My Own Private Hell (2018) - full transcript

In a bar called Inferninho, the staff dream of escape. A handsome sailor with a dream of finding home arrives. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

I'm like dust that the wind has not blown
Like a road that only love has walked

I'm on this journey.

I'm someone who you look but can't see
Yet I follow you.

Like a guardian angel
If you need someone.

You can summon me
I'll hit any road with you.

Nothing to be afraid of
I'll protect you

I'm all for you
I'm up for everything.

You're not from around here,
are you?

Where are you from?

From far away.

Do you need a place to stay?

I don't know yet.

- If you need a room...
- If you need, there's a room in the back.

- I rent it.
- Since when?

So, did you like it?
It was beautiful, wasn't it?

I need my payment, Deusimar.

This isnt the proper time,
young lady.

Come on, Deusimar. It's been two weeks.
I need my money.

I don't discuss that subject
in front of the customers.

Go away now! Go!

What is it, girl? Are you deaf?

Go on! Get out.

- Have you come for my show?
- Unfortunately not.

Come back tomorrow.
I promise It'll be much better.

- Do you sing here every night?
- Every single night.

- You have to go now, come on!
- You're hurting me!


- Want another one?
- Only if you join me.

Has anybody ever told you that
you look like that American actor?

The one that used to go out with Madonna.

- Yes!
- Really?

Several times.


What about me?

What famous actress do I look like?

You look like Ling Xing.

Ling Xing? Never heard of her.

- Is she famous?
- Kind of.

I bet she's not even American.

- Have you been there?
- Been where?

To America.

No. But I dream of going.

- Have you?
- A few times.

I envy you.

- You must know the whole world, uh?
- Not whole, but a great part.

Have you owned this place for long?

All my life.

The bar belonged to my grandma.
When she died my mom took over.

Then when my mom died, I took over.

I grew up here,

drinking Campari since I was eight.

It must be good to have
a place to call your own.

Yes, maybe it is.

- I think we'd better not.
- Come.

- Dance with me.
- No, boy! I'm all rusty!

I love the smell of rust. Come!

All right then.

With that gift of gab, you must have
a love at every port.

- Don't you, sailor?
- Love?

No, not love.

I've had over a few affairs,
but never true love.

That's sad.

Yes, it is.

The sea is lonesome.

I wish only the sea was lonely.

It's late. Bedtime.

Come, I'll show you to your room.

I just came to say that I'm leaving now.

What is it now?

I'm sorry.

I thought it was somebody else.

The thing is...

I can't get to sleep.

Neither can I.

Even if millions of miles separate us

I know he'll end up coming back
Looking for me.

Even if he meets other women
Trying to forget me

I know he'll end up coming back
Calling me, asking me out.

Our love is like a tattoo
It's stuck on us.

And burns even stronger in our hearts.

- Have you got any news?
- No!

- Nothing on the sailor?
- No, nobody knows him.

- What did he tell you?
- Who?

- The sailor, goddamn it!
- All he talks about is water.

Salty sailor talk.
Boats, sails, sails, boats.

- That when he's not...
- When he's not what?

Making out with Deusimar.

I'm sure I've seen that guy before.

- I doubt it.
- Why is that?

Because you'd only hang out with bandits.

That's the problem.

What is it?

I have to talk to you.

Go ahead, say it.

It's a private conversation.

Should I leave?

- Yes.
- No!

Here I am!

Sorry I'm late.

Where's my payment?

I'll only pay you tomorrow.
You're late.

- I need my money, Deusimar.
- I said “only tomorrow”.

Deusimar, I did my job.

I deserve my money.

Get here on time, then.

I want my money now!

Pay the girl, Deusimar.

Next time you run late,
you won't get paid.

Did you hear me, young lady?
Nobody will save you.

Thank you, sailor.

Get off!

Thanks very much for coming over, folks.

I wanted you to know
that whenever I may go

the higher I may reach
I'll always take you with me.

I also want to send a kiss,

a very big kiss
for our dear sailor.

He who is the newest member
of this beautiful, united family,

which is the family "Inferninho".

A kiss for you, Jarbas.
This one is for you.

What a saucy bitch.

Feel your scent next to mine.

The sweat of my body blending to yours

I feel my body doesn't want
to break apart from yours

I don't have the nerve to tell you, though

I want to squeeze you so bad.

To whisper how much I want you.

When I finally decide to tell you.

The song comes to an end.

Take over, Richard.

How do you like it, sailor?
Take this!

I want to squeeze you so bad

Soundcheck, one, two.

What happened, darling?
Did you already finished your show?

You bitch!

- Let me go, Caixa-Preta!
- Calm down, Deusimar. No violence.

What is it?
Are you jealous of your little sailor?

Don't tease her, Luizianne.

You're fired, bitch.
You're fired!

Well, I quit.

This joint has never deserved me.

- Calm down, you guys! Let's talk.
- Get out, bitch.

Get out, bitch!

Fuck you all.

- Bitch.
- Goddamn it! Luizianne!

Calm down, honey,
calm down, Deusimar.

The bar is closed, folks.
Get everybody's checks, Rabbit.

Come on, honey, let's get you cleaned.

Come back!
You aren't leaving without paying!

Don't leave without paying, you deadbeat!

Come back!


- Excuse me.
- We're closed.

I need to speak
with the owner of this bar.

What is it?

According to this, it's a certain Denilson.

It's my bar and my name is Deusimar.

What do you want, Mister?
Are you a debt collector?

I'm no debt collector,
on the contrary, ma'am.

The "ma'am" is in heaven,
so you can call me "you".

Come on, say it.

So, Deusimar, my name is Salvador Gomes.

I work for “Move On”, a company
that assists the state government.

Have you, ma'am, I mean,
have you heard of our company?

No, never.

We're in charge of managing
the removal process.

- Removal?
- Exactly.

The government is going to build
a major real estate development.

The largest virtual entertainment
center in Latin America

and the 5th largest in the world.

- “The Virtuarium”!
- The what?

The Virtuarium.

Your property is right here.

This entire area is planned to
shelter a parking lot

for over 7,000 vehicles.

Wait, a parking lot?

Hold on, Mr. Gomes, I really don't
understand what you're talking about.

It's quite simple, Deusimar.

Here's the prize you're going to get

for the expropriation
of your real estate property.

And as you can see on this chart, ma'am,

it's a much higher value
than the market value.

- Who is he?

This figure here is the market value,

and this is what you're going to get.

I don't know,
but apparently he's someone important.

What do you want with my wife?

Oh, Mr. Denilson?

- No, I'm Jarbas.
- Hi, honey.

Mr. Gomes came to buy the "Inferninho".

- Is that right, Mr. Gomes?
- You can put it that way.

- The bar is not for sale.
- Yes, it is!

Look how much he's paying!

I already said and I will not repeat:
The bar is not for sale.

- Mr. Denilson, we have an...
- Shut up, Deusimar!

- You'd better calm down, Mr. Denilson.
- You'd better get out now!

Get out. Out!

You don't have much choice, Mr. Denilson.

He's said it already.
Didn't you hear?

The "Inferninho" is not for sale.

See you soon.

If you show up again,
I'll kick your ass!

Do you hear me?

I swear I'll kick your ass!

That guy was a swindler, Deusimar.

It doesn't matter, Jarbas.

- You shouldn't have done that.
- I did it to protect you.

From what?

From the money he had to offer me?

- Thanks a lot.
- He came to cheat on you, don't you see?

What cheating, Jarbas?

The guy is serious,
he works for the government.

You shouldn't have done that.

You'll thank me one day.


When I'm old, rotting to death?
Stuck in this shithole?

Are you going to be around
when that happens?

I'll never leave you.


Yes, right.

How many poor girls must've heard
those words from you?

I love you, Deusimar.

It happens that I need more than love.

Now I want to be alone.


Mr. Jarbas.

Mr. Jarbas.

Mr. Jarbas.

Goddamn it, Rabbit!
Go poke the devil, for Christ's sake.

- I'm sorry, boss.
- Boss my ass! Get out of here!

I forgive you, love.

- I think we'd better call the police.
- Police? Are you nuts, Deusimar?

An ambulance, then.

What if that girl dies here?
Think about it.

Bite your tongue, Deusimar.

Nobody will die here, Deusimar.
We've got it under control.

I've stitched much deeper wounds.

Luizianne. Luizianne.

Boîte noire, mon ami.



Ça va bien?



Marin Jarbas...

What the hell did she say?

It's French.

Since when does this wretch
speaks French?

It was the blow.

I've seen that happen before.

- But is she going back to normal?
- That depends.

Now it switched to English.

- What did she say?
- She's begging for forgiveness.

Fine. Tell her I forgive her.

But tell her to never
mess with my man again.

Or else...

I'll crack that head myself.

Sei molto Bela.

Grazie, scatola nera.

Ti voglio solo per mi.

- Si solletica!
- Si solletica?

- How much?
- How much what?

How much do you want
to pretend you've never found me?

Come on, sailor.

You're insulting us by speaking like that.

- We want your share.
- My share?

We want your share of the scheme.

Or else?

Or else our conscience will weigh
and we'll have to rat on you.

No, not to rat on.

- To make an agreement.
- A plea bargain agreement.

- OK, fair enough.
- Isn't it?

I knew you'd appreciate our proposal.

Better than to be beaten up, right?

All because you ran away and left us
to be fucked all by ourselves.

- Shit happens...
- No hard feelings.


There's only one problem.

I've spent the money.

I had to pay some bar debts, to help
Deusimar, the money is all gone.

That is your problem, not ours, sailor.

- Or is it?
- No, it's not.

Of course not.

I'll just need some time
to raise that cash.

And how long do you suggest
we wait until you raise the cash?

Two years.

You have two weeks.

- Two weeks? That's impossible!
- It's not impossible, sailor!

We're going to come every night
so as to encourage you.

Drinking on the house.
Of course.

The advantages of being
acquainted with the owner.

I'm sorry, honey,
but that story is hard to believe in.

I swear that I'm trying hard.

- Why would I lie to you, Deusimar?
- Why?

I don't know.

Do you promise you'll never leave me?

- I'll never leave you, Deusimar.
- Do you promise?

I promise.

And that you'll take me to
some place far from here.

A very beautiful place.

Where we're going
to live happily ever after.

Do you promise, honey?

Do you promise, Jarbas?
Promise me.

I can't hear you, Jarbas. Promise me.

Come on, Jarbas, promise me, please.

I can't hear you.

Come on, my love, promise me, please.

Promise me, Jarbas, please.

You're so hot!

Come sit here next to daddy!

Come sit on daddy's lap, come on!

- Turn around and show your ass.
- When are you taking those clothes off?

Yes, spin around like that, come on!

I wish you were singing in my boat!

Swinging on my boat like this!

Stop singing and sit here.
Sit here on my lap.

Giving a titfuck!

So hot!

Hey, man!

Get off me, hombre!

Hey, man, have you gone mad?

Are they coming back?


I think we'd better hire security.

- With what money, Deusimar?
- We'll find a way.

What if they come back in four? Or ten?

- What if they come back with guns?
- We'll call the cops.

Since when have the police
been on our side?

We can't afford to pay for security.

We can't afford to bribe the cops.

We can't afford to get rid
of those bastards.

- The only solution is...
- To sell the bar.

For that Salvador guy,
with the government.

We can sell the bar and go somewhere,
far away.

Where they can't find you.
Only the two of us.

When do you think they're going
to pay you, Deusimar?

You think they're going
to pay you like that? In cash?

In a bag of money?

What is the only solution, then?

I don't know.

I must think.

OK, but you had offered a different value.

The price changes every
new visit we make.

It goes down?

Each case is a case.

So in my case the price goes down?

In that case, yes.

That means if I don't accept
to sell the bar right now,

the next time you'll offer
even less, is that right?

I can't be sure, but probably yes.

That's a crime!

What you're doing is a crime!

Isn't that sailor of yours
around here today?

I want half of what you're offering.

I beg your pardon.

I said I want half
the price you're offering.

What do you mean?

You'll pay me half the price...

...but you'll pay me today.

In cash.

Listen, Deusimar.

I'm not allowed to do that,
and our company...

I'll sign a purchase agreement.

With the full price.

I don't care what will happen
to the other half.

Do we have a deal?

We have a deal.

Excuse me.

Where's Jarbas?

He's gone.

You're lying.

You'd better cooperate.

For his own sake.

And yours too.

I told you that he's gone away.

- We'll wait for him.
- Until he comes back.

Get out of here! Get out!

You filthy bastards!

You filthy pieces of trash!

Is money all you ever think of?

Is that what you live for?
Money, money! What about me?

What about my life?
Are you concerned about that?

Do you care at all about my life?

Do you care about anyone's life?
Do you?

Is that enough or do you want more?

Do you want more?
You filthy pigs!

Get out! Get out!

Get out! Go away!


Is everything all right?



Good luck!

Listen, Deusimar.

The removal procedure is time-consuming.

The financial procedure is bureaucratic.

You can stay here for a long time.

If you want, you can keep the bar open.

No, I'd rather close it down.

I see.

Anyway, you'll get a message
or notification,

informing you about when you should leave.

Good luck.

For you, too.

What about your share, Deusimar?

I don't need it.

Wait a minute.

This money comes from the sale of the bar,
is that right?

Whose bar is it?

The bar belongs to you, Deusimar.

This money belongs to you.

That's not fair.

That's not fair.

And we'll only take our small salary.

Hold on, Rabbit!

It's not quite like that.

If the money belongs to Deusimar and
she wants to split it, we must accept it.

What is not fair is that
she doesn't keep anything.

I agree with Rabbit.

He speaks?

Better if stayed mute.

Damn you're stupid.

I've spent my whole life
paying you peanuts,

and now that I'm giving you everything
you won't take it.

Holy shit.

And what about you, Deusimar?

I told you I don't want it!

Didn't I?

Get that shit and buzz off!

Get out, come on! Get out!

I can't bear looking at your faces anymore.


I need to talk to you, Deusimar.

We have...

We've collected your share of the money.

I've already said I don't need it.

Yes, you will need it!

We're not going to let you die, Deusimar.

We're not going to let you die!
Do you hear me?

You must do something!

You must take action!

Your whole life...

You've been waiting and waiting...


You've been waiting for someone
to take you away from here.

But it was you...


You were never brave enough
to go away from this place.

You've never taken a single step
outside this place.

All you had to do was open the gate and...

But you never did, you keep...

You stay here, cursing life, cursing...

Blaming everything and everyone.
Saying that life is to blame and...

It's your life, Deusimar.


Take good care of life.

You should caress life like this...

Don't mistreat life.

You can sell the bar.

But this life is yours. This life is yours.

Until the end...

This life is yours until the end.

Here's what you'll do...

You're going to get this money...

Then you are going to...

Go after...

Go after your dream!

After the...

After your love!

Do you understand?

Then when you...

When you are...

When you are very happy...

Will you remember me?


As if...

As if I had the right,
as if I was human...

Remember me...


Do that for you and for me.

Life is...


Life is going fast, Deusimar.

Go away from here...



Go away from here...

The moon in the backlands.

For those who have seen it.

Is such an immense thing.

It illuminates everything.

It beams such a strong light.

It beams in blue.

On the corners where there's no light.

The memory goes.

And illuminates the path.

The journey and the destination.

A lonesome mandacaru tree.

Moonlit above me.

The night blossoms.

And the moon unfolds.

It makes everything red.

With shades of blue.

Our love was so bounded.

We've crossed a thousand borders
In the name of love.

We fought together for each other
I on one side, you on the other

I almost lost you
I almost got crazy.

Good evening.

Would you like to sit, ma'am?

What is going on here, Rabbit?

Live music, isn't it?

Has Jarbas come back?

- Jarbas?
- Since when?

I think he's never even left, you know?

I think he's never been on vacations.

I've been working here for years and...

I've never seen it.

Don't you recognize me, Rabbit?

Not really, ma'am.

You're not from around here, are you?

Where are you from?

Excuse me. Make yourself at home.

What would you like?

A shot.

Of what?


In that case I'll join you.

You're not from here.


- If you need a place to stay...
- Yes, I do.

There's a little room,
it's not too spacious, but...

I'll take it.

I only rent it for illustrious people.

Storms of lies.

Wanted to see our fights.

But that was no use.

At night, I look at you by my side.

When I recall the past.

Everything we've been through

I hug and kiss your sweaty body.

That sleeps so deeply
That cannot even dream that I am.

Recalling us both
Recalling our love.

For you, I'd do it all again.

Recalling us both
Recalling our love.

For you, I'd do it all again