My Ordinary Love Story (2014) - full transcript

Eun Jin has been unlucky in her six relationships. With her seventh man she is determined to make it work, even if he is a bit awkward and unromantic. But is he hiding something? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- The bride is ready, sir.
- Oh... I see.

This is the song that was playing
when we first met.


You told the taxi driver
to lower the volume.

You're still mad?

I'm not cheating on you.

I only want to show you
the best side of me.

Don't you see?

This woman and this man are in love.

The woman is 30 years old,
her name, Park Eunjin.

The man is 32,
his name, Kim Hyeonseok.

Though I'm not sure what happened,
the two must have had a fight.

When it comes to love, there is joy,
but also sadness.

Furthermore, man and woman
do not always see eye to eye.

Today, Eunjin is about to
a strange incident.

[My Ordinary Love Story]

Which one do you like?

This one?

It has to be this one!

Oh... Is that so?

Of course!
Look at your place!

It won't go with your interior.

We need something minimal
and simple.

Yes, we should
go with something more...


I feel like we could have
at least one antique item.

For this apartment,
we have to go with this!

Even flea markets don't sell
this kind of stuff!

Come on!

- What?
- Fine.

Let's go with this one.
This one.

No, not this one! Seriously!

Let's get this.

I'm going to get this one, okay?

Okay, okay.

- You mean it?
- Yes.

If we get this, we can try
all positions you want on me.

You brushed your teeth?

Well, we had garlic
with our pork lettuce wraps.

It smells nasty.

I ate them with you.
I smell nasty too.

It's fine.
I'll make it go away.

Uh, hold on.
I'll go brush my teeth.

No... I'm...

Just give me a second.

This is about timing!

Just a second.

[I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen
dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. D.H. Lawrence]

This is no fun.

That's much better.


Why so many?
Are they from his boss?

[Honey, what time are you coming over?]


What are you doing?


Isn't this much better?

I think I should go home.

But I brushed my teeth.

I'd better spend more time
with my parents before the wedding.

Okay, then.

Don't come out.
I can go home alone.

I'll drive you home.

No, it's okay.
Stay home and rest.

Okay, then.

You're not asking me to stay?

Good night.

I should not believe men.

That brings back old memories.

[School bully]
My first boyfriend.

I was eighteen and rebellious.

I thought this was
my first love. But..

Didn't you say this was
your first time?

It is my first time.

Girls usually bleed the first time,
but you're not bleeding.

[College student] My second time,
I met him in college on a blind date.

We were a campus couple,
but then he joined the army.

I even visited him at the training camp
and waited for him for two years...

At a cheap bar near base camp
and became sergeant.


[Professor] After I got dumped, I
found a tender and mature man.

He was my professor.

He gave me an A+on my thesis.
It was perfect.

But... He didn't tell me
he was married.

She pulled out so much of my hair
that I still have bald spots.

[Rocker] The fourth one
was in an indie rock band.

He was broke and he was younger than me,
but he had a pure soul.

Being around him
almost made me feel younger.

I even gave him money
to buy a guitar.

Who's that lady?

But kids are so irresponsible.


[Movie director]

Let's continue after eating!

Next, I met a pretty successful
movie director.

I visited him at work,
which was fun.

He was a true artist.

It was an intellectual romance, which was
what I needed at the time, but...

[Actress 'Kim **' admits director
'***' is her boyfriend]

Then he never answered my calls.

I was so mad that I decided to
stay single for the rest of my life.

[Eunjin's mom, housewife, 58]
Like you could live alone.

You always whine about
feeling lonely.

But when I turned 29,
I started feeling restless.

My friends were married,

having kids, and bragging
about their husbands.

So I decided to get back
into the game.

[Boss] Office romances
are a pain, but I endured.

I was really tired of dating.

I wanted to find a nice husband,
a nice family,

and live in a nice house.


I'm actually engaged.

Why is she standing there
like an idiot?

Come and help me!

Did you meet that bastard again?

Dad, it's not 'bastard.'
It's Hyeon-seok!

He's going to be your son-in-law!

He's not my son-in-law yet!

You'll never know until you have
the marriage certificate in your hands.

Mom's right.

Is Eun-gyeol home?

[Marine Corps]

[Little brother Eun-gyeol
unemployed, 25]

- Oh, You scared me!
- Give me your phone.

Don't you know how to knock?

Give it to me.

I was chatting with someone!

So hysterical!

You came into my room.


Is anyone there?

What's wrong?
Something happened?

Hey, this girl says
you're annoying.

Damn it!
Don't go through my texts!

It's been 6 month
since you were discharged.

Girls hate stuff like this.

Especially when you brag about
being from the marines.

Get a job already, will ya?

It's not like you have a job!

You're such an idiot!

You piece of...

Everything seemed fine
when I first met Hyun-Seok.

But it was the day I broke up with my boss.

I don't know what to say to you.

I'm sorry, Eunjin.
This is so sudden.

But didn't you see this coming?

It's like what everyone says.

There're girls to get married,
and girls to date.

You understand, right?

I don't actually.

Then what? Did you really think
we would get married?

Come on now.

You were just messing
around too, right?

I don't care about getting married,
but my parents keep pushing for it.

You're pretty and nice.

I'm sure guys will be
lining up for you.

I really don't
want to see you go.

I wish I could keep seeing you
beside me.

Do you know how much this cost?

Why are you being such a mess?
Just be cool!

Who can stay cool
during a break up?

Everyone becomes a mess.

Do you know how much I spent
on those handbags I got you?

Fine. I'll keep them happily
for the rest of my life.

Think you're forgetting something.
I'm still your boss!

I'm quitting, so just
worry about yourself.

I'm filing for sexual harassment

and telling everyone
how small your penis is!

If I ever see you again,
I'll rip your eyes out!

Got it?

What a prick!

Break up with him!
All guys cheat!

Prepare your second, third guy.

You pig, are you laughing at me?

Get over here!
Come here!

I had grilled meat
for lunch and dinner.

Don't eat so much meat.
That's why you're getting fat.

To Gwacheon, please.

I can't go there.

Sinsa-dong, please!

Oh, Sinsa-dong?
Okay. Get in.

That's messed up!

Oh no.
At this hour?

It's too late to go
all the way there.

Are you refusing the customer?
You know that's illegal.

I'll go if you give me $10 extra.

I'm going to call you in
and report you!

Then just give me $5 extra.

Taxi drivers these days!
Where'd my phone go?

Come here. Hold on!

Taxi drivers need to
make a living too.

I need to make a living.
I have to go home now.

Ew, you reek.

What's the number?

Oh come on!


Why did I take so many photos?

He looks like a pervert.

Excuse me.

Are you going to Gwacheon?


I'm headed that way.

Do you want to share a taxi?
We can save on fare.


But don't try to talk to me!

I'm having a bad day,
so I want to go home quietly.

You understand what I mean, right?

This one time,

he wanted to have sex at the office,
so he made me work overtime!

Oh... That's upsetting.

Plus, he hates wearing condoms.

He says he can't feel anything.

Is that true for guys?

How is it any different?
Can't get it up?

Miss, don't do this.
Please stop drinking.

Sir, can you turn that down?


Taxi drivers...

always pretend that
they didn't hear anything.

It's so annoying.

He must hear us.
They're right in front of us.

Well, have you ever been to America?
The States?

No. Why do you ask?

There taxi drivers are boxed in glass
to keep apart from passengers.

There's just a slot
where you pay money.

Like a visitation room
at a prison.

I think I've seen it in the movies.

- Right
- Yeah


I want Korean taxis
to be like that.

Wouldn't it be impersonal?

My father was hit by a taxi
when I was little.

- Really?
- Yes.

After my dad died,
my mom got sick

while working hard.

In the end,
both of them passed away.

That's so sad...

That's why when I see
taxi drivers act rudely,

I just want to kill them.

I'm sorry.

I hope I wasn't being rude.

I had no idea about...


My parents?

I just made it up
to make the taxi driver feel bad.


My parents are alive and well.

I see...
Good night.

Here you go.

Oh, right.
Thank you.

What's this?

My business card.

I don't have anything to pay back.

It's not like that. I just...
Can I have your number?

Are you asking me out?

I think we have something here.

Just because I got dumped,
and I was crying in a taxi.

So you think that
I'm an easy girl?

Is that why you lied to me?

Definitely not.

If you're not interested,
you don't have to give the number.

It's not like that.

Uh, hold on.

I was taught that
all boys are bad,

but since I was rude being drunk,
I'll give you my number.

This number...

What's your name?

Park Eun-jin.

My name is Kim Hyeon-seok.

That's how it all started.

We watched movies,
go shopping, and ate together.

At first I thought he was
a little slow... clumsy...

But it was okay.

Actually, I liked that.

He listened to me,
had eyes only for me.

He was the guy I wanted.

The only weird thing about him was
that he loved going to the zoo.

I wasn't into it.

But it was close to my house,
so we'd go together.

Why do you like it here?

Animals are always true to their nature.
They never put up a front.

Sometimes I just envy them.

I'm not a fan.

Why not?

Look at that lion's eyes.

They look sullen
and out of focus.

It's always lived in captivity,
so it must forget its nature long ago.

You think it's ever gone
on a proper hunt?

I think you're right.

About what?

This is just a zoo.

Should we move to Africa?

Africa? No.

Africa really scares me.

So you're okay with
moving in with me.

Why do you button your
shirt up like this?

Doesn't it get hot?

You're beautiful.

Why do you love me?

Because you're honest
and innocent.

Me? Innocent?

That's really important though.

Most people have two sides.

One that they want to show
and the other that they want to hide.

But you don't,
and that's why I like you.

Look. The good answer is
"You're so beautiful".

Is that so hard?


It's fine.

Just don't say things like that
when you meet my parents.

A year passed.

I'm almost thirty now...

Why doesn't he know
what I want yet?

How about that one?

Don't you think
it'd look good on me?

Should we go in and see?

Oh, our dinner reservation.

Let's go.
We're late.

It won't take long...

What is it?
You don't want to?

It's not that. We like each other
and we live together.

Do we have to announce that
to the world wearing that stuff?

Were you saying that to me?

No... it's not that.

If you don't want to,
just say it!



A wedding dress upsets you
that much?

Then let's not get married!
Why are we together?

What are you looking at?

Can't you hear me?

What are you doing?
This is embarrassing!

Just wait.


- Can't find it?
- No.

I think it got
washed down far away.

Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't even know.

Is your hand okay?

I wanted to make it really special.
I'm sorry.

I'm the one who's sorry.

I have a really bad temper.
I was just so mad...


There's something
I want to tell you.

Should I tell you later?

Say it.

Is he proposing?

I'm a real jerk...


Hi, it's me.

Thinking now,
this isn't the first time.

[Soyeong, 29, Police] Remember
when he went on 3-day business trip?

He kept his phone off
the whole time.

It is suspicious.

When did he start two-timing?
Am I his second?

You're just over-reacting.

Because you've been cheated
on so many times before?

You're probably the only girl who's ever
been dumped by a guy in the army.

Never bring that up!

He doesn't have what it takes
to cheat on you,

he's a serious guy.

He's seriously cheating on me!

And you know what else is weird?

He's never introduced me to
any of his colleagues.

You said he isn't
close to his colleagues.

What about that text?
The one with the hearts and stuff?

Isn't that suspicious?
How am I going to catch him?

You really frustrate me.

Just google his number.

Some novices make simple mistakes.


This is the Italian direct imported sofa used in the store.
I paid more than 3 million won when I bought it,

but I sell it for 700,000 won at a low price. It's as good as new. If you come and take it yourself, I'll take out 50,000 won!

Now. A lot of
male offenders think that

female police officers
are a joke.

When they threaten you
with a weapon...

Hit it away!

And twist his arm!

Now, when he attacks from behind,
use your foot to...

Come out!
Right now!

Stomp with your foot!
And do a headbutt!

Lift your arm up!
Hit him in the stomach!

A sexy bar madam?

Its so ridiculous.

I searched up the number and found a job posting
for a female bartender.

[Wanted: A nice looking woman between
the age of 20 to 25 years to work at Hermes.]

[Experience preferred.
Please call.]

Isn't that insane?

Do you have sex with him?

I haven't been in
good shape lately,

so not as often as before,
but still, twice a week!

- And there aren't any problems?
- None!

But you're always the one
who has to ask.

Are you going to sleep?
Come here.

Come on, let's do it.

What is it now?

I was just thinking about
that one guy from our high school.

Do you want to die?

So what are you going to do now?

I'm going to meet her.
I need to see her in person.

But you're not even sure.

Why are you so bad
at hiding your feelings?

Guys hate girls who nag!

You think this is
something I can hide?

Besides, I'm going to do
it in secret.

You just said you couldn't hide it.
Why would you do it in secret?

Just ask him about it.

That's your problem.
It's like paying games.

If you know everything already,
then why are you still single?

I'm single by choice.

What are you going to do
when you meet her?

Pull her hair out?

No, I told her
I'm buying her sofa.


I'm calling about
the sofa you posted.

I want to see it in person.
When should I come by?


Please help me.

Help you with what?

Come with me.

Oh, man.

You're a police officer.
It's your duty to help citizens.

I'll buy you dinner.

I want tripe.

But I can't eat that.

- I'm not going.
- Okay, tripe it is.

It's that one?

[Hermes Bar]

I'm speechless.

I think they went
out of business.

Let's go in!


No one's here.

Why would you bring me here?
You're unbelievable.

Make sure you ask him later.

- Be quiet!
- What...?

Are you here for the sofa?

[Fake, Copy, bought in cheap mart]


[Hermes scarf]
Is that real?

Hmm... Anyway.

My man is cheating on me
with this woman?

Which of you called me yesterday?

She did.
I'm her friend.

Are you Ms. Jeong
who's selling the couch?

I'll show it to you.

Right this way.

Come here.

Had I known you were coming,
I would've cleaned up.

Come here.

It's this one.
Take a look.

Isn't it pretty?

This looks similar.

It's like brand new.

My boyfriend and I
were the only ones who ever sat here.

Do you live here?

Yes. I sold my house.

It's not bad living here alone.

Business must be slow.


My husband died
when I was young.

I had to survive.

But I had no skills,
so I opened a bar.

So, you're closing it down?

I guess there weren't
any customers anyhow.

The dealer is taking the rest,
but this couch is

too nice to just give away.

You can lie down on it and
it won't hurt your back at all.

It's that nice.

Your boyfriend will love it.
It's very soft.

So you did lie down on it!
Didn't you?

I'm really into mature
women like you. Come here.

Do you want to take it now?

I'll think about it
and then give you a call.

Are you selling that
elliptical machine?


Oh, that machine?

Are you interested?
Then tell me now.

I'm going to Macau
with my boyfriend tomorrow.

You're going to Macau?


You're going on a trip
with your boyfriend?

Yes. We met recently.
He's 9 years younger than me.

9 years younger...
How old are you?

How old do I look?

How old do you look?


Oh, thirties?

Thank you.
I'm forty-one.

Then she's nine-years
older than Hyeon-Seok.

Did you meet your boyfriend here?

He was one of my regulars.

It just sort of happened.

We were friends at first,

but we found out
we wanted each other.

He's been helping me
sell this bar.

I'm going to start
a new life with him.

Oh, I can't believe I'm telling you
all this. How embarrassing.

Do you girls have boyfriends?

I do, but I'm breaking up
with him.


I think he's cheating on me.

That's terrible.


Before you break up,
make sure you're right.

If you really love him,

you might lose a great guy
over a complete misunderstanding.

Nobody is perfect.

It's about finding the person
who's perfectly imperfect for you.

Mind your own business, woman.

Anyway, you should meet someone
before you get lonely.

I'm hungry.
Why aren't you eating?

So that bastard is
going to Macau with her?

Is he crazy?

Why didn't you ask her
for his name?

We could be mistaken.

He might be buying
that couch for you.

Then what about the text?

A lot of women who worked in bars
send texts like that out of habit.

Whose side are you on?

I just felt sorry for her.
Something was wrong with her leg.

I'm sure there's a story behind it.

What's wrong with her leg?

You didn't see?


[Tripe restaurant]

It is him.


[I'm going to Hong Kong tomorrow
on business. Shall we meet later?]

Macau is in Hong Kong, right?
What time is it?

[Tripe restaurant]

I'm going to murder him
at his office.

I can't hold it in any longer.

Let's go!

Uh, do I have to come along?

Of course!
You can't go home now!

Hurry up!

Is this the place?

Yes! I'm sure.

Follow me.

It's your first time here too!

What are you going to do?

I'm thinking.

I'm going humiliate him.

Think carefully.
You don't have any evidence.

What do you mean I don't\have hard evidence?

Then do I have to walk in
on them having sex?

Don't be so crude.

This is crude.

Bastards who cheat deserve to have
their dicks cut off with scissors!

Hyeon-Seok is dead today.

Eunjin, did you get my text?

You're going to Hong Kong?


I'm catching
a flight tomorrow night.

I want to see you tonight,
but I'm busy with work,

so I'm not sure if I can.

I'm only going for 4 days

So where are you right now?

I'm in my office.

I'm getting ready
to leave with my boss.

Hold on.

You're not going anywhere
to until after you see me.

Where are you?

I'm getting ready to leave with my boss.
Why did you hang up?

Your boss?

Yes. He's name is Kim Min-su.
I told you already.

He's a terrible person.

He's coming with me to Hong Kong
and I'm already mad

because I think he's going
to drink every night.

- Hello?
- I'll call you back.

Are you Mr. Kim Min-su?

May I ask who's calling?

Are you Mr. Kim Hyeon-seok's boss?


Kim Hyeon-seok.
Where is his desk?

How did you get here?
Who are you?

We're the police. We're investigating
Kim Hyeonseok for fraud.

We'd like you to cooperate
with our investigation.

This is our business card,

but I've never seen this man.

Really? But he's been
working here for a year.

I've been working here
for 10 years,

and I've never heard
his name before.

There was a temp named Kim Hyeon-seok
who worked for us a year ago,

but he quit after a month.

So this guy is lying about
working at our company?

Who is this guy?

Wake up!
Do you know what time it is?

Get up, wash up, and eat!
It's practically lunch time already.

Don't you dare ask me for
favors after you get married.

Time to eat!

Wake up!

Instead of drinking every night,
you should be helping out your mother.

You don't know
how to do anything!

Where's Eun-gyeol?

Your dad took him to a marine
corps conference.

That won't get him a job.
That's just a waste of time.



When did you first feel like you
knew everything about dad?

Why are you asking me that?

Just because.

Hmm... About 15 years
after the wedding?

15 years?

Yes, it took a while.

But think about it.

You fall in love
and you get married.

Still we were strangers
before marriage.

You have to have kids and
go through troubles to become family.

Mom, has dad ever cheated on you?

How should I know?

And if he did,
why would I tell anyone?

You've never even
suspected him of it?

You've never felt deceived?


Then, do you still love dad?

What are you saying?

Did dad ever tell you
he loved you, when dating?

Those are just sugarcoated words
that don't mean a thing.

I've never heard them before.

Not even from Hyeon-seok?


But you've never said
them either, right?

Men are supposed to say it first.

If you love him, just say it.

You never give,
but only know how to take.

You're so selfish.

I got it from my mom.

I can't believe you said that.

- Just eat up
- Stop it!

Be good while I'm still with you.


- I have hard evidence.
- What?

I got CCTV footage near the bar.

Look. Here.

Isn't that Hyeon-seok's car?

Sure looks like it.

It's him, right?

That bastard!

No problems, sir!

What did you just call me?

You can't bring your friends here.

I'm a victim!

I really am!

Damn it

Sit down!

I did some research on Hyeon-seok
with the information you gave me.

You said he majored Korean Literature
in Korea University right?


He's not on the alumni list.

I also called his previous workplace.

They said Hyeon-seok never worked there.

Did you lend him any money?

- $5,000?
- Oh! Why?

He said he'd pay me back.

He always pays me back.

That's what professional con
artists do to gain your trust.

And then later,
they steal everything from you.

Do you know his email address?


He lost all his money
in the stock market.

Including my $5,000?

Probably also including
that bar lady's money.

Answer it!


You didn't answer my calls.
What happened last night?

I wasn't feeling very well,
so I went to bed early.

You swindler.

Are you okay now?


I wanted to see you last night.

I'm leaving for
the airport from work.

It's okay.
Have a nice trip.

I'll call you right away when I arrive

You're dead.

What did he say?

He's going on a business trip.

Give me that!


We were there to see the couch.

Can we drop by to buy it today?


We'll go right away.

She says she's going to the airport
with her boyfriend. Bastards.

You're dead now!
Both of you!

When are you buying me tripe?

After it's all over.

We should've bought it
for me last time.

Let me make a phone call.

You only eat what you want to eat.

Answer the phone.
Make it stop.

Marine Park Eun-gyeol!
Please excuse me!

That was from his phone?


Why did you call?

You'll buy me grilled meat?

I'll buy you grilled meat.

Don't forget to bring your car.

That car is too dangerous.
It needs to get checked.

I bought you that car!

Bring it, or I'll kill you!

Is your brother still unemployed?

Yes. But he used to be in the marines,
so he should be useful.

He was in the marines?

Didn't I tell you?

No. You always
called him a loser.

You said he needed to
join the army.

But he becomes even bigger loser
after the army.

Wake up!

Oh, no!
What's this?


Where were you?

The bathroom.

Is he your brother?

Hi. I'm Park Eun-gyeol.

Hi. I'm Kim So-yeong.

I've waited 25 years
to hold this hand in mine.

Ms. Kim So-yeong, I've been saving
my virginity for you!

It's all yours!

- I can't watch this!
- Why kick me?

Go get the car!

Hurry up!

How many kilos
can you bench press?

Up to 50.


Do you want
to do crossfit with me?

There's a gym near my place,
but I hate going by myself.

Why aren't you in your uniform?

I got changed after
I finished my shift.

Police uniforms are awesome.

The marine corps' fatigues
are pretty cool too.

Wow. Most women
call them uniforms,

but you called them fatigues.

You've been my sister's
friend since high school,

so why haven't
I seen you before?

Out of all of her friends,
I've never met a gorgeous girl like you.

Oh, stop lying.

A marine cannot tell a lie.

Shut up! Please.

When are we eating?


Later? Do you know what time it is?
It's almost midnight.

- He's here, he's here!
- It's him!

Isn't that my brother-in-law?

Who are you calling your brother-in-law?
Did I marry him?

If you say that again,
I'm going to kill you.

What are you going to do?

Did you two fight?

When he comes out with her,
grab him.

If he runs, you have to run
after him and grab him, got it?

- He cheated on you?
- Shut up!

So what kind of supplements
do you take?

Mega Whey Protein's the best.

I think it's a bit too sweet.

Chicken Breast Muscle Mania's
pretty good, too.

Hey! Be quiet!
Here they come!

They are going on a trip together.
We caught them.

Should we grab them?

Wait for the woman.

Wait, isn't that the couch?

Shouldn't we help him out?

- She hasn't come out yet!
- Forget it!

Aren't you supposed
to be catching a flight?

How did you find out
about this place?

You think that's what's important
right now?

Are you happy
that you fooled me?

Marry a bastard like you?

I must have been out of my mind!

This is a misunderstanding.

Yeah, right!

Hello. I'm very sorry
that you had to see this.

Don't apologize to me.
Apologize to Eun-jin.

I have to tell that woman
that I was seeing you!

Get get her!
Where is she? Is she inside?

Who? What?

What are you asking me for?

The woman you're going
to Macau with!

Aren't you embarrassed?

You dirty bastard!

Where is she!

She's all packed!

Where is she?

Hey! Where is she?

The bar owner? She went to China
or Macau or something.

Yes! She was going with you!
To Macau!

With me?
That's what you were thinking?

Me and that lady?

What about your job?

Didn't you say you work
for a stationery company?

Are you moonlighting?

I guess you know everything now.

You're right.
I don't work there anymore.

I used to,
but only for a short while.

I'm doing this because

my friend told me
I could make good money cleaning.

So why did you lie to me?

Because I was embarrassed.

When I first met you,
I didn't have a job.

But I couldn't tell you that,

and I gave you
my old business card.

It was in my wallet,
so I just handed it over.

I felt really bad
from the start.

So you tricked me?

You've been lying to me
this whole time!

I was going to tell you the truth
once I made enough money.

I thought you'd break up with me

if you found out.
I was afraid.

I didn't want you to think
I was a loser.

That's all.

You expect me to believe that?

It's the truth.

And there's something else
I didn't tell you.

After I doubled and tripled
my money in the stock market,

I was going to propose.

But I lost all the money
that I borrowed you.

Aw, man.
How did I let this happen?

You idiot!

Did you think I was trying to
marry you for money?

Is that what you think of me?

I'm really sorry.
I don't know what to say.

I don't even have a good excuse.

But I really didn't cheat on you.

I just wanted to treat you right.

It's fine!

Tell me everything you've been
hiding from me right now!

Afterwards, I'll decide whether
to forgive you or not!

Just tell me what you've been
hiding from me!

I love you.

Can you give me one more chance?

Eun-jin, get a hold of yourself!
Do you believe this con artist?

Mr. Kim Hyeon-seok,
is that really your name?

It is.
Do you want to see my ID?

Get up.

If you lie to me one more time,
it'll really be over.

It'll really be over!

I'm sorry...

I'm so sorry...

Oh, I'm starving!
When are they coming back?

Let's go.

What about Eun-jin?

What's she doing with him?

It's a bad romance.
She's ruining her own life.

Aren't you hungry?
Do you like tripe?

Tripe... I love it.

There's a 24-hour place near here.
Let's go.

What about Eun-jin and Hyeon-seok?

They have a lot to talk about.

Let's just go by ourselves.

I think I let him off too easily.

I should've tortured him
for a month before I forgave him.

Damn it

Then why did you talk on the phone
with her so much?

Ms. Jeong Yunhui?
To haggle with her.

A lot of businesses that close down
have lots of nice stuff.

That's why I got the couch.
It looked like the one you wanted.

I thought it'd be perfect
for our living room.

You wanted that couch
for our place?

I'll have to clean it first.
It was in a bar.

Wow, this is nice!
Eat up!

Finally, I get to eat tripe.

So, do you work out at home?

I used to work out at a gym,

but I started getting night shifts,
so now I work out at home.

Oh, it must be
nice living alone.

I have a stair master at home,

and I was thinking about
getting a stationary bike,

I found a nice one in that bar.

She's selling it?

I was going to ask
the bar owner,

but because of your sister,
I couldn't.

She said she was
going to sell it.

Then let's go and get it.

We can't do that.

Why not?
She's selling it.

Now's our best chance.

Just put it in my car.


I'm going to the restroom,
so take the nozzle out when it's done.

Oh, right.

My phone.

Who is he going to call?

Damn it.

What are you doing?

Huh? Oh, this is the couch we saw
in that magazine, right?

Yes, it is.
Isn't it pretty?

I just wanted to check it.

- Shall we go then?
- Okay.

- Where's the light switch?
- Ew, what's that smell?

Can you point that here?


It's not here.

This way.


Here? It was here?


She must have sold it.

I guess so.

Ew, why is it so sticky?

That was a waste of time.

Let's go out for some beer
and fried chicken.


What's that suitcase for?

Oh, that?

I stuffed some things
from the bar in there.

Like coffee maker
and other small appliances.

Stuff I can sell.


I'm in Hyeon-seok's car.
We're on our way home.

What are you saying?

Is this a joke?
Why are you doing this?

Okay. I'll call you back
when I get home.


Who was it? So-yeong?
Did something happen?

No. She's eating tripe
with Eun-gyeol.

She wanted to know
if I wanted to join.

That sounds good.
I like tripe.

I'm thirsty.
Is there a rest stop near here?

I'm not sure about a rest stop.
Maybe there's a convenience store someplace.

Do you want anything to drink?

I'm okay.

I want some caffeine.
Water, coffee, and some snacks.

I'm hungry.

Were you waiting long?

Shall we go?

Do you want to listen to
some music?

This is the song

that was playing
when we first met. Remember?

You told the taxi
driver to lower the volume.

You're still mad?

I'm not cheating on you.

I only want you to see
the best side of me.

Stop it!
You scared me.

I'm sorry.
You weren't answering me...

I was just thinking
about something.

My mind is someplace else
right now.

Do you want to sleep over
at my place?

I feel like we need to talk.

I can't. I...

I have a headache.
I want to go home and rest.

We'll talk later.

I bought this for you.
You don't want any?

What happened to your hand?
It's bleeding.

It is bleeding.
What happened?

Let's go to the hospital.

No, we don't have to.

I just need to
put a band aid on it.

You must have scraped it
when you fell down.

Where are we going?

Oh, this is yours, right?

I found it by the car.

You called the bar lady.

You still don't trust me.

I'll turn it off.

Why did you pull over?

Eun-jin, did you see it?

See what?

What is on the couch.
Did you see it?

So you did.

How do I look?


Come over here.

Let's take a photo.

Can we get a photo?

Wait, your dress.


- I'm sorry.
- Take it from my left side

Go! One, two, three!

Eun-jin, I'm sorry...
I'm really sorry

Eunjin! I'm sorry.

Eunjin! Calm down!

I was going to get the ring,
but I forgot.

They won't hear you.
Only your throat hurts.

Calm down, okay?
Calm down.

Whe, where are we?

My house.
My real house.

My real house.

This guy seems to have a more
complicated life than what Eun-jin thought.

My father dying in a car accident
that wasn't a lie.

Sir, there's a child here.
Please slow down.

But he didn't slow down.

My father died in that very seat.

The driver didn't help, he just
stood there smoking a cigarette.

Memorized that bastard's face.

When my father died,
everything changed in an instant.

My mom, who knew no hardships in life,
suddenly started working at a factory.

One day, she hurt
her leg at work,

And got fired without
any compensation.

She then started
working at a bar.

She did it for me.
We needed to survive on something.

She was treated like dirt.

Men abused her,

stole from her, and used her.

I was young, but I memorized
all those bastards' faces.

My mom held on
for as long as she could...

But one day, gave up on life.

That's when I realized...

The person who ruined my life...

That taxi driver...

The year I turned twenty,
I killed that taxi driver.

That was my first murder.

And then, I hunted down the men
who wronged my mother one by one.

They deserved worse than death.

When I watched men abuse women,

I thought of my mother,
and I couldn't help myself.

Fortunately, I never got caught.

And then one night, I met you.

Excuse me...

Eunjin, do you remember?
The first day we met?

You were drunk and complaining
about the driver. It was so adorable.

After that, I started thinking.

Maybe I could live
a normal life.

That's why I hid things
from you.

You had nothing to hide,
and I liked it a lot.

I loved how you were so blunt
and honest with me.

So I wanted to keep my secrets
and keep living with you.

But this woman...

I just wanted to get rid of her
and then get on with my life...

But this couch,
I really did get it for you.

But why did you kill her?

She had nothing to do
with your mom and dad.

Yes, she does.

She was the taxi driver's wife,
the first person I killed.

Maybe it was because it was
my first time, but for some reason,

I kept thinking about her.

So I kept an eye on her,
even after I became an adult.

But when her husband died,
her life fell apart too.

She reminded me of my mom.

I thought that was enough for my revenge...

But it wasn't

I felt like swirling around a same place

I wasn't going to
kill her at first.

She lied when she said she was going to
Macau with her boyfriend.

She always says stuff like that.

She's always trying to
go someplace far.

Who knows?

She might have just said it
to sell her couch as soon as possible.

But it's true that
she had a boyfriend.

He's a gambling addict.

She even opened up
the bar with his money,

but he lost it all to gambling.

He beat her all the time.

That's why she was limping
all the time.

He was my original target.

Even though the bar
was managed by her.

All the paperwork was signed
in that bastard's name.

I was going to kill him quietly,
while the bar was empty,

but she saw me.

And she was in love with him.

It was then that I realized that

if you love someone you have to
give up a part of yourself.

So when I was with you...

But how could you kill her?

What else could I do?

If she found out about me,
I wouldn't get to see you again.

Eunjin, are you scared of me?

Are you afraid
of living with me?

If you're scared, should we...
Die together?

You can't be afraid of
the person you love.

Dying only takes a moment.
Less than a second.

And my life would be meaningless
without you.

I know a few ways
to die painlessly.

This is too big.

If I hit your temple with this,
you'll die painlessly.

Pull yourself together!
Pull yourself together, Eun-jin!

I, I'll help you.

I'll help you live
like a normal person.

I'll help you.
Let's live together, okay?

Normal person?
You think I'm a monster, too.

That was a mistake.

- Quickly, say something else.
- Hold on.

How am I going to kill myself?

That's a problem.

I didn't mean that.
I'll try harder.

I don't think I knew.

I never really tried to
do anything for you.

I never asked you about your taste
in furniture or in foods.

I only ever thought
about myself.

I was always selfish.

You even hid your past from me,

you were always making
sacrifices for me.

I'm sorry.
I treated you so badly.

I'll try my best from now on.

I didn't know then.
But the words I said was true.



This is... Um...

My room.

Not bad, right?

Can you accept who I am?


This photo...
It's nice, isn't it?

Eunjin had gained Hyeonseok's trust
for a brief moment.

She began to consider her options.

Should she accept his heart?
Should she escape?

Now, she has made her decision.




Are you sure it's here?

This is where they were last seen
by a security camera.

I called for backup,
so we'll search the place.


- Eun-jin!
- Eun-jin!

Here! Here! So-yeong!
Eun-gyeol! I'm here!

- Eun-jin!
- Eun-jin!

Hold on.
Can you hear that?


Over there!

- Eun-jin!
- Eun-jin!

I'm over here!

What happened?

- Let's go. Hurry up!
- What happened?

Are you okay?

What happened?
Are you okay?

We can talk later.
Let's go. Hurry up! Go.

What's wrong with the car?

Hurry up!

Step on it!
Step on it!


Oh, I warned her not to go around
acting like an idiot.

This is breaking my heart.
Just look at her face.

Leave her alone!

She really is out of her mind

You got lucky.

You were in real danger.

He said he was really
in love with you,

but who knows?

Anyway, you won't have to
see him again so don't worry.

They found it at his house.

He used to live in that
field with his parents.

They said I could give
this back to you.

You won't have to see him again
so don't worry.

Excuse me.