My Other Husband (1983) - full transcript

Alice seems to lead a quiet life: the first three days of the week, she works in Paris and and meets with friend Philip, and his little boy, Simon. The other two days, she works in a thalassotherapy center. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


I don't know. One croque-monsieur
and a double-shot espresso.


Look what I'll wear
at your wedding.

- What's wrong?
- It's Nino.

Nino what?

He wrote to her.

Solange, I'm answering
your questions.

To the question

"Once and for all, will you leave
your wife for me?"

my answer is no.

Did you have other affairs
during ours?


Are you asking me for forgiveness?

Keep reading, please.

What got into you to ask him
all that all of a sudden?

I wanted to shock him.

You give me until the 15th
at midnight to decide.

We are the 2nd at 10:45 a.m.
Here it comes:

since you write I won't have
a chance to see you after the 15th,

I'd rather lose hope right now.

I'll come get my stuff
Wednesday or Thursday.

It'll depend on the weather.

Why the weather?

If it's sunny, he'll take
his dwarves to the zoo.


It's his third.

You're destroying yourself. Why?

Philippe's there.

Honey, come!

I'll go round the place.

Farewell, you.
Farewell, Cynthia.

What are you doing here?
Isn't your wedding tomorrow?

- How's Nino?
- Great.

What is he doing?

He's in charge
of Eiffel Tower's renovation works.

- Farewell, Honey.
- Let's go Philippe.

Did you feed my little Alice?

Did you see her skinny ass?
It'd tear a hole in a bathtub.

Finish your croque-monsieur.

Breathe, Philippe, breathe.

- Where are you going today?
- To see my father.

If you don't mind...

- So he'll come to your wedding?
- No way. He won't accept it.

Accept what?

That I'm marrying
divorced leftist Jew with children.

- It's true that...
- What?

Nothing. When there are children,
you have always...

Let's go, little mom.

I'll try to call from Nairobi,
but no promise.

You have to work hard
to pass a call there.

- You'll take care of the practice?
- Sure.

Bye, my Lozenge. See you tonight.

- Bye, most pretty.
- Bye, Philippe.

- Give Nino a kiss for me.
- Sure.

Mr. Chemla called me.
My trial is last week.

You're not interested. Thanks.

I'm thinking about what I'll do
with my work.

Don't be so touchy.

Touchiness is other people's

Not bad, right?

- What did I say exactly?
- I forgot.

- He's got some cheek.
- He can, it's his line.

You're against me?
Go with him.


Look what I found.

You know where?

In my locker in Orly.

A letter from my father.

Love, Cateraggio isn't Algiers,
and yet,

it seems the sun of here and there
ripened in the same tree, etc.

He wrote how they colonized
Corsica, the 100-hectare vineyard.

That's not the point.

Do you know a man who says "Love"
to another man except his son?

The Sanchez family will say
to the judge he's not my father

and that the heritage isn't mine.

But Mr. Chemla said with put them
down on their knees.

With Mrs. Choukroune's testimony,

my godfather
Jesus Belkacem's letters,

and the pictures in front
of the cigarette factory...

Hello, Sir.

Who's that? You know him?

My husband.

I told you
about Mr. Santaluccia, Philippe.

- Whose wife wanted...
- See you tonight.

I called at your place.

- Did you see your wife?
- No, I wasn't allowed.

The doctor prefers it this way.
It took longer than last time.

Her flesh is still traumatized.
It shouldn't seem weird to you.

What do you mean, traumatized?

Hello, Alice. I'm late.

I thought it was Thursday.
Isn't that great?

I didn't introduce myself.

I'm the new wound dresser.

I know, you Danielle.
I'm Alice, the scrub nurse.

Shit, I...


It's okay.

I'm out of shape.

Look at this.

What a mess.

It's nothing new.
It's been going on since...

See, Mrs. Santaluccia?

When I remove her dressings, I...

Your glove, Sir.

Call me Nicolas.

No, I... No.

I'm out of shape.

Listen, do the dressing.


- Do you have a light?
- No.

Have a seat.

Ladies and gentlemen,
before we resume,

Johann Christian wants to remind
you that this morning's rehearsal

was dreadful,



Right, he's his son.

Those whose ambition is to work
in a circus orchestra

should leave right away.

We'll start again at bar 76.

He lost his son when he was born.

She didn't lost anything.


She's in love with you.

She didn't mean what she wrote.

And you didn't write what you mean.

I don't understand.

- Nino!
- I'm coming.

One second.

What aren't your helping me?
You're silent.

He confuses me a lot.

He's so manly.

You have to go.
I have work to do.

She tried to kill herself.


- How?
- With gas. At her parents'.


Fortunately, she's okay.

- Right?
- Yes.

She even asked the firemen
for a ride.

Her rehearsal ends at 6:30.

Go pick her up.

Don't tell her we came.


You're the best, Nino.

Show that you're the best.



You think you're the best?

Take this, asshole.

Hello, Nino.
What are you doing here?

I'll give you a kiss.

I slapped his mug, you know?

I must be dreaming.

What will you say

once the political police
is in every office and workshop?

You'll be happy, right?
You'll have won.

Don't look smug. It's useless.

- Hello, come in.
- Hello.

- Thanks.
- Leave them where you can.

- Okay.
- I'll give you a check.

- Okay.
- I'll laugh!

The dictatorship of the proletariat
isn't from another era.

Hello, Honey.
I'm not badmouthing socialism.

This isn't a caricature,

It's the truth. Got it?

Yes, it's ideological brainwashing.
The workers are used to it.

- Hello, mom.
- Hello, baby.

Enough with your workers, Simon.

I'm not a worker.
So what am I, lazy?

I lost my eyes
because I worked so much in books.

The other day, at my check-up,
I confused a T with a 8.

What happened?

I got back on my feet.
I had the reading chart.

- How?
- The cleaning lady gave it to me.

What's her position?

- Who?
- The cleaning lady.

What do you mean?


I don't know. And you haven't
even done your communion yet!

- You're rude.
- Why?

- Why?
- Enough.

- Why are you getting upset?
- I'm not, he's annoying me.

Why did we give him
a Jesuit education?

He's supposed to write
about a family picnic.

And here's the result.
In the fifth grade.

"A worker and his kids,
enjoying a day off,

"which employers, disoriented
by the victory of democracy,

"had been forced to pay for."

He's in the fifth grade.

"Thanks to the collaborative work
of the for once united unions,

"they could merrily picnic
on the Marne River

"despite the police barricades
blocking the banks

"behind a striking factory."

If you don't believe me, read it.

Come take a shower.

They tell you about this?

No, a father does it.

- What father?
- Léninot.

On top of that,
he wrote "selffe-regulation."

Good luck to enter middle school
which such a spelling.

The other foot, please.

- Did you buy flour for me?
- Yes.

- I also wanted sausage meat.
- Yes.


I'll cook stuffed tomatoes.

Wash him for me!

Wash him for me!

Your thigh.

- What's wrong?
- It's okay, he's swimming.

My uniform!

When will your co-pilot
come to pick you up?

At 8.

Work well. See you on Tuesday.

If a man talks to you, tell me.

I mean, talk...

Of course.

Can you realize if I win
against the Sanchezes?

With the inheritance, you wouldn't
have to work in Trouville anymore.

I'll buy you a thalassotherapy,
with all the doctors and customers.

I'll always need my work.

Don't pretend.
We talked about it and it's done.

The Sanchez brothers and I
drank the same milk.

We played in the same team
and whacked the same ragheads.

Are you crazy to say that?

You know I'm not like that.

I want you to be interested in me.

You don't need that.

What did Camus say?

"A race from the sun and sea,
alive and tasty,

"whose grandeurs comes
from its simplicity."

That's it.

I'll give him one
on the other side.

She's so cruse.
It's her veneer.

What veneer?

Floor it. The old maid
will miss her wedding.

At her age, having children...

Come on, I'm 28.5 years old.

That's what I said.

- Faster.
- You want children?

Not really,
Raphael already has five of them.

They're boys. If I had a girl,
his wife and him would freak out.

What do you mean?

Zelda. She's great.

They didn't get along
and got divorced.

She loves me.

- She'll organize the lünch.
- Lunch.

In their house,
with their children and friends.

Is it hard to give birth?

I don't know.

What do you call "hard"?

Does it hurt?

It can be long, yes, and painful.

- What about painless labor?
- That doesn't exist.

You give birth, then there is pain.
They try to split you up.

- Do they succeed?
- Not always.

No, then.

- How tall is a baby?
- 50cm.

No, then.

And breastfeeding?
Did you breastfeed Simon?

Yes, but not long.
I didn't have much milk.

- We don't have to breastfeed.
- We don't have to do anything.

If you have milk you can do it.

Or you want to do it,
but you don't have milk.

- I don't have milk.
- You don't know that.

How is lactation?

Stop that.

I have a flat.

- A flat what?
- A tire, what else?

You know how to use a jack?

I don't even know how to write it.

We're really walking clichés.

- Move.
- Let the humble woman pass.

I recognize him.
He's the one we gave the finger to.

What do you mean, "we"?

Very well.
Take a walk while he rapes me.

She didn't mean that.

He's getting off.

Is that normal?

Don't look scared.

It's as with dogs: just whistle.

- I can't whistle.
- Clap your hands, then.

He's pausing. Is that normal?

I can't do it. It's stuck.

- May I help you?
- No.

No, thanks.

- I can.
- No.

I can. Give it to me.

It's not him.

You think?

It's cold, but still not as cold
as in the forecast.

This isn't what I'd call winter.

Who gave me the finger, earlier?



Is this a flute?

Whose is it?

You know what? Play me a piece.

- A flute piece?
- Yes.

- Right now?
- Yes.

- What would you like?
- I don't care.

Who gave me the finger?

- Bye, honey.
- Bye.

See you tomorrow, at the wedding
of this charming young woman.

I was getting worried.

We got a flat tire.

Hello, honey.


You're cute.

Nobody hit on you in Paris.


You can't ask me this question
every week and all my life.

What did you do today?

I worked.

There was a surgery at two.

Then I went to the movies
to wait for Cynthia and Lozenge.

That's it.

Which movie?

- They're awake?
- How come?

You can gamble,
I'm not your mother.

But not with the kids
all night long.

Come on, it's 11:30.

Why is she naked?

We played strip poker and she lost.

I can't believe this.

It's late. You know it's late.

What is that watch?

I won it from dad.
It's his.

- When?
- Two days ago.

He had a three of a kind.
I asked for three cards.

I got a full with two nines.

Sleep now.

Sleep tight.


Hug me.


Tomorrow, huggie.

Sleep tight, pretty Paulinette.

Sleep tight, my daughter.

Sleep now.

You don't want me to do it?


What is it?

Nothing. You're looking at me
with an enticing look.

Absolutely not.

I'll start taking my clothes off.


I'll start taking my clothes off.


You're eating another apple?
It's the fourth.

Yes, I quit smoking.

So I smoke apples.

- I only drink water now.
- Good.

At first, it was hell.

Then there was time
when I didn't care.

I can't sleep now.

When did you quit?

At 5, today, when I left
the doctor's practice.


Yes, I know,
another imaginary disease.

But this is something else.

At some point in my head,

I had like a free radio

straddled over my normal waves.

For instance,
when I thought of you,

I heard at the same time:

So the doctor said:

"Alcohol and tobacco,
auf wiedersehen."

And I must admit that tonight,
I only pick up one station.


That's not an imaginary disease.

I can't be inventing this.

Sleep, thou blessed child.

She's an amazing kid.

She's pretty, serious, not chatty.
She's got it all.

That's our wedding. She was 20.

That's last year in Paris,
when I found her back.

I said: "She looks the same."

And yet, we were apart
for almost ten years.

- Really?
- Yes.

It's obvious, since she left.

She was young; the difference
between us was difficult for her.

I always in the air,
she always on the ground.

- There was Mauricette too.
- That's not the reason.

You knew Mauricette.

She was annoying.

She'd show me all the planes
in Orly and say:

"You'll own Air France one day.
All those will be ours."

My wife has always been Alice.

One day, I saw her again
by chance in Paris.

I was with our little boy.
I had kept him with me.

At last.

What had she done in the meantime?

She hadn't moved an inch.

She had started working,
that was all.

Half in Paris, half in Trouville.

She stays at a friend's there.

She's a quiet woman.

She has me and the children,
her job here and in Paris.

She lives at a friend's
who plays the flute.

I don't want to disturb her
with my health problems.

You're like her.
You think I'm fine.

You think I'm a Mrs. Bovary.

Yesterday, when I told you I had
to stop smoking and drinking,

you didn't say a thing.

What's worrisome is this:

when I crouch and stand up,
I see butterflies again.

In my opinion,
I should stop Corridex pills,

go from 15 to 25g of Syrafol,

while still taking Belzebion.
And we'll see.

I have to go now.
I have a class at ten.

- How much do I one you?
- 200 Francs.


Hey, Thérèse.

Show me.

Lean on the water. Do it.



Alice, a phone call for you.

It's personal.

Let me remind you employees
shouldn't get personal phone calls.

- Wait for me.
- Sure.

Who is it?

It's me, mom. The oven's broken and
it's not the fuse.

What should I do?

No, otherwise I'm fine. Why?

My lunch is inside, that's why.

What? Some gratin.

You can't help me?


I'll eat ham.

Sorry I worried you.

Yes, me too.

I'm sorry, but I have to cancel
the hot pies.

I can offer you fruits

or chocolate.

- Fruits.
- Chocolate.


What fruits?
I have apples and grapes.

- How much are the apples?
- 2 Francs. Grapes: 2.50.


You'll make bills
so that we can have fun?


Never tell my mother
I'm making you pay.

She'd gouge my eyes out.

- You tell her we're invited?
- No, nothing.

Vautrin: one tuna-mayonnaise,

one brain,

one chabichou, and grapes.

And water.

That's on me.


You don't have hazelnut chocolate?

No, only milk.

- That's okay.
- It's not expensive.

What did you eat first?

Tuna, like Vautrin.

- And then?
- Sideburns, apple-mousseline.

Sideburns, plain yoghurt,

- It got more expensive?
- Everything does.

Antonioni: one salad,

one escalope Saint-Jean de Passy.

Once again, it was great.

It's my first time here,
and it was amazing.

My brain was perfect.
I don't know how you do it.

Just poached,
with some lemon juice.


Here you go.

- I don't have change.
- Give it to me.

- Do we leave a tip?
- No, everything's included.

- I'm late?
- No, Pauline just got out.

Your blue dress! Yeah!

- You like this much?
- Yes.

- To my arm.
- No, you're too old.

- Dad isn't out yet?
- He's coming.

Why are you laughing?

I'm not. I'm smiling to relax.

I'm at my wits' end.

Let's go.
Wear your gloves.

I'm keeping my cool, but I didn't
expect it to be so hard.

I could kill for a cigarette

if it weren't for health reasons.

Maybe you quit too suddenly.

No, I just have to keep my cool.

- Hello, Mrs. Cogneau.
- Hello.

She was elected Miss Calvados
in 1952, you know?

- I didn't know.
- She was.

Have a good day!

I'm keeping my cool.



You're not wearing
your striped dress?

Stop ogling me.

The blue dress. I win.

Okay, wait.

You win.

Five Francs.

Hop in.

It's just a harmless bet.

Let's bet you run over someone.

- Two Francs.
- No!

Hurry up, we'll be late
for dad's wedding.

Hurry up.

Once again, today,

I'm fortunate to welcome
in this wedding hall

a child from Trouville
we all saw grow up.

Paulette Champollion,

who has in her all the goods
of a happy childhood,

is going to get married today.

It is always with same emotion

that I host this ceremony,

the most pleasant as a mayor.

I'll read you some articles
of the civil code...

What's wrong with him?

Shut up. He's depressed.

- Did she know?
- No.

It started this morning.

The newlyweds take care together

of the family's
moral and financial life.

They ensure
their children's education

and plan for their future.

Article 214...

How did it happen?

He forecasts weather.

He worries too much.

He already made all fishermen
come back three times

by forecasting a storm.

When they come back,
their wives are on the beach.

Do you take Mr. Baumert Raphael
as your husband?

I do.

Mr. Baumert,
do you take as your wife

Miss Champollion Paulette?

I guess that's what I'll do.

Hello, I'm Zelda,
Raphael's ex-wife.

- You're not dancing?
- Not all the time.

Have some caviar?

I already had some 11 times.

I give them the second floor.
Isn't that great?

I'm Zelda, Raphael's ex-wife.
Didn't I tell you?

You did, several times.

- May I pass a phone call?
- Yes, behind the plants.

I'm exhausted.

There's a phone call for me.

I wonder who it is.

I'm delighted, actually.
I'm so excited.

- It doesn't show?
- No.

I know.

- Nino?
- This is 738 20 00.

This is an answering machine.

I don't know when I'll come back.
In the night, maybe.

If it's you, Solange,

don't leave a message.

It's completely useless.

I don't want
to hear about you anymore.

Other people, wait for the beep
in a few seconds.

Nino, I miss you.
I love you.

My poor Nino, are you going
to chase after me everywhere?

What's the point?

Let me talk or I'll hang up.


Very well...

He's a wreck.



No, it's Lozenge. Hello.

I'll give you Cynthia right away.

Cynthia, hurry up.

- It's from very far.
- I'm coming.


It's nice of you to call.

Yes, thanks.

It's very nice, thanks.

Alice already went back to work.

The bride's crazy.
Alice is here.

Who is it?

The group from Nairobi.

Take it in the room.
We can't hear a thing.

Yes, I'll take it in the room.

guess who was in the place.

Mr. Chemla.

They went to see my mother
in her retirement home.

Can you believe it?

In her retirement home!

Who? What are you talking about?

Why your mother?

My half-brothers, the Sanchezes.

To make her say that on top
of my father, she had other men.

I could be anyone's son.

I'll kill them.

Since she can't write,
at 89 she isn't fully sane,

they told them
it was for the radio.

They made her sing on tape.

"Sing about your old lovers.
You can win a camera."

What pictures would she take?

Yes, I have the tape.

They gave it to Mr. Chemla.
It's the law.

Listen. No, listen!

I've had so many lovers.

Frenchmen and Germans.

- I had...
- Listen!

So many, for Christ's sake!

I didn't even know their names.

Calm down.

I understand,
but you have to calm down.

A tape cannot be used as a proof.

Didn't Mr. Chemla tell you?

I'm going to work.

It doesn't constitute evidence.
I didn't know the legal term.

Why do you...?

Why are you getting so upset
if Mr. Chemla told you?


When are you coming back to France?

I'm going, honey.

Something wrong?

What's wrong with you?


What a nice chat.

This call will cost millions,
but it's okay.

You're cute. I love you.

Me too!

I've had enough now!

You're cute, meow...
I'm going to hang up.

Who said "Me too"?
It must be Lozenge.

I'll smack her nose
when I arrive in Paris.

No use asking me why.

It wasn't Solange.
I'm alone and I love you.

Calm down, okay?

I love you, Philippe.


No, I'm not talking to anyone.

Come back quickly.

Hello, Mrs. Belhomme.
Hello, Mr. Belhomme.

Please get in.

We can't meet here anymore.

One day, she'll come in
and it'll be a disaster.

It was our last kiss, Jeff.

- You don't have to worry.
- Don't take it the wrong way.

- I love you, fool.
- You and I are through.

I wanted to tell you.

Since I only see you here
and you didn't come last month...

A private investigator
cannot choose where he works.

I was following someone.

Turn around. Raise your arm.


Hello, Mr. Belhomme.

I didn't have time to greet you.

I told your wife...

My respects, my Lady.

Considering your fidelity,

12 days almost every month
for two years,

this place will now grant you
the student discount.

It's very swell of you.

I'll go now.

Cynthia, don't rush Mr. Belhomme,

but don't forget there's a bus
of Japanese waiting.


Don't come close.

Are you indifferent
to my naked body?

Yes. Turn around.

- What do you mean, "yes"?
- I'm a married woman.

The other side.

- What did you say?
- I got married today at 12:45.

Your back.

I'll never forget this break-up.

It's a nightmare. I'll wake up.

I'm going to wake up, right?

Please, Jeff.

I can't live without your body.

I want your smell of fern,

your wails of wounded beast
when in ecstasy.

Did it feel good?




- Do it!
- I'm tired.

You're not tired. Do it.

- More.
- I'm exhausted.

You can do it. Come on!

- More.
- Yes.

The person of this morning
called three times.

The third time, I unfortunately
told him to leave a message.

This is it.

Let's consider a leftist farmer

who could sell
his 6,400kg potato harvest

for 29.60 Francs per quintal
to a regiment of paratroopers.

Yet, he chooses to sell them
to a car factory

for 1.40 Francs per 5 kilos.

What is his remaining profit

if you consider
that after a short brawl,

the workers forced him
to give back in cash

what amounted to the quarter
of rotten potatoes?

Here it is.

Did it feel good?

My rule is to never meddle
in my employees' life.

Someone else would have told you
she thought you were a mother of 2

going to the middle school
where their father teaches.

I would have told that someone
it is true.

Why do they ask you
about their schoolwork then?

I don't know.

You're right.

In any case, if I have
to keep being your secretary,

I'd rather work without you.

- You won't do that.
- You won't bribe me.

You're crazy, Simon.

You called me
about a fuse this morning.

Now it's about school.

I told you, only when it's serious.

What do you mean,
it's not about school?

How can you win a trip to Moscow?

Where did you find that? Who...?

I'll go talk to Léninot,
because he's starting to...

It's me.

What do you mean,
you can't be a reactionary?


You're not going
to win a trip to Moscow.

I'm going to lose my job.

You understand?

You don't understand?

I don't care
about your paratroopers

and your potatoes.

I don't care about Léninot,

his farmer and his profit.

Don't call me anymore!

You don't get it?!

Yes, call me.

My love.


I love you.

I love you.

Call me even if it's nothing.

I need you.


I need you, my baby.


Whom were you talking to?

- Where are you crying?
- Arms.

Shit! Shit!

No, honey.

No, I'm sorry.

Sorry, honey.

My love.

I'm sorry.

- What's wrong?
- Pauline won.

We said one Franc if she said
"Shit" before the rain.

Enough of that
and go get mom's bag.

Yes, dad.

What's wrong?

I was out of coins.

I'll buy you a lot of coins.

Whom were you talking to?

To the carpenter. He got me upset
because of the cupboards.

With that tiny house
where we're out of space...

I'll buy you one with the phone.


You didn't notice I had a bike.

You completely missed it.

It's driving me crazy.

In school,
we toil to teach them French.

When they arrive home...


After this magnificent sukiyako...

It's a sashimi-kaido counter!

This is third consecutive taitamu.

The Frenchman did his best, but...

That's a regional channel.

I want to smoke.

What's wrong?


I take care of kid at work.

She asked me to help her
with a contest.

I'm struggling.

Let's consider a leftist farmer

who could sell
his 6,400kg potato harvest...

Give me a kiss on the mouth.

The farmer has this left:

1,344 Francs after tax

after the brawl with the workers.

You shouldn't take into account...


I thought I lost you.

You shouldn't take into account

the paratroopers.

It's a trap.

I have to tell him

to bake a cake

for his father's birthday.

No, I'm not really alone.

You see?

He's asleep next to me.

Let's say we had a rough night.

In any case,
we still have to get up.

Yes, very happy.

I'll take a five-minute break.

You're all white.

It's okay.

I've been running for 10 minutes.
I should be red.

- It was a joke.
- A bad one.


Hello, Mr. Santaluccia.

Why are you in Trouville?

I'm resting, like you.

My sister has a small house
in Villers.

So you could see your wife?

I'm happy.
I didn't recognize her.

- How is your husband?
- Great.

That's a hasty thing to say.

- What's wrong?
- I'm going with you.

He quit drinking and smoking.

He shouldn't have.

This morning, he kicked out
17 out of 25 students.

- I didn't tell you that.
- He's a fool.




If you don't find the culprit
in the next hour,

and if he's not kicked
out of school, I'll quit.

I will!

He used to be so nice.


The parents shouldn't try
to intervene.

They shouldn't.
It's him or me.

- Where will I go to school now?
- I don't know, you idiot.

I didn't do it on purpose.

You should've purposely
not done it.

Miss Veugeot said that a teacher
who has his son kicked out

is a first since Jules Ferry,
in the 19th century.


What will you become
if no one wants you?

In any case, my dream is to be
a racing cyclist.

They don't go to school.

What will mom say?

She'll get upset?

What do you bet?


The high school is more than full.

I called Ste-Marguerite too.

There's only
the Great Sparrow left.

It's far, on the way to Le Havre.

It's very expensive.

And it sucks.

Whenever there's a problem,
they hide.

It's for me?

Who is 52? You?

My son.

And the crowd is cheering for me.

What time is it?

- 7:50.
- When does the court open?

I don't know, why?
What did I do?

My trial is decided today.

- Chemla is supposed to call.
- Blow them.

I'll blow them when I want;

this is my own cake.

I'm enjoying it.


Thank you for your kindness,
Mr. Director.

It's not a matter of kindness.

The parents' association
is going to demonstrate.

They printed big posters
of your son to put on placards.

This must end.

- There's a collection at the gate?
- Yes, I saw it when I came.

What did you do?

I gave money.

This must end. Go back to school,
and your son too.

I'll call my wife. She'll be glad.


What? No, Alice isn't here.

Solange either.

She's in Chartres to record a CD.


Yes, you can reach her.

- She has two numbers.
- What do you mean?

That's the clinic's but the other?


38 13.

What is that?

If you do go to a great school,
you can still become a chef.

Your cake is...

I'm such a lucky fellow.
I'm embarrassed.

Remove the label at least.

The gloves are to bike.
I don't bike, but...

I like them a lot.

And to eat cake...

It's perfect.

I know, I...

You'll get the others.

What is your trial about?
You never told me.

You're too young to understand.

- I'll tell you when you're 18.
- No, now.

Try to explain.

Dad's dad

liked grandma a lot.

But because of the vagaries of life

they never...


From this love
came a beautiful fruit, dad.

He didn't have the name
of the tree which...


Since grandpa is in heaven now,

and since he had
other fruits before

with another branch

than grandma...

You mean you're a bastard
whose father didn't recognize.

You're suing the legal heirs
to get some of the inheritance.

I thought so.

It's Chemla!


Hello, this is Mr. Vincent Dubois.

- I'd like to talk to my wife.
- It's a mistake.

Mr. Vincent Dubois would like
to talk to his wife.

Shall we eat lunch together?

Hey, shall we eat lunch together?

I can't. I must eat with my boss.

The doctor?

Yes, I don't know what he wants.


This isn't 613 38 13?

- Alice isn't there?
- She is.

I'll explain later. It's funny.

There's an Alice, but she's not
your wife, she's mine.


No, there's no other.

It's okay, it can happen to anyone.

You're welcome.


His wife is called Alice.

I'm going.

Bye, my love.

Is this your party card?

No, it's my bus card.

I wanted to tell you we're going
to Nice on the 22nd.

You have to come with me.

We'll eat dinner
with local big wigs.

I'll perform surgery in the morning
and we'll come back at noon.

We'll have to take the plane?

- You're still scared?
- Yes.

What can happen?

- It could fall.
- Yes.

You should live more dangerously.


my wife is amazing.

She is what I call someone who...

At age 48, she resumed
her history of arts studies.

She's from a very big family:
the Justdies.

I don't know if you've heard
about it: they sell pesticides.

She is educated, has good taste,

and she has the beauty of her age.

She and I are amazing close.

But you want to sleep with me?

- The jackrabbit?
- For me.


- No problem with Mr. Vand...?
- Vanderbrecht.

His social security paperwork
is going fine?

- Do I have to wear this hat?
- It's the tradition.

- I filled all the paperwork.
- Perfect.


What's wrong?

I'm not attracted to you.

Of course, with this...


Plus, I'm quite tired.

- Do you want anything?
- No.

Hey, baby.




- Flour.
- Thanks.

Why are you working in the kitchen?

- Your father's here?
- Yes.

- Philippe?
- Here!

The gloves.

I have good news and bad news.

- With what do I start?
- The bad news?

Lozenge tried to killed herself.
She failed.

But I won my trial!

Six million!

600 million! Where are you going?

- Which hospital?
- Ambroise Parré.

Wait, I'm coming!



We're going to Venice.

Really? I didn't know.

We decided to do it so suddenly.

I'm thrilled.

- Hey.
- So?

I bought sandwiches too.


How are you?
Is Lozenge out?

She's fine.

She went to Tunisia
to camp with her parents.

Why did you come by train?

I killed Philippe's car,
as he says.


Hurry, there are two seats there.

Hello and goodbye.

- Hello.
- Bye.

I'm so glad to be happy again.


- You lost everything to gambling.
- Hop in.

Come down and hop in.

You bought my gloves?

Tell me, Vincent.




Tell me.

You're smoking again.

I know.

I told the doctor
I'd quit quitting.

It's too bad for me.

In order to start again smoothly,
I started taking tranquilizers.

I also gave some to the doctor.

He's in trouble.

I can tell you what.

- Where are we going?
- To the beach.

Tell me you didn't buy a boat.

I'm telling you. Turn around.

That's it.

- It what?
- It's ours.

With what money?

I took a loan.
Easy, 20 years.

20 years?

You said we lived
in a tiny place, so...

But that's too big.

How many rooms?

12. There are many holes, but you
can see the sea through them.

We have our entire lives to...

Mom, come and see my room.

Mom, come and see my room.

- Vincent.
- Yes, what is it about?

- You did this?
- For you.

It had been going on
for one year and a half.

I knew it couldn't continue.

What can I do?

I married Philippe when I was 20.

I was in love with him
and I was expecting Simon.

Philippe had entrusted me
to his large family's care,

like an abandoned child.

I was abandoned, but by him.

He was 10,000m above my life.

Look, it's Philippe!

Hey, Philippe, my son!

Girl, bring something to drink
for the men.

Hurry up!

One day, I escaped.
I never saw them again.

I was wrong and what was still
Philippe's family had kept Simon.

I came back to Paris
guilty and free.

I only had two things in mind:
work and work.

Solange provided for me.

I found my job as a secretary
by myself

after an internship.

Cynthia found me a job
at Trouville's thalassotherapy.

When I met Vincent, I didn't tell
him about my real life.

I didn't know how to tell him
I had left Simon.

I thought I was bad.

We're good?

I chose silence,
which is my favorite color.

We had our two children.

Vincent opposed marriage,
which was good.

One day, in Paris, in the crowd,

a ten-year-and-two-month kid
bumped into me.

You can't apologize?

I think it's the best encounter
in my life.

I hadn't seen them in ten years.

They had aged. They were beautiful
and lived alone.

You live in Paris?

You live...

It's mom. It's your mom.

I couldn't tell them
I had another man,

another little boy
and a little girl.

I knew right away
it would be too late then.

This is the apartment.
It's true you've never seen it.

This is my latest gift.
He was so happy for Christmas.

He insisted so I gave it to him.

Philippe didn't ask me anything.

His father was dead

and he was suing his former family.

He was raising Simon by himself.

We hadn't divorced
and he never went after me.

Of course, he had other women.

But when I entered their place,
I saw my picture on a wall.

He hadn't replaced me.

We'll see later.
You may look, this is your place.

And now,

I loved them day by day
and they loved me.

It wasn't my fault or theirs.

Even less Simon's, Pauline's,
and Jean's.

I didn't know how to end this.

But I think
I didn't want it to end.

I'm not saying
I'm the perfect woman.

Until then, I had succeeded.

Twice a year,
during Philippe's travels,

Vincent had come to Paris
at my request.

Time to eat.

Another time, Vincent being
in India with a group,

Philippe had come to Trouville.

It's nice here.

What is this?

Canned couscous.

I had guessed about the
canned part. Not the couscous part.

Yet, some time
after we bought the house,

the danger became
more and more real.

There was that awful day
when I took the train to Paris.

I knew Philippe would wait for me
on the platform.


A gas pipe got broken at school.

A gas pipe had gotten broken
at school.

School was cancelled.

They had entrusted a neighbor
with Pauline.

We're going to Paris to celebrate.

Nice, right?

At the change in Lisieux,
I said I had to call someone.

I was frightened.

Hurry up.

I let the train depart without me.


I'll call you from Paris.

I learned later that the crash
still almost took place.


She's probably there.

At the same time,
Philippe had other issues.

Hop in.

- I have news.
- Good and bad news?

Only bad news.

Where do I start?

First, the 600 million were frozen
by the procedure.

The Sanchez family
had lodged an appeal

and was asking for a blood test.

And you know where we're going?
To the police station.

Mr. Simon got arrested
during a demonstration.

- No!
- Yes.

For the right
of napping in factories.

How is that his business?!

I'll put you in a reform school.

I found one with worker-priests.
You'll be happy there.

Hello Mom!

Look what I'm doing!

Hello, love.

In Trouville, though,
it was peaceful.

My three little pigs
were fixing the house.

Vincent smoked and drank:
he was much better,

a few psychosomatic relapses.

There is no salt in there, right?

I'm allowed to eat salt.

Then, there was
that 23rd of December.

I had flown to Nice with my boss
the previous day.

Don't cry
whenever you're alone with me.

I'm as annoyed as you are.

These days, I can cry over nothing.


It makes sense,

I drank alcohol
mixed with tranquilizers.

To give you a glimpse,

the expansion
of pharmaceutical demand

was of 54.9% this year.

Gross data.

This means the region
ranks third domestically.

I was pathetic.

It's amazing.

I'll go get my suitcase.

Why are you here?

- I'm inviting you for lunch.
- Why?

To ask you to marry me.

I made a reservation up there.

I don't see why it is ludicrous.

I didn't say that.


I thought you opposed marriage.

I did, but it's different now.

We have Jean, Pauline,
the house for life.

And we're starting
to like each other.


Today's Wednesday.
I've come to propose.

I don't want to.

- Explain.
- No.

Who is it?

You didn't expect this.

We came back. You know why?

- Hello, Sir.
- Hello.

I was hijacked for the first time.
You know by whom?

Ilouze! Don't look at me like that.

The son of Ilouze Abraham,
my father's friend.

Great, right?

He came in
and I recognized his voice.

"Hands up!" I turned around
and took his hood down.

"So, Maurice,
you don't say please?"

We fell in each other's arms.

He was hijacking a Boeing
because of non-paid film earnings.

I said: "What?
And you're hijacking me?"

"It wasn't written
in Gothic letters on the plane!"

He went back to his seat

but the rules say
we have to go back.

So here am I.
How are you, my little wife?

See my new pea jacket?
Striking, right?

Have a seat.

May I have one whisky, please?

Do you want a drink?

I'm drinking Bordeaux.
I'm eating peas, so...

One Desire of Venus, Charlie.


I have a child with Philippe.


when I found you last year,

I didn't tell you
I was living with Vincent.

We have a little boy
and a little girl.

I have a big sense of humor,
but not for such things.

Me neither.
I'm like you.

- It's true.
- What's true?

One whisky, one Desire.

One whisky.

It's horrible. I'm out of grapes.

It's okay. It's great like this.

Why you...?

- Go first.
- Please.

Why didn't you tell me?

Why are you telling me?

Here you go.


We're the only ones?

Of course.

- Of course.
- Yes, of course.

Of course, the Lozenge
was your cover while you...

I'll give her this.

Come on, Philippe.

So I'm the one you prefer
in the end?


You do.

No, old chap.

Remove your hand from my wife.
You didn't ask me.

Your wife? Where?

There! That's my wife.

Let it go!

See how rude he is? Who is he?

Get up and go home right away.

- I saw her first!
- Stop that!

We'll go for a walk.

Hello Philippe.

- What's up?
- Nothing.

It feels like older times.

It's the kind of story
Balzac wrote.

Don't exaggerate.

What are you going to do, Alice?

I don't know.

What about you?


I lost my temper, earlier,

under the pressure
of the situation, but...

No thanks, smoking has just killed
two of my friends.

I was first, it's true.

But not any more.

Life took over.

I'm the one
who should stand aside.

You can see Simon
whenever you want.


Go, now.

Do you like smoking?

He's a wonderful person.

I did know that you'd been married,
before me.

How did you know?

I had time to look into it.

But I didn't know he'd come back
and you'd had a child.

Why didn't you say?

Because you didn't.

We were all right.

He's a wonderful person.


Let me in!

Let me in! Let me in!





My love,
I'm here to set you free.

He's mad.

Pack your suitcase, quickly!

The engine's running.

- What's got into you, you said...
- I take it all back.

You took me off-guard,
I take it back.

I can't live without you.
I tried for 10 years, I couldn't.

I'm sorry, I can't.

What is he doing?

Get out or I call the police.
It's trespass.

Involve the police in a love story?
How common!

You were living with a man
who is common.

Don't touch this!
Don't touch this, I said!

Let go!

- I'm going to kill him!
- Vincent!

Stop it! Stop it!

He's poked me in the eye,
I can't see!


It's not even true!
Run away, while I've got him!

You're both completely crazy!


Stop it!

It's Christmas, tonight!

It's Christmas!

Fine, a truce, until tomorrow.

- Again!
- Who is it?

It's Philippe,
Mummy was married to him before.

They have a little child, like you.

- A boy?
- Yes.

- Brilliant!
- Yeah!

Go and get him.

Your turn.

That evening, luckily,
Pauline had a temperature,

so I slept with her.

As the two little boys wanted
to stay together,

and only one other room was warm,

Vincent and Philippe shared it,
in outright hostility.

I want to be loyal to you,
I'll never leave her.

Neither will I.


Good night.

Good night.

I'll see you on Monday.

How come,
"See you on Monday"?

I'm going to work.

I'm on call.

I'll come with you.
Pass me the ladder!

No, absolutely not!

No one is going anywhere.

"No one is going anywhere?"
I am, you tell him!

He's right, Philippe,
stay for a few days.

There's fresh air,
the children are alive.

I'm going, I'll be back.

Vincent, Pauline is better,
but ring the doctor.

Wait a moment,
what are we going to do?

Is it for ever?


Exactly, think about it together,
discuss it democratically.

You both take notes,
and we'll decide when I get back.

See you on Monday, everyone!

- Cheerio, little ones!
- Bye, mummy!

Philippe, I'm taking your car!

Is she taking the mickey?
I can't tell.

I'm not sure.

In fact, I had already decided.

But I didn't know, then,
that I wouldn't see Philippe again.

Yet, thinking back
to the times that followed,

I just can't be sad.

Without you,
no longer I can live.


What I enjoyed eminently,

during our last two nights
of love...

Your kisses, your thighs,
your hair, your noses.

Me too.

Very good.

Your hands, everything.

Your feet exquisite.


The charming nonsense you talk
when you lose it.

All right, let's stop here.

The breasts, too.
Both of them.


Alice, have you met Helmut?

I have.



- Are you well?
- I am.

What about you, the femme fatale?

Not fatale, fatalistic.

How are things at the harem?

Stop it!

Look at his table manners!

Tell him!

You are his mummy, now.

No, it's awkward.
He's used to giving me orders.


Do you want me to help you?


Here they come.

Why can't I go
to the swimming pool? I'm fed up!

- Little girls who've been ill...
- I'm not a little girl!

Women who've been ill don't go
in the water,

if they don't want
to be ill again.

Carry me!

- Pardon?
- I said "Carry me!"

Did you comb your hair
with a vegetable mill, Simon?

He taught me how to swim
like a little Capitalist.

What is it?

You push the water to the side,
and you swim sideways.

It used to be called sidestroke.

Simon, we'll have a word
about this, later!

I'm all shivery.

He's always ill,
I'll catch something.

It's germ warfare.

When are you coming back,
for a start?

You said Monday,
it's Tuesday, today.

I thought you worked here!

What do you mean,
"It's closed"?

What about Chemla,
has he not phoned?

About the results.

The blood test,
not the French Cup.

Do you love me?

Do you love me?

Yes, I'm fine.

I'm not worried,

I'll have some tests,
I'm sure I'm cured.

Guess where am I calling from?

From our house.

They've just been fitting it.

I'll hand you over to Betty Boop,
she's sitting on my lap.


I was showing Jeff around,
he's dazzled.

I'm getting divorced,
I'm so happy!

I love Raphaël so much,
and he loves Zelda so much...

Given the way they treat him,
at work...

He went back, after Venice.

They said he was too timid.

On Sunday,
he sent all the boats out.


A fishing boat went straight
into a buoy.

44 dead.

No, lobsters.
But still, how embarrassing!

Hold on,
Vincent wants to talk to you.

When are you coming back?


Me too.

- I'm going for lunch.
- All right.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

- Shallots!
- Shallots.



A trickle.

- Parsley!
- Coming!

Are the others ready?

Does it hurt,
to have a blood test?

This time, it does, yes.


600 millions,
gone in a test tube this big!

I shouldn't talk about it
in front of children,

but I can't help.


- It's ready!
- Home-made scallops!

How much is that in Swiss francs?

I don't know.


- And in Canadian dollars?
- I don't know.

- And in Yens?
- I don't know, stop it!

Look at this beauty!

My son is a genius,
we're going to enjoy this.

And I didn't tell you
about my check-up.

They're making me retire,
just because my heart's a bit weak.

Come on, children,
your plates!

And where are you planning
on retiring?

It's not down to me.

A negative match,
it's called.

- I'll get a second opinion.
- I should hope so.

I don't know
what saddens me the most.

The millions slipping
through my fingers,

or finding out at my age
that my dad was not my dad?

I'd say it's the 600 millions.

- You think it's funny?
- Yes.

You're heartless.

How did you manage
to get my little Alice to like you?

It can't have been your physique.

It was, absolutely.

Keep going or we'll miss her.
When is her train?

At 16:08, and it is...


It is... Ten to four.

This is a nice watch.

Yes, it's an old watch.

It strikes the hours,
it's unique.

It's an old watch
and it strikes the hours,

but it's not unique.

Really, why?

Because I have the same one!

I need to walk, it hurts!

I'm stuck, it hurts, here!

Do you want me to...

Do you want me
to call Doctor Gomina?




For goodness sake,
we're late as it is.

Let me sit here,
stop messing about!


You, people from Algeria,
you're funny for a bit, but then...

At least, we, White people,
we know when to stop.



Shit! Philippe!




Pass me the ball!

Come on, run, Simon!

- Go on!
- Pass the ball!

To me, to me!

There, great!

- Watch out!
- Come on!



Yeah, great! Well done!

We won! We won!

Well done, Simon! Yeah!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!