

My colleague will pay 200,

and you pay 300. How's that?


We'll deduct it off your deposit.

Here, one, two, three.

Are we done?

I told you that's not going to come off.

Not even baking soda is going to work.

What are you doing?

It's not that bad anyway,
I'll patch it up.

A wedding's a joyous occasion,
why get people upset?

I like that she's direct.
She tells me everything.

How about you, Stella?

There's not much good about him.

The best thing is that his parents
are getting us a flat.

You make it sound like I snagged you
with the flat.

She's just kidding.

Is it a new flat or a used flat?

A new flat, of course.

Wow, impressive.

Can you talk about how you met?

We were working on a project together,

developing a e-wallet for an online store.

But the system crashed on launch day.

He had to clean up the mess, of course.

He worked late,
so I brought some wine to his place afterwards.

I didn't work late.

What? It was the project with the baldie.

I know. I didn't work late on that.

I had a stomach bug.

Don't worry, we don't need details like that.

I had a stomach bug, and you made me congee.

Did you forget?

I think you're right.

Who were you drinking with after work then?

Maybe it wasn't that time...

Maybe it was that other project...

You brought wine over to my place?


We've never drank at my place after work.

It really doesn't matter.

We don't need this kind of details.

Why don't you talk about the proposal?

Go for it, since your memory is so sharp.

I don't want to get the story wrong.

And here's the bill, guys.

See if the numbers are correct.

Are you paying the deposit with cash or card?

Can you do a live stream for us, too?

Why all the fuss?

Who are we streaming for?

That's a good idea.

We just need to hire another assistant for that.

We can even ask Fong to help out.

We'll think about the live stream.

But I think it's more fun to make a short film.

It'll be boring if your video
is only made up of photos.

It was your mom that wanted the banquet.

We're talking about the short film,
not the banquet.

We're making it for the banquet,
aren't we?

I'm an heiress,
I only show up at the end of the day!

Let me get that.

Where have you been all day?

I went to get divorced.

What did you say?

You'll understand when you grow up, Mom.

Crazy brat!

I checked my records,
I got my divorce a few years ago.

You got unlucky.

What do I do?

They say that the single-sided petition
will take a year or two.

Just wait two years to get married then.

How do I tell him that I'm divorced?

Just tell him, what's so hard about that?

I got into a sham marriage
with a Mainlander 10 years ago.

I wanted to move out and get away from my family...

But I didn't have the money.

Yee said sham marriages paid well
and had no strings attached.

I didn't tell you because
I was afraid you'd get mad.

(Searching for Yang Shuwei)

What are you doing?

Why are you looking at the paper?
Lottery numbers?

No, I'm looking for a story.

What story?

This one.

Why don't you read it online instead?

It's better to read the real thing.

Does it look better or something?

Can you stop pushing me to the water?

I'm not pushing you!

Water splashes around, you know!

My dress is all drenched, too!

Who's drenched now?!

You're nuts!

Wait, let's stop.

Please don't cut on your own.

I'm soaked! What do we do now?!

Why don't we film somewhere else?

You should've done that ages ago!

Alright, let's find another spot.

Are you coming or not?

It's simple.

The girl comes up from behind,
and the guy slowly...

Got it? Let's try it.

Am I playing you or him?

I'm the girl. She stands in the back.

Then you got it wrong just now.

Yeah, he's right, he's right.

Look at each other... Smile...

Like you can see the future,
be happy, be radiant.

That's right, smile...

Get some light on that face.

Ready, three, two...

So I come up when you say action?

That's right. Let's cut first.

Again, look at each other and smile...

Give me a bigger smile... Radiate...

Slowly... Move that hand up...

Give me a sweet smile.

Okay, let's cut.

Looking good.

Looking for a flat, miss?

Renting or buying?


Any neighborhood in mind?

Anything outside Prince Edward?


I said, anything outside Prince Edward...


It's fine.

For first-time buyers,
a used flat costs around $4 to 5 million.

Your first installment is about 40 to 50%

Is this for one person?

This one? It'll have no trouble
fitting a second person.

It's about 400 square feet.

You can build a second room
for that second person.

When will the price drop?

Real estate prices don't drop, miss.

Say, how about this one?

Newly listed. 503 square feet.
It's only $5.5 mil!

Cheung Lei-fong!

Cheung Lei-fong!

I'm Yang Shuwei!

Wait for me!

I'll meet you outside, I need a cigarette.

Wait for me!

I'm so glad I finally found you, Miss Cheung.

Good thing I didn't give up.

Can we file for divorce now?


After you help me get my One-way Permit.

What permit?

I married you for a Hong Kong residency permit.

The agency told us to meet in four years.

Did you move away somewhere?

How much do you want for the divorce?

I need my Hong Kong ID first.

Look, I've already paid the agency 100 grand.

I don't care how much they gave you.

I'll throw in an extra 50 grand.

Take out your Wechat Wallet,
I'll transfer it to you.

My boyfriend and I are getting married.

Please help me out.

I really need my One-way Permit.

Please help me out.

You baffle me.

If you had plans to get married,
don't get into a sham marriage.

I wasn't planning on it at the time.

Well, you should've had better planning.

Now you're creating problems for me.


I'm filing a single-sided petition anyway.

A petition?

That will take forever.

You know, if we do it my way,

we just need to sign a form.

I'll hand it in right away,

and it'll be done in two weeks.

We've been married for 10 years,
I've already earned the points.

What points?

I get 0.1 point for each day I'm married.

I can get a permit with 150 points.

Then we can get a divorce?


In two weeks?

They approve 150 permits a day.
It won't take long.

I think I'd better discuss this
with my boyfriend first.

What's there to discuss?
It's the quickest way to a divorce.

Hey, your shit stinks!

Does your shit smell any better?

It stinks! Close the door.

That's why I don't want to close the door!

Close the door!

No, I'll get door-monella!

Hey, the water!

Okay, I'm ready.

All done.

Did your mom pick a wedding date yet?

Oh yeah.

My mom told me to buy a Chinese almanac.

Let's go.

You know how to read that, baby?

Why don't we wait two years for the wedding?

My mom says we should do it next September.

So soon?

Yeah, she wants to do it next year.

Is it you or your mom that wants to marry me?


We already live together,
how is that different from marriage?

I told you...

My mom is still mad
that we moved in before we got married.

You talk to my mom then.

Yee talked to a Feng Shui master.

He said I'll be a hex on my husband
if I get married next year.

Fuck, I'm dead! Fuck...

Give me a sec.


Mom wants to talk to your family
about the banquet.

Banquet?! We're doing a banquet?


It was supposed to be a dinner.

Then Mom wanted to send out invitations,

then she went on about getting dresses,

then she started talking about changing outfits...

So now it's a banquet.

You should talk to your family.


Dad? It's Fong.

What do you want?


I'm getting married.


Pong... I got a pong

To a Mainlander?

No... No...

He's a Hongkonger.

His name is Edward.

Can you guys keep it down?

But I think the wedding isn't for another two years.

Why are you telling me so early then?

We'll put on a banquet.

Do whatever you want.

Is that eight circles? Pong!

Anything else?

Will you guys come?

We'll decide when the time comes.

How should I know if I'm free in two years?

What if it's next September?

You want to see us that badly?

I'm about to win!


Is there another floor downstairs.

Yes, but there's no tenant here.


What's this?

A little something for helping me out.

It's fine, I need your help
with the divorce, too.

Take it, a wedding costs a fortune.

It's fine.

I don't plan to do anything extravagant anyway.

Just take it.

Is there even that much in there?

The biggest RMB bill is only 100.

We don't even use cash
in the Mainland anymore.

It's not my fault
that you don't have a Wechat Wallet.

Come on, give me a bigger smile.

It's ok, no one can see the background.

No one has a home that looks like this.

Who do you think you're fooling?

Anyone can tell these photos aren't old.

Hey, look at this.

Isn't this pretty?

It's okay.

I think it's nice.

Buy it if you like it.

Where can I put it? It's too big...

Flats in Hong Kong are so small.

I keep seeing ads about
"thousand square feet luxury flats".

It's hilarious.

A thousand square feet
is considered luxurious here?

You're right.

Hong Kong is already packed.

Why would you want to live here?

I never said I wanted to live here.

I want to immigrate to the US.

I love LA. The weather is great there.

Have you been to the US?

No wonder you don't know what freedom is.

Let's take a photo here.

Can you take one of me first?

A solo one.


Big, happy smile... One, two, three.

Take a look.


Do I have to squat?

You know?

When I squat,
I can place my feet flat on the ground.

Try, see if you can do it.


Haven't you heard?

I've looked into this...

Mainlanders can do it,
but Hongkongers and Americans can't.

Try it yourself if you don't believe me.

I told you.

We're the only ones in the world that can do it

because we evolved from a type
of bird that can't fly.

It longs for freedom more than anyone.

Come, let's get a shot here.

I think we have enough.

All I need now is a letter from you.


That's a lot of stuff.

Can we really get our divorce in two weeks?

Only fools rush into marriage.

What good is a marriage certificate anyway?

And what good is a Hong Kong ID?

A Hong Kong ID gives me more freedom.

I can hop on a plane and fly anywhere.

You're doing all this to make traveling easier?

When did you buy this pair of shorts, baby?

Why don't I know about it?

When did you buy this pair of shorts, baby?

Why don't I know about it?

It's kind of short.

Why don't I throw it away?

Is this guy crazy or what?

Why did he send all this crap?

Seriously, I think he's nuts.

You need to think again about
marrying a guy like this.

What do you care?

Come on.

What are you doing?

Let me download Wechat for you.

You can only contact me on WeChat
when I'm in the Mainland.

Don't you know that Wechat messages
are under surveillance?

Aren't you under your boyfriend's
surveillance right now?

You'll have even less freedom when you're married.


I'm getting married in nine months.

What year are we living in?

No one rushes to get married anymore.

Are you Hongkongers this old-fashioned nowadays?

You're a man, of course you're in no rush.

What's the big deal about marriage?

The divorce rate is so high right now.

Okay, we're done.

You have two weeks, then we file for divorce.

Don't worry, we'll file once I get my permit.

Thanks, bye.

I almost forgot, use a black ink pen
for the letter.

Don't use a ballpoint pen.

What do I need to write?

I'll send you the text.
Just copy it word for word.

There's also an interview
at the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau.

You can take a bus up here.

What? I have to go up to Fuzhou?

Where the hell is that? Do I really have to go?

The interview is there.

What interview?

What happened to getting it done in two weeks?

Don't worry, they'll grant the permit
after the interview.

You just need to come for one day.

What? I don't know how to get there.

I'll pick you up in Hong Kong.

We need to know more each other.

Tell me about your family.

I've got my parents and an older brother.

But we haven't talked much since I moved out.

Why did you move out?

They were against me dating in high school.

I didn't want to clash with them,
so I moved out.

I married you to pay the rent.

Where did you move to?

A subdivided flat in Prince Edward.

It was way worse than Golden Court.

Prince Edward...

Some places in Hong Kong have great names.

Prince Edward...

The man who gave up the throne for a woman.

Do you know that my boyfriend's name
is Edward, too?

That's why people say that he's my prince.

You're up awfully early. What are you up to?

Nothing, I wanted to wake up for breakfast.

Why don't you sleep in until
afternoon tea instead?

I'm taking a trip to Fuzhou with Yee.

Fuzhou? The one in China?


What's so special about Fuzhou?

Yee's friend invited us on a trip.

You two go ahead,
I don't have a Mainland Travel Permit.

I wasn't planning to invite you...

Are we starting or what?

I'm just waiting for you.

Hey, make sure you and Yee take separate rooms.


That's how my friend's girlfriend
got snatched by a lesbian.

You damn homophobe...

More like cheater-phobe.

Am I talking to you? Keep moving.

By the way,

my mom's friend has already booked
the banquet for us.

September... some time after the 10th, I think.

Why didn't you give me a heads up?

I'm telling you now, aren't I?
That date's okay, right?

It's not.

Wait for me.

Why are you in such a rush today?

Hey, tell your mom to let me know
before she comes over.

She came over?

She always comes and goes as she pleases.

Sometimes with the owner,
then with the contractors.

Maybe she told me and I forgot to tell you...

Let's go, stop standing there.

Go to hell!

Thank you.

Here's the tux, the dress, the invitations...

Hey, Edward.

It's a one-stop shop.

Do we need anything else?

A husband.

They have everything here.

Take your time.

You two are pros at this,

and now you've got your friends here helping out...


This is my mom.

If you're all working together...


...Then you don't need my opinion.

Of course I do.

It's beautiful.

Is this the Da Wu Fu or Zhong Wu Fu?

Zhong Wu Fu is already quite impressive, Mrs. Yan.

Yeah, it's not bad at all.

Do you like it?

I don't know a thing about Chinese dresses.
You decide.

What does the mother-in-law wear?

You wear this.

You two go ahead.

I want go back to my game.

Black? Black's good.

That pattern would stand out in black.

Fong, should I pick one out for your mom?

She's not into this type of stuff.

I'll check with her.

I like this one.

The colors on this really stand out.

Can you help me take this off?

Do you want to take a photo first?

Get a photo.


Get my phone.

You take it.

One, two, three...


Can I take it off now?

This one is so shiny.

Cheung Lei-fong.

Who's Yang Shuwei?

Why were you looking through my bag?

What the fuck is this?!

Is this for real?

What is this for?

What's going on?

Let's talk downstairs.

Calm down, there are people watching!

Hi, Edward, Hi, Fong.

Go take a cigarette break.

I've quit already.

Get the fuck out!

Who the hell is Yang Shuwei?

Is this the real thing?

It's fake...

It was a fake marriage.

What does that mean?

This is a fake marriage certificate?

The certificate's real, but the marriage isn't.

You're married to another man?

Who's the guy?

How did you meet him?

I don't know him. An agency arranged it.

Are you crazy?!

I thought you wanted to marry me!

It was ten years ago.

You've been married to this prick
for a decade?!

I was told that they would
take care of the divorce.

I thought it was done,

but the agent got arrested,
so I couldn't get any help.

You didn't tell me.

You didn't tell me a damn thing!

Why did you marry some stranger?!

I wanted to move in with Yee and Mabel,

but I had no money.

Did you sleep with that guy?


Did you sleep with that Mainlander?

Of course not, I don't know him!

How should I know? You said you needed the money!

I don't want to talk to you right now.

You don't talk to me about anything.

You never tell me a goddamn thing.

If I hadn't found out,

how long were you going to hide this for?

How can I tell you?

With an EQ like yours, how can I tell you?

Are you looking to break up?


I need to render something,
I just need to press a button.

I'm out!

We can still get married.
This doesn't change a thing.

How do I tell my mom?

Just don't tell her.

Do you really want to marry me?

I wouldn't go through all this trouble if I don't.

It'll be taken care of soon.

No problem.

I don't want people to know
that you've been married.

No one will know if you stay quiet.

I need to return the dress.

Let's go get some food.

I still have some work to do.

I'll take a rain check.

Are you okay?

I'm fine. I'm going back upstairs.

(Significant Locations)

Don't sit so close to the TV.

Edward Yan.

We're working on the divorce.

Those Mainlanders aren't trustworthy.

He's going to blackmail you, I know it.


I just need to go to Fuzhou and get it over with.

Why are you helping him?

You don't know him.

Because I want to marry you as soon as I can.

You're in love with him?


You're the one I love.

You're up early.

Where are you going all dressed up?


I said, where are you going all dressed up?

Am I dressed up?

You always say that I dress too casually.

You only dress casually when you're out with me.

You got dressed up to see that guy?

I'm going to the Chinese Public Security Bureau.


I've got an interview
with the Public Security Bureau.

Are you sure you want to buy this flat?

What do you suggest then?

We can look at other places first.

What's the rush?

We won't be able to afford it
if we wait any longer.

We can still rent when we're married.

All women want to marry a man who owns a flat.

You have to be sure when you buy a flat.

It's fine to be casual when you're just dating,

but you gotta be sure when it's marriage, right?

So you were just being casual
when you started dating me?

It's my mom's money!
She can buy whatever she wants!

Then don't pretend to care about my opinion.

Maybe you're not in a rush
to buy a flat or get married.

I don't know why both of you are in a such a rush.

If you can't find a man to marry you one day,

remember that it was your own damn fault.

Is that the guy?

Why didn't you tell me?

Tell you what?

That he's so young.

Hi, I'm Yang Shuwei.

Wait for me, I'm coming with you.

I'll get my Mainland Travel Permit today.


Are you crazy?
The interview can't be rescheduled.

Of course it can't!

I've been waiting years for this,
don't screw this up for me.


- What the hell are you doing?
- Stop that!

Let go!

Don't touch her,
or I'll get you arrested for harassment.


I'm her husband!

Go ahead and call the cops!

I'll check in every step of the way, okay?

I don't want you to go with him!

Don't be like this!

He's going to kill you!

It's time, we have to go.

Get Yee to go with you!

Stop this!

Let go!

I have this, too.

I had someone search the classifieds for me.

Throw it away, it's useless.

Unless you want it as a bookmark.

Something to remember this by.

Put this on.


The noodles here are delicious,
you can't get them in Hong Kong.

We do have it,
you just don't know where to find it.

Oh, I forgot that my phone doesn't have roaming.

There's wi-fi here.

Let me get the password for you.

No need.

I haven't been off the grid in a long time.

It feels nice.

I won't be able to enjoy the meal if I'm online.

What do you mean?

Do you know what the word "clingy" means?

You're talking about your boyfriend.

I told you that he has problems.

Serious ones.

He's crazy, not clingy.

Why did you wait so long to apply
for the One-way Permit?

Because I had... a business here...

that I couldn't just leave behind.

Have to make a living, you know.

And I didn't know what kind
of job I wanted to do in Hong Kong.

So I kept holding it off.

What do you do, Shuwei?

I worked as a new media planner,

I also run some small businesses with my friends.

What will you do when you move to Hong Kong?

Oh, when I move to Hong Kong...

Let's have the wife answer.

You speak Chinese, right?


He wanted to be a journalist,

but it's hard to be one in the Mainland,

so he gave up.

Then he wanted to find work in Guangzhou...

Can you speak Mandarin?

I'm asking you what he'll do
when he moves to Hong Kong.

What kind of job?

Do you understand me?

He asked what I'll do when I move to Hong Kong.

Don't be nervous, take your time.


What are you doing here?

Hi, I'm Xiaomei.

Come on in.

Thought I'd screw it up?

Of course not!

Come in.


This is my girlfriend.

I see.

Please take a seat.

Did it go well?

It did.

So you passed?


Are you disappointed?

Have some water.

Thank you.

Do you need the wi-fi password?

No, I'm good.

I heard from Shuwei that you have a boyfriend.


Do you need to check in with him?

It's fine.

Didn't you say that you'd dump me
if I move to Hong Kong?

What is all this?

I didn't say anything about breaking up.

I'm pregnant.

Are you kidding me?

Did you do this on purpose?

No! I can't help it if you don't believe me.

Is this a prank?

Don't you get it?

Having a Hong Kong ID
doesn't mean I have to stay there.

I never said that I don't like Hong Kong.

It's you who said that Hong Kong flats
are small and expensive.

So what should I do now?

Get rid of the baby.

I've been working on this permit for years.

I can't give up now.

Listen to yourself.

You want to kill our baby?

You're selfish!

Having a baby that can't have residency
registration isn't selfish?

So what?

He'll get registered
when the census comes in two years.

What's there to be afraid of?

My friend's wife was dragged away
for an abortion!

Did you know that?

Holding a meeting?


I'll move to Hong Kong once my permit is approved.

I'll rent a place and find work.

I'll stay there until
I get permanent residency in seven years.

You don't know the result of the interview yet.

There's a chance that you won't get the permit.

You also said that there's
no chance in hell I'll find Fong.

But here she is.

I think the interview went okay.

We'll get a divorce soon, very soon.

Don't worry, he's more anxious than you are.

If he dies right now,
you get the family inheritance.

What are you talking about?

Baby, can you help me fill these?


Your mom has a lot of friends.

Yeah, her friends make up a bulk of our audience.

What a bargain...

A $1,000 entry fee to see our wedding show.

Baby, how about this?

I'll take care of the red packets,

and you write the invitations?
You have better handwriting.


you can use a ballpoint pen for that?

It's not a ballpoint pen.

It's an ink pen.

Don't you have a better pen?

This one's good enough.

I got a roaming plan for your phone.

Next time you can use Whatsapp in the Mainland.

There is no next time.

Can you promise to never contact
that Mainlander again?


Hey, your husband's looking for you.

The fake one.

Do you have a photo in a wedding dress?

Can you send it to me?

In a wedding kind of mood?


Give it a try?

No, thanks.

I don't fantasize about it.

You know, you can get married too.

Taiwan legalized same-sex marriages.

I'd rather go to the Netherlands.

I can get hash there.

Get doped before the wedding.

That's silly.

Maybe gay marriage
will be legal in Hong Kong one day.

Don't worry,

that's less likely than banning hetero marriage.

Do you think only career women

and lesbians don't have the pressure
to get married?

You're right.

It's only done to shut other people up.

What's wrong?

I knew it! You're into women.

Edward is such a woman.

You're right.

Edward's more feminine than you are.

That's not hard to achieve.

Take a photo of me.

Is it for your Tinder profile?


Make me look good.

Okay, let's get a group photo.

Take three steps back.

That's right.

Let's go a little further back. Just a little bit.

Good, thanks.

Looking good.

Okay, let's do the next group.




I've been rolling this whole time.

The clients can see you.

Let's have that gentleman stand by the groom.

Balance things out a little.

Great, that's good.

Let me give you a hand.


Why did you thank me all of a sudden?


Why were you being so polite?

Sorry to contact you so late.

Xiaomei and I came to a decision.

Why don't we just file for divorce?

Baby, he said it's done.


Then we can file for divorce.

The One-way Permit still hasn't come through.

I don't know how much longer it'll take.

I wonder if it's time to give up.

I've become quite conflicted...

I've become quite conflicted about the permit ...

after so many years.

Sorry, give me some more time to think.

To be honest,
I'm worried about messing up your wedding, too.

I'm sorry.

So you do know that you're messing up our wedding.

So now what?

Is he divorcing you or not?

Even if I'm not completely divorced,

we can still get married.

We can have the banquet,
take the photos and go on honeymoon.

We'll just fake the certificate signing

for your mom to see.

Fake the wedding?

You want to pretend to marry me,

but you can have a sham marriage with him.

What the hell does that mean?

That's not what I mean.

I'm saying that we can proceed as planned.

How much did you get for the sham marriage?

A few dozen grand.

You got married to a stranger for that little

We've been together for years,
but you won't marry me.

When did I refuse to marry you?

Aren't we getting married now?

How much exactly did you get?

I'll write you a check.

How much was it?

Tell me the amount!

Where the hell is my checkbook?!

Where's my checkbook?

It's with your mother.

You've changed.

You've totally changed since you met him.

How have I changed?

How have I changed?!

You just never understood me.

How? You don't tell me a thing!

That's right, I had a sham marriage
for chump change.

That's why I don't want
to live like this anymore!

I can't spend the rest of my life in Golden Plaza!

And there's the truth.
There's the truth!

I don't want your mother ordering me around!

I don't want you to mansplain me!

I don't like you checking my phone!

I don't like you bombarding me with messages!

I don't like you telling me what to wear!

I don't like that you won't
let Yee be my bridesmaid!

Having an argument?


Can you keep it down?

My kids have school tomorrow.

Sorry about that.

Are we breaking up if we call off the wedding?


Give me a sec, I'm almost done.

I've made a decision.

I'm not waiting for the One-way Permit anymore.


Xiaomei and I are getting married.

Didn't you say
that only fools rush into marriage?

What can I do?

She's pregnant.

What about LA?

What about the freedom you wanted?

There's no freedom in a marriage.

You only have it when you have a Hong Kong ID.

I can be free in a marriage, too.

I can squat with my feet flat now.

Wow, it's really amazing. You did it!

I don't want the divorce.

We evolved from monkeys, not birds.

I want to help you get your ID card.

But I don't want it anymore.

Besides, aren't you marrying your boyfriend?

If I don't love him and still marry him,

is it a sham marriage?

Your boyfriend loves you.

Why does everyone say that?

Look at how worried he was
when you went to Fuzhou with me.

He wasn't worried about me.

He just didn't trust me.

Between me dying in a bus crash
or cheating on him with you,

he'd rather I die in a bus crash.

Don't overthink it.

You think being single means you're free?

Where do you want to go?

What do you want to do?

I'm off.

Take care.

Don't miss me too much.

Try it out.

I'd like to return my dress.

You can just put it down.

See you.

You are so late. Go!

Last day at work?


How are you?

How did the wedding go?

It was okay, just a bit exhausting.

Yeah, a wedding is exhausting.

It's a pain just thinking about it.

Why'd you think
I just found some guy to marry?

Move to the center... to the right...

That's right, higher.

A bit to the right. There you go.

Mrs. Yan.

Right here?

Check if you're in the center.

Not quite yet, I think.

Do it again.

To the left... the left...

Right here?

Where's my tortoise?

Where's my tortoise?

I gave it away.

You gave it away?

The flat faces south.

The tortoise is bad for Feng Shui,
it'll affect Edward's health.

I could've just put him somewhere else!

It's not a good idea to have a tortoise anyway.

You should've asked me first!

You didn't even take care of it.

It was stinking up the place.

It's my tortoise! You should've asked me!

I'm the one who threw it away.

Forget about it...

Why did you throw my tortoise away?!

I didn't know it was so important.

Did you toss it or give it away?

Where's the tortoise food?

Leaving it here is no different than tossing it!

Mom was trying to do a good deed.

The tank at home is so small.

It's better off out here.

So when I'm married to you,

I won't even have the freedom
to raise a tortoise?

Why would you want a tortoise anyway?

What for?

You can't hold it, you can't play with it.

We can have a kid after we get married.

You can devote your time to that instead.

Why do you all think that marriage
means happily ever after?

It doesn't mean that.

But there's no happiness
if you don't get married.


It's like getting a contract.

It guarantees you a life partner.

Aren't we already life partners?

I told you, it's a contract.

What's the point of the contract?

We're vowing that we'll only love each other

and give up all other options.

People cheat when they're married, too.

That's a breach of contract.

A breach of contract!

Isn't it stupid to start a family...

Just because you're told to?

It is!

But don't you think it's sweet have someone
to be stupid with?

Ask yourself...

Do you really want to get married
and have a kid? I doubt it.

I think you're a slacker at heart.

I'm a slacker?

So what you really want is a fairytale wedding?

You should've said so!

You said you hate seeing people
put on grand weddings.

That's not what I mean.

What do you mean then?

We look at new flats,
but you don't want to move.

The ceiling was dripping,
but you didn't get it fixed.

Come on!

That marriage proposal
took me forever to plan.

Doesn't that count?

Are we going to be like this
for the rest of our lives?

That's right.

This is it.

Excuse me.

Can I help you?

I'd like a tortoise.

What kind?

Do you have one that's flipped over?



Where have you gone?

Close the nail clipper when you're done with it.

Close the nail clipper when you're done with it.

(GPS off)

You're really here?


Come on in.

You've come!

It's been a long time.

Please sit down.


Thank you.

Sit down.

Come on, sit right here.

I can't believe you remember your way back...

Here you are.

What's this?

I owe you a wedding gift.

But that was for you.

I couldn't help you.

How can I take it back?

No way. I appreciate the gesture.

Take it.

Have some tea.

You take it. Just take it.


Thank you.

I'll get you guys some fruits.

Guess if it's a boy or a girl.

A boy.

How did you guess?

Because you'd never abort a boy.

Work hard and make money.

You're right, you need money to be free.

What if you have money
and still have no freedom?

I'll worry about that when it happens.

Go home, you don't have to see me out.


Cheung Lei-fong.


For what?

You're getting married!

You're getting Claire.

(Milano Designer Dining Table)

(Check Out)