My Own Love Song (2010) - full transcript

Jane is a woman who is hiding from life after an accident leaves her wheelchair-bound. Joey is her friend who speaks to ghosts and angels no one else can see or hear. When he reads in the newspaper that his favorite author will be speaking in New Orleans, he convinces Jean to go with him. Along the way, they meet up with Billie, a young woman in search of her missing husband. The travelers have many obstacles in their path. They meet many different "angels" and "devils" along the way. Will they make it in time for the most important gig of Jane's life? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Your hands are beautiful.
You play the piano?

Not really.

Mind if I join you?



The way you're tapping the
table you should play the piano.

Do you live here?

Born here.
Raised here.

Stuck here.

Well I'm just passing though.
Want another?


Well. I'm in insurance
I insure farm machinery.

You have beautiful eyes, Jane.

I'm trying to think of an interesting
question about farm machinery.

There aren't any, trust me.

- No?
- No.

- So what are we gonna talk about?
- You.

You're interesting.
I can tell.

So, what brings you to this bar?

I live around here.

Nothing on TV
Monday night.

Tell me, Jane, what do
you do in life?

Apart from being
disappointed by TV.

Not to much..

What is it, some kind
of secret?

It's not a secret.

You must do something.

I am a singer.

I wasn't far off with
my piano question.

The night is young, we're
just getting started.

How about a game of pool?

Alright, if you do not mind losing.

We'll see about that.

I didn't realize how late it is.
I gotta get home.

Something wrong?

No, I'm just afraid I
gotta be somewhere.

Thanks for the beer.

I remember pickin' a wild orange

at the edge of the woods
surrounding our house.

I threw the orange right at the stars,
and it never fell back.

I held that fruit for
a second.

Today, I look at the orange tree through
the window of a dark train... and...

Seems like it is
painted on the glass.

Are you sure?

It was a crisis.

If I were an angel

I wouldn't let things
like that happen.

- Alright.
- See you tomorrow, Mike.

- Alright.
- Get up, Joey.

Get up.

Want a ride home?


I'll walk.

Be careful who you bother
with your bullshit.

It's not... it's not... it's not bullshit.

I knew you'd still be awake.

You tore your shirt.

I know.

I don't want to share like talking tonight.

I've got something
I want to show you.

I found this.

Ever listen to it?

Why don't you go home, Joey?

We've got big plans for tomorrow, right?

Good night.

You have a bathing suit underneath?

Many too many people are here!

Now that's a fashion statement.

You look like some dorky

And I'll make you
my sidekick.

- Show me what you've got.
- I don't feel like it.

- Come on wheels!
- No!

Come on!
Do not be shy.

They told me you are
very sexy on the stage.

Forget it.
Give me my candy back.

Put on your suit. Want some candy...

Put your suit on.

Suit on.

Red suit.

Oh come on, I want to feel the water.

I bet it's not even that cold.

Could you feel?

Let's go out, let's get out. Be careful.

Hurry... Be careful!

Shit, Joey!

- It was on purpose.
- Okay.

Joey, I'm fine.
Calm down. Come on come on.

Stop it.
Nobody died.

Nobody died, there's no crisis.
Stop, okay?

I gotta tell you something.

I saw an ad...
in the paper yesterday.

And guess who's givin' a special talk
in New Orleans next week?


Jeff Noffray.

Who is Jeff Noffray?

You're jokin' right?

- Who is it?
- Jeff Noffray?

It's not ringing any bells.

"Join Jeff Noffray,
on September 26,

for a special discussion
on his latest book:

"I to talk to angels and to ghosts. "

"Free your soul from the fall.
Angels are a creation of God... "

"All you have heard is true...

- Allow them to speak to you. "
- Okay, I get it.

I got... I gotta be there.

I have read all his books.
I lent one to you.

Didn't you even look at it?

You know how I feel about
all that crap Joey.

Yeah, but didn't you even look at it?

I mean, didn't you even
look at it?

Because if you looked it,
you'll know it is not crap, Jane.

When I met you at
the hospital, you were in bad shape

And I listened to you talk about your
angels, crap, and your dumb ghosts

because I knew that you needed to

But shit, Joey,
it's been seven years!

You need to get over it now.

- Don't lecture me.
- I'm not lecturing you, Joey.

- It's just the truth.
- Do you think I'm crazy?

- Just look at yourself.
- What about me?

If I didn't come and get you up everyday,
you'd just stay in bed until you die.

Oh shut up, Joey.
You know anything.

- You hide from the world because...
- Shut up. have two wheels instead of legs.
- Shut up, Joey!

- You don't sing anymore... Shut up!
You're barely alive.

All you do is sleep.

At least I don't talk to the air
like some crazy freak!

- I'm not crazy.
- You can't talk to ghosts, Joey.

- Yes I can.
- No you can't!

- Yes I can!
- No you can't!

Yes I can!

- Can you believe her?
- Oh great.

- Can you believe her?
- Don't just... I know... stop it

- I know! I know!
- Stop it!

No... she called me
a crazy freak.

I do not know, I'm
not in my body right now.

Is there something wrong man?

I don't understand.
What are you talking about?

- Of course, of course you're being mean!
- Quit it!

Can... can I sleep on your
couch tonight, Jane?

I just don't want to
be alone tonight.


You know that they give out
citations for unsightly yards...

I hate to have to report you.



- Joey?
- Ms. Wyatt?

I've been looking for you. Where have
you been? We had no idea where you were.

- It's your buddy...
- What?

He tore your house up, then he
ran out in the street

and threatened my wife.

And the cops came, and
they tackled him

and he's screaming at everybody about a
fire somewhere. Ranting, like a mad man.

- They took him away?
- Like an animal, straight to hospital.

My wife is still in
shock. He pulled her hair.

Can you drive me there?

Can you not find your room?

Do I look sick?

You bastard!

You son of a bitch!
I broke all my dishes!

This smashed up my whole house!

Whatta you think,
I'm just loaded and I can

just buy all new stuff
every time you freak out?

Well I don't give a shit if you hear
voices! You can't just wreck my house!

Do not touch me!

- Doctor!
- Let me ask you something, Joey...

Who's gonna fix it, Joey?!

- Madam, this is a hospital.
- I know that!

He trashed up my home!

- Calm down.
- You broke everything I had, Joey!

You're going to disturb every
patient on this floor! Stop it!

Jane or Mommy Jane...

I'm ten, and my communion
is on September 27th.

I would like to invite you
and talk to you,

because I'm a man now,
or will be so soon.

I hope I'll see you soon and will be
able to tell you how I'm doing at school

and show you my
science report.

My new mom and dad agree that
we should see each other again

but they told me that
you might not want to.

So, I do not know if you'll
be there on the day 27th

at 1345 Bleek Street,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


What are you doing here?

I cleaned everything up.

So what?
You want a big "thank you" parade?

Go home, Joey.

- I can't.
- Yeah you can, Joey. Go home.

I can't.

Yes, you can! First street on the right
after you leave my house.

Now get out of here!

Calm down.

- He's here. Go get him! Lock him up!
- Calm down.

Good morning, ma'am. I'm Dr. Clark,
Marshall County psychiatric hospital.

This guy is dangerous!

- We don't have time for introductions.
- Calm down!

- Mam, do you know a Joey Navinsky?
- Yes

Well he escaped from
the hospital last night and

your neighbor said he saw
him coming into your house.

I know I won't need to tell you that harboring
a fugitive is a violation of the law.

Look, look officer, this intervention
is first and foremost medical so...

Your patient is clearly dangerous
to himself and others

He comitted an assult and it
is my duty to make sure that...

Well he's not here so...

well, you see, the thing is Mr. Navinsky
is still on probation.

And he could go to jail this time.
He needs treatment.

Well he came by last night,
and he left.

Well she's lying!

Now I won't stand for this! My wife is
still scared to come out of the house!

Just calm down, alright?

Well do something!
- Last time, calm down.

Now mam, this is serious.
Now if you see him,

I want you to call me.
Do you understand?

- I will call. Understood officer.
- Alright, thank you, ma'am. That's it.


Joey, get out of there.

- I ain't going back to the hospital.
- They're talking about jail.

I can't take those pills cramed
down my throat.

I ain't going to get no
needles in my arm.

And I ain't gonna be sedated.


I need to come with
me to New Orleans.

I need to know if
the only one to hear these voices.

- Jeff Noffray can help me.
- No.

Please. Jane...

You're the only one
that cares about me.



Whatta you bringing
the guitar for?

I might get inspired to write
a song, you never know.

- What for?
- Why not?

Take off your hat.

And those stupid sun glasses.

Born leader, Jane.

- Hey. Is that smoke?
- It's nothing.

Well I don't think it's nothing Joey.

It's overheating.
It happens sometimes.

- I got it.
- Joey...

...I think I'm wanna get out.

- Joey.
- It's nothin', It's nothin', It's nothin'.

I do.
I wannta get out, Joey.


- Joey, I wanna get out!
- Okay. Okay.

Well, let's go.

It's my wheelchair!

My wheelchair... and our bags and guitar!

Hurry up, Joey.

- Shit! Hurry Joey.
- I'll save you, I'll save you.

Be careful.
Really fast Joey. Hurry.


Get hit by a missile?


Well I am back.

Promised ya.
Promised ya I'd find one.

Here it is.

- Whose car is it?
- A friend.

It's a nice Christian's car.

It's green.

- Is it reliable?
- As, you know, reliable as Jesus Christ.

It's got new tires...

and plenty of space here.

- It's green?
- What next?

Listen to this.

Runs like a charm.

It's only $600.


It's green.

Yeah. So?

It's ugly. That's what.

If you take me to St. Louis.

52 degrees in St. Louis

55 in Cape Girardeau,
48 in Springfield

45 in Columbia, Missouri.

Who is it?

Hello, I was...

I was sitting in my
room and was wondering...

If you need...
you know... uh...

Do you want me to give you
a shower or something?

I mean, if you need one.

- Or a bubble bath?
- That's fine.

"I can ask you something?

Do you feel anything?

I mean...

You know what I mean.

What do you mean?

I want us to have a good time? You know.
Just a... let's screw just for the fun of it.

You know, everybody need
to have their tank filled.

I'm tired, Dean.

You do not have to do much.
Just a little.

It's up to you, Jane.

How afraid are you?

Dean. Just go.

You know what, Jane?

For a long time I... uh

I don't feel anything inside here.

I mean I can walk, but...

I think I'm crippled too.

Is it possible to break this glass?
Put your arm through window

Feel the air and the speed on your skin.

Being able to talk with you is the
most precious thing.

We're all in this together.

All on the same train.
Alone and isolated.

one day I'm gonna break this glass.

One day I will break it.
I'll watch in shatter in pieces,

making stars of the night sky.

I will.

I will.

- Where's our ride?
- It was there.

It was there.

What's it say?

"Have this one.
I filled the tank. Dean. "

Excuse me?

Excuse me. I lost my ring.
Do you see it over there?

Excuse me, I lost my ring. Do you see...
It fell?

I was playing with it,
and it fell.

I have to find my ring.

Is this it?

Here it is. It was right in front of my
eyes and didn't even see it.

You're my hero!

- Joey.
- Billie.

Have a seat, Joey.

So, where are you headed?

New Orleans.
Then Baton Rouge.

I've been traveling with Jane.
She's a singer.

We travel together
but we are not... together.

I mean, we are together,
but we're just friends.

She's pretty.
You on tour?

In a way.

And you?

My husband disappeared.

He was there, and then one evening,
disappeared. No one.

It's been a month, and...

I haven't heard anything from him.

No calls.

I've got one minute left on
this stupid phone for him, but...

no ring yet.

I went to the warehouse where he worked,

and they said they haven't
had any news either, and that...

If he didn't show
up in a week...

hire a new man.

I don't know where he's at.

I don't think he went
to the Moon

Don't worry.

I saw the angel wings on your back.

It's a sign.

I did that myself.

I like angels.


It's alright. I won't break.

I don't think.

Here we go.

Now, I'd like to
propose a toast.

As you know, Dale, Chris,
Suzie and I have recently won first place

in the state's fireworks competition.

Yes! Yes!
Thank you.

Okay, which means, that
we are very happy to be able to say to

Jake here this evening, that the
entire $5000 prize

will go to his charity to
help soldiers' families.

But, to tell you the truth

the toast that I'd like to propose
this evening, is not to us

Why not? Toast us!
We deserve it.

The toast that I'd like to propose tonight,
is to my little sister, Billie.

I know times have been hard,
but take heart,

You'll always have a home
here with me.

And welcome, Joey and Jane.

Cheers. Cheers.

Jane, did I hear you're a singer...?

I used to be in a band, but that
was a long time ago. A long time ago.

Jane. Jane she has a gig
in a few days in Baton Rouge.


- Baton Rouge?
- In a club?

No, I definitely don't have a gig.

But if she did have a gig,
it would be great!

- I bet you would.
- And what do you do Joey?

- I am Jane's bodyguard.
- Really?


I'm a fireman, I mean I'm an ex fireman,
I used to be a fireman.


Yes, I fought fires.

That's exactly what we need on here
for our surprise tonight.

- Norah!
- What?

- Wait. What a surprise?
- Curiosity killed the cat.

- But the satisfaction brought him back?
- It's a surprise.

Said so, but I think you're gonna
have to wait like everyone else.

You'll like it, believe me.

I'm gonna walk
for a bit.

Uh... do you wanna
come with me?

Come on,
I'll show you the well.

Some French wine?

- This way.
- Okay.


Sure, thank you.

Not very deep.

It's a wishing well.

My father had it made to amuse
us when we were little.

I used to come out here when
I really wanted something.

I like close my eyes

and make my wish.


I don't know where my
husband could have disappeared to.

You should come with us to New Orleans.

There's a guy.

A specialist in talking to ghosts.

You can get them to find
your husband. He can help you.

I know he can. I know.

Thank you, Joey.

Guess we're all missing something.

Let's make a real wish.

- Do you got any...
- Oh, yeah.

Oh, that was loud!

Okay, everybody get up and
very calmly go over by the swing

Dale and Suzie to behind the scenes

Take your drink

"I can I drive you?
The ground is a little muddy.

I don't know,
you got a license for that?

Oh, I can drive a tractor
It hard can this be?

I'm in good hands.

Who's excited?

Alright alright, it's just
a little surprise. Not much.

- You ready?
- Ready.

Alright, I've gotta get going,
but the lady

for the bus will be here
in just a few minutes.

It was very nice for you
to drive us this far.

I happy for the company.

Tell my sister I'll be okay, and
the fireworks were amazing.

- Apple pie?
- Thank you.

Oh, and the check please.

My purse.

I must have left my
purse in the car!

Here's your check.

I did.
I left my purse in the car.

Too late.

$ 37.

I don't have anything.

$ 16.
I'm broke.

The bus is here.


I have a plan.

I've done this before.

The key is, separate.
That's the basis of this whole operation.

Billie, you're gonna go to the
bathroom, and you're gonna wait.

I'm gonna get the bags and the guitar, and
I'm gonna go out of the restaurant, first...

What do I
wait for in the bathroom?


Because I'm gonna go out
calmly to the bus.

I'm gonna get on
and stay on.

But somebody's got to stay here,
right here, til the very last moment.

They won't suspect anything

because Billie, you come out of the bathroom
and go straight out of the restaurant.

Jane, you'r gonna see me get
on the bus, and you're gonna count 30. And then, you're gonna
come out and join us

like nothing ever happened.

Let's go for it!

It is assumed that
I get up first?

Yes, he was supposed to
take the bags too.

- What do we do?
- Take the bags and go.




Let me give you a hand, ma'am.

Where do you need to go?

The bus.

You know, my sister is in a wheelchair
but she never lets me push her.

It's leaving.

- Stop!
- Let me handle this.

Stop the bus, in the name of the law!
Hang on tight.

Stop the bus!

- I've always wanted to do this.
- No problem.

- Here you go.
- When you stole the car,

did you get to
check the engine?

I don't think so. I
didn't have enough time

When? When did you have
time to check the engine?

- Did you change the oil?
- Don't blame me.

- Well that's not the point anyway!
- Well what really is the point?

Hey hey. You get out without paying any
money then you start bawling each other out!

Get out of my bus. Now!

The point is, I was almost was arrested.

But you weren't and we're all okay.

No, thanks to him.

It would have worked if
you guys just had of done it right.

What? You screwed up. And now
we're all stranded here in the middle of

God knows where!

We're in Cairo.

Well guess what?
I don't want to be in Cairo.

I didn't even want to come
on this stupid trip.

Well, you're gonna thank
me for this later.

Thank you? Asshole!
Thank you for what? For what?

We're all up shit creek!

We're on this trip for
you too, believe me.

Shut up, Joey!

I don't want to hear another one of your
theories about how I need to find myself

by the grace of whatever.
Stupid angels hanging over my head.

I'm done! I'm done Joey.
I quit.

- You've gotta start living again, Jane.
- Stop trying to rescue me!

And you gotta go see your son.


I found this letter that
he sent you.

It is an invitation to
his communion party.

In Baton Rouge.

If I had of told you, you never would
have gotten in the car in the first place.

Read this.

I don't want to.

It is true that your father
died in a car accident?

He died when I was 3.

And your first mother...

did she die with
your first father?

- No.
- Then why do you have a new mother?

Because the first one is sick, and she couldn't
take care of me after the car accident.

- Why?
- she was in a coma.

What's that?

It's worse than being asleep.

And when you wake up,
your brain's changed, and

you can't give love anymore.

A week later, they told me
I'd never walk again.

His mom helped our a lot,
when she was alive.

When she passed away, I just...

...I guess I went crazy.

The state put Devon
in Foster Care.

Seven years now.

He's inviting you.
It's time to start over again.

I don't have a job, and

I got no money,
I don't have a nice home.

I wouldn't even know
what to say to him.

Joey says you're
gonna sing him a song.

No, that's not gonna happen.

Do you know Joey a long time?

Since the accident,
when they put me in the psych ward.

What was he doing in
the psych ward?

There was a fire, in the subdivsion
where Joey's family lived, and

He saw his parents, and his sister
and his little niece die.

His ghosts are
his angels, or whatever...

It's them that
he talks to.

Do you hear music over there?


If there is music, I'll
bet there'll be food.

We're stranded, and
we heard your guitar.

I'm Billie and,
this is Jane and Joey.

Come in.

He sent ya.

You know who sent us?

He sent ya. He sent ya and
you don't even know it

He heard the guitar
that's why he sent ya.


You know all about Clarksdale?

Why Robert Johnson
met with the devil.

Robert Johnson?

He was a traveler, like you.

Stranded, lost,

a night like tonight.

It was 1932

and young Robert had
been walking for hours

with his guitar on his back,
and he was lost.

and as far as he could see

and saw trees
lining the road

that were black as coal.

That's when he seen,
the cross.

Not knowing what direction to go,

he decided to spend the night
where the 4 roads met.

As he was starting
to fall asleep,

the birds of the night went quiet
and a fresh breeze woke him.

he looked up and a dark shadow
appeared in the night sky

cloaked in a black cape,
and a large hat.

a human like form
descended upon him.

The creature reached across Robert
grabbing his guitar,

and with long thin,
terrifying fingers

tuned it to a sound that
never been imagined before

and dropped it
by Robert's side.

Now Robert Johnson had
just signed a pact

that would make him the most
extraordinary blues man that ever lived

all he had to do,
was trade his precious soul.

- I really like this cake.
- Yeah.

I'm still hungry.

I gotta tell ya, there's something
special about this cake.

It can make you may feel
happy, or sad.

Or it can make you
feel huge, or tiny.

My father used to say
that every spot in the world

has it's own particular vibration.

This was my grandparent's garden.

And hundreds of years
before them,

it was the garden of the
Choctaw and Quapaw tribes.

this was one of
the world's gardens.

the garden where you can dream.

In the Bible, it's
called the Garden of Eden

which in Hebrew means,
the Garden of Pleasure.

We can understand the world
if we look at it from here.

We are all innocent
in this garden.

We can be reborn here
every evening.



I don't know how to live with that.
The things that I've lost.

I know.

But I would just like to
be able to walk again.

What are you doing?
Got a couple Screws loose?

Just a couple.

Hey, I've got a proposal for you.

Coming from the guy who changes
his license plates soon as he wakes up...?

Come on, thats... you know, it's nothing.
Straight up.

Are we leavin'?

Caldwell wants to get you
in a little moretrouble first.

No... no. I've got a gig,
it's way south of here, and I

got this singer,
and she can't make it.

So if I show up alone
I lose a gig.

So I want her to sing.

Come on. It's just two songs.
We'll split fifty to fifty.

Then I'll drive you guys the rest of
the way to New Orleans.

That sounds like a great plan.

I'll drop you off here because
I've got some business to do.

but the Rose Inn Hotel
is right up the street,

and I'll meet you
there at 9 o'clock sharp.

Just two songs.

You're gonna be amazing.
Did you decide what song you're gonna do?

- I can't wait to hear you.
- I'm not going to do it.

- You can do it.
- I can't.

Yes you can.

You're super wheels, remember
You can do anything.

Do you want me to break out
cape would ya?

I not gonna do it just because
you've decided that I should,

- okay?
- Where you going?

Leave me alone.
I'm not a child!

"Jane or Mommy Jane,
I've ten years and my communion...

is September 27th.
I'd like to invite you, because I'm...

a man or will be soon.
I hope that I'll be able to see you soon

and will be able to tell you how I'm doing
and show you my science reporft... "

- Got a cigarette?
- No.

Got a smile?

Just a smile.

I'm Carol.
My husband, Jim.

And Bush, the dog.

- You from around here?
- No, no... I'm traveling.

Us too.

We're headed for Iowa
You want to come along?

I had that flower
in the palm of my hand.

You seem sad.

The petals and and the glass
were mixed together.

- Play her a song.
- A song?

Oh, I've got a song for you.

I don't play this...
for just anybody.

Should I believe,
or should I disappear.

I trusted you, son of a bitch!

The deal was for you
and a singer.

And now it's you, alone,
and an hour late.

I'm gonna play.

Do you think people give a shit
about you and your guitar?

- Dick head!
- Faggot.

I'm the only one who
still hires you anywhere around these parts

and you... you pull this crap.

- Go find it for me.
- Joey, get down.

- Go find it for me.
- Who's he?

- Go find it for me.
- He's alright

Come on, get down... please,
we're in the kitchen.

- Go find it for me. Great!
- What's he wacked out on?

- This is who you show up with?
- Joey, Joey... what'd he say?

They said that they we're
gonna bring her back, right here.

She's on her way.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

while waiting for the angels
to hear our request

and answer our prayers,

a little guitar
won't hurt you.



Tonight we have a
real special treat

for the Rose Inn Hotel,

a great singer...
Jane Wyatt.

Sorry I'm late,
I was in the park.

had a lot on my mind.

I met Jim and Carol,
they're on their way to Iowa.

Carol is dying and they're taking one
last trip to say goodbye to their friends

and to each other.

They don't travel, behind windows
on buses or trains.

Nothing is painted
the glass for them.

This is for them...

...and anybody who's

who's trying to make their way.

Oh... you sang right to the
heart, just like a bird.

An out of practice
unrehearsed bird.

Ah, they come in all
shapes and sizes.

Whoever heard of a bird,
that has lost it's voice?

We must be getting close.

- You said you're from New Orleans,?
- Yep

Where were you when
the storm hit?

You've got to be kidding!
Joey. Joey!

- What?
- That car. Right there. It's him!

- Yes, it's him.
- It's him!

- What's happening?
- Yes, that's our car.

- Slow down, what the hell going on?
- He stole our car!

Oh, can you believe?

- He's getting away, he's getting away!
- don't miss it.

He's gettin' away!
He's gettin' away!

- Give us back our car!
- Give us back our car right now!

You gotta stop him.

- Come on, come on Police!
Police! Police!

don't utter that word in this car!

- You can cut him off here.
- I'm trying.

- Do something.
- Get your hands off the wheel.

- Joey!
- don't miss it.

- I'm trying.
- You're losing him... you're losing him.

- My God, we're all gonna die.
- That's our car!

I don't care!

Open the glove box.
Open it.

- What are you doing?
- He's got a gun!

I don't know Caldwell,
just stop!

- Drop the gun!
- Take the wheel.

- No!
- Take the wheel!

- Stop!
- I'm was just shootin' at his.


Come on.
Be serious.

We're going down!

- Shit!
- Alright, I picked you up hitchhiking.

- What?
- You were hitchhiking. I picked you up.

Get out of the car!
Hands on your head! Get out of the car!

Hands on your head.
Hands on your head.

Get in the car now.
Get in the car now!

I can't move my legs!

- Get out of the car!
- I can't move my legs!

Put your hands behind your back!

We need an ambulance!

Don't take me to the hospital,
did you hear me!

Alright, calm down.

- I'm gonna die!
- Nobody is going to die.

- The ambulance is on it's way.
- Shut up!

Up against the car.
Help her up against the car.

I'm paralyzed!

- I won't go to a hospital...
- Next to the car!

- Shut up! Shut up!
- Put them in the car.

Nothing is clear in our world.

Nothing happens the way
we expect it to.

Caldwell was a musician
and barman.

After the levees failed,
he lost everything.

His house, his job,
his way.

His whole life went under water.

He found other
ways to survive.

The police typed out his crimes
on a sheet of paper.

They noted that he had saved
his neighbors during the flood

but there are no excuses.

The reasons come in
all shapes and sizes.

Cells aren't the best places
to spend the night right now.

Gather your things
and make it quick.

But what about our testimony?

We have your statement,
You're better off not asking questions.

And New Orleans has
enough vagrants already,

I suggest you move along...

Your friend is in San Patricks
Hospital. They say he'll pull through.

- Can we see him?
- No, no.

He's headed back to prison
as soon as he's out of danger.

Will you give him this?

I can't.

It's just a song.


Do you know the black oropendola,
or the goldfinch

Tengmalm's owl that
lives in a forest of spruces

you ever heard of the zebra finch
or seen a blue cervert hummingbird?

Look at this one.
It lives along the rivers.

It fishes at dusk
when it's shadows disappears.

Did you know that the scarlet ibis'
color comes from the shrimp it eats?

Isn't that funny?

Look at this one...
a green and ruthless kingfisher.

It's songs like two
stones knocking together.

Some say they've heard it
sing differently.

Nobody looks at it much anymore,
but the house sparrow...

it doesn't migrate,
it stays in it's neighborhood

and eats at the local restaurant.

This is the little
wing sova

they say that it's song is sad.

On the ground, it runs so fast that
it's legs become invisible.

Whatta you think of that?

It's Jeff Noffray!
He's here. He's here.

Excuse me, Sorry,
excuse me, sorry.

Mr. Noffray! Mr. Noffray!

It's such an honor.

You are... uh...

...a magician, really.
- Good to meet you.

I can see, you have the
angel aura about you.

You all do.
I'll see you inside.

Before the talk you've all been
waiting begins...

we've got a little surprise for you.

now, they've been rehearsing
for two weeks now.

So sit back, and get ready
to dream a little.

Let's give it up,
for the students

of the San Bernardo School

I'm gonna miss this.

I've got to go to the bathroom.

You can see God's hand
on their little faces.

You can not tell me angels
do not exist. Can I get an "Amen"

Amen! there are angels.

I'm fed up with this crap! Do you hear me?
You really pissed me off.

Not so loud

Look at me. Am I, or am I not,
a bestselling author?

I write the books
don't I? Answer me!

Look. As your manager, I have to
say, a lecture is a lecture.

Have you seen this place?

I'm Jeff Noffray. I'm not
one of your crummy beginners

I've been a major
reference for thirty years!

You told me this would be a nice venue.
Look around, we're in a rathole.

They're your readers!

My readers are white. They come
to hear me in five star hotels.

- Have you seen this crowd?
- Calm down.

A bunch of Black and Mexican retards.
Who knows what diseases we're catching,

exposed to these third world losers
dumb enough to think angels exist!

- Help!
- What are you doing? Let him go!

You need to know what he
said about you!

Hey man. Just let the man go, please!

What are you doing?
What's going on?


- Joey? No!
- So you really think I'm a retard huh?

Joey, let him go!

- You're a liar!
- Stop!

- We came from Kansas City to see you!
- The guy's crazy.

- and you're a racist, and you're a liar!
- Hey get back in here!

Look. Look at them.

I can't see anything.

Right there.

There is nothing there, Joey.
Or maybe there is, but...

I don't want to think things
exist that I can't see.

It's not encouraging.
It's depressing.

They're there.
They all are.

But if you're the only
that can see them...

You can't share them,
And if you can't share them...

they'll miss the point?

You don't need angels
or ghosts or magic...

the sharing is what's extraordinary.

Let's just... share the moon

Now boarding
Amtrac train number 345,

for Baton Rouge,
on track two.

I'm starving.

Uh, there is a vending machine back there.
I can go get you something.

- We don't have time.
- Just a second. I'll be back.

Where is it?


I'm a... I'm at a train station.
Are you okay?

I know. I know.

I never thought that.

Okay, I'll do it.

Okay. Yes

Wait, don't hang up!
Say something... to me.

It's him.

Plain or peanuts?

What... what happened?

Her husband's back.

He called me just like that,
on a train station platform.

I'm ready to go.

- You have everything?
- Got your wish.

Now you gotta go to him.

You better go.

I don't know what to say.

You want plain,
or you want peanuts?


Thanks... for everything.

Take care of yourself, okay?

I have half the Moon!

I'm still looking at this tree,
through the window.

What I see through
the window is real.

I guess someone is alone
as they think.

I... am... walking.

angels and magic
aren't important, Jane.

Yet you have to share
what actually exists.

Is that what you say, Joey?

Somebody whispered that
in my ear.

Maybe we'll see her
again sometime.

We all do what we can to
feel a little of this wind on our skin.

A breath, pushing in the warmth,
that makes the journey sweeter.

How many people can
you meet in one life?

How many trains must you take,
before you find yourself again?

I don't know if I believe in God.

Why would I believe in
anything other than myself?

Why would I believe in
anthing other than my neighbor?

Mama, will I ever walk again?

I... am... walking.

I am walking.

I am walking.

I am walking...!

Devon, come over here honey.

Devon, come see. Your Uncle Joseph
has something for you.

- Tell him to come over here.
- It's not important, let him play.

Devon! Devon.
Want another gift?

- I'm coming.
- I knew that would get his attention.

- What is it?
- No no, you shouldn't ask what it is.

Let him be.

I was given this pen at my own
communion, long time ago.

I've had my initials changed.

See? It has your initial now.
It is only for writing important things.

That's very lovely.
Take good care of it.


- Will you hold it for me please?
- Sure.

Hey Devon, stay close,
we're leaving in five minutes.

Are you waiting for someone?


You know if letters sometimes
get lost in the mail?

I have no idea.

Let's go, Devon.

Hey.. here's the big man!

Alright, say thank you to grandpa
for organizing everything.

- Thank you Grandpa.
- What a good boy.

Say goodbye to everyone.

- Thank you so much.
- My pleasure.

- We'll talk to you later.
- Bye.

Can you see him?

There's a dozen kids in there.

dark blond hair.

Let's just go inside.

I don't know if I can, Joey.

Yes you can,
because you're invited.

I want to leave.

There is a platform...
and it's got a piano on it.


So, we'll just go in,
and play your song.

No, this isn't the right time.
That would feel right at all.

- It would be a great surprise.
- Are we coming back later?

No, honey.
We're sleeping over at Aunt Nancy's.

Say goodbye to Mimi?

It was wonderful.
You know, I cried all though the ceremony.

I cried too.

You know he's a man now.
I know.

Alright honey, go get in the car.
I'll be there in a sec.

- I'm not letting you leave, Jane.
- It's not up to you.

What are you doing?

I can't even tell which
one is Devon.

Go in.

He'll know who you are.

I'm scared

The evening wind are still

I lost the way and will

Can't tell you where they went

I just know what they meant

I'm always on my guard

Admitting life is hard

without you near me

- Devon!
- The friend you used to be

So near and dear to me

You slipped so far away

Where did we go a-stray

I forgot my hat.

Devon, Nancy's waiting on us.

...admitting life is hard

Without you near me

Ever since the day...

...the day went away...

When I felt that
emptiness so wide

I don't know what's wrong or right

But I know I need
strength to fight

Strength to fight that world outside

Since we've been out of touch

I haven't felt that much

From day to barren day

My heart stays locked away

I walk the boulevard

Admitting life is hard

without you near me

The sun is sinking low

I guess it's time to go

I feel a chilly breeze

In place of memories

My dreams are
locked and barred

Admitting life is hard

without you near me

without you near me

You hear about that monster
that lives on a lake in Scotland?

You seeing stuff again?

- No. Are you?
- No.

We're in Kansas.
There aren't monsters in lakes.

Just tornadoes and,
yellow brick roads.

Can you.. uh.. give me a lift
back to the hospital on the way back?

I gotta get my final
evaluation today.

The therapist says I can...

I can live on my own again.

You know what's scary is...
you're the most stable person I know.

I think they're late.

- Are you nervous?
- No.

Cause I did catch you
tapping your foot earlier.

Real funny.

I think that...
they're here.

It's gonna be alright.