My Perfect Roommate (2022) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Rule 1, we eat separately.

In fact, wouldn't it be uncomfortable

to sit at a table with a stranger?

Rule 2, save electricity! Save water!

Do you know saving is the best income?

Rule 3,

a personal space must be respected.

Never intrude on the red line.

Yellow is a common area.

Your color is blue.

Na Moon-hee
Choi Woo-sung

My Perfect Roommate

Don't drag your suitcase.

I just wiped the floor.

And this is really important.

I'm feeling sorry to tell you, but...

Anything else?

Please don't poo at home.

Defecation not allowed

I just can't imagine

sharing the toilet with a man.

I've lived alone all my life.

I'm sorry.


Room Sharing between
elderly and student

Grandchildren, my ass…

Look at this.

Grandmother knows art.

Living room looks like Mondrian's job.

- Shut up.
- Seriously,

how can you live like this?

Ask another place to the city hall.

- Do you see the main gate?
- Yes.

People queues about
that far to replace me.


So it's cheaper than a studio?

It has a window, twice
bigger but cheaper.

I have no choice.

You silver spoon knows nothing.

Would you stop laughing?

It's so funny

that you can't poo at home.


I have to dig with my dirt spoon.


I need at least $600 per
month just for breathing.

Will you give it to me?

- Don't cross the line.
- That's why I'm leaving.

Wait for me.

You work 5 days in a week.

It's a weekend, don't go.

He's been there over 3 months.

I thought someone lives there.

- I had no idea.
- Tell me about it.

Please use it for cleaning
my room. I'm sorry.

Contact Son Kim Du Hong

- Bye.
- Thanks.

Can't use the toilet at home

makes my stomach nervous.

Should've chosen a different menu?

No, I can run fast enough.

- Here.
- Thanks!

How is he?


Dae Hun.

Still shows up?

Not recently.

If he asks money, say no.

When will he come to his senses?

Don't worry.

All right, I'll call
you on the next job.

- Okay.
- You must be tired, go home.

- Safe drive!
- Okay.

You must be tired than
me, it's a long drive.

Something's wrong?

The common area

must be cleaned together.

Cleaning Roster

As I said, don't cross the red.

Clean the yellow and blue areas.

Huh? Ah, okay.

Clean the bathroom,

it's your day off.


Give me a moment.

What's wrong?

Why do you go to the toilet so often?

I have irritable bowel syndrome.

Irritable... what?

Under the stress

or psychological pressure.

It's incurable.

I guess I was so stressed
out in the morning.

It's so obvious

you don't want to clean.

Clean the bathroom!

Turn the lever to the cold.

Otherwise, the boiler
will keep running.

Thank you for cleaning this morning.

You must be hungry

going to the toilet so often.

Have a breakfast.

I'm fine, I can go to
the convenience store.

Come on, sit down.

Try it.

Okay, then.

If you skip the meal,

you will suffer when you're old.

How do you eat usually?

At a convenience store
or school cafeteria.

It's cheap.

How much do you spend
at a convenience store?

Gimbap, cup ramen... About 4 dollars?


I'll make a proper meal for 5 dollars.


Can you compare it to ramen?

You can try it today and tell me.

Why would you eat outside
if you can eat at home?

How is it? 5 dollars is cheap, right?

The first day, it's on the house.

Soup run for the elders

Sorry, I'm late. Traffic was so heavy.

Enjoy your meal!

Enjoy your meal!

Enjoy your meal!


It's for my friend, she's running late!

Still no.

Some people are late.

Why not?

Enjoy your meal.

Ma'am, you took the
medicine a few days ago.

My whole body aches.

Every part hurts when
someone touches me.

Press here.

I said press it, not poke!

It hurts so much.

Give me my prescription.

If you keep doing this,

there will not be enough
medicine for others.

What's your schedule today?

Shall we go to the movie?

Shall we?

Call? Okay.

I'll buy tickets now.

Meals on you, drinks on me!

- Call?
- Call!


It's mine.


Hi, yes.

For three days?

No, it's not because of money.

Yes, I got it. Bye.

What is it?

It's a pet sitting job.

They're having an emergency,

need me to take the puppy

for three days.

I already bought tickets,
you should've said no.

And… You don't have a house.

I know!

But she's one of my very
few regular customers.

But you just started.

That makes me more thankful.

What should I do?

Call her back, say you can't!

Let's go to the theater!

Her mom had an accident,
she has to take care of her!

Let's go! Hey! Come on.

I won't go either.

Hello, I'm Han Ji Woong.

I'm sorry. Am I late?

No, you're on time.

I'm sorry for such short notice.

My mom hurt her leg

but my dad is on a business trip.

My dad told me he
hired you once before.

Yes. Hi, Jing! Come here!

Thank you.

Don't worry, go ahead.

What should we do?


Have some corns.

I guess she's busy.

Why would you call her,
who won't even come?

She's about to meet
her husband in heaven.

How could she always be so cold?

Do you still want to meet your husband

in the afterlife?

There will be a lot of other men!

Look at her, she can't hold her smile.

Why are we walking?

Not going home?

Actually, I...

I'm living with a scary old lady.

If she sees you, we
might be kicked out!

Jing! Let's help her.

Almost there!

Jing! Stay put.

Be quiet!

I told you what's going on.

Come on, shut up!

I heard a dog barking.

What are you doing outside?

It's nothing.

What's that sound?

Please, only for three days.

So you brought the dog?

- Yes.
- What nonsense is this?

At my house, without my permission!

The owner needed help…

How about me?

I don't even like human being.

But a dog?

- For three days?
- I'm sorry.

No. Never.

Hairs will be everywhere!

I can't eat if I see one.

I will clean by myself
for the next week.

And the dishes!


What about pee and poo?

He pees at the bathroom,

hose little water on…

It will smell!

Bathroom cleaning for the whole week!

I mean, the whole month!

What about poo?

He's really smart, poops only outside.

I will take him out after school.

How about when you're not around?

I'll take him with me.

You know you're being illogical.


But the owner's mom had a car accident…

Young man.

If you look after someone else's life,

your life will be miserable.

Even so,

we must help each
other in this society.


We all live together.

People always need someone's help.

Are you showing off

that you're majoring in sociology?

No, I'm not. It's my personality.


No, it's my house, and obviously,

I take care of him in the daytime.



But Granny, that's unfair…


No, 8:2. Of course, it is.

Thank you.


Deposit it into my bank account.

The contract is established.


Yes, I call.

Putting so much effort into it.

Do that to your parents.

They'll carry you around as a good son.

You pay for electricity this month.


Don't give him anything else.

Only this jerky for a snack.

I've heard enough!


or I'll lock the door
and leave him outside.

I'll be back in a hurry.

I'll be off to school.

Jing! Brother will be back.

Behave yourself!

Brother, my ass… To the dog.

See you later.

- Seriously?
- Yes.

- She let you?
- Yes.

That's unbelievable.
What's in it for you?


Come on, I can feel it.

There's nothing.

You have many flaws
but generosity is the worst.

That's why we're still friends.

Coffee bet! 5 points first!

- One to nothing.
- Okay, one to zero.

You're no match for me.


Do you live in 201?

I'm a friend of Gum Bun.


Hyung Seok.

He's a student living with
the grandmother in 201.

Nice to meet you, I'm Seo Hyung Seok.

- Hi.
- It's hard, right?

Living with a cranky grandmother.

It's okay.

Please open up a little bit young man!

I'm going to watch movie with him.

- Have a good time.
- See you again.

What do you want to eat after movie?

Let's eat something
delicious for dinner.


Good boy. Come on.

Good boy. Here you go.

Jing's sister

Play with this!

What's this?

What is it?

- It's a duck bone!
- What a waste.

Toys, snacks! Better than a person!

So cute, isn't he?

Just like human,

give him love, he'll love you back.

Having fun, Jing?

I'm going to the school.

Please take care of him.


It suits you.

Do you like me?

Where are you going?

Walking, it helps me digest better.

Why are you following me around?

The road looks good

to walk for Jing.


Say goodbye to grandmother, Jing!

I'm glad he's leaving.

I'm sick of hairs, piss and poops.

Do you want to go down?

Go to your sister.

Go on.

Did you miss me?

Good boy.

Thank you,

sorry such a short notice.

How's your mom?

It wasn't a big accident
but she hurts her leg.

That's a relief.

This is his toy.

The old one was a little hard

for his soft gum.

These are jerkies I made.

He is a little rascal,

toys will help him

stop chewing things.

Give him a duck bone after playing

for 3 days.

He'll get better.

Thank you,

I was having a hard time.

Can I ask you questions sometimes?

He's my first pet.

Of course, if it helps you.

Are you leaving too?

Go away, all of you.

So, have you decided
on your washing machine?


Anything I can afford.

You used it long enough.

Must throw something
away to get new one in.

- Do you want me to drive?
- No, it's fine.

I don't want to frighten the car.

Every Tuesday $2.5 for noodles

- Welcome. Please have a seat.
- Let's sit here.

Two black-bean-sauce noodles, please.

Two noodles coming right up.

It's on me, help yourself.

No, you helped me

buying washing machine.

Don't be, if a person
changes, it's time to die.

If you go before me

after buying this cheap noodle,

it'll remain in my heart forever.

It's on me.

What do you think? It's nice, right?

Having someone around.


My boy has to join the military.

Breaks my heart.

Your boy looks great.

Be nice to him.

I like him

because he feels like my grandson.

How friendly he is.

Modern Sociology

Jing's sister

He barks to every sound from the door.

I think it's time to socialize.

The vet said that this
is an important time.

What should I do?

How about this?

What's this?

Are you trying to impress someone?

Do you have a blind date?

- Here are your beers.
- Thank you.

Are you having a fun with your friends?

I've been to pet cafe,

but didn't know a pet pub.

Pets are family.

It's popular among pet owners.

I love it.

You are a good pet sitter, Ji Woong.



So we're at the same age,

shall we talk comfortably?

Shall we?

- Absolutely.
- Choi Sung Jin.

Didn't you say about meeting someone?

He kept following me

saying he had an appointment!

Why do you speak in honorifics again?

It's none of your business.

I've never seen him putting a hair wax.

- Whatever.
- Look at your hair.

Shut up, don't listen to him.

Now we're friends,

I can ask about Jing easily.

Right? Right? Jing?

Do you want a snack?

Women's restroom

Try this yogurt.

Now we're friends.

I always get support from you.

There're no boxes today.

Really? I put them outside.


It's you again, old man?

Don't touch other people's properties!

- What properties?
- Look.

This is my jurisdiction.

Where is your manner?

This is theft!

I left for a few days

but you can't take my boxes!

They were on the road,
first come, first serve!

Look! These are from the pizza place,

These are from the chicken place.

Did I ever take yours?

I don't even look at them.

Stay away from my street!

Spiteful, venomous.

What a grumpy old woman.

Great job.

Here is your $12, wait.

Here, $12 and 30 cents total.

It's getting less.

It's a hard time.

The price keeps going
down lately. It's crazy.

I know. The world is getting harder.

But what can we do? Life goes on!

- Take care.
- See you later.

I was so stressed out preparing
Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Mom nagged "Do you
think that's enough?"

"You'll have fun at the university."

She was sugarcoating it.

She exactly sounds like my mom.

How about you?

I bet your parents were different

seeing you live so hard.

My family?

No, just the same.

They just try to take care of you.

My dad calls me every day at 10 p.m.

Dad, just let me have some fun.

And that's my mom.

She's like a cuckoo clock.

Hey, I wish I can live alone like you.

Where have you been?

Out of cooking oil.



Where's everyone?

806 went home with her son,

301 has to put her grandson to sleep.

You tell your son and
grandchild to come.

You miss them all the time!

Few days ago, at dawn,

I was so sick that I couldn't move.

So I was struggling alone,

then I called my son telling him

to take me to the hospital.

After a while, a doorbell rang.

So I opened the door.

It was a damn ambulance.

My son called 911

to take me to the hospital.

I understand.

He's busy living his life but...

But he gives you a lot of money.

Money can't replace everything.

Count your blessing.

He gives you money,
calls the ambulance.

That's enough!

I can't listen to your
bragging anymore.

What a temper.

I was about to go inside.

Wait for me!


How did you find me?

I'm nosy, I asked around.

It's been a while,

be nice to your friend.

I'm totally broke.

It's not like that.

I came to see your face
on the way to Min Chul.

- Really?
- Yes, you punk.

If I go there, who knows
when we meet again?

Good for you.

You'll save money if
you work for a while.

Yeah, right.

You could've told me

you will be late on the phone.

It was on silent mode.

Look at you.

You're dating someone?

What dating? No.

Hey. It's too late already.

Let's go to your place.

No, grandmother hates
it when people come.

Why? I'm your friend.

She just doesn't like it.

All right, all right.

Then I'll stay until the first train.

Ji Woong. Reminds me the old time.

Shut up.

We still got it, dude. Still the same.

What kind of dog eats an apple?

And pumpkins too?

Sure, it can prevent constipation
and give vitamins.

I envy you.

You go to university in Seoul

preparing for the future.

You must work hard
for Min Chul for a year.

All right, smartass.

Who are you?

I'm friend of Ji Woong.

I'm sorry! He was about to leave.

What's wrong?

Leave now.

Before I call the police.

What? Why are you making a fuss?

Let's go.

Why? Call the police!

Come on, let's go.

She treats me like a criminal!

Put on your shoes. I'm so sorry, ma'am.

I'll pay you back

as soon as I get paid.

I'm sorry. This and that, too.

Okay, go.

See you later.

I'm so sorry, ma'am.

It was outrageous.

I'm sorry.

He acted like he has no parents,

is he your friend?

Please don't talk too recklessly.

Do you think he acted right?

No, I don't.

But all he did was use the bathroom.

He wandered around a stranger's house!

I know it's your house,

but I'm living here too.


What are you saying?

What a thief!

Now, your parents must be so obvious!


I'll give you a few days, leave.

I can't live with someone
like you anymore!

Yes, I will!

Honestly, it was hard for
me to bear your personality.

I can't wash or defecate comfortably!

How about eating?

There aren't many people

who can live with someone like you!

If it was that hard,
why did you hold it in?

Fine! That's good!

What is today's job?

Leave me alone.

So cranky.

Is it Yoo Jin?

Get lost.

Love is never easy.

It requires infinite
dedication and patience,

at last, there's love.

You know nothing.

Do I look so free to you?

What kind of reaction is this?

I saw you put wax on your hair.

Come on, man.

Let's freaking hang out!

You've been an ass whole week.

What? What is it?

I said get lost.

Even if it's not you,

I only have back tackles in my life!


What the hell she's doing?

Get out of my way, old woman!

Hold on. I just need to pick this up.

Are you deaf? I'm busy!

Almost done!

Move! I said move!


Come on!



- Seriously…
- Hey, craphead!

Who the hell are you?

Who are you?

What are you doing?

What the heck are you doing?

Crap, seriously.

I'm telling you, this
punk punched me first!

What? Punk?


What are you doing?

Both of you! Sit down!

Give me your identification.

Young man, let's wrap up quietly.

Call your parents,

it's not a big deal.

Call them.

What's this?

You don't have parents?

I knew it. You orphan punk.

He must have records.

- You son of wench!
- Stop! Both of you!

Sit down!



One more word,

I'll put you in jail.

Excuse me, sir?



I live with him, Han Ji Woong.

Han Ji Woong.

Is that true?

I live with her.


No matter how shameful her job is!

"I live with her"? To your grandmother!


Looks like your grandmother took you

after parents passed away!

- It's not like that…
- Shut up.


You pushed her first in
front of her grandson.

You are so famous already.


You pushed old lady
down in mud, swearing.

You were on the camera.

Oh my!

Who holds in it

when this happens to their grandmother?


Young man, let's eat together.

Have a seat.

I'm sorry about last night.

I said awful things to you.

I'm sorry.

Let's eat.

Are you alone?



I've never met my parents.

All right, let's eat.

Where's Dae Hun?

- Dae Hun?
- Yes.

What are you talking about?

Did you give him money?

- Yes.
- Scumbag.

Why didn't you call me?

I trusted him. And I was in trouble.

What trouble?

Never mind, it's okay now.

Call me if you were in trouble.

Don't bear it alone.



I've put some more for regulars, enjoy!

Thank you.

Roast pork restaurant

We come here after every works,

now we're regulars.

Why? Are you sick of it?

This was our dream

since we were in the orphanage.

Eating with family was
the most envious thing.

Today's house seemed
to be a young guy's.


He was 28-year-old.

I guess the end of a lonely life

has nothing to do with age.

By the way, what's up with you?

You've never bowed before.

I looked into his stuff and room,

there was not much
difference between my room.

They didn't think

their last would be like that.

While doing this job,
it makes me think a lot.

People who leave this world
alone, their last moment.

If someone was there for them...


wouldn't they die feeling

a little less fearful and painful?

How's the pet sitting?

You almost lived with Happy

at an orphanage,

and you ended up with dogs.

I love dogs.

We can understand each other

without talking.

What are you doing?

I'm disappointed.

I'm lower than dogs to you.

Without talking,

you can't read my mind?

Don't be like that.

Stop it.

It's good.

Nutritional supplements
Take one for breakfast and dinner

Hello, ma'am.

Hello, ma'am.

Where did you two get so friendly?

- Just walking.
- Walking?


Stop talking nonsense and go in.

We're going on a picnic
at the park tomorrow.

Do you want to go with us?

A picnic?

Yes, before Hyung
Seok joins the military.

I'll visit on a break.

You'd better!

It's not far and really nice.

Shall we?

I have things to do.

I'll help you, let's go after that.

Then, shall we?

Yes, good. Let's go.

- Okay.
- Let's go to the mart.

See you guys tomorrow.

Should I cook eggs?

Just sit down.

- I can do the spinach!
- No, I got it.

Well, you can try.

Try not to burst it. That's good.

You're good, Ji Woong.

- Now this?
- Yes.



It's so good, ma'am!

Did you bring any delicious food?


Gimbap, fruits, cider.

We have sandwiches!

This old lady is so excited!

Look at you, you're in trouble.

- What trouble?
- I told you.

If a person changes,

it's time to go.

Go where?

I can't afford to go anywhere.

The Grim Reaper won't take you

because you don't spend a money.

We'll be right back.

Where are you going?

Buy something.

They look happy to be on a picnic.

He's good, right?

Yes, he's pure.

He is a little dark
because he had been alone,

but he's one pure kid.

But Ji Hun came in…

Ji Woong! Not Ji Hun.

Whatever, Ji Hun, Ji Woong.

It's same to me.

You've changed.

Sitting out here at this time.

Have I?

Let's come out and look
around the world sometimes.

That's not so bad.

The park is big, right?

The sunshine is nice.

You're right.

It's a road I passed every day,

I felt it's irrelevant to me.

But not today.

I've heard about her
from my grandmother.

She used to be a really bright person.

They went to the same university.

My grandmother got married
after she graduated,

and Gum Bun went to Germany.

They understand each other well

without talking,

I think that's why they are close.

Let's go, they must be waiting for us.



They made it together.

Try this.

This is why I fake illness sometimes.

Let's take a picture.

Grandmother, shall we make a heart?

A heart? Yes!

Ready? Focus on here.

More friendly, smile, 1, 2, 3!

Do you want to see pictures of Jing?


So cute.

- I miss him.
- So cute, isn't he?

"It's better to have loved and lost,

than never to have loved at all."

Excuse me?

It's better to lose everything

by making love than not loving.


No, we're just friends.

You're too soft.

It's a habit to lose.

You must win when you can.

- Coffee bet, 1 point!
- Cheeky.

- Hello, professor.
- Professor?

I won! I finally won!

You can't put up with it too much.

You have to say what you must say.

Ji Woong, I'm going
to drink some coffee.

Please take care of this.

I'd love to drink coffee.

Don't let them take advantage of you.

Sorry. I was too harsh on you.

Have some fun!

That's how you gain more energy!

- It's so good.
- As expected, Han river is...

So, what's your dream?

I'd like to run a pet
sitting business properly.

An apartment?

Yes, at the living space.

For the last time,

please lend me $500!

How dare you.

It's an emergency.

Bullcrap, pay back the
money you borrowed before.

Ji Woong!

What are these?

I used to eat a long time ago,

but I wonder if it tastes the same.



It's delicious!

I was poor,

I made it because it was cheap.

I liked the taste.

I forgot about it,

but it suddenly came to mind.

Go ahead, don't mind
what an old lady says.

I enjoyed the food.

Stop, you don't need to anymore.

No! I insist.

So I can have more sometimes.

Your food makes my stomach comfortable.

Were you looking at the picture again?


Since Hyung Seok left home,

I feel so empty.

I brought this

because I thought
you'd be acting pitiful.

A porridge?

Abalone porridge?

It's not a bad idea to fake illness.

A serious illness
begins with the heart.

Shake it off and go outside!

Yes, nurse.

Don't be absurd.

I'm not.

If it weren't for you, I would
never see my grandson.

It's a long time ago.

Acute myocardial infarction?

Golden time is an hour.

How do ordinary people know that?

You did because you were a nurse.

Time flies when you look back.

It feels like yesterday
when we were a freshman.

You mean it's time to leave.


I'll stop, stay a little more!

Sickness makes me recall old times.

The porridge on the table is for you.

No charge this time!

What are you doing?

I cleaned your room too.

What's wrong?

Why is this here?

I don't know, what is it?

Even with the evidence, do you deny it?

Get out.

Get out of my house, right now!

Let's go to your place.

What? What?

Okay, I got it.

Calm down, first.

You pathetic son of wench!

I said calm down.

Ji Woong, calm down. Listen to me.


Give me my money back!

I can't.


I'll be locked up in jail without it.


I needed money.

So I committed fraud
on the used market.


- Min Chul.
- Are you with him?

- Yes.
- What did he do, this time?

I think we should pay
back to the victims first.

Yeah, I'll handle it, don't worry.


I'm sorry.

I must have been crazy.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

Please forgive me.

I'm sorry.

Right after high school,
they said we're adults.

They told us to leave
because we were 20 years old.

To where?


Do you…

Remember $5,000 you
get when we went out?

I thought it was freaking a lot.

But while living in a small room,

it disappeared quickly.

That's why you did it?

"Because you're an orphan."

"Because you don't have any parents."

Do you want to hear
something like that?

When we were in school,

remember they looked at us

even if a tiny eraser disappeared?

You're a smartass, goes to university.

You know nothing.

It was the easiest way.

They love a model student.

They love an obedient child!

You freaking loved to be loved.

Must've been feeling so freaking good…

University is the same.

When my friends…

ask me about my parents,

I have nothing to say.

Say about their moms,

what does your dad do...

I thought it would be
different in university.

But It's all the same.

It's branded on us forever.

An orphan.

Hey. What's wrong with you?

- Ji Woong, Come on.
- Hey, guys.

- Let's go.
- No, let me go.

It's a school!

- Hey!
- Let go of me.

- You wacko!
- I got to run.

Listen guys.

Let me tell you a funny story.

Yes, go ahead.

Do you know what I did on the day

I took Scholastic Aptitude Test?

After the exam,

I went to my part-time job.

Others were happy
because exams are over.

But I couldn't.

We couldn't celebrate.

We had to leave the orphanage.

I don't have mom and dad!

I'm alone!

Generation pause?

I'm not paused. I'm N.

Because I have nothing.

This is why he's an idiot.

Why would you hide that
for 2 years, you idiot.

Yes, what's wrong with that?

Ji Woong, it's not your fault that
you grew up in an orphanage.

Sung Jin, let's kidnap him
during this summer vacation.

- Call?
- Call.

Let's kidnap him and torture him.

Don't let him work.

You know he's going crazy
if he can't work, right?

I know, a workaholic is
worse than an alcoholic.


Rest in peace

You'll be okay?

See you later.

What are you looking for?

It's nothing.

She should've given us in advance.

What if there's none?

Come on.

What if the student

who lived with my mom took it?

Excuse me, sir.

Most of them will burn.

Please take things

for remembering the deceased.


Do you want to burn
these pictures and frames?

Yes, do it.

Please take this frame.

These are the pictures that
your mother valued the most.

Sir? How about this?


Looking for this?


Thank you, ma'am.

It was right in front of us.

She thought at least you would take it.

She always missed the
moment spent with you.

I finally graduated from college,

but my family was having a hard time.

I went to Germany as a nurse.

They gave me eight times

more than a normal salary.

Leaving my country,

I worked in deathly agony.

There, I met someone I loved.

But turns out, he was a married man.

Eventually, he abandoned me.

I came back to my mother.

My father spent my money

drinking and cheating on mom.

My mom died because of my father

in exasperation and depression.

I felt disillusioned.

There was no one I can trust.

I thought about killing myself,

but I wasn't…

brutal enough.

That's why I'm still living.


I've never waited

for anyone.

He's late.

He should call if he's late.

Young man?



A month after I was born

I was abandoned at a church.

Without knowing my name or birthday,

I was sent to an orphanage.

My birthday is the day

I was abandoned at church.

My family name is Han.

Because the principal's
last name is Han.

The thing I hate the most is

writing mom and dad's names

and jobs.

It's so hard

for someone like me.

Ji Woong.

Do you want to live with me?

As a family.

A real family.

It may not be enough for you

but as your grandmother.

To me,

you are a university student, handsome,

and my undeserved grandson.


You don't want to?

I may not look like it,

but I graduated University of Foreign
Studies, majoring in German.

The first family of
Room Sharing Program

Hi, nice to see you.


During the Room Sharing Program,

a beautiful thing happened
that fits the purpose of us.

We are here to hold a small
event to celebrate this occasion.

Are you ready?

Family Relationship Affidavit

Now, everybody together,

count 1, 2, 3.

Let's get started right away!

Shout it out loud!

One! Two! Three!


Give them a round of applause!

Please give them a big hand.


Ji Woong! Wake up.

I'm tired, grandmother.

A few minutes more.

You said you'd get fired
if you were late again.

Why are you saying it is so hard?

I thought you already knew.

Enjoy your meal.

Don't be picky.

I'll come again tomorrow.

- Okay.
- Good kids.

I can't move because
I'm not feeling well.

With this medicine,
I can put up with it.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Thank you.


Why don't you stop picking up boxes?

I'm afraid there'll
be another accident!

If you don't move,
you'll get older faster!

I have to gather small
things to help the children!

Hello, ma'am.

Deposit please.

Save the children
A meal for the kids

Here is the new bank account
for self-reliance support funds.

Han Ji Woong

Defecation not allowed

My Perfect Roommate